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Coffee Kiosk (MF, oral)

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on: September 03, 2018, 02:01:17 PM
This is a work of fiction.
You must be age 18 or over to read this story.
The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 in real life.


It was close to 8pm when Russ Fowler pulled up to the coffee kiosk window, just in time to see one of the workers flip a switch. He saw the ‘OPEN’ sign on the street blink out even as a young blonde woman came to the window and said, “Hi, what can I get for you?”

“A large mocha please.” He liked the coffee well enough, but what he enjoyed even more was having two or three minutes to ogle the hard bodied young women who made the drinks. That alone was worth the $6.50 he handed over for the drink. Sometimes he was even able to surreptitiously snap a photo with his phone.

The name tag resting on the girl’s left breast said ‘Tonya’. Like most of the workers at the kiosk, she was young, probably a college student. Barely more than five feet tall she probably weighed 115 pounds at most. Full breasted, she was wearing a halter top and short cut off jeans. He could see her flesh colored bra through the wide arm holes.

“So how’s your day been?” she asked cheerfully as she worked on his drink.

“I can’t complain,” he answered. “Well, I could I guess, but it wouldn’t do any good so why bother.”

Tonya smiled. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes the world seems like a cold place.”

“Not just cold. When you get to my age, it can be downright cruel. Everywhere I go I see attractive young ladies, such as yourself.”

She looked puzzled. “Looking at pretty girls is cruel? I don’t understand.”

Russ shook his head. “Looking isn’t the cruel part, it’s the fact that looking is all I’ve got left. It’s depressing to be reminded of that.”

“Wow. Sounds like you haven’t had any for a while. How long has it been? A month? Two months?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he said with a sigh, trying not to think about it as Tonya stepped away to fix his drink.

A few seconds later, Tonya was walking back toward the window when she stopped, turned around and called out, “Bye Janie, see you tomorrow.” She moved toward the window again but stopped and spoke again over her shoulder, calling out, “Janie. Is that essay due tomorrow?”

He didn’t hear but Janie must have answered because Tonya then said, “Good. I haven’t even started yet. See you in class.” They heard the door close when her co-worker left, then Russ saw her get into a yellow VW Beetle and drive away.

Back at the window, Tonya handed him the hot cup and said, “So you’ve done without for a long time. What, has it been like six months?” The way she said it made it sound like she didn’t think that was humanly possible.

He looked at her without speaking for a long moment, taking in the beauty of her green eyes and high cheekbones lightly spotted with freckles.

Finally he said, “There’s not another human being on earth who knows how long its been for me. Do you really want to know?”

“Yeah. I’m really curious now. And I won’t tell anyone. I don’t even know who you are, so who would I tell?”

Looking into her eyes, he said slowly, “I haven’t had sex for 19 years, one month and —” He glanced at his watch for the date before he met her eyes and finished, “— 10 days.”

Tonya gasped out loud and her eyes got incredibly wide. She whispered, “No shit?” She furrowed her brow, apparently thinking hard about something and then said, “I’ve only been 19 for one month and 3 days. Holy crap! You haven’t had sex since a week before I was born?”

Russ set his coffee cup in the center console cup holder, a little embarrassed that he’d revealed such personal information. As he’d told her, no one else on earth knew that. Well, his wife might, but he sincerely doubted that she would remember the exact date they last had sex. He did though.

They were both silent for a moment, then he turned to look at the girl and said, “Here’s some free advice for you sweetheart. Don’t get old. It sucks.”

He handed over the money for his coffee, then reached for the gearshift and put the car in drive, but his foot was still on the brake as Tonya leaned out the window and said urgently, “Wait, don’t go.”

Russ put the car back in park and looked at her. He was surprised to see little pink spots of color on both of her cheeks.

Tonya opened her mouth, but didn’t seem to know what she wanted to say. “I could—I mean—how about—um—if you’d like, I’ll give you a blow job.” Her cheeks turned even rosier.

Russ just stared at her, unable to speak. He wasn’t even sure he’d heard her correctly.

Now that she’d blurted it out, Tonya was more sure of herself. “If it’s been that long, it would be like doing my good deed for the day. What do you say?”

“Do you offer complete strangers blow jobs very often?”

She giggled. “No, not very often. Never actually, but you seem like a nice guy and to go that long without sex seems like—I don’t know, cruel and unusual punishment. It’s not that big a deal really. I’ve liked oral sex ever since I gave my first blow job when I was thirteen.”

“Thirteen?” Russ said incredulously. “Things must have changed one hell of a lot since I was thirteen.”

Her grin was almost a smirk when she said, “Well, I was the most popular girl in the eighth grade. Maybe the whole middle school.”

Russ said, “Can I ask you a personal question? A very personal question?”

“After what you just told me? Sure go ahead.”

“If you were 13 when you performed oral sex on a guy the first time, how old were you when you lost your virginity?” He couldn’t believe he’d actually asked a beautiful 19-year-old co-ed—that he’d know less than five minutes—when she lost her virginity.

It didn’t seem to bother Tonya because she answered without hesitation. “Sixteen. On the night of junior prom. And I wasn’t the only one. From what I learned later it seems half the girls at the dance gave up their cherry that night.”

She paused for a moment, her eyes not quite focused as if she was remembering something. Then she giggled and added, “That was the very first time I ever wore matching lingerie, and my panties didn’t make it home with me that night. I never did find out what happened to them—I’m still a little pissed about that.”

Her eyes came back into focus and she leaned forward a little and said seriously, “Listen, I meant what I said. You can put your car there,” she pointed to a spot behind the drive-up window, “and come to the door in back. If you want to I mean.”

The man still wasn’t quite convinced. His experience was that girls only performed oral sex when they were coerced, or agreed to it grudgingly and he told her that.

“No, oral sex is like anything else. Some girls like it and some don’t. It’s no different with guys. Some will eat a girl’s pussy every chance he gets and others wouldn’t do it for anything. Lucky for you, I’m one of the girls that like having a guy in my mouth. I even like the taste before I swallow.”

It was jarring to hear the girl talk so casually about eating pussy and giving blow jobs. Girls from his generation would never have discussed such intimate things in public, and certainly not with a man they’d only met.

This girl not only spoke easily about them, she was blatantly offering him oral sex. Pity sex, maybe, but Russ felt a stirring in his crotch. He pointed to the parking spot she had indicated and said, “Over there you said?”

She nodded and he put the car in reverse and parked it. He saw Tonya flip off the main lights in the kiosk, leaving it in dimly lit shadows. When he got out of the car, she was standing by the door in back, barefooted. Feeling a little dazed, he walked over.

Once inside he saw that they were in a small office across from a storage area. Tonya had put her flowing yellow blonde hair into a ponytail that reached the middle of her back and put on a dark purple lip gloss that looked almost black in the dim light.

She came up to him as if they were long time lovers and put her arms around him, giving him a hug. “You’re taller than I thought,” she said. He was a shade under six feet, and from her 5-foot tall vantage point she had to look up at him.

“Tonya, I don’t mean to sound greedy, but—will you take off your top while you—do me?”

She giggled. “Sure.” There was a silly grin on her face that made her look like a playful 12-year-old when she added, “I know how men love boobies.”

She pulled off her halter and dropped it on the small desk, then unhooked her flesh-colored bra and draped it over her shirt, exposing full round breasts, a solid B-cup Russ guessed. As she stood there naked except for cutoff jeans, he could see that her nipples were already starting to get hard.

Russ reached out and closed his fingers over one of the fleshy globes, his palm pressing against the nipple. He sighed unconsciously from the first contact with firm female titty flesh he’d had in nearly twenty years.

“Mmm, your hand is nice and warm,” Tonya purred. She got down on her knees and rubbed her palm on the front of his jeans before undoing the button. She pulled down the zipper, then tugged his pants down to his ankles.

“Ooh, black boxer briefs,” she said. “How sexy.” She slipped her fingers inside the waistband and slowly slid the cotton garment down his legs. Russ was a little surprised to see how hard his erection was. In recent years even when he masturbated it didn’t always get completely hard.

Now though, it was as stiff as it had ever been in his life. Tonya wrapped her little hand around it, stroking slowly up and down while she leaned forward and licked his balls. Then she sucked his balls into her mouth, first one, and then the other.

She moved her attention to his penis, kissing and licking up and down the full length. Russ moaned softly as the young co-ed’s tongue and lips sent shivers of pleasure through him.

Her soft, gloss-covered lips formed a circle as she slid the tip into her mouth. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry as she moved back and forth on his shaft until she had the whole thing in her mouth.

Russ had his eyes closed when he felt the girl’s nose pressing against his pubis. He opened them and looked down in amazement. None of his previous partners had ever taken his whole length in their mouth, not because he was so big, but because their gag reflex had kicked in due to their inexperience.

Looking down at the top of the girl’s head, he pulled his phone from his shirt pocket, activated the camera, then softly said the girl’s name. Tonya looked up and he got a perfect photo of her face, her eyes twinkling. The resulting photo clearly showed how full her mouth was. At least he would have proof that he wasn’t dreaming.

Putting the phone away, he put his hands on either side of Tonya’s head while his brain was trying to process the pleasurable sensations he hadn’t felt in so many years. From her knees, the 19-year-old bobbed her head slowly up and down while Russ moaned softly.

It didn’t take him very long to figure out that Tonya knew what she was doing. She brought him to the brink of a climax, then backed him off by pressing against the base of his shaft and slowing down a tiny bit. Russ lost count of how many times she teased him to the very edge of ecstasy.

Finally she reached behind him and gripped his butt cheeks and began to move faster. The man tightened his grip on her head while she guided his hips forward and then back.

Groaning and gasping he began swaying in rhythm to the movement of her head. As she sped up he lunged harder and was soon flat out fucking the young woman’s mouth, feeling her nose touch him with each thrust.

Just when he thought the top of his head would explode, Tonya stopped moving her head with his entire length between her lips. She sucked hard and his swollen cock began to ejaculate, shooting a jet stream of his cum straight down the girl’s throat. When she moaned, he felt the vibration in every nerve in his body. He couldn’t remember every having such an intense orgasm.

With his balls now empty, his knees were so weak, it was all Russ could manage to stay on his feet. He patted the top of Tonya’s head like he would a favorite pet as he panted for breath. She continued to suck and lick his member as if she couldn’t bear to release it.

Then she stood, threw her arms around him in a bear hug, pressing her mound against him and nuzzling his neck. In a hoarse raspy whisper she murmured, “Damn you tasted so good. You made me so fuckin’ wet.”

If Russ had been amazed before, it was a wonder his head didn’t explode at what happened next. Tonya took a step back from him, unbuttoned her cutoffs and yanked the zipper down. The denim garment fell to the floor and she took his hand, pressing it between her shapely legs while she stepped out of the short pants.

With just a brief glimpse in the dim light, it looked to Russ as if she were now naked. The pungent aroma of her arousal assailed his nostrils and he inhaled as deeply as he could. It had been a long time, but that scent was one he’d never forget.

He soon realized that she had on flesh colored thong panties, now nearly see-thru from the warm wetness oozing out of her horny teenage treasure. He could see her pubic hair, what there was of it. It was neatly trimmed into what he knew was called a landing strip.

Slipping his hand inside the tiny elastic band, his thumb nudged her throbbing clitoris as his middle finger slid easily between the blonde co-ed’s plump swollen pussy lips.

She cried out and shuddered, then her ripe young body went rigid and he felt a fresh gush of wetness soak his hand. Incredulous, he said softly, “Did you just have an orgasm?”

“Oh yeah,” she crooned dreamily, just as softly. “And now I need you inside me. I want you to fuck me.”

Russ needed no more encouragement and he began inching her tiny panties down her legs, no easy task as wet as they were. When he finally got them all the way down, she stepped out of them and he absently tucked the soggy fabric in his shirt pocket. She didn’t know it yet, but Tonya would go home that night without her panties—for the second time in her young life.

While he was stripping off her thong, Tonya reached over and picked up a small purse from the desk next to where they were standing. Pulling out a foil packet, she ripped it open with her teeth and unrolled a condom on his dick, which was once again hard enough to hammer nails with.

Russ had never worn a condom before. All of his previous partners had been on birth control pills, not that there had been many of them. In his sixty-plus years, he’d had sex with only five women, two before and two after he was married.

Tonya was nearly incoherent with desire and as soon as she had the condom on the man she pulled him to the floor and guided him to the steaming core of her arousal.

As soon as he entered her, he drove himself deep into her tight but well lubricated pussy until their pubic bones mashed together. With her legs in the air and wide apart Russ felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on his dick. Tonya’s second orgasm battered every nerve ending in her luscious 19-year-old body as she whimpered, “Yes! Oh god yes.”

Russ couldn’t repress a grin as he looked down at the fresh-faced teenager in the throes of an orgasm. He was more than three times her age but the look of ecstasy he saw at that moment was like no expression he’d ever seen on a woman before. She was panting so hard it was difficult to make out the words, but it sounded to Russ like she said, “Yes! Fuck my horny little pussy.”

Her knees were bent until they almost mashed against her round young boobs, then she wrapped her legs around him, her feet nearly up to his shoulders.

As long as it had been since Russ had enjoyed the pleasure of sex, he would have preferred to take it slow and enjoy the wonderful feeling of having his cock in her warm wet womanhood.

But Tonya’s need was burning like an out of control wildfire and she in no mood for slow and easy. In spite of his own desire, Russ sensed her urgency and began pumping the girl hard and fast.

He fucked his rock hard cock in and out of the horny blonde college student as fast as he could, causing her firm tits to bounce delightfully as he repeatedly speared his cock into the hot wetness of her teenage sex.

“Yes! Oh fuck!” Tonya repeated over and over as if it were a mantra.

Russ had been surprised to feel himself erect again so soon after being sucked off. Even so he had a feeling that he wasn’t going to last as long as he would have liked. It had just been too long and the heat radiating from between the girl’s legs wasn’t going to allow it.

Tonya suddenly whimpered, “Ohmigod!” Then her lush young body shuddered and she let out an ear shattering shriek. She arched her back and her firm round bottom lifted several inches off the floor as she writhed her hips. She began to thrash around like she’d been electrocuted as another orgasm overwhelmed her senses.

With a loud prolonged moan she began to claw at his butt, sending Russ over the edge of the cliff into orgasmic bliss. The older man hammered his dick so far into her sweet young pussy that he drove her arched body down until her butt was nailed to the floor.

He was so deep inside her it seemed like he was going to split her small body in two and he grunted loudly as his body released in a climax more powerful than he’d ever had before. Though he had unloaded every drop of his semen into the girl’s mouth only minutes before, he felt the condom fill with his cream.

Russ collapsed on Tonya’s slender 115-pound frame, but quickly had the presence of mind to use his elbows to support most of his weight. He looked down and noticed how red her cheeks were now, then moved his gaze further down at her lovely young breasts heaving up and down as she panted for breath.

He was gasping hard himself after the most amazing sex he’d ever had. Even discounting the fact that it had been close to 20 years since he last emptied himself between a woman’s legs, this 19-year-old college student had given him an unforgettable ride, the best fuck he’d ever had.

Tonya felt the man’s penis slip out of her, and as he settled on his side next to her, she began to giggle, almost uncontrollably. When he asked what was so funny, it took her three tries before she could stop laughing long enough to say, “You just fucked my brains out, and I don’t even know your name!”

Then she was off in another fit of laughter. Russ waited until she could look at him without cracking up again, then held out his hand and said solemnly, “Hi Tonya, I’m Russ.”

Tonya shook his hand and said, “Very nice to meet you Russ. You were amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had three orgasms before. And each one was better than the one before.”

Russ was surprised to feel his cock twitch. He reached out and gently fondled Tonya’s hard nipples.

“Oh god that feels good,” she half moaned. Although she didn’t want to, she took his wrist and pulled it away from her breast. “If you don’t stop, we’ll need another condom and that was the only one I had. Unless you have one,” she finished, sounding almost hopeful.

Smiling ruefully, Russ shook his head. “No such luck. I’ve never even used one until tonight.” She sighed and held him tight.

When he finally drove away from the now dark coffee kiosk, he checked the time and saw that an hour and five minutes had passed since he pulled up to the window, the most incredible hour of his life.

He picked up his mocha and took a sip, not surprised to find that it was cold, but he didn’t mind. He didn’t mind one little bit. “Best $6.50 I've ever spent,” he murmured as he turned left and headed home.


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Great story. Good development, good descriptions. Loved it.

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