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Freshman Dance (mf, 1st)

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on: August 13, 2018, 05:58:26 AM

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

The first freshman dance of the year was just about over. Courtney Matson sat on a bench in the multipurpose room, better known during the day as the school cafeteria.

As she had done for most of the evening, she sipped at yet another cup of vodka laced punch. Surprisingly, the chaperones hadn’t discovered that the punch was spiked, perhaps thinking that without upperclassmen they didn’t need to be so vigilant.

Courtney didn’t know it either, all she knew was she felt very mellow, and decided that she was glad she had come. She almost hadn’t, since she had neither a date, nor a best friend to share the evening with.

She and Melissa had been best friends since kindergarten, but Melissa had moved away over the summer, and now, just a week into her freshman year at high school, she hadn’t yet made any close girlfriends.

Courtney had been asked to dance a dozen times or so, and had enjoyed it, but mostly she’d sat on the bench sipping punch. Now she was thinking about how much she had grown up over the past summer.

During her annual shopping trip for new school clothes, she learned that her bra size had gone from a 32B to a 33C. That surprised her until she realized how tight her old bras had become.

That night, after her shower, she had taken a good look at herself in the full length mirror and been mostly satisfied with what she’d seen. Long dark blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and high cheekbones, combined with barely noticeable dimples, gave her that cute, girl next door look.

Her recently removed braces had left her with a dazzling white smile. The past year had been kind to her body too, not only with her boobs filling out, but her waist had slimmed and her hips were flaring nicely.

A month into the summer, just a few weeks after finishing the eighth grade Courtney turned 14. Three days after her birthday, her aunt and uncle had visited for the Fourth of July. During their stay, her 17-year-old cousin Dylan had charmed her out of her panties, and claimed her cherry.

At least, that’s the way he would tell it. The truth was, she had directed the whole thing from beginning to end and the boy, as so often happens, was clueless that he’d been played.

Courtney wanted to lose her virginity and she’d chosen Dylan as the lucky guy to give it to. She had started by innocently asking if he’d ever had sex with a girl. Once the subject of sex had come up—so to speak—it had been easy. Dylan had tried to play it cool, telling her she was too young for sex.

“Maybe when you’re was 16 or 17 we could have a go at it,” he said, somewhat dismissively. But he’d been ogling her tits every chance he got, and Courtney knew just how to get him to the next level.

When she’d asked for just a kiss, he acted hesitant, but finally nodded. When she stuck her tongue down his throat and rubbed her palm in his crotch, he’d started to reconsider. Not long after that, she slipped out of her tiny red bikini panties and they were both naked.

A few minutes later, Courtney was enthusiastically relieved of her virginity.

After her cousin had dumped his first load, with his dick still buried inside her, she gave Dylan a mischievous grin and said sweetly, “Looks like I won’t have to wait til I’m 16 to get fucked after all.”

Dylan didn’t have an answer for that so he just smiled at his shapely adolescent cousin. Then, to young Courtney’s delight, he fucked her sweet 14-year old-pussy—again.

Courtney hadn’t had an orgasm that first day, but once she learned how good it felt to have a boy’s dick inside her, she wanted more—a lot more. During the next three days and nights, she got it. The two horny teens didn’t get much sleep, but managed to fuck each other eight more times without getting caught by either set of parents.

Courtney had her first orgasm the next-to-last time they fucked. Dylan had spent considerably more time with foreplay and the girl’s clit had been fully emerged before he began to pump his dick into her.

The last time had been—by far—the best. They had experimented with oral sex, ending up in the classic 69 position. Giving her first blow job while Dylan licked her pussy, she had pulled her head up as he began to cum, and his hot semen sprayed in her face, launching her own massive orgasm.

She’d cum again with his dick inside her after he’d spent an extra long time pumping her slowly. He’d known—as she had—it would be the last chance they’d have to fuck each other, at least for another year.

For the first time in her life, Courtney felt sadness as she waved goodbye to her aunt and uncle. As they drove away, she could see Dylan give her a big smile and a thumbs up. A little gush of moisture between her legs had emphasized her sadness to see him go.

Her thoughts returned to the freshman dance. She saw Aaron, a boy she recognized from her science class, come up and introduce her to his cousin, Brad, who politely asked her for a dance. He was visiting from California and had that surfer dude look to him, although he was a couple of inches shorter than Courtney.

Swaying slightly from the effect of the vodka she didn’t know she’d been drinking, Courtney stood and stepped into his arms. They began to dance to the slow song playing.

Leaning her head against his shoulder, she soon felt a tingle between her legs and it took a moment for her to realize what was causing it. Brad’s hand—was under her skirt. It was his finger lightly tracing her slit that provided the pleasant tingle.

“You’re pretty bold for a high school freshman,” she murmured, without lifting her head.

He smiled and said, “I’m not a high school freshman, I leave for college next week.”

“This is a freshman only dance, I’m surprised they let you in,” she said, still making no attempt to remove his hand. She felt her clit beginning to emerge from its hiding place.

“When Aaron asked for a guest pass, all he said was that I was a freshman at another school. I guess they just assumed that meant another high school,” he answered with a lopsided grin. “I almost didn’t come because I thought it would be boring, but I sure am glad I’m here.”

The girl seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, so Brad increased the pressure of his finger on her vulva while slowly dancing her toward a dark corner of the already dimly lit room.

Courtney was trying to remember which panties she had worn. She hoped it wasn’t her old favorite red string bikinis because they were so worn that they were falling apart. They had already started separating from the waist band both in front and in back.

Courtney thought back to getting dressed for the dance, and now distinctly remembered putting on the old favorite pair. She’d been nostalgic because she’d been wearing these same bright red panties when she gave her virginity to Dylan, and knew she’d have to give them up before they disintegrated.

Damn, I knew I should have thrown those away. Why didn’t I wear one of my new lacy thongs,” she silently berated herself.

She looked around at the other dancers. As she expected, nobody was paying any attention to her and Brad. None of the chaperones were even looking at the dance floor, they had already begun to clean up in anticipation of the dance being over.

Courtney felt Brad’s finger slip inside the bottom of her panties, and he started to pull them down. Reacting without thought, she reached down and yanked up on the waist band, harder than she meant to, but liking the thrill she felt when the already snug fabric rubbed against her emerging clitoris.

She let out a gasp of pleasure even as she felt the cloth that remained attached to the waist band tearing away, both in front and back. All that was left of her red string bikini panties—the ones she’d been wearing the first time she got fucked—was the elastic string waist band.

Brad pulled his hand out from under her skirt and tucked the worn wet fabric in his pocket and smoothly returned his fingers to her slick mound. Courtney hadn’t realized how wet she was until two of his fingers slid easily inside her. She moaned softly and pressed against the boy’s body. Then she felt something hot and hard pressing against her thigh, and it took her a minute to understand that—somehow—he’d gotten his cock out of his pants.

In her vodka dulled haze, Courtney quickly ran through her options. She could push him away, but that might draw the attention of the chaperones, and she didn’t want the poor kid to get caught with his dick sticking out—literally.

Besides, it had been months since she was with Dylan. And, she admitted to herself, the heat of the boy’s cock was exciting her almost as much as his busy fingers.

Okay, so I really do want it. A girl can only do so much with her own fingers after all,” she thought. Then too, she wouldn’t have to see him around school, so why not let him have his way with her.

While she was pondering her dilemma, Brad flexed his knees, dipping down a couple of inches. When he straightened up, his dick slid easily into her wet 14-year-old pussy.

With Brad’s rock hard pussy plug firmly planted in the teenager’s girl garden, Courtney had to take in a deep breath to keep from crying out as pleasure radiated from her clitoris to her nipples. His cock—felt wonderful.

Brad began to slowly rotate his hips, moving his dick inside her very sensuously. Courtney closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure.

Then her eyes snapped open, and even through the haze of the alcohol she’d unknowing consumed, her brain finally registered what he was doing.

Oh my god. He just shoved his cock in my pussy,” the ninth grader thought. “He’s actually god damn fucking me—right here on the fucking dance floor.”

A delicious thrill raced up her spine and she looked again at the other dancing couples. Some girls had their chests and groins pressed against their partners, others stood a foot apart with just a hand touching a shoulder.

She was pretty sure that she was the only girl in the room with a boy’s dick buried deep inside her sex. Courtney couldn’t help giggling as she thought about getting fucked by a boy she had known for less than five minutes.

Not to mention that she was fully dressed. Well, except for that one little piece of fabric between her legs. Oh, and by the way—the room was filled with two hundred kids she went to school with.

That just made it even more exciting. Courtney gave Brad a short, but very passionate kiss as she pressed herself harder against the boy’s invading flesh. Brad responded by using both hands to squeeze her shapely butt cheeks, holding her against him.

He wasn’t pumping in and out like Dylan had, or even thrusting. He just gently gyrated his hips in a smooth rocking motion. From more that a few feet away, it actually looked like they were dancing. The base of his dick was constantly moving against her clitoris and she shivered as she felt the pleasure slowly building, like steam in a pressure cooker.

Brad’s hips continued to move at the same leisurely pace—even as he ejaculated in her drooling cunt. Courtney felt the thick hot liquid as it spurted from the end of his cock, spraying the inside of her adolescent pussy—all the way to her cervix.

Her orgasm abruptly burst inside her, like a skyrocket suddenly exploding and lighting up the night sky. She buried her face in his shoulder, trying hard not to cry out as her cunt muscles clenched around his erupting cock and electrical currents coursed through her firm young body.

When the slow song ended less than a minute later and the lights came up, he had already tucked himself back into his pants. He smiled at the now rosy-cheeked 14-year-old girl he had just fucked and bowed from the waist.

With a twinkle in his eye he said formally, “Thank you for the dance Courtney.” As he walked away, the lights dimmed again and the final dance of the night was announced.

Courtney sat down, suddenly weak in the knees, and wondered how many teenage girls had sacrificed their most intimate gift in this building—in a classroom maybe—or the locker room. The school had been built only five years ago, but there was no doubt in her mind that she was not the first girl to get fucked at the facility.

Okay, maybe she was the only one to get herself plowed with over two hundred other people in the room. She couldn’t help giggling at that thought.

Looking over at Brad, she wondered if he would tell his cousin Aaron that he had nailed her on the dance floor. She hoped not, but there wasn’t much she could do about it either way.

Even though Brad still had the pretty ninth grader’s panties in his pocket—except for the waist band of course—Aaron might not believe him even if he did talk about it.

She wasn’t entirely sure she believed it herself. Had she really gotten fucked—standing up—on the dance floor?

Courtney stood up, still just a bit tipsy, wondering if she really had been dreaming for the last few minutes. Then she felt Brad’s cum as it began to ooze out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs, since there were no panties there to soak it up.

She had proof—it had not—been a dream. She headed for the girls' bathroom to clean herself up, her soft gloss covered lips curled into what some would describe as—a shit eating grin.

The freshman dance had been worth coming to after all.

No pun intended.

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When I read the title, I thought;

Ah well... just another high school story...
something about girls banging with teachers... or half the class room...
or their dad's... something like that.

But this is really a great story, with a very unexpected sex scene.

Well written my friend.


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