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Author Topic: Obession  (Read 2272 times)
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« on: November 27, 2010, 06:40:54 AM »

Hey Here is one i just wrote. please tell me what you think.


           Hello, my name is Jake.  I am a fifteen-year-old guy in southern California.  I’m obsessed with a girl named Kera.  She’s everything anyone would want in a girl, smart, funny, gorgeous, and extremely sexy.  I’ve known her since second grade.  She is fifteen, half white and half Asian, and she has the perfect round breasts and a voluptuous ass.  She is a popular girl at school and she always wears the sluttiest outfits, even though she is nowhere near skanky.  So anyway, I’ve always dreamed of fucking her and one day I got my chance.  I overheard her talking to her friends how her parents and brother would be out of town all weekend because her brother had soccer.  She said she’d be home alone the entire time.  This made me put a plan into motion.  It was Saturday night at about eleven o’clock.  I had waited outside her house since nine for her to go to sleep.  As soon as the lights were out, I snuck around back and waited by the sliding glass door, looking for any movement.  I knew that Kera wouldn’t lock the back door because she didn’t have a key to the house and that was the only way she could get in and out.  I opened it up and stepped inside only to be greeted by their little dog Baxter.  Baxter was a Jack Russel terrier.  He was no attack dog and greeted me with licking and begging for his belly to be rubbed.  I went upstairs and slowly opened the door to Kera’s room.  I was relieved to see that she was fast asleep.  I quietly went to her dresser and took out one of her famed thongs.  I quickly jerked off into one while I had another one almost up my nose.  I decided that I was finally gonna get the real thing.  I took out the ductape that I brought with me and carefully put it over her mouth.  The moment I touched her she awakened and started to scream and fight.  Luckily, the ductape took care of the noise and me, being a big fifteen-year-old, I could control her.  I grabbed her hands and climbed up on the bed and sat on her chest.  This seemed to stop her squirming.  I then took my ductape and tied her hands to the bedposts.  She tried to pull them out however the ductape was too strong.  I then worked my way down to her legs.  Of course I fondled a breast here and there on the way down.  I grabbed her muscular soccer playing calves and ductaped them to the end of her bed.  I looked at her spread out all over the bed and saw that I had complete control over this little bitch.  I got off of her and took my knife out of my pocket and showed her the glint of the metal blade.  I told her that if she does anything I don’t like I’d cut her fucking throat out.  This stopped her thrashing for a while.  I then took my knife and slid it down her thigh until it reached the crotch of her panties.  I took the blade and sliced through the elastic waistband and I removed them from her tanned legs.  I had an up close and personal view of the pussy of the hottest girl at school.  And it was all mine.  I left her pussy for the moment and worked my way up to her shirt.  I started to cut through the material and I removed it letting her bare tits shiver in the cold.  I took my knife blade and circled both of her perfect nipples with it.  She gave out a little whimper as the cold steel touched her sensitive nipple and it turned hard.  This was the most amazing sight I had ever seen.  Her tan body glittered under the moonlight that shone in through her window.  I then gave one last look at her glittering pussy and dove right in.  I sniffed around her pussy, drawing in her mushy scent.  It was the best smell I’ve ever smelt.  After what felt like hours, I stuck my tongue in her pussy.  She quivered when I moved my tongue up and down all over her labia.  She let out a small moan when my tongue flicked across her clit.  I kept working her clit as she squirmed under me against her bonds.  I knew that she was enjoying my attention to her clit even if she wanted me to think she wasn’t.  I spent quite a while licking her pussy.  I then thought that I had given enough attention to her and realized that I needed some.  I pulled out my rock hard dick and climbed up onto the bed.  I straddled her chest and put my dick right on her face.  She tried to move her face away from my dick but the ductape stopped her from doing that.  I kept slapping her face with my penis.  She kept whimpering as if she knew what was coming next.  I quickly ripped off her gag and before she had time to scream, I shoved my dick in her mouth.  She automatically started to bite down and I slapped her so hard I actually felt bad after.  I had to keep playing the part however so I pulled out my knife and gave her a stern look and said, if you do that again I’ll cut off a finger.  She quieted down and clamped her mouth shut.  I pried it open and shoved my dick in again.  Her mouth felt like heaven.  Her luscious lips wrapped around my cock as I pumped in and out.  Her tongue was inadvertently flicking at my throbbing dick.  I was loving this so much I completely gave into my carnal desires and rammed my cock all the way down her throat until I was up to the hilt.  I could feel her gagging around my dick but I didn’t care.  I fucked her throat while she was gagging for air and was crying.  I suddenly felt her go limp and realized that she had passed out from lack of oxygen.  I pulled out letting her take a breath of the precious air and she sputtered and gasped.  I put the gag back on her mouth and slapped her until she came to.  She seemed calm and then she remembered where she was.  I thought that it was time to fuck this bitch.  I went down between her legs and lined my self up with her opening.  I waited with anticipation and finally pushed in.  I slowly moved in, out of compassion, but I realized that she was not a virgin.  I thought that her sick dad probably fucked her or she did it with a hairbrush.  When I realized she wasn’t a virgin, all compassion was lost.  I thrust into her tight pussy as her walls were clamping down on my cock hard.  I kept pumping as she was moaning into her gag.   I pinched her nipples between my fingers has I fucked her and as soon as one of my fingers touched her little clit, she went wild.  She orgasmed so hard I thought that it was going to crush my cock.  I could hear her screaming through her gag and I thought the neighbors would hear but I didn’t dwell on it.  Her juices were seeping around my cock and I wanted her to taste them because I was almost cumming as well.  I climbed up to her face again and ripped off the ductape.  She didn’t scream because she was in an orgasmic state of shock.  I put my dick in her mouth and that seemed to bring her out of it but her eyes were still glazed over.  Her tongue swirled around my cock and that did it for me.  I shot one rope of sticky semen down her throat and quickly pulled out and shot the other five on her face, almost covering her right side.  I was spent and looked at her clock.  It read two a.m. and I realized that I had plenty of time left.  I was spent however so I came up with an idea.  I put her gag back on and I left the room.  I returned with Baxter.  Kera looked at me with terror in her eyes.  She had a pretty good idea of what came next.  I put Baxter on the bed in between her legs and let him sniff her wet pussy.  Now Baxter is a horny little bastard.  He humps anything he can get a hold on and I know he loves Kera.  He licked at her pussy with his fat tongue and she quivered.  He liked the taste and continued to lick.  She moaned through her gag.  I knew that she thought it was wrong and that made it so much hotter.  Baxter’s little red dick came out of his sheath and I knew he was horny.  I lined him up with her pussy and he started to push in.  He thrust into her with power that I didn’t know that the dog possessed.  I looked at Kera’s face and could tell that she was in ecstasy because her eyes were rolling back in her head and the shape of her mouth under the ductape was a giant “O”.  Baxter rammed in and out faster than I expected and I saw his knot beginning to form.  I didn’t want him to cum in her.  I had other plans for that so I quickly grabbed him and pulled him out of her.  He growled at me and continued to hump the air.  I put him straddling her chest and I ripped the tape off of her mouth and shoved his little dick in.  She immediately tried to turn her head in protest but the dog grabbed her head and fucked her mouth, humping it repeatedly.  I took this time to suck on her tits and jerk my self.  I could hear Baxter whimpering and I knew that he was going to cum soon.  Kera started to gag as soon as the first shot of dog cum hit the back of her throat.  I let Baxter keep cumming in her mouth for a while and then I pulled him out and had him shoot the rest on her face.  I then moved him on the floor and moved myself on to Kera.  I looked down on her cum covered face as I shoved my dick in her mouth.  The way her mouth and tongue felt when she was crying just increased the levels of my lust.  I looked at her and our eyes met and that’s when I blew my load all down her throat and I covered her face for the second time that night.  Kera kept crying and I put the gag back on, seeing that her parents would be home later that day, because it was already four a.m.  I put Baxter back downstairs, went back upstairs and gave Kera a kiss and told her I loved her.  I left her tied up, naked, and covered with cum and I left the house through the back door.  I heard about the story on the news later that night and the police said that they had no suspects because the victim could not see the suspect because of the darkness.  I saw Kera at school for the rest of the year and she was a lot more quiet and kept to herself mostly.  People talked behind her back and her friends and other guys never talked to her.  I am still obsessed.
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 12:24:08 AM »

The story, at least what I read of it, was good.  Making some paragraphs with spaces between them would have made this easier to read.
Should be an easy fix.
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