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Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

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Yes, a bit of a tongue-in-cheek statement, since she was jealous as hell and yet still stuck around - well, came back under Billy's 'guidance' - to let Tara have her fun.  ;D

I like all the different arcs in the story, of course some more than others, but this is a really interesting place in the story right now :)

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Mom continued. "I shouldn't keep you out of school. There's still time to talk with Tara, but the plan was to visit in the morning only."

We both knew that today's plans were made of tissue paper. I could probably get Mom to excuse me for the rest of the day, but did I really need to skip? Of course I wanted to be with Mom and/or Tara all day. We could have so much fun, playing games and maybe showing Tara the house, but that's what a kid would want. I knew I should respect that Tara's new job would keep her very busy, and Mom's housework was important too. I could help Mom with housework. I'd enjoy that, but I also knew I should respect going to school.

I pouted, knowing what I should do. Tara reached her hand across the table and smiled. "I feel the same way." She wished she could skip work too. I took her hand in mine, and a good thing occurred to me. "Can we go to a movie after your work?"

She frowned slightly. "I can't tonight or tomorrow, but yes we should do that. Soon." She emphasized. "You pick the day. I just need a little advance notice."

I felt immediately better and even beamed at Mom.

"That would be your decision and your business, Billy." Mom sounded a little unsure. She was usually much more supportive of me playing with women. Tara noticed it too.

"Ms. Androni, I didn't say this before, but the main reason I'm moving here is to take this job. I wasn't kidding about it being a gold mine - of course nothing is guaranteed. Now it's true that Billy is the second reason. However it's just as vital that you and I have a harmonious relationship. How can I earn your trust?"

"Not today, Tara." Mom sighed. "Today is very difficult, and there will be more difficult days ahead for me. While I can't give my blessing today, I don't distrust you. I will try to keep my odd temper in check until the difficulty passes."

"I-I'm sorry. I hadn't realized." Tara sympathized then looked at me, curious.

I shook my sad head. What had happened last night was Mom's business to talk about, not mine. Still I worried that Mom was backsliding. I wondered if taking control and groping her in public had been as much of a burden as it was a relief. It wasn't even clear if my action had given her any relief. I think it had.

The mood in the room had gotten dark again. I didn't want to leave it that way. We needed something silly to dismiss the growing gloom. "Tara, you weren't wearing panties." I snickered.

Mom looked at the ceiling, abstaining from the change of conversation.

Not one to blush, Tara couldn't suppress a little smirk. "I took them off in the bathroom, Billy. I hoped that you and I could- Um, even if it was just for a moment." Tara hedged slightly. "And then this happened..." Her arm holding napkins against her pussy to keep my sperm in, shook as if wanted attention. "This was more than I was hoping for." Her smirk became a grin.

I almost said something to Mom but thought better of it. She hadn't liked having to ignore what Tara had done under the table in the moment she had jerked me off. So I simply asked Tara, "Would you give me your panties?" That surprised her.

"Really? I thought panty sniffing was just a porn thing." Tara's grin relaxed a little. "Sure." She fished her free hand into her blouse and pulled out a thin, red pair from between her breasts. I remembered how pretty they were. My satiated penis actually twitched at my visual memory.

Mom spoke unexpectedly, still staring away. "He doesn't sniff them. At least I don't think he does. He started collecting them a few weeks ago."

Tara's eyes widened. "He did- Does? From who-" The new restaurant manager bit back her words. "Sorry. That's not my business."

"Perhaps we'll get along sooner than I thought." Mom had a little smile on her face.

I quickly stuffed the slightly damp garment into a pocket. "I should say good-bye to Wenda." I scooted out of the booth. She had been real nice and thoughtful this entire time. "I'll be right back, Tara, Mom."

Upon reaching the double, thin metal doors leading to the back of the diner, I heard Mom ask Tara, "Do you know the child's-" I didn't hear the rest. Immediately upon pushing through, Boone's voice, a harsh whisper, drowned out Mom and stopped me in my tracks.

"...But then, you fat bitch, you always come back for more."

"Shut the fuck up and hurry, Shithead." Wenda whispered just as harshly. She and Boone were in the back room. Their fuck slaps were almost as loud as their voices. In the hallway, as long as I kept quiet and still, I could overhear them. "It's not like that cock tease pedo slut is ever gonna put out for you."

"At least I'm thinking of her fucking sexy bod, instead of yours, you bloated whore!" Boone added, "Of course I hired her because of her body, but the hag wouldn't have accepted her as a partner if she was just another young cunt with big ideas."

"Gods curse it, Boone. I'd rather hear your insults than hear more shit about that she-demon."

"You hate her already? HEH!" Boone laughed aloud.

"No. I like her! That's why I'm so pissed I needed your disgustingly big prick."

"Then take it. HU-NGGHH!" A sharp smack of flesh sounded. "It's not like your Asian boyfriend is going to give you what I've got."

"Don't you dare speak Spencer's na- DAMN, I hate how your thing makes mee ...  CUUUMMMMM!!!"

I backed out of the hall. Before I turned to the dining area, I tried to compose myself. Wenda's and Boone's mean fucking troubled me as much as it had the first time. I felt their slime dripping from me. I needed a bath.

Spencer was my science teacher's first name. He and Wenda met at the diner. Mrs. Shahidi had arranged it. Were they already dating? I didn't want to think that Wenda was cheating on Mr. Yong. I felt sorry for him.

Mom was saying to Tara, " is so cruel, Wenda will probably have a baby before I do..."

"Shhh," Tara noticed me. "You know that's not how he was saying good-bye." She shot a laugh at me, to cut off Mom's reply. "Wenda was too busy for good-byes, right Billy?"

"Yeah." I cleared my throat. "We can go, Mom."

"You don't need me to take you to school." Mom now seemed happy to be talking with Tara.

"Where's my good-bye?" Tara interrupted and hopped out of the booth. She ran a hug into me. She kissed me like a sewing machine, peck, peck, peck, all over my face. "Mmmmm, I wish I could put you to work."

I hugged her and pressed my lips to hers, partially to stop her from smearing lipstick everywhere.

"But we wouldn't get any work done." She broke free and sighed. "Movie date. Text me the day you decide. I'm sorry my first couple days here will devour all my time. The accounting books alone would start a Mafia gang war."

Mom shuffled up to us. "I'm glad we talked, Tara."

"Me too, Gran-"

"Don't!" Mom growled.

The two women parted smiling. I walked out of the diner beside Mom. "Is there lipstick on me?"

"No." Mom reached into her purse. "Would you like some?" She leered. "I'll excuse you from school if you let me give you a full makeover."


Grinning, she turned toward the intersection crosswalk. My school was the other direction. I glanced at my watch. 12:27. "I'll take you home, Mom."

"You don't have to, Billy. I'm feeling better."

She sounded better. "I have to be sure." The witch had warned not to leave Mom alone for long. My classes would just be a couple hours, but I figured I should cut them as close as possible. The light changed, and I headed home with Mom.

"Are you worried that I might see Mrs. McDougal?" We walked across the street.

"A little, I guess." I put my hand on her elbow. "Are you going to see her?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

"I don't." I told her.

"Okay." Mom's squeaked slightly. "I have plenty to keep me busy until you come home."

That settled it. To prevent the mood from slipping again I asked. "Why aren't YOU wearing panties, Mom?"

"Huh?" The question surprised her. "Stars, Billy, I hadn't realized it, but you're right." Mom stopped walking. "Um, I forgot, I guess. I told you I tore that first pair, stepping into them."

"You cussed." I reminded. I tugged her arm lightly and she resumed walking.

"So I did." Did she, at that moment, realize how out of sorts she had acted? "Anyway, I stuffed them somewhere and put on my pants. I didn't think to get another pair."

"You stuffed them in your purse."

"Really?" Mom slowed to open it. "How strange."

"C-can I have them?" I dared. I already had one pair of her panties. For some reason, I felt I deserved this pair. Something about them being torn because Mom was hurting spoke to me.

"I suppose." Mom plucked out the pair but wadded them in her fist. She offered them to me surreptitiously. "Do you, actually sniff them?"

"No, Mom. That's gross." I blurted, but I took her ruined panties and added them to Tara's.

We reached the next street. Mrs. Shahidi's market watched over us. As there were other pedestrians waiting, we paused our conversation. It didn't resume until halfway up the next street. "Do you think my pussy is gross?"

"No!" I was twice emphatic!

"I'm just kidding." She kissed the top of my head. The Lady of the Lakes apartments came into view. Mrs. Cherkle greeted us with a wave. Was she still sweeping? I didn't see a broom. "Hello, Faun, Billy." She glowed. "The mail carrier just left. She had a package for you to sign. I hope you don't mind my signing it for you."

"I suppose not." Mom didn't sound exactly happy. Her question that followed was very odd. "Did the test results come inside you?"

"Inside me?" Mrs. Cherkle was confused. "Oh, the baby DNA test." She brightened. "Not yet. I'll let you know."

"You sound smug about it." Mom flinched. She looked surprised by her own words. "I'm sorry, Colleen. I'm not myself today."

"I-I hope you feel better." Mrs. Cherkle looked at me for an explanation.

"I'm the problem, Mrs. Cherkle. I have to go to school." I hurried Mom beyand the entrance and up to our front door. "Mom, I should stay." I unlocked and opened the door.

"Maybe." Mom half agreed. "But give me a chance. You won't be long. I think I know what triggered me. I'll stay inside and work." Mom stepped inside. "Please, Billy, I need to know that I can keep my shit together for at least a couple hours."

"Three hours, Mom." I looked at my watch. I had twelve minutes to get to school. Just enough time. "I'm gonna sneak my watch into class. You text me, okay? If you need me, I'll run home."

"Agreed." Mom hugged me firmly. "I'll be fine."

I kissed her and dashed away. I heard the door shut and lock. I could focus on school.

I arrived with a couple minutes to spare, and I hadn't even run very much. I entered the school's playground and hustled passed a couple picnic tables. My stomach gurgled. Boone's delicious cinnamon rolls were a distant memory.

"HEY, Billy!" It was James. He tossed his used lunch bag into a bin. "You missed it! Where were you?"

"Missed what?"

"When lunch began, Steve was a super dick to Trish! Wendel actually punched Steve, but Ms. Hennifer stopped them before anything got real." James was super excited to tell me. "I think she took them to Principal Agincourt."

Abruptly I remembered the social worker, Ms. Nurhea, asking me to keep an eye on Steve. That was just yesterday, a year ago, it seemed. Now it was too late. Darn that Steve!

I didn't have time to think more about it. I had English to go to. The harp sounded right then, and I marched stupidly to class. What the hell had happened here?

"Something's wrong, Billy." Ms. Laghari shook her head each time she stopped to look at my English worksheet. "Did you watch the assigned video?"

"I-I couldn't." I felt tears in my eyes. This teacher was the one I could be emotionally honest with, except not during her class. I clenched my teeth.

She looked up from the sheet and studied my expression. I was barely keeping my shit together. She stood up and beamed a smile around the room. "Class, I'm declaring an emergency recess." Ms. Laghari laughed. "The last one out the door has to stay."

She leaned her hand on my shoulder in such a way that few could see. It wouldn't have mattered. The students didn't bother to look. They scrambled out of their desk chairs, whooping and laughing! "Stay close to the basketball courts." She told them, as if they might even consider such a limitation. She told one student, "Terry, if you run and get Mr. Vouse to supervise, you'll get an A on today's assignment." Even I knew that Terry was going to get an A regardless. Still, they answered enthusiastically, "Okay!"

The classroom emptied in a flash. My teacher held me long enough to ensure I was last. Long before I reached the door, I understood what she'd done. Ms. Laghari scurried past me and locked the door. "Billy, what happened?" She approached slowly and enveloped me in a warm hug. "It's bad. Isn't it?"

I nodded and burst into tears. She let me cry for long minutes. "I can't tell you much." I blubbered. "Just - my Mom is acting strange because of what happened."

"Do you need to be with her? I'll write a pass."

"Sh-she wants me to give her some time."

"How is your father?"

"He's worried too, but he has to work." I thought maybe I should text him. Selfishness welled up in me. I wanted to handle it. "He asked Mom to call him, if..."

"Billy." Ms. Laghari took my cheeks in her hands and turned my face up at hers. "I'm going to teach you something."

"Do I have to get naked?" For the first time, I didn't want to do that in front of the beautiful, light brown woman.

"No, Silly." She grinned. "You have to breathe, like I taught you." She took a breath to lead me.

I inhaled. When she exhaled, I did too.

"Deeper Billy." She took another breath. "And a little faster."

By our fifth breath, I felt a little light headed. She guided me to a desk and sat me there. "Keep breathing." I noticed she had stopped. She crouched before me and patted my chest to keep time. "In. Out." I inhaled and exhaled at a good pace. It wasn't very fast, just faster than normal.

"Are there sparkles in your vision?"


"Good. Just a few more breaths."

She stopped me after three more. "Now, hold your breath and pay attention to my voice. Close your eyes."

I followed her instructions.

"The world is a big place." She repeated. "The world is a big place."

"But in the universe, the world is smaller than a speck of dirt."

"In the universe, the world is smaller than a speck of dirt." She gathered my hands and lifted them up.

"You are very large, Billy. You can hold the universe."

She placed something warm and round in my hands. "Hold the universe."

I wanted to see what it was, but I didn't dare peek. I trusted Ms. Laghari more than any teacher in school.

"Hold the universe in your mind, like you're holding your breath."

It was amazing. I didn't feel a need to breathe. I swear that minutes passed, and I sat perfectly still. The universe entered me and I beheld it's vastness in my head.

"What does your mind see?"

Mom lay on a cluttered kitchen floor. I loomed over her, ripping her sexy blue costume.

"NOO!!" I screamed. My eyes flew open! My lungs gasp for air! I shot up from the chair, then everything went black. I fell.

Ms. Laghari caught me and returned me to the chair. I didn't faint, but I felt completely helpless. Slowly my vision returned. "Billy, just take normal breaths. You held it for a long time." Her arms were wrapped around her torso.

"What happened?" I blinked trying to bring back the classroom, trying to shake the dark shroud fettering my view. "I saw-"

"Shhh!" She hushed me. "Just think about what you saw, by yourself, for a minute or two. Then we'll talk."

I hadn't attacked Mom last night. Mr. Tidden had! Why did I see myself where he stood? A grim feeling poured into me like ice water. "It was my fault." I didn't hear myself say it. I wallowed in guilt. The Tiddens had hired Mom because of me. It was my fault. It was, MY fault. It was my FAULT-

"I'm going to ask my question." She interrupted. "Why isn't it your fault?"

But it was- No. She was trying to trick me. My mind raced to escape her trap. It was my fault because- No. I hadn't given him any reason. It didn't matter why the Tiddens hired Mom and I. Mr. Tidden was the monster. Maybe his wife was a monster too, but she had helped to save Mom. I didn't tell Ms. Laghari anything. I looked at her and sniffed back fresh tears.

She grimaced. "Did that help?"

I nodded.

"Know that I haven't cured you of anything, Billy. This was just an exercise to know your mind, if for the briefest moment."


"Now comes the warning. Never do this without me." Her grimace hardened.

"Yes, Ma-am. I mean, no, Ma-am."

"Now kiss me." She opened her arms. One of her perfectly shaped breasts fell out of her blouse. I hardly noticed. Her kisses obliterated time and mind.

When the harp sounded to signal the next period, I floated through the halls and outside for my P.E. class. After forty five minutes of dancing and calisthenics, the world returned to me in a very real way, exhaustion and sweat.

"You worked hard today, Billy." Mrs. Lum told me at the end of class. "I hope you work this hard the next time you break into my home." She winked and left.

James met me after showering. The other boys had stopped joking about the James's giant penis. Every time they tried to humiliate him he just gave them a little grin and ignored them. "Last Friday, Phil and Carlo caught me after school and bullied me about being fat. Can I walk with you, for a couple blocks, this Friday?" James wasn't a crybaby, but he hated being fat.

"I guess so." I said "Just don't talk about eggball."

"Aw, that's the best sport." He swatted my shoulder. "Just don't talk about girls."

"When did I?"

"I guess you don't, but they keep showing up around you." He pouted. "Even Trish asked what happened to you this morning, after Ms. Hennifer took Wendel and Steve away."

Speak of the devil. On the way to Music and Art class, Trish darted out of the crowd. "I need to talk with Billy, Big Guy." She shooed James away.

"See?" He shook his head and plodded to his next class.

"What?" I didn't feel particularly accommodating to the pushy eighth grader.

"You were with Steve yesterday."


"What the fuck crawled up his ass?"

"I dunno." But I suddenly had a worrisome suspicion. Ms. Nurhea had warned that her session with Steve might go badly without me.

Just as my thoughts plumbed for fresh guilt, I heard my mind ask, why isn't it my fault?

I had every right to live my life. I didn't owe Steve anything. If anything, he owed me (and Tanya) for saving him from his messed up father.

"Why do I think you do know?" Trish scowled.

"I don't even know what happened. Mom needed me this morning." I stood up for myself.

"Well, while you were fucking your mommy, Steve called me a bitch and a slut and then told me I had better start dating him or he would tell everyone."

"Fuuuck." I puffed.

Trish huffed. "You're useless." She stormed off as abruptly as she had appeared.

During Music, I couldn't keep time or a tune. In Art, I drew for shit.

"Try again." Darrin repeated softly.

At the end of class, Mr. Vouse appeared. He snagged me from the exiting students. "Ms. Hennifer needs to speak with you."

"I thought I got excused from morning classes."

"You were. I'm just following orders." He led me to my math class, opened the door for me and left me in the lioness' den.

"I got a strange call from your mother, Billy." Ms Hennifer didn't look happy. Upon my entering she rushed past and locked her door.

The day was quickly becoming the most rotten in my life, except for last night and that time with Mr. Gorgev.

"She wants me to punish you, Billy. I asked why, and she said you had forced yourself on her." Ms. Hennifer held me. "I can't believe her, Billy. Tell me what happened, Billy. I'll believe you."

"That's impossible." How many times can a guy get stunned in the same day? It wasn't fair! All the guilt that Ms. Laghari had drained from me, flooded back. I had made the decision. I had chased Mom down. I had forced my hand into her pants and in public! I took complete control of her, expecting Mom would accept it. Why had she called Ms. Hennifer and told her to punish me? "That's impossible!"

"Why would she say such a thing?" My math teacher mis-interpreted my outburst.

"I need to call her!" I faced her with my desperation.

"She told me to forbid that." Ms. Hennifer sounded as confused as I felt. "That's what was so strange about her call. She was adamant about punishing you, 'long and hard', she said. "Your mother has never sounded like that, but it was her. I even checked the caller ID. What is going on, Billy?"

"I-I don't know. Please, Ms. Hennifer, I have to text her!" My watch was hidden in my pocket, set to vibrate. I pulled it out and tapped nervously.

"She probably meant that too. I shouldn't let you." She sighed, but she didn't stop me.

"Just one text." I promised, I got the message app up on the tiny screen and typed. "Mom, call Ms. Hennifer. I'll answer!" I sent it.

- No Cell Connection - The error message cut me like a saw blade.

"Gods!" I had turned that off this morning, to save battery power. All this time, my watch hadn't been able to receive texts! I tapped frantically, bringing up the system services. Three seconds after reconnecting to the local cell tower, my watch buzzed and buzzed, for each of Mom's messages, until the battery was nearly dead.

"What's the matter?" Ms. Hennifer caught my concern.

I swiped back to the message app. Mom had sent thirteen messages.

"Billy! I hate myself, but I'll keep my promise. I won't go to Gladys." Was her last text, less than thirty minutes ago.

I scrolled frantically to Mom's first message. She had sent it a few minutes into my P. E. class. "Billy, I think you should come home." She had sent that mildly cautious request first. Her later texts got more frantic and mean, as each of them were ignored.

My heart pounded as something gripped and squeezed it. I thought perhaps Ms. Hennifer should beat the crap out of me. I deserved it, but when I faced her and saw my teacher's confusion and distress, I couldn't speak. She didn't know what to say either.

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I'm loving this rollercoaster of a story. I'm desperate to find out what Billy's mum is doing at home that requires him being kept at school. Please don't let it break my heart. Thanks for the awesome story.

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The silence between Ms. Hennifer and I lasted so long I should have figured out the best way to proceed, but my emotions were spiking! My fear for Mom, anxiety, guilt, and heartsickness tore at my thoughts. Ms. Hennifer kept opening her mouth and closing it. She was bound by the promise she made to Mom and dealing with similarly conflicted emotions.

When the first solid thing surfaced through my sea of confusion, I grabbed it and hung on for dear life. Fortunately, it was more than solid, it was a foundation. I should seek Ms. Laghari! She had just helped me to deal with my troubles. Perhaps she could help Mom.

"I have to go home." I blurted at the hesitant math teacher. I tapped on my watch to send a message to Ms. Laghari's phone.

"No, Lad." Ms. Hennifer shook her head. Her eyes were bloodshot from her inner struggle. "You said one message. I cannae allow another."

"But that was to Mom. This text is for-"

"Billy, I made a promise to your mother." She lamented, "I-I have ta be prompt for a lesson ta connect with yer punishment!"

I felt betrayed. "But you said, you would believe me!" I raged.

"Ye haen't told me anything!" Her exasperation was clear. She grabbed my arms! "Billy, did ye force yourself on yer mother?" She repeated the accusation.

"It wasn't what you're thinking!" I complained. I wriggled in her arms.

"Billy! Calm ye'self, or I'll hae to calm ye. Tell me plain. I want ta understand."

I gulped down my rage as best I could. I took a deep breath. It helped. "Ms. Hennifer, Mom is in trouble. Something awful happened last night, but she didn't tell you about that. If she had, you'd see I did the right thing!"

Unfortunately, I was no longer sure that I had done the right thing for Mom. Perhaps the right thing was Mrs. McDougal. But that witch! I couldn't let her hurt Mom! My self-doubt seeped out of every word I said to Ms. Hennifer.

"BILLY!" She cried sharply. "What did ye do?"

"I-I took control of her because she was out of control. I did it by sticking my hands in her pants - it was in public on the sidewalk. B-but I hid what I did from other people."

"Thank you!" She held my shoulders. "I kin hear yer regret. I believe ye wanted ta do tha right thing."

My heart thumped a little slower. My breaths caught more air.

"Now say true, Lad. Did she tell ye to stop? Did she say, 'NO'!"

The teacher would know if I lied. "She complained." I admitted, "She told me to let go, but she didn't try to stop me." I realized then - I was in the wrong. Still, I tried to argue. "But she wasn't herself. She was going to let another person hurt her! And much worse!" Mom would have let the witch hurt her!

My teacher grimaced, "I do hope not, but that is her choice to make, Billy. Because you took that choice away from her, I don't have a choice. I have to honor your Mom's request." She hugged me. "I'm so sorry!"

I deserved a hundred of her sharpest blows. I knew that then. It would be hours before I could walk after such a beating. I couldn't escape either. She had locked the door. "Let me go, Ms. Hennifer! PLEASE! I'll come back. Just let me talk to her!" I begged.

"I know ye would, Billy, but that's not what she wants."

The phone rang, and I jumped out of her hug. "Please, let me answer it!" My text had reached Mom I thought. The teacher nodded. I ran to the phone on her desk and blubbered into the handset, "MOM!"

"Billy?" Mom's voice creaked and groaned. "It's too late for me." She hung up.

"NO, Mom! You have to tell Ms. Hennifer-" A desolate click had already cut me off from her. My throat keened from rejection. "AAAAAAA!!!"

I sank to the floor and cried, gripping the cord. The speaker began to wail with me. Ms. Hennifer pulled the handset from me and replaced it on the phone's cradle. She sighed and fetched her sharp, broken paddle from the bottom drawer of her desk.

I didn't resist when she sat on her chair and tugged me up from the floor. She leaned me over her lap and pulled down my pants and underwear.

"I'm so sorry, Billy." She raised her dangerous implement. "Don't forget to count."

I weeped fresh tears before the wooden plank impacted my naked arse.

Snap! My whole body shook at the blow. But something was off. My weeping faltered. She had struck me with less force than a falling book. What was the matter? I cranked my neck around to see her face.

She was waiting.

"Ms. Hennifer?"

She pulled her hand back for another blow. The threatening paddle hung readied, and her eyes accused me.

I scrunched my eyes shut but tried not to tense my bottom.

Her voice oozed with disappointment. "Ye forgot ta count."

"Huh?" I was about to say, But that swat wasn't anything?

Before I could, her arm swung again.


"Ow!" She struck my naked cheeks a little harder. Still, it barely hurt. I swallowed from confusion, but I didn't forget the important thing. I counted, "One?"

"Good." Ms. Hennifer lowered her broken paddle and set it on her desk. "We'll resume this tomorrow, Billy. Be sure to see me again after school, promptly." Her voice had calmed. She reached into the open drawer and pulled out the bottle of lotion that she used after punishing me.

"Was that it?"

"'It is for now. I need time to carefully consider what you really deserve. Don't be late."

"Uh, no, uh, Ma-am."

She squirted lotion on her hand and began to rub its cool cream across my slightly reddened bum. She kissed my head. "We mustn't forget this part. Punishment must come from love, or it's useless." After setting the bottle down, she patted my shoulders and smoothed the side of my face with the back of her hand.

"But you didn't hurt me."

"You're hurting too much already, Billy." Her voice and her hands soothed me inside and out. My trembling heart steadied. "Hurting you further would be cruel." She began to rub lotion between my hind cheeks, even stimulating my little pucker back there. It felt really nice - so nice my penis began to thicken. "Tomorrow, though, be ready for what I decide you deserve."

Usually when Ms. Hennifer spanked me thoroughly, she became so passionate she would lose control to the point of endangering me. One spank, two actually, had no chance of arousing that passion. "You're gonna let me go?"

She shook her head. "Not just yet. I can't neglect this part. It's too important." She emphasized what she had neglected. Her hands warmed me as she cooed soft words into my ears and kissed me. I kissed her blouse where I thought one of her breasts might be. My growing erection firmed against her thigh.

I wriggled a little, trying to shift it into a position that wouldn't be uncomfortable.

"It's okay, Lad. Let me soothe you a little longer."

The lizard part of my brain hoped she was talking about making my penis longer. My higher gray matter enjoyed the beautiful woman's caresses, and silky rubs, too much to regard its lower lobe's hope. "Thank you, Ms. Hennifer!" A few tears, happy ones, sprouted from my red eyes.

Her lubricated hand slipped down between my thighs and reached forward. She cupped my balls and fondled them. She hadn't done that before! "Ohhhh." I sighed happily.

"I need your help now, Billy."

"What do you mean?"

"I failed your mother, Billy. I couldn't punish you sufficiently for your crime. Swatting your arse didn't feel right, against the facts. The second swat was knife to my heart. I've let your mother down, even though her cause was just." Her hand reached further and she began to rub lotion up the base of my hard peter. She sniffed back fresh tears. "You have to do that thing to me again, or my lapse will weaken my future resolve."

"That thing," referred to how I punished her when she lost control and abused my bottom. Mrs. Hennifer despised that thing I did to her! She couldn't even bring herself to describe it. The prospect normally excited me. Instead, I felt what she had felt after one swat, injustice! She hadn't punished me at all. Not really. "That wouldn't be fair, Ms. Hennifer. You didn't hurt me. Cumming into your panties is awful for you. You hate it!"

She uttered a sob and said, "Not punishing you when you deserve it is just as wrong as punishing you too much.

As awkward as it must have been for her, she began stroking my hard shaft with her silky, creamy hand. I groaned with joy. Against the incredible sensation of slick strokes along my turgid shaft, I asked. "What if I said, 'Stop?'"

"I would stop, Billy. I can't force you to cum i-into my panties, just like you shouldn't have forced your hand into your mother's clothing." She jacked a little faster. It felt wonderful! Her other hand continued to pat and rub the rest of my body.  "But please don't stop this. I would feel awful a different way, a worse way. Your mother entrusted me with something almost sacred, her child's education. I would rather have nightmares of giving birth than betray her trust unpunished."

By then, the delights she was sending into my body, through my aroused flesh, temporarily sidelined my anxiety about Mom. I reassured myself that I could run home right after cumming in Ms. Hennifer's panties, that my teacher needed me to threaten her fertile womb as punishment for letting me off the hook. She should have whipped my bottom black and blue for forcing myself on Mom. Instead Ms. Hennifer had applied a couple painless swats, delaying proper discipline for tomorrow. In her mind she had failed as an instructor - a responsibility that meant everything to her.

"Okay, Ms. Hennifer." I agreed. "But you have to show me, tomorrow, that you didn't wash it away."

"I promise, I'll wear your cum all night and day." She sniffed away fresh tears as she grew fearful of my potent seed. Her hand rubbed slick gorgeousness into my pecker! "Are you getting close?"

I nodded. Without getting permission, I stood up off of her lap. Her hand retreated from the back of my thighs and then caught my hard prong from the front. Her greasy hand resumed it's fervent strokes. "Mmmmnnngggh!" I groaned. "You have to stand, Ms. Hennifer."

"Yes, Billy." She got up from her chair but bent to continue rubbing my stiffy properly.

"Take down your pants. Ohhh!" I moaned again. I could feel pressure building at the base of my penis as sperm pumped into the bulb there.

She had to use her off hand to unzip her slacks and pull them down her thighs. Light green panties appeared from behind her dropped garment. Upon seeing their dainty, lime weave, I wanted to add them to my collection, but she would need them to hold my impending cum tight against her gold thatched puss. It had to hold it all night and all day.

The possibility of impregnating Ms. Hennifer against her will made my prick lurch. "OOOhhhh!!!"

"Billy, hold just a second longer." She urged me to restrain my balls and hooked her off hand's thumb into her panties. It didn't take much strength for her to open a space between them and her quivering groin.

I surprised her by pushing her lotion slick hand off of my nearly bursting dick. "I want to do it, Ms. Hennifer." I grabbed myself and wanked even faster. "Make an opening for the tip." I told her.

"Yes, Billy." She fingered one leg band and pulled it out from her thigh. I stepped in close until the head of my aching cock aimed perfectly at the gap. Blond curls awaited to absorb my seed.

Now she was trembling. "Oh, Billy, I hate this part!" She whimpered. "It's gon ta be all warm and sticky!"

"I'll cum soon." I could feel my second orgasm of the day building up, sending waves of pleasure into my body. "Uuhhhnng! Feels like a lot wants to come out." My prick twitched and jerked in my speeding hand. I had to aim very carefully. I hunched forward and pressed the head of my pulsing dick into the gap of her panties. The golden curls there were damp against my fleshy bud. I stroked myself madly. "Gonna- CUM!" I warned.

"Oh, Billy, NOOO! I hate it!" She wailed. "Ye put it right against my slit!"

I think she tried to pull back, just a bit to keep me from cumming directly on her pussy lips, but I took a quarter step forward and not only kept the tip of my throbbing penis in her panties, it pushed aside her pubes and nudged the rather wet lips they veiled. I had never touched her so intimately before. The act threw a grenade into my brains, and I came.

"PULL BACK! Yer almost inside!" She yelled the moment my tip brushed her moist vulva. Too late, my dick lurched and spat a massive glob of sperm right against her slit!" "NOOO!! It's gon tae crawl up into me!"

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hennifer, but it feels too good!" I cried as two more blobs of hot goo spit into her panties. "I wish I was fully inside you! I want to make babies with you so bad!" I voiced something I had never told her before.

"You CAN'T! You MUSTN'T!" The distraught woman let go of her panties' leg band and leaned over me, hitting my back with weak fist blows. The leg band snapped gently around the flange of my cock's tip, trapping the spitting end against her cum soaked groin. She whined and moaned. Her fists struck and struck. "I'm gon ta get pregnant!"

My crotch muscles launched another three wads of cum into her panties. She trembled so much, her outer lips parted slightly, and the last wad of three splashed along their unseen pink groove. "Soo Goood!!!" I groaned with each spurt of hot cream from my balls.

"No- oh- oh- it's awwfullll!" The teacher wailed. "I can feel its warmth spreading inta me."

"You wanted this." I reminded her, as the last of my cum soaked and cooked her panties.

"Not like this." She sniffed. "Not so -- close." She turned her head to the blackboard. "It's so sticky and hot..."

"It feels wonderful." I said.

In a very tiny voice, she admitted, "I know it does for you." Her dry hand held my cheek for a second.

I pulled my softening penis out of her now spunk laden panties. Soon I would race away. Our special moment had been the only thing that could keep my dread for Mom at bay. My intense orgasm, from punishing my beautiful but stern math teacher, was already fading. I regretted being selfish with her as I grabbed tissues from the box on her desk to wipe myself. I did not regret my feelings for her.

Ms. Hennifer looked away from me while she pulled up her slacks and fastened them over her wet panties bulging with my cum.

Soon we where both dressed, and I gave her a good-bye hug. "I love you, Ms. Hennifer."

"I hate this, Billy." She frowned at her groin before meeting my yearning eyes. "But I love you too." She embraced me until I couldn't delay any longer and pulled away. She unlocked the classroom's door, and we told each other, "Tomorrow."

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"Billy?" Mom's voice creaked and groaned. "It's too late for me." She hung up.


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I ran down the hall.

Ms. Laghari wasn't in her room, at least she didn't respond to my knocks. I texted her. "I need your help. It's an emergency!" The moment message was marked as delivered, I jogged out of the school building, constantly looking at my watch to see if she replied.

"I'm at the library. I can meet you in a study room." Her text flashed and buzzed as I neared the playground's fence. I had to stop to read it.

Then I sprinted through a gate and down the street in the direction away from home. When I reached the first intersection, traffic was busy. I had to wait at a light, but I managed to reach the library, out of breath, in about ten minutes.

During those speeding minutes, I imagined Mom hurting herself or yelling worse things than her coarse remarks to Mrs. Cherkle, to neighbors. Every step of the way, I imagined terrible things. I leaped up the library's steps, two at a time, and pushed through its double doors. The smell of books waiting to be read, greeted me. Their unexpectedly soothing scent helped me catch my breath.

Janice Vorton stood behind the oak counter. She was wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Noticing me enter, she blushed slightly. "Billy, Shoona is just down that hall in the last study room on your right.

"Hi, Ms. Vorton. Thank you." I tried not to run going up to the pretty librarian.

"Let's talk sometime again, Billy. You made me very happy last time."

"Um, I guess, but I-"

"I know. I'm the least of your priorities. When Shoona received your text- Well, let's just say her reaction reminded me that I'm not her primary partner either. Go."

I nodded and hurried to the study room. Ms. Laghari saw me through the glass wall. She was sitting at an oak table but instantly stood up from it. I pushed through the door and raced to her. "Mom's in trouble!" I threw my arms around her. Her arms were ready to receive me. They infused my trembling with with love and respect. "Please, help her!"

"Oh, Billy, you think too much of me, but tell me. I'll do what I can." Her strong, velvet voice gave me hope.

Ms. Laghari had told me time and again that she wasn't a doctor. She could only help me in little ways, but I had begun to rely on those ways to tame my emotions. I had begun to think of her as more than a teacher. My mouth rattled off what I had told Ms. Hennifer. That Mom had been hurt last night, and she was acting strange, and that I had tried to help her, and-"

"Billy, don't you see? You're hurting too, much more than you admit." She put her lips on mine with the slightest kiss. "I believe in you. Now, shhh."

"But Momma needs help."

"And you will help her, but not until you get help for yourself. You're a wreck inside! Whatever happened last night, you can't- you MUSTN'T ignore how it affected you!"

She was telling me that I couldn't help Mom, because I was broken too. But that wasn't what I had come to hear. I rebelled. "NO! Mom needs help NOW! Tell me what to do!" The gorgeous English teacher's apparent refusal angered me. I shook her!

"BILLY!" She chopped through my turmoil with a sharp shout! "This is a Library!" She wrenched herself free of my firm grip and stepped back. Her hair settled pensively.

It's strange how well an emphatic non-sequitur grabs attention from the most intense emotions. Crazy talk can undercut anger as well as inflame it. Her last three words stripped off my superficial anger, reducing me to an emotionally naked child in a glass walled room. She regarded me from on high.

Sundered from its focus, my frantic mind constructed a stunning image of the cinnamon skinned woman in her colorful dress. She was a golden figure with fire blazing from her hair. She was a goddess in her temple, radiating love and determination. Her love beckoned love in return. Her power uplifted me. One of the many cracks in my heart mended, and the vision vanished. She was an English teacher again, a voice actor, and my mentor for loving sex. I felt woozy. I steadied myself with a hand on the table. "I-I didn't mean it like that." I apologized.

"Of course not, Billy." She held out her hand.

I stood solidly and took her hand. "You're right, Ms. Laghari. I-I need help, and I can't help Mom until I'm better, but if I wait I'll just die! Mom needs me! How can I get help when all I want to do is run to her?"

"Run to her, Billy." She said unexpectedly. "Your heart is in the right place, but your mind is tripping you up. Don't run blindly. Pay attention along the way. Don't think. Run. Run with an open mind." She said it like reading poetry aloud. The poem ended, and she got real. "I'm not a counselor, Billy. Neither are you. When you can't run any further, Get One!" She demanded.

There was nothing more to say. I left the room, striving to empty my thoughts. The gorgeous Ms. Laghari had small tears at the sharp corner of her eyes. In the black dots of their dark brown irises, I'd seen the goddess, her flames waning. I hurried away. Strong words followed me. "Pay attention."

At the counter, a lanky bitch-slut named Janice licked her lips at me. "Take care."

I exited the temple and descended its marble steps. Below me, a black river flowed with vehicles. Dogs and horses and snakes and tigers, loped and trotted and slithered and hunted along concrete banks. They barked and neighed and hissed and growled. Running, I merged with the animals and headed home. Poison fumes issued from the cars and trucks. A hot wind from the sun swept foulness away. I passed giants with windows for eyes, who held their arms securely around their doors. At a fork in the river, I swam across flowing tar that stained my school clothes. I dashed up the next street. One of the giants held a large hand out, welcoming me. It was blue with purple trim. It's door was a shimmering curtain of many colors. It smelled of lavender and figs. I jogged past it.

The next intersection was a square pond. Its many shops sang out for customers. In the diner, a whirlwind of white aprons and large breasts roared behind a CLOSED sign. The robot crossing guard waved me across with its red rusty octagonal shield.

"OPEN," the next shop on my way home muttered hoarsely. It coughed. Homeless people clung to its far walls while dogs scurried in and out, junk dangling their slobbering jaws.

I passed another store. A sparkling purple sheet of energy cleaved the building in half. Each side held a row of fat chairs facing their opposites. Mannequins with punk Mohawks and bloody fingernails sat groaning from orgasms. No. The sound came from the middle. A lioness and a goat lay on their sides, ignoring the purple barrier that crossed their torsos. The goat's teeth combed and snipped at the big cat's hair while she suckled on his long, red penis. She masturbated with one of his fore-hooves, while her other hand painted the goat's other hoof. Her brush changed color with every stroke.

I ran gasping for air that fouled my lungs. At the next corner, large arms petted me. A friendly red giant sat with its legs forming a vast circle, and an open-air bazaar bustled within. The stalls offered treasures and spices and potions. A devilish imp danced at the entrance between towering feet. "I want your Mamma toy. I'll break it good."

"He can't harm stout hearts." A deep voice infused with respect assured. At the market's center a great white cow stood swishing her tail at the animals who perused her goods, but she cautioned me. "Don't forget the milk."

Out of breath, I trudged through the last intersection's solidifying tar. Upon gaining the sidewalk, the rivers dried into streets and the giants receded into the houses that lined my way home. Behind me, the corner market was just a red building again. Ahead, I saw the front walls of the Lady of Lakes apartments veiled in a black drape. It's gauze withered into a gray mist that blew away as I approached. A crow cackled upon its roof. Goosebumps sprouted up my back.

"Pay attention." Ms. Laghari had told me. I stopped running, exhaustion not withstanding. I pressed into the apartments' courtyard. Mr. Cherkle was fixing a refrigerator outside his door. "Hi, Billy." He glanced at me and returned to his work.

I climbed the first half of the stairs and crouched on the landing there. My nerves railed at my precaution. They urged me to race home and save Mom! I crouched and paid attention. Voices concentrated at my ears. ... "Stop calling me, Ken!" A woman rejected. ... Jude asked from very far away, "I miss you, Mommy." ... Mr. Cherkle's wrench tapped and scraped. ... Televisions blared commercials. ... Mrs. Cherkle sighed. "Thank you, Doctor. I was so worried." ... I tuned out one source after another.

Mom's voice trembled. "Is this okay, Jerome?"

"Okay?? Faun, there isn't a man alive who could refuse you."

"But it's not what you came for."

"I can find the scamp later. Just promise there won't be a problem with Glen."

"I told you, he understands."

"But I shouldn't mention it?"

"You can, but he prefers the mystery."

"Gods, Faun what you're doing is driving me crazy!" He gasped.

"Join the party." Mom said glumly. "Only I need something in return."

"What?" Mr. Allister asked. "Heh. I almost said, 'Anything'."

"I wish you had, Jerome. I need something that could be very difficult."

"Tell me."

"I-I need you to strike me."

"NOO!!" I screamed! I jumped out of my crouch and landed three steps up. My next leap would have put me on the second floor walkway.

"Don't forget the milk." Mrs. Shahidi had reminded.

I froze. I looked down into the courtyard. Beneath it was the basement. Jude had a secret place there. He wanted his Mommy who was dead.


I imagined myself bursting into the apartment and discovering what they were doing. As much as I wanted to believe that I would save her, I knew that wouldn't happen. I had been paying attention. Mom wouldn't rush to my side. In truth, she would either break down or explode at me. The forces compelling her might destroy her goodness forever. A couple hours ago, she had cast me to the she-wolf Ms. Hennifer. Her compulsions wanted me out of the apartment long enough to entertain the very manly but nice Mr. Allister.

I slunk back to the stairs' middle landing and bowed my head instead of crouching.

"I don't think I can do that." Jerome answered.

"I'll write you a legal release of responsibility. I can call a witness, to ensure I'm not being coerced."

"It's not that, Faun. I trust you."

"You shouldn't."

"Okay, but I need a little time to get use to the idea." Then they were quiet. Voices and noise from other areas of the building preyed on my attention.

I scrambled down the stairs. Fresh energy flooded my limbs. I had to get the milk. I raced to the basement door and flung it open. Hurling downward, two steps at a time, my feet landed with a thud on the floor. The dimly lit room was full of washing machines and dryers. "Jude!" I called out. My words flew down the hall where storage cages kept tenants' extra junk.

"Billy?" A thin voice answered in the form of an muffled echo. I couldn't tell where it came from.

"Please don't hide. Your dad is looking for you."

"I don't care. I miss my mommy."

"I know, Jude. Aren't you hungry?"

"Daddy won't make supper for a while."

"Come to my place. We can play a game."

"NO!" He cried. "I asked you to play this morning."

"I had to go to a meeting. Now I can play."

"I don't wanna! I miss my Mommy!"

Any moment, the boy's father might grant Mom's wish to strike her. I was frantic! "Jude, you can play with my Mommy!"


A piece of metal briefly scraped against concrete. His voice was louder. "Promise?" It came from far down the basement hall.

My gut twisted and my heart cringed at what I had to do. "I promise, Jude. But you have to hurry!" I had been so sure that I would never give Jude permission to pretend with Mom.

