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Jessica's Punishment (M/trans-f, Rape, Spanking)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1020

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on: August 09, 2018, 09:21:48 PM
I had fun writing this story. It is about a young trans girl who can't help her cravings. It involves an adult and a teen and some light spanking and rape undertones, so just a warning. Remember it is all just fiction.

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Reply #1 on: August 09, 2018, 09:23:22 PM
Chapter 1

As he walked to the staff parking lot, he heard strange sounds coming from the bathrooms, so he went to investigate. It was early morning, several hours after classes had started, so it was odd for anyone to be in the bathrooms on the far end of campus.

Mr Rogers was the school counselor for a Catholic middle school. It was a fairly strict middle school with uniforms, rigorous academics, and it even had some nuns on the staff as teachers.

As Mr Rogers walked across the athletic fields, approaching the brick bathrooms that were so detached and isolated from the rest of the buildings, he could better hear the noises that were so faint before. They sounded like a struggle or fight was going on. He quickened his pace with concern. He yelled in the direction of the building, “Hey! Stop it!” As he approached, two of the larger boys from the school came running out of the back entrance of the bathroom, darting off towards the other end of campus. He didn’t see their faces, but he had an idea of who they might be. They were trouble makers that he had dealt with in the past. As they ran away, he noted that they looked more disarranged than their usual disorderly appearance. Their belts were clearly not clasped, as they were holding their pants up by the waist and their shirts were untucked.

Mr Rogers was no match for the speed of the boys, so he stopped running. He resolved to find them later, but he was still curious to investigate the bathroom.

As he entered the brick building, he heard someone breathing heavy in the larger, handicap stall at the end of the restroom. He opened the door and saw one of the students on the floor breathing heavy and crying. She had her head down; her dark, long curls covered her face. She was propped up on the side of her hip, her legs bent and tucked under her thigh, as she held herself up with her hands, clearly trying to catch her breath. Her hair looked tossed about; her thin, black cardigan was off her shoulders, resting on her forearms; her white blouse was a mess with several buttons missing from the top. She had heard him yelling as he approached, recognizing his voice; it was a voice she had become very familiar with over the last three years. Mr Rogers recognized her too. It was Jessica.

She looked up with her large, blue eyes that were saturated with tears. Her lip stick was spread across her mouth. Her eye makeup was running down her cheeks with her tears. She looked up with a doe-eyed expression at Mr Rogers.

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Reply #2 on: August 09, 2018, 09:24:58 PM
Chapter 2

Jessica was a young boy just a few years prior. She had come out to her parents that she was transgender. They didn’t take the news with open arms at first, but over time and with counseling from a doctor and therapist, they came to understand that their son was always a girl, and they eventually accepted this fact.

Jessica had begun hormones immediately once the decision was made to begin her transition. She was of course ecstatic, but her parents were more concerned that the conservative, Catholic school that she attended would be far less accepting of their new daughter, so they had a meeting with the principle and the school counselor. Fortunately for them, their worries were quickly quelled when these heads of faculty both gave full support for their child, but they warned: they didn’t want there to be conflict because of it, and that Jeremy, now Jessica, would need to do her best to not be a distraction to the education of the students. The parents agreed and so things progressed.

Jessica was only ten then. When she started hormones, she was just a boy with a young, undeveloped body. The female hormones quickly did their work during these sprouting years. The testosterone blockers prevented her voice from deepening and prevented any hair from developing on her face. The estrogens softened her skin, brightened the tone in her lips, and then with time, Jessica saw changes to her shape. Her hips began to open up and out, accentuating her small waist. As the years went by, as her body grew taller and her hips wider, she began to add feminine curves as well. They were subtle, barely noticeable at first. Initially, it was small breast buds that she noticed growing from her chest—an awkward time for many young girls. After three years, she had added enough tissue to her chest and butt that she no longer looked like a little boy, or a little girl for that matter.

She was thirteen now and looked like many young teens. She had small breasts, no larger than a small C cup. They sat high on her petite chest, complementing the rest of her figure. She had long, toned legs that terminated in a tear-drop butt. If anyone glanced at her they would see a young, beautiful girl who was blossoming into womanhood. They would have to look close to see any resemblance of a boy; it wasn’t in her body, only hiding between her legs, yet it wasn’t escaped from her personality.

