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                                                                                                                             MANAGER MOM

    Liz watched from the sidelines with several others as her daughter posed for the photographer. She had done this dozens of times, maybe more. She lost count. Her daughter, Katy was a young fashion model, only 18 and working hard to become something more in the fashion world. Ever since she was fourteen she read every magazine dedicated to the fashion world. While other kids her age went to the beach or movies she spent her time on the computer learning about the model lifestyle. It was all a bit too much for Liz who wished her child would pick a less stressful costly career.

    But it was for pointless to change her mind. Katy wanted to be a model. Her goal was to be featured on the cover of a magazine, preferably one she was familiar with. So through the years and thousands of dollars later Liz granted her her wish. Training and special exercises that kept her body slim and tight along with a regimen of special foods made life interesting in their household.

    Liz was divorced and he didn't want Katy at all. Instead he moved on to other women wrecking their lives as he went his way. Katy was ever grateful to her mom for helping her in her life's course. As Katy grew older she became more beautiful and always in demand. Liz decided to be her manager picking and choosing which magazine or session she would do always careful of the more seedy ones that featured nudity. They were in abundance and paid handsomely for young beauties like Katy. Liz was often asked herself to pose before the camera and always refused. This was her daughters dream not hers. Though at times she was tempted especially when it was the naughtier magazines asking. Though it was a sinful thought she loved that they approached her.

    It made her feel...young again, wanted and desired even though it was superficial at best. Her body was as nice as her daughters. Fit and tight in all the right places. Her shoulder length blonde hair was professionally cut as was Katy's. They could easily look like sisters. Both looked so similar.

    Liz looked around the studio as Katy went through the paces. She stopped seeing a young man handling the lights before her with one hand rubbing his cock through his pants. She was going to stop him but realized that she could screw the entire set up doing so and she didn't want to spoil a good thing. They were making some real money on this shoot. Still it pissed her off seeing such blatant behavior. Katy was on her stomach her beautiful body nearly naked in the swimsuit. Most of her ass was visible and it was obvious that the young man was getting off on it.

    That's when she saw her daughter staring back at the young man obviously aware of what he was doing and saying nothing. Liz saw her lick her lips and open her legs wider even though the photographer did not ask her to do so. Her daughter was teasing the young man and she was liking it. When the shoot was over payment was exchanged and Liz remained quiet all the way home. Once inside she turned on her daughter.

    "What the hell were you thinking showing yourself like that to that young man who was playing with himself?" She asked surprising Kaitlin. Her daughter stood still shocked that her mom noticed. She was caught and shrugged.

    "It was fun, mom." Was all she said. Her face reddened and Liz knew she was being a bit rough on her.

    "Well, I get it, honey but they may not. He might think you want sex from him." She said giving a heavy sigh.

    "I made him cum, mom. The whole front of his pants were soaked through." She said laughing. Her mom couldn't help but laugh with her.

    "Bastard deserved to be humiliated." Liz said hugging her daughter. "Don't do that again, baby. You don't want that type of reputation. You worked to hard getting this far."

    Katy nodded and went to her room. Liz unpacked from the long trip and took out the check. It was for a thousand dollars. The most yet. They certainly needed the money. If she deducted travel expenses and gas and so many other things they probably would end up with half free and clear. They were barely getting by. She went to her laptop and saw three messages on Katy's site. She opened them. All were from photographers all vying for her services. One was a surprise to her. She recognized the logo on the heading. It was from American Babes Magazine. A very popular magazine for men featuring endless beautiful girls. Most were scantily clad but some actually posed nude.

    She read the note from a man named John Reese one of their top photographers.

    "I saw the pictures you had done today with Raycon Swimwear. Your daughter is beautiful and shows well in the pictures. We would love to have her in American Babe. Our payouts are far superior to the swimwear shoot. Call me if you're interested." And he gave his number. There was an attachment to the email and she opened it showing the latest issue of American Babes. She clicked through the pages seeing how professional they were. Many of the girls were like Katy, young and beautiful. Most wore micro bikini's or were partially naked. One girl who looked a lot like her daughter was the centerfold girl and fully nude.

    She could see why men loved this magazine. Hot girls were pictured in every way. She looked and saw that it was distributed all over the world and had three million subscribers. It was indeed a monster magazine. She saw the phone number that the man gave her. Liz was curious about what they paid. She called and a man instantly picked up. Liz told him who she was.

    "Very glad you gave us a call. We don't usually go hunting for girls. They usually come looking for us. But your daughter was exceptional. I can tell you that if we get her she'll probably make the cover." Said Ted the editor of the magazine.

    "I may be her manager but mostly I'm her mother. She's 18 years old but one that hasn't been jaded by her career path." Said Liz making sure he understood her feelings and how far they could go if she agreed.

    "I totally understand." Said Ted. "We get all types of models all looking for a way into Hollywood or porn. Some are very conscience of their bodies and only show what's not covered by a swimsuit. Others are very comfortable showing everything."

    Liz thought about the vast differences with each girls boundaries. What she really wanted to know was how much for every level.

    "What do you pay for a session?" Asked Liz getting right to the point.

    "Excellent question. For basic swimsuit shots we pay between $1000 and $1500. For partial nudity $2000 and full nudity $3000 to $5000. There are levels of what a girl can do for the magazine without being simple porn. We consider ourselves to be more artistic about the female body." Said Ted.

    Liz almost laughed. But she wasn't laughing about the amounts paid. She had to broch the subject with Katy. She was after all 18 and could make up her own mind.
"Let me talk to my daughter, Ted. I'm not sure this is the path she wants to take or not. Just curious, What sort of people read American Babes?"

    "Well we have a very broad base of clients. We make plenty off our advertisers and even more when we get a girl under contract especially with our other magazines and online services. But I would say that at least 80% are men and the rest women. Shocking I know. But the rise in sales is from women who love the articles and the girls." Said Ted.

    Liz was truly surprised and wondered why the demographics had changed so much and said so.

    "Well," Said Ted. "Women are just as interested in sex and porn now than ever before. They like being liberal and doing what the men have been doing for eon's. We find that women buy the magazine more than men in Europe. Not only that, Liz, they demand more hardcore material in the magazine. The European version is just that and sells out every month."
    Liz thought about the exposure it would give her daughter worldwide. She would never let her do nudity but after seeing the amounts of money involved she would leave it up to her.

    "I'll call you back, Ted." Said Liz.

    "No problem. In the meantime I'll send you some copies of our other magazines that we publish. Some are rather hardcore but we're all grownups here." Said Ted.

    When she hung up with him she sat at her desk going over the information he gave her. It was an opportunity for Katy to move up the ladder in the fashion world much quicker. But at what price? She saw another email with attachments and knew them to be the magazines Ted promised. She opened them. All seemed to be outside the United States and all were in some form or another dedicated to porn. Some were soft porn while others harder with actual sex in them. Liz felt her temperature rise as she glanced at each one. The women were astonishingly beautiful doing all sorts of sexual things.

    The last magazine was the most disturbing and she could not take her eyes off the pages. Page after page of sexual unions, men, women and more. It was the more that made her realize how powerful sex was and why this publisher made so much money. She stared at the pictures her body excited at what she saw. They were doing things she never imagined and her husband never suggested of her even in his limited fantasies.

    She shut down the laptop and closed her eyes imagining doing the things she had just seen. Could she see Katy doing them for the large payout they offered? Katy was finding herself sexually. Today was a prime example of that as she teased the lighting man until he came. She was tired and needed to sleep. Tomorrow she would show this, all of it, to Katy and let her decide.

                                                                                                                      KAITLIN DECIDES

    The next morning Katy was up early getting ready to do her morning exercises and then a quick run. She needed this to keep herself fit in body and mind. Her body was flawless and she wanted to keep it that way. Men and women stared at her often and she always wondered what they were thinking as they did so. She could guess that it was sexual and that seemed to please her right down to her toes. She saw her mom before the laptop with a coffee signaling her to come over.

    "What's up mom?" She asked as Liz told her about American Babes magazine. At first Liz thought her daughter was not interested but as soon as she saw the magazine online she knew she wanted it. "Do you know how many actresses did pictorials in that magazine, mom?"

    Liz did and showed her the many with each photoshoot. Katy stared at the beautiful starlets in awe. Liz got up and had her sit down to look at everything explaining the different levels of nudity and all the other magazines in Europe.

    "I want you to look at everything and tell me if you're still interested once you look at all of them." Said Liz eyeing her daughters perfect body and how this publisher wanted to exploit it. Katy did. She sat there for over an hour staring at each magazine especially the last one that shocked her.

    "Wow." She said licking her lips at the very graphic images before her. "Didn't know you could do that with....yeah, well. Wow." Was all she could say.

    "They pay incredibly well. The biggest money comes from the porn shoots. Lots of money for each session. You're 18 and can make up your own mind on this one. I'm not so sure about doing porn though." Said Liz imagining her daughter doing those things Katy was now looking at.

    "Well mom. It's a big opportunity isn't it? I mean, they want to put me on the cover of American Babes." Said Katy excitedly.

    "Yes, darling. But you have to be nude to earn that spot. You do realize that don't you?" Asked her mom.

    Katy did realize it and wondered if she could actually do it. It was a huge first step into...what? What if she liked it, a lot? How far would she go with them? Would she end up doing the things in that last magazine? The thought made her pussy very wet despite her mom being present.

    "Why don't we try suits first and see where we go from there." Said Liz seeing a hint of disappointment from her daughter. "Looks to me that all the swimsuits are almost non existent on the girls. If you're comfortable with that then consider more." Said Liz almost regretting saying the words.

    Katy went through the magazines again but more slowly taking in the graphic displays of womanhood before her. There were girls her age showing everything, their pussies wide open and so wet. The more hardcore showed everything from fucking to masturbation. But the last magazine was filled with perverse displays that somehow made her more excited.

    "Okay." Said Katy. "Lets do this and see where it goes. God knows we need the money." She said imitating her mom who hugged her.

    Later that night Liz called Ted back and told him that Katy would do swimsuits for the magazine to begin with.

    "You know that we can't put her on the cover unless she's nude, right? We would love to have her in our magazine no matter what she choses. But I guarantee you that our readership will demand to see her nude in the future." He said. They made arrangements for Katy's shoot and she hung up. She sat there thinking about what she had just done. Her baby was going to show the world her body, almost but not quite all. Still it would be enough for pervs to jerk off to. She felt strangely excited about it all. This was Katy's first major session.

                                                                                                                         FIRST SESSION

    They arrived in New York early checked into their room and immediately took showers and got ready. Liz had Katy shave completely making sure her pussy was smooth.

    "The swimsuits their going to make you wear will be mini at best. No pubic hair, honey." Said Liz. Katy was happy to do so loving  the look. They took a cab to their destination and Ted met them in the companies lobby. He looked particularly handsome  and gave a million dollar smile to both Liz and Katy.

    "We've been holding our breathes for you ladies. So glad you made it. Roger Bradley is the top photographer for us and he's waiting in the studio. We wanted the best for Katy. We have a promising career set for her if all goes right. I think it will." He said He led them to an elevator which dropped them off on the top floor.

    The floor was huge with numerous people doing work on the next issue. Pictures graced the walls showing beautiful women in all stages of undress and more. Liz couldn't believe how much was involved. Katy took it all in. She wanted to be part of this magazine and go even farther.  Ted brought them to closed off section of the floor where a secretary greeted them and buzzed them inside. It was the studio division and it consisted of several large room that had lighting and props.

    "Here we are." Said Ted showing them the setup in place for Katy's photoshoot. A young man with a beard and camera walked over to greet them.

    "Hi, I'm Roger. I'll be doing your session today. I'm very much looking forward to it." He looked at Katy, smiled and nodded. "I saw your last bit of work. Very nice." Then he looked at Liz. "You must be Liz, her mom, though I must say you look more like her sister. Maybe you should pose for us also."

    Liz laughed and shook her head. "No thanks, Roger. I'll leave that work for younger beauties." 

    Ted led them to the changing room where a young woman with short dark hair awaited them. He introduced her.

    "This is Traci. She's your makeup artist. She's the best. I'll leave you all to get ready. Liz why don't you follow me to the viewing area and leave them to get started." He took her hand and brought her to where several plush seats awaited them. It was a perfect viewing place to watch the entire shoot.

    Traci had Katy undress completely and walked around her trying to find any minor imperfections on her body and finding none.

    "Girl, you are flawless. Your body is incredible. The camera is going to love you, Katy." Said Traci getting her brushes out and just touching up her nipples to stand out more making Katy blush as she felt the pleasurable shock of the contact right down to her pussy. Traci picked up on it immediately. She would tell Roger and he would know what to do to get the girl really into the shoot.

    There were three sets of swimwear, all miniscule and barely hiding anything on Katy's body. Traci picked one that was like a second skin on Katy's body. Her nipples were pronounced and her pussy lips perfectly outlined.

    "You're ready, baby. Go out there and dazzle them. When he's done shooting this first set come right back here for changeup." Katy nodded and left the changing room. She felt naked the swimsuit barely covering her privates. Roger made her stand before a blue screen having her pose in several ways.

    "Beautiful, Katy. You're simply breathtaking." Said Roger as he snapped endless frames making sure to capture her breasts and ass especially her pussy.

    "Your daughter is stunning." Said Ted as he watched happily. Liz agreed and wondered how Katy could show herself so openly with the skimpy swimsuit but it seemed she didn't mind at all as Roger put her through the paces.

    "Yes she is." Said Liz very aware of Teds close proximity. Her body temperature seemed to rise heatedly being around the man. Also seeing her daughter parade in from of them almost naked didn't help. She looked down seeing a rather fat bulge pushing against Ted's pants. Liz swallowed hard imagining what it looked like. She had loved her husband but he was no where near as hung as Ted was.

    "Okay, Katy, go change in the next suit. Hurry now, time is money." He said laughing as she sprinted to the dressing room where Traci awaited. She helped Katy change into the next suit which bare covered her nipples and pussy. What would her mom think of this one, she thought? Traci ushered her out and watched as Roger smiled broadly at the little nymph. Traci held Katy's thong that she last wore and smiled. They were soaked. The girl was getting very excited over this shoot. She texted Roger who stopped long enough to read it.

    "Our girl is super wet." She wrote and watched as Roger nodded smiling.

    "Katy on your back, love, yes like that. Eyes closed and open your legs a bit wider. We want to give our readers the perfect view of you, Katy." He said moving closer taking pictures. Katy imagined what they would think seeing her like this. She wondered if the subscribers would masturbate over her pictures making her breathe faster feeling excited over the prospect.

    Roger could easily see the wet spot on the thin material covering her pussy loving the sight of it. This girl was really ready for their harder stuff. He made Katy get on all fours with her tight lovely ass high in the air. Liz was about to get up seeing the sexual nature of the shot but Ted patted her hand telling her its alright.

    "It's the money shot in this session, Liz. She's not naked and the subscribers will love it making her one of the best of the year. Relax, Liz. She's doing great." Said Ted loving the view before him. Katy's beautiful ass was high and so very ready for more. Even he could see the wet spot between her legs. No doubt so could Liz.

    Liz sat back biting her upper lip, not angry but feeling left out of the process as she was in every other session. Here they took over completely. Here they made Katy into a soft porn star instead of what she wanted for her baby. Still, Ted was right about the fans who would promote Katy quickly if they enjoyed the pictorial.

    Roger made Katy get the last suit on taking a short break. Ted went over to talk with him quietly as Liz sat quietly reserved in her judgment at the moment.