Metal clanked, and feet padded swiftly closer. "Oh, THANK YOU, Billy!!" He rushed into view. The tunnel's dim lights strobed down upon the young boy until he reached the laundry room. He face shined with hope, and he ran right past me and up the stairs. I darted after.

Exhaustion returned to my limbs. I was running on fumes, unable to keep up with the speeding boy. I found him waiting at the door to my home, pouting. When I staggered into his view, he stamped his foot on the cement walkway. "You said to hurry."

"I ran from school, Jude." I tried to explain. He didn't care. He pestered loudly, "Is she home? Should I ring the bell?"

"Just a second." I pulled my keys out of my pocket.

The door opened. "Jude, how did you know I was here?" Jerome Allister stood in the doorway, buttoning the bottom button on his flannel shirt. He smelled of decaying meat.

"DADDY??" Jude screeched in surprise. The boy turned a red face to me. "You lied!"

"JUDE!" His father bellowed. "We're leaving." He picked up his son with a quick swing of an arm as easily as if the boy was a feather. "I'm sorry, Billy. I don't know what's gotten into him." The large man ambled away, in the direction of their apartment.

I knew what had gotten into Jude, my promise. I called after them. "I didn't lie, Jude. I'll keep my promise!"

"LIAR!" He was in tears. "I want my Mommy!"

"HUSH!" His dad agonized. Before they reached their door I ran inside my home and locked all my troubles within.

"Don't look at me, Billy!" Mom cried, hunched over the far end of the couch. Her blouse was open, and her bra had been pulled up to reveal her ample boobs. She sobbed softly. "I've fallen so very deep into self-pity and depravity, but I kept my promise." She meant she had refrained from seeking Mrs. McDougal.

Pay attention. Ms. Laghari echoed in my ear.

"But I didn't keep my promise!" I blurted. I didn't explain that I had disconnected my watch. That would only sound lame. I had to accept the blame. "I should have been here hours ago, Mom! Ms. Hennifer is going to punish me tomorrow. It's my fault that she didn't today. Please don't blame her. I won't come back until my bottom is black and blue."

"No, Billy. I was awful, demanding Gloria to punish you. I'll call her in the morning and tell her that I was wrong about what you did."

"I forced myself on you. I didn't ask. I was so afraid of Mrs. McDougal hurting you." I wiped my sleeves across my eyes. "Y-you can be with Mr. Allister tomorrow. I won't get in the way. I'll get what I deserve instead." My heart crumpled upon promising that. If that's what she needed-

"Billy," Mom perked up tall and faced me. Her blouse blew wide apart, and her bra shifted down to cover the top halves of her swelling breasts. Her nipples poked out softly just below the large cups. "Listen to me."

"Yes, Momma." I jerked to attention.

"From now on, and for the rest our our lives, I give you full permission to do whatever you want with me." Mom's solemn tone gripped me. "Do you understand?"

"I think so, Momma." Tears fell out of my eyes.

"That's not good enough." She sniffed. "Billy, I will still be your mother, and you will have to obey me, but whenever you must, my son, you can do whatever you want to me. I will never again ask Gloria to punish you for it."

She was saying opposing things. I had to obey her and she had to obey me. In a way, this had been true between us ever since she'd taught me about masturbating. Today we stopped pretending that we were a normal mother and son. Mom had called our incestuous relationship out into the open and bound herself to it.

For me, our bond, now a promise, was a burden made heavier with responsibility. "I just want to love you." I kept crying.

"Your love is all I need, Sweetheart."

"But what about Daddy... ?"

She smiled. "Your love AND his. But we all know that you and I WANT more. By denying my desires, I led us to this terrible day." Her smile drooped.

"That's not true, Momma." I blubbered. "It was Mr. Tidden!"

"Pay attention." Mom said. She leaned forward and took my elbows in her hands.  She studied me fiercely, afraid of what she was about to say.

"Okay." I sniffled.

"Whatever the reason, Billy, and I don't mean to add to your guilt, but when I didn't hear from you after my first message, I began to think about last night. Who couldn't after what happened, but I wasn't fearful, Billy. What Mr. Tidden did arouses me.

"I started to wish that you hadn't been there. That you hadn't fought for me. I wanted Randall Tidden to keep tearing my clothes. I kept thinking about what he would do and how he would hurt me. I started masturbating, thinking about last night. I couldn't stop myself. The feeling of his anger, his paws tearing all protection away until I was helpless and naked, it was like a drug. I truly hated myself, but I came and came against my vibrator." Mom's chest heaved under labored, swift breaths. Her nipples were rock hard, and her eyes were full of fire.

"I will never blame you, Billy. I have sunk so far into the depths of perversion, you are a paragon compared to me. When Mr. Allister knocked on the door, looking for his son, I nearly dragged the man inside and raped him."

Mom had actually invited him in and gradually seduced him, but in her tortured mind she had become the rapist. We studied each others' tears, in silence, in that small, largest room of our little apartment.

Mom had confessed. She had said everything there was to say, and I had nothing to say. Her destructive fantasy tore me up. I wanted to punish her, and I wanted to hold her in my arms, and I wanted to take her far away from this evil city and go back to the good days in the place where I grew up, and the love between Momma and me was pure. I needed to know what to do for her, to stop her poisoned mind from destroying her heart.

Something snapped inside my heart. Perhaps it was the last bit of goodness I believed in her that wasn't truth. I coughed when an idea crashed into my overwrought brain. "Pay attention, Mom."

"Hmm?" The sharp sound of my voice, breaking the silence between us startled her, but she obeyed. "Yes, Billy. I'll pay attention." Her lips formed a tight line across her face. She waited.

I sat beside her on the couch. "I was there, Mom." I reminded her her, "I was standing behind him, when Mr. Tidden attacked you."

Mom's eyes filled with alarm. Before she could interrupt, I hushed her. "Shhh!"

She trembled, realizing that she had to listen to whatever I said.

"I never grabbed the rib roast. Ms. Tidden never struck her husband. He totally tore off your dress, Mom. No one stopped him. He ripped up your panties, and then he unbuckled his belt while he stared at your pretty red cunt hair." My words plucked at the strings meant to prevent her wounds from reopening.

Not allowed to speak, Mom started shivering. Her hips shifted forward and back. Her nipples stood out farther than I had ever seen. Her eyes questioned me madly. Why are you saying this?

"Mr. Tidden had a big cock. It was bigger than you've ever seen, and it looked as mean as he is." A gasp expressed Mom's growing ... arousal.

"You lay on the floor, Mom, Ms. Tidden watching. She saw her husband's big dick and got jealous. It never got that big for her. She could see your cunt, Mom. It was wet, but hers was more wet. She begged, 'Fuck me, Randy, not her!'

"'Shut up! I'm going to teach this slut what happens when she teases a real man. Go on and fuck the kid, you dumb bitch. That's what you hired him for!'

"You tried to cover your exposed snatch, Mom, but he swatted your hands hard, and you pulled them away. 'Show me your tits, you slutty whore. I'm paying for everything. I'm gonna get everything.'

"When your hands didn't move, he slapped your face! 'Take off the bra, bitch, or I'll cut it off and slice your tits while I'm doing it!'

"You didn't have any choice. Your arms ached after fighting him. They had difficulty with the clasp. He slapped you again. 'Stop dawdling!' He waggled his thick cock to show what he was going to do to you next."

On the couch in our apartment, I noticed Mom's hand reaching into her pants for real. I pulled it away and held it. "No, Mom. This is your punishment. You have to pay attention."

"Please, Billy! You have no idea what you're doing to me!"


Mom gulped, but her eyes glued a horrid fascination upon me. I worked to remember were I left off.

"I just stood there, Mom, watching Mr. Tidden slap you and make you obey him. I-I couldn't help myself. I reached into my pants because my penis was hard from looking at you. I shifted it but continued holding my pee pee after getting it comfortable. I wanted to make babies!

"While you were messing with your bra, Ms. Tidden had put her hand in her skirt, and her other hand was rubbing her tits through her shirt. I went up behind her and reached up her skirt. I told her, 'I'm going to make babies in you while your mean husband rapes my Mom.' She wasn't wearing panties, and I could feel how wet she was.

"Mr. Tidden yelled, 'Damn, you sexy bitch - you got tits to die for!' He pulled your bra until your arms wriggled out of the straps. Your breasts heaved up and down because you were panting from staring at his big cock!

"Mr. Tidden started sucking on your tits. He groped your puss with one hand and clutched his prick, readying it to spread your crotch.

"'Randy, this boy is going to fuck me!' Ms. Tidden alerted her husband. She bent over the kitchen table and pulled her skirt up over her skinny ass. I dropped my pants and released my hard peter.

"'Open your fucking legs, Whore!' He commanded you, 'I'll be damned if your boy sticks it in my wife before I stick mine in you!' You had to obey him, Mom. You opened your legs, and your cunt was really slick and wet. Honestly, I don't know who stuffed their cock into a cunt first, but yours was wide open, and you were moaning already because his big hands were pinching your nipples and slapping your tits. I spent seconds feeling Ms. Tidden's puss with my cock from behind, to find the right spot. Then I entered his wife and pumped my younger shaft in and out of her fertile valley.

"Mr Tidden and I groaned at the same time. He was fucking you hard and fast from the start. His enormous prick plunged inside you and heaved back out, again and again. I had to be more careful and not pull too far out before stuffing my dick back into Ms. Tidden's cunt."

"BILLY!" Mom interrupted my sordid tale. "You have to let me CUMM!!!" Mom suddenly fought to put her hand into her slacks. She wasn't wearing panties. She was bigger and stronger, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. Physical pain would totally ruin what I was trying to do! I couldn't force her that way if she refused to obey!

I had to convince her, but her state of mind was a mess. My horrible perversion of last night's events, which spewed directly from personal sick fantasies, was more than she could handle. "You have to be strong, Momma!" I cried. "Prove that you're stronger than Mrs. McDougal - by not playing with yourself!" I was scraping the barrel to motivate Mom back into obedience.

Mom managed to get one hand into her slacks, but as she reached the spot she so desperately wanted to stimulate, she asked. "Why are you telling me this awful thing?"

"It's too much to explain, but I learned it from you. Think back, and you might figure it out." I lectured.

"I can't believe you're so CRUEL to remind me what actually happened and deny me the only thing that helps me to cope!"

I was sick of saying, "Pay attention." I tugged at the arm reaching for her naked sex. "Mom, you were gonna have sex with Mr. Allister!" I shouted. I'd been suppressing that personal horror, but it burst out of me like a mismatched organ. "You wanted him to HURT you!" I wailed, tears returning to my eyes.

"How do you know that?" She shouted back more confused than before!"

"There's a bullet in you, Mom, and you're still trying to put a bandage over it." I paraphrased Mrs. McDougal's warning. I was was trying to rip off the scab, to open a path for the invading weapon to exit. "Mr. Allister can't help you!" I cried. "PLEASE, Momma, please don't make yourself cum!"

I think what stopped her was the simple fact that I had stopped telling my awful story. Our brief conflict of wills distracted her from the horrible fantasy/truth that was preying on her mind and feeding her lust.

"You swore, Mom, that if I needed to do something to you, you would obey."

"Billy, I'm so wrecked." She began rocking back and forth, her hands trembling. Her exposed breasts were two pendulums. "Just love me, Billy. Please. I need to be loved, so badly." She took her hand out of her slacks and pressed both hands together in her lap. She whimpered. "Please."

I put an arm around her swaying frame. "I will, Momma. You know I love you." I had never felt more like an adult than right then, but being an adult was more difficult than I had ever imagined. "We have to finish, first." I told her. Tears fell from her eyes and struck her shaking hands.

"Mr. Tidden's big cock was inside you last night, Mom. Imagine it stuffing you, fucking in and out. While I was making babies with his wife, he was raping your wet cunt."

"No, Billy. Please stop."

"I need to say all of this, Mom. He was fucking you because you couldn't stop him. You fought but he knocked you down and tore off your clothes. Then he raped you. He forced his big prick inside you and humped it in and out. You didn't cum, Mom, because it hurt so bad."

"No no no." Mom rocked and whined. "My insides are all knotted up wanting release!"

"Ms. Tidden and I watched her husband rape you with is big, hard cock. She came twice with my peter diving in and out of her dripping puss while that man slapped your face and bit your tits. I hated what he was doing to you, Mom, but he was bigger and stronger and he fucked you a lot harder than I could. I was afraid for you. I was more afraid of him. All I could do was fuck his wife's pussy and cum into it. He kept plowing himself in and out of your cunt for an hour. You were crying. You begged me to help you, but I was too horny and afraid."

"It's not true, Billy, you saved me!" Mom looked up, her face like a ghost. "Oh no. I didn't realize- I didn't even think of your feelings!" She gaped and looked aghast. "Is this story about your fear?" She reached for my arm. "Oh, Honey! I'm so sorry!"

"You fought, Mom. Remember?" I had to make her understand. "You fought him as best as you could! You showed me I should fight. You gave me enough time to be brave. I picked up the roast, but I'm weak. Ms. Tidden saw you fighting. She fought then. She was stronger, and she grabbed the meat from me and hit Mr. Tidden as hard as she could! He fell over, but she didn't knock him out. You fought him first. You gave everyone a chance to fight."

I babbled on, frantic to make her understand. "Tanya broke through the door and finally stopped Mr. Tidden for good! That's what happened, Momma." I fell against her, my arms embracing her shuddering body. "You saved all of us, for real."

Mom sputtered. "I - guess. Maybe. I-I did." She hugged me then for all she was worth.

Shadows in the room grew long. Cars outside whooshed past the apartments. My stomach growled. It was the only mean thing left in our home. I hadn't eaten anything all day except for a couple cinnamon rolls for brunch.

Mom kissed my cheek softly. Her lips felt incredibly warm. She stood up out of our embrace and took a deep breath. "I'm not cured, Billy, but I'm less afraid of my thoughts. You made that happen for me, not Gladys. She would have bludgeoned my thoughts into submission. She was right though. Love proved to be the most important thing. You found a way without hurting me."

Mom tucked her lovely breasts back into her bra and buttoned her blouse over them. Then she stepped lightly to the kitchen. "I might even be able to fix dinner without having to attack another neighbor." She joked.

My penis twitched. It had remained calm throughout my story, and I was grateful. Its distraction would have ruined the story. While Mom prepared supper, I watched the video assigned for tomorrow in English. I wanted to prove to Ms. Laghari that she was the best teacher ever.

Dad arrived in time to eat with us. "How did your day go?" He bit his lip.

"Not good, Glen." Mom looked at me and sighed. "But we managed."

"I wish you were my manager. That new account, the cab company, was nothing but trouble today. I did my best, but the blame kept coming back at me." Dad exhaled sharply through his nose. He put on a smile for me. "Your mom always forgives when you screw up."

"Language, Father." Mom whispered.

"Sorry." He grinned then. "Billy, I wouldn't have it any other way. You keep taking care of her, and I'll make sure there's a roof over our heads." He winked. "Deal?"

I struggled to keep back my tears. I wouldn't have been so weepy if it had been any other day. Dad was working his life away to provide for and keep us safe. He was chasing a promotion because he blamed himself for our poverty. I nodded my head to clear it. "Sure, Dad. Deal."

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Long after my bedtime, Mom woke me with trembling hands. Her blue flannel nightgown rippled nervously. It appeared light gray in the dim light of a city at night "Billy, I denied your father tonight. I want his love so much, but his touch sent horrors through me. I had to force myself to stay beside him. I worried I might sneak outside and find a stray man on the street. But now your father's asleep, and that was only a stray thought. Help me Billy. Help me again."

After rubbing my eyes and stretching my tired limbs, I hugged her and told her to kneel beside the couch. I got up and found one of my Dad's neckties. It was in the hamper where I had hidden my collection of panties. Before going to bed, I had added Tara's and Mom's underwear to the secret pile beneath an old jacket that would never be washed. I brought the neck tie and bound Mom's wrists behind her back. I had also retrieved her torn pair of panties from my collection. They hadn't been worn, just ripped. They wouldn't make Mom sick. I stuffed the panties into her mouth, and then I sat on the couch.

"I was there, Mom. I was standing behind him, when Mr. Tidden attacked you." I began. I told her the story again, the fantasy of her rape, and of my baby making while Mr. Tidden plunged his huge cock in and out of her wet cunt. This time I had made sure that she wouldn't masturbate or interrupt.


Dad woke me again, early in the morning. "Sorry, Sport. Mother is sleeping fitfully, but I have to go to work. Please look in on her until she wakes. What happened was awful for both of you, I can only guess how awful." He looked terribly sad. It was possible that he was hurting as much as Mom and I, but I was too young, too self-centered to realize it. He left the apartment early, to have plenty of time to tame the new account at his company.

I went to their room. I stretched and yawned while Mom slept. Every few seconds a part of her body would flinch. "No." She murmured.

I took a tie from one dresser drawer and a fresh pair of panties from another. She woke while I was knotting the tie around her wrists. "Billy?"

"It'll be okay soon." I stuffed the panties into her mouth and recited. "I was there, Mom. I was standing behind him, when Mr. Tidden attacked you..."

Long ago, Mom had taught me the game of weird thoughts. More recently, she had helped me play it to ease my intense fears about Mr. Gorgev. By Paying Attention to difficult feelings, without thinking about the cause, the mind gets bored of the sensation. For Mom, I had turned it into a different game. By repeatedly arousing her with a fantastical story of her rape, she would eventually get bored of it, and maybe her bullet wound wouldn't hurt as much. Ms. Lagari's two words had made me remember it. I wanted to thank her from the bottom of my heart for teaching me to pay attention.

My English teacher had also warned. "I'm not a counselor, Billy. Neither are you. When you can't run any further, Get One!"

I was so very tired of running, but my penis was as hard as morning wood could get. What I actually wanted was to pee and go back to bed. The idea of sleeping next to Momma, after finishing the story, did not escape me however. I let plans for that Thursday percolate while I snuggled against her bound and gagged figure. When she twitched in her sleep, it wasn't from traumatic stress, it was from sexual frustration.

As I returned to unconsciousness, I remembered two things I had to do - meet with Mrs. Guthrie on Friday and pick a day and time to take Tara to the movies. As for that new Thursday, anything seemed possible compared to that wild Wednesday when the witch was left wanting.

I giggled in my sleep.

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I entirely deserved the tongue lashing Mom gave before breakfast.

"We almost overslept!" She huffed and sighed. "Don't do that again."

"I'm sorry." I was sorry. Mom accepted that I had bound and gagged her for our story time. But when she woke up, she needed to start her day, and I was sound asleep beside her. She basically had to roll on top of me to wake me up!

"I worried that my hands had turned blue behind my back." She shook her head, disappointed. She had begun the rant upon returning from having to rush to the bathroom. She continued it with short snipes while we showered separately and dressed. Now she was in the kitchen staring into the refrigerator. I was half watching a video for school.

The games I'd played with Mrs. Abbey and her daughter, Shannon, had taught me how to tie safe knots. I should have untied Mom before she fell asleep, but I didn't because I thought I had tied good knots. I remembered that Mrs. Lum had complained about leaving her tied. I stayed beside Mom, but waking up in restraints must have rattled her. We both were on edge.

"Okay, I get it. I'll be more careful." I was a little bitter. I cut the video short. I had watched most of it. When I unplugged it from its charger, the small white cube reminded me of the terrible mistake I had made yesterday.

She sighed again. "I'm not wrong, but I shouldn't have barked at you. I know you'll try."

"Like you said, Mom. It's not like I can cure you."

Her demeanor sagged from lecturer to companion sad sack. "It's not like we can afford to go to counseling." She implied the obvious, that I needed help too. She pulled a carton of eggs from the fridge, then followed it with cheese and spinach.

I washed the bundle of spinach while she beat the eggs. Maybe we could get support for our disturbed moods. Ms. Nurhea was a sort of counselor. I suddenly wished I had helped her with Steve and his mom, two days ago. If I had, maybe she would help us for free.

I handed the spun bowl of healthy leaves to Mom just in time for her to cook the omelets. I remembered, Ms. Nurhea had asked me to keep an eye on Steve during school, but I missed class yesterday morning when he had said terrible things to Trish. I texted the attractive social worker about the event. If she reacted positively, I would then ask if she might help Mom and I.

The doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Jude standing sullen. "Are you gonna be a liar again today?"

"Invite him in, Billy." Mom had eavesdropped. "This, I've got to hear."

The last thing I needed was this brat to ruin my morning. I had wanted this day to go so much better than yesterday. No. I needed it to. I fumed silently and made room for Jude to enter. "It was just a dumb thing, Mom." I tried to set the context.

"You're dumb." The boy stuck his tongue out at me, scurried inside, and latched on Mom's leg. She was wearing housework jeans. "Billy said I could play with you, but he tricked me, and Daddy took me home."

"Well, that is rather deceptive." Mom flipped the omelet expertly. She realized that my trick had been meant to rid of Mr. Allister. "What do you have to say for yourself?" She asked me.

"Aw, Mom. I didn't think he'd get all upset." I didn't know what to say, actually. "I mean, I didn't say when he could play with you." It was the lamest excuse. Of course anyone would assume I meant, right then yesterday afternoon.

"It's not fair." Jude held on to Mom's leg.

Mom set the finished omelet on a plate. "Would you like some breakfast?"

"No, Ma-am." He pouted. "Dad goes to work early, and I ate a steak and eggs already."

My mouth salivated at the thought of having steak for breakfast.

She cut the omelet in two. "Then it's only fair that you play with me today, Jude." Mom slide one half onto another plate and offered it to me.

"Oh GOODIE!!" He jumped up and down!

"But, Mom, I was going to take care of you all day!" I stared at my breakfast but didn't reach for it. "I can't do that with-" How could I repeat our story game with a kid in the apartment?

"Hush." She asserted, pushing the plate into my hands. "I was going to excuse you from school, but I think Jude may be a blessing in disguise."

"What? How?" I didn't care if the steaming omelet froze over. My appetite drained away, replaced with fear of losing to the brat.

Mom went to the counter, and Jude took the seat next to her. I had to go around and sit opposite of them. I set the plate down with an annoyed clatter. She pushed a fork and knife and paper towel at me. "Billy, you can't skip school if there's any chance I won't need you here."

"I don't understand." I pouted and forked my egg with frustration.

"It'd be pretty obvious if you weren't being selfish." She accused gently. She asked Jude. "Do you like to help your father with chores around your home?"

"I guess, but only when Daddy does them with me." Jude answered warily.

"Billy, Jude may be just the thing to keep me focused today. I'll sit for him until his father returns, and if I get in a bad way again, I will text you."

"Are we just gonna work?" Jude wasn't the dimmest bulb in the complex. "I want to play."

"I'll want to play too." Mom gave him a sweet smile.

I gulped, imagining the worst. What Jude wanted to play with were Mom's beautiful boobs. There were no good choices. Jude would be in our home for the day, and Mom would certainly overrule my assertions to the contrary because I had made a promise. Either I rebelled and skipped school to prevent what I imagined or took it on the chin.

I had let down Mom a couple times recently, wrecking her trust by drugging Mr. Gorgev's food, and I had acted like a brat worse than Jude about her initiative with Mr. Crocle.

I was also pretty sure that Meals on Heels clients, who wanted me to impregnate them, weighed on her as well. She had spent hours alone in Tanya's cab after serving Miss Louis. I imagined her brooding in it. And there was something else ... something about Tara and Mrs. Cherkle that grated her yesterday. Helping Mom yesterday was the first good thing I may have done for her in what seemed like a very long time.

"I'll keep my watch close, Mom." I told her with all the sullenness of a thirteen year old boy. I would skip P.E. to make sure I didn't miss a text. "I won't let you down again, but you gotta promise to let Mr. Allister take Jude home." By which I meant, don't entertain his father like she had yesterday.

I dug into my omelet, appetite returning.

"Thank you, Billy." Mom sounded considerably relieved.

Jude sat unimpressed in his seat, gripping Mom's left arm. He reflected all of my sullenness with a victory smirk.

By the time I got halfway to school, I was feeling better. Mom was right. Taking care of a silly little boy for the day was about the farthest thing from having to deal with lingering self-doubt and guilt. I had made the right choice.

Except I couldn't shake the image of him sucking on Mom's boobs. I told myself, that's what 'taking it on the chin' meant, and I deserved it. At the time I didn't consider it a blessing, but that jealousy distracted my thoughts of Tuesday night's horror as effectively as Jude kept Mom from brooding.

The morning's air was crisp and I shivered. Summer was taking on aspects of autumn. Morning traffic hadn't changed a bit. My watch buzzed. Had Mom texted already?

It was Ms. Nurhea. "Thank you for letting me know, Billy. I'll meet with the principal today. I can get permission to see you, if you want to discuss it privately between you and I. I'm sorry I didn't text you after the session with Steve."

I accepted her offer to talk and resumed walking. I thought about ways to convince her to help Mom and I.

I reached school quite early. I hadn't checked the time when I left home. I just wanted to escape further nonsense over Jude. I found myself knocking on Mrs. Lum's office door.

"Oh, hello Billy. It's early." She was already wearing  sweats. I guess she worked out in the morning. "To what do I owe the pleasure of  your company?" She smiled.

I didn't know why I picked her. I could have gone to my math or English teachers. Maybe it was because her office was closest from the outside. What I did know, all of a sudden was, I needed to be with someone. Images of me fucking- No, raping Ms. Tidden, leaped into my head. In those images I was angry with her, because her husband had attacked Mom! I imagined venting my rage inside the unattractive, poor woman.

What I saw, of course was Mrs. Lum. "Billy?" My face must have reflected the emotion welling inside of me.

What I felt was a swelling desire to fuck! Not 'make babies', but just drill my hard cock into a vulnerable pussy. And my dick was very hard! Why hadn't I noticed the iron bar in my pants before arriving at her door? "Billy?" She looked around the grounds. A few students gabbed with each other in far corners of the schoolyard. "Are you here to-" Her eyes darted to my pants and the tent in them. "Oh, my." She gulped. "This is not a good time-"

I raised my palm and pressed it between her breasts. "I-I need-" Without saying more, I pushed the woman into her office. "I mean, y-you may have to stop me." She stepped backwards, allowing me to enter. I took her hand closest to me and applied the most basic of joint locks, a simple twist. I told her, "Stop me, or lock the door." A surge of desire propelled my thoughts and actions. The game I sometimes played with the P.E. teacher did not feel like a game that morning.

"Ow, Billy." Her twisted arm flinched against its locked joints. She looked out the open door then at the clock. Classes wouldn't begin for another half hour. "I've missed you too, but maybe we should wait..."

"I can't." I was barely holding back the dark urges compelling me. "Lock the door or stop me." I demanded again.

"Nooo, don't hurt me." She whined softly. She used her superior skill to slip the arm lock but not completely - no doubt by choice. She gave herself enough freedom to reach the door and shut it. Her free hand grabbed keys from her pocket, and she locked the door. "Billy, you can't keep raping me!" She was very much playing the game, not realizing how close I was to succumbing to an awful urge to take the woman by force. Of course, if I had tried, she would have mopped the floor with me.

I then changed the arm lock to something stronger, bending it behind her and pulling up. I drove her to her desk until her muscular belly bumped the edge. "Lean over, Bitch." I growled, and my free hand took the stapler. It was larger than an office stapler. Something about her job must have required heavy duty staples. "I can stab six staples into you before you could do anything about it." I threatened with an utter falsehood.

"No, please Billy!" Mrs. Lum recoiled. "Can't we talk about this? I thought you might have mended your raping ways. You didn't stalk my house this Monday night." She sounded more disappointed than upset.

"Lean over!" I spanked her covered butt with the side of the stapler. I let go of her arm and pushed the middle of her back.

"Ow! I will, Billy. Don't hurt me with the stapler!" Mrs. Lum bent her strong body over the top of her table. She spread her arms out as if she was hugging it. I quickly unlocked the stapler's base.


I sank six large staples down through the sleeves of her sweat shirt, without touching her arms. The metal teeth bit into the desktop, effectively pinning her. She could easily rip herself free, but I counted on her participation. The staples would keep her 'tied' down, for as long as she wanted to pretend.

"NOT THAT!" She cried. "I just bought this shirt!" Actually, it sported more than one permanent grass stain and even a few holes. She was just setting the mood. "Billy, talk about your feelings with me. I can help you!"

"Nobody can help me!" I blurted and immediately choked up. I did need help. That realization frightened me, but I responded with anger. "Gods I'm going to rape you twice this morning - to put two babies in you!" I pulled down her sweatpants and then her sports panties. The latter were black with thick bands. The material was extra thick to absorb more sweat. It was a struggle against the strong bands to open a path to her pussy. I got them down over her ass. With her sturdy panties holding her thighs firmly together, the odor of her reached to my nostrils. She had worked out recently - sweat and salt figured prominently in her crotch's smell.

"NOOO, THERE'S NOT TIME FOR TWO RAPES!" She yelled, fully earnest.

"Help yourself all you want to the bitch's cunt." A voice sang in my head. I had heard the voice before. I had learned to ignore it, but sometimes it knew more about me than I did. "A broken boy should be allowed to break their toys." The voice's part of me had accepted my recent emotional damage, whereas I'd refused to acknowledge that truth. I sustained my denial by unfastening my pants. I pulled them down quick and then my underwear. The angry head of my erect cock sprung out. Instead of tormenting Mrs. Lum with my dick, I simply slotted into her vulva, found the rape spot, and pushed my hard prick into her unprotected cunt.

"OOWW!!" She yelped for real! Even I grunted. She wasn't very wet, and lunging into her fairly dry pussy HURT!

"Raping a cunt is SUPPOSE to hurt!" The voice almost chuckled, and fresh anger filled my chest. I gritted my teeth and pulled half out. That didn't hurt as much, but I readied myself for more pain and slammed it back in.

"Ohhhh!! AAA!!! No, Billy!" Mrs. Lum's hips twisted from the pain in her dry crevice. "It hurts too much!" She could have kicked my shin or even my balls. Either would have stopped me. She chose to play the victim. "STOP! You're going to tear up my insides!"

I kept thrusting, awkwardly and painfully, in and out of her. The friction was intense! I wonder now if I wanted her vagina to punish me. I fucked and winced and blurted out the pain from our grinding genitals. "HHNNNGGGHH!!!"

"AAAAA - AAAA!!" She. "Please STOP it, Billy!" She groaned and lurched. One of the staples tore into a sleeve. "It's too raw!"

"I ow! own your cunt, Mrs. Lum." I squeaked and kept scorching her insides and my shaft with jerking thrusts. "Nngghh!"

"Enjoy the pain." The voice seduced. "You'll cum so hard!"

That sounded very wrong, hurting Mrs. Lum to enhance my orgasm. The voice had tempted me to embrace selfish desires before. Yet my attention drew away from my dick's scouring, to the urge that had unconsciously led me to my P.E. teacher's office. That part of me was like a demon feeding on the pain, and it's arousal was growing fast. The demon grinned at me with Mr. Tidden's eyes. "You're gonna cum quick!" The voice delighted.

"Ooohhh, uuhhgggnnn!!" I groaned.

"Aaahh." Mrs. Lum unexpectedly gasp with relief. Her body was finally excreting the juices that would cool our burning genitals. Because she was older, vaginal lubrication had taken longer to begin. Her moans took on a selfish tone as she began to enjoy what she believed was play rape. "I shouldn't be getting wet!" She cried pretending guilt. "Not for my rapist!"

The change from hurting, to smoother action added a contrasting layer to the sensations building an incredible orgasm in my body. I felt my balls stiffen as they prepared to flood the moistening sheath that had scraped my stiff hose. "This is the BEST RAPE!" I cried out.

A thud against the office door interrupted. "You're too loud!" A woman's voice barked.

"OH my STARS!" Mrs. Lum moved like a wrestler, ripping her sweater through the staples and freeing her cunt from my thrusting cock. At the same time, she pulled up her sweatpants as if I wasn't in the way.

I stumbled back from her, my pants almost tripping me at the thighs. She caught me. "Shhh."

I used the ensuing moment of silence to pull up my pants. My heart thudded in terror. We'd been caught! But before I could zip up, Ms. Laghari's voice came through the heavy door, "That's better." I had been too focused on my impending cum to recognize her first shout.

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Mrs. Lum reacted as if she had been pardoned before the guillotine fell. "Oh my stars." She sighed heavily and leaned against her desk. She called out to her colleague, "I'm sorry, Shoona. We're sorry!" The P.E. teacher shook her head at me and whispered. "That's enough for today." She hurried to the door, keys in hand. "Should we talk?" She asked through it's thick wood.

"I probably spoiled your fun, and part of me is sorry, but-"

"No need, Shoona. Thank you. If you were anyone else..." Mrs. Lum unlocked the door and opened it wide enough to face the English teacher. "Were you passing by?"

"Actually no, and, actually, I'm not surprised by what you were doing." She tried to assure, "Anyone occupied by their thoughts wouldn't have heard you two, if they were just passing by. That door is really thick and fits snug into the frame."

"You weren't surprised?" Mrs. Lum sounded surprised.

"Not really." The English teacher's voice turned grave. "I spoke with Billy yesterday, and on a hunch, I came to warn you."

Mrs. Lum opened the door and motioned for Shoona to enter. She closed and locked the door behind them. I remained standing near the desk, not realizing my dick was still hanging through the zipper flap. It was red from friction and wet from Mrs. Lum's juices. Ms. Laghari's glance and resulting hint of smile sent me packing my package out of sight. Zip!

"Billy, what's going on?" Mrs. Lum's tone matched Ms. Lahari's. The holes in her sleeves sprouted shredded polyester.

The English teacher stepped between us. "Nothing awful, Caroline, is my guess, but a conversation is probably in order. Come, Billy, please." She held out an arm for me to enter.

"Damned goodie two shoes!" The voice in my head complained. I had just been about to cum, but her interruption had shut down my balls as fast as flipping a switch. And just as fast, my practice of ignoring the voice kicked in. I went into Ms. Laghari's arm and put one of mine around her waist.

A slight pout crossed Mrs. Lum's lips. "Will you please cut the mystery?"

"Of course," Ms. Laghari dragged me to her colleague and reached her other arm around the frustrated P.E. teacher. "But first." She hugged both of us.

Mrs. Lum and I lifted a hand tentatively to each other. A tenuous, three way hug formed. Ms. Laghari smiled. "Don't bother acting as if you weren't just deep into each other."

"Shoona, you know I am not the most patient person." Mrs. Lum prompted.

"Sorry, that was selfish of me. I feel bad for interrupting, and I don't want it to spoil your playful natures." Her arms tightened around us. "Billy came to me yesterday. He was hurting badly on the inside. Something traumatic happened to him and his mother, a couple nights ago."

"Ms. Androni?" Mrs. Lum's eyes fawned at me with sympathy. "I'm so sorry, Billy. I felt your intensity, but I hoped you were pretending. I wish you had said something."

"Caroline isn't trying to add guilt on you." Ms. Laghari explained. "She cares about your true feelings more than she cares about playing your game."

"Yes, thank you, Shoona. I talk too often like a sour old bitch."

I hugged the P.E. teacher closer to me. "I hurt you, Mrs. Lum-" My soft peter still stung from ravaging her dry pussy. "I'm sorry."

"A little rough play can turn me on." She admitted. "Especially when it's you. I would never obligate you to join me at my house on a Monday night. But because I didn't have your company to enjoy last Monday, I unwisely played with you in my office. This is on me."

"Stop trying to steal the blame, you sillies!" Ms. Laghari shook her head. "People make mistakes because we are often too mistaken about the circumstance of our mistake. What's important for our hearts is to mean well and follow its guidance as best we can.

"Now, Billy," She continued. "I said I was here to warn Caroline and yes, about you. You're hurting, and even the most adult person might take a hurt out on someone else. To your credit, playing your game with Caroline was a noble way to vent frustration without wounding her."

"But I hurt her."

"We started the game so quickly, I hadn't time to prepare myself for intercourse." Mrs. Lum explained.

"I'm sorry." I sniffed.

"I knew what would happen, Billy, and I accepted it." She tightened her arm warmly around me. "I worried about hurting you."

I guessed that she had been just pretending to be hurt, or maybe she was expressing real pain as part of playing. Sex games are really complicated! Up until then I thought that the rape game was as simple as games got.

"I have to confess." Ms. Laghari bit her lip. "I'm now glad I interrupted you two. A - because of this." She patted our huddled backs. "But - B - because if you had cum, Billy, your mind might have considered such intense pleasure as a reward for expressing frustration through sex.

A light bulb flashed in my head. That was the same reason I denied Mom's orgasm after winding her arousal up with our story about the awful night with the Tiddens. More logic connected in my young, spinning head. Those stories had been making me horny too! Except my close love for mother suppressed me from noticing. I would regret cumming when Mom couldn't be allowed to! I wanted to help her, not help myself.  The voice in my head predicted, "There'll be times when you enjoy yourself at her expense." I argued internally, "But that would be wrong while her heart's still hurting."

 Mrs. Lum chuckled at my vapid gape as I mentally wrestled. "If that's not a sign of self-revelation, I'll burn my teaching credentials."

"I have to go!" I pulled out of our huddle and backed up to the door. A last, awful thought had exploded in my brain. What if Mom's pent up sexual frustration caused her to doing something crazy - WITH JUDE!"

The schools harp rang through the building and over the grounds. Students had five minutes to get to their classes.

"BILLY! What's the matter?" Both teachers blurted.

"Please unlock the door!" I wanted to pound it. Instead I tapped frantically on my watch.

Mrs. Lum approached and she held a key up to its lock. "Can you tell us why?"

I looked up from my hasty text message. My eyes bounced between the women's concerned expressions. "Mom is frustrated too." Except I couldn't say that to them. It wasn't their business to know. Only Tanya and Mrs. McDougal knew about the rape, and I wished upon all the stars that the latter didn't. "I need to go home."

My watch alerted me with Mom's reply. "Everything's fine here, Billy. I'll text every hour. Don't skip school."

"I won't stop you, but I will hold you responsible for the class you miss." Mrs. Lum presented the holes in a sleeve. "And for everything related."

"Billy, don't make decisions in a panic. Unless there's an emergency, you should stick to what you planned today." Ms. Laghari was subtly asking if it was an emergency.

It was! - only it was all in my head. Mom sounded fine in her text. Running home for no reason would work against regaining her trust. I would just have to let my jealousy fueled paranoia simmer and try to distract myself with school matters. "You're right." My head drooped. I apologized and went to my first class.

At the end of History, I checked my texts. Mom had sent, "9:43 am, and all is well. :p

In my second class of the day, science, Kelly sat next to me. She wrote a couple notes when Mr. Yong wasn't looking. "Arturio is a wicked brat, but he's probably my best option." Later she wrote, "He is starting to see that he won't get what he wants from me unless he behaves." When class ended, Kelly chuckled, "You should come over to my place some afternoon and see how he's changed."

I immediately worried about her parents, but then I remembered her mother had instigated Kelly's experimenting with sex. I didn't know anything about her father. "I'd like to see that!" I answered, tongue firmly in my cheek. We parted and I checked my watch.

"10:51am. Jude spilled a little milk. RUSH HOME, AND SAVE ME!!!"

I deserved that. Fortunately, her sarcasm helped me to focus on my math book assignment. Working hard for Ms. Hennifer felt really good,. My grades were suffering from all the distractions in my crazy life.

"Billy, I have a note from the office for you." Ms. Hennifer said, when the 'end of period' harp sounded. I waited at my desk while the class filed out, expecting the note to be a ruse. When the room had cleared I locked the door and went to her.

She told me, "I spoke with your mother this morning. I'm relieved that she recanted her request to punish you." She smile and hugged me. Then she handed me a note. "A Ms. Nurhea?" She hummed with curiosity.

I read it.

"For: Billy Androni.
"Msg: Appointment to meet with Ms. Yvonne Nurhea is approved.
"Time: 2pm.
"Location: Meeting room Malala."

I pocketed the note and sighed. Ms. Hennifer changed her tone appropriately. "Would you like to talk about it?"

I shook my head and stepped up to her, face to face. "I love you." I said and reached my hand into her slacks. My math teacher shuddered. "Billy, we can't do this any more. It's starting to affect me in ways I hadn't anticipated."

No doubt the adult teacher, responsible for at least a hundred kids, had enough stress in her life. That she allowed one of them to cum in her panties, when the idea of getting pregnant utterly repelled her, forced me to rethink our arrangement. I considered her trembling voice and body. I reached fingers behind the waistband of her panties. I remembered they were light green, but that's not what I was checking for.

I had ejaculated into her underwear a day ago. My fingers sank into its gooeyness. I wriggled my middle finger against her quivering slit, swiping a glob along its length. Ms. Hennifer surprised me with an abrupt groan. "OOOOhhhhh!!!" She shook for several seconds, as if she'd orgasmed. "Please, we have to stop this."

Astonished that day old cum had made her suddenly cum, I pulled my hand out and looked at the yellowed goop on my fingers. A rank odor reached my nose. "Did you cum, Ms. Hennifer?"

The woman grimaced and nodded. "I don't want this anymore. It's like I'm being tortured in a whole new way. I'm disgusted with myself."

My prick grew strong in my pants at her confession. The voice in my head returned. "You should dump a fresh load to 'sweeten' what the slut is already carrying."

I shook my head. "Thank you for keeping your promise, Ms Hennifer. You can take a shower now. I'm sorry I had to punish you." Yesterday, she had begged me to fill her panties.

I managed to overrule my frustrated penis once again, and simply kissed Ms. Hennifer on her full lips. "Oh, Billy." She sighed. "I'm such a fool when I'm around you."

"No, Ma-am, you're a wonderful teacher." I wiped my fingers with tissues from her desk. I left quickly, so she could have time to shower and eat lunch.

I checked my watch on the way to my locker. "11:48 am, I'm actually surprised by how good I'm feeling. I hope you're in good spirits too."

Fetching my lunch bag I looked forward to eating outside in the sun. My jealousy was starting to fade. Sure, Jude had probably tried to paw Mom's chest, but I doubted she let him get away with anything worse than that. I could afford to be that magnanimous for her sake.

In the courtyard, I found James eating not by himself, but with Trish and Al. "There you are." Trish said it as if I had made her wait unduly.

"Yay, me." I shrugged and sat next to James. He looked nervous as heck. He already had two classmates bullying him. I surmised the eighth graders had been taunting him while they waited.

"Well, have you heard anything about Steve?" Trish launched into an inquisition. "This fat boy said you went to Steve's house last Tuesday. And what's this about a social worker?"

"Why do you still care?" I fired back. "He treated you like junk, and now what, you want to be his girlfriend?" I was so curious about her behavior, I didn't care what she or Al thought.

Trish rose above my rant. "Someday, when you grow up, you'll understand that friends don't just come and go. You have to allow for shit occasionally." She sneered. "But first you would have to actually get a friend."

"That's telling him, Trish." Al grunted a laugh.

My ears burned a little at her reasoning. I guess she liked Steve quite a bit, just not in an intimate relationship way. No wonder Steve was frustrated - the nuances of friendships were lost on him because his father's broken psyche. Steve simply couldn't understand Trish's perspective.

"I doubt Billy knows anything." Trish snorted. She and Al stood up with their trays and disposed the trash on them.

"I didn't mean to tell them." James frowned.

"I know, James." I started eating. Between mouthfuls, I told him. "So, let's walk from school together, this afternoon." I remembered his request.

"Okay, and I won't talk about eggball." His frown relaxed.

Mom's next message just read, "Same same here. How are you?" I replied that I was fine.

I showed my pass to Mrs. Lum before going to English class.

"A Ms. Nurhea, eh?" She hummed with curiosity. "I hope to see you Monday." She didn't smile, but I knew she was teasing me about my options: P.E. class and late night rape.

I didn't show the note to Ms. Laghari during her class. I sat at my desk and worked as hard as I could for her. I owed so much to her wisdom and loving instruction.

"That's good work, Billy." She reviewed my worksheet and moved to the next student.

I felt good about myself, right up until the harp sounded. A beast climbed on out of the dark recess of my consciousness, as I walked away from English. It's voice asked, "Just what WILL you say to Ms. Nurhea about Mom and us?" I wondered if I could actually tell the social worker that Mom was almost raped, and that I had witnessed the attempt. I didn't really know anything about the social worker. How could I trust her with something that disturbing?

Mom's next message helped. "Billy, I'm serious. Sitting for Jude has been a joy. I wish you were still his age and could spend all day with me."

Even though jealousy lurked in the shadows, I also wished I could spend every day with Mom. But I wasn't a kid any more. I was growing up, despite Trish's assertions. Maybe I could talk to Ms. Nurhea about something as difficult as sexual assault.

"Hello, Billy." Ms. Nurhea greeted me in a small room without windows. It was smaller than my parents' bedroom. She sat on the room's one table. She patted the top of. "Sit with me. Chairs are for fuddy-duds." She smiled.

I sat apart from her, but I welcomed her suggestion.  "Hi, Ms. Nurhea, I'm sorry I didn't stay to help Steve. I didn't realize he was so messed up."

"That is the official diagnosis, Billy." She grinned then sighed. "It was my responsibility. There's nothing you should feel guilty about. I fucked up."

"What happened?"

She explained with a growing frown. "My goal was to help Steve open up about how his father treated his mother. I didn't realize what a mine field that was for him. He blew up, saying that his mother deserved what his father did to her. I was so shocked I failed to re-take control of the conversation."

I blurted. "Mr. Dinty was really mean to her, and she's so nice!" I wanted to punch Steve a hundred times!

"I'm sure that was the case. Mr. Dinty has been expressing a lot of sorrow for his wife. He doesn't give details but he admits that he treated her most unfairly."

"What did Mrs. Camden, I mean, Mrs. Dinty say?" She would have been part of the session.

Ms. Nurhea's eyes misted over. "That was the worst part!" She sniffed. "Mable stood up for her son. She told me I was an awful counselor, and she commanded me to leave their house!"

A hundred thousand punches wouldn't be enough for Steve. Poor Mrs. Camden! Of course she stood up for him. She loved him more than anyone and would suffer anything for him!

"I'm so sorry!" I was hugging the sad social worker without a thought to.

She wept on my shoulder, "I'm so glad you wanted to talk, Billy. I'm already a mess, because I could say that only to you, since you originally joined in the sessions. Professional confidentiality restricts me from sharing tough sessions like that. I tried talking to my therapist, but her methods are so clinical!"

I let her cry and kissed her cheek a couple times. "You did what you could, Ms. Nurhea." I again wished I had stayed that day but not for Steve's sake, for hers.

Then, before I could react. Ms. Nurhea slipped off the table and stood on her knees before me. "Please, Billy, I need you to control me like you did the first time. I-I can't trust myself like this." She was begging me to speak the words that would unleash her absolute submission, Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake.

My heart and mind expanded with possibilities. If I took control of her, we could talk about anything, specifically about what happened at the Tiddens. Those events would be easy to discuss while she was in an absolutely receptive state of mind. She wouldn't blame me for anything I said or did. Or I could simply do as she asked, and help her with the feelings troubling her. The first time I controlled her she was grateful for my kindness. But I didn't know if Mom or I could wait a whole weekend, to ask for her help.

The room was built for privacy, and we could probably use it until the faculty went home, long after the last class.

My heart was hurting for Ms. Nurhea, regarding Steve's asinine behavior. I wanted to reassure her, in the most loving ways possible, that she had done her best.

However, by the end of my deliberations, my dick had grown quite hard. To utterly control the attractive woman was a big turn on, especially because she was begging me to control her. The voice in my head was surprisingly reasonable. "You need to release what you've been repressing during all those stories. She won't hold you accountable for anything you do to her."

But what was the right thing to do?

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My pent up urge for sex eroded my empathy. The tall woman on her knees looked so forlorn I wanted to help her. Her long dark hair covered half of her face's misery. Also, I suspected she would fuck without resistance once she submitted. Ms. Nurhea was trained to help people, but she was seeing a psychologist. Was that a sign of strength or weakness?  Could I use that to both of our advantages? I wanted to help Ms. Nurhea, but I wanted to help myself too.

The best way to find out how to handle her was to ask. "Wow, Ms. Nurhea, what if I wanted to do something naughty to you?"

The woman's fawning eyes widened, and her head drew back. "Naughty is a big word, Billy. It can mean terrible things. Before I achieved strong enough self-control, there were people who did many things to me that they shouldn't have. I don't think you would be terrible to me. Would you?"

"Terrible?" That word was nearly as big as naughty. "I want to help you. I just never controlled a person before." The next thing was difficult to admit, but I knew it was the right thing to say. "I'm just a kid and kind of selfish."

She unexpectedly smiled. "And you have done naughty things?"

I nodded. My dangling legs wriggled.

Ms. Nurhea reached out a hand to me and stilled one of my legs. "After you accidentally unlocked my submissiveness, you acted responsibly, last time. A young man like yourself is least likely to do something terrible. These next few years will define much of your adult personality, and I sense you're trying to do right for others. It's a good sign that you worry about making a mistake, AND that you asked me about it."

She blushed a little and softly confessed. "I sometimes miss a few of the naughty things that were done to me." Her face brightened. "But you aren't quite old enough for adult things like those. You'll do fine, Billy." She assured. "Freeing me of my responsibilities, for a short while, allows me to let go of negative feelings." She patted my knee. "It's kinda like a super-power. Most people don't have this power, nor should they. I normally trust only one person, my therapist."

She trusted me because I hadn't betrayed her when I'd had the chance. Otherwise, she didn't know much about me. The voice in my head returned. "Show her, then. Take control, and show her what kind of man you'll become." The suggestion reeked with darkness.

"Ms. Nurhea, will you let me wrap you in a bamboo snake?"

"Oh thank you, Billy." The kneeling woman groaned, and her eyes twitched. She closed them and swayed erratically. The slight buzz of florescent lighting grabbed my attention while whatever was happening to her proceeded. She sighed a couple times and hummed the lighting's musical note. The hand on my knee fell away, and she opened her eyes. She looked out of them as if the whole world was something far away.

"Ms. Nurhea?"

"Hi, Billy." She blinked, but the rest of her was completely relaxed.

I had expected to feel powerful after her change. Instead, it felt like her responsibilities had climbed up my back and watched from over my shoulder.

"You can fuck her now." The voice urged. My hard peter twitched.

"What do I need to do, to help you?"

"Nothing, Billy. Just resting here, in this state is an escape from all my troubles."

"But your troubles haven't gone away." Something I'd heard on a podcast.

"That's true, and there is a trade off." She explained. "I don't feel anything about my work or my life, or the world, but I can't reflect on them either. I can't help myself in this state. It's pure escape, and it feels really good. I don't even care about you."

Goosebumps crawled up my back, not because of what she said, but because creepy possibilities, like a hundred voices urging me, slithered through my head. I had to let her know before one of them seduced me.

"Ms. Nurhea, if I told you that I want to make babies with you, how would you feel?"

"Nothing, Billy."

"You wouldn't care if I took off your clothes and put my penis in your vagina?" It was difficult to speak clinically, with all the heat in my loins telling me to stop talking and start fucking.

"No, Billy. I'll even take my clothes off for you." She reached to the top button of her vest but didn't unbutton it, as if waiting to be told.

"But we're at school, and I'm underage." I strived to elicit some spark of emotion.

"It doesn't matter, Billy."

"Would you do it because I wanted to, or because I told you?"

"Because you told me." She spoke evenly, but I managed to catch sight of the tiniest spark in her eye. "I would feel better afterwords about it, because you wanted to. I like you, Billy. There's something about you..."

"You like me right now?"

"I feel nothing, but I know that I like you."

More voices crowded into my mind, all demanding, "GET ON WITH THE FUCKING!"

So I did. "Ms. Nurhea, take off your clothes so I can fuck you."

Her fingers unbuttoned her jacket efficiently as she stood up. After shucking the vest, her hands tackled her blouse.

I unbuckled my pants and let them drop to my feet. I stepped out of them and pulled down my boxers. My stiff peter felt the sting of conditioned air.

Ms. Nurhea was already pulling off her blouse. She unbuttoned her beige slacks and unzipped them.

The air in the room swirled slowly from a whispering vent. I had expected to be excited about making babies with the attractive social worker. My penis sure was. However, her rote responsiveness, although efficient, made the affair feel less like a game and more like an exercise.

The absence of fun did not diminish my need to orgasm inside of Ms. Nurhea. My penis had taken control of me. "Stand against the wall and spread your legs." I nearly slavered. I hungrily ogled her very light brown body as she stripped the remaining concealments and leaned against a wall. She was tall and svelt with nice curves. Her bust and hips were slightly narrower than Mom's.

My eyes zeroed in on her flesh and discovered tiny scars and burns. When her bra hit the floor, her ample breasts displayed a labyrinth of large scars. One of her nipples had been cleft in two. My heart thudded with sorrow.

"It's not your fault." The voice in my head was beyond callous. "That's the price she paid for being easy. So don't let it matter. Even if someone cut out her cunt, you can still fuck the hole."

Her panties dropped to her ankles, and she stepped one foot out of them to spread her legs for me.

I rushed to her and burst tears upon her forever marred breasts. "OHH, I'm so SORRY!" I clung to her to keep from falling, yet my penis remained firm and the urge to perform remained strong. Sadness overwhelmed me. I cried against the poor woman until I felt her hand on my prick. Ms. Nurhea hunched her hips out and fitted my erection between her legs.

Looking down, I saw her pubic hair. It was like a partially deforested jungle as if random patches had been burned away. The tip of my cock felt her vulva and the scars on it. I imagined them to be terribly thick and long. I nearly pulled away, but I just couldn't! I needed it!

I continued to cry as she slotted my penis into her concealed entrance and pressed the head inside of her. "No." I blubbered. "Not like this." My mind had imagined bucking into her against the wall, as a sexy but not great abuse of my power over her. That image abruptly disgusted me. This woman needed love, and I would give it to her.

"Here." I sniffed. "We can lay down." The blue carpet was thin but padded. It squished a bit as we sank down to the floor and turned our connected bodies to lie at the base of the wall. Ms. Nurhea said nothing. She'd simply obeyed with a placid expression.

Atop her blemished body I scooted up to kiss her lips. My penis sank deep into her pussy. Her wetness surprised me. Her mind may not have cared, but her body was quite ready for making babies. I kissed her and hugged her as my steel rod plumbed her depths. At full penetration, I couldn't feel her cervix. She was tall on the inside as well.

I made slow love to the impassive woman, taking notice of her make-up. It was very heavy and thick and extended to her neck. Normally, I don't like kissing cosmetics, not even when mom was made up for Meals on Heels. Although I would force myself because - Mom. I pushed aside my petty distaste and kissed Ms. Nurhea's cheek and nose and chin and all over. "You deserve love, Ms. Nurhea." My hips rose and fell, dredging my cock through her wet cunt. It felt wonderful, and yet I was sad.

If I expected her to hug me back, for expressing my love, verbally and physically, I was disappointed. She continued to watch me, like someone removed from body and soul. She didn't care if I loved her. She hadn't cared when people hurt her.

"Why should you care?" My inner voice scoffed. "She's wet and hot, and her cunt is sucking your cock. It cares."

I wanted her to care. The more I kissed and hugged and petting and rocked in and out of Ms. Nurhea, the more I wanted her to care. I stopped crying, as frustration grew against her complete lack of interest. I almost told her, "Tell me you care."

That would have been a lie, and she would have lied to me, while my randy member sluiced sweetly through her scarred sex. She would have told me anything I asked for.

Excluding the pleasure flowing from the base of my pee pee, this was all a lie. This was all about me. And a question occurred to me, to the annoyance of the wicked voice. Who do I want to be?

"Be a man!" The voice commanded.

I began kissing and petting and gently fondling every scar and burn. "Your body cares." I told the social worker. That was the kind of man I wanted to be. I continued to fuck the absent hearted woman, with slow steady strokes. The need inside of me was strong. I had to do it. But I would do it with dignity and from the heart. I even thought ahead for her sake.

"Ms. Nurhea, should I pull out when I cum?"

"It's doesn't matter." Her response made me realize how stupid my question had been. I searched for a better question as I pumped her body for my own great pleasure. "What will happen to you, if I make a child inside of you?"

"Happiness, stress, inconvenience, pride - many things."

"You have to tell me. What will you think about being pregnant when you get back your self-control?"

"I-I don't know." She seemed more shaken by her inability to answer than by our potential conception of life. She looked at me, and when she finally spoke her eyes held unexpected luster. "It'll be okay."

My groin lurched at her answer, as if switching gears. Her weak assertion regarding her potentially impending impregnation, concerned and excited me. I began fucking her faster, suddenly imagining my seed swimming up her womb in search of an egg in her fallopian tubes. Perhaps she had only meant that she wasn't fertile, but my mind latched onto the possibility that she wanted a child. "Oooohh, Ms. Nurhea, I can't help myself. It feels so good to fuck you and make a baby in you."

"It feels good to me too." She spoke earnestly, if without passion, but without having been bidden.

I nearly cried again. Love making had never felt so one-sided and so selfish, but she did feel pleasure from my minstrations. Her implied pleasure made me so happy, my rapid plunges in and out of her soaking cleft launched me into the sun!

Just before my rutting flesh squirted hot cum into Ms. Nurhea's puss, my rapid humping hips seized up when my orgasm burst. I dove cock deep into her cunt before my seed-filled, seminal bulb painted her insides with blasts of spunk.

Her body shook, perhaps from her own orgasm, perhaps only from the abruptness of mine and its accompanying ejaculation. What mattered most, or so I believed, was that I had loved her from my heart. I wasn't in love with her, but I could give her love because it was the right thing to do. At the time, I was confused about how love could feel very different.

My embedded prick gasp out sperm in great blobs until the last of it trickled out, warming our connected sexes. I continued to hug and kiss Ms. Nurhea. We lay together as my dick softened within her, and my lips started chapping up. It was an oddly peaceful, silent time. The voice in my head had vanished. I pretended it had scurried far away, disgusted at my empathy for whom it considered was a flesh bag for banging. I lay with my head between Ms. Nurhea's sad looking breasts, and they were no less comforting than unblemished ones.

The school harp sounded. The last class of the day had begun. I liked Darrin, my music and art teacher, but I skipped that fun class to stay with the scarred social worker and continue being responsible for her.

My watch vibrated. Mom had sent <smilely face> <thumb up>. I sighed and got up, pulling my satisfied penis out of the warm groove of Ms. Nurhea's very satisfying if damaged vagina. "Do you have any tissues?"

In her briefcase she did, and soon we were cleaned up and dressed. I asked her to sit at the table. I sat holding her hand. She looked as content as I had felt cumming inside of her. During the ensuing quiet, reality's demands creeped back into my thoughts . I had agreed to meet with Ms. Nurhea, because I wanted to ask her if she would help Mom and I. Instead I had immediately taken advantage of her vulnerability with my pent up need to cum.

My selfishness, plainly obvious again, made me wonder if I had done Mom any good by playing god with her urges. In fact each time I aroused Mom with the story of her rape, my control over her had aroused me greatly! I had denied the orgasms she would have given herself, but it would have been cruel if I had cum when she could not. So I had denied myself sexual release as well. Frustration had built up until the need to cum possessed me. But I hadn't actually raped anyone, I told myself. Or was taking advantage of a completely submissive woman, a form of rape?

Regardless of my degree of guilt, Mom needed far better help than my pitiful attempts. "Ms. Nurhea, can you help people when you're like this? I mean the ways you help your clients."

"Yes and no. In this state of being, I probably could work with a client, except they'd figure out they could manipulate me, and they would likely negate the help I'd given them."

Her story kept getting sadder and sadder. I squeezed her hand despite her lack of interest in my feelings. "Can anyone control you when you're like this?"

She nodded. "However, if one person designates themself as my sole master, I will obey them first."

"How long do you have to obey only them?"

"Until I regain self-control."

"Ms. Nurhea, I want you to obey me and only me." I jumped at the chance, before someone accidentally barged in and began telling the social worker what to do. I was a little paranoid having read fiction like that. Even Darling Dimensions had an episode where one of the Spice Witch Five had been mind-controlled.

"Of course, Billy." She actually smiled a little.

Before I dared to reveal what happened to Mom and I, I had one more question. It was hard to phrase in a way that would avoid the likely answer of, "I don't care."

"Ms. Nurhea, how long can I control you, so you won't get in trouble with your work or personal life?"

"The longer you control me, the more likely it'll affect my life negatively." It was a better answer than, "I don't care." But not a useful answer.

"Did you have an idea, before I before I took charge of you, of how long you wanted to submit?"

She thought about it. "I supposed a few hours would be okay."

"Let me know if you think something could happen to get you into trouble."

"Yes Billy. There is something."


"You might have just made me pregnant."

ULP! I had asked about cumming inside her, and she said it would be okay! I wanted to tear my hair out! Being good to Ms. Nurhea was so hard to do! "Um, okay, just tell me things like that before they happen."

"I'll try."

I felt I was losing ground with her, every step forward. I wished I'd asked her to help me and Mom to begin with. I felt so helpless! Yet she was my best hope for us. "I need you to help me and my Mom." I tested her.

"I'll do whatever you tell me."

"We don't have a lot of money and can't afford to hire a counselor. A very bad thing happened to us, and we need help."

She waited, not even caring to know what happened. My hope for her help was fading. I told her. It was difficult to confess the truth. "A man tried to rape my mom when we were at his house. Please, we feel awful because of it? What should we do?"

She tilted her head as if confused. "Billy, that's my job. I'm often assigned to cases like yours. Didn't the police offer public counseling to your mother?"

"I think she didn't accept it because she wasn't actually raped." I swallowed unhappily.

"If she had, someone like me would already be helping your whole family."

"Even my dad?"

"Counseling can even include people close to your mother who aren't family. Rape is a terrible blight on society - so are unsuccessful rapes which are nearly as terrible as attempted murder."

"Ms. Nurhea, if you came home with me for a little bit, would that be bad for you?"

"I think it would be okay, but it depends upon what happens."

I suddenly remembered my promise to walk with James. Also, I had planned to go to the diner and tell Tara about our movie date. I could do both, and his bullies wouldn't follow that far.

"Did you drive here today, Ms. Nurhea?"

"I took the bus."

I could ask Tanya to drive her home. Tanya would charge for the ride, but Ms. Nurhea shouldn't have to pay if I kept her to late. I would pay. I had heard scary stories about night busses. I looked at my watch. The last class of the day still had lots of time. "Ms. Nurhea, are you going to be able to help Steve and his mom?"

"It's up to them at this point. If he and his mother refuse my help, I can't force myself on them. I was suppose to meet with them and Principal Agincourt today but they didn't show. They didn't answer the principal's phone calls either."

I bet the matter was actually up to Steve. His mom was only doing what he told her. She didn't deserve him. Ms. Nurhea sat without a care in the world, and I couldn't make her care unless I released my control over her. How could I get Steve to release his control over his mom? I wanted to wash my hands of him, but Mrs. Dinty was important to me. There was nothing I could do about it at the moment. I refocused my time remaining with Ms. Nurhea.

"What do you need to know to help my mother and me?"

"I need to spend time with the both of you, to learn what you're like, and I need to know what happened, especially how you and she reacted in the hours and days that followed."

I told her everything except how I was treating Mom's suffering. In the middle of relating the story of Tuesday night, I broke down and cried. Ms. Nurhea sat impassively. Eventually, I sobered up. I felt she didn't like me all of a sudden, but I knew better. She didn't care to even dislike me. I managed to get through the story, ending with how I was too weak to save Mom and how Mrs. Tidden saved us with help from Tanya. Ms. Nurhea was damn spooky, sitting there and absorbing everything without reacting. It felt like I didn't matter, that Mom didn't matter, and what happened was nothing.

Perhaps she couldn't help us while in that state. I hadn't realized how important the emotional connection is between a counselor and their patients. "How do I help you to return to normal?" Ms. Nurhea needed to be a human to counsel us, I decided.

"My journal is in my briefcase. After the last time I lost control, I wrote what I hope are more effective lines to guide self-control back to me."

I pulled her briefcase across the table to me. Upon opening it, what first grabbed my attention was not her journal. In the expandable pocket sat her remote control, the one she had offered to me, to help her focus. Its one button glared at me as if it were an eye. Beside it was a strange looking pair of panties. Inside the crotch panel was a copper pot scrubber, and connected to it was a battery pack sewn into the butt panel! It looked wicked uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the school harp sang out. Classes had ended. If I started to help Ms. Nurhea recover now, I would miss walking with James. I barely noticed her journal before I shut the briefcase. "I'm sorry, Ms. Nurhea. We'll have to get you back to normal, later."

"This is normal for me, Billy." She stated without a care.

I went to the door and opened it. She remained seated in her chair. "Come with me." I told her. She stood and began to follow me.

Mr. Vouse flagged us down as we exited the private room. "The principal would like to see you before you leave, Ms. Nurhea."

I started towards the principal's office.

"Just, Ms. Nurhea, Billy." The school secretary warned.

Oh boy. If Ms. Nurhea went by herself, she would stand quietly and ignore the principal. I stepped to her side and stood on my tiptoes to reach her ear. I whispered. "Tell him you'll talk to the principal, later ... In a nice way that he can believe." I added out of caution.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Vouse. Billy reminded me about something I can't delay. I'll speak with the principal later." She explained with a pleasant voice.

He sputtered, "But the paperwork on Steven Dinty-"

"We have to go." I interrupted and walked quickly out of the administration area. Ms. Nurhea followed me into the hallway and then out the front doors of the school. A swarm of students bustled us through the doors. Happy chaos waited for rides, on the broad steps that led to the drive way and the parking lot. James shuffled out looking around. He was big, but not the fattest boy at school. I noticed a couple girls that were bigger too. I waved, and he jostled a way through the mob to reach us. "Hi, Billy. Who's this?" He noticed Ms. Nurhea standing beside me, waiting for my next command.

"It's Steve's counselor. She was talking to the principal today."

He looked at the seemingly attractive lady. Without her make up and clothes, people would likely stare at her blemishes with either fear or pity. "How do you know Billy, Ma-am?"

When she ignored him, James looked hurt.

"She has a lot on her mind." I said. Ms. Nurhea had nothing on her mind, but he wouldn't have understood that. "We should go." I wanted to get home as soon as possible.


We started walking away from school. James kept looking at Ms. Nurhea's blank expression, maybe hoping that she would answer his question.

"I joined Steve and his mom when they had their first session with Ms. Nurhea, at their home." I hoped that would end his questions."

"Do you like eggball, by any chance?" He asked her.

I wanted to smack my forehead. "James, you promised." I pouted.

"Egg brains, is more like it." A boy called out. Another boy snickered. It was Carlo and Phil. They found us waiting to cross the street. "Did you hire this lady to protect you after school?" Carlo seemed undaunted by her presence. Phil grinned and said. "The only way James will get a woman is to hire her!"

Ms. Nurhea ignored them, blinking occasionally.

"What is she, deaf?" Phil was slightly weirded out by the woman's reaction.

"And dumb." Carlo laughed. His laugh died quickly. Still no response from Ms. Nurhea.

Somehow, by ignoring them, she took all their attention away from James. He looked at me nervously. I shook my head but gave him a small, hopefully reassuring smile. "Ms. Nurhea, can you do something to stop these guys from bullying people?"

"I can, Billy." The tall woman surveyed them as if to look for weaknesses. Her bland but confident words further rattled James' tormentors.

"Yeah, right." Phil snorted pure bluster.

"Can you do it without injuring them?" I asked her.

"Yes, Billy, but crippling them is more reliable." She gave me the option.

Phil stepped back starting to worry. Carlo stepped up, vocally if not physically. "Look at her clothes. She's just an office lady. They're messing with you, Phil."

"Ms. Nurhea, please stop them from bullying people." I told her.

The two boys flinched.

"It's not your fault, boys." She told them. "I can have social services remove you from the custody of your parents or guardians. We'll find foster parents for you." She pulled her official, City Social Services ID from her pocket and let them gulp at it.

"Unfortunately, there's a waiting list for foster parents, but the city has a nice dormitory to stay in. Eventually, you might even get adopted by people who will set a better example for your lives."

"No fucking way!" Carlo's eyes bulged out. He ran back the school, Phil right behind him.

The light changed, and we crossed the street. "James!" I called to my friend. He stood at the crosswalk like a statue, unsure who was more dangerous: his bullies, Ms. Nurhea, or me. He barely made it across the street before cars resumed along it.

"Can you really do that?" He asked her, but she ignored him.

"I told you, she has a lot on her mind."

James looked bewildered. He continued following us, even though Phil and Carlo were gone and likely for a long while if not forever. We walked a block and turned up the next street. On that street, a blue house with purple trim caught my attention. Its colors were bolder than the other houses on the street. On the front door, the words "May Stars Align." had been painted in glitter.

"Do you know that place?" James asked.

I shook my head. "Do you?"

"There's a website with that name. They sell Drunken Dragons paraphernalia."

"You mean like dice and PDFs for adventures and characters?" I wanted details. In my crazy state of mind, rushing to save Mom from Mr. Allister, this had been the 'welcoming' house. The others were locked up tight.

"Yeah." James confirmed. "Do you play?"

"Nah, but I had a friend who played before my parents moved here."

"I heard that Trish runs a game."

"With Al and Wendel?" There was no point in asking if Steve played.

"Nah, I think it's just for girls."

"Good for them." We passed by the house that was possibly a website's base of operations.

"Do you play Drunken Dragons, Ms. Nurhea?" He kept trying to crack her ice.

I told her, "You can talk with James, casual like." I'd been thinking about the right way to instruct her, ever since she frightened off Carlo and Phil.

"I have played it, James." She nodded. "Games like it can be an effective tool to bond people together and to help them self-identify."

"Whoa." James abruptly stared at me suspiciously.

"Did I startle you?" Ms. Nurhea asked him.

"Uh, no, Ma-am." James scratched his head. "What's 'self-identify?'"

"People think they have a single personality, but functionally when they socialize, people express separate personalities. Many don't notice their modes, and the few who do often are at a loss to know which of their personalities is them."

"Aren't all their personalities, 'them?'" It was a surprisingly cogent question that frankly went over my head.

"But that questions the definition of personality." Ms. Nurhea rebutted. "By self-identifying, a person can ground their collection of behaviors to a central concept of self."

"Yeahhh," James looked bewildered. "I'm not gonna understand."

"I was just talking casually." Ms. Nurhea informed him. James looked at me out of the corners of his eyes.

"What?" I got defensive.

I had been leading our group of three. He had been trailing. James sped up until he walked beside me. "Are you mind-controlling her?"

I coughed. "That's silly, James, even for you." I tried to throw him off without technically lying. It was a silly question.

We reached the diner. Its CLOSED sign hung prominently from the inside handle. The blur of aprons, I had previously seen within, was merely Wenda and Tara moving around, carrying boxes and cans and equipment.

Before I could knock, Wenda was at the door opening it. "Hello Billy. You know we aren't serving right now."

"I know. I just want to talk to Tara."

"BILLY!!" The sexy young woman rushed out with a hug! She kissed me warmly on the cheek, but part of her lips pressed part of mine. "Oh, who are your friends?" Separating, she blushed a little, which was unusual for her.

"Ms. Nurhea, these are Tara and Wenda. They're turning the diner into a fancy place." I pointed to the social worker and my sorta friend. "Ms. Nurhea is a social worker for the city, and James is a guy from school."

Guy-from-school replicated his performance of a statue. His eyes bulged out at Tara. Whereas, she only had eyes for me. "I'll make some tea. Wenda and I could use a short break."

It was very tempting, but the stress of getting help for Mom and being responsible for Ms. Nurhea was pushing me to my limit. "Thanks, but I just want to know if you'd like to go to a movie tomorrow night?"

"Of course, Silly!" Tara beamed. "What movie do you want to see?"

"Um, I'll look them up tonight, but you pick one too." I told her.

She hugged me again and whispered, "I want you all to myself, tomorrow." I blushed, wide and red.

"I guess I'll go home now." James sighed. He must have felt like an ugly third wheel. James was actually a decent looking guy, just fat. You could fit about two of him into Wenda's body.

"Why don't you have tea with them, James?" I offered. "I have to take Ms. Nurhea home to Mom." Tara's eyes exploded at me. I explained, "So they can talk psycholical stuff."

"Psychological." Wenda corrected. "She looked over Ms. Nurhea. She was skilled at judging people, but maybe not as skilled as Tanya who saw a more diverse expression of humanity in the back seat of her cab. Wenda mumbled, "Unusual."

"You must have tea with us, James!" Tara blurted. "I want to know all about Billy's school friends like you, and even more about his girlfriends."

"Plural?" James gasp.

If I had stayed any longer, I would have had to fight to save my reputation. I hugged Tara and kissed her cheek. She whispered, "I don't mind you having girlfriends, Billy. I swore to Jacqueline that I wouldn't keep you for myself, except tomorrow night will be just for us." She winked.
Ms. Nurhea and I departed the diner. I led her towards my home to fool Tara and doubled back after a block, to head to my family's new house. I had the key, the special one that could open the front door and the play room door, but Ms. Nurhea and I didn't need that room. We just needed a quiet space to ourselves. She followed me inside without comment. Every time I saw the place I was stunned by the fact that it would be my new home in less than a year. Mrs. Abbey and her daughter had taken very good care of it.

"Sit down, Ms. Nurhea." I showed her to one of the chairs. The house was mostly barren, but Mr. and Ms. Colkick had collected enough furniture to use the house for events while my family lived out our lease at the Lady of the Lake apartments. The social worker obeyed. I opened her briefcase. I successfully ignored the scary remote and panties within, and I dug out her journal. "Here you go, Ms. Nurhea. You can return to controlling yourself now."

"I know I can." She sat placidly not touching the book.

I had to rephrase the request. "Do what you need to to control yourself again." The journal grew heavier the longer I held it out.

"Yes, Billy." Ms. Nurhea took the journal and paged to a recent entry. "I can be in control as long as I'm not Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake." She recited. "I will take control by uncoiling the snake. The bamboo is not strong. The bamboo is rigid. My will is stronger and more flexible. I can be in control as long as I'm not Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake..."

She droned on, staring at the page, repeating its phrases. Then she stopped.

"Did it work?"

She shook her head. "No, Billy." Ms. Nurhea's lack of disappointment convinced me.

"Why did it work last time?"

"I called my therapist, and she helped me to focus."

"Okay, then do that."

She pulled out her phone and called. A recorded message answered. "Dr. Lattery is in consultation right now. If this is an emergency, please call..." It rattled off a number.

As much as I wanted to interrupt the doctor's consultation, helping Ms. Nurhea wasn't an emergency. Worse, I would have to give control to the doctor. Having filled Ms. Nurhea's sex with my sperm, things could go terribly wrong if the doctor asked odd questions. The job of that kind of doctor is to ask questions. I tapped the button on Ms. Nurhea's phone to end the call.

Taking slow deep breaths calmed me. "Explain how your doctor helped you."

"Dr. Lattery paid attention to my recitation, in order to coach me into proper focus. It would have been easier for her if she had been present. She needed to know when I had lost focus as soon as possible, to help me get back on track."

"You can't focus very well?" I had the impression that, in her submissive state, Ms. Nurhea could ignore everything except what she was told to do. I told her that.

"That's somewhat true, Billy, but I'm always listening, ready for your next command."

"I could leave you alone." I considered.

"That would help in one way but hurt in another. My motivation isn't strong. I will go through the motions, because you told me to, but I really need a reason to focus. If you weren't here, I'd be less motivated."

I looked at the journal in her hand. It reminded me of what else was in her briefcase, or maybe it was her need for a focus that reminded me. "If I used the remote on you, would that help you focus?"

She took a moment. "Maybe, but it might also distract me. Keeping my thoughts on a topic is a lot easier than keeping a state of mind in transition to a new state."

I didn't know what she was talking about, but her "maybe" was the best option to spend time on. Every minute that I stayed away from home was a minute that might prey on Mom's personality. "Ms. Nurhea, wear the panties in your briefcase, instead of the ones you have on."

"Okay, Billy." Once again, she efficiently removed her slacks and panties. She stood wearing only a bra a blouse and a vest jacket. Her tan legs had little scars on them too, but not as many or as horrible as her breasts. Unfortunately, an earthquake had seemingly ravaged the landscape around the fault zone of her vulva. Tufts of pubic hair grew between thick scars and burn patches. I cringed from guilt, I had shot a full load of sperm into her puss an hour ago. The panties she removed was dotted with my cum and her juices. Despite my guilt, I told her. "Give me your panties." I tucked them into my back pocket of my school trousers.

I handed her the briefcase and she retrieved the electrified pair. I took the remote and felt even worse about myself, because my penis was getting hard again. Something about being able to trigger those panties, when Ms. Nurhea wore its metal puff next to her vagina, renewed strength to my dick. I asked, "Did those panties hurt your vulva like that?" I had to know.

She shook her head. "No, Billy. A friend gave these scars to me." She paused. "At least he told me he was my friend."

My heart flip-flopped. Her story was the saddest I'd ever known, yet she was strong enough to have overcome the horrors inflicted on her body and soul. I wanted to burn those panties in a garbage fire and smash the remote with a hammer.

Ms. Nurhea fitted the copper pad to the vee of her sex. She slotted the battery pack between the cheeks of her bum. Finally, she adjusted the bands hugging her waist and thighs and then waited for me.

"How do I use this to help you focus?" I dared not touch the button. I did move the slider to the low postion. It had been set to high.

"I'm going to read the mantra again. You have to look and listen carefully to me. If I don't sound sincere, or I don't look focused, press that button. Don't press the button otherwise. It sends an electric shock to my genitals. If you press it at the wrong time you'll derail the progress I've made, but if you guess correctly, I'll start over, and hopefully the negative feedback will train me to stay more focused."

"Why do you even have this thing? Do you need to focus a lot?" It was like an alien artifact, dangerous and seductive. I wondered what its shock felt like to Ms. Nurhea where the copper pad caressed.

"I bought it online as a toy, Billy. Vibrators doen't work on me anymore."

The revelation tugged at my heart which was already bleeding for her. "Oh." The remote and wired panties were something she had chosen to buy. It suddenly felt less alien. I gulped. "You can begin." I was so used to being around half or fully naked women I didn't think to let Ms. Nurhea put her pants back on.

Instead of sitting, she remained standing and picked up the book from her chair. "I will take control by uncoiling the snake. The bamboo is not strong. The bamboo is rigid. My will is stronger and more flexible. I can be in control as long as I'm not Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake..."

I tried, I really tried to pay attention, but she stopped reading aloud after five repetitions.

Ms. Nurhea shook her head. "I lost focus."

"Should I press the button?"

"If this plan works, you'll need to press it the moment I lose focus, otherwise the stimulus won't be associated with losing focus." She explained placidly. I understood one thing. Ms. Nurhea would keep trying until I gave up or fell asleep. She was like a machine in that state of mind.

"Try again." I said it more for my own motivation.

She restarted, "I will take control by uncoiling the snake. The bamboo is not strong. The bamboo is rigid. My will is stronger and more flexible. I can be in control as long as I'm not Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake..."

She was in the middle of saying "The bamboo is rigid." For the third time, when I thought her voice sounded a little tired. I pressed the button.

She continued reciting.

I pressed it again. It didn't seem to affect her.

"Ms. Nurhea?" I called.

She stopped reading aloud. "Yes?"

"I don't think the remote is working." I showed it to her.

She took and examined it. "This setting is way too low. She push the slider halfway to "High" and pressed the button. Her entire body lurched from whatever sensation the panties had sent into her. "That's better." She handed it back to me.

I gulped. From personal experience, only one of Ms. Hennifer's strongest blows would make my young body react like that. "Uh, I guess you should start again."

She recited, and I steeled myself to observe and listen. By the third repetition, her voice sounded a little off. So I pressed the button. She jumped and dropped the book. "That was about right, Billy."

I had to press the button three more times, during her attempts to free her mind. The third time she told me. "I was actually quite focused that time." We had to try again. "Sorry." I told her.

"Making mistakes is unavoidable, Billy, but you're learning too."

The fifth time I pressed the button she told me I had picked the right time. She had just lost focus.

Four button clicks later she let out a moan. "NNnngghhh! Ohhh."

"Are you okay?"

"You gave me an orgasm, Billy." She told me plainly.

My hard penis lurched in my pants. "Did I ruin your progress again?"

"No. I had lost focus. But now that I orgasmed, I think it will be easier next time."

I told her to try again. I was sweating. I'd never felt so tense and aroused. I wanted to keep pressing the button and give her more orgasms. "You have complete power over her." The voice in my head returned. "You can even make her cum, Billy. Before she takes back control, you should make her suck your dick."

My penis strained against my pants. I hadn't worried about the woman noticing the tent in my pants. Ms. Nurhea wouldn't care about it. I ignored the voice and returned my attention to the droning social worker. I lost count of her repetitions.

"...The bamboo is not strong. The bamboo is rigid. My will is stronger and more flexible. I can be in control as long as I'm not Wrapped in a Bamboo Snake." Suddenly, "Oh Billy! I think I can feel it. The emptiness is fading!" She closed her eyes, perhaps to lock her mind on being able to control herself. I waited.

"Now press the button and hold it!" She told me. I clamped my thumb down on the button. Her body jerked, and she fell to the floor, her body continuing to spasm. I released the button.

"NO! Hold it down!" She begged. I stabbed the button again. Ironically, our situations reversed. To help Ms. Nurhea, I'd do anything she told me. Her body resumed twitching and seizing up. "AAAAA!!" She screamed! Her mouth snapped shut. "IT'S SO GOOOD!!!" She shouted through clamped jaws.

I continued to hold the button, and judging by her exclamations, she came at least twice more.

"AAHHH, I can't take any more, Billy." She huffed and puffed, her freed mind swirling with skyrocketing pleasure. I released the button and knelt before her. "Are you okay?"

Ms. Nurhea's eyes slowly opened. A terrible grimace drew across her face. "Billy." She swallowed. "You made me have sex with you."

My heart detached from my chest and fell into my foot. I wanted to kick it. Utter shame for what I had made her do, burned my damned soul. "But I asked you..." It was the feeblest attempt to justify my abuse of her utter submission.

"Billy, you saw my naked body and you had sex with me."

"I-I'm sorry, I wanted to - so bad."

"You wanted me?"

I nodded. Although her scarred body had made me sad, it has also made me want to love her. Her body screamed for loving.

"Oh, Billy." She began to cry. "I-I never would have believed. You're so young."

"I'm selfish, I know." I sniffed. "Please don't take me away from my parents." She had the power to do that.

"No." Her eyes fixed on me. Her grimace retreated, and amazement filled her previously vacant eyes. She reached a hand to mine holding her remote. I released my grip on it. Her hand grasp me firmly, and the remote fell to the floor. She drew my hand to her chest. "Please, Billy, make love to me again."

I was so stunned by her request, "Huh?" barely escaped from my lips.

"You were so gentle and sweet. I-I've never felt anything like it." Tears flowed from Ms. Nurhea's eyes like tiny streams. "I-I want to feel that again, while I'm right in my head again."

"You do?"

"Yes, Billy. I've never experienced that much giving from a man or woman. Please, will you love me like that once more? Just once more and I will treasure it and you for the rest of my life."

"But I came inside you." I reminded.

"That's a very small price to pay. I would let you cum in me a dozen times, to feel what you gave me earlier."

The voice in my head growled, "She's just another slut who lives for you to plant children in her." I almost laughed aloud at how ridiculous it sounded!

"Wh-why are you smiling?" Ms. Nurhea suddenly worried.

"I thought you were going to arrest me."

Her head swayed gently. "No, Billy. Um," She looked at my tented crotch. "It seems like you want to love me."

Her kind observation threatened to make my dick to burst though my pants. I did want her. I hadn't taken much time with her before, because I was so horny. Mom could wait a few more minutes. "Okay."

We hugged and started kissing each other. I helped her take off her vest and blouse and bra. I kissed her scarred and broken breasts. She arched her back and moaned as I fed on them. I licked and sucked. I moved my lips down her ravaged body. I helped her out of her wired panties, and I licked her wet pussy.

"Yes. Oh, yes!" She groaned and held my head to her sex. Then she was tearing at my pants and released my rampant weapon. I lay upon her, our mouths kissing. I had to shift down to reach my penis to her groin. She was really tall!

I entered her slowly. My hands rubbed her sides and I kissed her scarred belly. We fucked happily. She called out my name and swore she was in heaven. Her body humped up at my loving thrusts down into her puss. "Ooohh, it's wonderful!"

She had to bend her head far to kiss the top of my head. "I could fall in love with you." She warned.

"Okay." I told her. I was already blessed by so many loving women, it was incredible that each new one felt as wonderful as when Jacqueline became my first girlfriend.

We rolled across the floor as our love making grew more fervent, until the sperm in my body was fighting to get out. "I'm gonna cum." I said as I screwed up, in and out. She was on top of me. "I want you to." She could bend more easily in the air, and she kissed my lips. "Inside me, if that's what you want."

I did, but instead of saying so, I shouted, "OOOOHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAA!!! NNNGGGHHH!!!" Cum burst from my plunging cock and hosed the walls of her squeezing cunt.

"Ooohh, its so hot and thick!" She held me and closed her eyes. She focused completely on the gooey globs impacting her cervix. She purred then. "Mmmmm, it's incredible."

I swear I orgasmed twice as my cum continued to pour into the social worker's womb. Or so I imagined. "THANK YOU, MS. NURHEA!" I bellowed as the last of my cum overflowed out of her slit and soaked our groins.

We lay together for a little while on that bare hardwood floor in that miracle house. She hadn't orgasmed. I assumed she had 'run out' after experiencing so many from her electric panties. Actually, they were the only thing that could make her cum. Her nipples and clitoris had lost most of ther sensitivity. She explained much later that she felt more joy from being loved than the physical sensations which accompanied love making. It was the reason she had fallen for me.

My thoughts drifted to Mom. Ms. Nurhea spoke first, interrupting those thoughts. "Are you sure you need my help?" She asked. "You don't act at all like a victim of trauma." She instantly recanted. "I'm sorry. That sounded dismissive. We need to talk about it." She cleared her throat. "But damn, I've never felt such perfect giving before." Her painted face smiled.

A minute later she suggested, "Shouldn't we notify your Mom about me coming to help your family?"

Suddenly I realized, Mom hadn't texted me for nearly three hours. "Oh, no!" I bolted up and pulled on my pants.

"What's the matter?"

"She was suppose to text me already." I typed a message. "I'm sorry I'm late, Mom. How are you? I'll be home soon."

"I see. All right." Ms. Nurhea got up and began to dress. When she plucked her electrified panties from off of the floor, I pulled her other pair out of my pocket. "Here."

"No, Billy. I gave those to you. I'm not taking back a gift." She put a leg through her 'toy.' "Besides." She grinned, "I may need you to help me focus later."

Minutes later, we were walking briskly to my home. Mom still hadn't texted back. I considered texting Mrs. Cherkle to look in on her, but we would arrive by the time the apartment manager could act on a message.

"You have a strong relationship with your mother?" Ms. Nurhea was either being nosey or subtly pursuing her profession.

"I keep disappointing her." I admitted. My earlier fear of telling the social worker about intimate details of my life had eased considerably.

She laughed. "That's part of a teenager's job description."

We reached the apartment building's doors, and I opened them for her. I wanted to bolt up the stairs, but that would be unkind to Ms. Nurhea. If I had, I would have bowled over Mrs. McDougal.

The witch was crouched on the half way landing, listening. She stood when I appeared at the base of the stairs. "Billy." She began. Then she spotted Ms. Nurhea behind me. "I mean." She gave aloud AHEM. "I'll see you another time. She nodded to the social worker and jauntily descended the stairs. "Your mother's in a very good mood." The witch winked at me and vanished, well, disappeared around the corner to her private apartment.

"Who was that?"

"The owner." I didn't have time to explain. I led Ms. Nurhea up the stairs and to my apartment's door. I fished keys out of my front pocket and unlocked it. "I'm home!" I called. I entered and held the door open for Ms. Nurhea.

Mom walked out of the bathroom, wearing only a large towel. "Excuse me." Her eyes blinked at my guest. "Um, haven't we've met?" Her initial surprise faded quickly.

"Uh, yes, Ms. Androni. We were in Principal Agincourt's office. I was explaining about Steven Dinty's father.

"I remember now." Mom blushed. "Take her into the front room, Billy, and ask Ms. Nurhea what she would like to drink. I'll change." She remembered the social worker's name.

"Mom, why didn't you text me?" I blurted.

"I texted you all day." She replied. "After Mr. Allister picked up Jude, I sank into a hot tub of water. That child was so draining!" She spoke as if she'd loved every minute of it. Then she was darting into her bedroom and closing the door.

I led Ms. Nurhea to the couch. "What would you like to drink?"

"Scotch on the rocks." She kidded. "Do have any soda?"

"Root beer."

"I'll just have a tall glass of water." She smiled at me sweetly. "We both need to replenish our bodily fluids."

I turned red and fetched two big glasses. Ms. Nurhea noticed the bedclothes atop the back of the couch. "Is this where you sleep?"

"I like it."

"Where do you study for classes?"

"I watch lecture videos on Dad's laptop or sometimes on my watch."

Ms. Nurhea looked around the room, appraising every adornment and item of furniture. She nodded at the potted plants. "Very healthy." She mused aloud. "Neither obsessive nor neglected." She patted my thigh. "I like your Mom."

"You better." I smirked. I imagined my cum leaking out of the social worker's pussy. We had wiped up quickly before rushing here.

Mom walked out of her bedroom, dressed in casual jeans and one of Dad's shirts. "I hope you'll excuse my earlier state of dress."

"Of course, Ms. Androni."

"Please, call me Faun."

"Yes, Faun. I'm Yvonne."

"They rhyme." I giggled.

Mom giggled too. "If Billy writes a poem, burn it before reading." She warned our guest.

"Mom, Ms. Nurhea is going to help us with what happened at Mr. and Mrs. Tidden's house." I announced.

My mother accepted what I said without visible emotion. She turned to the social worker and said, "My son is too much of an idealist." She sounded apologetic.

"Faun, Billy described everything."

I hadn't talked about the sex stuff I'd made Mom do and not do.

Ms. Nurhea continued, "And I'm here to tell you, you're entitled to support from both the city and the county. Please let me explain."

"I suppose." Mom sighed, slightly frustrated - at me.

Ms. Nurhea talked for about three minutes, explaining that helping us was her job. She tried cajoling Mom into accepting professional help by emphasizing my mental health, but she meant Mom was equally in need.

"Mom, it's worth trying."

"I know, Billy. I'm not against it. I'm just not the type of person who easily admits needing help."

I already knew that about her.

Mom sighed. "When should we arrange to meet?"

"I'll have a courier deliver paperwork to you by Monday. We can plan to meet after you've returned the signed forms, BUT." Ms. Nurhea "It's important to begin talking as soon as possible. I hope you might have time now. It's that important." The social worker winked at me. "I'll even order dinner delivery. What's your favorite type of food?"

"You'll do no such thing." Mom forbid. "I'll make dinner, and we can talk while you and Billy help." It was Mom's turn to wink at me.

This surprised Ms. Nurhea. "Um, thank you. That would be - a lot less formal." She smiled. "Do you have a spare apron?"

"No need, I was kidding about putting you to work."

"I'm not. I want to help."

The women continued to natter. I noticed that Ms. Nurhea's glass was empty. I went to the kitchen and got out the pitcher of cold, filtered water. I also took an orange. Before returning to the conversation, I poured her glass full and peeled the orange. I threw its peel at the compost bucket under the sink.

Next to the bucket stood the trash bin. One of Mom's bras had been thrown into the bin. I missed the bucket, and the peel broke apart against back of the space under the sink. One of the bra's cups had been torn. No, it had been cut. It had been cut into a flap. Jude had cut a flap into Mom's bra. So he could access her boob.

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Did mom throw the bra away immediately after Jude cut it and told him off, or did she let the boy fondle her? It might be best to not try to find an answer by directly asking her, because she and Billy have to focus on the session with Mrs. Nurhea. He shouldn't try to intervene. Again. Billy will probably try look at his mother if he notices anything else different. Nothing more though. The session with Ms. Nurhea needs to help all of them.

"Come sit with us." Mom disrupted my fear of what the ruined bra represented. I returned, shuffling my feet across the carpet and sucking on an orange segment. Perhaps Mom had scolded Jude for cutting her bra. Perhaps she hadn't been wearing that one. I glanced at the shirt she had hastily donned. It didn't look like she was wearing a bra. Not that that meant anything.

I sat with Mom between me and Ms. Nurhea and set down her refilled glass. "What are we going to talk about?"

"Well, I should warn you." the social worker smirked. "Anything you tell me, can and will be used to help you."

Mom unexpectedly punched my shoulder. She grinned, "Ms. Nurhea is nice and professional. We shouldn't hold back any of our feelings." The witch had underestimated Mom. She was in a surprisingly good mood.

"I thought we weren't gonna start until next week?"

"I can't help myself, Billy. When you asked for my help, I immediately began thinking of approaches for counseling." I suspect she meant, once she was free to think for herself.

"There's certainly no need to be formal or rigorous today." Mom set the example by looking Ms. Nurhea straight in the eyes. "I should tell you, I was shocked by more than Mr. Tidden's assault. What hurt nearly as much was my sexual response. The attack aroused me, and I feel awful about it!"

Ms. Nurhea accepted Mom's surprise confession. "Your reaction is not unheard of, and in no way do your emotional reactions make you complicit in the assault. Victims go through a shitload of emotions during an attack. One woman spontaneously heard symphony music. Another felt like she was flying. The mind is bewilderingly complex and makes crazy mistakes when stressed." Ms. Nurhea offered.

Mom took a deep breath. "That's amazing to hear, Yvonne." She sighed, some of her hurt exiting with her breath. The women looked at me.

"I want to kill him!" I grimaced. Mom's confession had sent my mind into the past, to that terrible night. "I was useless, stupid, and I wanted to run away!" I said what I feared most, being a baby and a coward.

Suddenly the witch cackled in my ear, "Most people aren't able to consider they might not be fully in control of their lives." Except it was Ms. Nurhea who said it but differently. "A person can only control so much of themselves, Billy. The mind is always working behind the scenes to do the million things you need to stay alive, so you don't have to think about them."

Mom noticed I was getting more unnerved, not less. She put an arm around me.

Ms. Nurhea finished, "It was an emergency, and your brain did what a million years of evolution has trained it to do. You wanted to fight and you wanted to run. There are no other choices, Billy. You did what you could." The social worker strived to reassure me.

"He did better than that, Yvonne." Mom's voice was full of pride, and her eyes were full of tears. "Billy texted the cab driver wating outside. Mrs. Tidden stopped her husband temporarily, but our cabbie ended the ordeal." Mom's arm tightened warmly. I leaned my head against her shoulder to maximize her comforting.

Dad's shirt was a little big for Mom. Her breasts filled out the front, stretching the top forward and opening a fine view of her cleavage. My chest turned cold when I noticed light teethmarks beneath the shirt. The marked boob was on the same side as the bra cup that had been cut open.

"Billy!" Ms. Nurhea exclaimed. "That's wonderful news! You were a real hero!"

"Huh?" I looked up. I had stopped being stunned by Tuesday night, now stunned by Mom's afternoon.

"Careful, you'll make him blush." Mom kissed my forehead.

I jerked away from her lips and her arm. My face was red from anger not embarrassment. I began to glare at Mom and almost shouted something horrible.

Ms. Nurhea studied me as I struggled with my emotions. "Billy!" She reached out and slapped my cheek! "Come back!"

"Yvonne!" Mom imposed herself between the counselor and I. "That was uncalled for!"

"No, Mom!" I yelped. Ms. Nurhea hand hadn't hurt me at all, just startled me. Her fingers hadn't left the slightest trace on my cheek. "I-I needed that." If she hadn't jarred me out of my anger, I would have ruined our time with Ms. Nurhea. "It was just a touch."

Mom peered at my cheek. "It made a sound, Billy. That's more than a touch." But she saw that I was unharmed. She scolded the social worker. "How could striking without warning be of any help?"

"His eyes were dilating, Faun. Something inside was eating him up. He needed a physical prompt." Ms. Nurhea drew herself up, "I take full responsibility and will accept your judgement."

Mom's voice calmed a little. "Naturally, I'm less confident in your ability."

"Mom! I was gonna lose it. She did the right thing!"

"Billy! Why on Earth would you get upset about having called Tanya?"

"Maybe being a hero isn't what he wanted to hear." Our counselor suggested.

"I-I dunno..." Of course my anger had nothing to do with texting the cabbie during a terrifying moment, but Ms. Nurhea's slap had snapped me out of exploding at Mom. Even so, my eyes darted to her cleavage. I wrestled them upwards to meet her eyes. I couldn't have looked happy.

Mom glanced down for a second. Her glowing skin lost some of its luster. She reached up and pinched the top of Dad's shirt together. "Yvonne, I-I'll accept what you did." She relented with a slight sputter.

Ms. Nurhea sighed. "I deal with client emotions every day. You two are as calm as puddings in a fridge, by comparison. Please, let me call for delivery, to atone for my knee-jerk reaction. I'll expense it later when the paperwork is completed." The social worker wouldn't take Mom's, "No," for an answer. "When can we expect Mr. Androni to arrive?"

"Dad's last name is Wimbley." I was use to correcting people. "He might get home early tonight." Dad wanted to be here for us, at least for the rest of the week.

"I see. Pardon me." She dug out her phone. "I have a great Chinese place on speed dial."

"Well, I can't sit still." Mom got up slightly nervous. She went to the kitchen. I had forgotten to close the cabinet door under the sink. That's were the bin with her bra was. She shut the little door, eliciting a soft clunk.

While we waited for the Chinese food, Mom opened a bottle of wine. When she returned with it, I noticed she had buttoned Dad's shirt at the neck. "Nature's soothing drink." She poured two large glasses half full and half of a small glass for me. She set down the bottle and raised her glass. "To next steps." We clinked glasses and sipped. I had drunk wine before, mostly sips from my parents' glasses. It was okay sometimes, even tasty sometimes, but this wine tasted bitter.

"Should have let it breathe." Mom said after a swallow.

We didn't talk for a while. When we did, we didn't say much -- polite things. Dad arrived half an hour after the food was delivered. That was early for him. He gave Ms. Nurhea a warm greeting and thanked her for convincing Mom to let her work with us. He wolfed down the remaining food. Ms. Nurhea had bought plenty.

"How was work today?" Mom remembered that his new client was problematic.

"Better." Dad huffed and puffed. "I should be able to get a decent handle on it tomorrow."

Ms. Nurhea and my parents spoke for a while. I didn't have much to say. I was quite tired from yet another crazy day. Then it was time for her to go.

Tanya arrived to pick her up. She charged me her discount rate. Fortunately Ms. Nurhea didn't live too far. I got off cheap, owing Tanya thirty and some dollars. "We'll settle the tab another time." She whispered. Her deep voice always stirred excitement in my loins. After several orgasms and two eruptions of cum, my penis still roused at her innuendo. The big woman was very special to me.

"Tanya, would you be willing to shed some light about what happened Tuesday night?" Ms. Nurhea asked her without hesitation.

Tanya checked Mom's reaction. Mom nodded. "Yes, of course, Ma-am. I will answer anything about that night, for the Andronis' sakes." They left, saying nothing until they were out of earshot.

"Take me to bed, My Love." Mom wrapped her arms around Dad. They glided away to their room.

I watched videos for tomorrow's classes, feeling weary but not sleepy. My mind kept trying to obsess over Mom's bra. I almost went and fetched it. Instead, I hid Ms. Nurhea's panties in the clothes hamper. I found a video game to play on my watch. Then I went to bed.

Mom woke me not long after I'd fallen asleep. "Billy?" She was wearing her full length blue flannel nightgown.

"Yes?" <YAWN!>

She handed me the sash to one of her robes and a damp pair of panties. "I didn't disappoint your father tonight, but it was tough. Except for his love, there was nothing for me." Their lovemaking that night had felt "wrong" to her.

I tied Mom's hands behind her back and made her kneel beside the couch. As I moved to place the panties in her mouth, their odor caught my notice. Mom's sex only smelled like that after an orgasm.

"Mom, you let Jude suck on your boob this afternoon." I accused softly.

"No, Billy." She refuted, "I let him suck on my tit." She confronted me. "I made myself cum while he stimulated me. He was so happy to "be with his mommy," he didn't notice what I was doing.

"Why?" I recognized my swelling jealously. I tried to resist it. Jude wasn't a bad boy, and being with Mom had kept her mind far away from the torment lurking in her.

"Because I couldn't stop myself." Mom steeled herself for my reaction.

I told myself it was okay to cry. I told Mom, "I couldn't stop myself today neither." I stuffed her panties into her slack jaws, sniffled, and began telling the story of her rape. Helping her was more important than being selfish or jealous.

Even after several cums earlier in the day, the story got Mom so excited her eyes begged for sexual release. I was similarly aroused, and my penis stuck out through the flap of my pajamas, but I resisted jacking off or taking advantage of her. Mom and I needed help. Now that we had Ms. Nurhea, it was a little easier to take our lumps and deny our orgasms.

The bedroom door handle rattled. Dad! I tucked my penis into my PJs but otherwise froze in horror! He stepped into the short hall, rubbing his eyes. "Faun?"

Against my expectations, Mom just sighed. She didn't even look at him.

In the dim glow of a nightlight, Dad witnessed his wife, bound and on her knees, before his son. I was sitting on the couch, ready to accept our inevitable doom.

"Are you okay, Mother?" He asked her.

Mom hummed loudly and nodded.

Dad froze for a moment.

"Pardon me." He sounded sincerely apologetic, but I couldn't see his expression. He ducked back into his room and closed the door.

"Mom?" I felt awful. I pulled the panties out of her mouth.

"I think we won't need to finish tonight." She twisted her bound wrists in my direction.

I untied her. Our excitement had plummeted, denying our orgasms at the fantasy of Mom's rape. Dad had unwittingly brought our little exercise to a successful conclusion. "How sad do you think Dad is?"

"Probably quite a bit." Mom stood and rubbed her wrists. "It was due to happen, Billy. We've been lucky up until now." She took my hands in hers. "And it will likely happen again."

"But I don't want to make him sad." I felt even sadder.

"You're the one who is in a rush to grow up." She let go and held out a palm.

I understood that she wanted her panties. What I didn't understand was the connection between wanting to grow up and the inevitability of Dad's sadness. Before I could ask for an explanation, Mom took her panties and sash into their room.

I lay myself down unhappily on the couch. I thought about my other problems, to bury my sorrow for saddening Dad. Next Tuesday, I would help Ms. Nurhea with Steve and his mother. I felt sorry for his mom, but I didn't hate Steve I realized. He had reached out to me for help to get Trish to be his girlfriend. Steve knew there was more to being a man that the rigid role his father had browbeat into him, but he couldn't escape it alone. If I could do something about it, I should try, for his mom's sake at the very least.

My guilty head relaxed a little, and I thought about the kinds of movies that Tara might like. Action? Comedy? Something sexy? Maybe a scary flick, not that I needed an excuse to hug her. I wondered what she would suggest.

Dad was gone by the time I awoke the next morning. Mom came to me, still in her nightgown. She presented her robe sash. After I took it, she pulled her panties out from her gown and knelt before me. I tied her up and gagged her. I told her in angry detail about how Mr. Tidden had raped her, and how I impregnated his wife. I denied us of any orgasms. Then we began our regular day.

"I texted Mrs. Guthrie." Mom announced. "Meet us at the house after school."

"Yay, Mom!" I showered excitedly and dressed and ate breakfast. I was putting the day's lunch bag into my backpack when the doorbell rang.

"Hi, Billy!" Jude stood in the entrance. He vibrated with anticipation.

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For some reason I just now realize this started in February 2019, so the thread has been going two and a half years  :o

I've been reading for about a year now. Seems just like yesterday, though  ;D

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"Mom, did you tell Jude to come over today?" I blocked the doorway and turned my head so I didn't have to look at the nasty little boy.

"I didn't say he shouldn't." Mom usually gave half answers when she was busy with her phone.

I bent to Jude and whispered in his ear. "You owe me, kid."

The child's lower lip got big and his eyes moistened. "B-but you said-"

"I kept my promise because Wednesday you got rid of your Dad for me. You played with my Mom yesterday. What are you going to do for me today?"

His pouting lips extended further out from his face. "I dunno. What d-do you want?"

I had to think about that. Fortunately, there was plenty of time until school. Figuring out what a little squirt like Jude could do for me, other than to stay away from Mom, was going to take some time. I couldn't tell the sneaky little brat to bug off. Mom knew he was here and wouldn't let me be rude.

The difficult truth was, Mom probably needed a distraction while I was at school, at least until Ms. Nurhea had helped us over our trauma. I thought of the situation in these terms. I could choose between Jude's mommy desire, or his father's manly desires. Mom had nearly begged Mr. Allister to rape her.

Jude was a sneaky little brat. That fact was the key that unlocked a brilliant scheme. "Okay, Jude, I know what you can do."

"Whut?" He was as sullen as a little boy could be.

"Do you know about the witch in our apartments?"

His eyes bugged out. "Witch??"


"Are you going to invite Jude in or what?" Mom asked absently.

"We're talking, Mom." I answered. To Jude I whispered. "I'm mean the apartments owner, Mrs. McDougal."

He thought for a moment. "Daddy calls her, 'That randy old fish.'"

Heh. I hated his dad a little less. Well, Mrs. McDougal has an apartment with a private door to the basement.

"I know that door."

"And she spends time on the roof and also squatting on the first landing on the main stairs." I explained. "She's up to no good, Jude, but you can help."

"Is she really a witch?" The boy had priorities, avoid scary things first.

"Aw, she can't do nothing to you, but you could find out the things she does do. I need to know, and you'll be helping my mom too. You want to help her, don't you?"

"I guess." He was ambivalent.

Don't let Mrs. McDougal know you're following and listening to her. Tonight you can tell me what you find out during the day.

His pout returned in full form. "I want to play with Mommy today!" He didn't shout it, fortunately.

"Okay." I pretended to acquiesce. "You can have lunch here and play with Mom for an hour." I was going to invite him for that much, anyway, to distract Mom. I told him a little more harshly. "She'll tell me if you played for too long." I totally lied. What she did with him was her business. I didn't have to like it, but I did have to respect it.

"Okay." He bit his pouting lip.

"Good. Now go and find out what Mrs. McDougal does during the day. Come here for lunch, and then spy on her until your Dad comes home. I'll come by your place tonight and you can tell me what you found out."

I think the idea of spying on Mrs. McDougal was growing on him, but he was mostly motivated to spend time with Mom's boobs. I shuddered at the thought, but he was the lesser evil, and maybe I would get some leverage on the apartments' greater evil, Witch McDougal!

Mom had finished with her phone. " Oh, for stars sake, Billy. Let him in already!" She came around the corner. "Where is he?" She just missed him sneaking off to do my bidding.

"I asked for a favor, Mom. He'll be back for lunch." I stood up to her, but the top of my head only reached her chin. "Is that okay?"

Mom shook her head. "I wanted to settle with you about what happened yesterday between Jude and I."

"What's there to say?" I pouted. "What you did was your business."

She met my defiance by snapping, "I'd let it be your business, if you stopped acting selfish and jealous!" She was losing her grip again. I sorta lost mine.

I slammed the door shut and grabbed her hand. "Come on." I pulled her into the main room and took her to the couch. I plopped my butt down and told her. "Take off your nightgown, Mom."

"Billy?" I'd surprised her.

"We don't have much time. I have to get to school." I pointed at her gown and slapped the cushion next to me.

Her head tilted down with a sigh. She had promised to obey. Mom bent to grab the hem of her gown, and then she hoisted it up and over her head in one fluid motion. Her bare body stood before me. The panties she wore had been in her mouth earlier. Her breasts trembled. The marks on them had faded. I patted the cushion, and she sat down.

Her prompt and full obedience soothed my anger. I twisted around on my cushion and lay my shoulders on her lap. I looked up and pouted.  "I miss being your baby too, Momma."

"Oh, Billy." Mom touched my forehead. "We are such a mess."

"You're beautiful, and I love you."

Mom combed my hair with a handfull of fingers. She bent down and kissed my forehead. Her naked breasts pressed along my arm and chest. "I love you, Billy."

Unfortunately we didn't have much time. I bent my head up and kissed the side of her boob. Then I sucked it's pert nipple into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it's delicious nub.

"Mmmm, this is a nice surprise." She told me slowly, but she was in as as much a hurry as I. She pushed a hand between me and her thighs. I could feel her fingers reach into her wet panties and probe for the turgid nub where her pubes met her pubis.

I bit her tit, not too hard. Her body jerked, but her fingers squeezed her bulging clit to enhance the sensation. "Nnnggghhh!!" She groaned.

My mouth freed her nipple and told her. "I need your other hand, Mom." My implication was clear to her. I bit back down on her tit, a little harder.

"Ungh!" She grunted. "Yes, Billy."  Her free hand worked on my buckle while her furtive hand sank a couple fingers into her oozing sex. Her thumb rubbed and pressed into her clit. She groaned again.

Her hand fished out my hard peter and started stroking it. "That feels good, Mom." My lips returned to her ripe tit like it was soft fruit. I sucked and sucked at its sensitive bud. Then I would bite it, and she would groan again, her frame flinching each time. The cushion under our butts squeaked, and I humped my hips up to thrust my prick through her soft fingers.

"Ohhhh, Billy, please don't stop me from cumming, this time." She whined. Her eyes were shut, to focus on the pleasure soaring through our bodies.

"I don't know, Momma. Are you gonna be okay until lunch?"

"I-I will, Sweetheart. I promise!" She gripped my cock harder and beat its stiff meat faster. "I'll make you cum too!"

"If you're gonna be okay..." I felt wicked then. "Then maybe we shouldn't cum." I took her other titty in my hands and flicked its nipple with my nails. I bit into the side of her breast. "

"Nghh! You deprived me earlier. I-I need to cum, Billy. Otherwise, I won't be okay." She begged. "Please?" She jammed another finger into her quivering wet cunt and rammed it as best she could against my weight on top of her. "Let me cum first, and I'll do whatever you want."

"You already do what I want." I reminded her verbally and then by sinking my teeth into her bare nipple.

"AAAAAAA!" She yelped! "I never should have given you this much power."

"You can't cum yet, Mom. I'm still deciding."

"But it feels too good. You were suppose to be my baby." She whimpered.

"I grew up, Momma. Sucking on your titties is turning me into a man." I said a mean thing. "You made yourself cum yesterday, plenty of times."

"You're so cruel."

"You have to pay for letting Jude play with you."

"I'm sorry, Billy, but I couldn't help myself."

"I know." I suckled and groped gently as she fingerfucked herself and stroked my twitching cock frantically. "We were both bad." I admitted. "But you have to pay anyway."

"Why? OOOHHHH - UUUuuhhhh!" She was on the verge. "It's not fair!!"

"It doen't have to be fair. I'm selfish." I raised up to suck on her other breast and bite its nipple but also to give her hand more freedom. Behind her soaking panties, fingers flashed desperately in and out of her puss. I told her tit, "Cum Momma. Make yourself cum hard."

Whether she heard me or not, Mom's body convulsed. She shouted. "AAAHHHHHH UUUUHHHGGGHHHH!!! YES!! I'm CUMMING BILLY!" Her hand stopped stroking but it clung to my sturdy shaft as she flailed joyfully.

Her flailing halted when the orgasm made her limbs clench. I yelped from her grip on my dick, but she didn't hear me. Pleasure rocketed through her limbs as she shuddered for lingering seconds. Her breasts rocked against my face and shoulder. "Aaahhhh." She sighed and stilled, body relaxing.

"You let me cum." She sounded so grateful. Her hand resumed stroking. "It was incredible." She hissed softly. "I want you to cum too." She leaned over my upright prick and spit a big glob into her hand.

Her dry hand had become rough on my pee pee, but the sudden sensation of slick spit and her gentle strokes made my cock about to burst! I focused on my inner groin muscles then, the way Ms. Laghari had taught. I exercised them whenever I had time, mostly during my classes. It was annoying to have to be diligent with those exercises, but they paid off in spades that day.

A few seconds later, Mom urged me to cum. "Do it now, Honey. Cum for Momma, and I'll drink all your sperm." She knew the signs, and as my body lurched and trembled under her manipulation, she leaned over and sucked the head of my bursting prick into her sweet, hot mouth. My orgasm zapped directly from her mouth, electrifying my cock and balls and groin then exploded through my senses. I clamped those special muscles just before pure pleasure crashed like waves upon my mind. I shouted and groaned and moaned as her tight lips sucked at the head of my twitching prick. "MOMMMAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

She mumbled and hummed, ready to suck up my seed ... but it never erupted.

My body spasmed and jerked from the incredible joy flying through me. My trained muscles denied my seminal bulb's ejaculation by blocking the exit. Mom waited until I stopped quivering with delight before she released her lips from around my still hard dick.

"What's the matter?" She looked worried. "You didn't cum."

"That felt wonderful, Mom, but I didn't want to waste my cum."

"You stopped it?" She was amazed.

"I have to go to school." I didn't have time to explain. I lifted my body off of her lap and stood, zipping and buckling my school pants.

"But you had an orgasm, right?" She asked bewildered.

"Yes! Thank you, Momma." I kissed her nose and ran to get my backpack.

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My repressed thoughts about Dad surfaced, as I walked to school. Guilt seared my insides, for making Mom jack me off while I slurped on and sucked and bit her boobs. That was worse than tying her up and telling her a story. Dad was at work and couldn't have discovered us, but had he begun to wonder how often I was selfish with Mom? Did he worry that Mom didn't love him? Their lovemaking had suffered after Mr. Tidden assaulted her, but Mom loved him more than ever! She was unhappy because she wasn't able to be a proper lover for him. We all wanted to recover from that horrible night as soon as possible. I tried to lighten my guilt. Dad would be happier then, for sure.

"And it will likely happen again." Mom had said. She didn't want to stop our loving, and Dad would find out from time to time. I wished I could have talked to him that morning, but I was also afraid to face him. Wouldn't discussing it just make him sadder? Perhaps I should ask Mom how I should talk with Dad about what he'd seen. I promised myself to do that.

The promise made me feel a little better. I reached Lilith Middle School and threw myself into my classwork.

Steve had returned to school, that Friday, and he sought me out with a vengeance.

I was eating lunch outside, enjoying a bit of alone time. James hadn't yet shown. I had just finished math with Ms. Hennifer. She had mostly ignored me. The one time I needed her help with my workbook she had acted cold and distant. Ms. Hennifer usually acted that way after I punished her with fresh cum in her panties.

"Hey, you stupid brat!" Steve shouted from behind me. "You've got a lot of nerve."

I was only startled for a second. He wouldn't pull anything dirty with teachers nearby. I ignored him. Of course that made him angrier.

He jumped and slammed his feet beside me, trying to intimidate me. "Mom's all upset because you ran out on us. She drove you all the way to our place, and then you grab a cab like some Central Heights brat and leave us!"

I couldn't let him get to me. She was already taking Steve home. I'd just caught a ride. "I left because I had to see my parents." That was partly true. I went to the house party after seeing Ms. Vorton at the library.

"Shit." He spat on the picnic table but not on my food. "I guess you heard I pissed of Trish."

"It's not my business."

"Yeah? Maybe it would be if you'd been there."

I called out his ambiguity. "At your house or when you pissed off Trish?"

"Don't get smart. Mom was counting on you. I-I don't care what you do, but if you hurt her like that again, I'll pound you!"

Anger started getting the best of me. "You told Ms. Nurhea to get out of your house."

"What? The bitch told you that? She's not suppose to."

"Gods, Steve, why don't you just fucking leave me ALONE!" I swore.

"Well, fuck you too, you shitty junior!" He turned and stomped away, surprising me.

Again, Gods, it's too bad Mrs. Dinty didn't give Ms. Hennifer permission to bruise her son's ass! I took a huge bite out of my sandwich and chewed bitterly.

"Is he gone for good?" James crept up. He set his tray on the table, careful to avoid Steve's spit.

"I hope so." I had trouble meeting James' eyes. I was afraid of barking at him too.

"Thank you - for yesterday." James forked a clump of mac and cheese. "Phil and Carlo have been like ghosts today." He stuffed it in his gob and munched happily on the gooey, greasy forkfull.

"That's good." I grabbed a few grapes from a plastic bag and chewed them.

"Soooo, how come women treat you like you're a gift of the gods?"

"What?" I exclaimed. James had the gift of exaggeration.

"The way you treated that social work woman, yesterday. It was like you could have touched her boobs or something crazy like that and she would have let you."

"She doesn't know the streets around school, very much. I was just guiding her." It was a lame excuse.

"And who was that Tara babe? WOW! She was like all over you!"

If I'd answered truthfully, James would have lost his shit for sure. I asked a question, to deflect his. "What did you tell her, after I left?"

"I dunno. Dumb things. I thought you might be dating Kelly, but I guess not. You seem to ignore the girls at school. I thought you might be gay- I mean that's okay by me, if so, but, um," He swallowed his next bite of food. "Are you? -- I mean that would explain why women even teachers treat you so nice."

"Bah." I snorted! "They don't treat me any different."

"I said that wrong. I mean, they act different around you. Even old but burly Mrs. Lum can't keep her eyes off of you when she thinks nobody's looking."

"What did Tara say?"

"She said to look out for you. Then she said, but I didn't understand it, 'See that he doesn't drain himself.' Does that make any sense?"

"Nope." I lied through my teeth. To prevent a follow-up question, I asked. "What did Wenda say?"

"Not much. Tara did most of the interrogation." James was also good with big words. "She asked me if I was on a diet." The unhealthy food piled on his tray indicated how he'd answered.

"She dating Mr. Yong." I felt bad for spilling Wenda's secret, but I needed to feel potent after Steve's verbal abuse.

"The science teacher?"

I nodded. "But don't tell anyone.

"He likes big women?"

"I guess." I felt a little guilty about Wenda. She was a hard working and smart person. So was James. He got better grades than me. "That means there's got to be girls who like big guys."

"Maybe, but those girls sure don't want to be known for liking guys my size." He sighed but sounded somewhat pleased that I would care to offer hope. The school's harp sang out, and we had to return to class.
I was checking my watch for texts from Mom, and Ms. Laghari caught me looking at it in English. She took it away and continued to help students with their workbooks. "I'll give it back after school."

That wasn't the only annoying incident. Darrin, my art and music teacher asked to talk with him after class. His was the last class of the day. "Billy, I'm not happy with your efforts in my class."

"I'm sorry, Darrin." He didn't have a last name and he didn't like being called, Mr. Darrin. "I'm usually tired after P.E."

"It's more than that." He sounded very caring, to the point where he might have been about to cry. "Most students slack off because they think art and music are dumb, but I think you like them. You apply yourself readily to an exercise but you don't follow through. It feels like what I'm teaching doesn't speak to the artist part of your soul."

Wow, he sure was blunt! "I don't know anything about that. You're a good teacher. I want to do well."

"Thank you." He actually sniffled. "If you don't mind, I'd like to invite you to a few short, extra curricular activities.

"What kind?"

"I invite a variety of artists to use this room for practicing their craft, after classes are over, but before I leave for the day. The principal approves. Ms. Agincourt is a dedicated patron of the arts."

"Will she be there?"

"Sometimes, but not often. There'll be other students in the audience, that I've invited."

"I'll have to think about it."

"I'll let you know when the next artist uses the room." He smiled, grateful that I didn't dismiss the opportunity outright. "Have a fine afternoon."

"Uh, you too." I wandered out of the room, a bit bewildered by such a random interruption to my normal day. I went to see Ms. Laghari.

She returned my watch. "I know you're still dealing with something, but today I swear there's a spark inside you that wasn't there yesterday." She coughed. "I mean, you look more, uh, together, than you did for the last two days."

"I do?"

"Also, your English work has improved considerably."

"Thanks." I felt very thankful. I had exerted myself, watching videos and practicing exercises, to catch up in her class.

"I'm tempted to believe that you did something exceptionally loving to someone, but that would be a stretch. I have wanted to believe you capable of great giving since I started instructing you in loving sex."

When I looked like a deer in her headlights, she grinned slightly. "I'm tempted to invite you to take a test with me." Her eyes sparkled, and she had never looked so gorgeous. My penis leaped to attention!

"I uh, gotta meet my Mom and a friend." I wondered what I had done to make Ms. Laghari believe that I was in a better way spiritually. I had been selfish with Mom that morning but not entirely selfish, and last night my selfishness had made Dad really sad.

"I'm in no hurry, Billy. There will be time." She patted my arm. "If my guidance can help you through your troubles, come to me, all right? I won't give up on you - ever." Her eyes steeled with conviction.

"Yes, Ma-am. Thank you." I trotted out the door and away from school. Along the way, I got a text from Mom.

"I'll be a little late. Stop by the market and get something nice to share with our guests."

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The market was a couple blocks out of the way, and it was already a long walk to the house. I steered myself accordingly. I emailed Mrs. Guthrie, to let her know that Mom and I would be a little late. By the time I reached Mrs. Shahidi's market, she hadn't replied.

"Hello, Billy."

"I don't have much cash, but what can I get that would be nice to eat with Mom and a couple friends?"

"Don't worry. Your Mom called and promised to cover whatever you buy." Mrs. Shahidi assured.

Something was missing from her store's normal atmosphere. "Where's Arturio?"

"Oh, he's with his girlfriend." She sighed. "He's spends most of his afternoons with her."

"Are you lonely?"

"I have my customers. Business has picked up."

Something other than Arturio's absence nagged at me. "How did Mom sound on the phone?"

That surprised the store owner. "She sounded normal, I guess. I was paying attention to what she said, not how she said it." She paused. "There was something..." It came to her upon recalling the moment. "I heard Gladys laugh in the background when Faun said she'd pay for anything you wanted from me." Mrs. Shahidi smiled. "Gladys' laugh is very distinctive."

Oh. I nearly laughed too, except I was suddenly stricken with fear. What was the witch doing with Mom?? I texted her. "What's going on? I'm at the market. Should I come home?"

"Don't be late for Mrs. Guthrie!" Mom reasserted.

AUUGHH! My mind groaned. I asked Mrs. Shahidi again, for snack suggestions and left her market carrying a bag with two jars of hummus and a big platter of finger ready vegetables. "Thank you!"

"Pay attention out there." She called after me.

At the first stoplight, on my way to our new house, I checked my email.

Mrs. Guthrie had written. "Don't trouble yourselves. I arrived early and am exploring the neighborhood with my real estate agent." She finished, "I'm so excited to meet you again." There was a winking smiley face next to her name.

I slowed my walk to the house. Instead of worrying about Mrs. Guthrie, I tried not to think about Mom and Mrs. McDougal. I only succeeded when I spotted the diner. I hurried across the street and went up to the door. A charming sign with fancy letters said, "Open for High Tea until 5pm."

Tara strode up to me, wearing a sharp looking tuxedo. "Greetings, Master, how might our staff service you today?" She grinned. The diner looked really different. All the old and crufty decorations had been replaced with light fixtures and plants and signs as charming as the sign on the door. The only thing that stood out was the pale blue, linoleum countertop.

"Wow!" I gaped at the place. Two of the tables had customers. They were drinking tea or coffee and eating pastries. Their talk was lively but in whispers. Then I saw Wenda. Oh my Stars! "What is she wearing?" I asked Tara.

"Wenda is the reason we chose a Victorian theme for afternoon business. Back then, heavy people weren't nearly as discriminated against. She's wearing a serving woman's smock, a ruffled apron, and a puffy hat."

The smock was black, but the apron and hat were white. Wenda pushed a tea cart between the tables and into the back room. She gave me the most embarrassed look. Suddenly I remembered watching shows at our last home. Mom liked romantic Victorian sagas and movies. Wenda looked very much like she had escaped from one of those shows. I resisted laughing. Poor thing.

"We have an excellent array of Middle Eastern tea, today." Tara practiced her patter. "I recommend the Egyptian Hibiscus or the Persian Cardamom. Both pair well with fresh figs or date baklava."

"I can't stay, Tara, but I'll come back when the diner closes. You still want to go to a movie?"

"Of course, Silly." She hugged me. "Which film did you have in mind?"

"Um-" Her passionate arms made my worries melt. Maybe a movie that we hugged all the way through was not such a bad idea. "The Radio City Cinema has two scary movies, 'Home and the Lone Chainsaw' and 'Night of the Huntress.' What movie did you pick?"

"Oooo! Those sound creepy." Tara squealed. "I thought you might like a sci-fi, action spectacular, 'Galaxy Rangers in the Quantum Zone!'"

That did sound fun but was too exciting for a date. I wouldn't want to miss a single frame of Galaxy Ranger awesomeness! "Which of the scary movies sound better to you?"

"Aw, you are too sweet." She whispered. "I need to take you in the bathroom - well, let you take me in there." She sighed and spoke louder. "BUT to answer your question, Night of the Huntress sounds kinda sexy as well as creepy." She seemed excited for the prospect.

My watch buzzed. A text from Mom flashed. "I'll be at the house in less than twenty minutes." That was a relief. Maybe I'd find out then what Mrs. McDougal had wanted. I told Tara, "Okay. The movie starts at 7pm. Is that too early?"

"Wenda doesn't like it if I stay here late." She whispered again. "I would be inclined to think she was boffing Boone, but Wenda is way too smart for a jerk like him. Boone's a talented jerk but is otherwise a relationship disaster wearing kitchen boots." She shook her head and smiled pleasantly. "She probably just wants time in HER diner without me managing her."

I resisted laughing about how wrong Tara was. I felt bad for Wenda.

Tara spoke normally, "Be here at six, and we can have dinner before going to the movie."

"Yeah!" I hugged her and headed out. It was just after 4pm.


Mr and Ms Colkick surprised me when I stepped into the house.

"Hello, Billy." Mr. Colkick sounded concerned despite his smile. "I hope you are well."

"Yes, Sir." I answered politely. I found out that Mom had been texting them while I was talking to Jude that morning. She wanted them to meet Mrs. Guthrie in person, since tenants would be renting the house from them as well as my family.

Ms. Colkick sauntered up to me. "Sweetheart, your mother is the best, but if you ever feel like you need someone else to talk to, you come to Angela." She planted a big kiss on my lips! The tip of her tongue stuck out and swept across. Suddenly, I had an erection, fastest ever! There was a scent on her - some kind of perfume maybe? She said, "It doesn't matter where I am, call me. Harold will cover any expense you incur."

"Um, yes, Ma-am."

"If we weren't expecting Mrs. Guthrie, I'd love to spend the evening with you and my slave in the playroom." She backed off and looked wistfully at her husband.

"I would love that, Dearest." His smile turned sincere.

I set up the snacks on the table and offered them to the Colkicks. She took a broccoli spear and dipped it in hummus. He simply looked at the platter of veggies and waited. She told him, "One baby carrot and one celery stalk." He ate those plain. She then hugged him and kissed his lips, I think far more passionately than she'd kissed me.

The doorbell rang. I went to the door and greeted Mrs. Guthrie with a big hug. She nuzzled her face against my neck. "Oh, Billy! I've thought about you so much!"

A tall, older man stood behind her. He was perfectly tan and wore a fine businessman suit. She introduced him. "This is Sheldon Casterain. I hired him to help me find an apartment, but he couldn't match my budget with anything that I could live in."

"Hello, Billy." He held out his hand and we shook. He had a firm grip. "Mrs. Guthrie is very wise with her retirement money." He grinned "I tried many times to lure her into a rental that she could not afford. I had to see this miracle house for myself."

The older woman laughed. "Oh, hello!" Mrs. Guthrie greeted Mr. and Mrs. Colkick. "Call me Ellen."

"I'm Angela and my husband is Harold. So very pleased to meet you."

"You're the co-owners?"

"For the time being." Mr. Colkick nodded. "Eventually the mortgage will be assumed by Billy's parents."

Ms. Colkick asked, "You seem quite young for retirement."

"I was fortunate, in my business career, to retire early."

I lost track of the boring details of their ensuing financial discussion. I turned to Mr. Casterain and asked. "Do you know Mrs. Abbey? She's a real-state agent too."

"Charlotte Abbey?" He verified.


"I dare not tread where she stalks the wild house." He grinned.


"She's a keen competitor, Billy. I know that she was the previous owner of this house and principal agent. How did you arrange such a concession from a giant like her?"

"She's not all that big." Mrs. Abbey was a little plump, though. It made her body jiggle in fun ways when we made babies. But I didn't tell him that.

He looked around the room and through the open doorways. "Were drugs discovered in the wall?" He shook his head. "Surprise superfund site?" He unexpectedly patted my back. "Sorry, Billy. The place looks fantastic!"

He made me feel proud. I liked him. "Mister, do you hire people to help you sell a house?" I remembered that Mrs. Abbey hired Shannon to clean houses and get them ready to sell. I could do that work.

"Why, are you looking for a job?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

"How old are you?" He scrutinized my face and figure.

"Old enough." I blustered. "Mom will tell you that too."

"That's an interesting proposition, Billy." He stroked his short, pointed beard. "Usually I rely on online, gig laborers. I don't have time to search for a regular worker." He noticed my rising excitement. To prevent me from spazzing out, he cautioned. "I'll have to talk with your mother, and I'll think carefully about it before I decide."

"Oh." I tried not to be too disappointed. "Okay."

"Billy!" Mrs. Guthrie walked up. "I've been neglecting you." She gave me another hug and whispered in my ear. "Is there a place we can talk in private until your mother arrives?"

My hand reacted by patting the pocket of my trousers that held my keys. The playroom was a great quiet place. "What about Mr. Casterain and the Colkicks?"

"I brought him to distract them." She winked. "He's a very charming man, but maybe you don't want to spend fifteen minutes alone with me anymore." She tried to convince me, "Knowing there are others nearby would be exciting, just like it was on the train, right?"

My penis was still hard from Ms. Colkick's kiss. I had pushed it back from tenting my pants, but upon hearing the nice, older lady's sweet voice, it got even harder! My pee pee certainly wanted to, and I sorta owed her, I felt. She was going to have my baby after all.