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on: September 30, 2011, 06:17:33 PM
...tis the season


As it happened Halloween fell on a Saturday this particular year which made for many neighborhood Halloween parties.

Jim Adams was both proud and anxious. His daughter Shelly had just turned 13 and was being allowed to attend her first Halloween Party. She had chosen to go as a ballerina which was good for Jim’s pocketbook because she already had a ballerina outfit from her ballet class. She had her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and even wore her old pair of dance shoes. Her mother had died of cancer a year before but Jim new she would have been pleased by how her daughter was transitioning into womanhood.

She had a lithe dancer’s body and her breasts were small and firm but her nipples would puff out very noticeably when she was aroused, something that seemed to be occurring with increasing frequency. Her father had taken her shopping for a training bra over the summer but she never really felt the need to wear it since her breasts were firm enough that they didn’t bounce much when dancing as some girls did. Tonight was no exception.

“How do I look, daddy?”

“Absolutely lovely. You are going to steal every heart at the party.”

“The only heart I am worried about stealing is Lance’s.”

Lance Henry was her first boyfriend and first date. He lived down the block with his father and mother and two older brothers, 17 year old Tom and 18 year old Randy, a junior and senior at the high school Lance and Shelly would be attending as 9th grade freshmen the next year. The party was actually theirs as their parents were going to the local VFW with Jim for an adult masquerade party.

The doorbell interrupted their conversation as Lance arrived to escort his date down the block. Jim was a little taken aback when he opened the door and found Batman standing there. Neither of the kids knew that there was a Batman costume up in his closet that he was about to put on when they left.

“Hello, Lance.”

“Hello, Mr. A.”

Why was it all initials with kids these days? With mock sternness he addressed them both.

“Now no trick or treating at strange houses and no alcohol or hanky panky and have her home by 11.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Absolutely, dad…what’s “hanky panky”?”

“You know what I mean,” he laughed knowing full well that they had discussed the birds and the bees, not to mention penises and vaginas and sperm and eggs, on her last birthday.

He watched them start off to Lance’s and then went up and got into his costume. An hour later he was at the VFW with Barb and Ray Henry, otherwise known as Pocahontas and Robin Hood. He was really enjoying himself and kept his drinking to a minimum as he was the designated driver. At 9:30 Randy Henry called his mom and said that they needed to get back to the house as something had happened. At 10 they rolled into the Adams’ driveway and walked down to the Henry’s.

“It was Mitch Hogan,” Randy said when they came in. “He poured a gallon of Everclear into the punch. None of us saw him or noticed it until the younger kids started acting drunk. I’m sorry, Mr. Adams, but I’m afraid Lance and Shelly drank the most punch and we found them in his room with her top down and his cock…I mean, penis, out. We got them dressed and brought them down before anything else happened and called you guys. The rest of the kids are buzzed but okay so we sent them home and told them not to say anything.”

“All right, Randy,” Jim Adams said reassuringly. “Sounds like you handled things very well. I’ll take Shelly home so she can sleep it off. Barb, Ray, I wouldn’t be too hard on them. There’s going to be Mitch Hogans all the time and sometimes they get past our best laid plans.”

Shelly had dozed off on the couch so Jim decided to carry her home. She felt good in his arms and the loss of his wife lay heavy on him. Judy had always been on the petite side and he remembered carrying her across the threshold the day they had bought this house. Shelly awoke memories of that day as she nestled against his chest—the day he and Judy had conceived Shelly as they officially christened their new bed.

He did his best to put these thoughts out of his head as he climbed the steps to the porch and was confronted with the problem of unlocking the door. He laid Shelly on the padded porch swing to solve the problem. Once the door was open it was easy to carry her in close the door and twist the lock into place.

Once inside he started up the stairs to take her to her room. At the landing she started to wake up.

Shelly had never drank and had no idea what had happened to her. The last thing she remembered was laying on Lance’s bed and actually touching a boys cock while he felt up her naked breasts. Now, in her alcoholic haze she saw that Lance was carrying her. Not only was he carrying her but he was carrying her upstairs in her own house. This time Batman wasn’t going to get away. She wanted to go further.

“Oh, Lance, I love you,” she said and brought her lips up to his before her startled father could correct her. She wondered why Lance seemed to be resisting her but after a moment he got over it and was kissing her back. He seemed to have grown since their last kiss but that was all right with her.

Jim reached the head of the stairs still locked in an incestuous kiss with his innocent daughter. He knew he should end it but the longer she kissed him the more his center of thought moved south. As he reached her room door all of his thinking was taken over by his cock. He passed her door and carried her to the very bed in which she had been conceived.

He laid Shelly down on the bed and she promptly sat up and started to pull down the top of her one piece leotard. When she saw Jim start to lift up his mask she reached up and stopped him.

“What girl can resist being made love to by Batman?” she asked.

Jim appreciated the simplicity of the Batman mask that left his mouth and chin totally free while concealing everything above them.

Shelly stood shakily up long enough to remove her tutu and slide the leotard completely off. Jim was startled to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Maybe Randy hadn’t gotten to his brother’s room soon enough. In two minutes he had everything off but his mask.

Shelly was startled at how manly Lance was. His cock seemed so much bigger naked than it did sticking out of his pants zipper earlier in the evening. And she had no idea he had so much hair on his chest. He looked like a real grownup.

The minute Jim laid down beside her she took hold of his erect cock.

“Now I am going to do what I was thinking about doing when your brother’s so rudely interrupted us. And don’t laugh if I’m not doing it right because I’ve never done it before.”

This was getting too out of hand, Jim thought through his haze of horniness. This was his daughter.


“Shut up.”

She put her hand over his mouth at the same time she bent over and put her mouth over his cock. As she tentatively moved her mouth up and down his glans, the import of her words began to sink in with Jim. Lance’s brothers had interrupted them before they got started. So she must have gone there with no panties on purpose. She had wanted something to happen. She wanted it. And that was the conclusion that gave him solace as he decided it was best for it to happen with someone who loved her deeply.

He took hold of her waist and lifted her up and over him until her virgin pussy and its new strands of brown silken pubic hair was over his mouth. Since she was honoring his cock with her mouth it was only right that he return the favor.

Despite her father’s swollen cockhead occupying most of her mouth she still managed a surprised gasp as her boyfriend’s tongue slid up and down her pussy and then tweaked her engorged clit. At the same time his fingers were playfully pulling, pinching and twisting her fully puffed nipples. All gentle enough to not hurt but with enough force to send chills down her spine and turn on her pussy juices that Jim was doing his best to lap up.

As she managed to get half of his 8 inches in her mouth, Jim abandoned her nipples and started to insert a finger in her pussy. At first he just went up to his first knuckle as he could feel he was pushing on her hymen. He gently rocked his finger in and out while licking and sucking her clit, pushing against and stretching the symbol of her virginity with each thrust. He spotted the small opening that allowed her menstrual blood to flow through it and realized it had been enlarged by her use of tampons. He switched to his little finger and pushed the tip through this tiny entrance and gently moved his finger in a circle to gradually stretch the opening until the finger went all the way through.

The opening clutched at his pinky as he pulled it out and switched to his pointer, which was bigger around, and repeated the process until once again the finger went all the way in. Then it was time to use his infamous middle finger. By now the membrane was well stretched but Jim knew his cock would hurt her if he didn’t get her adequately prepared. So, when his middle finger had followed the same process as the first two fingers, instead of pulling out he reinserted his pointer and worked until he had both of them through the membrane. Finally, he added his ring finger and, to all intents and purposes, her hymen was history and his cock would slide in with minimal pain from tearing.

He felt himself approach his climax and knew that there was only one place for this load to go.

He took hold of her tits once again and this time lifted her mouth off his cock and brought her to an upright position where her weight was resting on her pussy which was over his open mouth. He nudged her over to her side of the bed and rolled on top of her with his legs between hers and lined his rampant cock up with her slick and ready pussy.

Shelly started to sober up quickly. She had planned on fooling around and maybe trying a blow job but she had no intention of giving up her virginity. Especially as she wasn’t on birth control and this was the time of the month when she was ovulating. When she felt the head of the cock she had just been sucking slip inside her she started to push on the boy’s chest and protest.

“No, I’m not ready for this….”

“Yes, you are,” Batman said and cut off further protests with his mouth as he gave her a deep French kiss and slowly slid all 8 inches into her very tight twat. When their public hairs meshed and her clit was massaged between their pubic bones and his potent balls were slapping at her ass, Shelly stopped pushing against his chest and wrapped her arms around him savoring the fullness she felt.

After giving her a moment to get accustomed to the feel of a cock in her pussy, Jim slowly pulled back until just the head remained. Shelly was about to protest that she wasn’t ready to finish yet when he thrust back in faster and then he picked up the pace. It didn’t take long for Shelly to achieve her first cock induced orgasm—or her second, or her third.

After her fourth, Jim felt he could hold out no longer. He thought he should pull out but Shelly thought it was Lance fucking her and he knew she expected him to go all the way. So he did.

Shelly wanted to tell Lance to pull out but she was lost in a fog of ecstasy and primal memory told her there was still something left to happen before the fuck was over. Then she felt the cock within her swell even larger than it had been and start to twitch. At the same time there was a sudden warm feeling in her belly like liquid lava and it triggered her biggest orgasm of the night.

There seemed no end to the flow of his seed into her and Shelly wondered if a girl could get pregnant on her first fuck. She had meant to ask her dad when they had their talk but had forgotten and now it was too late. The girls around the school had repeated the myth to each other but most of them were still virgins. However, those that had done it weren’t pregnant. Of course, Shelly had no idea if they were on birth control or not.

But if she did get pregnant she didn’t care. Fucking was too magnificent to give up now that she had experienced it.

Jim stayed inside her has he went flaccid, relishing the feel of his daughter’s sweet pussy and wondering why he hadn’t started her on birth control right after their talk. After all, they had had the talk because she was having her periods and wanted to know what was happening to her. Well, now she knew it all.

Jim rolled onto his back and Shelly immediately threw her arm over him while pressing her body into his. Then she brought her leg over his and he felt her pussy oozing on his thigh. He wanted to get up but he could sense that she had drifted off and he didn’t want to wake her. In a few moments he followed suit.

The sun was streaming in and Jim woke up to a vivid dream of a young girl riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. Only it wasn’t a dream. Apparently, the foreplay he thought he was dreaming had been Shelly taking advantage of his morning hard on. He pretended to still be sleeping as she had two or three orgasms before he thrust up into her and unloosed another dose of sperm.

Keeping him inside her she bent down and kissed him.

“Lance, that was wonderful! But we had better get out of dad’s room before he comes home and you had better get home before they miss you. How did you get me down here anyway?”

While she was chattering she gradually sat back with his wilting cock within her and reached up to take the Batman mask off. A look of shock came over her when she recognized her father.

“Oh, my God, dad! I thought you were Lance. We had sex last night—don’t be upset ‘cause I wanted it as much as he did.”

“Actually he wanted it as much as I did, Shelly.”


“It wasn’t Lance last night, honey. I’m sorry.”

“But you’re my father!”

“I am a man and you are a woman and this is a cock and that is a pussy and there are times their need for each other doesn’t care whether it is father and daughter or mother and son or sister and brother…”

“But that is incest!”

“And there is nothing wrong with that in spite of all those things the holy rollers would like us to believe. Remember how they are always spouting off about Sodom and Gomorra and the wicked sex that caused God to destroy both cities?”


“But God spares Lot and his family who flee the cities only Lot’s wife forgets the “don’t look back” order and becomes a pillar of salt. So Lot’s two daughters save their race by taking turns getting their father drunk and fucking him until they are pregnant. After the flood, the only people left were Noah and his three sons and their families. How many cousins marrying cousins did it take to restore the population?”

As he spoke, Jim gradually pulled Shelly down next to him and gently caressed her all over. Shelly came to grips with the fact that her lover was her father and somehow it felt too right to be something wrong.

“I know you have missed mommy, dad, but from now on this is my bed, too.”

“Absolutely,” he agreed.

They made love with him on top and then headed for the shower together. After breakfast they went off to church where Shelly caught her Sunday School teacher off guard by asking about how God could be against incest when all of Lot’s descendents were products of incest between Lot and his daughters.

It was a question that got a lot of her female classmates wondering since the Sunday School teacher wasn’t able to answer it.

But those are different stories…


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Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 11:41:56 PM
Another great story, JD, and in the spirit of the Halloween season! The father didn't need to get so biblical, though... Can't wait to read your other Halloween story!

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Reply #2 on: October 03, 2011, 05:38:02 AM
loved it

part 2?

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Reply #3 on: October 04, 2015, 12:56:56 PM
A bump for the season
It can be hard to find stories within the subject matter in which I wish to read sometimes.

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Reply #4 on: October 05, 2015, 07:21:03 PM
:emot_penis: WoW,Great story & the ending leading
her to Sunday School for more , is that next ? :emot_thdrool:

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Reply #5 on: June 17, 2018, 05:39:23 PM
Another great story, thanks for the posts

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Reply #6 on: June 17, 2018, 05:50:08 PM
Great story


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Reply #7 on: June 26, 2018, 02:17:13 AM
Love it!


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Reply #8 on: September 24, 2018, 01:40:08 AM

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Reply #9 on: October 25, 2019, 04:33:18 AM
Things that go BUMP on Halloween...

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Reply #10 on: November 18, 2019, 01:36:49 AM

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Reply #11 on: November 21, 2019, 04:57:31 AM
john, wild and willy as always, but ya left us wanting more. so how about a little drift in the snow ,and some fun times had by all.  if ya need any muse let the old dawg know.

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Reply #12 on: August 22, 2021, 07:41:40 PM
Dang! I know JD hasnt been active for a while but man his stories always get me off! ;D