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The Predator - Part 1 thru 3 (M/f) (No Sex) (editted for rules)

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This is a work of fiction and the author does not condone sexual activity in any shape or form between adults and minors.

** Due to rules enforced on the forum, I've editted this story to change the age of the main character **


Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlotte. I’m thirteen years old, and 5 feet 2 inches tall, and today, I was out shopping with my Mother in the Precinct Shopping Centre.

I was dressed in an unflattering yellow blouse that had the top two buttons undone – the top one was lost, I’d undone the second, because it was hot today. My chest isn’t too big, or too small for my age – my Mum says that ‘I’m the right size for a girl my age.’ I also wore a pair of cut-off jeans that showed my long legs off – during the summer, I always had my legs on display, I thought they were the best thing about me.

I wore open toed sandals with white bobby socks that cover my ankles. My hair’s black, and I’ve got a hairstyle called Bangs. I’d seen an actress called Louise Brooks on the net, and decided that her style was one I’d like to have. Mum says I’m pretty, and I think so too.

We had gone to the Precinct looking for a birthday gift for my brother Sam. He was turning fifteen in a few days time, and Mum had promised me that she would take me to the shops to buy him something special. Today being Saturday and her day off, I’d bugged her to bring me here.

Looking around different shops, I’d eventually chosen a DVD for Sam. It was a TV spin off from his favourite show – Top Gear. Sam and his cars, sheesh, if I lived to be a hundred, I’d never understand boys, and their fascination for cars and speed.

I, like all girls my age was interested in still in my dolls, but only just – they where loosing my interest, although my Dad bought me a new one every year at Christmas, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him not to.

I’d played with make-up with Mum’s help, and I simply adored the latest teen fashions – I loved dressing up in clothes that made me look older than I was.

I loved gossiping with my school friends about all sorts of things. But boys weren’t on the radar yet – maybe in a few years time. I hadn’t even kissed a boy.

I had a healthy, for my age, interest in sex – although I was still a virgin, I’d masturbated several times in secret – enjoying myself immensely. We’d been given a ‘sex talk’ at school that peaked the interest of several girls, including me.

I experimented with my hairbrush, a cucumber, and of course, my fingers. I’d even tried playing with my bum, and I thought it was a little uncomfortable, but not unenjoyable once you got something in past your bum hole.

My Mum had bumped into one of her friends whilst in one of Precincts’ halls. She hadn’t seen this woman for a few years, she had told me, as the pair of them sat down, talking, and having a good old catch up.

After twenty minutes, I was bored. My mind was wandering. To try to keep myself occupied, I’d wandered a little way away from Mum, and was checking out the contents of a window display of a dress shop.

These dresses are gorgeous. I thought, and vowed to save up some of my pocket money to buy one as soon as I could afford it. Of course, they’d been designed for girls a lot older than I was, but I admired them all the same.

I kept quite close to Mum as per her instructions – I could see her, and her friend sitting on one of the sofas that people used when they wanted to take a break from shopping. They were deep in conversation.

Mum looked around for me as I stood admiring dresses. Seeing that I was close by, she went back to talking to her friend. I was bored with window-shopping now, so I decided to have a sit down myself.

I went and sat down in an armchair, crossing my legs as I’d been told to do by Mum. My chair was next to a coffee table that was surrounded by a three other chairs. This chair was comfortable, and I settled down to wait for Mum.

A few magazines where strewn on the table, giving the shoppers’ something to read if they wanted. I checked out the titles – and frowned as I decided that there’d be nothing in these that I’d be interested in.

An older man sat to my left, his back to a shop that was closed for refurb. Mum lounged with her friend about 50 feet from us, chatting to her friend, oblivious to everything I was doing.

He was about 40 or 45, I think. His skin was pale, and he had ginger hair that had been cut really short. I thought his face was cute-ish, and he had brilliantly blue eyes that twinkled when he looked at me, or past me. He wore glasses that were too small for his face – they look uncomfortable, I thought. A magazine was in his hands, and from the cover, I could see that it was a copy of Okay.

The Precinct was busy, but not that busy – a few people passed us carrying bags, and each and every time a shopper went by with a kid, his eyes would flick away from the magazine, following the kid until they passed him by. I studied him as he sat reading, or as I thought, pretending to read.

Since I’d sat down, he’d crossed his legs, had fidgeted uncomfortably, shifting his weight around the seat of the chair. He’d also started sweating slightly. He kept glancing away from his magazine, his eyes focusing on me, then back to the magazine.

“You’re one of them,” I said to him quite naturally in a low voice, as I looked into his beautiful eyes – I couldn’t take my eyes off his.

“What?” He retorted, with a puzzled look on his face, “one of what?”

“A pedo,” I replied with the same low voice.

He looked shocked. Sweat beaded on his forehead. It was quite warm in the Precinct, but not warm enough to make someone sweat – even though the air con was on here.

“Excuse me!” He exclaimed, looking anywhere except at me.

“It’s okay,” I said calmly, “I’m not going to say anything to Mum, or anyone else.”

He visibly withered, wiping the sweat away from his forehead with the back of his hand. He held the magazine in his hand, and I could see that it was shaking, if ever so slightly. “What makes you think that then?” He eventually managed to say.

“The way you keep looking at me, and all the kids that come past with their parents,” I said evenly. He swallowed. His throat must be dry, I mused.

“I, err, wasn’t,” he managed to squeak his voice wavering.

“It’s okay,” I replied, “I like the attention.” I shifted slightly in my seat, moving my bum to the right, uncrossing my legs as I did so. I let my legs come slightly further apart than was natural to me, giving him a glimpse of my denim-clad crotch. “And, like I said, I’m not gonna say anything.”

He swallowed again, eyes staring directly at me. He adjusted his specs nervously. I sat a little further back into the chair, my hands resting lightly on my knees, giving him a slightly better view.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked him carefully, he nodded his reply, swallowing again. His throat must be really dry, I thought, starting to enjoy myself watching him squirm.

“What’s your name?” He mumbled, coughing.

I thought of lying, but decided against it. “Charlotte.” I told him honestly.

“Baz.” he replied, his eyes flicked to the right slightly, as if looking past me, but his gaze quickly returned to focus on my crotch. He licked his lips, biting his lower lip again as he did so.

“Have you been looking at girls for long Baz?” I asked, immediately regretting it. I hadn’t meant to be so direct.

He hesitated before speaking, “All my life.” Came his answer, he coughed again nervously. Maybe he’d never been this close to a girl who was actually talking to him like an adult or maybe he was surprised by my open mindedness, “ever since my next door neighbour showed me her privates when I was five.”

I tried to decide whether he was telling the truth or not. I thought that he probably was. I nodded slightly at my crotch, letting my hand float across my cut-offs. “I bet you’d like to see mine, wouldn’t you Baz.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes.” He replied, swallowing yet again, “love to.” He shifted nervously in his chair.

“Relax.” I told him. “I told you, I’m not gonna say anything.” I opened my legs a tiny bit wider, “I like the way you look at me.” I smiled, showing him my white teeth.

“How’d you know?” he asked, again wiping the sweat off his brow, his eyes followed my hand as it floated back down across my cut-offs again, coming to rest back on my knee.

“Guess I just sorta knew,” I replied. “Sometimes a girl can tell.”

He smiled weakly. “Are you, err, alone?”

“Nah,” I said, “my Mum’s just down there.” He looked disappointed. “But she’s gabbing with her mate. God only knows how long she’ll be.”

“So we could go some place quiet?” He asked seriously, playing with the cover of the magazine.

I sat, thinking about this for a moment. He wanted to take me some place quiet so that I could show him my intimate parts. “Not today,” I said, “I don’t know you that well.” He opened his mouth as if to speak, but I continued, “Yet.”

“What do ya wanna know,” he said, sounding serious, “ask me anything.”

“Do you come here a lot?”

“Every day,” he replied, looking down at the floor, he sounded a little sad.

“To look at girls. Like me?”

“Yes.” His eyes stayed on the floor, “and younger.”

“You always sit here?”


I thought about what I was going to say next. “So,” I started, “you’re addicted to watching little girls?”

He nodded. “I am.” He said, sounding ashamed of himself. “I can’t help it.”

“Tell me what you love about me.” I said, I realised that I sounded quite egotistical asking that and blushed slightly.

“You?” He said, “You’re nice looking,” I saw his eyes give me the once over. “Your body looks so nice and you’re thin. Your skin looks like satin. I think your hair style is fab.” He licked his lips again as I listened intently. “Those jeans fit you so well – they make your …” He paused, not wanting to say the words. “Your legs are so long…” he trailed off.

“Is that all?”


“Tell me what else then.”

“Your ti…” he started, then corrected himself, “chest, it’s just the right size. Not too big, can’t stand biggun’s on the girls I watch.” His head stayed down, but his eyes looked across the small gap between us.

I leant forward, showing him my boobs such as they were. I knew he couldn’t see anything past my yellow blouse or my white bra. Just the thought of him trying to peek at me made me tingle all over.

“Anything else?” I asked. He nodded barely. “Tell me.”

He shook his head ever so slightly.

“Why not?”

“I… I. Can’t.” He said, his voice barely audible.

“Why not?” I repeated.

“Coz I desperately wanna see you naked.” He whispered, faltering. “There, I said it.” He still hadn’t taken his eyes off me, and now his head started to shake again, they were tiny, almost imperceptible shakes, but they were there.

“Have you seen many little girls naked?” I whispered, not wanting to attract the attention of the security guard who was in earshot of us.

He shook his again. The guard stopped to listen to a message that was coming over his radio. He looked at me, and at Baz.

“You all right mate?” He asked Baz. Baz was shaking his head.

“Oh, he’s not feeling very well.” I said standing up, moving the short distance to stand next to Baz. “But I think he’ll be okay.” I put my arm across his shoulders.

The guard looked curiously at us. “Well, if you’re sure.” He said. “But, if he doesn’t feel better soon, there’s a medical station about one hundred yards further on up this way.” He pointed to an illuminated green cross that stood just a short distance away.

My head followed his arm to look at the small green cross. “Okay.”

The guard walked on briskly. Baz’s head lifted slightly, it was level with the open buttons of my blouse – he probably couldn’t see anything except the top of my cleavage – such as it was. Well, I hoped as much anyway.

His right arm went behind me and I felt him hug my waist closely to him. He held himself back though – his hand stayed in a decent area not straying.

I lifted his head with a fingertip carefully placed under his chin. I stared directly into his beautiful eyes.

“Thank you.” He said, gently.

“You’re welcome,” I responded, kissing his forehead. I pressed my hand into his left shoulder – sort of hugging him. “I’ve got to go now,” I said, “but if you’re going to be here tomorrow, I’ll come back…”

He smiled a weak smile and nodded. “I’ll be here from ten onward for a few hours.”

I detached my self from him by taking a step forward. “C’ya then.” I said, and I walked back to where my Mum was sitting. Her friend was gone and she was watching me walking toward her with a beaming smile on my face.

“Who’s that?” She asked when I reached her.

“Nobody,” I said, “just a poor soul who needed a bit of comfort,” telling Mum the truth as I saw it.

She looked up at Baz, who was looking down at the floor again, “Poor man.” She told me and we left for home.
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This one surely will have a follow up. Can't wait to find out what the little teaser is up to.

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This is a work of fiction and the author does not condone sexual activity in any shape or form between adults and minors.


The following day I was up early, that was something I never did on a Sunday.

After coming home from the Precinct with Mum, I’d wrapped Sam’s present in nice paper, had something to eat, then watched some TV.

I’d given a little thought to what I’d said to Baz about going back to the Precinct the following day, and decided against it – did I really want to get involved with a pedo? Nope. I decided and left it at that.

At 10pm I was yawning, I said my ‘goodnight’s’, and went to bed.

After closing my bedroom door, I undressed, and slipped my nightie over my head. It flowed down to my knees, it had a flowery pattern embossed upon it. It was my second favourite to wear for bed – my favourite blue one was in the washing basket. I climbed into bed, fluffed my pillows, closing my eyes.

Although I was tired, I couldn’t get to sleep.

I tossed and turned.

Eventually, I glanced at my bedside clock; I couldn’t believe what time it was. It felt as though I’d been in bed for hours and hours, but it was only 11.45.

I sat up in bed. I needed to pee, badly.

The white light that came under my door told me that someone was still up. Getting out of bed, I walked to across to my bedroom door.

Carefully opening it, so as to not make too much noise – my bedroom door is old, and squeaks and creaks when opened, I stepped out onto the upstairs landing.

I walked along the landing, and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I pulled my nightie up to my waist, and sat straight down on the toilet – I don’t wear knickers to bed anymore.

I always took them off before bed – of course, I kept them on whilst downstairs, it would be indecent not to! I had stopped wearing them to bed after our sex talk at school, it made my masturbation experiments so much easier!

As I made water, the familiar tingly feeling spread out through my body, as it always did – I had been getting that particular feeling since I was three or four, I didn’t know why, and to be honest, I didn’t even think about it anymore.

My thoughts drifted back to Baz as my pee flowed.

What a sad man, I thought. Had he really told me the truth when he said he was addicted to looking at little girls? I suspected that he was – but was he really a pedo, as I had called him, someone who molests, given the chance, or was he just a misguided man, who actually did love little girls, and wouldn’t hurt them in any way shape or form?

I gave this some consideration, and decided that I really didn’t know – but I was going to find out, my childish curiosity peaked. As I finished peeing, I took two sheets of paper off the toilet roll, wiping myself.

After dropping the paper into the bowl, my fingers lingered in between my legs.

The tingly feeling that came to me each time I peed was fading now, but when my finger brushed lightly against my wispy pubic hair and clitoris, it came back.

I dipped my finger into myself a little bit. I was wet, but not overly so.

I probed slightly deeper, pushing my finger to the first knuckle. I felt the tingly feeling again, but this time, it was a little stronger than before. The feeling was spreading through out my body – it was concentrated in my crotch, giving me good feelings as it warmed me up.

I leant back on the toilet seat, my back resting on the cistern. Spreading my legs wide, I ran my finger up and down my slit several times. The warm tingly feeling became more intense, and I decided to masturbate.

Using two fingers to play with my clit, I rubbed myself – slowly. With two fingers from my other hand, I penetrated myself up to the first knuckle again.

Past experience told me that I could push my fingers a little further in than I was, anymore, and I’d be pushing up against my hymen. We’d been told at school that when a girls hymen is lost, it’s gone – forever! I wanted to stay a virgin for a few years yet.

Gossiping about our experiences after school one day, I’d been told by my friend Rachel that it hurt too – she’d accidently taken her own virginity while masturbating a little too much with a carrot. I vowed that I wouldn’t loose mine too early, if I could help it that was.

With one hand rubbing, and the other pushing in and out of me, I masturbated ‘till the feelings of pleasure built up to a crescendo that literally exploded out of me. Little jets of clear liquid flew out from between my legs, pooling on the lino floor covering.

Wow! I thought - I’d never done that before! I stared at the pool of girl cum on the floor – the tingly feeling was coursing through me now, and I felt little aftershocks ripple out from my clitoris as I continued to rub for a minute or two afterward.

The feeling was exquisite. I’d never, ever, felt anything like this. I stood, looking down at my body. My nipples were hard! The little fingers of flesh stood to attention, emphasised by my nightie.

During my previous masturbation sessions, I had never actually given a thought to my nipples. I touched them now, gently, through my nightgown, and yet again, I felt ripples of pleasure. I promised myself that I’d play with my nipples the next time I masturbated.

As I stood there, looking at my hardened nipples, and the pool of my cum on the floor, I decided that I was going to head back to the Precinct to see if Baz was there.

I’d have to come up with a decent excuse for going back to the Precinct, but I figured that it wouldn’t really be a problem, the problem was going there alone.

I pulled a long section of paper off the toilet roll, and knelt on the lino. I started soaking up the liquid. My clitoris was still sending little pulses through my body, suddenly; I had a nasty little thought.

Putting the soaked toilet paper into the bowl, I dipped my index finger into my squirt. I moved through the liquid, coating it, then I popped my finger into my mouth without hesitation – I figured that if I had of hesitated, I wouldn’t have done it.

A sweet taste pervaded my mouth – I didn’t know what nectar tasted like, but this tasted so good to me. I sucked on my finger, savouring it – I made sure that my finger was quite clean before I removed it from my mouth.

I dipped it back into my cum - intent on sucking my finger clean again, when a light bulb went off in my head. Instead of sucking my finger, I dropped my head to floor level, and licked.

The taste exploded like Fizz Wiz Popping Candy in my mouth. I licked again, slowly, each time the same thing happened – little explosions of taste filled my mouth, making me salivate a little more each time. I wanted to make this last - I didn’t know if I would be able to do it again.

Eventually, I’d cleaned the lino, sucking up all of this wonderful tasting stuff. Little smears remained though, so I took a few more sheets of paper, and rubbed, soaking them up. Dropping the paper into the bowl, I flushed, and turning on the warm tap that sat atop the washbasin, I scrubbed my hands.

As water flowed down the toilet, someone knocked on the toilet door.

I opened the door after unlocking it - my Dad stood there – jiggling up and down. He was doing the silly dance as I called it – in reality, he was bursting to pee!

He rushed past me, not even closing the door. I heard his zipper, then, he let out a long 'Ahhh', as he let his bladder flow.

After he’d finished peeing, he turned to the basin, his penis still hanging out of his trousers. I’d never seen it before, and I suppose that it mesmerised me for a second or two. It looked quite long, at least five inches hung through the gap in his trousers. He had a no foreskin – the head standing clear of the shaft, it was ruby red in colour, opposing the brownish skin that coated his penis.

I took in this scene quickly and headed back to my bedroom, closing the door – it groaned as I closed it. My mind raced. Climbing back into my bed, I pulled the covers up to my neck and closed my eyes.

I heard the toilet flush once more, and a few seconds later, my door opened. As the door creaked yet again, I opened my eyes and saw Dad looking at me.

“Goodnight darling,” he whispered.

“Night Dad, love you.” I said. He came across to my bed, kissed me on the forehead, and turned to leave.

“Dad,” I ventured, “will you take me to the Precinct in the morning?”

“Why?” He asked, turning to face me again, his hands on his hips. His waist was just about level with my bed, and I looked at his crotch – I could see his penis hiding behind his trousers - he didn’t wear under pants, and, he’d forgotten to pull his zip up after he’d peed!

“You know how I got that DVD for Sam,” I said thinking quickly.

“Yes. Very thoughtful I thought.” He replied.

“Well,” I said slowly, “after I wrapped it, I checked the DVD’s downstairs, and he’s already got that one. So I need to replace it.” I lied.

“Ah, okay honey,” he said, “what time does the Precinct open?”

“Ten, I think.” It was clear to me that he didn’t often go to the Precinct.

“Fine, but you’ll have to be quick,” he said, “I’ve got a meeting at the golf club tomorrow morning before lunch.”

“Thanks Dad.” I said and settled down to sleep. Dad turned around and left my room, closing the door with another squeak!

I waited ten minutes and got back out of bed. I sat at my computer, pressing the power button. I waited for it to boot up. I intentionally didn’t turn on the speakers, as the house was deathly quiet now.

After 30 or 40 seconds, I was staring at the Windows desktop. Clicking on the red Firefox icon, I began surfing the net. I navigated to Google and typed in ‘girl lover’.

The search engine did its thing, and a second or two later, I was looking at list of websites. There were over 500,000 results! Sighing, I clicked on the first in the list.

A new window opened, I scanned the information. It was no good – it was a bands website, the headline was about their new song, “Girl, Lover”.

I closed the window, moving on to the next on the list. I opened and closed several websites before I found one that I wanted to read.

It was a forum specifically for ‘Little Girl Lovers’. I click on a topic entitled Us Verses Pedos, and I read the text that appeared.

Apparently, they thought themselves different to pedos. Pedos, the article said, were nothing but predatory monsters, who preyed on their beloved little girls – whilst, they where people who genuinely loved little girls and wouldn’t do anything to harm them.

That was the general gist of the post – although the writer went on and on and on for ages!

I read a few of the replies underneath. One was even from a girl (supposedly) who called herself ‘L.G.Vixen’. She was agreeing with all of the things that the original poster had written, and then some.

I closed the website, a pop-up opened - showing me the picture of a girl, naked from the chest up, her breasts on show.

She must have been about 13 or 14. I debated clicking on it, but closed it – thinking that this was a road I didn’t want to travel.

I switched off the computer and climbed back into bed. My clock told me it was 01.50. I yawned. I closed my eyes and fell asleep instantly.

My dreams that night were of men and little girls. I woke at 8 – something I’d never done on Sunday!
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This is a work of fiction and the author does not condone sexual activity in any shape or form between adults and minors.


I was already down stairs when Dad came down for his breakfast at 8.45.

After I’d gotten up at eight, I took a shower – I was tempted to play with myself – but didn’t. I knew that someone would be out of bed sooner rather than later, and decided not to risk it.

Besides, I didn’t want to be just reaching my boiling point, only for a member of my family to come a knocking on the bathroom door – telling me to ‘hurry up!’ – It would be very, very frustrating!

I wore a purple top that Mum had bough me especially for summer. It was light and airy. It was also quite loose fitting, and it extenuated my breasts, making them stand out slightly more than most of my other clothes. It hung a little short on me, not covering a tiny bit of my mid-riff just below my belly button.

I’d also chosen wear a pair of skin-tight leopard skin print leggings that clung to my hips and legs. I’d tried them on without any knickers, and as I viewed myself in my full-length mirror – I could see the outline of my vagina clearly. I felt a thrill as I looked at myself - studying the way the material had tucked itself into my crotch – clearing displaying my virginal slit.

To my eye, I looked sexy, but I knew that Mum would have a fit if she saw the outline of my privates like that - so I put a thick pair of knickers on, and then, I put the leggings back on. Checking the mirror again, I looked much better – no trace of my bits on show.

I discarded the thought of wearing socks, and chose a pair of blue plimsolls that could be taken off my feet with ease if I so desired.

I busied myself as Dad ate his cornflakes and drank a cup of coffee. I told him that I had the DVD in my bag, ready to return to the shop. In reality, the DVD was up stairs in my room – where it would remain until Sam’s birthday tomorrow.

Dad asked me if I had my mobile phone with me. I nodded my reply. He’d bought it for last birthday – he’d arranged a credit limit for me, so I’d learnt to make calls and send text messages wisely – having run up a huge bill during the first month of ownership. The ‘phone bill had nearly gotten me skinned alive when the bill dropped on our door mat. Who knew that 700 texts and 250 calls would cost so much?

At 9.40, Dad stood waiting with his car keys in one hand, and his golf clubs in the other. He told Mum that he was going to play a quick nine holes after his meeting at the club, and that he’d back home for lunch at one, one-thirty at the latest.

Mum didn’t say anything about my clothes as I kissed her on my way out. I had my bag over my shoulder, with my purse, such as it was, and my ‘phone tucked away in one of small side compartments. Inside the bag was an assortment of things, including a hairbrush – a girl never knew when she would have to brush her hair, Mum told me.

There was also a sealed sanitary towel – I had just started having my periods, and they came at irregular times because of my age – I never knew from month to month when it would start. In addition to the junk that I carried, was a small compact, containing my favourite shade of foundation and make-up.

Dad drove me directly to the Precinct. He’d told me to hurry and exchange the DVD so that he could drop me back home before heading off to the golf club for his meeting at 10.30, and his nine holes at 11.

We arrived a little before 10, and the Precinct was just opening its doors. I entered, and made my way back to the spot where Mum and I had met her friend. Of course, Baz wasn’t there – the place had only just opened.

I sought out a toilet, and entered the stall furthest away from the door. Quickly, I took off my leggings and knickers, dropping them into my bag. After I’d put the leggings back on and pulled them up so that they hugged my waist snugly, showing the cleft of my vagina slightly, I left the toilet, applied a generous amount of foundation and make-up. I didn’t have any lipstick with me, so I had to do without.

I took a selfie in a mirror - I looked cute. My slit was barely visible in the shot, so if anyone, especially Mum found it, it’d be okay, but the pic itself was sexy.

Baz was sitting exactly where he’d been yesterday when I walked up behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. He must have jumped 5 feet into the air!

I laughed as he turned to look at me. His mouth turned from a frown to a smile when he saw me standing there. The hall was deserted apart from us, and I felt slightly at odds with myself as I stood flaunting my private bits to this self confessed little girl lover.

“You,” he stammered, “you came.” He flashed those gorgeous eyes at me, as he looked me up and down.

“Told you I would, and I always keep my promises.” I replied. That was the second time I’d said something to him that I regretted – I’d have to keep reminding myself not to say things like that!

“You look gorgeous,” he said eyeing me again; his beautiful eyes lingered on my crotch maybe a little longer than I would have liked, but hey, I was starting to enjoy the attention.

“Do you want to grab a cup of coffee?” He asked innocently, I nodded, and we started walking toward the café that was located on the corner of this section of the Precinct.

“Hang on a tick,” I said, “I’ve just got to make a ‘phone call.” I retrieved my ‘phone out of my bag, pressing the quick dial number for Dad. He answered inside of a couple of rings.

I told him that I’d met my friend Lacy, who lived three doors down from us, and that I was going to get a lift home with her when she and her Dad had finished shopping, so, if he wanted to get away to the golf club, that was fine by me.

He readily agreed, telling me to take care, and that he loved me. I told him I loved him and hung up.

I told Baz, “If I get caught with that lie, I’ll be grounded for a month!” He laughed.

We entered the small café, and I went to the back of the place as far away from the door as possible. Baz brought two coffees and two doughnuts back with him.

He placed the small tray in the middle of the table, taking off the drinks, and the small plate with the doughnuts. He put the empty tray on the table next to us.

Out of his pocket, he brought a couple of sachets of sugar, and four little capsules of milk, dropping them onto the table too.

We made small talk as I put milk and sugar in my coffee. I took a sip. It tasted a little bitter, but I knew that some types of coffee naturally tasted bitter.

I told him in low tones about my visit to the little girl website. He listened with interest, draining his coffee cup in two mouthfuls. I recapped the posts I’d read, he nodded his head in agreement.

“So, are you that type or a straight out pedo?” I asked in almost a whisper when I’d finished.

I don’t know how I’d of reacted if he’d said to me that he was a proper pedo. I think I might have run out of the place, but I didn’t know to be honest.

He ignored the question completely. “I had a dream about you last night.” He said instead, with his mouth full of doughnut. He went on to tell me the details.

He described how we’d spent the whole day together. Him taking me to the local park for a picnic, how we sheltered in the bandstand when rain had started to fall heavily.

He told me that we’d snuggled together when the rain became so heavy that it started to bounce off the ground, lightening flashes and thunder occurring all the time. How he’d held me, kept me safe.

I sipped at my coffee as he talked, taking a bite at my doughnut. I felt myself starting to warm to him – only a little though. I still didn’t know him that well, and I was maybe a little bit annoyed too, as he’d blatantly ignored my question – although I didn’t mention it.

I kept looking into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes as he spoke, there were small bags under his eyes, but otherwise his facial skin was flawless. The tingly feeling arrived in between my legs. Did I need to pee? I felt a damn patch form against my thigh.

His telling me about his dream had started my mind working, the feeling emanated from my crotch – spreading throughout my young body rapidly.

Would I spend time with this man? I wondered, as the tingly got stronger. Would we do the things he’d dreamt of and more? My crotch was on fire as I listened and thought.

His hand reached out under the table, touching my knee; I nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

As his hand grazed my leg, I didn’t move it or tell him to move it.

He rubbed my knee gently as he spoke as if nothing untoward was happening, which I suppose in his mind, was true, although deep inside me, I was ready to explode.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I said after taking another sip of coffee.

He stopped rubbing me knee. The heat from his hand had begun to spread toward my crotch, all warm and comforting.

More dampness touched my thigh. God, I’m wet just by his touch – I thought to myself as another spark of electricity left his hand and went straight to my private parts, making me shudder with pleasure.

That warm tingly feeling was spreading through my body again. My body felt like had last night when I was in the bathroom.

“I’d still like to you naked,” he whispered, ignoring my question again.

I placed my hand on top of his. “Well, if you don’t answer me, I’m leaving.” I lied, and lifted his hand off my knee, although I didn’t want him to stop touching me, I made as if to stand up, pushing the chair back an inch.

A look crossed his face as if I’d slapped him. It looked like he was going to cry.

“Please,” he said, almost sobbing, “don’t go. I’ll answer your questions, all of them, but not here.”

“Where then?” I asked seriously, though I felt anything but, as the tingly feeling grew stronger and stronger with each passing second.

“My place.” He replied matter of factly – his hand pushed back onto my knee, and I melted inside.

I had a decision to make, and quick.

Did I go with this man, whom I hardly knew or did I simply say ‘no’ and go home. I thought about this dilemma for a split second, though I already knew the answer.

“Won’t take long to get there,” he said, “it’s only two minutes from here.”

I glanced at the clock that been hung behind the counter – 10.25. That gave me what, two and a half hours or so.

“Okay,” I whispered with some trepidation, even though I really wanted him to keep this fire burning deep within my body, “but, no funny stuff!”

He nodded his head, and stood. I don’t for the life of me know why I’d added ‘but no funny stuff’ – I wanted the funny stuff – my body felt ready for it, and at that second it felt like I was going to have an orgasm right there and then!

I wanted desperately to have this man touch my body – to send me over the edge into orgasm. I wanted it so very much.

His flat was indeed only a few minutes from the Precinct; we arrived there just after 10.30.

It was on the top floor of a small block. It was furnished quite sparsely, just a chair, sofa, table and a small TV that sat on a stand in one corner, in the living room. His kitchen was equally ill equipped – apart from the usual, cooker, sink and fridge there were a couple of cupboards and nothing else. I noted the bathroom and his bedroom as we passed by them to get to the living room.

I sat down on the sofa crossing my legs, my bag on the floor to my left. He sat in the only other chair.

“Go on then,” I said, “answer my question.”

He cleared his throat, licked his lips and started speaking. “I do love little girls,” he started, “and I would never hurt you or do anything against your wishes.” He shuffled in his seat. “All I do is look at pictures on the net, and at girls like you in the Precinct.”

He had said ‘you’ and ‘your’ to me. I hadn’t miss heard. He was still staring at me or more specifically at my breasts and mid-riff as I spoke.

“So you wouldn’t take advantage of me?” He shook his head, not taking his eyes off me for a second, “even if you were desperate?” He shook his head again.

I don’t know to this day what over-took me at that moment.

Maybe it was the fire that was still burning strongly in between my thighs – a fire that was still spreading through my body at a pace made that me do it.

I uncrossed my legs slowly; my hand went to my crotch. I felt that dampness grow on my thigh again.

I found that I had spread my legs wide. My fingertips barely touched the thin, flimsy material of my leggings, sending little electric sparks around my body.

Baz licked his lips; he was fumbling with his crotch as his blue eyes looked like they were on stalks as he intently stared at me!

He leant forward in his chair, licking his lips again, as I stroked my crotch; his head followed my every movement.

Using one hand on my privates, and the other on my nipples – I’d remembered to play with them – yay for me!

I masturbated.

Through my leggings, I touched my clitoris, feeling it grow slightly as my finger glanced off it. I had a nipple in between my finger and thumb; they were hard and grew at my touch. I moaned.

My blood rushed through my body – it went to all the right places – filling me with the heat that was spreading outward from my crotch.

I shuffled forward, my bum hung over the edge of his sofa. I rubbed myself harder now, tweaking my nipple harder, making me groan loudly.

I felt the pressure build up inside me. I rubbed harder and harder, pulling my nipple almost through my purple top.

When it came, my orgasm was incredible. It ripped through me like a bomb going off!

I shuddered, quivering like a lump of jelly, and then I screamed as it hit me with its full force. Freezing, I held my finger over my clit, gently rubbing. My nipple distended with my pulling at it so hard. My body rocked as the full force of this lustful orgasm hit its crescendo – this was even better than the one I’d had last night!

I rocked my hips back and forth, pushing my finger downwards and it slithered across my lubricated slit. I dipped it into myself a little, shuddering as I did so.

This last for a minute or so, my head spun and I felt dizzy with the pleasure.

As it passed, my body seemed to turn to rubber – I felt flushed. My cheeks burnt, I was sweating profusely. I had almost recovered my composure when I started to convulse. Little spasms erupted in my belly.

All of a sudden, I was on fire again, another orgasm rocked through me. I had to close my eyes as I tried in desperation to ride out the storm. I shuddered, groaning with pleasure.

I felt Baz’s hand on my breast, rubbing my rock hard nipple into an even harder state – my body started to tingle again.

His breath sounded ragged as his mouth neared my ear, nibbling my lobe. I could hear flesh-hitting flesh.

Still a little dizzy from the pleasure that was still coursing through me, I opened my eyes to look at Baz playing with my nipple. He had a firm hold in between two fingers, pulling gently.

His trousers were down to his knees – his big (to me) penis was being pumped like a piston on a steam engine, as he played with himself.

His was the first real life penis that I’d seen when it was erect and hard, very hard. Veins stood out as his blood flowed. It was alabaster white, unlike my Dad’s brownish one; it had a huge red tip. It looked like a matchstick – that grew in his hand.

He groaned in my ear as he licked at my earlobe. I felt little jerks of electricity go through me again. I grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled upward. It came off easily, uncovering my pert little breasts with my pink nipples – they stood solidly pointing at the ceiling.

Baz’s head moved from my ear, his mouth covered my right breast – he took my entire breast easily into his mouth – sucking me like a wild man.

A sense of urgency hit me, and somehow, with one hand, I managed to pull my leggings down to my knees, exposing my swollen clitoris – it had broken free of the sheath that had hidden it this very morning when I’d woken up, and now, it stood out and proud. I could still feel it pulsing and throbbing.

My hand went to my clitoris, and I touched myself. The exquisite feelings that were emanating from me became stronger and stronger with each touch of my fingers, as I rubber the engorged bud that had emerged.

Saliva dribbled down my breast and onto my stomach. I felt like a wanton woman – masturbating myself whilst Baz, still a stranger to me – sucked like a demon on my breast. It felt heavenly.

Baz’s attention to my breast waned as he caught sight of my wispy black pubic hairs. I didn’t have much hair down there, but what there was emphasised my very swollen clitoris.

He dropped to his knees, and his tongue found my slit. He probed me with it, sucking my orgasm up. He slurped as I rubbed my clit with fervour.

I felt my body shake as another orgasm built. It felt huge in my tiny body as Baz worked magic with his tongue – stretching my vaginal lips as he fucked me with his tongue – licking at anything and everything.

“I want to fuck you,” he gasped between licks. Oh, God, I felt as though I was literally going to explode as his tongue squirmed deeper into me. My fingers were working overtime on my clitoris, and I somehow managed to keep time with Baz’s slurping and sucking.

How could I really say no to his request – I was so turned on.

“Yes,” I purred.

He lifted his head away from me, flicking his tongue at my clitoris – sending another shock-wave through me as it touched me.

He removed my leggings, kneeling between my legs. His penis was hard. I wanted it in me, to feel it fill me.

He shuffled forward until that massive red head was nudging my clitoris; it was throbbing and pulsing all on its own. Each time it moved it touched me slightly, and sent little waves of indescribable pleasure through me – shocking me with electricity.

“Please be gentle,” I managed to say through gritted teeth, as another ripple shot through me.

He pushed forward, parting my lips. Slowly, he advanced until he was nudging my hymen. This was it. I was about to become a woman.

He withdrew slightly, and rocked forward on his hips, touching my hymen again – this he repeated several times – each time stopping just short of taking my virginity.

Closing his eyes, he made one final thrust, and I was a virgin no longer. The pain was truly horrific, and I gritted my teeth to stop myself from crying.

His fingers went to my clitoris, rubbing me hard and fast, sending yet more beautiful waves of pleasure coursing through my shaking body. He didn’t move his penis for a while – his fingers were almost a blur.

The pain receded slightly, and I whispered, “Okay.” Wanting him to fill me up.

Clamping on to my breast again, he rocked his hips slowly, pushing his way into me.

Sucking my nipple to a renewed hardness, he fucked me. He was gentle, taking his time, stretching me – allowing me to get used to the thing that had invaded my virgin body.

I could feel myself accommodate him – I was accepting his attentions. I was being filled to capacity – the feel of him as his penis grew inside me was ecstatic. Pleasure I didn’t know existed now existed within me – filled the gap in my knowledge – expanding me.

He fucked me ‘till I came again. How he held back, I’ll never know.

The orgasm was different to say the least. It started deep within me, and spread from there. My hips, thighs and the tops of my legs just began shuddering, and did not stop until my orgasm subsided some five minutes later – with him constantly fucking me.

He didn’t speed up or slow down – somehow, he managed to keep a constant pace, I was grateful to him, because the pain I had felt was gone now, replaced by nothing but pleasure.

After my hips had stopped shaking, I kissed the top of his head. He took this as a signal and sped up a little. The thrusting made me feel like I was going to burst – he was filling me so much. I felt like I was being stretched to my limit.

I felt him grow some more, expanding deep within me, he thrust into me once more, and pulled himself out of me just as he spurted all over my stomach, breasts, nipples and my throat. I narrowly missed getting one thick rope of sperm into my mouth.

It was white, and warm. It flew out of his penis in thick jets. He groaned and grunted as more and more came spewing out him – he throbbed as it jerked up and down, and his sperm flew through the air, right at me.

He lifted himself to his feet, pushing his penis toward my mouth.

“Suck my cock!” He demanded, I took him into my mouth. It was the first time I’d ever had a cock as he called it, to suck. I’d sucked on pencils, pens, and the like whilst at school – but nothing could have given me insight to cock sucking.

My mouth felt full. His red head filled me up completely. It went quickly past my teeth, I felt it bounce off my tonsils, as he grunted once more, and a few drops of his sperm found their way down my throat, and into my stomach.

His testicles were bouncing off my chin; my nose was buried in his thick pubic hair, while my mouth was busy sucking the sperm that coated his cock’s gorgeous red head.

I thought he was finished as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was still hard, granite hard.

He knelt again, and lifted my legs, pushing them back toward my shoulders.

I felt his cock brush up against my clit, and dip into me once more.

He fucked me for a good half dozen strokes, then, pulled his cock out of me.

His cock now nuzzled up against my anus, little droplets of my juices lubricated my bum.

“This is gonna hurt a little,” he grunted as he pushed past my sphincter. I gasped as he slid into me.

It didn’t hurt at all. I told him as much. He stemmed his action to gaze down at the scene of his cock sticking in my bum. Yep, it was in there alright!

He shrugged his shoulders, and restarted pumping in and out of me. I kissed him, my tongue finding his open mouth – probing, feeling his teeth, looking for his tonsils.

My anal cavity was full – he’d pushed his way into me, completely. I could feel his balls banging up against the cheeks of my bum. I was being stretched again to my limits.

An orgasm was building deep in my crotch. I could feel it – I had the tingly feeling in my clit, a cock up my bum, and I was in heaven. Baz rocked back and forth on his hips, fucking me ever faster.

I began flicking and rubbing myself with feverish speed. I really wanted to orgasm again. As I flicked away at my clit, I could feel those familiar electrical pulses begin to spread out through my body, building to a wonderful orgasm.

The more I rubbed, and the faster Baz fucked, the faster these little ripples came.

I screamed in his ear as I ejaculated, squirts of liquid flying out of me. It splashed against his pubic hair, ran over his pumping cock, and dripped down onto his balls and my bum.

He timed his second orgasm almost to perfection – no sooner had I spurted onto him when he spurted into me, whitewashing my small intestine with his hot sperm.

Baz lay against me, breathing hard. I kissed him again. Eventually, his cock slipped out of me, softening.

He fell back on to the floor, gasping for breath. I joined him on the floor, taking his cock into my mouth, I sucked him clean, as he moaned and groaned.

After I let him go, his cock slapping against his leg, we talked for a short while, whilst we regained our breath.

I thanked him for being so gentle with me. All he could do was smile.

My ‘phone rang. I fished through my bag, retrieving it. It was Mum. With my finger to my lips, telling him to be quiet, I answered.

“Where are you!?” She demanded, angrily.

“In the loos at the Precinct,” I lied, “I felt a bit sickly, and came in here to throw up.”

“Oh my poor darling,” she said, the anger in voice gone, “come home, and I’ll take care of you.”

“I’ve already been taken care of Mum,” I said into the ‘phone, smiling at Baz, as he leant forward and took my nipple into his mouth. “Well and truly.”

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Much appreciated CW

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I normally am not a big fan of first person but I really really enjoyed this. Well written and very hot.

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Thank you Sergius and NotTinka for the comments, much appreciated :)

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Wow..all I can say is first I wasn't sure if I wanted to finish but my curiosity was piqued and had the end I forgot she was only eleven and man....I had that electric tingling going through me too. Good work man

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OK that was indeed a hot story. Well written as well.


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Fantastic story. The anticipation that was built was great. I loved how she played with herself first. Her anticipation of it happening was just as great as his. Hot story.

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Thank you pervertedgirl, very much appreciated.

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loved the build up and climax. sooo HOT However charlotte not Baz was the real predator.


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:emot_thdrool:  Great story, Loved how it flowed from her POV 
her being eager and willing not forced in any way :emot_penis: