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Author Topic: Katya (Mb, Mg, anal, oral, cons. rom.)  (Read 9395 times)
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The Journey
By Dudester (Mb, Mg, anal, oral, cons. rom.)

A preteen orphan dreams of escaping the poverty of Russia. A lonely American writer wants to grant her wish, so he enlists the help of his best friend-a fast talking businessman. Will the trio be able to escape Putin's hoods and the puritanical roadblocks between Russia and the US? Read on and find out.

Charles Robinson woke up from a nap and saw the naked fourteen year old boy next to him already semi awake and stroking his dick.

"Hey" Charles said.
"Hey" the teen replied as he pulled back the sheets making his mid section more accessible.

Charles went to work on the stiff penis of the teen boy, bobbing his head up and down while taking the eight inch length of the boy in his mouth. The boy breathed deep and lifted his hips, he was near. Suddenly, the boy's dick began to spasm in Charles' mouth as he shot four spurts. Charles milked the dick to get the last of the cum. The boy then rolled over.

Charles reached over to his nightstand and took a tube of KY Jelly. He greased up his dick, then lined it up with the boy's asshole. Slowly, he entered until the boy had taken his full length. Charles then began to pump as the boy responded by meeting Charles' thrusts with his hips.

As their fucking grew more intense, the boy lifted his hips until they were at a forty five degree with his head. Charles grabbed the boy's hips and pumped him vigorously. Charles felt his cum rising and suddenly he shot his load into the boy.

Charles collapsed, laying next to the boy. The boy rolled over and placed his hard dick next to Charles' mouth. Charles opened his mouth. The boy began thrusting his dick in and out of Charle's mouth. After about twenty minutes, the boy shot his load into Charles' mouth again. Charles eagerly swallowed the whole load, not spilling a drop on the sheets.

Both males lay next to each other. After a moment the boy spoke:"I could do this all day".

"Like we used to on the weekends?" Charles asked.

"I'm gonna miss this after we move."

"Are you all packed?"

"Just about. All that's left is my clothes."

"I'm gonna miss this too", Charles admitted.

"I know I said I was never going to do this", the boy said as he slid next to Charles and hugged him. A quick peck on the lips followed.

"I better stop now" the boy said as he rose from the bed and started to get dressed.

Charles watched the boy, missing him already. Charles wasn't gay, and he hadn't sought out such an arrangement, but had met the boy at a park during a jog nearly eighteen months ago. A friendship started, and months later there was sex after a sweaty wrestling match and a mutual agreement to follow a desire. Although both parties cared about each other, it was more about the sex than anything else. Then, a month ago, the boy found out his father was being transferred cross country and the couple decided to savor what time they had left.

Charles knew the boy wouldn't "out" him or betray him. Charles had been exploring another avenue, and the boy leaving opened the door for Charles to explore.

Charles is a well known writer, and a somewhat known anonomous pedophile on the net. His twenty published books afforded him a comfortable living. His website of lolita stories, written under a nom de plume, were treasured by pedophiles who liked stories with romance. His inspiration for all the stories were because of the lack of love life he experienced. Charles was well traveled, and like Ernest Hemmingway, he had experienced many adventures, however the one thing that had eluded him all his life was marriage.

Charles had experienced long term relationships, but all five of them had come to unexpected ends after the females in his life had suddenly revealed flaws far too large to overcome. In between he had dated many women, but all the women he met seemed to be bent on an agenda of training, controlling, owning, and dominating him. When they had flexed their desires upon him, he quickly ended the relationships. This kind of thing puzzled Charles as he was successful in life and found it puzzling that a woman would need to change him.

Charles was also puzzled by men who did have controlling wives. He guessed that loneliness for the men was scarier than having a woman who controlled their every thought and action. He also marveled at a few men lucky enough to land brides who were only fifty percent of the relationship-equal partners. One such man, David Monaugham, lived down the street and was a close friend of Charles'.

