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Movie Night (MF, oral)

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on: January 31, 2019, 12:27:38 PM
This is a work of fiction. You must be age 18 or over to read this story.

Movie Night

     Mallory Atkins answered the last question on her mid-term algebra exam and breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't understand why a psychology major would ever need algebra in the first place, but the college required that she take it, so here she was.

     Picking up her backpack, she walked to the front of the room and dropped her test paper in the basket and headed for her car, looking forward to the weekend, even though her Friday wasn't over yet. She still had a four hour shift to pull at her part time job as a waitress at the unimaginatively named Campus Coffee Shop.

     She had a scholarship that paid most, but not all, of her expenses so she had to work sixteen hours a week in addition to carrying a full load of classes. She was scheduled for an eight hour shift on Sundays plus two four hour shifts, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now she had just enough time to stop at her dorm to change before going to work.

     Mallory was a willowy blond of average height and weight. A college freshman, she would never be called beautiful, but she had the attractive girl-next-door look that boys seemed to be comfortable with. Not that she spent much time with boys.

     She'd been in an exclusive relationship with her high-school sweetheart since they were in the eighth grade, and he was the only boy she'd ever dated. At their senior prom, she had finally relented and surrendered her virginity to him. Two sex-filled months later, they mutually agreed to end the relationship when he went back east for school.

     That was six months in the past and Mallory was—how to put this delicately—climbing the walls with unfulfilled sexual desire. The fact that she'd been bombarded for weeks with advertising about Valentines Day being tomorrow hadn't helped. Even though she pleasured herself most every night in the shower, it just wasn't the same. Once she'd had the real thing with her former boyfriend, paddling her own canoe just wasn't cutting it.

     Now, with just enough time to shower and change before going to work, she was trying really hard not to think about sex. As she walked into the dorm, a sudden image of a purple polar bear flashed into her mind and she giggled.

     She continued smiling as she remembered the last day of school when her fifth-grade teacher had admonished the class that she didn't want them thinking about purple polar bears all summer and forgetting what they had learned this year.

     Of course, for the rest of that day, purple polar bears were about all Mallory could think about. The rest of the summer that image would come to her at random times, and it wasn't until a month of her sixth-grade year had passed before she finally stopped thinking about the imaginary creature.

     I guess that goes to show what happens when you try to not think about something, she ruminated. She certainly hadn't had much success trying to not think about sex.

     When she unlocked her dorm room door and walked in, the first thing she saw was a young man sitting on her roommate's bed. The second thing she saw was her roommate, Robin, on her knees in front of the boy, giving him a blow job. The boy opened his eyes and met her gaze. Mallory blushed and looked away. She felt her clitoris twitch and couldn't help thinking, Damn, I gotta find a way to get laid.

     Out loud she said irritably, "For Christ sake Robin, how hard is it to put a frickin' sock on the door knob?"

     Robin didn't look back but lifted her head from the boy's cock long enough to say, "Sorry Mal, I just got carried away." Her tone belied the words; she didn't sound a bit sorry.

     Shaking her head, Mallory said, "Forget it, I'm just a little on edge." She tossed her backpack onto her bed, grabbed her work clothes and headed for the lavatory. She took a quick shower, got dressed for work, went back to her room long enough to drop off her dirty clothes and headed for the door. "I'm going to work, carry on you two," she tossed over her shoulder as she left the small room.

§ § § § §

     "Mallory, I've been trying to call you all afternoon," said Melvin, the manager at the coffee shop, as she walked in to start her shift.

     "Sorry Melvin, I've had mid-terms all afternoon and my phone's been turned off. What's up?"

     "Someone screwed up our schedule and we're overstaffed tonight. I was calling to see if you wanted to take the evening off," Melvin said.

     Mallory was annoyed that she'd gotten all the way to work only to find out she wasn't needed, but then realized it was as much her fault as anyone else's since she'd had her phone turned off.

     "That actually sounds wonderful Melvin. After five mid-term exams this week, I could use a free night." She took a seat at the counter and said, "I'll just have a bite to eat before I go home. I'd like a cheeseburger deluxe with fries."

     She remembered the sight that had greeted her when she'd gotten home and felt her clitoris twitch again. "On second thought, maybe I'll catch a movie instead of going home."

     If Robin hadn't been entertaining her boyfriend, Mallory might have considered going home to change into jeans before going to the theater, but she decided that her blue skirt and white blouse work uniform would have to do. No way was she going to risk seeing Robin and her boyfriend having sex again.

     She bought a ticket for a romantic comedy, reflecting that being horny and watching that kind of movie wasn't the ideal situation, but her other choices were adventure movies, animated children's films, and one zombie apocalypse. None of those held any interest for her.

     The movie wasn't due to start for another fifteen minutes so she made her way to the concession stand for some popcorn before entering the theater to find a seat.

     Standing in line she noticed the young man in front of her. About her age she guessed, nineteen or maybe twenty. His sandy brown hair was neatly trimmed and he wore a button down shirt tucked into a pair of khaki pants. Her eyes dropped down and focused on his rear end and she felt that annoying tingle between her legs again.

     She was barely able to suppress a giggle as she thought, I wonder what he'd do if I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘I'm horny as hell—you wanna go somewhere and fuck’?

     Sighing, she again tried to put the thought out of her mind. He was probably here with his girlfriend anyway, or at least a date. It was the night before Valentines Day after all. That would be all she needed, some jealous girl having a conniption and punching her lights out for making a move on her man.

     Mallory had come to the conclusion that the old sugar and spice bromide pretty much went out the window once a girl enters puberty, and develops an interest in boys. That had been reinforced her first week on campus. Sitting in the dorm cafeteria, she'd finished her dinner and was starting on her butterscotch pudding when two sophomore girls had started screaming and slapping at each other not ten feet from where she sat.

     Within seconds it had turned into a knock-down drag-out catfight which had nearly cost Mallory her dessert to flailing female arms when the disagreement had escalated into punching and hair-pulling. And it was all because they both had designs on the same guy.

     Her thoughts were in such a whirl, she hadn't noticed that the boy in front of her was using the mirror behind the concession counter to check her out. He'd even shifted his position so he could see her better.

     Mallory absently took one more good look at his butt as he stepped forward to place his order at the counter. Then it was her turn and she bought a small popcorn.

     As she entered the romantic comedy theater, she idly looked around. For a Friday night, there didn't seem to be many people around, no more than a dozen had opted for this particular film. They were all loosely clustered in the middle rows. She noticed that no one else in the room was sitting alone as she sat down in the aisle seat of the very back row.

     What's a girl gotta do to meet a decent guy? she wondered ruefully. Little did she know that she was about to find out the answer to that question.

§ § § § §

     Mallory checked the time on her phone and saw that it would still be five minutes before the movie started. She set the phone to vibrate because she always hated it when someone's phone began to ring during a movie and she didn't want to be one of those people.

     She checked for messages but there were none. She began to type a quick note to her roommate that she was at a movie instead of at work, and that she'd be home a little earlier than normal. That would turn out to be a lie, although she didn't know it at the time.

     Mallory heard the door open as someone entered the theater and walked down the aisle, but she didn't look up as her thumbs quickly finished the message to Robin. Startled, she then realized that the person who had come in moments ago had walked back up the aisle and was sitting in the row in front of her, one seat to her right. It was the guy she'd been ogling at the concession stand.

     She squirmed in her seat and dropped the phone into her purse, forgetting to press the send button. Without stopping to think about it, she reached forward, boldly tapped him on the shoulder, indicated the seat in front of her and said, "Excuse me, but is this seat taken?"

     The young man turned and a smile lit up his face, making his cornflower blue eyes twinkle. "No, it's not. Would you like to join me?"

     Mallory stood and moved to the seat in front of her. She extended her hand and said, "I'm Mallory. Are you here by yourself?"

     "Theo. And yes I'm alone tonight. My roommate had planned on joining me but his girlfriend had other ideas. I decided to take in a movie anyway instead of entertaining myself in an empty apartment."

     Mallory rolled her eyes. "I know how that is. Actually I'm only here because my roommate and her boyfriend were fu—needed some privacy." She tilted her head slightly and said, "I don't know too many guys that like rom-coms, are you—?" She broke off abruptly as she realized how rude her question would have been.

     She blushed a little when Theo chuckled and answered the unfinished question. "No, I'm not gay, but I know what you mean." He gestured vaguely toward the middle rows and said, "I'd bet money that most of those guys wouldn't be here if it wasn't the night before Valentines."

     Apparently he felt the need to further explain because after a slight pause, he blurted, "Actually, my ticket says I'm supposed to be in the next theater watching the action movie, but when I saw you at the concession stand by yourself I wondered if you were here alone. When I saw you come in here, I let my curiosity get the better of me and followed you in."

     "I'm glad you did," said Mallory, just as the lights dimmed and the movie began.

     They watched the first half of the film companionably, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling in the dim light of the screen. Then Theo tentatively reached out and took hold of her hand.

     Mallory laced her fingers in his and squeezed. Her hormones still raging, she twisted slightly in her seat, reached out and used her left hand to pull his head closer to hers. She kissed him briefly, then returned her attention to the screen, happy to be physically close to him.

     Eventually Theo let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulders. She sighed contentedly and leaned her head against his shoulder as if they'd been together for months instead of minutes.

     Soon enough the music swelled as the couple on-screen came together for a final kiss before the credits rolled. Mallory jumped to her feet, tugged on Theo's hand and said urgently, "C'mon, let's go." She thought, but didn't say, Theo, you are so getting lucky tonight.

     Mallory knew what she wanted. By now, it's probably safe to say that we all know what Mallory wanted. Her nether region had begun to moisten when she shook Theo's hand and now her panties were well beyond moist, closing in on I-need-to-change-my-underwear wetness.

     They hurried out of the theater ahead of the crowd. "You want to go somewhere and have a drink?" Theo asked. Mallory confessed that she was only nineteen so Theo suggested going back to his place. "We have beer and I think we have some white wine."

     "Sounds like a good plan. Where are you parked? I'll follow you in my car," said Mallory. Their cars were within sight of each other and Theo saw Mallory to hers, then waited until she was inside with the door closed before heading for his own.

     He took three steps before Mallory rolled down her window and said, "Theo, do you have condoms?" Mallory heard the slightly hopeful tone in her voice and wondered if Theo picked up on it.

     Theo smiled and nodded. It was academic anyway, since she always carried a few condoms in her purse. You know, just in case. Mallory was on birth control pills to prevent conception, but since she'd only met the guy she didn't feel quite comfortable enough to go bareback.

     To Theo, it was a tacit acknowledgment that a physical union was at least on the table as a possibility. Little did he know that to Mallory, it was a done deal, but he would find out soon enough.

§ § § § §

     Mallory settled onto the sofa in Theo's living room and accepted a glass of white wine. Theo sat next to her with a bottle of beer and they began to talk, getting to know each other. She asked when his roommate would be home and he assured her that they had the apartment to themselves until the following morning.

     Theo was 22 and as it turned out, they had gone to the same high school for one year when Theo was a senior and Mallory was a freshman but their paths had never crossed. Now he was a senior at the same local college, closing in on his degree in marine biology.

     Mallory finished her wine, starting to feel mellow, and asked for another half a glass—which she ended up not drinking. When Theo went to fetch her refill, he turned on some soft jazz music before handing her the wine. She set the glass down and pulled him into an embrace, the wine immediately forgotten.

     They made out on the couch for a while, with Mallory feeling more and more physical urgency. She reached between them and unbuttoned Theo's shirt, then helped him shrug out of it. Finally she broke the kiss, looked him in the eye and said simply, "Your room?"

     Theo had never been with a woman as aggressive as Mallory, and he found that he liked that about her. His previous lovers had all seemed to give him mixed signals, to the point he was never sure what they expected from him. Mallory's assertive—some might say brazen—behavior was a refreshing change for him. She wanted to fuck and was making that very clear.

     A few minutes later their naked bodies were entwined on his twin bed and they were kissing passionately. Theo had never had sex on a first date, if this could even be considered a date, since they'd only met a little more than two hours ago. Mallory, of course, hadn't either but she wasn't thinking about that. All of her focus was on the burning physical desire building in her young body.

     Theo stoked her fires when he began to kiss his way down her luscious body, doing a remarkable job of taking it slowly. He pressed his lips against every part of her, from her neck down to her toes, and then started his way back up. This time, when he reached the delta of her sex, he breathed warmly against the wetness between her legs, driving Mallory maddeningly close to an orgasm without even touching her.

     The heady aroma of her arousal made him feel almost light-headed and he wanted nothing more than to worship her womanly body and give her the most explosive orgasm she'd ever had. He lightly touched the tip of his tongue against the inside of her left thigh, tasting her erotic nectar as he slowly licked his way across her mons veneris to her right thigh, carefully avoiding the parts Mallory desperately wanted him to touch.

     Mallory was moaning softly, helplessly lifting her pelvis off the mattress as exquisite pleasure flooded through her. He teased her mercilessly for several minutes before abruptly plunging his stiffened tongue deep inside her female treasure.

     Mallory screamed as every nerve ending in her body exploded in the sweet orgasmic release she'd been craving for months. Theo lapped furiously, trying to keep up with the copious gushing of her bittersweet cum as the coed's climax extended long past anything she'd ever felt before. Finally, after an eternity, she went limp, as if every bone in her body had simply evaporated, and she lay there panting as though she'd just run a marathon.

     "Oh my god Theo. That was amazing!" she said, when she had enough breath to speak. Theo mumbled something but it was unintelligible because he'd already gone back to pleasuring her pussy with his mouth. For twenty more minutes, he teased and tortured her throbbing clitoris and she had several more small orgasms.

     Mallory lost count after number five and it was no wonder. The pleasure was so intense that if he had suddenly stopped and said, "What was your name again?" her answer would have been nothing but incoherent babbling because her brain at this moment knew nothing but how aroused she was.

     What was her name? At the moment she didn't even know, or care. Nothing else in the world existed beyond the core of her sex and the carnal satisfaction he was giving her. It had been a long wait for her, but Theo was making it worth the long drought.

     As much as Mallory was enjoying what Theo was doing with his mouth, she wanted—needed—more. She needed to feel his dick filling the deep recesses inside of her vagina so she tapped him on the shoulder and said in a husky voice, "Change places with me." She got up on her knees while he laid on his back, then she squeezed his cock, which was wet with precum. She picked up a condom from the bedside table and rolled it into place.

     Straddling him, Mallory guided his shaft to the entrance of her tunnel and mounted him. She groaned with delight as his penis slowly entered her hungry, well lubricated pussy. Theo caressed her breasts, gently tweaking the nipples as she began to bounce up and down, slowly at first, then faster. It felt so good to be penetrated and filled with his manhood.

     She rode him for nearly forty minutes, reveling in the sensations and having two more small orgasms while she did. Finally he warned her that he couldn't last any longer and her curvy little bottom was nearly a blur as she moved up and down even faster. Just as he groaned his pleasure and began to fill the latex sheath, Mallory had another toe-curling orgasm before she collapsed on top of him.

     Theo wrapped his arms around the 19-year old coed before sliding his hands down to caress her firm young butt. Still panting slightly, he said, "Where have you been all my life? That was the most incredible sex I've ever had." Mallory could only murmur happily, her pussy still twitching from her massive orgasm.

     They cuddled like that for another twenty minutes in the afterglow of their energetic lovemaking. It was now after 1am and they'd been in bed together for more than two hours. Finally, Mallory stirred and said regretfully, "I need to get home. My roommate was expecting me to be there before eleven."

     They exchanged phone numbers and email addresses as Mallory located all her clothing. Her panties were now cold and soggy so she just stuffed them in her purse and went home commando. Theo walked her to her car and waved as she drove away in the direction of her dorm, smiling all the way.

§ § § § §

     Mallory woke up at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, Valentines Day, feeling better than she had in months. She saw her roommate sitting at her desk, still in pajamas, sipping on a cup of coffee. Mallory tossed the covers back and sat up, put her feet on the floor and stretched mightily. She suddenly realized that Robin was staring at her and said innocently, "What?"

     Robin just looked at her for a long moment, then shook her head without speaking. She reached over and flipped a switch on their coffee machine. Then she looked at Mallory for another long moment before she grinned and said emphatically, "Finally!"

     "Finally... what?"

     "Finally... you got laid, that's what."

     "Ohmigod, is it that obvious?" Mallory felt her cheeks redden.

     "Girl, you are positively glowing. I know an I-got-fucked-last-night look when I see one. What the hell happened? I thought you were at work last night. C'mon, spill it. Tell me everything!"

     Mallory giggled. "It's a long story. I need my coffee first."

     Robin handed her a fresh cup of coffee and Mallory told her all about the night before, in great detail. While Mallory talked, Robin listened, although she interrupted frequently with questions. Finally, an hour and a half later, Robin was satisfied that she knew everything there was to know. Only then did the two college freshmen get dressed and go about their day.

     Mallory did her laundry and it was nearly 2pm when she carried her freshly washed clothing into her dorm room. Once she had everything neatly put away in her closet and had stashed the basket under her bed, she sat down at her desk and picked up her phone.

     She stared at the screen for over a minute before she made up her mind. Then, before she could over-think her decision, she pressed the button to call Theo.

     He answered on the second ring and they exchanged greetings, then Theo said, "I was just thinking about calling you." That was basically true, although it might have been more accurate to say he had been trying to work up his nerve to call her.

     Before she lost her own nerve, Mallory blurted, "Listen, I know we just met and it's last minute and it's Valentines Day and we might end up at Taco Bell because all the couples made restaurant reservations weeks ago and we did spend last night together but we both have to eat anyway and I was wondering if you'd like to go out for dinner with me tonight?" Slightly out of breath after nervously churning her way through the long drawn out question, she paused, giving him an opening to respond.

     When he excitedly said, "That would be great Mallory! I'd love to have dinner with you," she felt relief pass through her, only then aware of the tension that had been gripping her. After all, there's always that possibility of rejection—even if you've already had sex with the other person—so asking someone out on a date for the first time is stressful regardless of your gender.

     Mallory smiled happily. "Okay then, I'll pick you up about six."

     The blonde coed spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to decide what she wanted to wear. She changed her mind three times before Robin returned and together they ended up choosing the first outfit that Mallory had picked out originally. By the time she had showered, shaved her legs, fixed her hair, put on very light make-up and gotten dressed, it was time to leave.

     Mallory checked her purse to make sure she had all the essentials. Keys, wallet, phone, and yep, there were the condoms, right where they were supposed to be. And this time she'd added one more item. Neatly folded and tucked inside a small side pocket, was a clean pair of panties. It never hurts for a girl to be prepared.

     You know. Just in case.


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Thank you.
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Well done Remmy and good luck with the contest.
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Nicely done, Remmy. 

Thank you for participating in the contest.


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Nice one Remmy...

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Nice, sweet story! I liked the tender romance, and the large type and old-school indented paragraphs.

Though, I can't remember the last time I made love for forty minutes (never?)



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the large type and old-school indented paragraphs.

Oh yeah!  +1 for formatting.   :emot_laughing: