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The Pastors Daughters (Mf+)

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Reply #45 on: April 21, 2018, 06:31:04 AM
Well! I did enjoy it, but I'm thinking this story has been lost to writers block. It was awesome though!


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Reply #46 on: April 25, 2018, 11:37:32 AM
Agreed, I didn't think this one was going to be over yet,  :emot_thdrool:
but it does seem to be, shame, such an incredibly hot story line...

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Reply #47 on: April 25, 2018, 02:13:12 PM
Sadly, I think another good piece of smut has expired before its time. *Sighs*

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Part 8

In case you had forgotten, these are words...fantasy...nothing more. DONT pursue any relationship with a child that is underage!

I know its been far too long since I updated this and I apologize. Life happens and right now I'm at a point where life can go get fucked...anyway, for your continued pleasure, please enjoy the read

"Uncle Tom, " she whispered, "I can feel your wee wee is hard"...........

Michelle was right, I was exceptionally hard after hearing her tell me what she and Chrissie got up to.
That, combined with the fact that she had a body to die for was getting me exceptionally turned on.
I could feel her warm, smooth thighs under my hands and I moved them further up, towards her crotch.

Eventually my hands met at her crotch and her panties were damp.
I knew it was not from the water she had spilled as her dress was dry above my hands.
She breathed in sharply as my hands touched her and she started rocking back and forth over my hard cock which, while it did feel good, was also quite uncomfortable in the confines of my pants.

Where to from here? I was thinking.
Clearly she was enjoying what we were doing...heck, she instigated it, but at the same time, if Chrissie had blabbed so easily, who would Michelle blab to?
I was already in way over my head.
In a number of months I had gone from a caring and supportive leader to a full on pedophile, yet it was the girls coming on to me in different ways and I was too weak to stop them.
What would happen when the childish curiosity of Chrissie and Michelle ended and they realised what had happened?
Surely two 13 year old girls would grow weary of the games they were playing in a year or two and realise that what I did was wrong.
They would deny their part in it and even if they didn't, people would blame me only, and they would be right...heck, if it were someone else, I'd have done the same.

I was snapped out of my revelry by Michelle speaking to me.
"Are you okay uncle Tom? Why did you stop and why is your wee wee not hard any more? Don't you like me?"

Even in the darkness of the theatre, there was enough light from the screen to see the pained expression on her face.
She was still on my lap, looking back at me over her shoulder and my hands were resting on her upper thighs.
I was no longer hard, my drifting thoughts had helped with that.
But here I was, with a beautiful young girl on my lap, worried that it was her fault.

I pulled her back against me and gave her the biggest hug that I could.
"Oh sweety, I like you very much...maybe too much and because I like you I'm scared I'll do things to you and that you will hate me for it one day."
"But Uncle Tom, I like how you touched me. I want to be like the ladies in those DVD's. The men like those ladies and make them feel good and it looks like fun. I know it feels good from what Chrissie and I do when we play together at night.
Besides, you let me sit on your lap and you hold my hand and hug me. My daddy doesn't do that. He tells me I'm too old for those things and says that boys are dangerous and that men will only want to hurt me."

More neglect from fathers, pushing daughters down paths they should rather be shielding them from.
What was it with these church people this side of town?

She continued, "You are not hurting me and you are a man. I don't know why my daddy says those things."
"He says those things because there are a lot of men who would hurt you Michelle. You are so beautiful and the ladies in those DVD's are much older than you. Its wrong for a girl your age to do those things with a man."
"But you did things to Chrissie, why won't you do them with me? You say I'm beautiful but you don't want to touch me."

The thought went through my mind that I was about to be manipulated by a 13 year old, but I decided to see what when said.

"I do want to touch you Michelle! I want to touch you all over and do things to you that you will have seen in those DVD's but I don't want to get into trouble. People would not understand."
"You won't get in trouble. I'm not going to tell anyone......please touch me Uncle Tom! Please?"

To hell with it I thought, if she talked I was doomed for what I had already done and for some reason, I figured that if I didn't do as she asked, she probably would talk.

I kissed her on the lips.
It caught her by surprise but I could feel her smile against my lips as she kissed back after a few seconds.
She was the aggressor and her tongue brushed against mine causing my cock to harden again quite rapidly.

I kissed her deeply for a few moments before breaking the kiss and kissing along her neck.
She moaned as I did this.
She had turned to be facing away from me again and I kept kissing her neck and shoulder.
I used my right hand to slide the shoulder strap of her dress off of the shoulder, allowing me to kiss unhindered.
I used my teeth gently and her breathing was deepening as she rocked her bum† over my hard cock.

My left hand had moved up under her dress again and I started applying pressure to her clit through her panties causing† fresh juices to soak the material again.
She started thrusting her hips forward in an attempt to make more contact with my hand.
My right hand, having nothing to do, pulled the right side of her dress down and encapsulated her right breast.

It was pure heaven!
A good handful, warm to the touch, firm and the skin so soft and full of youth.
I rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pressed hard on her clit and gently bit her neck all at the same time.

I heard her breath catch in her throat and felt her body stiffen against me.
Her right hand on mine applying pressure to her breast while her left did the same to my hand between her legs.

After a few moments, she laid her head back on my left shoulder, but her hands kept mine in place.
Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and the sensation on her breast in my hand was amazing.
Her panties were soaked and I was worried about a wet spot on my pants.

She rolled her head towards me, kissed my neck and whispered, "That was a good cum....I want another one."

This girl was insatiable! A vixen through and through.

"Stand up sweetie." I said as I pushed her up off of me.
She was confused and her legs were weak.
She stood hanging over the seat in front of her, her legs still spread as the had been as she sat on my lap.

I undid my belt and took my pants and boxers down.
My trapped cock relieved of the pressure of being confined stood up.
I felt exposed sitting there with my pants down in the cinema.
I bent forward and took my pants off of one leg, giving me freedom to move my legs.
While bent forward I ran my hands up Michelle's legs.

Her senses were returning to her and the daze she was in was passing as she hung onto the back of that chair.
Not being able to see me she asked, "Uncle Tom, what are you doing? That feels nice but my legs feel funny, I need to sit."

My hands had reached her bum and I gave it a good squeeze....God she felt so good in my hands.
"We just need to take your panties off, they are very wet."
And with that, before she could say anything, I pulled them down and had her step out of them.
My hands went under her dress again, holding her by her hips and slowly pulled her back onto my lap.

Her bare skin touched mine and my cock surged at the contact.
Her slit was now rubbing against the length of my cock as her weight pressed it down between my legs.

"Ooohhhh....." She gasped. "Uncle Tom, you wee wee is so hard and hot and it feels nice."
She started rocking back and forth along my shaft and it felt great.
Her slit was wet and warm at the same time and her fluids were flowing freely.

I had the top of her dress completely down and my hands were caressing both of her breasts, feeling her erect nipples pressing into my palms as her chest rose and fell.
I wanted to see them but maybe I would get a chance another time.

After a couple minutes of this, I pushed her forward a little, making her bend over slightly while not exactly standing.
"I haven't had a cum yet..." She started, but stopped when she felt me rubbing my cock against her opening.
"Oh yes! Put your wee wee inside of me Uncle Tom...shoot your stuff inside my tummy!"

How could I resist? I pushed the tip inside her.
She was so wet it went I easily.
She was so warm and I gently pulled her back onto my lap as more and more of my cock sank into her.
Again, no hymen thanks to the hair brush but she was tight.
If she was not so wet, it would have been difficult but eventually, I was all the way inside her.

I kissed her neck.
"How do you feel baby girl?"
She giggled
"Full but happy....daddy!"

I did not expect that from her and again my cock surged which she felt it inside her.

"This feels so nice daddy."
"It gets better my baby."

With that I started to raise her by her hips and pulled back deeper into the seat as best I could.
Was not much, but when I lowered her back onto my cock she let out a small yelp.

"That feels very good, do it more please daddy."

I obliged. Here I was, balls deep inside a 13 year old, in a cinema.
The thrill of it kept me as hard as I have ever been as I kept up our rocking.
Gentle thrusts in and out of her.
Her skin under my hands, still mesmerising but the feel of being inside her was like nothing I had ever felt.

†Catherine had felt amazing, but this was different.
Hotter, tighter more sensual, not as rushed as I had been with Catherine.
Even still, a movie does not last forever and I did not want to be caught having sex when the lights came on and neither did Michelle more than likely.

I started lifting and dropping† her faster and more frequently, she helped by raising herself up using her arms on the arm rests.
My focus was on cumming and I was going to cum inside her just as she wanted.
She wanted to be like a porn star she had seen, I was going to oblige her.

I started moving my hips faster, the sensation of her tightness around me bringing me closer and closer to orgasm until her body locked stiff on top of me for a second time.
Her pussy milking my cock so hard that I could not hold back.
I pulled her down hard as my orgasm hit and I shot stream after stream of cum up inside of her.

She mewled as each stream hit her insides, her hands were between our legs trying to hold us together.
My hands were back on her breasts, feeling them heave along with her breathing as she rode out our mutual orgasm.

After a few minutes she spoke.
"Uncle Tom, that was the best cum ever and you put your white stuff inside me just like on the DVD's. I'm so happy."
She kissed my cheek and lay against me for a while longer.

I focused on the screen for the first time since she had spilled her water, the movie was still on but it seemed to be coming to its own climax.

"We should probably go. We don t want people to see us like this especially because we are both half naked."
She giggled again, she was so sweet and innocent yet I had just filled her with cum.
My cock wilted quickly and slipped out of her.
I could feel my cum leaking out of her.

"Awww, it felt so nice inside me, I like being naked with you Uncle Tom."
"Still, let's clean up a bit and get you home."

I grabbed my boxers and cleaned us both up as best I could.
She stood up, her back still to me and put her shoulder straps back up and pulled up her panties.
Nothing about her gave off any sign that this foxy 13 year old had just lost her virginity.

I was sad that we had done it in a cinema...I wanted to see her body but at the same time, what were the chances of us having done what we just did to begin with?

She turned and kissed me full on the mouth, our tongues dancing together again for a few moments.
I pulled my pants up, now going commando as my boxers were bunched up in my pocket, covered in both our fluids.

As we walked out, hand in hand, the credits started to roll.....
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Reply #49 on: August 01, 2018, 03:55:26 PM
This guy is certainly going through the family and friends quite nicely. Who's next for the penis train? Will we be seeing threesomes?

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Reply #50 on: August 01, 2018, 07:19:02 PM
Part 9.

While walking through the shopping mall, Michelle was silent.
She had a smile on her face and held my hand tightly.

Even when we were back in the car and driving towards her house, she said nothing, yet the smile remained.

I was anxious to know what she was thinking or feeling.
Every time I looked at her, she was staring out her window, her hand folded demurely in her lap as though she had no cares in the world.

I called her name once or twice but she never answered. "Well, fuck!" I thought.

Luckily, my thoughts could not drift too far as we soon arrived at her house, the directions the pastor had given me were exact.
There was no bell or intercom that I could see.

"Just hoot."
I jumped. Michelle's voice was unexpected given her silent trip.
But it was her regular voice. No anger or any other emotion hidden in it.

So, hoot I did and, a few seconds later, the gate opened.
I drove in and we were greeted by Michelle's mom.
She hugged Michelle and stood with her arm around her while she addressed me.

"Thank you so much for looking after Michelle. Your pastor called and told me you had taken her to a movie because of their issue with Catherine. Such a pity that such a lovely girl will be a spinster her whole life because of a silly accident."

The desire to roll my eyes was almost uncontrollable! What was with these people?
The fact that a girl had no hymen seemed to be the end of the world for said girl, plus the fact that it was not exactly kept quiet was not helping her situation much.
I was amazed at how backwards these parents were.
Sure, church had some daft rules that I reluctantly enforced and taught, but why ruin your daughters life by treating her like she was worthless because of a piece of membrane that was not there?

I could see Michelle trying to figure out what we were talking about but her age  and sheltered church upbringing counted against her here.

"Come inside for some coffee before you go." Her mom said. "I have dinner on the go and don't want it to burn while we chat outside."

I obliged and followed her inside and through to the kitchen.
There were pots on the stove and toys strewn all about the house.

"Sorry for the mess, having 4 kids aged 5 and under means your house looks like a disaster at all times."
"That's okay, its a home."

As I said that, 3 toddlers came running into the kitchen and stopped when they saw me.
They looked at their mom, back at me and ran off back into the house.

"They are not fond of strangers and we seldom get visitors, pay no attention to them."

Michelle walked into the kitchen, still wearing her black dress.
I looked at her in a new light after our adventure in the cinema.
Her neck was shapely, her lips soft, her breasts pressing hard against the material of the dress, almost wanting to be exposed and her lithe legs went on forever...well for a 13 year old anyway.
I felt my cock stir slightly and I tried to push the thoughts from my mind.

Her mom handed me a cup of coffee and turned her back to me to stir the contents of one of the pots on the stove.

Michelle stood next to me and addressed her mother.

"Where is dad?"
"Oh, he is at the hospital ministering to one of our church members who fell in the bath and broke their hip this morning."
"How long will he be?"
"I don't know honey, he only left about 30 minutes ago, why?"

She turned to face us as she asked this.

"Just that I need help with my history homework and dad is so good with history."
"Rather him than me, I was terrible at it, but why did you leave it till now, he will be tired when he gets back."

I just sat drinking my coffee as mother and daughter had a small argument over homework and how she could not help even if she wanted to because of the kids.

Without thinking I heard myself say, "I can help, I aced history in school."

Both sets of eyes lit up.
Michelle begging her mom to let me help so that she could keep her grades up and her mom thankful that I would be so willing to help.

"Tell you what, let's have dinner and then you two can go upstairs and do the homework in your room Michelle, while I bath the children and entertain them to keep them out of your hair till you are done."

That settled it.
Dinner was great, Apricot chicken with rice and steamed veg.
Needless to say, the smaller kids made a mess on the table and themselves, their mom doing her level best to make sure they got more in their mouths than on the floor.
Every time I looked in Michelle's direction, she was looking right at me with a dreamy look on her face and quickly looked away each time.

After dinner, once the plates were loaded in the dishwasher, bath time was called.
"Yay, bath time." Cried 3 toddlers and a baby who just shook in excitement in its mother's arms.
There was a mad dash down the hallway with clothes getting dropped and tossed along the way.

Michelle and I laughed as she took my hand and led me up the stairs to her room.
She let me inside, closed the door behind us and locked it.

"Do you think that's wise?"
I asked, worried her mom will want to know why the door was locked.
"Don't worry, I lock it all the time when I have homework so the kids don't come barging in."

So long as it was normal, I was happy.
Before I could say anything more though, Michelle was in front of me on her tip toes, arms around me kissing me.

I was surprised but not going to complain as I kissed her back.
My one hand went to the back of her head and I held her gently as we kissed, while the other moved up and down her back, moving from exposed skin to the material of her dress just above her bum.
I was getting turned on so I ended the kiss, let her go and took a few steps back.

"Don't you think we should do your homework?"
She giggled again...I was falling in love with that giggle because it seemed to mean that mischief was not far behind.

"Its already done, I just wanted you in my room."
"How did you know I would offer to help?"
"Because Chrissie told me how you always help her and her sisters."
"And if your dad was here?"
"Well then I would not have asked, besides, I knew he would be out, he usually is on a Sunday and gets back very late."
"Okay, so why did you want me in your room? What if your mom catches us not doing homework?"
"You are so silly Uncle Tom. My mom will be busy for at least 2 hours bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed and....." She started walking towards me and I kept walking backwards till I fell backwards on her bed.
"....I wanted you in my room so we can have proper sex!"

She said that as she climbed on top of me and straddled my crotch, pressing hers down against my rapidly growing erection.
I lay there dumb founded.
She took my hesitation as a sign to continue and so she slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders.
Not held up any longer, the dress slid down her body and pooled around her hips.

She was perfect.
Her breasts exposed to my eyes for the first time caused me to involuntarily arch my hips up against her.
She rocked back and forth with a giggle.
"So you do think I'm pretty!"

I reached up and took a breast in each hand. Gently caressing them, feeling the youth of her skin and their gentle weight in my palms.
I teased her nipples and pulled on them lightly.

I pulled her down and kissed her deeply.
Both hands on her bum, pulling her against me as I ground myself against her.
I could feel that she was wet.

I rolled us over and tried to scoot us up the bed so we would be more comfortable.
That failed so she moved herself up and I followed.
Her movement caused her dress to come off completely and seeing her totally naked took my breath away.
I never though I would feel this way about a 13 year old but all I wanted to do was make love to her for as long as I could as often as I could.
She was not wearing panties and her mons had a light covering of very fine hair that was just growing in.
I could see moisture on her lips and they were swollen in arousal.

I was supporting myself on my left arm. I gently ran my right hand up her leg, over her thigh and then slowly used a finger to trace a line up her slit to her clitoris.
This caused her to arch her back and lift her pelvis to try maintain contact with my finger.
I lowered my head and took her right nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, over and over till it was as hard as I thought it could get.
I kissed my way over her chest, up her neck and to her ear and whispered to her, "Michelle, we can have sex any time you want, you are so sexy!"

She blushed so deep even her chest went red.
She hugged me to her and kissed me with as much passion as she could muster.

"Oh Uncle Tom, I love you! Hearing you say that makes me so happy. Promise to have sex with me as soon as I get back?"
"Back from where?"
"Oh, didn't you know? On Wednesday I am leaving for Europe to visit my grand parents. I'm gonna be gone for 3 months! That's why I spent the weekend with Chrissie, because we won't see or speak to each other till I am back."
"3 months? That's a long time."
"I know, that's why I want sex now and again when I get back!"

I kissed her deeply and pushed a finger inside her. She moaned into my mouth and again, arched her pelvis off of the bed to get my finger in deeper.

I don't know how she did it, but as I kissed and fingered her, she managed to unbutton my shirt as well as undo my belt and pants.
I pressed my chest against hers and the feeling of her soft youthful skin against mine was pure bliss.
Her nipples hardened and scratched against me skin.
Her hands were on my back under my shirt and she was pulling me tight as she could against her.

I had managed to get a second finger inside her and was rubbing the roof of her pussy inside.
Her body stiffened in what I now knew as an orgasm.
She was quiet but was holding me close and I could feel her pussy clamping around my fingers.

After about a minute she relaxed.
I kissed her briefly before standing up.
She was disappointed but only briefly as she saw me remove my shirt and pants so that I was as naked as she was.

Her eyes fixated on my cock.
"That was inside me?" She asked.
"Yes, and its going inside again."

I moved up the bed and spread her legs as I knelt between them.
I took the head of my cock and started sliding it up and down her slit, getting it wet with her juices.
I smiled at her as the head finally rested at her opening and I pushed myself into her.
Her legs wrapped around me and her hands went to my shoulders as I pushed further and further into her.

Eventually, I was all the way in and her legs were tight around me.
I kissed her and nibbled on her neck before whispering, "I love you baby girl!"
"Love you too daddy. Shoot your stuff up inside me again please!"

Who was I to deny her?

I started thrusting, slowly and gently, only removing an inch or two from her at a time and sinking back in.
Her skin was flushed and it made her look even sexier.
White breasts with extended nipples giving way to a red chest and rosy cheeks.

My thrusts lengthened and became harder and deeper, all the time, her legs stayed wrapped around me and we stared into one another's eyes.
Eventually I was thrusting as hard and as deep as I dared go with her. Her youthful breasts just hinting at shaking on her chest but it was enough for me to bury my cock deep inside of her and explode in orgasm.
Again I could feel my semen shooting up inside of her over and over again as I tried to press even deeper inside of her with each spurt.
She had the biggest smile on her face that I had ever seen and her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

"Oh daddy that felt so good, I like having you shoot your stuff inside me."

I rolled us over so I could stay inside of her without crushing her.
She lay on me, resting her bead on my shoulder as I traced my hands up and down her back.

I had a nagging question that I had to ask.
"Why do you call me daddy when we have sex?"
"Because you love me more than my daddy does. He won't even touch me, you can't stop touching me."
"Does that mean that you would do this with anyone who wanted to touch you?"
"No!" She looked shocked. "I trust you because Chrissie trusts you. I only want you to touch me like this and no one else....ever!"
"I'm sure you will get a boyfriend one day that you would want to have sex with."
"Nah uh! Boys are silly."

In was not going to argue with her. I had been rather dense and naive at her age and even when I lost my virginity, I had no clue as to what I was ding.

I kissed her and then removed myself from under her and started getting dressed.
She grabbed some tissues and wiped my cum away from her slit and put her dress back on along with a pair of panties.

Once dressed, I hugged her and kissed her again.
"3 months is a long time, I am sure you will change your mind by the time you get back."
"I won't, you'll see." Came her reply as we slowly broke the hug.

We went back down stairs.
Her mom was cleaning up the kitchen while the kids seem to have fallen asleep in front of the TV watching Barney.

"Did you manage to get the work done?"
"Oh mom, it was so hard but Uncle Tom is such a good teacher. I love him to bits!"
Michelle gave me a hug as she said this. I did not react as I was not sure what her mom would say.
"Well Tom, you must be good because Michelle is never that affectionate."
"I just want to make her happy in any way that I can." I replied.

I knew what I meant and I could see by the smile on Michelle's face that she knew what I meant, but her mom just though I was being nice. I was not going to correct her.

I had another cup of coffee and left to go home.

When I got home, I could see the lights in the main house were on but the front door was closed.
Catherine's car was gone so I knew she had returned to her place.

I went to my room and washed my face.
What a day!
I had had sex with a foxy 13 year old not once, but twice!
And she wanted more in the future.

I had to be careful though.
If I got caught, or if any of the other girls suspected anything, I would be doomed.

I decided to shower and while doing so, I tried to gather my thoughts.
Catherine clearly wanted sex as she had pretty much let me do what I wanted with her at her instigation.
Rachel was still a girl I got along with but also saw her as quite beautiful.
Shannon had confessed her love for me and to be fair, I was falling in live with her too. Her father had even offered for me to marry her one day.
Chrissie was cute but dangerous.
I had kissed her, fingered her and she seemed as insatiable as Michelle but a bit more reserved and unsure.
Michelle....well, what a mini goddess!
She was beautiful in her own way and as long as she wanted to, I was willing to have sex with her as much as she wanted.
3 months away though meant a long wait but maybe it would pass and I would be safe from the danger of us getting caught when she got back if she had changed her mind.

These thoughts ran through my mind till the water began to turn cold.

I got out the shower.
Put on a t shirt and clean boxers and climbed into bed.

I was tired and worn out and wondered what would be in store for me in the coming weeks as I drifted off to sleep.
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Reply #51 on: August 01, 2018, 07:22:07 PM
This guy is certainly going through the family and friends quite nicely. Who's next for the penis train? Will we be seeing threesomes?

Threesomes may be in the works but way way down the line.
It's gonna take time for these naïve, protected young woman to board the "penis train" but the wait and build up will be worth it.

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Reply #52 on: August 01, 2018, 11:49:58 PM
Cant wait to read more

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Reply #53 on: August 02, 2018, 10:53:30 AM
Wanting to chat about taboo


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Reply #54 on: August 02, 2018, 03:23:18 PM
Very hot 2 great new additions.
Glad that you returned and restarted this story.

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Reply #55 on: August 02, 2018, 08:46:59 PM
Wanting to chat about taboo

What exaclty do you want to chat about?
Message me directly

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This is becoming hotter with each chapter. Please, keep going!

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Still continuing as an awesome story! Thanks for getting back to it!

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Reply #58 on: August 04, 2018, 02:27:52 AM
I really love this story and I’m waiting for the next part to come.

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Reply #59 on: March 08, 2019, 08:48:59 PM
Great Story, so far.   Maybe that's all we get, seeing how long its been.  However I live in hope.