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The Pastors Daughters (Mf+)

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on: March 09, 2018, 10:30:35 PM
These are just words people...a fantasy. Never pursue anything like this in real life. Acts between adults and minors will find you in a prison cell for years where the first few inches will be the hardest!

I have modified the ages of the characters in this story to adhere to the new KB rules.
If you are new to the story, please enjoy.

My name is Tom, I'm 23, and I had just moved to the opposite end of the city.
I had been involved in my local church as a youth Pastor but the church where I had moved to had need of my experience, and so, after a few meetings with both leadership groups, I became the youth pastor at the new church.

Things went well and I fit right in. I made friends with the pastor, his wife and their 4 daughters. I attended services, went to meals and all was good.

One Sunday evening, after the service, just as I was about to get into my car and leave, Shannon, the second youngest, who was 15 at the time, stopped me.
She said that she wanted to talk to me about some things.
We were in the open in the parking lot, which was well lit so I thought nothing of it.

Oh boy did she open up.
She talked about how she was struggling with her older sisters who she thought were bossy and how her younger sister always wanted to play silly games.

Her best friend, who was 16, had a new boyfriend and spent all her time with him now.
She said that if she was not bring bossed about she felt invisible and that no one cared.

I used the standard line of , "I care" and gave her the, "you will make more friends" and the "your sisters only want the best for you" speeches.

I did not talk down to her though. I did not want her to think I was going to belittle her or that her concerns were childish.
They may well have been but to a 15 year old, having someone to talk to and who listens, means the world to them.

She went away happy and I went home.

These Sunday evening chats became a regular thing over the next 2 months and Shannon opened up more and more.
I would give her a hug good bye, which would linger at times as she would hold me so tight.

I had never thought of her as anyone other than a young girl in my care but I was starting to develop feelings for her.
It was odd because I knew she was young, but our conversations were fun and engaging and when we chatted, the world just seemed to pass us by.

One evening, she told me that her dad had never told her that she was beautiful.
My heart broke for her. Every girl needs to be told that she is beautiful by her father but Shannon was beautiful.
She would never be a supermodel but she was your typical girl next door.
Sparkling blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair tied in a pony, thin, 5'6" freckles on her nose and cheeks and if I were to hazard a guess, the starting of a gorgeous set of B cup breasts.

"You are beautiful Shannon" I said.
She half smiled, half blushed and looked down.
Then she just threw herself at me and hugged me close.
I held her, not letting her go.

We were still in the parking lot so no one would have thought anything of it if they saw us.

Eventually she let go but stood close.
I took her hands in mine and kissed them while looking into her eyes and said, "I mean it, you are gorgeous."

She blushed again and we just stood there for a while until we heard the sounds of her dad starting to lock the church.
I looked to make sure we were all alone and when I knew the coast was clear, I held her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

I could see that she was giddy with joy.

Her dad came out of the church, followed by the rest of the family.
We all said good night and I left.

While driving home I started thinking to myself how I could have let things get to this? I was the youth pastor, I was not meant to fall for the girls. If I was going to, there were older, more mature looking ones that I could easily have manipulated into something.

What was I thinking!!!???
I had never thought of doing anything with any of the girls I had ever had under my charge but there was something about Shannon and how it had all come about that I knew I wanted to see where things would go.

Funny how life was about to open that door for me.
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Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 01:29:57 AM
Promising start. I'm going to enjoy this story, methinks.

I just hope we get to meet the rest of the sisters. And maybe even the best friend.

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Reply #2 on: March 10, 2018, 02:06:48 AM
Agreed, that was a very good beginning. Can't wait for more.  :D

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Reply #3 on: March 10, 2018, 09:49:25 AM
Promising start. I'm going to enjoy this story, methinks.

I just hope we get to meet the rest of the sisters. And maybe even the best friend.

Thank you.

There is lots more to come. You will meet many young ladies....
I just need to figure out how to piece it all together properly.
Almost done with part 2 :-)

If there is grass on the pitch, you play!

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Reply #4 on: March 10, 2018, 11:43:14 AM
Part 2.…

I suppose that it would only be fair to tell you about Shannon's sisters.
As I say, I had met the whole family and had dinner with them many times.

Catherine was the oldest at 19. She worked as an au-pair so was not always home or around but we had pleasant conversations when we had the chance.
She was tall with jet black hair all the way past her bum. It was always tied up and was her pride and joy.

