hello from oyster50
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My first day on the board.  I loaded up the first story on the incest board.  I would like to see what people think, if that's your cup of tea.

Well done mate, there's no better place to try out your writing than KB where every possible sexual fantasy can be explored.
Welcome to KB.  A big WOO for joining.  Always nice to see another author.  I browsed your story and it looks hot.  Can't wait till I finish it-RHL
Yes, welcome to KB, oyster. When not writing, please enjoy our home page of many topics. Something for everyone. Well, almost. In the meantime, have fun while here.
Welcome Oyster to KB.  Yep this is the place, a quiet little reading and discussion rooming house away from the internet hiway.  I agree keep posting your stories and take some time to look around and post in the other forums as well.
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