Charles marveled at the charmed life David seemed to lead. Charles never saw David working, yet David led an upper class income life. David's "wife" Linda, was actually a two decades long girlfriend with whom he had raised a daughter. David traveled several times a year-supposedly on business, and he had confessed to Charles of not only banging teen whores in Europe, but of also banging child prostitutes in Bangkok. David also told tales of seeing child sex shows in Thailand, Mexico, and Serbia. These had all been arranged by business associates, which made Charles seriously wonder just what kind of business David was in. So, after careful research on the net, Charles knew who to approach on an idea he had.

After dinner at David's house, Charles was able to get David alone in the garage for a few minutes. Charles told David what he was thinking. David was quiet for a moment, then told Charles thast he would make a few discrete inquiries and would get back to him in a few days.

David was true to his words and three days later he gave Charles a detailed intinerary to follow and a pair of contacts to call once he was overseas. The next day, Charles went to a travel agency.

Katya knew why she was being called from the dorm. The pretty eleven (soon to be twelve ) year old knew from the tone of the voice of the "dorm mother" that another well heeled European or American had come to take nude pictures of her. This was her fourth "modeling assignment" in the past two years. The last "photographer" had actually pounced on her and shoved himself into her. It had hurt and she had bled, but the dorm mother had allowed her to sleep in a warm private room downstairs that night, instead of the cold upstairs dorm, after the attack. Two of the photographers just required blowjobs and the remainder had fingered her, then jacked off onto her-taking pictures of the semen on her face.

Katya checked her face in a mirror, then dashed downstairs where the dorm mother stood with the photographer. Katya noticed he was tall, just at six feet, with a slightly athletic build. He had salt and pepper hair and looked dapper in grey slacks and and a black overcoat open enough to reveal a white dress shirt underneath. Katya forced herself to smile and greeted the dorm mother who struggled through a thick accent to pronounce the photographer's name as Mister Johnson.

"Do you speak English?" the man asked.
"Some" Katya answered.

The dorm mother looked at her watch, and told the man to return Katya no later than eight, and if she's that late, to feed her. The man then led Katya out the door to a car. Katya noted that it was a nice car, nicer than the other photographers had. He drove a short distance, from the orphanage to the only local hotel. When they arrived, two of the locals shot Katya a knowing look as she entered the hotel with the man. For a brief second she worried that hooking at the hotel might be in her future. She forced the idea out of her head as she ascended the stairs to the upper level-where the hotel rooms existed above a restaurant and book store.

When they reached the room, the man picked up a camera. Katya started undressing as he took unposed pictures of her. After she was nude, he only had her strike several poses, none of which had her legs spread wide open. Afterwards, she was surprised that he told her to get dressed. Katya did as he told her, then thought he was just going to return her to the orphanage. He surprised her a third time by taking her to the restaurant downstairs. After they were seated and given menus, he told her to order for them. Katya lit up and ordered the most expensive item on the menu.

Minutes later, a bowl of stewed beef, boiled potatoes, and a loaf of bread were brought to the table. Katya dug in, as this was much better than the food served at the orphanage. She stuffed herself, washing down the food with tea. It was only as she slowed down that a conversation began.

"So, how did you come to be at the orphanage?" he asked.

Katya thought how to answer him in English. "My mother, father" she paused, gesturing with her hand to show they drank, "then", she continued, "my father, he..." She gestured again to show that her father had stabbed her mother. "I come to the home, then."

He leaned across the table and took her hand, gently squeezing it. She was surprised at his gesture and smiled nervously. Frosted cake was brought to the table and the couple slowly ate as they wordlessly flirted with each other.

After dinner, he drove her back to the dorm. After he had stopped, she got ready to jump out, but he stopped her by grabbing one of her hands.He gently reached out with his other hand, touching her under the chin and pulling her forward. He leaned in, kissing her on the lips. Katya nervously smiled, being surprised again by the American.

"Bye" he said.

"Bye" she replied getting out of the car slowly. She closed the door, then looked once more at the man, before she turned and ran back towards the orphanage.

Katya was aswim with emotions. This had been a great short trip from the orphanage. The other trips had been descents into lust, but this had been so different. For the first time, a man had treated her well.She secretly hoped to see him again, but knew the chances of that were remote at best.

The dorm mother was waiting for Katya when she returned. After being asked, Katya gave her a run down on the evening's activities. Since she had already eaten, Katya was sent upstairs to attend to "her studies". Katya ran upstairs and took up station in a window where she dreamed of one day escaping the orphanage.

After dinner, the girls were run through the showers and had some light cleaning before they were allowed to climb into bed. After lights out, Katya's best friend, Viola, climbed into bed with her.

"So, what happened?" Viola whispered.

Katya, again, told the tale of the evening. Katya then took it a step further by talking about the evening as if it had been a date and then telling Viola of a future where they could escape the orphanage.

"It is a nice dream", Viola said.

That night in her dreams, Katya imagined herself in a giant ballroom. She was wearing a large frilly gown. An orchestra played waltz music. Katya was approached by a man, only seeing him from the shoulders on down in the dream. The man asked her to dance, then led her out onto the floor. The man then twirled her about in time to the music. The dancing left her breathless and as the song ended, Katya paused to look up at the face of her dance partner.

Katya stirred awake. It was dark and the half moon shined through the windows of the dorm. Katya felt utterly alone, although the dorm was filled with sleeping girls. Quietly, Katya slipped from her own bed and into Viola's bed. Katya spooned up next to Viola, who moaned for a second, then began to suck her thumb. Katya closed her eyes and drifted back into the bliss of sleep.

Back in the U.S., Charles downloaded the pictures of Katya. The pretty eleven year old had a pixie like face with almond shaped eyes, button nose, and plump full lips. Her face was perfectly framed with a mop top haircut. Her body was like that of a girl her age, with tiny bumps on her chest topped with puffy brown nipples and a hairless mound between her legs. Charles paused on one picture, which had her nude and laying on her side. He looked at the picture for several minutes while he remembered Katya. An idea began to form in his head.

The next day he was at David's house. When he got David alone, he told him what he was thinking. David looked incredibly at Charles. After a moment he said:"You know this is going to cost you a lot of money."

"I'll take out a loan if I have to. My house and car are paid for, so I got collateral up the butt" Charles replied.

"Why don't you just adopt the normal way?"

"I'm single. My closest family member is hundreds of miles away. I have no girlfriend or wife, and my writings can be construed many ways. Besides, if they dig deep enough, they might find out about my recent trip. I didn't have sex with her, but that's not important to prosecutors. Recently, facts pale in importance with the need to burn the pedophile at the stake. How you ever did what you did, I'll never know. I'm too chicken to find out. I do know it costs about twenty grand to get a mail order wife. This has to be about the same, or cheaper."

"I didn't know it cost that much to get a mail order bride" David observed.

"Oh yeah, by the time you trade emails, make overseas phone calls, make a couple of trips overseas, pay a lawyer, go to the feds for paperwork, it adds up."


"With my luck with women, there is something to the old saying 'to get the best fruit, pick it directly from the tree'. I've even thought about being a Mormon, but that might take a long time and I'm not hot on the idea of secret rituals. I've thought about Mexico, but I've seen some things that turn me off to the idea. So, what do you think?"

David was quiet for a moment. "Let me make some phone calls" he said, "then I'll call you."

Two days later, the phone rang at Charles' house. "The publisher you work for", David asked, "they should have a private jet. Do you think they'd let you borrow it?"

"I don't know, but I am definitely going to try."

"Good, because that makes things a lot easier."

Mid morning of the next day, Charles was in New York City. His publisher was surprised to see him. Charles had carefully prepared what he was going to say to her. His books had been good sellers and he had never once asked a favor. He even sweetened the deal by offering to pay for the gas costs and the flight crew. He told the publisher that he was making the trip for research and he wanted to get quickly in and out rather than do the tourist thing. The publisher seemed to either buy the story, or not argue with one of her best authors. However, the publisher wasn't authorized to make such a decision and told Charles she would call him in the next couple of days. Late the next day she called him and told him it was a go and he'd only have to pay half of the gas costs.

Three weeks later, at a small airport in Southern Russia, a twin engine Gulfstream jet set down. David and Charles got out of the jet. They were greeted by the local customs official, who stamped their passport, then saw to it that they were taken to a waiting rental car. Getting in the Mercedes they turned away from the airport and drove for two hours.

Once at the orphanage they met the dorm mother and went into her office where David gave a masterful display of verbal gymnastics. It took less than ten minutes and an envelope filled with money for the dorm mother to grant Charles' wish.

Katya wasn't having a good week. It was her week to help out in the kitchen. Along with five other girls, she had to wash pots and dishes, mop floors, take out garbage, and clean up after the cook. It was the last part that Katya despised the most. The fat woman who cooked at the orphanage seemed to take great joy in making a mess that girls in the orphanage had to clean. To make matters worse, the woman wasn't a good cook and the meals were barely edible.

Katya was scrubbing a pot when the kitchen phone rang. The cook, who was the only one authorized to use the phone, answered it. She listened, fixing her gaze on Katya, then ended the conversation with a couple of "Da's". As she hung up the phone, she told Katya to go upstairs and pack her clothes because she was leaving. Katya couldn't believe her ears. She stopped in mid stroke and stared at the cook.

"Did you hear me? go, go" the cook ordered.

Katya dropped the rag and ran out of the kitchen. She then made record speed as she ran upstairs to the dorm. She was nearly breathless when she reached her bed. Her clothing and personal items were stored in a canvas bag underneath. She pulled up the canvas bag and spotted Viola looking at her from the bathroom. She rushed over where Viola was cleaning in the bathroom.

"I'm leaving" Katya said.

"Are you being adopted?" Viola asked.

"I don't know, I guess so."

The girls looked at each other and a thousand words were said with a look. The girls tearfully hugged each other, squeezing tightly in an expression of love and friendship. Katya was the first to let go.

"I'll love you forever Viola."

"I know, now go."

The girls shared a quick hug, then Katya ran out of the dorm and downstairs. Her heart was going like a triphammer wondering what was about to happen as she opened the dorm mother's door. When she saw the nice man, with another man she was both happy and confused at the same time.

"Katya, you are leaving us today. How do you feel about that?" the dorm mother asked.

Katya tried to smile, but only halfway succeeded. She slowly stepped up to Charles and wrapped her arm around his waist. He embraced her and a full smile appeared. "Forever?" Katya asked.

"Forever" the mother confirmed.

Katya hugged Charles who lifted her up and started walking out of the office with her. David picked up Katya's canvas bag, which had been accidentally dropped. The happy trio walked out of the orphanage and got into the car. Charles sat Katya in the passenger seat before he got in himself. After he had started the car and started down the road, Katya took his right hand. With her limited English she said:"I am very happy to see you."

Charles lifted her tiny hand to his lips and kissed the hand. Katya smiled and blushed at the gesture.

Two and a half hours later, they were back at the airport. As they pulled up to the small terminal building, the same customs official who had stamped their passports counted heads and began to approach the car. In a manner so smooth that it didn't appear planned, David jumped out of the car the second it stopped. Smiling he walked up to the customs officer and shook his hand. The customs official felt something in his hand and glanced down and saw a small wad of hundreds. He quickly pocketed the wad and smiled, acting as if he was greeting the trio as long lost friends. Wasting not a second, the trio went right to the plane, which had been started the second the car pulled up.

Katya had never been on a plane and smiled nervously as Charles belted her in a seat. She felt better when he sat next to her and took her hand. Minutes later the plane was roaring down the runway gathering speed for liftoff. Katya squeezed Charles' hand nervously as she saw the world outside the window speed by with increasing velocity. The moment of liftoff was scarier than anything she had ever experienced. Katya was surprised that the men on the plane seemed to be so calm about the moment. When the plane reached cruising altitude, the men unbuckled their seat belts but a scared Katya remained buckled in.

Five and a half hours later, the Gulfstream set down at a private airport near Birmingham England. Following air traffic controller instructions, the pilots taxied the plane next to a designated hanger. A Police Car with a pair of customs officials waited outside the hanger. As the pilots and the trio of passengers disembarked the plane the customs officials asked for their passports. Silver tongued Dave swung back into motion. He noted that the customs officials on duty weren't the ones on duty when the plane had stopped there before going to Russia. Dave was longtime friends with the other officials. When it came to light that Katya didn't have a passport, Dave talked the officials into calling the off duty officials, who were the supervisors of the on duty officials. The off duty supervisor told the on duty duo to let the off duty officials deal with the problem the next morning. Charles, Katya, and Dave were allowed to leave for their hotel.  

Like the plane, the hotel was a whole new experience for Katya. The first thing she marveled at was the bathroom. For the first time in years, she would have not just privacy in the bathroom, but a whole tub to herself. She started a bubble bath and stripped down, pausing only briefly to consider that Charles was watching her. The happy preteen happily dipped into the tub where she would soak for an hour.

After the bath, Katya discovered the TV. She had a TV in her old home, but it was poor quality, as was the reception and lack of channels. More than three hundred channels was totally new and a playground for her to explore. While she flipped through the channels Room Service was delivered. Charles had burgers delivered. This was also new to her and a taste treat like she had never known. She savored every bite smiling at Charles the whole time.

The next morning, the senior customs officials were waiting for Dave and his friends.

"Bonjourno" Dave called out.
"Welcome back, going home today?" the Supervisor asked.
"Of course, but not without remembering the present I promised you" Dave said as he pulled a pair of tins filled with caviar from his jacket pocket. "Since you're Customs, you'll have to declare these yourself and pay a fee" Dave observed.
"I'll remember to fine myself" the supervisor replied. "I understand there was a passport problem last night" he added.
"Yes, while you see, my friend's daughter stayed the summer with her grandparents and we didn't discover until it was time to leave that she had lost it somewhere.
"How did she get out of Russia?"
"The Inspector there was drunk."

Both men shared a laugh with the joke about the Inspector.When the laughing subsided, the Inspector said, "Well, I've known you for five years and you've always kept your word. I'll give you a pass. Enjoy your trip."

"Thank you my friend. Next time I come through, want anything from the colonies?" Dave asked.
"Still have the same email address?"
"Of course."
"I'll let you know."

Fifteen minutes later, the plane was wheels up and westbound. Nearly eleven hours later, the plane set down at a private airport near Houston. Unlike the overseas airports, no customs officials came to the plane. Charles and Katya said their goodbyes to Dave before getting in Charles' car.

Half an hour later, Katya saw her new home for the first time. Charles owned a sprawling one story spacious home that resembled a castle from the outside. The couple carried their luggage inside, but Charles had them leave the luggage next to the front door. Charles then gave Katya a tour of the house. Predictably, the tour came to lengthy pause in the game room.

Charles had outfitted a thirty by thirty foot room with all manner of games including a pool table and an air hockey game. Katya marveled at the games and had to spend time with each one. An older Pac Man game did frustrate her, but that was soon forgotten as she moved on to other things. Finally, Katya was shown her room.

It had been a gamble, but Charles had prepared a room for Katya, or similarly aged girl. A four poster bed in the middle of the room dominated the room. A full length mirror next to an antique dresser caught Katya's eye, but it was only momentary. Charles opened the closet door and stunned her with a closet filled with clothing. Actually Charles had bought half of the clothing at a thrift store, but that didn't matter to Katya as she dove into the clothes, marveling at each and every item on a hanger.

Charles returned to the foyer to get the luggage. He took the luggage to his room where he unpacked and quickly noted details from the trip in a journal, which he would work into his computer later as reference material for his writing. As he was finishing up, a gleaming Katya appeared in his doorway modeling a dress from her closet.

"Thank you" she said.
"You are welcome" he replied.

Katya ran up and hugged him. He hugged her back and kissed her on the forehead. Katya ran back to her room to marvel some more in her new paradise.

That night, Katya and Charles turned in in their respective rooms. Charles was going to give her some time to adjust to her new environment. He didn't want to make it appear that he had brought her to a new place for only one thing. However, as nature will, things took an unexpected turn that night.

Katya was drifting off to sleep when she heard the distant rumble. Late summer is a time of thunderstorms in Southeast Texas. The storm was ten miles away when she first heard it, but it was moving rapidly in the direction of the house. Only five miles away, it made a noise too scary for her to handle on her own. She jumped up and ran to Charles' room where she climbed into bed and spooned next to him.

Charles was amused, and delighted, at the fear of the girl. He held her tight and felt her twitch with each thunderclap. After half an hour the storm moved on and he felt her drift off into sleep. It had been a long time since he had slept with a female and this one felt and smelled nice. He felt the suppleness of her body and he became aroused. He briefly considered helping himself, but he denied himself and willed himself to sleep.

In the morning, the couple awoke laying next to each other with her arm on his chest. They smiled at each other and exchanged "Good Mornings", but the urge to pee kept them from getting physical.

That night, Katya only briefly considered sleeping in her own room. The storm had given the perfect reason for her to appear frightened and climb into his bed, but it was a residual fear that made her not want to sleep alone, that and she had become used to sleeping next to others.  She looked at her bed and wondered if he would be mad if she left this wonderful bed and went to his. She summoned her courage and walked down the hall.

He had heard the soft sound of her feet pit patting on the hardwood floor of the hallway, so he was looking at his doorway when she appeared. He could tell from the lonely look on her face that she didn't want to be alone. He lifted the sheets, which caused her to smile as she advanced on his bed and climbed in.

They cuddled next to each other. He gave her a paternal kiss on the forehead. She gave him an experimental kiss on the lips. That kiss led to more as they began caressing each other. He was caressing her back and she sensed what he wanted. She stopped kissing him to pull her nightshirt off. Tossing it to the floor, she resumed kissing him. He pulled her to him and began caressing her as the kissing became more intense.

Katya began feeling a tenseness in her abdomen that she had not felt before. Her clit was against his hip and she began rubbing herself against him. She felt his hands on her ass, squeezing and pulling her into him. Her thigh rubbed up against his stiff dick. Suddenly, Katya realized where this was going and she remembered the pain from being penetrated. She decided to turn things away from a painful exercise. She broke from the kisses and slid her face down his body.

Placing her fingers in the waistband of his underwear, she slid the shorts down to reveal his stiffie. She opened her mouth and took his member in his mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down while working his dick with her tongue.

Charles was on cloud nine. He had dreamt of having an underage girl, and had gone to strip joints looking for 16-17 year olds that had somehow found their way in, but he had been luckless in that. Now he had a preteen expertly working his dick. It was driving him over the edge and he came forcefully in her mouth.

She took his load, then paused as he had the post cum shivers. When she knew he was done, she replaced the waistband she had pulled down. She then spooned into him and pulled his arms tightly to her. In minutes, she heard the deep breaths of sleep and she drifted off herself.

The next morning, Charles got a surprise call from Dave. Dave told him to meet a friend to help with his new situation. Charles hung up the phone and wondered what he was getting into.

Charles was nervous and he couldn't help but wonder if this was some kind of Police sting as he arrived at the restaurant. He checked in with the hostess at the upscale steak house. The person he was meeting hadn't arrived yet. The hostess seated him at a table and took his drink order before disappearing. Charles started thinking about what he would say. As a writer, he imagined several scenarios and he thought of the dialogue that might take place. He decided on several key phrases he would say that weren't incriminating in case this was some kind of set up. Finally, after what seemed an eternity his lunch partner showed up.

"Hi, I'm John McIntosh" a rotund balding man said as he extended his hand.

Charles shook his hand before John was seated by the hostess. After the hostess had taken John's drink order and went out of earshot, John reached into a briefcase he was carrying and said:"Dave is an old friend of mine. We've served together for decades in the same civic organization. He told me about your unique situation and I have something that might help."

Handing Charles two large envelopes he continued:"One is a birth certificate. The only thing forged on it is the doctor's signature, the rest of it will stand up to inspection. Don't ask me where I got it. The other is a transcript that shows she is home schooled. I know you're a writer and you stay home, so, at the very least, this will get her into a home schooled program. If you do her home schooling, you will need to apply and I've included an application. If you know someone that does home schooling, that's even better. If you don't, I think I can help."

Charles thought for a second, "No, I know someone". Charles paused a second. "I didn't expect this. I don't what to say, except, thanks. Thank you very much."

"It's alright" John replied, "my wife is a Phillipino. I got lucky with her. The process to get her legal was a pain I won't even go into. So, I know just how hard your situation would be, that's why I'm glad to help."

"Thanks again."

"You don't mind if I order the porterhouse?"

"Order anything you like."

Charles was more than happy to pick up the tab. Getting paperwork for Katya had been on his agenda and this meeting had not only sped up things, but made things a lot easier. John had solidified an idea he had been mulling over which he would try to resolve tomorrow. For now, he just wanted to rush home and show Katya the paperwork.  

When Charles got home he called out to Katya. Hearing no response, he grew a little worried. He began a search of the house. The house, although one story, was sprawling with a center portion, east and west wings, and an addition. Eventually he found her in the addition, which was an indoor pool-jacuzzi-sauna.

Katya was blissfully swimming in the pool. She did see him once he stepped out on the deck and smiled at him. He thought for a second and decided to recover the spontaniety of childhood. He stripped down and jumped in the pool. Katya squealed in delight and playfully retreated. Charles went after her and the couple played in the pool, with each groping certain body parts, but also splashing each other. Finally, he pinned her to the wall of the pool and kissed her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him and passionately returned his kisses. The couple began caressing each other. He untied her bikini top and placed it on the pool deck. Minutes later, she helped him tug her bikini bottoms off. With both of them now naked, she rubbed her body against his.

Katya was feeling nervous about what was about to happen. She could feel his rock hard dick poking her mid section and she knew he was about to penetrate her. Her last time had been so painful, but she had grown to care deeply about Charles. She was willing to try again, hoping that it wouldn't hurt as much.

She reached and took his tool in her hand. She guided him to her. He pushed into her. Because she was small and and he was large, getting him in her was a problem, but after several tries he got the head in. Katya gasped, more surprised by the pressure than anything else. There wasn't any pain, so Katya used her legs to pull him more into her. Finally, when he had half of his dick in her, she felt a little pain.

"Wait, slow" she said as she positioned herself so he couldn't go any further.

She began rocking back and forth, feeling a growing pleasure she hadn't known before. He picked up on her rhythym. In minutes, they were grunting in unison as they passionately made love in the pool. She felt him quicken his pace, then felt him stiffen as his dick pulsed in her. She held him tight, then felt him relax as his dick lost stiffness and popped out of her. She gave him a long passionate kiss, then started climbing out of the pool.

He climbed out of the pool behind her. She stood there smiling at him. He picked her up in his arms, eliciting a small squeal from her. He carried her off to bed, where they made love deep into the night.

In the morning, the couple developed a new routine with Katya playing in and near the house while Charles busied himself in his study, writing and checking his investments. When the mid day mail arrived, the bill came from his publisher and he was able to place a final tally on the trip, which came in at just under fifteen thousand.

Although the couple shared time together for meals, there was plenty of things for each to do that kept them apart during the day. So caught up was Katya in exploring the house and other activities that she didn't notice Charles emptying out the garage. It was a little after seven that it happened.

Katya was in the library when she heard the loud musical noise. Dropping the book in her hands she ran towards the source of the noise. When she reached the garage, what she saw amazed her. Charles was seated behind a drum set playing, while four other adults played either guitar or keyboards. Katya didn't recognize the song, but would find out later that the musicians were a RUSH tribute band.

After the first song ended, Charles introduced his new "daughter". There was a ten minute break while each musician took time to talk to Katya, then the music resumed.

Two hours later, the music finally ended for the night. As the musicians said goodbye, a sleepy Katya went inside for the night. Charles corraled the keyboardist, and had her come into his study. Kristen, a fellow band member for the past two years, had invited him to several of her family events, so he hoped she would be open to what he was about to ask.

He started off by telling her he had seen Katya on a trip to Russia, had taken her picture and he had learned she was in an orphanage.After becoming obsessed with her, he enlisted the help of his friend Dave, who helped him smuggle the girl out.

Kristen was amazed at his tale. His candidness left her open to the question he asked her, asking her to add Katya to her home schooling group. The dancing of her eyes told Charles that  Kristen looked forward to the challenge of teaching a foreign student. Charles gave her the application that John McIntosh had given him. Charles then walked Kristen out to her car.

Charles went to his bedroom where he found a naked Katya on top of the bed making playful eyes at him. He climbed in the bed and kissed her.

"Katya" he asked, "how we make love, get naked, you must never tell anyone."

"I understand" she answered.

"You do?" he asked.

"I go back to the home, yes? Back to Russia?"


"I know. In home we never tell about men, or they take us to Moskva. Moskva very bad."

"I'm sorry."

"Is o.k., I love you. Do you love me?"

He kissed her. "Yes, I love you very much."

They kissed for several minutes and her hands were roaming around his body. Charles finally stopped her. He told her she was going to school, starting in the morning, telling her about Kristen and her home school group, adding that she would be studying with Kristen's two daughters and a boy related to one of the guitarists.

"Tonight I am girl, tomorrow I am stu-dent?" she asked, struggling with the last word.

"Yes" he answered.

"Then kiss me like girl."

She smiled as he pulled her to him and kissed her. In a minute his clothes were off as the couple made passionate love for the next hour.


For thousands of years men married girls aged twelve to fifteen. This was necessary because child birth is traumatic to the body and young teens bounce back quickly from traumatic injuries. It was the explosion of child pornography in the late 1970's that caused a change in the culture. Child advocates suddenly appeared, causing a sea change in laws. Almost overnight, the admirer of young flesh became the boogeyman.

Lately men have been punished for doing what they have been doing for thousands of years. Overlooked in all of this is not only nature, but also the true feelings of the girls for whom these laws were created. What started me thinking this was an interview I saw in the paper in 2001. A local high school had been the National Champion of the Academic Decathlon for two years running. Naturally, the five girls on the team finished at the top of their graduating class. In the interview, four of the five girls on the team said they weren't looking forward to working for the next thirty to forty years.

Yes, the feminist revolution is rejected by some females, and not just those who drop out of school and live in trailer parks, but also those from upper middle class homes with bright futures. It is because of this, and a belief in young passionate females that I write these kinds of stories. When I was in High School, I found out that I wasn't just competing with other High School guys for female attention, I was also competing with affluent grown males who were marrying underage girls left and right. I saw girls as young as twelve marry grown men.

A history teacher once told me that the pendulum swings back and forth on cultural changes. A conservative society evolves into a liberal society, then eventually back to a conservative society. In the 1970's children were considered property in some jurisdictions. The outlawing of child pornography, and the Traci Lords pornography scandal in 1985 caused a passage of laws that not only protected, but empowered children. Children deserve protection, but they also deserve the chance to follow their hearts and feelings. The puritanical zeal to punish "offenders" who hurt children, has also punished parents who have taken innocent pictures of their children in the bathtub. These parents have been seperated from their children and labeled sex offenders. Some parents have been forced to live in other countries to avoid prosecution. The zeal to protect children has become an out of control crusade that sometimes tramples on the innocent. Thank God the First Amendment still exists.

There are great many Lolita stories out there, but the majority of them are poorly constructed. A child doesn't understand discretion and this is why child molesters get caught and many Lolita stories fall on their face. In order to construct the perfect Lolita story, first you have to seperate the girl, emotionally and physically, from her family and friends. If you don't, the girl will tell someone about her romance, then the jig is up for the guy. Second, you have to make the girl and man emotionally dependent on each other. It helps if you can create a situation where the girl and man have a situation where they can grow their relationship away from the prying eyes of those who would call the cops, or social services, to check out the May/December romance. Lastly, you must develop an escape hatch for both parts of the relationship, in case one or the other decides to move on.

I hope that you enjoyed this story. If you have, I have an entire library of stories at that you can peruse. Please support the First Amendment, and vote responsibly-or we can kiss the right to read and write such stories goodbye.  

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an beautiful love story with drama, can't go wrong with that.
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