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The Pastors Daughters (Mf+)

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Part 7.

Hearing the gate bell ring caused Chrissie to jump up off of my lap.

"Michelle is here. I smell funny. Let her in while I shower quick."

And with that she shot out of her room, down the passage to the bathroom and slammed the door.
I was sitting there with a raging hard on and a left hand covered in her cum.

The bell rang again.

I stood up and repositioned my cock by pointing it straight up and using the waistband of my trousers to keep it in place.
My T-shirt was long enough to cover the waistband so I was not showing the part that was sticking out at least.
I started heading out the house to the driveway to open the gate.
A car drove in and stopped but did not turn its engine off.

I approached the drivers side and saw who must have been Michelle's mother who was looking a little tense.
As soon as I introduced myself she seemed much more relaxed.

"So you're Tom. I have heard only good things about you and how you are so good with the children..."

That comment sent a pang of guilt through me, luckily she did not notice as it flashed over my face and continued,

"The Pastor told me you would be here today and how they have taken Catherine to the doctor, Michelle and Chrissie should not be much trouble for you, they behave quite well when Chrissie comes over to our place."

"I'll keep an eye on them but let them do their own thing. I'm here if they need me for anything."

"Great, anyway, I need to rush home, I have a roast in the oven for tonight."

She turned to her daughter next to her whom I had not yet had a chance to greet or see properly.

"Now Michelle I don't need to tell you to behave but be nice to Uncle Tom. I'll see you tomorrow when you get dropped off."
"Yes mom."

Her voice sounded musical and I heard the car door open and the back of her head appear as she exited the car.
She had dark brown hair that went to just past her shoulders.
She turned to close the door and I saw a beautifully round face with the most amazing green eyes and red lips.
The car reversed and then I saw her body.
There was no way she could only be 13!

Her hips were noticeable as they tapered out from her flat stomach.
She was easily a head taller than Chrissie and her breasts were the size of grapefruits.
She wore a sundress so I could see the swell and flesh of her breasts in the cleavage area and she did not seem to be wearing a bra.
Her legs were long, muscular and smooth indicating that she shaved her legs....I didn't know 13 year olds had started doing that.
Her hair framed her face so well and curled at the bottom.
She smiled at me and I felt my cock surge in my pants, luckily, it was still restrained by my waistband.
My mind wondered what would happen if the straps for the dress, that were on her delicate shoulders, slipped down...

What the hell, I had just seen her for the first time and I was responding sexually to her.
I had to be careful, Chrissie might want to play, but I had never met this girl before and knew nothing about her.

She put her overnight bag down and crossed the gap between us and gave me a hug like any normal kid would do.
"Hello Uncle Tom, I'm happy to meet you. I promise Chrissie and I will be good."

Her body against mine caused my cock to twitch in its confinement and I am not sure if she felt anything or not. She said nothing and I wondered if she even knew what had happened if she did feel anything.
I just put my hands on her back, feeling her skin above the low cut back of the dress and gave her a quick hug back.

"Its nice to meet you too Michelle, let's go inside, I think Chrissie might be in the shower."

I picked up her bag and went inside. I could hear the shower running so I told Michelle to take her bag to Chrissie's room.
She did so and came back to the lounge.

"Please stay with me till Chrissie is done, I don't like being alone." she asked.

"Sure, is there anything you want to talk about?"


And with that she started telling me about her younger brothers and sisters. About people in her church and what she liked to eat and watch on TV.
She was a regular kid. The head between my shoulders could see and process that, but the head between my legs was trying to tell me that her body was not that of a kid.
I got distracted by the internal battle inside me and was surprised when she said, "Why don't you have a wife or a girlfriend Uncle Tom?"

I stared blankly at her for a moment and was saved from answering by the bathroom door opening and seeing a towel draped Chrissie running to her room.

"Chrissie!" Michelle cried, ran down the passage to her room and slammed the door.

Saved from an awkward answer there, I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to my room.

The girls did not bother me at all and over the course of the afternoon, the rest of the family returned.
Last to return was the pastor, his wife and Catherine.

I heard a knock on my door and it was the pastor again.
I suppose being the only other leader of sorts in the church, he had decided to make me his confidant.
He told me that Catherine had indeed broken her hymen in her fall.
She seemed to be walking with a bit of discomfort but not as much as previously.
He was worried still about her finding a husband within the church now that she was no longer chase and that she might end up as a spinster.
I again caught myself thinking about how naÔve and backward thinking he was in that regard but told him that if she met the right man and they discussed it at the right time, that it would not matter but until then, I told him I would not speak of it to anyone else.

He seemed to cheer up a little at that and told me I was wise beyond my years.
He also told me that he could see how Shannon acted around me and how I behaved admirably with her.
"If, in a few years, she still feels the same about you, and if you have not married, I would happily give her to you in marriage" He said.

What the hell? I thought to myself.
He was paying attention. What else had he seen? What had he seen with my interactions with his other daughters?
Reason won out and told me he was ignorant of everything else he would not be offering me the chance to marry his 15 year old daughter. Not now obviously but still, seriously, did this guy crawl out of a novel from the 1800's?

He clearly mistook my silence for shock.
"Don't worry about it now, keep treating her like you do, brother and sister and all will work out. Please don t tell her about me offering you to marry her though....she would be angry with me for interfering with her 'choice' of husband."

I just nodded my head and mumbled "Sure."

He turned and left.

Later that evening, at dinner, the conversation was varied and jovial.
Even Catherine was engaging as though nothing was wrong.
Shannon and Rachel spoke about their shopping trip.
Chrissie and Michelle were looking at me with huge grins on their faces. Every now and then one would whisper to the other and they would giggle.
They were reprimanded a few times but never seriously.
I wondered what they were giggling about and was worried about it.

We all went to bed early due to church the following day.
I don't remember what I dreamed about, but I do know I jacked of to the memory of my fingers inside Chrissie....

The next day everything went as usual. I ran youth church during the main service and afterwards I played basketball with some of the boys.
They had far more energy than I and carried on playing after I had stopped.
My shirt had untucked but because I was hot, decided not to neaten up.

Shannon, Michelle, Chrissie and their mom said they were going home to start lunch.
I thought that was a great idea as I had worked up an appetite playing.
I checked with the pastor if he would lock up, to which he agreed but asked me to take Catherine with me as Rachel would help with anything he needed and Catherine was still a bit sore.
I saw Catherine look at me and I swallowed nervously but agreed.

The car ride was silent.
I put the radio on but she turned it off....clearly she wanted to talk but was saying nothing so I started.
"Thank you for not telling. I'm sorry for what I did."

She was silent for a while before she replied.

"The doctor knew I had had sex. She and I were in the examination room alone when she checked me out. She has been our family doctor for years and knew how my parents would react so she backed my story instead and put me on birth control. I'm not sorry for what we did, I'm just sorry for the way it happened."

I was stunned.
"I don't know what to say..."

"That's okay, just know that we are both safe."

I looked over at her and saw her in a completely different way. She just smiled at me and turned the radio on, clearly the conversation was over in her mind.
My mind was running in a million different directions all at once.

We got home and I walked to my room and Catherine into the main house.
I decided to neaten up before going in for lunch.
As I came out of my bathroom, Shannon was standing in my room, still dressed in a purple ankle length skirt and a blue button up blouse.

"Aww, you tucked your shirt in." She said.

I was confused.

She walked over to me and hugged me.
God I loved her hugs.

Her hands started pulling at my shirt and as soon as it was untucked again she said,
"I don't know why, but I wanted to do this."
With that, she ran her hands up my back under my shirt.
I was hard instantly!
My hands were on her shoulder blades, holding her.
"You like that, I can tell."

"How?" I asked.

"I can feel you against me."

"Is this the first time?"

"No, but I never knew how much I liked it until now. Knowing I do that to you is kind of cool. I like how it feels."

Without even thinking, my hands went to her bum and an felt it for the first time.
It was firm yet soft at the same time and I pulled her against me, grinding against her.

She and I both moaned.
She kissed my cheek again and then bit the left side of my neck.

I was super tuned on now.
I squeezed her bum as hard as I could and she seemed to enjoy it even more.
We were grinding against one another very hard, her bites on my neck keeping me rock hard.

Then we thought we heard someone coming from the main house and we broke apart very quickly.
I went back into my bathroom to neaten up again and she casually walked out chiming "Lunch is ready"

After lunch, the pastor asked me if I could drop Michelle off.
He wanted to have a family meeting about Catherine's "predicament"

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill I thought to myself.

"But my parents won't be home till tonight, I can't go home yet!" Michelle seemed to be close to tears.

"Maybe if you ask Uncle Tom nicely, you two could watch a movie before he takes you home." The pastor suggested.

Michelle's whole face lit up, "Oh can we please Uncle Tom? Chrissie told me how you are like an older brother to her, we can pretend you are my older brother too! Please please please?

I was worried about exactly how much Chrissie had told her but I agreed. Its difficult to turn down a pretty girl no matter the age.

The pastor smiled too and as Michelle went to get her bag, he gave me cash and mouthed a silent Thank you.

We climbed into the car and headed to the mall. All the way there, Michelle was talking about the movie she wanted to see.
When we got to the mall, we parked and started walking.
Michelle took my hand and walked close beside me.
Her dress, if it were not black, would have been classed as a sundress but it looked more formal in black.
It stopped just above her knees and again, was low cut in the back, had thin shoulder straps and the cleavage showed the mounds of her generous breasts.
She passed as my sister quite easily.
She didn't look 13, she could easily have passed for 17 or 18.

When we got to the cinema, the queue's were short so we got our tickets to some animated movie she had been raving about in the car.

She had also chosen our seats to be in the back row. "I like being way up high" she had said.

We went inside and found our seats.
She had turned down popcorn and sweets and had just wanted water, so I had purchased a bottle for each of us.

The theatre was quite empty, I suppose early Sunday evenings was not the most popular time for people to watch movies.
There was a mom with a few kids sitting below us near the front but that was about it.
This particular cinema had armrests that could be raised between the seats.
Michelle quickly raised ours and scooted as close as she could to me.
"I told you I don t like being alone and when the lights go out, I always feel alone in the dark" she explained to my silent question.

She opened her water and started drinking as the lights went out and the trailers started.
My left arm was around her shoulder and I was absent mindedly stroking her arm very gently.

"Hmmmm, that feels nice she whispered"
And she said no more.
The trailers ended and the movie started.

Not even 5 minutes later I heard her say "Oops" and I heard the sound of water splashing.
She whispered to me that she had spilt water on her seat and that it would make her dress wet too.
I was just about to suggest we move one seat over when she climbed onto my lap and sat down facing the screen.
Her neck and shoulders were right in front of me now and I placed my hands on her shoulders so I could pull her back a little to whisper in her ear.
"Michelle, what are you doing?"

"I told you, I spilt water on my seat, this way, my dress stays dry."

"But we could just move."

"Nah uh! Chrissie told me what happens when he sits on your lap and I want to feel your hard wee wee too!"

I was not hard before, but now my cock started to stir of its own volition.

"But Michelle, we should not be playing like this, its wrong. What if those kids down there see us? We can get into a lot of trouble!"

"They won't come up here, its too dark. Also, if this is so wrong, why did you give Chrissie a cum yesterday before I got there?"

I panicked! Chrissie had told! If anyone else knew I was dead.

"She said it was better than when we play together" Michelle continued.

My cock surged at the mental image of these two touching themselves and one another.

"You two play together?" I asked.

"Yes, I found some DVD's in my dad's sock drawer one day and watched it. It had men putting their Wee Wees inside women. I thought they were hurting the women but they kept asking for more and more and they look like they liked it. It gave me a funny feeling in my wee wee so I rubbed it until I felt funny and couldn't breathe. I learned later that I had had a cum.
Also on the DVD, when the men took their wee wees out of the women, there was a white goo in the ladies wee wee.
My Mommy says that that is what come from a man when he has a cum and it is what makes babies.
The next time I slept at Chrissie's house we played with ourselves till we each had a cum.
We do it every time now and we also use our hair brush handles and put them inside our wee wees like a man would and push them in and out till we have a big cum."

What a story I had just heard.
I was hard as Iron and subconsciously grinding against her bum while my hands had moved to her legs and were caressing her thighs.
The brush handles explained why I had not felt a hymen in Chrissie then day before.

"Uncle Tom, " she whispered, "I can feel your wee wee is hard"...........
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Hmmm, I wonder where this could go...

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Hmmm, I wonder where this could go...

I hated to break it here but it was 4am in the morning so decided to post what I had at that point.

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:emot_penis: OMG Amazing, this is so hot,
now more then just the daughters
Keep it gong soon as you can,
I can't wait to read more !

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Love it

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More please!!!!!
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Congrats on having the #1 story of the month for March 2018 by views. Excellent! Please keep writing.

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Great job. Keep IT up.  ;D

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Wow! Looking forward to the next part!  ;D

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Will we be seeing part 8 soon?

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Hi everyone.

Thank you all for the comments and encouragement and for helping make this the story of the month for March.

Just letting you all know that the next part is on its way in the next few days....I hope.

Work has just been a little crazy and finding time to unwind and relax enough to write has been close to impossible.

Sorry for the wait but it will be worth it.

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We've been impatiently waiting lol

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Hi everyone.

Thank you all for the comments and encouragement and for helping make this the story of the month for March.

Just letting you all know that the next part is on its way in the next few days....I hope.

Work has just been a little crazy and finding time to unwind and relax enough to write has been close to impossible.

Sorry for the wait but it will be worth it.
That's okay. Take your time; good stories come to those who wait.

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I love your story and can't wait for more. Thanks :D

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*Checks the author for a pulse*  ;D

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