While she was feminine, she was more of a tom-boy in many ways. She wore the female school uniform, the plaid skirt and all, but she liked to play with the boys at lunch, whether it was basketball or soccer. At times she would be quiet and docile, choosing to be with her girlfriends, to braid hair, talk about boys, or decorate her binders while in class, but other times, she seemed to be more brazen and daring, more loud and outspoken. Maybe it was years of pretending to be a boy that had imprinted on her character. Whatever it was, it was the only signs left that she had ever been a boy.

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Reply #3 on: August 09, 2018, 09:25:29 PM
Chapter 3

Mr Rogers closed the door to his office and pointed to the seat where he wanted Jessica to sit down. He took his seat in his large chair behind his desk and Jessica sat down too. He handed her some tissues so she could wipe off her tears and the makeup that was a mess on her face.

“So what happened?” He looked at her with both concern and criticism. Jessica had been in this seat before.

Jessica began to explain that she was using the bathroom at the far end of campus for privacy when the boys walked into her side. They began picking on her and pushing her around. They kept flipping up her skirt and tried to pinch her nipples, even though she was telling them to stop and smacking their hands away. They kept laughing and saying, ‘Look, she is hard. She likes it. She likes it,’ referring to her nipples that were poking through her thin bra and blouse.

“Did you try to run away,” Mr Rogers asked, peering at her over his glasses.

“Well no,” she replied. “They were much bigger than me.”

“Uh huh,” he mumbled, looking down through his glass now, writing something on a note pad. “Continue.”

Jessica explained that they kept taunting her and teasing her, flipping up her skirt, as they circled around her. ‘Look! Look! The freak has a boner,’ they said, as they flipped up her skirt, exposing her hard-on beneath her white panties. Jessica continued her story, but was interrupted.

“So you were aroused by all this violence?” He look with criticism at Jessica.

“They were pinching my nipples. I can’t help how my body responded,” she retorted, but that didn’t seem to sway his expression.

“Ok, continue,” he said, writing more on his notepad.

Jessica did continue. She explained that the boys were teasing her for having a boner. In fact, they kept calling her a freak, a tiny freak, referring to her small, boy penis. ‘The freak wants to be a girl. Well we should treat her like a girl, right?’ She explained that they kept taunting her, and by that time they had ripped her blouse open. Then one of the boys pulled his penis out of his pants, saying, ‘Look, a real boner. Let’s see if she knows what to do with it. And then…’

Mr Rogers interrupted again, “Then what did you do?”

“Well,” Jessica said, swallowing a lump in her throat. “I…I” She was having a hard time continuing.

“Spit it out!” He was loosing his patience. Mr Rogers looked at her intently, waiting on her response, yet knowing all to well what he was about to hear.

“Well,” Jessica continued. “I sucked it,” and as she said that, she hung her head with shame. She could hear him writing more stuff on the notepad.

“Continue,” he ordered, with a snide tone to his voice.

She began to sob. Jessica eventually stopped enough to continue. She then explained that the other boy took out his boner too and made her suck him too while she kneeled on the hard bathroom tile. Mr Rogers just rolled his eyes when he heard this. Jessica continued that they kept calling her names and taunting her too. They said how she was a little slut and a hoe. They said she would never be a girl, no matter how good she learned to suck dick or what she looked like. She said that one of the boys then said, ‘Real girls can take real dick in all their holes,’ as they both laughed. She then said that they pushed her to the floor of the bathroom, and that the two of them held her down and pulled off her panties.

“Did you try to get away at this point,” he asked.

“No Mr Rogers,” Jessica said. “They were too strong for me. I already told you that.”

“So you tried to get away, but you weren’t able to you mean,” he inquired, just to clear any confusion.

“Well, no,” she replied. “Like I said, they were bigger than me.”

He wrote some more. Jessica hung her head again waiting for his response. “Continue.”

She continued to tell him how they pulled her to her hands and knees. She said one of the boys shoved his boner in her mouth, and the other boy shoved his boner in her ass. She then said they both took turns for several minutes using her while continuing to call her names and teasing her. She said they called her a whore and sissy bitch. She said they teased her too, saying, ‘Look, she likes it! She is hard. She’s got a boner,’ and also telling her that, ‘She moans like a whore.’