Next was Rachel. She was 17 and could easily have passed for 21.
She was about 5'5" but her breasts were easily a full C or even a D cup. I had been mesmerised more than a few times at youth, watching them jiggle and shake as she would run about during the various games.
She was smart too. We had some deeply intellectual conversations and I would stare into her blue eyes as we chatted. I had often found myself thinking that I wished she was 21...

The youngest was Chrissie. She was 13.
She had jet black hair like Catherine, freckles like Shannon and the cutest little button nose you had ever seen.
She had taken a liking to me very easily and she would always want me to carry her around.
I know that that might seem odd, but she was small for her age and was very much a kid at heart. She had yet to switch over to  teenager  mode.
I obliged and often, no sooner had she seen me somewhere, but she would be attached to my hip chatting away and giggling like the sweet little girl she was.

One thing about the girls that I had learned, and found very interesting is that they had only ever been home schooled.
Their parents had wanted to shield them from "the evils of the world" and so they had led very sheltered lives.

It came through quite often how naive they were with regards to the world outside of their home and church and I had not thought anything of it......until much much later.

However, back to the present...

Because Shannon had taken such a liking to me, I would often find her nearby when we were at various events or outings with the youth group.
Even when we did various outreaches on Saturdays she would want to walk with me and when we were standing somewhere for a while, she would often lean against me.

I was not acting on any of it because I could see her parents and sisters watching us.
I guess because it only came from her side, they said nothing and left it, thinking I was just being a nice older brother figure to her.
And this was true. I was still unsure as to where this might go and if I really wanted to pursue anything physical beyond hugging and whatever other contact she initiated while in public.

Then I hit a rough patch.

The place I was renting, with 2 other guys was going to be sold.
We thought we had a few months but about a week later, the landlord kicked us all out as the sale had already gone through.

So here I was, with a car packed full of clothes and stuff and nowhere to stay.
Oddly, it was a Sunday so I went to the evening service and acted as though everything was the same as always.
Afterwards, instead of my usual chat in the parking lot, the pastor invited me to his house for dinner.

I agreed and followed him home.
We chatted as usual and after a while his wife and daughters came back from the church in their other car.
The girls sat down and we all started chatting.
The pastor got up and went to chat with his wife who had gone through to another part of the house.

The evening went well, Chrissie was sitting on my lap and bouncing around as we all chatted and laughed.
There was no sexual reaction from me because my mind was not thinking dirty thoughts, again, I was being the older brother figure.

Slowly, one by one, the girls got up to go to bed, at which point their father had returned.
He asked why my car was packed and so I told him what had happened.
He then asked where I was going to stay, to which I had no answer other than the local supermarket parking lot.

His wife came into the room and said they had seen my car packed when she and the girls came home and figured something was up.

They had an outside room with its own bathroom that I was more than welcome to use while I looked for another place, and even then, I did not have to leave if I didn't want to.

I gladly accepted and we spent about 20 minutes getting the room and bed ready as well as unpacking my car.
Chrissie had heard the noise outside and came to see what what going on.
When she was told I was going to be living with them she was very excited and exclaimed that it was like having a real big brother now.

She then ran into my new room and disappeared.
Her mom and dad laughed and just told me to send her in when I was ready to lock up and go to bed.

I thanked them for their hospitality and went into my room as they went into the main house.

I found Chrissie standing on my bed with a pack of cards in her hand.
"Want to play speed?", she asked.
" I don't know how. ", was my reply.
" I'll teach you"

With that she sat down. She was wearing a nightie and as she crossed her legs, I could see her panties.
I did not want to embarrass her, so I said nothing.
I pulled a chair up to the side of the bed and my lessons began.

I was sure she was cheating and changing rules to make herself win, but it was fun.
She laughed and giggled and was enjoying herself. I was also having fun but my eyes kept getting drawn to her panties that were on view to me.

Eventually I decided that it was time for both of us to go to bed.
Chrissie was upset but I told her we could play any time we both had time.
She jumped up and stood on the bed facing me and asked for a hug good night.
I stood and she embraced me.

Now, with her standing on the bed, my head was the the level of her breasts and I could feel the soft mounds that were just starting to bud into small A s, press against the side of my face through her nighty.
In had instinctively wrapped my arms around her at a comfortable height, which meant I was holding her bum and pulling her against me.
The embrace lingered and I was not sure if I imagined it or not but I thought I had felt her push her bum back against my arms and move her chest around a little.
She then jumped off my bed, turned to say good night and bolted out the door.
Had her nipples been hard when she ran off?
I was not sure so I dismissed it as imagination.

