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Safia and the Johnson's (MF, trans-f, UA)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1085

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on: July 22, 2018, 11:06:52 PM
Here is a story I wrote. I hope you guys enjoy it. At least psiberzerker won't be the only one writing stories here. Here is some company huh  :emot_kiss:


This story includes adults and a teenage (16 year old) trans girl. If you don't like fictional stories with minors or with transgendered characters then this isn't the story for you.


I am terrible at proof reading, so please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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Reply #1 on: July 22, 2018, 11:07:54 PM
Chapter 1

Safia pulled into the driveway in her pathetic car. She felt self-conscious driving that thing in such an affluent neighborhood. She was in the hills—far from her home in the valley—yet, as she looked in her rear view mirror, she could swear her home was visible among the dots behind her.

As Safia stopped her vehicle, Mrs Johnson came storming out to greet her. She was a bubbly, vivacious blonde. She was probably five foot five at a hundred and fifty pounds, all of which seemed to be carried in her huge chest and ass. She had the Dolly Parton, blonde hair and pouty lips from lip injections, all done up in some tight dress that squeezed her waist. Anyone would look at her and swear she had her breasts and ass done—porno, Barbie-doll styled—but that wasn’t the case; those were all hers. She was just a thick, white woman, tanned a dark orange-bronze from the salon. She was classic really—the owner of three beauty salons, a tanning salon and married to a tall black man.

“Awwww,” she clamored, as she greeted Safia, throwing her arms around her and squeezing her tight. “Yeeeaaaaaa! I can’t believe you are here!” Mrs Johnson’s breasts were pressed so hard to Safia that they were squeezing out the sides of the two women.

Safia looked over Mrs Johnson’s shoulder and saw Mr Johnson smiling in the doorway. He was six foot three and at least two hundred twenty pounds. He had been a college football player, and now he owned a shipping company. Safia waved with only her hand, as Mrs Johnson continued to crush her.

“Ok, grab your bags honey and come inside. We have your room all set up,” she said, as she released Safia.

Safia did as she was told. She grabbed her bag and backpack, and she followed them inside. Their home was beautiful. It was large and modern. The place with lit up by light from the tall windows, and there was white marble tile everywhere. Safia couldn’t help but be in awe. As she entered the main area, she could see the backyard, which had a large, beautiful pool and integrated hot tub. “Did you bring your suit,” Mrs Johnson asked, as they passed the kitchen. Safia nodded. In fact, she had brought several.

Mrs Johnson led her to the guest room, and she showed her Safia’s personal shower. She led her down the hall and showed her the kids rooms too, who were over at their friend’s house. They had an eight year old and a ten year old pair of boys. Safia was there to help the Johnson’s babysit their sons during this busy time of year when the boys had soccer camp.

Safia had met the Johnson’s a few weeks earlier at a charity event for at risk kids. The event centered around LGBT children and teens from poor families. The Johnson’s were self-made, small-business owners, who were not only open-minded, but generous in supporting the community they once came from. At the event, they were immediately smitten with Safia’s beauty, confidence and charisma.

Safia was an Afro-Cuban, trans teen, who was barely past her sixteenth birthday. Safia was five foot eight at a hundred and fifty pounds. Unlike Mrs Johnson, she wasn’t voluptuous. She had long legs that got progressively thicker where they terminated at her muscular, tear-drop ass; she had a small waist, a short, hour-glass torso that curved in from her hips sharply, but then just as sharply, it opened up to her shoulders. She had run track, and her toned body matched that of a long-legged sprinter. She had mocha skin and curly, long, black hair. Her breasts were still young and forming, no larger than a handful, but enough to complement her form. She had large nipples, something Safia liked, but was annoyingly obvious through her clothes, something she had grown to accept. Her lips were large and full, yet her nose and face was so small. She had been on hormones since she was nine, and she had her testicles removed then, so that she didn’t need aggressive levels of hormones, or needed testosterone blockers. Because of her early transition, no one would have ever guessed she was trans. She was in her typical Floridian attire—string top shirt, sports bra which didn’t hide her always firm nipples, tight, short-shorts and flip-flops.

Mrs Johnson said they had to step out to do some shopping before the boys came home, that they would be gone for a few hours. Safia was able to use the pool and help herself to whatever she wanted in the kitchen. As they pulled away in their Mercedes, Safia ran into her new room and jumped on the bed, landing on her back with a big smile on her face.

She opened her bag and pulled out a few suits she had brought with her, laying them out on the bed to decide what to wear. She pulled her top off then, squirmed out of her sports bra. She wiggled out of her shorts, having to make an extra effort to get them over her hips and ass. She dropped her thong to her ankles and stood there for a second naked, as she thought about which suit to wear. Her flaccid cock, which had been strategically tucked between her legs, smashed against her ball-less sack and taint, fell from its position. It was uncut and only a few inches flaccid. Safia barely gave it much attention.

Because she had her balls removed as a child, she didn’t get hard spontaneously. In fact, Safia’s sexuality was stifled by the missing hormones from her balls, staying dormant in her. She had never masterbated, never orgasmed, never really thought much of sex, never really even had a hard-on. She didn’t really have time for it because of her busy school schedule, athletics and home life.

Most of Safia’s bikini bottoms were riske. She needed enough tug to tuck her small cock in the suit, so thong types were best, but she didn’t want to wear anything too daring in case they came home early. She chose a pair of black bottoms that were a fuller, Brazilian cut, which pinch together in the center of her ass, yet they still did nothing to cover the outside of her tear-drop ass. She picked a black top and headed to the pool for a dip and to soak in the sun for a few hours. She stopped by the kitchen on the way and made a fruit smoothy. As she laid by the pool, listening to her music, she couldn’t help but grin with content for herself in her surroundings.

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Reply #2 on: July 22, 2018, 11:08:45 PM
Chapter 2

That evening and the next few days were business as usual. Mr and Mrs Johnson left for work early and arrived late. Safia took the kids to their summer soccer camp and then brought them home to watch them. They were naive to what Safia was, so she let it be. The Johnsons were graciously accommodating to Safia. They new she was trans and treated her like the woman she was, which made Safia feel great. It was one thing to be perceived as a woman. It was another for others to know that she was transgender and still treat her no different. She appreciated them greatly for that.

One night Safia was informed that they would be going out on a date night, and that they would be home late. Mrs Johnson came out of their room to give Safia some last minute instructions. She was done up to the tee. She had on four inch heels and a tight short dress that left nothing to the imagination. Mr Johnson came out in a sharp, white, tailor-made suit looking so good Safia couldn’t help but be slack jawed at them both. When Mrs Johnson looked up, she grinned at Safia, who immediately shook the stupid look off her face, blushing at the same time. Mrs Johnson strutted out the front door, her hands wrapped around her husband’s arm.

Safia shut the door then headed to the kitchen to make the kids some food. After feeding the kids, she cleaned the kitchen and up the mess the kids made, straightening the couch and putting away their toys before eventually putting them to bed when it became bed time. She planted herself in front of the TV and watched a movie.

An hour in, and she was getting bored. She looked over her shoulder out the wall of glass. She could see the glow of the hot tub through the darkness of the night, and the rest of the pool and yard decorated in light. She turned off the TV and ran to her room. She found a metallic, turquoise suit in her bag and threw it on the bed. She dropped her cotton shorts and pink thong. She pulled off her braless, string top. The bottoms were string-thong bottoms, the type that tied on the hips and that had a small triangle in the back that terminated between the cheeks of her ass. The matching top tied behind her neck and back. She grabbed a towel and headed to the kitchen. She found a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured herself a half glass of wine. She was a light weight, and she didn’t want to take an obvious amount. She headed to the tub, turned on the bubbles and slipped into the hot water. She laid there sipping on her wine, basking in the crisp night air, starring up at the stars, loving the high life.

Thirty minutes in, and Safia was startled when the kitchen lit up with lights. Shit, she thought, as she quickly tossed her glass of wine in the bushes. She tried to act casual as Mrs Johnson walked outside to great her. She was obviously more than a little tipsy. Actually, Safia realized seeing her that she too was feeling a little buzzed. “Hey honey, “ she shouted, as she approached. “How’s the water?”

“Perfect,” Safia said, remembering that Mrs Johnson loved to hear her say that; it was like Mrs Johnson’s personal motto.

“Did you have fun with the boys,” she asked, but before she could get an answer she interrupted Safia. “Wait, wait, wait. Don’t answer that. I’ll be right back. I gotta pee,” and she turned around and scurried back into the house. Fifteen minutes later Safia looked when Mrs Johnson opened the sliding door, and she saw her in her bathing suit with a towel and white wine in hand. She had on normal, black bikini. She looked great, Safia thought, for a mother of two. Her bikini top was struggling to hold up her breasts, trying desperately to contain them, as they jiggled about during her giggly, trot over to the tub. She entered backwards, bending down to support herself with her hands, slowly tip-toeing in the hot water, making a big deal about getting in. Her bottoms had slid between her huge cheeks, which she picked out, as she gained sure footing. She sunk into the tub and immediately sighed with relaxation.

They chatted for a few minutes before the door opened again, and this time Mr Johnson appeared. He had a towel and glass in hand too. He was in typical, dark trunks. Safia couldn’t help but stare out of the corner of her eye, unable to remove her eyes from his body for more than a few seconds. Mrs Johnson noticed, but just grinned and continued chatting. He had a muscular frame and chisled abs. Safia hadn’t seen many men with a six pack, and especially not a man in his early forties. He wasn’t unnaturally shredded or bulky with muscle. He was just an amazing specimen; no wonder he had been an athlete, Safia thought.

They were in the water for a few minutes when Mrs Johnson made a comment that she felt bad that Safia didn’t have a drink. “Go grab something dear,” she said. Safia blushed immediately and didn’t move. “Come now,” she insisted. “Go help yourself.” Mrs Johnson could see Safia blush, but she didn’t understand. Safia was in a string, thong bikini and was feeling a little bashful, but she didn’t refuse the gesture and did as she was told. She turned around in the pool and slowly climbed out. As she left the pool the water poured off her skin, making it glisten against the glow of the spa light. Her ass clapped back and forth, as she stood tall by the tub before settling in position. Mrs Johnson was not accustomed to holding back her words, “Oh my, aren’t you gorgeous,” she uttered. “Turn around and let me get a look at you,” she ordered, her words spoken from tipsy lips. Safia blushed, but slowly rotated around embarrassingly. “What do you say, honey, isn’t she gorgeous?”

“She is a beauty,” he said, and Safia got that much redder, as she nervously played with her fingers behind her back. “Ok, let the girl go get a drink,” he said with his deep voice, and with that, Safia turned around quickly and trotted off, her long legs sizzoring quickly to the kitchen. She grabbed the rest of the bottom of wine for them and grabbed herself a glass of water.

When she returned Mrs Johnson grabbed her glass of water and tossed the liquid in the bushes. “No, no, no,” she scolded. She poured her some of the wine and thrust it forward. “You aren’t a baby,” she said. “Hell, I was drinking when I was fourteen,” she admitted. Safia took the glass, but she only sipped on it. They all talked and drank for a while before the Johnson’s left Safia to retire for the night. Safia stayed out there just a little longer to avoid having to flash them again. She turned off the bubbles and headed inside.

As she locked the sliding glass door and turned off the kitchen light, she noticed a noise coming from the direct of the Johnson’s room. She stepped up from the kitchen to the hall, and looked down the long corridor to their room. Their door was cracked and there was a glow of warm light bathing the dark hall with colors of yellow and amber. She could hear odd sounds that were too faint to make out. She considered turning to the left and heading to bed. Maybe it was the wine in her, but she put her concerns aside, and she went to the right, down the hall to explore the sounds more.

As she approached, she sounds that she heard began to become clearer—discernible. At first it was the deep tone of Mr Johnson that Safia heard, but then it was the louder sound of Mrs Johnson moaning that was the dominant noise. As Safia approached the light of the door crack, she could hear the sounds of sucking and slurping—juicy noises. Safia’s heart rate was elevating. She figured they were having sex, but she didn’t know, yet the thought of seeing them made her flush with excitement.

She had watched porn before. It didn’t really do much for her. It seemed so fake, but as she listened to the Johnson’s, imagining them having sex, it all felt so raw and exciting; she had never heard anyone having sex before. Her mother was single, so she didn’t hear anything at home. Her curiosity was pulling her closer to the light, the anticipation and excitement was building in her. She didn’t want to get caught, so she was slowly tip-toeing to the door. As she approached the crack, it was the fireplace that she first saw. It was obviously the only source of light in the room, but it was covering the room in a sexy amber glow. Safia crept forward further. As she did she began to see the edge of the bed, then the outstretched, dark legs of Mr Johnson, then the thick, blonde hair of Mrs Johnson. Safia paused for a moment, collecting herself, collecting her body. She was panting with excitement and her heart was pounding in her chest. She took in a deep breath and swallowed before leaning just a little further forward, that much closer to the crack of the door.

As she looked in further, she saw Mrs Johnson on top of Mr Johnson. Her body was laying on his, and as voluptuous as it was, she looked tiny on his frame. Her breasts were smashed against his stomach, her legs were spread wide across his shoulders, her ass was pressed to her husbands face who’s face was buried in her pussy, while her mouth was wrapped around his huge cock. Safia just stood their slack jawed, her heart racing. She put her hand across her mouth to contain a whimper before it escaped her mouth. To the young teen, this was all so raw and new to her. Her virgin eyes looked on as Mrs Johnson sucked her husbands cock.

She was slowly moving the large cock back and forth, deep down her throat. She looked like a porn star like a pro. She was swallowing the hole thing, which looked like a feat of magic. He was at least nine inches and thick, yet she swallowed all of the shaft deep down her throat. She would bob up and down, stopping occasionally at the top to roll her tongue around the head then she would run her mouth down the side, squeezing the shaft with her silicone lips, before swallowing him again. While she sucked his cock, she was moaning.

Safia was salivating watching her. Maybe it was her moans, but she made sucking that cock look like she was satiating her mouth with something exquisitely pleasurable. Safia could feel her cock stirring in her bottoms, something rare for her.

Mr Johnson laid his head back, coming for air, having buried his whole face in his wife’s pussy. Safia could see her dripping pink pussy for a moment before her returned to eating her out. She stopping sucking on his cock and propped herself up. She started grinding her hips on his face then uncontrollably began to twirk her pussy against his tongue, as her tits began bouncing around in the air, her moaning louder in the process.

She broke free from his mouth in a flash and crawled forward. In an instant she had lifted his cock to her pussy, and while squatting over his hips, she buried his cock deep in her body. She paused there for a moment, savoring all nine inches filling her wet pussy. With her knees wide, her ass to him, her arms on his legs supporting her weight, she began to ride his cock. He arched his head back at first then turned his gaze back at his wife who looked over her shoulder in his eyes. She was riding the full length of his cock, up and down, smearing her cream across his shaft. His large hands were gripping her large ass, helping to bounce it against his pelvis.

Safia was in awe. She was feeling her body come alive in ways it had never done before. Her nipples weren’t just hard, but they were aching. Her a body was hot, but she specifically could feel her ass and taint on fire. She looked down, and she had a bulge in her bottoms. She separated her legs for a second, and her cock came out from between her legs. It quickly engorged more with blood, pressing uncomfortably against her suit. She pulled her suit below her cock, freeing it from the material, and it sprung up. It quickly filled with blood and stood up, pointing to her navel charm. She had never seen her cock fully hard before; she didn’t know it could do that.

It was about five inches in length and lean. The red tip of her cock, the head, just protruded from her sheath. It glistened with a clear dew. She touched it for a second and found that it was super sensitive. Then she heard and sucking pop and looked up as Mrs Johnson dismounted her husband.

The sounds of moans subsided, as Mrs Johnson broke the silence, “Fuck me from behind,” she begged. As she crawled forward on the bed, Mr Johnson pulled himself up and back. She assumed a position on all fours in front of him. She dropped her face to the bed, arching her ass and pussy high in the air. She reached a hand between her legs and smeared the juices on her pussy before finding her clit and rubbing it, while she waited for her husband to mount her. He crawled forward on his knees, and with a hand on his cock and one on his wife’s ass, he entered her pussy. She continued to rub her clit and his shaft, as he stroked her pussy with long, slow trusts. It wasn’t long before she was rubbing her clit faster and moaning louder.
Safia returned her attention back to her own cock and slowly stroked her cock. It was interesting to her that something that felt so amazing, that seemed to instinctually, had never occurred before until today, until just then.

“Ohh yes,” Mrs Johnson moaned aloud. She was really getting into a furry. “Fuck me hard babe,” she begged, and with that, he grabbed her hips and began pounding her. She had to brace herself by bringing her arms out in front of her body. With each crash against her ass, her cheeks warped in the air, her jugs tossed about. “Ooooh yeaaa, harddderrr,” she begged. “Make meeee cuuummm baabeee!” He pounded her even harder. Safia was amazed she was taking him with such ease. Her ass was gyrating about as he continued to trust his cock in her with intensity. “Oohhh my goddd, yess,” she wailed, as she began to cum. “I’m cccummming!” As she did, she contorted herself in the air against his cock, spasming her pussy against his meat, squeezing it in rhythmic contractions.

As her orgasm was subsiding and her body was coming off the high, Mr Johnson began to tense his own body. “I’m gonna cum,” he declared. In an instant Mrs Johnson pulled herself from his cock, spun herself around and flipped on her back. Just as she did Mr Johnson unloaded streams of white cum on her mouth and breasts. He had deep moans as he shot his load on his wife. She was eager to be bathed in his cum. She captured some in her mouth. She had a look like she was savoring the sweat, musky fluid. Mrs Johnson was rubbing the rust of his milk over her breasts, working the fluid into her skin, using the slippery nectar to lubricate her nipples, as she tweezed them in her fingers. He slid his cock in her mouth, draining the rest of his cum over his wife’s tongue.

It was at this time that Safia looked down and noticed her hand was covered in a clear liquid. She was confused at first. She brought the liquid to her nose, taking in the musky aroma, then to her lips and tongue. The sweat and salty, clear fluid tasted amazing to her. She knew instantly why Mrs Johnson was enjoying her husband’s cum so much, yet Safia’s cum was clear, not white; it was devoid of sperm, only seminal fluid, and it was slick and runny, not tacky and creamy. Safia wondered if full cum, if Mr Johnson’s cum, was even more satiating.

Not wanting to get caught, now that their business was over, Safia quickly tucked away her now flaccid cock and quietly scurried off to her room. Her heart was still pounding in her chest. She felt alive. She felt awakened.

