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Title: Ariana's grande at the club (M+Trans-F)
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I haven't had a new story in a while. Sorry. I hope you guys enjoy this story. It got me hot writing it!

-Ash  :emot_kiss:
Title: Re: Ariana's grande at the club (M+Trans-F)
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It was a hot night in the middle of a Miami Florida summer, but it was hotter still in the club. The music was loud and the energy was high as people danced to the Latin beats blasted by the DJ.

Marco was a frequent clubber looking for another hot Latina to dance with. He was taller than most, which made it easy to scan the dance floor for potential ladies. He liked all types of girls and all types of shapes, but usually it was the other tall girls that would catch his eye above the heads in the crowd, and tonight was no different. It didn’t take long for his eyes to catch a beautiful girl on the other end of the dance floor.

She was taller than most other girls there. He could see that she was dancing with her girlfriends in a small circle, lost in the music, as she danced to the beats. Marco could see that she had long straight hair, bright red glossy lipstick with bright white teeth that was glowing in the darkness of the club like diamonds. She had a slender, chiseled face with sharp cheeks and chin—dramatic features that complimented her full lips. Her large eyes were accentuated by lash extensions and glitter. She was glowing on the dance floor.

Marco began to work his way across the dance floor to get a better look at her. As he danced his way closer, he would catch a glimpse of her through the crowd.

She was a tall Latina—at least 5’10—and with her four inch heals, she was towering over the other girls, and even many guys. She wore bright red shoes that matched her lips and a black string-top minidress that barely covered her ass and hugged her small waist. The dress really showed off her long toned tanned legs.

As he inched closer, she caught him staring a few times, and for an instant, their eyes made contact just enough that Marco knew she saw him. She looked again indiscreetly, as she continued to dance to the music, curving her hips and ass to the beats. When she confirmed the second time that he was eyeing her, she couldn’t help but smirk, which she tried to hide, playing it cool, knowing he was walking towards her.

Getting closer he could see her silhouette. She was toned and lean. She had long muscular legs and round calves like that of a runner that terminated in a plump bubble butt. Her dress exposed her midriff, which showed her small waist and toned stomach that was glistening like the rest of her skin with the dew of perspiration from the heat of the club and from her gyrations on the dance floor. There was a long toned line running down her stomach to her navel, which was pierced with a string of jewels that tossed about as she danced. Moving up her body, her breasts were as firm at the rest of her, round and high on her petite chest. They weren’t moving about, and by the look of her erect nipples protruding through the thin material of her dress, Marco reasoned that they were fake, yet they looked amazing glistening from her perspiration. They weren’t large, but they complemented her frame well.

As Marco got closer, she continued to glance his way, making sure he was still advancing to her. She made a small gesture with her head to her friends, clearly indicating she had an admirer approaching. Playing coy, they made an attempt to look slyly in his direct then smiled back in her direction, clearly in approval and excitement for her. As he advanced, she turned her body away from him slightly. She completely turned her back to him as he approached her. She slightly looked over her shoulder as he moved closer, making eye contact with him and smiled seductively, reassuring him that his approach was wanted before turning away just as he reached her.

She could feel his presence behind her as she danced, even though he hadn’t touched her. Her friends were grinning in front of her, as she moved about to the music. Marco inched forward as he danced, and then it happened. Their bodies began to grace each other as they danced. She couldn’t help but smile. He moved forward, and she felt his body make contact with her ass. She reinforced his advancements by moving her hips back more. Now her ass and thighs were making contact with his hips and thighs. He moved forward, and she met his movements by fully pressing her ass into his hips. She could feel his muscular chest against her bare upper back. She reached back and steadied herself against his thighs, as he reached his hands around her toned waist. Their hot bodies began to grind against each other, him pulling her into his body. She worked her body against his, twerking her bubble butt against the groin of his pants to the music. He moved his hands down to her hips and guided her movements in circles.

She could feel his cock between the material of her dress and his pants. It was clearly growing with each movement of her cheeks rubbing against the head and shaft of his cock. It began to grow down his pant leg, getting trapped in the material, which only made it more obvious like a lump on his thigh and easier for her to push her bouncing ass against. The protrusion kept catching the edge of her dress, and it would occasionally slip under her dress and rub for a moment on her bare ass before she would tug her dress back down. It didn’t help that his hands would occasionally move from her hips to her thighs, tracing up her thighs to the bottom of her minidress. As he was getting worked up, his hands would linger closer to her inner thighs, but she would reposition them to her hips. This continued a few more times before Marco moved in a way that allowed his cock to flip up in his pants.

Her friends were grinning uncontrollably watching their friend grind against this tall handsome dark stranger. She was arching her back and reaching over her shoulders to her new partner, who’s face was pressed to the side of her head. Marco was taking in her scent, a mix of her sweet perfume, her herbal hair products and her musky pheromones. She could almost feel his lips on her small neck; she could feel the lust in his breath. She smiled and smirked as they danced, enjoying her new dancing partner. She laughed occasionally back at her friends as they all moved to the beats.

She could easily feel his swollen cock now. It was taught and rock hard, sitting erect in his pants. As she pressed back, the shaft pressed against her cheeks. She would lean slightly forward, and as her ass spread, his shaft would go between her cheeks until it hit her thong, sometimes pushing the small material  agains her puckered asshole. She would arch back up, squeezing his cock with her booty before grinding up his shaft to the tip of his cock, twerking on the tip. She repeated the process like a stripper on a pole, grinding against his rod.

The lust was clearly building in Marco, and she could feel it. His mouth was dying to make contact with her soft slender neck, but before he could she spun around and met him face to face. Her eyes were looking down at his chest, shy at first, but she slowly raised her eyes and looked into his. She smiled when she saw the look of satisfaction he had on his face with the sight he saw, as his eyes fully absorbed her beauty. She worked her hips closer to his and slid her thigh between his legs, pressing her toned leg to his cock. He rolled his eyes with pleasure, which made her giggle, but she immediately put back on a serious face, biting her lip to control her enjoyment. He pulled her waist closer, pressing her plump breasts into his muscular chest, and they continued to dance.

His cheeks was now against hers, his mouth just an inch from her perspiring neck. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. Then suddenly she felt his lips make contact with her neck, sending a chill down her body, as the tender flesh met his muscular lips. Her hands were resting on his muscular shoulders, and she squeezed them uncontrollably, bracing herself as the wave of sensation shocked her. His cheek slid across hers, inching his mouth to her mouth. The anticipation was overwhelming as his lips approached hers. And then they made contact, sending another jolt through their bodies, as their hot perspiring lips slid against each others. Their lips entwined in an embrace, as they continued to grind against each other on the dance floor. She then felt his mouth part, and she opened hers, meeting their tongues together, sliding the wet flesh between their lips, rolling them in their mouths. The lust was uncontrollable. 

She moved her hand from his shoulder and down his chest then past his stomach and between their bodies. She reached between their pelvises and found his cock. She wrapped her petite hand around his hard shaft and gentle stroked his cock, as they continued to make out on the dance floor. She moved the grip of her hand from his other shoulder down his arm to his wrist and pressed it down, moving his hand from her lower back to her ass.

Her friend blurted out, “Oh yea baby, she is such a slut,” as they laughed.

She released her lock with his lips. “Shut up bitches,” she said back over her shoulder. “Don’t be jealous,” slightly laughing at the same time. She smacked her pouty lips. She leaned into Marco’s ear and whispered over the music and noise of the club, “Mmmm that feels good papi. You like it?” She squeezed his hand on her ass, making him squeeze her ass in the process. She stroked his cock some more. “I think you do,” she said, while giggling in his ear. She bit his ear then sucked on the end, sending a chill down his body. Her lips and tongue felt so good, building his lust and anticipation. “Wanna go outside for a little bit papi?” He nodded with excitement, and the two immediately left the dance floor, Marco adjusting himself as they walked off with one hand while she led him with the other.
Title: Re: Ariana's grande at the club (M+Trans-F)
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They worked their way through the dance club, through the mob of clubbers. When they exited the dance club, the warm breeze of the summer night kissed the perspiration off their skin, send brief moments of coolness to relieve their hot bodies.