Needless to say though, as I lay in bed, I jacked off to the feeling of her breasts against my face and the feel of her soft bum in my hands.
Never before had I thought of such a young girl sexually, but I had become hard remembering what had happened.
After I came, I rolled over and wanted to fall asleep immediately, disgusted with myself for thinking the thoughts I was thinking.

During the week that followed, I just spent time settling in along with my other duties.
I only saw the 3 younger girls at lunch and for a little while in the afternoons as they were inside doing school work the rest of the time.
They were quite diligent in their work and I did not want to disturb them.
They were all happy to have me around though.

Shannon and I still had our talks, but we had more time for them now and my feeling for her were growing even stronger.
Chrissie came to my room again on Friday night and we had a repeat of the past Sunday's speed "show".
I looked at her panties even more, which, because I was distracted, meant she won almost every game.
When she stood to hug me good night, the hug lingered longer and I was now very aware of her moving her chest back and forth against my cheek while pushing her bum into my hands.
I pulled her really close, my hands clearly applying pressure to her bum and she let out a small giggle.

Then, she jumped off my bed again, turned to say good night and dashed out the door.
This time, I had looked closely and her nipples were indeed hard. I didn't even know 13 year old girls reacted to physical contact that way. Again, this was new to me.

The following week, they had a home school outing to a dairy farm.
The girls mother asked me to come along as there were going to be quite a few home school families there and an extra pair of eyes would help, plus being a man, many of the other mothers would be more at ease.

We drove out to the farm without incident. The girls chatting about how excited they were to see how a dairy farm worked.
When we got there, there were already other families there.
The girls bolted out of the car to chat with their friends.
I had asked Shannon if her best friend would be there but she had told me her friend went to regular school but there were others she would chat with.

Eventually the tour started.
The farmer would take us to different places and explain how things worked and what they did at each phase.
Because Chrissie was so short she had to stand in the front but was shy to do so.
She asked me if I would stand with her .
I agreed but told her we would have to stand to the side so that I did not block anyone else from seeing what was going on.
She smiled, grabbed my hand and led me to the side of the group but where she could still see.

She stood in front of me and I put my hands on her shoulders.
She was wearing a dark blue, tight fitting top that exposed the shoulders but also showed off the mounds that were her developing breasts.
As the farmer got into a lengthy discussion, I felt her lean back into me. Her shoulders resting on my stomach and her lower back pressing against my crotch.

Her position made my hands feel awkward so I started to remove them when she grabbed them and pulled them off of her shoulders and down her front.
She had a hand in each of her own and positioned my arms in such a way that I could feel her soft breasts pressing against them.

I felt my cock twitch as she moved my arms around, almost like she was playing.
I glanced around and saw no one paying us any attention so I decided to see where she wanted to go with this

I could feel her nipples hardening against my forearms and I was getting harder myself.

The groups started to move off and so she levered herself against me to stand up.
This applied more pressure to my hardening cock and caused my open hands to move up and over her breasts.
I'm pretty sure she could feel my cock press against her as she stood upright again.

We moved on, staying near the front of the crown until we stopped again.
This time she stood right up against me and pressed herself back against me.
I know she could feel my cock against her back but she did not move or say anything.
She took my hands again and this time placed them that my arms were wrapped around her from behind and crossed over her chest.
I had one palm on each breast.
My left hand on her right breast and my right hand on her left breast.

She applied pressure first. Causing my hands to press against her.
She let out a contented sigh and I took over from then on.
I gently cupped and caressed her breasts, using my thumb to rub over her nipples.
I pressed my hard cock against her and felt her push her body back against it.

I looked around and still, no one was looking at us.
I had no idea what the farmer was talking about and I didn't really care, my concern was on not getting caught.

We moved again and again for another hour or so.
Each time, I would end up playing with Chrissie's developing breasts while she pressed backwards against my hard cock.

She never said a word though and I was relieved when we were finally on our way home.
The girls were all chatty again and I was amazed that Chrissie had actually been paying attention as she was able to engage in the conversation.

We got home and everything was as per usual. Catherine's car was parked in the driveway though, so we knew she was home for dinner, which was rare during the week.

She came out to greet us all with a hug.
I was cautious as I was still hard but after we broke the embrace, I know she looked at me with a question in her eyes.

Chrissie did not seek me out for anything and acted like nothing had happened and dinner was casual as usual.

