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Saving Wisty (mf, oral)

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on: August 22, 2018, 08:55:11 AM
This is a work of fiction.
You must be 18 or over to read this story.
The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 in real life.

Saving Wisty

This story is about a 16-year-old girl named AJ (short for Anna June) which takes place during the summer between her junior and senior years in high school.

While AJ was not a classically beautiful girl she was quite attractive. Perhaps the most accurate description of her looks would be elfin. Her eyes were a very pale blue, and her hair was dark blonde, the color some might call dirty or dishwater blonde.

She always kept her hair cut to several inches below her shoulders because that was the perfect length for a pony tail. And AJ liked her pony tail. From middle school on, if you’d ever seen her without a pony tail, it would have been a rare occasion indeed.

AJ’s button of a nose was absolutely tiny. During the summer months both her nose and cheeks were lightly freckled.

If you were to ask AJ about the feature she liked least about her own face, she probably wouldn’t have even spoken. She would have merely pointed to her cheeks. They were slightly chubby—a little too chubby, in her opinion. She might not have minded the freckles as much if her cheeks hadn’t been so prominent.

It probably didn’t help that her father’s pet name for her had been Chipmunk—at least until she’d put a stop to that when she was in seventh grade. When she told her dad she didn’t like the nickname, he’d promised to stop calling her Chipmunk, and even offered to pay her $1 every time he forgot.

It took him nearly a year to break himself of the habit, and by the time she had finally become Princess instead of Chipmunk AJ had collected enough money to buy an impressive collection of cosmetics.

She used the last of Chipmunk money to buy herself all new underwear before starting high school, although her mother hadn’t approved of the styles she chose. AJ liked fancy lingerie, favoring snug-fitting low cut bikini style panties and delicate lace-trimmed demi-cup bras.

She had the figure for it, full-breasted, but not overly large on top. Her body could easily have been pointed out as an example of near-perfect proportioning for a teenage girl.

The lingerie wasn’t to impress other people either, and certainly not people of the male gender. She wouldn’t have her first real boy-friend, Jeremy, until the middle of her sophomore year. More about Jeremy later. He does play a small but significant role in the story.

AJ just liked the way the delicate undies felt against her skin. And while she may or may not have been aware of it, it did give her self-image a little boost for reasons only another girl could understand.

A week after she bought her new underwear, she overhead a brief conversation between her parents. She’d been in the kitchen having breakfast before tackling her first day of high school.

From the adjacent laundry room, she heard her father’s voice say, “Ooh wee! I can’t wait to see you model these for me.”

With amusement in her voice, her mother replied, “Sorry dear. That’s not going to happen. Those black bikini panties you’re fondling aren’t mine—they belong to your daughter.”

That was the end of that conversation, and a moment later, her father emerged from the laundry room, slightly red-faced. AJ said brightly, "Morning Daddy." He didn't slow down as he mumbled something in reply before hurriedly leaving the room. AJ had to choke back a laugh.

Poor Daddy,” she thought. “It has to be really difficult for him to get used to the idea that his little Princess is growing up.”

In addition to her weekly allowance and Chipmunk money, AJ earned money as the babysitter of choice for her next door neighbors, the Jensens. The Jensens had two children, a boy named Bobby, age 14—and a girl named Wisty (short for Wisteria), who had recently turned eleven.

Bobby would be starting the eighth grade in the fall, although he would have been a high school freshman if he hadn’t been held back in kindergarten. AJ and Bobby had played together as young children, especially during the summers when AJ’s dad put up the above-ground pool.

Bobby had been a delightful kid and AJ had always enjoyed being around him—until he entered middle school. Before finishing sixth grade, the easy going friendly kid she’d always known had disappeared—replaced by a surly preteen who took to dressing in dark clothes and rarely speaking to anyone.

AJ now thought he was a little creepy and didn’t feel at all comfortable when he was around. As for Wisty, AJ thought of her as the little sister she’d never had. She adored the girl and suspected that Wisty felt the same way about her.

They had enjoyed spending time together, despite the five year age difference, ever since the Jensens had brought home the new baby the summer before AJ started kindergarten. Now Wisty would start middle school in the fall.

AJ and Wisty were very much alike in many ways. The only major difference between them was that AJ tended to be more reserved while Wisty was a bonafide extrovert.

If anyone who’d ever met Wisty wasn’t charmed by her sparkling personality—well, AJ would have been shocked to hear it. AJ knew that her favorite preteen girl was going to be in for a turbulent few years, courtesy of puberty, and looked forward to helping the budding beauty through the ordeal.

She herself hadn’t needed a training bra until she was nearly 13. Wisty had started wearing hers halfway through the fifth grade—several months before she turned 11, two weeks after school ended.

AJ remembered quite well how embarrassed she had been to see the two small fleshy mounds sprouting from her chest. For a while, she had refused to accept the idea that her boobs were there to stay. But of course, there was no way to change the fact that she was a girl—or the fact that girls have breasts.

She just hoped she’d be able to help Wisty ease into adolescence a little easier than she had.

The previous summer, AJ had been mildly surprised when Mrs. Jensen had called her to babysit, since she’d assumed that Bobby, then 13, was now old enough to watch his sister. When AJ arrived at their house, she had innocently commented about it, and had been shocked to hear Mrs. Jensen choke back a sob.

The woman was near tears as she confided in AJ that she didn’t trust her own son to babysit his little sister. The changes in his personality had her deeply disturbed—and more than a little frightened.

So I’m not the only one creeped out by the changes in Bobby,” she’d thought. Her heart went out to Mrs. Jensen, but she was happy to hear that Bobby would be spending the night with a friend.

This summer, it wasn’t until the middle of July that the Jensens had called her to babysit. They would be attending some kind of banquet that wasn’t expected to end until nearly midnight. And because it was in another city three hours away, they wouldn’t be back until nearly dawn the following morning and wanted AJ to plan on spending the night.

AJ was hesitant until Mrs. Jensen assured her that they had again made arrangements for Bobby to spend the night with a friend, so it would just be Wisty that she’d be looking after.

By three o’clock that afternoon, the Jensens were off and AJ had agreed to give Wisty a make over, using the cosmetics the younger girl had gotten for her birthday. After dinner Wisty had gotten sick to her stomach, throwing up the meal they’d just eaten. Since the girl didn’t have a fever, AJ wasn’t overly worried.

By 8 pm, Wisty wasn’t able to keep her eyes open, so she went off to bed. AJ watched an old black-and-white movie on TV. When it ended around 10, she was surfing the channels when she heard someone come in the front door. AJ left the family room to see if the Jensens had come home instead of going to their banquet.

She wasn’t concerned—until she saw Bobby and his only friend, Luke.

“Hi AJ,” Bobby said. “Long time no see.” AJ noticed immediately that he seemed more like the old Bobby than the surly boy he’d been for almost two years.

“Hi Bobby. Aren’t you supposed to be staying at Luke’s house tonight?” she asked, careful to keep her voice casual.

“Yep. Just need something from my room. We’ll just be a minute,” he explained.

The two boys disappeared up the stairs, and were back two minutes later. Bobby was holding a DVD.

“Got something here you really need to see AJ. Got a minute to take a look at it?”

AJ was wary, but said, “Well okay I guess. But then you need to get back to Luke’s house.”

Bobby nodded, and went into the family room followed by Luke. AJ wasn’t sure, but she thought she’d gotten a whiff of alcohol as the boys had passed her.

She entered the family room, asking, “What is it I need to see?”

Bobby almost laughed as he said, “Hold on a sec. You’ll see soon enough. Have a seat on the couch.”

She sat down as he slid the disk into the player. The two boys moved to the love seat sitting at a right angle from the couch she sat on.

AJ sat back against the soft cushions in the sofa as the first images of the DVD appeared on the screen. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the back of a blonde pony-tailed girl on the TV. Naked above the waist except for a delicate lace-trimmed bra, the girl was on her knees in front of the very sofa she was now sitting on.

AJ’s eyes widened in shock. The girl on the TV screen—was her. Sitting before her on the couch was Jeremy, her boyfriend—at the time.

His pants were around his ankles and his knees were wide apart. Her pony tail swished from side to side as her head moved in his lap. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she had the boy’s cock in her mouth.

On the screen Jeremy was unsnapping her demi-cup bra, then reaching under her to squeeze her boobs in rhythm to her head bobbing.

The only sound in the room was from the TV speakers, a soft slurping sound as she moved her mouth up and down on his dick—and Jeremy’s soft moaning.