    "Roger, you have to tone it down. Mama bear could halt the session anytime. She was not happy with the ass in the air shot." Said Ted smiling as if everything was great.

    "Alright, alright. But did you see how wet that beauty was? Ted she's ready for the hard stuff right now." He said.

    "Maybe. But for the time being cool it on the sexual poses. Once we get the girl into the fold, so to speak, we can do whatever we want." Ted walked away and sat next to Liz who he felt was equally sexy.

    "Just told Roger to keep it a bit cleaner." He told Liz who sighed and thanked him.

    Inside the changeup room Traci got Katy ready with the next suit. It was so revealing and Katy wondered if her mom would allow her to pose it it. Traci fixed it properly making sure to touch the girl in all the right places.

    "God, girl, you're on fire out there. You're wasting your talent doing basic swimsuit shit." Said Traci giving her the onceover before sending her out.

    "What should I do?" She asked.

    "Do the nudes, baby. That's where the money is and the fast lane to stardom. Hell if it were me I'd do soft porn first and then graduate to hard. Tons of money and you get to do all the sexy stuff you see online." Said Traci.

    Katy liked what Traci was telling her but to get her moms approval despite being 18 was still important to her. Traci moved nearer to her adjusting the top which seemed to slip off her stiff nipples easily. She made sure to brush her fingers against them making Katy breathe fast and excitedly.

    "You're ready for the hard stuff, Katy. Your pussy is so wet just doing this shoot. Imagine what it would be like fucking men and women." Said Traci running her hand over Katy ass. Katy's head was spinning with the possibilities and the feelings Traci was giving her that she had never felt before. Traci was touching her making her want sex and she liked it...a lot. Traci turned her facing the makeup artist pulling her close her body pressed tightly against hers and kissed her hard. Katy moaned as she felt Traci's tongue enter her mouth. When Traci pulled away she looked deeply into Katy's eyes.

    "Go out and finish your set. Then think about what I told you. I'd love to see you fuck." Said Traci patting Katy's ass as she exited. Traci had a lot to talk about with Ted about this fresh piece of heaven. The girl was a natural born porn star.

    Katy went out in a daze. Her head filled with sexy thoughts but mostly of the kiss Traci gave her. Her body was tingling from head to toe. Roger had seen that look before and glanced back at Traci who winked at him with a sexy smile on her face. He had to laugh. She was such a little whore and he loved her. Traci was good at taking the temperature of the new girls like Katy. Her signal to him told him volumes. He had Katy do basic poses so as not to offend momma bear. But despite what she had told Ted he noticed the intense concentration on her daughter, the sexy look and vibe she gave off as she posed.

    Ted did also. Liz watched every move her daughter made. He saw her licking her lips and heard the quickness of her breath as Roger made Katy do sexier poses. Liz no longer fought against Ted or the photographer. She knew it was pointless. Besides, Katy would do what she wanted no matter what. When Liz saw the last swimsuit she was shocked. Her daughter was pretty much naked. The strings that covered her privates where thin and revealing. Ted waited for a comment but none came.

    Roger made her do all the same moves but this time moved closer getting the money shots that would make the subscribers very happy.

    "Open your legs wider, Katy. Yes, that's it darling. Beautiful, so beautiful." He said as he knelt capturing the girls pussy as the string move just a bit revealing it. Katy felt it slip but let it stay knowing Roger could see all of her. She wanted him to see everything. Katy was so very horny and Traci had made her so.

    "Now on all fours, Katy." He said despite what momma bear wanted. He would get at least a few shots before she interfered. But Liz said nothing. She saw what Katy was doing...again. Her daughter knew very well that she was being very bad and purposely defiant. But Liz said not a word surprising both men. Roger went further moving within inches of the girls ass snapping off dozens of frames with closeups of one of the wettest pussies he had ever seen. The girl was dripping wet.

    Katy knew what he was photographing, knew that her pussy was in full display for him. She wanted to cum so badly just seeing him so close to her in this way. From the corner of her eye she saw Traci watching her. Traci was rubbing her pussy through her jeans as she looked on. All this sexual input was driving Katy mad with lust and she wondered what she would do if her mom wasn't here.

    "Okay, Katy, that should do it." Said Roger backing up and putting his camera down. "You were amazing, Katy.

    Katy stood feeling disappointed that the shoot was finished. She went to Traci who could see the frustration on her face. Traci closed the door and took Katy in her arms kissing her hotly, her tongue in Katy's mouth. Katy moaned and melted into the girl.

    "You want more, don't you, Katy?" Asked Traci looking into the girls eyes.

    "Yes, I want it. I can't stop thinking about what you said." Said Katy feeling Traci's fingers tracing a circle around her nipple. It hardened quickly and she closed her eyes from the intense feeling it gave her.

    "I want to see you fucking someone, Katy. You would be so hot on film. If your mom wasn't here would you let them fuck you?" Asked Traci running her hands down and over Katy's tight little ass. Katy imagined in that second letting Roger or Ted have her right there in the studio. The images made her moan as she felt Traci's fingers slide between her ass cheeks.

    "Yes. I would let them." She said loving how Traci's fingers were caressing her asshole and pussy from behind. They kissed again harder and with their tongues playing in each others mouths.

    "Such a very hot little girl. They have big cocks, Katy. Do you think you can take them?" Asked Traci kissing Katy's neck and working her way to the girls breasts.

    Katy moaned loudly, her body responding to all that Traci was doing to her. Traci's fingers were now pushing inside her making her spread her legs automatically allowing her as much access as possible.

    "Yesssss..." She whispered in pleasure thinking about their cocks inside her pussy, her ass. Traci licked down until she pulled the thong aside and placed her mouth on Katy's smooth wet pussy licking at her swollen clit. Katy groaned in pleasure as she felt the girls tongue licking at her clit making her legs shake. Suddenly she came her body shivering in delight as she squirted hard all over Traci's face and mouth. Traci stood and pulled Katy to her kissing her and making her taste her own pussy.

    "Tastes good doesn't it?" Whispered Traci as she continued to kiss the girl. Katy was lost in her own world of lust loving what Traci did to her. "Get dressed, Katy. Your mom's waiting for you." She handed Katy her professional card. "Call me when you're ready for the grown up stuff." Then she left leaving Katy dripping wet and so ready for more.

                                                                                                                         SECOND SESSION

    Very little was said on the drive home and Liz knew why. Her baby girl liked what they did today at the photoshoot. She was easy to read, easy to see how horny she was as the session went on. She saw Traci wink at Roger and his wicked smile. Saw her daughter leave the dressing room flushed and hot. Her daughter was changing and this job with American Babes had released something in the girl. She saw all these things sitting with Ted. Knew that something was happening but did nothing. What surprised her the most, shamefully, was how very hot she got seeing her daughter pose so sexually before the camera.

    She cursed herself for having such feelings but Katy's beauty reminded her of herself and all the things she denied herself being married to her dad. She could have been a model, could have experienced what Katy did today. She saw herself in the girl and that's what bothered her the most. American Babes magazine was taking every opportunity to capture Katy's wild side. Something she herself had to reign in with her husband. She wanted more sexual experiences but he was a prude of the highest order and she simply did as he requested leaving her fantasies behind of which she had many.

    Sitting next to Ted made her very aware of what she missed out on. He was handsome, rich and understood women. A gentleman all the way with her. She had noticed how hard he became when Katy walked out onto the platform. He made her husbands cock seem ridiculous by comparison. She felt a wave of heat overcome her making her pussy damp and her body sensitive. She saw her daughter pose in every sexy way they wanted allowing them to view her almost naked. Katy loved it. The atmosphere in the studio was heavy with sex and she felt it wash right over her.

    When they got home Katy said she was going straight to bed. It had been an tiring day. Liz got herself a drink and sat at the computer desk pulling up her emails to see if they had new offers. There were several and she was about to open one when she saw one from American Babes with attachments. It was Ted sending her the photos of the days session.

    "Just wanted to get these out to you as soon as possible. Your daughter is stunning in them. We decided to not only do American Babes but several of our others with her session.  They will see her all over Europe. Please consider our offer for more work, especially the nudes. You will be receiving an added check in the mail for the other magazines digital or otherwise." Said Ted.

    Liz looked at the amount surprised at how much it was. They were very serious about having her back and showed it. She opened the attachments and sat back drink in hand to view them. Pictures featuring all three swimsuits were there. Katy was beautiful and each photo enhanced her sexuality. The last swimsuit was the most erotic barely covering her at all. Some of the closeup shots of her daughters pussy and breasts were prominent. But what caught Liz' attention was how very wet her daughters suit bottoms were. She was sexually excited. Liz swallowed heavily at the sight. She had no doubt they would show these to their audience. She signed off and saved everything for Katy to view in the morning.

    Katy wasn't asleep but viewing the same pictures amazed at how beautiful they made her look. Ted emailed her separately with them.

    "Katy, I hope you decide to come back to us for more shoots. Especially for nudes and more. You were made for the camera and Traci said your one very hot girl. She is a bad girl isn't she? Talk it over with your mom if you need to but you're 18 and so ready for some serious sexy fun. Keep in touch." Said Ted. She would, soon.

    She stared at each picture seeing how each pose given by Roger made her look like she was ready to have sex especially the last swimsuit. She could see her asshole and pussy quite clearly and she liked looking at herself. She could just imagine others, strangers staring at her body. Would they masturbate with her in mind? Men, women even younger ones sneaking a peek at her. Her pussy was tingling and she had to masturbate right now. She left the laptop open on the last series of pictures with her on all fours her ass high in the air revealing her body fully. She stared at it as she slid her hand inside her panties touching her clit like Traci did today. She closed her eyes remembering it all. Her mouth, her fingers making her cum so sweetly.

    She moaned softly feeling her first orgasm of the night hit her. She squirted wetting her panties and the bed beneath. She stared at herself and imagined a man behind her his cock ready to fuck her. Yes, Ted would be very happy indeed with her decision.


    Liz saw Katy come downstairs for breakfast wearing only a t shirt and nothing else. Liz was already dressed and ready for the day. Katy sat and watched as her mom made her a power shake and a bowl of mixed fruit.

    "Got to keep my baby girl in good shape. I think you'll be a top model, Katy. It's good to get into a practice of eating right and exercise." Said Liz.

    "Mom, I think I want to pose again for American Babe. The nude stuff." Said Katy seeing her moms face go blank for a second and then give her a weak smile.

    "You know everyone will be seeing you naked?" Said Liz.

    "I know mom but It's important to get myself out there. So many opportunities for me, really." Said Kaitlin.  Liz didn't say anything at first. She knew that this would be the road her daughter would take. She could see it coming. Since she couldn't stop her being of age she might as well help her to make sure she made all the right choices. Still the idea of her baby girl showing her body to the world was...frightening.

    "I understand, Katy. It's your decision. But I must warn you that posing naked might lead you to do harder things, you know what I mean?" Liz wanted to make sure her daughter understood the possible consequences. Katy did know what she meant. Soft porn and possibly harder. Men and women using her. She felt her sexual temperature rise just thinking about it.

    "I know, mom. Whatever decision I make you'll help me right?" Asked Katy seeing her mom give a heavy sigh and nod.

    "Yes, baby." She said and her imagination was filled with erotic images all featuring her daughter. "Have they contacted you, Katy?"

    "Last night. I said yes to Ted. They're expecting me tomorrow in the studio. They want to put me on the cover of the August issue. Maybe more, mom." Said Katy seeing the shock on her moms face.

    "So fast? Shouldn't you give yourself some time to think about it?" Asked Liz.

    "No, mom. An opportunity like this only comes about once. I want to pose mom. I like doing it." Said Katy. Liz knew this about her daughter. Katy got off on showing herself and she turned a regular shoot into a heatwave of sexuality.

    "Alright, darling. We must make sure to get you cleaned up everywhere." Said Liz knowing what they would want. Smooth silky body and smooth clean pussy. Katy jumped up and gave her a hug and kissed her face.

    "Ohh mom I'm so excited." Said Katy hugging her mom harder.


    Roger met them at the studio where everything was already set up. Lighting, props and more filled the platform. Traci came out of the makeup room to greet Katy and her mom then took Katy's hand running back into the makeup room. As soon as they entered Traci began to kiss Katy hard.

    "I'm so happy that you decided to listen to me. God, I can't wait to see you pose. I want you to be as sexy as possible. I mean dirty sexy." Laughed Traci letting her hands roam over Katy's hot body. Katy moaned as Traci began to remove her clothing until she was naked. Then knelt before her licking her smooth pussy until Katy cried out squirting hard all over Traci.

    "Mmmmm, god, you're ready, baby." Said Traci wiping her mouth of Katy's cum.

    "I can't go too crazy. My mom is out there remember." Said Katy feeling Traci's body against hers.

    "Nonsense. Ted told me your mom was getting into your session last time. Never said a word when Roger was doing closeups of your pussy. Ted said he caught her glancing at his big hardon too. So never mind your mom. Bet she really gets into today for sure." Said Traci kissing Katy.

    Katy had no idea her mom was getting horny watching her. So much so that she was looking at Ted. Maybe she could do more today considering how much her mom liked watching her. The thought of getting her mom turned on was incredible to Katy. It was like something from a porn movie.

    "Go out and make those guys cum in their pants, Katy. When you're done I want to eat your pussy until you cum." Said Traci reaching down and sliding a finger inside Katy feeling how wet she was. Katy left the makeup room seeing Roger smiling and looking her up and down. She looked over at her mom again sitting with Ted. She could see her moms eyes on her watching her every move. Ted watched her too liking what he saw.

    "Jeez, your daughter is incredible." Said Ted looking at Liz who licked her lips nervous and anxious about the shoot. But she was also excited seeing her daughter naked with all these eyes on her. Liz had never even considered doing such a thing even though she had plenty of opportunities. More than once she was asked to pose for magazines and video productions when she was in college. The money was fantastic and god knows she needed every penny she could get. But she drew the line on nudity and unlike her daughter lost out on numerous opportunities in the modeling field.

    "Yes, she is, isn't she." Said Liz staring at her baby girl all grown up and fully naked. Her young body was flawless. Her breasts firm and perfect and her tummy flat down to her smooth hairless pussy.

    Roger wasted no time getting her in hot sexual positions talking to her the whole time as she did so. His words were often dirty and sexy and Katy loved the way it made her feel. Her mom remained seated where she was despite Rogers dirty speech.

    "That's right, Katy spread those sexy legs wide, give uncle Roger that perfect money shot." He said making Katy spread her legs very wide offering him the perfect view of her wet pussy all flowered open. He drew close capturing her pink juicy pussy. "God, baby you are so fucking hot. The subscribers are going to cum just looking at you."

    Katy was breathing fast she was so excited. She couldn't help it. Her sexual temperature was rising performing all that Roger was telling her to do. She could see the bulge in his pants and knew she was doing this to him. She wondered if Ted was also hard and if her mom was noticing it?

    "Turn over, baby. Let Roger see that tight little ass of yours." He commanded. Katy did raising her ass high making Roger groan. He moved around her snapping off dozens of shots mostly directly behind her getting those lovely money shots. He could see how dripping wet she was it was running down her thighs. This was going to be the best cover girl he'd ever photographed by far.

    Liz watched Katy seeing how sexy she looked wondering if she could ever do what she was doing. It seemed her daughter loved making men crazy with lust and it was working. She could see Ted's cock outlined against his pants. It was huge. The atmosphere in the studio was positively steaming hot from the photoshoot. Liz felt her pussy tingling just looking at Teds cock knowing that if she asked him to fuck her he would without reservation. He'd want to do it right in this room, thought Liz imagining what it would be like while her daughter watched. She tried to clear her head of such thoughts but watching Katy made it near impossible.

