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The Dumb Blonde (MF, exhib, public)

Vanessa · 893

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on: June 17, 2018, 07:45:21 AM
The Dumb Blonde
by Vanessa Evans

I thought I’d try something slightly different this time. This story is written from a male perspective.

All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

Part 01

Hi, my name’s Pete and I am an accountant. Yeah I know, accountants are boring and what could they possibly have to write a story about? Well up until a few months ago I would probably have agreed with you, but my life has changed. This bubbly, blonde came into my life and no one could possibly call my life boring now.

I have this little accountancy business catering for a variety of small businesses who want to meet their legal requirements, but also pay as little tax as possible. You see I’m a specialist in finding legal ways of not paying taxes. One other thing that has made my business a success is that we are quite happy to go to our clients rather than having them come to us. Quite a few of them appreciate that as we can talk to them while they are still working.

I had 2 people working for me, Ethan, slightly older than me (29) and Liz, an 18 year old receptionist cum filing clerk cum tea girl cum everything else mundane; a GDB (general dogs body). She’s not bad looking for a young girl, but she came to us straight from school and she fully admits that she will never have a career, just a job.

About 6 months ago I decided that we needed someone else to help Ethan and I but I didn’t want to take on a qualified accountant and Ethan suggested that we get an intern, see what they were like and then let them go if they didn’t come up to scratch or failed their accountancy exams.

I interviewed 3 people and was reading the cv of the next candidate just before she was due to arrive for the interview. On paper she looked good, an honours degree in mathematics, and from a good university.

When Liz brought Lucy in I was dumbstruck. She is gorgeous; every man’s wet dream. I had real difficulty concentrating on the interview, but after just 5 minutes I knew that she had got the job.

Lucy was dressed in a business suit, tight black skirt just above the knee, black jacket and a white blouse with just a hint of a bra showing through it. Her face is out of this world; it’s just like the best bits of all the top model’s faces put into one. To top off her face she has this long blonde, straight hair. Her tits are high on her chest and looked the shape of that conical bra that Madonna wore in that video all those years ago. Her blue eyes have this look of innocence all the time.

I suppose the title of this story isn’t really fair on Lucy because of her qualifications, and we soon discovered that Lucy is brilliant at absorbing information and regurgitating it on demand; but she doesn’t have a lot of common sense. She’s also inclined to believe everything that you tell her. She is always trying to please people; to such an extent that she makes me want to protect her innocence.

I later discovered that she has a 34B 24 28 figure; her ‘B’s are indeed very conical and as solid as they come. She has these gorgeous, suck-able, large nipples that seem to be rock hard all the time. Those long nipples are surrounded by small, dark areolas.

I fell in love with Lucy the day that she walked into my office and her internship was going to be a success whether or not Ethan agreed with me.

During that interview I explained that our dress code was quite informal, except when we were meeting certain clients; some are as relaxed as us, but some definitely aren’t. Lucy was happy about this as she much preferred to be casual.

When she started her internship her clothes could be described as ‘smart casual’; which fitted in well with the rest of us.

After about a week I just couldn’t help myself; I just couldn’t stay professional any longer; I asked her out on a date. She readily agreed and we met in a pub that night.

Lucy arrived wearing a mid-thigh mini skirt and a strappy V-neck cami top – no bra! Her nipples were poking little tents in the cami. She looked stunning and she blushed when I told her so.

I got us a drink and found us a seat. Lucy was sat facing the bar and I kept noticing people look at her. When I went to get our second drink I had to queue for a few minutes. I knew that I wasn’t going to get served for a couple of minutes so I turned round, looked over to Lucy and thought how lucky I was.

“Bloody gorgeous that one.” The man next to me said.

“Excuse me!”

“That blonde; you don’t get many that good looking round here.”

“No, I guess not.” I replied.

As we were both staring at Lucy she looked up and over to me. She smiled and then did something that I just never saw coming. She uncrossed her legs and opened her knees just enough for me (and the bloke next to me) to see her white knickers. It only lasted a couple of seconds but I got an instant hard-on.

“Fucking hell!” the man next to me said, “some lucky bastard is in for a treat later tonight.”

I smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Who’s next gents?” the barman asked.

I got our drinks and went back to Lucy.

We finished our drinks then I took her to a nice restaurant that I know. Half way through the meal she got up to go to the toilet and immediately bumped into an older woman that was passing.

When Lucy got back she was holding her top just where the spaghetti strap joined the rest of the cami at the front. She apologised saying that the strap had become detached when she’s bumped into that woman; and that she needed to go home and change.

I told her that there was no need and that I would tell her if the cami started sliding too low. Lucy blushed saying that she didn’t want to get thrown out for indecent exposure. She blushed again when I told her that it would be more like a very decent exposure if her breast did get exposed.

It did get exposed. As we talked and ate Lucy’s top did slide down (a few times) and when it did I’d tell her and she’d blush and pull it back up. After about the third time that it slipped below her nipple I didn’t tell her for ages, my eyes kept going from her face to her nipple and that solid breast. I hung back for as long as I dare before telling her that she was exposed; but this time I added,

“You have fantastic breasts you know.”

Lucy blushed even more and said that she wished that she’d worn a bra. I asked her why she hadn’t and she told me that she didn’t really like bras; that she’d never been comfortable in them and anyway, her breasts didn’t need any support. She told me that she didn’t like having visible bra straps or straps or strings that dig into her. Lucy blushed again when I said,  

“From what I’ve seen I have to agree with you; they look pretty solid to me. If it makes you more comfortable, you can come to work braless, except when we have formal meeting with the fuddy-duddy clients. I’m sure that Ethan won’t mind; and Liz may not even notice.”

Lucy thanked me and we got on with our meal.

Towards the end of the meal I decided to ask her if she realised that an awful lot of people stared at her.

“Yeah I know, it’s sort of embarrassing but at the same time I like it. My dad used to say that it’s because I’m so beautiful.” Lucy said.

“And your dad was right, you are gorgeous.”

“Why thank you kind sir.”

After the meal I took Lucy to a club with her holding her left hand on the top of her right breast most of the time. While we were dancing she relaxed and her right breast emerged, she didn’t bother pulling her top up until we left the dance floor.

We found a table in a quiet corner and I asked her if she knew that her breast was exposed for most of the time that we were dancing. Her reply was,

“Yes, I know, but I didn’t think that you’d mind.”

“I certainly don’t mind.” I replied, “and I’m sure that the guys round appreciated it as well.”

“Oops! I didn’t think about other people.”

“Well I’m sure that no one minded, in fact I don’t think that they’d have minded if you were totally naked.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that; I might get arrested.”

“I doubt that, more like the management would give you a job as a naked dancer so that you’d pull in more punters.” I replied.

“Oow! I couldn’t let them pull on my cunt.” Lucy said.

I laughed a little then reached over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You are amazing Lucy.” I said.

Lucy was still staring at my face in a dreamy sort of way so I kissed her again, this time full on the mouth, tongues as well. It went on for ages and my cock quickly got rock hard.

Some slow music came on and we went for another dance, this time I held her close. When I let her go she turned round and backed up to me. I put my arms round her and held her to me as she laid her head back on my shoulder.

I looked down her front hoping to get a nice down blouse view, and saw that her right nipple was about to be exposed again. I moved my right arm down a bit while gently pressing against her ribs. The right side of her top slid down as well and her right tit got totally exposed. What a magnificent sight. My right hand went lower and gently pressed on her lower stomach and pubic bone. I could feel her thong underneath her thin skirt and feel the heat coming from her pussy. I twisted my head to kiss her again.

While I was kissing her I let both my hands slide down her hips to her thighs then I slowly slid them back up taking her skirt with me. I stopped when I thought the hem of her skirt was close to her pussy then moved my left hand up to her exposed right breast. I gently squeezed her nipple while my right hand cupped her pubic bone. My fingers pressed against her thong, only it had slipped in between her lips and my middle finger found her hole and slid in.
Lucy started grinding her butt against my hard-on as others looked at her exposed breast and my hand on her pussy.

When we finally broke Lucy whispered that I made her so horny.

Lucy went to the toilet and when she came back she asked me to hold my hand out. When I did she put her clenched fist on my hand then opened her fist. Her wet thong fell into my hand and she said,

“Can you hang on to that for me, I don’t think that I’m going to need it for the rest of the night.”

I looked at her thong and felt my hard-on get quite painful.

As we walked to get a taxi I asked her if she would like to come back to my place. After a long pause she said that she would love to; but she’d taken so long to answer that I asked if she was sure.

“I want to get my lips round that.” Lucy said as she squeezed my hard-on.

It was my lucky night. Ever since I’d met her I wanted to fuck her; but did she mean her mouth lips or her pussy lips; or both. I didn’t care which; I was in heaven.

In the taxi we kissed some more and I got her into a position where her cami would slip down and expose her right tit again. I let the taxi driver look at her through his mirror for a while before cupping it with my hand and squeezing the hard, big nipple.

Before long we were in my apartment and taking each other’s clothes off.

Lucy’s body looks even better without clothes on. There’s not a single hair below her neck and her pussy looks just like a little girl’s except for a half inch clit sticking out. When I first saw her clit I knew that I was going to enjoy chewing it and making her cum over and over.

The sex was wonderful. Lucy throws herself into it and makes sure that both of us get the most out of it.

Afterwards, as we lay there on our backs, both totally naked, I had my first real chance to look at her magnificent body. Oh those breasts, nipples pointing to the ceiling and not a hint of sag, even though she was flat on her back. Oh that pussy, all pink, still swollen and glistening with our juices. I was in heaven.

We talked about Lucy’s past and she blushed a bit as I told her that I wanted to look at her gorgeous body all the time. Lucy told me that she was used to people staring at her; she said that she actually enjoyed it and sometimes thought about running around naked and shouting,

“Look at me, I’m naked!”

“Would you run around naked for me? I mean out in public.”

“Now!” Lucy said. She started to get up but I pulled her back telling her,

“Some other time.”
“Good, I’m sure that it will be more fun when it isn’t so dark. Won’t you get jealous and possessive if other people, other men see me naked; I know a lot of men would?”

How could I be so lucky? This girl, this gorgeous girl wanted to run around naked in public. How could I possibly deny the world such a wonderful sight?

“Of course not, you have an amazing body that should be enjoyed by everyone. Visually that is, I wouldn’t want every man to fuck you.”

“That’s nice.” Lucy said as she turned on her side facing me, put her arm and leg over me and went to sleep.

I woke up to the feeling of Lucy sucking my cock. When she saw that I was awake she climbed onto me in the classic ‘69’ position. I got my chance to chew that clit and I made her cum twice before I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

In the shower we fucked again before I drove her to her place to get changed for work. As I drove my phone rang. I pressed the button on the dash and heard Lucy in stereo. She was speaking into her phone telling her boss (me – sat beside her) that she was going to be late for work and that she’d make it up to him later.)

This girl was crazy, but I love her.

At her place she stripped naked then gave me a little fashion display of her clothes before deciding what she was going to wear.

When she selected a slightly sheer top I asked her if I she was going to wear a bra.

“No, my boss says that I only have to wear one when I’m going to have to meet boring, miserably clients.”

I smiled and said,

”I’ve heard that too.”

“Is that why you don’t wear a bra?” Lucy asked.

I laughed and asked her if she was sure about the top because her colleges would be able to see her tits.

“Yes, I’m sure; it’s not as if my boss hasn’t seen them before.”

“What about the others at work?

“Oh I hadn’t thought about them. Do you think that they’ll mind?”

“No, but that young girl might get a bit jealous.” I said.

“She might copy me then my boss will have 2 pairs of tits to look at.”

I laughed again as Lucy stepped into a summery skirt, quite thin and flared, but not that short.

“Do you think that my boss would like me to go commando?” Lucy asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said, “maybe you should try it and flash him that gorgeous pussy of yours and ask him? If he says it’s okay then you’ll have to flash your pussy to him at least once every hour just to make sure that he’s still happy with you. You never know; he might just take you shopping and buy you some clothes that will make it easy for you to flash him.”

“Ooow, will he? I need some new clothes.”

I kissed her and squeezed her butt under her skirt before we left for work.

During the drive I asked Lucy if she’d always been an exhibitionist.

“Is that what I am? No,” Lucy said, “I used to hate people looking at me and I used to get quite depressed about it; but my dad slowly convinced me that I should be proud of my body and how I look. He was still convincing me when I left home to go to university. When I was at university I saw all the other girls being so bold and open but I still didn’t have that much confidence in myself. It wasn’t until I met you that I really realised that I can have lots of fun looking like I do. I’ve got to thank you for that Jack.”

I wanted to stop the car and hug and fuck her there at the side of the road, but I didn’t. Instead I just squeezed her bare thigh and thought how lucky I was.

Lucy went on to tell me that when she was a young teenager she set herself a number of goals. The first one was to get herself a decent degree; that had always been her number one priority. She said that if she got that right everything else would fall into place. She told me that she sacrificed all the normal fun that university students have to make sure that she did well. Her only lapse was at a party at the end of year two when she got drunk and taken advantage of. That was when she lost her virginity. Her next sex partner was me.

I told her that I was honoured.

Lucy also told me that her second goal was to swim a mile non-stop. She’d achieved that when she was 17.

Lucy also told me that because she’d now achieved her 2 mail goals she wanted to make-up for all the time that she’d been celibate. She wanted to do things that most girls would never do; to be adventurous and daring.

We were late arriving at work, but neither Ethan nor Liz said anything. When Liz brought me my coffee she said,

“Lucy looks happy this morning; she must have enjoyed herself last night. Cute top she’s wearing, you and Ethan might have trouble concentrating on your work today.”

“Thank you Liz.” I said, thinking that she was right; not just because of Lucy’s top, but Lucy in general.

About an hour later Lucy came into my office, shut the door and said,

“My boyfriend says that I have to let my boss know that I’m going commando today.”

With that Lucy pulled up the front of her skirt and let me stared at her bald, little girl pussy with its protruding clit.

“Did your boyfriend also tell you that t’s naughty to surprise your boss by doing that without asking for his permission first?”

“Err, no he didn’t. Does that mean that you will have to punish me?”

Bloody hell, not only is this girl gorgeous, she has a fantastic body that she’s not shy about showing, she’s amazing at sex; and now she’s inviting me to punish her. I nearly creamed my pants there and then. I did make a mental note to bring a spare pair of trousers to work, just in case.

“Yes it does Lucy. Come over here and bend over the desk.”

Lucy came and stood beside me and leaned over the desk. I stood up and went behind her and lifted her skirt exposing her bare butt.

“Open your legs Lucy.”

She did and I looked down at that beautiful butt encasing her wet, swollen vulva and clit. I really wanted to just fuck her there and then, but at the same time I wanted to see if she really would let me spank her butt.

I chose to spank her. I was afraid that the noise would attract unwanted attention so it wasn’t too hard and only a few slaps. Lucy took it well and her pussy told me that she was very aroused; but I just couldn’t fuck her there, not with Ethan and Liz just the other side of the door.

“Right Lucy,” I said, “straighten your clothes and be back here in an hour for part 2 of your punishment.”
“Yes boss.” Lucy said with a lustful smile on her face.

And back she was; twice before lunchtime, and each time I spanked her bare butt. I swear that the inside of her thighs got wetter and wetter each time that she came in.

At lunchtime she was in again. As soon as she shut the door she told me that both Ethan and Liz had gone out for lunch. I pretended to go through the same routine, but after the spanking I rammed my cock into her before she could stand up. Oh, that was heaven; and Lucy’s moans, screams and convulsions told me that she had an orgasm too.

After I’d pulled out she stood up and sat on my desk with her legs wide open. I watched my cum seep out of her pussy as we talked about how naughty we’d been.

That afternoon I had to go and see a client and didn’t get back until both Ethan and Liz had left. I fucked Lucy on her desk before taking her home.

When we were in bed that night, and after I’d fucked her again, Lucy said,

“My boss spanked me for not warning him that I was going commando today.”

“Did he now, and did you think that you deserved to be spanked?”

“Oh yes, I got what I deserved, it’s naughty to flash your pussy at your boss, he might get the wrong idea.”

“And what idea might that be?”

“That I enjoy going commando and braless, and that I enjoy flashing him.”

“And do you?”

“Of course! How else am I going to get him to spank me?”

“Does that mean that you’re going to go to work underwearless every day?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think that you should, and I also think that you should wear short skirts and see-through tops.”

“Oh goody, I want to please my boss and I like flashing people as well.”

“Lucy, you are such a naughty girl, perhaps I should spank you as well.”

“Only if I’ve been naughty.”

“Of course, but how often do you do naughty things?”

“Usually at least once a day.”

“Wow, your boyfriend spanking you at night and your boss spanking you at work. You are going to have a really sore butt.”

“Oh I’m sure that my boyfriend will find a way of making it better; a little massage or something else to take my mind off it.”

“And what did you have in mind Lucy?”

“Something like this.”

Lucy climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. As she rode me I massaged her hard tits and tweaked her nipples.

I slept at her place or she at mine for the next couple of weeks. Some of her clothes moved into my wardrobe, but not her bras or knickers. Lucy stopped wearing both and took every private opportunity at work to show me what she wasn’t wearing.

After that couple of weeks I asked Lucy to move in with me and she has never been away from me for more than a few hours ever since – except when I’ve sent her away on a business trip.

In the office we act very professional, but Liz caught on first and asked what took me so long. Ethan said that he’d suspected, but wasn’t sure. I formally confirmed it and told everyone that it would not affect our work, and if they ever thought that it was then I was happy to discuss it.

I then corrected myself a bit and confessed that we would be taking holidays together, but that Ethan and Liz had already proved that they can run the business when I wasn’t there.

Both Ethan and Liz congratulated us.

That night I told Lucy that we had be very professional at work – except when we were there alone, then we could fuck each other silly.

The following Saturday I took Lucy shopping for some new clothes. She’d been complaining that most of her existing wardrobe was from her student days, past its best and not what she now wanted to wear.

We spent most of the day buying clothes for her. One shop had dressing cubicles in one back corner of the shop and I took great delight in opening the curtain so that I could watch her change. Lucy called me a naught boy because other people might be able to see her as well. I told her that they couldn’t, even though I knew that anyone passing would be able to see her. Lucy just said “Okay” and continued changing. The strange thing was that Lucy was only trying on skirts, but she stripped naked before putting any of them on.

As well as looking at her I was looking at the mirror on the back wall. One man and 2 teenage boys were looking at her. She must have noticed but she never said anything.

We bought 3 skirts in that store. All the skirts are no longer than 12 inches and all are flared. When she had the shortest one on I told her to bend at the waist.

With her back to the open curtain Lucy bent over. I stepped back and joined our little audience in looking at her beautiful, wet pussy.

I walked back to her, slapped her butt and told her that we were taking that skirt.

In another store we found some tops that we both liked, and Lucy took them to the changing room. This store has a separate room with the cubicles in so I couldn’t go in. I had to stand at the room’s entrance with other men that had partners in there. Lucy promised to show me each top so that I could help her decide.

A couple of minutes after she first went in I heard Lucy ask me if I was alone. I said that I was (I wasn’t) and a couple of seconds later Lucy appeared in the doorway. The only thing that she was wearing was the top.

“Jack! You said that you were on your own.” Lucy said as she put her hand over her pussy.

“These guys only just arrived.” I lied. “Don’t worry about them, pretend that they’re not here.”

“Okay!” Lucy said. She took her hand away from her pussy and did a twirl.

“What do you think?”

It was a thin cotton vest-like top that had 2 pokies out front.

“I like it.” I said, “What about the others?”

Lucy was taking the top off as she walked back to the changing cubicle. We all had a great view of her entire naked back as she disappeared out of sight.

The second top was the best. It’s a white, sleeveless, spaghetti strapped cotton tank top. The straps are like bra straps – adjustable. The best part is that at the front top there is a panel of lace with big holes. It’s obviously designed so that the woman can adjust the straps so that she can decide how much of her breasts are visible through the lace. The thing was that Lucy had the straps adjusted so that the lace panel went below her nipples. Both were sticking through holes in the lace.

Lucy stood there in front of now 4 guys, wearing only that top, tweaked both her nipples and said,

“I think that you’re going to have to show me how to adjust these straps, I don’t think that my nipples are supposed to poking through the lace like this.”

“Probably not, but you do look amazing wearing it like that.” I replied.

We got another great view of her naked back as she walked back to the cubicle.

The third top was a blouse. Lucy said that she could wear it for work. I (and the other voyeurs probably) thought it looked great; well, it was very see-through.

“I’m not sure that your boss will like you wearing that at work. He may just have to punish you for being so brazen.”

“That sounds nice, I can’t wait,” said the bottomless Lucy.

“Go and get dressed.” I said, “I think that we need to look for a bra or two.”

When Lucy came back out she was fully dressed – well, she had on the skirt and top that she’d left home in. She didn’t look too happy and as we queued to pay for the top. She told me that she didn’t like the idea of shopping for a bra. Why would she, she’d already told me that she didn’t like bras.

I squeezed and told her that the shop I had in mind only sold sexy bras.

She wasn’t convinced until we got there and she saw what I had in mind. I told her that she needed to have at least one bra for when we were meeting narrow-minded clients; and at least another for teasing men with.

Lucy’s face looked better as I selected 3 bras for her. One was a shelf bra, the second was cup-less and the third had cups that are very thin and see-through. The shop didn’t have a changing room but the girl promised that we could take them back if they didn’t fit.

We went to the food hall to get something to eat before round 2 of the shopping. As we walked in Lucy told me that she had to go to the toilet. When she came back she was wearing the shortest skirt that we’d bought, and one of her new tops. Her nipples were rock hard, and it showed.

As we walked to a food counter I couldn’t help noticing all the people looking at her. She was walking straight up so her butt and pussy weren’t showing, but her pokies were. It wasn’t just them that everyone was looking at; it was the real-life Barbie doll that was holding my arm. I was so proud.

We got our food and went and sat down. As Lucy sat down she winced a little. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that the seat was a little cold on her bare butt and pussy.

I kept looking around as we ate and kept seeing people looking at Lucy. I told Lucy about them and she said,

“I usually just ignore them, but if you want I can put on a show for them. I’m sure that they’d like to see me stand up and take my top and skirt off. Shall I?”

“Nice thought Lucy, but we’d better finish shopping before we get thrown out.”

Lucy giggled and told me that she wanted to look in more shops.

We bought 3 more skirts and 4 more tops that afternoon and I told Lucy that I wanted a full fashion show of all of them when we got home. Lucy said that it may take a while.

As we walked round the shopping centre Lucy wanted to flit from shop to shop. Some were on the ground floor and others up a floor or two. We seemed to continually go from floor to floor on the escalators.

It was after about the third ride on an escalator that I twigged what Lucy was doing. She was deliberately going up and down the escalators so that men could look up her short skirt. What’s more, the slowing down as we walked to the escalator was to make sure that she had a man just behind her.

“Okay,” I thought, “I can help you with this.”

The next time (and others) that we went to go up an escalator I too made sure that a man or men were behind us. As we started going up one time I put my arm round her and slid it down to her hip. Then I slid it back up to her waist, sliding her skirt up with it.

The 2 young men got a great view of her bare butt. I was deliberately carrying my wallet in my hand and about half way up I ‘accidentally’ dropped it in front on Lucy. Without thinking, Lucy bent forward to pick it up for me.

Perfect; I heard a gasp from behind and knew what had caused it.

As we got off the escalator Lucy leaned of to me and whispered,

“Thank you.”

This girl was unreal.

In one of the stores that we went in to that afternoon, the changing rooms were like one of the earlier stores - in a small room and off the main shop. Men had to wait at the entrance. I joined 2 other men waiting and wondering what surprise Lucy would spring this time.

Lucy paused as she went into that room and then chose a cubicle. She didn’t close the curtain. I couldn’t see her at first but then she moved inside the cubicle and I could see her reflection in one of the mirrors.

We 3 men watched that mirror as Lucy stripped naked. As her top came off she tweaked her nipples, presumably to make them even harder. As she stood there in front of that mirror we watched her run her hands all over the front of her body. As they got to her belly her legs opened and she played with her clit for a few seconds before stepping into another skirt.

She came out and showed me the skirt, totally ignoring the other 2 men. She repeated the show, nipple and clit tweaks as well, until I’d seen all the skirts on her.

All the skirts were sooo short that she wouldn’t be able to bend over without exposing her bare butt.

We bought all of those skirts.

Lucy did buy 2 dresses; one was a conventional, light cotton summer dress, buttoned all down the front; and the other was a modern looking dungarees dress. Obviously it was designed to be worn over some sort of top, but not my Lucy. The bib looks great perched on the front of those magnificent tits.

Finally Lucy declared that she had enough clothes for her new wardrobe for now and we set off home.

The fashion show only got about a quarter of the way through before I pulled her to me and we fucked for ages before collapsing on the bed and dozing off. That night I just had to take her clubbing so that she could show-off some of her new clothes and let me fondle her body on the dance floor. I finger fucked her to an orgasm while on that dance floor surrounded by dozens of people.

At work on the Monday I over-heard Liz complimenting Lucy on her outfit and saying that she wished that she could afford new clothes like Lucy’s. Before Lucy had a chance to talk to me I called Liz into my office and asked her if she liked Lucy’s new outfit. When she said that she did I asked her if she’d wear clothes like that (Lucy was wearing a microskirt and top that made it obvious that she had no underwear on).

Liz said that she would love to but she couldn’t afford to. Her eyes lit up when I offered her a hundred pounds a month clothing allowance, providing that she gave me the receipts each month.

It wasn’t long before we had 2 young women coming to work in skimpy clothes. Whenever Liz has accidentally shown me her butt or crotch she too was going commando.

I asked Ethan what he thought about the new-look girls. He said that they looked ‘cute’ which disappointed me a little, then I remembered that he’s married with a couple of kids.

After a about a month I thought that Lucy had learnt enough to be present at some of our client meetings. I started with the in-house ones. The first one was with an elderly client who has never even hinted that he appreciates attractive women so I asked Lucy to dress a little bit conservative that day. When she dressed that morning, her version of conservative was a tight, mid-thigh length skirt with a cami top covered in a see-through blouse. No bra or knickers, but you couldn’t tell.

She looked gorgeous, and the client did a double take when she walked into the room.

The meeting went well and Lucy was able to explain everything that was asked.

A week later I took Lucy to a meeting at the clients place of work. He’s a mechanic who does up classic cars for lots of money, and he said that he wanted the meeting at his place because he had a mountain of work on and some crazy deadlines.

He’d got all his paperwork out on his workshop desk and got on with our task. We frequently had to go and ask questions while he was bent over, or under a very old Jaguar. At first I went out to him then I started sending Lucy to ask the question.

When Lucy came back the second time she had a big grin on her face. She whispered that she was glad that she’s worn a flared skirt that day. The mechanic had been under the Jag and had pulled himself out to answer Lucy’s question and found himself looking straight up her skirt. Lucy told me that she’d seen a bulge appear in his overalls.

I asked Lucy if she’d minded. Her response was to put her finger on her pussy and then put it in front of my face. It was all wet so I leant forward and sucked it.

“I presume that you’d like to ask all the questions from now on?”

Lucy didn’t need to answer, and I sent her each time that we need to ask about something.

When everything was sorted we all had a conversation about the numbers and how we could manipulate them. Lucy sat opposite the man and he was obviously struggling to keep focused. He just agreed to my every suggestion.

On the way back to the office I rebuked Lucy for teasing the poor man, then pulled into a field off a country lane and got Lucy to lean over the car bonnet while I gave her a full service.

Life went on with us fucking each other silly at home and me struggling to concentrate at work. In a way I was pleased when clients came to visit us as I had told Lucy that she had to dress more conservatively which was less of a distraction for me.

I decided that I needed to get Lucy more used to meeting clients at their place of work so I set-up a few meetings.

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Part 02 - The Fucking Machine Client
The next meeting that I took Lucy to needed a bit of explanation before we went. Firstly I told her that the dress code would be as casual as she wanted; the client would not be bothered what either of us wore. Lucy’s reaction was,

“Goody, can I go naked then?”

“I’m sure that the client wouldn’t mind that at all, but no, you have to wear a dress or skirt and top.”

The second piece of information was to tell her that the client has a business making fucking machines.

“What sort of fucking machines? Vending machines, coffee machines?” Lucy asked.

“No, proper fucking machines.”

“Isn’t any machine that works a proper machine?”

“Sorry Lucy, I’m not explaining myself properly. He makes machines that fuck women.”

There was deadly silence for a few seconds then,

“For real, he makes machines that fuck women.”

“Yes Lucy.”

“Wow, does he give free samples?”

“Not satisfied with me anymore?”

“Oh sorry Jack, I didn’t mean it like that. Of course I’m satisfied with you, and your cock; it’s just the thought of a machine that can fuck me for hours non-stop just sends nice shivers right through me.”

“That’s okay Lucy, I understand what you’re saying; but we’re going there to sort out the man’s accounts, not to ask for free samples.”

“Of course boss.”

We spent the rest of that afternoon and the first part of the next morning pulling together everything for the client, then set off late morning. When we got there the place was really nice on the inside (the outside looked just like any other newish industrial unit). There was a little reception with 2 internal doors; one went to the workshop and the other to a plush display area.

There were quite a few machines in there and Lucy was fascinated. She asked Pete (the Client) if she could have a look round them before we got down to business. I could see her drooling over each and every one of them and could guarantee that she had very wet inner thighs. Twice I saw her holding the dildo part of a machine, obviously wondering what it would be like to have it inside her.

Pete told me that he had 30 minutes before a camera crew and a model arrived to film the model in action on a couple of the machines – a promotional video. He told us that we could stay and watch if we wanted to.

Lucy came back to us and we went into the reception area and got on with sorting out Pete’s accounts. As the 30 minutes ran out Pete looked quite anxious. Lucy asked him if he was okay, and could she get him a coffee.

We got on with our task and after another 30 minutes Pete said that he just had to make a phone call and went outside. He came back a few minutes later and told us that the camera crew would arrive in about 5 minutes, but the model wasn’t with them. He told us that the video had to be shot that day because it had to be sent to his agent in the Far East the next day.

Lucy surprised Pete (and me) by asking him what skills the model had to have to use the machines.

“Well she has to be beautiful, be shaved and be prepared to let herself go and really enjoy herself. Why, do you know someone like tha…….. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Well I’m prepared to give it a go if you’ll let me.”

Pete looked at me (I was smiling and my trousers her getting uncomfortable), then at Lucy, then up and down Lucy; then he said,

“The pay’s good.”

“I was thinking more in the line of one of your machines.”

“Blood hell, Lucy has been reading negotiating skills books.”  I thought.

“I’m sure that we can come to some mutually agreeable arrangement.” Pete said just as we saw a van pull up outside.

Lucy got a hair band out of her bag and tied her long, blonde hair into a ponytail as Pete went out to talk to the camera crew. I asked Lucy if she was sure that she wanted to do it and reminded her that she’d be naked in front of about half a dozen men and machines would be fucking her and making her cum.

“I’m sure if you are. I wouldn’t want you to get upset by it. I’ll change my mind if you like.”

“No, no, I’m more than happy for you to do it, on one condition. That you get Pete to send you a copy of the video.”

“What’s that about a copy of the video?” Pete said as he came through the door.

“Jack wants a copy of the video to play continually in his office. Can you do that please Pete?” Lucy said.

“I can send you it later tonight by email if you want?” the man with Pete said, “By the way I’m John, I’ll be directing the video; and you must be the gorgeous Lucy. Peter, where did you find this amazing example of womanhood; she’s just wonderful; and Lucy, if you ever want to change career I’m sure that I can get you into one of the top modelling agencies.”

Lucy blushed as we all shook hands while the rest of the crew brought bags and lights in.

“Lucy I understand that this is your first time doing anything like this. Please don’t be afraid, I will not ask you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. If at any time you want to stop all you have to do is shout stop and we’ll end the shoot right there and then.”

Before anyone could say anything, John continued,

“Okay Lucy, can you get undressed please, we need to give your body time to get rid of any strap or elastic marks before we get started; this video is in high definition and any mark will show easily.”

Lucy had undone her skirt and it hit the floor just as John finished talking. Her hands went straight to her top and it was off in seconds. As she dropped her top she automatically pinched her nipples to make sure that they were as extended as much as they could. 

Lucy was naked in the firm’s reception area and anyone passing would have been able to see her.

“Wow, you’re keen.” I said as I leant forward and kissed her.

“You could have gone in there (pointing to the room with all the machines in) to get undressed.”

“Sorry.” Lucy said, but didn’t move.

“Right then,” Pete said, “shall we all go in.”

I picked up Lucy’s top and skirt and followed them in. It had been almost dark in there, but all the lights had been switched on and it was quite bright.

John was talking to Lucy, presumably telling her what to do, so I went and stood behind one of the camera men. I had to marvel at Lucy as she stood there, completely naked, in front of half a dozen men, and not showing one sign of embarrassment. I was so proud of her.

John and Lucy went over to a bicycle on a stand. It looked just like any folding bicycle that you can see on the street except that it had an extra couple of cogs and a chain going up to the base of the saddle. Through the saddle was a dildo.

I heard John shout for some lubrication and one of the crew ran over with some, but John dismissed him just before he got there. I guess that Lucy was wet enough already.

Lucy got on the bike and stood on the pedals; then she slowly impaled herself on the dildo. As soon as she was settled she slowly started pedalling; her solid breasts giving not the slightest hint of a wobble.

All the time 2 cameramen were moving all around Lucy, presumably recording every gasp and sigh. One cameraman moved to the front of the bike and pointed his camera right at her pussy.

I moved round to where I could see Lucy’s face. She had a big grin on her face that was occasionally interrupted by a quick wince.

One of the crew came over to me and whispered for me to go and stand near a table with some equipment on it. When I got there I saw a big television monitor with the display split into 2. What was showing was what the 2 cameramen were shooting.

I stood and stared at my Lucy fucking herself on that bike – in glorious high definition.

About 5 minutes later Lucy was getting close to cumming so I went back in front of her and watched as she screamed her head off in pleasure. It was a really beautiful sight.

Her pedalling slowed down but didn’t stop; she slowly peddled for another couple of minutes as she got her breath back. Lucy opened her eyes, saw me and smiled. She stopped pedalling, stood up on the pedals and got off, just as John shouted “CUT!”

Lucy shakily walked over to me and I gave her a big hug. I didn’t care that her body was covered in sweat. I whispered to her that I loved her and took her over to a chair to rest.

John let her rest for about 5 minutes then came over to her and asked her if she was okay. When she nodded he asked her if she was ready for the next machine. Lucy nodded again and stood up. She was totally unconcerned that she was naked in front of the men in there as she calmly followed John to the second machine.

I’d seen pictures of similar machines, but this one was different. Yes it was a Sybian, but this one was fastened to a board that had leg restraints either side, and 2 ropes coming out of the floor in front of it. I heard John say something like that she could relax a bit on this machine.

Pete was there as well, and he told Lucy to kneel either side of the Sybian and to lower herself onto the dildo. When she was there Pete fastened the Velcro leg restraints, put cuffs on her wrists and fastened them to the rope coming out of the board. Lucy was no longer able to get of the Sybian even if she wanted to (which I doubted).

Lucy’s eyes lit up when Pete switched the Sybian on, then her face settled to a contented look.

The 2 cameramen moved in closer and I went to look at the monitor. One cameraman was focusing on her gorgeous face with all the expressions of pleasure, while the other cameraman kept moving from het tits to her pussy. On the screen I could see every little bump on her areolas; and that beautiful clit being pressed onto the Sybian.

It didn’t take long for Lucy to show signs of arousal. Her face showed it, and her juices seeping out from around her clit showed it.

With shouts of “YES, YES, YES,” and “ARRGGHH” and “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” Lucy went over the top again.

But she couldn’t stop pedalling this time and the Sybian kept going. As soon as she’d cum and started to calm down, the Sybian brought her back up again. She tried to struggle free but it was pointless. She wasn’t going anywhere.

Lucy came again but with more obscenities shouted this time. I looked at the screen showing her pussy, the whole of the front of the Sybian was wet.

Pete switched the Sybian off and the expression of relief on Lucy’s face was golden. As she calmed down I heard “CUT!” as I went and asked Pete for some water for Lucy. He rushed off for some, apologising for not having thought of it himself.

I went and helped Pete free Lucy and helped her to her feet. As soon as she tried to put some weight on her legs they gave way and she collapsed onto me. I carried her over to the chair to let her rest. She was sat on the edge of the chair with her legs wide open when Pete came and gave her the bottle of water; Most of it going down her throat in one go.

“You can have a longer rest this time.” Pete said. “Only 2 more to go; I think that we’ll do the rectangle next, that should give you more of a rest. That is if you still want to go on?”

Lucy nodded and drank some more of the water.

Twenty minutes later Lucy’s sweat had dried and she was getting talkative. She asked me if I was happy with her and she told me that she’d stop if I wanted her to.

“No, it’s what you want to do Lucy. If you want to ride 100 of these machines I’m more than happy to watch you; it’s a beautiful sight and I’ll watch the video every night for the rest of my life.”

“You’re so sweet Jack.” Lucy said as Pete and John came over for her.

“Are you ready Lucy?” John asked.

Lucy got up and followed them. They went to this big rectangular frame with a covered lump of something in the middle of one end. Lucy had to lay down spread-eagled in the frame while Pete went round her arms and legs fastening them to the frame. As he did so I went and watched the screen. One of the cameramen had zoomed in on her spread pussy. Her vulva was all swollen and very wet.

The camera went to het tits. The 2 symmetric cones pointed to the ceiling.

Lucy had lifted her head and was watching what Pete was doing. Even from where I was I could hear her gasp as Pete uncovered the machine between her legs. The dildo looked massive.

Pete positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance to her vagina and switched the machine on low. The dildo slowly went inside Lucy as her face showed the pain.

Out it came and in it went. This time her face on the screen showed no hint of pain.

Pete increased the speed and Lucy lay there with closed eyes.

Slowly Lucy’s breathing got heavier and heavier, those glorious cones going up and down with each deep breath.

Pete increased the speed of the machine again.

Lucy started swearing and her head rolled from side to side. Her swearing got worse than I’d ever heard her use before; I didn’t know if it was caused by plain or pleasure; or both. I assumed both.

Lucy reached her peak and her back arched off the floor. She collapsed flat and went quiet; I started to get worried, but her head moved and it started all over again.

All the time the machine was pounding in and out of her.

Lucy had 2 more orgasms before I heard the word “CUT!” and Pete turned the machine off.

I ran over to Lucy and looked down at her. She looked up at me and said,

“I want one of these.”

I laughed and started to untie her. When Pete and I had finished I put my arm out to help her up but she just lay there and said,

“Not yet lover, I want to enjoy this for a bit longer.”

I stepped back and looked down at her, still spread-eagled with the dildo inside her. She had a really contented look on her face.

I went over to Pete and John and asked if everything was okay.

“Fantastic!” John said; “a professional couldn’t have done a better job; she was superb.”

“I know.”

Pete thanked me again and asked me which machine Lucy would like.

“I’d like one of those Sybian machines please.”

We turned and saw Lucy struggling to stay on her feet. I put my arm round her waist and held her up as Pete said,

“It’s yours; you were worth every penny. I’ll get one shipped to you.”

“Oh, and don’t forget the copy of what each of those cameras recorded.” Lucy said.

I sat Lucy down and talked to Pete about the rest of our business as John’s crew carried equipment out to the van. Pete and I did have much to sort out and it was soon time to go. I went over to Lucy and told her that it was time to go.

“Can you get my clothes and bag please?” Lucy asked.

I got them and held them out to Lucy.

“I can’t be bothered. Can you just help me out to the car please?”

I carried her out to the car, not caring that it was home time for a business down the street and quite a few people were walking and driving passed.

I went back and got Lucy’s bag and clothes; and all our paper work; bid farewell to John and Pete and drove off with a naked Lucy in the passenger seat.

She was asleep before we got to the end of the road.

I woke her when we got home and she still couldn’t be bothered to get dressed to go up to our apartment. We were lucky that no one saw us.

I put Lucy in the shower and soaped the dried sweat off before drying her and putting her to bed.

She was still asleep when I phoned her early the next afternoon, but was wide awake when I got home.

Pete had emailed me the videos and we watched them in bed that night. Lucy was hornier than I’d ever seen her before.

During the drive to work the next morning Lucy told me that she’d never had anything that big inside her before and that she just loved having the cameras right in front of her pussy. The thought of her pussy being recorded and seen by millions of people was a real turn-on for her.

I suggested that we get a decent video camera and make some videos to post on youtube. Lucy said that I’d better make that a porn site.

Lucy was quite horny that day and kept coming into my office to get her ‘punishment’. We stayed at work until after Ethan and Liz left then fucked on her desk.

On the way home I told Lucy that we have a few clients in one part or another of the entertainment business and that she’d be coming with me when the time came to visit them.

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Part 03 - The Farmer
One Monday I took Lucy to meet with this old farmer client. He’s running a profitable mixed farm and hates the taxman but loves the EU subsidies. When we got there he was running around going a bit crazy. When I asked him what was wrong he told us that his labourer had suddenly quit and he had to do everything himself. His main problem was the animals; they had to be fed, cleaned out and milked before the milk collection.

Being the helpful accountant that I am I offered him our services. He looked us up and down and said,

“You’re not dressed for it.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said, “Just tell us what needs doing.”

His priority was the cows; they were late being milked. The farmer took Lucy and showed her how to wash the teats and attach the cups while I went to my car and got changed. I always carry an old T-shirt, jeans and trainers in the back of my car – just in case.

When I found Lucy she asked me where her change of clothing was. She’d already got her shoes covered in cow muck and had bits on her skirt and top.

I gave her the bad news, but she wasn’t bothered.

“I’m enjoying this; I’ve never been on a farm before and it’s fun.” Lucy said.

The farmer gave us some more jobs which we got on with. Poor Lucy was having trouble with her shoes; 3 inch heels weren’t designed for farms. She’d fallen over a couple of times and even ripped her top.

Around lunchtime the farmer called us into his house and he brought us something to eat and drink out of his fridge. We had to sit on a bench outside because we had too much mud on us.

By late afternoon most of the work was done and we went looking for the farmer. As we approached him I had an idea and said to him,

“You say that the cows have to be milked at 5 o’clock each morning? Have you got a spare room? And it will take you just a few days to get some more help? ”

“Yes, yes and yes! What are you thinking young man?”

I looked at Lucy and said,

“How about if Lucy stays here and helps you until you can get some proper help?”

I looked at Lucy, she was covered in mud, her top was ripped and her skirt was ruined; but that didn’t matter. She looked at me and I could tell that she was thinking,

“What the fuck is Jack doing?”

The farmer looked Lucy up and down the said,

“Well, she is a bit skinny, but she’s done alright today. Those clothes won’t last much longer, but I can lend her some wellies and gloves. Do you think that you can last the week young Lucy?”

“Err yes, I suppose I can. It was fun today.”

That was settled. We talked about a couple of burning issues then I said that I was leaving. It would be the longest time that Lucy and I had been apart and I was having second thoughts about leaving her there. Lucy told me that she’d be fine and that she’d have fun. I went outside saying,

“Don’t worry about the books; that will keep for a while. You 2 keep the farm going and I’ll be back when I can.”

Lucy came with me and we hugged and kissed. I cupped her pussy and said,

“Keep it warm for me.”

And I left.

After the week was over I asked Lucy to write a report of everything that had happened.

Lucy’s Report
I really enjoyed my first day on a farm. Okay it was hard work but it was rewarding. I felt really sad when Jack left, but in a way I was looking forward to the next few days.

I watched Jack drive away then went back inside and Tom (the farmer) told me that I couldn’t stay covered in mud like I was. I asked him where I could get a shower and he took me upstairs and showed me to my room and where the bathroom was. The odd thing was that there were no doors on any of the rooms upstairs. When I asked Tom why that was he said,

“This is a farm; it’s as close to nature as it comes. There are no secrets here.” 

“Okaaaaaay.” I thought and went into the bathroom. As I took my top and skirt off (I had to leave my shoes outside), I looked at them and realised that the only place they were good for was the rubbish bin.

Then it hit me. What was I going to wear for the rest of the week? Why hadn’t I asked Jack to leave his spare clothes for me? Maybe Tom would have something that I could wear.

The shower was good then I wrapped a towel round me and went downstairs.

“Tom, would you have something that I can borrow to wear?” I asked.

Tom looked me up and down and said,

“There’s a pair of wellies under the stairs that might fit, but clothes; the only ones here are mine, and they’d be way too big for you girly. Start cooking and I’ll have a look round.”

Tom had got the food out of the freezer and all it needed was cooking so I got on with it wearing only the towel, which wasn’t that big. It kept coming undone and nearly falling off a few times.

Tom re-appeared just as the food was ready and we sat at the table and ate. Just as we were finishing I asked about the clothes again.

“Sorry girly, you’ll just have to make do. Don’t worry, this place is quite remote, you don’t have to worry about those fashion police people out here; not even the proper coppers; they never come out here.”

I wasn’t sure what Tom was saying, or suggesting. He couldn’t possibly be suggesting that I walk around naked – could he?

I let it pass for then, but when we were both doing the washing-up the towel finally fell to the floor.

Tom looked up and down my naked body and said,

“I wondered how long it would take. Don’t worry girly, you haven’t got anything that an old man like me hasn’t seen before. I’m guessing that by the end of the week you’ll only be using that towel for drying yourself.”

Tom was expecting me to walk around naked. The weather hadn’t been that bad recently so I thought,

“Why not? I’m naked most of the time that I’m at home and Tom looks quite harmless. Okay, I’ll do it.”

When I picked up the towel I put it on the table instead of on me. As we finished the washing-up I thought about my feet. I went under the stairs and found the wellies. I took them to Tom and said,

“Do you mean these?”

“Yes, do they fit?”

I tried them on, they were a bit tight but they’d do.

“Don’t forget to leave them by the door when you come in.” Tom said.


“You’d best be off to bed girl. You’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

I went and looked in my bag and retrieved the spare toothbrush that I always carry, cleaned my teeth and got into bed. As I started to relax I realised just how tired I was. I was asleep in seconds.

I woke up to the feeling of Tom pushing my arm back and forwards.

“Come on girly, we’ve got work to do. Cows first then breakfast.”

As I woke up properly I saw that during the night I’d kicked the covers off and was lying flat on my back with my legs open a bit. How long had Tom been standing there before he woke me?

When I got up I found that my back and arms ached. I wasn’t used to this physical work thing. I went downstairs and found that Tom had already left for the milking parlour. I put the wellies on and smiled at the thought of how stupid I looked. All I was wearing was a pair of wellies.

I opened the door and the fresh, cold air hit me. My nipples stood to attention as I walked over to the milking parlour.

“Morning Tom!” I said, “I see that the cows are already here. When did you go and get them?”

“No need girl, they find their own way here. They’re not as stupid as people think.”

We got stuck in and Tom said that it hadn’t taken any longer than it usually did. I felt a bit proud of myself.

“Right girly,” Tom said, “You go and put breakfast on while I clean up here. You’ll find everything that you need in the fridge; full English, okay?”

“Err yes Tom.” I said and set off for the farmhouse.

I found an apron and got on with the cooking. Tom timed it well as I was just about finished when he walked in. I took the apron off and we sat eating the biggest breakfast I’d ever had. Tom told me that I’d need it as he gave me a list of things that he wanted me to do. He had things to do in town and was going to leave me to it. Just in case he was late back he told me when to start the milking.

The first job on Tom’s list was collecting the eggs. That was easy enough but I slipped on some chicken shit just as I was starting and got my hands and butt covered in the stuff. I knew that I’d get more muck on me later so I didn’t bother cleaning it off.

Cleaning the pigs out was hard work, and mucky. I had to barrow their shit over to a big pile of the stuff. It stank.

By the time I’d finished that I was ready for a shower. The sun was shining and I was all alone on the farm; and there was a hose pipe near the farmhouse door so I decided to use that. I took the wellies off and turned the hose on.

I was half clean and facing the house when I heard a car door slam. I turned and saw a man and a little red van. It was the postman and he’d managed to drive into the yard without me hearing him. I was all wet with mud dripping off me so I couldn’t run and hide. It was too late anyway, he’d already seen me.

“Tom not around then?” the postman asked.

“Err no, he’s gone into town.” I said as I turned to face him.

“So who are you then?”

“Believe it or not, I’m his accountant.” I said.

“Blood hell, I didn’t know that accountants looked like that. I think that I’ll have to get one myself.” 

“Sorry about this,” I said and waved my free arm down my naked front; “It’s a long story.”

“Don’t worry about it luv; you’ve just made my day. How long are you here for?”

The cheeky sod was trying to find out if he’d be able to see me naked again. He wasn’t bad looking so I made a mental note to be there again the next day.

“What time is it?” I asked.

He told me then I asked,

“Do you always come here at this time?”

“Roughly, why, will you be here waiting for me?”

“Maybe.” I said with a grin on my face.

The postman put the post inside the door and walked back to his van. He sat there looking at me for a few seconds before driving off.

I wondered what our postman at home looked like. Maybe I should open our front door naked just as he was delivering something to us.

I checked the list that Tom had left me. My next job was to feed the chickens and pigs. That wouldn’t take long. I was walking across the yard when I heard this loud noise. It was a helicopter, a very loud helicopter, and it was getting closer. I looked up and saw that it was one of those twin blade jobs and it was quite low.

As I watched it I suddenly heard a different noise, one a lot closer to me. I turned and looked behind me and nearly had a heart attack. This bloody big lorry was almost on top of me. I automatically jumped back but I needn’t have worried, the driver knew what he was doing. He got real close then backed up to swing round. He stopped right outside the milking parlour.

I realised that it was a milk tanker; presumably coming to collect the milk that we’d got from the cows earlier.

Forgetting that I was naked, I stood and watched the driver get out.

“Well, this is a nice surprise. It’s not often that I get met by a gorgeous blonde, never mind a naked gorgeous blonde; and who might you be young lady?”

I remembered that I was naked, and blushed a bit. It was pointless panicking, he’d already had a good look at me.

“I’m Lucy, I’m Tom’s accountant. He’s not here right now, but he should be back soon. Are you here to collect the milk?”

“Wow; I never, ever thought that I’d meet an accountant on one of these farms, never mind a female accountant; and certainly not a naked female accountant. What’s going on?” The driver asked.

“It’s a long story. Do you need anything from me, or do you know that you’re doing?”

It was a stupid question and I regretted asking it straight away. I could have left myself open to anything; but the man was honourable.

“No, you’re alright luv; there’s often no one at home when I call. I know where everything is. You carry on and do whatever it was you were doing.”

I should have gone into the house and locked the door, but I didn’t, I just stood and watched the man drag a hose from the lorry into the parlour. He came back outside to the lorry and did something then said,

“It won’t take long Lucy, my names Don by the way, so what’s the long story?”

I explained everything to Don, all the time watching him look at my nakedness. For some reason I felt comfortable talking to Don. When I’d finished Don said,

“So where’s the hidden cameras, this can’t be for real. I’ve got to get on.”

Don turned and went back to the lorry then into the parlour. He came back out with the hose and rolled it back onto the lorry. He walked passed me and got back in his cab saying,

“They’re never going to believe this back at the depot.”

Don smiled at me and waved as he swung the lorry round and was off.

“Blood hell!” I thought, “that’s 2 delivery men that have seen me naked. What’s next, are the army going to march through?”

I finished feeding the animals then went and got a drink. I had a couple of hours free time before I had more jobs to do. What should I do?

I decided to explore a bit.

I wandered all over the buildings then out to the edge of the fields. I saw all the cows and some sheep too. I tried to get a closer look at the sheep but they ran off.  I looked over in one direction and thought that I could see a stream near some trees. I thought about going to see, but thought that I’d leave it until another day.

I went back to the farm and into the barn. There were bales of hay stacked in one corner and some down on the ground. I decided to and sit on one and rest for a while. All this physical work was tiring.

I must have lay down because I went to sleep. The next thing that I remembered was hearing these young voices.

“I told you that I’d seen a naked girl.”

“Yeah, and look at those tits. They’re so pointy. I’ve never seen any like that before.”

“You’ve never seen any bare tits before.”

“Yes I have; I’ve seen my little sisters.”

“They’re not tits, she’s only 11. These are real tits.”
“Shhh, you’ll wake her up.”

“I thought that older girl’s pussies had hair on them.”

“So did I. Maybe this is a little girl.”

“Not with tits that big.”

“They’re not big. You should see my big sister’s.”

“Have you seen your big sister’s tits then?”

“No, but I’ve seen her bra; you could get both of those in half of her bra.”

“What’s that bit sticking out of her pussy?”

“I don’t know; my little sister hasn’t got one.”

By that time I was starting to think that maybe I wasn’t dreaming. I slowly opened one eye a little and saw 2 young teenage boys. Who the fuck were they? And what the hell were they doing here.

I moved my leg and the 2 boys ran off. I got up and decided to follow them. They walked across a field carrying heavy plastic containers. When they went through a gate I went after them and saw them go down into the hollow near the stream. There were half a dozen big green tents and boys and girls wandering around. Who the hell were they? I decided to ask Tom when he got back.

I walked back to the farm to check the time. I was feeling a lot less tired so I thought that I might have slept for a while.

The time was getting on. I had to milk the cows again before getting dinner ready. I went over to the parlour and saw the cows waiting at the back door. I went and opened the door and they plodded in.

“Tom’s got you well trained.” I said to the front one.

When the last cow was milked I looked closer at the teat cups and wondered what it would be like to have them stuck on the end of my tits. I tried it.

“Ooohhh that’s nice.” I said to no one.

“Stop it Lucy” I said.

I pulled them off and looked at my nipples. They were rock hard and swollen. As I let go of the cups I had another naughty thought. I picked one up, opened my legs and put it over my clit.

“Woah! I could get to enjoy that. No Lucy, wait for Jack.” I said to myself. Then I wondered what it would be like to put that teat cup on Jack’s cock.

I switched everything off, shovelled the cow shit out and hosed the floor clean. Time to get showered and get dinner started.

Tom timed it quite well; dinner was just about ready when he got back. As we ate I told him about the postman and the milk collection driver. He just laughed and said that they got a bit of an education about country life.

When I asked Tom about the kids he told me that there was a troop of scouts camping down by the stream. He laughed when I told him that they’d seen me (I didn’t tell him where or what they’d said).

“I bet that they’ll be telling all their mates and they won’t believe them. Watch out, you might have more visitors tomorrow.”

After I’d washed-up I got ready for bed. But first I just had to phone Jack. I spent ages telling him about my day and how I missed him.

Jack told me to switch my phone off until the same time each day. I didn’t have my charger with me and I wanted it to last the week.

I quickly fell asleep and dreamt about Jack fucking me. When Tom woke me the next morning I had my hand on my pussy; I must have been fingering myself in my dream. Tom must have seen what I was doing but he never said anything.

My back ached when I got out of bed again.

The routine was the same for the rest of the week apart from the visitors to the farm. I know that Tom went to the market on the Wednesday because he loaded one of the pigs into a trailer before he left, but I have no idea where he went on the other days. I hope it was somewhere to find someone to help him on the farm.

The postman
I bumped into him twice more, each time he chatted a bit and I let him have a good look at me. The second time I deliberately stood with my legs open so that he could get a good look at my pussy. The second time I let my hair loose; he said that he liked it even though some of it was covering one of my tits. It was a classic case of a man talking to a woman but his eyes were on her body not her face.

The milk collection man
I only saw him one more time. I must have been out wandering or feeding the animals when he came. I had a long chat with Don as the milk got pumped into the tanker. It turned out that he and his wife are nudists and he was quite relaxed about me being naked. That fact relaxed me as well.

The scouts
Each afternoon I had a little nap in the barn; and each afternoon I woke to the voices of teenagers. On the Wednesday and Thursday I did the same as I’d done on the Tuesday; and I’m sure that the number of kids increased.

By the Friday I was getting horny as hell. It had been nearly a week since Jack had fucked me and I was getting desperate. When the voices woke me up I again pretended to still be asleep. They were different voices again, and at least one of them was a girl. I knew that because I heard one of the voices say,

“Is your pussy like that?”

I decided that I was going to put on a little show for the voices so I let my hands wander to my pussy. One hand stroked my lips while the other caressed all around my pussy. I got wet and swollen and I heard a voice say,

“Blood hell, it’s getting bigger; does yours do that Sophie?”

Sophie didn’t answer.

As I got more worked up the fingers on my right hand moved to my clit and the fingers on my left hand started finger fucking me. The voices were silent.

I struggled to keep my eyes shut and not make much noise as I started to cum. It was a satisfying orgasm then I sighed and pretended that my dream had moved on. A few seconds later I had a mischievous idea.

I suddenly sat upright and opened my eyes. The kids were so shocked that they ran off.

Butcher delivers to the scouts
Just as I was finishing my indoor shower on Thursday afternoon I heard someone knock on the door. I grabbed a towel and ran downstairs, wrapping the towel round my head as I went. I didn’t think about the rest of me as I opened the door.

Stood there was a man in a white coat with his jaw on his chest. I remembered that I was naked, but thought “sod it” and said,

“Can I help you?”

“Err yes, have you got some scouts camping on your land?”

“It’s not my land, but there are some girls and boys camping down by the stream, why?”

“Well, someone ordered some beef burgers and sausages and I have to deliver them.” The butcher (presumably) said.

“Right,” I said, “I’ll just put something on and show you what direction to go.”

I guess that he thought that I meant some clothes, but all I put on was the wellies.

The man looked gob-struck as I marched passed him and over the yard.

“Wait, I’ve got to get the meat out of the van.” He said rushing to the back of his van. I turned to face him and watch him getting all flustered. He couldn’t make up his mind how to close the van doors and I had a little chuckle to myself.

The man gave up and started walking towards me carrying the burgers and sausages. He was trying not to look at me, but failing miserably. I turned and walked to where we could see where the scouts were.

“Down there.” I said, pointing in the right direction.

“Err thank you.” The man said and started walking. I turned and walked back to the farmhouse.   

The milking Teat Cups
By the Friday afternoon’s milking I was feeling as horny as hell. Tom wasn’t back from where ever so I decided to use 3 of the Teat Cups on my interesting bits. I sat on a little wall and connected them. The suction held them in place and before long I was really enjoying the experience.

After I’d cum I wondered if any of them had got any fluids out of me, and if they had gone and got mixed in with the milk. I also wished that I’d used those cups on the previous days.

Back to my story
On the Friday evening I went to collect Lucy and try to talk to Tom about his affairs. Tom had managed to get someone to work for him – they started the next Monday; and I managed to get all the information that I needed out of him. It was strange having the 3 of us talking business with Lucy there naked.

While Tom and I were talking Lucy was washing up behind Tom’s back. She had obviously missed me because she kept looking at me and rubbing her pussy.

When Tom and I had concluded our business Tom said,

“You’d better be going now, the girly has been missing you and she needs servicing.”

I thanked Tom while Lucy went and got the few things that she had with her and we left. We didn’t make it to the car straight away as Lucy pulled me into the barn so that I could fuck her on the hay bales.

We drove home with Lucy sleeping, naked on the passenger seat.

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Part 04 - The Holiday
We spent a few days deciding where we wanted to go. We both wanted somewhere lively, but at the same time we wanted somewhere where we could have some quiet time together. In the end we settled for Malia on the Greek island of Crete. There’s a lively seafront that has lots of clubs and bars; and a quiet old village on the land side of all those clubs. We settled on a smallish hotel that consists of about 12 blocks of 4 rooms spread on a hillside near the old village. It would be somewhere where we could recover from the hectic nights and not be surrounded by people wanting to party 24 x 7.

As soon as we’d got that settled and booked Lucy told me that she’d have to get some new bikinis and sun wear. I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘sun wear’ but I told her to get online, find what she wanted and order it.

“Why can’t we get them in town so that I can model them for you in the shop?”

I had to spoil her fun by saying,

“Unfortunately you can’t have any fun flashing me, or anyone else who just happens to be there because there are no shops round here that sell anything like what I imaging you are looking for.”

Just talking about and imagining Lucy in an almost nothing bikini got me hard again and we got distracted from the holiday for a while.

Lucy later spent 2 hours on the PC ordering what she wanted. I never realised that bikinis were so expensive.

Lucy also told me that she’d have to start swimming again to tone-up her body. I told her that she couldn’t improve on perfect; but she insisted. We had to go swimming 2 nights a week until we went on the holiday.

The following lunchtime Lucy went shopping for a one-piece swimsuit. When I asked her why not a bikini she told me that we were going to the pool to swim, not mess about.

When Lucy finally got back she had a little bag but she wouldn’t let me see what she’d bought.

We rushed home after work and went straight out to the pool. The pool has family changing rooms and we used one and I got to see Lucy’s one-piece swimsuit; and WOW was the only word that I could use to describe it.

There’s no way that it is a proper swimsuit; it’s more like underwear.

It was a sort of sleeveless, backless, sideless bodysuit with high cut sides to the bottom part; her back was uncovered (apart from straps) right down to the top of the crack of her butt. The sides scoop so low that there was nothing down to the one inch sides on her hips. The front was so low-cut that I could see right down to her belly button. And what’s more, it’s made out of this very fine yellow mesh material. If Lucy had a big black bush it would have hung out of the sides and the hair that was covered would have been clearly visible through the mesh.

It clung to her body like paint. Her nipples were rock hard and I could see every detail of them. She had a wonderful camel toe, only interrupted by the bulge of her clit.

And all that was before it got wet.

I wanted to pounce on Lucy even before we left the changing room but she was having nothing of it. She was there to swim and swim she did.

The pool that we chose has part of the main pool marked off in lanes for the dedicated swimmers and that was where we went. Lucy dove in and she was off. Nothing was going to stop her and there was no way that I could keep up with her. Most of the time I just stood there and watched her glide through the water. By the time that we left I was knackered just watching her.

When Lucy got out of the water I realised why she’d picked a yellow costume. When it’s wet you can see straight through it. She may as well have been naked as we walked back to the changing room and in to the showers. At that time of the evening there were very few people there and those that were there either didn’t see her, or they ignored her state of dress.

I didn’t; no sooner than she’d peeled it off in the changing room I pulled her to me and had her there and then. I had to hold my hand over her mouth so that no one could hear her moans and screams.

And that got repeated twice a week until we left for our holiday.

Four weeks later we packed our bags and set off for the airport. I was surprised how little Lucy packed, less than me. When I asked her why she told me that she didn’t intend wearing much for most of the time. As for her travelling outfit, it consisted of the white tank top with the lace panel at the top, and a thin, cotton, ‘A’ shaped micro skirt. She’d adjusted the straps on her top so that both her nipples were sticking through the lace. She said that she felt like she had nothing on. I told her that she came into the ‘barely dressed’ category. She giggled and squeezed my cock through my trousers.

I asked her if she intended for her nipples to be exposed and she told me that exposing her nipples was only the start; when she got to Greece she intended to expose a lot more than that.

At the airport she kept flashing her butt and / or pussy as she bent to pick-up and put down her case. I also noticed that the girl on the check-in, the security and the passport control people all stared at her, but none of them said anything.

When it came time to get on the plane she insisted that I go up the steep steps first. When I looked behind (below) her I realised why; there were a group of young men looking up her skirt.

On the plane Lucy sat in the middle seat of a group of 3. For most of the journey she was leaning over with her head on my chest and I had my arm round her. When my hand drifted down to her butt I discovered that most of her butt was exposed. I’d wondered why the man on her other side was always looking our way.

About 4 hours later we arrived at Heraklion airport and then got the coach to Malia. The coach was full of young people all intent on having a great time. Many of them had opened their duty free booze and were getting very happy.

Our room was on the ground floor of a block on the side of the hill. It had everything that we needed, including a balcony big enough for us both to lie out, and a view of the small pool. A path went down the side, and across the front of our balcony. I told Lucy that we’d have to be careful what we left on the balcony, and what we got up to on the balcony (The balcony front has a wall about half height and metal railings up to about waist height).

Lucy giggled and said,

“Oh goody an audience.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant at the time, but I soon found out. After having a shower she walked out onto the balcony totally naked and let the sun dry her hair.

When a young couple walked past the balcony she just smiled and said “Hi” to them.

It was then that I remembered that Lucy hadn’t brought many clothes and her saying that she didn’t intend to wear many. I smiled to myself, got a hard-on and remembered that I am a very lucky man.

I unpacked my clothes then we decided to go for a walk and get the lay of the land. I put some shorts on and Lucy went and got a bikini out of her bag. She went to the bathroom to put it on, which was a bit strange; she’d never been shy getting dressed or undressed before. When she came out I realised why. She was looking for the shock effect that it would have on me.

Lucy certainly got that. The bikini consists of 3 metal rings, one for each nipple and one for her clit; and yellow strings holding them in place.

I stood there, stared and said,

“Fucking hell Lucy, are you really going to go out like that.”

“Of course, what’s wrong with it?”

After a few seconds pause while I thought of something to say I said,

“Absolutely nothing; what there is of it. I hope there aren’t any policemen about.”

“I’ve read that there aren’t many policemen around here, too many cuts after the financial mess that the bankers and politicians got the country into.”

“I hope that you’re right.” I said as I locked the balcony door and opened the main door.

As we walked around the hotel grounds no one took much notice of us (Lucy). Lucy was walking around virtually naked, and acting as if it was something that was quite normal. By the lack of reactions, people were obviously used to seeing nearly naked girls. All the people that we did see were about our age, no kids. Only 2 young men’s eyes seemed to follow Lucy; which was quite understandable.

We bypassed reception and walked out onto the street and down the road towards the beach. The closer we got to the lively part, and the beach, the more people we saw. I was happy to see that all the girls wore bikinis, not may wearing their tops, and about half wearing thong bottoms. Apart from Lucy’s pussy being on display, her bikini fitted in quite well with the others. It wasn’t until we got to the edge of the beach that we saw a naked girl. She didn’t look drunk or drugged and looked to be quite happy being naked.

I put my arm round Lucy and started to relax. It was going to be an ‘interesting’ holiday.

“I feel a little over-dressed.” Lucy said.

I laughed and replied,

“I’m sure that you’ll find a way to solve that problem.”

We walked round in a big circle before finding a café to get something to eat. None of the staff batted an eyelid when they saw Lucy. As I was eating I wondered just how long it would be before Lucy was walking around totally naked. I got a hard-on.

The sun was going down as we left the café to walk back to the hotel. About half way back Lucy took her top off and gave it to me saying,

“That’s better; I don’t feel so over-dressed now.”

She gave me the bikini top and I put it in my pocket. As we walked I looked at her magnificent tits.

All during our walk we never saw any kids or anyone who looked over 35 (apart from the locals that is).

Back in the room we decided to have a quick nap before hitting the bars. We didn’t get that nap; as soon as we got on the bed I leant over, kissed Lucy and thanked her for being her. One thing led to another and she ended up riding my cock for ages.

After about 10 minutes I looked out to the balcony and saw someone walking past. Our curtains were open and the light was on. If they looked they would have been able to see us and what we were doing. I told Lucy and she didn’t surprise me when she said,

“Yes I know, do you think that we could sell tickets? Next time we’ll leave the patio doors open so that they can hear us as well.”

On the subject of the balcony, Lucy and I had sex out there quite a lot. Lucy was keen on doing it there probably because of the chances of being caught. After having a shower Lucy would often go out onto the balcony to let the gentle warm breeze help dry her hair.

A few times when I had finished my shower I went out and put my arms round her and she asked me to step back. When I did she backed up then bent forward and put her arms on the railing. This left her butt at the ideal angle for me to fuck her from behind; so I did.

The second time that I was about to enter her Lucy asked me to slap her butt. When I did she said,


She repeated this after each slap until my hand was getting sore, so was her red butt.

I could see that she was getting really turned on and just as I thought she was about to cum she said,

“Fuck me, please fuck me Jack.”

I did, and as she started cumming a couple of lads walked by and stopped when they saw us. One of the lads said,

“Give her one for me mate!”

I nodded to them then shot my load into her.

We had to have another shower before going out.

The third time that Lucy was out on the balcony drying her hair, and she presented her butt to me, I spanked her hard; and kept going even when she asked me to fuck her. My hand got too sore so I took my leather belt off and continued with that. It wasn’t long before Lucy had an orgasm; a rather noisy one that attracted a bit of attention from our neighbours. One couple watched us until we went back inside.

I promised that we’d explore this new source of pleasure for her when we got back home.


Lucy’s Holiday Wardrobe
It may help you if I describe the sum total of clothes that Lucy took on holiday.

The rings bikini. I’ve already mentioned this - 3 metal rings, one for each nipple and one for her clit; and yellow strings holding them in place.

The slingshot. One string coming out of the butt crack and going up her back to her shoulders where it splits into two and goes over her shoulders and each string opens to 2 inches wide rugby ball shape to go over her nipples. The material in these ‘rugby balls’ is see-through. The 2 strings then narrow to next to nothing and go down either side of her vulva, framing her slit and clit nicely.

The material less thong. Just like a normal thong bikini bottom except that it has no material, only the strings.

The cup less top. Matching the material less thong; it only has strings.

The figure of 8 - This thong(?) thing is like 2 large rubber bands sewn together for about 2 inches. The joined part went in between her butt cheeks. From the back the ‘thing’ looked just like a thong; but the 2 strings that went from her butt forward split and went either side of her vulva then on and up to her hips. All of her pussy and pubes were un-covered.

The Band Aid; yes, band aids. Three of them that just cover the best bits of her body (apart from her magnificent face and long blonde hair).

Lucy took 3 bikini tops, one is see-through and the second has no cups, just the strings. The third one is the metal rings one.

The dresses
The red backless, large hole mesh, see-through micro dress.

The fishnet little black dress. From a distance it looks like a normal strappy dress, but when you about 3 yards to her you realise that you can see-through the holes.

The white babydoll dress – probably made as a night dress – totally see-through.

The black strips dress – The back is made of one inch strips of material with two inch gaps between them. The front is totally see-through.

The skirts
Black half sarong – see-through.

Red half sarong – see-through.

The frill skirt – A white 2 inch band round the top with a 6 inch flared, see-through bottom part.

The thin, cotton, ‘A’ shaped micro skirt that she wore for travelling.

The sailor suite – A black, very see-through school skirt only 10 inches long with a see-through white top that has black edging and sailor looking collar.

The tops
Lucy only took 2 tops with her, the white tank top with the lace front panel; and a ‘V’ neck cami. The cami was for emergencies and never got worn.

As you can see, the clothes that Lucy took in her suitcase didn’t take up much space.

The Bars
These were brilliant. We only once saw one policeman anywhere near the bars; and that was after a fight had started. I don’t know where the policeman had to come from, but that fight had long finished by the time he got there.

It didn’t take us long to realise that it was a case of anything goes, just as long as no one gets hurt or damages anything.

It wasn’t uncommon to see a couple having sex anywhere slightly off the beaten track and we saw at least 3 naked people (boys and girls) on the streets each night.

Lucy and I did have sex on the streets a couple of times. With Lucy’s lack of clothing it was quite easy for us to do it. Lucy said that she loved having sex with people walking past just a few feet away. I think that she secretly wanted to get caught.

With the weather being so nice and warm, no one was wearing much; especially the girls. Topless was very common and lots of girls just wore underwear thongs.

Lucy had put on her red backless micro dress the first night that we went out; she looked magnificent. As soon as she saw a naked girl she slipped the dress off and asked me to put it in my pocket. There was hardly any material to the dress so it fitted in easily. She drank and danced naked for the rest of that night, even walking back to the hotel naked.

After that if we only intended to go to a bar(s) on an evening, Lucy went wearing only shoes. Not once did anyone complain although a couple of drunk, fat bitches called her a slut and the men wouldn’t stop looking at her. I guess that they were looking at her naked body, but it could have been her beautiful face.

Some of the bars had competition nights. These were always aimed at getting people naked. You could never win a wet T-shirt competition if you didn’t get naked.

The wet T-shirt competitions
Lucy entered 3 of these. In each one she ripped the T-shirt off and danced in a very sexy way, thrusting her naked hips at the audience with her legs open. She came runner-up in the first one she entered; the winner (who was on after her) frigged herself at the front of the stage. Lucy wasn’t too happy, and she won the other 2 competitions that she entered by getting down on her spread knees, leaning back and frigging herself to orgasm, right in front of everyone. I’m sure that she was quite vocal but no one heard her above all the cheering. The camera flashes recorded her pleasure for ever.

Afterward that second competition Lucy came back to me and told me that she’d really enjoyed making herself cum with all those people watching. She told me that there was only one thing better, and that was for me to fuck her in front of an audience.

I was relatively sober at the time and wasn’t too keen on the idea; but if it made Lucy happy then I’d do it. I strongly suspected that she’d find a way of making it happen.

The mechanical bull
Lucy also flaunted her spread pussy on the mechanical bull that was in one bar. She took her nothing thong off just before it was her turn. She said that she wanted to experience it totally naked. The whole audience saw just how wet she was, and judging by the number of camera flashes, a lot of people would enjoys seeing her like that for a long time after that night.

The simulated sex competition
Another bar did this game that involved simulating sex. They got 5 couples up onto the stage and they took it in turn to simulate having sex in their 3 favourite positions. We watched a couple of times that the game was played, on a couple of nights, to see what people did and how far that they’d try to go before the staff stopped them.

We discovered that the later it was in the night the further they’d let the couple go. During the first game of the night the men had to keep their underwear on.

In the next game the men were told that they could get naked but actual penetration was not allowed. The girls loved looking at the men’s hard-ons.

By about 1 o’clock in the morning, all restrictions were gone; and most of the inhibitions. This was the time that Lucy wanted to enter.

When we got picked to play Lucy took her nothing thong off. Along with 4 other couples we stood on the stage waiting to start. One girl was wearing a bikini, another, just a bikini bottom. The third just a pair of shorts and the fourth just an underwear thong.

The first position that we had to simulate was the doggy position.

Full bikini couple went first, the man keeping his shorts on. They weren’t very good.

The shorts girl went second and her man took his shorts off but kept his boxers on. The girls in the audience cheered at the tent in his boxers.

Bikini bottoms was next and her melons swung from side to side as her male partner pretended to fuck her from inside his shorts.

Underwear thong was more daring, so was her boyfriend. He got naked and his hard-on pressed against the thong.

Then it was our turn. Lucy got on her hands and knees (wide open) with her butt to the audience. The MC had to turn her so that her side was to the audience. I knew that I had to drop my shorts and I was glad that I’d had a few beers.

The girls cheered at my average hard-on. I got behind Lucy who was wagging her butt at me (and the audience, by that time she’d shuffled back round a bit).

I put the tip of my cock to Lucy’s hole and tried to push her back and forward to simulate sex, but without actually entering her. It was a waste of time pretending because Lucy soon got out of rhythm and pushed back on my cock as I was going forward.

The audience saw what had happened and cheered. All pretence was gone and I thrust into Lucy about a dozen times before the MC came over and told us to stop. When we got up my cock was sparkling with Lucy’s juices.

The next position was where the girl lays on her back, opens her legs wide and raises them as far up and back as she can. The first 3 couples were quite boring compared to the last 2. Underwear thong girl’s thong rode up exposing her hole, and her man actually entered her; but quickly pulled out.

I knew that Lucy gave the audience the best possible view of her naked pussy. As soon as her legs were up she had a quick rub of her pussy; and when I got down my cock just entered her each time that I pretended to thrust into her. That wasn’t enough for Lucy; my weight was on my 2 hands that were beside her chest and all of a sudden she pushed my arms away so that my whole weight went on to her; my cock going right into her.

The MC came over and told us to get up.

The third and last position was for the girl to ride the man reverse cowgirl. The first 3 couples were quite boring again, but underwear thong girl was better. She rubbed her hardly covered pussy along her boyfriend’s cock but didn’t impale herself.

I knew that Lucy would go all the way. My rock hard cock was ready and waiting as Lucy knelt over me. No rubbing along my cock for Lucy. She put her hand between her legs and held my cock straight up then down she went. The audience went wild as they could see everything.

Up and down Lucy went and the MC just watched. Lucy must have been really horny because she started to cum quite quickly, long before I was ready. She paused for a minute as her body spasms took control of her. She would have been screaming but no one would have been able to hear her.

Lucy started riding me again, this time faster. We both came at about the same time, much to the delight of our audience. This sex in public thing was okay!

We won the competition and got 250 euros.

On the way back to our hotel the naked Lucy told me that having sex with hundreds of people watching her had been amazing; she wanted to do it every day for the rest of her life.

The Miss Sexy Swimsuit competition
This gave Lucy a right dilemma; what to wear? In the end she decided on her slingshot suit. She wanted to leave our room wearing just that until I told her that she’d have more of an impact if she wore something over the top and then took it off on stage.

Lucy didn’t have anything that wasn’t see-through so she borrowed one of my T-shirts. It was more like a dress on her, and as we walked she complained that she was over dressed.

At the bar we got a drink and Lucy went and registered for the competition. When she got back she told me that the man had asked her if she’s got anything on under the T-shirt. I was expecting her to tell me that she’d raised the hem and let him look at her framed, naked pussy, but she hadn’t. She pulled the T-shirt neck to one side so that he could see the strap going over her shoulder. He’d also told her that all girls had to have their breasts covered to start with.

There were 8 girls in the competition. One by one they had to walk onto the stage where the MC would ask them their name, where they were from, and why they’d entered the competition. Then they had to dance for a couple of minutes before being sent off the stage.

Three of the girls were wearing ordinary bikinis. One was over-weight and looked horrible. Three more wore thong bikinis. All 3 had nice butts. Two of the thong girls took their tops off while they were dancing.

That left 1 other girl and Lucy. That other girl wore a slingshot as well, but there was one hell of a lot more material in hers. Her breasts were covered, as was her pubes.

All the girls had been stood at the back of the stage and Lucy had kept her T-shirt on until it was her turn. When it was she quickly wiped the T-shirt off and started walking over to the MC, adjusting the slingshot so that her nipples were covered.

The audience went crazy as Lucy stood at the front of the stage next to the MC. He spent a couple of minutes trying to get some quiet. All the time Lucy was stood there with her feet about a foot apart. I was well back in the audience and I could easily make out her clit sticking out. The guys at the front must have had a great view; and that view was getting captured on dozens of cameras. The flashes were almost non-stop.

Eventually the MC got some sort of control and started talking to Lucy. When he asked her name Lucy thrust her chest forward. This caused the little bit of material covering her nipples to slide off to the outside of her tits.

The MC lost control again, and the camera flashes went ballistic.

The MC lost it again when he asked Lucy why she’d entered the competition. Her reply was,

“Because I like people seeing my naked body.”

As she was saying that she slid the straps off her shoulders and the whole slingshot dropped to the floor to ballistic camera flashes and deafening cheers. 

The Nightclubs
We only went to a couple of these; the action in the bars was good enough for us. On the nights that we did go clubbing Lucy got dressed up. Well, it you could call totally see-through dresses dressed up.

The first club that we went to wasn’t that nice, but there was one part of the night that Lucy enjoyed. They had a dancing competition where girls were invited onto the stage to dance. The competition was to see which girls would take the most clothes off. Lucy danced in just her dress until one of the other girls got down to just her thong, then Lucy dropped her dress and was the first girl to get totally naked.

Four other girls got naked as well, much to the delight of the crowd of mainly men watching.

Afterwards I suggested that Lucy have a part-time career as a stripper. Lucy’s reply was,

“How would I go about starting that?”

The other club that we went to looked like a castle. It had a great foam area; dozens of people disappearing and coming out covered in the stuff. Of course Lucy wanted to go in, and when while there she took her dress off and got me to fuck her.

Three times while I was fucking her, people bumped into us. I don’t think that they knew what we were doing.

Apart from the foam I didn’t really like the place, there were too many fights going on and they got a bit too close to us for comfort.

The Hotel Pool
The hotel didn’t have a big swimming pool, but it was popular particularly in the early evening. We liked to go there for early morning (ha!) swims and early evening relaxing before going out.

The pool bar was open while we were there on an evening. It was manned by a young man or a young girl. Neither seemed to be bothered by the lack of clothes on the girls, but I did see the barman having a word with one of the guys who’d dropped his shorts then dived into the pool.

The first time that we went there Lucy wore one of her nothing thongs; but when she realised that one or two other girls got naked, Lucy started walking to the pool totally naked, not even shoes.

It was usually a quick swim followed by some time on a sunbed, followed by another swim then back to our room to get showered and hair dried (Lucy).

Lucy liked to go to the pool looking as if she wasn’t with me. Not that she didn’t want me there. It was more a question of her liking the attention that she got from the lads when they thought that she was a naked girl on her own.

She’d go and swim then lay out with her legs open and wait for the vultures to pounce. She’d let them hit on her, and buy her a drink. All the time she’d be letting them look at her tits and bald pussy.

Meanwhile I’d be on another sunbed a few feet away.

After she’d had enough Lucy would ‘dismiss’ them then start rubbing suntan lotion on herself. That was my cue to go and offer to help her. I’d finish the job paying a lot of attention to her tits then her pussy.

You should have seen the faces on the lads that she’d dismissed.

Twice while I was rubbing the lotion on her pussy by the pool I gave her an orgasm. Now that sight did get a lot of stares.

That little game only worked a couple of times because the hotel didn’t have that many groups of single lads staying there.

After that we concentrated on relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Lucy went to the pool one evening wearing just her band aids. She was covered until she went for a swim. The band aids didn’t come out of the water. She said that she wanted to try wearing some more band aid and going to the bars, but she never got round to it.

The Beach
We went to one of the beaches on most days. Lucy liked the crowds. Having said that we often walked quite a distance looking for less crowded areas. I think that Lucy liked having people looking at her as we walked along. You see, Lucy hardly ever wore anything on the beach. The first couple of times she wore one of her nothing thongs, but once she realised that she could get away with wearing nothing the thongs came off as soon as she got there.

A couple of times she left our hotel wearing only her shoes and some suntan cream. On that subject, I was very pleased to find out that Lucy tans easily. By the end of the holiday she had a golden, all-over tan.

The beaches were crowded; thousands of 18-30s; a fair few of them ‘happy’ because of the booze that they’d taken to the beach or from the many beach bars. I never did see any kids or oldies there.

We often played the same game that we’d played by the hotel swimming pool. One day we played it 3 times. All we had to do was play the game then move a hundred yards down the beach and start all over again. On the beach Lucy always had an orgasm. She said that she got turned on by all the people watching her.

Most times that we were on the beach we saw places that were giving massages, Thai massages. About half way through the holiday I asked Lucy if she wanted one. She’d never had a massage before so after a short pause she said that she’d like one. We went over and watched the guy finish massaging a girl. The girl was only wearing a thong and Lucy was naked.

The guy wasn’t at all phased by Lucy being naked.

It was an amazing sight watching the guy work on Lucy. She looked so relaxed. At one point while she was on her stomach she looked like she was asleep.

When the guy asked her to turn onto her back she was wide awake. In fact as he got nearer and nearer to her tits and pussy, the higher her chest went as her breathing got heavier and heavier.

The guy worked on her breasts but never actually touched her pussy. He didn’t need to touch her pussy to make her cum. It wasn’t her strongest orgasm, but it definitely was an orgasm. The guy just continued massaging her as if nothing had happened.

Afterwards Lucy said that she felt great and that I should have one. I told her that there was no way that I was going to let a guy put his hands all over me.

We’d seen the crane and people jumping off it a few times, but the first time that we walked right up to it Lucy decided that she wanted to do a Bungee Jump. Not an ordinary Bungee Jump, a naked Bungee Jump. A topless girl was bouncing up and down on the elastic at the time.

We went over to the man running the show and I asked if a naked girl could do the jump. He got out a board with dozens of photographs on it and pointed out a couple of naked girls hanging upside down. I turned to Lucy and gave her the thumbs-up.

When it came to Lucy’s turn she unfastened her hair and walked to the yellow cage. The guys there smiled and welcomed her. Up they went and I could see one man fastening the bungee to her ankles. His face was inches from her pussy; I smiled as I thought that she would be enjoying that – providing that her nerves weren’t killing her. All too soon they were so high that I couldn’t tell that it was Lucy up there.

After a few minutes the little gate opened and Lucy jumped out. My heart was in my mouth as she came hurtling to the water. She was screaming as she started to turn so that she was going down head first; then the bungee kicked in.

As she went back up her long blonde hair hung from her head and she was laughing her head off. A couple of bounces later she was lowered towards the platform where the cage had been. A man held out a pole for Lucy to grab and she was lowered onto her back on the platform. Two men then lifted her legs and in the process of unfastening the bungee they managed to spread her legs wide. They obviously wanted a good look at her pussy – not that I blame them.

When Lucy came back to me she was still trembling with excitement. When I mentioned the open legs she couldn’t remember it, or cared about it. 

On another stroll along the beach we came across a game of volleyball. It was a game of guys vs. gals. All the girls were topless. We stood and watched them play for a while. Just as we were thinking of moving on, one of the girls took a bad fall and decided to stop playing.

One of the guys shouted that the girls team was a player short and would anyone like to take her place. A girl wearing a full bikini stuck her hand up, but Lucy just walked straight over to the pitch.

“Okay nudie blondie, you’re in.” a guy said.

The other girls said “Hi” and I heard one of them aske Lucy if she’d played before.

“Once or twice,” was Lucy’s reply.

As the game resumed I watched Lucy; or should I say, her breasts. All the other girl’s breasts were bouncing about (one girl had massive tits and they must have hurt her as she ran around) but Lucy’s were rock solid. It was like she’d had a boob job using concrete.

Lucy was good, scoring 2 points for their team. The girls won. I wondered how much of that was due to Lucy’s state of dress.

As we walked on I asked Lucy where she’d played volleyball before. It turned out that she’s been in her school’s team.

Most times that we went onto the beach we went for a swim at one point or another. These swims often ended up with us having sex in the water. Lucy didn’t care how many people were near us.

One time when we’d been laid out on one of the beaches for a while Lucy started to get restless. We’d been laid there for about an hour and a half and Lucy had attracted 2 or 3 groups of lads who wanted to enjoy the scenery. One group in particular had spread their towels no more than 6 feet from our feet. The 4 lads were laid on their stomachs looking up at Lucy’s pussy. Of course Lucy was enjoying the attention she was getting and was laying with her feet apart.

I knew that she was aroused because her nipples were rock hard and her vulva were all puffed up and shiny wet. Lucy turned to me and said,

“I need some exercise.”

I was expecting her to continue and say that she wanted to go swimming, but no, Lucy has to be different. She stood up and started doing warm-up exercises right in front of the 4 lads.

I got up on my elbows and watched the fabulous display of naked female flesh, although I had to bend one leg to try to hide my hard-on.

Lucy finished her warm-up then started getting into various yoga positions. She must have looked at a yoga book and memorised the positions that involved spreading her legs because that’s just what she did, on the sand right in front of these 4 lads. The other groups of lads around us had spotted her (who wouldn’t have?) and were all watching her.

After the yoga positions Lucy proceeded to start doing some exercises. Exercises like the ones that I used to do at school, like star jumps, press ups, upside down bicycle, squats, and handstands. The lads loved the squats because Lucy was facing them. They also enjoyed the handstands because both times that Lucy did one she collapsed almost on top of the lads; and of course she had to land with her legs open.

Exercises done, Lucy lay back on her towel. She lay on her side right next to me, facing me. The she rolled over onto me so that she was half on me. One of my arms was pinned under her with that hand right next to her pussy.

“Finger me please!” Lucy whispered to me.

Now, what man could resist a request like that?

Lucy lifted herself a little so that my hand could move to its target. He legs were slightly apart so I had easy access. I started rubbing and pushing a finger inside her.

I looked down at the lads; all eyes were glued to her pussy.

Lucy must have got really turned on by her display because it took less than a minute for her to start cumming. Her legs were jerking as she bit down on her hand to supress her moans and screams.

Shortly after that we had to go into the sea for her to relieve my frustration.

Another thing that we did on the beach a few times was for her to back into me when I was lying on my side. One day quite early on in our holiday Lucy was lying on her back and I was on my side looking at her front and thinking how lucky I was. We were talking when Lucy got on her side and backed into me in the spoon position.

Lucy covertly got my hard-on out of my shorts and put it on her pussy. Natural instinct took over and I manoeuvred myself so that I could enter her. There was no way that I could pump her so we just lay there talking dirty to each other while Lucy squeezed her pussy muscles. She managed to make me cum in less than 5 minutes.

After that first time Lucy had a little competition with herself to see if she could make me cum in less than 4 minutes. She never managed it.

The nights there were warm and we slept naked on top of the bed. Lucy chose to sleep on the balcony side of the bed. The only time that the curtains were closed was when the maid closed them. The first thing that Lucy did after the maid had been was to open them as wide as they would go.

Each night when we got back to our room we’d have sex (usually out on the balcony) with the lights on (Lucy liked the excitement of the possibility of someone walking passed and seeing us). A couple of time someone did see us, but after looking while they walked they just kept going.

Lucy also liked to go to sleep with the light on. She said that it made her feel good that someone might look in on her. That also meant that my naked bits might be seen, even when I got a hard-on while I was sleeping; but that’s a small price to pay for being with Lucy. 

Eating Out
The hotel was a ‘room only’ hotel but it had tea making facilities and those little plastic containers of milk so Lucy made us a cup of tea and we sat on the balcony drinking our tea and watching the few people that were up and about that early each morning. Some looked at us when they passed us and saw that we were naked, but no one said anything bad.

We only really had 2 meals a day, breakfast and an evening meal on our way out to a bar and / or club.

Breakfast was usually in one of the many cafés. Lucy always wore one of her indecent bikinis, often just the bottoms; and sometimes one of her indecent bikini tops. No one actually said anything to her, but she got plenty of stares.

About the third time that we went to a café Lucy decided that she wanted to sit at the row of tables closest to the street. When we sat down she would turn her chair so that she was facing the direction that half the people were walking from. When we weren’t eating or being served Lucy would slouch down in the chair and open her legs so that anyone who looked could see her pussy as well as her tits.

One time there was a group of lads who I saw go past us 3 times; I guess that they liked the scenery.

Evening meals were often in one of the Chinese restaurants; we had Lucy’s winnings to spend. No one was bothered that Lucy’s dresses were see-through.

On other nights we ate in cafés or one of the fast food joints. One evening, when Lucy was wearing nothing but shoes, we went into McDonalds and nobody said a thing.

Days out
One day we decided to go on the booze cruise. Lucy got a few admiring looks from some of the young men when she boarded wearing her nothing thong. The crew had a good look as well, but no one said anything.

The booze and music started flowing just as soon as we started moving. Lucy wanted to dance on her own to see how much attention she would get so I stood back and watched. I could quite happily watch Lucy dancing, virtually naked, all the time. She’d let her hair down and it was partially covering those magnificent tits some of the time. Every time that a man paid her any attention she’d flick her hair back so that he could see all of her tits. She got hit on quite a few times by the loads of unattached males there.

There were other topless girls on board, some in thong bottoms, but most girls wore conventional bikinis; although some of the tops came off as the alcohol consumption went up.

The games that the crew organised were fun. The best was the ‘how many sex positions could you simulate in one minute’. Lucy loved that one. With her pussy being total exposed in that nothing thong she flashed just about everyone there. It was a good job that I had my shorts on. It’s one thing fucking Lucy on a semi dark stage, or partially hidden on the beach, but out there in the bright sunlight with dozens of people watching was little bit too much for me. I’m sure that Lucy would have done it though.

We did fuck on that boat. There were a few seats up at the front and that area was quiet when the games were going on. Lucy told me to sit on one of the bench seats. She got my cock out and played with it for a whole second until it got hard, then she knelt either side of my legs and lowered herself onto me.

A handful of people saw us, and one couple decided to do the same as us.

Afterwards, when we were back with the crowds Lucy told me that my cum was running down the insides of her thighs. When I said that it could have been her face if she’d given me a blowjob, she asked me how long it would take me to get reloaded.

Shortly after that the jumping off the boat games started. We were at the side of the boat watching the drunks jump off when one bloke didn’t surface. Lucy was one of only a handful of people who saw this. One girl shouted that the guy couldn’t swim, but there was too much noise. Lucy shouted,

“Oh fuck!”

She climbed over the railings and dove in. When she surfaced she was holding the guy to her chest. She swam holding him to a little raft that the crew had put out to help all the swimmers get out of the water and 2 guys pulled him out of the water. Lucy got out and gave him mouth to mouth, and he soon started coughing and spluttering.

My hero climbed back onto the boat and came back to me. All the time only about a dozen people knew what had happened.

I hugged Lucy and asked her where she’s learnt to do that.

“It was part of my ‘swim a mile’ goal.”

“Perhaps you should get a job as a naked lifeguard.” I said.

Another day we decided to go for a wander round the old village. Lucy had great trouble deciding what to wear. She said that she really wanted to go naked, but she thought that might have been a problem for some of the residents – she didn’t want to get locked-up. She whittled it down to 2 choices. One was her nothing bikini which would look like she had a thong bikini on, but expose both her tits and pussy. The other was her fishnet little black dress. In the end we left the hotel with her wearing the nothing bikini, but with the dress in her bag.

It was mid-day by the time we left the hotel and we hardly saw anyone. I guess that the Greeks didn’t like going out during the hottest part of the day. The few locals that we saw ignored us, but we got a few funny looks from other tourists.

After about the first half hour Lucy decided that she didn’t want to get white marks from the bikini top so she took it off. She was virtually naked waling round the old streets. Lucy wanted to go and look round an old church but I wouldn’t let her, not dressed like that. Now I’m not a religious person, but I do respect people’s right to have their own beliefs and traditions.

About an hour later we got bored and walked back to the lively part of Malia and on to the beach.

We hired a car one day to have a look at more of the island. Lucy refused to take any clothes with her and she sat in the passenger seat with her feet up on the dash for most of the day. I was surprised that she didn’t get sore with the amount of playing with herself that she did. I told her to take it easy because I didn’t want to have to leave her alone if she did get sore. She just said that I’d have to kiss it better if she did.

We even drove through some built-up areas and stopped at road junctions with her frigging away.

We found this really nice beach and Lucy wanted to go for a swim. I asked her about her lack of clothes and all she did was open the car door, get out and walk down to the sea. As I chased after her I looked at the people there. Lots were staring at her. They stared again when we got out of the sea about 30 minutes later.

The flight home
All good things come to an end eventually, and we had to return home. Lucy’s return home outfit consisted of her material less thong under her fishnet little black dress. She got a funny look from the Greek security people at the airport, but the part that she enjoyed the most was from the middle-aged man sat next to her on the plane. He couldn’t take his eyes of her tits; and you should have seen his face when she squeezed passed him to go to the toilet. When she went she faced away from him to give him a great view of her butt; but when she came back she faced him. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

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Part 05a - The Erotic photographer

We stopped at the pub on the way home one night and during our conversation I told Lucy that we had another client that’s in the sex trade, one that specialises in B&D scenes.

“What’s B&D?” Lucy asked.

“It’s bondage and discipline.”

“That sounds like fun, when can I meet him?”

I laughed and told her to slow down a bit.

“I know that you like having your butt spanked;” I said, “but this is serious spanking; one that hurts and leaves dark red marks on your butt. Sometimes even drawing blood?”

“It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure that I would like it.” Lucy said, “We’ll have to try it and see.”

“One day.” I said.

“Soon.” Lucy replied.

A month later we were heading over to the photographer’s big studio.

Harry (the photographer) gave us a guided tour as soon as we got there. He told us that most of the equipment that he’d got in there at the moment was bondage stuff; that was what people wanted photographs of at the moment. I’d seen most of it before but Lucy was fascinated. Harry saw that glint in her eye and asked her what she thought.

“It’s….. it’s err interesting. Some of the equipment looks quite painful and some of it looks very inviting.” Lucy said.

“You can have a go on some of it later if you like.” Harry said.

“Oh! I don’t know about that.” Lucy replied.

“Think about it and I’ll ask you again later; I’m always looking for new models and you certainly have the figure for it.”

Lucy blushed a little and we got on with the meeting. When we were done Harry asked Lucy again. She looked at me and blushed again. I could see that glint in her eye so I said,

“Lucy would love to model for you. She’s never done anything like this before so can you start with a couple of easy ones please?”

“Yeah sure; shall we go in?”

We went back into the studio and Harry had a quick look round.

The Stretch-wrap
“Ahh! How about some stretch-wrap?”

“Excuse me?” Lucy asked.

“It’s quite simple; all we do is wrap you from neck to feet in stretch-wrap.” Harry said.

“Oookaaaay!” Lucy said, obviously still a little confused.

“You’re going to have to take your clothes off Lucy; is that a problem?”

“No, no,” Lucy said as she started to strip. “It’s just that I don’t see the point.”

“It’s a being naked and helpless thing.” Harry said. “Wait until you’re wrapped up and see what you think.”

I helped Harry wrap Lucy then lay her down.

“I can’t move.” Lucy said.

“That’s the whole point Lucy.” I said as Harry got his camera and switched some big lights on. “You won’t get the chance, but you might if you were like that for a couple of hours.”

Harry took a few shots then asked me to poke 3 holes in the stretch-wrap. I decided to get Lucy a bit worked-up so I tweaked her nipples and clit a few times.

Lucy still wasn’t getting turned-on as we un-wrapped her and moved onto Harry’s next idea.

Tits Roped
As we went round the room we went passed a pile of ropes. When Lucy asked what they were for Harry said,

“Roping tits; but they’re for girls with floppy tits, no good for a girl with tits as solid as yours. They look natural, are they?”

“You can’t improve on perfect.” I said.

Hanging upside down
Near that pile of ropes were 2 ropes hanging from the ceiling. They went up, through a pulley, and the other ends were tied to hooks on the wall.

“Is this where you get the girls hanging by their wrist?” Lucy asked.

“Not quite,” Harry said, “I usually suspend them by their ankles here. It’s more erotic upside down.”

“Can I try it Harry?” Lucy asked.

Harry got Lucy to sit on the floor where he put the foot suspension cuffs on and attached the ropes.

“You’ll photograph better if you let your hair down.” Harry said.

As Lucy took the band off her hair Harry started pulling her up. As her legs went up they were spread wide and Harry and I got a great view of her shiny wet pussy. She was enjoying herself.

Harry hauled Lucy up so that her long hair was just touching the ground.

“My head feel funny.” Lucy said.

Harry smiled as he clicked away with his camera.

“Her pronounced pubic bone looks great when she’s upside down.” Harry said.

I hadn’t really looked at Lucy from that point of view before, but I could see what Harry meant. I made a mental note to have a good look when Lucy was flat on her back again.

“So do the girls just hang here?” Lucy asked.

“Sometimes,” Harry relied, “but sometimes someone torments them with a magic wand.”

“What’s a magic wand?” Lucy asked.

“I’ll show you.” Harry said; and went off to get his. When he got back and plugged it in Lucy said,

“Are you going to push that thing inside me and electrocute me?”

“No dear, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be begging Jack her to do just that in a while.”

Harry gave me the wand and told me to use it on her pussy. When I first touched her pussy with it Lucy’s body jerked with surprise.

“Aarrgghh,” then after a couple of seconds, “oohhhh, that’s nice.”

“Don’t let her cum.” Harry said as he started snapping away.

I teased Lucy’s clit until I could tell that she was close to cumming; then I stopped.

“Please don’t stop Jack.” Lucy said.

But I did stop. I guessed that Harry wanted photos of Lucy showing that pleasurable glow and look of expected pleasure. 

Harry got all the shots that he wanted then started to lower Lucy down. I held her head until she was low enough to take her weight on her back.

“That was funny,” Lucy said, “my head was pounding. Why did you stop? I was really enjoying that.”

“Don’t rush to stand up.” Harry said.

When Lucy was feeling okay we moved on to the next piece of equipment.

As soon as Lucy saw the big metal frame and Harry told her to lie in the middle of it she said,

“Have you got a fucking machine to go with it? I tried one a few weeks ago and it was great.”

After a few seconds pause, Harry said,

“No sorry. This is just to restrain the girls. If you like I can ask Jack to pleasure you with the wand again.”

The metal frame was slightly different to the previous one; this one was more of a square, and Lucy’s legs were more open (if that were possible).

When we’d got her restrained Harry took a few shots then asked me to use the wand on her again; but again, not to let her cum.

I took her to the edge and she again pleaded with me to continue; but I didn’t.

The Stocks
“This looks more interesting.” Lucy said.

Harry lifted the top part and Lucy bent forward to put her neck and wrists into the groves. As soon as Harry locked the top part in place Lucy started waggling her butt about.

“That’s a beautiful sight.” Harry said, “It just makes you want to spank it, or whip it, doesn’t it.”

I asked Harry if he had any suitable implements and he went away and came back with what he called a ‘flogger whip’. It’s a bit of a broom handle with dozens of strips of leather attached to one end.

“This can hurt, so take it easy on her.” Harry said as he passed the whip to me.

I knew that Lucy had enjoyed me spanking her on holiday so I wasn’t worried that she’d freak out or anything like that. I went round to the front so that Lucy could see the whip.

“Are you going to use that on my butt?” Lucy asked.

“Do you want me to?” I asked.

“Yes please, but take it easy to start off.”

I went round the back and got into the right place.


“Aaaaaaaaarrrrgh! Shit that hurt.”




This time Lucy was quiet. I looked over to Harry. He’d set-up a video camera and was also taking stills from all different angles.

“This is good.” Harry said.

“Again?” I asked Lucy.



“Keep going.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes….. please.”




I stopped and looked closely at Lucy’s butt. It was covered in red and purple wheals. He pussy lips were swollen and juices were seeping out and going down the thighs.

“More…. Please?” Lucy asked.

“No, stop there Jack,” Harry said. “I’ve got another device that she’ll enjoy’ once she’s got over the shocking experience.”

I was a bit puzzled but un-fastened the stocks and let Lucy stand up.

“I could have taken more.” Lucy said.

“I know.” I said and put my arm round the naked Lucy as we followed Harry.

The electric shock dildo
When we got to this and Lucy saw the electric cable running to it she said,

“If you electrocute me and I die, I’ll sue you.”

Both Harry and I laughed and Harry said,

“Don’t worry, you won’t die, but if you do get an electric shock it’ll be you that causes it.”

Lucy looked puzzled as Harry got Lucy to stand behind this long metal dildo attached to a pole that is bolted to the floor. He adjusted the height and asked Lucy to step forward and impale herself on the dildo. It went inside her then she was told to stand on her tiptoes. The dildo was only just inside her.

Harry told Lucy to stay still while he moved 2 little wedge blocks to under her heels. These blocks have clamps that attached to her big toes to keep the wedges in place. Lucy had to stand on her tiptoes because under her heels in the wedges are switches that turn on the power. It comes on when she relaxes and her heels go down.

Just to make sure that she stays in place Harry put Velcro cuffs on her wrists and attached them to a rope that was hanging from the ceiling. Lucy was going nowhere.

Harry switched the plug on (it was behind Lucy so she couldn’t see what he was doing) then stood back and said,

“There, all done; now we wait.”

“Wait for what?” Lucy asked.

“You’ll find out; and don’t worry, it won’t kill you.”

Harry and I watched Lucy. I could see her juices still running down the side of the metal dildo. The anticipation was turning her on. Harry took a few shots then put his camera on a tripod and switched it to video mode.

“I want to capture a few still from the video and there’s no telling when the first shock will come. I want to capture that beautiful face when it hits her.

We didn’t have to wait long. I’d seen Lucy’s feet wavering and going down just a little bit before going back up.

When one of Lucy’s heels went just that millimetre too low it hit her. You should have seen her face as she let out this almighty scream.

“Fucking hell!” Lucy exclaimed. “What the fuck was that?”

“It’s what you get when your heels go down too far; and that’s on the low setting.”

Lucy looked at Harry. The shock was still on her face, but she also looked a bit puzzled. I guess that she was trying to understand what Harry had just told her.

Two minutes later Lucy’s feet were shaking again, and shortly after that her body went all stiff and she screamed again. This time the scream wasn’t so loud and it sounded different. There was a hint of pleasure in the tone.

I’d thought that Lucy might have enjoyed it but her tone made me relax a bit.

The next time that Lucy got shocked Lucy must have let her heel stay down for a couple of seconds because Lucy was rigid for longer.

“Aaaarrrghhh, oooooooow, aaaaarrrrghhhh.”

Then Lucy must have lifted her heel.

I looked at Lucy’s face. She was grinning!

Her heel went down again and the grin stayed.

“Oooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhh, fuuuuuuck, shiiiiiiiiiiiit, aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.”

Those magnificent tits were going up and down in sync with her breathing. Her nipples were as hard as I’ve ever seen them.

Harry went to the control box and upped the power a notch.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, aaaaaarrrrrrghhhh, ooooooooh. I’m cu……………”

Then Lucy gasped for breath. Her body was shaking and the convulsions hit her.

“Stop; stop; turn it off.”

Harry did.

Thirty seconds later.

“On again please.” Lucy said, almost pleading.

Harry turned it on again and Lucy’s body went rigid again then she was shaking.

“Ooooooohhhhhh, aaaaarrrghhhh; that’s wonderful. I’m cuuuuummmmming.”

Harry switched the machine off and Lucy relaxed onto the dildo.

“That was fucking amazing.” Lucy said as Harry freed her hands and big toes.

“I don’t want to get off this thing.” Lucy said before reluctantly letting Harry lower the dildo.

“I think that’s enough for today young lady. I’ve got some fantastic shots, would you like me to email you copies?”

I asked Harry to send them to my email address.

On our way out Harry asked me if I’d got any more beautiful girls working for me.

Lucy didn’t want to get dressed for the drive home so I let her stay reclined in the passenger seat, playing with her pussy. She was a happy girl that day.

Part 05b – Strip Club Owner
Lucy knew what to expect when I told her that we were going to see this client. She even joked that she’d like a part time job there and wondered if she could get one.

When we got there we met Bob then got straight on with our business. It was mid-morning so apart from a couple of cleaners we were the only ones there.

We were just getting up to leave when Lucy came straight out with,

“I was wondering what it’s like being a stripper.”

“Why Lucy, do you fancy yourself as a stripper?” Bob asked.

“Maybe, but I don’t know if I’ve got the body for it, or if I could do it.”

“Well. Unless you’ve got some strange birth marks or scars under that outfit you’ve certainly got the body for it Lucy, but there’s only one way to find out if you’ll be able to do it, and that’s to try it. But before I let any girl on that stage in front of the punters I have to see her dance and strip. I’ve got to make sure that she can dance to the music. Way too many girls just haven’t got any rhythm; or when it comes to it they just can’t take their clothes off."

“So how do I find out if I’m any good?” Lucy asked.

“Have you got time for this Jack?” Bob asked me.

“Go for it!” I said.

“Okay Lucy, you go over onto the stage. As soon as the music starts you start dancing, then after a couple of minutes start taking your clothes off.” Bob said.

Lucy looked at me, smiled, put her bag on the table and headed over to the stage. Bob went and switched the music and lights on and we both watched Lucy start to dance.

I’ve always liked watching Lucy gyrate to the music; I always get a hard-on and this time was no exception; especially when she started stripping. That part didn’t last long as she wasn’t wearing much, just a skirt and top.

When she was naked she started stroking her tits and pussy. Both Bob and I were stood there lapping it up. It was a shame when the music stopped.

“Well,” Bob said, “you’re body certainly passes the test, those breasts are magnificent. You’re dancing’s good too, but you need a few pointers in teasing the punters. You were too quick to start playing with yourself. Tell you what, if you’re still interested, get here at 7 o’clock on Friday evening and I’ll get one of the other girls to give you a few pointers. After that if you still want to try it I’ll give you a slot.”

“Thank you Bob, I’ll think about it and let you know.” Lucy said.

Lucy picked up her clothes and bag and started walking to the door.

“Woah there Lucy,” I said, “You’ll have to get dressed before you go out onto the street. This is the middle of town in the middle of the day. There’s bound to be a copper or some miserable prude who’ll complain to the police.” I said.

“Ooops!” Lucy said and stopped and put her skirt and top on.

We thanked Bob and left for home. Lucy gave me a blow job in the car before we left the car park. She said that getting naked in front of Bob, and the prospect of stripping in front of lots of people had made her so horny.

At 7 o’clock on the Friday Lucy and I were walking back into the club. On the way there I’d asked Lucy how she was feeling.

“Nervous and excited. Nervous because I’ve never done anything formal like this, and excited because I’ll be getting naked in front of lots of men.”

“You got naked in front of all those people in Crete. Hell girl, we even fucked in front of dozens of them.” I replied.

“Yeah, but that was different, it wasn’t planned.” Lucy said.

“You’ll be fine Lucy, just relax and enjoy yourself.”

We got taken to Bob and he called one of the other strippers over. She (Rose) took Lucy away while I chatted with Bob for a few minutes before he had to go to sort out a problem.

I did what men do, and went and got a drink and watched the girls that were there. All the staff girls were in really short dresses. I swear that if any of them bent over even a little bit I’d have been able to see their bare butts.

About an hour later Lucy appeared and took a mouthful of my beer. She was wearing a dress that I’d never seen before; and I could see a bra strap. She only stayed a few minutes; long enough to tell me that she’d got her slot and would be on in 10 minutes.

I moved over to the front of the stage and waited. There was a girl wearing only a thong dancing round a pole. She wasn’t half as beautiful as Lucy.

A few minutes later the girl was off the stage and Lucy walked on. She looked fantastic as she danced to the front if the stage with a big smile on her face. I don’t know what Rose had been saying to Lucy but it had worked, Lucy’s dancing was more seductive than ever. My hard-on was almost painful.

Lucy was wearing a top and skirt that I’d never seen before. The top came off to reveal a bra that didn’t do those magnificent tits justice. Thankfully it didn’t stay on for long.

When Lucy pulled off her wrap skirt she was wearing a bikini bottoms. Again, they didn’t stay on long, and when they did come off they revealed a thong.

Lucy started dancing round, and thrusting her pussy at the pole. A male voice shouted,

“Get it off!”

Lucy ignored it at first but then did take the thong off. She started thrusting her pussy at the pole again, but soon moved to the front of the stage and thrust her pussy at the audience. It wasn’t long before Lucy was down on her spread knees and masturbating for the audience.

I couldn’t hear her cum, but I certainly could see her. It was a beautiful sight. Judging by the noise from the audience, they thought so too,

Lucy’s timing was almost right and she was still rubbing herself as she calmed down when the music stopped. She kept going for a few seconds, presumably not realising that the music had stopped. When she stood up she had that ‘satisfied’ look on her face.

Ten minutes later first Lucy appeared, then Bob. Lucy was back in her ‘street’ clothes. Bob congratulated Lucy on a great performance before asking her if her orgasm was ‘for real’.

“Of course,” Lucy said, “I never fake it; that wouldn’t be fair on the people watching.”

Bob grinned and I put my arm round Lucy and squeezed her against me.

“If you ever want a permanent job here you let me know, okay?” Bob said, “Free drinks all night for both of you.”

We had a couple more drinks as we watched other girls stripping. One was a good pole dancer and she flashed her thong covered pussy to the audience. Lucy said that she wanted to learn how to pole dance so that she could spin round the pole with her legs spread wide, flashing her uncovered pussy to everyone watching.

I leaned over to Lucy, squeezed her upper thigh, flicked her clit; and whispered in her ear,

“I love you.”

We left shortly after that and rushed home to enjoy each other.

Part 05c - The Publican
This visit was going to be a routine one. I took Lucy along just so that we could be together.

The meeting went well and just as we were about to leave Lucy said to John (the publican),

“I see that you’re advertising for part time staff; when’s that for?”

“It’s something new that were trying on a Thursday night. Why, do you fancy a job?” John asked.

“Well, I’m only an intern and I need to pay my way a bit.” Lucy said. “I haven’t got any experience but I’m a quick learner.”

“I can vouch for that.” I said.

I’d seen the advert as well, but I hadn’t said anything because there was no need for Lucy to even to consider getting a part time job and I thought that she knew that. Still, if it made her happy…..

“Tell you what, come along on Thursday at 7 pm and we’ll give you a try.”

“What shall I wear?” Lucy asked.

“Anything that you like, but you may get beer spilt on it.” John said.

We shook hands and we left.

On the drive home I told Lucy that she didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to.

“No, I do; you’ve been paying for everything and I want to contribute.” Lucy said.

“Really Lucy, you don’t need to do this.”

“I want to.”

“Okay then, but I’m coming too.”

The next Thursday Lucy got changed into a slightly see-through tank top and an ‘A’ shaped thin cotton microskirt; nothing else but shoes.

As we walked into the pub just before 7 pm the first thing that attracted my attention was the topless barmaid. Lucy saw her too.

“Bloody hell!” Lucy said; “I wasn’t expecting this. Do you think that I’ll have to get topless?”

“Probably.” I said with a big grin on my face. You see I’d read the full advert and knew that it was ‘Topless Thursday’. Lucy obviously hadn’t read more than the top line of the advert.

John was stood at the end of the bar so we went over to him and I shook his hand.

“Wow Lucy, you look stunning. Are you ready for your first time pulling pints?” John said.

“Sure am; will I have to take my top off as well?” Lucy asked.

“Well it is Topless Thursday.” John said, “Didn’t you realise? Is that going to be a problem? Mind you, with that skirt you may as well be naked.”

“I can do that as well if you like.” Lucy said.

“Let’s start with just topless.” John said.

With that Lucy put her bag on the bar and peeled her top straight off, letting her un-tethered long hair fall back down her back.

“Start as you mean to go on;” John said, “I like that.”

John called the topless barmaid over and introduced her as Daisy then said,

“Daisy here will show you the ropes. Off you go, you can’t keep the punters waiting.”

As Daisy and Lucy walked off behind the bar I got talking to John. It started off about his business, then mine. All the time we were watching Daisy and Lucy. When Lucy bent over to get a bottle form the bottom shelf her skirt rode right up showing us her beautiful butt.

“It looks like your Lucy hasn’t got any knickers on, or maybe a thong. That’ll please the punters when it gets busy later.

“Lucy doesn’t wear knickers or thongs; she’s always naked under her skirts.” I said.

“Yeah,” John replied, “I noticed that the other day, her skirt was quite short then and she accidentally gave me a few beaver shots. I hope that you didn’t mind me looking.”

“Not at all mate, I’m not the jealous type, and Lucy certainly likes people looking at her.”

I went on to tell John a bit about our holiday in Greece before he had to go and help the girls. As he left he said,

“You’re a lucky son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, I know.” I said to myself because John was already half way across the room.

Daisy and Lucy got joined by another girl. I never found out what her name was, but I thought of her as ‘A’, because that was the size that I guessed her tits to be (Daisy looked to be a ‘C’). I chuckled a bit to myself as I realised that there was an A, a B and a C. I wondered if another girl would arrive to help later, and she’d be a ‘D’.

The place started to fill-up and Lucy seemed to be picking the job up quite well. I did notice that quite a few of the guys were wanting bottles from the bottom shelf. Lucy always bent at the waist to get them. I was sure that she was doing it on purpose.

I caught Daisy’s eye and she came over to me and asked if I wanted another drink. While she poured it I asked her if Lucy was doing okay.

“Yeah, she’s a quick learner; I haven’t had to tell her anything twice yet. She’s a bit of a looker as well isn’t she?”

“She sure is.”

“Great pair of tits. They look natural too.” Daisy said.

“They are.”

“I’m not sure about the skirt though; she might have problems with the punters later; their hands start to wander later on.”

“Don’t worry about Lucy; she likes the attention; and I’ll be here watching her.”

Daisy handed me my drink and left. While we’d been talking I’d been doing what men do naturally – looking at Daisy’s tits. They’re nice; a bigger version of Lucy’s but with a little sag.

Daisy had sent Lucy to collect empty glasses a couple of times and she seemed to be enjoying the looks and comments from some of the customers. She’d bent over to reach glasses from the other side of tables a few times. Some of the times she’d been stood right next to a man and her tits had been right in front of his face.

I also noticed that she looked behind her once or twice before bending over. If there had been someone there it didn’t change the way she bent over. Well, that’s not quite true, she still bent at the waist but her feet were further apart.

She was enjoying herself.

The next time that she came near me I called her over. She was stood right in front of me with no one behind me so I slipped a finger into her pussy. I confirmed that she was indeed enjoying herself, quite a lot.

“You just wait until we get home.” Lucy said and walked on.

By the time it got to about 10 o’clock the place was full and rowdy. When Daisy sent Lucy to collect empties again, Lucy experienced the problem of wandering hands; but Lucy appeared to be enjoying it. Twice I saw her part her legs to let a hand get access to her pussy.

There was one time when a man had his arm round her waist. Lucy was standing there talking to him while getting others to pass her the glasses. All of a sudden the man’s hand moved away and Lucy’s skirt dropped to the floor.

Cheers went up almost as quickly as Lucy’s skirt went down. Lucy’s problem was that she had a tray full of glasses in her hands so she couldn’t quickly bend and pull her skirt up. What she did was to step out of the skirt and walk to the bar totally naked, put the tray on the bar, then walk back to get her skirt.

Unfortunately one of the men had already picked up her skirt and had passed it to another man. The naked Lucy had to play ‘pig in the middle’ as her skirt was passed from one man to another.

Lucy really did look as if she was enjoying herself reaching in front of the different men trying to get it back.
Eventually Lucy did get her skirt back and she almost ran past me to get behind the bar and get dressed (!) again. She had a big grin on her face as she passed me.

At other times I saw hands go up the back of her skirt and squeeze her naked butt.

We went back to the pub on the next 3 Thursdays before John had to stop doing Topless Thursdays; the local council still live in the dark ages.

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Part 06 – The riding school
This is only a small account but Lucy had seen the accounts and told me that she always fancied riding a horse, so off we went.

When we got there Rose (the owner) was happy to get one of the stable hands to show Lucy round while she and I got on with the business. It didn’t take long.

When Rose and I had finished we went looking for Lucy. We found her sitting on a horse, still wearing her microskirt and top. Well, I say wearing her skirt; it was up round her waist.

“Having fun Lucy?” Rose asked.

“Yes, Steve (the stable hand) is letting me walk the horse a little so that I can get the feel of it.”

Rose looked at Lucy; her long blonde hair was nearly down to her waist.

“Lucy, what do you think of the idea of being Lady Godiva for a day?”

“Wow,” Lucy said, “This is the first time that I’ve ever been on a horse and, to be honest, I’m still a bit scared. Anyway, why do you need a Lady Godiva? We’re not in Coventry and this isn’t the 13th century.”

Rose explained that she was one of the organisers of a carnival parade and that she’d volunteered a horse with Lady Godiva on it, but still hadn’t found anyone willing to play the part. Some of the organisers wanted to show their opposition to the way the government throws their taxes away like it grows on trees.

“So, Lucy, what do you think? Are you up for it?” Rose asked.

Lucy looked at me, I smiled and Lucy said,

“Yeah, why not? But I’m still not too happy being on a horse. What if the horse decides to go the wrong way; or it throws me off?”

“That won’t be a problem, but if you like you can come here a couple of times before the parade so that you can get used to being up there.” Rose volunteered.

“I’d like that.” Lucy replied.

“Judging by his face, I’m sure that Steve here will be happy to help you get some confidence. It’s a couple of weeks before the parade; Jack could you bring Lucy here the next 2 Wednesday mornings; it’s always quiet here on a Wednesday morning, even during the school holidays?”

All the time that conversation was going on, Steve was stood beside the horse’s head looking at Lucy. Her skirt was up around her waist but she was sat on the saddle so Steve wouldn’t have been able to see her pussy.

He certainly did when he helped her get off; he got a right eyeful.

We left the riding school with Lucy telling us that she was looking forward to the next Wednesday.

Rose met us when we got there the next Wednesday and told Lucy that she thought that it was best that Lucy get used to riding the horse the way that she’d be on the parade. Lucy took that as her cue to get naked; and she did, passing me her clothes and shoes. Rose just stood there looking bemused.

“What I meant was that you’d be riding ‘bareback’, that is no saddle on the horse.” Rose said.

“Lady Godiva rode naked didn’t she?” Lucy said.

“Well yes.” Rose replied.

“Well then, I’d better get used to riding naked.” Lucy said.

Rose took us to a paddock where Steve was waiting with the horse. His face was a picture when he saw that Lucy was naked.

“It might be a good idea if you keep your hair tied-up while you’re getting used to riding. You don’t want to get it in the way while you’re getting on and off and doing the exercises to help you get some confidence.” Rose said.

Lucy’s long blonde hair is long enough to easily cover her breasts when it’s round her front, but it rarely is; Lucy usually has it in a ponytail or hanging down her back, and it was hanging down her front at that moment.

“Okay!” Lucy said, “Can I have my bag please?”

I held her bag as she got a band out and put her hair into a ponytail. As she did so her magnificent breasts were thrust forward. Steve’s eyes looked as if they might pop out of their sockets.

“Right, I’ve to something I’ve got to do; Steve will be your teacher Lucy, if you follow his instructions you’ll be okay.” Rose said and she turned and walked away.

“Right Lucy,” Steve said, “your first lesson is how to get on the horse. We’re stood on the left side of the horse, and that’s the side that you always get on from.”

“Why?” Lucy asked.

“Good question, and I don’t know how it started; but all horses are trained to have people mount them from the left so that’s what you’ll do.”

“Jack,” Steve said, “can you come and hold the reins please? It’s not really needed because this horse is so docile, but it will give Lucy a bit more confidence.”

Steve turned to Lucy and said,

“As you can see the horse’s back is level with your head and there are no steps here. I’ll be with you all the time, even on the parade, so you’ll be able to use my hands as a step.”

Steve inter-locked his fingers and put his upturned hands in front of his body for Lucy to use as a step. They were both stood next to the horse, with Lucy at the horse’s middle and Steve next to its back leg.

“Okay Lucy, put you right foot on my hands then push yourself up and lay with your stomach over the horse.”

Steve had to bend a little so that Lucy could get her foot high enough.

Up Lucy went and Steve stepped back a little so that he didn’t get kicked when he told her the next bit.

“Well done Lucy, now what I want you to do is to swing your right leg up and onto the horse’s back. As you do that, turn your torso so that your head is over the horse’s mane.”

“Main what?” Lucy asked.

Steve put her straight then she slowly moved her right leg back and up. In doing so she revealed her open pussy, in all its wet, swollen glory, to Steve; I smiled to myself and wondered just how nervous she was; or was she just putting on a show for Steve.

Lucy lay there, along the horse, with her left leg down the side of the horse and her right leg on top of the horse’s back.

Steve stood there taking in the sight. After about 10 seconds Lucy broke the silence,

“What now Steve?”

“Sorry Lucy. Okay, move your right leg down so that you’re straddling the horse. As you do that, sit up.”

Lucy did as instructed and then turned looked at me.

“Yes, look at me, I’m Lady Godiva!” Lucy shouted.

“Not quite Lucy,” Steve said as he moved in close to Lucy’s left side; “first you need to practice getting on, and off a few times; then you need to get used to the horse walking along.”

Lucy looked a little bemused for a couple of seconds then said,

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“Right then,” Steve said, “try leaning a backwards and forwards a bit, then to each side; to get a feeling of how stable you are up there.”

Lucy leant forwards, then backwards.

“Hey, this is okay.”

She then leant over to her left a little then her right; then a little further to her left. The problem was, she leant too far and came crashing down on top of Steve. His natural reaction was to try to catch her, but they both ended up on the floor with Lucy on top of Steve. Her right tit was in his face and his right hand was on her butt.

“Ooops! Sorry;” Lucy said, “I guess I went too far. Are you okay?”

They both got onto their feet. Lucy had a grin on her face and Steve’s face was bright red.

“Let’s try that again.” Steve finally said.

Steve inter-locked his fingers again and Lucy lifted her right leg. This time I was stood a little away from the horse’s head and I could see that Lucy’s toes were touching the front of Steve’s trousers. I wondered if she could feel his hard-on with her toes.

Up Lucy went, again stopping as she swung her right leg up onto the horse’s back. Was she deliberately letting Steve look at her pussy? It certainly looked that way.

When Lucy was sat up, Steve said,

“Try the leaning again, but this time grab a hold of the horse’s mane for support. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that bit last time.”

Lucy got more comfortable sitting there then Steve said,

“Right, now let’s try getting off – the proper way.”

Lucy giggles a bit.

“What I want you to do is let go of the mane, lean back a little and swing your right leg up and over. Stay leaning backwards a bit, like you’re sitting on the edge of a chair.”

As Lucy leant back her pussy came into view. I swear that I could see a wet patch on the horse. Her leg came up and over, leaving her perched there, slightly leaning back. Her legs were slightly apart and her gorgeous bald pussy was right in front of Steve’s face (he’d moved in close ready to catch her if she fell again).

Steve was gob-struck again, but I wasn’t going to spoil it for him. I’m proud of Lucy’s pussy (and the rest of her), and am happy for the whole world to see her – if that’s what she wants; and I’m sure that it is.

Lucy looked at me and grinned. She knew the effect her pose was having on Steve.

Lucy let Steve look for quite a while before leaning forward so that she slid down the side of the horse. Steve snapped out of his trance and put his arms out to steady her. This time his hands went onto her upper arms.

“Is that what you wanted me to do Steve?”

“Errr yes, errr sorry, I was just errr …….”

“That’s okay Steve, perfectly understandable.” I said.

Steve let go of Lucy then said,

“Sorry, shall we go through all that again?”

And they did, each time Lucy paused at the appropriate time to let Steve have a good look. When Lucy was back on the ground Steve said,

“This time when you get up there we’ll go for a little walk.”

Steve helped Lucy up then took the reins from me. They slowly walked around the paddock. When they got back to where I was waiting Lucy said,

“Wow, this horse is hot; I’m so warm between my legs.”

Steve stifled a laugh and so did I before saying,

“Are you sure that the heat isn’t coming from you?”

“Well I am a bit horny; being naked with my legs spread wide in front of 2 men is bound to get a girl aroused you know.”

“Argh!” Steve said, “shall we try getting on and off again?”

And they did; twice more. Each time Lucy paused when her legs were spread. By that time I was convinced that she was doing it on purpose.

After another walk round the paddock Steve called an end to the lesson, I gave Lucy her clothes and told her to get dressed.

“Do I have to?” Lucy asked, “I was enjoying that.”

“See you next week.” Steve said.

“I’m sure you will.” I whispered to Lucy as we walked away.

“Lucy, you are such a naughty girl teasing Steve like that.” I said as soon as we got into the car. “I think that I’ll have to spank your bottom when we get to work.”
“Ooow, yes please.”

The next Wednesday we arrived at the riding school to find Steve waiting for us in the car park. He apologised for Rose; she had to go to a meeting.

“I suppose I should get like Lady Godiva.” Lucy said as she got out of the car.

As soon as she was stood upright she started taking her clothes off and she threw them into the car. Both Steve and I just stood and watched.

“Right, let’s get started; I’ve got a lot to show you Steve.” Lucy said.

Steve was blushing as we walked to the paddock.

There was another young man waiting there and Steve introduced him as Mick. Steve told us that Mick would be helping him.

I smiled and thought that I knew exactly why he was there.

“Let’s practice getting on and off again, you still look a bit nervous getting on. This time Mick will be helping you while I watch to see if you’re doing anything wrong.”

Steve took the reins from Mick and gave them to me. Mick then got into the right place and inter-locked his fingers ready for Lucy’s foot.

“No looking Mick.” Lucy jokingly said as she lifted her leg.

This time I was stood further away from the horses head and I could see Lucy’s toes touching Mick’s crotch. He let out a little moan as Lucy’s weight forced his hands down a bit and Lucy’s toes slid down his cock.

Steve was stood behind the horse so he got the best possible view of Lucy’s pussy as she paused before moving her leg over and down.

When it came to getting off I’m sure that Lucy deliberately stuck her legs out parallel to the ground as she started to slide off. Of course she panicked. Of course Mick went to grab (sorry, save) her as she came down.

The inevitable happened, but this time Lucy ended up sitting on Mick’s chest with her pussy touching his chin.

“Ooops, I guess that I’d forgotten to lean back a bit, sorry Mick. Can we try again?”

They went through it all again, this time everything went okay. After getting back on they went for a walk round the paddock then Steve announced that Lucy needed to do a couple of things on the horse to show that she was no longer nervous.

“Okay, bring it on.” Lucy said.

“Right, the first thing is for you to do is to get off the horse then back on again; but this time, instead of swinging your right leg over the horse, swing your left leg over.”

Lucy swung her right leg over and slid off the horse. Mick inter-locked his fingers and Lucy climbed up. Again, Lucy’s toes rubbed Mick’s hard-on.

When Lucy was laying over the horse on her stomach she tried to swing her left leg over, giving all 3 of us a great view of her pussy.

“I can’t get my leg over.” Lucy said.

“Lift it higher and turn to your right a bit.” Steve said.

Lucy’s legs got even wider apart and she eventually made it. When she sat up she said,

“Oh, I’m facing the wrong way.”

“That’s the idea.” Steve said; “now we go for a walk.”

As Steve and Mick led the horse away Lucy looked nervous. By the time they got back she was smiling.

“Good,” Steve said, “The final challenge is for you to lay back and go for a walk.”

Lucy slowly lay back and her head finally rested on the mane; her magnificent tits pointing to the sky. Because she was on her back her wide open pussy was on display. Boy; was she wet. Steve led the horse round the paddock with Mick following. He walked through 2 piles of dung because his eyes were glued to Lucy’s pussy. She must have known and got quite aroused because when they got back I could swear that her pussy was having spasms.

“Right,” said Steve, “if you can get up and off the horse without falling you’re okay to go on the parade.”

Lucy put her hands on the sides of the horse for support and managed to sit up. With a grin on her face she swung her left leg over and slid off the horse.

“So I can be Lady Godiva now?”

Steve nodded and Lucy gave him a big hug.

We left Steve and Mick in the paddock and walked back to the car. As she got dressed Lucy asked me if I was going to spank her when we got to work.

“Yes you naught girl, I saw you teasing them. I might just have to fuck you as well.”

I did.

That weekend we went and met Rose at the start of the parade. Steve was just getting the horse out of the trailer when we got there.

“Good!” said Rose, “are you ready Lucy?”

“No, I’ve still got my clothes on.”

“Apart from that.”

“Yes, of course, I can’t keep my public waiting. Shall I strip off now?”

Both Rose and I laughed.

“No, I’ll tell you when.” Rose said.

We all walked (horse as well) round a corner to where the parade was starting. There were hundreds of people, lots in fancy dress and some on floats. Some were carrying banners protesting about all sorts of things. We found the people protesting about the government wasting our taxes and joined them.

“Right Lucy now’s the time.” Rose said.

“Time for what?” Lucy said.

“To get naked dear.” I said.

“Oh, oh yes.”

We all crowded round Lucy as she stripped off. When she was naked Rose held out a roll of double-sided sticky tape.

“What’s that for?” Lucy asked.

“To stick on your breasts and then press your hair against.” Rose said.

“Why would I want to do that?”

“So that your hair covers your breasts; we can’t have you flashing your breasts to everyone, you might get arrested.”

Lucy pushed her hair over her shoulders and asked Rose for a couple of bits of the tape. Rose tore them off and gave them to Lucy who turned her back to Rose, did something that neither Rose nor I could see, then pulled her hair back down her front. When she turned round, both her nipples were covered with hair.

“Okay,” Rose said, “time to get mounted.”

“We can’t do that here, Jake and I would get arrested.” Lucy said.

Rose looked at me with an exasperated expression then said,

“No, mounted on the horse.”

“Ooops, sorry,” Lucy said then turned to Steve who was already waiting with inter-locked fingers.

Up Lucy went, and sat there looking round.

“I can see for miles.” Lucy said.

“Turn this way Lucy,” Rose said, “I need to check what’s visible.”

I was stood next to the horse’s head. What wasn’t visible was Lucy’s pussy and the front part of her breasts. She was legally decent.

I looked round and saw that Lucy already had an audience. Her ‘Barbie’ face and body had quickly attracted them.

After about 5 minutes we heard a brass band start playing and our part of the parade started walking.

On reflection I don’t think that having a Lady Godiva was such a good idea for the cause; just about everyone was looking at Lucy and not the banners being carried around her. It didn’t help the cause when the wind got up and Lucy’s hair went all over the place. Lucy tried to keep it straight but in her attempts to do that the hair that was stuck to the tape came off and those magnificent cones got displayed many times.

Lucy later confessed that she’d folded the tape a couple of times before sticking it to her tits. There was only a little bit left to hold her hair in place, and she’d helped that to come off shortly after the parade started.

Lucy got quite a few comments from people along the route. A handful of teenage boys even followed us from just after the start, right to the end.

When it came to the time for Lucy to get off the horse at the end of the parade there was quite a gathering on men around us. I guess that they’d all realised how Lucy would have to get off the horse; and they weren’t disappointed. Lucy swung her right leg over and sat perched there, leaning back for ages before sliding down. Everyone must have been able to see her shiny, wet pussy. By that time the sticky tape was either gone or useless, the breeze, and the angle that Lucy was leaning at, gave everyone a great view of those magnificent cones.

I gave Lucy her skirt and top and as she put them on she said,

“That was fun, but I wish that I could have done it lying back on the horse, my inner thighs and pussy got so hot from the horse.”

I smiled and said,

“The heat wasn’t coming from the horse dear.”

Lucy looked puzzled, but didn’t say anything.

Rose came over and thanked Lucy for taking part. Lucy said,

“You’re so welcome, I really enjoyed it; when’s the next parade.”


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Part 07a – The Private Gym
I took Lucy to meet the owner of a Private Gym. The difference with this client was that the gym was failing and was likely to go into administration quite soon. I had to give Darren the bad news that he couldn’t hang-on for much longer.

At the meeting Darren was a little depressed after I’d told him how bad things had become. Lucy asked Darren if he had any ideas to turn the business round,

“Only ones that would cost a lot of money or are probably non-starters,” he said.

“Okay, in this financial climate the banks are unlikely to lend you any money so let’s look at the non-starters. What’s the one thing that would really draw new members in?” I asked.

“Well,” Darren said, “it sounds stupid; and sorry if this offends you Lucy, but if I could get some attractive young ladies to workout in the nude I’m sure that the blokes would flood in.”

“Yes, I can see how that would work,” said Lucy,” but what about the police and council, wouldn’t they have some objections?”

“As long as you’re not turning it into a brothel and the girls are just working-out I don’t see how they could object.” I added.

“Yeah,” Darren chipped in, “the problem is getting the girls. To get it started I’d probably have to pay strippers a fortune, and I don’t have that sort of cash.”

“Well, maybe not,” Lucy said, “we might just be able to help there. Let us check it out and we’ll get back to you.”

The meeting finished on a bit of a depressed note, but as we were driving back to the office I asked Lucy what she meant by what she’s said.

“Well, I’d do it;” Lucy quickly replied; “but I’d be happier if I wasn’t the only naked girl there. Do we know anyone else who might be interested?”

After a short pause I asked,

“What about Liz?”


“Yes, Liz,” I replied, “Liz looks quite good these days now that I’m paying for her clothes, and I can’t help notice that she often comes to work without knickers; and she shaves her pussy.”

“You’ve been watching her, should I be jealous?” Lucy asked.

“Hell no; you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and I could NEVER want anyone else but you.”

“And I love you too Jack; but do you think that Liz would be interested.”

“Possibly, especially if she got paid for doing it; Darren couldn’t pay her, but I could, and then add it to Darren’s accountant’s fee. As for you my gorgeous little exhibitionist, I know that you enjoy every second of it. By the way, we must talk about your internship sometime.”

“Okay Jack, how are we going to approach Liz? Oh, on the internship subject, I’m happy the way things are. You pay for everything so I have no need for money.”

“We’ll still talk about it.” I said as I reached over and squeezed her bare thigh, just touching her uncovered pussy with the side of my little finger. She was wet.

“I’ll talk to Liz when we get back; it’s probably best coming from her boss.”

Liz was in a good mood that afternoon, maybe because it was pay day. Anyway, I asked her to come into my office and shut the door. She sat on the chair in front of my desk and crossed her legs. She was wearing a short skirt and tank top. The lack of bra strap indentations round her sides and poky nipples told me that she was braless. Her breasts are slightly bigger than Lucy’s, but they do sag a bit. Unlike Lucy’s, Liz’s breasts wobble when she walks quickly.

As she’d sat down and crossed her legs she accidentally (I’m sure) gave me a quick flash of her bald pubes.

“Liz,” I started, “how are things going? Are you happy here?”

“Of course, especially now that I’m getting a clothing allowance.”

“You do look good.” I said. “Do you workout?”

“No, and I know that I should but it costs a fortune to join one of those gyms and I don’t fancy a running or a hockey club.”

“I might just be able to help you with that.”

“Can you get me a big discount at that gym you and Lucy went to this morning?”

“Maybe better than that.” I said.

I went on to explain Darren’s predicament and the idea that he’d had. Just as I mentioned naked girls Liz butted-in,

“If this is going where I think it is I don’t know if I could ever do anything like that. It’s one thing going round town or to a club, even to work with no knickers on, but it’s completely different getting naked in front of a load of men. I don’t think that I could do that, not even for a free membership.”

“I was thinking that we could do something better than that Liz.”

“Lucy has told me about some of the things that she’s done and I don’t think that I could do anything like that; I would be so embarrassed. What do you mean, ‘we could do something better than that’?

“I was thinking that Darren could pay you 100 pounds a visit.”

 “Wow!” But I thought that the gym was about to go bust.”

“Into administration; but it wouldn’t be the gym paying you, that would cause a few legal problems; it would be me.”

“I still don’t know; the humiliation of trying to do sit-ups in front of load of men while I’m NAKED. Hell; I don’t know if I could that. Can I think about it for a while?”

“Of course you can Liz; take all the time you want.”

Liz got up to leave and accidentally flashed her bald pussy again. I just love short skirts.

“Take your time making up your mind. There’s no pressure if you decide to say no, it’s okay with me.”

“Thanks.” Liz said as she left my office.

Driving home with Lucy she told me that Liz had looked a bit dazed as she came out of my office. She sat at her desk and just shuffled papers for 5 minutes before asking to talk to her in the kitchen (where Ethan couldn’t over-hear).

Liz had told Lucy what I’d said and told her that she couldn’t get naked in front of a group of men; all their eyes would be on her.

Liz seemed slightly happier when Lucy had told her that she’d be there as well and that she’d been as nervous as hell the first time but after that it got to be quite exciting watching the men lust after her.

Apparently Liz had said that most of the men would be looking at Lucy because she was more beautiful. I totally agreed with that and Lucy blushed a bit as I said so. I squeezed her bare thigh again.

Lucy must have done a good job of talking Liz round because as Liz brought me my coffee at work the next morning she said,

“I’ll do it.”

No “good morning Jack”, just “I’ll do it. Do what Liz?” I asked.

“Get naked.”

“Liz, it’s you and Lucy going for a workout; the getting naked part is incidental. The primary objective is for you to get fit. If some men see you without your clothes on then that’s a bonus for them. Your bonus is getting fit and being paid to do it. You’re not going there to deliberately tease them or have sex with any of them.”

Liz actually looked a little disappointed when I said that, but said,

“I know. When do I start?”

“I’ll talk to the gym owner and get back to you Liz.”

A while later I phoned Darren to discuss a few details. I suggested that he didn’t advertise the fact that there would be naked girls there, just in case it would attract the authority’s attention. Instead I suggested that he download a few photos of naked girls on workout machines and use them on some new posters. The implication should be enough to draw the punters in.

I also asked Darren to let Lucy and Liz into the gym on their own mid one morning when it’s usually deserted. I explained that Liz was a bit shy and a session with just Lucy would help her relax.

The next morning Liz and Lucy got the bus to the gym and met Darren. He locked them in (from the outside) and left them to it.

I’d asked Darren to phone me when they’d arrived and when I got the call I drove over there and met Darren. After a few minutes discussing the business side of things I asked Darren to let me in; then to follow me about 10 minutes later. My plan was for Liz to get used to being naked with just Lucy there first, then for me to arrive and her get used to that; then for Darren to arrive.

Everything was based round Liz because I knew that Lucy wouldn’t have any problems being naked. Lucy later told me that when Darren had locked them in they’d gone to the changing room and stripped naked. They’d then explored the place. Lucy had decided that she’d let Liz get used to walking around naked, knowing that they were the only 2 people there.

They’d wandered around the workout room, the squash courts, the sauna (not on) and the hall (a large room that was used for yoga, Zumba and other such fitness classes); before going to the workout room.

They’d been there for about 15 minutes before I made my presence known. Liz just froze.

I have to say that she looked good, but not as good as Lucy.

“Hi girls, how’s the workout going?”

Lucy ran over to me and kissed me; her solid breasts not even wobbling one little bit.

“Can you show me what you’ve been doing?” I asked.

Lucy went and lay on one of the benches and started lifting some small barbell weights; her glistening slightly open pussy staring up at me and her cones pointing to the ceiling directly above her.

There’s something about a naked girl exercising while lying on her back with her legs open and her pubic mound sticking up that just makes me want to fuck them there and then. I managed to ignore my urges and asked,

“What about you Liz?” ignoring the fact that she was naked.

Liz obviously wanted to cover herself; her hands were hovering near her pussy and tits; as she said,

“Well I’ve been on the exercise cycle and I’ve done some sit-ups but my legs kept lifting off the floor.”

“Good,” I said, “How about trying some weights like Lucy?”

“Okay.” Liz said as she walked over to another bench.

Liz lay back with her feet either side of the bench. Her bald pussy was wet as well. What’s more, her vagina was wide open, I could see right inside her. Her young ‘C’s (probably) wobbled a bit then settled down. I passed her some weights and her arms started to go up and down.

To try to take her mind (and mine) off her nakedness I kept telling her to keep going until she felt exhausted. When I finally told her to stop her arms dropped to the floor and she lay there panting, her chest going up and down pushing her hard nipples above het tits.

When she got her breath back she looked up at me and saw Darren stood next to me. She let out a little gasp as I put out my hand to help her get up.

“Darren will show you how to use a couple of the machines.”

I’d already primed Darren to pretend that it was completely normal for naked girls to use the gym, and he went over to one of the machines and invited Liz to get on.

As Darren explained what to do Liz seemed to relax a bit, and before long she looked like she was an expert.

Meanwhile Lucy had found the machine that exercises legs by spreading them wide. Even though I see that pussy close-up every day I still stared at it.

Darren took Liz to another machine, and before long she looked totally relaxed, exhausted, but relaxed. After that it was the leg spreader machine and Liz looked relaxed as her legs spread wider.

I had to stop myself staring because when Liz’s legs were wide apart her hole was wide open again. Both Lucy and Darren had seen it as well, but both avoided staring.

After that Darren told the girls what would be expected of them if they still intended to go through with it. He told them that they could turn up any time that they wanted and stay for as long as they wanted; but it had to be at least once per week and a minimum of an hour each time. Also, they couldn’t do anything sexual, they couldn’t touch their pussies or their tits, apart from the occasional tweak of their nipples; but they could tease the punters as much as they wanted.

All the time Lucy had a big grin on her face, she was obviously looking forward to it; but Liz looked a bit nervous.

“How many men are we talking about?” Liz asked.

“It’s not just men, we get a few young women as well; but there won’t be many; times are tight at the moment. I’m hoping that things will change with you 2 here. So, what do you think girls, are you game to give it a go?”

Lucy agreed straight away but Liz took a few seconds before saying,

“If it gets too much for me can I stop anytime that I want?”

“Of course you can. There’s no pressure.” Darren said.

“Okay then, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you Liz, you’re a life saver.”

As Darren said ‘times are tight at the moment’ I was thinking about Liz’s open hole; that certainly isn’t tight. I’d never seen one like that before. Lucy’s hole always closes up quite quickly after something big has been pulled out of her.

“Right girls,” I said, “go and get dressed and I’ll take you both for some lunch.”

Darren and I watched 2 cute, naked butts walk away then we talked for about 15 minutes before the girls re-appeared. Darren seemed confident that the punters would soon appear once word got round that 2 naked girls worked-out there.

Over lunch Lucy and Liz decided that they’d go the night after next, and asked me if I’d drive them there.

On the way home that evening Lucy told me that she thought that Liz would be okay once she got over the shock of the first few punters seeing her.

“Did you see Liz’s vagina?” Lucy asked.

“How could I not see it; I wonder if it’s like that a lot?”

“I asked her about it while we were in the shower; she told me that it opens up every time she gets aroused. She can’t control it, it just happens. She was quite surprised when I told her that mine didn’t; she though that every girl’s pussy did it.”

“Wow! That’s going to please the punters at the gym.” I said. “I guess that confirms that she was turned on by being naked in front of Darren and me.”

“Shall I try to get my muscles to do that?” Lucy asked.

“If you want to, but don’t try just for me; I love your pussy as it is.”

We drove to the gym a couple of days later with Liz looking nervous. As we walked in I put my arm round her shoulder and told her that everything would be just fine. I reminded her about the money then told her that she could quit anytime that she wanted.

I’d taken my gym kit with me; I wanted to watch them. I wanted to see how much Lucy would tease the men. Not that I’d get jealous; turned on, but not jealous.

I was waiting outside the changing rooms as Lucy and Liz came out. A young man was arriving and his jaw dropped and he nearly walked into a wall as his eyes followed the girls. He stopped and stared as they entered the workout room with me right behind.

The 3 men in there just stopped what they were doing and stared as I walked to the end of the room and got on one of the rowing machines so that I could watch what was going on in the big mirrors. The 2 girls got on exercise cycles and started pedalling.

Lucy looked absolutely amazing; her Barbie doll face, long blonde hair and solid conical tits made her look a picture of beauty. Liz looked quite good as well.

The 3 men slowly got back to their workout but their eyes kept looking over to the girls. When another young man walked through the door he just stopped and stared for at least 5 seconds before going over to set-up some weights for bench lifts. As he lay on the bench I could see that his shorts looked uncomfortable.

Five minutes later both Lucy and Liz stopped pedalling. The bench next to the man that had just come in had some small weights on a bar on the stands so Lucy went and lay back on the bench. Her feet were at either side of the bench, her pussy spread and her breasts stood proud.

Before she tried to lift the weights she looked over at the man on the next bench and saw the bulge in his shorts. She smiled.

As Lucy tried to lift the weights I could see that she was struggling. So did one of the other men. He rushed over, grabbed the bar and helped her put it back on the stands. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but the man took a weight of each end of the bar then Lucy started lifting again. This time the man stood at her head and ‘spotted’ her.

After 5 lifts Lucy stood up while the man put some more weights on the bar, then lay down on the bench. I could see a grin on Lucy’s face as she moved to his head, presumably to ‘spot’ him.

From where I was I couldn’t see his eyes but I can just about guarantee that they were open and looking up directly at Lucy’s pussy. What I could see was that Lucy’s nipples were rock hard.

I turned my attention to Liz. She was flat on her back doing sit-ups. What I hadn’t seen was that one of the other men had ‘volunteered’ to hold her legs flat on the floor as she sat up. Her legs were slightly apart and the man must have had a great view. I wondered if her vagina was open.

I didn’t have to wait for long to find out; Liz got up and went to the leg spreader machine. All I had to do was turn my head to see right up her pussy. It was no more than 10 feet from me. As I looked at Liz she smiled at me. Her face looked like Lucy’s does when she wants me to fuck her.

Both Lucy and Liz tried a couple more machines and their audience grew; although no one got a lot of exercise. I’d moved to one of the exercise cycles near the door and when the girls decided that they’d had enough Lucy mouthed the word ‘sauna’ to me as they went out.

I waited a couple of minutes then followed them.

The sauna was bigger than I’d expected. The 2 girls were sat at one end. Both
were sat with their backs to the side of the sauna. Lucy had one foot on the same level (bent at the knee) and the other on the level below; her pussy on full display. Liz had both feet on the same level but with her knees bent. I don’t believe that she knew just how much of her open pussy was showing.

Also in there was a middle-aged man sat in the middle. The poor man looked a bit embarrassed; although his towel had a pointed bulge at the front.

Soon after I went in the man left; just leaving the girls and me. I told them to continue pretending that they didn’t know me and they started talking about what had happened in the workout room. 

Liz asked Lucy why she’d stood at that man’s head. Lucy explained what she was doing. Liz’s reply was,

“I could never do that. He’d be staring up at my pussy all the time.” Liz said.

“That’s the idea Liz. It makes me so horny know that a man’s face is just a few inches from my bare pussy.” Lucy replied,

“You’ve got to try it sometime Liz.”

“Maybe another time.” Liz replied

Neither of them could take the heat for too long, and we all soon went to get showered and changed to leave.

While I was getting dressed, the man who’d been chatting to Lucy came in and saw someone that he knew. I heard him tell the other man about the 2 naked chicks and that one of them had told him that they were new to the area and that they were going to be there quite often. Word was starting to spread.

There were a few men in reception when they walked in and Darren wished them a good night. Lucy said,

“See you in a couple of days.”

On the way home I asked Liz what she thought of her first naked workout. She told us that she’d enjoyed it. She’d been nervous at first but she’d soon got over that and had started to realise the power that women can have over men.

“Don’t get too carried away,” I said.

“Oh, so if I get naked at work, does that mean that I can’t order you about Jack?” Liz said.

“Don’t push it girl.” I replied.

The next morning I phoned Darren and (after he’d thanked me) he told me that one on the men that was there when we were leaving had asked him if he knew that they worked-out naked. Darren had told him (and all the others around) that the 2 girls were new in town and had asked if it was okay to exercise naked; and that if it was they’d be going there a couple of times a week.

The guys had pestered him for the days and times but Darren had told them that he didn’t know, and that it could be anytime.

I took Lucy and Liz there again a couple of times in the next week or so. Each time they had fun teasing the male members and got hit on quite a few times. Even one of the female members asked Liz to ‘spot’ her. I guess that she was fascinated by Liz’s open hole.

By that third visit it was obvious that member numbers was up. Word of the 2 naked girls must have spread; and Darren was looking a little happier; his takings were improving as well.

Liz was also getting quite used to being naked in front of so many men; and she’s become more confident and happy at work.

The next time that Lucy told Liz that they were going to the gym that evening, Liz said that she had a problem. She was due to meet a couple of her mates straight after work, go for a meal and then a few drinks.

“No problem;” Lucy said, “I’ll phone you when we leave home and we’ll pick you up from whichever pub you’re at.”

Liz thought for a couple of seconds then agreed.

When we got to the pub Liz was waiting outside; so were her 2 mates. All 3 of them were wearing short skirts and skimpy tops. Liz’s outfit was different from what she wore at work; she must have changed before leaving.

Liz came over to the car and asked if her mates could come along as well. She’d told them all about the gym and they wanted to come as well. I asked Liz if she’d told them that she was getting paid for doing it.

“No way boss!” Liz replied. She was ‘happy’, but not drunk.

I got out of the car, went over to them and introduced myself. Both of them (Mia and Holly were also ‘happy’ but not drunk.

“Liz tells me that you want to come to the gym with us, is that right?”

“Yes.” They both said in stereo.

“You do realise that you will have to get completely naked and workout in front of men, and maybe women?”

“Yes we do,” Mia said.

“What about you Holly?”

“I do.”

“Completely naked means everything off, no knickers, no bras.” I added. The bras bit was a bit OTT as neither of them looked to be wearing one.

“Yeah we know.” Holly said.

“Why.” I asked.

“Because we want to have some fun.” Mia said.

Holly had this cheeky, mischievous look on her face and I couldn’t help myself, I looked her up and down and imagined her naked.

“Okay then, but you’d better not be wasting my time; when we get there I expect to see you both completely naked, working-out and enjoying yourselves.”

“You will.” They both said, and Mia giggled a bit.

I wondered if they were getting a bit wet. I knew that Lucy would be and I so wanted to touch her (Lucy’s) pussy; but that would have to wait.

They both climbed in the back of the car with Liz who introduced them to Lucy.

On the way to the gym all the girls talked about being naked in front of lots of men. It was obvious that Mia and Holly were like Liz and had never done anything like that before.

As we walked into the gym’s reception area Darren looked at me with surprise on his face; surprise and concern. As the girls went off to get changed I told him that they wouldn’t cost him any extra. He told me that the place was quite busy, membership numbers were up and that it would be worth it even if it did cost him more.

I was already in the workout room when the 4 girls walked in. Mia and Holly looked nervous, but both Lucy and Liz looked confident. Mia had a well-trimmed landing strip but Holly was as bald as Lucy and Liz.

All exercise stopped as the guys took in the beauty that had just walked in. The girls were whispering to each other, probably working out what they were going to do. Lucy came over to me and asked if I could get someone to show Mia and Holly how to work the machines.

I went and got Darren who came back with me and then asked a couple of guys to help. I bet that the rest of them were really jealous.

Lucy and Liz both asked Darren if they could have an instructor each as well. Two more lucky guys were picked and I settled in to a session on an exercise cycle so that I could watch events unfold.

Painful bulges in shorts were the order of the evening as all 4 girls got explanations then demonstrations then time on various machines.

The cycle that I’d picked was opposite the leg stretching machine so I got a good view of all 4 spread pussies. Liz’s hole opened wide, much to the delight (I assume) of the guys that could see it. The ‘instructor’ who was with her went silent for ages when Liz’s legs were wide open the first time. Liz had to ask if she could release the pressure before he came back to earth.

Lucy was the first to get on her back on a bench. Her spread pussy and bald mound presenting itself to her instructor who had deliberately (I assume) stood near her feet. I saw Lucy smile when he moved round to ‘spot’ her. She’d obviously seen the wet spot on his shorts and wanted to see up the leg of his shorts.

The next 45 minutes or so flew by with very few people in there getting any real exercise – apart from their minds that is. I have to admit that if I’d stayed there much longer I might have creamed my shorts.

The girls decided that they’d had enough and I followed then out into the hallway. They were talking and couldn’t decide whether to go straight to the sauna, or have a quick game of squash first.

While they were still deciding I went to see Darren and asked if the courts were free and if he had some rackets and balls that they could use. One court was in use but would become free in a few minutes.

I presented the girls with rackets and balls and made the decision for them.

One court was indeed in use, but when the 2 you men playing saw the naked girls they lost interest in their game and were happy to let them have their court so that they could watch.

I guess that I should tell you that the 2 squash courts have a glass back wall and a couple of rows of seats so that people can watch the games.

None of the girls are much good a squash, but it sure was good watching them trying. I wasn’t the only one watching at the start but an audience of about 10 people (including 2 women) soon gathered.

About 20 minutes later they’d had enough and came out. Giving me the rackets and balls, Lucy told me that they were off to the sauna.

They were on their own when I got there. They were spread (literally) out, not leaving much space for anyone else. Lucy got up when I went in, and let me lean on the side wall. She sat next to me, leaning on me. Her back was covering the front of my shorts which was a good job as my cock was rock hard.

The girls talked about girly things and the fun they were having. I was happy to let them. What man would care what 4 naked girls were talking about when he could just stare at them. When they’d had enough and were leaving, a man came in. He just stared at them. I bet that he’d wished that he’d gone in there 5 minutes earlier.

The girls went to get showered and dressed. Naturally I was a lot quicker than them and I waited for them in reception. While I was waiting I explained to Darren where Mia and Holly had come from. He asked me to tell them that that they could go there for free anytime that they wanted.

I passed on Darren’s message as I drove everyone home. The girls were talking about their evening and from what they were saying it was obvious that all of them had enjoyed themselves and wanted to go again.

The next time that Lucy and Liz went to the gym (without Holly and Mia), Lucy took a bottle of baby oil with her. When they emerged out of the changing room, both of them had the baby oil rubbed all over their bodies. They shined and caught the lights magnificently.  The guys in the workout room appreciated the sight as well and most of them offered to help Lucy and Liz with their workouts.

After watching (me and a few others) them attempt to play squash I saw Lucy open a door that I’d never gone through before. It was a big room with a wooden floor. When we were leaving Lucy asked Darren what that room was for. He told her that the room used to host yoga and aerobic classes and asked if she was interested in reviving them.

“Only if you can get some men to join the classes with us.” Lucy said. Liz giggled.

Darren asked Lucy when she was going to be there again and he promised to have an instructor and a few men to share the lesson.

Four days later I drove Lucy to the gym. Waiting outside were Liz, Mia, Holly and another girl – Louise. The girls had been recruiting.

Louise was obviously a bit nervous about being naked as she walked into the workout room; but she soon settled and was enjoying the teasing as much as the other girls. Instead of going to the sauna, Lucy went to see Darren and then they all went to the big room. In there were 4 young men talking to a woman who looked like she was in her late twenties.

I stood and watched as the woman put the whole group through a workout that left me tired just watching. I’m sure that the woman deliberately got the girls doing exercises that made their tits bounce about and their legs spread wide. The men in the class must have had some great views.

Word must have spread about the class because I wasn’t the only member of the audience for long. By the time the class finished there were 6 men standing at the side of the room watching the 6 naked girls presenting their tits and pussies in all sorts of ways. In spite of them all getting tired and sweaty, all 5 had grins on their faces. 

I started letting Lucy go to the gym, with Liz and her friends, without me most of the time. They go every few days and Lucy tells me that they always have fun teasing the men. The number of naked girls has increased to 10; all getting free gym membership. Word had spread and Darren had been approached by women who wanted to join the naked girls group.

Male membership numbers is way up and Darren’s business in now thriving.

Part 07b – Round Table Dinner
Shortly after I set-up my business I joined the local Round Table. Since Lucy arrived on the scene I’d been neglecting my duties as a Round Table member; but I got sent an invite to the annual dinner and dance. Of course it was a formal do and the invite included a +1.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to go and take Lucy. I am an extremely lucky man having Lucy and I wanted to show her off to the other members. Some of them are a bit stuck-up and think that they are better than most of the other members so it would be a real kick in the teeth to them for me to arrive with such a beauty.

Of course Lucy had to have a new dress for the event, and I was only too happy to oblige. Lucy wanted to select the dress herself and she promised that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I told her that she could never disappoint me.

Anyway, the big night arrived and I got out my penguin suit while Lucy disappeared into the bathroom for an hour or so.

When she came out she was still naked.

“Just got my dress to put on, only be a few minutes, you go and check on the taxi, I’ll be out in a minute.”

I wanted to jump on her right there and then but I knew that time was getting on. Just as I saw the taxi arrive Lucy walked out of the bedroom wearing a full length coat and she wouldn’t show me the dress. She said that it was a surprise and that I would love it.

Who am I to argue with a statement like that from a girl like Lucy?

When we got to the do we went straight to the cloakroom to leave Lucy’s coat.

When she took it off I was stunned. Lucy was right, I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The dress is a ‘little black number’ that is longer than all of Lucy’s other dresses. It also has sleeves which again is unusual for Lucy. What was usual for Lucy is that it has a scooped front and back. The front scoops down to her amazing breasts, without revealing too much of her cleavage.

All this isn’t that stunning, nor is the material that it’s made of. It’s a sort of knitted material with silver bits in the thread.

What did make it so stunning is the fact that Lucy must have bought a dress that was 2 sizes too small. It was stretched over her body hugging every curve; and I mean every curve. It even curved into her belly button.

Because it’s made of that knitted material the stretching leaves millions of little holes making it see-through. At a distance it looks quite respectable; but close-up you can see every square inch of her body.

Of course, as I would have expected from Lucy, the dress and shoes were all that she was wearing. I could clearly see her nipples, areolas and the front of her pussy slit.

Lucy looked at me nervously,

“It’s not too clingy is it? I can see the shape of my belly button. I wanted it to be tight fitting but I think that I may have gone a bit too far; and it’s not too thin is it? When I put my hand under it in the shop I could just about make out the shape of my fingers.”

“No no; you look absolutely amazing.” I replied.

When I got my composure back I moved to her side and looked at her profile. The shape of her perfect tits and protruding nipples (along with her Barbie face) and the stretched material becoming see-through was going to be the talk of everyone there.

I decided that I needed some photographs of her like that and got my phone out. I took the first shot forgetting to use the flash – it wasn’t that bright outside the cloakroom. No sooner that I’d taken it Lucy wanted to see it. As we looked at it we could just see the dark ring of her areolas, but that was it. Lucy liked her look.

I then took 3 or 4 shots using the flash. When I looked at the photos I was pleased to see that the camera flash had made the dress even more see-through. She may well as not had the dress on. Lucy didn’t ask to see those shots.

I was as proud as any man could ever be of a woman as she held my arm and we walked in to the brightly light main hall.

An eerie silence rapidly spread through the room as everyone stopped talking and stared at us (well Lucy).

I must have had a grin from ear to ear.

Everyone who knew me wanted to be introduced to the gorgeous blond that was with me. Unfortunately that didn’t extend to some of the female partners and I could see that some of them were seething.