As Catherine was leaving, she asked if I would have coffee at the mall with her the following evening, she wanted to discuss an event that she had in mind for the youth.

I agreed and headed to my room.

Inside, I found Chrissie waiting for me in her nightie.
"Shouldn't you be inside and in bed already?" I asked.
"I just wanted to say good night and say thank you for helping me not be scared today."
"You know I don't mind doing those things for you, today was fun."
"Goodie" she said, "I liked today too, I want to play like that more."
"Chrissie, we can't, you are so young and I will get into trouble."
"So why was your wee wee hard? Don't you like me?"

I found her choice of words interesting, I mean  wee wee?  That was a word of a sheltered were these girls?
I noticed her looking at me and realised I had not answered her.

"I do like you Chrissie, and my wee wee was hard because I liked what we were doing, but its wrong."

She thought for a moment.
"If you liked it, and I liked it, and if we tell no one, the you won't get into trouble and we can do it more."

At this point I sat on the bed.
She climbed onto my lap with both her legs hanging over my left leg, her bum firmly on my cock which was starting to fill with blood again.

My right arm was around her waist holding her and she took my left in both of her hands.
I looked into her eyes as I tried to find the right words.
I could feel her manipulating my fingers and just as In was about to speak, she pleaded with me.
"Please Uncle Tom" and slipped my left index finger into her mouth and sucked on it.

I don't know if there is a link to a mans cock through his fingers but I was rock hard instantly.
I could see her smile around my finger as she used her tongue on it and kept sucking.

She ground her bum against my hardness for a bit then stood up.
"In think that means yes" she said, and the skipped out the door.

I sat there stunned for who knows how long before getting into bed.
No surprises what I jacked off to that night as I drifted to sleep........
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Reply #5 on: March 10, 2018, 07:58:10 PM
I am enjoying your story and writing style. The story keeps my attention, which is no easy task. I can't wait to read more. Thank you very much.  :)

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Reply #6 on: March 10, 2018, 09:25:25 PM
You can actually see in the writing the guy going, "I shouldn't be doing this," especially when it hasn't been written explicitly. You've really taken on the voice of your subject here.

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Reply #7 on: March 11, 2018, 03:47:20 AM
Very well done, :emot_thdrool: I'm loving the way your telling this story and
I can't wait to read more about the adventures with all the girls.

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Reply #8 on: March 11, 2018, 07:36:37 PM
Great start. Keeps you interested throughout the entire story.  :sign_lookinggood:

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Reply #9 on: March 11, 2018, 08:43:10 PM
Thank you everyone for your comments. Please keep em coming. I am enjoying writing this story.
Thank you also for your patience. I know it seems like things are going slowly, but I believe that a good foundation leads to a deeper immersion in the story

Part 3.

I woke up that next morning with Chrissie's antics still fresh in my mind.
I decided that the only way to try forget was to finish preparing for Friday Youth group and throwing myself into it completely.

I sat at my desk and started working.
I forsook breakfast and lunch because if I wanted something to eat, I would have to go into the house and I did not want to face Chrissie again just yet or try deal with whatever she might get up to with Rachel and Shannon around, not to mention their mother.
If she let slip about any of what happened, apart from it breaking Shannon's heart, I would be making friends with "Bubba" in a cell all too soon.

Initially, the hours dragged by, but very soon, I was immersed in the message I was preparing and the hours flew by.
It was a message on my phone from Catherine, confirming our meeting over coffee that broke me out of my rhythm.
She wanted to meet at 6 and I needed to let her know which restaurant or coffee shop.

I had completely forgotten about our meeting but it was still early enough for me to shower, shave and get to the shopping mall before her.
I cleaned myself up and headed over to my car a little after 5.
On the way, I saw Chrissie and Shannon playing in the yard.
They saw me too and while Shannon smiled a heart melting smile and waved, Chrissie started running over.

"I'm late for my meeting with your sister" I said loudly, moving to my car quicker and getting in.
I could see the disappointment on her face but Shannon quickly got her involved in their game again.
That was close though as I am sure I would have been sporting a hard on if Chrissie had been able to hug me, and having that be seen by Shannon would raise far too many questions that I knew I did not want to answer.

It took me about 20 minutes to get to the mall.
I decided the Bistro would be a good place as I was famished and wanted to eat while we had this meeting.
I texted Catherine the restaurant, asked for a table for 2, sat down, and waited.

I waited about 15 minutes for her to show. Admittedly I had been very early but at least I was not home. This would be a good distraction and I could focus on my real reason for being around youngsters.

Catherine eventually walked in. She was wearing a top that was tight over her breasts with what looked like an elastic or something under them and then the top was loose over her stomach.
She was 19, I was 23, so I did look a bit closer because while she may have been upset if she caught me looking, it wasn't illegal.
Her breasts were smaller than Rachel's. Probably a large A to a medium B....hey, I can't tell sizes, I just know what I like, but even then, every woman was different and I tend to go for the whole package rather than just one attribute..
Her stomach was flat, even though her top was not form fitting, I could tell that much.
Her long legs were covered by a wrap around skirt that went all the way to her ankles and, as usual, her very long hair was tied in a ponytail.
I was facing the door and there was just enough light coming from behind her that I could see the silhouette of her legs through the material of the skirt.
That was something that I did often, I don't know why, but it was a habit.

I stood up to greet her and we hugged a casual friendly hug that did not linger and I was grateful for that.
She ordered a cappuccino as did I along with a BLT.

We started with small talk. She asked how I was doing staying with her family and I told her things were going well.
She asked if Chrissie was being a pain and after my heart stopped racing, I told her that she was okay and was just a normal 13 year old kid who wanted to play all the time.
I asked her how she was and how it was for her staying in a different home for the first time in her life.
She told me she had her own room, kitchen and bathroom separate from the main house and that she was enjoying having her free time to herself.
During the day, she had to mind the two girls who were 15 and 13 like Shannon and Chrissie, but after 5:30 her time was her own and she could come and go as she pleased.

The drinks came and soon after, so did my food so we started discussing her idea.
She wanted to do a large event where we got 2 or 3 youth groups together and did a whole night of activities.
Parents or others could sponsor the kids money for each hour they could stay awake as a way to get the kids involved in fund raising for their church but have fun doing it.
I liked the idea and said she could come up with some activities but that it would take quite a lot of prep and planning and so would not be happening any time soon.

She seemed excited that I had included her and smiled a huge smile and thanked me profusely.
I thought it odd as it was her idea but the again, never being exposed much to the "real world" for 18 of her 19 and some years may have something to do with it.

We then carried on chatting about all sorts of things.
I got to learn that she did not have friends her own age as she had always had to look after the smaller kids at events or on outings.
I felt kinda bad for her but there was not much I could really do about that.
We had more coffee and a few muffins as we chatted until she looked at her watch and saw it was almost 9 pm.

"I need to go." She said, "The roads are not safe and very dark."
"I'm sad that such a great time has to end but I don't want you to be in any danger going home. How about I follow you to make sure you get home safe?"
She smile at that and immediately took me up on the offer.
I paid the bill and we left.

We had not parked too far from one another so as I got to the parking exit, I waited for her and followed her as she passed.
The drive was not far, about 10 minutes but we were going up into the hills and the roads were indeed dark, with no street lamps and lots of bushes, I decided that next time, we meet on a Saturday during the day, this place was not safe for a young woman at night.

My phone rang and it was Catherine.
"Follow me up the driveway, we can chat some more and I can make us more coffee. I feel safer being at home."
I hung up and not even 20 seconds later we turned into the driveway of a large property.
I followed her in and parked behind her.

The place was pretty big, although it was difficult to see much detail in the dark.
Catherine called me to follow her and we went into her room which was about 50 yards from the main house on the other side of the garage.

Once inside I could see that it was not overly big.
She had a separate kitchen area which led to the bathroom, but the bedroom was one large room.
She had a desk with an office chair, clothes everywhere and a hastily made double bed.

She started with some coffee and I sat in the office chair after turning it to face the bed, the only other place she could sit.
She handed me my coffee with a smile and then walked over to sit on the bed.
As she did, her wrap around skirt open at the slit showing off one incredibly long, smooth leg.
She pulled that leg up and flicked the skirt to cover herself again but it flew a tad high and I caught a glimpse, of what I thought was her pantiless crotch.
I choked on my coffee and she asked if I was okay.
I just told her it was hotter than I expected and she was okay with that.

We started chatting again and were really enjoying one another's company, we had no idea of the time.
Coffee mugs were long empty and were being played with while we chatted.
My phone vibrated from a text message and when I checked it, I saw it was just past 11pm.