    Her own daughter was making her horny as hell and she tried to reason as to why? Could it be that she saw herself in her child? Or maybe, Katy opened up new feelings of sexuality in her. Katy reminded her of her life not to long ago when she felt those hot sexy feelings. She was being awakened by her daughters dirty actions and she was sure Ted knew. He kept looking at her as if waiting for her to make the slightest suggestion towards sex.

    Katy saw Roger get a new camera then approach her.

    "You're doing fantastic, Katy. I think my camera is melting from your heat." This made her laugh as he made sure to make her relax more. "In these next shots I want you to imagine a man wanting to fuck you, his cock is big and you want it. I want you to seduce him, baby." Said Roger making her bite her bottom lip and nod. She loved doing this, loved making men and women want her sexually. She tried to think of where she inherited such erotic feelings and looked over at her mom who was now staring intently at Teds swollen cock like a lioness ready to devour it.

    Katy posed for Roger her body on fire. She spread her legs wide and reached down to open her wet pussy lips wide making Roger groan. Then did the same when she again was on all fours reaching back to open her ass cheeks showing her pink asshole. Liz watched feeling her heartbeat race at seeing her daughter behave like a little whore. At least she was having pleasure doing it. Ted looked at her nodding his hand resting on his hard swollen cock.

    "I'll bet the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree." He said making Liz feel her pussy squirt. "Love to see you do a photoshoot with us, Liz.  Tell me you'll consider it." Said Ted staring at her.

    "Maybe, someday." Said Liz knowing that she would love to do a nude set for him. Show off her body to Ted and make him want her.

    "Someday soon, I hope. Look at how hot your daughter is, Liz. Fucking incredible. You know she would be great in our adult series videos and magazine. She was made for this. I think you are too." Said Ted unzipping his pants reaching in and pulling out his thick meaty cock.

    Liz watched, hypnotized by its size and thickness. Her heart beat faster seeing it and knowing it was hers if she wanted it and she did, badly. But her daughter would see her having sex. She could not do such a thing. Ted would want to go somewhere private. At least she thought so. Yet he was showing his cock right here only feet away from her daughter who was now looking intently at Teds cock and her.

    "Come here, Liz. Show your baby girl what a real woman can do. She wants to learn so badly." He said holding out his hand to her.

    Like someone in a spell Liz rose and went to him despite her daughter watching. She knelt in front of him grasping his hot stiff cock and began to suck it making Ted groan in appreciation. Her mouth was incredible, warm, wet and her tongue slathering his cock head. He grabbed the back of her head pushing it further onto his cock gagging her at first until she was used to it. Liz loved his cock and felt her body shaking in pleasure.

    Katy watched her mom and smiled loving the sight before her. She couldn't believe her mom was sucking cock right in front of her. It only made her hotter knowing that the heated atmosphere she created in the room affected her mom equally. Roger loved what was happening and decided to get the party really started. He called out to Traci who came out of the makeup room and stood in awe of what was happening. She raced back into her office and took her clothing off donning a strap on cock. It was a long thick one that she hoped to use on Katy and now she could letting Roger get some really sexy shots of her fucking the girl. Maybe she could do the mother too. This was turning out to be one helluva day.

    "Get on all fours, baby. Lift that ass. Yes, that's a good girl." Said Roger getting endless photos of not only Katy but her mom. He watched as Traci snuck up behind Katy making the girl jump in shock at first until she saw that it was Traci. Then she noticed the huge cock she was wearing.

    "Want to do some some porn, baby?" Asked Roger seeing Traci moving the cock up and down Katy's wet slit until the girl moaned loudly pushing her body back against Traci. "Yeah, you're ready alright."

    Traci moved the head of the dildo against Katy's open pussy and pushed making the girl groan in pain at first as she felt the thick cock slide deeply inside her. Roger moved close capturing the sight of the thick cock moving inch by inch inside Katy's tight pussy. Soon Traci was fucking her the dildo moving faster as Katy's pussy lubricated it. Traci held onto the girls waist as she drove the cock hard until it was fully inside her pussy. Then she began to fuck her. Roger caught every moment and soon began to shed his clothing until he also was naked.

    "Suck his cock, Katy. Make him feel good too." Said Traci pumping the girls faster making her moan. Katy saw Roger move towards her and she opened her mouth as he slid his cock into it. It was the first time she had ever had a cock inside her mouth and she took to it instantly sucking him and licking his cock head like she saw her mom doing to Ted. Roger groaned in pleasure feeling the girls hot mouth on his cock.

    "She's so tight." Said Traci loving the view of the girls tight little ass. Katy was pushing back against her making the cock go deeper and loving the intense feeling of it. Katy stared at her mom who was still sucking Teds huge cock. When Liz finally pulled away Ted told her to get naked.

    "I want to see your body, Liz. I'll bet you're as beautiful as your daughter, who by the way is fucking quite nicely with Traci and Roger." Said Ted as he pulled his pants off revealing his lower half. Liz turned to look and stood shocked. There was her daughter getting fucked by a strap on dildo while Roger was fucking her mouth. Katy looked as if she was in heaven. Her body moved sensually to their rhythm. Liz watched Katy take the entire cock inside her pussy and she couldn't help but get excited seeing her do so. Her baby girl had grown up. Liz was naked now and went to Ted straddling him and lowering herself onto his cock. She moaned as it slid to the hilt inside her.
    "Fuck me..." Whispered Liz as he took hold of her and began to push up into her hard and fast. She was as beautiful as Ted imagined with firm breasts and stiff hard nipples. Her stomach was flat and her pussy shaved clean like her daughter. She was tight and slowly opened up to Teds big cock.

    Liz hadn't felt this way in years and wanted every inch of this man. She looked back and watched Katy fucking. Roger was pulling out of her mouth and taking Traci's place slowly pushing his cock inside her daughter. Traci went in front of Katy and lay down her legs spread wide. Katy knew what she wanted and lowered her head licking Traci's wet pussy.

    "Fuck, yeah.." Said Traci as she felt the girls tongue lick at her clit and pussy lips. Liz watched in awe at her daughters performance, her newly found skills in sex. Traci ground her pussy against Katy's face and mouth cumming over and over. Roger grunted and began to fill Katy with his hot cum.

    "That's it, baby squeeze my cock, milk me." He said as Katy did as she was told feeling his hot semen filling her. Liz began to cum squirting hotly onto Ted who gripped her waist hard as he himself began to shoot his cum deep inside Liz.

    Throughout the afternoon they continued sometimes swapping partners and once doubling up on Liz who took Ted and Roger together as Katy and Traci watched.

    "Wow, your mom is incredible. She should be in the adult field with American Babes. You too. You could do a mother daughter thing. That would be so hot." Said Traci pulling on Katy's nipples making her moan softly as she watched her mom fuck two men.

    "You would like it if my mom and me made a video together?" Asked Katy as she loved seeing her mom take two cocks inside her at once. Her mom was cumming over and over.

    "Oh yeah, Katy. Talk about hot. It would be a big sell out overseas that's for sure." Said Traci twisting the girls nipples making Katy lean back against her as she spread her legs to cum. The thought of doing a film with her mom made her so damned horny. But why would she feel so strongly about doing such a thing? She loved her mom but not like that. Yet here she was watching her mom take two thick cocks in her pussy and ass giving Katy a spectacular show.

    "Come here, baby." Said Ted as he drove his cock ever deeper into Liz who cried out in pleasure. Katy rose and moved towards them. "Pull my cock out of your mom and suck it, baby."

    Katy knelt and reached between Roger and Ted and pulled Teds cock from her mothers pussy. It was covered in her juices and Katy immediately began to suck his cock taking it deep into her mouth licking it clean as she did so.

    "Look at that, Ted. Girl will do anything. Put it back into your mom, Katy. She's missing that huge cock." Said Roger sliding his cock hard into Liz's asshole. Katy did placing the head of his cock against her moms drenched pussy. She watched as Ted pushed inside her mom. Liz looked down at her daughter who had just sucked Teds cock and smiled at her approvingly.

    "Now mine, baby girl." Said Roger slipping out of Liz's gaping asshole. Katy began to suck him hard licking his cock head and running her tongue down his shaft to his balls then back up taking his cock down her throat. "Fuck...." He cried out as he began to cum hard filling her mouth with his hot sperm.

    Ted began to cum hard driving his cock deep and filling Liz up. When they were sated and laying there together Ted got up and looked at them all.

    "We've got to sign these two up right now, Roger. Fuck...we have to make some videos of these two." He said thinking about all the scenarios he could use them in and there were plenty. They were so hot that he could make them do anything.

    Contracts were signed and Liz and Katy went to a new studio to begin a career in porn. Their films were a huge success especially in some European countries where laws were less stringent on certain sexual practices. Those films were quickly bought and more were being filmed to meet the demand. Liz read the script on the newest venture being filmed by a German director and felt her pussy getting wet just imagining doing the things he wanted them both to do together. It seemed nothing was out of bounds.

    Katy read it and looked at her mom who stared back at her with the utmost love in her eyes.

    "You think we should do this?" She asked her mom as she read one of the sex scenes.

    "Mmmmm. Yes, baby. I think we were always ready to do such a scene. Don't you?" She said smiling. She wondered what it would be like. She had thought about it since they began to do porn together. She knew that one day they would push them in this direction. It was inevitable.

    "It's so sexual. Nothing left to the imagination." Said Katy taking off her robe. Naked she went into the shower to clean up the cum all over her body from the last shoot. Her mom did the same joining her and cleaning herself.

    "Yes, it is very sexual isn't it? I think we'll both love it. I know I will." Said Liz turning to face her daughter.

    "Close the door, mom. I think we need to practice our parts." Said Katy.

    Liz closed the door.

                                                                                                                                         THE END





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Great beginning FHG. Can't wait for more. So glad you're back with us!

You're a wonderful storyteller. Woo.

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Buckling my seatbelt for another wild ride from Foxi. Great to see you starting another soon soon after your last one. :emot_kiss:

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Great start, you really can tell a story which draws one in Foxi.  :emot_kiss:

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Great story

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Getting better and better, you are such a great writer Foxi.

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Thank you Nautilus. You always say nice things.