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-Lacy's Legacy-

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on: July 25, 2017, 09:50:55 PM
Personal note: When the Kristen Archives crashed, I thought this story was lost for good. Big thank you to Ted_4159. He had a back up of all the stories, and the story was saved. This was my first ever shot, at writing erotica. If you have already read it, thank you. I will be re-editing and correcting as I re-upload, but the basic story will remain the same.

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DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 or over to read this story.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Lacy's Legacy
Written by: KitKat
Copyright by the author © 2015

When Lacy was only 3 years old, her parents got divorced and her father moved away. Lacy's  mom, Wendy, was a registered nurse. She worked really hard to pay the bills, without any support from Lacy's father. Wendy was a very sexy woman, and had many boyfriends over the years, who would come and go. Then, when Lacy was young, Wendy started dating a guy named Jeff.

Jeff was a lot younger than her, and she fell very deep in love with him quickly. He was a tall and muscular guy, and was very fit and handsome. He worked odd jobs using his muscle power, like a personal trainer, a bouncer, and things of that nature. He was 28 years old, 10 years younger than Wendy. Sometimes he would bring Lacy gifts, and try to make a good impression on her. About a year later, Wendy and Jeff were married, in a small ceremony on the beach with just a few friends.

Wendy would go to work from 6pm to 6am, sometimes she would even work 24 hour shifts. So that left Lacy all alone with Jeff quite a lot. He was always very nice to Lacy, and made her laugh. He would make dinner for them, and afterwards they would sometimes watch movies together.  Then one night, Jeff put in an 'R' rated movie, that had nudity, and very graphic sex scenes.

Lacy covered her eyes, "Mommy told me not to watch things like that."

Jeff told her it was okay, that he wouldn't tell her mom, if she wanted to look. So Lacy watched. The scene was a beautiful woman who had big tits, and she was being kissed by her boyfriend on her pussy. Watching this gave Lacy a really funny feeling, it made her whole body, get this hot feeling, all over. The woman in the movie was moaning, and it looked, like she really liked it a lot.

Jeff just smiled at Lacy, with this creepy smile and said, "Don't tell your mom I let you look at this ok?" Lacy shook her head and agreed not to tell.

That night when Lacy went to her bed, she kept thinking about the movie. That night was the first night that she explored her own little pussy. She touched and rubbed it, and she could see why it felt so good to the woman on the movie. Every night it got to be a regular thing, Lacy would play with her little pussy before she went to bed.


About a week later, Jeff told Lacy that he had another naked movie to watch. if she wanted to watch it with him. He ordered pizza, and after they ate, they watched the movie. It was a straight up porno, with a little bit of a story line. As they watched, Jeff asked Lacy if she wanted to see his cock.

Lacy said, "My mom will get mad if she finds out."

He replied, "If you want me to show you how to feel good like the girls in the movie, I promise I won't tell your mom. It can be our secret."

Lacy didn't even answer him, and he pulled out his hard cock. He started stroking it, and looked at her. Lacy just stared at it.

"It looks good doesn't it?" he asked. Lacy nodded her  head, and started blushing.

"Come over here baby," Jeff said, "sit next to me."

Lacy was scared of Jeff, he was a big strong guy, so she did what he asked and sat next to him.

He took her hand and placed it around his cock. When she touched it, it felt hard and very warm. It felt so good to her. He showed her how to rub it, up and down, while she squeezed it. He started moaning and told her that she was really good at it, and that she was making him feel really good. After a while some white stuff started to squirt out of his cock, and scared her. She later learned that this was cum. He took off his white tee shirt and cleaned it up. Lacy's little pussy, was very wet by this time.

Jeff smiled at her and said, "Did you like that baby girl? Cause I really enjoyed that, thank you so much."

She just nodded her head yes.
Then he said, "Do you want me to help you feel good too?"

Lacy didn't say anything, then he grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her onto his lap.  He pulled her shorts open at the waist and slipped his hand down into her panties to her little, very wet, pussy. He slowly started rubbing it. It felt so good that Lacy couldn't help but start moaning softly.

"You have the softest little pussy I have ever felt," he said, while he rubbed on her little clit.

"I want to taste you baby, can I taste your little pussy?"

Lacy said, "Okay."

It felt so good and she didn't want him to stop. He then pulled of her shorts and her very wet little panties.

"Oh my god, you are so beautiful," he said to her, as he stared at her young body.

This made Lacy blush. He told her to lay down on the couch, then he spread her legs open and put his head between her legs. He started licking her little pussy and sucking on her clit. Lacy very quickly, had a very strong orgasm. He smiled, and laughed a little, and kept licking it. She tasted so good. Then he poked his tongue deep inside of her, in and out.  Lacy was moaning so loud and she tried to close her legs, but he held them open with his strong arms. Her legs were shaking, and it felt so good, so intense. He made her cum two more times, then his penis squirted again all over her tight tummy.


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After a while, he reluctantly pulled his cock away from her sweet eager little mouth, and went down to spread her legs open. He played with her clit and made sure her pussy was nice and wet, which it was. Then he put the head of his cock right at the entrance of her little wet pussy.

He looked at her with concerned eyes, and asked, "Are you sure you're ready for this baby?"

She shook her head yes, thinking that she was, but she really wasn't. He slowly started to put the head in, and Lacy started to moan loudly.  His cock was pretty fat, and about 7 inches long.

He pulled it out. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"It hurts." Lacy replied.

Then Jeff explained, "It's gonna hurt at first, but then it will start to feel really good, I promise."

Lacy said okay, then he tried again. This time he didn't go slow. He put the head in, and then pushed his cock deep, all the way into her little virgin pussy. Lacy screamed in agony, and he had to covered her mouth with his hand, to quiet her down. He kept pounding, not as hard as he wanted to, though it still hurt her like crazy. Then as he had promised, it started to feel less painful, and slightly pleasurable. He pulled out, after only a couple of minutes, and cum flowed all over Lacy's tummy.

"Oh my god!" he said. "You are so fucking tight. Oh, fuck yeah, that was so good!"

He laughed, feeling tremendous pleasure.  Not only from the orgasm, but knowing that he had just deflowered this hot little teen girl, gave him a certain amount of satisfaction.

Lacy was in pain, her little pussy throbbing and burning. She started to cry, feeling a bit confused and scared. She couldn't believe what they had just done.  Jeff comforted her, and told her that everything would be alright, eventually getting her to calm down. After that, they took a shower together, and Jeff made out with her in the shower, and helped her wash the blood out of her swollen and sore little pussy. Then he laid down with her in her little twin bed until she fell asleep.


The next day at school, Lacy kept thinking about what happened yesterday.

She thought to herself. 'I can't believe that I lost my virginity to Jeff, who just happens to be my step daddy. I don't even really look at him as a step daddy. It feels like he's more like, my boyfriend.'

Then she realized that he just cheated on her mom with her. It was a lot for a young girl her age to handle, and she started to feel guilty and confused. When she got home from school she went to her room, and listened to her MP3 player. When Jeff came home, Lacy's mom was heading out to go to work. Lacy stayed in her room. Pretty soon there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in." She said.

It was Jeff. "Is everything okay?" he asked.

Lacy shook her head no, and started to cry. He ran to comfort her, and held her in his strong arms.

"What happened Lacy? What is it?" He asked concerned.

He made her feel so safe, and she felt like she could tell him anything. Lacy told him how she felt bad that they were cheating on her mom. She felt guilty for having "boyfriend feelings" for him.

"There is nothing to feel bad about," Jeff told her. "I would never cheat on your mom. What we did was just a daddy's way of teaching his daughter how to be a good lover. It's something that daddy's have done for thousands of years, but it's just not accepted by today's society. So we can never tell your mom about this."

She was amazed. In some way it made sense to her. Then she asked "But, why do I feel jealous of my mom and you?"

Then he explained, "What that means, is that it's time for you to have a boyfriend. Is there any boys at school that you think are sexy, that you would like to kiss?"

Lacy shook her head yes, and said his name. "Zack."

Zack was a boy at school who would make Lacy get butterflies in her stomach, anytime she saw him. He was tall for his age of 13, and had beautiful blonde hair, with golden natural highlights, and deep blue eyes. He also lived on the next street over from where Lacy lived.

"Zack huh?" Jeff asked. "Well, I think maybe I should take you and Zack, on your very first date. I will be your chaperone. That way your mom will feel better about it. So tomorrow at school you have to ask Zack if he would like to go on a date with you."

Then Lacy asked, "But what if he says no?"

"Are you kidding?" Jeff said. "You have to be one of the hottest girls at school, I'm pretty sure he already has his eye on you."


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The next day at school, Lacy was on a mission to ask Zack out for a date. She was so very nervous, just looking at him made her panties get wet, and made her have naughty thoughts about him. He was so cute and gorgeous. All the girls liked him.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend Jessie. She was a rich, snobby drama queen, with bigger boobs than most girls Lacy's age. So she was worried he wouldn't really be interested in her. Then she remembered one day, how he made her laugh in math class, and said that he loved her laugh, as he looked at her with a cute flirtatious grin. 

So she thought to herself, 'Maybe he does like me.'

5th period came around, and it was time to ask him. He sat right in front of her, so she passed him a note during class, that said:

"Hi Zack, I wanted to ask you something. If you say "no," that is totally okay, but I was wondering if you would like to go to a movie with me tonight."

He turned around and looked at her, with those gorgeous blue sparkling eyes and mouthed the words as he shook his head. "Yes." Lacy smiled the biggest smile ever, then he winked at her. She was so happy, she couldn't wait till their date. After class, he stopped her on the way out the door and said to her.

"What do you have planned for our date cutie?" Then he grabbed her hand. Lacy's heart started to pound.

'Oh my god! He's holding my hand.' She thought to herself. She tried really hard to act cool and calm.

"My step dad is going to drive us to a movie, can we pick you up at 6:30?"

Zack replied, "Yeah, that sounds good. See you then."

