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General Discussion / Re: What did you learn today
« Last post by Sweetums on Today at 05:55:53 AM »
Interesting fact, Obi.  Since it was the 21st hour and I had taken pain meds, I was probably in some altered state between reality and dream land. Thinking of some hot, sexy blonde.... 8)

Was she 21 years old?
Room 1408 / Re: What's the fucking weather?
« Last post by watcher1 on Today at 02:46:54 AM »
12° wind chill at -1° during my run this morning.  Seemed that no matter which direction I ran, I was going straight into the wind.  Think my bone marrow got frost bite.

Watcher is thinking pokies.... :emot_kiss:

Truly believe it was too cold for that.  I think they went inverted.  Like when you guys get cold...

Kidding. They were definitely out this morning, but I couldnt tell you if was because of the cold or because I was so angry with the cold.

Either way, they looked great... 8) 8)   Looks like they will be out for the next few days if the weather people are right in their forecasting.
As always, this story is fiction. Do not pursue relationships with minors, as it will do more harm than any shred of good. The author does not condone any sexual activities between adults and minors, and there is no excuse, reason or evidence that makes it okay to have sex with minors.

                                                                                                                                 Jolly Jack and the Nicole Swarm

   "I'm sorry Jack, but I have to let you go. Too many accidents to justify keeping you here. But you are a good worker, and we will most definitely give you a glowing reference." The manager said to Jack as he stood with the few contents of his locker. The floor manager had handed Jack his last paycheck and wished the man all the best. Jack just smiled dumbly and left. Just a hair shy of noon, Jack had deposited his money. Going to his car some men in ski masks brushed past him to hold up the bank. He just crossed the street to his favorite diner as a fire truck collided with a gas tanker a block away. The greasy spoon shook with the explosion but no one was really phased.

  "Fired again, Jack?" The young waitress spoke up. She was the dark haired angel of the restaurant. Always a kind word, and smile while working to put a roof over her and her daughters heads. The little girl came running up to Jack as he sipped his coffee.

  "Uncle Jack, it was a half day!" She proudly announced to all of the three customers including Jack. The little girl trying to leap into Jacks arms slipped, but Jack had caught her, just as a steak knife fell and planted itself where the girl would have been.

 The girl giggled as Jack patted her head. She cooed as she was the diners mascot and cuter than an entire jar of buttons. Jack's meal was his standard to the point the cook had it halfway done as he watched Jack through the stores window approach in his beat up Gremlin. A small fire on the griddle had almost become a problem, until the cook slapped a cover over it. Police had the would be robbers trapped between the roaring fiery crash and their wall of blue. It was not even considered a battle, just a lot of loud cussing about bad luck.

  A white bus had pulled up to the diner and let out a passenger. A lanky fourteen year old girl with braces and freckles to match dejectedly came into the diner and sat at the table full of books and crayons. She dispassionately pulled out her workbooks and began to study. The waitress brought the moody teen a milkshake and an order of fries.

  "I'm so sorry, Nicole." The waitress said soothingly to her oldest. The problem was known throughout the entire town, and though it was a major blessing, the problem was deeper than the town's vanishing money troubles.

 "I know mom, but they are so weird there." The girl spoke up as you could clearly see the tears form in her eyes.

 "Its almost over just a couple of more months and we can finally move into a real house here, and momma can get a car, and then I will only have to work one job." She tried consoling her daughter.

  It was not even worth keeping a secret. There was an advanced technology firm here that had basically offered a large sum to parents of children who they tested and found to be compatible with their program. The goal was to create near perfect androids that could adapt, and grow like real human children to assist with colonization of the planets we found to be suitable. But what they did in those labs, was the major secret. Jack had already during all of this applied to work at the company, and was hired on as a test coordinator. Basically a glorified assistant. Was he qualified for such a task? Sure, in his life he went through college, and by one odd thing or another could possibly even run a lab, or drive a forklift, or pour stucco, or fix a vehicle. Jack of all trades was his common nickname as he could very well do almost any job he took. His less known nickname, spoken a mile out of his earshot was Apocalypse Jack.

  Nicole had calmed down after eating her food, and noticed Jack, and her mood improved. Jack was her lovable uncle after all. He was the one who took her momma to the hospital to deliver her when her daddy left town with those two tranny hookers. He practically helped raise her. Always with a candy bar and that goofy smile, she knew it was going to be a good day with him around, or at least interesting. It also didn't hurt that he was kind of young and handsome. Those thoughts always sent a shiver through her body, and lightly dampened her panties. She grabbed her books and crashed right next to him. tripping on the chair that her momma was previously occupying.

  "Uncle Jack, I cant solve this for the love of me." she batted her eyelashes at her uncle. He smiled and looked at her work.

 "Oh, it looks hard, but its very simple. Just add the the known number by the answer to get what x is. subtract if its adding, divide if its multiply" He explained as her uniform blouse had opened just enough to show off her budding breasts. A late bloomer for sure he thought. Jack spent the next hour tutoring her in her studies, while she spent the next hour plying all of her womanly charms on him. It was no big secret that she was just absolutely obsessed with Jack. No one paid it any mind as it was not like girls her age crushed hard on guys or girls, given the puberty overload they are going through, but her choice in targets was one that earned her a little sympathy from those adults in her life that could put up with her droning on and on about the oh so wonderful Jack.

  Why sympathy you ask? Not because Jack was a super genius, like the star of that one show who was a complete ass to all those around him, and for some mysterious reason no one clocked him. Not because he was thirty-four, or the lack of general creepiness that older men who hang out with younger girls generate by nature. Jack isn't the one who loves soaking in all the attention. No, Jack was born under every unlucky sign and star humanly possible. There was even a black cat in the delivery room that some how snuck in. He was blissfully oblivious to it, but he was a literal walking disaster. But he is always positive through it all. His parents house burned down, killing everyone but him, because he was at the gas station getting his father a soda while he fixed his car. And his bedroom was completely intact. The truth was his mother was utterly destroyed by all the bad luck that was drowning the house out, and sank into both the pill bottle and liquor bottle, and completely forgotten that the pilot light for the stove was not working and when his father came in, and lit his cigarette, the house exploded, his brother who was in traction in his room, his sisters who were on crutches perished.
  Was Jack sad, yes, but his unshakable spirit told him they were in a better place, as the moving truck loaded the last of his things, as he was shipped off to the first of many foster families. It had gotten so bad, at seventeen, the beleaguered foster care system gave up on trying to match the boy and handed him a three grand check and sent him into the world on his own. Now understand, Jack before his voice deepened already was a high school graduate, top of his class. And before he could even feel the cold bit of the early winter air, word of his abilities and prowess spread to the right people, and at twenty-five he had already had a plethora of masters under his belt. For fun he even became a detective and could easily pass the police academy, but instead chose to help people on the outside. Floating along in life from job to job, by no means was he a loser, just again, universally unlucky.

  But unbeknownst to him, there was the other side of his unlucky coin. Right after bad things happen to him, the best of luck swoops in to balance things out. His first care was trashed by a train full of fresh quarried rocks derailed and crushed his little cavalier. However he came out unscathed, with a large rock almost crushing his foot. He picked it up and it looked odd to him. So he brought it home and cracked it open. Inside was a geode of the purest Amethyst. Worth over twenty grand. That's how he was able to full restore a gremlin. But tomorrow his luck would be pushed to its absolute limits.

  The lab he was hired to work had sent the bus to pick up him and the children that passed the tests. Him and Nicole made small talk with the friends she made during these strange tests. On a Saturday, as not to disrupt the school week, the physical tests were performed. Jack's main job was to set up the testing rooms when needed, as the last guy was fired under suspicious reasons and was not heard from again. Jack was given the standard orientation, his security clearance, which was full access, despite the system only logged him with above standard access. So he was given some time to learn the layout of the whole building, and he made use of the time to learn where he was mostly working, and where the stuff was he needed. Passing a series of rooms, each had an electronic label with the subject number and name. He seen Nicole on the little monitor, and it kind of freaked him out.

  Naked as the day she was born, trying to hid her most private bits there were women doctors probing those bits, and a beep alerted the doctors inside they were being monitored. A stern looking doctor walked up to the pad on the wall and pushed a button with a frown and the feed died. Inside the large phallic shaped resilience testing probe went haywire and began to attempt to rape a doctor. Nicole was laid on a gurney and taken to the first testing room, where Jack was already finishing up preparing after leaving the show. A female doctor grabbed Jack and put him in front of a large wall of monitors that was of every angle of the testing room, as girls were being brought in naked, with only strange wired caps on their heads leading to a box on a belt on their waists.

  "Record all of this, there seems to be some problems going on in the other labs, if things get too bad, press this button and the test will end." The rushed doctor said as she ran out in to the corridor lit up with violently flashing lights as doctors and other personnel were panicking in the confusion. Apparently, things were going wrong in the production facility as machines were attacking workers. The testing rooms were no exception as the repair women were being stripped by machines and raped. The automatic test began and Jack watched as Nicole and her friends were made to avoid walking robots with huge erections, their stress and fear levels were being monitored. It was not long before most of the girls were being taken by the machines, their young pussies stuffed with fake meat. Nicole was one of the last three girls who was avoiding the machines as if her life depended on it. Jack was angry for the first time. This was not normal, nor ethical in the least. His hand hovered over the stop button, and when it became clear that Nicole was going to be the last girl to not be touched, and they were close to catching her, he hit the button. The only machines to stop were the ones chasing Nicole. The other machines continued to fuck the other girls with ruthless abandon. Soon, the other machines fell out when there was no more movement from the girls. Jack could only grab Nicole in his arms and carry her out as people were going absolutely insane in the halls. No one paid him any attention as he carried the girl to the shuttle and gave her his jacket. They promptly left before the worst could happen.

  Before they even returned to town, there was smoke flying from points in the sleepy little town. The highway was littered with cars and people on the ground being savagely raped by robot things that looked like Nicole. Men and women were equal targets by the hoard of sex fiend robots. Jack drove as hard as he could to the diner. Sadly the place was on fire as there was no sign of anyone working inside having escaped. Jack consoled Nicole as they arrived to his "Apartment." It was a renovated bunker the original owners had put in during the cold war to save the owners and residents in case of the "commies" letting fly with the nukes. It was cheap to rent as they could not remove the half ton steel door. So he rented it and made it his lair of sorts. Pulling the door open, he heard the heavy footsteps that filled him with dread. Getting Nicole inside he closed and sealed the door,  and opened the hidden closet the owners had stored supplies in, he discovered after he moved in.

 "Here, get dressed." Jack said trying not to look at the beauty in front of him as his cock twitched.

 "No use, Jack, might as well be naked when they come and rape the life out of me." she said dejectedly.

  "Suit yourself." He tried to sound happy, god knows this was pushing his positive outlook to its limits. The robots soft voices from the vents chanting "Sex,Sex,Sex." was not helping either.

 Jack watched the monitors as the rape festival was no where reaching the climax. Age did matter, as little kids were tossed into closets or rooms and sealed in, while their parents or older siblings were violently raped. Nicole had curled up in a ball, as her sex was open for the world to see. Jack hoisted her on his couch as the news on the t.v. shown the besieged town covered in Nicole bots raping everything in sight. The news anchors were cut off as off camera doors were burst open and the sex chant was picked up by the camera and mics. Soon the male lead anchor was laying on the desk sobbing as his ass was being filled with fake cock, and the female anchor was in the same boat but being double stuffed while being forced to munch on fake carpet on air. Outside a large crash shook the building above as the news copter was brought down. The ambient gunfire was dying off as any resistance was quickly brought down. The monitors showing used up victims being carried to a makeshift kennel and forced to eat and being spanked with whatever paddle shaped objects the robots could find. Soon the town was now under the complete control of the Nicole bots and soon the machinery that was making them and programming them was delivered to the town square and set up, using the forced labor of the labs employees, when not being raped.

 Hours later there was not a single place in town that was not occupied, while the humans were forced into the high school's gym. Naked and kept like fuck cattle, it was a pretty depressing scene. The worst of all, was not only were they raping, they were looking for the human Nicole. To prevent her escape, the Nicole bots had now made large barriers that surrounded the town in a full circle, even the hill folk were powerless to stop them, soon the hillbillies were rounded up and forced into the gym. The town was now locked down tighter than a super max prison, and there were a load of bots pounding on the steel door. Luckily it was military bunker grade so it was not budging, but it would not last forever. Nicole had resigned herself to her impending violation, even joking it would probably not last as she felt she was not a good lay. Jack hushed her.

  "You are too young to even consider that a part of life yet." He tried assuring her.
  "Jack, cant you see? Its too late for me. They will probably use me up until I have no mind left, and hopefully by that point I die. I seen porn, watched hentai, and read enough to know that you can break a person with sex, and I don't want my first to break me." she admitted as she snuggled into him crying.

 "I wont let them touch you, even if it kills me." He promised.

 "Jack, can I ask a favor? Before they get me, could you be my first, so at least if they get me, I will have a fond memory of sex as I get used up." She looked up at Jack with doe eyes. She was serious about this.

 "I cant. It would not be right." He tried protesting, as she pushed her lips into his to silence his objections.

 "I love you Jack. Always have." she spoke as she was forcing his clothes off. He was naked in seconds as he was kissing her neck as she was all over him in her innocent inexperience.

  He had to take the lead, and kissed her neck as she moaned in his ear. He caressed her body, tickling the right spots and avoiding getting her too stimulated. He wanted her to enjoy this for as long as it could last. He played with her developing breasts as they kissed. Running his fingers over her belly, he traced the curves downward until he found the moistened slit. Peach fuzz and dripping lips felt welcoming to his fingers as he played with her sex arousing her passions further. The intense feelings were making her buck on his fingers while he was working one at a time in, to open her up a bit. Soon she was screaming as her first orgasm shook her. She climaxed by herself before, but this was way more intense than with her fingers. He was touching the same places she touched herself but this felt way more natural and better. She gushed as her climax was just warm up for the real thing. He helped position her so that his cock was just opening her sweet tight cunt. She looked him in the eyes and bit her lip and nodded. He pushed her hips down and her eyes widen in shock and she grimaces.

  "Does it hurt too bad, we can stop now if you want?" He offered.
 "It does hurt, but I can handle it, just let me stay like this for a bit." She said as she moved her hips a little to find a bit of relief from the pain, but not lose the delicious undertones of the full feeling.

 It was two minutes later that she finally began posting on him on her own. The pain was washed away in the tidal wave of building pleasure. "Fuck me, oh god just fuck me!" she started screaming as that first penis induced orgasm was becoming more than she can contain. "Yeah! Fuck me right there!" She started swearing as her mind was losing all reason. She felt his cock in her, his living, hot and soft rod of pleasurable destruction. She knew deep down that this was wrong on so many levels, but dammit, it was better than being fucked by a machine. In a flurry of motion, she was up and down with all the strength and speed her little frame could muster, soon as he was ready to fill her up, she collapsed in a huge orgasm, that left her shaking and twitching in post orgasmic spasms as he filled her with his seed.

 It would be an hour after bathing, and cleaning up that she regained her senses, and came out of the bathroom with a shocked look on her face.

  "Umm...That was totally awesome and epic and all, but I forgot. This isn't a safe day for me." She said as she thought she almost felt the sperm entering the egg.

 "Well, if you are, I will take care of you and our child, if we make it through this." Jack assured her of his loyalty. He was not one to fuck and run. Despite his living situation, he was stable enough to have a wife and a kid or two.

  But after a week of hiding, They would never find out.

 It was after two attempts by the Guard and active military to take the town, that the town was deemed lost. Over half of the towns population was dead, or dying and the rest was broken beyond saving. The door to the bunker apartment held until very early Sunday morning, when the Nicole bots learned if brute force would not work, then an industrial cutting laser would. The first alarm triggered the generator that powered the escape tunnel on a one minute to open timer. They were awake and watching the red line slowly make a circle in the steel, as Jack was gathering the stuff they would need to survive, as Nicole was trying to pull stuff to block the door. After a minute passes, the heavy rusty hatch pops open leading to an escape tunnel that led to somewhere not here. Jack tossed the bags down and went to grab Nicole, when the steel door fell outward, crushing a couple of bots. Soon they were inside, making a beeline to the real Nicole. Caught off guard, Nicole had pushed Jack down the hole, where he landed on his ass. His last sight of her was her crying face yelling "Live and remember me!" at him as she slammed the hatch closed on him.

  Jack sat as the sounds from above was a struggle, and some moaning. Soon the pressurized hatch sealed and no amount of forcing it would open it again. Jack followed the flickering lights for what seemed like hours, until the secret tunnel lead to the old mine entrance outside of town a mile away from the robot border. Jack got past the military blockade that was having its hands full keeping the wave of Nicole bots at bay. He followed the highway west until he found a town that was not evacuated from what was going on. He found a hotel and booked his stay. It would be a full month later that the news would report that the town was completely leveled due to an industrial accident. In that time Jack could only smile. He hoped she escaped, but the genius in him said that it would be unlikely. He picked up his life here as a town bus' tires popped as it let out people at the stop in front of his apartment. He is working now, as a tutor for most of the subjects and rents a store to allow him to help more people.

 The bombs had did their job. The whole town was a smoldering silent memorial to science gone horribly wrong. It would be half a year when all the debris was cleared and a strange metallic pod of sorts would open in the landfill near the town Jack was inhabiting. A small girl, not looking older than fourteen stepped out naked. Her body had scars that were almost healed as she had strange markings on her body. "Jack." was what the girl shouted as she ran on legs that moved her faster than normal....

What awaits Jack in the future?

(If you liked this and want it to be a series, let me know, even if you hated it, let me know!"   
General Discussion / Re: What did you learn today
« Last post by watcher1 on January 22, 2021, 09:10:59 PM »
Interesting fact, Obi.  Since it was the 21st hour and I had taken pain meds, I was probably in some altered state between reality and dream land. Thinking of some hot, sexy blonde.... 8)
Room 1408 / Re: What's the fucking weather?
« Last post by Shiela_M on January 22, 2021, 08:25:11 PM »
12° wind chill at -1° during my run this morning.  Seemed that no matter which direction I ran, I was going straight into the wind.  Think my bone marrow got frost bite.

Watcher is thinking pokies.... :emot_kiss:

Truly believe it was too cold for that.  I think they went inverted.  Like when you guys get cold...

Kidding. They were definitely out this morning, but I couldnt tell you if was because of the cold or because I was so angry with the cold.
Movies and TV / Re: What was the last thing you watched? Movie & TV Edition
« Last post by Bittersweet on January 22, 2021, 08:07:33 PM »
Lucifer series on netflix
Say Hello / Re: Hello from USA
« Last post by msslave on January 22, 2021, 08:01:21 PM »
Hi Nick and welcome to KB.
Lots of stories for you here. Lots of other topics to, so poke around and join in where the spirit moves ya.
Sport / Re: Hank Aaron, dead at 86
« Last post by watcher1 on January 22, 2021, 07:38:01 PM »
A few years ago, I had the fortune of touring Hank Aaron's boyhood home in Mobile, Alabama.  Many of his baseball memorabilia are shown in the different rooms.

I remember him participating in the old tv show, Home Run Derby, which took place at Wrigley Field. No, not the one in Chicago but in Los Angeles.
Room 1408 / Re: What's the fucking weather?
« Last post by Bittersweet on January 22, 2021, 07:37:38 PM »
Not really "fucking" weather.. Wife is stressed with work and she doesn't destress the way I do :'(
Room 1408 / Re: Coronavirus, The plague has arrived
« Last post by Sweetums on January 22, 2021, 07:35:29 PM »
If I were the guy, I’d be facing the other way.

Yeah, and without a mask. Or I guess he would have a mask...