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Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

[This story is from an interactive experiment happening on Shotachan. These posts are just the results as people there make decisions. This thread will not respond to suggestions posted here, (but it's always nice to hear your appreciation :) ]

Shota Impregnator
by DiscipleN and everyone who joined in!

"Momma, will we be rich in the city?"

"Aw, Sweetheart, your father will have to work very hard to keep us from falling into poverty." Mother patted my hand.

I had never ridden a train before. I asked questions, to keep my mind off of the rattles and squeaks. I liked the touch of her hand. I liked everything about my mom. She was a well rounded redhead, with comforting curves, green eyes, fair skin, and lips that spoke lovingly.

Not long ago, she proved her love in a way that quickens my blood whenever I remember it. I had torn my pants while playing in the back yard. Our fence was old, and my pants caught a nail. I had jumped up to grab the top of the fence, but the nail pulled on my pants, causing me to fall. I'd taken worse falls, and I only cried a little bit, until I realized, upon falling, the nail had ripped open the front of my pants. I hurried inside.

"Mommy, my pants tore!" I played for her sympathy, with a sob.

She wasn't home. Mom never left the house, unless it was a quick trip to a neighbor. I pouted and sat on my bed in the front room. Our little house only had three real rooms, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a front room. I took off my pants and looked to see if I was hurt anywhere. At one point, I had to push my pee pee aside, to look under my boy sack. I was okay, but that little push caused my penis to get big. At the time, I didn't know how big penises got, but I thought mine was just the right size when hard. I'd never seen anyone else's, not even my dad's.

Mom came in the front door, carrying a cup of shortening. "Billy!" She set the cup down upon seeing me naked. "It's not bed time." Her eyes caught sight of my erection and fixed on it.

"I tore my pants and fell." It was too late for crocodile tears. I tried pouting again. "Now my pee pee got hard."

"Are you hurt?"

"No, Mamma, but I couldn't find you!"

"I'm sorry. Mommy had to run a quick errand." She stepped close to me, bent down, and picked up my pants. "We'll have to get another pair at the thrift store."

Crisis over, I asked. "Why does my pee pee get hard?" Erections didn't really bother me, but in the last year they happened more frequently.

"You're growing up, Sweetheart." Mom smiled. She patted my shoulder.

"What if it never goes back down? It gets in the way, sometimes." I struggled to find something to worry her.

"You can make it go down, anytime you want." Mother fetched her cup. "I was going to use this for a pie, but maybe you need it more." She presented the shortening to me.

I love pie! Why would Momma offer shortening? Could it have something to do with my hard penis? Her eyes kept darting to it. When she looked the first time, she said I was growing up. I want to grow up. So people will stop treating me like a baby. How could shortening help me to grow up? Or was that just silly thinking...


I bit my lip, while looking at the coffee cup half full of oil jelly, deciding. "Mommy, what should I do with the short'ning?"

Mother's nose twitched. Had she expected me to know? Her smile softened. "Take some in your hand and rub it all around the end of your pee pee. Maybe even rub some down it."

"That sounds messy."

"If you don't like how it feels, you can wash it off with soap. It won't hurt you. I think you'll enjoy it."

If that's what Mom thought... I reached in and scooped two fingers of the stuff. Then I touched the goo to the head of my penis. It felt cold, but it wasn't too cold. I trusted Mom and pressed the glob on my fingers against the tip. Slowly, I began to rub the cool stuff around the end. That did feel good! It was like my pee pee had been waiting to be touched.

"Golly, Mom!" I rubbed the rest of it all over the end and halfway down my young shaft.

Mom brightened. "Here, if you need more." She moved the cup under the tip.

I wasn't sure I needed more. As my hand stroked my wiener, the goo warmed, and I felt lovely tingles shiver up and down its full length. It felt so good, I didn't want to stop to scoop out more shortening. Tingles sparked little shivers inside my loins. "Oh, Mommy!" I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Billy." Mother said softly. "I'm surprised you haven't been doing it already."

Mom had said something, but I barely heard her. My hand found a comfortable grip around my pee pee and I jacked on it proper for the first time in my life. Tingles and shivers shot through my privates and up my body, reddening my chest and face. I felt something else building. It was a scary feeling.

"Mommy, what's happening!" I couldn't stop my hand from flashing up and down my pee pee, but I worried about what was happening.

"It's okay, Sweetheart. Your body is going to do something wonderful. Don't be afraid."

Then I wasn't afraid. My hand plucked an incredible sensation from my penis. It rushed up from the root of my peter and filled me with scintillating joy! My body bucked. My groin lurched. I felt something pass through it. I opened my eyes and witnessed streams of white pee pulse out and splash into the cup Mother held.

Against the delight infusing my senses, I despaired. "Oh Mommy! I peed in your cup!"

"Shhh, Billy." She leaned and kissed my cheek. "It's okay. Just enjoy the feeling."

At Mother's word, I suppressed my concern and sank back into the warm pleasures swamping my head and heart. A few, last, smaller blobs of strange pee spit out of my peter and into the cup. The stuff nearly filled the hole I'd scooped. Their white color almost matched.

"Thank you, Momma!" I flung my arms around her and hugged.

"Mommy's very proud of you. You're growing up so fast." Her free hand patted my back.

"I want to grow up fast, Momma!"

"Not too fast, I hope." She giggled mysteriously. Mom kissed my forehead before extracting herself from my arms and heading into the kitchen. "Be sure to wash."

I looked back at my red, glistening peter. I gaped as it softened and shrank to a comfortable size. I sat, amazed, for a while before washing up in our little bathroom.

Father returned from work, late as usual. "Good news, Mother." Daddy hadn't always called her that. Mom told me he started the day I was born. "I got the promotion."

"That's wonderful, Dear!" Mother placed a bowl of fried chicken on the table, next to a bowl of simmered greens. "I know it means moving into the city, but if we find a place that isn't much more than this house, we can pay off our debts twice as fast, and save a little more."

"I hope so too." Dad filled his plate and began eating.

Halfway into the meal, Mother added, "And if all goes well, maybe we can make an addition to the family."

Father didn't comment. I guess he was enjoying his supper too much. I could only eat half what he did, but I loved every bite! "Yum!"

We finished about the same time. Dad asked me, "How do you feel about going to a new school?"

"I dunno." I didn't want to move, but seeing how happy it made Mom and Dad, I didn't want to disappoint them. "I guess it'll be okay."

"You'll make lots of friends, in no time." He tousled my hair.

Mother got up from the table and went to the oven.

I only had a couple friends in the sixth grade, but we'd met in the fifth. I didn't feel the need to make more.

"You'll have plenty of time to say goodbye." Father promised. "I told my boss, I'd stay until the school year ended. You'll start the seventh grade in the city." He turned to Mom. "I may have to commute a few times before then." I saw his eyes widen. I turned my head.

Mother approached the table holding a pie she had kept warming. Only then did I catch the smell of fresh rhubarb and strawberries above the strong odor of fried chicken. She'd made a pie after all!

"That smells wonderful!" Dad exclaimed.

Later, he leaned back from finishing desert and declared. "That was incredible! I don't think I've had pie that tasted so good. You did something different this time, didn't you, Honey?"

Mother winked at me. "The secret was in the shortening."

My jaw fell open.


"Mom. Mom?" I poked the side of her chest gently. "I have to go to the bathroom." She had fallen asleep from train's constant swaying. I think she worked all night, packing our things for the movers.

"You can go." She mumbled. "It's down the aisle." Her head remained slumped on her travel bag.

I didn't want to wake her, but I didn't want to go by myself. I wasn't even sure which way the bathroom was. Still, my need was great. I pulled myself up from my window seat and carefully stepped over Mom's legs and the luggage at her feet. Standing in the aisle, I looked both ways. At one end was the conductor. She had already examined our tickets. I had taken a good look at her then. Her badge said, Simmons. Ms. Simmons was a pretty lady, a lot younger than Mom. Now she appeared to be discussing something with another passenger. I started towards her.

"Young man," A low voice said next to me. "Do you need something?"

I turned at the words and saw an older, but nice looking lady sitting behind my mother. "I'm going to the bathroom."

"That's not the way. It's this way." She nodded in the other direction. "I spoke with your mother earlier, while you were looking out the window. You've never been on a train before."

"No, Ma-am."

"Would you like me to come with you? My name is Ellen. You can call me, Mrs. Guthrie."

Mrs. Guthrie seemed nice enough, but I wished Momma had introduced us. She warned me against going with strangers. "Thank you, Ma-am. I should ask the conductor, though." I backed away.

The older lady sighed and shrugged. "I understand. You're a smart boy, but not long from now, you'll want to take more risks in life. It builds character. Maybe we'll get to know each other later."

I smiled at her and walked to where the conductor was talking to a passenger.

"Your ticket is for the regular train, Sir. This is capital express. You have to upgrade your ticket!"

"I don't have enough money!" The man in a grey suit raised his voice.

"Then you'll have to disembark at the next station."

"I have a meeting at 11am tomorrow. If I'm late, my business will suffer!" He complained. He pushed his face close to Ms. Simmons'.

She didn't back down. "Don't take that tone with me, Sir. I'll call ahead for security to escort you off the train."

"I'm sorry. I've spent everything, maxed out my credit, to arrange the meeting that will save my company." I can't afford to miss it. Here," He pulled up his sleeve and removed a large, smartwatch from his wrist. "The fare difference is twenty dollars. I paid hundreds for this. Take it!"

I gaped at the gold band. Only adults wore something like that! The watch itself was like a tiny computer tablet. One of my school friend's father owned a full size one, but it had cost less than this man's watch. I remembered then, Mother had given me twenty dollars, to buy snacks on the train. It was a lot of money, and I should give her the change after buying a snack.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I'm not allowed to accept gifts." The conductor reached for her walkie-talkie but noticing me, her hand paused.

"Hello, It's Billy, right?" My name had been printed on the ticket. "Is this man disturbing you or your mother?"
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I answered after an awkward pause. "No Ma-am. I have to go to the bathroom, and my Mom is asleep." The man's watch continued to fascinate me. "Golly, Mister, if you need twenty dollars for your watch, I can pay that." I took the folded bill from my back pocket and presented it."

The man sniffed. "You don't know what this means to me, Kid."

The conductor, surprised by my offer, warned me, "I can't stop you, Billy, but I'd warn against giving your money so easily. That might be a cheap knock off of the real thing. It could be a fake watch."

The man snorted. "I may be broke, but I'm not cheap, Lady. Here." He touched the crown and the watch came to life. He brought up a picture of a very pretty lady. "That's my wife. I wouldn't trust her picture to anything less than the best." He gave me the watch and accepted my twenty dollars.

He stared sullen at Ms. Simmons. "Is cash acceptable?" He held out the bill to her.

"Not normally, Mr. Colkick, but to show this child that good deeds go rewarded, I will." Ms. Simmons took the money and punched a new ticket for the man in the grey suit.

Mr. Colkick, immediately turned to me. "Thanks, Kid." He pulled out a pen and a slip of thick paper. "You'll need the passcode. I'll write it on the back of my business card." Doing so, he gave the card to me. "If you decide you want your money back, call the phone number on the front. That watch can make phone calls. Heck, I'll pay you fifty dollars to get my sweet Angela's picture back."

By then, I was squirming on my feet. I had to go, BAD! "You're welcome, Mister." I turned and scurried to the farther end of the car.

"I'll go with you, Billy." Ms. Simmons called after. You could hear gratitude in her voice, for a reason to put Mr. Colkick behind her.

Halfway down the aisle, the railcar bounced, and I fell off balance. Ms. Simmons caught me. "Careful. Keep a hand on the seat corner handholds."

When we passed Mrs. Guthrie, she asked the Conductor. "Did we hit something?"

"No, Ma-am. This section of track is undergoing maintenance. We'll be slowing down, to ease the bumps.

Mrs. Guthrie smiled at me. I looked at Mom. She snored lightly. She must have been really tired. I grabbed handholds as fast as possible and reached the bathroom.

"The door opens like this, Billy." Ms. Simmons pressed a nearly invisible latch and slid the door to one side. "It's suppose to slide automatically, but the spring must be broken.

I didn't care. I leaped inside and did my business as soon as she closed the door.

What a relief! I still remember how close I'd come to peeing myself. Only babies pee themselves. I didn't want anyone to call me a baby! I went to the sink but couldn't find the tap. Huh.

I pressed the secret door latch. (it looked like a secret to me) The door opened, and there waited Ms. Simmons, who pulled it aside for me.

"I can't turn the sink on." I pouted.

"Oh, yes. Here." She stepped in and pointed down. "Activate the faucet by stepping on that pedal." Suddenly the car lurched and tipped! The conductor lost her grip on the door. She fell. Flailing, she caught my pants and landed on her back in the tiny compartment, pulling me on top and ripping my pants open.

The door flew shut with a loud, CLANG!

"OW!" She grunted. For a second we lay together. Then she touched the back of her head. She blinked and slowly shook her head. "Whoa." That was quite a bang. "Billy, are you hurt?"

Her soft chest had cushioned my face when I fell against her. I was okay - it seemed. Something rasped against my penis, but I wasn't going mention that. "Un-uh."

"Code 714." A man's voice crackled between us.

"It's my radio." She reached to her belt and grabbed the small, plastic rectangle. Pulling it out, caused me to yip!


"I'm sorry, Billy. Just a sec." She pressed a lever on the radio and spoke into it. "Simmons acknowledging, Code 714." She set it rattling on the metal floor. "That hurt you?" She looked into my frightened eyes.

I nodded, pouting.

"Down there?"


"Can I see?"


When Ms. Simmons asked if she could see my peter, I blushed. I hadn't let anyone see it for a long time, except a few months ago when Mommy taught me how to play with it so good! I remembered that time, looking into the conductor's concerned face. Momma had looked concerned that other time. The small hurt, I felt, faded when a new sensation, of growing, happened "down there" as she had asked. If only I could play with it in front of her, a stray thought floated. She's so pretty, I wish she would play with it for me. I blushed harder.

I pursed my lips and nodded. I pushed myself away from her soft chest and rose up on my knees. From out of the rip in my pants, my young pee pee head peeked. My underwear was the kind with a slit down the front, to make peeing easier.

"Good. You can move at least. I'm a bit woozy, myself." The conductor tried to sit up but wobbled. "Banged my head silly." She smiled and paused. A few seconds later, she managed to sit cross legged but had to hold herself up with her hands on her knees. "I'll be okay, if I don't stand." She looked serious again. "Let me see it."

I stepped up until my peter was aimed two feet from her nose. Most of the shaft was still in my ripped shorts. She could only see the head.

"Can you unzip? So I can see where I hurt you?"

"I think it's okay, now. Ms. Simmons."

Her eyes quizzed me. "Are you sure I shouldn't check?"

"Okay." I squeaked approval and unzipped my pants.

"My!" She gasp softly. "It's hard, and you just peed." Her voice trailed off, as if she'd said something unprofessional.

Her hands touched my peter gingerly. "Does that hurt?"

"No Ma-am." I gulped. It felt nice, and my dick got harder.

Bending the shaft left and right, she peeked at it. "There's a little redness. The radio speaker grill left a couple marks, but it's not cut." She said professionally. "You said it feels okay now?" Ms. Simmons looked up at me.

I was about to confirm that the hurt was gone. The train shook mildly.

Ms. Simmon's hand grasped my pee pee as the closest thing to hold on to, but neither of us fell.

"OH! I'm soo sorry!" She released me.

"You can hold on it." I piped up, not sure where my courage to say that came from. The possibility of her playing with my peter was enough. "You made it feel good!"

A wry smirk crossed the conductor's lips. "Oh, did I now?"

I nodded enthusiastically.

"We'll zip up your pants, young man. I was only making sure you weren't hurt." She tried to stand. Still dizzy, Ms. Simmons had to sink to her knees. "I may be worse off than I thought."

I should have zipped up, but seeing her in a less than authoritarian light, I stood instead. My wiener wagged about a foot and a half from her eyes.

"If I zip up, the head of my pee pee will stick out of my pants." I pouted. "You ripped it."

Her eyes lowered. "I'm sorry, Billy. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay, if you make up for it." I told her. "That's what my momma says."

"I don't have a sewing kit with me."

"What if you make it less hard? Then it won't show." I boldly took the dazed beauty's hand and held it against my pee pee.

"Billy, I'm not suppose to do that. I could get in trouble!" Her eyes blinked, but she kept looking at my wiener.

"I won't tell. I'd be embarrassed." I promised.

My body sang when the hand next to my peter wrapped its fingers around it.

"Well, okay, Billy. If you promise not to tell." Her voice sounded thicker. He eyes darted to one side.

My pee pee grew thicker. Her hand felt wonderful! It wasn't slippery, like the shortening I had learned to used when I jerked my penis, but her hand had its own kind of softness.

Ms. Simmons stroked my peter slowly. I closed my eyes at first. It felt sooo good! "Golly, that's nice!"

"I know, Billy. I do this for my boyfriend sometimes." A thin smiled crept into her worried expression. Her hand moved a little faster.

"I wish I was your boyfriend."

I felt her hand clench a little. It sent a shiver of delight through my body.

"I should have said, I used to do this for my boyfriend."

"Aww. Did you break up?"

"He didn't respect me enough. My job made him feel insecure. He was a baggage handler." Her hand slowed. I didn't mind. It still felt good, moving along my penis.

"I'll be your boyfriend, Ms. Simmons. You're great at being a conductor!" I looked at her hand jerking up and down my stiff peter.

Then she blushed. "Maybe not so much at the moment." Her hand increased its motion. "But thanks. I love my job."

"Oooo, that feels real nice."

"I'm glad, Billy. I miss having a boyfriend." Her hand moved in a new way, not just up and down but with a slight swirl. My boy sack twitched from the new sensation. "Maybe I could be your girlfriend until the train reaches your stop."

"I don't want you to stop." I misunderstood.

She chuckled. "Maybe I don't either." Now she was giving my hardon a firm rubbing and fast.

"Ohh, OH, it's so goood!" I grunted and moaned.

"Billy, I would be very happy to make you feel even better. Her hand flashed enthusiastically across my hard pee pee."

"Better?" I huffed. "You mean, give me that special feeling, when I squirt my white stuff?" Momma had told me it wasn't pee, but I was too shy to ask what it was called.

The conductor's eyes few wide. "You can make cum, Billy?"

"Is that the white stuff?" I asked, but I could have cared less when massive ecstasy lit up my senses. "Aaaahhh!" I ejaculated.

Just before my balls unleashed their load, Ms. Simmon's expression changed from surprise to panic. Her eyes looked everywhere at once - instantly despaired. "The mess! Oh NO!!" The last vowel shaped her lips, and abruptly that shape fell around the head of my penis, just as the first load of special fluid shot from my peter.

"Nnnnggghhhhh" She mumbled frantically. My cum made her gurgle as it streamed into her mouth.

"Ohhh, you're sucking on me, Ms. Simmons!!!" I cried with joy. The sudden, moist lips clamped to the head of pee pee launched my orgasm into orbit. My groin spasmed continuously, forcing fresh bolts of cum into the conductor's frantic face.

She whined as if this wasn't supposed to happen. I misunderstand. I thought she was enjoying the taste of my special fluid. "That feels so gooood!!!" I told her. I'm sure I slurred my words.

The intense sensation shooting out of my loins electrified me with delights I had never felt. The mouth was then swallowing all that my balls delivered, into Ms. Simmons' body. I shivered, as if my body wanted hers to get every drop out of me.

Again she whined against my spouting pee pee, until it stopped spouting cum. I didn't know what to do then. I stood smiling at this woman who had made me feel so wonderful. "Thank you, Ms. Simmons."

"Goodness!" Was her first word, when she released my peter from her lips. She pushed her hair away from her face. "That was awful!" She pulled a handkerchief from her jacket pocket and wiped drips of white goo from her mouth.

"I'm sorry! Did I do it wrong?" Did I hurt you, Ms. Simmons?" I bolted away until back struck the closed, bathroom door.

The regret in her face drained, replaced with fresh concern. "Uh, Billy, I-I didn't mean it that way." She pleaded. "I was wrong to do that. I don't know what came over me. I never should have even held your penis, let alone-"

Something pounded against the door. I felt the sharp blows through the metal against my back. "Billy!" Mother shouted from the other side. "Are you okay?"

The blood drained from Ms. Simmons' face. Once more, she tried to stand. She was more successful this time, grabbing the sink for support.

"Gosh, Mom!" I shouted back. "Ms. Simmons was helping me."

I think the poor conductor nearly fainted. She had to use both hands to prevent falling. She hissed. "Billy, you promised you wouldn't tell."

"I won't." I whispered. "I mean, not this part." I stuffed my softened peter into my pants and zipped them up. Now all you could see through the rip in my pants was patch of my underwear. I held my hands over the rip.

The door rattled. "You have to unlock the door, Billy." Mother called. "Ms. Simmons?"

"That's strange," The conductor mused softly. "I didn't lock it." She shifted to the door and looked. "It's not locked, Ms. Androni. Let me try." She pushed at the door, but it didn't budge. "It seems to be stuck!"

"Billy?" Mother's was clearly worried.

I answered. "I'm okay, Momma. Ms. Simmons bumped her head, but she caught me when I fell."

"Oh, thank goodness! And thank you, thank you, Ms. Simmons!!" Mother's worry eased. "I'm sorry about your head. What can I do for this door?"

"I'll call an engineer, Ma-am. I have my radio." She made the call.

"It'll take me a while to get there, Simmons. If it's an emergency, we can stop the train."

"Let me check, Jerry." She called at the door. "Ms. Androni, your boy is fine and I'm much better. Can you wait while the engineer gets his things and works his way down the train?"

"How long?"

"No more than twenty minutes."

"Billy?" Mother asked, clearly not wanting a reason to wait.

"It's okay, Momma! Ms. Simmons is very nice."

"I'll be right here, Billy. I won't leave you."

"Okay, Momma."

"Thank you, Ms. Androni. You have a fine son."

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The train continued to rattle and sway. The occasional bumps and jolts rattled Ms. Simmons. She stood, holding onto the sink with both hands. "The bump on my head does not want a sister."

"I wish I had a sister." I told my soon to be lost, girlfriend. "Girls are kinda neat." I smiled at her.

"You won't want to do, with a sister, what we did, Billy." Ms. Simmons whispered. "That's not how brothers and sisters act."

"Yeah?" I wasn't sure. I left it at that. With time on my hands, I pulled Mr. Colkick's, I mean, my watch from my pocket. The strap was too long to fit my wrist, but I touched the crown, and it lit up. A small image flashed in the corner. I tapped on the glass, which resulted in a grid of numbers. I dialed Dad's new work office.


Ms. Simmons sniffed back a chuckle.

"Oh." I dug into my other pocket for the man's business card.

"Meals on Heels." It read. "The best cooked and served, in person!" And there was a drawing of a lady in an apron and high heels. It was hard to tell if she was wearing anything else.

I turned it over and found the passcode. I punched it in, and the picture of Mr. Colkick's wife appeared. An array of images (I knew they were app icons) overlaid her image. The one in the top right corner kept flashing.

The beautiful wife made me remember my Mom, who is prettier than any lady. She waited just on the other side of the stuck door. I looked at my new watch and sighed. "Momma?" I asked loudly.

"What is it, honey?"

"I'm sorry, but I spent all of the twenty dollars you gave me."

"You did?" She paused. "That must be a lot of snacks, but if they're with you in there, I'm glad you have them. Did you buy something to drink, as well?"

"I didn't, Momma. I bought a watch." I hurried, "But it's a really cool computer watch!"

Again, Mother paused. "You can't buy those for twenty dollars!"

"He did, Ms. Androni," my girlfriend called out. "A gentleman traded his watch to your son, for money to upgrade his ticket. Billy was very brave to offer his money." She put an arm around me and hugged me to her chest. It sure was soft against my cheek. I hugged her back.

"Well, I'll be." Momma declared. "Billy, that was a nice thing to do, but it really isn't fair to him. I'm proud of you, but we should let the man buy the watch back."

"He doesn't have any money." I argued. A deal was a deal, although Mr. Colkick had offered $50 to buy it back. I didn't want to tell Momma that.

"We'll get his address in the city and see him when he has money." Mother used her 'final' voice. I didn't argue. Instead, I looked at my watch, which it seemed would be as fleeting as my girlfriend. I didn't understand most of the app icons. The phone one was clear, and the musical note couldn't have been more obvious. The flashing one had a red dot at one end of a rectangle with slanted lines and bump at the other end.

There was one colorful icon, like a flower. I tapped it, curious. Immediately, the picture of Mrs. Colkick filled the watch face. I tapped her nose. "Gotcha!" Something my father used to do to me. The image wriggled. Huh.

I swiped across the picture. It changed. Now there was another picture of Mrs. Colkick. She wasn't wearing any clothes!

"Oh my, Billy!" Ms. Simmons gasp. One of her hands shot out and covered the picture. Then she coughed. "Sorry. I don't mind you seeing that, Billy, but maybe it's something your Mom doesn't want you to see."

Unperturbed, I told her. "Golly. Ms. Simmons. Mrs. Colkick must like her husband a lot, to make that picture for him."

"Jacqueline." the conductor said quietly. "You can use my first name, Billy."

"Oh, I didn't know it, Jacqueline."

"You're so sweet!" She kissed my forehead and hugged me closer. "I wish I could give you a picture like that of me."

"Really!" I exclaimed!

"Billy?" Mom inquired broadly from behind the metal door.

I blushed. "I'm playing with the watch, Momma. It's, um, really really neat!"

"Be careful with it."

"Ye-es!" I whined.

"Your mother is very much like my mother." Jacqueline observed. "She cares a lot for you."

"If they're the same, does that mean you could be my sister and my girlfriend?"

"That's not how it works, Sweetie." She smiled.

I pouted. "Can I see my watch again."

"Okay, but not that picture. It makes me jealous." She wrinkled her nose at me and tapped the crown. When she let go of my watch, the display showed the starting rows of app icons. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Don't show me that, unless you're ready to use it." She winked.

I didn't understand. I swiped at the icons, and another set shifted into the watch face.

"Careful, Billy. It's battery is running low." She pointed at the blinking icon that hadn't shifted away. So that's what it meant. Only five minutes had passed since we found ourselves locked in the tiny bathroom. I decided to turn off the watch, to save the battery, and Mrs. Colkick, for when I was alone.

The naked wife picture, that I couldn't look at, steeped my thoughts. It sure felt nice holding close to my girlfriend. Why I thought of the picture of another lady, I didn't know. I tried to imagine what Jacqueline looked like without her clothes. All I got for my effort was a hard penis.

"Oh my, Billy. That isn't- You didn't." She felt at my torn pants. "You are!" Her restrained words were made with hot breath that warmed my ear. "I've always had a fantasy of doing it with a stranger, in here, while their partner waited outside, oblivious."

"Oblivious?" I asked. Doing what in here, I wondered to myself.

Jacqueline grinned. "I could tell you, Billy. But I would rather show you, instead."


"What can you show me, Jacqueline?" I looked puzzled. "Momma's right outside."

"Shhh. Keep quiet, and she'll never know." The conductor's eyes sparkled. "But we will." She turned around at the sink, and with one hand keeping her balance, she unbuckled her uniform's slacks. Sticking out her rear slightly - there wasn't much room - she asked, "Help me by pulling my pants down, Billy."

I answered very quietly, "Okay." I moved behind her and grasp the sides of her pants. My hands took their time, because her hips were wide, compared to her trim waist, and getting them over and down their intoxicating form was new to me. She wore a pair of black, silk panties under her slacks. The narrow garment stared at me. "Golly." I stared back for a bit.

"Now it's your turn. Pull down your pants and free your young, hard prick."

I blushed at the crude word. Some of my classmates used it, but Momma didn't like rude words. I did as my girlfriend requested. My peter stuck out, aimed at one of her nice bottom cheeks. I patted it. Its skin was soft, but its bulk was firm. "Whoa!"

"That feels nice, Billy. Sometimes I like real spanking, but we don't have time. She reached her free hand back and tugged her panties to one side.

My jaw fell open at my first sight of a lady's privates. I knew girls were different. They had lips and holes and sometimes hair. I was just starting to grow hair on my boy sack. Some of her hair peeked out along her revealed mound.

"Give me a second." She whispered. Her fingers holding aside her panties pushed between the pouting lips and rubbed. At first, they seemed to glow in the bathroom window's light. In just a few seconds, her lips began to glisten. Two of her fingers eased deeper into her girl hole. Each they withdrew, the more wet they and she became. "That's good and ready for you. Do you know what to do, Billy?"

"Gosh, Jaqueline, did you want a baby?" I had seen a picture book about bodies and private parts and how they joined to make babies, 'when two people really loved each other.' She and I had become boyfriend and girlfriend so quickly, I wasn't sure.

"I know you can cum, Billy, but I doubt you could impregnate me. You're so young!" Jaqueline added. "I did have my period a couple weeks ago. You should probably pull out, before cumming inside me. Okay?"

I had to think about what I knew about 'cumming' and what I didn't know, but wondered, about making babies. I decided, if she was okay with it, she knew more than I. "Sure." I affirmed. Moving myself until my pee pee touched her wet, pouting lips, I took her free hand in mine and held it. I eased my hips forward, popping my little head between them. The jostle of parting flesh tickled in a wonderful way!

"Mmmm." She moaned. Her hand fled mine and grasped my, um, prick. I thought the word and giggled. She moved my pee pee up an down her wet slit, until my head felt a shallow, tiny pocket within her glistening lips. "Push Billy." She urged me.

We both groaned, when my penis sank its length into her vagina. I knew that word too.

"Did you say something?" Momma asked from the other side of the metal door.

I couldn't talk. I barely heard her. My mind floated on a surging sensation of pleasure as her hole enveloped my prong. Its warmth and wetness felt incredible! ...way better than her or my hand.

"Just train noises, Ma-am." Jaqueline covered for us. Our groan had been quite emphatic. "That feels perfect, Billy." She whispered.

"Are you going to have a baby now?"

"Oh, Sweetheart!" She gushed hushed. "You have to fuck me, first, to spend your cum in my pussy."

I'm not sure which excited me more, the hot sensation wrapping my pee pee, or her naughty words. I didn't' know what 'fuck' meant, really. I just thought it mean what I was doing, resting my, heh, prick insider her, ahem, puss. "We are, aren't we. Won't your lady part suck my cum, kinda like you did with your mouth?"

"Sweet, sweet, child!" She laughed softly. "You have do the man's part. Move your dick in and out of me."

"Okay." I said blandly. Upon doing so, I felt intense pleasure! How stupid was I, not to know that important, incredible aspect of fucking? I blamed the book I read only a year ago. Really, it should have said, in big print, that fucking a hard prick in and out of a hot, wet pussy felt better than anything else in the world! After a few tentative pokes and pulls, I was sawing my peter through her puss, with rigorous thrusts.

"That's it, Honey!" Jaqueline gasp. "You're going gangbusters on me! Soo goood!" She exclaimed a little louder. Her rear humped opposite of my strokes, bringing new thrill to my hard peter.

"What's that?" Mother asked. Little did we know. She put her ear to the door.

"It's good, Momma!" I told her. The train is going good and smooth again!" I meant the train of my hard prick running smoothly in and out the conductor's pussy.

"I guess." She didn't sound convinced.

My efforts continued pump pleasure out of my girlfriend's hole. I lost all sense of time, humping myself in and out of her, to the rhythm of the swaying train.

"Tell me when you're about to shoot your cum Billy." Jaqueline reminded me as quietly as she could but be heard over the sucking sound of her puss on my pee pee and the slaps of my thighs against her bum. "Mmmmm." Her voice roiled. "I just felt one of mine."

I didn't know what she was talking about, but I'm glad it made her happy. My own feelings were knotting up inside my loins, as if a balloon of sensations inflated. I had felt something like it, before, but nothing as tight and full as the feelings pouring into my diving peter and collecting at the base of it. I knew the balloon would pop, but I was glad I didn't cum as quickly as I had when my girlfriend rubbed me so recently. I wanted the fuck feeling to last forever! I enjoyed and enjoyed her hot space sucking on my pumping peter. Our motions synced up perfectly, melding together like a single being radiating joy.

Jaqueline grunted in that special way, twice more, before the balloon of tension grew to the verge of breaking. "I love how you're lasting, Lover."

She called me lover. Did that mean, she was okay to have a baby? I guessed so. The idea of blasting my cum into the place where it was suppose to be, to begin a child inside a woman, was hotter than her dripping lips! That thought kicked my pending cum over the edge. I had to cover my mouth to silence my shouts. Boom! My body surged with joy and release! My peter gushed out hot baby starter as I continued to buck back and forth. Some seeped out around my rutting shaft, but most of it went deep.

"OH NO! Jaqueline burst out. "You DIDN'T!" To her, the sensation of my 'too young' cum was even hotter and thicker than any of her boyfriends'. She knew, at that moment, the mistake she had made. And now Mother pounded at the door.

"The repairman is here!"

Jaqueline's final orgasm outmatched the volume of my mother's announcement.

I wanted to rest, while deeply penetrating my girlfriend, as the final spurts from the best orgasm I had ever experienced, soaked her insides.

"Billy, I'm sorry. I thought the engineer wouldn't get here so quickly. We have to dress." She pulled free from my embedded peter. The cum and pussy juice soaked panel of her panties slid back across her vaginal lips. She reached down and pulled up her slacks.

While she buckled her belt, I scrambled to get my underwear over my knees. She turned to help. "You're still hard!"

"I can't help it." It was not as hard as it had been. I managed to snap my boxers over my peter.

The door groaned. "Just about free. Sure was stuck, though." A man called from the other side.

My girlfriend helped me to button my shorts, but the tear in them threatened to reveal my lingering hardon. "Get behind me." She stood and turned to the door, still holding one hand to on the sink.

The door slid open as I finished zipping up my torn pants.

"Billy!" Mother cried upon seeing me. Upon seeing the conductor, her lips broadened. I had never seen her smile like that. "Thank you, Ma-am, for being with him."

"It was my pleasure."

"Mine too, Momma! But my pants tore, when I fell. She caught me, but she bumped her head."

Mother told Ms. Simmons, "For that I'm forever grateful. The rest-" She looked at me. "We'll talk about it later." When she walked me to my seat, we passed Mrs. Guthrie, who expressed her happiness that I was all right. Mother told her, "You're very kind."

I showed her the watch but only the nice picture of Ms. Colkick. Behind our seats, Mrs. Guthrie smiled and watched us.

Mother asked quietly, "What really happened in the bathroom, before the repairman unjammed the door?"

[...ongoing... to be continued]

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I couldn't hide my blush. So I explained with pretend excitement. "Gosh, Mom, Ms. Simmons was really nice. She was so sorry my pants tore, she kept moving around, looking for something in the bathroom that could fix it. It's a really small bathroom, and we kept bumping each other. I wish the repairman hadn't taken so long, I wanted to be with you."

Mother has a look when she suspects I'm not telling the truth. "Well, you aren't hurt. That's the most important thing, and I'm sorry Ms. Simmons was. Now, I want you to remain in your seat. I need to discuss that watch with Mr. Colkick." She glanced at my torn pants and shook her head. Reaching into her travel bag, she pulled out a lap blanket and spread it over my legs. I watched her cover my pants, but just as the edge dropped on my lap, I noticed the soft head of my pee pee was visible through the tear and my boxers. A thin coat of cum was drying on the tip. My face turned deep red.

She whispered, "Remember to wash up, when you use the bathroom like that." Momma took the watch and went down the aisle.

"Excuse me, Billy." Mrs. Guthrie smiled from the seat. "I heard that your pants tore. I have a sewing kit in my tote. Would you like me to mend it?"


My original concern about Mrs. Guthrie faded when she offered to sew up my pants. Mother's polite reaction continued to send blood to my cheeks. If they didn't get fixed, Mamma would know my penis could pop into view. I couldn't keep my hands in my lap for the rest of the trip!

"I'd like that, Mrs. Guthrie, but Momma said I have to stay in my seat."

"I'll sit next to you and sew there." She foraged in her tote until she found her sewing kit. Then she got up and sat in Mother's seat but as she sat, she looked down the aisle, to where Mother was talking to Mr. Colkick. She seemed satisfied and turned to me. "Let me see it, I mean, them. She cleared her throat. Take your pants off from under the blanket, and give them to me."

Her mistake made me think she wanted to see my wiener, but that was dumb. Why would a nice, older lady want that? "Yes, Ma-am." I nodded and reached under the lap blanket. I had never taken my pants off blind before. I managed unzip the front, but as I struggled to get them off my hips, the blanket shifted lower too, exposing my boy boxers. Thankfully, the opening had shifted to the right and only revealed the top of my thigh. I pulled the blanket up and tried again.

Mrs. Guthrie seemed amused by my effort. "No need to rush, Billy."

After careful squirming, I pushed the shorts to my knees, but once more the blanket slid down to mid thigh. To my horror, this time, the head of my soft penis poked out through the gap in my trousers. Worse, the tip was coated with white residue, now dried. I scrambled to tug the blanket back, but the lady grabbed the blanket and fought to keep it in place. She was stronger than me.

"Billy!" Mrs. Guthrie, exclaimed softly. "You should clean that up."

"I would, but Momma told me I couldn't leave my seat." I almost cried. "And you shouldn't be looking at it. It's my private place."

"You shouldn't have shown it to me." She countered. "It's not I haven't seen the likes of that before. I raised a boy. He left home for college this week. I'm returning from helping him move into his dorm."

I wasn't sure that made it okay, but Mrs. Guthrie didn't seem to mind. At least about seeing my peter. What she did mind was its condition.

"Before I sew your pants, young man, we have to clean that up." She let me cover up then reached into a pocket of her sweater and pulled out a napkin. "Unclean is unhealthy." She claimed. "Now let me see, and I'll wipe that nasty stuff off."

"Can't I wipe it?" I pouted.

"If I let you wipe it, you'd probably make more of a mess." She insisted, and I pushed the blanket down to show her my cum coated peter. My cheeks turned warm again.

She licked the napkin before reaching down and swiping it around the head, but it was soft and it bobbed out of the way. She only cleaned half of it.

"I'll have to hold it, to clean it all." She said, reaching her free hand to the soft shaft of my pee pee. She grasped me softly but firmly. Then she licked the napkin again but not in a clean part of it. She licked the dried cum she had wiped from my penis.

Without a word, she held my peter and used the napkin to clean off every last, white bit. Then she folded the napkin and tucked it back in her sweater. "There. That's better."

I covered myself and managed to kick off the shorts that had fallen to my ankles. Mrs. Guthrie bent down to retrieve them. She immediately went to work. Her hands made needle and thread fly through ripped edges, binding them back together. I was amazed by her dexterity and efficiency. In no time at all, she had mended my shorts.

"There. That ought to hold you for a while." She handed them back to me.

"Thank you, Mrs. Guthrie." I took them and bent down to put them on, but the blanket got in the way.

"Here." She sounded disappointed. "Let's not repeat your fumbling. Let me help." She sank to the floor of the train and crawled under the blanket and between my feet. Mrs. Guthrie was a small woman. For her size, she had a little too much belly, but she could just fit between the seat in front of me and my seat. She put my shoes through the legs of my shorts and pushed them up to my knees. The blanket fell over her back, nearly covering her. "You'll have to stand. So I can get them over your hips."

I wanted to stand, but seeing her head under the blanket made me remember Ms. Simmons, when she was on her knees, jerking on my penis. The memory sent blood rushing to my peter. It hardened quickly. I was still holding the blanket over my lap, but her head made enough of a space to hide my new erection. I could feel it, though, sticking out of the gap in my boxers.

"Oh my!" The blanket muted her gasp. "Billy, you, um, your peni-" She quieted.

I stood in shock, but there was hardly room. I felt trapped by the woman. I didn't know what to say. Where was mother? I looked for my her. Standing had made Mrs. Guthrie press her back against the seat in front of me, as my hips moved forward and higher.

I could just see Momma, far down the aisle, talking to a seat where Mr. Colkick must have been sitting. She seemed so very far away at that precise moment.

A curious whisper floated up through the blanket. "Is that- Billy, is that for, um, for me? Did you get hard for me?"

My brain melted at the thought of the nice older lady with her head under a blanket and her face at the same height as my penis now that I was standing. "I-I don't know." I sputtered as quietly as I could.

"It's okay, Child. I'm sure it's not because of little old me." She patted my left knee. "Young boys often get hard for no reason. My son was that way. "Although, I am surprised someone as young as you would have that problem."

"It started, just this year." I found myself answering without thinking. Considering the circumstances, she was being very polite and kind to tell me about her son. I thought of Momma, so far away. I asked, in a daze, "Did you help your son to make it go down?"

She didn't answer right away. "Oh, I see." Did she giggle? I couldn't tell through the blanket. I stood mortified, once more.

"Yes, Billy. Sometimes, I would help my little Dennis, but only if he was a good boy and didn't tell anyone. That was a long time ago. I wish he was still young, but I'm more proud of the man he became. He never told on me. Are you a good boy? Did you want me to help make your penis soft?"

I almost told her no. I could see my mother, and somewhere Ms. Simmons, my girlfriend was helping passengers, if not in this car, one of the adjacent cars. My fear of either of them discovering us should have made my young boner shrink like plastic wrap over a burning match. Instead, I felt my penis get harder. That wasn't fair! Once more I was confused about what I should do. Could the nice, Mrs. Guthrie, even get my shorts over a penis as hard as the one I had sprouting from my groin? I whimpered.

"It's okay, Dearie. It's entirely up to you."

I whined, "Yes, Ma-am. Please. I won't tell. I promise. Help make it soft again, please, Mrs. Guthrie."

"I will, Sweetie, but you have to keep an eye out. Let me know if anyone is about to pass us, along the walkway."


Her hand was softer than I imagined. It grasped my firm member, wrapping its fingers around my shaft. "Remember. No telling."

"Yes, Ma-am." I looked out for anyone in the aisle, while Mrs. Guthrie began stroking my hard, young prick. She made me feel almost as good as when my temporary girlfriend let me try to make a baby in her. I tried to keep my attention on the aisle, but her hands felt so wonderful, rubbing my pee pee, gently but firmly.

"This is a beautiful thing, Billy. I only did it a few times for my Dennis, but each time was very special. Can you feel the beauty of it?" Her hand moved a little faster up and down my hard shaft.

"I can. You're making it feel really good, Mrs. Guthrie."

"Do you see anyone?"

"No one close, Ma-am." I checked after dragging my attention from the delights her hand stroked into my loins. I looked across the aisle, but I already knew. Those seats had been empty the entire trip. My attention fell back to the lady rubbing so much goodness through my peter. My hips started humping against her rhythm.

"You're an eager boy, Billy." She admonished me softly. Her hand sped up, causing my hips to stop. "Now let me do this, okay? It's been so long since I did, and I want to enjoy every second."

"Yes, Mrs. Guthrie."

"Good. Keep a sharp eye out."

That proved difficult. Every time her hand pulled on my flesh, my thoughts fled to her. I could see people, one or two. None were close, just yet. Was one moving closer? "Ohhhh." I gasped, forgetting what I saw.

"Billy, you have to let me know when you're about to cum. I know you can cum. I tasted it earlier, you naughty boy."

"You were naughty for tasting it." I heard myself tell her. Oh no! Would calling her naughty cause her to stop given such wonderful pleasures to my prick? "I'm sorry."

She giggled. I heard it and felt it warble through her firm, flowing grip. "It's true, Billy. I hoped you wouldn't notice. I had to know, if you could cum. Do you hate me?"

"No! You're really nice, and it's so great, what you're doing. Please, don't stop. It feels too good!"

"I won't stop, Billy. I'll make sure you cum, even, but you have to warn me, or you'll make an even bigger mess than last time." She kissed my bare thigh.

"Yes. I will, Mrs. Guthrie." I closed my eyes for a second, to gauge how close I was.

"Ah, Madam Conductor, there's something I think you ought to see this here."

The man's voice broke myself self-reflection. My eyes flew open and I gaped. Standing just behind my row of seats, A man looked down the aisle, towards the bathroom. I turned my head and saw Jacqueline heading our way. I froze, from panic.

Mrs. Guthrie never stopped jerking on my peter. My balls felt like they were building up for another release. I needed to warn her, but there was my girlfriend, striding closer!

"Yes, Mr. Ames?"

The man moved, to meet the conductor halfway. "I found this comb in the aisle. Someone must have dropped it." He told her.

"I see." He handed it to her. "I'll ask around before taking it to lost and found at the final station.

My heart thudded back to life. It had stopped from fear! My penis twitched in Mrs. Guthrie's stroking hand. My balls- "I-I think I'm about to-" I clamped my groin down, to hold back the impending flood. I heard rustling. The blanket rippled from movement beneath it. Something fitted over the head of my prick.

I was too young, too inexperienced. My balls broke past my clench, sending their seed shooting out through my hard penis. It flung away, where, I couldn't tell. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Guthrie, I tried to tell you sooner." I gasp through the shockwave of pleasure riveting my feet to carpeted metal floor.

"It's beautiful, Billy. I can feel it. Let it all out. It's okay. It's wonderful!" She kept stroking, making sure to wrest every drop from my body. Cum pulsed six more times out the tip of my erection. My body shuddered from an orgasm that pulsed joy into my mind, in time with my spitting penis. "Sooo goood." I hissed with delight!

"You're cumming so much, Billy! I can barely catch it all." She sounded amazed, thrilled even. "I wish-" She started to say but said no more.

A great lethargy overcame me. I wobbled on my feet. "I have to sit down, Mrs. Guthrie."

"Just a second, Boy. Don't you dare until I'm done here." I felt my shorts being pulled up my legs over my thighs and around my hip. She zipped them up halfway, ducked out from under the blanket, and stood free. I fell back into my seat.

In her hand I saw the napkin she had used to wipe me earlier. She cupped it, as if something might spill out. That something was a fresh load of cum she had milked from my pee pee. Her eyes glowed at me. "Thank you, Billy. You don't know what, doing that meant to me. I'll never forget you." She stepped into the aisle, around Mother's seat, and next to her own behind it. All the while, she cradled the napkin, as if it carried something precious.

"Ellen, what do you have there?" Mother walked up, having finished her conversation with Mr. Colkick.

"Oh, hi Faun." Mrs. Guthrie's smile crawled hesitantly across her lips. "This?" She looked down. "I asked the conductor for some unscented soap. I can't handle the perfumed liquid in the bathroom."

"I thought I saw you standing next to Billy."

"Yes. I had to make way for her."

"I see." Mother smiled easily. She looked at me and sat down in her seat. "You look like the cat who caught the canary."

I hugged the blanket to my lap, to hide my now repaired shorts. She reached into her travel bag and pulled out a book, Tom Sawyer. She had been reading it to me ever since the train left our station. It was getting late. The lights in the train dimmed.

"I guess, we should eat instead." She put the book back and brought out two, baloney sandwiches. We munched them quietly. Mother had a thermos of cold lemonade to wash them down.

"Thank you, Momma." I smiled, drinking from the thermos lid that was a cup.

"Momma needs to sleep again. Put the lid back on the bottle, when you're done." She closed her eyes and turned away. A little while later, the full moon peeked over the horizon, sending blue light into the car. The passengers, one by one, clicked off their overhead light and quieted. Even the car swayed more gently. I heard a hushed sound, like a sharp breath, behind us. I got to my knees and peeked over the back of my seat.

There, in the moonlight, I saw Mrs. Guthrie, still holding the napkin. She had reclined her seat as much as it would go, and lay back with her eyes closed. Stranger still, she had pushed a wadded cloth under the waistband of her skirt. It left an opening through which hid her other hand.

She groaned softly. Her hand retreated from under the dress. Then it did the most amazing thing. She dipped two of its fingers into the puddle of cum held by the napkin. After scooping a glob, she pushed the hand back through the gap between her waistband and belly. The skirt bent outward from the back of that hand. The bump of skirt moved back and forth, slowly. "Oh, Dennis, I wish it had been you." She muttered. Her hand moved deeper, under her skirt, nearly disappearing, always moving. "I wish you were here now, giving me fresh cream, instead of this nice boy's that has grown cold. Ooooh, I love feeling cum inside of me."

My jaw dropped, and I felt my penis get thick and hard. The only sounds in the car, half full of people, were whispers, snores, and this sad lady's soft moans.


Hearing Mrs. Guthrie's plea, I wished I were her son, but not really because my mom is awesome. I had an idea. I stepped off of my seat and stood, as quiet as possible. First, I looked close at my mom, to be sure she was sleeping. Her face is like an angel. I thought about jerking myself and remembering how she taught me. I always cum hard, when I do that.

The only time I came harder was when the conductor, my girlfriend, let me try to make a baby in her. I wanted to do that again, and I wanted to help the sad lady sitting behind us, playing with her covered vagina. How could that be wrong? Well, if Momma or Jacqueline found out, it might turn out very wrong. That's why I checked Mom carefully. Then I looked up and down the aisle.

I stepped over Mom's feet and ducked into the walkway. Squatting, I listened.

"Dennis, if only this was your cum, warm and fresh." Mrs. Guthrie sighed and moaned at the same time.

I took a step closer and whispered. "I'm sorry you're sad about your son, Mrs. Guthrie. I heard you, and I saw what you're doing."

"What?" She jerked a cum dripping hand from out of her dress! Her other hand dropped the napkin. "Huh?" She peered into the aisle and spotted me. "Billy?" Her eyes widened. "Oh, my. I-I-" She sputtered.

"It's okay, Mrs. Guthrie. I bet your Dennis is lonely too. I never like it when I'm away from my momma."

"Billy, I'm so embarrassed. How could I let myself get carried away like that. Please forgive me. It was wrong."

"But I liked watching you, Mrs. Guthrie." I straightened my legs but kept my back bent. Even in the dim moonlight, she could see my hard penis pushing out the short pants covering it. "What you were saying made me wish I was your son."

The older woman gulped at the sight of my hidden erection. "I-I wish you were too, Billy. I can't forget how nice you were to let me catch all of your cum, earlier. I'm amazed you've gotten so hard again." She licked her lips.

"You know, Mrs. Guthrie, when I was trapped in the bathroom with the conductor, she said I could be her boyfriend, until the train gets to the big city. Would you like to be my Mommy, for a little while?"

The nice lady pursed her lips, and tears came to her eyes. "Oh, Billy, I would like that. I'm so ashamed, but I really would."

"Okay." I crept behind my mother's chair and stood beside Mrs. Guthrie. "I'm going to be your son now, but just for a little while. Do you want to call me Dennis?"

"Yes!" She sobbed. Her hand cut it off by clapping over her mouth. She must have forgot that hand was coated with my congealed cum. A couple globs flew across her cheek and stuck to her hair. She didn't care. Her eyes seeped happy tears. She uncovered her mouth. It was smiling. "Oh, Dennis, my boy, I've missed you." Only then, did she wipe her gooey hand against her skirt.

"I missed you, Mommy." I smiled back. My dick twitched under my shorts.

"It's been so long, since you were a little boy, since we played together in private ways." She needed to confess. "You're all grown up, and in college, and I know you'll have a girlfriend soon. I miss those days, when we could enjoy ourselves without anyone knowing." She wiped her eyes. "I'm so glad you've come back to me, even for just one night, my little Dennis who wants to be with his mommy."

"Yes, Mommy. I'm so happy to be with you."

"Do you want to sit on Mommy's lap?" She slid the seat more upright, to make room for me.

I nodded and held out my hands, like I used to do with my mommy. The older woman picked me up and set me on her lap, facing her. She had to remove the cloth she'd stuffed under her skirt's waistband. She hugged me and sniffled and wept. "I'm so happy to be able to hold you again."

I put my arms around her chest. She had a big one, compared to how small she was for a lady. "I like hugging you too, Mommy." It felt so good, in fact, I swear my pee pee got even harder.

"You're hugging Mommy's bosom, Dennis. Remember when you used to suck on them?"

Huh. That word sounded odd, as if I'd heard it before but didn't know what it meant. "I did?"

Mrs. Guthrie's smile turned into a grin, as if she was about to play a game with me. "Yes, Dennis. I used to love it when you sucked milk from me."

Oh, I began to understand. I had read about how mommies made milk in their breasts and fed it to their babies. I guessed, 'bosum' was another word for breasts. It made sense. After all, my peter had lots of names! Thinking harder, I sorta remembered that my real momma said she had breastfed me, but I couldn't remember actually doing it. Sitting in this nice lady's lap with her soft breast in my arms made me curious. At the risk of being called a baby, I asked. "Would you like me to do that, now, Mommy?"

Her mouth opened, but she didn't say anything. Her grin returned. "Aren't you too big to suck on Mommy's boob?"

I began to understand her game. "No, Mommy. I'll be as big as you want me to be."

"I love you so much, Dennis." She kissed my forehead. "Of course Mommy will let you suck on her breasts." My one night mommy reached to the buttons on her shirt and began to release them. After loosening the first four, she pulled the two sides apart, revealing a tan colored bra. She managed to extract her arms from her blouse. "Just another minute, Sweetheart." She had to lean forward, to reach the back of her bra, but she was careful to keep me on her lap. I kissed her cheek. "I love you, Mommy."

"I love you, Dennis." There came three barely perceptible snaps, and her bra loosened in front. "Now, pull the cups away from Mommy's bosom."

I took the bra and pulled. She moved her arms forward to let the straps slide free of her body. Revealed before me were two soft mounds, the size of grapefruits with a large, dark circle in front. They began to sway with the motion of the train.

"Now that you've seen my bosom, Dennis, do you still want them? They aren't as young as they used to be."

"I think they're beautiful, Mommy!" I kept my excitement to a hush. She hugged me again. This time, my face could feel how smooth they truly were. I looked up and pouted. "Where do I suck on them, Mommy?"

She controlled a laugh. "Where do you think, Silly?" She hoisted one of her pretty breasts before my face. I noticed that the center of its brown circle sported a firm looking nub. I opened my mouth and took the nub between my lips.

"Ooohhh, that's right, Dennis. Suck Mommy right there." Her head tilted back, and she closed her eyes. I began sucking, but there wasn't any milk. Was I doing it right?

I was about to ask, if I was, when suddenly I felt her hand reach between our bodies and touch the tent in my pants. "You're still hard, Sweetie. Is sucking on Mommy's boob keeping you nice and hard?"

I nodded and kept sucking. I stared at her other, beautiful breast. I wished I had too mouths. Although I didn't taste any milk, I was intimately aware of how the nice lady responded as I sucked her nipple. She seemed overjoyed, and that made sucking it feel good to me. Her hand on my tenting peter felt even better!

"I swear, if I don't take that hard thing out of your pants, its going to tear right through my sewing!" She opened her eyes and wriggled her nose at me.

I opened my mouth to tell her, "Please, Mommy, I don't want it to tear again." I fumbled at the button on my shorts.

"Let me, Sweetheart. Mommy needs you to keep sucking on her breasts. Her hands unbuttoned the waistband. I shifted my face to her other 'boob' and took its nipple in my mouth. Again, there was no milk, but it occurred to me, this something I used to do to my real mommy. My pee pee nearly did burst through the mended tear in my pants. I sucked the second nipple with a passion for it.

"OOhh!" She yelped quietly. "You must like that boob even better!" She unzipped my shorts and reached into the front gap of my underwear. I felt her warm hand pull my stiff peter into the night air. That felt great! She exclaimed at a whisper, "I swear you're even harder than you were a little while ago!" Her hand fondled my erection without jacking on it. She seemed uncertain what to do with it.

"Your hand is nice there." I returned to sucking her breast.

"I know, Honey. You remember how I made your penis soft, earlier, but Mommy wants it to do something for her."

"Mmmm." I enjoyed nursing on her nipple before asking, "What, Mommy?"

"Remember how Mommy was playing with your cum, and you came to me, to be my little boy for the night?"

"Uh, huh." I kept sucking.

She pouted and blushed. "This bad Mommy was pushing your cum into her mommy hole, because that's where cum belongs, Dennis. But I had to wait until everyone was asleep, and your wonderful cum had gotten cold. I need you to put fresh and hot cum in my hole, this time. Do you understand?"

I did understand, but I had to play along. My boner was straining to be put in a warm and wet vagina, again. "I'm not sure, Mommy." I looked up at her, puzzled.

"You probably don't remember how I taught you that, so long ago. Do you want me to show you again?"

"Yes, Mommy, I want to give you what you need."

"I need it very badly." Her voice trembled. "Now stand in front of me, and Mommy will pull up her dress for you. She gripped my sides to help me climb off of her. Her big breasts jiggled. After helping me back to my feet, her hands reached down and picked up the hem of her dress. She lifted it slowly, smiling at me, as if she was winning our little game. That was okay, because I knew, I was going to win too.

The first thing her dress revealed were two slim legs. Her stocking were tan and very sheer. The skirt lifted higher. Mrs. Guthrie chuckled when I saw the surprise waiting for me. Wrapped around her calves were the top of her stockings and her strong, white panties. Her naked knees foretold what would ultimately be revealed.

My one night mommy pulled her dress all the way up and tucked it around the back of her waist. Opening her knees, I saw her hairy pussy glistening in the moonlight.

"Push Mommy's panties to her ankles, Dennis." She whispered. I barely heard her. I was too thrilled by the fact that her 'mommy hole' was already naked and waiting for me. "Dennis?"

"Yes, Mommy." I bent to the task. My peter just couldn't get any harder. I wanted to plow into the naughty sight right away, but that would break the game we played. I pushed on her panties and stockings, until they were stuck around the tops of her feet.

She crossed her ankles and opened her knees even wider, to make room for me. "Come to Mommy, Dennis." She held out her arms and slid her hips to the edge of her seat.

I stepped over her crossed ankles and in between her thighs. There was barely enough room, and the tips of her hairy cleft tickled the end of my penis. I shivered at their touch, but I reached out and let her hands take mine. "What now, Mommy?" I asked innocently.

"By sucking on Mommy's boobs, you made her hole very wet. It suppose to be wet. So you can put your hard, young penis into it." She groaned from anticipation. "Let me help you." Once more she too my wiener into her hand and placed it under her dark thatch, until the tip touched her vagina's outer lips. "Now push, Honey, but take it easy. You probably won't find it on your first try."

I'm not sure if she noticed my grin. Her attention was glued to my erection. I thought very carefully, about how and where I had first penetrated my temporary girlfriend. I wanted to prove to the nice lady that I wasn't a baby at all. I shifted the angle of my penis slightly downward and thrust into the eager lady. My prick skewered her dripping pussy and drilled deep inside. It felt wonderful, fantastic! I was in heaven again. My body immediately hunched my dick in and out of her hot, wet hole.

"Billy!" She almost shouted. "I mean, Dennis!" She clapped a hand to her mouth, surprised by my sudden invasion of her special, mommy hole. "Ohhh, you naughty, naughty boy!" She hissed. Her thighs clenched around mine, forcing my hips to slow. But it was just an initial reaction. They relaxed just as quickly. "I couldn't possibly have expected-"What, she didn't say. She just groaned and let me push my peter in and out.

"I want to make you feel good, Mommy, and I couldn't wait any longer." I pulled myself closer and took one of her boobs into my mouth. It seemed like the right thing to do.

"You're being so naughty, Dennis, and you're doing it sooo good!" She gasp. "Mommy never would have guessed you could be such a powerful lover. You're even sucking on Mommy's boob again! Ooooooo." He whole body writhed from all the action my penis was putting through her wet hole. "You wonderful, wonderful, boy!"

Mmmm, I closed my eyes and sucked and fucked. Here I felt like a man, giving my best to make a nice lady happy. I was still too young to realize how my own need for pleasure guided me into her arms and then into her grateful pussy! I humped Mrs. Guthrie for all I was worth, never slowing, changing which boob I sucked on. My hands fondled her soft globes. Hers pulled at my hips, urging me to drive my hard wiener deeper into her body. Soon my groin was slapping hers so hard, I feared we'd wake up my real mother. I slowed just enough to lower our noises. I think she understood.

We didn't say anything for a little bit, except to exchange groans and kisses. I humped and humped. She whimpered. She whined. Mutual delight was all we needed then. Our bodies wriggled, squirmed, hunched and bucked. We breathed the night air faster and faster.

"I wish I could shout, Dennis, right now, to let everyone know my son has become my lover! Your thrusting and sucking make me want to scream! Did you know I wanted you to take me so passionately? Are you enjoying taking your mommy like she was a cheap slut?" She cooed.

I didn't know what a 'slut' was, but what did she mean by 'cheap'? But I couldn't concern myself with silly questions. I just wanted to feel her hole slurping on my rutting pee pee! Still, she had asked and a good boy answers their mommy's questions. "Yes, Mommy! I love fu-, uh, taking your mommy hole with my peter. It feels so good, sliding in and out of you!" Her body was now hunching back against my hardest strokes.

"I want you to feel good, very good, Dennis!" Her vagina twitched against my wiener, almost clenching me. She was doing it on purpose. "Does that make it better?"

"Oh, Mommy, it feels like your hole is sucking my penis!"

"Yes, Dennis, Mommy's hole is trying to suck out the cum in your penis. I hope you can cum in mommy. You came so much earlier. I wish all if it had been fed into me, like you're about to now." She kept clenching her twat around my thrusts. It was incredible.

"I want to Mommy. You said you wanted fresh cum, not old, cold cum. You sounded so sad, I want you to be happy. I can feel it now, building up. You're going to make me cum, Mommy. I know it. Fucking you feels too good!"

Once more, Mrs. Guthrie's hand flew to her mouth, to quell an exquisite urge to scream. "GGHHHHHHH!!! Hhhhaaa... Oh, Dennis, you make Mommy cum hard, saying that, and f-f-fucking your hard prick into me!" She said the word that had been on the tips of both of our tongues. "Keep fucking Mommy. Do whatever you need to shoot your cum, Darling! Everything you do makes mommy cum! NNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!" She orgasmed again.

I couldn't last any longer. Her erotic moans and stifled groans unleashed the flood that had been building up from the moment I pushed my hard prick into my one night mommy's puss. "Ohhhhh MOMMYYY!!" I cried against the breast in my mouth. Intense pleasure raced throughout my body. My head exploded with joy, and my body quaked. I forced myself self to keep fucking into the clenching vulva, where I must deposit every drop of my boy seed. A torrent of hot fluid gushed from my drilling peter, deep into the nice lady's wet hole.

"GGGHHHHHHH!!!!" She screamed into her fist, for a third time. "I can feel it, your wonderful, hot cum!" Her vagina rippled inside. The new sensation was amazing! It's spontaneous motion seemed to pull at my penis, to draw my cum deeper, to that place where babies would be made. "It's filling me! How can you cum so much?"

Every new sensation seemed to evoke fresh spurts of cum from my balls. I fired what must have been a dozen blasts of hot goo into the good woman. I managed to keep fucking my spitting snaked into the slippery slit sucking my semen. The moonlight revealed thick white globs seeping out the cracks between my thrusting pee pee and her clenching puss. "I'm making a baby in you, Mommy!"

"Oh, my sweet child, are you?" Mrs. Guthrie seemed to wake up, from her sex daze. "I love your cum so much, I didn't dare think!" She leaned forward and wrapped me in her arms. She whispered in my ear. "If only you could, Billy, I'm not so young, but it isn't impossible."

My prick shot two more loads of cum into my one night mommy, when she said that. "I'll try my best, Mommy."

She orgasmed on my gushing prick for the last time that night. "Nnnnggghhh!! Yes! Maybe your youth will make up for my age. Maybe you'll give me another son, or would you like to put a girl in me?" She teased, breathing hotly.

"Girls are dumb, Mommy." My body couldn't move another inch. I slumped in her arms. "But you're wonderful!"

She kissed me and we hugged each other.

In the seat ahead, clothing rustled. "Billy?" My real mother called out into the rattling, rocking train car. be continued...
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"Momma! I'm right here. Just a second." I scrambled up, out of Mrs. Guthrie's arms. My soft penis plopped out of her hairy puss. Warm cum dribbled from it. She grabbed her lap blanket and covered herself while I tugged my boxers around to hide my wet pee pee. I zipped up and bounced into the aisle, to block Momma's view. I found her staring back. How much had she seen?

"What are you doing back there?" She peeked past me. "Ellen?"

"Hi Faun." Mrs. Guthrie smiled nervously with rosy cheeks.

"She was telling me a story, Momma." I yawned to draw my mother's attention. "I thought it might help me sleep."

Mother's eyes wandered carefully, back and forth, looking at me and looking at Mrs. Guthrie. Abruptly, they darted to my waist. "How did your pants get fixed?"

"That was me, Faun. I-I have a sewing kit."

"She told me a story while she sewed the tear."

"So efficient." Mother mused. Her lips curled with a touch of amusement. She looked closely at Mrs. Guthrie's handiwork. The full moon was enough to illuminate the details. "Thank you, Ellen. You have a gift, for helping my boy with his boy problems."

"It was my pleasure - something to idle the time away."

"I'm happy it was. I'm sure Billy is even happier, but if I can repay the favor, do let me know."

"Yes, but it's not necessary." Mrs. Guthrie swallowed then. I'm not sure why. "I'll let you sleep. I'm sorry we woke you." She curled up with her blanket and rested her head. Her eyes closed.

Mother's eyes regarded me with the same hint of suspicion she had shown earlier. "You didn't wake me, Honey. I was having a dream." She opened her arms to me, in a way that said I should go back to my seat. She hugged me on the way.

"Was it a bad dream, Momma?" I returned her hug and sat on one of her knees.

"You were calling for me, like when you were little. Your voice was far away though, and I couldn't reach you, but I was there at the same time." She stroked my hair. "It was very confusing. I was afraid, when I woke and you weren't in your seat."

"I'm sorry, Momma."

"It's okay. You didn't go far. Do you want to sleep now?"

Actually, I felt energized. Something about making a baby in Mrs. Guthrie had instilled a fervor to take more risks. I couldn't tell my mother that. "Maybe in a little bit. Is it okay if I go to the bathroom?"

"Of course. Now that you know where it is and it's unique features, you don't have to ask me. But let me know when you do."

"Yes, Momma." I got up from her knee. "I'm going now."

"Don't wake me when you get back. Yesterday was exhausting." Her pretty smile turned to her pillow, and she tucked her blanket up over her shoulders.

"Good night, Momma."

"Mmm-hmm." She mumbled.

I grinned at Mrs. Guthrie, as I walked past her. One of her eyes opened and winked, startling me. She grinned then and closed her eyes. I did go to the bathroom. I washed up, like Momma had told me earlier that day. I had to use the toilet too. It had been a long, tedious day interspersed with incredibly exciting events! There was no way I could sleep. I exited the bathroom and turned to the door that lead to the next car. I looked through the window. It was dark too, and the moonlight showed everything inside was calm and quiet. I turned and slowly walked back, past my sleeping mother. Next, I spotted Mr. Colkick curled under a blanket in his seat. A few steps later, I reached the other end of the car.

Looking out that door's window, the door beyond was marked, "Sleeper." Through its window, I saw a short aisle that turned to the left. I pressed the panel that opened the doors. I had to see what a sleeper car was like. I knew it was very expensive to sleep in them. Maybe I would meet someone rich! I stepped onto the flexing gangway. That was a little scary. The train's rattles and clanks were much louder between the cars. I almost bolted through the other door. After it closed behind me, I could hear my heart thumping.

I looked to the left, at the end of the short aisle. The passageway narrowed and turned to the right. I crept forward and looked right.

"I have a fine bottle of Cabernet, Ms. Simmons. Would you like to join me, now that your shift has ended?" A big man in a fine suit spoke. He was standing in one of the many doorways down the right side of the car. Jacqueline stood in the narrow aisle.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Stoneburger, even off duty, it's against regulations."

"I won't speak of regulations, if you don't." His thick eyebrows bounced in weird way.

"You're very generous to offer, but I can't accept."

"Why not? I mean you no harm. In fact I'm sure we could spend a very pleasant time together."

My temporary girlfriend looked frustrated. I wasn't sure why. She had delt with Mr. Colkick today with total confidence. Her hesitation now worried me.


"Please, Mr. Stoneburger, you know this is inappropriate. I've warned you before."

"Yes, but then you were more cooperative. This time you can even scold me. I'm sure I'll earn one." He grinned and reached for her hand.

My heart left worry behind for anger. I tried to count to ten, like Momma always told me, but at three I shouted, "No!" And ran to my girlfriend.

The bad man's hand retracted. He puffed up, "Excuse me, Child, are you lost? It's late. You need to be with your parents."

Jacqueline was surprised. "Billy!"

I took her hand and pouted at the man, "You can't touch her! She doesn't want that." I looked at her, less angry. "I don't want that."

"Ho! I see I have a rival for my affections." He leaned back and laughed. "Ms. Simmons take this boy to where he belongs. Then return to my cabin, and we'll resume our discussion."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Stoneburger. I need sleep, to perform my duties tomorrow. Please write that in your report and nothing else." She clenched my hand, I think for strength.

The man scowled, "You wouldn't have that conductor's hat, if it weren't for me."

"If it weren't for you, I would have earned my cap a year ago." She marched me back to my car. His cabin door slammed behind us, but upon turning the first corner, Jacqueline knelt and hugged me. "You were very brave, Billy, standing up to that man."

"He was mean."

"Yes, but he can influence my job, with his reports."

I bowed my head. "Did I do it wrong? I'm sorry I got mad. I was so happy to see you, and then I heard him and couldn't count to ten."

She kissed the top of my head. "You are a better boyfriend than my last one." She chuckled. Her voice lost some of its humor. "Now, tell me, why are you wandering the train this late? Does your mother know?"

I kept my head low and shook it. "I wanted to see the train."

"Well, when I was your age, I wanted to see the train too. A very nice conductor helped me to experience the many joys of a train than I could have by myself. It's one of the reasons I became a conductor. I'll never forget that nice, old man."

I looked up, hopeful. "Are you going to show me the train?"

"I can, in the morning. It's too dark now to appreciate. I'm going to take you back to your mom and then go to sleep."

"I wish you could sleep with me." I smiled.

"I'd like that too, Boyfriend." She winked. Standing, she peeked around the corner to the long, narrow corridor. "Maybe, for just a little while, we can." She turned the corner. "Follow me."

I smiled and caught up with her. At the far end of the sleeper car, Jacqueline stopped at a door marked, "Staff Only."

She knocked, "Tara? Mind if I bring a friend in for a bit?"

A muted voice replied, "Depends upon how friendly he is."

"How does she know I'm a boy?" I looked up, curious.

"She just hopes you are." Jacqueline winked. She called to Tara. "We're coming in."

"Sure. I'm decent enough."

We entered. It was a small space, with two bunk beds and standing room for no more than the three of us. My jaw fell open. I never would have guessed 'decent enough' meant a tall thin lady with blond hair wearing only a bra and panties!

"Tara, this is Billy." Jacqueline giggled.

"Oh, you silly woman!" Tara shook her head. She fetched a long, nightshirt and held it in front of her body, before looking at me. Her sudden blush echoed mine. "I'm sorry, Billy, I didn't expect company of your, ahem, stature." She turned a leery face to Jacqueline and mouthed something like, "What The Fog?"

My girlfriend grinned upon noticing the tent in my pants. "What would you like to tell my co-worker, Billy?"

Tara looked where Jacqueline's eyes roamed. "Oh, my!" She gasp. A strange grin crossed her face.


"Hello, Tara." I didn't know what else to say. "Um, do you work on the train, too?"

She looked up at me. "Er, yes, Billy. I work in the lounge car's cafe and bar."

Oh! "I was suppose to buy snacks there, but I bought a watch instead." I wished I could have bought snacks from her. I looked at Jacqueline, to see if what I'd said was what I should say.

"Why are you here, Billy?" She scrutinized Jacqueline too.

"We're going to sleep together. She's my girlfriend." I was so happy.

Tara clutched the long nightshirt to her body. "Jacqueline!"

"Jealous?" My girlfriend stuck out her tongue at Tara.

I warned them. "I can't sleep here for long. I have to go back to my mom before she wakes."

Well, I was changing when you knocked, Tara had a gleam in her eye. "Don't let me stop you two." She moved the nightshirt around her body, sticking her arms through the sleeves. Her bra and panties returned into view.

Jacqueline climbed to the upper bunk. "You're just the right size to cuddle here, Billy. Come on up."

"Jackie, if anybody else hears about this, they'll assume the worst." Tara began buttoning the shirt, from top to bottom.

I stood on the lower bunk and grabbed the top rail. Jacqueline helped me reach her. Sinking in the cot, next to her, I looked down and caught a last glimpse of Tara's panties.

"I'll set a timer on my phone. How long do you want to sleep with me before going back to your mom?

I told her an hour. That long was a risk, but I had set out to take risks, I told myself. She set the timer and then hugged me from behind. She felt wonderful. She smelled a little stinky. I guessed she didn't take baths at night, but like my mom, took showers in the morning. Do trains even have baths or showers?

Resting in her arms was so soothing, even my stiffy, from Tara's 'decent enough' underwear, softened.

Tara ducked into her bed. "Good night."

"Good night." Jacqueline told her. I wriggled closer, touching as much of her body with mine as possible. She petted my hair.

Something buzzed. Jaqueline shifted. "Billy. It's been an hour."

My eyes opened to darkness. I didn't want to go to Momma just yet, but I might already be in trouble. "Okay."

She turned on a small, overhead lamp. "Careful." She whispered. "Don't rip your pants."

I wanted to stick my tongue out at her. I was careful, and I reached the floor safely. The light switched off. It took me a second to fix the door's location in the dark. I didn't mind. There was enough moonlight, after my eyes adjusted. Something tugged my shirt. Huh? I looked back.

Tara had reached out and let me know she was awake. "Come here for a second. Don't step on my bra."

What did she want, I wondered. "Tara?"

"Shhh, I just want to touch it. May I? Ever since I saw it poking behind your pants, I couldn't stop wondering about it. I couldn't sleep."

From above, Jacqueline whispered. "Why are we whispering?" She giggled. "I don't mind, if you don't, Billy. It'll just make her more jealous."

"I'm not!" Tara hissed. "I'm curious."

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In the dark, I worried. The women sounded like they were teasing me. I wanted to trust my girlfriend, but I didn't really know her. On the other hand, each time I showed my penis to a woman on the train, I got to make a baby in them or at least try. Jacqueline wouldn't want me to do that with her co-worker, would she?

At that point, I felt guilty about making a baby in Mrs. Guthrie. I wanted to show my wiener to Tara, but what if Jacqueline had been joking? I asked in the direction of her bunk, "You're being silly, right Jacqueline?"

She giggled again, "See, Tara, I told you he was an okay little dude."

"You win. I'll have a free espresso waiting for you in the morning." Tara sighed. "Billy, I'm sorry for playing a game on you. Come to the cafe when you're awake. I'll give you a large, hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream."

Jacqueline added, "I'll come by to escort you, if your mother doesn't want to."

So they were having a little joke, but it was kind of funny. Well, I could play a joke too. I stepped into the moonlight and pulled down my pants. I was getting pretty efficient at it. No doubt, both of them could see my soft pee pee. "Nyaaaa!" I said, but instead of sticking out my tongue, I pushed out my pelvis.

"Billy!" Jacqueline gasp.

Tara giggled this time.

I retreated out of the light and pulled up my pants. The sound of cloth shifting in Tara's bed attracted my attention. She swung her legs over the edge, into the dim, bluish light. Her body remained in the upper bunk's shadow. Tara echoed, "Nyaaa." And into the light, she trust her naked breasts. Their tips pointed like the dark ends of two pool cues.

"Tara!" My girlfriend complained. "Don't look, Billy. She's teasing you with no intention of pleasing you."

"Hey, he teased me first!" Tara waggled her large, firm boobies. "And you know nothing of my intentions."

"He's a minor." Jacquline scolded. That she was a total offender, added a hint of jealousy to her voice. "He may be precocious, but the law is the law."

"Party pooper." Tara retreated her chest back to the shadows. "I think he's precious."

I grinned at their little fight, but when my girlfriend told me not to look, I covered my eyes. "What's percoshus?" I knew what precious meant. When Mother called me precious, she sounded as if I was a baby. When Tara said it, I felt like she kinda liked me.

"You're mature for your age." Jacqueline answered. "Which is why Tara is probably drooling now.

"I've encountered bigger." Tara claimed, "But yes, Billy, you're clearly mature. Find me in ten years, and I'll measure it after making it hard."

"She's teasing you again, Billy. Tara has a thing for hardons. She won't have time to measure yours before she's made it soft again."

"That was confidential information, Bunkie," Tara pretended to be angry. "And I was drunk at the time. I may have been lying."

"Oops! We're forgetting your mother." Jacqueline changed the subject.

"I think she likes my hardon." I missed the change.

Silence filled the cabin.

I figured out what she meant. "Yeah, I gotta go." I turned to the door and tried to open it but failed. "It's locked."

"Let me." Tara got out of her bed. She stepped behind me and reached to turn the lock. I didn't dare look around, although I really wanted to. She whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry I teased you, Billy. I won't if I see you again." She unlocked the door.

Confused but slightly aroused, I ambled into the sleeper car's narrow aisle. I hurried to my car, bravely crossing the noisy gap between.

My fear of Mother discovering me missing, increased the closer I got. I found her still asleep. I peeked at Mrs. Guthrie. She slept too. Stepping over Mamma's legs, I reached my seat, pulled my blanket over me, and curled up next to her.

In my dreams, Mamma scolded me, "You mustn't do that, Billy, but I can't stop you."

"Billy, don't do that. Can't you stop? Wake up?" Mother tapped my hand. It was almost a slap.

"Huh?" Sunlight blinded me. I felt something soft under my fingers. She swatted my hand a little harder. "Wake up, Billy." My arm retreated. Squinting, I managed to see something of a handmark on Momma's blanket. It was right at the height of her chest.

"I need to use the restroom." She stood, yawned, looked back at me, smiled, and turned down the aisle.

Blinking, my vision began to clear. I had to use my hand to block the sun. I looked around my seat. Mother had returned with the watch, last night. I found it and activated it. "7:03". It seemed early, but I felt rested, if a little bleary. Having a yawn myself, I fastened the watch back to my wrist, but discovered a wire running to a plug in the wall. That must be how it charged. It didn't have the wire before. Momma must have got it from Mr. Colkick, when she talked with him. I unplugged the wire. The battery icon held stable, full of white.

I peeked around the corner, to check on Mrs. Guthrie. She snored lightly. I looked around, surprised at my lack of needing to pee, and my lack of a morning boner. Actually, I could use the bathroom, but it wasn't urgent.


I looked through the other apps on 'my' watch.  The email program required a password, so I couldn't read those. I listened to an audio book for like two seconds. His music app had the weirdest music, boring songs sung by warbling guys. The pictures that displayed were of old men with pipes and dumb old hats. The more I explored, the less the watch felt like mine.

At one point, I looked at the other picture of Mrs. Colkick, all naked and teasing. My pee pee twitched a little. Again, I remembered, she wasn't mine. When the train arrived, the only woman in my life would be Momma, and I had made her unhappy by touching her in my sleep. Even though it wasn't really my fault, and she wasn't at all angry, I felt like I should do something for her.

I sighed and made a hard decision. I got up and looked up and down the aisle. Various passengers milled about with their things, having woken. Mrs. Guthrie continued to sleep. I made my way past a few people and reached Mr. Colkick's seat. "Hello."

"Oh, hi! It's Billy, right?" He yawned and stretched. "I just woke. What's up?"

"My momma talked with you last night. Do I have to give your watch back?" I held out my arm.

The man stilled, examining me. "You know I'm a businessman, right?"

I nodded.

"Billy, there are two kinds of businessmen in this world, those who care about their clients and those who use people as stepping stones to foolish ends. What kind of business man do you think I am?"

Mr. Colkick could have ask my mother to give his watch back. Instead, she had returned with the charging wire. "I guess you care."

He grinned, sighed, and shook his head. "If you only guess, it's on me to earn more of your confidence." He looked me in the eye. "I told your mom the same thing I told you. Thank you for the twenty dollars. It was worth it to me. But when I return home in the city, I will pay you fifty for that watch. Before then, you may find out, you can sell it for a lot more, and you have every right to. I'll be sad to lose it, but you'll have more money. My last question, Billy, is. What kinds of business man do you want to be?

"Maybe Billy doesn't want to go into business. I see him as more of a free spirit." Jacqueline had entered from the sleeper car, her uniform freshly fitted. She looked so powerful, my pee pee felt a little heavier, remembering how I had taken her in the bathroom.

"Maybe you're right, Ms. Simmons." Mr. Colkick sounded slightly rankled, "But it's not polite to listen in on private conversations."

"It's my job, Mr. Colkick, to know everything happening on my train, to prevent unpleasantness." She clicked her ticket punch for emphasis.

He turned to me again. "I've said my piece, Billy. Now go enjoy your watch, and maybe in a couple days you'll sell it back."

The conductor followed me to my seat. Arriving, we saw Mother approaching from the other direction. "Good morning, Ms. Androni." Jacqueline greeted.

"Ms. Simmons." Mother smiled politely.

"I'm here to tell you, due to the troubles AmTrak caused you yesterday, we would like to invite you to free drinks in the cafe lounge."

"That's very generous, but aren't we arriving soon? I need to prepare." She looked at me.


I suddenly remembered Tara offering to give me a free hot chocolate. I sure wanted to see her. I remembered her naked boobs. My pee pee hardened a little more, but it didn't push much against my pants. I showed Momma my disappointment. "Please, Momma? I can help you after we get our free drinks." I wanted to help. "I thanked Mr. Colkick." I told her, but I worried that wasn't enough to atone for what I'd done in my sleep.

Mother saw my face. "Oh, please, take Billy, Ms. Simmons, if it's not an inconvenience. He'll just get in my way of repacking everything." A barely perceptible smile crossed my mother's beautiful lips. "He enjoyed spending time with you yesterday. However, I'm sure you have much to prepare. I understand if you're too busy."

"It's true, Ms. Androni, but I can walk him to the cafe car. The server will keep an eye on him. That's part of her job. I'll be sure to escort him back before we pull into the station."

Mother bowed her head slightly. "That's very kind of you."

We set off for the cafe car. It was in the opposite direction of the sleeper car. Jacqueline told me, "Tara gets up very early to prepare for customers. She called to say you looked adorable hugging your Mother." Jacqueline held up her walkie-talkie.

We passed the bathroom. "Do you need to go?"

"I don't want to get locked in there again."

"What?" She pretended to be offended. "You didn't enjoy my company? I may have to alter the terms of our relationship." She giggled. "The engineer fixed the door, but we'll use the one in the next car." She opened the doors between cars. Crossing the rattling gangway wasn't as scary with the conductor there. All the way at the other end of the identical coach car was another bathroom. Jacqueline led me inside and closed the door. She wrapped me in her arms and bent down, kissing me warmly on the lips. "Mmmmm."

I would have enjoyed it more, if my bladder hadn't been near its limit. I broke the kiss. She pouted, "We don't have much time left, and I must see to preparing for arrival. This may be our last chance to be boyfriend-girlfriend."

"I'm sorry." I rushed to the toilet and unzipped my stitched pants. I pulled out my pee pee and aimed.

Jacqueline stepped behind me and grasp my semi-erect member, brushing my hand out of her way. "May I?" She giggled.

I couldn't not pee. Urine gushed out, splashing a few drops onto the floor. Jacqueline squealed "It's not as easy as I thought!" She managed to tame the stream. Her hand felt wonderful, and I giggled too.

My bladder emptied, and she shook the last dribbles gently. "I wish I had time for more, Billy." She let go of me. "Sorry."

"Will I see you again, after we reach the city?"

"We promised we would break up, Billy. You have to be a big boy about it."

"I don't want to!" I hugged her, my bared penis pushed against her pants. It felt as if she was breaking up with me right then.

"Don't get any on me!" She jumped back, looking down at her uniform. She sighed, satisfied they were dry. "Billy, you're going to meet many loving girls who will want to be your special friend. Don't be sad for too long. You'll limit your chances."

"I don't care."

"You care very much, Billy. I never would have agreed to be your girlfriend if you didn't." Jacqueline opened the door and led me into the cafe, after washing up.

At our end of the cafe car were fancy, coach seats. Small tables and chairs sprouted up across the middle. The other end sported a drinks and snacks counter. Tara worked with a smile at a big, complicated, coffee machine. Behind her was a small, curtained area. She handed a steaming cup to a customer. He put a lid on it and took into the next car. There were only three other passengers in the cafe. It felt more dull than I expected.

"Billy!" Tara recognized me approaching. Her smile brightened. I wanted to smile back, but only managed half of one.

"What's the matter, still sleepy?"

"He's going to miss us." Jacqueline explained. "I have to prepare for arrival. Will you take care of him, until I can escort him back to his mother?"

Tara looked around the nearly empty car. "I don't know. I may have to enlist his help, to keep up with all the demand for coffee this morning."

"Silly." Jacqueline told Tara. She said to me. "Nobody has time to sit and enjoy their drinks. We arrive in less than an hour."

"Yeah, that's why I put out extra coffee jugs. So customers can pour their own and get back to their seat or cabin. The man you saw leave, was the first to order an espresso, all morning."

"I'll be back in thirty or forty minutes." She put her hand on my shoulder. Are you going to be okay?"

I didn't want to cry in front of Tara. I nodded, trying not to pout. Jacqueline left me in the cafe.

"One hot chocolate, on the house!" Tara broke my sullen silence. Paying attention to her was the only thing to enjoy in the cafe. Even the scenery was just row upon row of suburban houses flying past. She poured milk into a cup and steamed it with a vent from the big machine. Next she picked up a pitcher and added chocolate syrup. She stirred it with a spoon before asking, "Whipped cream?"

"Yes, please." I managed a better smile.

"You are so sweet!" She served the large cup to me. A mound of thick whip topped it. "Careful, it's hot." I caught her peeking over the counter's edge, down my front. "But not as hot as seeing you, made me feel last night." She leaned over so far, I could see down the vee of her uniform. She had no bra! My penis couldn't help but respond. She watched a tent grow in my pants. "Oh, my, did you do that for me?" She winked. "Remember I promised, I won't tease you again."

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Despite her promise, I did feel like Tara was teasing me. She was being professional like to the few others in the cafe car, but secretly she let me see her unbound breasts. Now I had a hardon and would have to hide it while drinking my hot chocolate. I should have been angry at her. It’s not nice to lie. Sometimes Daddy spanked me when I told a terrible lie. Maybe lying about teasing wasn’t the worst lie, but it made me feel sad. I couldn’t even go to Jacqueline for help. I didn’t have a girlfriend anymore. I frowned at Tara and looked for a table where I could drink my hot chocolate without someone seeing my boner.

She gave me a puzzled look when I walked away. I heard her shoes behind me. I sat down, and she sat next to me. “Billy, what’s the matter?”
To avoid answering, I sipped my hot chocolate and yipped! It burned my lips and tongue! My hand put the cup down so fast, it tipped over and spilled steaming chocolate milk and melting globs of cream in my direction! The incredibly hot drink would have soaked into my pants, if Tara hadn’t swiped her whole arm across the table.
She winced and squealed through hard pressed lips. The flood of dark milk, along with the cup, flew to one side. Tara leaped up. “Billy, are you ok?”
“You saved me, Tara!” I exclaimed. A lady actually clapped. Tara bolted to her station and through the curtain behind it. I ran after. “I’m sorry! A small room, no bigger than the train’s bathrooms, held a sink and drawers and some utensils. She was washing her arm. I nearly cried. “You told me it was hot, and I forgot.”

“I’m very glad you weren’t hurt.”
“But you were, because of me.”
“No, Billy, I distracted you with my cleavage. I guess I did tease you, but you walked away before I could please you.” She continued to run water down her arm. “I wanted you to come back here with me, but now I’ve ruined the surprise”
Dang, how long was she going to wash her arm? I was so worried about it, I didn’t hear myself ask, “Surprise?”
Tara looked at me. “Oh, my- you’re so innocent and sweet. You didn’t understand my intention.” She smiled. “Don’t you dare move.” She studied her arm. “Not for another two minutes. When you get a burn, you have to run cold water over it for ten minutes to save the skin.”
“Oh.” I waited. “You’re arm is gonna be okay?”
“I used the sink in plenty of time.” She looked past me, at the curtain. “Could you do me a favor, and see what the customers are doing?

I nodded enthusiastically. I owed her a lot more than that. Peeking through the curtain, I saw the lady who clapped stand up shaking her head. “Will the clerk never clean that up?” She sniffed and marched away to another car. A second customer followed her, taking his cup. I ducked back into the preparation room. “There’s only one out there, and he’s staring out the window.

Tara turned off the tap and shook her arm and dried it. “Good. Then we won’t be disturbed.” She pulled a small sign from an upper shelf and handed it to me. “Please put this on the counter. So customers can see. The sign said, “Server is on break. Self-serve is $2.00 per cup. Put cash in the basket.”

I took it through the curtain and walked around the counter. I placed it in clear view next to the basket. As if on cue a woman entered from the near doors, took one glance at the sign, grumbled, and returned from where she came. I walked into the preparation nook, pleased at my effort.

Tara leaned down hugged me. “Thanks.”

I worried about her arm. “How long are you going to be on break?”

“However long it takes to fulfill my promise.” She grinned in that funny way which made my pee pee twitch. For all the fuss, my erection had disappeared. She eyed my crotch. Her grin thinned. “Billy, I’m sorry. I may have to tease you again, before I can please you. Do you want me to please you?"


I wasn’t sure if I could trust Tara. She had just saved me from an embarrassing accident. So I wanted to do what she wanted, but if she teased me again, and I couldn’t relieve myself, that wouldn’t please me at all. "Why do you have to tease me?" I dared to ask.

"I’m sorry, Billy. You’ve only experienced bad teasing. That’s my fault, but done right teasing can be really fun!" Tara knelt in front of me. She looked sincere. "I love to be teased. It makes me juicy and eager for more. I couldn’t give you more, last night, and you went away, after I bared my cleavage, which you didn’t realize was an invitation because you’re so sweet. This time we’ll stay together until you get all the pleasure you want from me. Okay?"

Her explanation made me wish I hadn’t walked away from her earlier ‘invitation’. She was very pretty. Maybe if I let her tease me, my pee would get hard, and I could make a baby in her. After yesterday’s romps, making babies had become my most favorite thing to do!

"Okay." I whispered as if we were about to do something naughty.

Tara hugged me. "I’ve been thinking about you all night, Billy." Letting go, she leaned back. "My pretty titties have big nipples, right now. How about if I show them to you, and you can show your cock to me? That way we can tease each other before pleasing each other."

Breasts and boobs had nipples. So I was pretty sure ‘titties’ meant the same thing. Could ‘cock’ mean my penis? I remembered how much she had stared at mine last night. I felt a little better about being teased, if I could tease her back. I nodded slowly while reaching for my pants zipper.

Her eyes darted to my zipper, glistening with expectation. She took the top button on her uniform, in her fingers, and deftly unfastened it. By the time I finished unzipping, her top three buttons were free. She kept unbuttoning the three remaining. ‘’Pull your dick out, Honey. Will you for me? I need to see it."

"Un-huh." I agreed. I reached into my pants and tugged the soft mass of my pee pee out through the gap in my boxers. Hanging it in the open felt nice.

Tara licked her lips at the sight of my dangling peter. She peeled open her jacket and blouse. Her big breasts sprouted from her body like two softballs. My penis twitched.

"OH! That’s hot, Billy." She looked up. ‘That’s what I like, watching a dick get hard, especially when it gets hard for me.

"I like your, um, titties." I dared to say.

She cooed. "I can tell you like them, because your dick is getting hard." Her eyes returned to my slowly growing erection. "I have a thing for hard cocks, especially nice ones like yours. When I see one, I get wet and hot on the inside. After you showed me how hard yours could get, I wanted to see it again. That’s why I promised to please you. So I could watch this beautiful thing get big." Her hand cupped my balls. Waiting for a cock to get ready for me, is my favorite tease."

"That feels good, Tara." Her hand on my little sack was already pleasing me. My pee pee jumped from her touch.

"Mmmm. I have to touch myself now." Her other hand pushed into her pants and began to wriggle behind the material. Her breasts jiggled. "Uhhn, I can’t help this about me. Lots of women like to see and touch a cock, that they agreed to see and touch, but I’m an extreme case. If I see even an okay looking guy, with a tent in his pants, I get the urge to fingerfuck myself. I always imagine it’s big and strong and wants to fuck me, but I don’t have to imagine with you, Billy." Her hand squeezed my ball sack, gently. Then it reached around my uplifting shaft. "Now I can feel you get hard- Ooooooo, I just came, after touching your dick!" Her eyes shut, and her face filled with bliss. I felt her squeeze my penis. It was almost full, and it twitched through her fingers. It was the best teasing I ever experienced.

"Ohhhh, it’s nice and firm, but it’s going to get harder, right? I want your cock as hard as it was last night!" She started stroking me. Her other hand pulled out from behind her pants and fumbled with the clasp. "Maybe if you see my pussy, you’ll get real hard."

"Really? I’d like to see your puss." I panted. The hand on my penis rubbed me a little, up and down. Her other hand unzipped her pants.

"If I really wanted to tease you, I would let go of you, and strip and not let you touch me, but now that you’re getting harder, I have to keep touching you." Tara had difficulty pulling down her pants, with one hand. After exposing one of her hips, they stuck at an angle for a second. I worried it was another of her teases. "Sorry." She let go of my pee pee, to use both hands. The roller coaster of my emotions plummeted, but my dick just got harder.

She pulled her pants down to her calves. Then, wearing only her wetness stained panties and open blouse, she grasp my hard peter. "Damn, it’s so hard!" They explored every inch.

"You said you would show your puss, Tara." I grumbled.

"I know, Billy. I will. I can’t stop myself from playing with your cock. It’s almost as hard as I remember.”

Her teasing kindled a special kind of anger in me. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I wanted her to fulfill her promise. Her hands felt like a new kind of tease, fondling but not pleasuring it in the way my mother taught me. I needed to do something.


Mamma wasn’t the only person who taught me about the pleasures of my peter. Jacqueline and Mrs. Guthrie let me put babies in them. If Tara would make my pee pee squirt cum with her hands, I could go back to Mamma and help her, but her teasing was taking so long, Mamma might be done repacking and was looking for me. I felt so wound up, and worried that Tara wouldn’t please me in time, I needed to make something happen.

The small nook behind the curtain reminded me of when I was trapped with Jacqueline. She was able to let me in her girl hole, from behind. I really liked that, but when Mrs. Guthrie made way for me between her legs, I could suck on her boobies. Tara’s breasts were more pert, and their nipples were very hard. Even if she wasn’t fondling my pee pee and boy sack, seeing her boobs would have filled my peter until it was harder than last night.

Tara cooed. She seemed so delighted with my penis, I was sure she would forget her promise again.

"No more!" I hissed and pushed her hands away. "I have to make a baby in you before Mamma finds me!"

"Billy, what are you talking about?" She sounded a little stunned.

"I tried to like your teasing, because you got hurt for me. Now you have to turn around lay your head on the counter." I pouted. There wasn’t a chair to do it the way Mrs. Guthrie taught me.

"I’m sorry, Billy, did I get carried away?" Her voice sang with remorse, but I was too fired up to notice. I barely heard her say, "Okay, I’ll turn around. Are you going to spank me?"

My head considered what she said, while my hands gripped her hips to help them swivel. Her panties were especially wet in back. Wait! Did she think I was going to spank her? Once more I was reminded of the few times Dad had spanked me for telling a bad fib. I shook her butt, from frustration!

"Billy, what’s gotten into you?" Tara panted. "It feels like you’re taking charge. Hmmm, that’s kinda hot." She whispered between breaths and bent over until her head rested on the tiny counter.

Instead of spanking her - I couldn’t risk the extra time it would take - I pulled her panties over her waist and bottom, until they hung between her thighs. Fitting the puffed head of my full penis to the base of her behind, where I could see her secret lips pouting, I split them with an initial push of my hips.

"Oh, Billy, y-you really mean to make a baby in me!’ Tara sounded uncertain.

I took my hard dick in hand to slide its embedded tip along her slit, trying to find her deeper hole. The wetness oozing out of it made it so easy to slide through her lips, it was easy to miss what I hunted for blindly.

"That feels good, a good tease I mean." She whimpered. Her words crisped, "You’re too young to cum, right Billy?"

"Shhhh!" I needed to concentrate. Also, I worried I would hear Mamma calling for me.

My prick head found her inner, clenched dimple. I pressed my hard penis, but the dimple resisted.

"Tease me some more, Billy, please? "It feels so hard! Use it to drive me up the wall!" She gasped.

What happened next was not something I thought to do. My right hand raised and swung down, smacking where her butt and thigh met.

"Wow!" She yelped! Her inner hole relaxed.

My pee pee popped inside of her puss, and I drove its length through her wet lips. "Nngghh!" I groaned from accomplishment and the sensation of sliding along hot, slick, soft skin. It wrapped around my eager prick, as if it were sucking it.

"Ohh!" Tara grunted. "I know I teased you too much, but your cock feels incredible inside of me! I swear I’ve never taken anyone as hard as you, up my cunt."

"For a second I was glad she wasn’t mad about me spanking her, but that didn’t stop me from pulling my hips from her bottom, dredging half of my peter out of her puss, and then stabbing it back in. I took a fast pace of bucking my hard dick in and out of Tara’s slippery girl hole.

"Oooooohhhh, you’re really good at that, Billy. It makes me think Jackie didn’t say the whole truth about you and her.

"Don’t talk about her!" I burst. My hips thrust harder against her behind. My prick stuffed and dredged the mean woman’s - cunt, she had called it.

"I’m sorry, Billy. Just keep fucking me with your hard cock, as if you’re teaching me a lesson. You can even spank me again, um, more. Whatever you do, please don’t stop fucking me!" Her butt started bouncing against my thrusts. "You’ve made me cum twice already!"

Finally, my pee pee felt the relief it needed, sluicing fast through teasing Tara’s tight, slippery pussy. I groaned and humped frantically.

"Baby, how can you be so good at this?" Tara huffed. "Mmmm, you’re driving it into me like a steam engine!"

My hand cracked against the side of her hip. "I’m not a baby!" I blurted.

"OH!" She yelped. "No, you aren’t. I meant- Aaaaahh, the men I’ve had, they all buckled under my teasing. I love how you’re taking what you want, instead of waiting for me. I could have teased you for a while."

My hand swatted her flank that rocked from my urgent, pounding crotch. I didn’t think to. My hand acted on its own. This troubled me. So I reached around her body, with both hands and clutched her shaking, pert breasts. I used them roughly, to pull and push her, from and to, my rutting erection.

"Teasing can be good." Tara insisted. "If I’d just given myself to you, I swear you wouldn’t be taking me so passionately. Grab my tits! Pinch my nipples! Use me for your pleasure."

I had no mind to think about what Tara believed. My groin was tight as a knot. Fucking her puss felt too incredible! No longer stifled, my thrusts built a different pressure behind my hard peter. I was going to cum!

"I feel it, Billy! Your cock is twitching inside me. It so hard, my cunt can feel every tremor, despite how fast you’re pounding." She swooned. "Oooo, get yourself off in me, and you’ll make me cum again. Nnngh! I’m glad you’re so young. I would never let a man cum in me without protection."

My boy sack heaved and let loose it’s flood. "Aaaa!" I pressed my mouth to her back, to muffle my howl! Hot cum spewed from my pistoning pee pee, splashing against the farthest wall of her puss! "Aaaaaaahhhhh," I moaned. My body jangled with joyous release!

"BILLY!" Tara shouted! "Y-You d-didn’t! Y-You CAN’T!" Her own hand clamped across her mouth. "My stars! You’re cumming in me, Billy!" She wailed through tight fingers.

To celebrate the sticky juice my pee pee poured into Tara’s unprotected puss, I stuffed my prick all the way up it. More cum boiled upon her deepest recess. Then I pinched her stiff nipples, like she wanted.

"Mmgghhlllbbblll!" The snack counter lady shrieked from an intense orgasm! If her hands weren’t jammed in her mouth, everyone in adjacent cars would have heard her.

I continued to moan, after the last pulse of my young semen drenched it’s soft harbor. My hands fondled her breasts absentmindedly. "I’m sorry, Tara. I couldn’t help myself. You teased me so much!"

She couldn’t talk for a moment, stunned by the flood of cum I had deposited in her cunt. Her hands dropped. "I shouldn’t have, Billy. I-I didn’t realize you could make a baby in me." She returned to hushed speech.

"I told you." I beamed proudly. More humbly, "I did like your teasing for a little bit. It made me cum real hard into you."

Her fingers touched the gooey globs that oozed from our connected sexes. "You came so much!" Tara whispered, a little afraid of it.

Our mutual but different reasons to remain co-joined, her stunned - me expended, lasted a few minutes. Until my worry about Mamma, and her professional responsibility, returned. As I shifted to pull my soft but big and happy penis out of her dripping cum hole, she said, "Jackie will be here soon, to take you back to your mother."

A laugh came through the curtain. "I can hear you." Jacqueline’s voice tinkled like silver bells.

We fumbled for our clothes. Tara didn’t even take time to wipe herself. She yanked up her panties, their leg bands scooping the rivulets of my cooling cum from her thighs to collect in its crotch panel. I gaped at how my baby making juice joined the wetness in her panties, until she pulled on her uniform slacks. She checked to make sure I didn’t forget to zip before pushing out through the curtain. "Hi Jackie. Um, Billy spilled his cocoa, and I offered to clean any spills on him."

I followed out of the nook, to the side of the counter where my ex girlfriend stood. I felt a twinge of sadness, but having made a baby in Tara went a long way towards overcoming greed. I finally accepted that we couldn’t be together after Mamma and I left the train. The beautiful conductor studied me for a second.

"It looks like he spilled more up your sleeve than he did on the floor." She threw a nod at the table where I my drink had toppled .

Tara blushed. I didn’t think it was possible.

"Mamma’s waiting for me." The little sadness in me grew when I told Tara, "Goodbye."

Jacqueline took my hand.

Tara blurted, "Let me make a fresh hot chocolate and coffee, for you and your mom. Please?" She sounded as discontent as I felt.

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Poor Mamma! She hadn't wanted me to help her pack our traveling things. Was she unhappy about how I had touched her in my sleep? Fresh worry pulled me from the glow of orgasm, down into regret. At least I could bring her some coffee. "Yes, thank you Tara. Mamma likes it with cream and sugar."

A smile returned to her face. "That's because your mother loves you, sweetie." She winked. Jacqueline sniggered.

While we waited, she used her walkie-talkie to settle a matter regarding a 'wonky ther-mo-stad', whatever that was. When both cups had been filled and covered with spill proof lids, I ran around the counter and gave Tara a hug.

"Good-bye." I showed her my sadness.

"I'm glad we met. You made this trip very special. Take care, and may you and your mother make a wonderful life, in the city."

Jacqueline, holstered her radio and grasp my hand again. Witholding a grin, she mentioned, "Whose to say he hasn't already, made one, on this train." She took the coffee. I carried my chocolate. It was once again, too hot to drink. As we exited the car, I looked back at Tara and gave her a smile that felt a little false.

"How lovely!" Mamma told us, went we reached our seats. She accepted the coffee. "Thank you for all the time you've spent with Billy."

"Thank you, for not suing AmTrak!" Jacquline quipped.

Mom sipped her coffee with a slight smile. "I'll settle for these drinks."

"I'm needed as we pull into the station." Jacqueline leaned down and kissed my cheek. "Make your mother proud, Billy. You overcame a few obstacles these last couple days. However much you enjoyed the rewards, it's how you earned them, the choices you made and actions you took, that will turn you into the man you will become."

Jacquline left us, to do her job. The train was slowing.

"It was a pleasure to meet you and your boy, Faun." Mrs. Guthrie smiled from her seat. She had packed her things.

Mother offered, "I hope your son becomes a great obstetrician, Ellen."

"May yours excel at supporting his business." Her finger tapped her tummy, once, absentmindedly. She pulled it away. "I meant, whatever business Billy chooses." She pointed at Mr. Colkick's watch.

"I'm not so sure, Ellen. I think of Billy as more of a free spirit."

The train ended its journey, and Mamma and I began a new one. Our drinks drunk, and with luggage rolling at the ends of our arms, we threaded our way through the throng at the station. I held tight to her hand.

"I wish we could afford a taxi. Your father is already at work and can't pick us up. We'll have to take the municipal bus."

The bus was crowded worse than the station. We had to stand, facing each other, our luggage stacked on both sides of us. More people from the station pressed in. Mother hugged me to her. "Sorry, Billy, we arrived during rush hour, and it's a long ride to our new neighborhood. I hope you can be patient." My cheek brushed her jacket against the side of her breasts. We stepped between each other's legs, causing her thigh to contact my soft groin and my hip contacted hers.

I tried not to think about how warm Mamma felt against me. I still regretted touching her in my sleep. I looked around. There was only two other children on the bus. One was a boy, younger than me, sitting on his father's lap at the back of the bus. The other was a teen aged girl, standing a few people away, tapping on a phone.

The boy glanced at me, then at my mom. Without saying it, his mouth went, "Wow." I wondered where his mom was. His daddy held the boy as warmly as Mamma held me. A stray thought came to me. Could a daddy teach his child the way Mamma had taught me about relieving a hard penis?

It was then I realized, the thought wasn't a stray at all. My pee pee had begun to grow against Mamma's thigh.

The doors closed and the bus roared into traffic, jostling and rocking our bodies together.


I hoped Mamma hadn't noticed. I wasn't very hard, yet, but I worried that if she did notice, she might get upset. She hadn't liked me touching her boob, in my sleep. However, her hug had caused my face to press against one, and she didn't seem to mind. It was best to play it safe, I decided.

Sometime after I began to get erections, I discovered I could forestall them, by thinking about something else.

"Mamma, what will our new house be like?" I asked and tried to turn my body to separate my groin from her thigh. I wasn't strong enough against the other people piled into the bus. I did ease some of the pressure on my pee pee.

"Houses in the city are too expensive, even to rent, Billy. Your father found a two room apartment in a poor part of the city." When mother said, "poor", I could tell she wasn't happy about that, although she was trying to sound upbeat. "Actually, the new place is only a little smaller than our house, and we got rid of several things before moving. It should feel just as cozy."

The bus jolted to a stop, causing me to bump into Mamma. I immediately asked, "Are we poor?"

"Poorer than some - richer than others, Billy. Actually, we could afford a little more, but your Father and I want to build our savings, in case our family grows. So we're cutting out all unnecessary expenses. I will be looking for some work that I can do at home."

"I don't want you to work." I pouted. The bus started moving again, separating us briefly. My penis remained semi-soft.

"Hah!" Mother chuckled. "As if cleaning up after you and your father isn't work."

"I'll clean more, Mamma. What if I found work, instead of you?"

"What do you imagine doing? The city isn't like our old neighborhood. There aren't lawns to mow or paper routes. Even washing cars is out of the question, without outdoor faucets and hoses."

"I'll sell lemonade." I tried. The bus lurched, tipping everyone forward and backward. My pee pee bumped Mamma's thigh again and got a little harder.

"Five small lemons probably cost a dollar or more. That's how much you'll pay to make one glass of lemonade. How much would you charge a customer for it?"

"Ten dollars!" I burst.

"Would you pay that much for a glass of lemonade? Our neighbors won't have that kind of money."

My enthusiasm plummeted. Mother only made lemonade when we had guests and not even then sometimes.

She hugged me closer. "It'll be okay." She kissed the top of my head. "I would never accept work that might take me away from you."

The last thing I needed, in that hot bus, was a kiss from Mamma. My penis grew almost hard. The bus halted. My pee pee banged into her thigh. Some passengers exited. Some boarded. The brief reduction, let me turn my groin away. She couldn't feel it anymore. However, as new people forced their way on board, they caused my hip to push into the crotch of mother's dress. We lurched forward, and my hip banged her there.

"Nngh." Mother masked her sound as a polite cough. "I'm sorry, Billy. I never imagined a bus could get this crowded. Are you okay?" She reached down and patted my hip, to check. "I'll understand, if you're feeling any, um, discomfort. It's my fault, if so."

Had she noticed my nearly erect state before I turned?


Gosh, if she had, I hoped she thought it was a lollipop or a roll of Necco wafers. I should have felt more relaxed, now that my erection wasn't touching her, but my worries multiplied, as I reflected on where we were about to live.

"Mamma, are poor people dangerous?" I looked up at her. "In the movies, they are sad or robbing people."

For some reason, Mother squirmed, before answering, as if she wanted to disengage her groin from my hip. I didn't understand, because she didn't have to worry about getting a big hard on. "N-no, Honey, that's not true. Those are just stories. You don't believe in fairies, do you, but you like fairy tales?"

"I like the heroes more than the fairies." I grumbled, not convinced. The bus rolled over a bump or a pothole. We were nearly thrown off our feet. Mother's crotch fell squarely on my hip, and she cried out through clenched teeth.

"Mommy?" My other worries fled. "Did I hurt you?"

She winced, then replied. "It's my fault, Billy. You're perfect. I just need a little room to shift into a more comfortable position." She struggled against the mob of passengers but barely budged.

That's when I knew I had hurt her. I shouldn't have turned my hard penis away from her thigh! I began to cry. To mask the real reason, I blurted. "I don't want to live with poor people."

"Billy, it'll be fine. The truth is, poor people have more reason to be nice to each other, to help one another. They are reliably more generous and supportive to people even poorer than them."

The bus turned a sharp corner. Instead of bumping her groin, my hip ground into it. Mother closed her eyes and repressed a groan of discomfort."

I confessed through my tears, "I'm sorry, Mamma, I don't want to hurt you."

"But you're not-" Mother started. The bus halted at its next stop, hurling us together. She grunted, unhappily.

This time, I anticipated the brief freedom of movement, as passengers exited and entered.


It was a little frightening to turn away from Mother, but the only way to be sure of not hurting her was to give her my back. I managed to spin around before new passengers pressed my bum against where her thighs met her bum.

The crazy thing is, Mamma had the same idea. She turned her back to me, in that moment of wiggle room. This left me feeling isolated in a crush of strangers. My head was filled with fears about where Mommy and Daddy and I were going to live and the people who lived there. I didn't dare make eye contact. The bus lurched forward, jostling me against the person before me. I couldn't help but look. It was the teenage girl!

As passengers had left and entered, she had been shoved closer. Her hair was half blue, half orange. She wore granny glasses, a nose stud, earrings that looked like eyeballs, a ragged denim jacket, a pink t-shirt with the words, "Not a lesbo. Just hates men.", a puffy skirt of alternating black and white, ruffled layers, and leggings with pictures of Catwoman.

After bumping into her, she looked down at me and sneered. "Watch where you're poking that shit log in your pants, Brat."

My heart nearly stopped! Yet, for some reason, the surge of fear didn't soften my erection. Worse, there was no room to move it away from her!


Words caught in my throat as I struggled to apologize. "S-soorryy!! I-I-I-I-I didn't mean-" I couldn't face her anymore. I looked to my shoes, but all I saw was my pelvis crushed into her layered skirt.

"Aw, you gonna cry, now?" She taunted. "Little perverts grow up to become big perverts. So you better take care of that stupid thing before I call the cops."

My head nearly exploded from shame. I looked at her, terrified. "P-p-please-" My words continued to fumble. "I-I-I can't d-do that here!"

Her face wrinkled with disgust. "Fuck, you think I want you to jerk off? What kind of sicko are you?"

The bus was noisy enough. I begged the universe that Mamma couldn't hear us. I did cry, closing my eyes. The bus rattled and rocked. My hard pee pee kept poking this teenaged super-villain.

"Billy? Is something the matter?" Mamma called back, above the din.


The wicked girl's mouth opened. Was she going to answer for me? I blurted, "IT'S MY FEET, MAMMA!"

The girl's lips returned to sneering.

"What's wrong with them, Honey?"

"How long do we have to stand? They're sore."

"We could get off the bus. So you could rest, at the next stop. Maybe the next bus won't be as crowded."

That would be great, except where would it be? I now imagined the whole city was poor and dangerous, if this horrible girl roamed it freely. I could have kicked myself, for not thinking before speaking.

"At least you're not a snitch, Pervert." The girl's venom eased. This confused me. Did she think she might get in trouble if I told Mamma the real situation?


"Yes please, Mamma, but only if it's safe to leave the bus!" I almost wailed. I decided nowhere could be as troublesome as having my hard wiener bumping into this horrible girl. If only my pee pee would relax, I wouldn't have had to put Mamma in danger.

"Of course it's safe, Billy." Mother sounded a little weary too. She pushed the stop button and told the people ahead of her that we needed to exit the bus.

"Someday, you won't have your Mamma to protect you, Brat." The awful girl lowered her voice as the bus slowed. "You better learn to stand up for yourself, or someone like me will eat you alive."

We halted with a final lurch. The teenager suddenly grinned, thrusting herself against my sore boner, before looking away.

She never looked back. Mamma and I squeezed past other passengers, to disembark with our luggage. The stop was a bare bench, but behind it was an open area of grass. A few trees dotted the small park.

The bus groaned as it lugged itself away.

"Well," Mother's voice lightened. "If we had to get off somewhere, I can't imagine anywhere nicer."

"I'm sorry we have to pay for another bus." I apologized. The park did look like the perfect place to rest.

"Actually, we won't, Billy. Our transfer tickets are good for another two hours. Let's find a place to rest." Mother led me away, along a narrow, paved path. We found a bench next to a public restroom. It was just a single room, sporting symbols for boys and girls. We parked our luggage next to the bench and flopped down on it. "Your feet aren't the only ones sore." She bent down past my lap.

"Oh my, Billy. Was your penis erect the whole time on that bus? I thought I had felt it earlier. You should have told me. I would have made a space more comfortable for you." She sounded sad for me, as she slipped off her shoes and rubbed her feet.

I had hoped my pee pee would soften, once we found a place to sit and relax. I blushed at Mamma's earnest concern for my erection. I then worried it never would soften. Hearing her concern somehow made it harder. I covered my lap with my hands.

"Would you like to use the bathroom, there?" Mother asked gently. "There's some cold cream in my smaller case."

Cold cream? I shivered. That sounded - cold!

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When I didn't respond immediately, a kind smile lit her face. Mamma turned to her smaller suitcase and opened it.

I only hesitated because I didn't know what cold cream was. I would never forget how Mom taught me to masturbate with shortening, but I only used it that one time. Afterwards, She gave me a jar of coconut oil, which she had to replenish every month or two. I was pretty sure that cold cream was to help me jerk off, though sometimes I would do it dry when I didn't want to get my pee pee greasy. (I used a dirty sock to catch my cum.)

The problem was, my erection had lasted so long, and under a range of emotions, I wondered if Mamma thought I was sick. It was a little sore, having rubbed a lot in my pants. Was cold cream a kind of medicine? Why would she carry it in a suitcase, when all the other food we brought had been in a grocery bag? We ate all of that food on the train. None of the sandwiches had cold cream in them, as far as I knew.

Regardless of my worries, I could always rely on Mamma. If she thought I needed cold cream, then I trusted her. The last time I had a bad cold, Mamma had rubbed a goo on my chest. It had had smelled funny but helped me breath better and, though initially cold, it warmed my chest. She had known what to do then.

These thoughts weren't helping my pee pee to soften. I had to more than trust Mamma, I had to submit to her guidance and control. The only thing I feared was sounding dumb. I didn't dare ask outright, what cold cream was, and I didn't want to misuse this medicine, not on my most favorite body part!

Mother plucked a small jar from her valise and offered it to me. "Here you go, Sweetheart."

I bit my lip. "Okay, Mamma, but you have to help put it on."

Her kind smile thinned. She blinked. "I do?"

"Yes, Mamma. I don't want to use it wrong." I settled the matter by standing and taking her hand. Then I headed towards the bathroom.

Before following me, she said. "When you're like this, Billy, I can't refuse." She also paused to drag the cases with us.

It was a small space, but twice as big as the train's. After hauling our luggage inside, I locked the door. A frosted, plastic window in the ceiling allowed just enough light. The walls were bare concrete blocks. It had a small sink and a toilet with a lid and was unadorned except for stains and words scrawled randomly. It had been recently cleaned, I think. The public toilets back home were painted, but I remembered most of them smelling worse. A roll of toilet paper straddled a sturdy bar. The mirror was equally simple, just a square of polished metal above the sink.

I sat on the toilet lid and unfastened my pants. I was only a little shy, presenting my pee pee. It had been seen by a lot women in the past few days, and it felt extra eager to stand out for Mamma. It twitched and bobbed excitedly.

"Goodness, Billy, I didn't realize." Mamma breathed heavily. She knelt on her small suitcase, before me, and opened the jar of cold cream. She had last seen my penis when she taught me how to make it go down. What she didn't realize, she never said. She looked up from my pee pee, with a serious expression. "Please don't tell anyone, about this, Billy. Some people would get the wrong idea."

What could be wrong about a mother helping her son to take care of his erection? I felt a little concern, but to make her feel better, I smiled and nodded. "I won't, Mamma."

Her smile returned but looked a little off. She dipped three fingers in the pearlescent cream and reached out to me. "Are you sure you want this?" She may have meant wanting her to do it, but I was certain about that. I assumed she meant the cold cream.

"Is it going to hurt?" Sometimes medicine stung.

"No, Baby." Her smile turned amused. Carefully, she applied the cold cream to my wobbling shaft. To steady it, her other hand caught and held the tip, while the first smoothed cream up, down, all around. It was cold.

I shivered but more because mother's hand felt terrific against my hard penis!

"Uuuhhh." I sighed.

She released me, after fully coating it. "Okay, Billy, I put it on like you told me." She asked with halting words. "Do you need... Mommy, to do - anything else?"


"Thank you, Mamma." I should have felt proud of a mother who applied medicine to her son's penis, but her hand had stimulated me so much, I wanted her to do more. Should I ask her to? Were mommies suppose to do what the other ladies, who played with my pee pee, did? What did she want?

I remembered she said, "When you're like this, I can't refuse." She must think I'm extra cute, when I ask her about sex stuff. Then I realized, I hadn't asked her. I had wanted her to take charge of applying the medicine, but I'd said she had to put it on. I had made the decision, and she had followed. What was cute about that? I felt a little guilty.

I decided I should risk sounding dumb. "Do you need to make sure it's on right? I don't want to use medicine the wrong way. You told me that some medicines taste good, but I should never eat those, unless you decide I need to."

Mother cocked her head. Her smile grew. "My, my. I didn't realize, Billy. I'm sorry. Cold cream isn't a medicine. It's for cleaning off makeup. I don't use much makeup or very often, but I keep this small jar for when I do."

"Oh." I did feel dumb, but Mamma didn't blame me. She had explained with kindness, like she always did. She even noticed my glum reaction.

"Here, Billy," She put a hand around my white coated, hard pee pee. "I don't want you to ever feel guilty about expressing your desires." She began to rub me, and wonderful sensations flowed from her hand. I later learned that cold cream was to promote smooth skin. Her skin was smoother than any woman I'd touched. I doubt Mamma ever used it for that. Now she was touching my most sensitive place, and the cold cream made her feel even better!

"To be clear, Billy, it's always good to express your desires, but how you express them will determine the kind of man you will become. I'm rubbing your hard penis because I want to express my love for you. I prefer to express it in other ways, hugs, making meals for you and your father, and helping you clean your room. This time is special. I decided to do this."

When I thought of the hugs she gave, and the comforting food she made, and doing my chores alongside her, a powerful feeling grew in my loins as she stroked my pee pee. I wanted that feeling to last forever, but I knew better. Soon my penis would shoot out hot juice that made babies. Only this time it wouldn't make any. That was okay, because Mamma had taught me to masturbate, and while the first time didn't make babies, she had put it to use, in a pie. Did cum have other uses?

Cold cream wasn't for pies. It was for when Mamma cleaned makeup off of her face. Was semen good for that? I should let her decide.

"Mmmmm." I couldn't not moan, as her hand rubbed more quickly. She seemed focused on doing a good job of jerking me. It felt incredible! "Mamma, I don't want to waste my cum. Can it go in the jar, when it comes out?" I pointed at the open vessel resting on the stained concrete floor.

"Huh?" Her head twitched. "Um, I use that on my face, Billy. Is that what you want your seed to be used for?"

"Is that okay?"

Her hand gripped me a little tighter and rubbed a little faster, as if the idea prompted her. "I won't stop you from doing that, if want it to be okay."

"I do, Mamma. I want it to be okay, to spurt my cum in your cold cream jar." I told Mamma, totally confident.

She smiled, but it harbored a shadow of concern. "When you're like that, I can't refuse you." She picked up the jar and held it at an angle in front of my erection that teetered from her steady ministrations.

I'm surprised I didn't cum instantly when she complied. My cock pulsed from a spike of pleasure. "Oooohhhh, Mamma!" I groaned. "This feels so much better when you do it!"

"I'm glad I'm making you feel better. It was wrong of me to stuff you in a crowded bus, where your penis got hard and sore. I want to make up for that, to show my love, Billy." Her hand swept devotedly up and down my cream slick shaft. It pulsed with electric delights! "Take all the time you need to ejaculate. I'll never tire of doing this." Her smile brightened.

"Yes, Mamma, but it won't be long. It feels too good already! It's never felt this good!"

"Just remember, if this happens again, it won't be my choice. There many other ways I want to love you."

I was pretty sure she meant, ways to show her love for me, like mending my pants, but I didn't have time to ponder it. My groin lurched and bucked. My pee pee shoved into Mamma's slick grip as far as it could, and my inner muscles rumbled, launching hot spurts of fresh seed through my prick's sensitive shaft. The first glob burst out and hit the jar's center. More followed, a lot more! My orgasm shot me into orbit, a roar of ecstasy blasting me off, as bolt after bolt of cum flew into Mother's jar. I could hardly see. So many stars filled my vision.

Mother caught every spurt with the little jar of cold cream. Only the last cum, that dribble out of the tip of my pee pee, escaped it. That final, hot cream, ran down my shaft and coated Mamma's hand.

"Thank you, Mamma!" I cried. "I love you too!". My eyes gave tears for her.

Her smile glowed with warmth, for me. "Now, let's clean up, Billy." She freed my perfectly relieved penis. Her other hand set down the refilled jar and unwrapped toilet paper from the metal bar holding it.

Waves of pleasure continued to ripple from my sperm and cold cream coated erection as it softened. Bending, I picked up the jar of mixed cream and used it to scrape the same mix off of me. For some reason I stared at my mother's, similarly coated hand, as she moved to wipe it clean.

When Mamma noticed me carefully saving every drop of my cum. She lifted her gooey hand in front of her. "I did put on a little make up before we left, yesterday. I haven't had time to clean it. She stood. Looking into the crude, metal mirror, she began rubbing cum and cold cream over her face. "This is working really well, Billy. Thank you."

After rinsing and wiping, and making sure I did the same, Mother led me back to the bus stop by the little park that I would never forget.

A large, black man was waiting there. He was a lot taller than Daddy and bigger in every way, except Daddy had a bigger tummy. He wore a brown suit and tie. His hat tilted jauntily on his head, and his brown shoes shined like new cars. "Good morning, Miss." He greeted Mom with a broad smile. I'd never seen teeth so white!

Noticing me, he amended his greeting. "I mean, Ma-am." He chuckled.

"Good morning to you." Mother replied pleasantly. "Do you know when the next bus arrives?"

"My phone said eight minutes, about seven minutes ago."

I looked at my watch. I wondered if it could tell bus times.

The man didn't say anything else, but he would occasionally look at Mom from head to feet. Each time his head shook a little and gave the barest grunt.

Mamma looked only for the bus, but for some reason I worried about the man. I moved between them and hugged Mamma. She patted my head.

I heard the man laugh, just before the bus arrived. Mother let him board first. "May I help with your luggage?" He reached for the largest case but waited for her to answer.

"That's very kind, but my son is more than capable."

"I'm sure, Ma-am. He has a strong spirit about him." He tipped his hat and boarded.

I did have some trouble with the large case, but mother hoisted the smaller ones. She showed our transfers to the driver.

Every seat had been taken. A few people stood in the aisle, but there was plenty of room for Mamma and I and our luggage.

The well dressed man didn't have to reach far to hold the top bar. Mother grabbed a dangling loop, and I latched onto a vertical bar. I wished I was standing between them again, but the cases were piled between us. The bus roared to life and merged into traffic. This one didn't sway as much. I didn't know that was because there were fewer passengers.

Mother looked at me or out the windows. I continued to worry about the man, because he continued to take glances at her.

The bus stopped a few times, to let people off, but it passed a couple stops. It was making much better time than the last bus.

About a mile or two after we had boarded, the black man cleared his throat. "Excuse me, Ma-am. I'll be leaving at the next stop, but I would kick myself if I didn't say something."

Mother tilted her head and looked at him. "Yes?"

"You, Ma-am, have the most beautiful skin I've ever seen. Your face looks like it smiled in a rainstorm. What's your secret?"

"Do you have children, Sir?" Mother asked instead.

"I don't. My wife and I are trying." He grinned a little.

Mother winked back, without blushing. "The love for a child goes a long way, when it's used with a little cold cream."

He laughed. "I'll be sure to tell Mavis." Then he looked steady into Mamma's eyes. "She wouldn't mind if I practiced a little on the side, to help me do her right. I have a lot to give a helpful woman."

"I'll take your implication as a compliment." Mother bowed her head slightly. "May you have a healthy daughter someday. Then you will too will have more than enough love."

The man balked. I didn't know what Mamma was talking about. He looked like he understood her, though. Whatever it was rattled him.

Before speaking, his free hand held a card out to mother, like the one Mr. Colkick had given to me. "If you should change your mind, I would be honored to reflect your beauty in the pleasure I can offer."

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Mother sported a tiny smirk when she looked back at me. "It seems, he and his wife could use some help. What do you think?"

Mamma had never asked such a thing before. I couldn't fathom why or what she really meant. Was she trying to be funny? She had teased friends and family before. I remember her telling Daddy once, after he playfully slapped her bum. "You'll sleep with that hand tonight, Glen." She had given him the same, small smirk. I didn't understand then, but now it made a little more sense.

More importantly, I didn't like how the giant man looked at and talked to Mamma. I wanted to protect her from him, even though she seemed amused, not afraid. I wanted to amuse her. I didn't want anyone else to. If I denied the man, I trusted Mother to deny him too. But what if she was inviting me to join in teasing him. Sharing fun with Mamma was the best! She was only talking about accepting his card, nothing more. We had to get to our new home, but why did she mention his wife wanting to have a baby? That sounded like a bad tease. Making babies is too important to tease about.

I knew how to make babies. Didn't the man? He had said he needed practice. Did Mamma want me to show him how? That could be fun. I loved practicing with the three ladies on the train, but Mamma couldn't know what I did with them. Could she? She had acted awful suspicious after each time.

More worrisome, what if Mamma was actually teasing me? What if she already decided about the offered card and wanted me to squirm. I had just made her do something she normally wouldn't choose. Was this a kind of punishment? Arrrgg!! I had too many thoughts about this!! All I could do, before they thought I was dumb, was to play dumb.

"I dunno, Mamma. You always said it's important to help our neighbors, but we're in the city now."

Mother blinked. Her smirk vanished. "That's true, Billy." She turned to the man. "I'll accept your card, but I can't make any promises."

The bus braked to a stop.

"Of course, I understand." He bowed after Mother took the card. He moved to the middle doors.

Mamma's voice paused him, "You have to promise, to introduce your wife. And I will have my son with me. We're new here. Good neighbors don't necessary live nearby."

He tipped his hat. "Ma-am, I swear you will not regret being our neighbors." He exited the bus, jauntily.

"I can't swear the same." Mother's voice softened. She bent and kissed my forehead. "You're very mature to remind Mommy to be a good neighbor."

I hugged her.

Our new, poor side of the city didn't look anything like poor neighborhoods in movies or internet shows. The street had only a couple patches. The buildings were older, but not dirty looking. They were built of nice brick and stone. A few, tall wooden houses stood here and there, looking only a little dilapidated. One of them looked a little creepy. Another had been freshly painted with beautiful colors. Mother called them Victorians. "This area is just beginning to be gentrified." She explained, "Made nice again for people who aren't as poor."

We were walking from the bus stop to our new home. "And it's not dangerous?"

"Not any more than where we lived before, Billy. Most cities have less crime than rural towns."

"That's right, Ms. Androni." A woman about Mom's age stood before a door at the top of a half flight of steps.

"You must be Mrs. Abbey." Mother smiled at her. She told me, "She's the realtor who helped your father find our new house. She has the keys, because your father has to work."

"Hello." The lady smiled. "Call me, Charlotte." Not as tall as Mamma, Mrs. Abbey wore a tan, dress suit and white pumps. She carried a folded case for a computer tablet. On her left arm was a watch like mine. She looked a little heavier than Mamma, but mostly in her hips and chest.

"Hi, Mrs. Abbey." I waved with my watch hand.

"You're very kind to take time to meet us, Charlotte." Mother strode up the stairs and shook her hand. "Faun."

I guarded our luggage.

"It's no trouble. Actually, your husband's company is paying for my services."

"He didn't tell me."

"My husband wouldn't tell me the balance on his credit cards. So I kicked him to the curb." Charlotte laughed.

"Glen doesn't have that option." Mother grinned. "Either of them."

"He seems very in love with you."

Mother blushed, I think. It was hard to see her face from the sidewalk. I began to carry luggage up the steps.

"Let me help."

The three of use managed them in one trip. Mrs. Abbey unlocked the main door and led us to the second floor, up a full fight of stairs. Our new home was apartment 248. As mother had described, it had two rooms, but the main room was much bigger than any in our old house.

"There's not much to say, except all utilities including waste and internet are included in the rent. This is the kitchen/dining/living room. That door leads to the bedroom. The other is the bathroom. It also has a door to the bedroom. The movers have left their receipts on the counter. They did set up the bed for you. However, the ISP people won't be here until tomorrow. I placed a set of keys for each of you, on the counter as well.

"Mr. Wimbley (my father's last name) was sleeping on his used clothes, until yesterday." Charlotte whispered to mother. "I ran them through the washers and driers in the laundry room, downstairs. They're folded in a corner of the bedroom."

"Why thank you, Charlotte! I must reimburse you. Mother opened her purse.

"Thank you, no. I'll bill it to your husband's firm. It's nothing compared to my locating fee." Her eyes sparkled.

"Still, we should reward you somehow-"

Mother's phone rang. She answered. "Yes, Dear?" It must be Father.

I missed him a little, but to give Mamma some privacy, I walked up to Mrs. Abbey. "You're nice."

"It's Billy?" She asked.

I nodded. "Are poor people safe here?"

Mrs. Abbey cocked her head. "What an odd question. Actually, this is a very safe neighborhood. There's a police and fire station near the middle school. Is that where you'll be going when classes begin?

"I think so."

"There's nothing to be afraid of, Billy." Her eyes softened. Her hand reached up. She stopped herself. "I have a daughter your age, but we live across town."

"Are you rich?"

"Not really. At least, I can't afford to live where rich people live in the city."

"Where's that?"

"Central Heights." The name meant nothing to me.

"Oh my." Mother put her phone in her purse. "I'm so sorry, Charlotte, but could I ask a huge favor of you?"

Mrs. Abbey smiled. "Not too huge."

"Of course. It seems Glen mailed the mover's check to the wrong address. I need to run over to their office and write a new check. Fortunately, we picked one close by."

"It's okay. I would drive you and Billy, but I took the bus. I'm an advocate of mass transit. I do own a car. I just didn't think I'd need it today."

"Oh," Mother sighed. "You wouldn't be willing to look after Billy, would you? He'll slow me down, and if I don't get to the mover's office quick, they'll close. They're a small outfit, and their movers double as admin. It's one of those internet boutique businesses. I'd transfer the money, but as you said, the net won't be installed until tomorrow.

I frowned when Mamma implied I was a burden.

Mrs. Abbey brightened. "I would be delighted to spend time with your young man. We were just getting to know each other." She grinned at me.

"Are you sure?" Mother repeated. "He can be a handful." What she said, made me appreciate her beautiful face, for some reason.

"I have nearly two hours before I need to take the bus to pick up my daughter from school."

"I'm sure to return before then. It's just a few blocks away."

"Go then. Billy and I will be fine. We'll look through your boxes for a game to occupy our time, if needed."

Mother calmed at that. Did I see a flash of caution cross her expression. "Sure." She turned, grabbed a set of keys from the counter, and dashed out. "Thank you!"

When the front door shut behind her, I was left standing in a strange house with a stranger. I shuffled two steps away from Mrs. Abbey.

Her smile straightened at my retreat. "If you want, you can forget I'm even here, Billy." She went to the counter that separated the kitchen from the main room and sat on a metal stool. She took out her tablet case and unfolded it. I guessed it connected to the net like a phone.

I felt more alone. There were many boxes in the main room. I had seen some in the kitchen too. I recognized the ones I had packed my stuff in. I wanted to see were Dad had been. So I peeked into the bedroom for signs of him.

Mom and Dad's comforter had been thrown haphazardly across the bed. Two bare pillows rested against the headboard.

"I am here, Billy." Mrs. Abbey giggled from the other room. "If you need me."

On the far side of the bed, I found two open boxes. One was labeled, Toys. In that box was an older, oblong box with the title, "Magic Wand." In little print it said, "Battery powered."

I knew what it was and how it was used. Just last year, Mother had read "Harry Potter" to me.


I hoped it was a present for me, maybe to help me feel better after moving. I felt guilty looking at it, in case it was suppose to have been a surprise, until I noticed the flap at one end was slightly torn. The box was also dented in the opposite corner. Had they bought it at a thrift store? Was there even a magic wand inside? Mom and Dad often reused boxes for presents. I had to find out.

Lifting the box out of the box revealed half of a magazine. The other half was obscured by a open shoe box with black, high heels. The magazine's title was "PLAY-", and it showed an almost naked man wearing a bowler hat and shorts made from a British flag. Two lines next to him said, "Gentlemen by D-", and "Ruffian at N-" I thought it was dumb and didn't bother with it.

The box in my hand was heavier than I expected for a slim length of wood. Hope sank, but maybe there was a puzzle or something else fun, that I could play with Mamma or Mrs. Abbey. I stopped myself. I shouldn't be prying, especially if this toy was meant to be a surprise, but I was so curious I shook the box for a clue.

A heavy length of plastic pushed through the torn end flap of the box and plopped on my parent's bed. I yipped at my mistake.

"You okay in there?" Mrs. Abbey called from the main room. The door between us was open, but she couldn't see me.

"I'm okay, Mrs. Abbey. I saw a spider." Actually, I like spiders, but girls are always afraid of them.

"Well, don't hurt it, and it won't hurt you." She didn't sound worried. Probably because she was an adult. She'd made me feel like a baby. I focused on the wand.

What had spilled out, was roughly wand shaped. It even had the words "Magic Wand" printed across its plastic. One end was shaped for a hand, the other was a wide, bulbous length of softer plastic. What a dumb present! Even if it had been a real, Harry Potter wand, I knew it wouldn't make real magic. It was just make believe.

I chided myself. Mother once told me that anything could be a toy if you used your imagination. Suddenly, it all made sense. It wasn't a present. It was Mamma's! She must use the wand with her imagination. Daddy didn't like Harry Potter, but he did take us to one of the movies. That gave this strange wand a whole new appeal!

I gripped the narrow end and waved the heavy wand. "Epoximise!" I aimed it at the torn corner of the wand's box and pretended the spell mended it. Holding and moving the wand was awkward, but I didn't care. I was Harry Potter! Like him, I imagined being summoned to a better life than my poor one. I wanted to save Mamma and Daddy from their continuing struggle to make a living. I honestly believed I could, if I studied hard and got good grades and made lots of money.

"Harry Potter?" Mrs. Abbey asked. A chair moved in the other room. "My daughter and I love Harry Potter!" Then she was standing in the doorway. "Oh, my!" A big smile crossed her face when she saw me with the wand.

I felt suddenly foolish. The wand in my hand drooped.

"Aw, don't let me spoil your fun." Mrs. Abbey's smile frowned a little. "Let me think..." Her eyes lifted from me. "Epoximise is the spell that glues things together?"

"Golly, you must like Harry Potter." I brightened. I once went online to a fan site, to learn the spells.

She chuckled. "The things parents pick up from our children." She asked. "What spell are you going to cast next?" A sly smile sprouted when she looked at Mamma's wand. Did she have one too?

Her question turned, what would have been a one-time pretend, into a game. I thought quickly. "Cantis!" I aimed the wand at Mrs. Abbey.

She blinked. "Wait. I know that one." She took two breaths before singing, "The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the pla-ain!"

I didn't know her song, but she made me giggle. She laughed too.

Then I cast, "Tarantallegra!" and waved the heavy wand at her. Mrs. Abbey thought for a second, before she started dancing in the doorway.

"That's a mean spell, Billy. It'll make me dance until you stop it." She didn't sound angry, though. She kept dancing, wild and silly.

I laughed, but I didn't want to be mean. I waved the wand. "Finite!" I declared.

Mrs. Abbey stopped dancing. "Whew!" She breathed heavily. "Already out of breath." She chided herself. "I need to find a man who'll take me dancing. Haven't done that in ages." She smiled at me. "You know, Harry Potter is about how a good boy turns into a great man.

"What kind of man do you want to become, Billy?"


"I want to be rich and successful. So I can buy Daddy a fancy car and Mamma a big house. I want to be a great man, loved by everyone, and have a beautiful girlfriend and then a beautiful wife." Adults always laughed when I told them I would be rich. Mrs. Abbey simply nodded. "You have to know what you want before you can achieve it. Your confidence is a powerful asset. Don't let anyone discourage it."

The nice lady came to me and sat on the bed. She asked, sincerely, "What stops most people from becoming rich or powerful, like you want? In this city, only a very few people can afford to live in Central Heights. Do you know why?"

I stood idling my fingers on the magic wand. "I want it more than them!"

"You're not wrong, Billy." She pressed her lips together. "You see, there's not enough money and toys and women to make every man rich and great. You have to take what you want before someone else can. I became a realtor because it lets me find houses that I can buy and sell for a profit, before anyone else. Sure, I have to work for other people when housing prices stagnate, and I had to work for other people, for a long time, before I could flip my first house, but now I have a reputation that is as valuable as my investments."

I didn't understand, completely. But Mrs. Abbey sure sounded like she knew how to get rich. I grinned. "Oh, so if I married you, I would get your riches before any other man could!"

She laughed, then. "As funny as your idea is, Billy, the world still works that way. Marriage can be a way to get rich." She cleared her throat. "Actually, that's not certain, but if you have kids, you're more likely to get a lot of your wife's money." Then she grinned. "I'm safe from you, at least. I'm old and not beautiful. So you wouldn't want to marry me."

"You're pretty." I blurted. I did like her bigger chest and hips. She had a nice face too. "I made a baby with a lady who is older than you." My penis stirred in my pants, from remembering how much Mrs. Guthrie wanted my cum. "But you can't tell my Mom."

Mrs. Abbey's faced blanked. She looked at me as if I had turned into a frog. "You shouldn't tell lies like that, Billy." Her hands fidgeted on her lap.

"I'm not lying, Mrs. Abbey. My pants got torn on the train, and a nice old lady sewed them, but my pee pee got stiff, and she helped me take care of it, twice. The second time, I made a baby with her." The stirring in my pants had become a hardness, but it didn't poke out yet.

The woman's hand reached to her collar and tugged it. "Um, I don't believe you, Billy." Her face reddened.

"If I made a baby in you, would you believe me?" The idea of doing it with her did make my erection poke out behind my pants.

"Don't be - silly." She hesitated. Her eyes spotted the tent in my shorts but quickly looked away. "Little boy's don't do that."

"I'm not a little boy." I pouted and raised my magic wand. "I'm Harry Potter!" I waved the heavy thing and cast, "Erecto!" aiming it at my pants.

Her eyes darted back to my groin. "Oh, my goodness!" Something changed in her eyes. The sparkles in them glazed over. They waited obediently, and she asked. "Are you going to use your magic to make a baby in me?"


There weren't any spells to make babies, in Harry Potter. There were plenty to get close enough! If Mrs. Abbey continued to go along with the game. I felt bold enough to find out. Maybe at some point, I could use my other wand and its magic!

Once more, I hoisted the heavy wand. "Relashio." I aimed it at the computer tablet she was holding.

She didn't blink for a couple seconds, until her hand released the expensive device. It fell to the carpeted floor, protected by it's folding case. She looked a little cross. "Careful, Billy. Let's not get carried away. I have to be responsible for you. That's top on my mind."

Which meant, she was just playing, possibly not really interested in making a baby. I almost gave up, wondering if there was a better game in a box with my stuff. Then, I remembered a spell that would decide for me. I took my time, waving the wand in intricate patterns around the lady sitting on my parents' bed. She watched me keenly, anticipating. I mumbled and hummed for effect, until I pronounced, "Confundo!" And stabbed the heavy wand in the direction of her head.

Her eyebrows lifted upon recognizing Confundo. "Oh, my." Her eyes lit up. "Billy," The lids fluttered, and her head twirled a little. "I-I'm feeling odd, confused. What were we talking about?"

"Making a baby." I reminded her. I resumed waving the wand, as if to prolong the spell.

"Oh. That's right. Isn't it?" She gave me a quick wink, but continued to tilt her head in circles. A thin smile took to her lips.

I stepped closer and touched the thick end of the wand to her chest. "Revelio." I spoke confidently.

She nodded, as if she had been expecting that spell. Then she pulled her arms out of her suit jacket and tossed it beside her on the bed.

"Revelio." This time I poked the belly of her white, shirt-blouse. She unbuttoned it slowly, her head swaying, her fingers sometimes fumbling. She sure had big boobs. I was reminded when her dark blue bra revealed. My pee pee twitched into an uncomfortable hardness confined in my shorts.

I stepped in front of her and pointed the wand at my shorts. "Revelio." I commanded.

She gasp, understanding what I wanted. Her hands grasp the top of my shorts and unbuttoned it. Then she unzipped and pulled them down my legs. Usually, my erection would have popped out through the slit in my underwear, but it had hardened to one side. It bulged out behind flannel.

Mrs. Abbey stared. Her mouth opened for deeper breaths. She looked up. "Are you hairy, Billy?" She smiled.

Harry? By then I didn't care what she called me. I touched the wand to the middle of her lap and cast, "Revelio."

She unzipped her suit pants and stood slightly, to pull them down to her white pumps. "I can't control myself, Billy. Your magic is too powerful for me." She sounded as if she needed to hear that.

"You are in my power, now, Mrs. Abbey." I set the soft bulbous end of the wand against her belly button. "Titillando." I giggled.

"Uh-" She almost gasp, but a grin crossed her face instead. Mrs. Abbey, explained softly, "Billy, that wand is special. To use Titillando, you have flip the switch. She waited.

Switch? I looked at the wand, twisted it around a little. Oh. I noticed a slider that was flush in the middle of the shaft. Stupid designers, making important things almost invisible. I pushed it forward, one notch of three. The wand almost lept out of my hand, buzzing and rattling. I gripped it with all my strength, accidentally pressing it into her tummy.

"Mmmmm! That's how it really works, Billy. That wand is made for Titillando. It tickles women and makes us weak." She pushed her naked belly against the device agitating the indent there. "But, it works better when used on certain other places." She grinned. "Can you guess where?" She swung her feet onto the bed and lay down, opening her thick legs and exposing the crotch panel of her dark blue panties.

I almost missed it. My eyes kept darting to her huge bra. I began to count the places that might be especially sensitive to the tickling wand.


"I want you to." Mrs. Abbey said with her full, blushing lips. I remembered how the ladies on the train gurgled with delight when they sucked on my pee pee. Playfully, I lifted the buzzing wand and touched her cheek, intending to swipe it across her mouth. "Titillando!"

Before I could, she turned her head and started licking the vibrating, soft rubber. "Mmmm, I wish I were licking something more real." She grinned up at me. She gave the wand fat kisses. I giggled too, when my penis lurched at her meaning.

I wasn't sure I had time to do both things with my real wand. When Mamma returned, was anybody's guess. So I moved down, and waved the wand over Mrs. Abbey's chest. "Revelio!" I let the wand touch the tip of a bra cup. She shivered. "Mmmm, I agree. My tits should be naked for it." She reached behind her and unclasp the dark blue undergarment. She pulled it down her waist and wriggled her chest.

Two fat boobs spilled out, not as pert as my mom's but quite a bit bigger. I delighted at their reveal, so much so, I almost forgot the buzzing tool I held above her. I wanted to taste her nipples, like I had Mrs. Guthrie's.

"I swear, you're going to drool on them." She kidded. "That might feel nice too."

Repressing my first instinct, I shook the wand at her chest. "Titillando!" Then I buzzed one nipple with the fat end. The whole boob jiggled like water struck with a stone. "Oooooommmmm." She moaned.

I tickled the other nipple. She moaned louder. "I wish you could stimulate both at the same time, Billy!"

My face lowered, before I knew it. My mouth opened and sucked in a now erect nipple, while I diddled her other tit with the magic wand. "Mmmmm." I licked the tip in my mouth.

"Ohhh, yes, Billy. That feels wonderful!" Her hands clawed at her panties. She was getting ready.

Mrs. Abbey shucked her panties down her legs. "If only you had another wand, Billy. I need more!"

I pulled my face from her rubbery tip, and lifted the wand. I climbed onto the bed and aimed the magic at my warm underwear. "Revelio!"

Mrs. Abbey lifted her arms and grasp my boxers. She pushed them free of my hard pee pee. "That's the wand I want you to use between my legs. I want all of its magic, Billy."

"Oh, Mrs. Abbey, I want that too!" I gasp. I scooted over her knees and aimed my erection at the hairy nest I knew contained her hole for me, but I hadn't made a baby with a woman lying down, before. I was suddenly afraid of doing it wrong, or hurting her. "I'm not sure of the right spell." I confessed.

"Make me put it in, Billy. I dream of young boys using magic against me. I couldn't believe my luck when you started this game!" She thought for a second. "Use the spell, Slutus Obedtiam."

That spell wasn't on the website. I had to believe she knew more spells. She was so enthusiastic! I lifted the magic wand from her breasts and waved it around her midriff. "Slutus Obedtiam!"

"Yes, Master. I ache to obey!" She grasp my hard peter and drew it into her hairy cleft. She pressed it between two very wet folds of skin until my pee pee tip touched a round depression behind them. I knew that feeling. Without waiting for her, I hunched my hips forward, driving myself into her hot tunnel. Her wetness spurted out around my penetrating shaft. It felt amazing! I began fucking my dick in and out of her puss.

"Oh, Billy, you're really good at this, like a real man!" She started to hump up against my strokes. "How do you want your obedient slut to serve you, Master, while you fuck me?"


Boy! Billy thought, Mrs. Abbey sure liked magic to make her do sex stuff! She talked all kinds of dirty. He knew it wasn't real magic, but the buzzing wand was an empowering surprise for him. He kept it tickling the dark buds of her boo- "Titties." He laughed and rocked his peter in and out of the woman lying under him.

"Do you like my titties, Billy? Your magic wand makes them all hard and tingly!" She lifted her arms and grasp the sides of her breast, pushing them together. So the vibrating head could tickle both of them.

"Yeah, Mrs. Abbey! I like it when you say the bad words."

"You mean, like how you're fucking poor little me with your hard, boy cock?"

His balls tightened, hearing her cuss. He frowned though. "Boys don't do what I can do. It's not a boy's, uh, peter." He couldn't say the other word, when there was even the tiniest chance of being overheard. He lifted the wand and circled it over her face.

She frowned at the loss of sensation against her pert nipples. The first wave of delight from submitting to the child, paused. He didn't like to be called a boy, she realized.

"Slutus Obedtiam!" He ensorcelled her again.

"Yes, Master! You cock is better than that. I'm sorry. Punish me, but please don't stop fucking me! I need your hot, man prick slithering in my cunt. It makes me feel so good!" She wasn't exactly sure what Billy meant by 'what his dick could do.' It was very hard and filled her nicely. She'd had been with a few men who couldn't match his manhood. Most of her lovers had been well equipped.

In the future, Billy's would only get bigger, she imagined. For now, she overflowed with joy from acting out her most erotic fantasy, being controlled by magic. "I love how you plow my hot pussy with your big, strong cock, Master! I beg you. Use the wand on my hard nipples again, please?" She managed to push the tips together for maximum effect.

Billy liked being called, "Master." It made him feel powerful over this buxom and big assed adult. She had even invited him to punish her for underrating his dick. In truth, he knew he was a boy, but he wanted to be a man so bad, he felt he should punish her. But spanking her would be awkward. He would have to pull out and turn her over to swat her ass with his hand. His pee pee felt too good to stop rutting in and out of her slimy slit!

Then he remembered. She hadn't liked losing Titillando on her boobies. He held the quivering, heavy wand above her. Now Mrs. Abbey begged him to vibrate them more. He giggled, thinking of an even worse punishment, if less enjoyable for him. But what he foreswore in the short term, he would enjoy twice as much later. Billy's mom had taught him that patience, used wisely, could reap much greater rewards.

She use to offer him one chocolate chip cookie. She would put it on his plate at the beginning of dinner. She told him, if he saved the cookie for dessert, and he ate all of his vegetables, she would give him two more cookies! It was a lesson he learned fast. In recent days, his mother had begun to give him anything he wanted. So long as he asked nicely. He began to wonder if there was another reason, other than helping him transition to a new home far away.

He decided to put patience to the test. "I'm punishing you now." He laughed and pulled his hot penis out of her boiling snatch.

Mrs. Abbey gasped, with pretend fright. "No, Billy! Not that! I need you to fuck me! You were going to make me cum so hard!" She hadn't been that close, but she had been enjoying his fucking more than any should could remember. "Please, take pity on your slut, Master!"

"Titillando!" Billy giggled. He thrust the wand, head first down between her legs, thinking the buzzing would tickle but not scratch the itch his erection had been satisfying.

"OOHH!!" Charlotte cried out when the vibrating, soft head contacted her clit. An orgasm burst out of nowhere, shooting stars across her eyes and flaming her mind with ecstasy! "Billy! I'm cumming!!!" The idea of Titillando used directly against her clitoris, was too much for her magic fantasy.

The boy's jaw fell open from astonishment. His first slut slave had cum from Titillando buzzing against her crotch! He had no idea that was possible. What other surprises awaited him, and how long would his patience hold out? It was like Mrs. Abbey had become a toy he could play with however he wanted.


The sudden orgasm surprised Charlotte Abbey as much as it had Billy. She frequently used a vibrator on her clit, to cum oh so good, but usually it would have taken longer. The boy had been so masterful, employing 'Titillando', she swooned from his taking command. How much did he know about Dominance and Submission? The boy was already better than several of her occasional lovers. The question languished while she enjoyed the intense feelings washing through her body. Billy simply gaped.

After sexual delight dropped from its peak, she had to know the truth about Billy's knowlege. She tested, "Did you mean to make me cum, Master?"

"I didn't know that would happen." Billy admitted.

"Then I've been naughty, again." Charlotte explained, "A slut slave isn't suppose to cum, until her master lets her."

"Oh." Billy's dick understood what she meant, before he did. It twitched, eager to fuck the nice lady some more. "Does that mean I have to punish you?"

"A slut slave never decides what their Master should do." She couldn't help but smile. It seemed the boy had only been following her lead. He had done it so well, she believed Billy had an aptitude for being a Master. "Many slaves will act up, if their Master doesn't take a firm hand with them. Some might even throw a tantrum. I'm not very good at being a slave, but I really like you being my master."

That didn't sound good. How could he fuck the arousing Mrs. Abbey if she acted up? "I think you have to turn over and let me spank your big behind, M-, um, Slut." Billy felt brave enough to call her that.

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry I came before you let me. But please don't spank me. I'll be good, next time."

Billy was confused. "Uh, okay. I want to make a baby in you, before Mom gets back." He started to straddle the prone woman.

Charlotte expected he might not understand her contrary statements. She was prepared to reinforce what she needed from him. "If that's what you want, but I'm feeling kinda surly. I should dress. After all, I've already cum, really big too. Maybe I don't need your cock any more." Once again, she winked at the boy.

Confusion turned to frustration, almost. When she winked, Billy knew she was still playing a game. He guessed what he had to do. Waving the wand, he commanded her with the voice his PE coach used at his old school. "Slutus Obedtiam!"

He put the big head of the wand against her mouth. "No talking, Slut. You have obey!"

Mrs. Abbey opened her mouth as wide as she could, to accept the soft intrusion, as much as she could, but it was too big. It's buzzing made her teeth rattle. She nodded to indicate capitulation.

"Now turn over. I have to punish you."

Her mouth fell away from the thick, vibrating head, when she rolled to present her naked ass. The boy learned quickly.

Billy giggled at how easily Mrs. Abbey accepted his command. Only, now he had to actually spank her. He had never spanked anyone before. To cover for hesitating, he told her. "You've been bad."

"Yes, Master. Thank you for-" Smack! "OH!"

"I said, no talking." Billy blurted when his hand swatted Mrs. Abbey's soft, wide butt! His hand and voice acted faster than his will. The boy was more frustrated than he realized. His hard pee pee didn't want to wait. He needed her to be a good slut, right away.

The unconscious action broke Billy's hesitation to spank the big assed woman. She needed this! Billy swatted her fat butt again, harder. SMACK!


He didn't know how to react to her outcry. It didn't sound like he was hurting her, but he had told her to stop talking. Was an 'OW' talking? He decided to let her voice her punishment. That way he would know if he went too far. He spanked her again. SWAT!


That made him giggle. It sounded more like she was having fun, than being punished. Billy was of two minds. He liked playing with Mrs. Abbey. At the same time, his hard peter, unexpectedly, didn't mind waiting to make a baby, if he could spank her. That he could enjoy punishing a slut as much as making a baby, was new, and very exciting! He beat her with both hand, one after another.


"OH, Oh, OW, ... Ouch!" That last blow did hurt. He kept hitting the same spot on her ass, making it red and sensitive. Mrs. Abbey had to rethink what she was teaching the boy. She'd been hurt worse, consensually, but Billy was still young. Maybe she shouldn't push him too far into another of her favorite fantasies.

"Billy-" SWAT!

"No talking." He struck her three more times. The red spot on her ass began to darken, but his arms were getting tired. The boy had been ready to stop, until she called his name.

"OWW!" The three blows rained on the sore spot. She tried shifting her ass, but now that the boy had a target, he didn't relent or miss. SWAT! SMACK!

"Bad Slut." His arms were really tired. SMACK! SMACK! And his hands were sore.

"OOOWWW!" Charlotte cried out. His hands were now, actually punishing her!

The exhausted boy had to stop. "Are you going to be a good Slut now?"

Charlotte honestly didn't know if she should answer or keep silent. It kinda turned her on.

When Mrs. Abbey didn't reply, Billy barked. "Answer me."

"Yes, Master, this slut wants to be good. Thank you for punishing me."

"I need to make a baby in you. Lift up your bottom." Billy's dick vibrated as fast as the abandoned, magic wand, jittering beside his slut. He needed his pee pee back in her puss right away! There wasn't time to fuck her like he had started, on top of her front. He was more experienced with making a baby from behind, anyway.

"Please, Master." Her weight shifted into her fat tits as she raised her butt to the level of the boy's cock. He stood with his knees, upon the firm mattress.

Billy shuffled between Mrs. Abbey's legs and fisted his pee pee into her hairy, thick lips. His tip told him, she was very wet.

"This slut begs you to use your magic wand to make her pregnant!" Charlotte pretended. The boy was probably too young to cum. If he could, it wasn't very likely they would conceive. Her last period had ended just a few days ago.

When the boy's prick found her inner hole, he rushed to stick it deep inside! The plunging shaft sparked fires in their loins.

"Aaaaaahhh!" It felt so good! They both sighed. Billy immediately pumped his randy erection in and out of Mrs. Abbey's hot pussy. She cooed from his urgent fucking hard cock. "Ohhh, Billy!"

"I love fucking you, Mrs. Abbey!"

So much for dominance and submission, the hot assed woman smiled. Perhaps in the future, she could give young Billy another lesson. She had heard that the bottom must sometimes top the top. Today, that wisdom had been vital for making her come harder than ever before. Already, she could feel body glowing - near to bursting. This one was going to be a doozy!

Billy too felt his loins tense up from the incredible sensations his humping peter dug out of Mrs. Abbey's hairy slit. Her juices squirted up the stiff shaft, each time it pounded deep. He was going to cum faster than ever. That was good, he figured. Spanking the slut slave had made him desperate to fuck. All he wanted was to shoot lots of cum, as soon as possible, into the special hole that was built to use it.

"I love how your fucking me so hard with your real, magic wand! Making babies with you is the best!"

"I'm gonna cum soon, Mrs. Abbey. That's the only spell I know with this wand." Billy played along.

Mrs. Abbey was quickly being pushed to the edge of her next orgasm. It seemed the boy could cum! She suddenly had an idea, to make her impending explosion even stronger. "Impregnatus, Billy! If you use that spell, I'm guaranteed to get pregnant! Sometimes cum isn't enough." She baited the boy teetering on his own orgasm. The cock driving through her dripping cunt never slowed. The boy sure knew how to fuck. "Cast Impregnatus!"

Billy's mind was too far gone, so close to exploding in the voluptuous woman's lusting tunnel. He forgot that a slave mustn't tell her master what to do, but the word rang a bell in his head. Impregnatus. It sounded regal and powerful. It was better than every spell he had read on the internet.

The moment his groin muscles first contracted around the pool of cum, that had been building at the base of his pee pee since Mrs. Abbey took off her clothes. He shouted with the force of lust that burst through his body. "IMPREGNATUS!"

"OOOOHHHH, UUUUHHHNNNNGGG!" I'm cumming too, Billy!" Thick, hot missiles launched into her sopping cunt. The driving prick lurched but didn't stop fucking her. Every lurch spewed gouts of creamy cum into her inner sanctum. Billy could not only cum, he came a lot! The woman's mind spun from ecstasy. Lightning bolts lanced up her spine each time Billy's cock spit more of it's boiling seed upon the walls milking it for every drop. Her cunt vibrated all around the thrusting prick. She came in waves, each lasting for an eternity of bliss!

Billy howled with joy! Impregnatus! Just thinking the word seemed to keep him cumming, both mentally and physically. His peter had never spewed so much cum! It felt like he was blasting her puss for hours. A tidal wave crashed upon the boy, drowning him with pleasure.

Two spent bodies crashed on the wide mattress. Their eyelids fluttered from orgasmic overload. Very soon, Billy's mom would return.
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I didn't realize how tired I was until I dreamed. It had been an exhausting trip, full of wonders and strangeness and short bouts of intense effort. I hadn't slept much the night before. I dreamed of warning Mrs. Abbey, "Mom will be home soon. We can't let her know-"

Mother talked to me. "Did you have a good time fucking?" She dipped and swung over me, like an angel.

"Honey?" I began waking. I felt clothes on my body. Had Mrs. Abbey dressed me while I slept? The bed moved beneath me. "Honey?" Mother smiled. "Is it a good time to be tucking you in?" She shook out one of the sheets Mrs. Abbey had washed before we arrived. She rolled me over, to fit the sheet beneath me. "I'm tired too." She sighed.

"The movers were very expensive, but at least your father's new company will reimburse most of it. Mrs. Abbey told me how good you were." Mother's lips curled into a slight grin. "I offered her a reward, again, for doing the wash, but she said she had been rewarded enough to have a man all to herself, if just for a couple hours." Mother's grin grew.

"We'll write her a thank you note. I got her address." Mother completed dressing the bed and took a nightgown out from her suitcase. She changed in the bathroom.

I sat up, waiting. I had seen her in it before.

She returned with a shimmy in her walk. The thick flannel wriggled at her chest and hips. "You can sleep more, with me, if you like.

"Your father will be home late. If you want something to eat, I made a sandwich for each of you and put them in the fridge. I bought milk on the way back. A nice, Muslim woman runs the corner market. They have to charge more than a grocery chain, but it's good to buy from local stores, especially since we're new here."


Grogginess parted like clouds before the sun, when mother said she had made sandwiches. Yet my first act, after climbing off the bed and making room for mom to change the sheets, was to look back for any sign of having made a baby with Mrs. Abbey. I didn't see any, and I didn't feel dirty, you know, down there. Had Mrs. Abbey washed my pee pee before dressing me? Sleeping through such a thing didn't surprise me. I can sleep through anything.

"How about if I take the thank you card to Mrs. Abbey in person?" Already, I wanted to see her again. She had taught me such amazing things! I looked for the magic wand, and caught a glimpse of its box in Dad's box, neatly repacked.

"That's very thoughtful of you, sweetheart, but I doubt I'll have time to escort you. There's so much for us to do, all the unpacking. I haven't even made your bed. The sofa bed was locked for shipping. Your father will have to unlock it, when he gets home.

Once again, I would sleep in the living room. I didn't mind. I got to have the biggest room, all to myself, all night! "I could take the bus by myself."

Mother pretended surprise. "Would you? I'm not so sure. I caught a few of the words you exchanged with that young, punk girl." Mother smiled mockingly. "Eat you alive?" Her smile softened. "I can't have that happen." She paused to shake the top sheet across her bed.

"I've heard a few things, regarding you, Billy, since we left our old home. They made me realize - you're growing up. It won't be too long until you can take the bus by yourself, but it's all too new, right now. We'll go on bus excursions, after school every now and then, to learn the transit system.

My gambit failed, I consoled myself by running into the kitchen area and grabbing a sandwich and the milk carton out of the fridge.

Half an hour later, food in my tummy revived my energy and spirit. Mother was in bed, snoozing. She was so beautiful, but I worried. If I slept with her again, would I disturb her in my sleep, like I had in the train?

Feeling rambunctious, I looked in Momma's purse and found the three business cards, she had collected, for Mrs. Charlotte Abbey, Mr. Samuel Crocle, and Mr. Harold Colkick. I guessed Mr. Crocle was the black man who had been too nice to Momma. Except for that, he had been very polite and understanding. I didn't care about that, but it made me remember his wife's name, Mavis.

I copied all of their names and addresses into the notepad on my watch. I spent another hour looking through the boxes. It was getting dark outside, and I was feeling tired again. I could grab a towel from the bathroom and curl up on the couch, or I could climb under the covers with Momma. Maybe, if I slept on the far side of her, I wouldn't trouble her. I stood quiet, deciding.

There was one more thing I considered. Mother let me take money from her purse but no more than a couple dollars, if I told her about it later. I wondered what kind of candy, a dollar or two would buy from the corner market. That was a little scary, the sun having just set. I took my keys to the apartment, just in case. That made me realize, I could explore the building.

There was plenty of time. Dad probably wouldn't be home for a couple hours.


I wanted candy very much, but using Momma's money to buy it kinda bothered me. Deciding against the corner market had nothing to do with how scary a 'poor' neighborhood could be in the evening, I told myself.

I looked in on Momma again, and frowned. She needed her sleep, not a squirmy boy next to her. Going to the front door, I set an alarm on my watch, for one hour. I tested my keys in the lock, before peeking up and down the walkway. Outside, the second floor looked down on an inner courtyard. An old man was sweeping it.

I braved going out and creeping down the second story walk, shutting the locked door behind me. I gulped and took my first steps.

"Well, hello there! Are you the new tenant?" A creaky, deep voice arrested me. It was the old man.

"Yes, Sir. Momma and I just got here today."

"Good. I hope you had a decent journey. Your old man is a fine sort. Let your Momma know, she's welcome to visit me and my wife in 101, anytime, to say hello. Colleen will make cookies, if you call in advance. Your father has our number. We're the apartment managers.

"Oh, okay. Thanks." I didn't know what to say. "Hello, to you too." We had an apartment manager for our old place. She wasn't very nice, always harping about the maintenance she had to put up with. This man sounded a lot nicer. I hoped her wife was too."

"If you're just looking around, I can let you into the basement storage, if you want."

That sounded scarier than going to the corner store. "No, thank you, Sir."

"Well, aren't you the polite one." He grinned, then looked grave. "Just don't climb the ladder to the roof. It's dangerous up there."

That sounded dangerous, but it sounded kinda cool too. I had watched a few anime where school kids hung out on rooftops. "No, Sir, I won't."

He returned to sweeping the courtyard.

Above us, a few stars shined, not nearly as many as I could see from the window in our old home, though.

I walked around the second floor way until I reached the stairs. I climbed to the third floor. Looking down from that height made my stomach queasy. I walked along the front side of the apartments, trying to look straight ahead. Passing apartment 314, I heard a familiar buzzing from a half open window. The curtain was drawn, but light flew out through a small the gap between them. A quick peek wouldn't hurt, I told myself.

I couldn't see much, just a kitchen like my new one, but over the counter I saw a head of golden hair swaying. I imagined she was sitting on chair just beyond the kitchen, in the main room. It was a girl, because I could hear her voice, soft but strong.

"You dumb lug! I wanted you inside me, but your stupid car broke down, and I have to imagine you fucking me." The buzzing deepened as she pressed it harder against herself. I knew that sound, from when I had pressed the magic wand against Mrs. Abbey's puss.

"Mmmm, I should tell you to go to hell, Craig! This toy is better than you've ever been."

My cheeks grew hot. I was only going to peek for a second. I pulled myself away, embarrassed, and kept walking.

About that time, a little, scruffy dog bounded up the stairs and ran past me. It stopped three doors down and scratched it with a paw. I froze and waited.

The door opened, and a fat lady stepped one foot on the doormat. "Sir Arthur, you've returned from your quest!" She smiled. She had the biggest smile I've ever seen. "Come on, there's always a treat for accomplished knights of the round table."

The little dog darted inside. She grabbed the door but spotted me, mid closing. "Hello there."

I squeaked, "H-hello?"

She gave me the curious eyes. "Are you suppose to be up here?"

"Um, I-I live downstairs."

"Ah, you must be Glen's brat." She giggled. "Sorry, I'm kidding. Your father picked me up at the clinic once. I was on massive drugs. I kept begging him for details about your family."

Once again. I didn't know what to say. Was this person a junkie? I only knew that junkies took drugs and were bad. I wanted to run home and crawl into bed with Momma. I didn't care if I woke her.

"Whoa there little fellow! Didn't mean to make your eyes pop out. I had a cracked leg bone, and the free clinic wouldn't let me go, after setting it and putting on the cast, without an adult to check me out. See?" She hobbled her other leg onto the walkway. It was a big cast, because she was a very big woman. "Your Dad was nice enough to help me home, that night." She smiled, but it looked more sheepish than pleased. "You're Billy, right? I'm Annie Butler."


She smiled wide again. "You already said that." She stepped back halfway. "Can't let the bugs in. You have fun looking around. Tell your mom, she's welcome to visit, especially if you come with her. You're almost as cute as Sir Arthur." She winked and closed the door.

It took almost a minute for my heart to settle. I bravely moved forward. Passing Mrs. Butler's door, it opened suddenly. "Oh, and I should warn you." She peeked around the edge. "Don't go on the roof, especially after sunset."

I nearly jumped out of my skin! She shut the door again, and I heard it lock this time. It took three minutes of counting to ten, over and over, until I felt brave enough to press on. I reached the next set of stairs. The building had four floors.

On the fourth floor, I saw a girl watering a few plants hanging from the railing across from her home's door. It was open. Upon seeing me, she ran inside. A man stepped out. "Who-?" He boomed at first. I turned but was stopped by his next utterance. "Oh. You gave my girl a fright." He was big, burly not fat. He needed a shave and he wore one of those t-shirts that didn't have sleeves. His pants were sweatpants.


"Yeah," He scratched his rippling stomach. The shirt was very tight. "What are you doing up here?"

"I-I live on the second floor."

"Haven't seen you around before."

"I'm, uh, new?"

"Whatever kid. Just stay out of my plants there. You'll make my little Ginger cry if you hurt them."

"I wouldn't." I stammered. "Never."

The man simply grunted and closed the door. I didn't dare walk past it.

I went back to the stairs, without going around the walkway that looped the courtyard, from three floors up. I didn't dare look down. Just as I was ready to march home, I looked up. A ladder climbed the far wall. It led to an open trap door. I bit my lip and slipped around the railing between me and it. I had to know.

My hands shook each time the reached for a new rung. It took a whole minute to breach the opening. A few starts beckoned. I dared to peek over the lip. The roof was flat, and the walls stood raised about a foot around it. Ten feet from me, a bundle of blue plastic tarp lie. The evening's cold breeze rustled it.

"Gosh." I barely spoke. It was pretty scary. I looked down, eager to descend.

"Who's that?" A mop of frazzled hair poked out of one end of the bundle of plastic. Two black eyes stung me. "You're just a boy!" Their harsh voice accused.

I froze. I felt my bladder tighten. This was very bad.

"Ho, Child! Have you come to be a tasty treat for the roof witch?" She actually cackled!

My next memory was of racing down the stairwell. I must have flown down the ladder, for I don't remember climbing. I was so scared! I reached my new home and fumbled with the keys. It took six tries to unlock the door and flee inside. I shut it and locked it and ran to the bedroom and dashed under the covers, still wearing my sneakers. I huddled as far from my mother as I could, trying not to disturb her.

"Glen?" Mother roused. She reached out and caught my shoulders. "I've missed you- Billy?" Her eyes opened. "What's the matter? You look so scared."

"Momma!" I squealed. She pulled me to her and held me against her breasts. She kissed my forehead. "It's okay. You're safe here. What happened?"

"I went outside, just to look." I willed myself not to cry. Momma's strong arms and soft chest helped. "There was a lady on the roof." I dared tell her. "She said she was a witch!"

"My goodness! She did?" She hugged me tight. "Was she a good witch or a bad witch?"

The question bothered me. "She scared me, Momma. She must be bad."

"That's not always true, Billy. Sometimes scary people are the nicest. Most of them can't help looking scary. The have to be nice, to compensate."

I wasn't accepting that, but I didn't argue. I remained scared. Held in Momma's warm arms and pressed against her soft boobs, I knew I wouldn't be scared for long. Good witch or bad, I trusted Momma to protect me.

"Remember how I said you're growing up. You're already a smart and strong young man, Billy." She reassured. "But just for a little while, would you like to be Momma's baby again?"

For the first time, in a long while, I didn't hate being called a baby. She hadn't. She simple asked if I wanted to pretend. I knew she wanted me to feel as safe as I had when I was a babe in her arms.

An image invaded my thoughts. It was from a page in the book about making babies. It showed a baby drinking milk from their mother's boobs. I remember how peaceful the baby looked. Then something less than peaceful happened between my legs. My pee pee grew into a boner and pressed against Mother's thigh.

"Well, that's unexpected," Mother cooed. "But nice. It shows you're not too scared." She confirmed. "It's okay, Billy. I don't mind your penis touching me, if you'll be my baby again for just a little while."

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I didn't want to be a baby. A man wouldn't run from a witch. He'd face her down and stand up for himself. I fled like I was two and hid behind my mother's skirt. I couldn't help my feelings, but I felt ashamed having them. Mother's gentle arms and warm hug were what I needed. I couldn't feel bad about Momma, not ever.

A number appeared in my thoughts, five. I could let Momma baby me for five minutes, I decided. Which reminded me, I had one alarm still set on my watch, to make sure I returned ahead of Daddy. I hadn't been out for even half an hour before running back. I fumbled under the covers, the light from my watch illuminating mother's soft curves, to reset the alarm. I deleted the current alarm, but before I could set the next one, Momma shifted.

"Is that light from your watch?" She asked and felt down my body with a hand. Her feet touched mine."And you're wearing shoes in bed? Billy, you know better. She poked her head under the covers. The blue glow gave her a grave look. "It is kinda fun having a light under here." She smiled. "But no shoes, please."

She waited while I untied and shucked them out of the bed. The watch darkened. "Still worried about the witch?" Her voice pierced the black space we shared.

Oddly, removing my shoes had been enough of a distraction. When I thought of the witch again, she no longer felt like an immediate threat. I wasn't so afraid. "Not really."

"Does that mean you don't want to be Momma's baby?" Her words, in the dark, revealed her smile.

"I guess I don't need to." It was sad to admit.

"Oh, pooh. I was hoping you might, for just a little bit. It'd be nice to hold you in my arms, until Daddy gets home.

"You can hold the grown up me." I offered.

"But that might made Daddy jealous." She teased.

"We don't have to tell him."

"Billy, how would you feel if I kept secrets from you?"

I wouldn't like that. I trusted my mother. I couldn't, if she kept important things from me. Then I felt bad, very bad. This was a chance to come clean, to earn her trust.

"Momma, I didn't tell you everything that happened on the train, and-"

"Shhh, Billy. Whatever you did, as long as you're okay with it, that's your business. You didn't involve me or the family. So I don't need to know, and I don't want to know."

"But Daddy is family?"

"That's right, Sweetie. But he wouldn't mind if you were my baby. Her arms reached around me again.

"For just a little bit." I allowed. She smelled wonderful under the covers. Maybe six minutes, I told myself. The length of my body pressed hers. My hard pee pee now lie between her thighs. I wasn't sure she could feel it there. My face hung below her chin and above her breasts.

She bent her neck and kissed my cheek. "Holding you makes me very happy. What can Momma do to make her baby happy?"


I stopped fearing the woman who said she was a witch. Mother would protect me from her. I knew it with all of my heart, but my heart harbored a lingering regret that begged for absolution. I spoke from the heart, "Momma, can you forgive me for last night?"

"Honey, it's okay, what you do with other people-"

I interrupted, not wanting to hear her amazing kindness again. I needed forgiveness. "No, for what I did to you, in my sleep!"

I couldn't see her expression, under the covers, now so warm from our breath. "Honey, I'm not sure what you mean. Did it happen when I asleep?" A mote of concern crept into her lovely voice.

"You woke and scolded me. I had put my hand..." I could hardly say it. "...on your boob."

Silence. Then, even muted by thick covers, a tinkling of laughter reached my ears. "Oh, Sweetheart! Have you felt guilty about that, all this time? I'm so sorry!" She sounded as if she needed my forgiveness. "I was having a dream about you, and I was reacting to that, not your touch. Goodness! Billy, I'm the one who should feel guilty." Momma's hug tightened. "I would never reject something as innocent as your hand on me while you slept."

Momma's sincerity convinced me. She was apologizing for real. "You mean, it's okay if I touched your boob in my sleep?"

"Honey, you were sleeping! It's not your fault. All human beings crave being touched, held, hugged! Why do you think I'm so happy to be holding you right now? It's one of the best things about being human."

Relief flooded my senses. I had been so worried that Momma was afraid of me touching her while she slept. She hadn't been angry at all! Even then, I sought reassurance. "Really, it's okay?" I whispered, feeling a little foolish for not fully believing her.

Mother tapped my watch, to light it up briefly. So I could see her face. She was worried, FOR me. "Billy, I trust you. I know if you touch me - it doesn't matter if you're asleep, and it doesn't matter what part of me you touch - it'll be because you honestly need to. You would never hurt me, against my will."

Momma didn't need to say the last thing. I would never even want to make Momma sad! I hugged her as hard as I could, to show her, there was nothing for me to forgive. My watch slept again.

After that, it was just a mother and child holding each other, without guilt.

Then, a little bit of adult crept into my mind, a daring curiosity. "What was your dream about, Momma?"

"What dream, Billy?"

"The dream you had when I touched your boob, last night."

"Oh." Mother caught her breath. "I, um, would rather not say that, while I'm holding my baby."

She probably didn't want to tell me at all, but I had agreed to be a baby for just a little while. Would she tell me when I stopped pretending? "How long do you want me to be your baby?"

"Forever and ever!" She sang beautifully. "Billy, it's wonderful pretending with you, like this, but I love you just as much when you're the mature, young man that you've become."

"If I stop being a baby, can we keep hugging like this?"

"Try and stop me." She gave my bum a quick pat.

I didn't want to stop hugging, but I kinda wished my pee pee would relax. I decided to try something I had only recently practiced, to show her I was ready to stop pretending. I decided to tell her what I wanted, like I had, to Mrs. Abbey. "Momma, I want you to tell me everything that happened in your dream." I said with my most confident voice.

This time, when Mother spoke, she used a voice I had never heard before, except for last night on the train and this morning in the park bathroom. I wouldn't have recognized its meekness, if I hadn't heard it in the dark.

"You do?" She started with a squeak. At the same time, I felt her heart beat faster. If my ear had been against her chest, it would have sounded like a powerful drum. Momma's voice wavered, as if she struggled to answer me. "When you're like this, Billy, I can't refuse."

She described her dream. "I was driving you to school, your old school, Billy. We were late. I don't know why. Traffic was slow, and the other drivers were looking for someone to blame. You told me, 'It's because you don't see yourself, Momma'

"You cupped my breast with your hand, and you lifted it as an example. You said it was lonely. It needed a new mouth to feed. You opened your mouth, to demonstrate, but your teeth were sharp. I video called your father, but his smile was dull. He mouthed silent words and faded. Your hand began squeezing. It felt good, but I was afraid of your teeth.

Mother hastened to reassure me. "I woke up and realized it was a dream, except I felt your hand for real."  Her voice strengthened. "I overreacted, Billy, and I'm sorry for making you feel guilty. Yours was an innocent touch any child might give a parent." She took my hand in hers, holding it loose. "You can touch me, right now, if you want proof."


Now my heart pounded. Momma was encouraging me to release my guilt and to touch her however I liked, I felt. A new worry invaded the space left behind by the discarded one. My pee pee twitched and yearned to let go of its tension. Mother promised it was okay if it touched her while we hugged, but masturbating would disturb our closeness. Hugging, Momma and I could share our joy. An orgasm would be for my sake. I didn't want to do it myself or ask her to help. That would break our hug.

For the moment, my eager truncheon fit between her thighs without touching them, much. I fought it's need by concentrating on Mother's offer. I reached to her chest and gently cupped the flannel covering the curve of her boob.

"Thank you, Billy." Momma kissed the top of my head. "See, it's really no different than holding any other part of me."

Mother was wrong. My pee pee reacted very differently when I held her boob, compared to the arm snaked around her side, pressing her back. I wanted to make a baby with Momma, but thinking that fed my new worry. It felt wrong to indulge my desire and abandon our togetherness. Maybe another day, I would ask her.

I didn't know it at the time, but our special closeness resulted from her sharing her very intimate dream. I didn't want to betray or weaken that intimacy. I wanted to increase it. In her dream, I had tried to nurse on her, after making her feel good with my hand. My dream teeth had been sharp and scary. I owed it to her, to prove my goodwill, because she had given me proof of hers. The need to reassure her released me from the urgency of my erection.

At my age, small dilemmas are large when not faced with significant ones. The problem was, I believed only babies sucked on their Momma's breasts. I broke away from pretending to be a baby, when I urged mother to tell her dream. If I became her baby again, would she lose some of her respect for the adult I was becoming? That would hurt worse than my hard penis.

"You're very quiet, Billy. Are you sure you're not feeling guilty about holding Momma's breast?"

"No, Momma." I couldn't let her think that. So I confessed. I loved and trusted her more than anyone. "If I was your baby, I could prove that my teeth would never hurt you, not even your boob. But I don't want you to think that I'm a baby, since we stopped pretending."

"You sound so serious." Mother's voice wasn't.

"I need to show you, Momma. My teeth aren't sharp."

Instead of telling me, it was just a dream, her dream, that had nothing to do with the real me, she simply cooed. "Aww." She relaxed her grip around me and shifted for wiggle room. In doing so, she jostled my watch, and it lit up our space under the covers. "If that's what you need, Billy. Just a second." How she managed to pull her arm, the one not pinned to the bed, out of her nightgown, surprised me. She must do it a lot, to shuck her gown so easily. My hand, on that side of her, fell to her hip. She pulled the loose neck down, until it stretched just enough to uncover her beautiful boob tinted blue by the light from my watch.

My confidence trembled, in the face of Mother's forwardness. "Are you sure you won't think I'm a baby?"

"Certainly not, Honey. Plenty of grown men find comfort from a woman's breast." She assured.

Having seen Mother's skill at opening her gown, the idea of my father touching her there flitted across my mind. That didn't stop me from opening my mouth, teeth pulled back as far as possible, and taking Momma's nipple between my lips.

"Mmmm." She sighed. "Your kiss feels even nicer than your hand." She smoothed my hair.

I don't remember sucking on Momma's breast as a baby. Did grown men, with their mothers? The question was moot. Upon hearing her soft moan, I held her in both of my arms and pulled myself full against her body. My kiss strengthened, making her nipple harden. I remembered this from the other tits I'd sucked. But this was Mother's boob, and I nearly swooned from joy. I barely noticed that my hard penis had been pulled into Mother's thighs, until it pressed comfortably between them. It twitched with need.

Mother must have noticed, but she reacted only by petting my hair again and confirming, "This is how a man treats a woman." She hugged me with both arms, reinforcing the connection down the length of our bodies.

Upon sucking her breast, my attention zeroed in, to ensure I didn't bite Momma or rasp my teeth across her hard nipple. I didn't even notice my hips slowly hunching, rubbing my pee pee between Momma's thighs. Three layers of cloth separated them.

It's likely Mother noticed, but she continued to moan softly. "Hhhh- you're very manly, Billy."

I dared to lick her nipple, as I sucked, careful to keep my teeth away. I couldn't help but hum. "Mmmm."

Mother mewled as I sucked and sighed on her beautiful breast. My watch darkened, freeing our senses to focus on the pleasures derived from our incestuous embrace. When my hunching hips humped faster, I became aware of this potential violation of Mother's trust. I wanted to stop and simply enjoy sucking her, but my penis acted otherwise. It needed to release it's almost painful tightness. My will lost control of my body. If my mouth could have abandoned the wonderful nub of hard flesh it pleasured, I would have begged her forgiveness. My lips and tongue and hips only increased their motions.

"Ohhh, you're making Momma wish you wanted to use your teeth, Billy." She groaned. Her body started shivering, in my hands, my mouth, but most of all against my rutting, clothed pee pee. Her hips moved to increase the sensations against it. "Sometimes, the sharpest of teeth are what a woman needs. Unnngghhh!"

As my body decided its actions, separate from my will, I felt betrayed when my teeth bit down upon Mother's nipple. I blamed my penis, as it was nearly bursting to let go of its incredible arousal. I eased the bite, but it sank into her rubbery nub deeper than a nibble.

"Billy!! Ohh- OHH!! You're making Momma- Aaaahhhh!!!" She cried out! The dense, hot bedclothes were unable to mute her exclamation.

The first sounds of Mother's outcry triggered small explosions in my loins which, in turn, triggered a massive jolt of pleasure from my boner to my brain. I shouted, freeing her abused nipple, "Mommaaaaaa!!!" My penis lurched and my hips bucked against her thighs, punching my hardon fiercely into her cleft. It spasmed and jerked. My head drowned in the ecstasy that flooded up from my crotch.

The sensations soared far above my recent experiences, as if the world vanished and only Mother and I existed. We flew, united in soul if not in body.

We sighed as one, and went limp together, and breathed heavily with the same rhythm, our hearts beating equally fast. We lay together, quiet, until realization struck me. I hadn't cum.

"Oh, no!" I exclaimed, the haze of my orgasm evaporated. Had doing it in my clothes broke my penis? Was it because I had done it against my mother's body? That thought scared me the most! I was about to beg Mother's forgiveness, and apologize, when the apartment's front door opened.

"Hello, my beautiful wife, my amazing son!" Daddy called out.

Mother must have known, from my concerned outburst, something troubled me, but there was no time to explain. Father had finally come home. She told me, clearly and strongly, "You've done nothing to be ashamed about, Billy. What happened here was wonderful. I will explain everything to your father, in time. Remember, no secrets in the family, but for now, go and greet him like you always do, while I put my gown back on. She began working her arm into the flannel sleeve. I ducked out of the covers and ran to the main room.

"Dad!" I jumped, arms stretched.

He caught me, dropping his briefcase, to use both arms. "I've missed you so much, Billy. How was your trip?"

"It was really great! Mom brought a whole bag of snacks, and I got a super amazing watch for twenty dollars, and the conductor let me be her boyfriend for a day!"

"Wow!" Dad kissed my cheek. "Did you ever take a look out the windows?" He smiled.

"Of course, silly." I chided, but I suddenly realized, I couldn't remember anything I had seen of the lands Momma and I had travelled. "Momma, took pictures." At least, I was pretty sure she had.

"Hello, Glen. I've missed you so much." Mother entered, face flushed. Maybe she was embarrassed to be wearing her nightgown. "Do you two have room for me in that hug?"

Father glowered. "Just a second, Woman." He looked up and down mother's shapely figure. "I haven't seen my wife in so long, I wouldn't to cheat on her by accident." He grinned and offered an open arm, holding me up with the other. "By the stars, it is you, my precious Faun!"

We all embraced and nuzzled, until our joyous reuniting was mutually satisfied.

Mother described our journey in more detail than I had patience for, while Daddy sought the promised sandwich. I surreptitiously scuttled into the bathroom and checked inside my underwear. The crotch panel was a little wet, but I didn't see any, or recognize the smell of, my cum. What was wrong with me? I didn't dare tell anyone, not even Dad or Momma. Mother promised she would explain what happened between us. I assumed, at a better time than upon greeting Daddy after weeks of separation.

Mother did dart a careful glance at me, upon my exiting the bathroom. "...Of course, I talked with Mr. Colkick, to make sure he wanted Billy to have it." Mother explained to Daddy how I would soon have to decide whether to sell the watch back for fifty dollars or keep it."

I approached them slowly, hiding my new concern, and showed the watch to him. "What should I do, Daddy?"

"You have a tough choice, Son. That's a very expensive and useful watch. Fifty dollars is a bit more than twenty. It's a lot of money for a boy your age, but this Mr. Colkick sounds like good man. He won't take offense, no matter what you decide."

"Oh." I would have been happier for his wisdom, if my failure to cum wasn't weighing on me.

Father described his new job and the projects he was working on, while mother dug into boxes and made a bed on the sofa for me. "We'll have your father unlock the mattress in the morning."

I hardly heard her, listening to Daddy talk about all the work he had to do. It helped to take my mind off of my new trouble. I felt sorry for him. I wished I could make money for the family. The twenty dollars I spent on the watch had been all of my travelling money, even fifty wouldn't help much, but it was a lot of money for me. What Mother said next, threw all my concerns out of the window.

"Billy said, he saw a witch this evening, on the roof of the building."

Father's eyes clung to me. "Really?"

"I, for one, believe him." Mother stood up for me. "What do you make of it?"

"I'd say our son is a very brave, young man." Daddy asked, "Didn't anyone warn you?"

Mother hadn't been. Her husband's question confused her. I jumped in, to save her. "The manager said the roof was dangerous."

"Well," Daddy nodded suspiciously, "That's not untrue. It's possible to fall off the roof, but he should have explained the situation up there, instead of scaring you." Daddy guessed right, that I had been scared. "The woman you saw on the roof, Billy, she owns the building."

"Honestly?" Mother exclaimed. "That's hard to believe."

"I didn't either. Except for sleeping on the roof, Ms. McDougal is a respectable woman."

"She said she was a witch!" I repeated.

"She may call herself that, Billy, but I think she's an angel." Daddy told Mother, "Gladys McDougal could charge twice the rent for her apartments. But she actually cares about her tenants. Most of them have lived here through years that saw every other rent in the neighborhood jack up higher and higher. Our landlady spends plenty to keep the building in top shape, too. If you ever have a problem with the apartment, she'll send one of the managers, Godwin or Colleen, to take care of it."

"Does she really live on the roof?"

"She sleeps there. She swears it's the only way she can get a full night's sleep. I don't care, as long at it helps her. She even has a pup tent, for when it rains. Actually, she lives in one of the apartments downstairs."

"Wow." I breathed. Ms. McDougal didn't sound so scary after all, but I wasn't in any hurry to encounter her again, even if she wasn't on the roof.

"Bless my stars." Mother said. "The things you learn about people. It's too easy to misjudge them." She looked at me, the slightest of concern on her face. "On the matter of sleeping..." She dangled.

My bed had been made. It was only kinda late. I didn't have to go to bed by then, unless the next day was a school day.

Some invisible signal passed between Mom and Dad. He stood up and hugged me. "I'm so sorry, Billy, that I had to be away for a long time. Can you forgive me?"

"Of course, Silly." I closed my eyes and returned the hug.

He let go and took Mother in his arms. "We're all tired. Your mother and I are going to bed. Sleep when you can, Billy. I'll be up, bright and early. Tell me about your one day girlfriend, in the morning. He grinned and led mother to their bedroom.

I sighed, having been shut alone in the main room. It was a sigh of relief! I took off my pants and underwear and looked at my penis. It looked like it always did, except for a little redness where it rubbed against my shorts. I changed into my pajamas and played with my watch, to distract myself.

I heard noises from the bedroom. The walls or door must have been thinner than our old apartment. I knew Mother and Father played with each other. They called it, "...having a little party, just for themselves." I always thought they played a game or ate candy. In the last three days, I had learned what the sounds they made meant. Daddy was making a baby with Momma. Compared to me and Mrs. Abbey, they were pretty quiet about it. A long silence ended their party. I was about to go to bed, when I heard Momma talking. Moving next to the door, I could make out her words.

"We promised, when we got him that picture book, we would support any choice Billy made regarding sex, as long as it wouldn't harm him. I need you to uphold your promise, Glen. Billy has begun to explore. More than questions, he has me doing things for him. I need your support, if I'm going to continue to do them."

"You'll stop, if I don't uphold my promise?"

"That's right, Glen. You're as much his father as I am his mother. I don't believe bullshit about a mother being the more important parent."

Father answered, "Well, I recall another promise, that I made to you. I would love, honor, and support you through all the difficulties of making a life together. Our children are a part of that life. I trust, you don't want me to suffer, but if Billy decided something that might hurt my feelings, and you needed to support him over me, I will never fault your choice."

"Glen, you are wonderful, and I love you with all of my soul. Let me show you how much, with all of my body, again." Sheets rustled and their bed creaked.

"He's listening. Isn't he?"

There came light, smacking noises. "Probably. Just imagine what we're encouraging."

"Love, I'm already as hard as I can get!" Father complained humorously.

The sounds from their room relapsed into embarrassing gasps and exhortations. I climbed in bed and covered my ears with the pillow, but I couldn't sleep right away.

Tomorrow would be another day for Momma and I, to acclimate to our new home in a new city. I didn't have to go to school until next week. I made plans in my head. I had met many people and discovered all sorts of places. And there was the matter of my abrupt impotence. It was hard to decide all that I should do.

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I was still asleep when the shower started. I woke to Dad singing. I couldn't hear what he sang, but his voice echoed through the bathroom door like a bad, public address speaker. I knocked and entered the source of my alarm clock. Our previous place was also small. So sharing a bathroom was no big deal. I peed and washed my hands.

"What do you want for breakfast, Billy?" Dad asked from the shower.

"I'm not hungry yet."

"Sun won't be up for another twenty minutes, but if you don't mind sitting with me while I grab a bite - I want to talk about this new life of ours."

"Sure." I returned to my bed and grabbed the blanket. I sat at the counter, unplugged my watch and buckled it on my wrist.

Dad emerged later, from their bedroom, dressed for work. He put on an apron before scrambling eggs and frying sausages. The latter spatter.

"Piece of toast and jam?" He counted slices.

"I guess so." I got the jam out of the fridge. Apricot was his favorite. It was the only one. Mom would want to go shopping today, I bet. She didn't like apricot. Yesterday's stop at the corner market was just for a few things.

"Billy, the local school, Lilith Middle School, is well regarded in the city. Central Heights has the best schools, but Lilith gets more bang for our tax bucks." He stirred the eggs.

Today was Thursday, I started next Monday. I hated school. It was so boring, but I missed my friends.

"Your grades were spotty last year. Your Mom and I think you were bored. Well, the teachers at Lilith are paid extra for personal instruction, and the class sizes are small. Which means, they are incentivized to find your limits. I met with the Principal, and she claims that Lilith's teachers are hired for their sense of duty, over raw credentials. I think you might find yourself challenged but able to use the teachers as you need. But here's the important thing." He slid the eggs and sausage on a plate, set them on the table, and looked me in the eyes. "If this school bores you, and your grades are really good, we'll send you to high school a year early."

I wasn't really listening. "Okay." The toast popped.

We ate. Daddy was clearly not trying to rush.

"Dad, how come, if you and Mom have been making babies at night, for years, Mom doesn't have one?"

He choked on a piece of egg.  "CHHHHAA!" A slug of milk cleared his throat. "Sorry, Billy. By making babies, do you mean sex?"

"I mean fucking, Daddy." I said.

He blinked. "Yeah, okay, that." He took a bite of sausage and chewed. "I use a condom, when your mother and I have sex. Do you know about those?"

I shook my head.

"They keep my sperm from reaching your mother's eggs. I can explain about condoms tonight, when I have more time."

I looked at Dad's plate. The yellow globs on it were suddenly very funny. I didn't laugh. "Do you ever run out of sperm?" The question froze him. I felt a little guilty.

His face blanked, for several seconds. Then he grinned. "I used to, when your Mom and I first met. We had sex so often, my gona-, um, balls couldn't make it fast enough."

"Now they make more sperm or faster?"

"Uh, not exactly." Father looked at his plate. He changed the subject. "You said the conductor was your girlfriend for a day?" His eyes stayed low. He grabbed his toast and bit it.

"Uh-huh. Jacqueline even let me sleep with her and her work friend." I added. "I didn't tell Momma. She was sleeping."

"Okay." His face lifted and smiled at me. "Just between us guys?"

"Yeah, Dad."

"Is there anything else you want to say about her or that night?" He looked a little worried.

"It was nice to sleep in a bunk instead of the train seat."

"I, uh, bet." He breathed a sigh of relief. Father did bolt down his food then. "I'm sorry I have to work so much, Billy. We'll talk more tonight."

"I'm sorry too, Dad."

Momma appeared in the door, as Daddy was about to leave. "You're forgetting something."

Dad's smile beamed at her. "The most important thing? Never!" He darted to her and hugged and kissed her. Separating, he said, "That's more makeup than you usually wear. Has the big city turned you Cosmo?"

I didn't know what he meant by that.

"No, Dear." Mother's smile gave him a slight grin. "I have a new cold cream formula I'm trying."

"All the paint in the world can't hide your beauty, Love." Dad scurried out of the apartment.

"Silly." Mom's neck reddened, starting from where her makeup ended.

I looked up from my watch, having nibbled the last of my toast. "Momma, can we go to the library today?" I didn't tell her I wanted to find a book about how to get balls to make more cum. "It's not far from the school."

"I suppose, but we have a lot of unpacking to do first." She yawned.

I spent all morning helping her with the moving boxes, unable to tell her that I had run out of cum. We stopped after unpacking her folding shopping cart. She knew a grocery store was also near the library. She would drop me off while shopping. "The corner market doesn't carry everything we need, but for minor things, it's very convenient."

That's how I found myself in the library, facing the ugliest man I ever saw. "Say that again, I swear you said something you shouldn't have." He was taller than my dad but his face was thin enough to cut you. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was red and sniffling. He sneezed, barely turning away, to avoid blasting my face.

"Mr. Sanders, you should be in bed." A woman in a dark red jacket and black pants emerged from the room behind the library counter. Her badge read, "Assistant Librarian, Janice."

"Ms. Vorton, I'm perfectly fine." The head librarian complained and sniffed. He pulled a damp handkerchief out of his pocket, blew his nose, and returned it to his pocket. Pulling out his hand, he rubbed it on his trousers. He told me, "Ask Ms. Vorton what you asked me. My ears must be full of mucus."

"I will not stand here, while you exhale germs." The assistant glared.

"Fine. You help the boy, but I think he's needs a professional." Mr. Sanders ambled towards the main stacks.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Ms. Vorton mumbled. She bent to me. "How can I help you, young man?"

"I need a book that shows how my balls can make more cum."

"Ah. So that's what he meant." Her smile turned porcelain. She took a breath. "We do have a special collection for young adults, to read about human sexuality, but I'm afraid that kind of book is not one of them."

"Oh." I sighed.

"And we would need a signed approval from a parent."

I lost hope. Mom wouldn't pick me up for at least an hour, and there was no way I'd ask her to sign for such a book, if they had one. Now I was stuck in the library with nothing to do! "Thank you, Ma-am. Do you know where I could learn about getting my balls to make more cum?"

Her head tilted, not sure what to make of me. "I think you're serious."

"I wouldn't pretend about something like this." I pouted.

"Okay." She nodded slowly. "You've made me curious. Would you mind if I asked you some questions about what your looking for?" Her head tilted at the room behind her. "In the office?"

If that would help me find what I needed to learn. There wasn't anything else to do, and my watch didn't have games on it, other than stupid card games. "I guess."

She opened the door. Inside I found a wooden chair before an oak desk. She sat in the leather chair behind it, after shutting the door. "What's your name?"


"Hi, Billy. I'm Janice. First of all, you don't have to stay here. You can leave whenever you feel like it."

I wasn't worried, until she said that. "You locked the door."

"There's the key." She had set it on the desk corner closest to me. "I'll unlock it the moment you want to leave. You're welcome to unlock it yourself. But everything we say in here is private. I won't tell anyone. You're safe here, to talk about anything."

"Oh." That sounded okay. "I want my balls to make more cum or make cum faster."

"Do you mind telling me why you want that?"

"I ran out."

Ms. Vorton first gulped and then swallowed. Her voice rasped. "Out of, um, c-cum?" It was actually more like a squeak.

"Yeah, I never made so many babies before. The city is really tough that way."

"H-how many babies have you made?" Her eyes bulged.

"Huh, I have to count." I mentally tallied the last three days. "Ten? But I guess I shouldn't count the times I got masturbated."

The woman blushed very slowly. "Are you sure you're not fibbing, Billy?"

I described all the women, except Momma, who made babies with me, and when. Telling Daddy about what Momma did for me, might be fine, but I didn't want to tell anyone else.

Ms. Vorton shifted in her seat. "Th-that's really hard to believe- But, I believe you, Billy. There's something..." She was clearly puzzled, studying me. "...about you. I should be calling the police, but I swear - not only are you telling the truth - I'm suddenly wanting to-" She shook her head. "I'm sorry, Billy. I invited you in, to learn what you needed. I got distracted."

"Do you know, now, where I can find the book I'm looking for?"

"Well, Billy," She finally explained. "We probably do have a book that can help you, but it won't be about increasing your sperm. Sorry. Do you know that word?"

"Uh-huh. It's also seed and boy juice and fuck sauce-"

"Yes, so many words." She gulped and blushed harder.

"But you have a book that can help?" I remembered. "Only, I have to get my mom to sign a paper."

"To get the book, yes." Her lips clenched. "But I don't need an approval to tell you the answer, right now."

"The answer?"

"To why you ran out of sp- uh, cum." She licked her lips after saying that.

"Why, Ms. Vorton?"

Her eyes glazed over, looking at me. "I'll tell you, Billy, but would you mind calling me, 'Bitch Janice?'" Her hands moved behind the desk at the level of her hips.

"Okay, Bitch Janice, why?"

"Just a second." A zipper whispered from behind the desk. "The reason is, Billy, your body is growing, and your, um, b-balls, Mmmmm." She moaned. "It will make more in time." She started breathing heavy. I heard squishing sounds from behind the desk. "You just have to wait a day or two. You simply made too many babies - Ohhh, I love hearing that! - in a very short time."

"You mean, I'll have lots of cum tomorrow?"

"You might have fresh, Ungh! - CUM - Ahhh!, right now, i-if you didn't mastur- wank yourself, this morning." Smoke curled in Ms. Vorton's eyes. She groaned. Her upper arm fidgeted or something like that. "Those words!"

My first instinct was to jack off and see if I did have cum again, but if what she said was true, I might find out and run out again. I decided absolutely, I'd much rather spend my cum making babies, than jerking off. My pee pee got hard at the idea of not wasting its precious cum, but I really wanted to find out if she was right!


What decided the moment, was the funny way Ms. Vorton acted. Had she caught Mr. Sander's sickness? Her face was getting red. I carefully took the key, when she next spasmed and grunted. "Ooohh, tell me more nasty words, Billy!" She begged.

"I'd rather be doing homework than catch the cooties, Bitch Janice." I unlocked the door and slipped out, right as she wailed intensely.

I left the counter area, but Mr Sanders snuffled up. "What was that noise? Did Ms. Vorton figure out what you wanted?"

"You should be in bed, Mr. Sanders." I was angry. I might have made a baby with Bitch Janice if she hadn't caught his cooties. I left the library in a huff. Outside, the city loomed large. I had less than an hour before Momma would pick me up here, which felt like an eternity. I used my watch to find my new school, by connecting to the library's public wifi. Lilith middle school was  ten minutes away, according to it. I hustled down the sidewalk, and looked around. The neighborhood was nicer than my new one, but not as nice as our old town. Three boys and a tall girl were playing basketball in the schoolyard. I walked up to the court but didn't say anything.

A black kid saw me. "Hey, short stuff, don't jinx my moves." He frowned. The game paused, and I was suddenly the center of attention. This was the moment that all kids feared, meeting others as the new kid in town.

"You were jinxed before I got here." I stuck my tongue out at the girl.

A tan colored boy snickered.

"I oughta pound you, creep!" The black girl showed a fist. She wore sweats and a hoodie with the hood down.

"Careful, Trish, some of the teachers are getting ready for next week." The first boy warned.

I couldn't let the conversation exclude me. "You're only a jinx, Trish, cuz you're better than these guys. I saw how you made that last basket."

"Oh, so the white kid thinks he know something about basketball." A white kid sneered.

"I suck at sports, but I know a lot about girls."

The court fell silent.

"This punk doesn't know bull." Trish called me out.

"I know how to make a baby in you."

"Who don't?" The black kid snorted. The other boys rallied to him. "Yeah." They all acted tough."

"You're just a little boy, pretending to be big stuff." Trish dismissed me. "We wasted enough time with this brat."

These kids were no different than any others I'd meet at this school. I couldn't let them dump me like garbage.

"When did you bleed last, Trish? If it was two weeks ago, I can make a baby in you today."

"Bleed?" The tan boy screwed up his face at her.

Trish turned back and carried her fist up to my face. "Shut up, nerd." It was the ultimate insult, but it backfired. She basically confirmed I said something smart.

"Whoa!" The white kid said. "Maybe she's on the rag now! My dad says, when Mom's on the rag she's a nightmare."

The two other boys looked at each other and shrugged. They had no horse in this race.

"I'm Billy. What's your name?" I asked the white boy.


"What your Dad said is bull, Steve. Guys have hormone circles too. You could be on the rag, right now. Women bleed cuz it gets their body ready to make a baby. We don't grow babies inside us. All we do is make a little bit of sperm. Bleeding means power."

"Nobody makes fun of the nerd." Trish eyed her friends. "That's my job." To me she laughed. "Git outta here, you little dumb ass. We don't give a clam about that stuff. We're here to play basketball."

Before I could, Steve tackled me. "You piece of crap!"

We didn't wrestle for very long. He was bigger than me. He hit my face before Trish grabbed his arm. "No!"

A teacher ran out from the main building. "Stop that fighting!" She hollered. She was a young woman wearing a knee hugging skirt and a blouse. Her jacket matched her dark green skirt. She had blond brown hair in a bun.

"They weren't fighting, Ms. Hennifar. They were just rassling."

The teacher jogged up to us. "You're injured, lad." Her strange accent stood out, when not shouting.

I mustered will to ignore the pain. "No, Ma-am. It's my fault. I fell wrong."

Steve countered. "I started it, Ms. Hennifar. I wanted to show the new kid a move I saw in a movie."

"Al? Wendel?" The concerned woman, "What really happened?"

"Huh, I didn't see it. I was talking to Wendel." Al, the black boy, shrugged.

Wendel frowned. "Like he said." The tan boy eyed Al.

Ms. Hennifer. "Well, aren't the five of you, one big happy family. Here." She held a hand to me. "Get up."

I didn't take her hand. I stood by myself, trying to act like the bash on my face was superficial.

The teacher drew herself up. "This year, children, the school is enacting a strict, anti-bullying policy. Your parents will be held accountable, when we can show physical or mental harm. They will have to attend special classes, when you try to earn status among your peers at the expense of another student." Her accent made some of her words sound really funny. I giggled.

"Come with me, lad. I'll put antiseptic on your cut." She pinched her lips at me. I shouldn't have giggled.

I looked at my watch. I needed to get back to the library. I could email Mom, if the school had a public wifi. We had set up her her phone to ping, when I emailed her. She didn't have a smartphone, but it got text messages. Mom's email forwarded my emails as text.

I worried that cleaning the scratch on my cheek would take too long, but I had possibly made Ms. Hennifer angry when I giggled. That would be bad, to start school with a teacher mad at me.


"Gee, you must be rich!" Trish gasp at my watch when it lit up to show the time. The other boys stared, trying to act unimpressed.

"Come along." Ms. Hennifer repeated, more urgently. She turned, clearly expecting me to follow.

"I'm suppose to meet my mom." I said lamely. I should have insisted, but I mustn't cause the determined teacher additional frustration. What if she were one of my teachers, starting next week! Mother would have to understand. There just had to be wifi in the school, so I could warn her!

Just as I fell in behind Ms. Hennifer, Steve darted up and whispered in my ear. "Next time, I'm gonna pound you, momma's boy!" That was worse than being called a nerd.

"We'll phone your mother." The teacher called back. I trudged, as if being led to prison.

Halfway to the school's side entrance, I discovered that maybe prison might not be so bad. Ms. Hennifer walked with a pronounced strut that swung her behind like no woman I'd seen before. Her tight, half skirt hugged them like Momma's exercise pants. I couldn't see the teacher's chest. I don't remember her breasts being particularly large, but they clearly swayed opposite her rear as we marched along.

Then I was thinking about my cum. Ms. Vorton said I had waited long enough, that I might cum again. If she hadn't been possessed by cooties, I might have learned the truth with her. I doubted I could make a baby with a teacher so easily. That seemed like something they shouldn't do with a student. I'd heard stories, on the news, about teachers arrested. For all her stern talk, I would feel terrible if she got arrested, worse if I got arrested!

Ms. Hennifer unlocked the door with a key and opened it for me. "What's your name, lad?"

"Billy." I peeked into the dimly lit hallway.

"I'm Ms. Hennifer. I teach maths." She said it plural. "Gowan in." She did not like me hesitating. "There's a first aid kit in my desk. I don't think we'll need the nurse's office."

I gulped and stepped into the prison's corridor. She shut the door and quickly passed me. Her hard heeled shoes clacked like the sound of doors locking, echoing down the hall.

Her room, 217, was thankfully only four doors down. She unlocked and opened it for me, clearly expecting me to be more responsive. "Take a chair and bring it to my desk, young lad." She followed me in but went to her desk, opened a bottom drawer, and pulled out a red and white, plastic box. Setting it on her desk, she unlatched it. Snap!

Cartoon cut out figures were taped across the top of whiteboards along the far wall. Young boys and girls holding calculators, spoke equations in white balloons, "3 x X = 18."  One had a strange symbol next to an "r" that had a little 2 raised above and to the right of it. It looked scarier than the fractions I remembered from my last grade. Heavy curtains were pulled back, and the room lights were off. I could see the basketball court, but Trish and her friends must have left. I was alone with Ms. Hennifer.

"I said, bring a chair." She reminded. I had stopped next to one before looking around. I grabbed it and half lifted, half dragged it to her desk. She had already tore open a cleaning wipe.

I sat, and she rubbed it on my scratch. "Now tell me the truth, Billy. What happened out there? I promise, I won't get your friends in trouble. The school principal expects us to have no tolerance for bullying behaviors, and I agree, but a wee scrape between young lads on a playground isn't always bullying."

I didn't know what to say. So I said the more important thing worrying me. "You said we would call my momma."

"Well, ain't we got spirit! I'll call her, when you've answered my question." She stared confidently. She opened a small tube of antiseptic and squeezed a dab on the end of her finger. She had wiped that finger before tossing the wipe tissue in the trash. "Tell me, now." She daubed the goo on my cut.

I shook my head. "I'm sorry, but Momma will worry. I'm suppose to be at the library."

"Billy!" She cut the air with my name, without raising her voice. "If you refuse to answer, I may have to employ a timeless encouragement." Somehow she could speak severely while opening a bandage and applying it carefully across my cheek.

I sat sullen. She meant she might spank me. The teachers at my old school weren't allowed to spank students. I suddenly hated moving to the city. "You're mean!" I pouted.

"I've had enough of your guff, lad. What is your mother's number? She pulled her phone from a jacket pocket.

She wasn't going to spank me? I nearly sighed, but my next breath stuck in my throat. She was going to tell Momma that I was being bad!

"Billy, I'm serious. According to the law, I have to call your parents or the police. Who should I call?"

This horrid witch teacher had trapped me! If I confessed that Steve attacked me, the kids at school would call me a snitch! If I didn't, she was going to call Momma, or worse the police! I caved quickly and told her mom's phone number. I hung my head while she punched it into her smartphone. It wasn't very new, but it was a good one. I dreamed about having a smartphone, one day. I was still amazed that I had a watch almost as cool!

Ms. Hennifer set her phone to speaker mode. Mother's dulcet tone sang beautifully from the phone's somewhat decent, tiny speakers. "Hello?"

"Excuse me, Madam, I'm a teacher at Lilith Middle School, I have Billy here. He's fine, but he said he was supposed to meet you at the library?"


"I'm here, Momma." I suddenly felt like a kidnap victim helping kidnappers demand ransom.

"You're at the school?"

"We are, Ma-am. My name is Ms. Hennifer. We're in my classroom. I can take him to the library, but I wasn't expecting a delay today. It's the last day I have to ready my room for class next week."

"I'm Faun Androni, Ms. Hennifer. I am so grateful to have you watching him!"

"Weeelll," the teacher began, "He had a wee bit of a fracas with another student, in the yard. I'm trying to learn what happened, but the story they told me doesn't add up."

"Billy's okay?"

"It's just a scratch, Momma. The teacher is making a big deal over nothing."

"You see what I mean, Ma-am?"

"I do. You suspect Billy's not being entirely honest."

"My words, Missus, as if you plucked them out of my mouth."

"I want to go home, Momma."

"I'm sure you do, Billy. The problem is, my credit card isn't working, and I'm stuck at the grocery store. After I used it yesterday, in a new city, the card company blocked it in case someone had stolen it. The store is being very helpful to resolve the matter, but it may take some time. I messaged your email, to tell you. I imagine you haven't read it."

"What would you like me to do, Ms. Androni?" The teacher asked.

"Whatever's convenient for you. Thank you again for looking out for him. You're welcome to drop him off at the library and continue working, but you're welcome to put him to work. If he can't be honest, he can at least do honest work."

"Momma, that's not fair!" I wasn't crying or anything, but Ms. Hennifer shook her head at me, disappointed.

"Billy, listen to me. Teachers will be the most important people in your life, for many years. They perform one of the most difficult and most important jobs in the world, with minimal support from most communities. If you don't learn to respect and honor good teachers, you will be a lesser man when you come into your own."

"Goodness, Ma-am!" The blush on Ms. Hennifer's cheeks surprised me.

"I'm serious, Ms. Hennifer. I recommend putting my boy to work. I would help myself, if I wasn't tied up with this credit card matter. Concerning the incident in the yard, and assuming Billy is okay, I leave it to your judgement as to how to learn the truth."

"I admit, the lad has frustrated me about it. I'm no saint, but I need to be sure it was not a matter of bullying. The school has strict regulations."

"By chance, are you Scotch-Irish, Ms. Hennifer?"

"Yes, Ma-am, but more Scot, than that far kin, if you know wet I mean."

"It pleases me to hear that. My grandfather was born in Glasgow. He knew how to sift a young man until his words came true, if you know what I mean."

"I think I do, Ms. Androni, but as your son is not officially a student, I can't use that option."

Mother's bombshell buried me in burning dirt. She told the same thing to Father, the first time he spanked me, years ago. I had never felt so betrayed, then or now. I couldn't even squeak out a complaint.

"Can your phone record calls?" Mother continued to tear at my heart.

"It can."

"Please, switch that on now. I want you to have a record of what I'm about to say."

The teacher tapped something on her phone. "It's recording now."

"Ms. Hennifer, my name is Faun Androni, the mother of Billy Androni. While my son is in your care, in or out of school, I appoint you as Billy's temporary guardian. You may employ whatever means, legal for a parent or guardian, to ensure the safety, and healthy behavior, of my son. This appointment will last until I or my husband explicitly revokes it.

"Is that sufficient authority for you, Ms. Hennifer?"

"Goodness! That's far beyond what a parent should give to another person. We haven't even met!"

"Ms. Hennifer, I am very close to my son. I know him better than most parents know their children. Every time he's spoken, I hear his confidence, even from my phone's poor speaker. He's unsure about you, but I am not. However, his heart will surprise you and earn your trust as you have earned mine."

"I am not one to trust lightly, but Ms. Androni, I promise to use the authority you have given, wisely."

"There's only one thing left to ask."

"Yes?" The teacher blinked.

"If Billy should require physical correction, please follow it with heartfelt comfort. His father and I have worked hard to help him understand that correction should never be employed out of malice. I want to be clear, I'm sure this not the case, but now you know how we go about it. I've given you full authority to do as you see fit, regardless."

"I, um, understand." Ms. Hennifer sounded off balanced.

"Thank you for taking care of Billy until I can resolve my credit card. I have your number on my phone. I'll call it as soon as I can come and pick up my boy."

"No, Momma! Wait!" I cried out. The smartphone clicked and darkened.

"Your mother is an amazing person, Billy."

I truly was in prison. I looked at my jailor and wanted to throw up.

Ms. Hennifer did not believe in pleasantries. She accepted my mother's offer, ready to earn it. "You'll find cleaning rags on the white boards, Billy. Take them to the bathroom and rinse them. Wring them out, after rinsing. When you bring them back, I want you to wipe the students' desks. While you're doing that, I expect you to supply the full account of what happened in the yard."

She stood and pulled more cartoon cutouts from a large box on her desk. "You'll see the bathroom if you continue down the hall, away from the door to the grounds."

I took the rags quickly and went down the hall. When I entered the bathroom, a brilliant idea occurred to me. If I dumped the rags in front of the teacher's door and ran outside, I could run to the library where I could email Momma, tell her the teacher dropped me off, and escape snitching on the kids who might make my life at school miserable.

All I had to do was act on it, or otherwise ruin any chance of surviving my new school.

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I'm glad I didn't rush off and make everything worse. It was because of the mirror. I saw myself in the bathroom, with a bunch of rags, looking like a trapped rat, what I imagined one looked like. Running off is what a kid might do. I might escape the other kids' vengeance, but Ms. Hennifer would hold it against me. Worst of all, if she called Momma and ratted me out, Mother would lose respect for me. She might never do adult things with me again. I had to accept facing one harsh reality or another. I averted my eyes from the mirror, while I rinsed and wrung out the rags. At least I could choose - or maybe..., an idea formed, ...make a bargain.

When I entered the classroom, she gave me an eye that asked, "What took you so long?" She turned the eye back to her work, taping more cartoons above the white boards. I began wiping down the first desk. She cleared her throat, "Well?"

"Ms. Hennifer, I'm not going tell you what happened in the school yard. I'm going to deal with it, myself. I don't care if you spank me." I started wiping the next desk.

"Is that so?" The teacher said nothing, until she finished taping the cartoon she was holding. "Come to my desk, Billy." Her shoes clacked on the linoleum tile floor. They stopped at her desk.

I set down my rags and shuffled over.

"I dint wan te do this, but what you said demands correcting." She sat in her chair and scooted it back from the desk. "Take down your trousers, laddie. Then bend over my lap."

Huh? Take down my trousers? That didn't seem right! "My parents don't take down my pants." I complained.

"I'm not your parents, Billy. I'm using the authority your mother gave to me, 'as I see fit.'" She spoke curtly, my mother's own words.

I gulped. My hands fumbled with the belt. Unbuckling it, I felt a rush of courage. I'd show her! I dropped both my pants and my underwear. My pee pee was soft, but I was still proud of it. I had made babies with women older than Ms. Hennifer!

"Billy!" She flinched. "I meant just your tr-." She saw my fierce defiance. "Fine, lad. We'll do it your way." She surprised me then, by pulling her knee skirt up to her thighs. I couldn't see her panties, but I noticed she wore stockings. Mother did when she occasionally dressed up.

"I donae wan yer bits to soil me skirt. Now bend over."

I pressed my lips together and lay my chest on her thighs.

"Scoot forward, Billy. I want more swinging room." She threatened.

I crept until my 'bits' pushed into her thigh.

"That won't do, lad. I want your arse on my lap, facing me."

I had to lift and sorta hop. My pee pee wedged in between her thighs. My legs dangled nearly straight. I felt a stirring in my loins, from the sensation of my soft wiener against her nylon clad thighs.

WHACK! Ms. Hennifer's hand struck my bare buttock. I managed not to cry out, but she hit me harder than Daddy.

"That was to make sure you're in the right position." She adjusted my angle, with a slight push to my knees. "Now I want you to count, aloud. If you miscount, we will start again at one. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Hennifer. How ma-" SWAT! "OW!" She surprised me. I promised myself, I wouldn't cry.

"Hush and count."

"Wha-w- one."

SWACK! I managed to stifle another outburst. "Two."

She spanked me three more times.

"Five." It was hurting, but not too bad. Father never spanked me that hard, but I was pretty sure, she hadn't finished.

"I want to explain, Billy. I'm not spanking you because you won't tell what happened. This is more serious. CRACK!

I yipped! My resolve was at the breaking point. "Sssix." What was she spanking me for? I didn't dare ask. I felt less brave by the second.


"Sssseven." My throat then whined against my will. I told myself, she would stop at ten.

"Billy." Her voice was as grave as I ever heard. "You said you didn't care."


"Aaahh!  Eight." I squeaked.

"You must NEVER not care!" THWACK! Her hand smashed like iron against my sore behind!

"WAaaa!!" I wailed. I felt tears in my eyes. I almost forgot, but she gave me a second to catch my breath. "N-nine."

"Caring is how people get along." CRACK!

"Oooohhhh, nooo." I wimpered. But that was ten. I felt will resurge. "Ten."


"WHAAATT?" I cried!

"Billy, I'm going to redden your arse until you understand." SWACK! "You have to care about others." SMACK! "About the world." SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "And most of all, you must damn well care about yourself!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

The pain had me blubbering, "OW! Oooohhh! AAAA!!" I had lot count, "Twenty?" Any stiffness in my pee pee had vanished.

"Close enough, Billy." She reached forward, above me, to the desk. "For today." Her hand shuffled in the first aid kit. I was crying too much to look. "When you're a student in ma maths class, I expect precise numbers. You want to be a good student, doncha Billy?"

"Y-yes, Ms. Hennifer." I breathed.

"You'll be a special student, if you have my class. I've never been able to do this, to any other. I don't like doing it, but what you said, almost made me mad. I would never spank you when I'm angry. I care very much about my students. I don't have children of my own. I doubt I'll even marry. I love teaching more than anything. I'm sorry I had to correct you, Billy. I want to show my love now."

Something cold squirted across my inflamed cheeks. Her hand touched the thick goo and began to rub it softly into my bright red skin. It warmed quickly. "Billy, I can't- I mean, spanking can't," She corrected herself. "Make you care. You have to feel caring. I need you to realize, that you can always care." The flames in my butt cooled, as the soothing gel warmed.

"To thrive in this world, a man must care. Caring is hard. Its easy to let faults in the world, in people, widen." Her odd voice sounded almost like a song. She did sing then.
    "Oh, hearts are blessed with power of life."
    "But quail beneath evil will."
    "Yet minds beset by troubles and strife,"
    "Persevere all pains when still."

The song lulled me, took me away from my pain. When she stopped, my senses returned to soreness only. I sensed something else - my penis had grown between Ms. Hennifer's thighs. I felt my face reddened then. It wasn't full hard, but she must have-

"Heavens, Billy." Her hand stopped rubbing the lotion. "I didn't expect this," She paused. "Or I would have insisted you wear pants."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hennifer."

"I-it's not worth fretting over. An erection is perfected normal, um, when rubbed." Her voice slightly fretted. "Stand up."

I managed to pick myself off of her lap and stand, wincing only a couple times. My pee pee jutted out, half hard. It pointed at the bulge in her jacket. I expected her to tell me to pull up my pants. Her very stern face softened. She looked almost puzzled. I felt I should say something.


"You just think I'm a kid, Ms. Hennifer, but I know stuff, maybe not much math, but I know a hard pee pee is nothing to feel bad about. I know bullying, Ms. Hennifer. People, not just kids, hurt others to pretend to be tough. Your spanking hurt a lot, but you don't have to pretend. If Momma likes you, you can spank me, and I won't complain, um, after." I sniffed. "My pee pee has done adult things, making babies even. You don't want to have kids. So I won't ask you. But I'm not a kid, okay?" I told the teacher I wouldn't complain, but I wasn't going to let Momma off the hook as easily, for betraying me.

Ms. Hennifer gaped at me. "B-billy, are you being abused? Is someone forcing you to use your, uh, penis?" She took her phone from the desk. It flashed to life in her hand.

"Heck, no Ms. Hennifer!" I almost shouted. "One nice lady asked me, to abuse HER!" I calmed. "Um, but not badly, not nearly as bad as your spanking."

"Do your parents know?" Her voice creaked, loading her question with suspicion.

"Oh, I can't let them know. I'm telling you, because Momma trusts you." And to emphasize that I wasn't a kid.

I saw a tear seep out of her left eye. "I-I didn't realize - until now" She swallowed. "Billy, I'm sorry. You're right. I did spank you too hard, because-" Her throat gave a curt whine. "You stood up to me. I said it was because you didn't care, and I didn't lie, but you chose a spanking over telling on your friends. I'm sorry I treated you like a kid. I'm sorry I- bullied you." A couple tears added to her cheeks. She pulled a tissue from the box on her desk and wiped her eyes. "Oh, Laddie, wot 'ave I dune?"

He accent deepened as emotions broke through her self-control. I stood before the woman sitting hunched over, daubing a tissue to her eyes. My pee pee hardened as I felt power drain from her and into me.

"It's okay, Ms. Hennifer." I reached out and touched her tightly bunned, gold brown hair. "I know you love being a teacher. You rubbed that cool stuff on my sore butt to show that you care. Momma wanted you to comfort me, and you did. That stuff made it feel better, but now I feel another need. My pee pee isn't sore, but it wants to be comforted. It wouldn't be this way, if you hadn't rubbed that stuff." I wouldn't have been hard if I hadn't lain naked across her beautiful thighs, too, but I didn't say that.

The sorry teacher looked up and studied my young erection. It seemed to calm her. Her abrupt grin surprised me. "Lad, don be putt'n on me, what's rightly half your fault. You chose to strip."

"I was mad at you, because you were treating me like a kid."

"Oh, and wot do your ma say about git'n riled?" She winked, intentionally exaggerating her accent.

She had me there. Momma says real grown-ups handle their anger in ways that don't make other's angry. I had defied Ms. Hennifer twice, once by not ratting out Steve and once by blatantly stripping. I didn't know what to say.

"Billy, I made a mistake today, but I won't make another." She sat up and leaned back in her chair. "You might become my student, and I mustn't take advantage of your invite. That would be very wrong and set a bad precedent between you and I." Her accent vanished. "I promise I won't abuse my authority again. I hope to earn your respect. That's the only way I can do my job well, where you're concerned." She won back much of her power.

My erection slightly softened but not visibly. "I guess so, Ms. Hennifer." I reached for the pants around my ankles.

"You are right, though." She continued, slightly amused. "A hard penis is nothing to feel bad about. If you want to make it feel good, you're welcome to use that bottle of lotion."

I brightened at her gay tone. Earlier that day, I felt I shouldn't waste my cum, but I was so pleased by her suggestion I forgot all that. "Sure!" I took the lotion and squeezed it on my hand. I started rubbing my hard pee pee while thinking about how pretty, Ms. Hennifer was.

"Give me one second, and I'll be right back, Billy. I have a responsibility to your mother." She got up and glided to the windows. I slowed my wanking. I almost stopped - in horror! I had totally forgotten. The classroom curtains were wide open!

She drew the curtains closed and returned still smiling. "This is nobody else's business."

My hand quickly resumed its pace when she sat and watched me, with that whimsical smile. It reminded me of my mother's knowing grin.

"Ooohh." I moaned. "I like how you're looking at me, Ms. Hennifer."

"Do you, lad?" She mused.

"You're really pretty, and I don't feel like a kid in front of you."

She licked her lips. "No, Billy, I won't treat you like a kid, anymore. I hope you know that masturbation is something men should enjoy, even when they have women to make babies with." I didn't realize it at the time, but Ms. Hennifer was wise to use my words instead of fancy technical ones.

"Yes, Ma-am. It's feeling really good now." I wriggled my pelvis to add friction to the lotion that let me jack off fast. "Nnnnnggg!" I groaned.

"I see you're very good at that, Billy. I'm glad I'm not spoiling it."

"No Ma-am. You're making me really hard, and I'm gonna cum soon. Oooohhh!" I slicked the lotion all over, from my dick head to the base of my firm shaft.

"You can cum?" The idea surprised her.

"I think I can." I lost some speed remembering my failure, yesterday evening. "I ran out of cum, the last time I 'jaculated. But I think it's been long enough to have more."

She looked more surprised. "Goodness, Billy, that means, in the last few days, you must have released your cum over a dozen times!" For the first time that day, Ms. Hennifer's cheeks tinged a little red.

"Is that a lot?" I was almost ready to cum, and I found her surprise very exciting, but the small worry which remained, held back my orgasm.

"It's is, Billy! And to think you expended it making babies..."

"What if I can't, Ms. Hennifer? I mean, cum now." I was too lost in emotions to hide my fear from the well intentioned teacher.

"It's okay, Billy. That's always temporary. You're a healthy, young man. You will produce more eventually and likely very quickly."

My hand flashed out and back, rubbing the hot lotion into my randy prick. "I believe you, Ms. Hennifer!" I was almost there.

"Billy, I want you to cum in my hair bun!" The woman exclaimed. "I'll explain later, but if you cum, please aim it into my bun of hair." She swiveled on her chair, facing away, and tilted her hair back. Her tight bun almost touched the tip of my slick pee pee.

I tried to say, "Okay." But her strange request and tightly bound bundle of golden hair pushed me over the edge. "OOOooooohhhhhh- Aaaayyyy!!" I yelled. My penis blasted out a huge spurt of cum. It crashed against the blond-brown mass, so close it couldn't miss. Another glob ejected out of the end of my prick and battered the first one, driving it into the tight strands. I kept moaning and jacking out fresh cum. Three more squirts soaked Ms. Hennifer's bun. Before anymore could spill out, over my hand (the last amount always did) I pressed my cock into her bun and wanked as much of it as I could before she could react.

"I'm starting to feel it." She moaned then. "It's hot and thick. Oh, Billy, it's just what I needed. Keep cumming into my hair!"

She must have felt my dick pushing her bun as I jerked my hand back and forth to get every drop into Ms. Hennifer's hair. I didn't cum as much as usual, but I was okay with that. The teacher's hair was fully soaked! It glistened from white streaks of cum. I stepped back and caught my breath. Cumming, especially into this strong woman's hair, I had never experienced an orgasm that intense, jacking off.

"Are you done?" She reached behind and touched one finger to her bun. A sticky thread pulled out and snapped as she withdrew it. Then she spun around and smiled at me. "Oh, thank you, Billy. Doing that will help me to do right by you, in the future."

I pulled several tissues from the box on her desk and began wiping myself. "What do you mean? I really liked doing it, Ms. Hennifer, but isn't it kinda gross?" Bits of wet tissue clung to my fingers as I cleaned up.

She looked naughty like a girl for a second, "It is, a little, Lad, but I treated you unfairly today, and I didn't respect your power as a young man. I'm not going to wash my hair until school starts on Monday. Until then, I'm going have your cum in my hair, to remind me to treat my students appropriately." She looked down, "And specifically to treat you the way you deserve." She blushed deeper red.

The teacher's phone sang out like a dying cat. The face of it lit up with a message. It was from Momma. "I'm at the front door of the school, Ms. Hennifer. I hope Billy has been on his best behavior."

She texted back. "Yes, Ms. Androni, your son gave me his very best."

After collecting my things, we went out to greet my mom. She immediately bent to examine the bandage on my face. Her worry eased. She straightened. "I'm jealous, Ms. Hennifer, of your golden hair. The sun makes it shine so beautifully, especially the bun."

"It would hae ta do wit the creme rinse I use, more than the color."

"I should very much like to try the creme you used." Mother once again smiled in that special way that slightly worried me.

Ms. Hennifer coughed. "Yes, it's not easy to come, um, by. I mean, I'll try to find a way for you to get some."

"You're always welcome to text, Ma-am. I should like to think we could become good friends."

"Please, call me Gloria."

"Faun." They shook hands.

Ms. Hennifer looked a little sad, watching me keep up with my mother. I helped push the folding cart that was full of groceries. Looking back, I saw the amazing teacher reach behind her hair, stroke the bun a few times with a finger, and then bring her hand to her lips-"

"Billy, are you mad at me?" Mother asked.


"You're not your usual cheerful self. Did the boy who hurt you, scare you?"

"Not really, Momma. I feel like I can handle him." 'Somehow,' I added mentally. Steve must have been a whole grade older. He was bigger and stronger. I had to beat him another way, one that would keep him from bothering me or another kid. But Momma's first question required an answer.

"You let Ms. Hennifer spank me." I pouted.

"Did you deserve it?"

Not that much, I couldn't say it. "A little." I whispered.

"Are you mad at her?"

"No, Momma. She did what she thought was right. She even put lotion on me afterwards."

Mother walked quietly. Then she smiled. "Is that how she got her creme rinse?"

My jaw fell open.

"I'm kidding, Billy." Mother laughed. "You didn't ejaculate, yesterday. It should take someone your age at least two days to recover." I missed that clue about how much Momma knew.

Then I smiled, to myself. "I'm not angry at the teacher, but maybe I won't forgive you."

"What if I were to buy you something good, at the corner market, before going home? I'm not above bribing you for my penance."

"Ice cream?"

"I couldn't buy anything frozen, at the grocery. It would melt before we get home. We'll stop at the corner market and get you some nICE, GREEN beans!"

"Mooom!!" I cried.

She laughed again, "Or some broccoli, or cauliflower, or..."

I ignored her. We did stop at the corner market.

"Hello, Mrs. Shahidi, I hope you are well."

The woman behind the market's counter stood barely taller than me. Her tummy and hips were a little round, but her breasts bumped out the front of her loose, full length dress. It was made of cloth printed with red and gold swatches. A big purple scarf surrounded her long, black hair. I think she was younger than my mom, but not by much. Her face was very uh, well, motherly. "Oh, yes, you stopped by yesterday. Welcome. I am happy."


"Wa-Alaikumussalam wa-Rahmatullah."

"This is my son, Billy." Mother smiled proudly.

"Hello, Ma-am."

"Salaam to you, Billy. I have a son about half your age. I hope you bring as much joy to your Mother as he brings me."

"My son is a delight. At the moment, though, he wants ice cream, but I want him to eat healthy food. What do you recommend?"

Halal, goat milk ice cream is very healthy, compared to regular or even organic.

Goat milk! Ewww. I kept my tongue still.

"I have chocolate in the back of the freezer. I always have some for customers of the faith and those I convince to try it." She laughed easily.

"What do you think, Billy?" Mother tried to suppress a smile. "Goat ice cream or broccoli?"

"Mooom!" I whinged again. I did like chocolate best, though. Mother knew that.

"We'll take both, Mrs. Shahidi."

"Excellent! Let me get those for you." She walked out from the counter, but the back of her skirt ballooned behind her and slipped up, over the top of a young boy who had evidently been hiding behind her, under her skirt! "Arturio, my child, is that where you went! Silly thing. Literally hiding behind my dress." She laughed again.

The boy's skin was much darker than his mother's She was quite fair for her community, but her son wasn't as dark as an African. He gave me a big smile, as if he knew a secret. He was missing two teeth! Then he ran away, into the back where his mother had disappeared.

"Do Muslims have a tooth fairy?" I remembered Momma using that word.

"I don't know, Billy, but I think their tradition is a little different.

"Different bad?"

"Of course not! What have I taught you?"

"'Different' and 'bad' are two very different things." I recited.

Mrs. Shahidi returned with frosted packages. She rang them up. "Thank you, Ms.-"


"Yes, I will remember next time."

"It's okay. It's more than likely I'll send Billy. He needs to get out more."

"Your son is a delightful young man."

The way she said that made me feel strange, as if I suddenly had two mothers. Her eyes were so kind. I imagined making a baby with her. My pleasantly tingling pee pee twitched.

I followed mother home, thinking about making babies. I told myself I shouldn't be in a hurry. I couldn't make babies if I run out of cum. I didn't want that to happen, ever again!

We reached the front door of our apartment, to find a sign taped to it. "Mr or Ms. Wimbley, please see one of us, ASAP. The neighbor above you flooded her tub, but I didn't want to check your place for water damage, without your permission. I'm in the basement getting tools. My wife, Colleen, is in our apartment, #101." It was signed, "Godwin and Colleen Cherkle."

"Oh dear." Mother rushed to unlock the door. We darted inside, hauling the cart behind us. "Put the cold things into the refrigerator and freezer, while I look, Billy."

"Okay." I leapt to the task. She returned right after I finished. Most of the goods were for the cupboards.

"I can see a few dark spots on the ceiling in the bathroom, but it doesn't look too bad. There was nothing in the main room or bedroom." She double-checked the goods, smiled, thanked me, and took me out and downstairs.

She knocked on #101.

The door opened. An older woman but much younger than her husband, greeted us. She was about Mrs. Guthrie's age, in fact, but she was far more attractive. Whereas Mrs. Guthrie was a little dumpy around her waist, Mrs. Cherkle was thin and elegant. Our last manger smoked a cigar, and he was more elegant than his wife.

"Hello, Colleen, I got your husband's note."

"Mrs. Wimbley, I-"

"I'm sorry, I didn't take my husband's name. I'm Mrs. Androni, but please call me Faun."

The manger blushed. "I'm sorry, Faun."

"It's okay, an understandable mistake. I looked around before coming. There are a few spots on the bathroom ceiling. I doubt there's much damage.

"A few spots can mean anything." Colleen pulled out her phone and speed dialed her husband. "Does Godwin have your permission to examine it and fix whatever is necessary?"

"Yes, but I will need to be there."

"That's fine." The manager let her husband know to expect Momma.

"Momma, I want to see the damage." I had to say something.

Mother looked at Colleen. "I'd rather he didn't get in your husband's way."

"Would you like me to sit with Billy?" Daddy must have told her my name.

"If it's not too much trouble." Mother sighed at me. "I'm sorry, Billy. I wanted to spend the afternoon with you."

"It's okay, Momma. Mrs. Cherkle seems nice." I said in my most adult way.

"I've sat for most of the children in the building. Billy and I will get along famously. My gingerbread cookies have never failed to keep them happy."

Mom shook her head, frowning at me. She didn't want to leave me, but I would have totally got in the way of the manager. "Here's two dollars." She fetched them from her purse. They were the only bills in her checkbook. "Colleen, if he wants to go to the corner store, please let him. I have the number there."

"As you wish." The manager nodded. "Mrs. Shahidi is a godly woman, but not too godly to be a bother. She's very trustworthy."

I didn't want to cry. "Go Momma. Don't let the neighbor's water make the damage any worse." 

"Thank you, Colleen."

"Godwin's in the basement."

"Yes." Mother hastened out, leaving me with the very elegant, older lady.

"Would you like a gingerbread cookie?" Colleen smiled. "They taste best, when you bite off their heads."

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Well, if I had to stay out of the husband manager's way, and if his wife offered cookies, I guess I could stay with her instead of spending Momma's last dollar bills. If I gave them back, later, Momma might treat me less like a kid. But I have to admit, I had enjoyed being her baby again for just a little bit.

Colleen was elegant in a tasteful way. Her clothes weren't expensive, and they weren't girly or stuffy like what Mom wears when interviewing, they looked like works of art on the wife manager's tall, thin frame. Her features were somewhat sharp, as she was quite thin. She almost looked frail, except she radiated cheer. I wasn't sure if I liked her yet, but she seemed nice enough.

"Yes, please, Mrs. Cherkle."

She was elegant in action too. Colleen glided to the kitchen and returned with a ceramic jar that looked like a log cabin. She lifted the lid and offered. "I just finished a batch. The next one is in the oven." The apartment smelled like ginger heaven.

I took one of the boy cookies (some were shaped like dumb girls) and nibbled an ear. The cookies had lots of details like that. It tasted, darn it, elegant! The ginger flavor stood out but wasn't strong. Thin lines of lemony frosting made happy faces and buttons and other details on top of the cookie. It tasted lightly sweet, but enough molasses kept the whole thing soft. It grew less whole, the more I nibbled. "This is good! Thank you."

"You're welcome, Billy. I'm sure your mother won't be long. Godwin will likely shoo her back here, after he finds out how much work it'll take to fix your ceiling.

"Ok." I wanted Momma back sooner, but only kids whined about such things. "May I have some milk please?"

"Absolutely! The Cherkle household is never without milk, when it's making cookies." She fetched a carton from the fridge, and a glass. I held it while she poured.

"Thank you."

Colleen pursed her lips. "You must be the most polite boy in the complex."

She had told Mom that she often babysat other kids. "How many kids live here?"

"Not many. Families with two incomes can usually afford larger apartments. Our complex only has studios and single bedrooms. Most of the kids here have single parents."

"Oh." That meant kids here didn't have a Daddy and a Momma. I wondered if the abrasive man on the third floor was married. I bet Mrs. Cherkle sat for his little girl a lot. But I didn't care about her. "Any boys here?"

"Jude is a little younger than you. He's the least polite boy, but he's going through hard times. His dad missed their rent, three separate months, last year.

"Are you going to kick them out?"

"I don't decide things like that, fortunately. It's Mrs. McDougal's decision. Jude's father pays extra, each month, to cover the rent missed, but I shouldn't be telling you that." Mrs. Cherkle put a finger to her lips.

"I won't tell."

"Good, then I can tell you a even bigger secret!" Her eyes lit up.


These apartments don't have any twenty's or thirties." She let her mouth hang open.

That sounded like a dumb secret, but I didn't say so. "What do you mean?"

"There was another wing to the building, but it caught fire and had to be demolished. That happened before Mrs. McDougal bought this place, and that's why she's careful to fix any problems. The previous landlord went to prison because tenants died. Anyway, our courtyard is extra large, where the twenties and thirties used to be."

A fire and prison and dead people - that was a neat story, but it wasn't really a secret. "Why is that a secret?"

"Because of the ghosts."

Oh. I told myself, ghosts weren't real, but the way Mrs. Cherkle said it, the hairs on the back of my neck prickled.

"Never talk about the ghosts, Billy, or they might hear you." She looked grave.

"I don't believe in ghosts." I blustered.

She looked around the room and leaned closer. "Good. I don't believe in them either."

TAONGGGG! The abrupt sound pierced her whisper, and I jumped to my feet ready to fly out the door!

Colleen grinned from ear to ear. "The cookies are done!" She laughed and went to the kitchen.

I sat in the main room, pouting. That was a mean prank, but I would totally do that to Momma, someday, if I learned how to bake cookies.

"Billy, I put the fresh ones on cooling racks. Would you like to draw them with frosting?"

"Okay." I ambled into the kitchen area. She picked up a squeeze bottle of homemade frosting and deftly applied a girl's face, including dimples and eyebrows and a hairline. She offered the bottle to me. "Don't squeeze too hard. The lid will pop off and make a mess."

"What happened to these cookies?" I pointed at one that was very large and one that was very small.

"That's my fault. The large girl was the first I cut out of the dough, I should have used one from the first batch, to keep the sizes right."

"What about the boy?"

"That was the last cookie. There wasn't enough dough to make him regular size."

"Can I frost them?"

"You don't want to frost the normal cookies?"

"Un-uh." I drew a face like Colleen's, on the tall cookie, only badly. "This isn't a girl, it's a woman."

"Oh, is she?" Mrs. Cherkle was appreciative.

"And this is a boy who stopped being a kid." I drew his face, a little better.

"Size doesn't matter, I suppose." She gave a shallow shrug.

Next I drew buttons down the center of the lady cookie, but only to the waist. I added frills to her 'blouse.'

"That's very good, Billy."

"And under her skirt is her puss." I squeezed out a narrow slit with a tiny button at the top. Being very careful, I didn't hear Colleen gasp. I added, "And these are its hairs." I drew tiny, curly lines. I started accenting her breasts, but she stopped me.

"Billy, um, where did you see something like that?" She sounded strange.

"The first time was in the book that Momma and Daddy gave me last year, but that wasn't as accurate as real ones."

"You saw- photos?" She wanted to ask where, was the impression I got.

"No, Ma-am, I made babies in them." I decided, since Mrs. Cherkle had told me a secret, I could trust her with one. Also, because I had jumped like a scared boy, I wanted her to know I was actually very mature.

She stepped back, confused. I finished the gingerbread woman's breasts and added buttons to the boy. I set the bottle down and felt proud. I couldn't draw details as well as Mrs. Cherkle, but I thought mine looked pretty good.

A few seconds later, Colleen whispered. "Are you going to draw the boy parts?"


"Okay." I picked up the bottle and drew what I thought mine looked like, compared to my height.

"That's a little big for a small boy." The apartment manager sounded a little out of breath.

I looked at it. "I'm not good a drawing small things." The pussy I'd drawn was oversized too. She hadn't make a fuss about that. "My Daddy's is bigger than this."

"Godwin's too." Mrs. Cherkle muttered like a vapor, without realizing. "But still..." She licked her lips. "I'm not sure I can believe it."

"Would you like to lick it off the cookie, and draw it for me, Mrs. Cherkle?" I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. Reaching into my boxers, I fished out my pee pee. "It's bigger when it's hard like the one I drew."

Mrs. Cherkle gasp, "Billy, you shouldn't show me that!"

As she said that, I felt my pee pee stiffen. It was fun to see her blush and pretend to look away. "How can you draw it, if I don't show it to you? And you didn't believe me."

She held a hand before her eyes, but I could see them peeking around it, looking down. "I'm sorry I said that. You can put it away now."

"You should draw it right, Mrs. Cherkle. Your frosting pictures are much better than mine." Her reticence emboldened me, and my penis stuck out half hard already.

"Please, I shouldn't look at you. It's not right. It makes me feel-" She did look away. Her face was flush with red. I'd never seen someone so embarrassed.

"Don't be afraid, Mrs. Cherkle. I won't hurt you. I just want the cookie to look right."

She kept shied away, but seemed to reach some decision. "I'm not afraid of you, Billy. I'm afraid of me."

"That's silly." I couldn't comprehend the concept. "Can't you just draw the picture now? That's all I want." I put the squeeze bottle into her hand. She clutched it fiercely, squirting a glob of frosting out of the tip. The screw on nozzle cap popped right off! I jumped back.

"Oh, my!" She yelped at the mess.

"I'll clean it up. I'm sorry." I had pushed it into her hand.

"No, Daddy. It's my mess." He voice lifted its pitch, sounding like a little girl. She knelt, set the bottle on the linoleum tile floor, and looked aghast at the frosting blotch in front of her. "I don't have a towel, Daddy." She leaned down and licked the goo from the floor.

I took another step back. "Wow, you're licking the floor!" I had never seen a woman act or sound like that. Was she playing a game? Maybe that was it. My boldness returned.

"Yes, Daddy. I made a boo boo, and you always tell me to make it better, right away."

My pee pee stood fully erect at the sight of this once elegant lady reduced to a little girl licking a mess from her kitchen floor. Then I realized, in her game, she wanted me to be the daddy. That made me feel really good. I deepened my voice. "You're a fine girl, um-"

"You remember my name, Daddy. It's Colleen."

"Colleen, when you're done with that. Do you want to draw my-" I almost said pee pee, but I was a daddy now. "Prick?"

"Yes, Daddy!" She looked up from the now spotless floor and smiled. Mrs. Cherkle picked up the squeeze bottle and top. She frowned at it. "Your prick is pretty big, Daddy. I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I don't think there's enough frosting left to draw it."

I couldn't tell from where I stood, but I assumed she was right. I suppose she would have made more, but I wanted to help however I could, now that she wanted to draw my hard penis on the gingerbread boy cookie. I didn't know much about frosting, but I remembered Momma making it, with shortening. A way to contribute to the effort dawned on me.

"I'll make more frosting, for you, Colleen. Give me the bottle and I'll fill it."

She handed it to me and stood. "You wanted me to lick off the pee pee you drew." Her lips parted for the tip of her tongue. She then leaned over the cooling racks covered with cookies.

"Yes please, Sweetheart." I aimed my full prick into the bottle. I was so hard, it was difficult to bend my penis down far enough.

"You're a nice daddy." She licked the small cookie's crotch.

I struggled to jerk off and keep my pee pee aimed. An easier plan struck me, seeing Mrs. Cherkle lick off the frosting penis I drew. "Colleen, when you're done with that one, please lick this one." My cock twitched at the thought of my crazy idea working. I released it, letting it aim naturally at the middle aged woman.

"If you say so, Daddy." She turned to me, but upon seeing my hard prick, her face scrunched up. "I like frosting better."

"If you lick it good, it'll make more frosting, Honey." I used the words Daddy called Momma sometimes. The first one had pleased Mrs. Cherkle a lot.

Her face perked up. "I trust you, Daddy." She knelt once more, this time in front of my exposed erection. Her tongue darted out and licked the base of my cockhead. What a rush that was!

"Mmmmm! You're a really good girl, Colleen. Lick Daddy's prick, and it'll make fresh frosting you can taste and use to draw it." I liked this game!

Some of her affected innocence parted. Mrs. Cherkle abruptly groaned and opened her mouth. She sucked my dick into her face before I knew it. It felt amazing! "Wow!" I said in my regular, boy voice.

We moaned in duet, as the apartment manger sucked and licked my eager pee pee. My hips began to rock against her rhythm, pressing deep as she leaned into me, taking my prick to the back of her throat. She choked a little but never stopped bobbing her face over the spit coated staff in her mouth.

I might have  cum very quickly, if I hadn't suddenly worried about my balls. I had cum once, a few hours before, and not as much as I did over the last few days. Was there any left? How long would my balls take to fully recharge? I hadn't considered it, in my eagerness to play this game with Mrs. Cherkle.

She moaned on my dick, sounding like the women I had made babies with, when they got their bursts of pleasure. Another concern nagged. Maybe I shouldn't waste my cum in a frosting bottle. I was pretty sure I could play Daddy and make a baby with Mrs. Cherkle, but that thought formed at the far reaches of my awareness. Most of my attention was on the swift sucking mouth trying to pull the cum out of my balls. I let go of my fears and simply immersed myself in the swarm of incredible sensations her lips and tongue released into my stiff cock.

My hips shuddered, breaking our mutual thrusting. It was happening! A first bolt of cum shot out of my prick, into Mrs. Cherkle's mouth. She surprised me then and pulled her head off of me. Her hand grabbed my rod and aimed it into the bottle. "I love your frosting, Daddy! I want to paint lots with it!" As she proclaimed her intent, my loins blasted six more globs directly into the squeeze bottle. I hollered from extreme pleasure electrocuting my consciousness, while still more cum launched through the round opening. Mrs. Cherkle's aim was as impeccable as her taste in clothes. I fired a final three shots before the last of my sperm spilled out slow, coating the front of my pee pee and her hand. She began licking both. I took the bottle from her and set it carefully on the counter. The way she cleaned my sperm dripping cock kept me dizzy for all the long minutes she took to drink every drop that hadn't filled the frosting squeezer.

"Your prick is way more delicious, Daddy when it's covered in frosting!" Mrs. Cherkle nuzzled a cheek between my ball sack and my upper thigh. "Did you make enough to draw the rest of the cookies?"

I looked at the bottle. Once more, I felt I didn't cum as much as I did over the previous days. I told myself, I would have to wait before making any more babies, or play any special games like filling a hair bun or a frosting bottle. "If you're very careful, Colleen, I bet you can paint them all." I had to sit in a chair. The dizzy, wonderful, sex feelings swirled on and on, inside my head.

She drew my prick first. "That's you, Daddy." She smiled impishly, blushing, pointing at the small boy cookie.

"It looks perfect, Colleen." It really did.

"Thank you, Daddy. I couldn't have done it without you!" She smiled and resumed painting the fresh batch of gingerbread cookies. I stowed my softening pee pee and zipped up my pants.

We never found out if there was enough frosting to finish the job. The moment Mrs. Cherkle completed the next cookie's details, her doorbell rang.

"Colleen?" Mother called from behind the front door. "It's Faun."

"Oh, my!" The lady dropped the bottle, and her face flew into a fright! "What have I done?"

The game was over. It made me sad to realize it, but I was also happy that Momma was there. "You made me feel really good, Mrs. Cherkle." I got up and hugged her. "It was fun to play Daddy and Colleen, with you." I dashed to the front door and opened it. I wanted to rush out and hug Momma too, but only little boys did that.

"You don't seem worse for the wear." She nodded at me before greeting the apartment manager. "Colleen, he didn't eat too many cookies, I hope."

Mrs. Cherkle looked more than a little shaken when she shuffled out of the kitchen. "No. He just ate one." She held out the ceramic jar. "I have too many. Please take some."

"You're too kind." Momma raised a hand.

"Those aren't as fresh." I grabbed her hand and dragged Momma to the kitchen, ignoring Mrs. Cherkle's sudden, mask of horror. She was so afraid, she didn't move an inch while I pointed the cooling racks out to my mother. I picked up the big cookie and pushed it at her. "This is you." I took the small one and headed out the door. "Thank's Mrs. Cherkle! Your cookies are awesome!"

Mother walked passed the apartment manager with a slim smile. "My boy can be very silly, sometimes. I'm sure you were very adult about these, Colleen. We mustn't ever let our personal demons prevent us from being good examples for children."

"N-no, Faun." Mrs. Cherkle's voice shook. "Boys and girls are always tastin-, um, testing us." She wiped a small, white dot from her chin.

"I'm sure, now," Mother smiled broadly. "You and I are going to get along famously."

I believe the apartment manager remained standing in her front room, long after Momma and I returned to our apartment. When I told my mother, I had drawn the frosting on the cookies, (I didn't tell her, Mrs. Cherkle, had drawn my pee pee on the small one - it didn't seem important, because Momma had seen my pee pee plenty, recently.) Mother took two plastic containers from the cupboard and preserved the cookies. "You should show your father what you drew, Billy."

Mr. Cherkle, wearing his toolbelt and a stained, white t-shirt, emerged from the bathroom. "The damage was worse above your ceiling, Ms. Androni, but I patched it up. Almost ran out of calk." He hoisted a white spotted calk gun and aimed it at me. "Bang!" He smiled.

"That's okay, Mr. Cherkle. I think I ran out too, painting your wife's cookies." I assured him. "There's always more, if we don't rush."

A confused apartment manager cocked his head at me and shrugged. "Let me know if anything else goes wrong, Ms. Androni."

"Thank you, Mr. Cherkle. I will." Mother had that strange grin on her face, but he didn't take notice. I waved as he walked out the door.

It was late afternoon. Father wouldn't get home until nearly my bedtime. Mother put her arm around me. "It's been a busy day."