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The Pastors Daughters (Mf+)

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Great development and some really hot wet stuff. This might be enough to make me attend church again.

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Think he left. If you look at his post in his profile last post was February after the big showdown over where UA stories were to be posted.

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Hey everyone. I am realy sorry for the long delay in getting this next chapter up. I started it many times but never liked where it went so waited a bit. Then I got a new job in the film industry (No Not adult) which has kept me super busy and now I am going to start teaching film too. So, my plate is rather full and I will try be more frequent in updating but I cant promise.

Chapter 10.

The week was quiet.
The girls gave me a wide berth if at all possible.
They were still polite and civil, but any extra time around me was avoided.

I began to worry that Catherine had let the cat out of the bag and that it was just a matter of time before her father decided to confront me. Yet, each night at dinner, he was his usual self and did not give away any incling of restrained anger towards me.

Even for youth that week, I had to leave early with all the equipment in my car and set up alone. All the girls came with their mom and dad and left soon afterwards, leaving me to pack up all by myself too.

That Sunday, the pastor preached on the Proverbs 31 woman. How a chaste woman was virtuous but that those who were defiled would be scorned and shamed their whole lives. He was reading into the passage and implying things that were not there but I did notice the solemn looks on the girls faces, especially Catherine and Chrissie.
Rachel kept her eyes focused on her father and did not seem bothered. Shannon kept glancing at me and looked away if I were looking at her.

I put 2 and 2 together and realised that the past week and this mornings sermon was all to do with Catherine no longer being a virgin because of her "accident". An image of me walking up to the pastor while he preached and whacking him over the head with my Bible crossed my mind. It caused me to smile, which the pastor noticed, and little did I know what that smile would mean.

After the service he approached me. I was pretty confident he had no idea what I had been doing with 3 of his daughters so far, so I was not overly worried, but I still stayed on guard mentally.

"I see you agree with what I was saying this morning about chaste women."

I didn't, but he did not have to know that.

"It is a lot to take in and consider, I may have to do some of my own study on the passage before I form my own solid opinion, but I do think that the message was well conveyed."

I felt sick that I was sucking up so much, but the answer clearly pleased him.

"You are such a wonderful and godly young man Tom. Your discretion and willingness to help and teach is amazing. I must apologise for my girls this week. I had told them to stay away from you till I delivered this message to see what your thoughts were. I didn t want them to build stronger bonds with you if you were not concerned about their chastity. I will let them know that everything may continue as it was before."

With that, he walked away to talk to some other parishioners.

I didn't quite know how to take what he had said. Clearly the girls feared him enough to have avoided me as they had but also were not as fearful as he thought considering all that had transpired between them and I thus far.
It was clear that he distrusted everyone which began to make me understand why his daughters kept things from him and were rebelling.

I interacted with a few people and eventually, everyone had gone. The pastors car was not in the parking lot and so I began locking up.
I popped my head into the childrens  area to make sure the lights were off and I saw Shannon still packing things away.

"Shannon?" I half asked, half called.

She jumped in fright and then laughed when she saw me.

"Im sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. What are you still doing here?"

"Just cleaning up. Dad said he spoke with you and that we can be friendly with you again. I know he has left for a meeting with Kristy's mom at our house. I asked to stay and clean and come back with you."

She had been walking towards me while saying all of this and as she reached me, gave me a huge hug.

"I missed hugging you." she sighed

I hugged her back.

"I missed you too."

She buried her head against my chest and pressed herself against me. I got hard quickly and I knew she felt it.

"Hmmm, I missed that too." she whispered, and then pressed herself against me.

My hands went to her bum and I squeezed her while pulling her against me even harder. She began thrusting and grinding against me.
We ground against one another for a while, clearly we were both quite turned on, but I knew we could not take too long else her father will wonder whats keeping us.

I said as much and she reluctantly let me go and stepped away.

"You don't think I am bad, after todays sermon, because of what we do?" she asked, fear very clear on her face.

"Not at all, " I replied, while hugging her again, "I love you."

I could feel the worry leave her body as she relaxed in my arms.

"I love you too." she said, and kissed me on the cheek.

She finished cleaning up, we locked up and headed home.
In the car, I remembered who Shannon had said the pastor was meeting with and asked her about it.

"Oh, Kristy is my best friend. Don't you remember? We haven't seen much of each other because she is older and has a new boyfriend. We tell each other everything even though we don't see each other often. We last spoke about 2 weeks ago though which is odd. I really do hope she came with her mom."

"Everything?" I asked, "Does she know about us?"

"She knows I love you and that you love me and that we hug all the time, but she doesn t know about stuff like back at the church."

"Oh, and why not? I mean, if you tell her everything, why not that?"

"Well, its kinda new to me and I don't know how to describe it properly. I really like how it makes me feel and how close we are when we do it. Also, its nice being the one who knows something that the other doesn't but I might tell her today if she is there."

"Wont you get in trouble if she tells?"

I was more worried about myself but I knew I would get an honest answer if I made it about her.

"Oh, she wont tell. I didn t tell when she told me she had kissed a boy with tongue for the first time. We are good at keeping secrets."

"Well you just told me."

"Oops." SHE was shocked and scared. "You wont tell her I told will you?"

"Your secret is safe with me."

She smiled and we continued our drive home.

Once we were home, she went inside and I went to freshen up before lunch. As I neared my room, I hear I shriek of happiness from Shannon which I can only assume, meant that Kristy was there with her mom.

I cleaned up and then went inside the main house for lunch.
The door to the pastors office was closed and I could hear a female voice, who I assumed was Kristy's mom. The table had already been set and the pastors wife and all 5 girls were there.

I immediately noticed Kristy.

She was as tall as Shannon with thick dark hair that went to the middle of her back. She had piercing blue eyes, pouty, full lips and was delightfully slender for a girl of 16. She wore a tight fitting top that showed her taunt stomach underneath and accentuated her large breasts which were easily as large as Rachel's.

She noticed me too and I saw a smile spread across her face. She walked over to me and introduced herself by shaking my hand. Her skin was warm and soft and her eyes had a hint of mischief in them. When you work with kids as much as I do, you notice these things.

We sat at the table and were joined by the pastor and Kristy's mom. She looked to be in her early 40's. I would describe her as a "handsome woman" but not attractive to me at all.

Lunch was talkative between the girls. Kristy's mom, the pastor and his wife chatted amongst themselves and I just kept quiet, noticing all the girls giving me the occasional glance with a smile although there seemed to be more in Kristy's eyes.

I was brought out of my reverie when I heard the pastor say "Tom can help with that."

I looked up and replied "Sorry sir, I was not listening. What would you like me to help with?"

"Tarryn here (Kristy's mom) has a lot of cooking to do for her ladies meeting at their church but has not had a chance to shop for all the food she needs. That mixed with having to work all day each day this week to cover shifts at the hospital, means she wont get a chance, so I thought you could do the shopping tomorrow on your day off and take it to their house."

I hated being "volunteered" for such tasks. I loathed shopping, but I couldn't exactly refuse after being asked in front of so many people.

"Shall I get a key from you before you leave?"

"Oh don't be silly Tom, Kristy will be home all day tomorrow. She has the week off to study for exams."

"Yes ma'am. Sir, perhaps I should bring Chrissie or Shannon with me when dropping off the groceries."

"Ah, learning from your mistakes I see. Well done Tom, but no need. They need to focus on school work and Tarryn's maid will be there till she gets home to keep an eye on Kristy."

"Oh, okay then." I said resignedly.

"Oh wonderful! Thank you so much Tom, you really are a wonderful young man." Tarryn exclaimed.

They started talking about something else and so I went back to my own thoughts, but not before seeing Kristy looking intently at me. I brushed it off and finished my lunch. I excused myself and said I wanted to take a nap.

I did nap, and then did some reading until dinner time.
Dinner was back to normal. Everyone was chatty and just friendly as always. Tarryn and Kristy had left earlier in the day. All the girls had already showered and were in their pyjamas except for Catherine who would be going home later.

After dinner Chrissie asked if we could play speed in my room before she had to go to bed.
Seeing as her sisters wanted to watch a movie, they implored their parents to allow her to do so because of how much noise she made while playing.
I told them that I did not mind and with that, Chrissie took my hand and lead me out the house to my room.
Once in my room, she let go of my hand. I went to get the cards and sat in my chair, offering her her usual spot on the bed opposite me.

"I want a hug first. I didn't get to hug you all week because of daddys  stupid rules." she exclaimed as she stood on my bed with her arms wide open.

How could I refuse such an innocent request, and yes, her father had been rather moronic with his 'no interaction' rule.
Only when my arms were around her, hands resting on her bum and her budding breasts pressed against my face through her nightie, did I realise where this might lead.

"Hmmmm, I really missed you uncle Tom" she said softly as she rubbed her breasts against my face and pushed her bum back against my hands"

I had no self control at that moment. I was still a bit horny from what Shannon and I had done earlier that day and my body was also telling me that I wanted this after a week of forced abstinence.

I thought I would be able to control myself but, as if of their own volition, my hands squeezed her little rump and I moved my head against her chest.

She giggled "Please play with me uncle Tom."

Who was I to refuse? My hands went down her legs and then up her thighs under her nightie until I was caressing her naked bum.

"Where are your panties?" I asked

"I didn't wear any because I wanted you to give me another cum and that would make them dirty."

She knew that this would happen. The sly thing, how could I not be enamoured by her developing body?

I looked up at her as my hands went between her legs from behind, feeling her tender slit for the second time. I remembered what Michelle had said about them using hair brushes while watching porn. I was not going to say anything, but I knew she was not as innocent as she wanted me to believe.

She smiled and leaned down to kiss me, our mouths quickly parting and our tongues caressing one another. She mewled into my mouth as my fingers stroked her slit and she pushed her hips forward, trying to get more contact.

I broke the kiss, removed my hands from between her legs and used them to lift her nightie over her head.
It was the first time I had seen her completely naked. Her breasts were clearly still developing. Not flat chested but not quite a handful yet either, but they were magnificent, her nipples were small, pointy and very erect. Her mons had a few hairs on it but not many.

My cock was straining in my pants but I ignored it for now. I again, placed my hands on her bum, gently caressing it while I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.
She let out a gasp and shuddered against me but very quickly her hands were on the back of my head, holding me against her breasts.

I alternated between her nipples, sucking on them softly and flicking my tongue over them. My right hand had moved to between her legs and I was running a finger up and down her slit that was getting wetter and wetter.
She was shaking uncontrollably, humping against my fingers, trying to get them inside her.

She would not have been able to stand much longer so I broke contact with her again.
She was confused until I made her lie on the bed and I climbed onto it next to her.
She noticed the bulge in my pants.

"Your wee wee is hard again uncle Tom. Why don t you take your pants off so it doesn t hurt?"

"Thats okay, it will be fine." I was not sure how far things would go if I started undressing.

"Please uncle Tom. You get to touch my wee wee, I want to touch yours too."

She took my hand in hers and sucked on my finger while looking straight into my eyes.
Im surprised my dick didn't tear right through my pants.
I used my free hand and fumbled to undo my pants, eventually letting them fall to the floor, my dick had already pushed through the slit of my boxers so Chrissie had an unobstructed view.

Her eyes were transfixed and she said nothing. I settled on the bed and kissed her again, blocking her view of my member.
Her arms went around my neck and she tried to press herself against me.
My dick pressed against her stomach as we kissed, she was writhing beneath me, stimulating my hard shaft. It was only fair that I did the same for her.

Using my left arm to stay above her and kissing her, my right, again, moved between her legs.
She wantonly opened her legs for me and I found her slit to be extremely wet. I easily slid a finger inside her all the way to the second knuckle and proceeded to finger her. My hand was upturned so I was able to use my palm to mash and stimulate her tiny clit as I fingered her.

Her left hand had grabbed my dick and was squeezing and pulling on it. It felt good but not amazing because she had no idea what she was doing and every now and then would hurt me a little.
Eventually though, she stopped trying to stroke me and just held me so I took the initiative and started thrusting gently in her closed hand.

It felt much better and I knew it would not be long before I came in her hand.
I broke our kiss and looked deep into her eyes as I fingered her faster, wanting to bring about her orgasm while I thrust to bring about mine.

She started whimpering and her body began to quiver so I knew she was close. I buried my finger inside her and caressed the walls of her vagina while pressing down on her clit with my palm and grinding it in circles.

The dam broke and she started writing beneath me, thrusting her hips up off the bed as each wave of her orgasm coursed through her body.
Her hand on my member tightened and after a few more thrusts, I came, shooting semen all over her belly and hand.

We stayed like that for a while, while we each came back to our senses. Her hand on my shaft let go and she played with my semen that had landed on her.
She smiled and half said to me and half to herself in amazement "I gave you a cum!"

"Yes you did, but we need to clean you up before you go home."

She lay there looking at me for a while before she got up. I stayed on the bed, exhausted but I managed to sit up. She stood between my legs, gave me a huge hug, pressing her still hard nipples against me before giving me a quick kiss.

"I love you uncle Tom."

And with that, she headed to my bathroom....
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Very happy this story getting some new updates. Great stuff so far!


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:emot_penis: This is truly a great series !
Thanks for returning with
another great addition.
Keep 'em CUM'ing

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Outstanding! Glad your back

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These are just words people...a fantasy. Never pursue anything like this in real life. Acts between adults and minors will find you in a prison cell for years where the first few inches will be the hardest!

Part 1 (Of I dont know how many)

My name is Tom, I'm 23, and I had just moved to the opposite end of the city.
I had been involved in my local church as a youth Pastor but the church where I had moved to had need of my experience, and so, after a few meetings with both leadership groups, I became the youth pastor at the new church.

Things went well and I fit right in. I made friends with the pastor, his wife and their 4 daughters. I attended services, went to meals and all was good.

One Sunday evening, after the service, just as I was about to get into my car and leave, Shannon, the second youngest, who was 13 at the time, stopped me.
She said that she wanted to talk to me about some things.
We were in the open in the parking lot, which was well lit so I thought nothing of it.

Oh boy did she open up.
She talked about how she was struggling with her older sisters who she thought were bossy and how her younger sister always wanted to play silly games.

Her best friend, who was 16, had a new boyfriend and spent all her time with him now.
She said that if she was not bring bossed about she felt invisible and that no one cared.

I used the standard line of , "I care" and gave her the, "you will make more friends" and the "your sisters only want the best for you" speeches.

I did not talk down to her though. I did not want her to think I was going to belittle her or that her concerns were childish.
They may well have been but to a 13 year old, having someone to talk to and who listens, means the world to them.

She went away happy and I went home.

These Sunday evening chats became a regular thing over the next 2 months and Shannon opened up more and more.
I would give her a hug good bye, which would linger at times as she would hold me so tight.

I had never thought of her as anyone other than a young girl in my care but I was starting to develop feelings for her.
It was odd because I knew she was young, but our conversations were fun and engaging and when we chatted, the world just seemed to pass us by.

One evening, she told me that her dad had never told her that she was beautiful.
My heart broke for her. Every girl needs to be told that she is beautiful by her father but Shannon was beautiful.
She would never be a supermodel but she was your typical girl next door.
Sparkling blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair tied in a pony, thin, 5'6" freckles on her nose and cheeks and if I were to hazard a guess, the starting of a gorgeous set of A cup breasts.

"You are beautiful Shannon" I said.
She half smiled, half blushed and looked down.
Then she just threw herself at me and hugged me close.
I held her, not letting her go.

We were still in the parking lot so no one would have thought anything of it if they saw us.

Eventually she let go but stood close.
I took her hands in mine and kissed them while looking into her eyes and said, "I mean it, you are gorgeous."

She blushed again and we just stood there for a while until we heard the sounds of her dad starting to lock the church.
I looked to make sure we were all alone and when I knew the coast was clear, I held her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

I could see that she was giddy with joy.

Her dad came out of the church, followed by the rest of the family.
We all said good night and I left.

While driving home I started thinking to myself how I could have let things get to this? I was the youth pastor, I was not meant to fall for the girls. If I was going to, there were older, more mature looking ones that I could easily have manipulated into something.

What was I thinking!!!???
I had never thought of doing anything with any of the girls I had ever had under my charge but there was something about Shannon and how it had all come about that I knew I wanted to see where things would go.

Funny how life was about to open that door for me.

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And so the story continues.
I have been unable to post for various reasons but I hope I can do so more frequently but I wont promise anything.

I rewrote this chapter a few times as I wanted to get it to fit right with the story so far and where I want to potentially take it.

Also, with all the new rules on KB, you will see that I have had to modify the ages of our young ladies a bit and ended up doing some corrections here and there.

Again, these are just words people and you should never do anything in these stories in real life.

I give you all

Chapter 11

Little Chrissie was showering in my shower after we had mutually masturbated one another.
Oh my word was she a little minx, and, knowing what Michelle had told me, was not as innocent as she seemed although I knew personally that there is a vast difference between watching porn and thinking you know things, versus actually doing them.

I just wondered how far she would want to go and how long the journey would be.

I was tempted to surprise her by joining her in the shower but I knew she needed to get home and get to bed before her father came looking for her after the family movie had finished.

She was not long, and came out smiling.
As she dressed I just watched her.

 “Why are you looking at me like that Uncle Tom?”
 “Oh, just can t believe how pretty you are. “

She giggled, and as she finished dressing, came and gave me a kiss on the lips before heading back home.

As soon as she was gone, my heart sank, not because I missed her but because of the hole I was digging for myself.
If anyone ever found out about anything I had done, I would be locked away and never see the light of day again.
I knew that I should not have been doing anything with the girls but they were just so hard to resist, especially as they all seemed to be the instigators and so what started out as going along with them out of fear that if I did not give in to their pushes and prods, they would spill the beans, desire very soon took over and all I saw were breasts, clits and luscious young skin beneath my hands, only to have the fear return after the deed.

I struggled to sleep that night, with those thoughts running through my head.
At about 3 am I got up and decided that my only chance was to seek answers in my bible, and so I started reading.

Maybe it was my situation, but for the first time, passages that I had read many times, took on a new meaning.

Lots daughters committed incest with their father, nothing happened to them.

Jacob worked to marry Rebecca yet her father tricked him and gave him her sister on the wedding night and then gave him Rebecca a week later.

David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband killed.
But God allowed the child to die, they married, and their next child, Solomon became king and was in the lineage of Christ.

Solomon himself had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Paul said that it is better to marry than to burn with lust, implying that the burning with lust was the problem, hence solving it was better.

Mary was between the age of 13 and 16 when  God came upon her , so clearly in the eyes of God, teens were fit to be mothers.

It seemed as though the bible said sex was okay, with multiple people and with any woman who was willing.
I had been taught, and taught to others that that was not the case and I tried to use that logic and reasoning to try counter what I was reading and seeing but it just seemed to  fit

It was now 5 in the morning and I decided I needed some sleep before doing Tarryns shopping.
I found, that as I thought on what I had read and  discovered  that my anxiety lessened and sleep came easier...interesting......

I woke at about 10am and sat bolt upright in bed.
As Mondays were usually my day off, I never set an alarm and had not done so for today either, yet I knew I would now run late in getting the shopping done and dropping it off.

My eyes burned from being tired but I got up and took a shower.
While dressing, I glanced over the notes I had made during the night and again I found that my anxiety was lessening.
The bible did speak about God giving peace in situations that passed all understanding. Did this mean that because I was at peace, he was giving it to me in this situation with the girls?

After putting the notes away I went into the house to have breakfast, The pastor s wife pointing out the obvious.
 “You’re up late Tom, I’m surprised you chose to be tardy on a day you offered to help someone, it very unchristian of you.”
 “Yes ma’am”  was my reply, yet in my head I was thinking  “Fuck off!”

As I was finishing up, Shannon came out of her room to ask her mother for some help with her school work. She smiled when she saw me and that lifted my spirits as well as increased the peacefulness in my mind.

“Say hello to Kristy for me when you see her.”
“Don’t worry, I will.”

And with a stern look from her mother, I walked out the door, got in my car and headed to the grocery store at the mall.

It was 3pm when I finally finished with the shopping.
How much bloody food did they need to cook?

I drove to the house where Kristy let me in.
She was wearing a white floral skirt that came to mid thigh, swing off he deliciously long and supple legs as well as a light blue spaghetti strap top that showed off how large her breasts were on her slender frame.
It was low enough to show just the slightest cleavage.

Once I was out the car, she greeted me with a hug and a peck on the cheek
I intended it to be brief, but she lingered for a few seconds, making me feel awkward as I had already let her go while she had not let me go.

“Hi Uncle Tom. You can bring all the groceries into the kitchen.”

I brought the first few bags as she skipped ahead of me showing me the way as I watched the skirt sway from she to side.
I dropped the first bags and immediately turned to go fetch more. It was going to take me a while to bring it all in and I wanted to get it done.

When I brought the second bunch on, Kristy was sitting on the counter top next to the sink that faced the door, her legs swinging freely back and forth while she leaned back and rested on her arms.
Her breasts were very prominent and when she saw me, she spread her legs a little wider. 
Not that I could see anything but it was not subtle either.

I looked at her and she looked back at me and just smiled. I raised an eyebrow and she did not respond, all of this happening in a second or less, so I turned to go and get more bags.

Every time I returned with more, she would spread her legs a little wider, the material dipping down between her legs, no allowing me to see anything but it was very obvious that she was not acting like a demure little girl.

When I brought in the last bunch of bags, her top seemed to have lifted a little, exposing her belly, her legs were spread wide and she was looking at me with pure desire and I will admit, I was getting turned on just looking at her.

“Where is your maid, I thought your mom said we would not be alone?”

“I sent her home early, I didn’t want her here.”

“Why not?”

“Why don’t you come have a drink of water and I’ll tell you.”

I knew if I crossed the room there would be no going back. This was Shannon’s friend, I couldn’t do it, could I?

“Shannon says hello by the way.”

“Shame, she is so sweet, she really likes you, you know?”

“Really?” I pretended I didn’t know.

“Oh yes. She told me yesterday, and I can see why. You’re sexy Uncle Tom.”

“Thank you Kristy. I like her too and we will see how things go until she is older. Maybe we’ll get married.”

“Oh she’ll marry you, she has said as much, but she is scared of her father. How are you going to keep your hands off of her for that long?”

“What do you mean? We hug one another now and then and nothing else happens, I’m sure we will both handle the wait well.”

I didn’t know how much she knew. If Shannon had been able to keep our secret or not, and by playing dumb was the only way I would find out.

I was not aware of it, but as we had been talking, I had been slowly moving across the room, closer and closet to Kristy.

“Don’t you ever want to do more than just hug her though? Imagine what her bum feels like in your hands, or her lips on yours, her body pressed against you...”

The thought were making me very hard and I saw Kristy look down at my crotch and smile

“I see the thought makes you horny. Thats good, but she will never let any of that happen.”

If you only knew, I thought.

“So what about it? She is pretty and I will wait to be able to do those things with her.”

“Your cock says otherwise Tom.”
She dropped the uncle and was scooting her bum closer to the edge of the counter causing her skirt to slowly rise and expose her lack of panties.

“This isn’t right” I said, but my eyes were locked onto her pussy. Mostly shaved but with a neat little tuft of black hair just above her slit.

“I can show you things to do with Shannon. You’re a youth Pastor and she is a pastors daughter. Two virgins would be very clumsy when you try to do thins. Don't you want to rock her world?”

I was not going to spill any beans as to Catherine and myself. I was happy to let there think I was a virgin.

“My virginity will be my gift to her on our wedding night.”

“Look me in the eyes and say that.”

My eyes were still riveted to her pussy.
I looked up and my resistance faltered even more.
her face was one of pure wanton lust and desire. She wanted sex, it oozed from her and I knew I was going to give it to her.

“What about your virginity and your future husband?”

“Oh my boyfriend...or shall I say ex boyfriend did away with that. We had a passionate weekend of sex and then he dumped me. Its okay, I’m over him but I know what I want, and right now, its you!”

With that, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me against her.
The bulge of my cock pressing right against her exposed pussy.

My hand went right to her hips and pulled her even tighter against me, I groaned as I ground against her.

“See, if you can’t resist me now, there is no way you can resist Shannon, so I’m going to help protect her virginity till you marry her.”

She ground her pelvis against mine in circles and I moaned again.
She then released her legs and pushed me away.
She jumped off of the counter, took my hand and lead me down the passage and into her room.

She made me sit on the bed and she knelt in front of me and started undoing my belt, all the while looking me in the eyes.

When she got my pants undone and pulled them down a bit with my boxers, my hard cock came into view and she stared at it.

“Wow Tom! I thought my boyfriend was big, but now I know he was only a boy. You’re a man and bigger than most I have seen in the porn I watch.”

“You watch porn? Thats wrong.” My pastor role stepping up very quickly.

“Oh you won't think that in a moment.”

She licked the head of my cock and it twitched at the touch.
She smiled and sucked the tip into her mouth.
Her hands resting on my thighs.

Slowly she moved her head down and took more and more of my cock in her mouth.
God it was divine. My first ever blowjob and I was getting it from a 16 year old.

Once she has as much as she could muster in her mouth, which was about half, she backed up again. And then lowered her mouth again, again getting to half way.
She wrapped her right hand against the exposed half of my cock and stroked up following her receding mouthed down again and she advanced.

Slowly and sensually, her tongue flicking over and around the head as she went.
I was as hard as I had ever been. I was also different from my hand, Chrissie’s hand or Catherines pussy which made me wonder how her pussy would feel.

I started thrusting into her mouth. Slowly at first, but as she sped up her actions so did I.

All of a sudden she stopped and took her mouth off of me.
She pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, straddling me.

“I’m not letting your virgin cum go to waste. I’m sure God would frown on that. It should go int my womb, don’t you think Pastor?”

I was speechless.
She was still fully clothed as she used her hand under her skirt to guide my cock to her opening.
I could not see it, but felt it as it found her warm, moist hole and began to slide in.
She was very wet but it took her a. Few tried to finally get me all the way inside her and she was tight.
My hands here on her hips again as I looked up at her face which was covered with the biggest smile I had ever seen.

“Oh God Tom, you’re filling me like never before.”

She took my hands in hers and lifted them to her breasts and made me squeeze as she started to raise and lower herself on top of me.

Up and down she rode me with small movements, hr tight pussy making it hard to sink herself back down onto me each time she lifted up.
She let go of my hands and lowered the straps of her top and pulled it down over her breasts.

They were amazing. White as can be with rose covered areola and thick pointed nipples.
She lowered herself so that her breasts were in my face and I immediately sucker her left nipple into my mouth.

She moaned loudly and started to move faster.
I sucked on her right nipple too and alternated back and forth until her movement made it difficult for me to latch onto her breasts with my mouth.

She was riding me really fast now, her swinging breasts rubbing against my face.
I put my hands under the skirt and squeezed her bum, pulling her down onto me with each down stroke.

“Oh God, yes Tom. God you are so good.”

“You’re so sexy Kristy, thank you for this.”

She smiled at me, leaned down and kissed me. It was the first time we had kissed the whole time. Our tongues moving passionately against one another, her breasts pressing flat against my chest, scratching me with her nipples as she continued her movements up and down my cock.

Then she sat up again and leaned back, the arch other body defined by her exquisite breasts aimed skyward.
She rode me faster and faster, her breasts bouncing on her chest, her hands behind her holding her up and mine on her hips pulling us together with each thrust.
her left hand shot to under the skirt and from what I could now see, she was rubbing her clit furiously as we fucked.

I was swelling up inside her. I knew my orgasm was coming, but I kept quiet, enjoying the display above me and the sensations of her body enveloping me.

Her cheeks and chest began to flush red and she was mewling like a little kitten. Her pussy was wetter than ever and she began shuddering as she had an orgasm while riding me.

“High...Oh God, so good Tom, so good...”

My crotch was soaked, her spasms tightening her pussy on my cock as she writhed on top of me. My hand held her onto of me, not letting her rise as I thrust up into her hard and exploded in orgasm. My cum shooting deep inside her.
She twitched even more

“Oh yes, cum inside me Tom, cum in my pussy, God it feels amazing.”

I arched my hips with each spurt, and she collapsed on top of me, exhausted and covered with sweat. Her warm body felt amazing our ragged breathing filled the room.

My hands wrapped around her and I kissed her neck. My cock still inside her and her pussy throbbing around me.

We lay there for a while. Eventually she whispered in my ear “So ‘Pastor’, what do you think about sex?”

I was still hard and flexed my cock inside of her, she looked at me in surprise and I answered her, “I think its fantastic, and you are so sexy.”

With that, I rolled us over and lifted myself on my arms and started thrusting in and out of her, looking deep into her eyes.
She was still surprised but wrapped her legs around me as I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her passionately.

I broke the kiss and started moving faster.

“Oh yes, fuck me Tom!” Her hands were around my neck, her legs pulling me deeper int her with each thrust, my pelvic bone hitting her clit each time I bottomed out inside her.

I lowered my head and bit her neck then whispered in her ear “So much for the innocent church girl.”

“Oh God, you are so much bigger and better than my ex.” She replied, “I’ll be your church girl any time you want.”

“But I love Shannon.”

“Love her and fuck me....please fuck me!”

I took her legs and pushed them back till her knees were next her ears and I started hammering into her like a mad man. I don't know what had gotten into me but I could not get enough of this tight pussy that was being given to me so willingly.

She was moaning and writhing under me with incoherent sound coming from her mouth.
Her dark hair was splayed all over the pillow and her breasts were shaking with each thrust.

I was surprised that my orgasm was building again so soon after the last but I did not hold back, I moved faster and faster until I was going as fast and hard as I could.

She tried to thrust back up at me but her body was beginning to betray her. Her skin was flushing red again and I could feel her pussy getting tighter as her orgasm came.

“Oh fuck! Yes Tom, fuck me, fuck me I’m cumin again. Don't stop. Cum in me, please I want you to cum n me. I need it!”

She moaned loudly and half shrieked as her orgasm hit.
Arching her back and writhing under me as I hammered away into her.
Her juices making her so slick.

My right hand releasing her left leg and squeezing her left breast hard and playing with the nipple as she came.
My cock swelling inside her as I got ready to cum.

“I’m....cumming...” I grunted as I started shooting into her.
My cock as deep in her as it could be but still pushing into her trying to get even deeper.

Her eyes open and fixed online, her mouth open in a O as her pussy clamped around my cock again.

“I feel it!...I’m cumming again.....your cum is making me cum! Oh God!”

Her hips were thrusting up against me as I was pressing into her, her clit rubbing hard against my pelvic bone as she writhed in another orgasm. The flush on her skin had spread right over her breasts and to her belly.

I collapsed on top of her and just kissed her, again revealing in the feeling of her hot, naked body against mine.

I rolled of of her to her left onto my back, causing my cock to slip out of her. It was odd ftelingthe cool air against it after being inside her hot body.

She rolled next to me and half lay on me. Resting her head on my shoulder.

“You were amazing.” She said

“So were you.”

“I mean what I said, you can fuck me any time you want.”

“I just don’t want to hurt Shannon, if she ever found out...or if anyone ever found out, I would end up in jail.”

“I don't want hat cock locked away, I'm not telling anyone.”

“And what if I got you pregnant? I just came inside you twice.”

“Don’t worry about that. Beauty of the current system is that I can get birth control without my mom knowing so I’m safe.”

My left hand was playing with her right nipple which was still stiff.
I kissed her forehead and sighed.

“We better pack those groceries away. Plus the room and both of us smell like sex.”

“You go shower and I’ll start packing things away. Its my house I know where they go and I can always shower later.”

I looked at my watch. I was now quarter to 5. We had been at it four almost an hour and a half.

“When does your mom get home? I’ll be dead if she finds us here alone without the maid as chaperone.”

“Oh she usually gets home at about 8. Her shift ends at 6 and then she has to fill in paper work and then get through traffic.”

With that, Kristy got up.
Her skirt that had been bunched around her waist falling down, hiding her glorious pussy.
Her breasts were so firm there was no sag to them at all, but my view as cut short as she raised the straps of her top to cover them.

Apart from her messy hair and the light sheen of sweat, there was nothing about her that would give away the fact that she had screwed by brains out and then I doing the same to her in turn.

She went to the bathroom and once she was done, threw me a towel and headed to the kitchen.

I walked to the bathroom naked and started the shower.

Once the temperature was good, I got in and just stood there, letting the water wash over me and then my thought process started again.

What had I done?
I had just fucked another under age girl!
She was the best friend of the girlI was in love with and whose father had said I could marry once she was 18.

I recalled the verses I had read earlier that day.
God was okay with young girls having sex and getting pregnant. If he could do it to a teen, why shouldn’t I?

I was meant to protect these girls from men like me, but if they were with me then they would not run after other boys who could hurt them.

If this is what they wanted, maybe it was good that it was me and not someone outside the church who did not want to look out for them?

The Pastors daughter were so naive, they would kindly follow anyone. I needed to protect them. Even Michelle, even though she was in Europe at the moment, needed love and care.

I wondered hoe long it would take for Chrissy to make a move beyond what we were currently doing?

How reserved was Shannon?

Catherine? She was hard to read.

And Rachel, we still got along well but I was starting to look at her as more than just good company even though she never let on, in any way that she wanted more than just friendship and help with school work.

And now Kristy. God she was hot and sexy.
She had not even given me a chance to say no, she just pounced...not that I was complaining.

I had started to wash myself and the memories of what Kristy and I had done were getting me hard again.

I was snapped out of my reverie by her voice.

“Uncle Tm, don’t use all the hot water please.”

I must have been in there for 15-20 minutes.

I rinsed off and got out, wrapping a towel around me.
As I walked out of the bathroom, I could hear the sounds of Kristy packing items away in the kitchen.

I walked to the door to see her bending over at the waist as she was stacking a bag of tins into the pantry.

I was still hard from the shower and we had time.

I walked up behind her and ran my hand up her thigh and cupped her mound under her skirt.

“Oh Tom, you scared me.” She said as she started to turn.

“Finish packing the tins away.” I pushed her back down gently and slid a finger up into her.
She was still moist and getting wetter.

“You are distracting me. Keep that finger in there and I'll want something bigger.”

She could not see me as I dropped the towel and lifted her skirt.

“Oh, well, we don't want to cause you to lust now do we?” I said as I removed my finger.

She moaned in disappointment “I was only teasing.”

“I wasn’t” I said as I placed my hands on her hips and pushed my cock slowly into her pussy from behind.

“Ohhhhh....Tom. Yeeeessssss!!!!”

I used all the way in, going slowly but filling her.

“My church girl better wear a skirt whenever I see her.” And to push the point home, I slapped her right ass cheek.

“Ow!” She yelped but pushed herself back against me
Her hand were on a shelf giving her support as I started moving back and forth with her bent over.

“Only if you promise it will be worth my while if I do.”

“Oh it will be.” I said as I shoved myself into her harder than before

With her hands holding her up, my left hand moved under her skirt and found her clit which I started playing with gently.
My right hand moved to her right breast under her, I moved the material of the top and exposed her great to the air and grabbed it, caressing it and thumbing the nipple.

“Oh yes.” She moaned. “Who would have thought you were a virgin 2 hours ago?”

I was not going to tell her the truth about that. If she wanted to think she took my virginity, so be it. Less questions to be answered from my side.

“Well, you showed me how good sex is, Im going to fuck you whenever I need to. Unless you want me to stop?”
I was pulling myself out of her as I said that last sentence, going further and further out of her till my head was almost out of her.

“No, don’t stop, please! You made me feel so good and loved. Please never stop.”

“Okay.” I said, and then rammed home into her with a large thrust, causing her to moan with lust.

“Again...please again.”

Who was I to deny her.
I started thrusting into her. Long, hard and deep strokes.
Pulling almost all the way out before slamming into her again and again. Causing her to let out a little moan with each inward thrust.
My left hand still caressing her clit which had caused her juices to flow freely and slicken our union.

It did not take long before I felt her tightening around me and she let out a loud moan as she orgasmed around me.
I put both my hand on her hips and fucked her hard and deep, the only thing on my mid, was my desire to cum.

You could hear the slapping of our skin together echo through the kitchen and it turned me on even more. If it were possible, I got even harder, which she felt and started thrusting back against me.

“Oh yes Tom, cum in me again please, it feels so good when you cum inside me.”

My strokes were getting shorter as my orgasm built, the head of my cock tingling inside her tight pussy until I rammed home one last time and bathed her womb with my sperm.

“Oh God yes, I’m cumming again Tom.”
I felt her tighten around me, forcing my sperm out of my cock and into her.
My left hand still holding her hip, my right squeezing her right arse cheek and caressing it.

“That was so good Kristy, I can't get enough of you.”

I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the floor. She turned to look at me and she had the biggest smile on her face. Her right breast was still hanging out of her top. She looked so sexy to me right then.
Her eyes were not filled with lust anymore, but with love. And my mind told me that that could be dangerous.

“Oh Tom, I don't know why, but every time you cum inside me, it triggers another orgasm, its such a turn on, I love it.”

“Well, there will be a lot more where that came from. I need to go.”

I went back to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.

When I cam back to the kitchen she was just standing there. Properly dressed and looking as though she hadn’t a care in the world.

She hugged me and I hugged her back.
Holding her tight against me.
Then we kissed.
A deep soulful passionate kiss which soon became very heated and heavy.

I pressed her against the door and grabbed her left breast through her top and squeezed it.

I was getting hard again and as much as I didn’t want to, I pulled away.
Her face was flushed again.

“Another day, my little church girl.”

“Yes Pastor.” She replied.

She turned an opened the door.
I gave her a quick spank on the bum and I went past her to my car and she beamed with joy.

It was 5:30 now and I knew dinner would be waiting for me at home as I had not called to say I would not be there.

I was glad for the shower I had taken, else there may have been some awkward questions ahead of me.

I waved goodbye and Kristy blew me a kiss as I drove away.

If there is grass on the pitch, you play!

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And so the story continues. I do apologise for the delays in posting. I know where I want the story to go but sometimes I get half way through writing a chapter and then realise its not what I want.

I still value each and everyone of my readers and your comments are always welcome.

Thank you and Enjoy

Chapter 12

That night at dinner the pastor thanked me for helping out and that was the end of the topic, clearly Kristy had kept quiet.

Things kind of fell into a rut for a few weeks.
Every night Chrissie would come to play speed in my room, but instead we would kiss and make out and I would finger her delectable little pussy.
She was getting better at giving me hand jobs and was fascinated to watch me cum on her.

I was infatuated with her little body.

I had also had no reason to go see Kristy although the desire was growing.

Shannon and I still found alone time to grind against one another.
Her bum in my hands felt amazing, and when she would bite on my neck, it just made me even harder and I ground against her all the more.

I had not had time to be alone with Catherine much due to her work, but when she came home for dinner, she would always give me a warm hug and steal glances at me with a smile on her face.

I still helped Rachel with her school work where needed. Nothing had changed between us. She had started sitting closer to me and occasionally her breasts would brush against my arm as we looked over various texts together, but she said nothing of it and ignored it, so I decided to do the same.

It was about a month later, on a Wednesday, when the Pastor called me to his office.
Again, I started worrying that he had found something out and that I was about to have my life ruined.

He asked how I was doing, and made general small talk but gave no indication that he was angry or upset with me.
Eventually we got to the point of the meeting.

“Tom, while you are an impeccable young man, your age counts against you in terms of a leadership role in the church. Being youth pastor is great, and I know we let you preach on Sunday mornings occasionally, but until you are 35, there is no chance you will ever be a senior pastor or elder in this church or any relating church that we fellowship with.”

 “Yes sir.”  Was my reply. All the conservative churches we fellowshipped with were run by old men. Even most of the youth groups were run by married couples in their 40’s to 50’s, the fact that I was a single 23 year old had gotten me many a disapproving stare at any combined event.

“However Tom, the youth group has grown under your leadership and the children always speak highly of you. You are a man of your word and have impeccable character.”

Ha, if only he knew.

”With this in mind Tom, I thought I should let you know that we are getting another couple to join us at the Eldership level and the husband and I will share the Pastoral burden of the church. His wife and mine will run all ladies events and you will be free to focus completely on the Youth as we are barring you from Sunday preaching from this point on.”

 “Excuse me pastor, but why?”

 “As I said Tom, you are too young. The adults in the congregation and those who visit from fellow congregations are older than you and it is wrong for us to expect them to listen and follow your teachings when you do not have the life experience to back it up.”

I was getting angry...more stupid, moronic, backwards, conservative thinking. I held myself in check though. I knew I would not win his argument...ever, I had been to too many pastoral meetings to know when to fight and when to be quiet. Although I took a shot. I had to seem like I was fighting.

“But Pastor, its not about life experience, its about the Word of God. The Word does not change, it does not apply differently to an infant as to an elderly person. Its truth is consistent and its message is the same for all people, regardless of age, race or gender.”

“That is true Tom, and that wisdom will only grow within you in the years before you can preach once again to a congregation, but knowledge, without practical outworking in ones life, is dangerous and can lead to previous errors in doctrine and application. If we were to continue to let you preach, we would be ostracised as a community church as none of our relating churches would agree to have someone as young as you behind the pulpit. We would be seen as rebels, radicals, and people who have no reverence for the heavy weight of the truth of the word. I am sorry Tom, but that is the way it will be. You have full run of the youth group, with our oversight, that is, and we will revisit this again in 12 years time once you turn 35.”

With that he picked up a small recording device from his desk and turned it off.

I had not noticed it before but I knew that that was the final say on the matter. I wanted to punch him right there.
I was beginning to understand that it was because of this view of young people, that his daughters were acting out the way they were and because they knew I would be in the same boat as they, gravitated towards me and kept things secret.

 “Thank you sir, may I leave.”

“Yes Tom. The new pastor and his family will be at church on Sunday and he will preach the message.”

I left his office feeling  a bit numb.
I felt like an infant, having been told I was not mature enough but something clicked inside my head.
They wanted me to focus on the youth? Fair enough, I would focus on them indeed. This idiocy had to stop and I was going to make sure that I would play my art to break the conservative hold on these children lives.

Once outside, I noticed Shannon sitting on a blanket under a tree reading a book.
She was wearing a tight fitting, white T Shirt and a long flowing Yellow skirt that went to just above her ankles.
I decided to join her, I really needed the company.

“What did dad want to talk to you about?” She asked as I sat down.

Some of the windows of the house looked out over where we were so we could not initiate any physical contact even if they would not have been able to hear us, they would definitely have seen us.

“Im not allowed to preach in church anymore. Im too young.”

“What, thats stupid!”  She realised what she said and placed her hand on her mouth in shock.  “I’m sorry, I should not question authority like that, please don't tell my dad.”

“I agree with you, I also think its stupid, don't worry, Im not telling anyone.”

Relief flooded her face as I said that.
She stood up and offered me her hand.

“Come, lets walk through the garden. I have not done so in such a long time.”

I took her hand and stood up. She let go of my hand as we walked away from the house but as soon as we were out of sight she took it again.

 “This is so perfect.”  She said.

“Oh? How so?”

“Walking along with the man I love, just us, holding your hand, feeling your love for me through our touch.”

I brought our combined hands to my mouth and kissed the back of hers as we walked. We stopped by a tree and I leaned my back against it. Taking her other and in mine and I just looked deeply into her eyes.
I truly did love this girl and I did want to marry her. I didn't know what effect it would have on my relationships with the others, but I wanted Shannon.

She stepped towards me and turned, leaning herself against me backwards, wrapping my arms around her waist. I was getting hard and she felt it and wiggled her bum against me.

“Hmmmm, this feels so nice.” She half whispered “Just like my dream...well, almost”

“Oh, tell me about this dream?”

“Well, we were standing just like this, but inside our bedroom. We were married and my shirt was off”.

“Oh really?”

She was clearly shy and embarrassed now.

“Yes, It felt really good.”

“And what happened after that, and why was your top off?”

“I don't know, we were married so I guess married things happened.”

I could tell she was blushing and she was pressing herself against me even more.

I whispered in her ear,  “I will marry you Shannon, I love you completely. Imagine we’re in that dream now, where do you want me to move my hands.....up.....or down?”

She closed her eyes and relaxed, a huge smile spreading across her face

“You choose.”

With that, I kissed her neck as I slowly sliped my hands up her body, over her shirt till they were cupping her breasts and I gently squeezed them.

She let out a soft moan as I did so.
I was trying to find her nipples but her bra was very padded and so I could not find them at all.

I lowered my hands and then raised them again, this time under her shirt, feeling her exquisite taunt belly for the first time.

 “Tom, we are not married, you can't take my shirt off“.  She was panicking.

“I won't take it off, don't worry, but this way we can be as close to your dream as possible.”

She relaxed a bit and ground her bum against my crotch, I was harder that I ever remember with her.
My hands reached her breasts again and I pushed the cups of her bra upwards over her breasts, letting their flesh fill my hands.

They were so soft and her nipples were rock hard, pressing against my palms.
I squeezed them as gently as I could, relishing the sensations flowing through my body.

“I have a bra that clips in the front, I’ll wear it more often.”  She whispered.

That mean she liked what I was doing and wanted more of it in the future, I thought to myself.

I kissed and bit her neck as she turned around to face me, my hands removed from under her top going to her bum again and pulling her against me.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me, causing me to have to hold her weight, but I turned us around so she was against the tree, making it easier to hold her up.

She started humping against me like mad, I was biting her neck harder and she was moaning in pleasure.
Her humping was causing her to rub against my abdomen, she was not tall enough to line up with my crotch and allow me to access her neck at the same time, but I did not care, I wanted her to enjoy herself because I knew if she liked it, she would want more.

Even though we could not see the house, we were startled by the sound of a door opening.
She very quickly disengaged herself from me and turned away so she could fix her bra in place.

She kissed me on the cheek and dashed back to the tree she had been siting under earlier.

I was hard and horny and desperately wanted relief but that was put on hold when I heard the pastors wife calling for me.

I tucked my erect penis into my waistband and untucked my shirt and made my way inside.

Chrissies Piano teacher, Mrs Templeton, was there. She and her husband were members of our church and lived a few houses away.

“Ah Tom, glad to see you. My husband and I are going overseas for our grand daughters wedding and we were wondering if you wouldn't mind house sitting for us while we are away?”

“Hi Mrs. Templeton. Sure, I would be more than happy to help. When do you leave and how long will you be away for?”

“We leave in 2 days time. I know its short notice but the sitter we had lined up cancelled on us earlier today. We will be away for a month. There is plenty food so feel free to help yourself but we will also leave some money for you to buy more if needed.”

“Okay, great. I am more than happy to help.”

“Thank you Tom. I have cancelled all my piano lessons for the month but as you live with the pastor, Chrissie is welcome to come and practice in her own time if she chooses, otherwise, please don't allow anyone else into our home.”

“Yes Mrs. Templeton, shall I come tomorrow to get keys from you?”

“Yes. That will be fine. Thank you Tom.”

With that, she turned to talk to the pastors wife and so I left the house. Shannon was still sitting under the tree and she gave me a very bashful smile as I passed her on my way to my room.
Even before I got to the door I was hit from behind by the speeding Chrissie, almost knocking me over which caused Shannon to laugh.

“You are going to let me practice piano while Mrs. Templeton is gone? Aren't you Uncle Tom?”

“Oh course I will, so long as you let you mom know when you come over.”

“Yay!” She jumped up into my arms, causing my semi hard cock to slip from my waits band back into my pants and press against her and I knew she felt it.

She giggled and whispered in my ear.  “Im going to practice piano a lot!”

And with that, she dashed off into the main house again.

Shannon stood up and walked over to me.

“If you ever need a break from her, let me know and I can find a way to get her to leave you alone.”

She pushed me gently backwards so that I had to step into my room.

As soon as we were out of sight of anyone, she hugged me close again and whispered in my ear “Maybe I need to come freshen up on my piano playing.”

Wild thoughts ran through my mind, thinking of the possibilities.

I hugged her back and squeezed her delicious bum again but she quickly broke away from me and stepped back outside, looking over her shoulder at me with a mischievous smile on her face.
She was teasing me and we both knew it.

The rest of the day was quiet.
I prepared for Youth that Friday and went in for dinner.

Chrissie did not come for our usual “Game of speed” which I thought was odd but I was pleased for the break and the early night.

I dreamed of Shannon, my hands on her breasts, her bum against my crotch, her teeth on my neck. I wanted her so badly, but I knew I had to play the long game with her.

The next day, I went to the Templeton’s house and got the keys as well as a rundown of what needed to be done, which, apart from feeing the dogs and some tricks to opening certain doors and gates, was not much.

Then the following day, I drove the Templeton’s to the airport in their car.
I stopped by my place to get some clothes, some books and my bible and then headed to their house.

It was a decent sized home.
A large dining room adjacent to the lounge which was carpeted and with a large screen TV, satellite and quite a few comfy sofa’s.
There was a bedroom that had been converted into a music room where Mrs. Templeton did her piano lessons.
Another bedroom was Mr. Templeton’s study with his computer and bookshelves along two walls.

There was a guest bathroom with a toilet, sink and bath and finally the main bedroom at the end of the passage. It was large with thick curtains and a double bed. It had an ensuite bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower and a large bath with what seemed to be nozzles for water jets, almost like a miniature jacuzzi.

In the back yard there was a paved porch that was covered with a built in gas barbecue and the paving went around the in ground pool which was quite large.

The walls around the property were about 7ft high so it was nice and private with the lot next door to the back yard being empty.

Being Thursday, I made sure that my youth lesson for the next day was what I wanted it to be and then relaxed infant of the TV.

I had not had access to satellite for a while and so I tuned in to ESPN and watch some baseball.

It was weird not being at the pastors house. No dinner with the family around the dinner table and no Chrissie   coming to my room afterwards to fool around.
The game ended late and I went to bed.
I did not set an alarm as I would not need to be up for show and could have a nice relaxing day.

The following day, I walked around in my boxers, lounged around watching TV and generally did nothing until it was time to head to youth.

When I arrived I was greeted by hugs from Chrissie, Shannon and Rachel. All of them saying that they missed having me around.
Rachels hug surprised me as we were not that affectionate with each other and her hug lingered a little. Not that I was complaining, having her gorgeous breasts pressing against me.

I very quickly excused myself and said I needed to go over my message in the corner office while the other helpers ran the games.
The girls let me go and I went and sat down after closing the door.

I was shaken from my thoughts by a light knocking which turned out to be Shannon brining me a cup of tea.

She smiled and closed the door behind her.

“I don’t think that that is wise, your parents are here.”

“I know, but they are helping with the games, I just wanted this...?

And with that she hugged me and pressed herself against me hard.
My hands went directly to her bum and squeezed, which caused her to jump up and wrap her legs around me while I supported her full weight.

I pressed her to a wall once again but this time I lowered her a little so we could grind or crotches together.
She had been humping me before, but now she was humping and grinding furiously.

We stared at one another and I could see the pleasure on her face.

“I love you Shannon.” I whispered.

“I wish we were already married.” Was her reply

I leaned forward to kiss her forehead which caused her to slide down my legs. She unwrapped herself and stood again.

It felt like we had been fooling around for ages, but in reality it can't have been more than a minute but it was a minute too much.

I sat down and took up the cup of tea as she made her way t the door which suddenly popped open as Chrissie opened it.

“Shannon, we need your help with the games.”

“Coming.” she answered. As she left, she turned and blew me a kiss while my heart was in my mouth. We had almost been caught. And Chrissie said nothing about the closed door. She may have been young, but I knew she was not stupid.
I wondered what questions she would eventually ask.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. I gave my message, helped pack up and locked up alone as the girls went home with their parents due to me going back to the Templeton’s.

Well, I thought to myself as I got home, a nice quiet weekend. With the new pastor and his family arriving to preach on Sunday, I had nothing to worry about....or so I thought.....
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Reply #69 on: March 03, 2020, 03:47:50 AM
Like I said in my last review I will try an make this more than it was great. I think it is,  Here is my fuller description of what I mean:
There is meat behind the characters. They were more than paper cutouts that liked to fuck.  I liked how you brought in other characters, friends of the main characters, and you did some on their back stories as well. You described them well enough that you imagine them clearly.
Your dialog seemed age appropriate, most of the time. Making thirteen year olds sound like like thirteen year olds is quite a trick, only a couple of times did I think it didn't sound like something they might say. 
And I thought the sex was well thought out and not rushed.  You didn't have them talking about the weather in one sentence and screaming out in orgasm the next. (I know that is an exaggeration but some time I read things and that is the way it appears)
I liked how you had the dad so concerned for his daughter hymen. Though I'm not sure if people like that exist anymore. (Maybe in Utah)  But that then made him saying Tom was to young to preach, and his general control of the family follow logically.  But surely in a church, or cult, like that some of wives would be rebellious and interested in a young preacher.  My understanding is in some cases if the preacher is willing their  is a harem that think it is their godly duty to service the preacher in anyway his wife won't.  Just a thought.
Anyway if you were simply going for a good stroke story you far surpassed that and made a great multi-stroke tale. The sex is definitely hot. My hat is off to you. looking forward to the next section.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Reply #70 on: March 04, 2020, 07:31:06 AM
Thank you HppyHrryHrdn.

I will admit that the dialogue is challenging. I don't exactly hang around teenagers so trying to think how they would speak is complete guess work, plus add in the fact that they, in the story, are naieve and sheltered, brings another dynamic to it.

Don't see this group as a cult, just more of a hyper strict and legalistic Baptist group that parades itself as a pillar to the community.

I do try make my characters believable and am glad you, and others, enjoy that.
I always feel that the more 'story' there is to the story, the more invested and involved the reader feels.

The next chapter is still a few days out but hopefully not to far away.

Thank you again for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

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Reply #71 on: April 03, 2020, 11:47:04 AM
Ha! I come from a long line of strict Baptist preachers. I'm practically Baptist by race. On the other hand, I wasn't just the black sheep of the family, I was a fucking wildebeest.

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Reply #72 on: April 15, 2020, 02:08:05 PM
WoW :emot_thdrool: These were some great additions.
Glad that this came back and it hadn't ended,
since this is my favorite story line of all time.
Also I Loved the addition of a girl that is not a sister,
that was a really hot scene. :emot_hard:
Please keep this going...

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Reply #73 on: June 23, 2020, 08:29:50 PM
Hope to hear more of this story soon.

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Reply #74 on: June 24, 2020, 01:21:35 AM
Sorry I've been quiet on my stories.

Lockdown here is now on day 88......kinda really starting to get to me

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