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Hard at Work (MF Peer)

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on: May 10, 2018, 05:20:36 PM
"Huh!"  Okay, here's the problem.  It's just awkward.  Masturbating at my desk, and for once I'm more than a little envious of men.  It just looks so easy, whip it out, give it a few pumps, grab a tissue or something, and tuck it back in.  Convenient?

Another problem is, this is a tech company, so we have this ridiculous connection.  So, even if I wait until I get home, and stay horny the whole way (Try that in rush hour traffic) when I get back to the action on my computer, it buffers, stops, the definition goes down, and I'm just reminded that I can stream in HD, while compiling a program to the LAN.

And I'm single.  Okay, I tell myself that's a choice, and you know how some movies start with a story, maybe a few scenes of her sitting there, waiting for the guys to notice her.  Come up and talk to her, and then finally start making out?  Yeah, I skip all that.  Or romcoms, I hate them.  I know, ostensibly they're written for me, but honestly how do they make any money selling what's basically a tease?    

We get the whole relationship, how they met, they go on a date-not-date, there's some lie that breaks them up until she forgives him, then, what?  A kiss, the end.  No!  A PG-13 romance for language, and not even some fondling, they don't even get into heavy petting, there's just some awkwardness, then they get over it, he kisses her, and roll credits?

I hated dating, and then I turned 40, so I don't have to worry about that any more.  Now, I still live alone, great apartment, no cats, I'm an introvert, so I like it.  I'm just a porn addict.  There, I said it.  Ever since I found out how raunchy my Auntie's romance novels really were, and that's another thing.  Am I weird?  Are Soap Operas really that great for normal women, and I'm the only one that's just frustrated that there's all this sex, going on in the commercial breaks?

I'm a middle age woman, and I just need the number of a man-whore.  That's what it is, I just need a call-guy, I can have over for a good plowing, pay him, and go to sleep when he leaves.  I miss the time when I was young enough to get one night stands, and too young to appreciate it.  Still caught up in looking for "The one," and willing to date on my quest for a steady dick.

I just need to get nailed.  That's all, I'm over worked, stressing myself to a heart attack, or a stroke.  Shut up body, no you can't have a baby, and even this isn't working for me any more.

"Huh!"  Just shut down the video.  I wasn't paying attention to it anyway, so now I have to drive all the way home, and settle for the dong, again.  "Uh,"  Dale, "You're huh."  My hair sticking to my face, fetching!  "You're still here?"

Not looking at porn for once, and when I asked about that, the answer was Sexual Harassment is why they don't have any policy against it here.  Well, the policy is as long as it doesn't interfere with work, but he just nodded.  Looked down, and started typing again.

I thought about that, too.  I'm not the only one who does it, at work, or after work.  He's still working, and it's not like every time I get up, he's watching a movie, but often enough.  He got a corner cubicle, and I'm the only one on the side that can see his screen when I get up.  That's the problem, I just got more, and better access to the internet than I've had my whole life, and a cubical desk is the worst place on earth to fingerfuck myself.  

I went to the bathroom.  Walked a little funny when it dripped, and ran down my legs, I look like I just had a gangbang, only without the moneyshots, or the satifaction, or anything but a tease.  Wipe, and "Snh!  Huh!"  I'm not putting those back on, they'll just get in the way, and I know that if I bring a toy to work, I just wont get any work done.

"Hhuh, huhHhuh uh, uh!  Uh!"  Finally.  "Huhhhhhh."  Something.  Wow, these cheap khaki paper towels sure are rough!  "Hihm, snh!  Huh!"  My elbow slipped, down in the sink, and at least I didn't fall down.  On the filthy floor when I finally climaxed, but it's not enough.

"Huh, snh!  You have a problem."  I nodded back.

Still, I didn't see anyone else here.  At least in this room, I'm just going to walk around.  Take a look, see if all the cubicles are shut down for the night.  

No?  Nobody else?  Just me, and Dale, then.

"Uh, uh!"  He rolled up under his desk.  "Sorry, I."

"Oh, no.  Don't be.  Huh!"

"I thought you left."

"No.  You wouldn't happen to have a rubber on you?"

"No, sorry.  Fresh out."

"Huh!  I don't care."

He went soft, and all the times I thought about him, beating off at his desk.  I just got my skirt up, and barely looked at it.  "Huh!  Fuck, get it up."

"You're really horny!'

"Yesh, just.  Hold still, huh!  HuhHhuhH!"  Just feel it.  Inside me just take the time to appreciate a man inside me.  Even if it's just Dale, but for once, he didn't even have anything on his screen.  

Shut down, but now I'm ready to start fucking.  He's got my blouse untucked, and the chair backed into the corner so it doesn't roll away.  "Uh, fuck.  Nhm fuch!  Yeah fuck me, yeah.  Fuckme fuckme fuckme yeah!"

"Huh!  Uh shit.  I'm sorry."

"Huh, god damnit!"

"I'm sorry, I just.  Uh, you on the pill, or something?"  I just shook my head, but he fell out.  At least with him sitting down, I can get my hand in, and pump it out between our legs.  "Just feel me up, huh, yeah.  I'm close just, feel my tits, squeeze them huh uh.  Uh, huh?"  Better than nothing, and the frantic pumping is starting to work his load out.  So it splats hard in my palm, slapping my clit and pubes, and I can slip them out to finish off smearing his fuckbutter hard into my clit.  "Ohhh!  Ooooh.  HuhHhuhH!  Snh!  Huh, huh, hihn.  Snh!  Huh!"  Wipe my hair out of my eyes, again.  "Huh, can you.  Fix my bra?"

"Yeah.  Uh, that was great."

"Yeah, thanks.  Snh!"

"You want a water?"

"Yeah, oh, ngh guhl guh, kah!  Huh!"

"Can you get off my lap."

"Yeah, sorry."

"Uh, I don't know the policy, for workplace affairs, here."

"Huh!  As long as it doesn't interfere with work.  You're married."

"Yeahbut.  Let me worry about my wife.  You ah.  You want me to move, or you want to get another desk, or something?"

"I don't."  Shake my head.  "No, I need sex.  I'm a grown women, I have needs, and I'm not getting them satisfied.  So, if you think you can handle it.  I just want to fuck."

"Me?  Again."

"Yeah, after work.  You don't think that will interfere?"

"I don't know if my marriage can handle it, but I'm wiling to give it a shot."

"Good."  Now I have to stop by the pharmacy on the way home.

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Reply #1 on: May 10, 2018, 05:58:27 PM
Well, I honestly forgot about it, for a couple weeks.  I'm married, to a middleaged woman, and I'm honestly grateful that she didn't mean every evening, after work.  We didn't talk about it, it was a little awkward for a few days whenever she came in, or I came in, because she's right behind me.

She smiled, she didn't wink, she just reminded me of that one quicky we had one night, and I guess remembered it too, but she smiled.  Satisfied, good.  Also, shes quiet.  Dresses professionally, and honestly I didn't even think about her like that until I smelled it.  Heard her breathing, and as long as it doesn't interfere with work?

Yeah, right.  I had to get that report done, and it was impossible with the smell wafting over the wall, her grunts, and she left me with a raging hardon, but I thought she left the building.  Turns out she went in the bathroom, a lot.  If you didn't know any better, you'd think she was having trouble, and so was I.  My doctor said my prostate is swelling, and cutting off my urethra, and there's just so much of it on the internet.

Porn, I had no idea.  Sure, I had porn at home, movies, magazines, and even stories, my wife likes those, and reading them together to get in the mood, but I'm just not up to every day, I'm not a 20 year old kid any more, and why exactly is she having any trouble getting laid?

Marna, I mean.  Also, weird name, Marna.  Can't even say whether or not she looks like a Marna, because I never heard of one before, and couldn't even find another woman named that on a websearch.

Whatever, I'm just glad that my fears about having to perform, every evening, and satisfy my wife weren't true.  I'm willing to, but in the meantime, I still spend my time looking at the weird stuff.  You can only find online, not available in stores, sure they have bondage, and S&M, but on the World Wide Web, you've got necrobabes, rape fantasy sites, and I mean girls with rape fantasies.

Why would a girl ever have rape fantasies?  Beats me, I'm not even interested, it's just weird like.  I don't know, Goatse, or Tubgirl.  My wife never could explain it either, so I just download her stories, so she can get in the mood.  At least I don't have to pretend to.  I can't, but that worked out so badly, because I can't hurt her.  I love her, but Marna?

She got so horny, she just jumped my bone, and I don't know.  Now she wants me to help her, with a project at work.  Right, we're not even in the same department, she's a programmer, I'm not even qualified to help her with encoding, or whatever it is the programmers do.

She didn't wink, or pointig down like that coroner from Men in Black, but.  I really need to ease up on the Necrobabes.  That's what it is, I just don't know, about this.  I'm getting cold feet, like I did at my bachelour party, but, I called my wife.

"It's okay, just hurry home when you're done."

I also can't believe that she's okay with it.  Seeing other people, she says, but.  I don't want to know about it.  I'm a regular guy, and regular sex is fine with me.  The kinkiest thing I ever did so far was a quicky after work with a co-worker, and then fingerbanging my wife, telling her about it.

"Huh."  It's hard enough satisfying 1 woman, at my age, but I like it too.  Don't act like it's a chore, you're just nervous that you won't be able to perform.  She's not bad looking, at all.  From what I could feel, she's got a pretty nice body.  She's just petite, and skinny.  Horny as fuck, though.

At least she was, then I satisfied her until now.  I wonder if she'll let me see her naked, this time?

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