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Reply #3 on: July 22, 2018, 11:09:27 PM
Chapter 3

The next day Safia could hardly look them in the eyes. She felt like they would be able to see right through her and read her mind. If any inkling of anything sexual came up in conversion, Safia was quick to blush, but eventually she got over it when all seemed to be going as normal. She didn’t think that they had heard her, but her fear that she may have been caught loomed for a few days.

Several nights later she was asked to make dinner again for the boys while they went out on a date for dinner and a movie. As she put the kids to bed, she reasoned that they would be out pretty late this time, so she decided to go out to the spa. No longer concerned with appearances or worried about getting caught drinking, Safia put on her favorite string-thong bikini and grabbed a large bottle of wine and a glass and headed outside.

It wasn’t long before the hot tub and wine were making her feel hot, so she decided to jump in the pool to cool off. She dove in and swam the length of the pool. The cooler water felt great against her skin. As she got to the far end she decided to remove her suit. She had never been skinny dipping and figured it was now or never. The wine helped her courage; not that she needed it because the Johnson’s were probably just getting to their movie. She untied the straps around her neck and unclasped the back. She tossed the top aside. She untied the bows on her hips and slipped off the bottoms and tossed them next to her tops. She ducked under the water and pushed off against the concrete. The water felt even more amazing against her skin. It easily found the curves of her young body, traveling between her crevasses, teasing her skin with the light touch from the current.

As she reached the other side of the pool, she pulled herself out of the water, tossing her hair back behind her body. As she exited the water, her body glistened from the glow of the lights dancing against the water on her skin. She was feeling sexy. She slipped slowly into the hot tub, the water stinging her skin as she entered. The bubbles felt glorious against her naked body. They were cascading around her flesh, making her aware of every inch of her body. She set a towel on the ledge of the tub, took a big sip of her second glass of wine, finishing the remainder, and laid the back of her head on the towel, as she looked up at the stars. It didn’t take long for her to begin to sink into the towel, close her eyes in relaxation, dosing off her awareness, but not asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, Safia was abruptly jolted from her rest. “Hi honey,” Mrs Johnson said bubbly. “I see you are making yourself at home.” Safia quickly gathered her wits; had she slept, she thought. She wondered what time it was, but Mrs Johnson filled her in. “Dinner ran late, and we missed the start of the movie,” she said, as she squatted down to feel the water, as if testing its temperature, which was always the same. Safia suddenly realized she was naked, and it was only the bubbles that was shielding her naked body from Mrs Johnson’s eyes.

What made matters worse is that Mr Johnson appeared. “What do we have here,” he said. “A whole bottle? My haven’t we grown fast!”

“Shut up babe,” Mrs Johnson said scoldingly. “Let the girl be. Can’t you see she is just trying to relax?” She smiled at Safia, who still looked mortified, but it wasn’t because they found her with a bottle of wine; it was her lack of clothes. She slowly turned her gaze to the far side of the pool and barely saw her bikini at the edge. “Give me a second hun, and I’ll join you,” Mrs Johnson said, as she turned to leave. Mr Johnson followed her in the house.

Safia considered getting her suit, but she was frozen with fear. She was afraid the second she got out that they would both come out and catch her. Not that they would care if she had been skinny dipping, but Safia was still a shy teen, who had never been nude in front of anyone. It was a good thing she hadn’t either because Mr Johnson had returned to the kitchen rather quickly, and the kitchen overlooked the whole back yard. A few minutes later they were heading down to the pool, drinks in hand. They got in and poured themselves some wine and quickly got into conversion. Safia was fairly quiet the whole time, as Mrs Johnson talked about her thirty-fifth birthday coming up and insinuated how old Mr Johnson was, who was seven years her senior. Their humor and candor was lightening the mood for Safia, and she was beginning to forget that she was naked.

Mrs Johnson finished her cup and went to pour another glass. Safia was two and a half down and was feeling tingly all over. “Honey,” she said, directing her attention at Safia. “Would you be a doll and get us another bottle?” Safia’s face went pale. “What’s the matter hun?”

Safia looked away then down. “I’m naked,” she uttered under her breath.

“Huh honey? Ya’ll gotta speak up. I can’t hear you over these bubbles. See, let me turn them off for a bit,” she replied.

“Noo!” Safia shouted. “I’m naked!” Mrs Johnson had a brief look of surprise, but then smiled at her and her husband. Safia continued, looking down and gesturing to the other end of the pool at her suit, “I was skinny dipping.”

“Honey, it is no big deal. We do it all the time. Go get your suit if you want to. We don’t care,” she explained. Safia just looked at her not knowing what to do, confused in part because of the wine. “Would it make you feel better if we closed our eyes,” she asked, but all Safia did was stare back. “Aw heck darling, I’ll go get it,” and she started to get up, but in that instant Safia felt bad Mrs Johnson was getting her suit for her, bad that she was too afraid to move, bad that she wasn’t mature enough to handle the situation.

“No! I’ll get it,” she proclaimed, halting Mrs Johnson in her tracks.

“It’s ok honey. Not everybody is comfortable with their body,” she explained, but Safia wasn’t having any of it. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the fact that she was a guest in a gracious, huge house, but she felt obligated to grow up.

“No,” Safia said again with a smile. “I’ll get it.” And with that she arose from the water. As she did it was like it was happening in slow motion. The water cascaded off her frame, her small breasts bouncing, as they broke the seal of the water coming into the open air. Then her waist followed, the water running down the crease of her back. She turned as she stood, so she could step out of the water. Her ass jiggled about, as she pulled herself out of the tub, her arms away from her side to balance her. She turned her head to the side and rung out her hair with a twist of it in her hand before tossing it over her shoulder. She paused facing her suit for a moment before turning to the house and marching up the path to get the wine.

A few minutes later she returned with another bottle of wine in her hand and two chilled towels for the Johnson’s heads. As she approached the tub, she walked with a confidence, not caring that her flaccid cock was tossing about, not caring that her hard nipples were point for the Johnson’s to see. She smiled as she approached and just sank back in the water. She poured Mrs Johnson a fresh glass and topped of Mr Johnson, both of whom were holding back a smile of approval and surprise.

They returned to conversation, as if nothing had happened. After a while Mrs Johnson grew a look of concern. She was rather tipsy when she said it, but she said, “You know what darling. It is not right that you are all naked all by yourself. It is not right. Wait a minute.” She put down her wine glass, “Just give me a second, and I can help you out.” Safia and Mr Johnson were laughing at her. Mrs Johnson reached behind her back and unclasped her top then pulled the straps off her shoulders. She tossed her top in the bushes behind her saying, “Whoops,” as she did it and giggling. Then she reached under the water and pulled off her bottoms and tossed them in the bushes too making the same noise. “Problem solved.” She glared at her husband with disdain.

“Don’t look at me,” he laughed. “I’m good. This is a girl thing.” Safia laughed at them.

She gave him one more evil eye then turned to Safia, “Right, it’s our girl thing,” and Safia laughed. She winked at Safia in a devious way, which Safia didn’t get. All of a sudden Mrs Johnson started splashing her husband with water. He just froze in surprise, as spa water was being flung on his face and in his wine glass.

“Babe,” he shouted, as she continued the assault. “My drink!” She grabbed the rest of the wine and shook it up then sprayed it all over him laughing the whole time. She was wild Safia thought. “You are going to get it tonight,” he warned. She tossed the bottle aside and jolted over to Safia. She grabbed Safia around the waist and pulled the buoyant girl on top of her. “She can’t protect you, babe.”

“Yes she can,” Mrs Johnson retorted, both girls laughing at the same time. Safia could feel Mrs Johnson’s enormous breasts against her bare skin, her ass resting on top of Mrs Johnson’s thighs, slipping in the water across her skin. It felt for good for Safia to have her skin against her skin.

A few minutes after the laughing subsided and their breathing calmed, they took notice of the scene and decided to call it a night. As Mrs Johnson exited the pool, she smiled at Safia, who watched her with awe at her voluptuous figure. She grabbed her suit, but left the glasses and bottles. Mr Johnson followed her in the house. She turned and waved to Safia and said with a dirty smile, “Night honey. Have fun.”

Safia was confused. What fun was left for the evening?

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Chapter 4

Safia crawled from the spa, carful not to fall over. She wasn’t drunk, but she was really buzzed. She turned off the tub and gathered up the bottles and glasses. She scurried over to her suit, and with her toes, she gathered it up headed inside. As she put the bottles in the trash and the glasses away in the dishwasher, she heard a noise coming from the Johnson’s room. She stepped up to the walkway and appeared down the hall. She could see their door cracked again, the warm glow illuminating the end of the hall. She slowly walked down the hall, still nude, with only her suit in hand. She passed their cat in the hall, which was asleep. As she approached, she could her sucking noises. As she reached the door she peered inside, just as before.

Safia looked in and saw Mrs Johnson between Mr Johnson’s legs. She was crouched between his legs, knees tucked against his thighs, leaning forward, giving him a good blow job. Safia could feel her heart quicken like before. She was less shocked by the site of them—not like before. In fact, she had just been in the hot tub nude with them for the last hour, so seeing them was not so much of a shock, but watching her indulge her mouth on his cock was making Safia salivate and other parts of her body was responding. She could feel her breathing getting warm, her nipples were getting hard and tingly, her cock was beginning to fill with blood, and she could sense hot accumulating between her legs and cheeks.

She almost gasped, as the house cat touched her leg. Her heart rate must have jumped twenty beats. Annoyed, she returned her gaze from the cat to the view.

Mrs Johnson was swallowing his cock just like before, burying it deep down her throat before pulling it out to lick and suck the side of his shaft. She delicately held it in her fingers, stroking it from time to time, as she teased the head of his shaft.

All of a sudden the door creaked open, as the cat lunged into the room. The Johnsons immediately turned to the door, which was open enough that they could see Safia standing there paralyzed in the door. They could also see that she was aroused, and before Safia could say a word or run away, Mrs Johnson grinned at Safia and spoke assuringly, “It’s ok honey. If you want to watch you can come in.” She released his cock and gestured to the side of the bed next to her. “Come on. We aren’t going to bite you.” Safia just stood their frozen, unable to make a move. Whatever confidence she had earlier had left her. Mrs Johnson made a face of support and walked over to Safia. She clasped her hand and guided her over to the side of the bed, next to the side of Mr Johnson’s leg. “Here honey, have a seat. You can watch and warm yourself by the fire. No need to be cold by the door,” she said in such a casual and reassuring voice. Safia was beginning to relax.

Mrs Johnson crawled back between his legs, assuming the position she had before. “I’m sure this is all so curious to you, isn’t it?” Safia nodded, but didn’t make a word. She just sat there wide eyed, now only a few feet away from Mr Johnson’s big Johnson. Mrs Johnson cupped his cock back up in her small hands, as she continued, “See, this is one way we show affection for each other.” She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock. She pressed her lips into the head of his cock and kissed it deeply. She repeated the process, kissing around the head of his cock, as if she was kissing his mouth. “See,” she said, as she stopped, “Just like that, and I can also do it like this.” She leaned forward again and slowly slid the head of his cock in her mouth. She slid her tongue out and slowly circled it around the head of his cock then she pressed the tip to her lips and ran her tongue up the shaft from the middle to the tip. He moaned. “See. He likes that and that makes me happy.”

She returned to his cock, sliding it back in her mouth, but looked over at Safia who was somewhat slack jawed in shock, but in awe too. Mrs Johnson pinched her eyes at Safia, smiling, as she took his cock down her throat. She took all nine inches deep down her throat, pausing at the bottom, before returning to the tip, not spilling a drop of saliva. She smiled and giggled. “Aww, so good,” she said, giggling some more. Safia was salivating something awful and beginning to look jealous like she was starving of thirst and had to watch someone else drink water. “You want to try,” she offered. The sound of those words were received, but it took a moment for Safia to process them. “It is ok if you don’t. You can just watch me have all the fun,” she said with a smile, returning to his cock for another round of sucking. As she withdrew his cock from her mouth and looked back at Safia for an answer, Safia couldn’t help but bite her lip and nod. She couldn’t say yes; she couldn’t utter a sound. She wanted to say how she was drawn to his cock like she was possessed with some foreign urge that needed to be satisfied, but she was afraid to speak.

Mrs Johnson clasped Safia’s hand again and guided her around Mr Johnson’s leg, which he spread to accommodate both women. They both crouched between his legs, and Mrs Johnson helped Safia. She guided her hands to the base of his shaft. When her fingers touched his hard, warm shaft her heart fluttered with excitement. It felt amazing in her soft hands. She instinctively rubbed the length then cupped it in her palms. She looked over at Mrs Johnson who gave her a look of reassurance. “It’s ok honey,” she said. “Just take your time.” She pulled the young girl’s hair back, as she guided her forward. Safia’s mouth was just inches away from the head of his cock, which was glistening with saliva in the light of the fire. She could almost smell the musky aroma of his sex, which was filling her head of euphoria and drawing her near. “It’s ok babe. When you are ready,” she said. Safia leaned forward, pursing her lips and made contact with the head of his cock.

The second Safia made contact her lips melted around the head of his cock, and she instinctively parted her mouth and slid the head of his cock in her mouth. It felt amazing having his cock in her mouth like a dream was coming true. She was feeling more feminine than she had ever felt before like her identity was realized in that moment. She slowly held the head of his cock in her mouth for a moment, relishing the experience, before drawing a vacuum and sucking on his cock. She slowly bobbed back and forth over the head, maintaining suction the whole time. She pulled him out of her then saw some saliva and licked it up. He moaned in response, so she licked him again, then again, then like Mrs Johnson, she slid her tongue down his shaft and back to the tip, where she found his head and gave him sucking kisses all over the head, just like Mrs Johnson.

“Very good honey,” Mrs Johnson exclaimed. “You are a natural.” Safia was feeling confident and opened her mouth. She slid his cock in as far as she could, but after four inches gagged and had to instantly pull him out. As she coughed a little, Mrs Johnson chuckled. “It’s ok hun. He is pretty big for your first. It will take time before you learn to relax the muscles in your throat.”

Safia’s eyes were watering, but she looked up a her with a look of hunger to learn. “How do you do it?”

“Well,” she started. “It is always easier to do it with the man’s penis facing your so the curve can curve down your throat. No reason to fight it, right?” Safia nodded. She gathered Safia’s hand again and walked her to the side of the bed. She sat her down to Mr Johnson’s side facing his pelvis. She draped herself over his pelvis. “Try it this way,” she said, as she sat next to her. Safia immediately gathered his cock in her hands, leaned forward and attempted to swallow his cock, but instantly gagged. “Slowly child,” she coaxed. Safia pulled herself up and crouched next to him like she was kneeling between his legs. More determined, she leaned forward and slid his cock in her mouth. “Now just hold it there hun. Let it sit in your mouth. Breathe around it. Slowly work it back,” she instructed. Safia did like she was told, and she could feel her gag reflex waining. “Ok hun, now relax your throat and slide it in,” she continued, with excitement for Safia in her words. Safia relaxed and suddenly his cock slid forward another two inches before she slowly withdrew it back out of her mouth. She turned and smiled at Mrs Johnson. “Yes, good honey,” Mrs Johnson exclaimed. It wasn’t the whole shaft, but it was an improvement.

Mrs Johnson got up and went back to her position crouching between Mr Johnson’s legs. Safia went back to Mr Johnson’s cock, sucking his cock like his wife had prior, with lust and enthusiasm. Mrs Johnson rubbed his balls and would pull back Safia’s hair, so she could see what Safia was doing. As Safia got more and more into her task, utter consumed with the joy of sucking his cock, she assumed an easier position from a crouch to her knees with her ass in the air. It seemed to position her throat at an ideal angle. Soon she was working his shaft six to seven inches down her throat. Mr Johnson began to caress the young girl’s ass, which almost distracted Safia enough to stop, but she was engrossed with his cock. He pulled at her long legs, guiding her across his body, while she never let his cock move from her mouth. She was straddling him now, just as Mrs Johnson was straddling him the night before. It gave Safia better access to his cock, lining the curve of his cock perfect with her throat. Mrs Johnson was working Safia’s head now, willing her to make long strokes with her throat along his shaft. In this position, Safia felt her head pressed down and the full nine inches of his cock slid down her throat before she slid it out, gasping for air.

As she sat herself up, gasping for air, Mrs Johnson returned to her husband’s cock and swallowed it in her mouth. At the same time, Safia felt Mr Johnson pulling on her hips. He pulled her back which made her lean forward, opening her sex to him. He leaned forward, and she felt his face get buried between her cheeks, then she felt his wet, warm tongue, as he found her sphincter. Safia practically grumbled at the sensation. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have his tongue on her taint and hole. He stroked her sphincter with his expert tongue making Safia moan. She looked down and her cock was hard as a rock. It looked so small compared to the one in Mrs Johnson’s mouth.

Mrs Johnson looked up at Safia, smiling at her around her husband’s cock. She slid his cock out of her mouth and held it up for Safia. Safia instantly dropped forward and swallowed his cock. As she sucked the head of his cock, Mrs Johnson sucked his balls then moved to his shaft before meeting Safia at the head. The two of their tongues met, as they licked his head, which made them giggle. “It is delicious huh,” Mrs Johnson said, to which Safia nodded, while her eyes were rolling in her head, as Mr Johnson continued to pleasure her anus, “and fun, right? But you know what, he doesn’t get all the fun,” she exclaimed, as she moved from her knees.

She came up to a crouch and spread her legs. Safia could see Mrs Johnson’s pussy which was a foot in front of her. It was red and swollen, and she had juices building at the base. Safia was jealous of her beautiful looking cunt, something she knew she would never have. It was only a few inches now from her face, but she didn’t crave it; she wasn’t drawn to it like she had been to Mr Johnson’s cock. “Let me have it sweetie,” she said. Safia slid his cock out of her hot mouth and pointed it towards her pussy. Mrs Johnson moved her body forward, grabbed the shaft from Safia and plunged his cock in her pussy, moaning in a moment of longing satisfaction. Safia rose up, giving her more space, which allowed Mr Johnson to bury his tongue into her hole.

Mrs Johnson crouch further forward and began riding his cock, her hands supporting herself on his hips, as she crouched over his pelvis, bobbing up and down easily on his cock. Safia could see the look of pleasure in her eyes, as she slid his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She was lathering his cock in her juices, building a white creamy ring around the base of his shaft.

Safia reached forward and cupped Mrs Johnson’s bouncing breasts in her hands. She squeezed them, sampling their squishy, soft texture and their large weight. She had large nipples and dark, large areolas, made possible from years of breast feeding two hungry boys. As Safia found her nipples, Mrs Johnson moaned louder. She guided Safia’s hand to pull on her nipple, which Safia complied. “Harder honey,” she moaned, and Safia tugged them harder, making Mrs Johnson bite her lip with pleasure. Mrs Johnson pulled her breast up in the air in Safia’s direction, and Safia knew what she wanted and smiled. She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around Mrs Johnsons nipples, sucking them hard in her mouth. “Ohhh fuckk,” Mrs Johnson moaned, which only made Safia tighten her hold with her lips. “Ohhhh shhitt yeaaa, I’mmm gonna cummm,” she moaned, and then she burst into heavy moans, as her body shook from an orgasm.

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Chapter 5

Safia released the nipple from her mouth and sat up just as Mrs Johnson came. The sight of her in utter ecstasy and the feeling of Safia’s hole opening up to Mr Johnson’s tongue was driving her to new levels of lust. She wanted to feel that too. Mrs Johnson opened her eyes and could see the look of jealousy, lust and desire in the young girl’s eyes.

She collected herself for a moment. She gathered the loose hair and pulled her hair back in her bun, all the while still having her husband’s hard cock buried in her pussy. “Ok baby, it is your turn,” she said, as she dismounted his cock. It fell from her pussy and landed against his stomach with a thud, as she side stepped him and kneeled at his side. “Come on baby. You gotta get some of this. You will thank me later,” she said, as she guided Safia by the hand again. She pulled her off of her husband’s mouth, over to kneel at his side, where she gathered the young girl’s curly hair into a bun. Safia was excited, yet afraid at the same time, knowing very well what Mrs Johnson had in mind,  but not knowing if she would enjoy what came next. “Ok honey, now climb up on him,” she said, as she gestured her into position.

Safia did as she was instructed and climbed up on his torso. She straddled his stomach. Her long legs kept her high over his waist. She was looking at Mrs Johnson for guidance, but glanced for a moment at Mr Johnson, who was fixated on her body, including her hard cock. He was smiling up at her, looking satisfied at the sight of her beautiful, young body on top of him. Safia couldn’t help but smile in small embarrassment and turned back to his wife. “Ok honey, now move back further,” she said, pushing at her legs, so she would scoot back to where her hips was over his torso. She stood up and circled back behind Safia, crouching between her husbands legs like before. Safia looked over her shoulder for direction. Mrs Johnson grabbed her hips and yanked her back and planted her square on his cock.

Safia could feel his huge cock between her cheeks, as she sat there. “There you go honey,” she said. “You feel him?” Safia nodded. Mrs Johnson squeezed Safia’s cheeks, spreading them apart. Mr Johnson’s shaft slid between her cheeks, which were still wet from his tongue, where it rested against her taint and sphincter. The feeling was sublime. She couldn’t help but rub her asshole against his cock, which Mrs Johnson tuned into and moved her hands in sync with Safia’s hips in circles, grinding on Mr Johnson’s cock. “Mmmm that’s right honey,” she continued. “He feels good, huh? Just wait until he is in you. Lean forward baby,” she said, as she lifted Safia by her ass forward.

Safia fell forward. Her hands landed on Mr Johnson’s pecs, as she caught herself. She looked forward to see his reaction. He just smiled back. Safia blushed again and looked down, biting her lip. She looked back over her shoulder at Mrs Johnson. Suddenly she felt Mr Johnson’s cock smack her sphincter. Then she felt the head of his cock being circled around her sphincter. The slick head of his warm cock felt so good against her burning asshole. She couldn’t help but press her hips back. “That a girl,” Mrs Johnson said. “Just keep pressing back.” Safia did as she was told. As she pressed back she felt her wet, boy pussy being spread. Mrs Johnson had her husband’s cock in her hands, working it back and forth against Safia’s virgin sphincter. Safia could feel her muscles relaxing against the head of his cock, then suddenly, the head of his cock slid past her opening. Safia gasped, but not in pain—just in sock from the pleasure. “Ohhh yea baby. You like that, huh. Just wait baby girl,” she said. Safia instinctually pressed back more, and she felt the head of his cock slide another inch in before it hit her inner sphincter, which felt much tighter. Mr Johnson’s cock bent against the resistance, and Safia couldn’t help me tense up.

“Just keep relaxing baby,” she continued. “You are doing great!” As she said that, she was massaging Safia’s ass with her free hand, and it was working to relax her. She felt Mrs Johnson spit on the opening to her sphincter then she felt her tongue on her opening. It was like heaven. Mrs Johnson just slowly pressed back and forth with her husband’s cock against Safia’s virgin sphincter, willing it to relax, and it slowly started to release its grip. Safia could feel her hole opening to his cock, relaxing to his meat. As that happened, Safia too felt relaxed enough to press back. Mr Johnson’s cock was still bending with each press back, but then it happened, and six inches of his cock broke the seal of her hole and flooded her body.

The sensation made Safia cry out with pleasure. She couldn’t believe she had a cock buried in her ass. The sensation of his shaft sliding along her sphincter wall, all her burning hot muscles, was sensational. Before she had a chance to budge, Mrs Johnson pulled her back by the hips and three more inches of his cock flooded her boy pussy, filling her with his meat. Safia’s anus spasmed against the sensation. “Ohhh shitt,” she said.

“That’s right baby,” Mrs Johnson responded. “I told you that you would thank me. Isn’t cock heaven honey?” Safia nodded while biting her lip, still adjusting to the waves of pleasure passing over her body. “Ok baby. Now rock back and forth,” she directed, using her hands on Safia’s ass to direct her motions up and down. With her hands on his chest still, Safia started riding his cock, sliding his cock back and forth in her ass. She was moving slowly, not because of pain, but because she was overwhelmed by the sensation.

She looked down at Mr Johnson who had a face of pleasure too and smiled at him, looking at him with lust and appreciation for sharing his huge cock with her. Mr’s Johnson released her hand from Safia’s ass and dropped to the mattress to her husbands ball where she began to suck on them. Mr Johnson moved his large hands from Safia’s thighs to her ass, squeezing her cheeks and guiding her hips up and down. His hands felt wonderful on her skin, powerful and strong. She stared at him in his eyes, rolling her eyes in pleasure, and thanking him for each wave of pleasure that passed over her. She was feeling more bonded with him moment by moment. He was feeling it too. He was pulling her forward more, causing her to drop her hands from his chest to the sides of his body, and now he was slowly matching her thrusts back with presses forward, burying his cock deeper in her. Safia’s mouth was watering with lust, overcome with a desire to give herself to him. He was making her his woman, turning her into a woman at that moment, showing her what her purpose was, an instinct she knew was always there, but only now fully manifested. Safia couldn’t help herself, as she leaned her face further down. The two met in the center and embraced in a passionate kiss. Her mouth was full of appreciation, as she pressed her young, tender lips to his. She accepted the tongue that he offered and sucked on it before sliding her tongue against his.

He began to quicken his tempo. He moved his hands to her waist and pulled her further forward, so he could press his hips further up, giving himself more range of motion, and he used it. Mrs Johnson sat up and looked on, as her husband fucked their young mistress. “That’s right baby,” she said. “Fuck that pussy.” It was apparent she was enjoying what she was witnessing. Safia’s lips tensed against his, as his thrusts began to pound against her bubble butt.

She released herself from his mouth and began to moan. “Ohhhh sshhittt yeeeaaa,” she moaned, still pressing back against his cock, as his trusts continued. Her ass was bouncing against his hips, gyrating in the air, smacking and clapping as his cock drilled her hole. His long shaft sliding along her sphincters were sending waves of pleasure, but it was the head of his cock crashing into her prostate that was sending her to a threshold of ecstasy. Safia could hardly believe how good it all felt. She locked lips with him again, only to break away again to catch some air. Her body was on fire, dripping with perspiration, as he continued to pound her hole. She could feel her cock throbbing with sensitivity, the tip aching. She looked down, and was surprised to see a honey dew of clear cum hanging from her cock, tossing about in the air.

As she looked back up, she saw his face clench in pleasure before he released himself inside her. He began to moan deeply, as he continued to pound her. Safia could feel his cock spasming in her body, and she felt him explode in her, shooting streams of boiling cum against her prostate. It was more than she could stand. The waves of pleasure peaked for her too, and she burst into an orgasm. “Ohhh ohh ohh god yess,” she moaned, as her orgasm shot through her body, sending waves of pleasure rippling across her flesh. Her sphincters were contracting rhythmically, clenching his throbbing cock, while her small cock in alternating contraction shot her clear load on his stomach. He pulled her to his mouth, and they locked in an embrace, slowly reducing their trusts to a slow rocking motion.

Mrs Robinson was giggling with joy at witnessing Safia’s first fuck. She was rubbing Safia’s glutes, as the two lovers continued to rock back and forth, slowly sliding his cum drenched cock back and forth in her fully relaxed asshole. “That was beautiful baby. Well done. Well done,” she said with pride. “I knew you were going to be a natural. Just perfect.”

Safia smiled against his lips then pulled back and opened her eyes. She looked into his eyes with appreciation again, smiling at him in awe. As she did, she could feel his hard on subsiding, slowly shrinking in her rectum. Within a few minutes, it dropped from her asshole, leading to a stream of cum to rush from her ass. Safia looked back at Mrs Johnson, and looked sad for a moment. “What’s the matter baby?”

Safia felt embarrassed to say it, but she did, blushing and looking away in the process, “It feels so empty now.” Mrs Johnson smiled with approval. She knew after that evening, Safia was addicted to cock. Just like a good woman should be, she thought.

They didn’t bother getting up or getting into pajamas. They just all crashed in the bed, Safia sandwiched between them and fell asleep against the glow of the fire.

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Chapter 6

It must have been three in the morning when Safia awoke from a hot dream she was having. When her mind fully pulled her from the fog of being asleep, she took note of her surroundings.

Mrs Johnson was spooning her. She could feel her large, soft and warm breasts pressed to her back, and her arm draped over her waist. She could feel her cock was rock hard again, throbbing from her dream. The fire was out, so she had a hard time seeing Mr Johnson just a feel away, but he was laying on his back looking away from her. His far leg was straight and his inner leg was bent towards Safia. In the darkness she could just make out the outline of his flaccid cock, all five inches of it just barely visible against the moonlight.

Safia’s heart began to race. Her mouth was getting wet staring at his cock. She didn’t want to wake either one of them, but she was feeling extremely horny and couldn’t help herself. She pulled her body forward a few inches, separating herself from Mrs Johnson’s breasts. As she did, she could feel her breasts unsticking from Safia’s back to a distance that her nipples were now just barely gracing her back. The sensation must have been too much because Mrs Johnson pulled away her arm off of Safia’s waist, rotating slightly and grabbing some covers over her breasts.

Safia saw her chance and inched a few more inches towards Mr Johnson. Through the darkness, she reached out her clammy, hot, delicate hand and set it on Mr Johnson’s bent thigh. He didn’t budge. She moved it in, sliding it along his inner thigh. His leg straightened a little. She bit her lip and inched her body forward. Her thigh now was touching his leg. She moved her hand further up his leg, gently rubbing his thigh in small circles in an effort to acclimate him to her hand. As she reached his pelvis, she reached for his penis and cupped it in her hand. It was warm and squishy. She gently stroked it, making sure not to do anything sudden. She didn’t know how he would react to her molesting him in the middle of the night.

She inched her body forward more, and she slowly slid her smooth thigh only his leg, creeping slight closer, as she continued to stroke his cock. His cock was responding to her touch, but slowly; it was filling with his warm blood, growing in her hand. Where there was once five inches of flaccid cock, there was now seven inches. The feeling of his penis grown in her small hand was edging her on, increasing the thumping of her heart. She inched her body further forward. Her firm, teen breasts were now resting against his side, her thigh now draped across his, their inner thighs touching.

Mr Johnson began stirring. Safia could tell there was a deepening of his breathing. Her eyes were now fully adjusted to the darkness, and she could see his cock clearly. The sight was drawing her in, causing her mouth to salivate and ache with anticipation. She leaned her body further forward, dragging her breasts along his stomach, pulling her hips in, pressing her sex against his thigh. Her mouth was an inch from the head of his cock. If he was awake, he would feel her hot breath falling against flesh. She tilted his cock up to her mouth and slid his cock past her tender lips. She drew his cock down her hot throat, sliding his lips past the head of his cock and several inches down his shaft. She withdrew a few inches, and kept the head in her mouth, sucking on his head and rolling her tongue around the tip. As she did, she could feel his cock engorging with blood, growing in her mouth.

She looked up at his face. His eyes were closed; he was still sleep. She glanced over at Mrs Johnson; she was deep asleep as well.

Safia closed her eyes and slid his cock deep down her throat. She wasn’t at the ideal angle to swallow all of him, but she couldn’t help herself but to maximize how much cock she could get in her mouth. She pulled his now fully engorged cock from her mouth. Lustfully she kissed the head and body, rubbing her mouth and face over the cock, for her lust was building and her heart rate was quickening. Mr Johnson was beginning to stir, but Safia was no longer concerned and slid his cock back in her mouth. He began to take deeper and heavier breathes, a sign which Safia took to mean she was doing well, so she sucked him harder. She looked up again and was surprised to see him looking down on her, smiling. She blushed, but she immediately closed her eyes and continued to swallow him. He stroked back the edges of her hair, so he could see her young, beautiful face, while she bobbed on his shaft.

After a few more minutes, he reached down and pulled her up on him. Safia was hip to hip with him for a moment, their hard cocks touching, but then he pulled her up further. They were face to face and met in an embrace, locking their lips together then sliding their tongues in each other’s mouths. Safia loved being pressed to his large, muscular frame; it made her feel so small. His cock was between her legs now, but still pinned under her pubic bone. She reached back and pulled his cock free and releasing it, to which, it fell against her ass. She instantly pressed her hips back, grinding on his shaft. He pressed his hips up in sync with Safia, sliding his cock between her cheeks. It felt amazing to Safia, but she was afraid she was teasing him. Who was she kidding, she thought; she was teasing herself. She wanted him in her like before. To feel full, but she also wanted to be close to him too.

“Mr Johnson,” she whispered, something he barely heard between their kisses. “Can I have it again?” He heard that, and he didn’t need to be asked twice. He rotated his body, and she slid off his side, and at the same time, he rotated her around. He was now spooning her. She raised her leg and draped in on his, scooting her hips back until she felt his cock press against her booty. She felt him slide wet fingers between her ass, smearing his saliva on her asshole. When he did he found that she was already slippery. Maybe it was his cum from earlier; maybe her body was just hot and juicy on its own. Either way, she felt his cock move next, lining up with her hole. The sensation of the head of his cock at the gates of her sex made Safia naturally press back. His cock instantly slid into her stretched sphincter. “Ahhh,” she moaned, not realizing she would take him in so quick this time. He wasn’t past her inner sphincter, but she wanted him now. As he pressed forward, she pressed back, and his cock burst through her anus, flooding her rectum with his huge meat. A shooting pain flashed over her body, as her sphincter clenched around his cock. “Ohhh shiiittt,” she moaned, slightly louder that time. Mrs Johnson stirred from the noise, but still seemed to be asleep.

They stayed motionless for a minute until the sensation dissipated and until Safia loosed her tensed hips. As she did, she whispered, “Ok,” and Mr Johnson wrapped his arm around her chest, cupped her breast in his hand, squeezed her tight against his body, and he began to slowly slide his cock back and forth. Safia closed her eyes in bliss, as waves of warm pleasure traveled from her pelvis up her body. As he fucked her, she began to uncontrollably moan. He started kissing her neck, and she turned her head to his and locked with his lips again. As they made out, he pressed his cock further in her body, pushing against her prostate, and in the process, he was milking clear fluid from her cock. Safia’s moans and they rocking in the bed were clearly starting to stir Mrs Johnson, but the two were so locked in infatuation to even notice.

“You two better have enough energy to fuck me in the morning,” Mrs Johnson said, which made them both startle. She had her eyes still closed, but she was smiling. She pulled up the sheet over her more and turned away from them. “Hurry up,” she whined. “It’s late!”

Mr Johnson strengthened his grip on Safia and rolled his body to his back, and in doing so, he took Safia with him. She was now on her back, laying on his chest with his cock still in her ass. She turned slightly, so she could kiss him some more, and he began fucking her, sliding his long cock all the way and in and almost all the way out of her. His long strokes were heavenly, and she arched her back to accept all of him. He squeezed her breasts and teased her erect, sensitive nipples. Her ass was pressed to his hips, smashing the base of his cock with her bubble butt. He pressed his hips hard into her ass, grinding against it, and she reciprocated by squeezing her cheeks around his shaft. As she milked his cock, his pace began to quicken.

Mr Johnson moved his hands to Safia’s back, pressing her up, so her back arched some more, causing her ass to hover just slightly over his hips. Then he began thrusting her. “Ohhh myyyy godddd! That feels so good,” she moaned, as his cock knocked into her prostate. His hips smacked her cheeks with each trust, sending her glutes gyrating in the air. His tempo quickened some more. “Ohh, ohhhh,” she moaned. “Yessss, oh, fucckk meeee yeaa!” The two of them fucking was loud now, and the whole bed was shaking.

“Fuckin A babe!” Mrs Johnson was still on her side, but was jiggling and vibrating from them fucking. “Cum in that pussy already, shitttt,” she whined.

“Yeaaasssss,” Safia responded, as he began to pound her now. “Cummm in meeee!” Her cock was flapping back and forth, smacking her body, and her prostate was being pounded relentlessly, which was causing her cock to ache at the tip; she could feel an orgasm cumming on and began tensing her hips in the air. All of a sudden it came, and she burst into a fury. “Aaawwww shhiittt, I’mmm ccummminggg,” she moaned aloud, as her body released her orgasm, causing her sphincter to spasm on his cock and her cock to shoot her clear cum in the air. She began to gyrate her hips uncrontrollably, as waves of pleasure and ecstacy passed through her body.

The fuss of her cumming caused Mr Johnson to lose his control, and suddenly his cock burst streams of cum in her ass, which only prolonged her orgasm. The hot fluid filled her hole, and the hard contractions of his cock, twitching in her ass, made her grin in delight, satisfying her sense of service to his desire. She began to giggled with joy.

“Fuck. It is about time,” Mrs Robinson said, which made them both laugh.

Safia turned to him, as their laughs subsided and kissed him. It was a kiss of gratitude. As they held that kiss, he rotated her down to his side, and they spooned, while continuing to kiss. She had her small hand wrapped around his face, while his cock was still buried in her ass. The small movements of their bodies mixed with the slickness of his cum, made his cock slip and slide in her ass in the smallest of distances, but it gave the most wonderful post-sex sensations. Safia’s body was tingling from head to toe.

They released their mouths from each other, and she turned her head to find a place to rest on the pillow. With his arm still around her, he pulled her tighter into their spoon, and they both fell into a deep sleep. It wasn’t until several minutes later when they were asleep that his cock finally fell from her ass. When it did his cock finally slipped from between her butt cheeks, and like before, a stream of cum flowed from her gaping asshole. The room stunk of sex, as they all slept for the rest of the night.

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Chapter 7

Several hours later, Safia awoke to a ray of light that was hitting her face. She could feel movement, but she was still in a daze to tell what it was. As she parted her eyes, and as her mind began to pull itself awake, she saw Mrs Johnson awake in front of her. She was curled on her side facing Safia, twirling Safia’s hair in her fingers. She smiled back then stretched her mouth wide in a big yawn. Mrs Johnson gave her an affectionate kiss on her forehead. Mr Johnson was still deeply sleeping behind her, still unaffected by the rays of light, as he laid in the dark shadows of the curtains. Mrs Johnson put her finger to her mouth, indicating Safia to be quiet, then curled her finger for Safia to follow her.

Mrs Johnson got up slowly and quietly with Safia following behind her, and the two laidies tip-toed to the bathroom and gently closed the door. Mrs Johnson turned on the mood lighting and looked in the mirror. She fixed her hair and gave her face an examination, as Safia stood at the door watching her. “Did you have a good time last night baby,” she said quietly. Safia nodded and smirked. “Good.” She opened a drawer and grabbed something to pull up her hair then went to the tub and turned on the water to draw a bath. She had a large tub, which could easily fit three to four good sized adults. She dropped in some aroma salts and some bubbles. The steam from the hot water was filling the room. She lit some candles. “Hop in honey.” Safia did as she was told. The water was so hot it burned as she slipped in, but it felt good too; the water quickly worked to relax her muscles. Mrs Johnson turned off the water, as the tub filled, and she crawled in with Safia.

“You know honey,” she said, still quiet. “You are a woman now, and it is important you understand the gifts you have.” Safia nodded, and Mrs Johnson slid over to her and began to wash Safia’s body with her soapy loofa. “Who you share those gifts with is up to you, but when you do it is very special, understand?” Safia nodded. “Mr Johnson and I love having you here, and we feel fortunate being able to help you out, and we appreciate all that you have given to us too.” Safia smiled. “I guess what I want to say, what we want to you to know honey is that the time you have been here with us has been special, and we want you to know that this can be another home for you, a place you are always welcome.” Safia grinned with joy, and she leaned forward to hug Mrs Johnson. “Ok perfect. I just had to get that off my chest.”

Mrs Johnson was rubbing Safia’s body, cleaning her all over. It felt good. She cleaned Safia’s long legs then moved her hands to Safia’s cock. Safia jumped at the sensitivity, but Mrs Johnson just nonchalantly cleaned Safia’s cock and taint. “Turn around baby.” Safia complied and rotated around, kneeling with her back to Mrs Johnson. Mrs Johnson soaped off Safia’s back then her shoulders. “You have a beautiful body sweetie. You are rather gorgeous and unique darling,” she said, causing Safia to blush and smile. “Lean forward child.” As Safia did, she cleaned her ass, rubbing the dried on cum from her crack and anus. It felt nice to be cleaned. “Ok, perfect. All clean.” Safia turned back around.

Mrs Johnson began to sponge off herself, lathering her skin with suds. Her huge breasts were dripping with soap and water, glistening and glorious. Safia was eyeballing them with admiration. “It’s ok honey. You can touch them,” Mrs Johnson said, as she continued to clean her arms and pits. Safia reached out for them. Her small hands could barely hold onto the large, slippery masses, but they felt amazing to feel in the tub. “Can you get my back honey?” Safia nodded and Mrs Johnson turned around, so Safia could sponge her back and shoulders. As she did, Mrs Johnson leaned forward, eventually coming to all fours such that her ass came up out of the water. Safia sponged off her huge ass too. “Don’t forget to clean me good sweetie,” she said, as she spread her knees a little wider, opening her crack to Safia for better access. Safia did as she was told and cleaned off Mrs Johnson’s pussy and asshole. She ran soapy water over her skin, and it cascaded down her crack, washing the suds from her shaven, puffy pussy. Safia was envious and at awe of her pussy. How she longed to have one just like Mrs Johnson. “Ohh yea, thanks baby,” she said, as Safia finished. “Ok honey, let’s go wake up daddy. I bet the sleepy head is still passed out.”

They washed the suds off their body and toweled off. Before they left the bathroom, Mrs Johnson pulled Safia’s hair up in a bun. She let her spray some of her perfume on her skin, and she even put some jewelry in her ears, wrists and neck. She applied some makeup on her, stretching her eyelashes up with some mascara and enhancing the rose in her young lips with some lip gloss. Mrs Johnson did the same to herself then lathered vanilla-cream lotion all over both their bodies. “There. Perfect,” she said. “Now we are ready to wake him up.”

She gestured for Safia to follow her in the room quietly. As they opened the door slowly, they could see him still asleep. Safia followed her in the room, tip-toeing slowly to the bed. When they reached the bed, the two ladies gentle crawled towards him. Mrs Johnson slowly pulled the sheet off his hips, exposing his sex to the open air. She leaned into Safia’s ear and whispered, “This is how he likes to be awakened,” she said smiling. She crept to his side, and Safia positioned herself on the other side. Mrs Johnson gentle rubbed the base of his cock, keeping her long nails away from his skin. As his cock began to grow, she cupped it in her hand.

Safia was a foot away. His cock stunk of sex, musky and sweet. She couldn’t help but be turned on by the scent. It was something animalistic, intrinsic like an aphrodisiac that pierced through her, stoking the fire in her loins. She starred at it with instant lust. Mrs Johnson could see the addict craving her medicine, and she leaned the cock towards Safia. Safia looked up for an instant in appreciation then parted her lips and slid his cock in her mouth. She moaned in delight. His cock was salty and sweat from the cum that was marinaded into his skin. Safia swallowed his cock with enthusiasm. Mrs Johnson joined Safia, running her tongue along his shaft. Mr Johnson’s cock quickly engorged with blood, growing large in Safia’s mouth. As she came for air, Mrs Johnson swallowed him whole, sliding his cock down her throat, running her lips down to the base of his cock, pumping his meat in her throat. Safia licked his shaft, as Mrs Johnson slid his cock out of her mouth and rolled her tongue over the head of his cock.

Mr Johnson had awoken, but he was just rolling his eyes in his head with his eyes closed, occasionally looking up. He placed his hands on their heads, guiding them up and down his shaft while he moaned.

The two cock-craving women worked his cock in their mouths. Their appetites seemed to be building in the process. Occasionally they would tongue the head of his cock together, touching their tongues in the process and smiling. Then the both wrapped their lips around his shaft and moved back and forth in unison, stroking his cock with their lips then smiling again.

Safia was craving cock, but she was adoring her new friendship with Mrs Johnson too. She was attracted to men and had found her purpose and passion for cock, this was certain, but she thought Mrs Johnson was beautiful too, and she admired her. She was the embodiment of femininity that Safia hoped to be; she respected her; she wanted to emulate her; she wanted to be her. She adored her new friend. She realized she wanted to serve her friend too. As she saw Mrs Johnson on her knees, sucking her husband’s cock, her ass high in the air, she saw her opportunity to repay her appreciation.

Safia released his cock and moved behind Mrs Johnson. Mrs Johnson was so engrossed in her husbands cock that she didn’t recognize the move until she felt Safia’s hands on her ass, which made her pause in surprise. As she held her husband’s cock motionless in her mouth, Safia spread Mrs Johnson’s ass. As she did, Safia saw her pink, plump pussy. As she spread her ass some more, Mrs Johnson’s lips separated and she saw the dewy, wet hole inside. The skin looked so tender, soft and slick. It didn’t create the same craving she had for cock, but Safia wanted to please her mistress and leaned forward. As she made contact with the soft folds of her pussy, Mrs Johnson moaned, sliding her husband’s cock from her mouth. “Oh yes baby,” she said. “That feels amazing.” Safia slid her tongue along the folds of her pussy, from the hood of her clit to the base of her cunt. Mrs Johnson’s pussy was responding, excreting more juices in response to Safia’s tongue. Safia lapped up the juices, swallowing her sweat nectar. She released her grip on her ass, and her large cheeks came flopping on Safia’s face, burying her in her ass. Mrs Johnson arched her back more, opening her pussy more for Safia’s mouth. Safia grabbed onto Mrs Johnson’s thighs, keeping her tight to her ass.

“Dam baby,” Mr Johnson said, slightly annoyed, but playful, as he pressed his wife’s head down on his cock. Mrs Johnson deep throated him instantly, but was still moaning in the process.

Safia ran her tongue up to Mrs Johnson’s tight sphincter, massaging the outside with her tongue. She heard a muffled shriek of pleasure from Mrs Johnson. She circled her tongue over her anus then massaged it more with upward and downward flicks of her tongue.

Mrs Johnson released her husband’s cock for a second, taking in a large breath of air. “Ohhh my god baby. That feels so good.” She got her head forced down again, and swallowed his meat.

Safia continued to eat her ass until her sphincter relaxed against her tongue. She slid her smooth chin back down Mrs Johnson’s sex, over her taint, her burning wet hole, across her clit then positioned her lips over her clit. She began to flick Mrs Johnson’s clit, and she squirmed with pleasure, moaning with the cock in her mouth. A minute in and Mrs Johnson was uncontrollably twerking against Safia’s mouth. She released her husband’s cock from her mouth and moaned, “Ohhh yess baby, yess!” She was drenching Safia’s face in juices. “Oh my god, shit,” she moaned, still twerking against Safia’s young face, clapping her ass against Safia’s cheeks. “Oh shit, I wanna fuck you both,” she begged. “Fuck me babies. Fuck me!”

She pulled herself away from Safia’s face and quickly mounted her husband, squatting over his hips. She reached back and grabbed his slick, huge cock and plunged it in her pussy, lowering her hips down and arching her head in relief, as she filled her hot cunt with his engorged shaft. She gathered her senses after that initial wave of pleasure washed over her. She dropped down to her knees one at a time, straddling his hips. She looked over at Safia and leaned forward, resting her breasts on her husband’s chest. With one hand supporting her body, she tapped her ass, gesturing Safia to mount her.

Safia complied and came around the bed, positioning herself behind Mrs Johnson, who looked back intently eager for Safia to hurry. Safia looked forward to see Mrs Johnson’s inverted, heart-shaped ass staring at her, her husband’s huge cock buried in her pussy, the juices running down his shaft to the base of his cock and the puckered sphincter just an inch above it, calling to her.

Safia looked down at her rock hard cock. It was only five inches and barely a third the mass of Mr Johnson’s thick cock. The red head of her cock was protruding from her sheath, and it was glistening with a dewy precum. Safia crawled on the bed, moving forward on her knees to position herself behind Mrs Johnson. She didn’t need any instructions. She rubbed the dew from the tip of her cock on Mrs Johnson’s asshole, making her moan with anticipation. Mrs Johnson was licking her lips with anticipation, looking over her shoulder at Safia, willing her to proceed quickly. Safia lined her cock up with Mrs Johnson’s sphincter and pressed forward. Her cock immediately slid into her asshole several inches, pressing against her inner sphincter, making Mrs Johnson moan with pleasure. She was already pressing her hips back when Safia placed her hands around Mrs Johnson’s tiny, hourglass waist then sliding them to her hip bones, cupping her ass. Safia pulled her back and pressed forward, popping past Mrs Johnson’s inner sphincter and plunging her hard cock into her ass.

“Ohhhhh myyy goddd, yesss,” Mrs Johnson moaned, closing her eyes and arching her head in pleasure. “Ohhh that feels soooo goooodd!” She started pressing back against Safia and her husband’s cock, causing the two of them to slowly start pumping her ass and pussy. The sensation seemed to be overwhelming for Mrs Johnson. She was moaning louder than ever, squeezing her nipples in her hand. “Oh yea,” she moaned. “Fuck me harder!” Safia tightened her grip on her hips and began pumping Mrs Johnson’s ass, as Mr Johnson pumped her faster from the bottom. The combination of the two of them was causing Mrs Johnson’s body to tremble from the impact. Her ass was smacking against Safia’s hips, who’s own ass was clapping with each trust. Safia could feel Mr Johnson’s cock against her cock in Mrs Johnson’s body, as the two of them pumped her hot, wet holes.

Mr Johnson swallowed one of his wife’s free nipples sending her in sensory overload. It was clear she was going to be cumming quickly. “Morrrreee,” she moaned, as she pressed back against their thrusts. “Fuck meeee yeaaaa!” Safia could see the cream of her pussy accumulating around the opening of her cunt. “I’m going to cum,” she moaned. “Ohhhh fuckckkk yeaeaa, I’m ccuummming,” she yelled, as she spasmed against her two lovers. Safia looked down and saw her pussy and sphincter contracting around their cocks, and she was squeezing Safia’s cock, pulsating a grip around her cock. Mrs Johnson continued to moan, as the two slowed their tempos. They slowly slid their cocks back and forth now, as Mrs Johnson basked in the glow post orgasm.

Safia was craving cock after seeing Mrs Johnson cum, and she knew Mr Johnson hadn’t yet cum. She slid her cock from Mrs Johnson’s ass, which made a popping sound as it exited. Her hole gaped open for a moment before the tone returned, and it slowly contracted shut. Safia leaned to the side, coming down to her hands. She crawled on all fours over their legs, maneuvering across the large bed to their side. Her body was parallel to Mrs Johnson, who was still straddling her husband’s hips with his throbbing cock in her pussy. Safia dropped to her forearms, resting her head and cheek on the bed looking at them, her long thighs propping her ass high in the air, as she offered herself to him.

They both looked at her and smiled then back at each other. Mrs Johnson pulled her body off of his hips, dropping his cock from her pussy. Mr Johnson pulled himself up then got to his knees behind Safia, separating her legs to either side of his knees. Safia arched her back more, opening herself to him. He grabbed his cock and positioned it at her hole. The cum from his wife made his cock slick, and as he pressed forward, the head of his cock easy slipped in. Safia came to her hands and pressed back. His cock pressed forward and slipped into her body, flooding her ass with his cock, filling her hole, satisfying that craving to be filled. Safia moaned with pleasure, closing her eyes, as she savored the sensations.

He didn’t waste any time and began to slid his cock back and forth in her ass pussy. As he did, he slowly lengthened his strokes and the depths of his thrusts. First she had six inches then seven then all nine inches were trusting into her hole, pounding against her prostate. “Ohh, yeaaa, yeaaa,” she moaned.

Mrs Johnson saw dew beginning to accumulate on the tip of Safia’s cock, and the cum, craved woman darted under the young, girl’s hips. She positioned her head, so she could catch the sticky dew that began falling from Safia’s cock.

Mr Johnson was pumping her harder now, crashing his hips against Safia’s perky, full ass, causing the impact to radiate through her body. Safia felt Mrs Johnson’s tongue on her cock, licking the cum from the tip then she felt her mouth envelope her cock. The feeling of Mr Johnson pounding her and Mrs Johnson sucking her cock was quickly escalating her orgasm. Seconds later Safia burst into an orgasm, crying out in ecstasy, “Ohhh ohhh shittt,” she moaned, as her body contorted against Mr Johnson’s cock, her sphincter spasming around his shaft, as she unloaded her cum in Mrs Johnson’s mouth.

Mr Johnson didn’t let up. He pounded her harder, as his orgasm neared. He grabbed her by her arms, and Safia looked back over her shoulder with lust into his eyes, as he pulled her into a greater arch. Her ass and thighs were getting pounded with a fury that made them gyrate and toss about. Mrs Johnson released Safia’s cock cumming for air. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, and the two girls instantly jumped into position, Safia releasing herself from his cock and Mrs Johnson twisting around, as he stood from his knees. The two ladies were on their knees bellow him, licking their lips, just waiting to be showered in his cum. As he stroked his cock a few more times, he began to cum, moaning in the process, as he shot streams of cum in their gaping mouths and on their lips. Safia leaned forward to suck his head, trying to capture more cum then Mrs Johnson followed suit. They continued to take turns sucking on the head of his cock, as he moaned through his orgasm. They looked on each other with lust, allowing their lips and tongues to touch, as they made out with the head of his penis. When the cum stopped coming, they turned to each other and made out, mixing their saliva and cum then they licked the cum from the edges of their lips and mouth, smiling and giggling at the end. They were all breathing heavy and giggling, while basking in the glow of their sexual encounter.

“Haha that was awesome baby. Hehe,” she said. “Did you have fun,” Mrs Johnson asked Safia, as if that question even needed to be asked.

“Oh my god yes! You guys are the bestest ever,” Safia replied.

They all giggled again. Then they crashed back on the bed to catch their breaths, their legs spread out on the bed. A few minutes later Mrs Johnson broke the silence, “You hungry baby?” Safia looked over at Mr Johnson’s cum, glistening cock and Mrs Johnson’s creamy pussy and smiled. Mrs Johnson smiled back, “No, no honey,” she laughed. “I meant actually hungry, hungry.” Safia laughed. “Haha, we got our self a little nympho here,” she chuckled.

They got up and threw on some robes and headed to the kitchen. An hour later the kids awoke and joined them for breakfast. Safia sat at the counter as they cooked, looking out at the pool and the bright sunny day. She sipped her warm coco with a glowing smile on her face, remembering the previous night at the pool. She was going to cherish this memory for the rest of her life. She only had a few more days left, but she was looking forward to every one, knowing that this week would not be the last she had with the Johnson’s.

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The End

I write long stories. I know, very long. I hope you all enjoy them. Thanks for looking.




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I am terrible at proof reading, so please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Just do what I do.  Say the character has dislexai, and blame it on their bad grammar.  Works for me.

At least psiberzerker won't be the only one writing stories here. Here is some company huh

Yeah, that's basically why I had Lois add a Sci-Fi section.  So I can postbomb that until someone else writes something, and let others have a crack at this one...
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grewat story! thanx!!!!!  :emot_kiss: