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How It All Began part 1(mm/mf/ua/mmmm/rape/oral/anal/incest)

Johny bravo · 1704

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Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction with fictional characters. I am in no way condoning or promoting any of these acts or underage sex of any kind including rape or incest.

   So where do I begin, my name is Jesse and I grew up in the middle of the dessert in a small ranching community where all 50 people knew each other. It was a great place and I had amazing friends all within a year of the same age and several even the same birth month. My best friend was Jason and I spent a lot of time with him riding dirt bikes or horses or just plain running around. Our homes were each other’s and we just came and went from house to house as we pleased and our parents excepted us all as their own.

       Jason’s house was fun as his family had a lot of toys and let us them as often as we wanted from sand rails to quads. His mom and stepdad dad let us do whatever as long as we were respectful and his sisters were cool as hell, Wendy was a couple years older and had just got her license so is being 14 thought she was the coolest thing ever, plus her pussy was the first I’d ever seen on a surprise visit one morning. I went over first thing on a Monday morning not realizing Jason was still at his dads, as usual I just walked in and met Denise (his mom) at the door telling me he was still gone but there was breakfast if I was hungry so I made a plate and sat down. Then Wendy flies into the room fresh out of the shower with nothing but a short t shirt on, her body was amazing and the first real one I had seen so I was hard instantly at the sight of her blond bush. She barks “what are you here what the fuck” and his mom laughs and says “ he’s always here on Monday’s maybe put your pussy away”

      I was amazed at the sight, and still aroused. Denise asked if I liked what I saw and i replied “ yes I do, but please don’t get mad” and said” why would I, my pussy is covered up”. It through me, his mom always had been sexual and his parents had hustlers and porn laying around often but I was starting to realize there was more going on, they were perverts and well I was a pervert that was longing to try anything. Just then Wendy comes back in still half naked and moody. Denise tells her not to complain about getting checked out if she was going to be letting her pussy show. Then Wendy says” take your shorts off!” Very sternly, “what?why?” I said, Denise seemed confused then looks at me to say”it’s only fair you are looking at hers so to be fair strip down” . Now this was coming from a gorgeous mom that I had a crush on for years, beautiful blonde hair and perky tits, Wendy was built the same way and I was attracted to both, well as attracted as a 14 year old could be.

      So I did as asked and dropped my shorts, my hairless hard on all of almost 6 inches rock hard sprang up when I dropped them. Denise says”that’s a cute little prick you have there, almost as big as my sons” thank you I replied. In reality I was petrified and had butterflies, but was also amazed at the moment. Denise says”we’ll I guess it’s only fair if I drop mine too”” I almost came at the sound of that. She was only in panties and a shirt to begin with. She slid them down to reveal a bald glistening pussy, hairless and puffy lips. “Which is better she asks” I said” I like them both I’ve never seen a pussy in person till now”. Denise just smiles and says” the answer is mine because Wendy won’t shave hers”” she says laughing. Just then I get up to put my plate away, still hard as a rock. When I go back to the table I reach down to grab my shorts , just then Denise breaks the awkward silence. “Leave em off”

      She tells me she’s seen that me and Jason sleep naked when we have sleepovers and that she’s noticed how much bigger my dick has gotten. She asks” do you guys jerk each other off? Why sleep naked” the real answer was it’s summer and it’s hot but we had jerked odd watching porn together which I tell her. Just then her husband calls to say hi, I over hear her telling him everything. She giggles and says” thank you dear, I need this”. She comes back in completely naked and tells Wendy to go to her room, her tits and tight skinny body are amazing and. She proceeds to sit on my lap almost side saddle with the head of my cock on her warm butt hole. I was is awe, living in a dream state I couldn’t fully comprehend.

     We stand up and she leads me to the couch guide if me by my dick in her hand. She sits down and looking up at me slides my entire cock in her mouth and throat, so wet and warm. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I managed to focus and calm down to enjoy the moment. She was slowly working my dick in and out of her mouth so wet, I was doing everything not to cum. “Just cum in my mouth, trust me we won’t be done I have all day” and just then I let loose, the first time a girl made me come and I could feel it was a lot but she swallowed it down quickly and smiled” now that we got that one out of the way let’s play” little did I know exactly what she meant. “ if you want to keep going just know I’m going to do some bad things to you, I’m making you a man but I’m fucking you too’”. I didn’t quite understand but didn’t care.

     She pushed my face into her sopping wet pussy and taught me how to please her, every motion was guided by her and the moans made me hard again. Just then Wendy walks in the room, “where’s mine, eat this pussy it’s tighter” then Denise pushes my face into her hairy wet pussy, it tasted so good and her moans were amazing. Then out of nowhere I feel a tongue on my butt, she’s rimming my asshole. Then boom, her finger is inside I start to panic, what the hell, then her hand starts stroking me and it’s all better. She tells Wendy to head out she’s just getting started.   Wendy smiles and let’s me finish her off before she leaves. Denise smiles and has me lay back on the couch and slides my cock back in her mouth, she gags until slick saliva is running down my balls into my ass . Then it happens, she slides what seems like a huge dildo In my ass while she’s sucking me. She pumps it as if she’s fucking me with it, the combo of her mouth and the dildo start to feel good. I cum again!

     She decided we need to move to the bedroom and talk before we continue. She asks” what fantasies do you have besides fucking me” , while she’s saying this she straddles me letting me in her pussy finally, it’s so warm and she’s squeezing my cock with it. “Tell me everything, my fantasy is being a boys first and fucking them so good no one will ever compare”, and she was doing just that. I tell her every nasty desire I have, little did she know I was quite depraved and had been for awhile. I told her” I want to fuck every hole you have, and tie you up while I slap you around and make you feel used”. She was awe struck and instantly got wetter. “Jason only wanted head, I’m impressed and completely turned on. What else is in that sick mind?” I told her I wanted to rape her daughter while she was sleeping and had jacked off on her once while they were sleeping. “ besides I think we both have sick minds” she said I didn’t know the half of it.

    Several more hours into letting me do whatever I want to her, I was currently choking her while fucking her ass. “ just so you know there is a price for this” which I was fine with and almost excited about’. “ nothing is free and when Bobby gets home he gets to fuck you!” I didn’t see that coming and was definitely freaked out but I was using his wife as a fuck toy all day but still I’m 14 and am now getting why the dildo was a thing.  “Fine but will it hurt, this seriously just got really weird” as if it wasn’t already. “I will loosen you up and get you ready, and I will suck you the whole time and also I’ll give you what none of the others got, more time with me anytime you want you sick little fuck” I smiled and agreed. I laid on my stomach and let her work on my ass, how bad could it be.

     I hear the front door open and the footsteps of the 6’6”” giant coming in the door. He comes straight to the bedroom and says” I hear you had a fun day with my wife, you ready to pay up” I nod yes as he pulls out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, oh no. I’m in doggy position and she slides under me and starts to suck and pushes my head into her pussy, it’s very comforting. He lubes me up” this will hurt for a bit but your one of us now, we take care of our own” . He starts to push into me, it’s so huge I can feel his enormous head into my ass, the pain. It’s finally all in and he’s pumping like a prison rape as tears flow dow my face. Denise slides out from beneath me and holds me kissing my forehead gently like the kind mother she is. “It’s almost over, it will only be this time so we know your trustworthy “ just then he explodes in my ass, it feels kinda good,. He leaves it inside me till it’s limp and empty, the pulls out slowly my tight ass gripping his member. “Welcome to the family, good job kid”

     She tells him” he wants to rape our daughter in her sleep, that’s kinda hot” he smiles”well Ashley is 13 now and I’d say he’s proven himself more than Jason”. Ashley was at a friends house and the youngest of the three and had no idea about the rest of the family sickness. He explained that they had been waiting to groom me because I was stronger mentally than most my age and that in their world my kinda sick wasn’t wrong it was special. He says” move in with us and you can stay in Jason’s room, your parents are horrible anyways and we all love you like family” I packed and told my parents, they didn’t argue but weren’t thrilled. I moved into Jason’s bedroom and made myself comfortable before he came home. When he saw me there he smiled and asked how it went, I guess I was the only one not in on today’s events. We talked for hours about my day and his time and how bad the ass fucking hurt , bud was content and happy. That night we tag teamed Wendy , I could get used to this.

     The next night the parents woke up in the middle of the night and whispered to come with them.”it’s time to break her in are you ready? We will hold her down and keep her quiet while you fuck her ass” I was already hard but seeing Ashley’s cute little butt sticking out of her nightshirt made me harder. I slowly crawled on top of her and pulled her panties down, she stated to wake up. Just then Denise pushed down on her while Bobby grabbed her arms, I had her legs pinned with my knees and despite her fighting back I forced my cock into her tight little ass dry. She tried to scream out but was immediately slapped.”if you stop fight I’ll lube you up, but if you don’t I’m fucking it raw,” she stopped fighting. By then Jason and Wendy heard the commotion and came in, they smiled at the sight of it finally being her turn. Wendy held her legs while Denise pulled her head up to suck the two cocks in her face. “Welcome to puberty slut, you’re getting broken tonight “ Denise said. Her ass was bleeding a bit but I was nice and lubed her up good. After Jason took his turn we asked if we could take her to bed with us. “ it only makes sense Jason pops her cherry tonight as her brother he should get first turn” I pronounced. They agreed and we carried her sobbing body into our room.

    There she was the cutest little blonde ever, puppy dog eyes and sweet smile. Her tits we’re just starting to fill in but that ass was amazing. She looked so sweet laying naked waiting to be raped more, she was terrified but didn’t fight. We laid on both sides of her and I rolled her towards facing Jason. He talked gently to her to help her process this was the way things were, he was kind and caring. She was calm and accepting , he finally pushed all the way inside her. I gave them a few minutes to adjust or until she started to orgasm. There it was the quiver, the bite of her lip she was liking it. I gently slid closer behind her, hugging her to comfort this sweet girl whose whole had just changed. She grasped my hand and pulled me closer” I love you like my own sister, we will get you through this together “ she sighed as I slid into her ass one more time but slowly and caringly, she was filled with both of us gently fucking her for almost an hour. She came a dozen times before Jason finished and pulled out. I kept going with her wrapped in my arms, and buried inside her. She just held my hand as I slowed down to stop all the way in her after I came. We fell asleep there with me inside her and her in my arms, what have I done. Little did I know this would be the turning point of a twisted lifetime story.
      Till chapter 2 where we become a young family of several.

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nice start..

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