Waking Up To Lust [ORIGINAL; Father/daughter Hand Job 1st Time]
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I showed her the proper way to stroke a cock and soon Hilary was jerking me off like a japanese masseuse giving me a 'happy ending'. Hilary grew more confident and more bold as she stroked me. In less than 10 minutes i felt my jizz churning in my balls. "Get ready, sweetie... It's about to happen... "I grunted and my first blast of jizz got her right on the cheek. The second hit Hilary on the lips and i noticed her slip her little tongue out and taste it. The third blast caught her on the chin. Fourth her throat. The next 2 right between her tits. 2 more on her belly and the rest dribbled down her hand. I grabbed some tissues from the box next to her bed to clean her up with. I caught Hilary licking more of my jizz off her lips. My cock had stayed hard, i was still horny, but seeing my own daughter eating my jizz filled me with lust for her. I told her it was my turn for fun. "Okay, daddy!" I told her to get on her hands and knees on her bed. Hilary did. I got up behind and moved her knees apart.   
I touched Hilary's pussy & was surprised to find it soaking wet! I was glad because i needed it to be. I took hold of my huge cock&guided it to her slit. I slid the head along my daughter's hairy hole. She moaned. "Oh, daddy, that feels good..." I kept doing that until the head popped in, making Hilary gasp. Her tight preteen pussy squeezed the head of my cock. I groaned & rubbed her shoulders&told to relax. Soon her pussy loosened a little & a slowly slid forward. I got an inch or 2 more in then stopped. I waited for Hilary to relax some more then slid forward again. It took at least 5 minutes to get up to her cherry & i still only had 4" in her. I pulled back & started sawing in & out of Hilary slowly. She began to moan. "Ohhh... D - daddy... Ohhh... Feels so g - good, daddy... Daddy..." I pumped her a little faster & her breathing grew louder. I reached down under her & cupped her full tits as i pumped harder. "D - d - daddy..." Hilary groaned before burying her head in her pillow & screaming in orgasm.
I slowed forward and busted through Hilary's cherry but she was still too tight to go much beyond that. I fucked her as deep as i could and see came almost continuously. Even though my daughter's pussy was tight as lasted another 10 minutes before i shot my jizz deep inside of her. I laid against her back catching my breath. "Oh, daddy," Hilary moaned, breathing heavy. "That was so good! Can we do it again?" Smiling, i said "Of course, sweetie. I love you." Hilary cooed. "I love you, daddy!" And i slowly started sliding in and out of my daughter once more... THE END
End it now?  She wants more, and so do I.  I think a part II would be in order-RHL
Use or imagination. Or feel free to write a sequel. Just as long as you credit me at the beginning. ;)
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