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Aliya's Husband (M/Trans-F, NC)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1276

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on: August 13, 2018, 09:05:52 PM
Here is another one! So this is about an arranged marriage gone wrong, or right? There is a small amount of content that is suggestive of NC, so just a warning to some, and of course, more trans sexual action. Hehe.


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Reply #1 on: August 13, 2018, 09:06:54 PM
Chapter 1

As Nasir stood at the alter, looking down the isle, waiting for his bride to make her entrance, he considered that he had been waiting for this day for a long time. Well, not entirely a long time. He was only twenty three years old, but for a young, Arabic male, twenty three was old to get married, and for someone who had to be celibate, the dream of his wedding night was building in him.

Most of his friends had their marriages arranged at a much younger age, but for Nasir, he was not so lucky. He wasn’t from a rich family; on the contrary, they were rather poor, and he wasn’t the best looking guy, so arranging a marriage was no easy task.

Nasir was stocky, but not in a muscular way. He had a round belly and a thick lower-body. His shoulders were narrow, his face was shaved smooth and beardless, and his skin was fairly hairless. He was short at five six. He was kind of a push over too. For a man living in a patriarchal society, he was anything but tall, strong, hairy and masculine, which made it almost impossible for his family to find him a bride.

Nevertheless, here Nasir was, waiting for his bride on the alter. He was concerned his family completely failed to find him a decent bride. Would she be huge, he worried. Would she be ugly, he considered. He had no business judging. While he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t the epitome of the stereotypical head of the household, so you can imagine his surprise when he saw his wife coming down the isle for the first time.

From what he could tell through the drapes of the gown, she was slender and curvaceous. She was taller than him too by a few inches. His spirit immediately went up. He couldn’t see her face behind her vail of course, but that didn’t matter. If she was ugly, he thought, he could always bend her over, or have her keep on her burka.

As the ceremony progressed, he learned her name was Aliya (beautiful he thought), and it soon became time for him to pull back her vail. As he did, a pair of large, gorgeous eyes decorated with glitter and eye shadow looked back at him through her burka. His heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t expecting that. He smiled and took her hands. As they finished their vows, he was given the cue to kiss the bride. He just barely lifted her burka, and he slowly went in for a kiss. He was surprised again to find thick, luscious lips that greeted him with a kiss, but more out of duty than desire. His anticipation of his wedding night was building in him, so much so, that he could hardly stand it any longer.

The reception afterwords seemed to be more of a torture than a pain for Nasir. He couldn’t wait to get his young bride alone. It would be a night he to remember. One he had been dreaming of for a long time.

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Reply #2 on: August 13, 2018, 09:07:27 PM
Chapter 2

Nasir hurried his bride and himself into the limo as fast as he could, and the two newlyweds were driven off to their vacation hotel a few hours away.

His wife hadn’t spoken much at the ceremony or at the reception, something not unusual in his culture. Nasir figured he would take the time to get to know her before they reached their honeymoon retreat, so he rolled up the sectional to the driver’s compartment, so they wouldn’t be disturbed.

“We are alone,” he said. “So you can remove your burka.” She shook her head in defiance. He was a push over, but he attempted to lay down some early authority in the relationship. “I said to remove your burka. I want to see your face. I’m your husband.” She didn’t budge. She just looked forward, away from him. He was a pud, and she didn’t seem to want anything to do with him. She saw nothing appealing in him.

He knew he had the right to do whatever he pleased to his wife, and it was her duty, so even if she refused him, it did not matter. He moved to her position and reached to pull off her burka. She defended her honor, but that only caused him to flail about in the moving vehicle, incidentally causing his hands to land on her breasts, as he braced himself. Capturing his attention more than removing her burka, he began to massage and knead her breasts with his hands. She made a motion like she was going to hit him away, but she dared not. She just took it for a moment, yet tried to push his hands away; she was strong for a woman, but she couldn’t push him off her. A bulge quickly swelled in his pants, as he squeezed the supple tissue through the layers of fabric.

He released her breasts and moved his hands to the zipper of his pants. Her eyes widened with horror, as he fumbled with the material. “I think it is time you learned your purpose,” he said, as he pulled his cock out of his fly. The horror in her eyes shifted to awe, as his cock ascended from his pants. It was beautiful.

He may have been a pud, but his cock was magnificent. It was a tower of soft, brown flesh. It must have been at least eight inches in length and straight as an arrow. The shaft was very uniform and round, with only one long, thick vein running up the front, and a thick tube down the back. The head of his cock was a soft, pale pink, larger in circumference than his shaft. It was soft and inviting—a pleasant surprise to Aliya, or so her eyes suggested.

Nasir pulled the back of Aliya’s head down to his cock, but he was surprised to find that she did not resist him. She lifted the bottom of her burka, and Nasir felt her thick lips make contact with his cock. The sensation practically melted him into the leather cushions of the limo. She kissed the head of his cock, pressing her full lips into the head. She took some of his head between her lips, kissing it tenderly. Nasir could hardly believe it. Then he felt her hot, slick tongue make contact with his head, caressing it between her lips. Then her tongue slid out of her mouth completely, running down his shaft as her mouth opened. The sensitive head of his cock could feel the damp heat from within her mouth. She lowered herself on top of his cock and swallowed several inches.

Nasir could hardly believe it. He had his cock in his beautiful wife’s mouth, and she was eagerly sucking his shaft, even moaning in the process. It was like a dream had come true.

Aliya continued to suck on his cock, and it didn’t take long before Nasir was about to lose his loud. She could tell he was nearing by his grunts and twitches, but she did not vary from her duty. In a grunting spasm, Nasir began to cum. When the first spurt of cum struck her tongue, the young bride dove her head down as far as she could, and Nasir shot his huge load down her throat. She clutched his cock in her hand, milking the gooey cum from his rod, stabilizing his meat in her mouth, as the shaft spasmed with each contraction of his orgasm.

As the climax subsiding, Nasir laid there breathing heavy, while Aliya continued to clean all the cum from his cock with her tongue. When she finished, she sucked the remaining moisture from his long shaft and tucked his cock back in his underwear and zipping up his pants. She sat herself back up, and under her burka, she wiped her mouth before returning to her position upright in her seat, once again staring forward, as they continued on to their destination.

Nasir could hardly believe his fortune; his wife was shockingly amazing at giving head. She was so good, that he questioned for a moment if she was truly a virgin bride, but at that moment, he didn’t let negative thoughts ruin his bliss.

The two didn’t speak for the rest of the ride.

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Reply #3 on: August 13, 2018, 09:08:19 PM
Chapter 3

It was late when they made it back to their honeymoon suite. After setting the bags down, Nasir led Aliya into the suite, and they toured their surroundings.

Nasir said he was going to shower, and that she could unpack their belongings while he did. Like many things in their society, men got to go first. He quickly showered off then he allowed his bride to use the restroom. He donned a pair of boxers and crawled into bed, waiting for his bride. While he waited, he began to drink some wine from the complementary bottle that came with the room. Aliya must have been in the bathroom for some time because when she finally emerged, he was asleep in the bed. Maybe it was the wine that knocked him out, but when the door to the bathroom cracked open he awoke with anticipation.

He only saw the arm of his young bride reaching from the crack of the door, as she turned off the lights. Through the darkness of the room, he could barely see her face. She had long, straight, dark hair that came down to her lower back. The hair hid the details of her silhouette, but in the moonlight, Nasir could just barely make out her body. She was wearing a silk nightgown that ended just above her knees. It seemed to swell at her hips and pinch in to her waist then envelope her breasts. Where it did, the material wasn’t shinny like at the bottom, and he could just barely tell that the top was lace, cupping her small, round breasts. His cock was already hard.

Aliya walked over to her side of the bed, pulled back the covers, sat on the bed facing away from her husband, and she slid herself into the covers, rolling her back to him.

Nasir felt rebuked, but he was going to have his wedding night, even if she wasn’t in the mood. At first he tried to be nice. He rolled over to her and put his arm over her body, cupping her waist, smelling the fragrance of her hair, but she pushed him away. Undeterred, he scooted closer, his belly was now touching her back. He put his arm across her again. She pushed him away, saying, “No!”

He scooted closer, trying to spoon her. His belly was now fully pressed against her back, as he wrapped his hand around her waist. He brought his hand to her breast and pulled her closer. “Yes my love,” he whispered. “You are my wife. It is your duty to serve your husband. Stop denying me.” He pressed his pelvis forward, and Aliya felt his hard cock press against her ass, his cock was clearly out of his boxers, and the thin, silk gown offered little protection. He pressed his cock forward again, grinding it against her ass.

“Not tonight,” she mumbled, begging him to stop. He didn’t.

He pulled back the lace top of her gown, exposing her breast to the night air. He squeezed it hard with his hand, savoring the tender skin on skin contact for the first time. Her nipples were large under his palm, so he instinctively pinched them between his fingers, causing Aliya to moan. Her response only edged him on.

He kept grinding his cock in her ass. She had nowhere to go. His hand left her breast and traveled to her gown, lifting it up her hip and over her ass. She felt the naked flesh of his cock poking her cheeks, as she was grouched on her side. It was prodding her with each press of his hips, until it found the crevasse between her cheeks. Her thick ass only channeled his cock all too well, and with a thrust he slid his cock between her sweaty cheeks. Her lace thong, that thin material, was all that was between him and her virginity. He seemed set on finding her wet pussy with his swollen cock. He kept pressing his cock between her cheeks, but at the angle he was at, he was only finding the entrance to her hot asshole just beyond the material.

In a surprise to Nasir, Aliya used her free hand to stop resisting his hips. She brought it up to her mouth and reached back behind her ass, clasping his cock in her hands. Her hand was soaked in her saliva, which she used to stroke his cock. The surprising move left Nasir motionless, as he succumbed to the sensation of his wife stroking his cock with her soft, delicate palm. She brought her hand back to her mouth then to her crack then to her mouth again and back to her husbands hard cock, coating his cock with another layer of her slick saliva.

Again, to his amazement, Aliya aligned his cock between her cheeks. She moved back and his slick cock easily slid between her booty. She repositioned her hips and pressed back again, this time his cock pressed against her sphincter—her thong had been pulled aside. At that moment, he realized he was about to lose his virginity, to take her virginity. He was so consumed with euphoria and a victim of inexperience, that he was unaware that his cock just slid in his wife’s ass. She pressed back some more, and his cock slid deep in her ass, causing her to uncontrollably moan. He felt the sensitive head of his shaft dip into the hot folds of her insides. In pure instinct, Nasir started fucking his wife’s ass with long strokes.

“Not so hard. Not so hard,” she begged, but he was in a lustful frenzy, a virgin on a mission, unable to control himself. “Ooohhhh shiitt,” she moaned, as he pounded her ass. He gripped her around the waist, latching onto her with his arm, while cupping her breast in his hand. He pounded her ass senselessly, making loud smacking sounds with each contact. His belly jigged behind her lean back, as his hips bounced with aggression against her plump butt.

Lucky for Aliya, his virgin inexperience gave him little control. Maybe it was her tight sphincter, or maybe it was the feeling of her thick ass pressing into his hips, but he didn’t last long. Soon he bursted into grunts just like in the limo, and Aliya felt his cock spasming in her ass, shooting his hot load in her rectum. Aliya still braced herself, as Nasir jerked and jolted his body, as the waves from his orgasm subsided.

He released her and rolled back off his side, but not twisting off his hip. His cock did not subside very quickly, so Aliya endured, as his cock stayed in her ass. His cum began to work its way around his shaft, making the channel of her anus slick from his juices. She enjoyed the sensation, even moving back and forth almost imperceptibly subtle to feel his cock sliding back and forth along the folds of her sphincters. Eventually, his long cock became flaccid enough that it fell from her ass, immediately releasing his cum down her leg and crack. He rolled to his back, still panting from his efforts.

Aliya didn’t bother to clean up. She moved her thong back over to its natural position between her cheeks and pulled her silk nightie down her legs and the covers back over her body.

Neither one of them spoke, as they laid there in the moonlight. Soon they were both asleep.

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Reply #4 on: August 13, 2018, 09:08:59 PM
Chapter 4

Nasir began to stir, as the warm light of morning broke through the cracks of the curtains. As his mind slowly pulled him from his slumber, drawing his consciousness to a focus, he became aware of a strain on his wrists. He tried to pull his knee up, but as his mind came to, he realized he couldn’t move it. His eyes parted, initially having to adjust to the morning before he recognized he was restrained. It took a moment, but his mind suddenly jolted him from his daze with a sense of fear.

Nasir was face down on the bed. His wrists and ankles were restrained to the four corners of the bed. He tried to squirm away from his position, breaking free of the restraints, but he couldn’t. At best he could dig is knees into the bed and arch his butt in the air, but that only made his face smash itself in the cushion.

Then he heard his wife’s voice, except it was less tender and insecure in sound than the night before. “It is useless to resist. You can’t get out,” she said.

He turned his head side to side, trying to find her position. “What the hell are you doing?” He was pissed, but also scared. Did he really know his bride that well? He had no clue what trouble he was in. He reasoned that the wine and sex must have knocked him out pretty good—good enough that he didn’t realize he was getting tied up.

“Ohhh husband,” she continued. “I think we need to set up some rules before we go any further with this marriage.” He could hear her pacing behind him, but he could not see her. “I am not your little bitch. I am not some whore you can fuck any time you want. I am not going to be denied pleasure, while you get to indulge yours.” If he had any strength from the day prior, it was leaving him now. He was quickly becoming more afraid of her strong authority. “This will be an equal relationship, or it will be nothing.” He felt her weight on the bed behind him, sinking into the cushion, as she crept forward. He could hear her voice getting nearer. Then her hand landed next to his head, holding her weight above him. She grabbed his hair with his hand and pulled his head back, stretching it around to an uncomfortable angle in alignment with her face. She looked him in the eyes. “Are we clear?” He quickly nodded.

That was the first time he saw his wife’s face. Aliya had large, dark eyes with lashes that stuck far from her face that seemed to fan themselves in the air with each blink. She had a slender, long nose that terminated above her full, rosy, chocolate lips. Her face was feminine, but it was fierce with strength.

“Good,” she said, releasing his head to the mattress. “I promise to give you pleasures you have always dreamed of…” her voice changed, becoming more seductive and tender, reassuring and loving, “but you must not forget your wife’s needs either.” Nasir felt his wife’s hands crawling along his back, down his body, across his glutes to his thighs, as she crawled back out of view. “Do we have an accord husband?” He nodded, but there was silence, as she seemed to be waiting for an answer.

“Yes,” he said, realizing he needed more than a nod.

“Yes what?” He heard her moving behind him then he felt her silk gown against the back of his legs. She was running the gown over his skin, teasing his legs then his butt with the slick garment. She tossed the gown on his face, and he smelled her sweat scent mixed with his musky cum. “Yes what,” she repeated. He shook the gown off his head.

“Yes, my loving wife. Whatever you want,” he timidly replied, not knowing if that was the right answer. It was.

Nasir heard his wife breath, what seemed to be, a sigh of relief. They seemed to have an accord of how their marriage would continue.

In many ways, Nasir was relieved too. There is no doubt that he would have loved to have a wife equal to a concubine, someone who could please him at his beck and call, but he could not maintain the act. It was not in his nature to be so masculine, so domineering. He wasn’t the dominant head of the household. He wasn’t a strong man who could easily call the shots in every aspect of their marriage. It was out of his nature, even if it was the nature of his society, so in many ways, his wife’s intervention was being well received.

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Reply #5 on: August 13, 2018, 09:09:36 PM
Chapter 5

Nasir felt his wife crouch behind him. He realized if her gown was next to his face then she was naked. The thought of that was making him hard. He felt her hands on his calves, and the walking of her knees up between his legs then her hands sliding up his legs to his thighs. She was squeezing his hairless legs, massaging them firmly in her strong hands. “I’m so happy you see things my way husband,” she said, as she slid her hands up this thighs. “We can be so good to each other if we want to be, you know?” Her hands moved up to his ass, which surprised Nasir. He wasn’t expecting her to touch him there. His stocky lower body gave his wife ample material to hold on to, which she did, as she dug her fingers in his bubble butt, squeezing the flesh like a mound of dough. She continued, “Giving each other endless pleasure and joy.” She was massaging his ass and spreading it with each squeeze. Nasir was enjoying the sensation, even if it seemed unconventional. Aliya continued, “We just need to be good to each other and open minded, right husband?” Nasir nodded, as she continued to massage his glutes. “Do you promise to love me no matter what?”

Nasir had already confirmed his vows, but this seemed so much more intimate than his wedding day. He heard the sweat words from his loving wife, now sounding much more tender than earlier, eager even to hear him submit all of himself to her. “Yes my love. You are my one and only.” As he said that, he felt her hand gently grace his taint and balls, barely caressing the skin, which caused him to arch his hips. When he did, she reached under his pelvis and clasped his cock, pulling it out from under his body between his legs. She stroked his hard shaft while circling her palm and fingers over his taint and balls. The unorthodox position was questionable, but he couldn’t deny she seemed to be intimately familiar with what she was doing, nor could he deny how good it felt.

She continued, “Do you promise to love me for me, no matter what I look like, giving all of yourself to me, so that I can give all of myself to you?”

He was melting in her hands. He didn’t understand the concern in her tone or words. He knew his bride was more beautiful than he deserved. He was living in the bliss of her body ever since they were alone. He couldn’t imagine, as precarious a position as he was in, any better place to be than succumbing to her touch. “Yes my love,” he assured her with conviction. “I promise without conditions to love you for you, to give myself in complete to you, as you wish.” His words came easy with her hand around his cock, but that seemed to hit the spot with her.

Aliya was overjoyed, and it was palpable in the air. “Oh, thank you my love,” she said, as she released his cock and crawled backwards, lowering her body to the sheets.

Nasir suddenly felt his wife’s mouth on his cock. His swollen member was pinned against the bed behind him. She ran her mouth along his cock, kiss and sucking on each inch of his shaft, rubbing his cock on her face. She ran her tongue down to the tip and sucked on the opening of his cock. She then ran her tongue up his cock then to his balls. Nasir could hardly believe the sensation was real, as his wife swallowed one of his balls in her mouth. She was so careful not to use too much suction, as she drew the sphere into her hot mouth. She dropped it from her mouth, as her hand found his bubble butt, digging her fingers into his cheeks. Her tongue moved forward, passed his balls to his taint. She stroked his taint with her tongue while she massaged his glutes. Nasir had no experience to reflect on, but the sensations Aliya was giving him was amazing. She squeezed his cheeks again then spread them wide, and as she did, he was shockingly surprised when she slid her tongue to his asshole, and she began to lick his sphincter.

“Dam baby,” he blurted out, but it wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy it. In fact, it felt heavenly. Her wet tongue licking his asshole was like nothing he ever felt before. She squirmed her tongue around his opening sending pleasure throughout his hips. It wasn’t like when she sucked his cock, which felt like it was building to some climax, but it was wonderful too. She seemed to be enjoying eating him out, as much as he was enjoying the sensation of her tongue on his anus and her hands squeezing his ass. He could feel his sphincter relaxing around her tongue, opening itself to her strong, slippery muscle. As it did, she coaxed her tongue past his sphincter, lathering his hole with copious amounts of saliva.

Eventually, she pulled her tongue out of his ass and kissed the tender opening. “You have a nice ass husband,” she said, as she licked some of the saliva running down his taint. She pulled herself up and crawled forward over his body. She was smitten with lust, intoxicated from performing cunnilingus on her husband. She lowered her breasts to his ass rubbing her body on him like a cat smearing its scent on its owner. She was more petite than him, even if she was taller, so she took her time smearing her breasts over his thick ass and thighs, rubbing the saliva over her swollen nipples. The body massage was delightful to Nasir, who just laid motionless allowing his wife to continue without interruption. She moved up his body, running her breasts along his back, teasing her nipples as they rubbed across his skin.

She came alongside his face with hers. She tilted her head, so she was able to meet his lips. She kissed his mouth, and he strained to twist his head to meet hers. They locked lips, kissing like young lovers, enthralled in the heat of passion. Their tongues found each others and intwined in their mouths. While they embraced Aliya lowered her chest to her husband’s back, and he felt her breasts press against his flesh. She released her lips from his mouth and moved close to his ear, biting his lobe before whispering, “Are you ready my love… to do your husbandly duties…” she sucked on his ear some more, “…just as I have served you?”