"I gotta go, its late." I said as I stood up.
I walked to the kitchen and put my mug down .
I turned to face Catherine, she had stood up and she embraced me.
She was standing close too, none of this sticking the butt out crap, a proper close up embrace.
I put my arms around her and hugged back.

Being shorter than me, her head was able to rest very easily on my chest and shoulder.
"Thank you so much for tonight Tom, it was so good to have someone my age, even if you are a little older, to talk to."
"No problem" I answered, "I liked getting to know you better and I'm always up for a chat."
She lifted her head off my should, still holding me.
"You're sweet and I like your hugs" she said while looking at me
"Hugs are free" I answered.
She put her head back on my shoulder and hugged me even closer, our bodies now pressing together.
I could feel her breasts pressing against me, that, her proximity, and her smell started me getting hard.
In tried to break the hug but she pulled me as close as she could saying "If the hugs are free, I'm gonna collect as much as I can."

Oh Fuck!!!

It was not long till she would be able to feel me and the longer she held me while I was growing, the more my body wanted her to feel me.
"Catherine..." I said, trying to get her attention
This caused her to lift her head off my shoulder and lean back a bit at the waist to look me in the eye. This caused her crotch to come into direct contact with mine which made me go from hard to iron!

"What?...What is..? Oh! Oh, am I? Are you? " all those tumbled out of her mouth but she did not move or let me go.
She stared at me in silence for what seemed like ages, I could feel my cock throbbing against her. She definitely knew I was hard now.

In my mind I could see her dad giving me a lecture about defiling his daughter. How I was meant to care for those younger than me, not turn them into depraved sinners.
I could see him telling the whole church and me losing my job and a place to stay.
I started going soft only to be caught totally by surprise by Catherine kissing me!

Closed lips on closed lips but I sprang right back to full hardness.
She ground against me and I slid my hands down to her waist where I could hold her and grind back.
My cock was telling me that this was a woman, not a little girl, and that it felt so much better than my hand.

She gave a small moan and kissed me again with closed lips.
I kissed back this time, brushing my tongue over her lips, gently willing them open, all the while, my hands now cupping her bum, squeezing and grinding more against her.

I walked her backwards till she was against the wall.
This allowed me to grind against her while freeing up my hands.
One went to her head and I held her head while I kissed her, the other rested on her side, just below the swell of her breast.

My probing tongue eventually won out and she opened her mouth, our tongues connected and I gently invaded her mouth with my tongue.
She breathed heavily into my mouth, her hands went to the back of my head and she raised one leg to wrap around me.
She was inexperienced and I assumed this was her first proper kiss but that turned me on even more.
Her leg around me had pulled me closer to her but was slipping so the hand on her side, slid down to hold it up.

I felt her smooth skin and I thrust against her.
She moaned and whispered "more" between kisses.
My hand holding her leg slid upwards, and I had been right, she was not wearing panties.
I squeezed her naked bum and pulled her against me.
She was whimpering now, kissing forgotten and as I moved my hand, I could feel how wet she was.

I pulled her wrap around off and lowered her leg so she was standing on her own two feet.
I moved to the side slightly so my right hand had unhindered access to her pussy.
I kissed her deeply as I ran a finger up her slit to her clit.
I applied pressure and started rubbing her clit.
She was wet which made it easy for me to not hurt her but she was moaning and bucking against me like a mad woman.

I could tell my her breathing that she was getting close.
We had stopped kissing a while back, her eyes were closed and she was just holding onto me so that she did not fall.
Soon her breathing became so rapid I knew her orgasm was imminent.
She buried her head in my shoulder and let out a long moan as I felt her body shaking against me.

I held her as she came down from her orgasm.
Both hands on her hips.
She eventually opened her eyes and looked at me.
She had that dreamy look in her eyes but it did not last long.
Very quickly you could see understanding, shock and panic enter her eyes.
She let go of me and saw her skirt was gone.
She quickly bent down to pick it up and cover herself.
"You need to go" she said and opened the door.
I walked out and she closed and locked it immediately.

In a bit of a daze I got in my car and started on my way home.
Half way home I let out a loud "FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!"
And I was still hard.......
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This is going to make things with Chrissie a little more...interesting. I'm guessing questions will be asked.

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This story is so fucking hot! Please continue! Woo!  

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Wow just wow. Love it


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OMG  YES  !  :emot_101010:
Your doing an amazing job with this story,
An amazing, erotic read this has been.
:emot_penis: You must keep this one going ! 

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 :sign_a+:   Nice .Keep writing will be looking.