Then AJ heard the two boys snickering. She knew they were watching her instead of the TV, but she was frozen in place and couldn’t take her eyes off the big screen in front of her.

AJ knew from the way on-screen Jeremy was lifting his hips that he was about to come in her mouth. She closed her eyes. She didn’t need to see her body tense as the first blast of Jeremy’s climax spurted into her unsuspecting mouth.

Or her head pulling up just in time for the rest of Jeremy’s cum to splatter all over her chubby little cheeks. Whether she wanted to or not, she heard her own voice coming from the television speakers. “You son-of-a-bitch. You said you wouldn’t cum in my mouth.”

That was followed by Jeremy giggling like a girl and then his voice, saying the most insincere, “Sorry babe,” you can possibly imagine.

This had all taken place more than a year ago, right at the end of her sophomore year, and she had tried hard to forget that she given in to what he had wanted.

AJ knew the exact night it had happened because it had been the first—and last—time she’d ever given a blow job. She had regretted it before she’d even gotten her bra back on.

She remembered how quickly things had tumbled out of her control that night. Their make-out session had been so intense she’d felt her panties getting wet, so she wasn’t exactly clear headed. All the while Jeremy had been groping her tits and trying to get one hand under her shirt while he relentlessly tried to work his other hand between her legs.

She’d finally let him take her tee shirt off, perhaps hoping it would stop him from pawing at her pussy. The next thing she knew, his pants were down—and her head was in his lap. He was pleading with her in a whiny voice, “Just kiss it AJ. Please.”

AJ didn’t exactly remember getting off the couch onto her knees in front of him, but she remembered when he came in her mouth about 30 seconds later—after promising that he wouldn’t.

The following day, their last day as sophomores, she had told Jeremy in no uncertain terms that if sex was what he wanted then he should damn well find someone else. Goodbye first real boyfriend.

The relationship had lasted only about six months and Jeremy had pressured her about having sex almost from day one. Ever since she’d broken up with him, when she thought about it, she was furious with herself for putting up with him for those six long months.

Now—tonight, the one and only sex act she’d ever been a part of was playing out on the large screen TV in front of her eyes, and the eyes of two eighth grade boys who were snickering with delight.

AJ opened her eyes and saw that Bobby had turned off the video and was now looking at her, an expectant expression on his face.

“You weren’t even here that night. How did you record that?” she asked. It didn’t really matter, she was stalling for time, trying to decide what to do.

“I came back. After I heard mom tell you it was okay to have Jeremy come over to study I wasn’t going to miss the show. I knew you’d be making out at the very least, groping each other like you always did. I just got lucky—not as lucky as Jeremy—but that’s going to change tonight,” he said with a smirk.

She ignored his insinuation. Calmer than she thought possible, AJ glared at the boy and demanded, “I want that video deleted from your camera and the disc destroyed.”

Still smirking he replied. “Oh I’m sure you do. Well, like I just told you, I want something too. I want you to suck my dick—so as soon as I get what I want, you’ll get what you want.”

She thought for a moment, then said fiercely, “Bobby. You’ll be able to buy a sno-cone in hell before I give you a blow job. Do you understand me you little turd?”

“Sure AJ. I understand. Guess I’ll just have to e-mail a copy of your performance to every kid in school. The debut of AJ, the porn star. All the boys will idolize you—the cock sucking queen.”

Snickering, he said, “Maybe you should change your name from AJ—to BJ.” He paused to appreciate Luke’s guffaw and then continued.

“And I’ll give your parents a copy. Can you imagine the look on your daddy’s face when he sees his little princess on her knees with her tits hanging out and her boyfriend’s dick blowing a load in her mouth?”

AJ glared at the boy, unsure of what to do next. He had to be bluffing, didn’t he? He wouldn’t dare to follow through on the threats he was making. She told him so.

“You wouldn’t dare. What do you think your dad would do if he found out you were trying to blackmail into having sex with you?”

“Oh he’d beat the crap out of me I’m sure. But that wouldn’t save your reputation, would it? Your phone would be ringing off the hook with boys wanting you to service them.”

AJ felt tears welling in her eyes, but she refused to give Bobby the satisfaction of letting them flow. She thought furiously.

She would be humiliated if he made the video public. She didn’t want to think about how it would hurt her dad if he found out she’d blown Jeremy. As for the kids at school, well everyone knew how cruel kids could be.

Still, she wasn’t going to let Bobby get away with this. She’d rather endure the humiliation and was strong enough to accept it. She shrugged her shoulders and told him so.

“Listen Bobby. It’s not like I’m the only teenage girl who’s ever given her boyfriend a blow job. Sure, it would be embarrassing as hell if that video were made public, but I can survive that. As far as I’m concerned you can put it on the six o’clock news, but I—am not—going to have sex with you, oral or any other way.”

For the first time, the boy’s confidence wavered and he looked disconcerted. Then his friend Luke leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Bobby’s face slowly blossomed into a big smile. It was an evil smile—and AJ, without knowing it, held her breath.

“I guess we’ll have to use Plan B then,” Bobby said nonchalantly. And that’s when a bad situation took a turn for the worse.

AJ didn’t want to know but she knew she had to ask. She let out the breath she’d been holding and warily asked, “And what is Plan B?”

Bobby stood up. “We all go upstairs—right now—and you can watch while Luke teaches Wisty everything she needs to know about sucking a man’s cock.”

The chubby cheeked teenager with the blonde pony tail felt all the blood drain from her face. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard Bobby say.

She tried to speak, but couldn’t find any words. After what seemed like forever, she finally managed to form a sentence. Her voice barely audible, she said, “Wisty’s just a little girl Bobby. An eleven-year-old girl. She's not even in middle school yet.”

With his confidence renewed Bobby shrugged and said, “The key word is girl. She’s growing tits and I’ll bet she has hair on her little pussy. Soon enough she’ll be dropping her panties for the boys. Now let’s go.”

He tried to pull AJ up from the sofa, but she resisted. With steel in her voice now, she said, “You can’t do that to Wisty Bobby. I won’t let you do that.”

The boy’s hand reached to her cleavage, balled a fistful of her shirt and bra in his hand and jerked hard until she was standing up.

With his face only inches from hers, he growled, “Listen you cock sucking little bitch. There’s only one way you can stop me. So make up your mind right now. Either you get naked—right fucking now—or Wisty will start middle school as the best cock sucker in the sixth grade.”

AJ couldn’t let young Wisty be traumatized that way. She would do whatever she had to do to keep Wisty from being forced to have sex—at age eleven.

AJ was sure now—the two middle school boys had been drinking—she could smell it on Bobby’s breath. In their brazen alcohol induced audacity, she was afraid they might actually follow through on their threat to savage Wisty without understanding their foolishness—until it was too late.

AJ was also afraid they might not be satisfied with just a blow job. She knew from first hand experience that lust has a way of clouding your mind, even without alcohol involved.

That meant her own purity was at risk if she got naked as Bobby was demanding. Two horny eighth grade boys with alcohol in their system were completely unpredictable.

AJ mentally tried to prepare herself in case her precious virginity had to be sacrificed to save Wisty’s. If it had to be done—she would do it to save the chaste eleven-year-old girl she considered to be her sister.

Her situation had spiraled even more out of control than the one night with Jeremy that had resulted in her embarrassing indiscretion.

Bobby’s grating voice interrupted her thoughts. “Time’s up AJ. C’mon Luke, grab her arm and let’s get her upstairs to watch the show.”

AJ made her decision. “Wait. Promise me you’ll leave her alone if I do what you want.”

His eyes filled with lust, and grinning lasciviously, Bobby said, “You have my word. You’re the one I really want.”

Thinking of nothing but the innocent preteen girl asleep upstairs, blissfully unaware of any danger from her evil brother, AJ slowly pulled her tee shirt off.

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It's bad enough that men are pigs, but even worse are nasty rotten teenage boy piglets. Send these kids off to bad boy boot camp.


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I love the concept of "Chipmunk money." 


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It's bad enough that men are pigs, but even worse are nasty rotten teenage boy piglets. Send these kids off to bad boy boot camp.

That's true enough in too many cases. However, I have to point out that not all females are sugar and spice. I have written a number of stories that illustrate that fact. Eventually some of those stories will find their way into the Lesbian forum, but I can't say when.

I'll try to post one called The Incident as an example, sometime next week. Males can be cruel, females can be downright vicious (savage, malicious, spiteful).

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Yeah, the sugar and spice girls I've known live in my heart forever, but the vicious ones somehow don't get socially digested: it's as though they are blocked out of my head. A certain  amount of perverseness is okay, but too much is too much.