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The Twins, Chapter 1, The seed is planted. Mf, ff, UATeen

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   This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

The Twins, Chapter 1. The seed is planted.
Mf, ff, UATeen

I have never been attracted to underage girls, well, I have never acted on that attraction. Like all men, my body has reacted to a cute hard bodied teen without my permission, but I have never acted on it. I am a 35-year-old self-employed confirmed bachelor who likes to play the field. I have never had a problem picking up women and get all the pussy I want. All of that changed early this summer.


It was 11:00 AM as I made my way home from working out. As I pulled onto my street I was greeted with the site of my young neighbors laying in their front yard getting some sun. I couldn't help but look hard as I passed them pulling into my driveway. What a site, twin 13-year-old lovelies grabbing some rays on the first warm day of the year.

“Hey girls, having fun?” I called out as I stepped out of my car.
“Hey Mr. Wilson, how you doing?” Emma answered sitting up and waving at me.
“Hey Mr. Wilson”, Ella cried out.

I was amazed at the growth in the young teens over the last year. They had been frequent visitors to my house over the last several years, swimming in my pool and had even spent the night a few times when I watched them when their parents went out. Just last year there had been no evidence of growth, but boy had that changed over the winter. They were both wearing the littlest bikinis I had ever seen, firm breast flesh poured out of the top and the bottoms were as close as you could get to a thong.

“I see you are enjoying your first week of summer,” I said as I got close.
“Oh yeah, we have to get our tans going before the community pool opens up next month,” Ella said.
“We plan on being the tannest girls at the pool on opening day” Emma replied.
“Well, you're going to get most of your bodies tanned or burned in those suites, does you dad know you are wearing those in the front yard? I asked.
“Um, he doesn't know we have these suits” Ella replied stuttering a little.
“He wants us to lay out in the back yard but there are too many trees that block the sun,” Emma said.
“Your not going to tell him, are you?'” Ella asked hesitantly.
“Come on girls, you know me better than that, have I ever told them any of the secrets you told me? Did I tell them about that spin the bottle party you told me you went to?” I asked laughing.
“No, you're pretty cool,” Emma said. “So what do you think about our suits?”
“Well, they don't leave much to the imagination” I replied. “Just looking I can tell you have both matured a lot over the winter.”

“Not that much,” Ella said turning red.
“Yeah right, last summer you were both flat as a board, but now my guess is you are both filling out an A cup”
“How do you know our bra size?” Ella, the shy twin, asked turning even redder as she covered her breast with her arms.
“Girls, I guess you could say I am an expert on breast” I replied laughing.
“You like them? They grew fast” Emma, the more outgoing twin asked with a twinkle in her deep blue eyes as she pushed her chest out.
“They look very nice, and I see you are growing a nice bush on your pussies? I replied looking at the crotch of the two girls.
“How can you tell that?' Ella asked now covering her barely covered pussy with her right hand while her left arm covered her tits.
“Well I can see the outline of your pussies in those suits, they pretty much reveal everything, and there are some little blonde hairs sticking out,” I replied.
“I told you we needed to trim down there,” Emma said punching her sister in the arm.
“If you are going to wear suits like that you need to at least trim, it might be easier if you just shaved it” I replied.
“You mean shave it all off down there?” Ella asked, her face now brighter than a ripe tomato.
“Sure, a lot of girls shave their pussies” I replied.

“Do your girlfriend's shave? Emma asked.
“Some of them.”
“Wouldn't that make them look like little girls?” Ella asked.
“Do you prefer that your girlfriends shave? Emma asked.
“I like it when a girl is either shaved or trimmed neatly” I answered,
“How come?” Ella asked.
“So he doesn't get hair in his mouth, silly,” Emma said laughing at her naive sister.
“You mean guys really put their mouths down there?' Ella asked looking down at the hair sticking out of the side of her bikini. “I thought that was only in porn.”
“Sure they do.”
“Do the women like it?' Emma asked.
“Oh yeah, it is the best orgasm you have ever experienced,” I said laughing.
“I can't wait until a guy does that to me,” Emma said.

“I am surprised you have not done it to each other,” I said.
“Eww, were not lesbos” Ella cried.
“Experimenting doesn't make you a lesbian,” I said laughing. “Have you two not experimented with each other?”
“What do you mean?” Emma asked obviously interested.
“I am assuming that you both masturbate” I replied.
“Well yeah,” Emma said as Ella just turned even redder.
“Have you ever masturbated together?” I asked.
“Little baby Ella won't even do it in the same room as me, she acts like she never does it but I can hear her in the bathroom” Emma replied punching her sister again.
“That's too bad, I figured you two had probably masturbated each other by now. Oh well, I guess I better get inside, I have some work to do. See you girls later” I said as I turned and walked back to my house, the seed planted.

“Holy shit those girls are hot,” I thought to myself as I dropped my pants and started stroking my dick as I looked out the window at the twins. I exploded all over the wall when Emma put her hand on Ella's stomach and Ella did the same to Emma. I smiled as both girls jumped up and ran for the house, “I bet they are going to have one hell of an afternoon” I thought as I made my way up the stairs to get some work on the latest program I was working on.


It had been two weeks and I had not seen the twins once, I had almost forgotten about them as I sat on my back porch drinking coffee.
“Hey Mister Wilson” Emma said as she walked around the corner, “I hoped you would be out here.”
“Hey Emma, what's up?” I replied looking at the young teen in tight shorts and a red tube top.
“Not much, I just wanted to say thank you for the talk the other day.”
“Oh, no problem, you know you girls can always talk to me about anything.”
“Me and Ella have been having a bit of fun,” she said turning a little red.
“Oh really?” I exclaimed.
“Yeah, Ella is a little shy, but I finally talked her into playing with herself in front of me.” she explained.
“So how was it?”
“It was intense, having someone watch made it even better.”
“So, did you do anything else together?”
“Well, yeah,” she said stuttering a bit.
“I have never known you to be shy, you want to tell me about it?” I encouraged.

“Well, we were both naked and Ella was rubbing herself with her eye's closed. I just had to reach over and rub her little button for her,” Emma said blushing just a little.
“How did Ella react?” I asked.
“She jumped at first and screamed my name, but I kept rubber her clit and she spread her legs even farther until I got her off.”
“So, did she return the favor?”
“Yeah, once she caught her breath she got me off. Later that night we got each other off at the same time. And then we did it again the next morning, why is it so much better when someone else touches you?”
“Not sure, guess it's because you don't know what they are going to do next. So you girls have spent the last two weeks playing with each other's pussies?”
“Yeah, but that isn't all,” Emma said.
“Oh, I can't wait to hear this.”
“Well, last night Ella was laying on her back and I was between her legs rubbing her clit. I could smell her and I couldn't help myself.” Emma said.
“Well, I leaned down and ran my tongue along her pussy.”
“How did you like it?” I asked.
“It wasn't bad, and boy did she jump when I ran my tongue over her clit,” Emma said laughing.
“What did she say?” I asked.
“First she yelled, but I held onto her and pushed my tongue into her harder, then she moaned, then she screamed as she hit orgasm.”

“So little shy Ella liked it huh?” I asked laughing. “So what did she do?”
“Well, first she stuck her finger inside me and got me real wet, then she stuck her finger in her mouth. I told her she didn't have to do it if she didn't want to but she said it wasn't too bad and then she stuck her tongue in me.”
“So how did you like it?”
“Oh my god, you were right, it was the best orgasm I have ever had.”
“Told you.”
“Are you sure this doesn't make us lesbians?” Emma asked with concern in her voice.
“Let me ask you this, do you still think about cute boys?”
“Well yeah, I met a guy at the mall the other day and he was so hot, I was imagining it was him sucking on my clit this morning instead of Ella,” Emma said laughing.
“See, there is proof that you are not a lesbian,” I answered laughing.
“Mr Wilson, can I ask you for a favor?” Emma said shyly.
“Anytime, but only if you call me Doug when it is just us, Mr. Wilson is just so formal,” I replied.
“OK, Mr, err I mean Doug, I am not sure me and Ella were doing it right since we have never done anything like that before we were just sort of guessing. How can we know?”
“Well there is not real right or wrong way, if Ella enjoyed what you were doing then you were doing it right, and if you enjoyed what Ella was doing then she was doing it right.”
“But, what if there is more we can be doing but don't know because we have never done it before?” Emma cried.

“Emma, what are you trying to ask me?”
“Um, could you maybe do it to me so I can see what it is supposed to feel like?”
“Are you sure you want me to do that? You know that means we will have to get naked.” I explained.
“Yeah, I know, and you have already seen most of me, and I have seen naked guys on the computer but really want to see one in real life.” Emma begged,
“I don't know, if anybody ever found out I could get in a lot of trouble, I could even go to jail.”
“Doug, I would never tell anybody, promise!” Emma cried.
“I bet you would tell Ella, you are twins, you tell each other everything,” I explained.
“Well yeah, I guess I would have to tell her,” Emma said pouting.
“Does Ella know you are over here, and what you are asking?”
“Yeah, I told her my idea.”
“What did she say?” I asked,
“She thought it was interesting, but you know how shy she can be. Do you think we might could do something if I can get her to agree to do it too?” Emma begged,
“That could work,” I said.
“OK, great, I will talk to Ella, See you later Mr. Wilson.”


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I hope you will continue.

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I hope you will continue.

Me too...

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The story continues for three more parts.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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