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A Visit To New York City, part 3

msslave · 339

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on: September 10, 2018, 10:02:08 PM
Hi(All participants are 18 or in my case, way older.)

My spur of the moment trip to New York City had brought me new found joy and pleasure after bumping into a young lad who could only be described as beautiful.  By bumping into, I mean literally.  I'd knocked him down by not watching where I was going on the sidewalk outside my hotel.

Our unexpected meeting led to a few drinks, followed by me inviting the sweet youth to my room on the excuse of doing something about the knee he'd scraped by my careless focus on the cell phone, rather than watching where I was going.  As noted in my first story, that led to hot sex between me, a gray haired old guy in his 70s and the slightly feminine  boy who was so eager for the pleasure my old lips and tongue could provide to his slim, mouthsized maleness. 

Our first "mating" led to an exhausting (for me) night of passion.  The vigor of youth just could not be quenched as over and over his body responded to my touches and oral ministrations.  I had forgotten just how often and quickly a male in his early 20s could be rampant and ready for the next round after giving so freely his essence that spewed into my mouth and slid down my throat. 

Even after we both finally collapsed into a satisfied and sated sleep, the next morning I was greeted with the hard, throbbing cock wanting to start the day with the pleasure I was so willing to give him.   My old body gave signs of stirring with lust even after being so thoroughly drained just a few hours before.

Following yet another squeal of orgasm from Janis, as he/she preferred to be called, I swallowed more sweet/salty juice and flopped to my back on the bed.  Before I could catch my breath I felt Janis kissing my face all over, then jumping out of bed and saying, "I need a shower, and I want someone to wash my back."

Arising, I started to follow, tho' at a slower pace.  The room smelled of man musk and sex, most of the odor rising from the tousled sheets where we'd frolliced and lusted over each others body.

I now stepped into the running shower and my eyes filled with the slick wetness of the naked young man before me.  He looked so hot as his slim form was pelted by the streaming shower, I nearly expected to hear the hiss of steam as the water coated his hotness.

I closed to him and kissed his lips, a bit swollen and  pouty from the nights passion.  We embraced as the cascading water fell down upon our naked bodies.  Giving the body wash dispenser a couple of pumps, I filled my palm with the fragrant soap and starting at his shoulders lathering his torso.

Moving both hands over Janis' chest I concentrated on those nipples I'd sucked on so many times since we'd started our play.  So responsive!  I felt the sharp points poking my palms as he responded to my touch. Moving my hands in small circles over his "pokies", I leaned in and kissed his lips again, adding a little tongue quickly.  Then back to the nipples, I next began to squeeze the pecks, like they were small titties.  This must be what it feels like to play with a young girl about to blossom into womanhood...without the legal risks. 

Time to move on now.  Quickly I soap the rest of his front, stopping just short of the treasure at his center. Finished with chest and stomach, I slowly stroke up and down the right arm.  A little giggle escapes Janis' lips as I gently caress and soap the armpit, sliding down the arm again to grasp the hand and caress both sides with my soapy hand.  I next do the same to the left arm. 

Now it's time to spin Janis around and work on the back.  Getting more soap in my hand, I lather the back, scrubbing and massaging up and down as he places his hands on the wall in front as his knees are shaking a bit from my ministrations.  I can feel his muscles relaxing under the combination scrubbing and back rub.  Much more of this and he'll slither down to the floor of the shower like a limp noodle.

Time for more fun.  I move down to the gentle, girly curves of the beautiful ass and squeeze and massage those delightful buns.  The glute muscles flex and relax while I work up a thick lather.  I delve deep, going into the crack between his cheeks.  It's so tight as he flexes again, trapping my hand between the curvey hills of ass.  I stroke up and down with just one finger now, letting my fingertip rub over his crinkled sphincter.  My stroking brings forth a low groan from my beautiful boy.

Emboldened by his groans of pleasure I can't resist.  My soapy finger circles his rosebud and presses firmly.  Going slow so I don't cause any pain I feel his nether hole gradually relax and finally cedes to my pressure.  I've slipped the tip inside and stop, keeping him open.  A lick to his ear and I whisper, " Relax my sweet one.  I'll go slow and gentle."

Janis sighs and pushes back on the invading finger and I'm halfway in.  He's surrendered to me and I continue pressing deeper.  I'm soon all the way in and I feel around until...Yes, there it is!  The hard walnut size prostate. The core of his maleness.  Sliding my finger tip back and forth over the cum filled organ, I reach my other hand around and find a very hard cock, throbbing from my actions inside his young body.  As I stroke in the front and caress up his back side, I whisper, "This is just a teaster.  Later I'll show the the joy of a full milking. You'll cum for me without having your man meat touched."

Before Janis spills all over the shower, I finally remove my finger.  I kiss the nape of his neck and tell him to relax again.  Kneeling behind, I now soap and scrub the back of both legs and taking hold of his hips, turn the boy around to do the front part of those hairless limbs.  One after the other I lift each foot and wash them too.  As the water runs down his body the soap is quickly rinsed away, so I kiss each foot, suck on the big toes and there's only one thing left to wash.

With more soap I kneel again facing a still hard cock and the hanging man sack.  So adorable, as they're hairless.  Balls in one hand and cock in the other, the most enjoyable part of the shower is underway.  Stroking and caressing the shaft, my other hand rolls the hard ovals of Janis' testicles, feeling the pair slip around inside their sac.  Gentle squeezes, alternating with pulling down on the sensitive area brings forth a pearly drop of pre cum to the slit at the end of the mouth sized prick.  Who could resist?  A quick lick and the taste of him is on my tongue.

That's as far as I want to take things.  I want to save him for a full bout of lovemaking after our shower.  Taking the shower head from the bracket, I spray Janis all over, rinsing any residual soap from him. 

Before I know what's happening, Janis takes the shower from me and sprays me down.  My turn!

Hearing the pump of the body wash dispenser, I soon feel soft hands rubbing over me.  Janis isn't taking the time to tease me like I did him.  Quickly he moves over my body washing my front, arms and legs.  A quick rinse with the spray and I'm turned around for the next half of my shower.  Firmly the scrubbing hands rub over me and soon I feel more spray rinsing me.  I realize my ass was left to last and wonder if I'll soon have a finger pressed into me.  I lean forward with my hand on the wall for support in preparation for the invasion I expect.

Yes!  A small hand is lathering my cheeks and soon is between my butt crack.  The lather is thoroughly worked up to a foaminess I can feel.  Janis' hand is withdrawn.  I await for what I expect to happen next and hear more pumping of the soap dispenser. 

Before I realize it, Janis is pressed against my back.  Hands on my hips pull, causing me to take a couple steps back from the wall.  And there it is...a hard cock between my cheeks, pressing hard.  Arms around me now, Janis places hands on my chest and a tongue snakes into my ear.  "Time for a ride now, Daddy," echos in my head as I know what Janis wants.

One hand leaves my chest and I feel the head of a very hard, young cock rubbing over my man pussy.  At my age, and past play over the years, I open fully to him with just a bit of pressure.  The lubrication of the soap and the rampant young man muscle pushing forward makes entry as easy as a hot knife through butter.  Janis' pubic bone is now tight against my ass and he just holds there, all five inches of male sex filling me. 

The unexpected total intimacy of the anal invasion in such a tender and loving way causes a tear to trickle down my cheek.  I sigh at having this young one feel so free to use me after meeting less than  24 hours ago.  He's gone from someone who surrendered to my old man lust to one who knows what they want and just takes it.  My butt filled with young hard cock, I'd been taken. Well and truly taken.

My breath caught as Janis began to move.  I felt his manhood pull back until just the head was left in me.  "Hang on, Daddy," I heard, and WHAM.  He pounded straight back in, pulled back and stuffed me again.  Five or six more strokes from his rock hard cock pounded in and out as my mind reeled.  This turn of events had happened so fast and unexpectedly.  His hand tightly griped my hips now and the rhythm sped up.  His passion for taking my hole increased with the pace he was setting.  Gasping, I now clutch the towel bar above me and held on while the wild ride continued.

Everything was a gray fog.  My only awareness was the fantastic fuck being given me.  My sweet man/boy who I'd had so much fun using, now owned me.  I'd totally surrendered and just took the pounding I was being given.  One thought did creep through the fog.  I'd taken his morning orgasm in my mouth less than half an hour ago.  That realization told me this could be a long event before Janis released again and had taken his pleasure with me. 

My next awareness was hearing, "fuck me...fuck me...harder!"  Was that me? now the gray turned to black.


From somewhere out of the depths I could hear a series of *slap*, *slap*, *slap*. Now I felt the slaps...against my face.  Not hard slaps but a steady beat of an open hand on the side of my face.  Opening my eyes I see my sweet innocent looking Janis peer down at me.  The smug smile was new.  "So, old daddy, I guess I really fucked you good.  You were out cold and missed the big finish." 

I was on my back on the bottom of the tub.  As memory returned, I soon remembered his hard cock, that seemed never to tire and could harden again soon after spending, pounding into my old ass.  He'd taken me unawares while scrubbing me in the shower and shoved into my ass once he'd sudsed it up so well.  My relaxed state from our earlier sex and now with a warm shower and his soft hands washing me all over, allowed easy entry to my man cunt.

Helping me rise, the shower was once again turned on and we quickly washed off the residue from our passion.  Letting the water stream over both of us, it rinsed off the last of the soap, along with the cum still dripping from my butt. We embraced and melted into a deep kiss, dueling tongues darting back and forth, in and out, as we celebrated a new page being added to the few hours we'd been with each other.

We took turns drying the other off with the soft fluffy hotel towels.  Yes, each of us lingered over the others genital area.  No doubt the dryest my cock had been since we met.

Deciding it was time to dress, we discovered Janis' pants from yesterday's mishap on the sidewalk were torn a bit and the blood from the skinned knee hadn't washed out.  As he was smaller and slim, my clothes wouldn't work.  We finally made do with a pair of my sweatpants, rolling the cuffs so they wouldn't drag.  Topping that with a T-shirt, way to baggy, but keeping the young hairless chest covered so we could go out in public, we  prepared to go off and find something to eat. 

At the door I clasped him to me one more time and whispered in his ear, "I'm so happy I bumped into now.  It was a fortunate accident."

"Oh no," he responded.  "It was no accident.  I'd been following and watching you for over an hour.  I saw you gawking at all the tight asses of the young men on the street, ignoring the sights of New York.  I targeted you old man!  And, I was right, you old guys know how to suck a cock over and over and that loose butt hole was mine for the taking too.  We're going to have a lot more fun, you, me and a few of my friends."

(Hope you've been enjoying reading these stories, as I've enjoyed writing them.  Comments and suggestions always welcome. Let me know if I should continue.)

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