“How could such a young attractive blonde dare be there nearly wearing no more than a few threads,” was what I could see in their eyes, but I didn’t care; neither did 99% of the men there.

Before the dinner started an official photographer had to take a group photo and lots of small group photos. Just after he’d taken one of a group including Lucy and I a group of men were standing close to him looking at the little screen on his camera. Shortly after that men started asking to take photos of Lucy and me. I knew what was going on but I didn’t care; and I knew that Lucy wouldn’t mind. That is if she realised what was going on; I hadn’t shown her the flash photos that I’d taken.

Everyone was allocated a place at the large tables and Lucy made the 4 other men at our table very happy. Lucy could have done with a sign round her neck that had an arrow pointing up and the words, ‘I’m up here’ written on it.

To be fair to the other women at our table, they handled it very well. All were quite friendly towards Lucy. Two of them even went to the ladies room with her and they were all smiles when they came back.

I watched the men that Lucy passed to go to the ladies room. All were looking at those wonderful globes (front and back) though the see-through dress.

I overheard one woman say to another,

“I wonder if she knows that her dress is see-through.”

I smiled and had the same thought. Did Lucy know just how see-through her dress was in bright light and was enjoying the attention, or did she just think that it was slightly see-through? If it was the former did she want to pretend that she didn’t know? I strongly suspected that she knew but didn’t want to admit it. If I talked about it with her she would have to admit that she knew and that she was just being a blatant exhibitionist.

Well she is an exhibitionist but I didn’t want to spoil her fun so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

When the dancing started I only managed to have one dance with Lucy, but she was on the dance floor just about all the time.

I wasn’t worried or jealous. I could see that Lucy was enjoying all the attention; but I did want to get her somewhere private and fuck her brains out.

In spite of me wanting to get Lucy somewhere private the evening went quite quickly and I before I knew it we were in a taxi going home. Lucy’s coat wasn’t fastened and the taxi driver kept looking in his rear view mirror. Was Lucy teasing him or was she oblivious to what she was doing? Was she having a ‘dumb blonde’ moment?

Whatever! I didn’t care and the euphoria was still overflowing as we climbed into bed.

We were late up the next morning.

A few days later I got an email from someone that I know in the Round Table. He said that I should look at the Round Table web site for the write-up on the dinner. When I did I saw the group photographs. There was Lucy and I. The camera flash had made Lucy’s dress virtually invisible. The write-up underneath ended with, 

“….. although someone may now regret not wearing underwear.”

I laughed out loud thinking how wrong that man had got it.

The next time that Lucy came into my office I told her to come and stand beside me so that she could see my laptop screen with the web page. She blushed and said,

“Was it really that see-through? What must those people think of me?”

She had this mischievous grin on her face and I really wanted to fuck her there and then; but I had to be happy with sliding my hand up between her legs and finger fucking her. Until I got her back home that was.

Part 07c – Lucy’s Internship
It had been six months since the best thing that has ever happened to me had started and it wasn’t fair on Lucy for her to still be an Intern. Ethan agreed with me (no pressure) that Lucy had proved to be a valuable asset to the company and that she should become a full time employee. Lucy kept telling me that there was no need for anything to change, that she didn’t need to get paid because she got plenty of money from her one night a week stripping. Me being the boss I had to look at things from a business point of view. I told her that she was becoming an employee whether she liked it or not.

When it came to talking about her pay she insisted that I paid her slightly below the cut-off point whereby she would have to start paying back her student loan. That part I was happy to find a way round.

Although Lucy had a great university degree she still didn’t have any accountancy qualifications and I had to remind her that she’d have to start studying again. At first she said that she didn’t have the time for that, but she soon accepted that she had to do it and she started working on a schedule that included her one night a week at the strip club and one night at the gym. She really wants to keep on stripping. She gets a real kick out of masturbating with a spotlight on her pussy and lots of horny men watching her. I love it too; the sex when we get home is just amazing. I’m sure that she’s going to wear me out and that I’ll have to start taking Viagra or something quite soon.

It was obvious to anyone watching her strip that she loves every second of it; and she really is good at it. Sitting out in the audience I listen to the comments from the customers about what they’d like to do to her. Hell, I even threw a twenty at her myself one night a couple of weeks ago when she was finger fucking herself whilst cumming with all those men watching her.

As for declaring her income from the club, the actual wages are next to nothing and it’s not Lucy’s fault if men throw money on the stage floor and Lucy just happens to find it there. She actually found 860 pounds on that stage one Saturday night. She’s a really lucky girl.

Part 07d – Ethan’s holidays
Ethan went on holiday a few weeks ago leaving just Lucy, Liz and me there. When we got to work on the first Monday morning Lucy came into my office and stripped naked. That wasn’t the first time (by a long way) that she’d done that. The thing was, as soon as she was naked she turned and left my office. She came back 5 minutes later, still naked and carrying a cup of coffee for me.

When Liz arrived she too decided that she wanted to work naked. Being the good employee that she is she came and asked me if it was okay. What male boss could refuse a request like that? I told her to strip right there and then while I watched. She had a mischievous grin on her face as she got naked.

Later that morning I called them both into my office for a chat. Both of them sat on chairs opposite me, and neither crossed their legs. Liz was sitting there with her legs slightly open and I could see that she was aroused; her pussy was all wet and swollen, and her hole was open. I could see right inside her.

“Right then ladies;” I said, “Am I right in saying that you both want to work naked until Ethan comes back from his holidays?”



“Okay then, just a couple of rules. Firstly you both must come to work for the rest of the fortnight wearing nothing but shoes and a coat. Secondly you must perform your duties just the same as if you were dressed. Is that okay?”

“Yes boss.”

“Yes boss.”

Neither of them indicated that they’d remembered (or were bothered) that we had 2 clients due to visit us during the next fortnight; and that the usual delivery people would be calling. What’s more I decided that I would be ordering a few things ahead of needs just to get a few more delivery guys calling.

“Right then,” I said, “back to work, and Liz, can you get me a coffee please?”

As Liz got up I couldn’t help myself; I looked at her crotch and saw that she really was enjoying being naked at work; her pussy gaping wide open.

Everything went well until early that afternoon when we got a stationery delivery. Well, I say well, but it was difficult for me to concentrate. I tried to stay in my office as much as I could so that I could concentrate on my work.

I heard the knock on the door. Liz is normally the one who answers the door, and this was no exception; although it did take a little longer than usual. When I heard the knock I got up and went to watch what happened.

As the door opened I could see the delivery guy’s face. The poor man couldn’t believe his luck. At first his expression was shock but that soon turned to a big grin.

Each day Liz goes out to the local supermarket for milk etc. When it came to the time for her to go on that first Monday I asked her if she was going to go as she was (naked). I wasn’t really surprised when she said that she would love to, but she thought that she’d probably have problems with the law so she reluctantly got dressed to go; stripping again just as soon as she got back.

Client 1 arrived on schedule on the Wednesday afternoon. It was a couple of guys from a small building maintenance company. They work out of a small yard and their office also doubles as a store room and a snack room.

Neither Lucy nor Liz had remembered that they were due in and Liz went to answer the doorbell. By then she was used to going to the door naked and actually looked forward to shocking the callers. When she opened the door she saw 2 guys that she’s met before and she got embarrassed.

I’d heard the doorbell too and had followed Liz to the door.

“Come in gentlemen. Please excuse Liz; she’s taking part in the national ‘naked at work’ day.

“I haven’t heard of that, but I sure as hell like the idea.” One of the guys said as he looked Liz up and down.

We went into the conference room and as Liz served us coffee I asked her to ask Lucy to join us. Liz left and shortly after, Lucy walked in. The conversation stopped as the 2 guys stared at the vision of beauty in front of them. Lucy acted as if it was something that she did every day and carried on as if she was completely clothed.

The meeting took longer than normal, probably because the 2 guys had trouble concentrating. When everything was sorted I call for Liz to show them out. I figured that they would want to see her again.

After the 2 guys had left I called Lucy and Liz into my office. Both admitted that they’d got aroused by the experience. They were both stood up so I couldn’t see if Liz’s hole was open, but I could see that Lucy’s pussy lips were swollen and shiny. I so wanted to fuck her over my desk but not with Liz around.

I repeated my request for them to tell me if their work was suffering because of their state of dress. Both said not.

Three more delivery men were treated to the sight of Lucy and Liz naked; and each time the girls had a little giggle afterwards.

Client 2 arrived the next Monday morning.

They were met by Liz who brought them to my office. Neither men could take their eyes off her and when she’d left us to get some coffee they asked me what was going on. I gave them the same story about it being national ‘naked at work’ day.

Liz was followed back in by Lucy. This was a client that Lucy has been working with (over the phone) and a couple of weeks earlier, when we had arranged the meeting, I’d asked Lucy to prepare a little presentation for them. This was the first client presentation that Lucy had done so I was expecting her to be a little nervous even before she had decided to work in the nude. I wondered if she remembered the visit and presentation when she decided to work naked.

After introductions, during which Lucy was actually blushing, one of the men asked Lucy if she too was taking part in national ‘naked at work’ day. Lucy surprised me by saying,

“Yes, of course; how many people in your business are taking part?”

As Liz finished serving the coffee the other man told Lucy that she looked even more beautiful that she sounded on the phone.

Liz left and I got the meeting started.

It was obvious that both men were finding hard to concentrate on the meeting. Hell, I was too and I see Lucy naked every day. When it came to the presentation Lucy stood up and went to the wall with the OHP screen on.

Lucy started showing the men how she’d analysed all the information that they’d sent her but I’m sure that she could have said absolutely anything that she wanted because none of us 3 men were listening or looking at the screen. She looked magnificent. Breasts solidly pointing straight out; nice slim body; bald pubes with a bit of slit showing; long blonde, straight hair and that cute Barbie-doll face. My hard-on was painful and I’m sure that the other 2 cock in the room were the same.

At the end of the presentation Lucy asked what they thought, had she got everything to their satisfaction. One on the men just nodded while the other said,

“Every little detail is perfect.”

I wasn’t sure which details he was referring to but I assumed the numbers in the presentation. It was only when Lucy sat down and held some papers in front of her chest that I managed to get the meeting to continue.

I kept trying to close the meeting but the men just kept asking trivial and irrelevant question. When Lucy realised that they were just stalling so that they could keep looking at her she stood up and wandered round. One of them was quick enough to take that as an opportunity to ask Lucy a question about the figures on one of the sheets that she’d handed out. Instead of looking at her copy she went and stood next to him and bent over to look at his copy.

The poor man blushed. It’s one thing having a naked girl wandering around the same room as you, but it’s something else when they are so close that they’re actually touching you. Anyway, Lucy answered the man’s question but I know from experience that when you’re got one of those magnificent breasts inches from your face it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else.

After that I did manage to close the meeting and I called Liz to show them out. I thought that they might appreciate another look at Liz.

As Lucy was clearing-up after her presentation I asked her how she thought her first naked presentation had gone.

“Well, I was nervous to start with and I thought that I might pee myself, but by the time I sat down again the liquid round my pussy and the tops of my thighs definitely wasn’t urine.”

I smiled and put a hand on her pussy. She was so wet that a finger slid inside her without any effort at all.

I arranged for an electrician to come in one afternoon. There’s this English law that requires every electrical appliance on business premises to be tested for electrical leaks once a year and I decided that it was time for ours to be tested.

You should have seen the face of the poor guy when he saw Lucy and Liz. We haven’t got that many electrical appliances and the job normally takes only about an hour but this guy managed to drag it out for a whole morning. The cables under Liz and Lucy’s desks must have had some sort of problem because they took ages to check. I assumed that the 2 girls were teasing him by opening their legs and letting him have a great view of their pussies.

When I asked Lucy about it later she just said,

“What do you think?” – with a big grin on her face.

It was funny that one of the printer power cables suddenly had a fault and that the electrician had to return the next morning to replace it. What’s more he did it for free saying that he had a spare one back at his base.

Another ‘unexpected’ visitor was the landlord. We rent the offices and the landlord has to make regular visits to check equipment like heaters and to find out if we are having any problems. This was pure coincidence but he arrived on the first Friday afternoon. Both Liz and Lucy had met him before, but when Liz opened the door she was as surprised as he was. Again, I was watching and for a split second Liz’s hands moved to cover her tits and pussy before she relaxed. She was still embarrassed but she let him in and offered him a coffee.

I watched them talking and drinking before Liz brought him to me. His first words after Liz had left us was,

“I sure do love this national ‘naked at work’ day. Can you have one every time that I come to check on things?”

I laughed and told him that I’d try and arrange it.

It was a bit of a rush job, but as soon as I knew that Lucy and Liz were going to be naked at work for 2 weeks I contacted a small decorating business that I do the accounts for. It’s just a couple of middle-aged men trying to make a living on their own and I thought that they might appreciate the scenery. They had to re-arrange a couple of jobs and on the second half of the second week they arrived to decorate the main office, the one that Lucy and Liz use.

The 2 guys really did appreciate the scenery; and so did Lucy and Liz. I don’t know how they managed to get the job done with the girls teasing them all the time. I asked one of them if they get a lot of women flashing them while they’re decorating their homes. Apparently women in their twenties and thirties who stay at home to look after their kids are the worst (or best). Some of them aren’t satisfied with their husbands just providing them with a comfortable lifestyle.

Liz was the one who was worst. She took every opportunity to let them look inside her.  I must get Lucy to find out if Liz has a boyfriend. She’s obviously not getting enough.

At the end of the 2 weeks I called both Lucy and Liz into my office to ask them how they’d enjoyed their 2 weeks in the nude. Neither of them crossed their legs when they sat opposite me and I couldn’t help looking at their pussies. As usual I could see inside Liz’s hole and I wondered what it was like to feel aroused for so long each day. I guessed that it must be like me having a hard-on for hours on end. How does she manage to get her job done? I must have a talk with Lucy and try to find out. Maybe I could experiment with Lucy by calling her into my office every 30 minutes for a week and play with her clit for a few minutes each time and see what effect it has on her.

Both were disappointed that it was coming to an end.

Part 07e – The Rugby Club
This is another of my ‘doing a friend a favour’ accounts. It got round to the time of year that they needed to have some accounts produced. I was telling Lucy how we handled accounts like this when she volunteered to go and get the info that we needed. I phoned Charles and he suggested that Lucy go and watch a training game then discuss the details in the bar afterwards. It was a Sunday morning, but Lucy wasn’t bothered about that and I dropped her off before going to take care of some other business that I had.

This is what Lucy later told me had happened (from her point of view): -

It was a pleasant morning, the sun was shining, but it must have rained for most of the night. My heels weren’t very appropriate for the muddy field.

When I got there 20 or so men were taking part in a very muddy game. After a few minutes one of them came over to me and introduced himself as Charles. He took my briefcase off me and took it to the bar after telling me to enjoy the game.

It was fun watching those burly men running up and down and showing how strong they were in all those scrum things. After about 15 minutes the ball got kicked over near me. The whole group followed it and then they had a scum thing right in front of me.

As they were pushing each other the whole pack turned and one man came flying out into me. My petite body was no match for this giant hunk and I went flying. I ended up flat on my back in a big muddy puddle. Fortunately my dress stayed just about in place and I didn’t show anything that I shouldn’t.

Charles came rushing over, helped me up and was very apologetic. All my back, my hair, and some of my front was covered in horrible brown mud. Charles told me that I could go and use the showers in the clubhouse.

I really needed a shower so off I went, into a building that I’d never been into before. I looked round and could only find one big changing room with a big communal shower at one end. Men’s clothes were hanging from all the hooks.

I kicked off my muddy shoes and went straight into the shower without even taking my dress off. There was just a chance that the mud might wash off and leave the dress usable again.

I spent ages washing the mud off with the dress still on; then I peeled it off and kept rinsing it whilst I stood there, naked as the day I was born. The dress started to look better and I was feeling pleased that I’d rescued it. I like that dress.

Hanging the dress on one of the hooks at the entrance to the showers I saw some shampoo and helped myself to a dollop to clean myself. My hair was full of shampoo bubbles when I heard something and opened my eyes.

There in front of me were the whole rugby team. Some were staring at me while others were stripping off ready to shower.

I froze for a couple of seconds then moved my hands to cover my boobs and bald pussy.

Amidst cheers and a few unrepeatable comments, Charles fought his way to the front and said,

“Lucy, I thought that you’d have gone into the away teams changing room for a bit of privacy.”

Someone said,

“It’s locked dickhead – remember.”

By that time I’d got over the shock and was looking around. Naked men were starting to appear all around me and turning other showers on.

“I’ll go and get the key.” Charles said.

“Too late now.” An unknown voice said. “She may as well just get on with it. We promise not to look if you don’t look at us luv.”

That got a few laughs and comments. I did a quick mental risk assessment, relaxed and lowered my hands. There were way too many of them to gangbang me and get away with it; and besides, I liked looking at all those muscles and cocks; and I liked them looking at me.

“Remember boys, no looking.” I said and got on with shampooing my hair, but I kept my eyes open.

After a few seconds one of the naked hunks beside me started to talk to me, then another. Remembering what you (Pete) had told me about taking control of meetings I said.

“Okay guys, you like looking at me, and from the number of hard-ons that there are here most of you are probably thinking what it would be like to fuck me. I get it. I have to admit that I like looking at all of you but I have a boyfriend whom I love very much. I’m guessing that most of you have wives or girlfriends who you all love very much; so here’s the deal. I’m not going to fuck any of you and I’m not going to give any of you a blowjob (moans and groans all round). But, if you’re all good I might just let you all shoot your loads all over me. That way there’s no touching and we can all say that we’ve been loyal to our partners. What do you all think?”

The moans and groans turned to smiles and the cocks looked to be getting harder. After a few okays and nods of approval I walked out of the shower and pushed all the clothes off one of the benches. I lay lengthwise on it and kept my legs closed. I was starting to feel in control as a handful of the guys came and stood round me and started wanking.

What a magnificent sight looking up and seeing half a dozen cocks being wanked above me.

As the first lot of cum landed on my stomach I felt my legs open and my right hand move to my pussy. By the time the next lot of cum landed on my tits the fingers of my right hand were busy.

During the next 10 or 15 minutes I saw around 20 cocks shoot their load onto me. I was covered from head to knees. That which had landed around my mouth was eagerly licked into my mouth and swallowed. That which landed on my breasts was rubbed all over them by my left hand; and that which landed near my pussy was mixed with my juices as I frantically rubbed my clit. I was cumming by the time most of the guys had finished and I just lay there relaxing as the last of them finished off.

I got up and walked back to the shower with a smile on my face and a satisfied feeling in my pussy.

Things started to get a little quieter as I got myself clean again. Just as I was finishing I saw Charles standing there with a towel in his hand, watching me. When our eyes met he said,

“I thought that you might need this.”

I smiled at him and thanked him. As I was drying myself Charles said,

“I’m sorry about your dress, it’s clean and it looks as if it might survive, but it’s all wet.”

“That’s okay, thank you, can I borrow this towel until Pete arrives; he’s usually got some spare clothes in the boot of his car.”

“Sure; when you’re ready if you’d like to come through to the bar I’ll get you a drink and we can sort out the paperwork.”

With that Charles left, leaving me the only one there. I dried my hair as best I could then I sat on a bench for a couple of minutes reflecting on how my encounter with 20 naked men had gone. I was pleased; it could have gone horribly wrong. I was very grateful that I’d remembered what you (Pete) had said about taking control.

I couldn’t wear the dress so I wrapped the towel round me. It wasn’t very big; it just about covered my butt and pussy but there wasn’t much over-lap to tuck in. I’d have to be careful.

I walked into the bar and saw Charles. He pointed to a table where I saw my briefcase. I went and sat down, feeling my bare butt on the seat.

Charles came over carrying 2 drinks.

“Here, get that down you; you probably need it.”

He was right. I drank half of it then looked down. The towel had opened into an inverted ‘V’. It was a good job that my legs were crossed.

Ignoring the towel (my bottom half was hidden by the table) I explained to Charles what information I needed from him. He said that he had most of it with him and he passed me the papers. I sorted through them while Charles went for some more papers. When he came back he had another drink for me.

By the time I’d got all the information that I needed Charles had brought me 5 or 6 drinks; and I’d drunk them all. I sat back in the chair and the towel un-tucked and fell down. Some of the guys had been watching me and they cheered. I giggled and realised that I was a bit tipsy. I just sat there letting them look at my naked breasts thinking,

“Well, it isn’t as if they haven’t seen them before. Hell, half an hour before they’d been shooting their loads all over my naked body.”

One of the guys came over and asked me for a dance. If I’d been sober I would have refused, but I wasn’t so I stood up and moved round the table and started to dance (there had been background music all the time, but someone had turned it up).

Before long another guy suggested that I get onto a table so that they could all see me dancing. A couple of tables were cleared and put together. I got up onto them and started dancing to the music and the cheers from the guys.

Without even realising it I started doing my stripper routing from the point that I was already at – completely naked. That routine is dancing and thrusting my hips forward. Then I go down onto my knees, open them wide and start masturbating.

I giggled a bit as I realised that I was masturbating right in front of 20 hunks who were all cheering me on.

I soon reached my climax (genuine as always) and was shaking all over.

As I slowly got back to ‘normal’ I opened my eyes and saw you Pete. You were stood right in front of me between my legs looking down at my throbbing pussy.

“I……. I…… I haven’t fucked anyone Pete; and I haven’t given anyone a blowjob.” I said very apologetically.

“She’s right, she hasn’t.” Charles said.

“Okay, I believe you, but how come your naked, where’s your dress?”

I climbed down and sat on the chair behind the table.

“Long story Pete,” Charles said, “I’ll get us all a drink then we’ll explain everything.”


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Part 07 cont.

“Long story Pete,” Charles said, “I’ll get us all a drink then we’ll explain everything.”

Author’s note – Back to Pete’s point of view.

Lucy started telling me everything that had happened and Charles corroborated it, not that I didn’t believe her. She’s never lied to me.

As she got to the bit where she was in the shower with all the players, then them all cumming over her; she was looking to the ground and talking quietly.

“So you had a bukkake session with the team did you Lucy?”

“A what?” Lucy said.

Charles smiled.

“That’s what it’s called. A lot of girls love it and there are places where men and women can go to do it. Would you like to do it with the team again?” I asked.

“Maybe.” Lucy replied.

“It’s okay Lucy, I’m not mad with you.” I said.

Lucy looked up at me, sat up and pushed her magnificent breasts forward, and smiled.

“It was fun.” She said.

All the time the players kept looking at Lucy’s gorgeous body. She made no effort to cover-up and there was no way that I was going to tell her to.

“So, have you got all the information that we need Lucy?” I asked.

“Yes boss.”

“Right then, everything’s good. Can someone get us another round Charles?”

Charles waved at someone and 3 more drinks soon appeared as the 3 of us talked about the club’s accounts and lots of other things. All the time Lucy was naked and sat back so that everyone could see her breasts.

About an hour later we left, with Lucy walking out completely naked. Her dress was just about dry but she made no attempt to put it on, much to the delight of the rugby team; and me. I was proud of her – again.

She stayed naked in the car all the way home, and ran inside that way as well. Needless to say that we didn’t get much work done that afternoon.