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First Kiss (mf, light bond, spank, rom)

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on: September 08, 2018, 03:01:29 PM
This is a work of fiction.
You must be age 18 or over to read this story.
The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 in real life.



Very few teenage girls will ever talk about the deep, dark sexual fantasies they have as they pass through puberty, developing from innocent little girl to sexually active grown woman. If they did, even the most jaded hedonist might be shocked.

Believe it or not some girls daydream about being gang-raped, even as part of their brain understands that it would, in reality, be an ugly and traumatic experience.

A developing teenage girl in her nascent sexuality might picture a scene where her father finally recognizes that she’s no longer a little girl. When he is overcome with lust and can no longer resist her womanly charms, she meekly submits to him as he takes her by force.

And although you may find it hard to believe, some girls fantasize about having their clothes ripped off in the shopping mall and then being openly fondled—in public—by a bunch of over-heated schoolboys.

Let’s take Sydney as an example. She has just one secret and recurring daydream. She fantasizes about being tied-up, and once she is helpless and vulnerable—having her rump soundly spanked!

Her mother has never spanked her. Neither has her father. To the best of her knowledge, she has never been spanked—by anyone. She doesn’t know why she has the fantasy, only that she does.

The attractive fifteen-year-old most certainly has the body for it now, although the fantasy began not long after she donned her first training bra, late in the sixth grade.

Sydney is barely five-two from the soles of her pretty little feet to the part in her mop of curly light-brown hair. She has never tipped the scale at more than a hundred and twelve pounds.

Prominent cheekbones and a turned up nose give her adolescent face an attractive appearance. Her well developed breasts are still high on her bosom.

Baby fat has morphed into a tiny waist that emphasizes the alluring flare of her hips. Her long slender legs have outgrown the gawkiness of her middle school years, and now give her a coltish look.

Anyone in the market for a shapely, ultimately cute teenage girl with an appealing face and lovely body comparable to the goddess Aphrodite herself, would assuredly need to speak to Sydney.

And Sydney has an ass to die for. Her adolescent butt is unbelievably curvy, with just the perfect plumpness to make it very firm to the touch—not that anyone has ever touched it yet.

More than just a pretty face—and incredible body—Sydney works hard in school to keep herself on the honor roll. This by necessity means just the occasional boyfriend and the even rarer night out.

Sydney is still a virgin of course, but her lush young body plays host to the same hormones on active standby as any other sexually curious teenage school-girl.

While boys have thus far been denied access to her nubile treasure, her own fingers are free to explore the wonders of her burgeoning sexuality. And they do. Quite frequently.

Many is the night those delicate fingers dance between her legs with the skill and fervor of a concert pianist as they manipulate the delicate pink petals of her girlhood flower and give her a physical release.

It is during these almost daily intimate moments that the specter of being tied-up with her delectable derriere uncovered and vulnerable to a boy's imagination infiltrates her naughty private moments.


Todd and Sydney have known each other their entire lives, he being the proverbial boy next door. To be precise, he lives across the street, but he has been in love with the girl since they were in the fifth grade.

With his something less than forceful personality, he has watched with aching distress as a veritable procession of high school hunks have offered their dubious chaperoning duties to his beloved Sydney.

His consolation is that the majority of high school Romeos have been ignored by the blue-eyed goddess he adores, who if nothing else, knows her own mind.

Sydney is not about to be pressured into any short-term relationship just for the sake of having a high school sweetheart. Social politics and student cliques have never been Sydney’s thing.

Having regarded Todd as little more than a confidante during the past few years, she had agreed finally to a one time date early in her sophomore year. To her surprise she discovered she could have done much worse—had in fact done worse—in dates gone by with the previously mentioned hunks.

Over a period of some six weeks she finds herself in fully uncharted territory. She is head over heels in love—with Todd, a boy she has known since they were born, three months apart.

Their relationship thus far has been entirely platonic. The most intimate thing they have done with each other—is to hold hands. They’ve never even kissed.

On New Year’s Eve, they mutually decide to forgo the traditional party, with the traditional kiss at midnight, in favor of staying in and quietly watching a movie at Todd’s house.

With his parents gone for the evening, they decide to watch in Todd’s room, stretched out on his full sized bed. Both feel comfortable with this arrangement, given the lack of intimacy thus far in their relationship.

Chaste as they have been, Todd is a teenage boy, and he finds himself trying to repress images that for sure, his genteel up-bringing has had no part in creating.

What kind of images? The kind that involve naked female flesh and body parts of course. The kind that make his pants uncomfortably snug in the crotch.

The source of those images is leaning against a pillow beside him watching the movie, holding his hand companionably. She is as content in her world as might be a freshly created pearl snugly ensconced in its oyster shell.

Todd goes to the kitchen and grabs what he thinks are two bottles of soda but are in fact, wine coolers. An innocent enough mistake when your thoughts are obsessed with a stunning girl sitting close to you.

When he goes back for two more bottles, he sees the mistake he has made, and smiles to himself as he walks back up the stairs to his room—with two more wine coolers. After two more trips to the kitchen, the evening is about to get more interesting—a lot more interesting.

Sydney feels delicious. Totally relaxed as she sips her fourth wine cooler, she feels a warm flush spreading across her face. Todd smiles at her and she smiles back.

Even as he smiles, Todd feels like he is losing his grip on reality. His every instinct is to rip his girlfriend’s tee shirt to shreds and yank the loose fitting jeans down and off of her curvaceous young body.

He would have been shocked if he could have read Sydney’s mind, for her senses are running amok also. And what she is thinking about is only partially fueled by the alcohol she has unknowingly consumed.

Sydney is fantasizing about Todd ripping her shirt and jeans off, in much the same way Todd is thinking himself. Only in Sydney’s fantasy, he ties her to the bed and paddles her naked butt.

Had they only known what the other was thinking, they could have saved a lot of time by comparing notes!

As usual when she has these flights of fancy, Sydney feels a twinge in her most private place, an ache that she is used to satisfying by herself. The barest hint of moisture begins to dampen her underpants.

Todd is heartened by the fact that Sydney’s giggles are now punctuated by the occasional slurred word. He turns onto his side, drapes an arm over her, and it casually comes to rest on her bosom.

Nothing like a wine cooler—or four—to give a young man the courage to be adventurous.

Sydney giggles and says, “Todd, you’re being naughty,” but she makes no effort to push his arm away. Then she giggles again, and Todd is emboldened enough to close his fingers around her left boob. He is rewarded when Sydney breathes a soft sigh.

“What are you thinking about Todd?” Sydney asks.

“You have to know Syd. Do I have to say it?” At that moment he looks like a small boy whose mother is asking him what he wants for Christmas.

“Oh that,” she smiles up at him, understanding perfectly well what he is talking about. “Well I just don’t feel ready yet. I’m only fifteen!”

“Well, you can’t blame me for wanting you. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I mean, I really love you Sydney and well, it’s driving me crazy.”

“I know Todd. Truth is I think about it myself.” She blushes brightly in both cheeks after the admission. Or maybe it’s just the idea of what she is really thinking about.

As the alcohol continues to makes its way into the young girl’s blood stream, Todd’s right hand, the one around her left breast, begins to gently circle the fleshy globe.

Sydney giggles again and slurs, “Thash naughty Todd.” But she starts wriggling perceptibly in what Todd takes to be pleasured acquiescence as she brings her own small hands up on top of his.

As his fondling takes on a more intense aspect, he is encouraged when he hears the slightest of soft sighs from the lips of the very relaxed teenage girl.

“Hmm,” she purrs. “That feels nice.”

Todd’s right hand moves under the hem of Sydney’s shirt with relative ease and he is able to push it higher until his hand rests on the fabric of her bra.

“Hey what are you doing Todd?” she struggles to get out the words. She brings her hand up as if to pull his hand away from its intended target but—she doesn’t pull his hand away.

“It’s OK Syd,” he cajoles, “I only want to make you feel good.” By this time, he has slipped his right hand well inside the soft cup of her bra and is gently caressing the firm naked flesh of her breast.

The feel of his hand on her bare boob restores a degree of awareness in the girl’s mind, since no one else has ever fondled that particularly sensitive area, but in her relaxed state her internal alarm is quiet.

There is another reason her alarm is so quiet. It’s because she’s enjoying what he’s doing. Not only is she enjoying the sensation—she wants more.

Sydney does try to register token resistance, meaning to whisper a perfunctory, “Not inside my bra Todd,” but somehow the words that pass her supple lips are, “Oh yes. Right there please.”

His arm has caused the shirt to ride up near her shoulders and he now has an unrestricted view of her bodice. Seeing that her bra is a front loader, he unhooks the clasp and pushes the fabric out of his way.

The unobstructed view of Sydney’s naked and unfettered tits fires Todd’s arousal to new and dizzying levels. He has been horny since—well probably since he turned twelve years old.

More immediately, he’s been having decidedly carnal thoughts since the movie began. Right now, his eyes lock on the girl’s nipples as they begin to stiffen. His fingers close around one.

The adolescent girl is breathing heavily now, but the boy’s breathing is even louder. Todd’s higher logic circuits are sinking fast, descending into the youthful morass of lustful indulgence.

Like Todd, Sydney is far too aroused to think clearly. Her respiratory rate shoots right off the top of the chart and her sighs are now mixed with bona-fide, if quiet, moans.

She is equally aware of his finger tips on her nipples and the demanding twinge between her legs. The combination of the two is firing her desire and scrambling her brain cells.

Sydney can feel the increasing moisture seeping through the absorbent cotton of her sea green panties and her fantasy of being paddled is now nearly screaming inside her head.

“Naughty,” she whispers, but she is not talking about what the boy is doing. That becomes clear as she continues, “I’m so naughty. Such a naughty girl. I need to be spanked like a bad girl.”

Sydney isn’t even aware that she has spoken aloud. She thinks it is her recurring fantasy, still safely confined inside her head, until Todd speaks.

“You want me...” he starts, and then pauses briefly before finishing, “ spank you?” The incredulous young man isn’t sure he heard correctly. When Sydney hears Todd say those words—out loud—it changes everything.

Sydney, as most people know her, is not at the moment present in the room. The wine coolers—and her raging teenage hormones—have fueled the forbidden fantasies she has harbored for years.

In her slightly inebriated state, her ripe young body has become so demanding that her normally sane thought processes have been pushed to a far, and for the moment inaccessible, corner of her brain.

Sydney abruptly wrenches her shirt and bra off and tosses them aside, then rolls onto her stomach. Naked from the waist up and lying face down on the bed she grunts, “Spank me Todd. Paddle my ass.”

It is not a suggestion. It is not a request. It is nothing less than a command and Todd is in shock. A brief look at her jiggling boobs when she moved has him hard enough to split the zipper out of his trousers.

Without taking time to think about it, he lightly swats the demanding girl’s exquisite little butt.

Sydney mutters, “Damn. No pants.” Then she lifts her rear, reaches down to unfasten her loose fitting jeans and pushes them down until only her sea green panties are covering her rounded bottom.

Having trouble believing what his eyes are seeing, Todd says, “Syd, are you okay? What do you want me to do?”

Sydney reaches both hands to the head of the bed and says dreamily, “Tie me up and spank me silly.” After years of fantasizing, she has told another person—a boy no less—of her forbidden desire.

Said boy’s brain has pretty well shut down by now and Todd’s actions are on auto pilot, more reaction than conscious thought. He obediently gets off the bed, pulls two neckties out of his closet and uses them to tie Sydney’s wrists to the headboard of the bed, being careful to secure them without cutting off her circulation.

“Yes! Like that. Now spank my butt. Spank me hard. I’m such a naughty girl.” Sydney is panting so hard she can barely form the words. “Wait. Bare ass, no panties,” she mutters to herself.

She starts to reach for her underwear, but she can’t move her arms because her hands are tied to the bed. Nearly frantic, she says, “Todd, you have to take my panties off before you spank me.”

Obligingly, Todd takes the waist band of her underpants and pulls the garment, along with the jeans, down and off the teenage girl, leaving her face down, tied up and naked on his bed. He feels like he must be dreaming, but he gives Sydney’s backside two light smacks.

In a guttural voice, Sydney barks, “Harder! Spank me silly!”

His first hard spank catches her by surprise.

“Ouch!” she cries out reflexively, just seconds before a second smack lands on her shapely adolescent bottom.

Todd has to admit to himself that any preconceived image he had of seeing Sydney naked fell far short of the reality of seeing her taut little rear end reverberating from the punishment his hand has delivered.

The third spank resounds and her nipples tingle with unimaginable pleasure. And now, she can feel her clitoris throbbing. Somewhere in her mind, through the alcoholic haze, she wonders, “Am I the worlds biggest slut?” but the question wafts away, unanswered.

Briefly pausing to smooth his hand across her luscious bottom, Todd allows himself the luxury of reaching beneath her with his left hand and squeezing a sexy little breast. Sydney gives a small gasp of shock, then a fourth spank lands and she is arching her back, crying out with undeniably erotic pleasure.

Copious amounts of moisture form along her virgin vaginal crevice, wetting her thighs as she lies there naked, helpless and vulnerable to whatever Todd might decide to do to her.

She feels so deliciously sexy and provocative. The feeling of Todd squeezing her boob in rhythm with his hand smacking her butt intensifies her already considerable sexual excitement.

The fifteen-year-old girl is unbearably excited as her darkest fantasy plays out. All the times she has imagined what it would be like to be paddled like this can’t begin to compare to the real thing.

The very sight of Sydney’s naked body has Todd more turned on than he has ever been in his life. His cock is so hard that it might have split any other fabric besides the denim of his jeans.

The feel of her shapely naked butt as his hand repeatedly smacks it is pure joy, in and of itself. Her curvaceous backside is shockingly red, in stark contrast to the pale skin on the rest of her body.

Sydney’s legs part slightly as she writhes from the pleasure of having her behind incessantly paddled and Todd can see the droplets of moisture in the cleft of her female treasure. Her outer lips are swollen and beginning to part ever so slightly.

Todd can smell her arousal now. The pungent intoxicating scent assails his nostrils and further draws his attention to her adolescent sex.

As if in a trance, he stops smacking her bright red butt cheeks and slides his hand down between her thighs. His extended middle finger slides easily into the velvety wetness of Sydney’s hungry pussy.

Both teenagers freeze, as if someone has pushed the pause button on a video. For some interminable amount of time, neither moves so much as a muscle. Then, two things happen almost simultaneously.

The excitement of having his finger inside the naked girl’s most private place is more than Todd can bear, especially when her vaginal muscles clamp tightly around the invading digit.

His cock, tightly trapped in his jeans, can no longer be contained and releases a load of his semen in his pants, soaking his underwear. His groan is passionate and poignant, and he shudders as he ejaculates.

At the same time, a loud keening wail signals that Sydney is going to climax. The pause button has been released and her luscious young body begins to thrash wildly as a massive orgasm hammers her senses.

Though her hands are still tied, the rest of her is jerking and flailing as the incredible sensations course through every nerve ending she has. This is by far the most intense orgasm she’s ever experienced.

The combination of pleasure radiating from her pussy and the pain from her severely punished rump send her to orgasmic heights she did not know existed.

Sydney’s convulsions have forced Todd’s finger from between her legs and when he sees her agitation, he moves quickly to untie her hands.

As her climax gradually winds down, Todd lies beside her and anxiously asks, “Are you okay?” He has never seen a girl in the throes of an orgasm before, and is actually a little shaken.

Sydney, her cheeks now flushed as red as her sore bottom, doesn’t say a word. She slowly smiles, then puts her arms around the boy, draws his face close to hers, and they kiss for the first time.

Downstairs the grandfather clock, with twelve slow reverberating chimes, announces to the world that the new year has arrived.

Upstairs, there is a fifteen-year-old girl who is naked and has a flaming red rear end. She has her arms around a fifteen-year-old boy who is fully dressed and has a wet gooey mess in his underwear.

Both have enjoyed an unexpected, but very satisfying physical release—and their very first kiss.

And although it is as far from a traditional midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve as anyone could imagine, neither Todd nor Sydney will ever forget the first time their lips were pressed together.


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