“Which one is yours papi,” she asked, as she quickly led them to the large dark parking lot. Her ass was jiggling with each long step she took, and her hips raised and fell in a figure eight as she walked in her tall heals. She looked even better outside the club in the moonlight.

“It’s that black Mercedes there,” Marco said as he pointed, causing her to alter her trajectory. “My name is Marco. What’s your name baby,” he asked as they hurried to his car.

“Ariana papi. Friends call me Ari…” she replied, as they reached the car. “…but you can call me whatever the fuck you want,” she said, as she turned to him and lustfully locked lips with his. She slid her tongue down his mouth, willing his out then she took it in her mouth, wrapping her lips around his tongue and eagerly sucking on it. As they made out, pressing their bodies to each other, Marco fumbled to open the rear door of his car.

She pressed against his body, pinning him against the rear quarter panel of his car. Her thigh slid between his legs to the base of his cock. She pressed it into his swollen aching balls then up his shaft. He wasn’t as hard as before at first, but his cock was quickly growing in his pants. She pulled his hands down to her ass, as they continued to make out, and he squeezed her thick swollen muscular ass, kneading it in his hands. Her miniskirt began to slide up except this time Ariana didn’t pull it back down. As the tight stretchy garment moved up to the top of her thighs then to the middle of her ass, his fingers got to press into the naked cup of her ass. Just then the stretched dress crested the edge of her bubble butt and was released, recoiling up to her waist, exposing the naked flesh of her ass to the night air. Marco squeezed her cheeks harder, making Ariana moan with satisfaction, as he spread them wide, pulling her to him.

She moved her hand between their bodies, moving her thigh away from his crotch. She clasped her hand around his shaft and lustfully squeezed it tight just as he was squeezing her. With haste, she pulled at his belt and button, releasing them both then pulled down the zipper of his pants. She reached into his pants, quickly finding the folds of his boxers, where her slender hand slid through and clasped his hot swollen cock. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, as she stroked Marco’s large uncut cock through his boxers. She worked the cock through the hole of his boxers, worked the material to the base of his cock, so the full glory of his meat would be free in the open air, all the while, she was deeply kissing her partner.

He could feel her lust building through her kisses. Her anticipation seemed to be overwhelming. Her mouth was getting hot, and she was eagerly swallowing and sucking on Marcho’s tongue more than kissing his lips, as if she needed to suck something. Marco knew what she wanted; he knew what she was eager for. Marco moved his hands to Ariana’s hips and pressed down, signaling her to do what she was craving to do—suck his cock.

She took the gesture and quickly dropped to a squat. She engulfed Marco’s cock in her hot wet mouth, sliding his cock deep down her throat. “Ohh shitt,” Marco blurted out, as the sensation overwhelmed him. “Oh fuck yea.” He couldn’t believe her oral skills. She was swallowing his large shaft with ease, deep-throating the whole cock in her mouth. She slid it back out and rolled her tongue around the tip, then slid it in her mouth and sucked hard as she pulled it back then she dumped her head on it again, deep-throating his cock again. “Oh my god. You are amazing,” he moaned through heavy breathing, as she eagerly worked his cock in her mouth.

She was moaning too, clearly engulfed in his cock. The salty musky taste made her mouth water. She could taste his sweet precum oozing from the tip, and she was lustfully swallowing it all. As she pumped his hard cock down her throat, Marco guided her head back and forth, fucking her face as he gently slid his cock in and out from the depths of her mouth, sliding his cock across her pouty red lips and her hot tongue.

Ariana could feel his balls building pressure, as she gripped and pulled on them with her fingers. His cock was stiffening, nearing a climax. “I’m getting close,” he warned, but Ariana just slightly nodded while muttering “uh huh” under a mouth full of cock; there was no way she was going to stop. When he heard that he could barely contain himself, and he lost all control. Marco began to grunt as he unloaded his cock in Ariana’s mouth. The second she felt his mouth begin to spasm Ariana buried his cock down her throat, face fucking his cock enthusiastically, so it could be a hole for his cum to drain. “Oh fuckkkk yeaaaa,” he moaned as he shot a huge load down her mouth. His cock spasmed and jolted in her mouth, unloading his creamy sweet cum down her throat and all over her mouth. She lustfully swallowed his load, continuing to suck his cock while he orgasmed.

As his orgasm subsided, Ariana slid his cock out of her mouth, letting it hang in front of her in the grip of her hand. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as she swallowed the remaining cum from the crevices of her mouth. “Oh my god, I needed that,” she said giggling, as if she was the one that just came, as if her craving was satisfied. “Your cock is amazing papi. Did I do good,” she asked with doe eyes?

“Oh yea,” he replied. “That was amazing. You have some real skills little mama.”

Ariana was still staring at his cock in her squat. She couldn’t help herself and licked some residue of cum from the tip and shaft. She slid his sensitive cock into her mouth again and gently sucked off the remaining cum. “Yum,” she said giggling, somewhat euphoric, but still obviously craving more. She stood up from her crouch and pressed herself to his body, reaching her lips to his for a hot kiss.

As they locked in a kiss again, he could feel the lust was still high, as she sucked on his lips and entwined her tongue with his. He cupped the small of her back in his hands and pulled her to him. His slick cock was no longer hard, but it was pressing against Ariana’s bare leg. That sensation of her warm silky bare skin and the eagerness of her kiss was quickly working him back up. As his cock grew, she slid her inner thigh against his shaft, trapping it between her soft flesh and his pelvis. Soon he was gently humping the flesh of her thigh, and once again, she guided his hands to her bare ass. He squeezed the hot flesh, kneading her muscular and squishy tissue in his strong fingers. His breath was getting hotter like before, building with anticipation. Marco’s cock was rock hard again, but it ached this time from having just orgasmed minutes before. Marco was inching his fingers nearer her thong with each squeeze and rub of her ass, but then he felt her grab his hands, stopping him before he could reach the warmth between her cheeks.

She pulled her lips from his mouth, and she leaned to his ear. “I’m on my period papi. Fuck me in my ass, ok?” She sounded like she was dying for his cock, begging him to say yes.

Marco could hardly believe this girl. She was smoking hot, super horny and all over him, and now she was begging him to fuck her up the ass because she still wanted even on her period, in the parking lot no less. He nodded then felt her hand slide along the back of his hand, aligning to his digit for digit. She moved his hand slowly to the top of her crack to her thong. He could feel her pulling her thong to the side with her other hand. As if his movements were needing to be precise, she guided his fingers between her cheeks, down her crack until it found her puckered sphincter.

It was on fire! He couldn’t believe it! Marco was utterly shocked because it was burning on fire like she had a fever, and it was moist too. Marco’s hands were familiar with horny hot pussies, and he fucked some assholes before, but he had never felt an asshole on fire, almost like a pussy would be. The thought of her having an aching asshole, just dying to be penetrated, immediately aroused his cock and curiosity more. He gently massaged the nectar that was collecting from her burning sphincter, smearing the moister back into the flesh. Ariana began to moan with pleasure and instinctively bit her lip. Marco kept circling the opening of her asshole, willing the tissue to ease its grip. As it relaxed against his finger, Ariana pressed his finger against it firmer, guiding him to probe deeper. She could feel his fingers attempting to stray from her asshole. Marco couldn’t help himself. If her asshole was this hot, how hot would her pussy be, he wondered, but she kept his fingers at bay, and he respected her boundaries.

He willfully allowed her to guide his fingers, and as she pressed him into her, he could feel her hole opening to his finger. He slid his finger past the opening of her sphincter, in her hole, down the anal muscles. It tightened around his finger, and she gasped and tensed her body from the sensation, but it was from pleasure and not pain. “Mmmm yea papi,” she moaned. She pressed on his strong hand more with her petite fingers, willing him to probe her further. He repositioned his hand and pressed his finger in further, finding more heat as he penetrated her more.. It slid along her flesh and hit her inner sphincter. “Oh mmmm,” she winced, as her sphincter clenched at the intruding probe. The grip on his finger was tight, as her muscles spasmed against his digit, quivering about, which only aroused the anticipation in his cock. She pushed her ass back against his hand, and he met her pressure, which caused his finger to slide all the way in her asshole. “Awww yea papi,” she moaned, as if in relief.

He could feel her sphincters quivering around his digit, and he could feel the burning hot flesh in her rectum, just aching for his cock. She held his hand tight in position with her hand and began pressing her ass back and forth in the air, sliding his finger back and forth slowly. It didn’t take long for him to notice that her sphincters were easing their tight grip on his finger. Ariana paused for a second, and he felt her guide another finger to her hole. She tensed back and pressed his finger forward. Marco matched her directions, and he slid his second finger into her asshole. “Oh my fucking god,” she moaned much louder, as if momentarily overwhelmed by the well of sensation that washed over her. She pressed back, sliding his fingers all the way in. “Oh shit yea papi. All the way. Stretch that ass pussy.”

Marco took that as direction and began to slide his fingers back and forth. Ariana arched her head back then leaned in and kissed him hard, sucking on his tongue and lip. Marco could hardly believe the moisture and heat from her ass; her asshole wasn’t salivating juices like a pussy, but his fingers were coated with hot slippery mucous. His slick fingers glided easily in and out of her hole, along the length of her widening sphincters that were opening themselves to his touch. To his surprise, Ariana released her guiding hand from the back of his fingers, as he continued to stroke her hole. She pushed his free hand to her ass for him to squeeze, as she then reached for his throbbing cock. He continued to finger fuck her asshole, squirming his fingers in her hole, sending waves of pleasure over her body.

She was moaning under her kisses, almost unable to contain herself. “Mmmm papi, I need it papi. I need it now,” she begged between kisses. That only encouraged him further, and he stiffened his fingers then began pounding her hole. She arched her head, moaning, as he shook her whole body, “Awwwww yeeaaaa.” Her ass was gyrating, as his fingers pressed deeper into her hot hole, pounding her insides. “Awwww! Ohhh myy goddd! Now, papi, I need it now!”
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She immediately pulled him out of her and dropped to her knees. She swallowed his cock, eagerly lathering his cock with her wet mouth. Seconds later she stood and turned around. She stepped back, straddling his legs, as he leaned against the sedan. She grabbed his huge slick hard cock and aimed it at her butt cheeks. Marco couldn’t believe he was about to fuck this amazing girl with this amazing ass in the parking lot where they could be seen, but fuck it he thought. She pulled her thong to the side and stepped back, pressing the head of his cock against her bubble butt, which easily slipped between her cheeks. She guided the head down her cheeks to her hot eagerly-waiting sphincter. Ariana was about to burst with anticipation, so when the soft head of his swollen cock hit the perimeter of her sphincter, she didn’t hold back. She pressed her ass back and sat down on his cock. It buckled for a second, as her sphincter spasmed for a moment, but then it slipped deep past her sphincter walls. They both moaned in unison, as his cock slid deep in her ass.

