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Beach House Banging (mmffg; UATeen)

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on: November 17, 2015, 11:48:28 PM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

In the early 80’s, my good friend Jim’s family had a beach house in Duck NC (the Outer Banks).  For a summer, I heard about all the great times Jim’s family and others had at their fabulous beach house in Duck.  Finally, it came to pass that, about three weeks into our freshman year in High School, I was invited down for a long weekend.  Along for the weekend, somehow, was Jim, his younger sister Karen my ex-girlfriend Diane - though his parents did not know that she was my ex, and another good friend from our class Kelly, and her parents.

The weekend began as it should.  Lots of fun, lots of sun, lots of beach.  Friday afternoon and evening passed with fun and frivolity.  Saturday was a blast as the three girls teased us in their bikinis.  Sunday was a great late summer / early fall day on the outer banks and we began to bemoan that Monday was our last day and to dread a return to school on Tuesday.  One more night….

Jim’s parents were big drinkers (it was the 80’s) and the house was set up to be ‘adult-centric’.  By that, I mean there was a main area that had a great kitchen, living / family room, dining area and two master bedrooms w/ en-suite on the ‘first’ floor (it was up on stilts).  Above this floor was a second floor that had a smaller common room w/ a kitchenette, bathroom, and two rooms that can only be described as bunk houses.  One had a big bed (suspect it was a double) and a bunkbed and the other had two bunkbeds.  Jim and Kelly’s drunk parents were downstairs and we were up….

So…Jim & Kelly’s parents hit it hard early and retired.  Being the good 80’s kids we were, we raided the wine.  Fast forward a bit and Diane and I had re-kindled our romance.  By that I mean I was laying prone while she hoovered by cock (and to this day, I swear she was one of the best cock-suckers ever) when suddenly the door burst open.  Proving her professional cocksmanship, Diane pulled off with no teeth to turn and confront Jim and Kelly who excitedly exclaimed to us “Jim is going to eat my pussy so I can prove sex is all about the mind”.  (As an aside, Jim is a world class bull shitter and the fact that he literally talked this young, very Christian girl, into this ‘experiment’ is a testament to a level of awesomeness that still exists today, over 30 years later)  My throbbing, saliva covered cock,  not withstanding, this elicited an immense amount of excitement and Diane and I obligingly went to the other room to watch Jim suckle on Karen’s pussy.

There was a bet involved, of course, and it was that Karen would read the Gettysburg Address while Jim snacked on her snatch – really.  Since the Gettysburg Address is not all that long, it was determined that Jim would get a head start and that his sister, Karen, would say when to start.  (OK, a big aside – Jim and Karen were both adopted and had a bizarre relationship.  Never together that I know but still, it was always a bit weird.  Karen was two years behind us and was usually on the fringes but this was the first time she ‘joined the crew’ – and she joined much more the next year…) 
So, Kelly shed her shorts, spread her virgin legs (and she was definitely a virgin), picked up a thick great speeches book (we were A+ nerds who also studied that weekend), and began to thumb through it.  And Jim started munching on her snatch.  And Diane, not to be left behind, spread her legs and pulled my face into her cunt (she was a bit less bashful).  Eventually, Karen stated ‘GO’ and Kelly began to read the Gettysburg Address.  All of it.  In a monotonous tone (removed by time and maturity from the moment, I think she was probably not a great reader….).

When she hit the end, there was great laughter and Kelly claimed victory.  That is when Diane said let Steve (me) have a try.  And try I did.  I slid between those legs and let loose a teenage torrent of tongue lashing, pushing through her hairy snatch (it was the early 80’s) to nibble her clit.  No reading this time.  And also, no shame for the rest as Diane quickly spread her legs and let Jim get busy munching her dripping pussy to great effect.  Diane came, Kelly came, and Jim and I, who were clearly now men on top of the world, metaphorically beat our chests. 

After Kelly blasted off in my mouth, I skootched up to kiss her.  Until that moment, the two of us had been strictly plutonic.  But, having given her her first tongue-gasm (confirmed the next day), she was a hellion of a kisser. And she drew me in.  And she started rubbing her cunt against my cock.  And my cock started sliding into her pussy. Then she reached down and pulled me in.  SO, THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAD BEEN IN A WOMANS PUSSY WITH MY COCK.  And it was not with my ex-girlfriend who loved oral sex and, as I learned later, was planning to lose her virginity (and mine) that very weekend – WHO WAS ALSO IN THE BED BESIDE US.  Nor was it to a wanton slut – Kelly was the paragon of virtue.  It was, rather, a purely in-the-moment sexual thing.   
And I fucked her.  Hard.  And she moaned, writhed, and was generally enthusiastic and noisy.  After several minutes of vigorous fucking, I looked to my right and saw that Jim was now buried deep in Diane.  Again, Diane was my ex, who planned to lose her virginity to me this weekend (and mine to boot), but, as I was plowing her previously virginal good friend in the same bed….she apparently though ‘what the fuck’.
Eventually we played out.  I returned to Diane and we cuddled and then fucked.  Jim and Kelly cuddled up (but did nothing else).  We were spent and fell asleep.

So, what about Karen?  Well, after we all fell asleep, she apparently stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed beside me (double bed, think… Jim, Kelly, Diane, me, and now Karen).  That is a lot of kids in one small bed.  At some point, I rolled over and (apparently) thinking that it was either Diane or Kelly’s naked body against me (let’s be honest, I did not care), started to caress her.  Then, hard as a rock, I started spoon fucking her.  Of course, I couldn’t get into her properly.  Still drunk, in the dark, fully surrounded by my ex/current GF and her BFF that I had just fucked…I rolled her to her back and speared her virgin pussy – second of the night (third really but (a) Jim got Diane first and (b) we both suspect Diane was ‘not quite a virgin’ when we got to her….).  I fucked her good and proper for about 30 or 40 minutes.  To this day, I have no idea if anyone in the bed knew.  If so, they should have been appalled.  But they were either ignorant or acquiescent.  Afterwards, Karen left to go back to the bunk-room that the ‘girls’ were supposed to be sharing.

Hot story?  Now the aftermath…. Karen bled all over the fucking place.  And I mean all over the place.  It would have been great to blame it on Kelly but she had never moved from the one side of the bed.  Jim & I ate her cunt there, we both fucked her there, Jim flipped her around and fucked her doggy-style w/o really moving, and we all snuggled.  No mess.  Diane had handled our cocks with aplomb.  We weren’t going to say “you couldn’t have made this mess as you have clearly had some dick before” so we stayed mum.  We seemed to coalesce on an explanation that either (a) my cock bled all over the place after losing its virginity or (b) we don’t quite know what happened.  Everyone had a secret or two to keep and seemed OK w/ obfuscating the truth.  So we washed the sheets and made the bed.

Looking back, almost 35 years later….whew.  Jim is now in real estate in Florida…and living w/ his long term male partner – the 90’s were so beautifully liberating.  Kelly is a virtuous Christian lady who is active in church, her local school (head of PTA at one point), and local Republican politics.  Diane is a PhD tenured professor (not the right term) at a prestigious  b-school far from where we live and she continues to be a totally sexy 47 y/o cougar slut (really, that woman is way hotter now than when she was in her teens…).  Karen went through some dark times which included a lot of sex with me and another friend, and a few other tangential friends…but for the last 15 years she has taught HS Chem and Physics (won an award at some point).  Me?  Still a degenerate.  Still occasionally snack on Karen’s pussy (still in the same town) and occasionally fill her cunt with a load of cum to take home to her religious husband (I am 99.9% sure he knows I ploy his wife every week or so).  I see Diane every few year and, to this day, have always either ended up spending the night or getting a hummer.


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Thanks for sharing the awesome story.


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Good one. Loved the Christian girl giving you her pussy