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Nurse Sasha (M/Trans-F, NC, Dr)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1025

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on: August 02, 2018, 04:35:52 AM
Here is a new story. I hope you guys like it. It is a fictional story about a nurse and her patient. Let me know what you think.

 :emot_kiss: Ash

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Reply #1 on: August 02, 2018, 04:36:33 AM
Chapter 1

It was change of shift and Jacob’s nurses came in the room to hand off a report at bedside.

Jacob wasn’t really asleep, nor was he awake. He was sedated from narcotics, and when a person takes narcotics for pain like he was, it is like that person is in a dream world; he could move his body, respond to someone talking to him, but his mind was so awash with pain killers that he felt out of mind and out of body too, somewhat euphoric. His eyes were heavy, even though he wasn’t sleepy. His body tingled in a numb state. He could hear the two women talking about him, but it barely registered, and it definitely didn’t stick in his mind, as if he lost his ability for memory.

“…yea, so this is a 24 year old male who was in a helmeted, motorcycle accident yesterday at highway speeds where someone clipped him while changing lanes. No loss of consciousness or head trauma; his GCS was 14 on scene. Currently he is four days status post-op left, distal, femur-fracture repair. He was fully geared, so that is his only injury, except a little road rash on his wrists. He has a PCA pump at bedside with Dilaudid for pain, and his pain has been controlled at 3 out of 10. His roommate has been moved temporary to acute rehab, so he has the room to himself and should be able to catch up on some sleep. Any questions?”

“No, thanks, that was a good report,” his oncoming nurse said. “Oh wait, will the orthopedic be stopping by later?”

“No. Unfortunately the ER has been hammered, so he will be in cases all day, but he told me he might stop on by tomorrow before PT starts working with him,” she replied.

“Oh, ok, so I guess it will just be him and me for the rest of the shift,” she said with a smile.

“Goodbye Jacob, this is Sasha, your new nurse,” she said, as she left. “You are in good hands.” Jacob smiled as she left then closed his eyes.

Sasha came over to the side of the bed. She leaned forward and put her hand on his arm, which caused him to pull his eyes open. He looked up at her smiling face, which had a fuzzy glow to it like a brilliant ora of kindness emanated around her; it probably was the drugs. She was young and beautiful. Her large, jade eyes sparkled like emeralds, and her smile glowed with empathy from her radiating white teeth contrasting against her rose lips and blush cheeks. She could have been Jessica Biel’s twin he thought; it probably was the drugs. He looked down and saw her hanging cleavage through her shirt, dangling in front of him. He stared in the most obvious way, unable to control his eyes; it probably was the drugs.

“Hey honey. I am Sasha. I am going to be your nurse for the next twelve hours, so if you need anything. You let me know,” Sasha said, smiling. “Here is your call light, and here is your pain pump. Try not to overuse it if you can.” Jacob barely nodded, but managed to communicate his understanding. “I’m going to step out and see my other patients. You try to sleep for a while and regain your strength. I’ll put my name on the board, so you can remember me.”

She got up from his side and walked to the whiteboard. Jacob strained to pull his eyes open, so he could see his new caretaker. She was tall for a girl, maybe 5’9 to 5’10. She had long, dark hair that was pulled up into a pony tail on the top of her head. She had a petite back and waist, which opened to her hips and a full bottom that filled her scrub pants. As she erased writing on the board, her ass wiggled back and forth. As she finished writing her name on the board, she turned to the light of the door, and her silhouette stood out from the dimly lit room. Her waist was small and her breasts were large and high on her chest; clearly fake Jacob thought. As she left the room, she closed the door and turned off the last of the lights, and Jacob immediately fell asleep.

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Reply #2 on: August 02, 2018, 04:37:08 AM
Chapter 2

Jacob awoke from the feeling of aching, his mind immediately pulled from his sleep to the clear sensation of pain. He found the button for his pain pump still in the grip of his hand. He pressed the pump and a small dose of medication washed throughout his body, removing the pain from his leg. Before he could pass out again he heard a knock at the door.