“Ohhh fucck,” she said aloud, as she pressed back, feeling each inch of his large cock slide in her ass. Her cheeks made contact with his hips, as the full eight inches of his cock filled her burning hot rectum with his meat. She laughed at the joy, “Oh shit, aw fuck yea papi. Your cock is fucking huge!” She leaned her back against his chest, arching her lower back in the process. She began moving back and forth along his shaft, and he tensed himself to match her motion. She stroked his cock slowly at first, acclimatizing to his size. “Oh papi,” she moaned. “Your cock feels like heaven.” It was clear she was getting warmed up to his size and her pace was quickening. She was working her hips back and forth now, circling them over his cock, grinding her ass in his pelvis. “Feels good papi?”

“Oh yea baby,” he replied. “Keep working that ass,” he said encouragingly. Her sphincter was so tight, like a ring going up and down his shaft, and the hot silky folds inside her body was burning the head of his cock as he pressed himself inside her. His hands were guiding her hips back and forth, but he moved them to her bare legs and soft inner thighs. She kept his hands from going between her legs like before, but he was eager to feel her pussy, and at minimum, to rub her clit while she rode his cock. She pulled his hands away to her ass like before. He pushed her forward, leaning her down, as he began to control the thrusts more. He pulled himself off the car and spun both of them around. She braced herself on the car, and he began to thrust back and forth. He gathered her long black hair and pulled it up to him. She arched her back, as he pulled her up, leaning in to meet her for a kiss, and they locked lips, sliding their tongues in and out of their mouths, as he continued to fuck her from behind.

He increased his tempo and she moaned from under their kisses then broke from his mouth to catch her breath. “Ohh fuck,” she moaned. She turned back to the car, bracing herself on the car, as he quickened his tempo more. “Oh shit papi, yea!” She occasionally moved her hand from the car to between her legs, Marco figured to rub her clit, but she had to move it back to the car to brace herself again, as she stood high on her unstable heels. She tried to do it again, but his thrusts against her ass was jolting her body, making her ass gyrate about. “Ohhh shit,” she said again, and then Marcos felt something smack against his cock from between Ariana’s legs. She immediately tensed up, and he stopped, as if he had dislodged her tampon. She fixed something between her legs then began thrusting back against him, as if nothing happened, so he continued.

He grabbed her hips and really got into it, pounding her ass, plunging his cock in her hard. “Oh fuck yea papi! Ohhhh shit yea,” she moaned, as her body was jolted from his powerful thrusts. His cock pounding her interior was driving her closer to her orgasm, as well as, the sensation of his pelvis smacking her ass, and it was clear to her partner; he could feel her body getting tense, while at the same time opening to his deeper thrusts. He noticed her trying to move her hand off the car again, like before, but his pace was too intense, and she was too unstable. Just then he felt something smacking into his cock again. She tensed again, and he pulled back, but too far and his cock pulled out of her ass. In the moonlight he could make out what was smacking his shaft between Ariana’s legs—her tiny hard cock and balls!

Marco was in shock like as if his world just flipped realities, as if he just found out he was adopted, or something. His heart was already pounding, but the shock made it pound out of his chest. His shock was quickly replaced by horniness. He thought, in all honesty, he didn’t really care. If anything, he was intrigued. Plus, Ariana was fine as fuck—all woman in his eyes. There was no doubt about that, and a nice ass and a nice asshole was all his cock needed at the moment.

Ariana was horrified and fumbling to cover herself. She looked over her shoulder seeing the look of shock on Marcos face, and that made her eager to run away from the situation, but Marco was having none of that. He stepped forward and pressed her forward. She had to catch herself or fall; she leaned forward and caught herself against the car. She was about to say something when she felt him pull her thong down to her thighs then she felt his cock slide up between her ass, which made her jump in shock. She released her eyes from the clench they were in and relaxed for a moment. She felt his hand steadying her hips, and she felt the head of his cock sliding between her cheeks, pressing around her balls, trying to find her sphincter. She relaxed herself more, realizing he was fine with what he saw, that he still wanted her, that he was still rock hard and searching for her ass pussy. She opened herself more to him, spreading her legs and arching her ass in the air. He found her sphincter and pressed forward, parting the tensed muscles once more. He pressed forward and slid his cock deep in her ass.

“Mmmmm yeaaa papi,” she moaned. “Fuck that tight ass.” She looked over her shoulder at him with awe and lust. She wanted him even more now, but their session was being interrupted; there were people leaving the club, heading in their direction. He moved her over, repositioning her behind the open door more with her hands supported on his seat where she was bent over much more. “Quick, fuck me hard papi,” she begged, and he obliged. He gripped her hips and began pounding her ass hard. The smacks of his hips against her bountiful booty was causing it to shake about, echoing across the parking lot, yet neither of them really cared at that moment. They were engrossed in each other, eagerly working to get each other off. His large cock was filling her hole, pounding on her gspot, willing her to an orgasm. His huge balls were spanking her taint with each thrust, occasionally making contact with her small balls, which were thrashing about in the air, oozing clear cum from her tiny cock.

“Hey! Keep it down over there!”

“Ya! Find a room! Haha,” they heard across the parking lot.
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Marco slowed his pace to see who was yelling and laughing. “Fuck papi,” Ariana frustratingly said. “Don’t stop baby!” She was nearing her orgasm and wanted to cum so bad; he was so close to pounding it out of her too, but he wasn’t digging the attention from the crowd, so he slowed to gentle thrusts. “Marco! Fuck! Papi, come here,” she said frustratingly, as she stood up and stepped away from him, causing his cock to fall from her ass. She spun around and pulled at his hips, pushing him in the large rear seat of his sedan. He tumbled back in the seat. She quickly dropped her panties to her ankles and pulled them off with her heals, throwing them on the floorboards of the car before jumping in the rear and slamming the door. She crawled on top of his hips, straddling him. “Gimmie that big cock papi,” she said, as she reached behind her ass, gripped his cock in her hands and guided it to her eager sphincter. She pressed the swollen head to her loose hole and sat on his cock, filling her hot hole once more. “Mmmmm yea,” she moaned, as she rocked her hips in circles then back and forth, grinding her cheeks on his swollen groin. “Is that good papi?”

“Oh yea baby. Keep going,” he replied, loving the lap dance from his horny lover. As she worked his cock in and out of her asshole, her balls and cock rubbed on Marco’s abs, smearing her clear oozing precum over his chiseled midsection. She leaned forward over him and began to twerk on his cock, clapping her ass together, which smacked his shaft. She leaned in more and found his warm mouth and wet tongue. They locked in an embrace, twirling their tongues about. Marco was matching her rhythmic gyrations with quick thrusts. His efforts were getting to her; he could tell, as her lips tensed against his mouth. She began uncontrollably grinding on his cock, as if her orgasm was about to cum, but surprisingly she stopped mid moan, grunting in frustration at her orgasm that was just out of reach and crawled off of him, his cock once again falling from her rectum.

“Move over papi,” she said, as she gestured him to the back of the seats. “I want it from behind,” she begged, pushing him to his side. She quickly took a position on her side parallel to him, so they were spooning. She repositioned herself, lining her ass up to his hips. She spread her leg in the air, draping it over his. She reached behind her ass and found his rock hard cock pressed to her cheek. She moved it to her sphincter once more, aligning him to her hole. She pressed back and he pressed forward, sliding his cock once more in her ass. She repositioned once more, and they pressed hard into each other, staying locked to each other. The head of his cock pressed firmly to her swollen prostate, sending a small stream of precum oozing from her hard cock. “Ohhh shit yea papi,” she moaned after the impact. “That is the spot!”

He wrapped his arm around her torso, cupping one of her breasts in his hand squeezing it tight. He pulled her tight to him and began torquing his hips into her ass, pressing his hips hard against her plump booty, sliding his cock back and forth while keeping contact, but most importantly, slamming his cock against her gspot with each thrust. He worked her breast free from her top and began teasing her nipple with his fingers. Then he pinched her nipple hard. “Ohhhh fuck yea, like that,” she moaned, clearly enjoying a little pain with her pleasure. “Again papi,” she begged, and he obliged, squeezing her nipple and breasts in his hand, as he probed her ass and pounded her prostate. She turned her head to find his lips and met his mouth with her outstretched tongue. She broke free from his mouth to moan, “Oh shit, you’re going to make me cum! Fuckkkkk don’t stoppp!” Each impact against her prostate shot a wave of pleasure and tension up her tiny cock to the tip, which was on the verge of explosion. Her stiff tiny cock bounced in the air as he fucked her hard; he was pounding her as fast as he could now. And then it happened!

“Fuck I’m cummiinnggg,” she moaned aloud! “Ohhhh shhiiiittt yeaaaa!” Small steams of cum shot from her tiny cock onto the floor of his car, as waves of pleasure passed over her body. Marco maintained his pace; he too was allowing himself to finally release his load. Ariana began squirming about uncontrollably, gyrating on his cock, as her orgasm exploded on her whole body. “Oh yes ohh fuck!” Her pulsating sphincter, spasming from her orgasm, was squeezing on his cock, clenching his swollen tip and shaft with every thrust, driving him to his orgasm, and then he too couldn’t hold out any longer!

“Fuckkk,” he groaned, as he began to cum hard in her ass. His cock spasmed and jolted, as streams of boiling hot cum shot from his cock and filled her hole.

“Oh yes papi! Cum in my ass,” she cheered, loving the sensation of his cock spasming his huge load in her ass. His cock bucked in her ass, as he locked his hips forward, smashing his groin against her smooshed cheeks. “Mmmmm, yea papi,” she giggled, euphoric from her orgasm and efforts. “Oh yea, give me all that hot cum. Haha.”

The two of them were releasing the tension in their bodies and sinking into each other, no longer fucking each other. Well, he was still slightly stroking his cock back and forth as his orgasm subsided, but just ever so slowly in the glow of their orgasms. He paused himself, as she hung herself on him, her ass still pressed to his groin, her leg spread and draped over his leg, her arm reaching over her body, cupping his face to hers, as they kissed, while basking in the wake of their sex. “Mmmm papi, that was good! I needed that,” she said appreciatively.

He laughed back. “Me too,” kissing her again on her lips and cheek. “I had fun. Did you?”

“Oh yea,” she quickly replied. “You can do that to me anytime papi. You and that amazing cock of yours.” He still had his cock in her ass with his pelvis pressed to her ass. She could feel his cock beginning to get soft. “You have something baby? For the mess?”

“Naw, don’t worry girl. The seats are leather.” As he said that, his cock slipped from her ass and a huge stream of cum came gushing from her hole. They both started laughing when they heard it gush out and the feeling of it dripping down their bodies. “Dam girl. That is a lot for the second time. You got me hella swoll.”

Ariana laughed. “Glad you liked it!” She pulled herself up, sitting on his cum. “It is good for the skin, no,” she asked kiddingly, as she rubbed it into her ass like lotion while laughing. She reached forward and found her thong and pulled it up her long legs and back on her ass, tucking her tiny cock back in the small lingerie. She grabbed her shoes then turned around to face him. “I got to go papi! My girlfriends might be worried.” She quickly leaned down and gave him a quick, but deep, kiss. “Call me?”

“Oh yea!” He took her number down. He squeezed her amazing ass once more and kissed her again before letting her dart from his car with her heals in her hands.

As she walked away, swaying her ass seductively, she looked over her should, pausing for a moment. “You better call me,” she said, smiling adorably!

“Oh I will baby,” he said!

He didn’t take long to text her after she left, and later that night, he picked her up from her friend’s house and took her back to his place, where they showered together and enjoyed another session in his bed this time. It was the start of an amazing new relationship!
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Super fucking hot!!   I think I'm going to change my name to Papi!
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I love hot trans stories. Great job