Then he leaned in, and kissed her on her cheek. Lacy felt her cheeks go flush, and as he walked away, she put her hand on her cheek where he had just kissed it. This made her feel so horny and wet. So in between classes, she went to the girls bathroom, and masturbated as quietly and quickly as she could.  She thought about Zack, with his shirt off, and pictured how he might look naked, with a hard on, until she made herself cum really good.  It was a very intense orgasm. So intense that it made her legs quiver. She tried to regain her composure, and washed her hands and fixed her hair. Then finally, she made her way to class.

When Jeff got home Lacy was so excited to tell him about her day. She gave him a big hug as soon as he walked in the door.

As Lacy's mom was on the way out to work, she noticed them, and said, "Oh boy, you two sure have gotten close haven't you?" Then she smiled at them.

Jeff said "Of course, you guys are my family. I love you both very much."  He grabbed his wife and pulled her close to give her a big hug, while he squeezed her ass.

He told her, "Have a good night sexy." Then he gave her a very hot French kiss as she moaned.

Lacy walked out of the room, because she really didn't want to see this. Jeff comes into the kitchen where Lacy is, and grabs a beer out of the fridge. He chugs his beer, then asks between big gulps.

"So what happened today at school?"

Lacy got a huge smile on her face and told him, "He said yes!"

Jeff smiled and replied, "Of course he said yes, he would be a moron if he didn't. You are a really hot girl."

Lacy blushed, and asked "Really?!" He smiled and nodded yes.

Lacy never really saw herself as a "hot girl". She knew she wasn't ugly but, hot? Jeff finished chugging his beer, and then asked Lacy if she wanted to take a quick shower with him. Lacy didn't really want to but she was scared to say no to him.

She followed him to the bathroom. He got in and adjusted the water while Lacy undressed slowly.

"Hurry up!" he said, "You don't want to be late for your date tonight, do you?"

Lacy stepped in the shower with him. As soon as she got in the shower, he went down on her, and started licking her pussy. Even though she did not want to be in there with him, it felt so good. He was really good at it. He made her cum quickly, and kept licking it a little while longer after that.

Then he said, "Suck my cock."

Lacy did what he asked, and started to lick the tip all over.

Then he said, "Now open your mouth, and put it in your mouth, but try not to touch it with your teeth, cause it will hurt me really bad. Okay baby girl?"

She tried her best to make him happy. He seemed to enjoy it, and said, "Good girl, that's it."

She didn't really know what she was doing, but he helped her, by putting his hand on the back of her head, showing her how to do it. It made her gag a few times, but he told her that it was okay, and to keep going. Then he started to cum in her mouth. Lacy was not ready for this, and it scared her, so she jerked away.

"It's alright, a good girl is suppose to eat her man's cum." He told her.

She had some in her mouth and he said, "Swallow it!" In a strong voice.

She did what he said, and swallowed his cum. It tasted funny, and she didn't really like the taste, but she didn't want to upset him. So she just did what he asked her to do.

"There you go, it's not so bad, you will get use to it. Now hurry up, we need to get ready for your date."

Lacy was so excited about her first date. She went to her room to get dressed quickly. She wore a cute little denim mini skirt, and a white cotton button up blouse, with her converse sneakers.  After Jeff got dressed, he walked to the living room. Then he noticed that they had to leave now, or they would be late.

"Let's go!" Jeff yelled from the living room.

They arrived at Zack's house. Lacy got out and rang the door bell. Zack comes out wearing a football jersey and tattered jeans. He always looked so hot and stylish to Lacy.

"Hey Lacy, you look incredible." Zack said.

She smiled and said, "Thank you, so do you."

They both got in the back seat, then Jeff introduced himself to Zack.

"Hey man. How you doing? Nice to meet you."

They shook hands, then Jeff drove them to the movies.

Jeff parked the car and said, "You guys have fun, when you're ready I will be next door at the book store."

Then he gave Lacy a smile, and lifted one eyebrow. He could tell she was so happy. Zack bought tickets to some Adam Sandler comedy movie. They stopped at the snack bar and he bought her a soda and candy. Then he took her by the hand and escorted her into the theater. There were not very many people there, and he took them all the way to the back corner of the theater. They were pretty far from the people who were mostly in the center of the theater. They sat there talking for a little while before the previews started.

"I'm so glad you asked me out tonight," he said, as he looked at her, then he continued. "I have been wanting to ask you out for a while now, but I was with someone else. Now that's over.  Anyways, Thanks."

She smiled at him and said, "I'm just glad you said yes."

Then he put his hand on her knee and started to rub it. It gave her the sexiest feeling. To have even just that little bit of contact with him gave her butterflies in her stomach. He leaned over to her ear and whispered.

"Your legs are so soft."

Then he smelled her hair. "Your hair smells really good too."

He continued rubbing her knee as the previews began. It felt so good and Lacy loved it. Then the movie started, and it was really funny, so they laughed a lot.  Later, Zack slowly started moving his hand up to her upper thigh that was exposed. She couldn't help but make a soft moan, from the pleasure of it all. He looked in her eyes and smiled. Then she slowly opened her legs a little more, to let him know he could keep going if he wanted to. Sure enough, he moved his hand up to her panties and started to rub her pussy. She closed her eyes and tried to keep quite. It felt so good. Then, he took his hand that had been rubbing her pussy and put it around her shoulders. Then he took his other hand, and turned her to face him, and started to kiss her with an open mouth kiss.

They  continued to make out for what felt like a really long time, then he started to slip his tongue into her mouth. His tongue felt so good, and it was making her little pussy so wet. Then he took his other hand, and put it up her skirt, pulled her panties aside, and started to slip a finger into her pussy. He fingered her, while he French kissed her. It was too much for Lacy to handle and she started moaning. She tried to be as quiet as she could, while Zack helped her have a very strong orgasm. He was very pleased and happy that he made her cum.

He pulled his finger out. Then he smelled it and said, "Oh yeah, your pussy smells so good."

Then he took his finger and put it in his mouth and sucked all her pussy juice off of it. Then he started to French kiss her again. She got a taste of her own cum.

Lacy thought to herself. 'Jeff was right. If you really like someone, you are suppose to eat their cum.'

She could clearly see that Zack had a boner in his pants, and he kept rubbing it, trying to make it go down before it was time to walk out of the movie.

After the movie was over, they waited for everyone to leave and he said, "If you want to, I would love to go out on another date with you."

She smiled at him and nodded her head yes. Then they got up, to walk out. He held her hand as they walked out of the theater. Jeff was waiting right by the exit.

He asked, "Hey guys, how was the movie?"

He looked at them, as if trying to read on their faces what they were thinking.

"It was hilarious," Zack replied, "That Sandler is crazy funny."

They walked towards the car. Zack and Lacy sat in the back seat holding hands, while Jeff drove him home.

They pulled up to Zack's house and he said, "That was so much fun, thank you." Then he leaned over, and kissed her goodnight on the cheek, then got out of the car.

"Good night," he said to them both, then he walked inside.

Jeff drove Lacy home. They went inside, then Jeff said, "Let's go sit down and talk on the couch."

He sat down first, and she sat next to him. Lacy was smiling and was feeling so happy.

"That is quite a big smile you have on your face right now." Jeff said. "What exactly happened on your date tonight? Were you a naughty girl?"

She immediately started to blush, and he knew right away. "You were, weren't you?" he asked.  She nodded her head yes, while looking down.

"Look at me," he said. "What did you do, naughty girl?"

Lacy confessed, "I let Zack rub my leg, and then opened my legs, just a little more, to let him know that it was okay to go further. Then he fingered me, real good, until he made me cum all over his fingers, while we made out."

Jeff was turned on by her story. "That lucky bastard. He's probably home, jerking off right now, as we speak."

Lacy pictured Zack in her head, jerking off, naked, maybe in the shower. Her pussy started to get really wet.

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by Jeff saying, "Well now, he's going to expect more from you next time, you know that right? I don't think you're quite ready for that yet. You need a lot more practice first." Jeff pulled out his cock and started stroking it.

"Come over here. Get on your knees, and practice sucking my cock," he commanded. Lacy did as she was told, and knelt between his legs.

"No, take all your clothes off first. Slowly," he said.

She started to strip off her clothes, as he watched, and stroked his cock to a very full and hard erect state.
Once she was totally naked he said, "Turn around, slowly."

She did, letting him look at her naked body.

He groaned as he looked at her hot naked teen body, and stroked his cock. "God damn! You are so fucking sexy," he said. "Now get on your knees, and suck this cock like a good little girl."

Lacy was full of emotions, on one hand she liked doing this and it turned her on, then on the other hand, she didn't want to do it. She also liked the way he talked to her in that forceful way. It's almost like she was scared, but at the same time, totally trusted him. She tried her best to give him a good blow job, and he seemed to really enjoy it.

"That's a good girl. Yeah! Now, I'm going to cum in a minute, and I want to see you swallow all of my cum. I know you can do it Lacy."

She shook her head yes, with his cock in her mouth. Then she closed her eyes and pretended that she was sucking Zack's cock. She started thinking about Zack finger fucking her and kissing her with his tongue. It made her so wet.  Then Jeff started to cum. She kept sucking it, and swallowed, and sucked it more and swallowed. It wasn't so bad this time.

"Oh yeeeeahhhh!" he moaned with pleasure, as he jerked the last bit of cum out of his hard penis.

"You are one hot little bitch." Then he pushed her, to direct her to lay on the carpet.

Lacy laid down on her back and bent her knees. He pulled her knees apart in a soft but forceful way, and started to lick and tongue fuck her pussy. He went at it with such passion. She moaned and felt light headed, as he made her cum really hard. It was so intense, that she started to close her legs, but he grabbed them, and held them as far apart as they could go, and kept going. Then he got another hard on, and got up in between her legs. He slipped his hard cock, deep inside her very wet, very tight little pussy. This time it felt so good.

She yelled out, "YES! Fuck me!"

He started to go faster, and it felt so good that he made her cum again.  He pounded and pounded that little pussy for a few more minutes. Then he pulled out his cock and sprayed it all over her tits and face. She looked at him, and licked her lips that had cum on them.

"Yeah baby," he said. "That is so fucking hot. I trained you well."


The next day at school before class, Zack and Lacy were walking in the halls holding hands. His ex girlfriend Jessie walks up to them with her two friends, and says.

"That's your new girlfriend? She doesn't even have tits yet."

Then her and her friends start laughing at Lacy. Lacy started blushing and looked down. She was trying so hard not to cry. That comment had really hurt her feelings.

Zack squeezed her hand tight, and said, "She's more than just a pair of tits, which is more than I can say about you."
Then he started walking away and pulled Lacy outside, into the private garden area.

He pushed her against the wall gently and leaned against her, and said, "Don't worry about her, she's just jealous of how great we look together."

Lacy smiled and looked into his beautiful eyes. Then he continued. "But she was right about one thing, you are my new girlfriend, right baby?"

Lacy smiled and shook her head yes. Then he kissed her very sweetly and gently, on her lips. Lacy was so happy that Zack stood up to Jessie like that. It made her love him even more.

"Come on, I'll walk you to class," Zack said, after the warning bell sounded.


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A few months went by, and Lacy's 13th birthday was coming up on Saturday.  Jeff was still occasionally making Lacy have sex with him, when her mom wasn't home. Her breasts had grown into a full A cup, and she was starting to feel like a real woman. Zack and Lacy still had not had sex yet by this time.

She told him she was a virgin, and wasn't ready to go all the way yet, but she was having regular oral sex with him, and heavy make out sessions, when they found time to be alone. He seemed to be happy with that, and respected her feelings. When Lacy would suck on his cock, he told her she was the best blow job he had ever had. Lacy didn't ask him how many he had before, although she was curious.

At school on Friday, Zack asked her if she wanted to come to his house that night, cause his parents were going out of town, and it would just be him and his older brother. She said yes. Her mom was off that night, and her and Jeff would be out on their own date. So she really didn't want to be home alone anyway.

That evening she got dressed in her black wool tights, and long purple sweater, with her black grunge boots. It was colder outside this time of year, so she had to dress warm. She walked to Zack's house, which was only the next street over.  She walked up to the door, and knocked. This big muscular guy, that looked like an older version of Zack, answered the door.

"Hey, sexy. How can I, help, you?" He asked, in a very flirtatious way.

Then Lacy heard a few other college age guys in the back ground hooting and hollering.

She smiled at the very muscular, and tanned handsome guy, then asked him, "Is Zack here?"

He looked around and said "Zack? You are here, for... ZACK!" he turned around to yell, then quickly looked back at Lacy, and smiled at her, with a creepy smile. 

Zack came running down the stairs and tried to get around his brother. Then his brother grabbed him in a head lock and gave him a noogie. It was freezing outside, so she stepped inside, and closed the door. The two other guys there, looked at her up and down as soon as she walked in, checking her out.

"Damn, she's fine," one of them said.

Zack said while still in the headlock. "This is my girlfriend Lacy."

Lacy smiled and looked around. Then Zack continued.

"Lacy, this is my older brother Craig, visiting from Butt hole University."

The two other guys said "OH!" in reply to Zack's comment.

Craig let his little brother go. Zack stood up, then Craig punched him in the gut. Not as hard as he could have though, but it took the wind out of Zack, and he bent over and grabbed his stomach, feeling very embarrassed. Then Craig reached out his hand, to shake Lacy's hand.

This dude had big muscles, and was kind of scary to her, so she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Lacy," he said.

Then he pulled her hand, up to his mouth, and kissed it.

Then he looked at her, up and down, and licked his lips while he looked in her eyes.  Lacy felt really uncomfortable, and smiled nervously at him. Being surrounded by all these horny guys, who were much stronger than her boyfriend, was not really a good feeling.

Then, Zack quickly grabbed her other hand, and pulled her away, while he said, "Get your own woman dude!"

He pulled Lacy upstairs to his room quickly, and locked the door.

"Sorry about that," he said, "My brother likes to play too much."

Zack and Lacy had been boyfriend and girlfriend for about four months now. Every chance they got alone, they would make out. Lacy had decided, that the next time he asked her, if she was ready to have sex, that she would say "Yes." Zack and Lacy were cuddling on the loveseat, in his bedroom, watching TV. When they heard a loud car with bass pull up to the house.

"That's my brother and his friends, they are leaving for the night to some keg party. So we will finally be all alone,"  Zack said.

They heard the front door slam, and then the bass slowly faded away.

"You want a soda?" Zack offered.

"Yeah, sure," she said with a polite smile.

Zack went down stairs. After a little while he came back up with two tall glasses with ice in them, and a bottle of soda. 

"Have you ever had Coke and Rum before?" He asked her.

"No, I haven't had any alcohol before," she replied.

"It's really good, you will like it. Here, I will make you a little," he said, as he walked to his dresser and pulled out a little bottle of Rum.

Then he poured a little rum in each of the glasses with ice in them, then added the Coke.

"Here, try it," he handed her a glass.

Lacy took the glass, and took a sip. "It taste like coke," she said, with a smile.

"Yeah, it's good," he said. "Drink it." 

They drank their Cokes, then he set his glass down on his end table, and took hers and put it next to his. Then he started to make out with her, he was kissing her and started to put his hands up her sweater so he could rub on her tits. Then he reached back and unhooked her bra, and started squeezing on her tits.

Then he said to her. "Your tits are getting bigger. That is so hot."

He kept kissing her and rubbing on her tits. They were both feeling the rum pretty good, and getting very turned on.

Lacy started to feel dizzy, stopped kissing him and said, "I need to lay down, I feel light headed."

"Ok babe," he said, and then started to help her take off her boots. "You can lay down on my bed."

He had a very comfortable full size bed that had really soft, light blue and dark blue striped sheets.

"It's kind of hot in here," she said, and started to pull off her sweater.

She had on a light pink tank top underneath her sweater. He helped her get up and walk over to the bed. She clumsily plopped down on the bed, and started giggling.

"What's so funny?" he asked as he smiled.

He could tell that she was tipsy, and feeling really relaxed.

"I don't know," she said, still giggling.

She let her body fall over, and her head onto the pillow. Zack came over and started to pull down her black tights.

"Oh wow! You're not wearing any underwear? That is so fucking sexy."

Lacy started to black out and the next thing she remembers they were both naked under the covers, French kissing, while he fingered her pussy really good. She had no idea how that happened but it did.

Zack was very hard, and turned on and said, "Oh god, I want to see what if feels like inside of your pussy so bad. Please let me slide my cock inside your pussy baby, please. I promise I will be gentle."

Then Lacy whispered, "Yes." 

He started to kiss her harder, getting very excited. Then he jumped out of the bed, and went to his dresser to get a condom. He came back to bed, and went down to lick and kiss her pussy. He made her have and orgasm and this made her very wet. Then he put on the condom. Lacy was almost passed out by this point, she was buzzing so hard from the rum. He slowly slipped his cock inside her pussy. He moaned, she felt so tight. Lacy had told him she was a virgin so she tried to act like it hurt.

"Oh Zack, it hurts, ouch, oh, oh ouch," she said, in a whiny voice. 

"I'm sorry baby, just try to relax, it's going to hurt a little, but maybe if I get you a little more wet it will help." He started to finger her pussy and gave her another orgasm.

Then she said. "Okay, I'm ready, do it! Just put it all the way in."

He didn't hesitate for one second. Before she knew it, he was fucking her like crazy. She could tell that this wasn't his first time. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it felt so good. He was not as big as Jeff, but he was really good at working it.

Lacy moaned loud, and called his name.

"Oh Zack, yes, yes!"

He started to cum really good, and then he started to slow down as his body got chills. He was covered in goose bumps. Then he collapsed on top of Lacy covered in sweat.

"Lacy... I think... I love you..." he said, before they both passed out.


It was 9pm and they woke up to Lacy's cell phone ringing. Zack looked at the phone and saw the caller ID. 

"It's your mom."

Lacy snapped out of it, and woke up quick. He handed her the phone. "Hi mommy," she said in a sweet innocent voice.

Her mom told her that she and Jeff had decided to drive out to the beach, and said they were going to spend the night and be back tomorrow afternoon. Just in time to take her out for her birthday dinner, anywhere she wanted to go.

"Ok mommy. Thank you. Bye." She hung up the phone, and looked at Zack, and said. "I get to spend the night with you. They'll be out all night."

Zack smiled, and asked if she wanted to have sex again. Lacy said "Yes" and he went to grab another condom. Lacy had never used a condom before with Jeff, but it seemed like the right thing to do, so she didn't say anything about it.

Zack got back into bed, and snuggled up to her an asked, "Have you ever heard of 69?"

She kind of blushed a little, and said, "I have heard of it, but I don't know what it means."

He explained it to her, then asked. "Do you want to try it?"

She replied, "If you want," and he quickly dove under the covers and started licking her pussy.

His hard cock was right in her face, so she started sucking it. Jeff had never showed this to her, or done this with her before, so it was a whole new experience for her. She was enjoying it very much. Zack made her cum, and then he turned around and came up to her mouth and started French kissing her. They kissed for a few more minutes, then he put on the condom, and slid his hard cock right into her very wet pussy. They made love while they kissed  very deeply and passionately.


The next morning they woke up naked together. Zack was spooning her, and she could feel his hard cock poking on her butt hole. They got up and took a shower together. As they soaped up their wet, naked bodies, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. He started rubbing on her clit, and then slipped two fingers in her pussy. He wiggled them, and put his fingers in and out. It made her knees very weak, and made her cum all over his hand. He pulled his fingers out slowly, then he put those two fingers in his mouth and sucked on them, while she watched him.

"You taste so good." he said, and them he moaned.

He turned her around, and told her to bend over. He slipped his very hard cock, into her pussy from behind, and started pounding her pussy.

"OH... my god!" She moaned.

"Yeah! You like that baby?" He asked almost breathless.

It felt incredible. Then she realized, that this was the first time she had felt Zack's cock in her pussy, without a condom on.

"Oh yes," she answered.

He started to go harder and faster and she moaned louder.

"Oh Zack, yeah, fuck me."

This sent Zack over the top. He pulled out his cock, and jerked it off fast, until he sprayed hot cum all over her ass.

"Ooh shit yeah!" Zack said, as he spewed out a huge load of cum.

After that hot steamy shower. They got dressed. Then Zack went to his closet and pulled out a box with a shiny blue ribbon on it.

"Happy Birthday, I hope you like it," he said, as he handed it to her. 

She smiled a huge happy smile, and gave him a big hug.

"Awww that is so sweet. Thank you," she said.

"Open it," he told her with a smile.

Lacy pulled the shiny blue ribbon and opened the box. It was another soft blue felt box. She opened the blue box and gasped.  It was a pair of diamond stud earrings.

"Oh wow!" she said "You didn't have to buy these for me Zack," she said kind of shocked, that he had spent so much money on her.

"You deserve it. You are a very special girl, and I want you to feel special."

She gave him a big hug, and then a very long passionate open mouth kiss. Then he walked her home. As they walked inside Lacy's house, her parents pull up into the driveway. Lacy and Zack sit on the couch and talk. Then her parents walk in.

"Hi guys, Happy Birthday Lacy," her mom said smiling.

Lacy's mom had on a very low cut sweater, and her big natural 'D' size breast were pushed up, and popping out the top of her sweater, as she bent over to put down her purse and bags. Zack looked at them for a second, and swallowed hard, trying to control his cock from getting a raging hard-on, then he looked away. Lacy's mom was hot, and Zack knew one day Lacy would have bigger boobs just like her mom.

Lacy jumped up. "Hi mommy." She hugged her mom, and then Jeff.

"Happy Birthday baby girl," Jeff whispered in her ear, as he hugged her.

Then Jeff asked Zack, if he would like to come along with them to celebrate Lacy's birthday. Zack of course said yes. Lacy went to her room to change into a matching grey track suit, with a black lacy tank top. Underneath she wore a matching lacy black bra, and thong lacy panties. Jeff drove them all to eat at 'Olive Garden'. One of Lacy's favorite restaurants. Jeff gave Lacy a $100 gift certificate to one of her favorite clothing stores, and Lacy's mom gave her a gold necklace with a gold heart charm on it.

Lacy's mom ordered 3 margaritas while they were there, and by the time they were ready for the check, her mom was obviously a little more than just tipsy. Jeff drove them all home and as soon as they got home Jeff and Lacy's mom went into the bedroom. Zack asked Lacy if she wanted to come back to his place, since his parents were still out of town. Lacy said yes, and left a note for her parents telling them where she went. Lacy was relieved that Zack offered, she knew that it was about to get loud with moaning and sex sounds in just a minute.

They walked hand in hand to Zack's house while the sun was setting. It was quite a romantic moment. Zack was so happy. He was with a beautiful, hot, young girl, and he was finally getting to have sex with her. Just thinking about it was making him get a woody.  As they walked up to his house he could hear his brother Craig, and his rowdy friends laughing and talking loudly. 

"Let's go around the back."

Zack took her to the back yard where his father had built a man cave out of a small storage shed.  There was a pad lock on it, but he knew the combination. They went inside and sat on the loveseat that was in there. Zack turned on the small lamp, and closed and locked the door. It was quiet, but a little cold so he turned on the small heater that his dad had in there. 

"It will get warmer in a minute." Zack said.

He sat down next to Lacy and put his arm around her to cuddle, and try to get warm.

"I hope you are having a good birthday." Zack said.

"Yeah it's great, thank you." She leaned in, and gave him a sweet peck on the lips.

"I wish I could take you up to my room right now. I would lay you out on the bed, and give you the best pussy licking you ever got," Zack said in a sexy voice.

"That would be so hot," Lacy said.

He leaned in and started to kiss her softly and romantically. It progressed into French kisses and then before you know it he was up her blouse sucking on her tits. Zack loved sucking on her tits. He pictured her mom's big juicy full 'D' cup tits, that he saw today, and his dick got rock hard in an instant.  They made out for about an hour, until Zack felt like he was about to explode.

"I got to have you right now baby," Zack whispered to Lacy.

"Without a condom?" Lacy asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot they are in my room, damn it!" Zack grunted.

"That's okay, I don't mind giving you a blow job," Lacy offered.

"Are you sure? It's your birthday. I wanted to make you feel so good, and let you just relax while I do all the work," Zack said.

"That sounds really nice," Lacy said in a sweet voice.

"Let's just go inside, if I have to deal with my brother to be able to make love to my girlfriend, than I am willing to pay that price," Zack said, trying to sound tough.

"Are you sure Zack? Your brother scares me," Lacy was worried.

"Let's go," Zack said, then  grabbed her by the hand.

They got up and put everything back how it was. Closed the door, and put the lock back on.

Zack grabbed Lacy by the hand, and they walked up to the back door to the kitchen. It was locked.

'Damn it,' he thought to himself.

They walked up to the front door. He noticed how quiet it was, and this made him  a little suspicious. He turned the door knob and opened the door slowly, just enough to peek inside. He saw a very beautiful young girl, with long bleach blond hair. She was naked, with big tits, and her pussy was totally shaved with a little heart tattoo right under her belly button. She was giving his brother a lap dance. He slowly closed the door and whispered to Lacy.

"Just run straight to my room ok, don't look around just run."

Lacy was worried. "Why? What is going on?" she asked.

"Just run, ok?" Zack said.

Zack opened the door and pulled Lacy in. He slammed the door closed behind her, and she ran up to his room as fast as she could. Zack noticed that his brother was very drunk and could barely move. Zack stood there and looked at this amazingly hot girl, for a few seconds. She smiled at Zack while she grabbed one of her big tits. Squeezing it, then pinching her nipple and dancing slowly and moving her hips at the same time.

The hot naked girl said to Zack. "Hi there handsome."

Then his brother finally realized that he was there. "Get the FUCK outa here douche." Craig commanded him as he started to sit up.

Zack ran out, and up to his room, he got in and locked the door behind him. When he got into his room Lacy was lying on his bed totally naked, laying on her back with her legs spread open, and rubbing on her pussy.

"Oh my fucking god, you are the best girlfriend ever!" Zack said, as he smiled and started to strip off his clothes as fast as he could.

His cock was rock hard, from watching his brothers babe downstairs, so he grabbed a condom and walked up to his hot, young, naked, 13 year old girlfriend, and started stroking it.

"I could cum just looking at you." Zack said, as he looked at Lacy, up and down.

Lacy leaned over and grabbed his cock, then she put her hot, wet, mouth around it, and started to suck it. Zack loved her blow jobs. She was a natural at giving perfect head, and she actually swallowed the cum. His last girlfriend sucked at it (pun intended) and thought it was gross. The only other time he had a blow job was from one of his brothers college girl "fuck" friends. She was really good at it too, but she didn't swallow his cum. Plus he had no feelings for that girl. He felt like he was totally in love with Lacy. She was awesome. Just then he started to cum. She kept sucking and jerking his cock as she swallowed every single drop of his cum.

Zack moaned "Oh Lacy... oh yeah baby... oh my god... YES!" Zack collapsed on the bed next to her, still holding the condom in his hand.


Back at Lacy's house, Lacy's step dad Jeff was really enjoying fucking the shit out of his wife. She was a pleaser, and since she was drunk she was up for anything. While he banged her doggy style on the bedroom floor, he couldn't help but picture his step daughters naked little body in his head.  He loved his wife Wendy. She was as hot and sexy as if she came straight out of a 'Penthouse' magazine, but Lacy was underage, and that really turned him on more than anything.

He thought about Lacy's tiny pussy, those undeveloped tits, and that tight virgin ass of hers that he wanted to finger fuck. He thought about fucking her tiny little virgin pussy, and how he felt touching her pussy for the first time.

"Turn around baby and suck my cock." He said to Wendy.

She clumsily stumbled as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She drunkenly turned around. Jeff laid on his back and Wendy got between his legs and began deep-throating his big hard cock.

"Oh yeah." Jeff moaned, as Wendy gave him one of her amazing blowjobs.

He kept picturing Lacy naked. She was so obedient, and never questioned him. He loved to be in control of her. His cock started to shoot out a massive full load of hot cum, into his wife's mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but it quickly filled up her mouth and it squirted out the sides of her mouth.

After a few minutes, Jeff got up off the floor and Wendy just laid there. She was pretty much knocked out. Jeff walked to the kitchen naked, he saw the note that Lacy had left.

The note said: "I will be at Zack's."

He crumpled up the paper and threw it in the trash. Then he grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and chugged it down. A few minutes later he walked back to check on Wendy. She was still out. He got down behind her ass and started stroking his cock.  She had such a nice full round ass. It had been a while since he had been inside that ass too. He grabbed some lube and rubbed it on her ass hole. Then he started to finger her ass with his two fingers. She moaned.

He then started lubing up his hard cock.  "Yeah baby, get ready for this." he said in a low voice.

He slipped his hard cock deep into her asshole. This got her attention, and she started moaning loudly...


Zack woke up and realized that he still had not pleased Lacy like he had promised. He looked at the clock, the time was 10:15 pm. It was still her birthday. He looked at Lacy who was sleeping.

'She is so fucking sexy,' he thought to himself.

He slowly uncovered her naked body. He took her legs and spread them apart looking at her sweet pink little pussy.

"Oh wow, look at that little pussy," he said to himself.

He took his finger and dipped it just inside her pussy to get a little of her juice on his finger. Then he brought his finger up to his nose and smelled it. Her pussy had such a hot sexy smell. It made him so hard. He got in between her legs and started to suck on her tiny little pink clit. Lacy woke up to the amazing feeling of her little clit being sucked on.

"Oh Zack..." she said in a scratchy voice as she started to sit up.

"Just lay down baby, I'm going to make you feel so good," Zack told her.

She laid down, spreading her legs wide open for him. Zack sucked, licked, and pleased that pussy enough for her to come 3 times. He licked up all her juices. Then when he thought his cock was going to explode he put on the condom and started to fuck her little pussy hard. He pounded it. This made Lacy moan really loud, as she climaxed again.

"Zack oh, Zack. Yes!" Lacy moaned as she held on tight to his tight toned arms. He couldn't hold back any longer and finally released his cum.


After a few minutes Jeff called Lacy's phone. Lacy picked it up.

"Hello?" Lacy said.

"Hey baby girl, it's time to come home now." Jeff said.

"Oh ok, I will get Zack to walk me home." Jeff hung up the phone.

"I have to go home Zack." Lacy said in a sad tone. She was really hoping to spend the night again.

Zack walked Lacy to her door and then started to kiss her goodnight. Just then Jeff opened the door, wearing only a pair of cotton shorts. Zack and Lacy stopped kissing.

"Lacy, it's time to go to bed, it's late." Jeff said in a dominant voice.

"Okay daddy," Lacy replied. She let go of Zack's hand and said, "Goodnight Zack," then walked inside.

Jeff stepped out and closed the door. "Zack, let's talk for a minute." Jeff said to Zack, as he grabbed him on the shoulder by his jacket, and pulled him around towards the driveway in a dominant way.

"Uh, yes sir," Zack said, being very respectful.

They started walking down the driveway and Jeff let go of him.

"Now, I know that you and Lacy are having sex..."

Zack was scared as shit right now. Jeff was a little older than his brother Craig, but not as big, so he knew that Jeff could definitely hurt him if he wanted to.

Jeff continued, "and If you break her heart, or cheat on her, I will come find you myself and kick your ass. Do you understand?"

Zack was shaken, and answered in a slight quivering voice. "I would never do that to her sir, I promise!"

Jeff patted him on the back in a strong motion. "Good! Now you be careful on the way home." Jeff walked towards the door, as Zack bolted home as fast as he could.


Lacy went to her room, stripped down naked, and put on a fresh pair of panties and her big tee shirt nightgown. She was exhausted. She got in her bed, and started to fall asleep. Just then Jeff walked in her room. He walked up to her and stroked her cheek with his strong hand.

"Hi daddy," Lacy said, in a sleepy voice.

"I hope you enjoyed your birthday baby girl," Jeff said.

"I did. I had so much fun," she said trying to stay awake.

"Did Zack make you feel really good baby?" Jeff asked.

"Oh yes," Lacy answered.

"You'll have to tell me all about it later." Jeff replied.

Then he leaned down and kissed her goodnight on the lips and went back to his room and fell asleep hugging his hot naked wife.


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Six months have gone by since Lacy's 13th birthday. Her body has rapidly matured, and is starting to look more curvy. Her breasts are now a full 'B' bra size. She is still Zack's girlfriend. Her mom found out that she was having sex with her boyfriend, and made her go on the pill. Jeff has not been after her as much for sex lately because he has been working longer hours the last few weeks, and by the time he gets home he is exhausted. So if anything, he might request a blowjob now and then. Lacy really does not want to do this anymore with him, but he scares her, so she does what he tells her to do. Lacy's mom Wendy, wants to become a nurse practitioner. She has been offered an opportunity by her boss, to go away on a business trip, where she will be listening to lectures for 4 days straight, all day long.

While she is away, Jeff has told Lacy that he plans to have a lot of fun with her, during this time. He wants her to tell Zack, that she is sick, and not feeling good for the next few days, so that he can have her all to himself. Lacy really feels bad about not being able to see Zack, for that long, but she is too scared of saying no to Jeff, so she agrees to do whatever he tells her to do.

Jeff instructs her, to act like she is sick at school tomorrow. Then he says, he will call into school for her on Friday, to tell them that she is sick.


The next day at school, when Zack and Lacy are together during lunch break, she puts her hand on her tummy, and acts like she has a stomach ache.

"Are you ok Lacy? What's wrong?" Zack asks concerned.

"My stomach hurts,"

she says in a whiny voice. "You want me to get you a Sprite? Sometimes that helps," he asks, being very sweet.

"Okay," she says, still holding her stomach.

Zack walks to the coke machine across the room, and then starts walking back, holding the soda. As he walks back towards her, she covers her mouth and runs to the girls restroom. She goes into the stall, and makes noises like she is vomiting. Then she pinches her cheeks, really hard. She looks in the mirror on the way out, to make sure her cheeks are red.

"Are you okay babe?" Zack says as she walks out. He hands her the soda.

"I think I might have a stomach bug, or something," she says, as she sips the soda.

"Maybe you should call your mom to come and pick you up." Zack suggests.

"Yeah, you're right," she says.

Then she goes to call Jeff, from the pay phone, and he says he'll be there in 10 minutes. Jeff gets Lacy out of class. Then they walk out to the car and get in.

"So did he believe you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think so," she answers.

"Good," Jeff says, then continues "Your mom just left for her business trip. I'm taking you to Victoria's Secret to buy some sexy bras and panties. Your tits are growing bigger, and it's not good to keep them in those smaller size bras. You want them to get bigger, right?" he asked.

"Yes daddy," she replied.

Jeff reaches over and rubs his hand over her tits, while he is driving.

"I can't wait to get you home baby girl."

They get to the mall. He gives her his credit card, and tells her to buy about $200 worth of bra's and matching panties.

"Make sure they're really sexy," he says. "I'll be in the sporting goods store, come get me when you're done."

Lacy walks into 'Victoria's Secret', and this really beautiful sales girl walks up to her.

"Hi, welcome to Victoria's Secret. My name is Amy, can I help you find something?"

Lacy smiles at her. Amy is a gorgeous woman. She has long wavy brown hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes. She is wearing a very tight, low cut, white blouse that tucks into her tight black pencil skirt. A very small waist and very nice cleavage showing.

"My bras are starting to get too small, and I need some new ones," Lacy says, in a small voice.

"Oh, I'll be glad to help you with that. Come with me." Amy says.

She turns around and walks towards the dressing rooms. Lacy notices her beautiful legs, and how gracefully she walks on her 4 inch red heels.

"Come in here, so I can measure your bust, and get your perfect size."

Then she takes Lacy into this beautiful dressing room full of mirrors and says, "Take off your top and bra, and I'll measure you sweetie."

Lacy begins to take off her shirt, and then tries to unhook her bra. The hooks get stuck, since they are a little damaged. Amy notices her struggling.

"Let me help you with that sweetie."

She unhooks Lacy's bra, then pulls down one strap and then the other. Then she comes around in front and pulls off her bra very gently, exposing Lacy's full, young breasts. She looks at Lacy's firm tits, now exposed to view.

"You have very beautiful breasts," Amy says, in a very soft sensual voice.

It makes Lacy blush, and she replies shyly, "Thank you."

Amy pulls out her measuring tape, and measures Lacy's tits in all different ways. The tape is cold, and it makes her little nipples pop out when she touches them with it.

"Okay," Amy says. "You're definitely a full 'B' but you're also a small 'C' cup. With such a nice form that you have, I would recommend a push up bra, or maybe a shelf bra."

Lacy says okay, to this, then starts to cover her breast with her arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry sweetie," Amy says. "Here put this on." She hands her a very beautiful, short silky robe.

"If you like, I can pick out a few things for you to try."

"Oh, okay, thank you."

In a couple of minutes, she comes back with many different options. Lacy tries them on, and decides on 5 sets that she likes. She thanks Amy, so much for her help, and then goes to find Jeff.


While Jeff is looking around the sporting goods store, he runs in to his old college buddy Jack.

"Hey Man!" Jeff says.

They give each other a firm hand shake, and a good pat on the back.

Jack says, "Hey, long time no see. You been staying out of trouble?"

Jeff laughs, and replies, "That depends on what you mean by trouble."

Jack knows that Jeff can be a dangerous man, also that he doesn't have much respect for women, or at least he hasn't in the past.

Jack asks him, "So what's new?"

Jeff loves to brag, and quickly tells him that he recently married a very hot, older woman, who has a gorgeous teenage daughter. Then he told him how he started teaching this young girl about sex.

"Yeah man, she loves to suck cock, I even taught her how to swallow cum."

Jack is a little disgusted, Jeff is such an asshole sometimes. Jack starts to feel bad for the girl.

Then Jeff says. "You know, if you wanted to have some of that underage, tight ass pussy, I wouldn't mind sharing her with you, for the right price that is, but I want to watch, and maybe even join in."

Jack was tempted, but a girl of thirteen, just seems too young. She probably looks like a little girl.

Then Jeff said, "There she is now, I just sent her to buy new underwear at Victoria's Secret. Her mom'll be out of town for the rest of the week and I plan to have some fun with her."

As soon as Jack saw Lacy, he was enraptured by her beauty, this girl didn't look anywhere close to 13. She was hot as hell, and looked at least 18 or 19 years old. She walked confidently and with poise and as she came closer to them Jack watched her amazed. She was stunning.

Jack thought to himself, 'Jeff is one lucky son of a bitch, if he is having sex with her. Wow!'

Lacy walked into the sporting goods store, and saw Jeff talking to this very attractive man. They're talking and laughing. Jeff sees her and says.

"Hey, there she is now."

This gorgeous guy looks deep into her eyes, he has beautiful deep brown eyes, and smiles at her. He has very sexy dimples too, Lacy thought.

"Lacy, this is my good friend Jack. We went to college together. Jack, this is my stepdaughter Lacy."

Jack holds out his hand to shake her hand. Lacy takes his hand gently, and he squeezes her hand firmly, but gently and shakes it.

"Very nice to meet you Lacy," Jack says, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Nice to meet you too," she replied.

"Well buddy," Jeff says. "We have to get going. Call me, if you're interested." Jeff winks at Jack.

"I'll give you a call," Jack says. "It was very nice to meet you Lacy."

He smiles at her again, he is just so hypnotized by her, she is so gorgeous. Jack walks away and Lacy tries not to stare at him, she thinks he's absolutely, hot as hell.

Jeff notices that she is very attracted to Jack, and says, "He's a good looking guy, don't you think?"

Lacy starts to blush, and is afraid to say anything. "It's okay, you can admit it, I won't be offended," Jeff says.

"Yes he is," Lacy admits quietly.

"Come on let's go home," Jeff says.

They get home and go inside, Jeff follows her to her bedroom, then closes the blinds and the curtains. Then he grabs her and starts to rip her clothes off in a rough way. Lacy is a little surprised by this, and it makes her afraid, but he doesn't hurt her. He is just being dominant.

"I want you so bad right now baby girl."

He starts to pull his cock out of his jeans without even getting naked. He pushes her onto the twin bed and starts licking her pussy for a minute, just to get it wet. Jack shoves his very hard cock into her pussy hard, and covers her mouth to muffle her scream. He fucks her hard and fast, for a good 10 minutes. Then he tells her to get up, and swallow his load of cum. Lacy does as she is told.

"Oh my fucking god! That was so good," Jeff says, "now go take a shower."

Lacy walks into her private bathroom, and gets in the shower. She turns on the water and Jeff comes in behind her.

"We are going to do some fun new things baby girl. I hope you will be a good girl, and do what daddy tells you to do. Or I will have to punish you?" Jeff says in a dark and kind of scary deep voice, as he looked into her eyes.

Lacy was shaking she was so scared. She nodded her head yes, because she couldn't bring herself to speak.

"Turn around. and bend over baby," he orders.

Lacy does what she's told, and turns around. Jeff starts rubbing her ass with soap. Then he begins to rub her ass hole in a circular motion. Then he starts to stick his finger in slowly. This surprises Lacy and she gasps. He puts his finger in half way, and pulls it out over and over.

"You dirty little slut. You like me fingering your asshole don't you?" he asks.

"Yes, daddy," Lacy answers.

Jeff sticks his finger into her as deep as he can. Then pulls it out, then in and out. "Your fucking ass is so tight, holy shit!" Jeff moans.

Then he washes the soap off her ass an then goes down on her. He starts to lick her asshole all around, then pulls her butt cheeks apart and starts licking inside as deep as he can. This starts to feel good and Lacy moans. Then he slips two fingers in. It hurts a little.

"Ouch! What are you doing Jeff?" She asks worried.

"Shut up, and take it," he says, as he smacks her wet ass, hard, two times.

Lacy bites her lip as he slides two fingers in, all the way up her ass hole. He does this over and over until she can take it a little more.

Then he stands up and says. "Bend over more, now!"

He starts fucking her pussy from behind, doggy style. Then he puts his fingers into her ass while he fucks her pussy. This feels so good that she is having trouble standing up. She tries very hard to keep her balance, for fear of pissing him off. Lacy starts to climax.

Jeff says, "Yeah baby, I knew you were a dirty little slut, you like it don't you."

He fucks her harder, as she moans and starts to cum all over his cock. Then he surprisingly pulls out, and sticks the head of his penis into her ass hole. This really hurts and Lacy screams loud in pain.

He covers her mouth with his hand hard and says, "Take it baby, take this big cock in your ass." He blows his full load of cum into her asshole, then he pulls out.

"Fuck yes!"

He starts to feel a little bad, and tries to talk to her sweetly.

"You did good baby, I know it hurt, but you'll be okay by morning, I promise."

They finish showering and Lacy wraps the towel around her wet body. She goes to her room and lays down on her bed. Her ass is throbbing. She sees her phone on the bedside table blinking. It's Zack, he texted her over 30 minutes ago. It says.

"I hope you get better soon."

She texts him back. "I still feel really sick. I have to go to sleep now. I'll text you later."

Then he texts her back. "Okay baby."

Lacy lays there wrapped in a towel, her ass still throbbing. Thinking about what Jeff had just done to her. It hurt like nothing else has ever before, but then, she had to admit, it started to feel really good for a little while too. Then Jeff walks in to her room wearing a fresh pair of plaid boxers.

"Come to my room babe, I want to show you something."

Lacy gets up and reluctantly follows him. Worried what he has planned for her now. She sees two of her mom's strawberry wine coolers on the dresser.

"Have a seat on the bed," he says, as he hands her a wine cooler that he opens for her.

He turns on the small TV that he has on the dresser, and pushes play on the DVD player. It's a porno, of a sexy girl with two guys. One guy is fucking her ass, and one is fucking her pussy. She looks like she is really enjoying it.

"You remember Jack?" Jeff asks. "I invited him over tomorrow to join us. We're going to double penetrate you." He says with a big smile on his face.

Lacy feels the blood drain from her face, and swallows hard.

Then he continues, "So we need to get you ready for tomorrow. Drink up baby."

Lacy looks at Jeff with wide, scared eyes. He can see the worry in her eyes and says.

"Don't worry, you're going to be just fine. I won't let anyone hurt you babe."

Lacy drinks the wine cooler, while they watch the porno movie. She can see that the girl is having many orgasms. Then she starts thinking about Jack and what he would be like naked. He was really sexy. She can't believe that he's going to fuck her tomorrow. Thinking about that just made her so wet. She finishes off the wine cooler, and Jeff hands her the other one. She starts feeling light headed, and relaxed and drinks about half of the other cooler, then puts it down. Then she lies down next to Jeff and he pulls her towel off, and tells her to roll over onto her belly. She does what he says and closes her eyes. Her body feels so relaxed. Jeff pulls out a small vibrator, it's about 5 inches long and 1 inch wide. He tells her what he is doing.

"I'm going to get your asshole nice and wet, then I'm gonna stick this vibrator in your ass."

She doesn't say anything. She just lays there limp. He takes one of her legs, and lifts it up towards her ribcage so that her ass is more accessible. He takes some lube and puts some on her asshole. Lacy is really buzzing hard right now, and feels like she can barely move. He takes the vibrator and rubs lube all over it. Then he turns it on and places the tip on her asshole. It feels so good, and Lacy starts to moan softly. Then he pushes it in just a little and very slowly. She is very relaxed and this doesn't hurt like before. She can hear the porno playing in the background, and imagines the girl being her, getting fucked by Jack. Jeff notices that it doesn't seem to be hurting her, so he puts it all the way in.

"You dirty little slut, I think you like it," he says, as he pulls out his cock, and starts stroking it.

He looks at her perfect ass, and then looks at the porno while he slowly jerks off. Then he slowly starts to pull out the vibrator from her ass. He puts the vibrator aside and tells Lacy to sit up and finish her wine cooler. She sits up, and chugs it down. Then he tells her to lay down on her back, with her legs open. He pulls out a dildo. It's about 6 inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. He pushes it all the way into her wet pussy.

"Now turn around baby," he orders her in a husky voice.

Lacy turns around and he positions himself over her and starts to slide his cock, into her very well lubed asshole. Lacy starts to moan, experiencing the most intense pleasure she has ever felt in her life. Having both holes filled was unusual and made her feel so full. Her asshole didn't hurt anymore. Jeff starts to slowly grind into her.

"Oh my god, oh god." she moans loudly.

"Yeah! FUCK! Your ass is so fucking tight."

He continues to fuck her, going faster, and pounding her asshole harder. Then he fills her ass full of his hot cum. Lacy moans very loudly, she can feel his cum jetting deeply into her, then she passes out.


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The next afternoon was Friday. Lacy wakes up, cold cum oozing out of her ass. Her pussy still had the dildo in it. She gets up, and rubs her eyes. Jeff is nowhere to be seen. She pulls the dildo out and leaves it on the bed.
Then she walks to the master bathroom to take a shower. The hot water feels so good on her body. After a while she shuts off the water, steps out of the shower, and wraps up in a towel. She walks out into the living room.

"Good morning Lacy." Lacy looks up. It's Jack!

She gasps, very surprised to see him, and then says, "Hi... Jack."

He looks at her up and down, and kind of puckers up his lips. Then he looks into her eyes.

"Where's Jeff?" she asks him.

"He went to get some lunch for us. He'll be back soon," Jack assures her.

Lacy looks into Jack's gorgeous eyes, they're hypnotic. He smiles at her with that gorgeous smile.

"Um... I'll be right back," she says, as she starts walking away to her room.

Jack starts to follow her. "Where are you going?" he asks.

Lacy walks into her bedroom and so does Jack. He closes and locks the door behind them.

"You're so beautiful," Jack says, as he moves her wet hair back and over her shoulders.

Lacy gets chills all over her body, then looks down and says, "Thank you."

Jack tugs at her towel and it falls to the floor. Lacy stands there naked in front of him, feeling very shy, a bit scared, but turned-on at the same time.

"Wow!" Jack says, "You're stunning!"

Lacy's pussy starts to get very wet. Jack makes her feel so turned-on, she can barely stand it. Suddenly, Jack softly pushes her up against the wall and starts to kiss her with his soft lips, while grabbing her waist and pulling her tightly up against him. Then he starts to slip his tongue into her hot mouth. His tongue is so long and slick, as he slips it into her mouth slowly. Lacy has never had anyone kiss her like he was doing.

Then he whispers, "Suck on my tongue."

Lacy does as she's told and this turns her on even more, she can't help but moan against his mouth. Her pussy is so wet by this point, she would swear that her juice was dripping down her inner thighs. Then he starts to grope and squeeze her firm young tits. He takes her nipples and pinches them, until they are very erect. Lacy soft moans fill the room as he kisses her, then going down, squeezing her tits, sucking on each nipple, for what feels like forever. Her knees start to tremble, and slightly buckle. Jack picks her up in his strong arms, and carries her to her bed.

He takes his sweet time kissing her all over, her breasts, her stomach and finally reaches her clit. He flicks it with his tongue, and then sucks it into his mouth. This is all driving Lacy crazy with lust for the man, and she moans over and over her head thrashing back and forth, feeling extreme pleasure. Lacy feels like her pussy is on fire, she is so turned-on by him, and she wants him to fuck her, right now! At the thought of Jack empting his hot load into her pussy, Lacy starts to climax, and her sweet young juices release into his mouth. Over and over again she cum as he licks her pussy for what feels a lifetime. Then finally, he stands up and starts to undress. He pulls off his shirt. Exposing an amazing six pack and muscular chest and arms. Lacy watches him and is so turned on by how hot, and sexy he looks.

She thinks to herself, 'You're so fucking hot! Please fuck me right now!'

Lacy watches, as Jack slowly unzips his tight jeans, while he looks at her hot naked teen body, then he pulls his pants down and off. His very erect, long penis, is sticking straight up, making a tent in his red silk boxer shorts. Then teasingly, he finally pulls them off, exposing his delicious looking 9-inch cock, and set of very nice full balls beneath it.

Lacy's eyes get big, and she swallows hard. This is the biggest cock she's ever seen. She's practically drooling at what she is seeing. This man is gorgeous! Jack walks over to her slowly and leans over her. He knows what he's doing, because he makes her wait for it. He leans down to kiss her again and pushes his tongue deep into her mouth and kisses her very passionately, while rubbing her clit. Slowly at first then faster until he makes her cum again. Lacy moans feeling extreme pleasure, and her pussy is so very wet, and she wants his cock so bad.

Then Jack asks, as if he can read her mind, "You want some of this cock, baby?"

Lacy says in a very shaky and breathless voice, "Yes Jack!"

Jack teases her, "Let me hear you beg for it baby."

This turned Lacy on even more. No one has ever made her beg, for them to fuck her.

She swallowed hard, and said in a quiet voice. "Please Jack, fuck me, please! I want you so bad."

Jack again kisses her deep and hard. Then he takes the head of his cock and slowly slips it in to Lacy's slick slit.

She immediately starts to moan, "Oh god yes!"

feeling the head of his cock slipping in almost makes her cum. His cock is so fat and feels so good. He teases her slipping the head in and out. Lacy begs some more.

"Please, give me some more, please!"

Jack is enjoying this very much. She is probably the hottest girl he has ever had the pleasure of teasing with his cock. He slips it about half way in. Lacy moans loudly, and arches her back. He is so fucking huge. Her tight pussy struggles to take it in, and she breathes deeply trying to relax. He slowly pushes it in and out half way. Lacy's pussy starts to relax, but is still squeezing his cock really hard. Jack can't believe how amazing she feels. He tries so hard not to cum. This is the tightest pussy he's ever had. She feels incredible. He slips his cock in deeper. This makes Lacy moan loudly.

Then she says, "Oh yes, yes! Oh my god YES! You're so big!" Lacy moans. "Oh you feel so good, fuck me harder Jack, make me cum!"

Jack pushes in deeper and moves it in and out faster now. This makes Lacy climax again and she starts to cum all over his huge thrusting cock. Jack feels her pussy get so wet, and loosen up a little more so he slips it all the way in to the hilt. Lacy moans loudly, almost screaming. Jack begins to pump in and out of her with long strokes. Lacy continues to climax, wrapping her legs around Jacks heaving muscular ass, pulling him in to her as deep as he could go, feeling such intense pleasure, that tears start to roll out of her eyes, as she squeezes her eyes tight. Then, Jack groans loudly and starts to climax with her. His large cock swells even bigger, as it throbs with each jet of cum. He shoots a very big hot load of cum inside of Lacy's grasping cunt, and she's almost senseless with orgasmic lust at this stage. She lays there gasping hard, trying to catch her breath. Her heart pounding, and her pussy throbbing. Finally Jack stops thrusting in to her and kisses her again, just a soft open mouth kiss.

"Thank you Lacy," he says quietly, "That was the best I ever had. You are amazing."

Then he slowly pulls out of her. Lacy closes her eyes, still trying to catch her breath. Jack stands up and walks to her bathroom. That's when, Jeff comes out of her closet. He had been watching the whole time. He was naked and stroking his very hard cock.

"Surprise baby girl." he says with a big smile on his face. "Get on your knees, now!" Jeff commands her.

He points to the ground. Lacy struggles to pull herself together, getting up, her legs shaky. She gets down on her knees, and starts to suck on Jeff's cock. Jack comes out of the bathroom and goes over to lay on her bed, and watches Lacy suck on Jeff's cock for a while. He can tell that she doesn't really want to do it. Jeff shows off to him a little, and takes Lacy's head forcefully pulling her hair, and makes her deep-throat his cock all the way. Making her gag.Then he pulls her head off of his cock, by her hair and steps back. Lacy almost collapses on to the floor.

Jeff hands her a towel and says, "Clean your pussy before you get cum all over the carpet."

She cleans herself off. Then Jack says, "Hey Lacy, come over here baby."

She struggles to get to her feet, then walks over to him. Jack sits up against her pillow and headboard. His cock is already hard again.

Jack says sweetly, "Be a good girl and climb up on this cock, and give me some more of that tight, wonderful pussy of yours."

Lacy tries her best to climb on top of him. He helps her, as she slowly straddles his cock. And as she slides down his large cock, she moans loudly. He is so huge.

"Oh my god! Oh god, oh, oh!" She moans again and again.

Then finally she sits there still, with his large cock all the way up inside of her.

"Kiss me," Jack says.

Lacy leans over and starts to kiss him. He grabs her by her waist and pulls his cock in and out slightly, and slowly. It feels so fucking good that she starts to cum again.

"Oh Jack, yeah! Yeah baby! Oh my god!" She moans and whimpers, sounding as if she's going to start to cry.

"You're so fucking sexy," Jack tells her.

Jeff starts to crawl up behind them.

"Okay baby girl, it's daddy's turn now. Get ready."

He pushes her down against Jack, so he can slip his very wet cock into her ass hole. Jack holds her by her waist tightly and slowly glides his cock in and out. She moans loudly. Jeff starts to slide his cock into her ass slowly. Lacy starts to realize how that girl felt in the porno yesterday. She starts to moan loudly almost yelling. Jack pulls her down and sticks his tongue in her mouth to try and quiet her down, while Jeff fucks her ass. It is unbelievable how this feels. No words can really describe it. Lacy starts to cum, over and over again, as they both work on her really good for about an hour. Finally, Jeff fills her asshole with his hot load, then gets up and walks out to the kitchen. Jack helps her flip over on her back. Lacy is so exhausted at this point that she almost passes out. Jack pounds her pussy trying to be gentle with her, but insistent just the same. When he releases his hot cum it's pumped deep, all the way in her again.

"Fucking shit. Oh my god!" he says in disbelief. "That was so fucking good. Damn girl! You're a real gem."

Lacy is completely limp, and doesn't say anything. Jack can see that she's exhausted. She must have cum at least 15 times, he imagined. He goes to her bathroom to clean himself off. Then he brings back a clean towel and covers her body gently.
He looks at her while he gets dressed and thinks to himself.
'Jeff, that son of a bitch, he's having too much fun with this beautiful, poor angel.'

Jack wishes he could just kidnap her, and take her to live with him. He knew that he would treat her much better, like his princess.


About two hours later, Lacy wakes up to Jeff coming in her room.

"Lacy!" he says loudly, "Wake up baby girl." He walks in with beautiful bouquet of flowers.

"Your sweetheart Zack, just brought these over. I told him you were still sick." Lacy starts to get up. "Go take a shower you look like hell, all sticky and messed up." He laughs, then puts the flowers on her dresser, and walks out again, closing the door behind him.

Lacy goes to her bathroom to take a long hot shower. She washes all of the cum out of her asshole and pussy. It feels so good to get clean again. She wondered what else was in store for her before her mom came home. Then she gets dressed and puts on one of her new push up bras. It was brilliant blue, and no panties. She decides on a pair of blue tights, and teal long sleeve shirt.

She texts Zack: "Thank you for the flowers baby, they're so beautiful."

He texts back: "You're welcome. Are you feeling better?"

She texts: "Yeah, I am getting a little better. I can't wait to see you again."

He texts: "Me too."

She texts back: "I miss you so much."

He texts: "Me too. You get rest, and get better soon okay?"

She texts back: "Thank you, I will."

Suddenly there is a knock at her door.

"Come in," she says, feeling a little nervous.

Jack walks in and smiles at her. "Hi," he says.

She smiles at him shyly. Then he asks her, "How would you like to come with me to my house tonight? I'll bring you back tomorrow."

Lacy didn't know it, but Jack had just paid Jeff $1000 cash to be able to have Lacy all to himself for the night.

"I don't know if my daddy will let me," she said innocently.

"Oh don't worry about it, if you want to, I will take care of him."

He pulled her close and kissed her on the lips very seductively. Lacy's knees got weak again, he seemed to have some strange sexual power over her.

"Okay," Lacy agreed.

"Great, get ready. I will go talk to Jeff about it."

Before Lacy knew it, they were on the way to Jack's house in his black Corvette.


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Jack pulls up to a black gate and punches in a code. They drive through a beautiful neighborhood of expensive large houses. After a few turns, he pulls into the driveway of a beautiful two story, stone house. The landscape is beautiful, with flowering trees and bushes, and a lush green yard.

He opens his 2 car garage with a remote, and drives in. Then turns off the car and closes the garage door. Jack get's out of the car, and comes around to open the door for Lacy. He grabs her hand to helps her step out. Lacy is very nervous. She really has no idea who Jack is, and here she is, already with him at his house.

"Come on babe, follow me."

She follows him from the garage, into the kitchen. It's a very beautiful large kitchen area. There is an island in the middle of the kitchen with a gas cooktop range, granite countertops, and tile floors. From the kitchen you can see a very nice patio area, that has a pool, hot tub, and outdoor bar and grill area.

Lacy says, "Your house is beautiful."

Jack smiles and replies, "Thanks, I worked really hard for this mess."

Suddenly, Lacy's stomach makes a loud growl noise. Jack hears it and says, "You must be starving. Do you like Lesagna? I can make some for us."
Lacy had not eaten since breakfast yesterday, and she was so hungry.

"That would be great, thank you." She answers.

Jack takes some frozen Lesagna out of the fridge, and sticks it in the oven at 400 degrees.

Then he says, "That should be ready in about 45 minutes. Come on, I want to show you the rest of the house."

Jack takes Lacy on a tour around his home. They walk outside, and around the pool and hot tub area. Then they walk back inside to the Kitchen. From the Kitchen he shows her the small guest bedroom with small bathroom. Then his large game room with pool table, pin ball, poker table, and darts. Then they walk into the very large and spacious living room. It has a very tall ceiling that goes up to the 2nd story. The stair way is open to the upstairs.

Then he takes her upstairs, and says, "This is my master bedroom."

It is a very large room with big windows, that have white sheer curtains, a huge king size bed with black silk sheets, and a matching comforter. His bedroom furniture is mirrored, and he also has a large mirror over his dresser to match.

Lacy says, "Wow! It's so nice." Jack smiles and says, "Thanks. I have one more room to show you."

They walk across the hall to another door. As he opens it he says, "This is my sex room."

Lacy looks in, and is kind of surprised by what she sees. There is a small stage with a stripper pole, a large disco ball, stereo, and a large purple sectional sofa. There are also what look like large black gym mats, on the floor along the wall, that have some kind of straps on them. On the wall in the corner are handcuffs, whips, and other strange looking things that Lacy doesn't  recognize.

She says, "Wow!" kind of feeling out of her league.

"I guess you have a lot of fun in here."

Jack chuckles and says, "If I am lucky. Come on, let's go back down stairs and hang out while we wait for the food to be ready."

They walk downstairs to the living room and sit on Jack's nice fluffy, light brown couch. Jack wants Lacy to feel comfortable around him. He is really a totally different guy than Jeff, he doesn't like to force anyone to do something that they don't want to do.

"So Lacy..." Jack says, trying to think of something to talk about. "I noticed that Jeff is a bit rough with you, has he ever hurt you?"

Lacy was really scared of Jeff, he took what he wanted from her, and didn't care how it made her feel. Lacy looked at Jack nervously. 

Jack continued, "I know Jeff pretty well and I know what an asshole he can be."

Lacy was not sure if she could trust Jack so she just said. "I don't know."

Then Jack said, "I remember one time back in college, I went to a wild party with my girlfriend at the time.

Jeff showed up, with this really slutty, drunk red head girl, she was about 16. They gave her some ecstasy and got her even more drunk, then Jeff and about 10 other guys gang banged her there, in one of the rooms of the house."

Lacy was shocked and asked him, "You too?"

Jack replied, "No way, I was with my girlfriend, plus I don't just fuck anyone, I am pretty selective."

Lacy was kind of shocked, but knowing how Jeff has treated her, she was not too surprised. Jack could see that this topic was making her uncomfortable, so he started asking her questions about herself.

"So Lacy, what do you like to do for fun?" Lacy smiled, she was glad that Jack changed the subject.

"I just like to listen to music, read, and look at magazines."

Jack thought she was so gorgeous. He was starting to get turned on just sitting there next to her.

Then he said, "That's cool, have you ever played pool before?" Lacy shook her head no.

Then Jack said, "That's what I like to do in my spare time, I play pool or sometimes I get together with some buddies and play poker."

Just then Jack heard the timer on the oven ding. "Well, sounds like dinner is ready. Come on babe, let's go to the kitchen."

Jack and Lacy walked into the kitchen. He turned off the oven, and then pulled out some iceberg lettuce from the fridge, along with tomato, carrots, and croutons. He served them each a plate with lasagna, and side salad. Then he popped open the champagne, and poured two flutes full and put them on the table. Lacy had never tasted Champagne before, it was so yummy, she loved it. The food was delicious, and Jack kept the conversation light.

"So, what kind of music do you like to listen to?"

Lacy answered. "My favorite artist right now, is Lana Del Rey."

Jack was not sure who she was but he said, "Oh cool. I like techno, electronica, and some heavy metal."

After dinner Jack cleaned up the table, and while Lacy was in the bathroom, he poured her another glass of champagne, and slipped a little something in there to help her relax just a little more. After she came out of the bathroom, they went back to the living room to sit on the couch and talk. Jack wanted to ask her more about Jeff, but he felt that might put her in a bad mood. So he just asked her more questions about herself. What were her favorites? Where had she traveled? What did she want to do after she graduated high school, and other things like that.

As Lacy was drinking the champagne, she started to feel very relaxed. She slowly started to slump down on the sofa, until her head was relaxing against the back cushions. Jack noticed that she was feeling it pretty good. So he scooted closer to her, and with his hand he softly stroked her hair, and moved it away from her face.

"Your hair is so soft," he said to her, in a sweet sexy voice.

Then he smelled her hair, and got close to her neck and smelled her neck. This gave Lacy goose bumps. He was a smooth operator, and Lacy could not resist him. He started to softly kiss her neck, and kissed behind her ear, then he started to suck on her neck. He grabbed her by the back of the neck, and brought her mouth to his. He kissed her with a very passionate open lip kiss. This kiss went through Lacy's body, and made her knees weak. She could not help but moan, as he slowly started to slide his long tongue into her mouth. Jack was a very good kisser. After he kissed her for a while, he reached up and started to grope her nice tits. He rubbed them over her shirt. They made out, and he went up her shirt, and unhooked her bra. As he kissed her, he slowly slipped his hand under her bra, and teased her nipples by pinching them. Lacy moaned into his mouth. He was teasing her body, and she felt so much desire for him.

After about ten minutes of making out, Jack asked her. "Do you want to go upstairs baby?"

Lacy could barely keep her eyes open, and said, "Okay."

Jack helped her to stand up, then noticed that she really could not move to well, so he picked her up in his strong arms, and carried her upstairs, to his master bedroom. Lacy put her head on his strong chest. This was so romantic to her, no one had ever carried her like this before. He was so strong, and that really turned Lacy on. He walked in to his room and gently placed Lacy on the bed, then he walked to his bathroom. Lacy was buzzing hard, and slowly drifted to sleep. Jack came back and saw her sleeping. He slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and pulled them off of her. Then he removed her panties. He pulled her legs open and just admired her pink little pussy for a while. Her beautiful little pink clit was just staring back at him, begging to be sucked and teased. He stood up and removed his polo shirt, and jeans. Then he got down between her legs, and slowly approached her pussy. He tasted her with his tongue, in long slow strokes. She tasted so sweet, it was intoxicating. Before he knew it he had been eating her out for over 30 minutes.

Lacy started to wake up and moaned. Jack laid down next to her and said, "Can I help you take off your shirt baby?"

He pulled Lacy's shirt and bra off of her. He finally had her naked in his bed. He was so hard, and he wanted her so bad.

"Lacy?" Jack asked.

She slowly turned her head towards him and blinked her eyes trying to wake up. Then he asked her, "Can I make love to you?"

Lacy shook her head yes. He started to kiss her again, as he slowly slid two of his fingers into her pussy. He reached up to her G spot and started to massage it. Lacy had never felt anything like this before, and after a few minutes of this she started to climax. She moaned into Jack's mouth. Jack stopped kissing her, and she said.

"Oh, Jack, don't stop, oh! Oh my god!" Her tight little pussy throbbed, and released her hot juice all over his fingers.

Jack looked at her as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. She was breathing hard.

"Oh wow! How did you do that?" She asked him between deep breaths.

Jack smiled and said, "Just relax baby, let me make you feel really good."

No one had ever made her feel like that, it was incredible. Jack grabbed his very hard, 9 inch cock and slowly started to slide just the head into her pussy. She moaned as he entered her, and closed her eyes as he teased her pussy, and made sure that his cock was nice and lubricated by her juices. He slowly started to work it back and forth, as he pushed deeper into her. Once he was able to push himself all the way in, he held it there for a minute. He looked deep into her eyes and asked her.

"How does it feel to have my big cock deep inside of you?"

Lacy closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth slightly. She moaned a very sexy little whiny moan. It almost sounded like she was going to start crying.

Then she said. "Oh Jack, you're so big. Oh god!"

He slowly started to pull it almost all the way out and then pushed it back in with long strokes. This drove Lacy crazy, and she moaned loudly as he did this. Jack was loving this, her pussy was squeezing his cock so tight, and it was so wet. This was the best pussy he had ever had.

"Oh baby, you feel so fucking good, god I love you," Jack said, as he started to work it a little faster.

A few moments later, Lacy started to climax again. Her little pussy throbbed, and she was so tight that Jack could feel it throbbing against his hard cock.She moaned and made those sexy little whiny noises. This really turned Jack on, that little whiny pouty noise she made drove him crazy with lust.

"Fuck yeah baby, I want you to cum again, all over my cock."

Lacy's pussy squirted hard, as she had a very intense orgasm. It was so strong that tears came out of her eyes.

"Oh Jack, yeah, yeah." She said in a high pitched voice.

Jack slowed down, and made gentle love to her for a minute.

"Are you ok Lacy?"  He asked, as he looked at the tears roll down her eyes, and into her hair.

Lacy was breathing hard, her heart was beating fast, and her head was spinning.

"Oh god... Jack... you make me feel so good."

Jack smiled, he was so happy that she was enjoying this. He wanted this to be a good experience for her. He made love to her, for another hour, she must have cum at least 5 more times. Then he finally decided that he would let himself cum. After the hour of love making, Lacy was just about to pass out. He had loosened her up just a little and was able to pound his cock into her a little harder. He groped her tits, as he pumped it faster, and finally started to climax. Lacy moaned louder as she felt his large cock swell up even bigger.

"Oh Jack.  Fuck! Oh my god!"

Then he finally released his very full load, of hot cum, deep inside her tight wet pussy.

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Very much enjoying reading this again.  Are you making changes?


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Thank you. Glad you like. So far only slight changes, mostly grammar.  :angel:


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Thank You :emot_kiss:

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Hot and sexy story! Can'T wait for more!


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Thank you both so much.  :-*


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I am only finding this story> LOVE IT


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I am only finding this story> LOVE IT

Thank you so much!  8)