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The Amulet (m+f, oral, anal, mc)

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on: January 20, 2019, 08:36:34 AM
You must be 18 or older to read this story. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.


It was almost noon when Madison Hill woke up in a fog one rainy Saturday late in September. The attractive 16-year-old was three weeks into her junior year at Washington High, her third high school.

Because of her father’s job, the family moved a lot and Madison had never attended the same school two years in a row. It was hard on her, always being the new kid in school, but she had learned to live with it.

This morning, the first unusual thing she noticed was that she was naked. Madison didn’t ever recall going to bed without putting on a night gown first, but here she was without a stitch on.

She glanced over to her open closet door and saw her knee length cotton night gown, hanging on the hook where it always did and wondered why she hadn’t put it on before getting in bed the night before.

The next thing she noticed was how she felt… like she’d been run over by a truck, not to put too fine a point on it. Her head was pounding, and she felt some discomfort in her groin, and even in her backside.

Fluffing up her pillows, she sat up and tried to figure out what she had done the previous evening. She remembered going to the high school football game by herself, since she’d only been in her new school three weeks and hadn’t yet made a friend.

After the game, waiting to cross a street, a boy nearby had been inviting two cheerleaders to an impromptu party and had looked at Madison. “You should come too,” he said.

On a whim she accepted the casual invitation and followed the cheerleader’s car to a house not too far from her own. The last clear memory she had was arriving at the party, being handed a red cup and realizing she didn’t see anyone she knew by name. After that—there was nothing.

Looking at her closed bedroom door, she saw a trail of her clothing that she must have pulled off on her way to the bed the night before.

Her jeans were just inside the door—she had probably leaned against the door while shrugging them off. She peered closer and saw that her favorite pastel pink bra, size 32 with a B-cup, was hanging out of one of the rear pockets. What the… why is my bra in my jeans pocket? she wondered.

A few feet away from her pants, her blouse was a shapeless pile of fabric. Between the wrinkled top and the bed, she saw her socks.

She looked at the clothing trail again and wrinkled her brow… there were no panties to be seen in the room. Madison lifted the covers to double check in case she’d been mistaken about being nude in the bed. Nope, she wasn’t wearing them. That’s strange, she thought. What happened to my underpants?

Her head was throbbing and she didn’t know why, but she tried to ignore the ache and picked up her phone from the nightstand.

She immediately noticed that someone had sent her a dozen texts, all from a blocked number. She tried to remember if she’d given her phone number to anyone at the new school, then realized it would be easily accessible from the online school directory.

Only mildly curious, she opened the first text, saw a video icon and pressed it. On the small screen she saw herself standing with a dozen or so teenagers. Oddly though, her face was the only one visible on the screen, because the video seemed to have been taken from a high angle.

She was holding two large red cups, one in either hand, and she could hear chanting. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! The chant sounded predominantly male, but she could see at least two girls, although only from the knees down. She thought it was the two cheerleaders she had followed to the party, still in uniform.

On the screen Madison lifted both cups until they were above her head before drinking the first one down. Then she drained the second one before giggling as she flung the plastic cups over her shoulders to the cheering of her schoolmates.

Someone handed her two more cups and the CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! chant began again. With the goofiest grin she’d ever seen on her own face, her on screen self downed those two cups as well. The video stopped abruptly during the renewed cheering.

Madison, sitting naked in her bed, was stunned. To her knowledge, she’d never even tasted beer before, but she didn’t think the chanting would have been for a soft drink. Chugging was a beer drinking game.

Maybe that had something to do with the atrocious headache she had. She knew enough about alcohol to know that, for a petite girl standing 5-feet 5-inches tall and weighing only 112 pounds, four big cups was a lot of beer to down in less than two minutes.

Starting the next video, she heard more chanting. OFF! TAKE! IT! OFF! TAKE! IT! OFF! On the screen, she was dancing and if she had a partner he wasn’t visible in the video; she seemed to be alone.

Madison’s jaw dropped as she watched herself casually unbutton her blouse, take it off and wave it in the air to loud cheering. Looking a bit sheepish, she flung it aside and before the garment even hit the floor, another chant began. BRA! BRA! BRA! BRA! She saw herself giggle on the screen.

On screen Madison reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and shook it off. Her ripe, fully exposed adolescent tits were jiggling delightfully as she tossed her favorite pink bra behind her.

She danced, naked from the waist up, and her audience was cheering wildly as someone handed her another red cup. She stopped and took a long drink. Then she continued dancing, spilling most of the remaining beer on her bouncing boobs as she shimmied for her adoring fans.

The second video abruptly ended and Madison quickly stabbed her finger on the screen to start the next one. She began to get a sinking feeling in her stomach when she saw the next clip.

Though she was alone in her bedroom, her cheeks turned a flaming red when the video showed her and no one else. Even more shocking was that her jeans were gone and she was wearing nothing but her favorite snug fitting pink panties.

The Madison on screen started pushing her string bikini panties down her legs. When she got them as far as her knees she suddenly lost her balance and toppled backward, plopping down hard on her naked butt.

She giggled again, flopped onto her back, and began moving her arms and legs as if she were trying to make a snow angel on the carpet.

Because her underpants were still around her knees, she couldn’t move her legs apart like she normally would when making a snow angel, and the stretched fabric showed a small dark wet spot clearly visible in the crotch of her panties. On screen Madison… was visibly aroused.

From the small speakers of her phone Madison could hear her classmates murmuring with anticipation when she sat up, drew her knees up, pushed the pink panties down past her ankles and took them off.

Sitting naked on the carpet with a goofy grin on her face, she twirled her underpants around on one finger, faster and faster until her panties finally flew into the air and out of the picture, prompting a roar of approval. That was the last time Madison ever saw those panties. The tiny garment obviously hadn’t made it home with her last night.

The new girl in school was now completely naked in a room with over a dozen hormonally charged high school teens, mostly boys, and what shocked Madison as she watched was not so much that she was the life of the party—although that was surprising enough—but that she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely on the screen, even though she was as naked as the day she was born.

Sitting on her bed as she watched her naked self on the small phone screen, Madison realized that her mouth was hanging open and made a conscious effort to close it.

The video continued for a few more seconds, showing her lying back on the floor and splaying her legs in the air, obscenely far apart. Her glistening adolescent sex was exposed to everyone in the room.

On her bed, Madison gasped. Holy crap! I’m naked! she thought. This is not good.

There were loud whistles and hoots of approval. Obviously her audience was enjoying the show she was putting on. She heard a male voice say, “You go girl!” just before the video abruptly ended.

Madison stared at the now blank screen, seeing the after image of her lush naked body lying on the floor, with all of her female charms exposed to her schoolmates. The camera had zoomed in for a close up just before the screen went black. Even on the small display she could see that her pussy was visibly wet.
She suddenly felt sick to her stomach as she realized there were several more texts—and video clips—that she hadn’t seen yet. I’ve got a bad feeling about this, she thought.

Suddenly, she didn’t want to watch any more of the videos and set the phone down on her night stand. Three seconds later, she shook her head and picked the device back up, knowing that whether she wanted to or not, she would watch them.

She had to… just had to watch them.

Closing her eyes for just a moment, Madison took a deep breath as she resolutely started the fourth clip. Just like the one before, no one was visible except her. She was still on her back, but now her feet were on the floor, her knees drawn up and wide apart.

Her whole body, even the most private part of her body, was on display to everyone in the room, and to… the camera. On screen Madison was as exposed and vulnerable as a girl can be.

Madison had never seen herself from that viewpoint… no one had ever seen her from that viewpoint. Well, maybe her gynecologist. Madison could see the delicate pink petals of her adolescent jewel unfolding like a blossoming flower between her outer labial lips. There was moisture clearly visible in the high definition video as her swelling clitoris came into view.

Both of her hands were squeezing her breasts and her nipples were hard, sticking up like the erasers on the over sized pencils used in kindergarten. The on screen Madison slowly reached one hand down and gently rubbed her little love nubbin, a dreamy smile on her face. The video ended.

Sighing with frustration, Madison started the next clip. She was in the same position, but now a boy she didn’t recognize had his head between her thighs, vigorously using his tongue on her very wet virgin pussy. She could see he was fully dressed, wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans, but his face wasn’t visible.

Even over the hooting and cheering of the onlookers, she could hear herself on the screen, moaning loudly as her butt squirmed on the carpet. The boy alternated between flicking her clit and driving his tongue between her puffy outer lips, then assailed her pulsing clitoris with his tongue again. He casually moved his hand up and began fucking his middle finger in and out of her juicy quim.

Sitting on her bed, Madison could tell exactly when her orgasm started on the screen. Her first clue was hearing herself yell with obvious pleasure, “I’M CUMMING! YES! YES! OH FUCK YES!” Her eyes widened; she’d never said fuck out loud in her life but the image of herself on screen had just screamed it in front of an audience.

Her second clue was the two bright red spots that became visible on her high cheekbones when she reached down with both hands, grabbed the boy’s hair to mash his face hard against her spasming sex as she wrapped her legs around his back.

Her third clue was seeing her shapely bottom lifted six inches off the floor as she pushed her young pussy as hard as she could into the boy’s face. Then she was mewling loudly as her body flailed around like she’d been hit with a taser.

Madison tightened her grip on the phone she was watching when she felt her clitoris twitch. She listened to her own screams of ecstasy on the cell phone’s small speakers. The group was cheering and clapping their approval of her climax, or maybe the boy’s performance in getting her there.

“That must have been one hell of an orgasm,” she said out loud to her empty bedroom. “Too bad I don’t remember it.”

On screen it looked like her orgasm was beginning to wane when a boy’s voice bellowed through the tiny speakers, “Nail her hairy little cunt!”

“Yeah dude! Fuck the horny bitch!” yelled another.

The onlookers immediately took up another chant. FUCK THE BITCH! FUCK THE BITCH! FUCK THE BITCH! FUCK—

The clip ended abruptly in mid-chant and the screen went black.

“Fuck!” she cried emphatically, unaware that she had used the word. Madison poised her finger over the next clip and then paused. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath and tried to prepare herself for what she was certain she would see in the next video.

On some deeper subconscious level, she had known—somehow—from the moment she saw her shirt come off that she had given up her virginity last night, partly because of the soreness between her legs this morning. The more videos she watched, the more convinced she was of what was inevitably going to happen. Opening her eyes and clenching her jaw resolutely, she started the next clip.

On the screen she saw a boy as naked as she was, but she couldn’t tell if it was the same one who had been eating her pussy. The boy had his dick pointing at her vagina, almost touching the puffy lips of her 16-year-old virgin treasure.

She watched helplessly as he slid the tip of his organ between the plump folds of the naked girl’s wet innocent pussy. Briefly, she saw her clit, still sticking out like a hitchhiker’s thumb. The on screen Madison was panting like she’d just run a marathon, her firm breasts jiggling.

The horny high school boy eased himself in and out of her a few times with just the tip of his cock inside her. His rhythm established, he threw back his head and yelled, “Houston, we have pussy! In… five—four—”

The raucous teenagers watching counted down with him, roaring THREE—TWO—ONE!

Although none of the spectators were visible on the screen, you could almost feel their excited anticipation as they waited to see Madison get fucked while they all watched.

Sweat dotted Madison’s brow as she looked intently at the screen to see the boy plunge his cock deep inside the naked teenage girl on the floor—inside her, virtually nailing her ass to the carpet. She winced and felt a phantom pain between her legs the moment her virginity was taken from her on the tiny display.

The roars of approval were almost—but not quite—loud enough to cover the visceral scream of pain ripped from on screen Madison’s throat as her hymen was brutally ruptured.

Sitting on her bed, Madison murmured, “Goodbye cherry.” Then a soft whimper escaped her lips. She winced and clamped her thighs together, feeling a phantom pain between her legs at the exact moment she watched her virginity being taken from her… in front of an audience.

With a swollen cock buried between her legs, the girl on the screen was writhing, trying to escape the excruciating pain of having a delicate part of her body brutally ripped apart—but there was no escape.

The camera zoomed in and she saw the bright red blood of her innocence oozing out of her deflowered pussy. When the boy began to fuck his cock slowly in and out of her, the video ended.

Like many teenage girls, Madison had occasionally wondered how she would lose her virginity, but of all the times when she’d speculated about that milestone in a girl’s life, it had never once been a spectator event.

And it wasn’t with a boy she didn’t even recognize, let alone know his name. She certainly never expected to find out it had happened—after the fact—by watching herself get fucked in a high definition video.

How can I not remember losing my virginity? she wondered. Madison closed her eyes for a moment, then resignedly started the next video. Might as well get it over with.

The clip showed the same boy’s butt bobbing up and down, faster and faster, urged on by the watchers as he relentlessly fucked the 16-year-old high school girl as if she were the star of a porn video.

He was riding her hard, and Madison on screen apparently no longer felt any pain because now she was loudly urging the boy to fuck me hard, loud enough to be heard over the cheering teenagers.

Because the clips weren’t continuous, there was no way to tell how long the boy had been energetically screwing the hard-bodied—and seemingly eager—adolescent girl in front of a raucous audience, but now he suddenly yanked himself of out her.

The boy groaned as his body stiffened and, squeezing his cock with his fist, spurted great gobs of his cum onto Madison’s boobs and belly with a satisfied moan. The teenagers cheered loudly, and the clip mercifully ended.

Almost in a daze, she started the next video—the eighth—and saw a different boy mount her. Before he did, Madison had another close-up glimpse of her bloody vagina, the bright red color in sharp contrast to her blonde pubic hair.

The next three clips showed a third, a fourth and then a fifth boy eagerly driving his cock in and out of her now sopping snatch, pleasuring themselves between her legs while the onlookers urged them on. And to Madison’s amazement—so did her on screen self.

Sitting stone-faced in her bed, Madison watched as five different boys fucked her luscious teenage body. Her digital image seemed to enjoy having each teenage boy’s dick buried between her legs—it actually appeared as though she couldn’t seem to get enough.

Why don’t I remember any of this? she wondered again.

She saw that there was only one video clip left. Expecting a repeat performance with a sixth boy, she started the last movie.

There was indeed a sixth boy, but in this clip her body was in a different position. No longer on her back, she was now on her hands and knees. She was wiggling her round shapely butt salaciously, which caused her unfettered boobs to sway as they hung down from her chest.

From where the camera was now, Madison could see smears of dried blood on her inner thighs, all that remained of her innocence. Mesmerized, her eyes went back and forth between her wiggling butt and jiggling breasts.

The sixth boy became visible on the screen as he got down on his knees behind her and put his hands on her hips. Another chant began, more robust than ever. BUTT FUCK! BUTT FUCK! BUTT FUCK!

What was different this time was that Madison could hear her own voice on the screen, louder than anyone, screaming in unison, “BUTT FUCK! BUTT FUCK! BUTT FUCK!”

Madison’s jaw again dropped in shock. She couldn’t believe she had actually been chanting with the rest of the horny high school kids that had watched the erotic show. She was barely even aware that there was such a thing as anal sex.

Using both hands, the boy on the screen pulled her butt cheeks in opposite directions and unceremoniously stabbed his erection at the little pink pucker of her curvy little bottom—and speared his cock into her upturned ass.

The cheers were so loud, Madison could barely hear her on screen image scream in pain for the second time as the boy drilled his dick deep into her rectum. Then she put her head down until her forehead rested on the carpet while he relentlessly fucked her in the ass.

“That would explain why my butt hurts,” she murmured in her empty room.

Unlike all the rest of the videos which had started and stopped abruptly, this one slowly faded out, both sound and picture.

Madison closed her eyes as the sound of the cheering onlookers gradually died out and the room was mercifully silent.

There were two things she couldn’t figure out while watching all of these clips. First, how could all of that happen without her remembering a thing? Second, why had she seemed to enjoy everything so much?

When she’d gone to school Friday morning she’d been an unsullied virgin. She didn’t even masturbate all that often to pleasure herself.

Now, she’d been fucked multiple times, by multiple boys. How could she have allowed five different boys to fuck her pussy? Never mind letting that sixth kid shove his dick up her butt.

Twelve video clips, some only a few seconds and some lasting several minutes. Madison scrolled back through the list and more questions flooded her mind.

Who had sent them? Whose camera had recorded the high definition videos? How many people had seen them?

After being mostly numb as she watched the videos, she now felt the soreness between her legs. Gritting her teeth, she pulled back the covers and looked at her violated little pussy, noting the angry red color of her abused outer labial lips. “Yuck,” she said as she spied the mixture of dried, crusted semen and blood on the inside of her thighs and matted in her pubic hair.

And yes, her anus felt like it had been ripped open. How could she not remember being violated so many times?

Had she somehow been drugged or was she just drunk from all the beer? How much beer had she swallowed anyway? She knew about the five cups that she’d seen in the clips, but who knew how many more she’d poured down her throat before that.

Madison went back to the beginning and watched every clip again, confirming what she suspected while she watched the first time. She was the only person identifiable in any of the clips. Had that been deliberate or happenstance?

The first few, when she’d still had her clothes on, showed other people on the screen, but none could be identified. From the chanting, she knew the crowd was mostly boys, although two girls in cheerleader uniforms were visible.

Starting with the video where she’d kicked her panties off and was naked, she and the six boys who had fucked her had been the only people to appear on the screen. And from behind, she couldn’t identify any of the naked boys.

Madison suddenly realized she had to pee. She set the phone down and went into her bathroom, gasping when she saw her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair looked as if she’d been walking in a hurricane. And what was left of her make-up was hideous.

She saw the reflection of dried blood in her blond pubic hair and it reminded her that she was no longer a virgin. There was dried semen on her inner thighs, in her navel and between her breasts. A phrase she’d heard her uncle use came to mind. She looked like she’d been ridden hard and put away wet.

She spoke to her reflection in the mirror, “Face it Maddy, you look like this because that’s exactly what happened. Five boys rode you like a horse. Well, six. Let’s not forget the butt fucker. Note to self, let’s not be drinking any more beer, okay?”

Then she surprised her self by giggling. “Well, you’ve got a hell of a losing my virginity story.” Then she snorted. “Yeah right. Like I’m ever going to tell anyone I lost my cherry in a gang bang.”

After relieving herself, she passed the mirror again on her way to the shower and pulled up short. Leaning forward to look closer, she saw something she hadn’t noticed the first time she looked in the mirror since she’d been looking more at the middle part of her body.

Around her neck was the tiniest gold chain she’d ever seen in her life. It was a necklace, only it was so small and so tight that it looked more like a collar. Hanging down from the center, high above her cleavage, was a tiny amber stone. It was shaped like—and no bigger than—a teardrop.

She had never seen it before. She knew for sure she hadn’t been wearing it when she left the house last night to go to the football game.

Racing back to her phone, she played the beginning of each video clip again and confirmed what she knew she’d find. Although it was hard to see, she was wearing the tiny necklace in every one of the clips.

“What the hell,” she said out loud, setting the phone down and making her way back into the bathroom. She leaned close to the mirror and found the tiny clasp that released the necklace and held it in her hand, still trying to figure out where it had come from.

EEP!” she squealed, almost dropping the amulet on the bathroom counter. Her right hand flew to her heart and it took her a moment to catch her breath. She spoke aloud, even though she was alone. “This thing just lit up! Well… not lit up exactly, but it glowed for just an instant.” She stood there staring hard at the amulet for a full three minutes, but nothing further happened.

“There’s something weird about this whole thing. Maybe this… thing allows someone to use a remote control to… to what Maddy? Get in your head? Make you act like a total slut?” She snorted, realizing the absurdity of what she’d just been thinking.

Closing the clasp on the tiny necklace, she hung it on a necklace hook in her jewelry box, picked up a clean towel, and turned on the shower.

She washed off her body—some parts more gingerly than others—and just stood in the steaming hot water for a long time after washing her hair. At least it made facing her reflection a little more tolerable.

The rest of the weekend, she dreaded going to school on Monday. She didn’t know what to expect, but knew that whatever she faced, she had to just ignore it and act as if nothing ever happened. Always being the new kid in school was never easy under any circumstances, but it had taught her a few things.

Madison was surprised though. Nothing unusual at all happened on Monday. No one stopped talking as she approached. She didn’t hear anyone snickering behind her back. Nothing at all out of the ordinary.

She did notice one boy who seemed a little uncomfortable, and avoided looking her in the eye. But she had the sense that he was more embarrassed by—even ashamed of—his own behavior at the Friday night gathering, if indeed he’d been there. Or maybe he was just uncomfortable looking a pretty girl in the eye. There just wasn’t any way to know for sure.

He was wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans, but so were dozens of other boys at the school. Still, she had turned and looked at him as he passed, but even from behind, she couldn’t tell if he’d been one of the boys who had taken a turn with her that night.

What had started out as a simple high school party had quickly spiraled out of control somehow and become essentially a live sex show, complete with a sacrificial virgin—named Madison.

Later that night Madison watched the videos again from the beginning. This time, she masturbated to the images, and just as the nameless naked boy’s cock ripped apart her girlhood membrane on the screen, she had one hell of an orgasm in her childhood bed. This one… she would remember—and it didn’t hurt a bit.

Breathing heavily in the afterglow of physical release, her hair pasted to her forehead with sweat, Madison let her mind roam. She had to smile when she began to wonder about—of all things—whatever had happened to her favorite pair of pink string bikini panties. All she had left of the matching set now was the bra.

So lost was she in post orgasmic bliss that she was startled when her phone buzzed on the night stand beside her. Picking it up, she saw a text from another blocked number, or maybe the same one as before. This one however, had no video clip attached, just a four word message.

Until we meet again…


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