Nasir did not know what she meant, but his head was hardly able to think at the moment. He was in a state of euphoria, washing in a whirlwind of sensations that were all so overpowering to a virgin. She could have said anything, asked for anything, and he would have agreed. “Yes my love.”

“Good,” and with that, Aliya lowered her torso.

Nasir felt her chest sink fully into his back then her stomach then she dropped her hips and the full weight of her body on top of his ass in one plop. It took a moment for him to realize that he had something pinned between his wife’s hips and his ass, but as she began to grind her pelvis against his ass, and the firm, flesh of skin began to move back and forth, sliding between his slippery cheeks, he realized it was a cock! It was her cock! “What the fuck?!” He tried twisting away, but the restraints and the weight of her made it useless.

“Quiet my love,” she whispered in his ear, as she kept pressing her pelvis back and forth against his ass. With each movement back, her cock slipped lower, and with each press forward, it slid down closer to her husband’s wet asshole. She kissed his cheek, trying to ease his tension, shushing him like a crying child. “It will be alright my love,” she assured, kissing him some more, as the strokes of her cock painfully inched their way to his sphincter.

“What are you?” He was naive and confused more than anything.

“I’m your beautiful, gorgeous new wife my love,” she whispered, kissing him some more. “I am yours and you are mine. Yes, I have a cock and not a pussy, but a poor man can’t have it all,” she explained. “And I can’t have it all either.” As she uttered those words, her cock made contact with her husband’s virgin anus. She pressed the head of her thin cock to his opening then gentle moved back and forth. He was slightly squirming still, and his movements made her cock slip past his sphincter into his anus. He froze when he felt her slip slightly in. “Oh, it’s ok my love. You can take me next,” and with that she pressed her hips forward, penetrating her husband’s ass. Her cock pressed through his sphincters and entered his rectum. She waisted no time and started to slide her cock back and forth, even though his virgin sphincter cramped tight around her shaft.

“Ohhhh shitttt,” he bellowed, as he winced in pain.

She kissed him some more, reassuring him that it will be alright, “Just relax my love. Give yourself to me like I gave myself to you.” Her hips stayed locked to his; she only rocked her cock back and forth in his body, giving him time to adjust to her rod. “Relax, and give me that ass,” she whispered.

Her soothing words and tender kisses were actually having an effect on Nasir. He could feel his body lose its tension, and so could Aliya. “That’s it my love. Give yourself to me,” she moaned, as she began to quicken her strokes. She moved her mouth to his, and she kissed him on his lips.

He welcomed her embrace by returning her kiss. In fact, he felt his whole body opening itself to her embrace. His sphincters were dilating, even enjoying the sensation of her cock sliding across the sensitive flesh. As she pressed deeper into his body, her rod struck his prostate, causing the tip of his cock to glow and ache. “That’s it my love,” she said, as she pulled herself up into the air. Shockingly for Nasir, he was enjoying being fucked by his young bride. He was even arching his hips for her now, opening himself to receive more of her cock.

She sat on top of him, repositioning herself over his hips. She used one hand to steady herself on his back, and with the other, she reached behind her body and pulled his balls into her ass, rubbing them into her plump booty, as she rocked back and forth, fucking his ass. She was a virgin, ass fucker nearing her first real orgasm, breathing hard as it neared. Nasir was uncontrollably moaning. “I’m going to cum my love,” she warned, moments before she began to release her load. “I’m cummming!” Her rod convulsed, as she shot stream of hot cum in her husband’s ass. He felt it too, planting with content, as her cock spasmed against his sensitive anal wall.

“Ohhh shitt, I feel it,” he said, shocked at the sensation, shocked he was enjoying it so much.

“Mmmmm yeaaaa, that was good,” she moaned, as she slowed her pace. She giggled with joy, as the final waves of her orgasm passed over her body.

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Reply #6 on: August 13, 2018, 09:10:17 PM
Chapter 6

Aliya slid her cock out of her husbands asshole. As it puckered, a stream of cum oozed out of his hole. She slapped her small cock on his sphincter, relishing the afterglow of their sexual session. She looked over her shoulder at her husband’s hard cock and noticed a small puddle of precum on the bed near the tip of his head. “Oooo, somebody enjoyed himself, didn’t he?” She stroked his hard cock with her hand. It caused Nasir to arch his hips with pleasure. “I think it is your turn my love, and it is my turn to repay your kindness.”

Aliya collected some of the cum running from her husband’s anus, and she lathered it on her waiting sphincter. She penetrated her asshole with her finger, lubricating her moist anus. She dismounted him and rotated around. She instructed him to arch his hips, so she could slide her legs deep under his pelvis with her feet on either side of his torso. He did as she requested, and she scooted back until she was on her knees, ass to ass with him. She reached back under her body, between her legs, where she found her husbands large cock. She positioned it up to her asshole, which wasn’t hard because his hips were arched up, perched on her calves, and she sat back on his cock. The head of his cock made contact with her sphincter, and as she pressed back, it parted the folds of skin and muscle, and it slid into her anus. Unlike the night before, he easily slid into her body. She only needed to reposition her knees further back, and as she did, she pressed her hips back into his cock, allowing it to slide into her hot rectum. His long cock was not buried deep in her ass because of this position, but it was enough to strike her prostate at full depth.

Aliya braced herself with her hands on his calves and began to thrust her hips back onto her husband’s cock. As she did, her ass smacked down on his ass, clapping against his shaft and balls. “Ummm that is nice,” she said. She pressed her ass firmly to his, moving her hips in circles on his rod, rubbing her booty against his slick bubble butt. Their sweaty, cum slicked skin made their bodies slide across each other. The sensation was making them both hot. “Ummm, you like that my love?”

“Oh yea, don’t stop!” Having his cock pulled underneath his pelvis was making the skin taught on his shaft, tugging on the head of his penis, heightening the sensation. It didn’t take long before Nasir could feel his pleasure building, nearing an orgasm. “I’m going to cum,” he said, warning his wife.

Aliya quickened her pace, slamming her ass against her husbands, sending his cock crashing in her hot core. “Mmmm fuck yeaaa babeee,” she moaned. “Cumm in my ass!” He was nearing his orgasm; she could feel him tensing his body, which only encouraged her to ride his cock harder, willing her husband to release his load.

Then he did! “Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” he moaned, as his cock exploded in an orgasm, releasing his thick, sticky, hot cum in Aliya’s ass.

“Ooooo fuck yea, your cock feels sooo good cumming in my ass,” she moaned, as his cock spasmed in her sensitive sphincters. She had slowed her pace to long, slow presses of her body, squeezing the lasts drops of cum from his cock, savoring the afterglow from his orgasm. She reached back and held his cock as she slid his cock out of her ass. Cum flowed from her hole, dripping down her taint and balls. She pushed his cock higher between her ass cheeks and pressed her hips back, pinning it there. Catching some of the cum, she brought it to her mouth, savoring her husbands sweet cum. Then she reached behind her ass to his cock, pressed it between her cheeks, rubbing his cock with her booty. She used her hands to press her ass together, creating ass cleavage to stroke his slick cock with, squeezing the last ooze of cum from the tip, which her husband basked in bliss from his euphoric orgasm.

She released his cock and crawled out from under her husband’s hips. She turned to him and massaged his ass and balls some more, savoring her husband’s body once, while he was still in a tied and vulnerable position. “Mmmmm my love. You and I are going to have lots of fun. I think you are ready to come out of these.” She untied his restraints, and he turned over in the bed. She crawled up his body, straddling his hips with hers. She sat down on his wet, flaccid cock and leaned forward to kiss him face to face. Their sexes rubbed together, as her breasts pressed to his chest. Their lips intwined, as the two young lovers embraced for a long kiss, and what was the beginning of a long and happy marriage.

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The End

Thanks for reading it. Hope you enjoy!


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Very HOT!  Surprise Wedding Gift!!

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Didn't take long to see where this was headed, but you drew it out so well.  Was on the edge, waiting for the cock to make its first "appearance".  Very tender story, and I'm sure they'll be a happy couple.

Just a tip, do a little proofreading.  It was easy to figure out, but would be smoother with corrections.

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