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Sex talk / Re: When does old young get creepy
« Last post by FaceInTheFrost on Today at 08:55:22 PM »
I honestly don't think this is measured by the gap between partners so much as the age of the younger person. If they're in their mid-twenties at a minimum, I'm like, okay, they have experienced something of life, they know what they want. It's just unusual. Early twenties or younger, in an age-mismatched relationship -- likely to be creepy.
Members' Bar / Re: Happy Birthday Miss B!
« Last post by Shiela_M on Today at 08:00:27 PM »
Happy Birthday Missbarbara. Hope you have an exciting day planned. :emot_kiss:
Members' Bar / Re: Happy Birthday Miss B!
« Last post by Clitical Thinking on Today at 07:55:19 PM »
A very Happy Birthday to a fellow clitical thinker  ;D

UA Stories / Father's Day treat(ua MFf nc impreg)
« Last post by lizzieq4DD on Today at 07:52:28 PM »
He had planned it for months, and i never fought him about it.  The quaratine helped really, making it so easy to keep an eye on her and make sure i handled all her food.  my Husband wanted another baby but i couldn't carry again after having our daughter 13 years ago.  He had decided she could have His next baby, and wanted to use Father's Day to celebrate her new role.  So i was required to track her cycle closely, asking very uncomfortable and intimate questions about what was going on with her most private parts.  Meanwhile, every meal she ate had fertility meds hidden in it.  3 doses a day and sometimes He would have me fix her a snack as well.

The big day finally arrived, and He was so excited to see that she should be at the beginning of her fertile stage based on the calender i had tracking our little girl's cycle.  Saturday night i had to add a double dose of the fertility meds to lizzie's dinner along with 2 ambien.  my Husband wanted her to sleep very well to rest for her busy day tomorrow.  Clyde dragged me out of bed at 6am on Sunday, dragging me naked down the hall to lizzie's room, she was still completely asleep drooling onto her pillow.  "The little bitch looks good drooling like that" Clyde laughed.

Because of the drugs, lizzie didn't even flinch when Clyde and i took her blankets and clothes to leave her 13 year old body naked in the bed.  i hated this, but Clyde knew best and i wouldn't argue with my Husband ever.  i was a little concerned when i saw Him take 2 of her training bras out of her pantie drawer and use them to bind her wrist to the headboard.  When He saw my face Clyde said it was to make sure she couldn't fall off, then sent me to the kitchen to get some Crisco His favorite lube.  By the time i am back in the room my Husband has gotten on the bed between our daughter's legs and is stroking His very hard Cock, and just held out His hand for the tub of grease. 

"Come sit here next to us, just in case I need any help with her" He tells me, scooping up a glob of the Crisco and starting to stroke His Cock with it till His Shaft is driping, the scoots forward to brush the tip against lizzie's slit.  "Hold her open, keep her meat flaps out of the way so I can get in there better" Clyde growls at me.

"Yes Sir" i whisper, cringing as i reach my hands between her thighs putting one on each side trying to spread her open without really touchng her ussy but realize i can't so i grip my little girl by the cunt lips and spread her open for my Husband's waiting Cock.  i can't look away watching His thick Cockhead squeeze into her virgin hole, watching Him pause a little when He hits her hymen before He breaks right through to bury every inch in her tight pussy for the first time.    He starts to thrust hard and deep right away, clearly meaning to ejaculate inside her quickly and get her bred right away.

i don't know if it was just her ambiens wearing off or the pain of having her virgin pussy get fucked so hard, but lizzie started to moan a little and open her eyes.  In response, Clyde roughly grabbed both her thighs, and started pounding into her so hard the bed was shaking and it made my tits jiggle from sitting so close.  Clyde told me to lean closer and let Him suck on my tits, so when lizzie finally woke up and realized what was happening that's what she saw, her Father biting my nipples while He used her hole.  "Daddy....what's happening?!  Oww!!  No please!" it took about 4 seconds of her begging before Clyde was cumming.  He thrust deep into her one last time and bit down so hard onto my tit i screamed as His Sperm was being emptying into our daughter's fertile teen hole. 

When He was done, Clyde got off the bed and came to stand next to lizzie's face.  "It's Father's Day lizzie and this year to celebrate, you'll be making me a Father again  I can't wait to spend the rest of the day with you little one."
Members' Bar / Happy Birthday Miss B!
« Last post by msslave on Today at 07:11:20 PM »
A most Happy Birthday to our Miss Barbara. She's 41 today.

Here's hoping you celebrate as I quote your tag line.

"Sometimes the best things in life are a hot girl and a cold beer."
General Discussion / Re: What MADE your day today?
« Last post by Clitical Thinking on Today at 06:24:14 PM »
All the compliments and nice things everybody is saying will always make my day. Makes me feel so comfortable and sexy, and just a little bit naughty

It takes a certain amount of courage to post those pics here, even if its mostly an anonymous board. So while I think the pictures you've posted look great and you have good reason to feel sexy, for me the 'naughty factor' of you posting them in the first place has been a big part of the fun. :)
General Discussion / Re: What MADE your day today?
« Last post by Clitical Thinking on Today at 06:21:16 PM »
woke up this morning with Mrs. Toe sucking my cock.  So I gave her a ride on my bouncy house. Twice. Good to be the king.

Starting Father's Day off the right way  ;D
Sex talk / Re: Men's Thongs/G-Stings/C-Strings/Jockstraps
« Last post by Iowaboi on Today at 04:44:55 PM »
I have some thongs a g string suit to sun in and a couple c strings
  Some very sheer Rio style skinz swimwear .
 Would go sunning at a pond but had mesh shorts to cover up with was told a few times by the ladies that they would rather I left the shorts off👍 they kinda enjoyed seeing a confident man wearing something so sexy.
General Discussion / Re: What MADE your day today?
« Last post by ToeinH2O on Today at 04:35:13 PM »
My sons made me a Happy Father’s Day dinner last night, and really pulled out the stops.  Fresh salad from the garden. Tenderloin, asparagus, and twice baked potatoes. Peach cobbler and ice cream. Two bottles of a good Cabernet. I was too stuffed to contemplate sex, but woke up this morning with Mrs. Toe sucking my cock.  So I gave her a ride on my bouncy house. Twice. Good to be the king.

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