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Author Topic: THE NEW YEARS VIRGIN SACRIFICE PARTY [original] ua, incest, gangbang  (Read 11458 times)
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 ('This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 16 in real life.)

THE NEW YEARS VIRGIN SACRIFICE PARTY [original] ua, incest, gangbang

(Dedicated to max30)

Max Thurston was the current president of Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity and so it fell to him to supply a willing virgin for the annual New Year’s Eve party and its ritual midnight sacrifice of a virgin to 40 horny college cocks upon the bed on the altar of sex.  He had finally succeeded in mid December when his girlfriend at Beta Gamma Epsilon sorority had recommended one of their freshmen members named Samoa Barnes.  Samoa had come from a small town where her intellect had left her labeled as a geek or a nerd and, while she was popular and socially involved, unable to get dates with anyone she wanted.

At college she looked forward to exploring her sexuality and sex itself.  When she entered puberty she had read Margaret Mead’s study of sex and adolescent girls in Samoa.  Her mother had always liked Mead’s work and it was where she got Samoa’s name.  She was very petite for 18 with short brown hair that she wore in what was once known as a pixie cut.  Her gymnast’s physique with her small firm breasts and frame that was 98 pounds soaking wet appealed to Max on a level he wasn’t sure he understood.  But the fact that she was willing to give up her virginity to he and his brothers willingly was a real turn on.  As president, Max knew he would be her first.

School had taken their holiday break and the house had emptied out for two weeks except for the two foreign exchange members who house sat.

Back home Max celebrated Christmas with his family and was stunned by how much his sister Samantha reminded him of Samoa.  She had grown and was now 14 and she was nicknamed Sam like her campus counterpart and her build was close to hers as well.

Max’s Dad belonged to the same fraternity and knew that his son would need to get back early to make preparations for the frat New Year’s Party.  So did his mother who had been the star of the party when his dad was president 19 years ago.  9 months later Max had been born.

Samantha adored her big brother and wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with him but the minute she mentioned it everyone snapped out NO.  He left the day before New Year’s Eve and Samantha hatched her own plan.  There was a new train system that went into the cities.  She had accompanied her brother twice in the fall the year before.  Before he got his own car.  Now she would use her knowledge to get what she wanted.  

She called her friend Madge and told her she was planning to use her for her alibi since she already had permission to go to her overnight New Year’s party.  All Madge had to do was cover for her until she took the train back on New Year’s day.  Madge agreed.  

Sam woke up on New Year’s Eve and told her mom she was going to go help Madge get ready for her party and she would be home the next morning.  She loaded her backpack with a sexy dress she had bought with her babysitting money last month at the local mall.  She also included her pajamas and then she walked to the depot and set off for her first frat party.

Max got up that same morning and after breakfast started organizing the party like a military campaign.  He assigned crews to clean up, decorating, provisioning and the ubiquitous liquor and keg run.  He had his own special job.  Samoa had flown to Florida to join her family and he was to meet her return flight and get her to the party on time.  After things were well under control he left for the airport.  What he didn’t know was that his cell phone charger had blown out at home and his phone had not charged the last two nights.  So it was that he missed Samoa’s call that her flight had been delayed due to severe storms in her area.

In the meantime, Samantha transferred from the train to a bus and arrived at the frat house shortly after Max had left.  A year ago she had been going through a goth period and had dyed her long hair black and wore very pale makeup with heavy black eye shadow and tattered black tee shirt and jeans.  (Her parents had forbidden her to get any tattoos or piercings until she was 21 or she would lose any help from them with her college tuition.)  Plus she had been very boyish with an undeveloped chest. This meant that Max’s frat brothers who had met her the year before did not recognize her now.  

She announced that she was Sam and she was looking for Max and immediately became the center of attention.  None of them had met the intended sacrifice and since the name and description fit certain assumptions were made.  For her part, Sam just enjoyed the attention and put it down to being the sister of the president.  She had no idea about the ritual they had in mind for her.  

They tried calling Max to tell them she had come by train instead of plane but his dead cell phone went unnoticed as he waited for Sam’s flight info to update with a new ETA.

Back at the house his frat brothers started to ply Sam with drinks.  Aside from a glass of wine at holiday dinners, Sam had no experience with alcohol.  They gave her Southern Comfort and she gulped it like pop.  Immediately her eyes watered and she felt something akin to brain freeze from a big mouthful of ice cream.  At least the same areas seemed effected.  She took a big sip the next time and felt herself awash in a very warm feeling.  The third went down more smoothly as she knew what to expect.

Because of the ritual at the core of the party, the New Year’s Eve party was unlike any other party at Alpha Kappa Kappa.  This one was closed to all but fraternity members and the guest of honor.  This meant there were no other females allowed.  Not that Samantha noticed.  The alcohol was doing its duty and she was mellowing out nicely.  She had never been drunk but she suspected the alcohol was getting to her.  

By 10 PM Max’s anxiety was at its peak.  He heard from some of the expectant greeters that the flight had been cancelled due to weather so he pulled out his phone and finally discovered its dead status.
He found some change and then found a pay phone.  

“She came by train,” George said.  George was the house vice president and the one in charge while Max was out.  “Everything is under control.  Can you get back by midnight?”

“I sure can,” Max assured him and seemed to notice disappointment in George’s voice when he said good bye.  As vice president, he would get to pop her cherry if Max couldn’t get back in time.

By 11 PM Samantha was very drunk and susceptible to the suggestions of the men around her.  She did a strip tease.  First she removed her tee shirt as seductively as she could.  Then her miniskirt with left her in her skimpy bra and thong panties.  With further encouragement she removed the bra and revealed her small firm little tits with their erect nipples.  She felt an electric shock as various frat brothers felt her up and tweaked her nipples.  These sensations seemed to shoot straight down to her clit and she continued to become aroused.  Next came her panties and the sight of her newly growing brown bush created even more of a stir.  

Now they plucked at her pubic hair and ran their fingers across her slit and even tried to slide one or two into her.  And she began to notice that she was not the only one naked as she saw a roomful of naked hard cocks.  Did they expect her to touch them? To give them handjobs?  Her friends had talked about that but she wasn’t sure how you did it.  The same with sucking them.  Blowjob was a common expression but she wasn’t sure she could bring herself to put one of their things in her mouth.  But the alcohol fog helped her to decide that maybe she could.  She looked up at the clock and saw that midnight was only 15 minutes away and she hadn’t seen anything of Max.  What would he say if he came in now and saw his baby sister the center of attention of  30 to 40 naked men?

George and another frat brother took her aside and told her it was time for the New Year Ceremony.
 She wanted to ask them what they were talking about but they cut her off and took her over to one side of the room where there was a closet.  They took out a very long see through negligee robe and a veil as black as the ace of spades.  It was so dark she couldn’t see out of it.  She was really feeling the effects of the alcohol as she heard a large cheer and a chant of “Max! Max!  Max!”

Her brother was here at last!  Then someone was at her side and took her arm in his and started to lead her to the area of the buffet table.  Unknown to her, the food had been removed and a mattress placed on top.  It was a very sturdy old table and made a great platform for the bed/sacrificial altar.

“Are you ready, Sam?” Max asked over the din as the final minute of the year approached.

Ready?  Ready for what, she wondered.  But the booze and the pill George had popped into her last drink had her not really caring.  She just nodded her head.  Max continued to talk but it was all very confusing.  Something about the blessing for a good year and a sacrifice being made and how they were all to honor the sacrifice by anointing the Portal of Pleasure with the Liquid of Life.

Someone shouted one minute and she felt someone remove the gossamer robe but not the veil.  Then she was lifted up onto the table only now it didn’t seem to be a table.  It was more like a bed covered in a silk sheet.  Then hands were all over her caressing her and feeling her up.  She thought this wasn’t right but it felt too good to stop.

Then someone was on the bed with her and she felt her legs pulled apart as someone got between them.   Someone said something about the moment of sacrifice had arrived and asked brother Max if he was ready with the instrument of sacrifice and she heard Max say he was as she felt something warm and somewhat soft on the outside but with what seemed to be a steel core rubbing up and down her private spot.

As her pussy got wetter from her own lubrication and precum on the cock and she felt the head of it line up with her virgin love tunnel the alcohol fog lifted enough for her to realize what the sacrifice was supposed to be.  She was about to lose her virginity!  She started to twist away but too many hands held her in place.

And then the countdown started. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!

A rousing cheer of Happy New Year rang out as Sam thought she was being split in two by her brother’s rock hard cock.  He plunged all the way in until their pubic hair mashed and his balls slapped against her butt.  Then he held it there to give her time to adjust to her first taste of manhood.  Then he pulled almost all the way out.

“Behold the blood of the virgin!” she heard him say and remembered how her sex ed class had talked about a girl’s hymen and how some bleeding sometimes happened on a girl’s first time.

Then he got down to business.  Sam wanted to tell him to stop but the pleasure she was feeling coupled with the effects of the booze and drug George had slipped her made her hold back.  She had her first orgasm which was followed by a second and then she felt Max seem to grow inside her as he plunged as deep as he could and held himself there.  Then she felt herself baptized with the first of forty doses of the “Liquid of Life” which she knew had to be filled with Max’s sperm.  It was two weeks since her last period and she knew from how horny she had felt that she must be ovulating.

At last her brother pulled out and she felt both relieved and empty until chants of, “George!  George!” started and she felt another cock sliding into her, helped along by the healthy dose of Max semen already there.  For the next hour she serviced the entire frat house.  As the last member was anointing her the house phone rang and Max answered it.

He was having trouble hearing so he shouted into the phone.

“Sam?  Is that you?”

As the voice on the other end of the phone explained that all flights were cancelled until the next day,  Max watched the well fucked girl on the table nodding her head in answer to his question to the caller.

After hanging up Max went to the altar and slowly lifted the veil revealing a very big smile on a face aglow with satisfaction.

“Oh, god,” he cried, “what have we done?  This isn’t Sam the 18 year old sacrifice! This is Sam my 14 year old sister!”

Around the room there were gasps as 40 frat brothers tried to figure a way to recall all those videos they had posted on the internet over the last hour.

“What are you doing here, sis?” Max asked.  He followed it immediately with, “I’m so sorry!”

Sam just stretched like a seductive kitten and opened her eyes to look at him.

“Why?  I’m not!  Give me a nap and let’s do it again!  Happy New Year!”

And she drifted off into a very contented sleep knowing that this was going to be a very Happy New Year indeed.
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And sis is ready for forty more nights of the same. Grin emot_thdrool
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Love it i was so hard this is perfect i can't compliment it enough is there going to be  a follow up perhaps with some oral and anal
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Awesome story ! Thanks !!
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Great story!  I would love to read more.  I like stories of virgins being taken at significant moments.  This was very different from another I read.  Thank you.

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Great story. Thanks.
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