Mr Rogers interrupted again. “And you were moaning? You were having a good time?”

“No Mr Rogers, I was being raped. Why do you always do this? You always blame me! I’m the victim here! I’m the victim! You shouldn’t be blaming the victim!” Jessica shouted while crying.

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Reply #4 on: August 09, 2018, 09:26:01 PM
Chapter 4

Mr Rogers didn’t budge from his expression of discontent. He wasn’t about to change his position. He wasn’t buying Jessica’s story. He put down his notepad on the desk and took off his glasses, setting them too on the desk. “Ok, let’s examine the evidence, okay?” Jessica nodded, as her tears slowed. “So this is the third time this semester that you have been raped, as you put it, right, raped?” Jessica nodded. “It is my job as your counselor, as the school’s counselor, to investigate these allegations, right?” She nodded again. “Ok, so here is one possibility. One possibility is that you have been raped on three different occasions, and that each time you were overpowered, and that each time you were unable to get away, and that each time you didn’t have a mark on you. Does that sound accurate?”

Jessica nodded, lowering her head again. “It’s the truth.”

“Well, it is the story I got from you each time,” he continued, “but I don’t believe it is the truth young lady. I’ve talked to the other boys, and their stories all sound the same and yet different than yours.” Jessica’s ears perked up. “They all say that it wasn’t them that forced themselves on you, but that you forced yourself on them. That it was you that seduced them.” Jessica’s eyes no longer had any tears. She moved them to the side, looking away from Mr Rogers. “They said you were the one that pushed yourself on them, that you unzipped their pants and pulled out their penises. They said you were the one that swallowed their penises. They said you were eager. No! They said you said you needed it, that you craved it. They said you were like an animal. Does that sound accurate young lady?” Jessica just stayed motionless, refusing to make eye contact.

Mr Rogers continued. “Let me tell you what I think young lady. I believe these hormones you are taking are making you crazy! I think you are so desperate to be a girl that you are willing to do anything to feel like a girl! I think you are so desperate to get attention from boys that you are willing to get that attention any way you can! I think your hormones are so out of control that you are out of control!”

Jessica just sat there taking in what he said. Eventually she slowly mumbled, with less conviction in her voice than before, “No, I was raped Mr Rogers.”

Mr Rogers was catching his breath from his previous rant. “Ok darling,” he said, as he calmed himself. “Those are some serious allegations worthy of serious action.” As he stood up from his chair, he continued, “We are going to have to do something to get to the bottom of this, and this might be the only way to prove anything.” Jessica’s eyes raised as he stood, and while he said that he reached down to the zipper in his pants. He lowered the zipper and fumbled with the fabric inside. He pulled his cock out of the opening and released it to hang there before the young student. He put his hands on his hips and stared at Jessica, intensely waiting for her response. This was a test.

Most teens would have screamed in horror. Most teens would have looked frightened at least. Most teens would have looked differently than Jessica looked. Jessica knew that was the case. Jessica knew what her response should be, but she was a victim of her own nature. She just sat there looking at her counselor’s cock.

It was much larger than the boners she had seen from her classmates. There was at least four inches of thick, flaccid cock hanging there with a dense bush of pubic hair sticking out of the opening too. It was leaving Jessica in a trance. It was inviting her to come closer.

Mr Rogers saw the expression on Jessica’s face. He could see the lust building in the girl’s eyes. He could see her jaw become slack and almost drool with desire to taste his meat. He could see her nipples becoming hard beneath her thin blouse. Her response was obvious; she didn’t have to say anything. “I think we have out proof, don’t we?” His question was more rhetorical, yet he still waited for a response from Jessica.

Jessica could barely pull her eyes off his huge cock, but then she snapped herself out of the trance for a moment to look up at Mr Rogers with her big, blue, innocent eyes. She was pouting her lips and trying to look as innocent as possible, as she begged him, “Please Mr Rogers! Don’t tell my parents! I’ll do anything!”

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Reply #5 on: August 09, 2018, 09:26:32 PM
Chapter 5

“Well my dear,” he said, as he lifted his cock, sliding it back in his pants, zipping them back up, at the same time, saddening Jessica’s face, as if she was a child that just had a toy taken away. “What we need to do is instill some discipline in you. Clearly you aren’t getting that from home, so it is up to me to give it to you.” Jessica had a look of fear in her eyes, yet she was still consumed with worry that he would tell her parents that she was the school slut. Mr Rogers walked over to Jessica and grabbed her by her wrist with strength, squeezing it tight, as he led her over to his chair behind his desk. As with a tone that only could come from a Catholic institution, he declared, “You need to be punished, and if your parents don’t have it in them, then I’ll have to be the one to do it!”

He sat down in his chair and pulled her over his knee. Her body fell forward on top of his large legs. He was at least six foot, and she was no taller than five two at a hundred and twenty pounds, so she easy was tossed upon his legs. Her bare legs floundered in in the air, not touching the floor. Her white, cotton, knee high socks and black shoes danced in the air with her suspended legs. Her wool skirts kept her backside covered, but her breasts were starting to fall from her bra, as blood rushed to her head. She tried to prop herself up with her hands on his thigh, but he pushed her down, keeping her pinned on his knees.

Suddenly Jessica felt a hand smack her backside—hard. Then again—wack! Then again! Jessica cried out with each smack.

“Quiet,” he ordered. “This is the only way you will learn. This is the only way you kids ever learn.” Wack! He smacked her again.

As he spanked her over and over, Jessica began to sob, but it wasn’t from the pain, although there was pain. She was more concerned that he would tell her parents. She would be horrified if they found out she was giving boys blow jobs in the bathrooms and willing them to fuck her. She was desperate to prevent them from knowing. “Mr Rogers! Mr Rogers!”

He stopped for a moment. “What? You aren’t getting out of this,” he said adamantly.

“Are you going to tell my parents?” Jessica looked desperately at him. “Please don’t tell my parents Mr Rogers, please.” She could see her pleas were starting to break him down a little. “I’ll do anything Mr Rogers. Anything! Just don’t tell them, ok?” He was silent for a moment then got a look of intensity back to his brow.

“What you need is a real spanking to smack some sense into you, and I will not compromise that purpose, for your sake! This padding is clearly not in your interest!” With that statement, he pulled the thick, wool skirt up over her ass, so that he could make his strikes hit her harder. To his surprise, she didn’t have on any underwear. “Where are your panties young lady?”

Jessica braced herself for his response, knowing it wouldn’t be good. “I didn’t wear any,” but he didn’t reply with any words. Wack! She immediately received a slap to her bare ass—a hard one. It shook her to her core, squeezing tears from her eyes.

“See! You clearly need more punishment,” he proclaimed, as he began spanking her bare bottom harder.

The fact of the matter was that he was surprised. Not only was he not expecting to find her without her panties, but he wasn’t expecting to find a feminine behind. Jessica looked like the other schoolgirls, but her thick skirt hid any shape to her body, so he wasn’t expecting to find a woman’s butt under a trans-girl’s skirt—more of a boy’s shapeless butt. Frankly, it shocked him. He didn’t know how to process the situation. Her hips were wide, which made her ass have more volume than a boy’s butt. Her ass was plump too, spreading against his hand with each strike. He assumed he would have been able to stay professional, but he could feel his cock stirring below Jessica’s hips. With each strike his hand lingered more on her flesh, savoring the tender, young skin.

Through her sobs Jessica shouted, “Mr Rogers please!” He stopped again for a moment, resting his hand on her bare bottom, unaware in the moment that he was gently rubbing her sore ass. “Mr Rogers please! Please, just don’t tell my parents. I’ll do anything! Spank me all you want, but just don’t tell them!”

He finally caved. “Ok, ok. I won’t tell them, but you have got to stop your behavior. We can’t have you running around the school having sex with all the boys.” He was still rubbing her bare ass, and it felt good in his hands. Jessica’s ass was glowing red from his strikes. It was swollen and tender, so the soft caresses he gave her now was easing the pain and making the pulsating pain feel much better. “We need to figure something out young lady.”

“Oh thank you!” The relief in Jessica’s voice was palpable. She immediately stopped crying. The tension in her body relaxed too, as she draped herself fully over his legs. Her ass, that was squeezed together, began to open up, as her muscles released themselves, opening her pelvis, as it rocked forward. His hand, that was resting on her rear, mindlessly caressing the tissue, was now gaining access to what was between Jessica’s cheeks. His hand was now passing over her bare taint, also just inches from her asshole. As he continued to think of a solution, he began to feel Jessica’s small cock growing against his thigh.

He looked over at Jessica, and she looked up at him with the residue of tears coating her eyes. She bit her lip and smiled with guilt, knowing why he was looking at her. He looked down in almost disbelief after what was a solid spanking. She said bashfully grinning, “I just can’t help it.”

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Reply #6 on: August 09, 2018, 09:27:03 PM
Chapter 6

“Well if you can’t help it then this spanking is all for nothing!” He pushed her off of him, and she came to her knees on the floor. “I don’t know what we are going to do with you!”

He looked down at her. He saw her for the first time in a new light. She was more a victim of her nature. He realized that now. She couldn’t help herself, so they would need a practical solution. He couldn’t have her sleeping with random boys, so he would have to quell her cravings somehow. Jessica dropped from her knees to one side of her hips, just sitting at his feet looking up at him, waiting for whatever he was going to say next.

His mind was searching for an answer, but his thought were straying to the moments prior of her ass. His cock was beginning to engorge more, traveling slightly down his pant leg. It would have gone unnoticed, but Jessica was in perfect view. He was looking up and around the room, as if trying to find an answer in the distance, so he was surprised when he felt a small hand touch his cock through his pants. He looked down, and Jessica had her hand around his cock with her eyes fixated on the outline of his shaft hiding behind his pants. He realized there was no way in stopping her from getting what she needed. His only solution was that hopefully giving her what she craved would satisfy her needs.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers, aiming the red head of his cock in her direction. “Alright young lady. If you need it so bad…” he said. Jessica immediately opened her eyes like a child seeing a piece of candy. She lunged herself forward and wrapped her mouth around his cock. She eagerly sucked on his head, as his cock grew in her mouth. She tried to swallow as much of him as she could, packing as much cock in her mouth as possible, but his was much bigger than her schoolmates, and her young, petite mouth was no match for the girth of his cock. Eventually she was holding seven inches of thick, engorged cock in her hands, sliding his meat back and forth in her mouth. She was like a fiend, in a frenzy, a cock craved little cutie overcome with cum lust.

Between her breaths, as she came for air, before swallowing him again, she moaned, “Thank you. Thank you Mr Rogers.” Then she would smile and return to his cock for more. She lapped at his shaft, swirled her tongue around the head and tried to deep throat as much as she could.

Mr Rogers was enjoying her efforts, but he was still thinking of her plump butt that he was spanking previously. He couldn’t get it out of his head. He pulled her up by her arm, and she stood up with him. He turned her around and bent her over his desk. Jessica knew what was going to happen, and she prepared herself. As he lifted her skirt over her ass, she opened her hips to him while spreading her legs. Her cock was hard, even if it wasn’t visible to Mr Rogers. All he saw was an inviting sight; her plump ass bent over the table; above her bare taint and small, hairless balls, was a tight sphincter just begging to be penetrated.

“Oh thank you Mr Rogers,” Jessica said under a hot breath. He didn’t waist any time. He positioned his cock at the opening to the young, girl’s asshole. It was still slick with cum from the boys in the bathroom. Perfect, he thought. He pressed forward and his cock slid in Jessica’s asshole. She gasped from the size, as it found resistance. He pressed forward further and his cock slipped past her sphincters and filled her rectum, causing her to cry out from the sensation of being filled like never before. “Oohhh goddd dam,” she cried, smacking the table with her hand.

“Hey, watch you language,” Mr Rogers said. “This is a Catholic institution young lady.”

Jessica just laughed when she heard that, giggling uncontrollably. “Ok, Mr Rogers,” she laughed. He got mad for a moment and started pounding her hard when she chuckled, causing her to moan, “Oooohhhh shhhitttt!” He thrusted his cock in her tight sphincter, sliding his shaft along the slick folds of her anus, slamming the head against her prostate, before it slipped past and filled her hole with his hot cock. “Ohhhhh fuccckkk yeaaa!” Jessica was being pounded against his desk, which made him slam his hips against her bouncing butt cheeks hard. With each crash, her bones shook, as the two made contact with her ass gyrating in the air. It shook her like never before. Her small boner trembled in the air with each strike, and her prostate jolted in her body before getting a thrust of cock with each stroke of his cock through her anus. The combination was causing Jessica’s cock to leak a stream of clear, nectar. “Ohhh my fuucckking aa yourrr cockkk iss bigg Mrrr Rogggerss,” Jessica stumbled to say through the barrage of poundings. “I’mmm gonnnaa cumm Mrrr Rogggerss!” Jessica’s asshole was fully dilated, giving itself to Mr Roger’s cock and her throbbing cock was on the verge of orgasm.

“Good! Let’s get this out of your system,” he said, willing her to cum for him.

Jessica pressed her hips back, amplifying the effects of his thrusts. He grabbed her hips to tune the strikes to perfection and suddenly Jessica burst in an orgasm. “Yesss, oooooh yaaaa,” she moaned, as her sphincter rhythmically contracted, gripping his thick shaft. It was so tense, it made it hard for him to continue thrusting. Streams of cum shot from her cock, shooting on the floor, as waves of pleasure passed over her body. “Ohhh shiittt yeaaa,” she moaned, as the zenith of her orgasm crested, and then the wave of ecstasy began to subside. “Ummmm, yeeaa, that was amazing Mr Rogers,” Jessica said, as she collected herself, wiping some sweat off her brow. Mr Roger’s cock was still buried in her ass. “You didn’t cum?” She seemed disappointed in her tone like she failed. “Didn’t you enjoy my ass?” Jessica pressed her butt cheeks together with her hands, enveloping the sides of his shaft with her tender, young, supple booty. She massaged his shaft with her ass.

“Yes, darling. You are developing into an amazing woman,” he assured her.

“Well,” she said, as she stood up. “If you don’t want me to have any cravings…” she pulled away from him, and his cock slipped from her gaping asshole, “…then I need you to cum Mr Rogers. I need it…” she turned around and dropped to her knees, positioning her face in front of his dripping, hot cock, “I need you to cum in my mouth Mr Rogers!” She didn’t wait for a response. She engulfed his cock in her mouth immediately, and she went to work.

Mr Rogers could hardly believe her ferocity and conviction. Like an addict to a needle, she sucked on his cock with a craving that looked like desperation like he held the antidote to her poison. The slippery, hot mouth of the young girl who was eagerly lathering her tongue over his swollen cock was making fast work of building his orgasm. Within a minute his cock burst a huge load of cum in the girl’s mouth. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as he came, as if she was enjoying his orgasm more than him, savoring the sweat, salty, thick streams of cum that filled her mouth. If a drop oozed from the corners of her lips, she swiftly wrapped her tongue around the dollop and swallowed it with satisfaction.

As Mr Roger’s grunts from his orgasm subsided, Jessica finished licking his cock clean. When she finished, she smiled and stood up. She kissed him on the cheek, as he braced himself in a daze from the whirlwind that just occurred. “Thanks Mr Rogers! That really hit the spot!” She skipped back to her seat on the other side of his desk, clearly satisfied with herself at a job well done. She crossed her legs and sat there smiling, giddy, as only a young, school girl can be, waiting for his next set of instructions.

“Well, yes, I see we have everything under control now,” he said, still in a daze of confusion, while trying to sound authoritative. He zipped himself up and took a seat behind his desk, not really looking Jessica in the eye, as he straightened the jostled items around him. “So, I think you are free to return to class young lady…”

Jessica interrupted, “And I can return if I need anything again?” She had a big smile on her face, her eyes real wide with hope that he would say yes, her tone still laced with need to fee her addiction.

Mr Rogers took a moment to think, but he knew all resistance was futile. “Yes, of course.”

Jessica ecstatically smiled before turning sharply and darting off to class.

Mr Rogers hung his head, bracing it with his hands and his elbows on his desk. “What the hell am I gonna do,” he said to himself, knowing full well how often he thought of sex at that age when he was a young boy, knowing full well how soon it would be until Jessica came knocking on his office door.

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Reply #7 on: August 09, 2018, 09:27:33 PM
The End

Hope you all enjoyed it!



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Reply #8 on: August 10, 2018, 05:26:28 PM
Great read!  I really enjoyed it, thanks.

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Reply #9 on: August 11, 2018, 01:00:13 AM
Oh yes.  Thank you Ashley.   :emot_urck:

Love a good and well-formatted story!