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Mr Tony's Deepest Massage (M + Trans-F)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1314

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on: October 10, 2018, 10:23:47 PM
Chapter 1

Mr Romano looked out of place ambling around the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, seemingly lost, as he looked about. He was a tall, Italian-American businessman dressed in a dark suit; he looked uncomfortable, and he was. It was a typical, hot and humid day in the city, so his suit wasn’t befitting of the weather, but it was necessary. He had just finished a long meeting with business partners of the firm he was representing. Now that his business for the trip was concluded, he was hoping to enjoy some rest and relaxation before he had to return back to the States. The hours of sitting in his meeting left him feeling knotted and tense, so he scoured over the heads of the locals, trying to eye a massage parlor that looked desirable, knowing that a Thai massage was a popular treat for vacationers. Unfortunately, as he walked around, he didn’t see anything that looked upscale enough, even if there were plenty of massage parlors in the area.

He stopped at a street vendor. “Excuse me. Where is a good massage parlor,” he asked of an older woman who was cooking meat on a grill.

She pointed about. “They all around you. Ya, you look. You see,” gesturing as if he was blind.

He shook his head in frustration and turned his attention to other potential sources of information. He saw a man sitting on his Tuk-Tuk, a motorized rickshaw, for the unacquainted. Surely this guy would know of a good parlor.

“Sir, sir. Can you point me to a good massage parlor?”

The man pointed about. “They all around you. Look…”

Mr Romano interrupted him. “No, no. I nice place.” Then a man in a Tuk-Tuk next to them shouted something in Thai to his coworker.

“Aw yes, good idea. Sir, this better. Better than massage. I take you to the ping-pong show. You have fun. You go?” The man seemed to be following the suggestions of his coworker.

“No, no, no. Please, I want a good massage. A nice, special place. Take me to the best place,” Mr Romano said, frustrated by the language barrier. The man in the other Tuk-Tuk said something again, and the two men laughed.

“Ok sir. No problem. 200 bot, and we go,” the man replied. “I know a really good place. Best place. You have good time. I promise.”

Mr Romano hopped into the back of the Tuk-Tuk, and they sped off.

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Reply #1 on: October 10, 2018, 10:24:19 PM
Chapter 2

They went several miles down the twisted streets of Bangkok. Then the motorized bike took a turn down a dark alley, which made Mr Romano uneasy. Then they stopped outside a red door.

“This the place. Best massage here,” the taxi driver said, smiling from ear to ear in the process, almost trying to hold back from laughing, as Mr Romero stepped off the cart. “You good. Bye now,” and with that he sped off.

Mr Romano opened the door, and he was surprised to find the reception area to be very upscale. The decor and materials were surprisingly classy, so this set him at ease.

At six foot three, he was use to being much taller than the Thai natives, so he was surprised to see a tall woman working behind the desk. She was a beautiful, young woman with long, black hair down to her lower back who must have been around five foot ten or eleven, yet she was wearing heals, so her actual height was slightly less. She was wearing a tight, black dress that hugged the curves on her body, most notably, it was enunciating the curves of her chest, which were so round and firm, they must have been fake, he reasoned. It took him a moment to realize that her outfit seemed unfamiliar to the dress code of the general population, whom tended to dress rather conservatively, even wearing jeans on hot days to cover their skin. Between the cleavage and the high cut on her dress exposing her long legs, he figured this was the most skin he had seen on his whole trip.

“Hello sir. Welcome to Deepest Massage. How can we help you?”

“Well,” he said smiling. “I am interested in getting a massage. What are my options?” He glanced around, trying to determine if there was a service menu in sight, but there wasn’t.

“Yes, of course. We have Full Service Deepest Massage or just Deep Massage. You choose,” she said, smiling up at him.

He stood there for a second, realizing she didn’t really explain anything, but he also realized he didn’t want to make another attempt at communicating through a language barrier. “I guess I’ll take the Full Service,” he declared.

She smiled and pushed a card in front of him to fill out; it was in Thai. “You fill out, ok? You just put your name here, ok?” He wrote down his name: Tony J Romero. “Ok, perfect. I fill out the rest. Ok sir, now come with me.” He followed her, as she led him back into a changing room. “Please, take off clothes and put in locker then put on robe. After, you will come here and wait for Tia. She will get you, ok Mr Tony?” He nodded.

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Reply #2 on: October 10, 2018, 10:24:55 PM
Chapter 3

He changed out of his sticky suit and donned the robe as requested. He waited in the locker room lobby for Tia to get him. It wasn’t long before she appeared.

She was tall too, just like the receptionist. She was also young and beautiful, likely in her early twenties. She had long, dark hair that was contorted and curled into a bun on her head. She was wearing a crop top that hugged her firm, round breasts and toned shoulders, while exposing her flat stomach and her sexy navel, which was pierced with a jewel hanging from the top. She had on a short, stretchy skirt that seemed to be layers of material wrapped upon itself in such a way that it wasn’t obvious how it maintained its position on the curve of her hips. Her sandals clapped as she approached.

“Mr Tony? Hi, my name is Tia,” she said while bowing. “I’ll be preparing you for your massage today. Yes, please, come this way.” Mr Romero had a look of confusion on his face, but he followed her.

She led him into a candle lit room that had gentle, relaxing music playing in the background. In the center of the room was a white tub with steam rising from the water within. She reached over to a bottle on the shelf and dabbed a few drops into the water, which filled the air with a vanilla-coconut fragrance; at that moment, it was an aphrodisiac to inhale the scent.

“Come Mr Tony,” she said, gesturing him to approach the tub. “This will relax you before your massage.” When he reached the edge of the tub, he was surprised as she began to disrobe him from behind. “Yes, very nice Mr Tony,” she said, as she slid the robe off his tall, muscular frame. “Big man, Mr Tony,” she complemented, as he stepped into the tub. “Maybe we should have gotten a bigger tub.” He thought that was odd because the tub was quite large. “Ok. You relax, and I will come back soon,” and with that, she left him alone in the room to relax.

He soaked in the hot water for fifteen minutes, enjoying how the music, hot water and scents of the room were relaxing his body. Then he heard the door open and looked up. It was Tia again. She smiled with a gorgeous grin, as she politely and gracefully entered the room. She had a few wooden buckets of hot water in her hands. “And how is Mr Tony doing?”

He realized again that he was nude in front of this stranger, but the uneasiness quickly went away, as he refocused on the relaxing environment and remembered that she was a professional and probably saw naked people all the time. “Excellent,” he replied.

“That is good,” she said, as she set the buckets next to the tub. She walked over to a chiller and pulled out a cool terrycloth rag. She brought the folded towel over to Mr Romero and draped the towel over his eyes and forehead. “This should feel nice Mr Tony. Just relax, and I’ll prepare you.” He closed his eyes and laid his head back against the padding at the end of the tub.

He could hear her walking around the room, grabbing things off of the shelves. Then he heard her near, and the sound of the plug getting pulled on the tub—the water draining. She was kneeling next to the tub. It startled him when she dipped a sponge in the water and began to clean his body with it. It was lathered in soap. This wasn’t conventional by his standards, but he was in Thailand, so maybe this was the norm. Regardless, he laid there motionless, as she brushed his skin with the sponge.

“Is everything ok Mr Tony,” she asked, as she continued to brush his skin.

“Yes… perfect. Thank you,” he uttered.

She worked her way around his body, starting at his arms then down his chest and torso then to his thighs and legs. He could feel his cock stirring. At that point the water was drained from the tub, and if the clear water was hiding anything before, it was surely hiding nothing now. She would use the sponge to brush his skin, but she used her hands too, not as often, but occasionally she massaged more soap into his skin. “You are very fit Mr Tony. You take good care of yourself. I see.” He smiled, accepting her complement. She used the sponge on his inner thighs then directly on his cock and balls. This made him jump a little. “Don’t you worry Mr Tony. We get everything clean here.” He relaxed himself again after hearing her reassuring words, but he could feel his flaccid cock engorging a little more, and he felt a little self-conscience.

“Please stand Mr Tony,” she instructed. He took the towel off his eyes and laid it on the edge of the tub, and he carefully stood. She stood up from her kneeling position at the side of the tub and began to clean him some more. This time she sponged his back then the back of his legs then she moved to his glutes. He had a solid back side, a bubble butt, shaped from his college days playing sports and from his continued conditioning. “Oh my, Mr Tony. You are big muscles,” she said, as she began to sponge off his glutes. She was really getting the sponge far between his cheeks. Occasionally her hand would slip between his cheeks as well, just gracing his taint and asshole in a fleeting stroke. She scrubbed the front of his pelvis and cock some more with the sponge before sliding her hand between his balls and taint, scrubbing them with her hand. Mr Romero was startled again by the forwardness, but instinctively spread his knees slightly, giving her access. She dropped the sponge and slid her hand deeper between his cheeks, and she scrubbed his asshole with her fingers. Then she grabbed the base of his cock at his balls and pulled the suds down the length of his cock with one hand then the other several times, causing Mr Romero to buck from the sensation; his cock bobbed a few times, as more blood engorged his cock.