“Hey Jacob, knock knock. It is Sasha. I just wanted to come check on you. How are you feeling honey,” she asked. “Still pretty sleepy I see. Are you thirsty? Your mouth looks so dry.” He nodded. She grabbed a sponge and came over the side of his bed. She dipped it in water and ran the sponge over his lips. “That’s better. You poor thing. Here,” she grabbed his water, bringing the straw to his lips. “Have some of this. We are giving you fluids through your IV, but this should make your mouth feel better.” Jacob appreciated her gentle touch and kindness. “I gave the other patients dinner, but I didn’t know if you wanted yours at all.” He shook his head no.

He was too sedated to eat. The pain meds removed much of his hunger, and the thought of lifting his arms to eat felt like an impossible undertaking.

“Well listen sweetie. I think you should have something—for your strength. How about I go get some pudding and Jello?” He nodded, succumbing to her smile. She left the room and returned with the items. She leaned in and fed him like a baby. He couldn’t help but stare at her breasts hanging in front of him. It was something so obvious she could tell he was doing it, but she was aware that he was inebriated, and she empathized with his situation; if that made him feel better then it was good. “There we go. All done,” she said.

“I need to pee,” he said, barely uttering the words loud enough for her to hear.

Sasha went to the cupboard in the bathroom and found a urinal. As she came in the room, she said, “Do you need help sweetie, or do you think you got this?” From his heavy eyes, dazed complexion, continually focusing in and out, he nodded his need for assistance, which was obvious to Sasha; the question was more rhetorical.

The door was closed, but she shut the drapes just in case someone were to enter, so he could have privacy. She donned some gloves and pulled his covers off his lap, exposing his bandages from his surgery. As she pulled his gown up, she exposed his penis too. She had seen many penises in the line of duty, but she paused for a moment to admire his.

His young cock was generous for his 5’8 stature. She didn’t know how big he was when he was hard, but his uncut, flaccid penis was four to five inches in length and fairly thick in diameter. It looked soft, and the tone was slightly darker than the rest of his pale skin. He was fairly hairless for a young man, save a little patch of curly pubs above his penis. Sasha snapped herself out of her brief trance, so she could get back to work.

She reached for his shaft and pulled it from between his legs. Jacob barely moved, for he was like a lump in the bed. He just kept trying to keep his eyes open. She lifted his penis and slid it into the urinal then positioned the urinal between his legs. “Ok sweetie. You can pee know.”

“Ok,” he mumbled.

The two of them stayed in that position for a few minutes, her holding the urinal between his legs. “Hmm,” she said. “Are you sure you have to go?” Jacob nodded. “Ok, I can keep holding. Let me see if this helps,” Sasha said, as she placed her hand over his bladder and pressed gently. Immediately Jacob began peeing—a lot. Sasha giggled with satisfaction. “See, I thought that would help.” After he stopped, almost filling the urinal, she pulled his penis from the bottle carefully, setting it aside, as she took the urinal to the bathroom to dump. She returned with some wipes and cleaned up the small mess on his penis and legs from the urine residue and drops. “That’s better. All clean,” she said, as she pulled his gown back down. Well not really, she thought.

She looked up at his drunk expression then to his hair and skin. He had a glow of sweat over his brow, and his short hair was oily. He could really use a bath, she thought. She sat down on the bed next to him, unknowingly sitting on some of his hand. She wiped his brow with another one of the sanitary wipes. “Hey honey. Would you like a sponge bath later?” He opened his eyes, but barely made an expression. “You could really use it, and I think you will feel better,” she said assuringly. He closed his eyes again. “Ok perfect. I have to finish with the night meds and get everyone to sleep, but then I’ll come by for your bath, k?” He opened his eyes again to see her smiling at him and blinked approvingly. She covered him back up and left the room. Jacob was asleep by the time she left.

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Reply #3 on: August 02, 2018, 04:37:46 AM
Chapter 3

There was a knock at Jacob’s door, but he didn’t wake. It was Sasha coming to check on him.

It was late in the night and the nursing wing was quiet. Not that it mattered because the large doors and thick walls kept most of the sound out. This helped to create a quiet environment for healing. As opposed to knocking louder on the door, Sasha crept inside the room quietly.

She found Jacob asleep in his bed with his PCA pump button still gripped in his hand. She smiled in empathy at the sight of his weakened state. She had some towels, a new gown and some warm wipes in her arms. She was ready to give him his bath.

She donned some gloves then came to his ride side and sat down on his bed. She pulled a warm, sanitary wipe from the package and wiped the sweat from his brow. As she did he stirred. “Hey sweetie. It’s just me, Sasha. Are you ready for your bath honey?” He opened his eyes to confirm it was her then closed them in drunken exhaustion.

She began to work the cloth over his face, wiping his face and neck, then his hair. She used the towels to pat dry his skin and hair. She had a basin with warm water and rags. She pulled a warm rag and rang it out then set it aside for a second. “Ok honey. I gotta get rid of this old gown, so I can clean you up.” She pulled the gown off his shoulders then off his arms, having to hold the dead weight of each arm, as she slipped the gown down and off his body. She tossed the gown aside then grabbed her washcloth. He was completely exposed at this moment. She used the warm rag to clean his skin, wiping the sweat from his skin, admiring him at the same time.

He was toned with visible ab muscles, but not muscular—not bulky. His chest was hairless and pale, which made him appear like a teen boy. She looked down at his penis for a moment to admire it like the rest of him, but she turned back to his torso, so she could try to keep her mind professional.

Jacob didn’t move, as she continued to clean him. She finished his torso then lifted his arms and cleaned his pits. She set his arms down then pulled the sheets passed his knees and scrubbed his legs, making sure to stay away from his wound on his left leg. She opened his right leg up, so she could have better access to his leg. As she approached his upper, inner thigh Jacob’s eyes opened again—groggy. She switched to the warm, sanitary wipes and cleaned his groin. She moved his balls to the side, as she wiped his groin before doing the other side. His cock twitched. She found another warm wipe and began cleaning his smooth balls. As she did, Jacob moaned, as if his balls were sore or tender. “Sorry honey. I’ll be gentler,” Sasha said. She looked down and his cock began to engorge slightly, which made Sasha blush.

She was already getting warm from the work then flush from working on his genitals, but the sight of his cock beginning to respond was getting her a little hot and bothered. She tried to stay professional.

Sasha continued to clean his balls then his taint. Jacob’s eyes were closed, but she could tell his breathing wasn’t as shallow as before. As she massaged the skin clean, she could feel how swollen his balls were. She lingered her fingers for a moment, and she could feel his vas deferens filled with sperm, and it occurred to her that the young male probably had blue balls from several days of not having sex or cumming. The poor guy, she thought. Here he was broken, in pain and with blue balls. As she mulled that over, she moved her focus to his penis.

She gently lifted his penis in her hand then began to rub a warm wipe over his shaft, removing the musky smell of his sex. As she did, he began to open his eyes, as if unaware and curious as to what was happening. “It’s ok sweetie. It’s just me. I am cleaning you off dear,” she said. His cock was becoming more engorged with blood, growing in size and weight in her hand. She couldn’t help but feel flush. “It’s ok sweetie. We are almost done,” she continued, as she rubbed his shaft. “It is just important that we get everything.” As she moved the wipe to the tip, she noted that the red head of his cock was beginning to show from the soft sheath. “You know it is important to clean under here really well,” she said, as she pulled his sheath down, exposing the head of his cock completely. She wiped the head of his cock then down under his foreskin. Jacob’s hips moved slightly and his eyes opened, but rolled around in their sockets before his eyelids fell again.

His penis was clean, but Sasha couldn’t help herself but continue to use the warm wipes to massage his cock. His cock had fully grown now. It was eight inches long, but more impressively was how thick it was. It tapered at the base and tip, and it wasn’t rock hard like some cocks, but it was thick and fat, and it was so alluring to Sasha at this point. She looked back at Jacob who was still out of it, but seemed to be more arousable to her voice.

“Jacob honey. How are you doing?” He was still feeling fuzzy from the meds. She was still wiping his groin and penis, but he was only slightly aware. Sasha continued to talk to him, “Hey sweetie, I think we need to take care of this,” referring to his cock and swollen balls. “This isn’t good if we just leave things this way. You know what I mean honey?” He parted his eyes to see her smiling at him with a face of both concern, but need. He nodded slightly before lowering down his eyes. “Ok baby. I’ll take care of this. I’m a professional. You just relax.” Sasha set his penis down and placed the wipes on the bed tray. She removed her gloves and repositioned her hips on the bed. She reached forward and lifted his cock into the air. She lowered her head down, and slid the head of his cock in her mouth.

Jacob immediately opened his eyes, as if in shock, not knowing the situation. He tried to focus his eyes in the dimly lit light of the room. As he focused on Sasha’s head, he could see her mouth wrapped around his cock, swallowing as much of it in her mouth as she could. He smiled for a moment before closing his eyes once more.

Sasha went to work on his cock. She rolled her tongue around the head of his cock before sliding it down her hot mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, trying her best to keep the saliva that was building in her mouth from leaking down his shaft and making a mess. She stroked his shaft with her soft hand, pushing and pulling his meat in and out of her wet hole. She tried to swallow all his cock but the mass of his cock was more than her small throat could take. A few minutes in and his cock began to spasm in her mouth, as Jacob shot his load down her throat. Sasha was a professional, and like a pro, she eagerly swallowed his cum. The small amount that leaked from her mouth, she quickly lapped it up from the side of his shaft.

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Reply #4 on: August 02, 2018, 04:38:26 AM
Chapter 4

She pulled herself away from his cock, sitting up, so she could catch her breath and give her heart a chance to calm itself, yet still keeping a hand on his shaft. Jacob was smiling and seemed a little more alert to his environment, to what had just happened. Sasha smiled back, laughing and giggling with content at a job well done. Sasha was smitten with lust at the moment, but ever the professional, she felt his balls and vas deferens for more sperm. They were far less swollen, but she new better than to assume the job was complete. A young male that had been that swollen would have more than one load to expel. If she didn’t complete the job, he would have blue balls again and soon.

“How are you feeling honey,” she asked.

“Better,” he mumbled, ever short with his words, less he expend too much energy.

“Oh I’m glad you are sweetie. I’m glad I could be of service,” Sasha said, as she began to slowly and gentle stroke his cock again. It had lost much of its size, but it was still large in Sasha’s small hands. “How is your pain level?”

“Ok,” he said, still very much out of it. “I wish I could touch you.” The boldness of his statement made Sasha smile and blush; it must have been the meds that gave him such courage.

Sasha was always considering the needs of her patients—of their moral and well being. She didn’t like to tell them no. “Ok honey,” she replied. “Let me see what I can do.”

She set his cock down on his pelvis and sat up taller on the bed. She reached for his hand. She grabbed him by the wrist and pulled his hand to her breast. He cupped her breast in his hand and gently squeezed it, barely with any strength. It was clear the material and her bra were preventing him from sampling her body as he requested. Sasha considered the hour of the night and decided they were alone with their business. She set his hand back on the bed then proceeded to remove her top then remove her bra. As she unclasped the back, her large breasts dropped slightly. Jacob’s eyes were more alert, and he was far more fixated on the sight of Sasha than before.

It was clear her breasts were fake, but they looked amazing. She lifted his arm by the wrist again, and brought his hand to her breasts, so he could feel her body. He smiled as he felt her warm, soft flesh against his hand. She was enjoying herself too—happy at the sight of him smiling and enjoying his touch. She lifted his cock again and stroked him, while holding his hand to her breast, while he squeezed her tit and pinched her nipples. She was getting much more turned on.

“Can I taste you?” His words were still coming out mumbled, but assertive nevertheless. Sasha nodded, and she lowered his hand to his side. She stood and then leaned over his head, and with her hand cupping her breasts, she moved her nipple to his mouth. She slowly wiped her erect nipples over his lips. He parted his mouth, and she slid her nipple in his mouth. He gentle squeezed his lips around her tensed tissue then she felt his tongue teasing the tips. She moaned uncontrollably; it just came out of her. She was beginning to consider her own arousal as much as his.

She pulled her nipple from his mouth and brought her lips to his, kissing him lustfully. She slid her tongue in his mouth and found his, wrapping her tongue around his. She pulled away and smiled at him, as he tried to open his eyes fully and focus on her. “Sweetie”, she said, as she looked him in his eyes, and as she clasped her hand around his cock once more. “I think we need to take care of this again.” He nodded in agreement.

Sasha released his cock and stood tall with her back to him. She untied her pants. She slid them over her ass and hips, struggling to wiggle her cheeks out of them. Jacob looked over to see Sasha’s amazing ass. It was fat and bubbly, plump from tissue and muscle. His cock twitched with anticipation. Sasha slid her thong off her body and down to her ankles. She leaned down to pick up her scrub top, and as she did, Jacob attempted to spy on her pussy, hoping to see her hot, wet slit, as her asscheeks spread during her bend, but he couldn’t through the poor light of the room. She pulled something from the pockets of her scrubs then set the garment aside. His eyelids fell again.

“Ok sweetie. Now I am ready to help you,” Sasha said giggling. His eyes were still shut, as Sasha turned around and walked to him. As he opened his eyes, she was opening packets of lube that she used for rectal exams. She was coating his shaft in the sticky gel. Jacob watched with confusion, but still inebriated and unable to fully lock on to reality to process anything. “That’s nice. That should be good,” Sasha said, as she rubbed the lubricant into his skin, stroking his shaft.

He opened his eyes to see Sasha reach behind her body with some of the lube, unable to see what she was doing or to understand why she might be lubricating her pussy more that what her body produced. Jacob considered for a moment that his cock was large and imposing and that it could explain the need for more lube, yet his mind was so out of it that he could hardly manage to process more than a fleeting thought.

Sasha leaned over the bed and found the button for his pain pump. She pushed it for him twice, giving him a large bolus, maxing out the button for another thirty minutes before it could be pressed again. “There we go sweetie. We don’t want you feeling any pain, while I take care of this beautiful cock of yours,” Sasha said, as her hand found the controls to the bed.

Jacob was feeling the effects of the large dose. He could feel his body begin to get numb and tingly. Any inkling of pain in this leg was gone. His eyes were feeling exceptionally heavy. He strained to keep them open, as he looked on at Sasha who was lowering the bed. As the bed slowly lowered from the height of Sasha’s navel, the edge of the bed dropped bellow her waistline, then her hipline, then to top of her thighs. It was like a teasing show for Jacob who was straining to not miss a second. As the bed continued to drop, a look of shock overtook Jacob’s face. He was shocked to see a small, hairless cock where he was expecting a pussy. Sasha just smiled at him with lust, yet always with concern and empathy, as she continued to lower the bed. Jacob was fighting the weight of his eyelids, straining between long blinks to focus on the cock of his gorgeous nurse. Was his eyes playing tricks on him? He didn’t know, but the shock and unknowing fear of the situation was building, yet it was trapped behind a motionless body. The does of sedatives, the pain killers circulating through his body, was making it impossible for him to object to whatever was about to occur.

When the bed finally lowered enough, Sasha gentle crawled on the bed with her patient. She carefully brought her leg over his body, making sure not to hit his wound, where she found the other side and came down to her knees, straddling his pelvis. She sat back, first her ass making contact, then her sit bones, as she planted herself on top of his cock. His cock was lying on his pelvis, smashed between her asscheeks, pressed to her taint. She moved her hips back and forth then in a circle, lathering the lubricant in the process against her asshole. “Ohhh, that feels so good,” she said aloud. Jacob opened his eyes, but barely before dropping them again; he couldn’t move. Sasha lifted her hips and reached back behind her body, grabbing Jacob’s swollen cock. She lifted it in the air, aligning it to her hole. She leaned back and felt the hot tip of Jacob’s cock press against her asshole. Sasha practically melted at the sensation.

Jacob could feel what his nurse was doing, but he couldn’t resist. There was no stopping what was going to happen. Part of him was still in shock, but another part of his will was tolerant of the situation, willing to comply if it meant pleasure, unable to care about the particulars, as long as everything felt good. And good is how it all felt.

Sasha pressed back, and she felt the tip of Jacob’s cock press against her sphincter for a moment before braking the seal and sliding past. Sasha gasped and pulled back. She collected herself and pressed her hips back again and his cock slid in her anus, where the slick tissue easily moved along the folds of her hole before meeting her inner sphincter. She bit her lip and pressed back, but it stayed in place. She gently pressed back and forth until her sphincter began to relax around the head of his cock. She could feel it dilating, slowly accepting what she was feeding it. She gripped his cock firmer and pressed back when suddenly his cock broke through her sphincter and flooded her rectum. “Fuccckkk,” she moaned, as she felt her insides fill with his meat. “God dam you are big.”

Sasha could have blown him again or given him a hand job, something that was quite routine on her shifts, something that she perfected over the years, but she was smitten with lust in this moment, and although he was spreading her hole something awful, her body was pulling her to continue.

She released her grip on his shaft and sat for a moment adjusting to his girth. She could feel her sphincter relaxing, the lubricant allowing the tissue to slide across the skin of her anus. She sat back more, putting the full weight of her body on his cock, and she could feel the middle of his cock slowly cresting its maximum girth and then as it did, the remaining four inches slipped into her body, filling her cavity with his huge, eight inch cock. “Ohhh my god,” she moaned, as he completely filled her insides, it now stretching, as her sphincter could relax on the smaller base of his shaft.

Sasha had broken in a small sweat from the effort. She collected herself then slowly began to rock back and forth, sliding just an inch of his shaft back and forth along her sphincters. She began to moan, as the motion pressed his meat against her prostate.

She looked down at Jacob, who’s eyes were shut and his face relaxed. He wasn’t asleep; he was just slightly paralyzed from the narcotics. She placed her hands on his pecs for support and slowly started to ride him, moaning in the process. She wasn’t working much of his cock back and forth in her body, but he was so big that she didn’t need to in order to feel so full and overwhelmed with sensations.

She was feeling waves of pleasure pass over her body, making her skin tighten with sensitivity, causing her body to tingle. Her tits were bouncing in the air while her nipples were hard, swollen and aching to be touched and squeezed, but Jacob was no help in that regard. “Fuck your cock feels good,” she said under a hot breath, as she continued rocking back and forth, slowly teaching her sphincters to relax against his cock, enabling her to slide his cock more and more in and out of her. Soon she was managing to slide four inches back and forth into her hole, just to the crest of his swollen shaft. She pulled up and his cock almost came out of her body. She pressed back down, moaning in the process, as his cock flooded back into her body. She realized she was able to fully take him now, so her pace quickened.

Jacob occasionally parted his eyes. It was only enough to see his nurse’s face in brief flashes, her face saturated with lust, as she licked and bit her lips. Sasha grabbed one of his hands and brought it to her breast, but he was too unaware to squeeze them, nevertheless, she basked in the sensation of his skin against hers.

Sasha was riding him good. Her hips pressed down on his cock, smashing her ass into his pelvis, pressing his balls against her cheeks. Her small five inch cock was rock hard, rubbing against her stomach, as she road him.

Her desire was building, and she could feel herself wanting to cum, wanting orgasm. She came to her feet from her knees, squatting on his cock. She leaned forward and began to ride his cock from the squat, her ass clapping against his shaft, as she bounced her pelvis up and down. Six inches of his cock was sliding across the folds of her anus with each bounce, electrifying the tip of her cock. Her folded torso aligned her prostate with the head, so that with each drop of her pelvis, his cock would slam into her prostate, electrifying the tip of her cock even more. Her cock was swinging back and forth too, smacking against Jacob’s stomach in the process.

Sasha looked up to hear Jacob mumble a moan, and she saw his eyes open then felt him cum in her ass. He was having another orgasm. “Awwww shitttt yeaaa,” she moaned. The feeling of his huge shaft spasming his load in her rectum brought Sasha too a zenith. She dropped to her knees and began riding him hard, pounding him into her body, allowing the full length to slide in and out, crashing her ass against his shaft and pelvis, her ass gyrating in the air. His cum was flowing around his shaft, lubricating her anus more, escalating the sensations she was feeling. She could feel her orgasm near then suddenly it came, bursting from her, “Ohhh yesss, yesss! I’m cuming!” As she came, her sphincters contracted around his cock, spasming uncontrollably, while her cock jerked itself in the air, shooting small streams of cum across Jacob’s chest and abs. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Fucckk yeeaaa,” Sasha moaned, trying her best to not be too loud. Her paced slowed, but she was still riding him hard, riding out her orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she rapidly slowed herself, eventually coming to a stop—almost. She was still barely, gently rocking back and forth on his cock, basking in the glow of her orgasm, savoring the feeling of his slick, softening cock sliding across her anus sphincters. Eventually she stopped, collecting her breath. She fixed her hair that had worked itself loose from her pony tail. She looked down at her patient, Jacob, who was still quite sedated. The poor boy, she thought, covered in her jizz. She reached for one of the wipes on the table, not dismounting him yet. She cleaned off his abs and chest. As she reached for another wipe, her sphincters naturally contracted, and his almost flaccid cock fell from her asshole. A large amount of cum rushed from her hole, making a mess on his pelvis. Sasha giggled. She enjoyed the feeling of his cum dripping down her ass and legs.

She dismounted him and wiped herself up. She cleaned up his cock and balls then put a fresh gown on him. She covered him back up. She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips with appreciation. He barely opened his eyes enough to acknowledge the event. “Thank you sweetie. That was amazing. Have a good night.” She put on her clothes then slipped out of the room quietly.

Jacob awoke in the morning to a new nurse greeting him and wiping a name off the white board. All he saw was a S and an A before she removed those letters, but he couldn’t remember the rest. He couldn’t remember anything from that night.

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Reply #5 on: August 02, 2018, 04:38:57 AM
The End

Let me know if you guys like it  :emot_kiss:

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Reply #6 on: August 02, 2018, 08:38:08 AM
Nice!  I had been thinking about penning a "nurse" story but I'll have to work with it -- you've set a high bar. 

Love a good and well-formatted story!


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Reply #7 on: August 02, 2018, 12:12:57 PM
Great story.  I love how consent is played with, and it seems almost like Molestation.  Also that there's a successful transwoman in it.

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Reply #8 on: August 09, 2018, 09:17:57 PM
Thanks everyone. I'm glad you guys liked them.


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Reply #9 on: August 28, 2018, 06:59:02 PM
very hot...more more more lol

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Reply #10 on: August 29, 2018, 01:13:53 PM
wow... great story!!!! fantastic!  :emot_applaus: