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Naughty Girls - Blue Video #3 (mc, fM, ff, oral, anal)

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on: September 19, 2018, 09:21:39 AM
You must be 18 or older to read this story. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Note: Blue Video Story #1 is here and Blue Video Story #2 is here. The stories each have different characters and are each self-contained. There is not an ongoing plot line. The only thing they have in common is the Blue Video itself.


Bridget Kramer and Natalie Birch had been best friends literally their whole lives. They were born the same summer, Natalie at the beginning and Bridget three months later at the end of the season. They lived next door to each other and on any given night, especially in the summer, it was a toss-up as to which of their bedrooms they would retire to.

They held hands the first morning they went off to kindergarten, and in the fifth grade went shopping together for their first training bras. Late in the sixth grade they were together when each experienced menarche, first Bridget and a month later Natalie.

Natalie was a little upset about that, because being the older, she thought she should have been first. She got over it in about a day and a half after realizing that neither of them really had much control over their development as they marched inexorably toward womanhood together.

This past summer they again went shopping together, replacing their cartoon character underwear with a more grown up style of bras and panties. Bridget chose sports bras and string bikinis; Natalie opted for lacy demi-cup bras and low cut boy shorts.

If asked to describe either girl, restricting that description to a single word, nubile would certainly be apropos. In Natalie’s case, even voluptuous would not be inaccurate and Bridget wasn’t far behind her. By most any definition, the two thirteen year old girls were well developed, considering that they were still in middle school.

Bridget, a fair skinned blonde, was tall for her age, nearly 5-feet-6-inches. Her blue eyes virtually glittered and could mesmerize teachers and boys alike. Her hair was often in a ponytail that reached some point below the strap of her brassiere in back. Said bra would currently be a size 34-A, although she was pushing closer to B-cup territory.

Natalie, although an inch shorter than Bridget, already filled a 34-B bra quite nicely and one of her best features was her long flowing red hair. She mostly wore it loose and the ends nearly danced at the very top of her well rounded bottom, just above where the cheeks begin their alluring curve outward. Her high cheekbones and intense green eyes added to her attractiveness.

While nubile would certainly be an accurate word to describe the two best friends, another word which would be just as true would be precocious. Of course, both were still virgins, but their blossoming sexuality was of great interest to them.

They were eager to explore that exciting new world and had discovered early in middle school the power that comes with meandering down Puberty Road. Some call it pussy power, and both Bridget and Natalie already knew that even a panty covered pussy gave them some kind of inexplicable power over males of nearly all ages.

Natalie, and especially Bridget, loved to tease the boys at school, and even the teachers, often sitting in class with their knees parted to give the male faculty members tantalizing peeks up their school uniform skirts, or even a glimpse of their panties, giggling internally at provoking little twitches in the crotch of their pants.

It wasn’t just at school that they played the part of teasers. Shortly after turning eleven, Natalie had been sitting at a picnic table in the public park down the street when she became aware that a man sitting at a nearby bench was taking great pains to not look directly at her.

She knew that meant he actually was checking her out—girls always know, somehow—and Natalie wasted no time in giving him a subtle peep show. While appearing to be doing homework, she began to inch her skirt above her knees, which she innocently parted until the man had a clear view of her Tinkerbell panties.

Soon enough she could see that his hands were no longer in view, hidden in his lap and covered with a newspaper. Suppressing a grin, she picked up her phone and pretended to send a text while opening the camera app and taking a clear picture of the man who appeared to have no hands.

She had six such pictures before she told Bridget about the fun she was having at the park, and of course, Bridget immediately wanted to do the same thing. Now, nearly two years later, Bridget had 28 such pictures, and Natalie had 31 in her collection.

It was Friday afternoon and Bridget sat in the park by herself. Natalie had gone to a dentist appointment to have her braces adjusted, giving Bridget a possible opportunity to close the gap a little, if she got lucky. After 45-minutes, she was about to give up when a man came and sat down on the bench, not more than twelve feet away.

While seemingly unaware of the man’s presence, Bridget went into her routine, absently allowing her skirt to creep up imperceptibly while her knees slowly parted. In due course, the man’s right hand disappeared in his lap under a magazine, which was held in place with his left hand.

His head was tilted back slightly and it appeared that he was gazing at the sky, deep in thought, but Bridget knew better. Closing her notebook, she picked up her phone. Holding it in her lap nearly vertical, she pressed buttons for several seconds, still seeming to be unaware of the man on the bench.

With the camera app she zoomed into 2X and captured a clear likeness of the man, who was younger than most of her admirers, somewhere in his mid-twenties. She often wondered why old men in their 40s, 50s and even 60s were so interested in girls as young as she and Natalie.

The timing couldn’t have been better when Bridget’s phone buzzed with an incoming text from Natalie.

Home now, u? Natalie texted.

At park Bridget replied.

U got one?


Live one?

Oh yeah

Cool, get pic. cu soon

K omw

Bridget put away her phone, put everything in her backpack and left the park. Six minutes later, she was in Natalie’s room.

“That makes 29, right? Only two behind me now,” said Natalie.

“Yeah. This one was younger than most, probably under 30. I wonder if we’ll ever get tired of playing this game,” said Bridget.

Natalie giggled. “I hope not. It’s just so much fun!” Then her expression turned serious. “Come and look at what I found on the internet. After what happened to Melody, I did some searching and this is really interesting stuff.”

Melody, a fellow eighth grader at their school, had almost been dragged into a passing van only a few blocks from her home earlier that week. She had managed to get away after kicking the man in the knee so hard that it buckled on him, allowing her to run.

Natalie sat down in front of her laptop and opened the lid. Bridget saw the title of the page she was looking at: National Sex Offender Registry.

“This supposedly has a picture of every registered sex offender in the country, the crimes they’ve been convicted of and their current address. I searched for our zip code and was looking at all the perverts in town to see if any of them have gotten a look at my panties. None so far though.”

Natalie began to scroll through the pages, stopping briefly to look at the picture and read the crimes involved. “Luring a minor. I wonder what that means,” she said absently before going on to the next photo.

“Unlawful penetration,” Bridget said after reading one of the pages. “That sounds… awful.”

Natalie continued to scroll through the pictures, spending a second or two on each one. Then Bridget gasped. “Go back.”

Natalie went to the previous page and Bridget said, “Oh my god, I’ve seen him!” She pulled her phone out of her backpack and selected a picture from the camera roll.

Holding it up next to the monitor, she and Natalie exclaimed at the same time, “That’s him!”

Bridget shivered as she began to speak. “That’s the guy I saw this afternoon, not a half hour ago at the park. What’s his name? And what did he do?”

Natalie read from the screen, “His name is Joshua Talbot, and he’s 24 years old. Sexual penetration of a girl younger than fourteen. Holy shit! He only lives three blocks from here. That’s creepy.”

“Yeah,” Bridget said slowly. “That is creepy. I wonder if he’s the guy who tried to grab Melody. Does it say anything about how long he’s been out of prison?”

Natalie squinted at the smaller print, trying to see if there was any information about release dates. “It says he was let out on parole about a week ago. Looks like being in prison didn’t teach him anything.”

The next day, Natalie paid a visit to Melody and used the girl’s computer to show her a picture of one Joshua Talbot. Melody gasped and then ran into the bathroom, where she threw up in the toilet.

“Melody, you need to report this to the cops so they can pick him up. Otherwise he could victimize another girl.”

Melody just cried and shook her head. “I can’t Nat, it’s just too embarrassing. I… I just can’t.”

Natalie gave her a comforting hug and left. She went directly to Bridget’s house and told her best friend everything she had learned.

Bridget was quiet for a long moment. Then she said thoughtfully, “Maybe it’s time the Naughty Girls took it up a notch.”

Naughty Girls was the name they’d given to the game they played, trying to tempt old geezers into playing with themselves in public.

Natalie gave her best friend an inscrutable look. “Exactly what’s going on in that evil little brain of yours Bridge?”

Bridget told her what she was going to do, and when Natalie said she wanted to be involved, they began to make plans.


Joshua Talbot sat on the ratty couch in the ratty basement apartment where he lived. He had to sit most of the time, his knee was killing him where it had been savagely kicked.  He cursed the little bitch that had kicked him, he cursed his ratty apartment, he cursed the world in general for treating him so badly all his life.

He idly flipped through the few channels available on the television without cable, finding nothing of interest. He turned off the set and picked up the skin magazine he had scored out of a trash can. He wasn’t allowed to have it, according to the terms of his parole, but fuck that.

He began to flip through the pages desultorily, but had little interest in the naked women. They were all too old for his liking. He tried to imagine the naked bodies with young teenage faces, but even that didn’t work. The bodies were too fully developed, full grown adult women.

That just didn’t do it for him. He liked girls whose bodies were still developing, adolescent boobs and mounds that were not yet fully covered with thick bushy hair. As he tossed the magazine aside, he heard a knock at the door.

“Fuck,” he mumbled and slowly got to his feet. “Probably my parole officer so I better answer it. Why can’t they just leave me the fuck alone.”

He opened the door to see a tall, skinny tow-headed boy, maybe nine or ten years old. “Yeah, whaddya want kid?”

“Are you Joshua?” the kid asked in his boyish voice.

“Maybe. Who wants to know?”

“I’m supposed to give something to Joshua. Is that you?”

“Yeah, that’s me. Whatcha got?”

The boy handed him a paper sleeve containing a DVD.

“What’s this?” Joshua demanded.

The boy shrugged his shoulders as he turned to leave. “I dunno. Two girls just gave me a dollar and said I should give it to Joshua. See ya.”

Joshua closed the door, made his way back to the couch and sat down, looking at the disc in his hand. It was a recordable disc, the kind that can be used to record on using a computer. There was nothing written on either side.

Curious, he reached for his ancient laptop, which he’d bought for $30 the day after he got out of prison. It was very old, and had the original Windows 98 for an operating system, and had never been updated since the original installation. Still, the picture viewer and video player worked and that was all he really cared about.

He stuck the disc in and opened the file manager. The disc apparently only had two files on it. One was hello1.avi and the other was hello2.avi. He double clicked on the first file.

It took a few seconds to load, but finally the video began. A redheaded teenage girl was shown from neck to navel in front of the camera. She was young, fourteen or fifteen he guessed, judging from the size of her boobs.

A girl’s voice began to speak, but he somehow knew it wasn’t the redhead on the screen.

“Hello Joshua. Welcome to the neighborhood.” He felt a shiver run down his spine. He’d never seen this girl in his life, but whoever was speaking knew his name! He had a bad feeling about this.

As the voice was speaking, the redhead began to unbutton her light blue blouse. Josh stared hard at the redhead’s chest as the voice continued.

“We know an awful lot about you Joshie. We know where you live. We know you’re a pervert and that you just got out of prison because you like having sex with little girls. This girl is thirteen years old Joshie. What would you like to do to her?”

Josh felt beads of sweat on his forehead as the redhead dropped her blouse and stood now in a turquoise colored bra. The scene abruptly changed and a blonde girl appeared on the screen. Like the redhead, he couldn’t see her face but could see her long hair. The well built adolescent girl began to unbutton her blouse as a different voice began to speak.

“She’s thirteen too, you pervert. Did you like my new bra? I think turquoise is such a pretty color. Don’t you agree? I bet you’d love to unhook my bra and pull it off so my teenage breasts would be uncovered. Would you like to do that Josie?”

The blonde now had her blouse unbuttoned and he could see that she wore a lacy bright red brassiere, supporting what he guessed were B-cup tits, nearly the same size as the redhead.

The blonde began slowly pulling her blouse open as the second voice continued speaking. “You were in prison for a long time Joshie. I bet you think about sex all the time.”

The blonde dropped her blouse and the scene changed back to the redhead. The first voice began to speak as the redhead reached behind her, her voice just above a whisper now. “Do you masturbate a lot Joshie? Do you squeeze your penis in your hand and dream about naked little girls?”

The redhead had unhooked her bra and was holding it in place with her hands. As the voice finished her sentence, the second voice said, “Oops,” and the girl on screen pulled her bra away from her chest, exposing a pair of perfectly round breasts, projecting straight out from her chest.

Before he got a good look, the screen changed and the blonde was back, shirtless as she had been before. She began to unhook her red bra as the second voice spoke.

“Do you like what you’re seeing Joshie? Do you like seeing our thirteen year old breasts? I bet you’ve got a big old boner by now, don’t you?”

As if that had reminded him, Josh unzipped his pants and shoved his jeans and jockey shorts down without standing up. His cock was already half erect and he did indeed wrap his hand around it.

Now the blonde was taking off her bra and Josh was breathing faster, staring at a second set of naked thirteen year old tits. He was breathing a little faster as he began to stroke himself. The second voice continued. “I bet you’d like to get your hands on these firm young tits, squeeze them and suck on the nipples. Would you like to do that Joshie?”

The scene abruptly shifted again and the screen was showing one of the girls, from navel to the top of her thighs. He guessed it was the redhead because the boy shorts were turquoise colored and the color matched the bra she had taken off. The panties stretched tightly across her vulva, a camel toe clearly visible on her adolescent mound.

“Oh poor Joshie,” came the first voice. “Nobody to play with but himself. Are you horny Joshie?” A hand lightly rubbed the panty covered cleft nearly filling the screen. “I bet you’d like someone like this to play with, wouldn’t you? A little girl with tight panties.”

After several seconds of rubbing herself, the girl hooked both thumbs into the waistband of the turquoise panties and slowly— agonizingly slowly—began to push down the elastic. Just as it got low enough that he expected to see the girl’s pubic hair the image froze and the voice said harshly, “Well, you can’t! Not now, not ever, you pervert!”

Then the voice was back to syrupy sweet as it said, “That’s all for now Joshie. Be seein’ ya. Buh-bye.” The screen abruptly went black.

“You cock teasing little bitch!” he shouted at the screen. His attention was riveted to the laptop screen and he was unaware of much else. If he had turned around to look behind him, he might have seen the two heads peeking in the back window of his basement apartment. One had blonde hair, the other was a redhead.

Josh was furious. Then he remembered that there were two videos and he quickly started the second, hoping that it would pick up just where the first one left off.

It didn’t.

All he saw were shapeless blobs of blue, moving in a random pattern against a lighter blue background. The audio was indistinct and he stared at the screen for a full five minutes before shaking his head, realizing that there was nothing he could see.


Back at Bridget’s house, the girls were almost giddy, certainly well pleased with what they had done.

“That was awesome!” said Natalie.

Imitating the man’s voice, Bridget said, “You cock teasing little bitch!” and the two girls roared with laughter, Natalie doubled over and holding her stomach in mirth.

Once they had calmed down a bit, Natalie asked, “What now? Should we call the cops on him?”

Her expression thoughtful, Bridget considered that for a moment, then shook her head. “No, the Naughty Girls aren’t finished with him yet. Here’s what I think we should do next.” She explained what she had in mind. Natalie loved the plan and after checking their calendars, they agreed to put the plan in action four days later.

Two days later, with Natalie again having her braces adjusted, Bridget scored her 30th picture, leaving her only one behind Natalie’s collection. Bridget’s victim this time was a kindly looking old geezer who must have been in his 60s. What surprised Bridget that afternoon was that, for the very first time, her panties were a little damp when she finally left the park.

That had never happened before, but the whole time she was absently putting on her little peep show for the old guy, she couldn’t stop thinking about Joshua. She thought about watching him drop his pants through the window, obviously so he could masturbate, although neither of them were able to actually see him do that.

She also thought about what she and Natalie were planning two days hence and, assuming they could pull it off as planned, the very idea gave her more of a sexual thrill than anything she’d ever done before.

Of course, since they had tricked him into watching the Blue Video, she was confident that he would be under their control and they would be able to do whatever they wanted to the pervert, and they had some pretty interesting plans for one Joshua Talbot, registered sex offender.

They decided to wear simple cotton sun dresses. They each had several, and liked to wear them when they played their Naughty Girls game. For one reason, they were fairly snug fitting on top, which emphasized their ripe young breasts.

For another reason, they knew that if they were standing between the sun and their intended victim, it would be very easy for the men looking at them to see the outline of their underwear, especially their panties, essentially creating a silhouette of their bodies because of the thin cotton material.

And because they were just about knee length it was very easy to inch the hem of the dress upward on their thighs and since they were loose at the bottom, they could casually part their knees while it appeared that they were innocently unaware of what they were putting on display, while in fact, they were neither innocent nor unaware. They knew exactly what they were doing.


When Joshua Talbot opened the door that afternoon, he instantly knew that the two girls standing there were the same two whose breasts he had seen on the video. There might have been some doubt in his mind if only the blonde was there, but there was no mistaking the flowing red hair on the other.

He rudely stared at their breasts, feeling his cock twitch as he remembered how perfectly round and beautiful those boobs had looked in the video he’d seen of them.

“Hi Joshie,” said Bridget. “Aren’t you going to invite us in?”

Automatically, he stepped back to let them enter, even as a warning bell was sounding somewhere in the back of his head. The terms of his parole strictly prohibited any contact with minors, but he could no more have told them to leave than he could have hefted an automobile onto his shoulders.

“Did you enjoy our little video Joshie?” asked Natalie as she set her backpack down by the front door. Bridget had meant to ask her why she’d brought it, but had been distracted as they discussed their plans on the walk over.

Joshua’s mouth was suddenly very dry. Natalie looked pointedly at his crotch, which was beginning to bulge a bit, and giggled quietly. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Joshua still didn’t speak and after a moment Bridget said, “In my domain, I shall reign.”

The answer came, “And I shall serve you Mistress,” from two voices, one male and one female. They were the first words spoken by Joshua, and after two more, would also be the last for a while.

“Oh shit,” Bridget muttered. “We didn’t even think about that.” Both she and Natalie had watched the Blue Video of course, and were subject to the trigger phrase, but they’d only used it on each other one time, just to verify that the video worked the way they’d been told. It had.

Pointing at Joshua, Bridget said, “You. Go sit on the couch and wait.”

“Yes Mistress,” said Joshua as he walked to the couch and sat down.

Bridget pulled Natalie out the front door and quietly said, “You have served me well slut.”

Natalie giggled and said, “Oops, that was dumb. We should have thought of that when we made plans.”

“Yeah, but no harm done,” answered Bridget. “Are you ready to do this?”

“Oh yeah. Let’s do it!”

They went back inside and Bridget stood in front of Joshua. “Okay pervert, listen up. You are not to speak unless specifically told to. Now, stand up and strip.”

Joshua stood up and removed his jeans, t-shirt and jockey shorts. His penis was already half erect by the time he dropped his clothes on the floor. He stood there naked while Natalie pulled a kitchen chair the few feet from the beat up dining table and set it in front of the couch.

“Sit down on the chair and put your hands behind you. As far as you’re concerned, your hands are cuffed behind your back and you cannot move them,” Bridget said.

As he sat down and put his hands behind him, Bridget and Natalie grinned at each other and simultaneously grabbed the hem of their sun dresses and pulled them off over their head. Natalie took Bridget’s from her hand and hung both from the front door knob. The floor was so dirty they didn’t want to just drop them.

Bridget was all in black now, wearing just tiny string bikini panties and a Spandex sports bra with a tiny pink ribbon in the cleavage between her breasts. Natalie was a study in contrast, in her white boy shorts and a white lacy demi-cup brassiere.

“You know we watched you masturbate while you were watching our little teasing video,” said Natalie. Mostly true, although all they’d really seen was him pushing his pants down to the floor.

“You were a naughty boy, doing that while looking at little girls like us,” she continued. “But then, you like little girls, don’t you. It takes a little underage girl to put lead in your pencil, and that’s really fucked up, you pervert.”

Joshua said nothing. His Mistress had forbidden him to speak unless told to.

Bridget took off her bra and laid it on the TV table at the end of the couch. “You were almost drooling while you looked at our tits the other day.” She cupped her breasts and said, “I get to fondle my girls any time I want and guess what… you don’t, pervert!”

Joshua’s penis was now more than halfway erect. His eyes were locked on Bridget’s chest and he was almost drooling. Bridget stepped forward and rubbed her right nipple, which was already hard, on his left cheek. Then she stepped around and repeated the gesture using her left nipple on his right cheek.

Joshua’s dick twitched when the teenage girl’s nipple made contact with his skin. Bridget smiled sweetly. “Oh, do you like that pervert? I’ll bet you do.”

She leaned forward, breasts jiggling slightly, until she was only two or three inches from his face. “Would you like to have sex with me Joshie?” Joshua’s head moved slightly, nodding.

Bridget moved to his side and was close enough to his ear that he could feel her warm breath when she whispered, “Would you like to… fuck me… you pervert? Would you like to ram your hard cock in my little virgin pussy?” His only reply was a guttural whimper.

Bridget reached down and ran the tip of her index finger lightly around the head of his cock, barely touching it. Joshua made another whimpering noise and tried to close his eyes, but he couldn’t do it.

“That’s right Joshie, I’m an innocent little middle school girl, only thirteen years old. No one has ever fucked me. I’m pure and unsullied.” That was one of her favorite vocabulary words, learned in the seventh grade.

Natalie giggled. “Oh he’d like to fuck you alright. He’d like to fuck both of us. I bet he’d give up one of his nuts for the chance to fuck either one of us.”

Bridget was back in front of the man now. Getting in his face again, she said in a no nonsense voice, “Well. That’s never going to happen, you pervert. Ever!”

Bridget stepped aside and Natalie took her place in front of the helpless pedophile. “Look at this, pervert.” She rubbed lightly on the crotch of her white panties where there was a visible wet spot. “Looks like my little pussy is aroused.”

She sniffed twice. “I can even smell my own arousal.” She sniffed again. “Oh I do love that smell! You know why I’m so aroused Joshie? It’s because I know how much you want to fuck me… and I know it’s never… gonna… happen. That’s what gets me excited you pervert. Knowing how badly you want to fuck my little virgin pussy.”

Natalie glanced at Bridget and smiled as she hooked her thumbs into the low cut waistband of her boy shorts. She began to inch them downward every bit as slowly as she had done on the video. Only this time, she didn’t stop. A light covering of her red pubic hair gradually came into view and Joshua’s eyes were wide as he stared at the girl’s glistening vulva.

She let her panties fall to her ankles as she said seductively, “There it is pervert… the gold mine. The mother lode that every boy dreams about. See how wet it is? Take a good long look Joshie, because that’s all you’ll ever be able to do, just look.”

Natalie stepped forward, straddling the man’s legs and sat down in his lap facing him. Her pubic bone pressed his now full erection against his stomach. She wiggled her shapely little bottom until she felt her swollen outer pussy lips part and slide around his dick on either side.

“Oh you like that don’t you Joshie?” she teased. She moved her hips enough to slide the hot wetness of her labial lips slightly up and down against half of his boner, maker sure to stay well back from his cock head. “You’d love to slide your cock in between those two plump lips and into my gold mine; I know you would.”

Natalie continued to slide her moist teenage pudenda up and down against the man’s cock for several minutes, talking softly the whole time. She enjoyed the way it made her body feel, but more importantly, she enjoyed the way it drove Joshua to the edge of madness. She could feel his excitement rising, along with her own.

Finally, the slight friction against her swollen clitoris pushed her close to a climax and she stopped. Getting to her knees in front of the helpless sex offender, she blew soft warm puffs of air against his penis, now wet from her syrupy juices as well as his dribble of pre-cum.

Standing, she turned to Bridget, who was now naked as well. The two girls embraced right in front of Joshua, kissing as their naked breasts were pressed together.

It was the most erotic thing Joshua had ever seen, two naked eighth graders in a passionate embrace. Another guttural groan came from deep in Joshua’s throat and the girls finally broke their kiss. “Poor little pervert, he needs to come… so bad,” mused Bridget. “Too bad he can’t do that.”

She pulled another chair over right in front of Joshua’s chair and stood up on the seat, facing away from him. She leaned forward, thrusting her shapely backside near his face and ordered, “Kiss my ass pervert.”

Joshua’s mouth was still very dry but his lips were warm as they kissed one of Bridget’s butt cheeks and then the other. Bridget sighed, “Oh, that’s nice. Now lick my butt hole slave. Use that tongue of yours.”

Bridget had stumbled across a rimming video once and thought it looked absolutely disgusting, but she was still curious enough to want to try it, and what better time to do a little experimenting. She immediately learned that it wasn’t disgusting at all. It was glorious.

The man began to lave her anus and soon poked the tip of his tongue inside, penetrating Bridget’s little puckered bottom hole. She started to pant a little bit as unexpected feelings of pleasure began to course through her.

“That’s good Joshie, use that tongue like it’s a little dick and shove it in my ass. Ohhh,” she moaned as Joshua’s tongue drilled in and out of her butt. Her clit was pulsing frantically but then she realized the man was starting to enjoy what he was doing a little too much and she couldn’t allow that. She pulled away and stepped down from the chair.

“How you doin’ pervert? I bet you really need to come.” She looked at Natalie and said pensively, “I wonder if we should allow him to release all that pressure that’s built up.”

Natalie grinned wickedly. “Nah. He’s a pervert. He doesn’t deserve it.” She motioned Bridget across the room and whispered something to her.

“Are you serious?” Bridget said incredulously, her eyes wide. “Where did you even get one?” Natalie had just suggested something they hadn’t discussed when they made their plans.

“I borrowed it from my Aunt Jane, she’s got several,” Natalie said. “You should have seen the look on her face when I asked if I could borrow one.”

Bridget giggled gleefully. “Go for it.” Natalie went and pulled something from her backpack and Bridget went to stand in front of Joshua. “Get down on your hands and knees slave. Natalie has a little treat for you.”

Natalie walked up behind the man on all fours with a leather harness strapped around her waist. She was using both hands to smear lubricant on an 8-inch rubber dildo, although it looked like she was masturbating herself, causing Bridget to giggle.

Natalie said, “Joshie was convicted of sexual penetration of a girl under the age of fourteen. Let’s see how he likes sexual penetration BY a girl under the age of fourteen.” Dropping to her knees behind his backside, she touched the tip of her dick to Joshua’s anus.

“On the count of three, I’m going to fuck you in the ass, pervert,” Natalie said. “One… two…” She thrust her hips forward and half of the dildo disappeared in Joshua’s butt. She giggled. “Three.” She withdrew and rammed her cock in to the hilt.

Joshua groaned a few times then fell silent as Natalie proceeded to punish his bottom. The room was nearly silent save for the squishy noise of the dildo going in and out of the sex offender’s rectum… and the sound of Natalie’s thighs slapping against the man’s butt cheeks on every stroke.

Bridget watched her best friend drilling Joshua’s behind, occasionally reaching down to lightly tickle his scrotum with her fingertips. After several minutes, she said, “I think that’s enough Nat. The pervert’s getting off on this! He’s gonna pop any time, and we can’t let that happen.”

Natalie laughed and yanked the phallus out abruptly with an audible plop. “I think our work here is finished Bridge, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right. It’s time for us to go,” Bridget answered. They began to get dressed while Bridget gave Joshua instructions. “Get back on the chair. Remember, your hands are still cuffed behind your back.”

Tugging her panties snugly against her mound she reached for her bra as she continued. “Now, once we leave, you will not remember that we were here. You won’t even remember that you’ve ever seen us. Is that clear slave? You may answer.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will be essentially paralyzed, unable to move or speak for the next twenty minutes. Things are going to work out just the way they should.”

Both girls had their sun dresses back on when Natalie took a plain white envelope out of her backpack, remove the contents and began scattering something around the room.

“What’s that?” Bridget asked.

“Melody’s hair,” Natalie answered. “While she was puking her guts out, I pulled some off of her hairbrush. Thought it might be a good idea to leave some evidence behind.”

“Good idea, but unless she reports what happened to the cops they won’t be able to match these hairs to anyone. Still, they can probably determine that it’s a young girl’s hair.”

Natalie lifted the lid of Joshua’s laptop and the screen lit up. “Yikes!” she said as she caught sight of the wallpaper, a naked girl no older than twelve on her knees sucking off an equally naked grown man.

“This picture alone will probably be enough to send him back to prison,” Natalie said as she popped open the DVD player and, as she suspected, found the disc with the two movie files she and Bridget had prepared. She scooped it up and dropped it into her backpack.

Meanwhile, Bridget walked over to the small kitchen and picked up the receiver of the wall phone. It was an old-fashioned rotary dial phone, and she had never seen one before, except in old movies and black-and-white TV reruns.

She put her index finger in the hole by the number nine and twisted the dial clockwise until a small curved piece of metal stopped it from moving any further. She let go and watched, fascinated, as the dial returned to its original position. Then she quickly dialed two more digits.

When she spoke, her voice sounded breathless and excited. “Come quick. A man is dragging a little girl into his house. Please send help. Hurry!” She rattled off the address and hung up the phone.

Bridget joined Natalie at the front door and looked at Joshua sitting complacently on the chair where they’d left him. “Remember, you can’t move or speak for twenty minutes. You have served me well slut.”

They left the front door open, because it looked right in on the chair holding a naked sex offender with a pronounced hard-on. They were two blocks away when the first police car raced past them, lights blazing and siren blaring. Once it was past Bridget held up her hand, palm out to Natalie, who gave her a high-five.

Almost simultaneously, the two eighth graders said, “Naughty Girls rule!” Then they giggled, linked elbows and skipped on down the sidewalk.


Now, having Bridget and Natalie skipping down the sidewalk, linked arm in arm, could have been the perfect ending to this particular story. The Naughty Girls had flawlessly executed a detailed, meticulous plan to sexually torment one Joshua Talbot, registered sex offender.

Of course, having full control of your subject’s mind made things a whole lot easier, but still, the girls had done exactly what they set out to do and that should have been the end of the story.

Indeed, that would have been the end of the story, if it hadn’t been for something Natalie did early that morning, so we have Natalie to thank (blame?) for spoiling the perfect ending.

When Natalie borrowed a dildo from her aunt (which had not been part of the original plan), it set in motion the Law of Unintended Consequences.

If she hadn’t done that, the rest of the afternoon would—most likely—have been routine, having nothing to do with our story and it would have ended on that sun dappled sidewalk.

Most people have experienced the phenomena. Even when everything goes exactly according to plan, our actions sometimes cause unexpected things to happen that no one could have possibly anticipated. Such was the case of the borrowed dildo.

So, here’s the way the unexpected events unfolded… the rest of the story as it happened late that afternoon.

When the girls got back to Natalie’s room, still rather giddy, Natalie had only one thing on her mind. Because of where it had been, she wanted nothing more than to scrub the dildo with hot soapy water.

Using two fingers to daintily lift the strap out of her backpack, she carefully carried it into her bathroom to give it a good cleaning.

Meanwhile, Bridget flounced down on Natalie’s bed and immediately took off her panties because they were sopping wet, uncomfortably wet. Holding the tiny piece of fabric in her hand, she squeezed and her own sexual secretions soaked her hand.

Her inner thighs were wet all the way down to her knees. Bridget was more sexually aroused than she’d ever been in her life, by a factor of somewhere between ten and a hundred.

Natalie came out of the bathroom with the now pristine sex toy, took one long look at Bridget, and knew exactly what her lifelong friend was thinking. And what Bridget wanted.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, near Bridget’s hip, still holding the dildo in her hand. Bridget drew her finger along the entire length of the rubber cock, then turned her eyes to look at Natalie. For several long moments they stared into each others eyes before Natalie broke the silence.

“In my domain…” she said slowly. She paused to give Bridget a chance to stop her if she had misread what Bridget wanted her to do.

Bridget said nothing but gave a nearly imperceptible nod.

“… I shall reign,” Natalie finished.

“And I shall serve you Mistress.”

Natalie hesitated, choosing her words carefully. Finally she said, “Tell me your deepest darkest desire.”

Bridget again drew her finger along the entire length of the dildo, then wrapped her fingers around it, squeezing her hand into a fist.

She looked back at Natalie and spoke softly, almost huskily, “I want you to take my virginity.”

Natalie nodded solemnly; she had not been wrong about what Bridget wanted.

Natalie slowly pulled off her sundress and underwear before affixing the strap around her waist. Climbing between Bridget’s legs,  Natalie pressed forward until the tip of the faux phallus came up against Bridget’s maidenhood.

She leaned forward and gave her lifelong friend a gentle kiss on the lips and then asked, “Are you sure this is what you want?” Bridget nodded and Natalie pushed past the obstruction in Bridget’s sex tunnel.

Bridget winced and whimpered, first from the pinch of pain as a part of her body was ripped apart, but soon because she felt herself building to a sexual climax. As Natalie watched her best friend’s face in the throes of her orgasm, Natalie made a decision.

As Bridget's orgasm waned, Natalie withdrew the dildo and said, “You have served me well slut.” Unstrapping the harness from around her waist, she handed it to Bridget and said, “Now do me.”

Would the afternoon have ended differently if Natalie hadn’t borrowed a dildo earlier in the day? Probably, although there’s no way to know for sure.

But Natalie did borrow the fake penis and the two teenage girls ended up sharing yet another milestone in their young lives—losing their virginity on the same day.

To each other.


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Reply #1 on: September 19, 2018, 08:25:58 PM
Great story, and great read.  Now, INSY this was posted seperately in 3 parts, instead of chapetrs in a single thread, but it's your story.  Just put me down for ease of reading.  It's a lot easier to scroll through, than go back, and search for the earlier installments, and get caught up.

Not a criticism, just an observation.  Again, thanks, Remmy.


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Reply #2 on: September 20, 2018, 07:47:52 AM
I posted them separately because it's not an ongoing story with the same characters. I did put a link to the previous stories at the top in case someone read this one first and was curious about the others.

There's only one more mind control story that I have yet to post. After that back to regular old stroke stories with no magic.



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Reply #3 on: September 20, 2018, 02:22:53 PM
Well, of course this is my favorite because of the general theme of revenge against sexual predators.  Well done.

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Reply #4 on: September 20, 2018, 10:06:11 PM
Loved the story. I like how vicious your little teen aged girls could be. It is so true to life. They are sneaky about their revenge. I tend to write about the way guys take revenge, not near as subtle or painless. Over all a good MC series of stories.  Look forward to the next one if you have one in the works. 

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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