“Ok, Mr Tony. You all clean now.” She leaned down to the buckets and carefully poured the hot water over his body, washing the soap suds off his skin. She repeated the process, dripping the water over his shoulders then she grabbed a towel and began to dry him off.

At this point, he was feeling very good, but very exposed from this hands on bathing. He was use to a more conservative and professional spa experience, but he really didn’t know if this behavior was the standard here in Thailand. What he did know was that his muscles felt warm and ready for a massage, and his cock felt thick and sensitive from his cleaning.

She helped him out of the tub and back into his robe. “Are you ready for your massage Mr Tony?” He nodded. “Good. Me too,” she said with a large smile.

“Will you be my masseuse,” he asked Tia.

“Yes, Mr Tony. It is just you and me. We provide Full Service Deepest Massage. Is this good?”

“Yes, thank you,” he responded.

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Reply #3 on: October 10, 2018, 10:25:25 PM
Chapter 4

As Tia led Mr Romero down the halls to the massage room, he couldn’t help but admire her figure. She was tall for a Thai girl like the receptionist—around five foot nine, and she was toned with a small waist and curvy hips, that complemented her petite upper body. She had a full, round ass that swayed with her gate, alluring him along, as they approached the room.

She opened the doors then bowed, offering him entrance. As he walked in the room, the space had a warm temperature, almost uncomfortably warm after his hot bath and with the thick robe on. It also had candlelit mood-lighting that warmed the environment with a orange glow, and there was soft music playing in the background like the room prior. There was a massage table in the center of the room with sheets covering the mattress. She led him in, and like before, she undressed him of his robe. She took his arm and guided him to the table then lifted the sheet and asked him to make himself comfortable on the mattress, face down. She covered him, so that he would stay warm while she stepped out of the room for a moment. She quickly returned, but by that time he had pulled the sheet off his back, sliding it down to his waste.

“Are you hot Mr Tony,” she asked, as she approached the bed. “We don’t need to keep you so covered if you are hot,” she explained.

“Well, yes,” he admitted. “The bath got me a little worked up… I mean hot.” He was actually perspiring a little under the sheet.

She smiled, as she approached, noticing the perspiration accumulating on his back. She slid the sheet up his legs, so that it just covered his pelvis, noticing perspiration on his legs too. “Hmm, maybe you don’t need this at all,” she said, tossing the sheet to the floor. “That is better, no?”

He was nude again in front of her, but he was beginning to relax at the idea of being exposed to her. Tia had already seen him and touched him, so what was the big deal, he reasoned. The fact was he was feeling hot and somewhat intoxicated from the aroma therapy, so he nodded yes.

“Ok, good Mr Tony. I want you to be comfortable here,” she said, as she lathered her hands in massage oil. She started at his shoulders, pressing her weight down on his body, stepping her palms against his back like a cat then she shot herself in a long stroke down his spine to the top of his glutes where she squeezed his flesh before slowly dragging her hands back up to his shoulders. The rush to his body jolted his senses, sending a blissful chill over his flesh. She giggled. “Did that feel good Mr Tony,” she asked. He nodded.

She began to work his muscles with her skillful, strong fingers, squeezing the stress from his tissues. In true Thai fashion, she used her whole body to squeeze and stretch his body. She used her forearms to penetrate deep into his muscles. As she did, occasionally getting close to his torso, he felt her breasts through her top rub against his skin. He pretended not to notice; it was an added bonus to an amazing massage. She worked her way down his back then to his glutes.

He never really had a masseuse massage his glutes like Tia. She kneaded the large muscles and fat in her hand, working herself all over the mounds of flesh. She seemed to be enjoying herself while she worked, her movements sometimes straying from presses to caresses, from kneading to squeezing, from duty to desire, in such a way, that her sensual touch was arousing him. “How is everything feeling Mr Tony,” she inquired. Her breath was growing heavy, sounding indistinguishable from a woman who’s lust was building, or simply from a woman deep in her work. Regardless, it was arousing.

“It’s amazing,” he replied, eager to return to silence, so as not to interrupt her focus.

She slid her hands down off his glutes to the back of his thighs. As she worked her fingers and thumbs into his muscles, her fingers would slide along his inner thighs, sometimes making graceful contact with his cock. Again, he played coy, allowing her to continue her work uninterrupted. She worked her hand further into his inner thigh, massaging the muscles within, and this time the back of her hands rubbed along the length of his cock. He could feel blood engorging into his shaft, growing his cock fuller and adding another inch to its length.

She made a comment. “You have a lot of energy stored in your body Mr Tony. This I feel a lot. Part of our duty is to help you release this energy through Deepest Massage. You see?” He nodded. She worked herself down his thigh to his leg, massaging his calves. She continued, “Now that you are more relaxed, we will get to the Special and Fullest part of this Deepest Massage, ok Mr Tony?” He nodded, not really understanding what she meant. “Here in Bangkok, we specialize here. Don’t worry Mr Tony. Thai massage is the best massage.” He nodded again, as if in agreement, not really knowing what was in store for him.

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Reply #4 on: October 10, 2018, 10:25:54 PM
Chapter 5

Tia released his calves then she got a stool and climbed up on the table. This would have thrown off anyone unacquainted or unfamiliar with Thai massages, but Mr Romero understood that it was a common practice for Thai masseuses to use their body to press, stretch and contort their customers, whether that meant walking on their backs or crawling over their bodies.

She crawled up on top of the end of the large table then stepped forward, and he felt her sink her knees into the top of the back of his thighs. The massage oil made it hard for her smooth legs to keep their position (normally the sheet would have been there), so she steadied herself with her hands on his middle back. She worked her knees and shins down his legs, pressing and squeezing the toxins from his muscles. As she worked down his legs, she crawled her hands down his back to his glutes. She pressed her knees and shins deep into calves and let her knees fall to the outside before repeating the process.

As she moved about, her hands innocently moved about, trying to steady herself on his slippery glutes. Occasionally her hands would spread his asscheeks apart or a finger would slip a little deeper down his crack, gracing the flesh near his sphincter. At first, he was a little taken back by the sensation, but he quickly began to enjoy the sensation. It was rather feminine to have your ass spread apart and played with, yet there was something alluring about the sensation, so he didn’t complain. In fact, he was finding that he couldn’t help but arch his hips at times, uncontrollably, to her touch.

“How is everything feeling Mr Tony? You getting more relaxed,” she asked, as she continued to press her weight into his muscles. He nodded.

She then stepped forward, dropping her knees to the side of his thighs, bearing her weight on the mattress, straddling him. She sat back, and as she did he could feel her inner thighs sliding along the muscles of his legs. Then he felt the material of her skirt and the flesh of her ass make contact with his legs before she sank the full weight of her body down on his. She reached behind her body and grabbed his ankles, and she pulled them up to her sides, before leaning forward, stretching his thighs in the process. The stretch was intense! She held the position then slowly raised herself back up and slowly lowered his legs, sending a wave of endorphins and euphoria through his body.

She crawled back to his calves. She reached forward and positioned her hands on his lower back, pressing her weight into his muscles, coming off her ass onto her knees. She slid her weight forward, sliding up his oily back, as she squeezed along the length of his back extensors. After reaching his upper back, she dug her fingers in his flesh. She arched her back and pushed her ass back, dragging her fingertips down his back sending a chill of endorphins along his spin. As she did, her ass pressed back into his legs, and her inner thighs spread wider against his body. She repeated the process, starting at his lower back then pressing forward before arching her hips and dragging herself back, spreading her things against his calves. Her stretchy skirt was sliding up her body with each motion, and he could now feel her warm, bare ass pressing back into his lower legs, and the warmth of her inner thighs on his skin..

She continued, but her movements were becoming more sensual with each stroke along his back. She contorted her body more and made a point to move her torso closer to his body. Occasionally her top—her breasts—would make contact against his glutes, and he could hear her breath deepening.

“Just a minute Mr Tony,” she said, as she propped herself up then stood up on the massage table. He could feel her fumbling with something, and stepping about near his calves. Then he heard a few articles of clothing hit the ground. He scanned the floor, from the hole in the head cushion, and he saw a top and a skirt on the ground. Then a g-string thong landed on top of the other items. “That is better,” she said, as she lowered herself back down to her knees and leaned forward, pressing her hands into his back again. “I was getting hot like you.”

He realized she was completely naked. His cock had little growing left to do, but whatever he had left, was peaking in girth between his legs.

She squeezed his back muscles then she slid her hands up his back to his shoulders, lengthening and lowering her torso to his body, while arching her hips high in the air. Her breasts slowly lowered to his glutes. First the nipples gently made contact then the full weight of her breasts pressed into his ass. She slid her body forward to his arms then back to his shoulders, grinding her supple breasts into his slippery ass. She then pressed herself back, dragging her breasts and hands along his flesh, pushing her bare ass cheeks back against his lower legs, where she settled her weight. “Mmmm, wasn’t that nice Mr Tony. Much better now, no?”

He was clearly dizzy with euphoria and endorphins, basking in the glow of his treatment, too enthralled to really respond, except to nod while his face was down in the cradle of the mattress.

Propped up with her hands on his ass, she slid her hips and thighs back and forth along his calves, grinding her bubbly booty and inner thighs against his slick legs, teasing his sensations with a lap dance in the most distant location. She leaned forward coming off his legs, arching her back, and again, she pressed her hands into his back and slid herself up to his shoulders. She leaned down and whispered into his ear, “Are you ready Mr Tony for your Special Deepest Massage?”

Mr Romero didn’t know what he was nodding to, but he did, wanting it all to continue. Professional decorum was out the window, and he was loving every moment of his treatment.

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Reply #5 on: October 10, 2018, 10:26:26 PM
Chapter 6

Tia pressed herself up and back, so her weight was over her knees. She ran her fingertips down his back to his glutes where she squeezed them tight. She sat back, lowering her weight on his calves, her slippery thighs and ass resting on his muscles.

He felt drops of warm, massage oil dripping across his ass, his crack and between his legs. She began to smear the oil all over his ass, reaching her thumbs down to his sphincter, spreading his cheeks in the process. Again, it felt unusual for him, but he was enjoying it nevertheless. Then with one hand, she reached between his legs and began to rub his balls, massaging them in her warm hand. He naturally spread his knees slightly wider to give her better access. Then she moved to his shaft, petting the length of it between his legs.

He was a tall man with a long, thick cock around eight to nine inches in length and thick. “Mmmmm,” she said, as she continued to rub the top of his cock. “You are big Mr Tony. Big boy with a big toy,” she said giggling. “Much bigger than what I work with.” He really didn’t know what she meant. She reached under his shaft, cupping his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Mr Tony arched his hips instinctively with pleasure, as Tia stroked him and massaged his glutes. Her hand slid deeper between his cheeks, and her thumb made solid contact with his sphincter, which instinctively puckered. As she stroked his cock, she began to make gentle circles across his sphincter. This surprised Mr Romero, but the sensation was admittedly amazing, and he didn’t stop her.

As she continued to stroke his cock and massage his sphincter, his body began to relax against her touch, and she could feel his sphincter beginning to dilate. He couldn’t help himself really. His core temperature was rising, as he was getting more and more turned on. He wanted her, but he didn’t know if this was all part of his massage package, or perhaps just an involved happy ending, or something special because she was into him. Regardless, his body was instinctively arching his hips, and even pressing back against her thumb. “Mmmm, Mr Tony, I think you like it,” she said, and with that she pressed forward and slid her finger in his ass.

He was unprepared for that, but in that moment, she could have done anything to him, said anything, and he would have complied. She had him entranced in her touch, willfully begging for more pleasure.

She just held her thumb in his ass, while she continued to massage his cock and balls. Soon his sphincter lessened its grip around her finger, and the massage oil, slick as could be, helped her finger begin to slid back and forth. She gentle began to slid her digit back and forth, easing the tension in his anus. Soon he was relaxed and his sphincter was dilated once more. He was even pressing back against her gentle thrusts, and moving forward against the strokes of his cock. “I think you are ready Mr Tony,” she said, slowly sliding her thumb from her ass.

He didn’t know what was next, but he was very open at that point. He was enjoying everything. It was new, but it was amazing. In that moment, he imagined the possibilities. Would she turn him over and stroke him, or maybe she would give him an amazing blow job, or even ride his cock. At that point, he was down for whatever. His body was so on fire, he was ready to cum for her however she wanted.

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Reply #6 on: October 10, 2018, 10:27:12 PM
Chapter 7

Tia gripped his ass again, squeezing his round glutes in her hands, then massaging them in circles. She walked her knees forward, taking a position straddling his thighs. She sat for a moment, sinking her ass into his thighs. She came off his legs, barring her weight on her knees again. She leaned forward, bracing her hands on his back and walked her hands slowly up his back. She leaned her torso down, the tips of her nipples were just barely teasing his skin with their presence, as her ass arched in the air. She leaned to his head and whispered in his ear, “I’ll be gentle. Don’t worry.”

He didn’t really know what she meant; he was euphoric and intoxicated in her touch, just a willing participant with whatever she had in store.

She pressed herself up off him and shifted her weight back, walking her hands back down his body, returning to her position above his thighs with her hands back on his glutes. She walked her knees further forward, straddling his hips. She dropped back, lowering her ass to his upper thighs and sitting her weight on him. She gripped his hips, sliding herself forward. As she did, she slowly spread her legs, sliding her soft inner thighs wider than ever before, and she leaned forward. As she did, something was different. Mr Romero could feel something soft and round resting on his his legs. Then he felt a warm rod being pressed then sliding between his ass cheeks. It honestly took him a moment to realize it was a cock; it was Tia’s cock and balls. WTF!

Mr Romero was paralyzed for a moment. He was in a sudden state of shock. His mind was rapidly trying to piece together the situation, trying to recapture an understanding of the events that had transpired. He knew Tia was gorgeous and had breasts—but had a cock! She must be transgender—a ladyboy! The stories of Thailand were true!

While he was locked in paralysis, Tia didn’t change her pace. She had slid her hard cock between his ass cheeks, pinning it there with her fingers. She was lathering her cock with the massage oil and pressing her shaft against his sphincter. She slowly began to press her hips back and forth, sliding her thighs against his easily. She pressed his ass together, fucking his cheeks like they were tits.

His mind was racing. What did he sign himself up for? Maybe this was why the drivers of the Tuk-Tuk were laughing earlier. How was he going to get out of this? Did he even want to get out of this? He had no time for reflection; Tia had already decided for him.

He could sense she was very turned on. She was breathing heavy, and her hips were moving with a sense of lust. She wasn’t big like him. Maybe six to seven inches max and only a little larger than a thumb or a few fingers in girth. He wasn’t scared of her size. He was more in shock than anything. She was gorgeous; there was no doubt about that, and truth be told, she felt amazing, even now. As she worked her cock back and forth, rubbing the rim of his sphincter with her shaft, he began to relax to her, and his body quickly remembered how horny it was, how willing it was to bend itself to her will.

She released her grip on his cheeks, allowing his ass to part, and she pressed the soft head of her cock against the opening of his anus. The tip just slipped in, and she moved it back and forth until his sphincter relaxed. She repositioned herself, and she pressed her cock forward more, and it slid along his sphincter wall, pressing itself up against his inner sphincter. She paused there and began to massage his ass cheeks again. He could feel his inner sphincter tensing, and so could she. She continued to rub his cheeks, easing the tension out of his body. She could feel the flesh easing, giving way to her cock. As it did she gently began to press in subtle motions until her cock finally broke through. When it did, she pressed forward, and her cock slid into his anus.

She held that position for a moment, then grabbed his hips and pulled herself forward, sliding her thighs up his to his glutes, sliding her cock deeper in his ass. Mr Romero grunted a deep moan. “That’s it. Just relax yourself Mr Tony. Tia will give you your Deepest Massage now,” and she did. While gripping his hips, she began to stroke her cock into his asshole, sliding back and forth easily across his oiled, slick flesh. “Mmmmm, fuck yea Mr Tony. Your ass is burning on fire.”

The sensations were completely foreign to Mr Romero, but he was surprisingly enjoying every moment of it. Her cock was so hot and hard, on fire in his ass, yet it was so soft and slick that it felt amazing sliding along the muscles of his sphincter wall. Tia was awakening something new and amazing in him.

As she continued, he began to match her thrusts, pressing his hips back against her firm presses, and opening his hips to her. Her booty was rhythmically squeezing (he could feel this against his thighs), as she pounded her meat into his ass. She leaned forward, bracing herself on his back, positioning herself over his hips, and he arched his hips more. Soon the pace was quickening, and his ass was now smacking against her hips. Clap, clap, clap was the sound, as she began to fuck him harder. Mr Romero was moaning now, willful turning into her sub.

Then she stopped. She was breathing hard, panting and trying to collect her breath. “Mmmmm nice Mr Tony,” she said, as she slowly moved her cock back and forth in his ass.

She leaned forward and laid her body on top of his. She pressed her breasts to his back, her nipples slipped along his slicked up muscles. She lowered the full weight of her body on his, stretched out on top of his frame. She cupped her arms under his shoulders, clutching his upper body, hooking him in a strong grip. She whispered in his ear, “Now, I will massage you deeply Mr Tony.” Then she bit his ear and sucked on his lobe. She was still on her knees; her hips were still floating over his ass. She pressed her hips down hard, mashing his glutes with her hips, and in the process, she plunged her cock deep in his ass. From that position, her cock was deeper than before and aligned with his prostate. It thumped across the sensitive and swollen flesh that was burning hot within his rectum, and as she did, his prostate spasmed causing cum to ooze from his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. It was clear he enjoyed that thrust.

“Yes Mr Tony,” she said lustfully with a smile. “Just wait until I get going,” and she began to slide her cock back and forth in his anus, grinding her cock against his prostate, massaging him from the inside. “I will release all that tension. Just give yourself to me Mr Tony.” Mr Romero complied with her commands, and he opened his hips to her, arching his ass in her direction. She gripped his shoulders tight and pulled herself hard against his body, never breaking contact, forcing her cock deep within his body, as she thrusted. With each thrust against his prostate, with each milk of that organ, cum oozed from his cock, and the head of his penis seemed to be electrifying with sensitivity. “Yes Mr Tony,” she continued. “Cum for me. Release yourself.”

He was nearing an orgasm, and she could sense it. His body was stiffening, as his hips intuitively arched to their maximum position. His orgasm was on the verge of breaking; he was about to have his first prostate orgasm, and the anticipation and desire was overwhelming. “More Mr Tony?”


She quickened her thrusts. “Harder?”

“Yes!” He was moaning loud, begging her to bring his orgasm.

She began pounding his ass, slamming her cock against his prostate, shaking his hips with each strike. Smack, smack, smack against his ass. His orgasm was on the brink of coming. The delayed gratification was drawing his orgasm to a height he had never felt. Then it came!

Mr Romero burst in an orgasm, “Ohhh ohhh,” he moaned, as he exploded in an orgasm. His hips released their static arch, and they began to convulse on her cock, forcefully gyrating on her shaft, as his orgasm flooded over his body, making him lose control. Streams of hot cum shot from his cock, shooting between his legs. It kept coming!

“Yessss Mr Tony,” she moaned back, never changing her pace, as she continued to pound his ass, slamming her cock against his spasming prostate. His sphincters were pulsating on her cock, clenching and squeezing her shaft, as each contraction of his orgasm proceeded. The feeling was intense for her, and she couldn’t hold back any longer. She exploded in an orgasm too, “I’m cummming Mr Tony!” Her cock began to pulsate, rhythmically contracting, shooting her hot load in his ass.

He could feel her cock contracting against his spasming sphincters; the sensation was out of this world amazing. Her cum was lubricating his sphincters more, intensifying the sensation of her cock sliding in and out of his ass. “Ohh fucckkk yeaaa,” he moaned, as she continued to unload herself in his rectum. She kept pounding him, digging her hips into his ass with each thrust, pressing herself as deep as she could while unloading her seed.

As their orgasms began to subside, she quickly slowed her pace, as the two settled their weight into the mattress. She laid on his frame with dead weight, seemingly exhausted from her work—her cock, still in his ass. As the two of them caught their breath, she was still, ever so subtly and gently, gliding her cock back and forth in his slippery anus, while basking in the glow and euphoria of their session.

“Mmmm,” she whispered in his ear. “That was good,” giggling. She nibbled on his ear some more before sucking on his lobe. “Was it good for you Mr Tony?”

“Oh yes, my dear. You were amazing.” He never thought he would be telling a ladyboy that she did an amazing job fucking him. He never knew he could cum so hard, or that he would enjoy a cock in his ass either, but this was Thailand—a place of new experiences, and apparently, of the Deepest Massage.

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I hope you guys enjoy the story.



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I hope you guyLs enjoy the story.

I did, thanks.  (I'm a Guyl.)

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wow... great story..! I came hard....  :D

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This is a WONDERFUL story!  Thank you for sharing.

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