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The Pastors Daughters (Mf+)

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Part 4.

The next morning when I woke up, I could still smell Catherine on my fingers.
My mind flashed back to how incredible it had been until she threw me out.
I was still angry with myself and I knew tonight, when she came home for the weekend, there would be questions asked, fingers pointed and accusations made.

I showered and dressed and the just sat on my bed.
I have no idea how long I sat there, lost in my thoughts, but I was brought back to reality by a knock on my door.
I opened it to find Shannon standing there.
"Are you okay?" She asked. "You missed meals yesterday and its lunch time today. I heard you shower earlier so I knew you were up. What's going on?"
I could see the genuine love and concern in her eyes. If only she were 3 years older I thought, and then I just wrapped my arms around her and started crying.

She held me as I held her.
I was angry that I was going to lose her and the more I thought about it the more I realised that the fear of losing her was because I cared for her very deeply.
Last night with Catherine had been impulsive and was going to cost me something far more precious.
I could smell her, and it was heaven. Her breasts were pressing against me and I slowly began to feel calm in her arms.
I could have stayed that way all day but I realised I had probably held on too long.
She was shushing me and stroking my hair.
I had stopped crying a while ago and was just lost in the peace and happiness of being in her arms.

I broke the embrace, took her hands in mind and kissed them like I had all those weeks ago.
She smiled and said "Clean yourself up and come get some lunch."
She turned and walked away and I just watched her.
When she was inside, I turned to go wash my face.
Only then did I realise I was hard.
"Fucking hell!" I thought "Scare away the only girl who actually cares because you can't control yourself!"
But then I realised, she had not said anything or even looked down. She had not moved closer or further away, she had just been there for me.

I thought on that for a moment before washing my face, dried myself and went in for some lunch.
It was nothing fancy, just sandwiches, but I was hungry.
Rachel, Shannon and Chrissie were there but their mom had gone out with their dad early that morning and would only be back for dinner.
Rachel and I chatted a bit but then she said she needed to help Shannon with some of her math work and so excused herself.
Chrissie was playing a computer game so I decided to go lie on a deck chair around the back of the house and try think.

It was a sunny day but enough clouds were around that it was pleasant enough to lie down, plus there were trees that gave off shade.
It was quiet too.
There was just the lawn and trees.
No windows from the main house looked out here, only from my room.

Again I lost track of time...and my thoughts.
I was thinking about how I felt about Shannon, how I played with Chrissie's little breasts.
How Rachel would look at me sometimes and how well we got on.
And of course, kissing Catherine and feeling her naked skin and pussy last night.
Here I was, with 4 young women, 3 of them underage, whom I had all fallen for in some way or another.
Plus none of them seemed aware of the others actions towards or with me but most of all, I was their youth pastor.
I was meant to protect them from men who did what I was doing...well, that would all change tonight.

I opened my eyes when I saw a shadow pass over my head.
It was Chrissie standing next to me.
"Can I lie with you?" She asked.
There were plenty of empty deck chairs so I thought why not.
"Sure, be my guest."

Clearly my interpretation of her request was not what she had in mind.
She climbed on top of me and lay down on me.
Her back to my chest, her bum firmly on my crotch and her head resting on my right shoulder..
She was light enough that I did not mind it and her body against mine caused my cock to begin to stir.

"Chrissie, what are you doing?"
"Lying with you silly! I like being like this, hold me so I don't fall off."
And with that, she grabbed my hands and placed them firmly on her flat stomach.
She was wearing boy shorts that went half way to her knees that were just held up by an elastic and a white spaghetti strap top which, now that she was lying down, had caused the left strap under my chin to slip off the shoulder and the material on the cheat had risen slightly so I had a clear view of her budding breasts and her nipples.

I grew hard instantly! And she did not miss out on it either!
She ground her bum down onto me and giggled.
"Yay! Uncle Tom wants to play!"

She moved my hands up to her breasts and I started caressing them through her top without thinking.
I tried to catch the nipples between my thumb and forefinger but kept getting only material.
I moved my hands down and she sighed with disappointment only to let out a yelp of surprise when I pulled her top up and put my hands on her naked breasts for the first time.
Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and she was really grinding her bum against my hard cock.
I could feel the wet spot my pre cum had formed.

I was using my thumbs and forefingers, starting as wide apart as I could and traveling over her soft breasts till they caught the nipples and then I would pull on them and roll them gently.
I could see the colour of her chest change from milky white to a flushed red.
Her hands went to her crotch.
She had opened her legs so one was either side of mine.
I bent my knees lightly and opened my legs a little, this made sure her legs stayed open too.
She was applying pressure through her shorts and I was rising a little to press myself against her.
I gently bit her left shoulder as I pinched her nipples a little harder causing her to whimper.

Just as I started to move my hands down her stomach we heard several car doors slam closed.

Never before have I seen a kid move as fast as she did.
I turned my head and she was gone!
I had a noticeable wet patch on my pants in two places.
Interesting, I thought, but I also got up quickly, realising having a wet spot on your pants when you are about to be fired for pulling one on the pastors daughter was probably not the best move.

I waited till I was sure everyone was in the main house, then I dashed to my room, had a quick shower and changed.

Time to face the music .

I went into the main house.
Everyone was there.
The pastor, his wife and all 4 girls.
I greeted Catherine as I usually would.
She just looked at me and then walked with Rachel down the passage to her room. I noticed she was wearing the same wrap around from yesterday.
The pastor was watching this and then turned to me.

Oh shit! Here we go.

"I hear you followed Catherine home last night?" He started.
"And then you went inside for coffee?"

He paused here. I was watching his face, my heart felt like it was ready to jump out of my mouth and I felt like I was on fire while I weighed 1000 pounds all at the same time.
I was ready for the hammer to fall now, I had had my fun, from here on out my life was over.

"Thank you for making sure she was safe, but next time, think about not going in. Its yours and her reputation on the line if people start assuming what's happening behind closed doors."


I was stunned, I was ready to be marched out of there like a dirty rat, I had no idea what to I said nothing.

"I can tell by your silence that you are thinking of the consequences such gossip could have, that's good. Just be careful."

I just nodded and swallowed hard. Loud enough for him to hear which caused him to laugh.
"Calm down, we all make mistakes, just learn from it. Now let's have dinner before we all run off to youth. GIRLS, DINNER!"

Everyone came and sat down.
Catherine and Rachel gave me interesting looks. Catherine's was one of knowing and Rachel's was one of puzzlement and intrigue.
Shannon was to my left and I felt her legs resting against mine.
I found some comfort in that as I slowly ate my food, not really involved in the chatter at the table, more thinking "He doesn't know....she didn't tell him.....why didn't she tell him?"

As dinner was ending the pastor stood and called the girls and his wife to his car, be was going to go to the church early and get things set up like he usually did.
He would get there about hour and a half before we started, which gave us an hour set up and 30 minutes to chat and socialise with kids and the odd parent as they dropped the kids off.
I told him I would be there soon, I just needed to finish my message and bring some things for the games.
Catherine said she would come in her own car.
She wanted to shower before going to the church.
I went to my room and heard the car drive away.

In had left my door open and was looking in my cupboard for my tennis racquet when I felt someone step up behind me and press their body against me.
I could smell shampoo and dampness and feel breasts moulding against my back.

Then I heard Catherine whisper in my ear "More!".....
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OMG :emot_ntworthy: , this is so Hot...

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Omg ! So hot! Can't wait for more!,

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I eagerly await part 5. ;D

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Thanks for the great story I really enjoyed it.

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Sorry for the long wait for this update but work got a little crazy and then I was away for the weekend. I also wanted to make sure I got this chapter right as I know the action has been slow in coming.
Again, thank you for the comments.
Please enjoy.

Part 5.


I immediately got goosebumps as Catherine whispered that into my ear.
I turned around to see her standing there with only a towel wrapped around her.
Her hair was wet and she was looking at me with pure lust and desire in her eyes.

I wasted no time.
I put my left hand on the back of her head and held her as I kissed her.
My lips parting only to have my mouth invaded by her tongue.
She kissed me eagerly as I again pressed her against the wall, her left leg immediately wrapping itself around me, pulling me against her.

I ground against her, causing her to breathe heavily into my mouth, my right hand holding her leg around me slowly sliding up her thigh to take her naked bum in my hand once again.
This time though, I was not cautious or hesitant, she had come looking for this and I vowed to myself to deliver.

We kept kissing as I lowered her leg and moved my hand from her bum to her pussy.
She was wet and the towel made for easy access.
As soon as my hand touched her pussy, she pressed against it, yearning for my touch.
I ran a finger from the bottom of her slit to the top and teased her clit before running the finger back down again.
I then used the ball of my palm to apply pressure to her clit as I pushed my middle finger up inside of her to the first knuckle and slowly back out again.

She was now no longer probing my mouth with her tongue, she was just standing there, open mouthed, against my mouth, breathing deeply, allowing me to explore her mouth leisurely with my tongue.

I was hard and grinding myself against her right leg, my palm still on her clit, moving in circles while applying pressure, which caused her to press back against my hand.
I removed my left hand from holding her head and fumbled with my belt and pants clasp and zipper.
Once undone they slid down, I gave myself a bit of a gap and stopped grinding for a moment until they were around my ankles.

I then used both hands to get my boxers past my hips and then allow gravity to take over.
The removal of my hand from her pussy caused her to moan in disappointment and open her eyes to see what was happening.
I could see her eyes widen as she saw my hard, naked cock.
I bent at the knees slightly, put my arms around her thighs and lifted her up against the wall, spreading her legs at the same time.
I could not see her pussy, but I felt it as our bodies made contact, her slit pressing against the underside of my cock as it got trapped between us.

I ground against her hard now and she moaned in pleasure.
Her breasts were at the level of my face but still hidden by the towel.
I used my teeth to pull the towel loose and watched her breasts reveal themselves to me as it fell away.
They were just a bit bigger than a handful each.
They had a few freckles on them which contrasted nicely to her pale skin.
The nipples were hard like pencil erasers surrounded by pink areolas.

My cock twitched against her slit at the sight of her breasts and I wasted no time in taking the left nipple into my mouth and sucking hard while pressing against her at the same time.

She gasped loudly at the sensations and started grinding back at me, her hands on the back of my head, holding me against her chest as I flicked my tongue over her erect nipples again and again.

My hands were now under her bum as I lifted her slightly higher and opened her lips just a bit.
The tip of my cock slid down and then nestled in her opening and I slowly lowered her onto my cock.

She was hot, tight and wet.
It was slow going and I paused briefly as I got to her hymen.
I bit her nipple slightly as I thrust forward and continued to fill her, taking her virginity.
I could hear the moan of pain escape her lips but she did not stop me.

Eventually, out groins met, and I was fully inside her.
Damn she was tight but now all decency was leaving my senses.
My cock was inside a willing pussy and instinct took over.

In started thrusting in and out.
Her head resting on my shoulder as I fucked her.
More moans of pain escaping her lips, over and over.
Her breasts were pressed flat against my chest but her nipples were still hard and I could feel them rubbing against my skin as our bodies moved against one another other.
The sensation made me even harder if that were possible.

I kept fucking her.
No slapping sounds or grunting, just the sounds of heavy breathing and the occasional moan of pain and pleasure coming from her.
My orgasm was approaching and I could feel my cock getting harder and expanding, the head beginning to tingle.
I increased my pace.
Catherine's legs were wrapped around me now and she was pulling me into her with each thrust, not vigorously, but there was want and desire in her movements.
Her arms were around my neck and her head lay on them as she breathed heavily, eyes closed, experiencing every moment of our tryst.

Eventually I thrust hard and deep into her and stayed there as my cock exploded inside her, shooting my cum into her pussy.
I felt her quiver around me, her chest flushed and goosebumps spread all over her body as my cock twitched inside her with each spurt of cum.

She smiled and with closed eyes said "You made me cum."
I was pleased. She had enjoyed her first fuck to some degree at least.
In kissed her deeply and then replied "And you took all my cum too!"

She looked at me puzzled for a moment and then the same look of shock and fear entered her eyes like before.
She looked down between us and saw I was still inside her and she let out a loud gasp of shock.
"No, no, no, no, no, no..."
She pushed me away, causing my cock to slide out of her and stood to her feet.
She was shaky but managed to stay upright.
I could see streaks of blood on my cock and a mixture of blood and cum leaking out of her.
She saw it too, she bent down to pick up her towel and quickly ran out of my room, still muttering "no, no, no." to herself over and over.

I stood there for a while and as my cock softened, letting the blood flow back to my head with a brain, I realised I could have gotten her pregnant.

"For fuck sake!!!!!", I muttered to myself as I went to take another shower......
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(aside from some grammatical errors)
OMG , :emot_penis: that was hot !

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I'm going to hazard a guess and say Catherine is only going to be the first to face this fate. I can see the other girls falling into the same predicament.

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(aside from some grammatical errors)

Sorry about that, I dont own a PC so I write everything on my phone.
The keyboard can be a tad small, but I do try catch everything by reading it through a few times.
I must have been really tired when this went up.

Will fix the obvious ones that I have already spotted in a few moments.

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Great story!  Thank you for the effort you put in typing all this off a phone.

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Part 6.

I climbed into the shower to clean myself again after fucking Catherine.
She was so beautiful and I had enjoyed every moment of it, cumming inside of her though may not have been the wisest thing to do.
Oh well, what is done is done.
I was confused by her actions though.
First, I had just fingered her and she had enjoyed it but when it was over, she seemed petrified and chased me out.
Then, not only does she not tell her dad, she comes wrapped only in a towel, begs for more and enjoys it all again, never stopping me at any point.
Yet, afterwards, off she runs again.

As the thoughts ran through my head, I washed.
My cock was sore but it felt good at the same time.
She had been so tight but hot and wet.

I had lost my virginity in high school at the age of 17 and it had now been 6 years since I had had sex...until tonight.
I didn't want to go without sex for that long ever again.
I wondered if Catherine would want to do it again?
I wasn't going to push the issue though and decided to let her come to me.

I finished up, got dressed and drove to the church to do youth.
I had noticed that Catherine's car was already gone when I left.
I felt a small knot start to develop in my stomach.
Would she tell anyone what had happened?
I would definitely lose my job if it came across as rape.

It started raining on my way to the church which I liked.
I enjoy the rain, it calms me and, when I'm driving in the rain, its like I'm in my own little world.
This caused the knot to ease somewhat and I basically told myself that what would happen, would happen.
I can't change the past, but I can cherish the memory.

It was raining pretty hard.
I had just gotten to the church, out my car and inside when it started hailing.
There were not a lot of kids there that night, rain usually caused parents to not want to drive, which meant the kids could not come.
I went to the church kitchen to get a drink of water and I saw Shannon there.
She looked amazing as always.
Her hair was platted and she wore a light blue blouse and jeans.

"Hello beautiful."
I clearly surprised her as she jumped a little but turned to me with a smile on her face.
"I love it when you call me beautiful."
We hugged.
A close hug and I felt her breasts press against me.
I could smell her apple shampoo and just being in her arms caused any fear or worry to leave my body.
Sex with Catherine was great, but I had to be honest with myself and admit to the fact that I loved Shannon.
I know she was only 15 but I also knew what I felt.

There was a loud clap of lighting that broke me out of my musings.
Shannon jumped and pressed even closer to me.
I felt myself press against her and I was hard!
Why was it that I would get hard while in her arms and not know it?
She said nothing though.
She nuzzled my neck and just sighed a very content sigh.

I broken the hug and kissed her forehead as was our custom by now.
She smiled and walked out of the kitchen.
I got my drink of water and waited a while before leaving, giving my body time to relax and my cock to soften.

When I went into the main auditorium, I saw Catherine sitting with her mother.
There was a hint of pain and sadness on Catherine's face and concern on her mothers.
"Fuck" I thought, as all the worry came flooding back.

Rachel was standing around near the doors so I went over to her.
She would always tell me the truth and I had not really spoken to her in a while.
"What's wrong with Catherine?" I asked.
She turned, saw me and hugged me.
Hugging Rachel was even better than any of her sisters.
Her massive breasts pressed against me like pillows, but the hug was short lived, as a friendly hug should be.
"Oh, I though you knew," she started "she hurt herself getting out of the shower. Said she had one foot in and one foot out of the bath when she slipped and fell with the side of the bath hitting her between her legs. It looks really sore, she can't even walk right."
"I can just imagine that from a guys point of view, that's really painful."
Rachel laughed at me and shoulder bumped my shoulder.
I put my arm around her and said "You're cool." While smiling at her and giving a kind of side hug at the same time.
She smiled even more and then I left her to get youth started.
If Catherine had not said anything about her and I having sex, I was not going to complain nor stand around looking worried which would cause people to ask questions.

Youth went fine.
Obviously, we had to play games inside due to the rain but everyone had fun.
While giving my message, I saw Catherine looking at me now and again each time with a smile on her face which confused me.
Chrissie, Shannon and Rachel never looked away from me and seemed to soak up not only what I was saying, but me as well.
The other kids that were there behaved like regular teenagers.
Some listened, others talked to one another or passed comments but all in all, it was a good evening.

After we were done, Catherine and her mom went home immediately. Chrissie went with as it was late and her mom wanted her in bed.
Their mom said she wanted to make sure Catherine was okay after her fall.
They left in the pastors car which he only realised after they left.
That meant he would have to take Catherine's car and either Shannon or Rachel with him as there would not be space in the car with all the equipment for both daughters.

Rachel decided to go with her dad and as we were packing the car, his cell phone rang.
He answered and I could tell it was his wife.
"What?" He sounded shocked.
"Are you sure?"
"I'm leaving right now!"

He looked to me and said, "Catherine's fall seems to have been worse than we thought. I need to go home and speak with her and my wife. Will you be okay to lock up with Shannon?"
"Yes sir." I replied.
"Don't be too long, you know how people drive like idiots in the rain."
And with that, he rushed Rachel into the car and drove off, leaving Shannon and I standing there.
She was holding onto my arm and I could see she was scared.

I took her inside and hugged her close.
"I hope Catherine is okay." She said.
"I'm sure she will be fine, don't worry, I'll always be here for you if anything ever happens."
She hugged me as tight as she could and then stood on her tip toes and kissed my cheek with the softest, most loving kiss I have ever experienced.

I was stunned by the beauty of it and how warm it made me feel.
My world stopped and there was only the sensation of where her lips had pressed against my cheek and her body against mine.
Before I even knew what I was saying I blurted out, "I love you Shannon."
She lay her head on my chest and I rested my chin on top of her head.
I could hear her let out a very happy and content sigh.

I was hard again and I could feel myself pressings against her, yet, as usual, she said nothing.
"Do you feel anything more, or special when we hug like this?" I asked.
"You always make me feel special, what more could I want?"

Not exactly the answer I was after but I was not going to be direct.

Eventually we broke our embrace, locked up the church and I drove us home.
Once home, just before Shannon went inside, she hugged me again and asked, "Did you mean what you said before? Do you really love me?"
I looked deep into her blue eyes and felt myself fall for her even more.
"Yes Shannon, I love you!"
She smiled, kissed my cheek again and said, "I love you too!"

And with that, she left me and went inside.

I was stunned but happy.
Thinking of the kiss on my cheek, I went to bed and slept soundly.

The next morning, I woke up to the pastor knocking on my door.
I panicked and got all tense again worrying that he knew something of my trysts with his daughters.

I opened the door but he did not come in.
"My wife and I are taking Catherine to the doctor. Shannon and Rachel have gone shopping, so please will you keep an eye on Chrissie for us. Her friend Michelle will be over a little later so you won't have to occupy all her time once Michelle arrives."

"Sure." I answered, "Is Catherine alright?"

"We think she broke her hymen when she hurt herself last night because she was bleeding a little and she said its not time for her period. We need a doctor to check because if she has broken it, I am heartbroken for her. No man will want a soiled woman, accident or not."

Its not the fucking 1800's I though to myself. I had forgotten about the families naivety but kept quiet.

"I'm sure everything will work out to God's plan." I said.

He smiled and thanked me, saying he was sure it would.

He walked away and I heard the car door close and they drove off.

I dressed and went into the house to have breakfast.
As I was cleaning up I heard Chrissie softly call me from her room.
I had never been into any of the girls rooms, it was an unspoken rule, but seeing as we were alone I saw no harm in it.
As I drew closer, I heard her again, still softly, "Uncle Tom"
I entered the room and answered her, "Yes?"

What I saw when I entered the room made me hard immediately.
Little Chrissie was laying on her bed, her legs were spread and bent at the knees.
Her nightie was bunched up around her waist allowing me the perfect view from the doorway, of her little pussy.
Her puffy nipples were hard and poking through the material of her nightie.
It hit me that she had been masturbating while thinking of me, not calling me to her room.
My voice and presence shocked her.
Her hand covered her pussy and she clamped her legs together, she looked at my face and burst into tears.

"I'm so so sorry Uncle Tom. Please don't tell my daddy! Please don't be mad, I didn't know you were there!"
It all rushed out of her mouth as the sobs and tears grew worse.
I must have taken just too long to respond as she blubbered again, "Oh you hate me now and think I'm a dirty little girl."

She rolled onto her front and cried hard into her pillow.

"No, no, no Chrissie." I said as I moved to sit on the side of her bed.
"I'm just surprised, that's all. I don't hate you, and you are not a dirty little girl, you are very pretty."
I said all this as I rested my hand in her shoulder.
Her sobbing was subsiding so I continued
"I like how we play with each other, I just didn't know how much you liked it. I was worried you hated me for touching you the way I did."

It was quiet for a while and I just sat there. Then she looked at me and smiled, her eyes still red from crying but at least the tears had stopped.
She climbed into my lap like she usually did, both legs hanging over my left leg, her bum squarely on my crotch which I knew she could feel was hard.

Her left arm was around my neck and she took my left hand in her right.
"I don't hate you Uncle Tom. I like how you play with me and I like feeling your hard wee wee against me. Its exciting."
With that, she ground her behind down against me and took my left index finger in her mouth and sucked on it.
Again, the sensation was amazing and I was as hard as I ever remembered.

We were staring intently into one another's eyes.
My right hand was wrapped around her, supporting her as she sat across me, I slid the hand up so I could tease her nipple through her nightie.

She could not release her left arm from around my neck without falling so she took my finger out her mouth and moved my hand down to between her legs.
Even with my finger wet with her saliva, I could feel her own wetness. I was surprised a 13 year old could be this wet, but then again, Catherine was only the second woman I had ever been with.

I ran my finger up her slit and I felt her arch her back and push her hips forward against my finger.
I played with her clit which caused her to open her legs even more.
I leaned my head down and kissed her lips softly, just brushing them with my tongue.
She moaned, causing her lips to part, so my tongue brushed against the tip of hers.

Her tongue shot into my mouth as she kissed me.
Clearly inexperienced but very enthusiastic and the whole innocence of it really turned me on.
My finger had found her hole and I was gently fingering her.
She was hot and the more I used the tip of my finger, then wetter she got.

She used her right hand to push my hand, and thus my finger deeper into her.
Deeper and deeper.
I felt no hymen and soon my knuckles were pressed against her pudenda.

I lay her on her bed now, fingering her slowly, using my finger as I would my cock.
All the way in and all the way out, slowly, letting her enjoy the feeling.
We were still kissing and she was not as rushed as before. I think the sensations between her legs were distracting her.

Soon her breathing started to come in long deep breaths that increased in frequency.
Her legs were clamping together, making it hard to move my hand so I just took my finger out if her and focused on her clit.
She went off like a fire cracker.
She let out a yelp and her hips started thrusting up and down as her body shook.
At the same time she moaned loudly into my mouth and her hands shot to her little breasts and squeezed them through her top.

She shook for about 10 seconds before she lay still.
I watched her chest rise and fall under her limp hands and she had the biggest smile on her face.
Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me.
"Uncle Tom, you gave me a cum."
I smiled at her phraseology, I leaned down and kissed her again.

As her legs started to open so that I could remove my hand from between them, the gate bell rang......
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Damn! Had to happen just as they were really getting into it!

Please continue; I wanna see what happen next.

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WoW, another great segment, :emot_ntworthy:
I love how your telling this story !
I can't wait to read more,
Please keep this going...

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Always a break when you set the hook.