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We rested, listening to a podcast from my watch. "Darling Dimensions!" was a romance sci-fi, RPG played by five women. I found it while searching for information about my new school. One of the teachers, Ms. Laghari was a member of the podcast. I played a random episode, and it was pretty fun. Momma sat on the couch to listen too. She leaned against me.

"Drat that Uthurator, She got away!

"The refrigerator ray wasn't strong enough, and we had to fight off a dozen thrallbos to save our darling Hercule!"

"How did you find the password to her minion robots? Without hacking into their brains, it would have taken twice as long to dismantle them with our laser spatulas."

"Pride goeth before a thrallbo, Dear Chutney. Uthurator used her middle name, Doris, for their password.

The announcer, a man's voice, concluded. "Another dimension saved, by the Spice Witch Five! For next week's podcast, be sure to contribute to the Darling Dimensions FunYouFundMe page, where you can decide their next adventure."

"It's going be harder now, to sell the watch back to Mr. Colkick." Mother got up. She went to the kitchen, banishing early twilight from the room by turning on its overhead light.

"I'll help you, Mom." I grabbed a sharp knife and was soon chopping vegetables. I thought about the watch and Mr. Colkick. He had been sad to sell the watch. I remembered the naughty picture of his wife. She must really care about him, like Momma cares about Daddy. "Can we visit Mr. Colkick, tomorrow?"

"You decided to sell it?"

"Maybe? I would like talk with him about it."

"I have to settle paperwork, at your school, but maybe afterwards, we can take a bus from the school to his house." Mother was slicing chicken for the stir fry. "Why don't you email him."

"Okay." I punched in a request to see him the next evening. It made me feel like I had done something right, something worth a reward. "Can I have a cookie?"

"Don't you want to save your cookies, to show your dad?"

"I want one of the other cookies, the ones you put in the back of the top cupboard."

"I'm not surprised you found them, Billy. This apartment is so small." Momma chuckled. "I was dumb enough to think I might surprise you, in your first school lunch bag."

"It's okay, Mom. I can wait."

"There's no fun in no surprise. Here." She climbed on a kitchen chair and plucked the box out from its hiding spot. "I don't mind having one myself." She stepped down, opened the box and inner bag, and handed one to me. Two chocolate wafers were bound together with peanut creme. I bit into it and chewed. My chewing slowed.

Mother stopped after a bite too. "These might be over their due date."

I didn't spit it out. It wasn't terrible, just stale. A kid would spit it out, I thought. I finished eating my bite and followed Momma's lead. She put her half a cookie on the counter. As I put mine down, she grabbed a paper towel. She spit into the towel and threw it away. So that's how adults did it. I smirked. "I wish I could get the taste out of my mouth."

"Would you like some milk?"


I poured and drank some, while she finished slicing the meat. "I'm sorry I bought old cookies."

"It was an accident, Momma. The grocery shouldn't have sold them."

"I'll be more careful, next time."

She was more sad than I would have guessed. "Eat your gingerbread cookie. I'll save mine for Daddy.

She smirked then. "I was hoping to have a bite of yours." Her eyes twinkled.

"Why, Momma?"

"Because I love my little boy."

"You can love me. I'm right here."

"But a Mother shouldn't love the parts you drew on your cookies."

My pee pee twitched to life. "Why?"

"Because your Daddy wouldn't like that very much. Remember, we don't keep secrets about family."

"Oh. Did you tell Daddy about snuggling and rubbing our bodies, last night?"

"In a way. He didn't want to know the details."

"So it's okay if we do things he doesn't want to hear about?" My peter was filling with blood, very quickly. Talking about doing things, Daddy didn't like, made me very excited to be with Momma.

"That's not quite right. We have to tell him something."

"Okay, Momma. I don't want to hurt him."

"I know you don't, Sweetheart. But sometimes we have to do things that might make people sad."

"What do you mean?"

"Yesterday, for instance. I don't mean last night - we can always snuggle. That's perfectly innocent. But after that first bus, in the park, you made Momma use her cold cream to make you ejaculate."

"'jaculating is bad?" I didn't believe it, but I had to make sure.

"Of course not, but Momma is suppose to do that for Daddy, not you."

"I'm sorry I made you." I felt sorry.

"Thank you, Sweetie. I forgive you. I know that you're dealing with a special time in your life, when you need certain comforts. Sometimes your comfort is just as important as protecting your father's feelings."

I still felt sorry, but also I felt my pee pee pushing as hard as ever against my pants. Momma couldn't not notice.

"Are you going to make Momma comfort you again?"

Golly, my pee pee sure wanted to! I was feeling less sorry too, but I hesitated. "I don't know, Momma. I think I ran out of cum. I don't want to waste it again, if it still has some."

"Is that what happened, last night?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded, frowning. "I ran out."

"That's understandable. You put a lot of sperm in my cold cream jar, yesterday. And that's not the only place you put some, since we left our old home, is it?"

"No it's not, Momma." I admitted, blushing.

"What you do outside the family is for you to tell, or not tell. I don't need to know. But comfort yourself however often you like. It doesn't matter if you ejaculate or don't. It will still feel good, and that is never a waste. Your body will always make more sperm."

"Thank you, Momma!" I embraced her, suddenly wanting to cry. She was incredibly wonderful, explaining away my fears."

She hugged me back. "This is why I can't say no to you." She spoke almost too soft to hear. My erection, poking firmly into her thigh, did not interrupt our emotional exchange.

When we parted, I asked, "Can I have the shortening?"

She grinned. "You know where it is. You don't have to ask."

I got the canister from a low shelf and was going to take it into the bathroom, like I used to. Instead, I pulled the plastic lid off and placed it on a corner of the counter we hadn't used. Mother turned on a gas burner and took the large frying pan off the hook it hung from. It was non-stick. She began stirring the meat, intent on keeping it from burning.

I went to the other side of the counter, in the main room and took down my pants. My pee pee was as hard as ever, as I dared to pluck a glob of shortening from the can and rub myself behind the counter, where Momma couldn't see. Just being near her, made me want to cum so bad. It felt naughty to be doing it just out of her sight, and that made it feel better.

We both stirred, for several minutes, but I was going to finish first. Masturbating, from where I could see Mom but she couldn't see me, was a big turn on. My groin pulsed with promised pleasure. I couldn't help but groan.

"Be careful not to get any on the rug or furniture, Billy." She called back, stirring a little faster for some reason.

I jerked mysef much faster than that, almost ready to burst, but I couldn't tell if I was going to cum or not! Suddenly, I thought of Mrs. Cherkle telling me how good my sperm tasted. And I thought of how stale the peanuty choco cookie was. "Momma, I want to wash away the bad cookie flavor in your mouth." She hadn't drank any milk.

She stopped stirring and looked at me with a calm, possibly worried expression. "Are you sure, Billy?"

My dick was twitching uncontrollably in my grease slick hand. "Yes, Momma, I don't want to waste any." Especially on the rug or furniture! "I need to cum in your mouth."

"If you need to. I can't say no." She turned off the burner and scurried around the counter."

"On your knees, Momma." My feelings were so urgent, I acted more boldly with mother, than I had before. "And open your mouth."

"Yes, Billy." She fell, her knees partly thudded against the carpet, but she opened her mouth silently and lifted her chin, inches from the head of my dick slicked in white.

"Oooohhhhh!!! I'm cumming Momma!" How could I not! I gasp and jerked. My prick throbbed and lurched. My body soared from intense joy shocking every inch of it. A stream of white cum spurted out of my dick and splattered on Momma's tongue! She gulped it down and opened her mouth for more.

I sang and danced from the incredible sensations flooding my being, but no further cum issued from my pee pee.

Mother remained still and silent, waiting on me, lips wide apart. When I stopped jerking on my erection, and stepped back, finished, she closed her lips and licked them smiling. "That tasted wonderful, Billy. Thank you."

A sad thought lifted through my haze of pleasure. "You have to tell Daddy, don't you."

"I have to, Honey, if you don't. But I won't tell you he's going to like hearing it.

I didn't talk much at dinner. I told myself, I had let Momma down in more than one way. Not only had I made her do a naughty thing for me, I had only cum a little bit into her mouth. I felt very foolish, and scared. What would Daddy say?

Mother served some of the goat milk ice cream. It's rich chocolate flavor helped to lift my mood, but I didn't say much more than, "Thank you." Before I helped her wash the dishes.

Mother hugged me after dinner and again after washing up. "Your Daddy will be home in a little while. I have to get your paperwork ready for tomorrow."

"Didn't Daddy do that? He said he talked with the principal."

"No dear, he doesn't have time, because of work. She gave the forms to him." Momma went to the bedroom.

"Oh." I listened to another podcast, but it wasn't as good as "Darling Dimensions!" In the middle of it, my watched buzzed on my wrist. Mr. Colkick replied to my email. "I'll be at home working, tomorrow afternoon, but you're always welcome to visit." He included his phone number and address, which I had already put in the watch, from his business card.

I still didn't know if I was going to sell the watch back to Mr. Colkick, but I knew I had to talk to him again.

Father opened the front door and waltzed in. "Hullo!" He cheered. I sunk down in the couch, feeling sullen. Mother glided out of the bedroom and hugged and kissed him. "I'll warm dinner for you."

"No, Momma." I called loudly. "I have to talk with Daddy. I'll warm it." I got up.

She gave her husband a helpless look and shrank back into their bedroom.

"What's up, Sport?" He took off his business coat and hung it in the entrance closet.

I took the skillet out of the refrigerator, pulled off the plastic wrap, and turned on a burner. "You said you would explain condoms, tonight, Daddy, and why you wear them when making babies with Momma." I stirred the mix of chicken and vegetables. Dad put a plate and utensils on the counter.

"Sure thing!" He beamed. "A condom is like a balloon designed to fit an erect, adult penis. It holds the man's sperm during ejaculation. So the sperm can't reach the woman's eggs. Instead of rubber, they are made of latex plastic, but they are sometimes called rubbers. A few people are allergic to latex. So they have to buy condoms made of something else, most often sheepskin."

"Do people call them skins, too?"

"Not often, but yes."

"Why do you wear them with Momma?" I really wanted to know. She seemed to really like cum.

"Billy, you know about making babies and the pleasure of it. Who doesn't?" He laughed. "Everyone masturbates."

"Do you masturbate?"

"Yes, but that is a very personal question to ask."

"But we're family, and we don't keep secrets."

"That's right, Billy, but we don't have to ask about them either. You are welcome to." He assured.

Huh. I hadn't thought of it that way.

"To answer your real question, your Momma and I decided to save our money before having another child, a little brother or sister for you. It costs a lot to raise a big family. We use condoms because we enjoy giving each other the pleasure of sex."

I understood what he said about the cost of families, however much I underestimated it. He was doing his best to be a good father. Now it was even harder to confess what I had to. "Daddy, I made Momma taste my cum today. I'm sorry."

My father's smile flattened. "Oh." He clearly was at a loss but struggled to respond.

"Momma said it might hurt you, but I did it anyway. I just got so-" I didn't know how to describe it.

"Horny, Son." His cheer deflated, offering the word I didn't know. It didn't sound like one of the careful sex words, he and Momma always used. It sounded a little bitter.

I finished stirring his dinner. I took the skillet to him and scooped hot food onto his plate. He ate quietly.

"Can I hug you, Daddy?"

"Maybe later, Billy. You took advantage of your mother, and I'm not happy about that. Just let me eat."

"I am sorry."

"I believe you, Son. You're still young and not able to make the best decisions regarding sex. At least you know what you did wasn't very good."

Father's words made me feel lower than a carpet. I would have been happier if he spanked me for shooting my cum into Momma's mouth. I put the skillet in the sink, noticing I had forgot to turn off the flame. I couldn't even warm a meal right. I went to my couch and sulked, ignoring my watch. I didn't want it, right then.

Father left his dishes in the sink. "I'll clean them before going to work, tomorrow." He said. He went into the bedroom, quietly closing the door.

I crept up to the door and listened.

"He told you what he did?"

"He did."

"I'm sorry, Honey. I warned you, and you didn't object."

"It was right that I didn't, Faun, but I wish there was another way."

"If you think of one, let me know, Glen." There was smooching.

"If it's any consolation, the apartment manger made a pass at me."

"He did?" My father's voice lost the weight on it.

"What do you think I did about it?" Momma sounded strangely happy.

"I think you're above such silliness." Daddy almost chuckled. "Common infidelity isn't weird enough for you're perverted weakness."

Louder smooching followed. "I told him, only if my husband gets to watch while he puts a baby into your wife, but you have to wear condoms!" Momma's voice twinkled. "He shut up, but his hand shook while he calked the leak in the bathroom ceiling." They both laughed then.

"I should have a look at his work, if he was paying more attention to my beautiful, sexy, dirty wife, than to it.

I had to fall back to my couch and bury my head in a pillow. I was so mad! How dare Mr. Cherkle try to make a baby with Momma!

My anger kept me awake, fuming, until I simply collapsed. Before then, I planned what I would do the next day, Friday.

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AWESOME thanks very stimulating

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AWESOME thanks very stimulating
Thanks, lickit100! Always great to hear from an appreciative fan. There's plenty more of this story to be posted.

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When I woke, Father had already left for work. His dish and the skillet were washed and drying in the rack.

I listened for sounds of Momma, but it was a little early for her to be up. I yawned and changed out of my pajamas. I wanted to surprise her, since I spoiled her plan to surprise me. Leaving a note, I braved the morning beyond home's door. Outside was cool and overcast, but I was wearing my warm hoodie. I bounced down the stairs and headed for the double, main doors.

Mrs. Cherkle didn't see me at first. She was busy sweeping the building entrance way. My footsteps caught her notice, and she looked up. Her faced reddened. "Good morning, Billy."

I don't know why a flash of anger overcame me. She had been nice, when her husband was propositioning my mom. I held my emotion in check and nodded. "Good morning-" I said the next thing before I realized. "Colleen." I didn't say it nicely either, but not awfully.

She hung her head, "What you must think of me."

I marched passed her and pushed through a glass door. A gust of guilt flapped my hood. I turned before closing the door behind me. "You're okay, Mrs. Cherkle. I didn't mean to be rude." I didn't quite apologize.

Maybe her frown faded from her lips, but I left too quickly to be sure. I took the sidewalk to the first street and looked both ways. Fortunately, major streets were a few blocks away, in all directions. Still, I had to be careful of the cars that zipped past. Many didn't slow for me. Once more, I wasn't sure I liked the city.

Across the street was a corner cafe, not one of the new kinds that had fancy cups and filters and took forever and sold biscotti. This cafe served hashbrowns and omelets and bacon and pancakes. A big lady wearing an apron poured coffee from a metal pitcher in each hand. She laughed at a customer's joke, making her belly jiggle. I felt conspicuous, after scanning the posted menu, and strode away. Down the street was a thrift shop, but it didn't open until 9am. I had left a little after eight. I reached the next block.

Across the diagonal, the corner market stood. I checked my pocket for the dollars there. I hadn't forgotten.

"If it isn't the Androni brat!" A harsh voice grated my right ear. Looking gave me the second biggest fright I'd known since arriving in the city. Next to me stood our apartment owner, Gladys McDougal. I nearly jumped into traffic.

"Heh!" She cackled. Despite her wild hair, weather worn face, and piercing eyes, she had dressed in sharp, white slacks, and was warmed by a white fur coat. Her shoes were silvery white, leather, meant for walking. Morning breeze rippled across the short hair of her hip length coat. I wondered if she had hunted the animal herself. (it was probably fake fur) "Don't lose your shit over a mad, old woman, Child. You gave me quite a hoot, the other night!" She cackled again.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know. I should have listened-"

"If you had heeded those idiot warnings, I wouldn't be teasing you now. What's your name?"

Somehow, by acknowledging her brash behavior, she eased my fear a little. "Billy, Ma-am."

"Call me Gladys or Witch or worse, but never be polite to me, Billy. You won't get the same from me."

"Why are you like that?"

She grunted. "No one asks that question, Child, except my last two husbands." She leered at me, "Want to be my next one?" Her cackle stopped traffic. Actually, it was the street light. We crossed the same direction.

"You gonna play with Norma's boy, Arturio?" She pointed at the market.

"Uh-uh, Mrs.-" I couldn't say a name. I sputtered past my block. "I'm going to surprise Momma."

"I don't like the sound of that. Little boys who surprise their Mommas usually get spanked!"

"Not my momma!" I found some courage.

"Glad to hear it. Spankings' for fools and fetishes."

I didn't want to sound dumb, asking her what that last word meant. I blustered back. "Mr. Cherkle is a fool who deserves one."

"Last night's log says he fixed ceiling damage in your bathroom. Was he rude?"

"To my Momma." I had to fight against shouting it.

"I'd fire him in an instant, if he wasn't a crackerjack super. His wife is even better, at handling the books, and I work both of them for the price of one!" Mrs. McDugal's cackle drove two crows away from the overhead lines. "If your Momma wants to complain, send her to me. I promise, she'll get satisfaction."

I wasn't sure if Momma wanted to complain. She hadn't sounded like it, last night. I needed to complain. "I wish I was big enough to spank him." I fumed. The light changed again. The wild, apartment owner escorted me.

"Oh, you don't need to be any bigger. Every man has his weakness, especially married men." The witch pushed into the market. "Hello, Girl Mutilating Slut!" She called the clerk.

Mrs. Shahidi grinned. "Hello, Wicked Bit-" She cleared her throat at my entrance.

"Yes, well, the boy is a problem. Aren't they all?" The witch noted.

From behind the counter, the clerk's son, Arturio, stood and smiled. "You're the nasty, nice lady."

Mrs. McDougal shot her head back at me. "See, it's easy to pay respects to me." Her head shot forward. I'll take a pack of cancer and two boxes of rolling papers. You know my brands."

"Of course." The clerk scanned the rack of goods behind her.

I crept into the store, searching the aisles.

"Are you gonna steal something?" Arturio appeared beside me. I nearly jumped out of my hoodie.

"I want cookies." I wasn't afraid of him. He was just a little boy, but he sure surprised me.

"Here." The clerk's son dragged me closer to the counter. A register beeped.

"Thank you, um, Norma." Mrs. McDougal grimaced at my approach. She flew out of the shop.

I chose Momma's favorite, lemon wafers with creme, and took them to the counter.

"Two dollars and thirty eight cents, Billy." Mrs. Shahidi smiled.

I pulled the bills out of my pocket. There were only two. I dug in my other pockets. I found a penny and a nickel. "Sorry." I frowned. "I'll put it back."

"That's the last pack of those. Do you want me to keep them, while you get more change?" The clerk tried to be helpful.

"Mommy!" Arturio suddenly shouted. "I want my allowance."

"In a minute, little angel. Don't make the boy feel bad."

"YOU'RE making him feel bad." Her son turned to me. "Isn't she!" It wasn't a question. It was the oddest moment. The entire shop quieted. Strangest of all, Mrs. Shahidi looked at her son, as if waiting for him to tell her something. He waited for me to respond.


I had never been put on the spot like this. Mrs. Shahidi was kind enough to save the last box. I guessed she thought I might be jealous of her son's allowance, but I thought he was just annoying in general, the kind of kid who would never be taken seriously. The strange thing was, his mother took him very seriously. That I didn't understand, which annoyed me more. I considered what an adult would say.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Shahidi, but I wanted to surprise my mom with the cookies. If I ask her for change, that would spoil the surprise."

"SEE!" Arturio burst. "Now give my friend some my allowance to pay for his cookies."

The corner market sure was a place of odd surprises. First, goat ice cream, now the clerk's boy was paying for me. Well, the difference I owed, but he seemed to think that made him my friend. I had to resist. "It's okay, Mrs. Shahidi. I don't-"

She rang up the cookies and handed them to me. Her eyes were a little frightened. "Please, do as he wants."

My money lay on the counter. I looked at her son. "Are you being mean to your Momma?"

"NO!" He shouted. "Mama loves me! I want you to make your mama love you. I like your mama." He frowned at his mother. "Now you kiss and hug Billy. Maybe someday his mama will kiss and hug me."

I just stood there, when Mrs. Shahidi came from around the counter, her eyes less afraid and more inviting. She opened her arms. I could have run away with the cookies. She gave me time, but I waited for her embrace. Warm, full lips kissed one of my cheeks and then the other.

"It's good, huh?" Arturio said. "Hold him a little more, Mama. You get something nice too." The boy disappeared behind her. I felt his mother flinch then shudder. A soft moan surprised my ear, before she let go.

I took two steps back, still astonished but happy for the hug. Her long skirt rustled prior to the boy appearing beside her as if he had been stooping. He sucked a middle finger. "Thank you, Mama."

"I'm sorry." Mrs. Shahidi blushed and returned to her station behind the counter.

Simply leaving, at that point, seemed wrong. I needed something normal to reseat reality in this place. "Uh, thank you for some of your allowance, Arturio. Um, would you like a cookie? Momma won't eat them all." I held the box to him. Surprising Momma with an open box would make me look like a kid, but it was better to surprise her that way than to surrender to the weirdness of this store.

"Okay!" He tore open the box, carefully. "I don't want to make a mess for your Mama." He took two of the lemon creme wafers. He gave one to his mama before gobbling his. "Thank you but tell her, I'm a real nice boy. My dada taught me how to be nice to my Mama, cuz he had to go away, out of America. I want to be nice to her." He gave the cookies back to me.

Then I did leave, suspicious of Arturio's intentions and his mother's lack of authority. I didn't hate them. I just felt weird there, like I needed to grow more, inside, to deal with them.

I walked home on the other side of the street. I passed a barbershop. The store beside it was called Nail Salon. They shared an opening in the wall between them. A prim, old man stood cleaning an electric razor in the barbershop, and a curvy woman watered plants in the salon. I wondered if the plants grew nails. Momma once talked about a neighbor's new nails. Daddy told her, she should indulge herself if she wanted. Momma had laughed then.

The next block had a 1 Buck store. It looked kinda trashy, and the customers acted funny. One of them was playing tug of war with her daughter, but instead of a rope, it was a box that had a picture of a cucumber. Even from the street, the picture looked like a plastic cucumber.

Mrs. Cherkle had finished sweeping. I thought of Mrs. McDougal, when I found the entrance area empty. That was because I was still mad at Mr. Cherkle. Mrs. McDougal had said his weakness might be his wife. I wondered if she meant I should tell Mrs. Cherkle. I went to the door of #101 but paused before pressing the button. Did I want to be a snitch? Had Mrs. McDougal meant something else? The cookies were in a resealable bag and would probably keep fresh...


Ding Dong! The bell rang. My heart began to race. I had never done anything like this, snitch on an adult. But I had to protect my mother from any threat. Mr. Cherkle had proven his danger, but even Arturio's hope for a hug and a kiss from Momma could not be allowed.

The door opened, and there stood Mr. Cherkle. It took all my nerve to not run away and prevent my face from exploding with fear. "Yes?" He asked.

I tried to say, "Hello." But terror had welded my mouth shut.

"Who is it, Dear?" Mrs. Cherkle asked from within the apartment.

"It's Billy Androni. He looks lost, but that can't be." The odious man puzzled. "What's the matter, Billy?"

I did open my mouth, but words stuck in my wind pipe.

"I-I should talk to him, Godwin." Mrs. Cherkle appeared behind him, looking meek. "Come in, Billy. I'll get you a cookie."

"I know kids are always stopping by for a cookie, but this one has a box of them." Her husband stepped back from the door.

"Never you mind, Dear." She turned, expecting me to follow. I wasn't sure I could. I wanted to run home! My feet decided for me, and I stepped into the apartment of my enemy. Once inside, I hurried to catch up with Mrs. Cherkle. Their old, leather lounge chair scrunched behind us. The TV started talking, not loudly.

She spoke with a low voice. "After yesterday, and this morning, I thought you wouldn't talk to me again."

I had to say something. "I-it's not your fault, Mrs. Cherkle, I-" My bravery petered.

"Here's a cookie. Godwin is right. The few kids living here do stop by for cookies, but that's not why you're here. Is it, Billy?" Worry thinned her lips.

"No, ma-am." I hung my head. This was harder than I could have imagined. I liked Mrs. Cherkle. I didn't want to hurt her. It's not her fault her husband threatened my mom. He hadn't actually threatened her, but I could only see it as a threat. If anything, his pass at Momma threatened me! I took the cookie. Doing so delayed telling her. She seemed to understand I needed a prompt.

"Is this about yesterday?" She reached in the ceramic log cabin for another cookie, should it be necessary.

I nodded.

"I did something very bad yesterday, Billy. I wasn't myself. I promise it'll never happen again."

I shook my head. "It isn't that, Mrs. Cherkle. I liked that."

"That's not what matters." She shook her head. "I shouldn't have done- Wait, then what did you want to tell me?" Her hand retrieved the second cookie.

I hadn't cried from fear before. Tears seeped out. "Mm-mister Cherkle, h-he- uh, what said to Momma-"

"Godwin?" Her voice was a ghost. "What did he say to your mother?"

"H-he wanted to make babies with her." I prevented myself from balling, but more tears emerged.

The gingerbread boy in Mrs. Cherkle's hand bent and cracked until pulverized bits littered the floor tiles. "Are you sure?" An unwholesome expression drew her lips into something between a smile and a grimace.

"Momma told Daddy, last night." I imagined I might be her next pulverized cookie.

She nodded. "Billy, you're being very brave right now, but I have ask you to stay brave a little longer. Can you do that?" She didn't sound angry at me. It was like a time bomb that never went off, because anyone experiencing it would immediately defuse it at risk of their life. At least that's how I interpreted it. I had seen Momma this angry, twice. Fortunately, neither Daddy nor I had been its target.

"Can I go home?"

"I won't stop you, but I could handle this better if I know you're here." Did she mean she was less likely to stab her husband? I didn't want that to happen! I reluctantly agreed.

"Thank you, Billy. You can eat your cookies here, or go to the bathroom if you need a door between you and my husband and I."

"Okay." I squeaked. My stomach had no appetite.

She went to the main room, where Mr. Cherkle sat.

"Billy is worried about his mother." She told him, as if she were saying hello to a pleasant acquaintance. I doubt he heard the trap within her words. I did. I just had no idea what the trap might be.

"Why come to us? Why tell you?" Mr. Cherkle muted the TV and set down its remote control. "And what's there to worry about anyway?"

"You," She told him, "Dear."

He grumbled, "That's crazy. I fixed her ceiling yesterday. Is the woman ungrateful, or did the patch fail?" As if he would leap to fix his fix.

"I'm the ungrateful one, sweet Godwin."

"You're talking in riddles."

"Only because you made a fool of yourself -- again."

The older, burly man hunkered down in the lounger. "You believe the boy? I promised you, after the last time."

"I didn't believe your promise then, Godwin." The dam broke in Mrs. Cherkle's heart. "I let it go, because I know nothing happened, that time and this time. Why you even try is beyond foolishness. I wrote it off as hanging on to your middle age crisis. By the stars, Dear, you're almost sixty!"

"If nothing happened, then why are you haranguing me about it? I'm not ashamed of my fantasies. If I stepped over the line, I'm sorry. But you should have heard her, Colleen. Ms. Androni, didn't just reject me. She's a piece of work, real naughty, not fantasy naughty. She threatened forcing her husband on you!"

"That's a lie!" I heard myself shout. I jumped off the counter stool and stomped up to the main room. "Momma likes Mrs. Cherkle! She only asked how you would like it if another man made babies with your wife!"

"Get out of our house, Brat!" Mr. Cherkle started up from his chair.

"Don't you dare move an inch!" His wife declared. "Either of you." She glared at her husband but looked longing at me, somehow at the same time. "I can see Faun saying that. She has a bit of Mrs. McDougal in her, to her credit. Hell, if her husband wanted to give me a run with his gun, I'd happily lay downrange for him. The man's a shining gem, compared to your dull quartz." She snorted.

"Don't start, Colleen. Maybe I invite women to a good time in bed, because you're incapable of it!"

"That would be how you perceive your inadequacies for my needs. Maybe it's time you learned what you've been missing." Anger fled Mrs. Cherkle's sudden grin. She pulled a flip phone from her apron pocket. She pressed one button, waited for speed dial to complete, and said into the phone, "Gladys, my husband and I are having a bit of a brouhaha. Call the cops if I don't call you back in ten minutes." She paused. "Yeah, he wouldn't dare, considering the records they have on him."

Her transformation from terror to devil fascinated me to such a degree, my fright at the situation drained away. I gaped in awe! "Mrs. Cherkle." I said softly.

"Billy, could you help an ugly old woman like me, with something I need to do in the bedroom?" Her grin glowed with warmth, after it had froze her husband in his chair.

"What's going on, Colleen?"

"You stay put, or go fix something, or even stare from the bedroom doorway. It won't matter. When you see me again, I'll have the one thing you've never given me, and you'll know it. If you dare step into the room with us, I'll call the cops myself." She walked to the bedroom entrance, holding out her hand. "Billy?"

I could have left. I wanted to leave, from awkwardness rather than fear, but my gut told me, I would miss out on something truly great. Mr. Cherkle and I exchanged beguiled looks. He seemed afraid, now, to even move. Me? Like his wife had told me, I just needed to be brave a little longer. I hurried to her side, and she led me into their bedroom.

It was the same room as Mom an Dad's but looked completely different. One wall had pictures of cars and posters for MAC Tools with sexy but dumb looking ladies. The wall across from it had beautiful cross stitchings of orchids and cattle dogs and pink letters that read, "Happy Hearts are Sexy Hearts." The word sexy was stitched in bold red.

"What did you want me to help you with?" I looked at the bed. It was queen sized with a dark blue comforter. She set her phone on the far night stand and pulled back the cover revealing two tan clad pillows. "Sweet Billy, did you really make babies with those other women?" She asked with respect. Her hands fiddled with the strings of her apron and let it fall to the carpet.

I nodded.

"Did you tell your Mom about them?"

"No, Ma-am. She told me what I do is my business."

"Oh." Her eyes bulged for a heartbeat. "I think I like your mother even more, now." A warm smile brought all of the older woman's elegance to her face. Arriving slower, red blushed her cheeks. "I'm not as old as my husband, Billy, but I'm no spring chicken. Would you please make a baby in me?" A glint appeared in one of her eyes. "It's not impossible, actually. I haven't reached menopause yet, I mean that time when-"

"I read about menpause, Mrs. Cherkle." I had, but the book didn't say much more than it happened when lady bodies stopped having eggs.

"I keep forgetting you're not as innocent as you act." She quieted. I hadn't answered her question.

My fear of Mr. Cherkle hadn't vanished entirely. Just knowning he was in their home gave me the heebie-jeebies. However, my anger hadn't vanished either. Mostly, I felt excited to be with Mrs. Cherkle, in their bedroom with her. My pee pee was stiffening. "Yes, Mrs. Cherkle, can I please make a baby in you?"

She blushed harder, but her hands reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. "I want that Billy. You see, my husband has never made one. We tried, as married couples do, but he's not very good." Her hands worked efficiently. Beneath her blouse she wore a thin, short chemise. After dumping her white blouse, her hands moved to her light purple skirt, unzipping it. "I-I need you to do something first, something I never trusted Godwin to do."

She was saying she trusted me more than her husband. I couldn't refuse, no matter what she wanted. "Okay." My voice quavered a little.

Mrs. Cherkle dropped her skirt and hooked her thumbs into her white, plain panties. She pulled them down to mid-thigh and promptly bent over the bed, catching herself with her hands. "I need you to spank me, Billy. I need to be your Colleen again."

"Why would I spank you?" I was genuinely puzzled. "Your husband needs that."

"It's not easy to explain, but if you spank me, you'll hurt him far worse. I won't even feel it compared to his punishment." She put up a brave front. "But if you need a reason, Billy. I do deserve it. I'm doing a very naughty thing to my husband, much worse than he deserves, but I need to do it for me. That's probably very confusing. I'm sorry. If you don't want to-"

"I'll spank you, Mrs. Cherkle." I interrupted. A painful erection had taken my pee pee, as she described what she was doing to her husband. I wanted, if not needed, to make him suffer. I went around the bed to stand behind her.

"Thank you, Billy. You have to spank me hard. You can spank me with whatever you want. I-I haven't been spanked in a long time, because of how it changes me. Y-you weren't afraid yesterday, when I called you Daddy?"

"No. Mrs. Cherkle. That was fun!" I had been a little afraid, but I thought she was playing a game. If she needed a spanking, her game must be more serious. I remembered spanking Mrs. Abbey. My arms and hands were sore for a day, afterwards. I did need something to spank Mrs. Cherkle with. Looking around, I spied a wide leather belt dangling from the far bedpost. I could have walked over and got it, but I felt I should take charge when spanking someone, like I had with Tara and Mrs. Abbey. "Get your husband's belt from the bedpost, Mrs. Cherkle, and give it to me." I tried to sound grave.

Mrs. Cherkle flinched at my words. She whispered, "...with Godwin's belt." It's metal buckle had a small wrench welded across it. She pulled the long strip of leather off of the post and lifted it behind her. I took and hefted the massive thing. I worried I might injure Mrs. Cherkle with something that powerful. "How many do you deserve?"

"I-I'm not sure, uh-" She sounded more than a little worried. "Twenty?"

"Okay, Mrs. Cherkle, but you have to count. If you make a mistake, we will start again at one."

"For every mistake?" Her voice squeaked!

That's how Ms. Hennifer did it. "Yes." I swished belt and struck! It landed awkwardly against her porcelain white bum. I had never spanked with a belt before. The belts I wore were like feathers compared to Mr. Cherkle's. His wife didn't even grunt. Her bum flexed a bit. I almost said, Sorry.

I took a longer grip on the belt, allowing half of it to flex. I raised my arm and swung again. This time it smacked her butt with a hefty THWACK!

"Ow!" Mrs. Cherkle, sounded almost pleased. "Two!" She remembered.

I had to be fair. I had warned her. "You didn't count the first one, Mrs. Cherkle. So that was one."

"Yes, Billy. I'm sorry, Billy." She called out, "One!"

My next stroke hit perfectly. Her outcry matched the volume of the belt swatting her behind! "Ohhh! Two!"

CRACK! I was getting the hang of it. "OWW!" Her voice cried louder. "Three, ohh."

Pleased with my work, I swung the belt three times in quick succession. The last landed awkwardly. I had lost control. "Yeoww, Oww, OHH!" She was looking sore after she called out "Six!" A bad spank was still pretty painful, I guessed. I took careful aim, just above the red lashes I had been working. SWAT!

"Ouch. Thank you, Billy. Eight, I mean SEVEN!"

I hesitated. I shouldn't have, but I allowed her mistake. I belted her darkening bottom hard to cover for my kindness.

"OOWWW!!" She yelped. "EIGHT!"

I tried another quick three. Each landed meatily, provoking heartfelt cries followed with a correct count. "Eleven! Unnngggghh. That really hurts!" Her pained voice raised in pitch.

My arm was tired. I hadn't noticed it weaken. I was too excited by Mrs. Cherkle's once delicate looking behind. Dark swatches covered it. I held the buckle with one hand and the middle of the belt with my swatting hand. After eleven swings, I wished I didn't have spank her. My pee pee wanted to dive between her thighs and stick into her dark but graying pussy hair.

Where was Mr. Cherkle? He hadn't make a sound. Had he left? Had his wife's shouts and his belt's swats masked the sound of the front door opening and closing? It worried me, but not enough to stop. I thought this in the span of one breath, each deeper as my arm tired. I lifted and swung. I had promised. THWACK!

"OOWWWW, DADDY, It hurts so bad!" A little girl's voice wailed. Mrs. Cherkle had started to play her strange game.

"You didn't count that one." I warned.

"Count what, Daddy?" She groaned.

"Your spanks."

"I have to?" She couldn't have forgotten. That didn't make sense.

"We have to start at one again." I heaved my breath. My arm was really tired!

"You mean start all over?" She continued to sound confused. "NOOO! Daddy that's cruel!"

Her saying it made it sound cruel, but I had promised. "This time, don't forget to count, um, Colleen."

"Waaaahhh!" She whined.

I lifted the belt and swung! WHACK! I tried to hit a fresh spot, but her slim ass was completely crossed with dark welts.

"AAAAA!!! AAAA!!" She shrieked! Her butt danced as if it were on fire. I let it dance. She whimpered, almost too late, "one."

"That's very good, Sweetheart." I dropped the belt on the bed and bent over, to hug her torso. "I love you." Ms. Hennifer had waited until the end of my punishment to show her love, but I couldn't. I was sad that I had promised to spank Mrs. Cherkle hard, twenty times and start over if she lost count.

"I'm sorry I was bad, Daddy."

"I can't stop, Colleen. I have to keep my promise, until you count to twenty."

"Please no, Daddy." She looked back with strained elegance.

I let go of her, but I didn't pick up the belt. Instead, I stepped around her protruding backside. I raised my other hand and spanked!

"Oww!" Mrs. Cherkle cried. Her tears were real, but she realized I was taking it easier. "Two." She sniffed.

I hit the reddest part of her bum, with the palm of my hand, as hard as I could. I had promised, but it wasn't half as painful as the belt, according to the volume of her cries. SWAT!

"Nnnnggghh!!" Mrs. Cherkle yelped. "Three."

After thirteen swats, I changed hands. My off palm was very sore, but my main arm had recovered some of its strength. Mrs. Cherkle didn't miss a count.


"Ow. Daddy, I love you. Fourteen."


"Aaa." She whimpered. "Fifteen."


"OOH-OWW-OWW!" Her bum was so bruised, a kiss would have hurt it. "Sixteen, Daddy. Seventeen. Eighteen!"

I picked up the belt again. "I'm sorry, Colleen, but I have to make sure I didn't break my promise. Sore and tired, I swung the belt sharply. It smote her purple rear with a fierce TWACK!

"AAAAAA!!!" Mrs. Cherkle screamed. Tears poured out of her eyes. "NO, DADDY- Uh, uh- Nineteen." She managed.

I landed the final blow on the lightest colored swath of her ass, but I belted it as hard as I could. CRACK!

Mrs. Cherkle, screamed and fell to her bed. Blubblering, she managed, "Twenty, Daddy." She curled up and cried.

I ran to the dresser in the room, obviously hers with perfume and brushes. I opened drawers until I found what I needed. I returned to the bed and fell next to her. "Daddy's sorry for doing that, Colleen, but you made me promise." I opened the jar I had found and dug out a handful of cold cream. I applied it gently to the edge of the welts on her behind. Her butt flinched at every touch.

"I was really bad, wasn't I."

"I think you're wonderful, Mrs- uh, Colleen."

"Do you, Daddy?"

"Uh-huh." I smoothed the cream over he welts. She kept crying. She sniffled, "That's good of you. It hurts so bad, but the cream helps. Thank you, Daddy."

I hugged her where I thought it wouldn't inflame her behind. She nestled her face close to mine, kissing me on the lips.

My raging hard on jerked and jolted. More than being sorry for whipping Mrs. Cherkle, I needed to push inside her.

"I promised something else, Colleen." I whispered. My lips brushed her.

"Are you going to hurt me more?"

"I hope not. Do you remember?"

"No, Daddy."

"I promised I would make a baby in you, Sweetheart."


"Yes, Honey."

"Oh, Daddy, that would be wonderful! I aways wanted to have my own baby."

"You're very sore, Colleen. I'm afraid it would hurt you more."

She answered in a very small voice. "It's okay, Daddy, if you're going to make a baby in me."

"I don't want to, but okay." I kissed her and pulled off her panties. "Lay on your back, Honey. Spread your legs." I opened the fly of my pants and pulled a rock hard peter from my undershorts.

"Okay." She winced and grunted, turning on her back. The soft sheets grated her cream soaked bum. When her legs offered pussy, I looked eagerly. The hair was neatly trimmed along and above her outer lips. It made her sex look bigger than it was. She had the tiniest pussy. I briefly worried if my pee pee would fit. It had to. I had promised Mrs. Cherkle.

"Daddy, you have a nice peter." She smiled, but tears crept out, as her bum failed to stop flinching against the bedclothes.

"You have a beautiful pussy, Colleen." I smiled and walked on my knees until I reached the inner top of her thighs. The tips of belt marks pointed at my hard dick.

"Do you want to see my boobies?" She asked.

"I'd like that, Sweetheart."

Mrs. Cherkle groaned as her arms pulled the hem of her short chemise up her chest. The motion rocked her ass against the sheets. She had shallow but pert breasts. I had never seen a little girl's breasts, but I imagined they looked like Mrs. Cherkle's only smaller.

"You have pretty boobies." I fingered my desperate prick. I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Please make a baby in me, Daddy. I don't care if it hurts." She whimpered saying.

I fisted my cock down, splitting her outer lips, with the head. "Oh, Honey, I need this too." I groaned as my prick speared Mrs. Cherkle's tiny cunt. She was really wet! The head found her inner opening quick, as if there was nothing else behind her vulva. I plunged into the willing puss more forcefully than I wanted. I couldn't help myself! I'd taken so long to spank Mrs. Cherkle, my pee pee would have died if I hadn't thrust in as quickly as possible. My groin slammed into hers, pushing her butt against the sheet.

"AAAA!!" She cried more tears. "Ohh, it hurts, Daddy! It hurts!"

My dick pumped automatically, my crotch slapping her hips. Her ripe snatch was creamy silk sucking on my turgid penis. Each pump brought fresh tears to her eyes. "I'm sorry, Baby. I can't stop. It feels too good."

"OWW- i-it's okay, Daddy, as long as you make- UUHH!, a baby in me!" She groaned over and over as my peter plunged in and out of her dripping hole.

Another cry, low and throaty howled from the main room. I felt a little sorry for Mr. Cherkle, but not much. He must have been very sad that I was making a baby in his wife while he couldn't do anything about it. It served him right for asking to make one in my momma!

"I don't like that man, Daddy. He never, Nnngg!, made a baby in me." Mrs. Cherkle cried.

"Hush, Sweetheart." As much as I loved fucking my hard cock into Mrs. Cherkle, I knew it wasn't right, and the game she was playing wasn't really a game, but I needed to do this, to teach her husband a lesson he would never forget. "After this, we can forgive him."

"I want your baby, Daddy. I really do." She continued to wince and whine as my weight pressed down, jackhammering her sore rear into the bed. My dick plunged through her inner softness and warmth. It filled my body with electric pleasure.

"If only it didn't hurt so much." She bit her lip.

"Just a little longer, Colleen. I'm going to cum quick." Her wet pussy and sad cries tugged the cum in my balls. Sperm pooled into the bulb of my penis, eager to launch deep into Mrs. Cherkle's body.

"I want you to cum a lot, Daddy!" She urged, despite her grimace. "You have to!" To my surprise and amazement, she bucked her hips against my thrusts, to make sure I plumbed her deepest parts. She wailed continuously from the intense pain in her bum but didn't miss a single pound into her puss. "WAAAAAHHHH!! I want your cum, Daddy! I want you to cum deep. Make me pregnant! Knock me up. I want you to be a Daddy all over again." She cried and cried.

I lunged passionately, my head swimming in lust, until my body slammed down, piercing her farthest reaches upon meeting her thrust up. She sobbed. "I need it, Billy!" Her voice deepened.

My prick erupted unlike past orgasms. Cum blasted her cunt and blasted out of it. I exploded like a bursting dam, shooting a cascade of boiling liquid that flowed without end. My body wrenched and flailed atop the suffering woman who prayed for my seed to quicken a child within her womb. I lost my vision. Intense ecstacy shut down my senses and all self control. My prick lurched, shooting globs now, thick and potent.

Mrs. Cherkle yelped from each of my body's gyrations. She reached around me and pulled me to her slight breasts. I kissed one before sucking it into my mouth, as if my body was a baby again. Then she screamed away from my ear, "HAAAAAHHHH!!!! AAAHHHHH!!! AAAAHHH!!" She didn't stop until I had sucked and bucked more spunk into the once elegant, now bruised and shuddering woman beneath my pleasure wracked existence. "Oh, Billy, Billy, I've never cum like this before!"

"NOOOOO!" Mr. Cherkle howled from the other room. "I'M SORRY, COLLEEN! OOOOHHHH!" His outburst ended with a strangely familiar expression, but I was too gone from the universe to identify it.

I sucked on Mrs. Cherkle's nipple and poured the last of my thick cum into her sucking cunt. I did think to lean over and fall to the bed, releasing her bum from the torture of our fucking.

She held me and kissed me, again and again. "Thank you, Billy." I lay there breathing shallow and quick. She hummed a peaceful phrase.

Mr. Cherkle's voice whispered from the door. "I-I didn't know I couldn't satisfy you like that."

"We forgive you, Godwin. Pull yourself together, wash up, and we'll talk again when Billy's gone home." She picked up her phone and told Mrs. McDougal everything was just fine.

Sometime after falling asleep in Mrs. Cherkle's arms, my watch buzzed. Mother had sent an email, asking where I was.

A half naked Mrs. Cherkle escorted me to the door with kisses and hugs. We heard her husband whimpering in the bathroom. There was a soft slapping sound too.

"I hope you can forgive him." She sighed.

"I want to, Mrs. Cherkle, but he made me very mad."

"Are you still mad?"

"I don't think so." I scratched my head. "I can't tell. What we did was so amazing."

"Yes, Billy. It'll probably never be like that again."

"I guess you won't want that anymore." I felt even more sorry for hurting her.

She laughed. "We'll see, you young tiger, but right now I'm going to sleep on my tummy and avoid sitting, for at least a week!"

I trudged outside and slogged my way up the stairs, box of cookies in hand. I had emailed Momma, telling her I was helping Mr. and Mrs. Cherkle with something they needed. The smell of burning tobacco snagged my attention.

"I wonder what could have caused the great and powerful, Godwin Cherkle to howl like a loon?" Mrs. McDougal squatted on her heels, smoking on the landing between floors. "Do you still want to give him a spanking?" An expensive phone sat in her lap.

The witch apartment owner's eyes burned and twinkled at the same time. Did she know? Was she actually a witch? I couldn't speak with those haunting orbs boring into me. I ran up the rest of the stairs, along the interior walkway to my door, and hurried inside to Momma.

She greeted me from the sofa bed. "I hope you gave the apartment managers your very best."

What she said sounded a little like Mrs. McDougal. I froze at the notion. My hazy thoughts and vision imagined Momma with wild, gray hair. Please, no! I quailed on the inside.

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"Are you ready to start the rest of your day?" Mother got up and collected her coat and purse. "You wanted to see Mr. Colkick, after I submit your papers to the school principal. What else?"

I asked her, "Did you write a thank you for Mrs. Abbey?"

"I did, while you were out. It's in my purse, to drop off at the apartment mailbox." She walked to the door.

I followed. "What if we went to her place and gave it in person."

"That would be difficult." She opened the door and held it for me. "She lives on the far side of town. We couldn't see her and Mr. Colkick today."

"Even for a cookie?" I had been holding the box behind me.

"Aww," She relaxed and closed the door. "You know I like lemon creme wafers."

I opened the sealable package, and she took two. I took one. She didn't say anything about the box being already open.

"I'm sorry your surprise cookies were stale. I wanted to surprise you."

She kissed my cheek. "Thank you!" We nibbled, enjoying the moment.

"Just because I accepted your bribe doesn't mean we can take the card to Mrs. Abbey." She shrugged. "Unless you don't want to visit Mr. Colkick."

I thought about it. "We would waste a stamp if we took it in person?"

"Such a frugal son I've raised!" She laughed. "You don't need a reason to see her. Email her. The next time she's showing a home in the area we'll visit with her."

I didn't know that taking the transit system across town involved a lot of busses. "Okay." I agreed.

We left after eating our snack. I put the box in the cupboard, to save for later and share with Daddy. Momma mailed the card to Mrs. Abbey, and then we walked to the school.

The main doors had strange metal holes around them, in the concrete slab that stretched out before them. Mother raised her eyebrows at them but didn't comment. We went to the school administration counter and an older man, Mr. Vouse, called the principal for us. "Principal Agincourt, Ms. Androni is here with her son's records."

A tall, powerfully framed woman with silver hair and tiny, silver rimmed glasses emerged from the principal's office. "Hello, Ms. Androni." She noticed me with a glance. "Hello Billy." Very business like, she invited us in. We took to plastic chairs in front of her desk, then she sank into her wood and leather chair.

"What are those metal holes outside the school doors?" I asked.

Her long nose pointed at me. "The school used to have a fence and barbed wire, to protect students from gunmen, and to allow inspections before and after school. Brave members of the PTA told the school board to cut it down.

"Students aren't prisoners. Schools that treat them like criminals set a terrible example for society." She nodded slightly. "You're very perceptive, Billy. The truth is, I was hired to return respect for students and education, to this school. I let go nearly half of the teachers, the ones who were simply working for a paycheck. I won't have that in my school. I scoured the state for educators who are called to the profession. I increased salaries, and I don't mine saying, I'm risking my own position, to defend these changes. Fortunately, the community voted religious zealots out from the school board of directors. That board had even refused evidence based sex education." She paused, gauging my mother's reaction.

"Don't most states save that for high school?" Mother was curious.

"Ma-am, European nations offer age appropriate introduction to human sexuality at all levels. In primary schools, students are given condoms to play with, to blow them up into balloons for example. This is to normalize them as familiar objects. In America, the majority of men are too embarrassed to buy condoms."

"Daddy has condoms." I fidgeted. Principal Agincourt was boring.

Ms. Agincourt blinked. "Uh, good for him."

Mother hugged me. "You won't find me disagreeing with your policies, Ms. Agincourt."

The principal tapped mother's paperwork on her desk. "Your husband answered most of my questions in our interview. I'm sure these are in good order. Unless you have questions I will have these filed."

"There is a small matter I'd like to discuss. I hadn't thought to, until you declared your perspectives on education. I would have added a note if I had known."

Whatever it was, I worried Ms. Agincourt would blather on about dumb things again. "Momma, can I go see Ms. Hennifer?" I must have interrupted the principal just as she was about to speak. She pursed her lips. Brown eyes pierced me through thin framed glasses.

"My son met her yesterday. Can he walk the halls unescorted?"

"I'm sorry I didn't make my stance more clear." Ms. Agincourt spoke cooly. "My faculty trusts their students at this school. Ms. Hennifer did mention the incident. I'm sure she'd be happy for him to say hello."

I started a beeline to the front counter but the principal's firm voice stopped me. "Unless a student proves untrustworthy."

"It's okay, Sweetie. I'll find you in Ms. Hennifer's room." Momma said.

A more melodic voice issued from the principal. "It's the parents we have to be careful with."

Mother laughed lightly.

I walked quickly out of the administration area and found the hall to Ms. Hennifer's room. She was writing simple equations on the white boards but turned to the door when I opened it. A big smile lit up her face. "Billy!"

She opened her arms and I ran into her hug. "Are you so mad for math, you've come ta visit, Lad?"

"No." I frowned. She knelt down until her face was level with mine. "I need to say something important. Don't get sad, but if you're in my class this year, I won't give you special attention or treatment. It wouldn't be fair to the other students."

"I guess." I let my frown soften.

"And ye can't be taking after me. Do you know what I mean?"

"I can't hug you or cum on you."

She snorted a laugh. "Yes. You know I could lose my job."

"I know." I nodded. I was looking at her hair, but from the front I couldn't see her bun.

"Good lad. I may surprise you some days, but you mustn't be wait'n for me, okay?"

I would have to find other women, if I needed to make babies. She caught me looking. "What's ta matter?"

Without answering, I reached up and pushed her chin to the right. It was still there, in her bun. Flakes of my dried cum encrusted the top of it. Standing, she was tall enough. Most people wouldn't notice. They certainly wouldn't believe what it was. I giggled.

"Oh, Lad, I haven't forgotten. I promised to keep the reminder until school starts."

I hugged her then, and she wrapped her arms around me.

"Where's your mum?"

"She's talking to the principal."

"Principal Agincourt is a straightforward marm. They won't be long."

I helped to prep her room, until Momma knocked. "Is Billy bothering you?" she asked from the hall.

"Nary a fig, Ms. Androni. Come in!" The math teacher must have thought it was strange for my mother to give warning before entering. She gave me a curious eye but presented a pleased face to Momma.

"Please, call me Faun." They shook hands. Mother continued. "I brought news. Principal Agincourt agreed to assign Billy to your math class."

"Yay!" I shouted and jumped.

Momma held back her smile. "You must remember, Billy. The authority I gave to Ms. Hennifer is still in effect. I trust you won't give her reason to apply it."

I didn't know what to think. My new teacher could spank me how ever she saw fit? My glee splashed on the floor.

"I promise, I'll use it responsibly, Faun." She looked at me. I remembered her promise. I had seen the reminder. I felt I could trust her. Could I trust myself?


Momma smiled then. "I'm sorry I can't stay to chat. We have to see a man about a watch."

Mother and I caught a bus that ran past the school. It was early afternoon, and there were plenty of empty seats. "How are you feeling about the watch?"

"I don't know. I should sell it, huh?" I wanted to keep the watch. The more I played with it, the more stuff I found I could do with it.

"You should make up your mind." She let me toy with the powerful tool on my wrist.

We had to change busses near Central Heights. "Mrs. Abbey says this is where rich people live."

"Does she?" Momma pursed her lips. "Is this where you're going to find a wife?"

"Cut it out, Momma." I pushed her thigh that rested warmly against mine.

"You're old enough, if your father and I sign papers..." She teased again. I learned later, our state allows people my age to marry with the permission of all parents.

I returned to playing with my watch. It had a compass feature. I imagined myself on safari, hunting poachers, with only my watch to guide me.

Mother pressed the stop button. The bus slowed to a halt, and we stepped off into a neighborhood not much nicer than our new one. She looked at a paper map she had drawn. We walked two blocks, turning once. We stopped before a modest home with very little yard in front.

"Here we are." Momma studied me. We stood on the sidewalk.

"I'm okay." I took the first step. We reached the porch together. Mother let me ring the doorbell.

A beautiful woman, wearing a simple house dress and open toed slippers opened the door. "Yes?"

I recognized her from the picture. She was Mr. Colkick's wife. I blushed hard.

"I'm Faun Androni and this is my son, Billy. He emailed about our visit today?"

Hearing my name, Ms. Colkick's face erupted with joyous amazement. "Billy!" She stepped out and hugged me before anyone could stop her. "You wonderful boy!"

I found myself wrapped in a python's grip, a hot blooded one.

Mother cleared her throat. I trusted, if that didn't stop my assailant, she would use sterner means to protect me.

The excited woman released me and patted her dress. "Yes, Ms. Androni, my husband is-"

"Right here." The man entered the doorway, beaming at me. "Billy, it's good to see you again!" He held out his hand. I managed to shake it in my daze.

"Hi, Mr. Colkick."

"Please, come in!"

"I'll fetch tea, and I have danish." Ms. Colkick went to the kitchen.

There was a desk in what should have been a dining room. Three seats waited around a small table. Mr. Colkick sat in his desk chair and swiveled around to face us.

"I can't thank you enough, Billy." He began.

"Mr. Colkick, I don't mean to be rude, but Billy hasn't decided about the watch. He wanted to meet you again, before deciding."

The man's delight intensified. He winked at me. "Do you let all of your women speak for you?" He aimed an elbow at me, whatever that meant.

"Momma, it's us men talking now." I told her.

Momma drew back, her face a blank. It was the first time I had ever surprised her.

"Billy." Mr. Colkick cautioned. "Don't be rude to your mother. She's as much a part of this meeting as you and I and Angela."

His wife set a platter with danish, cups on saucers, and a teapot, on the table. She sat between me and her husband.

A meeting sounded very serious.

"I think Mr. Colkick wants to talk about something other than the watch."

"Bingo!" The man grinned. "And it's all because of you, Billy." He looked at Momma. "Please call me Harold. This is Angela, my beautiful partner in business and love."

"Faun." She nodded. She prompted me. "Call them Mrs. and Mr. Colkick, Hon."

"Who am I to overrule your mother?" He laughed.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked him. I took a danish and bit into it.

"Business! An incredible business that I now have years of funding for."

"How could Billy be important to your business?" Mother was on her guard.

"Actually, Faun, you are who I need to discuss this with."

"Momma?" I held my danish like a brick.

"But let me back up. I'm getting ahead of myself. I still need to thank Billy properly."

Ms. Colkick contributed. "Excuse my husband. When he gets too excited, I have to make the decisions." She smiled at me. "But he is right, if you hadn't bought his watch, poor Harold would have had to declare bankruptcy. Our dream would have died."

"I take it, this relates to the business meeting he almost missed." Momma interjected.

"Not only did the twenty dollars let Harold reach the meeting in time, but if he had been wearing that watch, we would be selling our house right now." Angela explained. "There was a special guest at the meeting. She is a very powerful woman who is on the board of a rival computer watch manufacturer. Wearing that one would have guaranteed being dismissed from the meeting before it began."

"Thank you, my angel. Yes. When I saw Ms. Long I automatically clapped my hand over my bare wrist. Even its tan line might have ruined our chance." Harold returned to the conversation.

"I'm very glad you were able to secure funding for your company!" Momma appreciated.

I didn't really understand, but I was excited too. "Yay!"

"You're so cute!" Ms. Colkick gripped my shoulder and shook me gently.

"That's where you, and many more women looking for work, come into this conversation."

"How many women?" I asked, privately worried that I might not be able to make babies in all of them.

"Not too many, at first." He answered with a kind face.

"Momma, are you going to work?" What would happen to me, if Momma left early and came home late every day, like Daddy?

"Let's hear him out, Billy. I won't agree to anything, unless you agree."

Oh. I quieted and listened. I did catch Ms. Colkick raise one eyebrow at Momma's declaration.

Mr. Colkick began. "My company is named Meals on Heels. Aside from the silly pun, which tested favorable in market surveys, we do what it says. We hire women to cook for people, in their own homes. It's very professional, despite its slightly suggestive slant."

"If Harold had his way, he would be selling orgies!" Ms. Colkick laughed. Her face darkened. "That's why I'm a partner, to keep my husband's fantasies in check. I have written extensive guidelines on proper behavior for our employees as well as our guarantee of full support for any decision you make regarding the behavior of our clients. Your word will always be taken with the utmost seriousness, I promise. You will always be believed over anything a client claims."

It sounded as if they thought Momma was already an employee. I didn't feel so good.

"We have deep pockets to ensure that every woman we hire will be worthy of our trust."

"Harold has already vetted you, after your exchange on the train."

Mother surprised me with a tinge of red on her cheeks. "I will always protect my son."

"Yes. That's the strength we need in our chefs."

Angela finished with a smile. "The only remaining question is, can you cook?"

"Momma's the best cook!" I shouted.

"I'll have to think about it, but I can't accept full time work."

"You can work whichever hours you choose. You have full autonomy over accepting clients."

"This is a gig economy business," Harold assured. "Only without economizing. We pay top wages for quality chefs, more than what fancy restaurants pay."

"Because our intended clients can afford the markup we put on your salary."

"That makes a certain sense."

"We'll send emails with all the details. There's no hurry to accept-"

"Before the end of next week." Angela pursed her lips.

"I have a question for you." Mother silenced them with her tone. "I may need to take Billy with me. He has to be given the same guarantee you promise your chefs."

They cried simultaneously, "Absolutely! We'll trust your judgement about his reliability."

It was a happy moment. Momma wasn't going to leave me behind, if she accepted the job. I was sad, however. I unbuckled the watch from my wrist and offered it to Mr. Colkick. "Here. I know it means a lot you."

He sobered. "It does, especially since you said that." A slow grin formed. He pulled back his sleeve and revealed a watch that looked just as fancy. "Between you and me, I like your brand better, but I made my new partners give this to me as a signing bonus. You should have seen how asking for it made Ms. Long smile."

"Harold." Ms. Colkick coughed.

"Oh, yes." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. "I promised I would buy it. Good businessmen keep their promises."

"I'm not sure Billy would want to-" Momma engaged.

"Don't misunderstand me, Faun. I'm going to pay him for the watch, but I'm not going to take it from him."

"You don't have to give me any money, Mr. Colkick."

"I'm not giving you anything. I'm buying that watch, but I want you to keep wearing it. On your wrist, it's been a good luck charm for Angela, Meals on Heels, and I. I'll pay extra for you to wear it, if you like."

"Fifty dollars will be fine." Momma settled the matter.

That's how I held my first fifty dollar bill.

The adults made light conversation while I investigated my watch, free from worrying about wanting it too much.

"Faun, may I borrow your son for a minute?" Ms. Colkick got up and lifted the tea tray.

"Don't wear him out." Mother used that special tone that made me suspicious.

Our hostess blushed a little. "Billy can you help me in the kitchen?"

"Okay." I was kinda bored. I followed her through a swinging door.

Her blush remained, after setting the tray beside the sink. "You wouldn't be a little boy if you haven't found the picture I sent to Harold before his trip."

I didn't like being called a little boy, but I had enough confidence to be polite about it. I nodded. "Am I in trouble?"

"No, Honey. If anyone's in trouble, I am. Is the picture on your watch?"


"Have you sent it to anyone?"

"No, Ma-am. If you're in trouble can I be the one to spank you? You're very pretty."

Clearly surprised, she answered politely. "You're more grown up than I realized."

"Yes, Ms. Colkick. I can even cum!" I whispered.

If asking to spank her hadn't thrown her for a loop, revealing that I could cum did.

"Uh. That's nice, I guess." Her blush deepened.

"It feels really good."

"I just want to talk about the picture."

"Do you want me to delete it? I like looking at it."

"Billy! I'm pleased you would offer to do that." She paused. "I did, but now I'm not sure."

"If I deleted it would you send another one, that was just for me? It's not right to keep the picture you meant for Mr. Colkick."

Again, the business woman had to think. This was not the conversation she expected. She responded out of poor assumptions about my intentions. "H-how much do you want me to show in a picture for you?"

"All of you, of course." I wanted a picture of her, from her hair to her shoes. I failed to understand she meant how she should dress.

"Would you show the picture to anyone else, like your mother?"

"She doesn't have anything to do with it."

"So you would keep it for yourself, not share it, not even for money?"

"Selling gifts is wrong, Ms. Colkick."

"Okay." She nodded timidly. "I can't send it right now, but I will. Can you trust me?"

I answered by deleting the picture right in front of her. If the watch had had a camera, I could have taken it right then. I shrugged when she thanked me, and I trundled back into their office.

"It's been an amazing day. I didn't expect to be interviewed." Mother stood when I entered. She smiled at me.

"Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Colkick."

"Thank you, Billy."

The second bus arrived in our neighborhood just as the sun began to set. It was really crowded. Mom and I had to hug each other the whole way. Upon boarding I worried about my pee pee getting hard against her dress. Before exiting, I guessed I had spent so much cum in Mrs. Cherkle's little pussy, that morning, it didn't need to.

I helped Momma make dinner. She gave me new tasks, that required patience, like removing the shells from hard boiled eggs.

"Let the faucet's water help to separate the shell without cutting the egg." She instructed. "If I take Mr. Colkick's offer, you're going to help me make meals for rich people. I need to rely on you."

I still wasn't sold on Momma taking the job, but being needed by her always felt good.

Daddy came home in time for dinner. "It's the end of the week, and I want to spend as much of the weekend as I can with the most important people in my life."

Mother explained the Colkicks' business and their offer. He munched thoughtfully. "Where do I sign up? I'll get surgery if I have to." He laughed. "It's your call, Faun." He meant he would be happy for her, whatever she decided. "Billy, you have to protect her, if anything goes wrong."

I was extremely confident about that. "I will, Daddy. If you don't believe me, talk to Mr. Cherkle." I gave a curt nod.

Momma and Daddy swapped puzzled expressions. They shrugged.

Only two things of importance happened later. I couldn't not listen at their door, when I was suppose to be in bed. I think they knew I listened, but that didn't seem to trouble them.

Daddy told her, "How can you not accept, Faun? Spending time with strangers, in their homes is one of your favorite fantasies."

"That may be, Dearest, but reality is reality. No matter how earnest the Colkicks are about supporting their employees, there is a risk, and while I might accept it, I don't know if I should include Billy, but if I accept the job, I won't leave Billy behind."

"You're right, as always, my love."

I returned to my bed. My watch was plugged into the charger. I had turned off the ringer but I heard the vibrator buzz. I tapped it awake. An email from Ms. Colkick had arrived. I opened the app and read, "I trust you, Billy." In the email app, the attached photo was too small. I saved it to the photo app and reopened it.

She stood in the entrance of the doorway of their bedroom, completely naked, arms and legs spread. The camera was low looking up at her. I guessed she had used a timer. I could see all of her brown pussy hair and the full size of her breasts. She smiled with beautiful confidence. Her golden eyes smoldered. There was something in her hand, a handle to something that stretched out behind the wall. I guessed it was a big spoon, maybe.

I looked for other details. I had to scroll and zoom a lot. It was very high resolution. Behind her, to the right of her shapely hip, I saw something shiny that appeared to crawl up the corner of their bed. The metal chain poked over the top and was attached to a black, leather band. The band was fastened around the ankle of a large, naked leg and foot.

I didn't puzzle over it for long. I ran to the kitchen and got out the fresh jar of coconut oil Mom had bought for me. I returned to my watch and jerked off to a very nice cum. Except I didn't cum. For the first time, that didn't worry me. I remembered Momma's words, "It doesn't matter if you ejaculate or don't. It will still feel good, and that is never a waste." In fact I was glad I hadn't spilled cum on the carpet or furniture.

Father made good on his promise to spend the whole weekend with us. On Saturday we went to the zoo and then to a fancy restaurant at the top of a building on the biggest hill in Central Heights. We didn't eat there. It was too expensive, but we took the ten dollar tour.

"There is it, our new home." Father gestured at the incredible views through glass walls, as the restaurant slowly rotated. The sun sank behind the horizon. The sky turned beautiful shades of light blue, pink, and orange before darkness engulfed the city and thousands of lights surrounded us. "It's beautiful." Momma hugged him, nestling her head in the crook of his arm.

"Wow." I gasp.

I heard them making babies that night. Daddy asked between their grunts and moans, "Should I take it off? If you accept that job, we will be able to afford another child."

"Nnngg, Not yet, Sweetheart, I-it's not the best time to decide such a thing." I left the door before they made really silly sounds.

I jerked off to Ms. Colkick's picture but still didn't cum. Again, I was grateful I didn't make a mess. My cum would have just gone to waste.

On Sunday, we took a special bus to the river. It was wide and slow and beautiful. We picnicked in a park running along it, and we went hiking all day. Daddy got sunburned, but Momma didn't. She asked me to put her lotion on and told me to rub it everywhere I could reach. Daddy tried to ignore my hands when they slipped under Momma's shirt and hiking pants. But I saw his eyes dart at her. And he had a funny look, not angry, not sad, but intense.

I listened at their bedroom door. "Don't make me use it tonight, I'm as hot as a furnace. If you're anywhere close to the right time of the month, we'll be new parents before the end of the year."

"You know what happens when you get too excited, Glen." Mother's voice tinkled. "And that sunburn-" SLAP!

"YAA - OOOHHH! Hhhhhh. Darn you, Faun!"

"It's okay, Honey, I'll clean it up."

I had to run away from Momma's slurping sounds. Daddy's voice faded behind me. "You just had to make Billy rub it on you, in front of me..." He sounded annoyed but not disappointed.

I emailed Mrs. Abbey, asking if she would be in the neighborhood again.

I didn't jack off that night. I wanted to be at my very best for Mrs. Hennifer should she surprise me. Already I was breaking my promise not to expect anything. I had trouble getting to sleep, pondering tomorrow's uncertainties. Daddy woke me at my regular time.

"I'm going to walk you to school, with your mom, on your first day."

Momma called from the kitchen. "Don't worry, Sweetie. Your father and I won't embarrass you. We'll catch the bus across the street." Eggs and sausages lent their smell to the apartment. I raced to the bathroom, showered and dressed. I had to leave my watch at home. School policy.

Daddy had told his work, that he would arrive late, and he had left early on Friday night. "I'll have to get up early and return home long after sunset, again starting tomorrow." He sighed. We three walked the six blocks to my school. Mother was going to see Ms. and Mr. Colkick, to discuss Meals on Heels with them. That's why she would catch a bus.

They kissed my cheek and hugged me when we could see the school yard. Children my age converged there from all direction. A line of big cars out front let off more students. I waved goodbye. Mother had printed out my schedule. I clung to it like a security blanket. My first class was History.

An energetic young man, Mr. Glouvert, nearly sang to us about the sweep and scope of the world's nations and famous people and how history affects today's societies. He would emphasize American history, with enough world history to bring it fully to life. We wouldn't have won our revolution against the British, if it weren't for the French, I learned.

Next class was Mr. Yong. He taught Science. He spoke slowly and precisely. He began by asking what we thought science was. Nobody raised their hands. He wrote something on a piece of paper, placed it face down on his lab table and lay a five dollar bill across it. "We're going to play 20 questions. Each of you will ask one question, but when you think you know the answer, anyone can raise their hand to guess. The first person who answers close to what I've written gets five dollars." Everyone jumped at the chance for five dollars!

After half the room had narrowed it down to a practical concept, a girl, Kelly, asked, "Testing ideas and sharing tests?" She won. The answer he'd written was "A Conversation of Experimentation." He thanked us and told us, "Congratulations, everyone of you is a scientist, now! By asking questions and sharing the answers, you discovered something! Tomorrow, we'll play with fire." He dismissed us.

I went to my locker, to get my math book. Something struck my shoulder. I looked around. Steve had whacked me on his way to his next class. He scowled at me and shook a fist. I stared back until he left. My shoulder hurt, and I favored it going into Ms. Hennifer's room.

I sat in back, to keep from looking too eager to see her. She noticed me and gently smiled. She took roll and told a story about Albert Einstein. "Albert wasn't very good at Algebra, but his uncle told him to think of it as a fox hunt. Instead of a fox, we're going to hunt the letter x!" She spent half of the hour showing how x could be in any part of an equation. She used, 2+2=4, repeatedly replacing a number in the equation with x, and asking what x was. It was always the number replaced! I think I got it.

Instead of going to the cafeteria for lunch, I went outside to one of several picnic tables and opened my sack lunch. Mother had made peanut butter and strawberry preserves on lightly toasted whole wheat. There was an apple and a slice of cheese. I munched hungrily, watching the other kids.

"Hey, little man," An older boy sat next to me. It was Wendel, the tan boy who played basketball on Thursday. "Thinking deep thoughts?"

"Is Steve your friend?" I asked.

"Maybe. He bugging you?"


"Let me tell you a secret about him. He's a momma's boy, acts tough but stand up to him and he'll back off."

"He didn't when I fought him. It's not fair to pick on me because I'm smaller."

"Yeah, the world ain't fair, dude. Your problem on Thursday wasn't Steve. It was Trish. He's sweet on her."


"You made him look bad. Anyway, I like you because you did your best, little man, but I can't be seen talking to a freshman. So hasta and all that. If anyone asks what I said to you, tell 'em I threatened to punch you if you bother us again."

"Tell Steve I won't play fair either."

"Whoa, giving me chills!" Wendel laughed and marched away.

After lunch was my English class. I hurried to my locker, looking carefully at the crowd of kids. I double checked my schedule and nearly dropped my grammar book. The teacher was Shoona Laghari! She was one of the Spice Witch Five on the Darling Dimensions podcast!

I took a seat in the middle of the class. So I could be as close as possible, no matter where she stood in the room. She said English was particularly well suited to express one's self. She described her background with florid details, but I don't remember much. She was a gorgeous woman of Pakistani descent. Both her parents were born in America though. I added the gorgeous bit.

"English is also good for technical writing." She assigned us to describe how to draw a circle. She took our papers when the bell rang. I shuffled up to her, while everyone else left the room. "Would you sign my paper when you grade it? My name is Billy Androni."

She gave me a suspicious look. "Is this about Darling Dimensions?"

I nodded, blushing.

"Just between you and me, I don't like the name the writer gave me. Please don't call me Chutney."

"No." I swore on my life.

"Thank you, Billy. I hope your first day at school is wonderful."

"Yes, Ma-am."

I had to change into my P.E. clothes. Father had ordered the orange and grey pants and reversible shirt after talking with Principal Agincourt. The boys around me watched all the other boys, as they changed, careful to neither hide their pee pees and balls, or show them off. I didn't think about it that much. I just changed and was first to meet the teacher, Mrs. Lum. She was the oldest teacher I had ever had. I thought she was forty. She turned out to be sixty! "Name?"

"Billy Androni."

"Check." As boys and girls filed out of our respective shower rooms, she checked them off her list. She put us in a wide circle, and we played a strange game of running around the circle and learning each other's names. I was pretty good at the names, but only middle fast at running the circle. After that, Mrs. Lum produced a portable speaker and played some fun music. She taught the beginning of a very special dance called "Capoeira."

I went into the showers and washed. The other boys acted as if it was a dare. Two of them were making fun of the boy who didn't want to shower. He was a big kid too, but he acted like a baby. I stepped out of the shower and told his harassers, Carlo and Phil, to worry about their own stink. I waved my hand at my nose.

Phil got mad. "I'll take you apart, Billy Willy!" He snorted at my dangling pee pee.

"Save that name for James. He's bigger than any of us." I had lied when I said I didn't look around when I changed my clothes. James had a big dick. I never saw it hard, but it was pretty amazing for our age.

Phil and Carlo changed in another aisle.

"Hey, Billy. Why did you tell them about me?" James asked. His face was deep red.

"Because only kids who worry about their pee pees would make fun of another boy's."

"Huh." He took off his clothes and went into the showers.

My last class of the day was Art and Music. A quiet man with shining eyes didn't take roll. He didn't introduce himself. As students fill the chairs in his class, he played a lame tune on a flute, until the room was full.

"That music is over five thousand years old. It was described on clay tablets that were deciphered in the last century. The only thing missing was the composer's name. It kinda sucked, didn't it?" The class laughed.

"That's the weird thing about music. People of different cultures like different music." He played another tune. I had heard it lots of times, mostly on commercials. "But some music, no matter where in the world you play it, has instant appeal. I wish I could tell you why that is, but nobody knows. What I hope you'll learn in this class, is the different types of music you enjoy listening to and playing.

My name is Darrin. Now get out your pencils and sketchbooks. I want you all to draw this hand crafted flute. He placed it vertical on a music stand. We drew until the bell rang and handed in our sketches. I could hardly wait to go home and tell Momma about my day!

My classes had one thing in common. Each entry on my schedule had a URL for the "" website. We were suppose to watch ten minute videos for homework and take notes. In class, we would be given worksheets to practice what we learned. The teachers' main role was to help individuals finish their worksheets. They rarely lectured for more than a quarter of their hour! I'd never had a class or teacher like them!

I ran out the door of the music room. A strong hand grabbed my shoulder. "I've been waiting for you, Billy Willy." A coarse, low voice announced. It was Mrs. Lum! "Come with me." She let go after tugging me to follow. We wandered through the maze of kids, some staring at me. Was I in trouble?

We reached her office. It was near the showers. I entered, worried about what had transpired in them. She shut the door and smiled. "I want to thank you for supporting James after class. It's rare for a boy to stand up for a stranger. You're response was exactly what he needed, Billy."

How had she known? She wasn't allowed in the boys' showers. Had James talked with her? I felt more embarrassed about it. She noticed.

"Don't do that, now." Mrs. Lum pouted. "You'll bring out the mom in me."

"You have kids?"

"All grown up and kicked out of the nest."

"Are you going to make more?"

Her eyebrows bounced. "Well aren't we forward."

"I guess I shouldn't have asked."

"Nope." She nodded, confusing me. Did she mean yes or no, and to what?

"I'll be teaching Sex Education, as part of our class. Just the basics, but if you have questions, no matter how silly or scary, you can always come to me. I'll give you the best answer I can, without judgment. Any question you have won't bother me, and I won't bother you about it. Whatever you ask will remain private."

"Why would a man jerk off after I made babies in his wife?"

Mrs. Lum froze like a statue, her face slightly scrunched up.

I waited. I probably could have left, but was she okay? I sat in the student's chair. The florescent lights hummed. I looked at my watch. There was an email. I didn't check it. I just waited.

"Sorry, Billy." She shook her head. "Please forgive my reaction. I hope it didn't trouble you."

"No trouble, Mrs. Lum. Can I go?"

"Did you want me to answer your question?"

"I thought you didn't want to."

"I do. I just had to prevent myself from saying the wrong thing."

"It's a hard question?"

"It is, Billy." She answered. "But there's a worse problem. If you are currently, um, making babies with a woman, I am legally bound to report that woman to the police and probably her husband."

"Please don't do that! I didn't want to tell. You said asking was a secret." I felt like crying.

"I'm going to pretend you asked a different question. So I can keep this secret. Don't mention adults again, okay?"

"Are we going to play a game?" I calmed a little.

"Not quite. Let's pretend you asked this question instead. 'Why would a boy jerk off after you made babies in his girlfriend?' Okay?"

"Ohhh." I got it. I nodded.

"Good. My answer is going to assume you know more about sexual intercourse than most of my students. If I say anything you don't understand, please ask."


"First, you know that before sex, people get aroused, they get erections when they're thinking sexy thoughts."

"Like hard pee pees and nipples?"

"That's right. Now some people get aroused when certain rules about society are broken."

She lost me, but I didn't want to sound stupid.

"I think the boy in your question was aroused because society wants girlfriends to make babies with their boyfriends and nobody else, but you and his girlfriend broke that rule. I think he got aroused when you broke that rule and that's why he jerked off.

"That's the simplest answer I can give. People are very complex, especially about sex. I'm sure there were many more factors involved in his situation. Please allow for lots of other possibilities, but I hope my simple answer helped."

"Wow!" I whispered, mouth gaping. "Am I in trouble?"

"For what?"

"For breaking the society rule?"

She grinned. "Not in my book."

"Did you ever make babies with a man beside your husband?"

"I'm sorry, Billy. I'm not going to answer questions about my sex life, for the same reason you worried about asking your question, but I'll answer anything else."

"I'm sorry."

"You have a good afternoon. Don't forget to watch all those videos."

"If I had my super watch, I could be watching them right now." I got up and went to the door.

Before I could say, goodbye, she told me with a sad voice, "My husband died a couple years ago, and I'm too old to have babies anymore."


I released the doorknob. "Aw, you can't be that old, Mrs. Lum. You run and dance as much as we do in class. And you teach classes all day!"

Her reluctant expression brightened a little. "I do keep in shape. My students inspire me, every day."

I walked back to her desk. Manilla envelopes and other letters cluttered it, unlike Ms. Hennifer's neatly arranged desk.  A large, plastic letter opener was the only thing keeping them from sliding off Mrs Lum's desk. I told her, "You're prettier than any old woman I know."

She laughed. "I'll take the compliment instead of the truth, Billy. I'm sixty. Well, I turn sixty in a couple months. But I might as well be a hundred. It's not easy to find a man like my husband. He kept me young. Most men my age are in terrible shape and have gone sour in their minds. The women too, but I'm not as keen on them as I once was."

Despite her laughter, it was easy to tell how her age and loneliness weighed on her. I didn't know what she meant by being keen on women, maybe BFF, I guessed. I was sorry my questions had sunk her feelings. "My momma told me, when you can't have babies, making them still feels good and is never a waste. I ran out of cum last week, but I would try to make you feel good, if you want."

She said respectfully, "That's a nice offer, Billy. It would be against the law to accept."

"Not if you pretend you're my age!" I pressed. "That's what you did before."

"I was pretending for your sake, Billy. I couldn't break the law just to feel good." She said. Something in her eyes looked familiar. I remembered Mr. Cherkle peeking at his wife and I in their bed.

"Some people get 'roused when they break the law." I told her, thinking she might be like that. She misunderstood.

Her eyes warmed. "Are you going to break the law, Billy? Does that excite you? If you were to rape me against my will, you would be breaking the law, not me."

That sounded bad. I didn't want to force her. Her eyes looked hotter. She continued. "Some people get aroused when they are forced, Billy. And you already have me at a disadvantage. As your teacher, I would never call the police unless you endangered another student. A teacher is suppose to help students become a better person. The police just want to punish people. If you were to rape me, I would try to make you a better person. Her hands fidgeted with the hem of her sweatshirt. Her eyes darted at the letter opener on her desk.


"I dunno, Mrs. Lum. You're really strong and quick too. Are you playing a game with me? I don't think I could, and wouldn't that hurt you? I want to make you feel good."

"You're right." She seemed genuinely impressed. "I wouldn't call it a game so much as make believe. But the pretending has to be good for both of us."

"I like games, and I like pretending, but it would be hard to pretend to rape someone so much bigger and tougher." My pee pee twitched at the idea, despite my concern. I wanted there to be a way.

"What if you pretend you're in the prime of your life, say 35, and tougher than me?"

"Like Jawain Donson?" I liked his movies, but that would be a lot of pretending.

"Anyone you like." Her eyes sparkled with promise.

I looked at the messy desk. "But not here." I thought of a good plan. "Mrs. Lum, I think you should check the equipment storage room, where you put away the music speaker. It looked like some jump ropes in there are jumbled up." I had noticed them and maybe a tug of war rope too. "Someone might get tangled in those ropes, unless you straighten them out."

Mrs. Lum frowned, her eyes still sparkling. "The safety of our students is the most important thing here at Lilith Middle School. I should do something about those ropes. I know I would hate to get tangled in them. I would feel so helpless."

"I'll wait for you here. I won't follow you or surprise you or anything like that." We were pretending. So lying was okay.

"Certainly not, Billy. I wouldn't want you to get tangled up." She rose from her desk and walked to the door. "I'll try to be careful, but you never know. If I'm not back in ten minutes, please send for help." She left with a spring in her step.

Ten minutes later, I sneaked out of her office. The halls were mostly empty. A couple teachers noticed me and smiled. I remembered Principal Agincourt said that they trusted students in the halls. I went outside, to the shower rooms and equipment locker. Several kids played on the grounds but were too busy with their games to notice me. The door was slightly open. I peeked in.

Mrs. Lum was bent over a pommel horse. Her arms and legs were laced with ropes. She heard me open the door and enter.

"I can't believe how clumsy I was. I didn't see that big rope on the floor, and stumbled. It wrapped around my legs. I tried to pull myself away with a couple ropes on the wall but they tangled up my arms! I'm glad you're here, Billy. I can hardly move. Did you bring help?"
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what a place to stop.. kind of has a person very interested on where this story is going. please continue.

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Wow what a great story......more like this again !

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Mrs. Lum did look helpless. Was she not pretending? Maybe I should have brought help. But if she was pretending, I didn't want to break the mood. The way her ass wriggled, jutting over the pommel horse, made my pee pee twitch in a good way. I needed to test her.

"I didn't, Ma-am. I'll see if I can help." I closed and locked the door.

"Billy, did you just lock the door? I'm not comfortable being locked in this shed with you, especially since I'm so vulnerable to anything you decide to do to me." She didn't sound angry or all that worried. I decided to play along.

"It's okay, Mrs. Lum. You can trust me. I just want to help." I examined the heavy, tug of war, rope wrapped around her legs. I tugged on one end and then the other.

"Billy, it feels like you're tightening it!"

"Sorry. It's really tangled. I can't find the part to loosen."

"Maybe if you try freeing my hands, I can unwrap my legs."

"Now, now. Don't rush me, Mrs. Lum. In class, today, you told us that giving up would make us weak." I tugged the big rope tighter.

"Ungh. I was talking about exercising."

"Untying knots is a puzzle kind of exercise. I like figuring out puzzles, like the RubyCubie and knots." I moved to the far side of the wooden horse and examined the ropes around her arms. She had tied them with two jump ropes. They didn't look very tight. I think she could have pulled free of them. That told me two things. She really was pretending, and I should make sure she didn't give up during our exercise in rape.

"Oh, good. I'll be free soon." She gave a brave smile.

"Let me fix these." I smiled. My pee pee was getting pretty hard, looking at her pained but hopeful expression.

"Oh, yes, before they affect my blood circulation."

I didn't know what she meant by that. I took the longest loose end and wound it around her arms again, then tied it to another loose end.

"Hey, Billy, that's not helping!" She feigned distress. "You're not tying me up more, are you?"

"Of course not, Mrs. Lum. Tying that end will let me untie the other end more easily."

"That can't be correct."

"Let me handle this, Mrs. Lum. You're the one who got into this mess." I reminded.

The tone of her voice hardened. "I-I can trust you, right, Billy?" I don't think she pretended to say that.

"Of course." I tugged the free ends of the jump ropes around her arms and then tied a tight knot. "There. You're free, Mrs. Lum."

"What do you mean?" She looked as if I had betrayed her. "I can't move at all, now!"

"You're free for me to do whatever I want."

"Nooo!" She complained, unsure about my trustworthiness. "I trusted you."

"Now I can make you feel good, Mrs. Lum. That's what you really wanted, right?" I unzipped my trousers and pulled down my pants. My fully erect penis stared back at her surprised face.

"But that would be rape, Billy!"


Mrs. Lum's voice carried the authority of a teacher. Had she stopped pretending? I think she would have said so. I didn't want to break the mood by asking. A little boy would do that.

When my pee pee stood out in the open, I worried less about how I was perceived. Boy or man, or in between, didn't matter when I about to make babies. Before that though, I wanted to explore Mrs. Lum's body. Her sweatshirt and pants hid most of her shape. She was certainly in good shape, better than any woman I had met, better than Momma who exercised every morning. This woman conducted six classes of physical education every weekday. What would she feel like? How had age affected her physique? I didn't have those exact questions in mind, I just imagined there was much I couldn't imagine. I had to find out. I reached my hand to her hair. "I promised to make you feel good, Mrs. Lum. I'm sorry if I have to rape you." Her graying hair was softer than I imagined.

"It's my job to teach you not to rape." She sighed. Her eyes sparkled looking at my sturdy erection. "You have a lovely penis, Billy. I would probably suck on it, but I won't because you're going to rape me. You could have a nice mouth and tongue to pleasure you. Rapists don't deserve that." Her head leaned into my hand when my fingers slipped through her short tresses. She said gently, "Rapists would risk getting bitten by forcing their penis into their victim's mouth, but I would never bite a student. Violence is the worst way to teach someone."

I stepped close to her doubled over body, until my pee pee almost touched her face. I gripped her closer arm and felt the muscles there. Her skin was a little looser than Mrs. Guthrie's and Mrs. Cherkle's. She was very warm to the touch. Her face glowed at my pee pee's proximity.

"Please don't force that in my mouth, Billy. I'm wish the law would let me suck you, but raping me is almost as bad as an adult molesting a child. Let me go, and I won't get you into trouble. We could talk ab-"

I giggled at her babbling and pushed my hard penis into her mouth. "Shhhh, Mrs. Lum, I can't pay attention to how your body feels, when you're talking." I stuck my hand down her collar and felt one of her breasts. It was larger than I had imagined. It wasn't as firm as the other two older women I had made babies with, but it felt real nice. I wanted to see it.

"I'm nod gunno thuck you." She declared, but her lips closed around my shaft and made it shiver. They were warm and moist. My body reacted by fucking a little in and out of her closed mouth. That felt almost as good as being sucked.

I reached over her back and pull her sweatshirt up to her armpits. I had to twist her body a little. So I could see her naked breasts, but that made it easier for her to keep her lips clamped around my humping stiffy. I felt her voice say, "Nooo. Please stop, and let me go. You shouldn't do this to a teacher." I think that's what she said.

Mrs. Lum's breasts weren't the largest I'd seen, but they hung down farther than any I had. They looked a little sad. Their beautiful sadness strengthened my resolve to make the poor, lonely teacher feel good. I was surprised about one thing. I pulled out of Mrs. Lum's mouth. "Your breasts are so loose, Mrs. Lum. They must flop a lot when you exercise. Doesn't that hurt?"

"They would, but before I explain, Billy, I want to thank you for stopping." She meant raping her lips. "I normally wear a bra, but my underware get uncomfortable after a day's activities. When I came in here to tidy up these confounded ropes, I took them off and slid them under this pommel horse. I never dreamed that I would get stuck across it and a naughty student would want to rape me."

When I looked down, I saw a black strap sticking out from under the padded, wooden riser. It was another sign that Mrs. Lum was just pretending, I told myself.

"I realize you have a young man's urges, but there are many good and moral ways to enjoy them. We can tal-"

I poked my dick back into her mouth. It closed around my hard shaft, and I resumed fucking it gently. "Thank you for taking off your underwear, Mrs. Lum. I want to feel your pussy. That'll make it a lot easier." Before invading her sweatpants, I rubbed her firm belly. The skin was a little lose. Beneath it her muscles were harder than any I had felt on a woman. It was a little strange, exotic even, but not particularly arousing. My hand then pressed behind her waistband. I felt her thick patch of hair. It was coarser than her head's but felt no different than any of the other women I'd made babies with. My pee pee was twitching a lot, from the gentle pressure of her lips. I told myself to save any cum for Mrs. Lums pussy, but her mouth felt really good. Even if she was too old for making babies, I should give her my best. I was sure she would appreciate it.

I reached lower and discovered my teacher's vulva were as wet as her lips!


My body humped the pee pee in Mrs. Lum's mouth faster, but I didn't want to cum in it, if I could. The pussy I probed was as eager to be raped as my P.E. teacher. "Oh, Mrs. Lum, you're so wet! I bet it'll feel really good when I rape your puss." I pulled out, ready to move behind her. She instantly complained.

"No! Billy, untie me. Don't rape my vagina, please! You shouldn't force yourself in my mouth. Interrupting your teacher is wrong. I can't help you be a better person when your penis is stuffing my face. Only bad boys rape their teachers. Listen to me. I'm not really wet down there." She gulped. "It's, um, sweat, from all my exercising. I could never be aroused by a rapist."

"Hee." I giggled and darted around her body. I had to pull her sweatpants down to her knees. That helped to keep her legs from moving, but I had to climb over them to get in position behind her. My pee pee spouted over her naked ass like a sapling in spring, ready to bud flowers. I couldn't wait to bud Mrs. Lum's flower.

"Please untie me, Billy. Talk to me. You don't want to do this. I don't want you to do this." Her body flinched when I stuck the head of my hard penis between her thighs. "Nooo! Be a good boy, Billy! Don't rape me!" She wailed. It wasn't like she was shouting. Her voice was intense not loud. And I had yet to see any tears in her eyes. They had been shining with hope, like Mrs. Abbey's and Mrs. Guthrie's.

I prodded the crevice of her thighs just below her butt. I spanked her butt to show her I wasn't taking any of her advice. The angle of her legs hid the wet slit, but I found the slick lips and tight dimple within. "I have to rape you, Mrs. Lum, because I promised I would make you feel good." I thrust my prick into her body. It slid through her opening smoothly, and the warmth of her sex sucked up the length of mine. "Ohhh, it's going in so easy, Mrs. Lum!" I delighted.

"No! Nooo." She pouted. "Take it out!" Her backside flinched when I struck her ass a second time. "You're even spanking me! You're such a naughty boy. How will I ever teach you not to rape?" She groaned when I began fucking in and out of her juicy cunt.

She was less bent over than the other ladies I fucked from behind. The angle of her thighs made penetrating more difficult. A couple times, my dick head slipped out, but it popped right back in because she was so wet.

I remembered reading that older women didn't get as wet as younger women, but Mrs. Lum's puss was juicier than Mrs. Abbey, Mrs. Guthrie, and Mrs. Cherkle. Raping her must really excite her. The walls of her vagina were loose, but because her thighs were clamped together, their drier friction felt different but just as good as the other women I'd made babies with. "I love raping your loose, old pussy, Mrs. Lum!" I exclaimed. "I want to make lots of babies by raping you."

"Uuuuhhhhhgggghhhh!!!" She groaned loudly for the first time. Her lower half lurched nearly throwing me out of her slick recesses. "You're making me cum, Billy!" She cried. "It's not fair, to make your teacher cum by raping her!"

The urge gripped me too. I moaned and grunted while I pounded her loose, wet fuck hole. I spanked her ass with one hand and held on to it with the other. So I could hump hard cock into the old teacher as fast as possible. "You sure like being raped, Mrs. Lum. I don't think you'll ever convince me to stop raping you."

"Please, Billy, never again! OOhhhhhh, I'm seeing stars!" Her butt suddenly thrust back against my thrusts, pushing me deeper into her loose but hot snatch. I couldn't hold out much longer. Raping a willing teacher was incredible!

"I'll never stop trying to convince you that rape is wrong, Billy. No matter how many times you force your nasty boy cock into my unwilling cunt-!" She exclaimed nastily. "Andmakemecummmmm!!!!" She screamed into closed lips.

My body jerked and twisted. The space between my balls and my dick was filled to the brim with cum. The muscles surrounding it heaved and shot a boiling load of sperm deep into Mrs. Lum's cunt! "I'm cumming too, Mrs. Lum. Ooohhh! It feels amazing!"

"Your cum is gushing into me! There's no stopping it. Billy, if I was younger, this much would make a baby in me!"

My dick pulsed another six times, spewing white blobs into the woman. She groaned each time. "It's not fair! Rape shouldn't feel this good!" Her insides surprised me by firming up and quivering, as if it was sucking on my spitting snake. I had never felt such a shift from loose and wet to firm and slick. The sharp transitional sensation drained cum from my balls as if my pee pee was a straw for her puss to drink from.

I wondered who was raping whom! "Amazing!" I shouted again. My head swirled with joy.

"I can't stop myself." The aging teacher wailed. "I've been so lonely." Her body kept twitching against me, long after I had stopped thrusting my pee pee into it.

I hugged her then, and kissed the middle of her back. "Your wonderful, Mrs. Lum."

Her voice strengthened. "Promise me, Billy. This is just between you and I. Never do this to anyone else, or I will call the police. I don't care if I go to jail too. You must never become a real rapist. I'm going to teach you lots of loving ways to make babies, even if you have to rape me every time." She looked back, fully serious. "Promise me."

I liked pretending, but I would never want to hurt anyone. "I promise." I didn't tell her that while I promised not to rape for real. If another woman needed me to rape her in order to make babies, that was my business, not Mrs. Lum's.

We rested. My penis softened and fell out of her cum dripping hole. White rivulets ran down her thighs, soaked into her bunched up sweatpants.

I stood up and dressed. She wriggled her arms and legs against her bonds. "Billy?"

"Mrs. Lum, I don't think a rapist is suppose to untie a victim." I left the storeroom and shut the door behind me. It was time to go home.

Along the half mile to my family's new apartment I decided, I liked my new school.

I didn't remember the email on my watch, until I was almost home. It was from Mrs. Abbey!


Hi Billy,

I was happy to get your email. I hope you have a great time at your new school. My daughter is always complaining about hers. At least she gets good grades. But you didn't write about her.

I would like to see you again too. It's difficult for a single mother to find someone who will do what you did for me. If my husband hadn't proven so unreliable, I wouldn't have taken such a risk. But you didn't write about that.

I'm sorry if I'm not being very good, letting my mind wander to other things besides you. It's been too long since you corrected my bad impulses. I'm even more sorry that I won't be in your neighborhood until next week. I'm sure I'll be even naughtier by then. I need your help to be good again.

yours however you want,

Charlotte Abbey

Her email ended with an emoji of a ping pong paddle. It was fun to read it. My well drained pee pee twitched from remembering making babies with her. I raced home.

After taking off my shoes, I wandered into the kitchen for a snack. Something silky rustled from the main room. I looked over the counter.

"Billy?" Mom must have been napping on the couch. Her head lifted from the pillow I slept with. Her appearance stunned me. She was wearing a deep blue gown like dress, with a great ruffled skirt. Her face was made up like a movie star, and she rose from the couch with a big smile on her face. "What do you think of my new uniform?"

"Wow!" Was all I could say. I forgot all about wanting a snack.

"I'll take that as a compliment, my clever son." She stood up and primped the folds of her dress into perfect form. "It's a style that housewives use to wear at parties in the 1950s. Ms. Colkick promised I would mesmerize our clients when we cook in other people's homes.

"You took the job."

She answered seriously. "Yes, Billy, but I made them promise to let you assist me. They said they would only send me to clients who agreed to your company."

I'd experienced too many changes in one day. I couldn't think of anything to say. I nodded stupidly. My mother looked gorgeous! Until that fabulous moment, I had been tired and dull headed and hungry, with well satisfied urges. I only wanted to sleep and eat, until that moment. "Are we going to work right now?" I asked eagerly.

Momma smiled. "Aren't we in a hurry." She stepped into the middle of the room and twirled. Her skirt flew around her like wings. "No Billy, not today. I just wanted to try it out. I've never worn anything like this." She stopped twirling and smiled again. "How do you like it?"


My mind raced at the mesmerizing sight, but my tongue floundered. Compared to all the other women I'd met, Momma was so much more beautiful, I doubted any women existed who looked as pretty. My pee pee had no hesitations. It filled happily, but not urgently. My tryst with Mrs. Lum had been very satisfying, but to have remained limp at Momma's display would have been a insult.

I did want her, but not to make babies. The idea tempted but that would sadden Daddy. He hadn't been at all happy when I told him how I had made her taste my cum. Seeing Momma in all of her beauty was a glorious moment I didn't want to spoil with sad thoughts. I didn't know what to say to her. So I didn't.

I rushed from behind the counter and crashed into the folds of her skirt. My arms flung around, and I held her as tight as I could. I buried my face in her tummy. The midsection of her dress was firmer than it looked. Its sturdy material thrust out her breasts, blocking the harsh afternoon glare from my eyes. I closed them and hummed. I'd never let her go.

"Oh my!" Momma hugged me back. "You must have had quite a day." She gave me opportunity to explain, but Momma's radiance outshined my amazing first day of school.

She didn't say anything after sustained silence. We held each other. We stood embraced for a very long time. When my feet tired, I maneuvered her slowly to the couch. She sank down on a cushion, and I curled up in her lap. Our arms never let go.

"Is this what you need?"

I nodded.

"When you get hungry. Let me know.

Starvation wouldn't have dragged me off of her lap. The sky outside darkened. We slid down to lie together along all the cushions. Her skirt wrapped and warmed my bare legs and feet.

Mother hummed at times, low and musically. She petted my head.

I woke at one point, unsure when I fell asleep in her arms. "Is Daddy home?"  My pee pee remained stiff, but the folds of her skirt softened its pressure against her.

"Soon, Honey. I should get up and remove my makeup. Do you feel like fetching my jar of cold cream?"


I was instantly aware of and excited by how Momma had been using the cold cream she had mixed my cum into, but a pang of guilt tapped on my heart. I had made her jack me off, which still didn't feel right. At the time, the idea of making her had been too compelling.

Now, having sated my urges, a few hours earlier, I assumed I had more self-control. "Yes, Momma." I smiled and slipped off the couch.

"Bring it from my dresser, and I'll meet you in the bath room." Mom got up and went there.

I found the jar easily enough, from the top drawer of her dresser. I took a moment to peek inside. It was a fresh, full jar, not as exciting as the one she had used up. I ambled to the door between the bedroom and the bathroom. It was locked.

"Just a minute."

About a minute later, the door opened, and a bare arm held out her dress. "Give me the jar, and hang this up in the closet. Be careful with it."

"Yes, Momma." I did as she asked. The dress was still beautiful, but nothing compared to being on my mother.

The door opened fully. Mother stood in her robe. The top edges were split open enough to see the crests of her boobs. I could even seen the top of her sturdy bra and the strap connecting them. My pee pee hardened at the sight. She said, "You can come in now."

"But I gave you the jar, Momma." I was confused, but I entered. There was barely enough space for the both of us.

"Yes, but after I ejaculated you into my previous jar, I kept getting compliments on my complexion. Your father seemed especially pleased with my facial. That jar ran out yesterday. I bought more on the way back from Mr. and Ms. Colkick's. I can't afford the better brands, but you turned this cold cream into something special. Would you like to do it again?"

Would I! My pee pee jerked into a full, almost painful erection, at the thought of adding more cum to her cold cream. I did worry that I had spent myself dry again into Mrs. Lum's puss, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try. Momma had assured that the pleasure of orgasm was never a waste. Still... "Daddy probably wouldn't like it, if I made you do it again." I confessed

She thought about that. "That is probably true, Billy. However, he did adore my complexion when I used the mixture. That's why I don't mind doing it for you again." She took my hand. "It's a decision only you can make." She flashed a wry, amused expression. "Or do you want to wait to ask him?"


Wait? The urge in my loins silenced any thoughts of waiting. "I'll do it, Momma." I told her. I find that moment funny, now. I didn't want Dad to be sad again by making her stroke me. I thought, only a little boy would choose pleasure at the expense of someone dear to him. I was going to be a man by jacking off in front of my mother and spilling my seed into her cold cream jar. So she could spread it all over her face. I do laugh now at my reasoning. Then again, it was a tiny step in the direction I needed.

I tugged down my school shorts and let my pee pee stab freely into the air. Momma smiled. Her eyes shined at the sight, making me blush.

A smaller thought nagged at the far edge of my awareness. Would jacking off actually make me cum? How Mrs. Lum's pussy had milked cum out of me still haunted. My hand would be a poor substitute.

Momma held the open jar out. She leaned forward slightly, and her robe parted a little more. I almost missed the cream when I stuck out two fingers to dip some. She smirked gently upon noticing me ogle her chest. Her other hand tucked the vee until it covered her bra and only the very top of her cleavage showed.

I dug a lump of cream out of the jar and carefully applied it to my hard pee pee. It was cold, but I knew it would warm quickly. My hand then grasp the shaft and I looked into Momma's eyes before stroking myself.

"I'm always proud of you, when you take charge, Billy." She exuded hope.

My hand started slowly. A boy would rush into jacking off, I thought. I stroked the whole length, gripping firm and even. It didn't feel as good as Mrs. Lum's puss, but it didn't feel bad! I closed my eyes for a moment to compare. The sensation was nice enough, but if I'd been alone, it might have bored me. Mother's presence make me hard and randy. I jerked faster, but not very fast. Momma's cream felt better than the coconut oil she had bought for me. I didn't want to rub it off.

My dick twitched and I felt a warm spark. I opened my eyes. Mother was intent on my hand's motion. Then I wished she was rubbing me. That felt so much better. I almost told myself it felt better than Mrs. Lum's quivering puss. I rubbed and rubbed my happy pee pee, but I had distracted myself from how it felt by comparing Momma's hand to a P.E. coach's raped slit. I tried remembering how I had tied her up and forced my hard penis into her. My pee pee responded delightfully, eliciting a moan.

"Don't hurt yourself, Honey." Momma said in a low voice. I had been jerking it longer than she had seen before. It was the longest I had jerked myself. I usually got off quickly, when I thought of the women I had made babies with.

The warmth at the base of my dick cooled. I shouldn't have worried. It was feeling really good up until I realized how long I had been masturbating. I frowned but jerked faster.

"It's okay, Sweetie. You don't have to. Regular cold cream will be fine. I shouldn't have made a fuss about it." She moved the jar away and leaned in close.

I didn't dare stop. What kind of man would I become if I gave up trying to please a woman as beautiful as my mother? I gave a little whimper. She sighed, heaving her chest up and down. My eyes caught the vee of her robe as it split a little wider.

She must have noticed my renewed fascination with the slopes of her boobies, but she didn't say anything. She simply fingered the collar of her robe, splitting its vee until the top halves of her bra cups and the strap connecting them were clearly visible in the bathroom light. My dick pulsed, and I moaned from renewed pleasures in my self abused pee pee.

"Billy, my robe is slipping off. I should pull it back together, right? You don't want to see your mom's chest when you're masturbating."


Momma's objection surprised me, but what she said wasn't nearly as surprising as it was irritating! I love my mother, but her many coy smiles and curious remarks about my adventures, which she shouldn't know anything about, came back to me, and in less than a nice way. I spoke without thinking or regarding my vast love for her.

"Are you teasing me, Momma?" I frowned. "Don't do that." I had also disliked it when Tara teased me on the train.

My hand jerked steadily, but the sensations in my pee pee weakened. My mouth didn't wait for her to answer, either. "I don't want to be teased. It's almost like bullying, Momma." I told her. "I'm sorry if you didn't mean to tease, but now you have to take off your robe and undo your bra, to prove you weren't teasing. You have to show me your boobies because you're being a booby." I made a joke to show I wasn't too angry.

"Billy!" Mother gasp. Shock stretched her features. "You're telling me to undress my breasts while you masturbate?"

I felt if I didn't take charge of her likely unintended meanness, she might make a similar hurtful mistake again. "Yes, Momma. Do it now. Take off the top of your robe. You can leave the sash tied."

A drawn out, deep grunt sounded low in her body, possibly from behind her navel which her robe still covered. She reached for the edges of the thick terrycloth garment, eyes questioning my intentions. Something darker seeped into their sparkling depths like smoke.

"You shouldn't tease me, Momma."

I almost heard her heart thudding. "N-no, Billy. I'm sorry." Her voice use the upper, quieter range of meekness she had used during the other times I took charge. She drew the top of her robe over her shoulders and down her back. She pulled her beautiful arms out of its white sleeves. The curves of her skin, from her sweet chin to her newly visible navel, propelled fresh vigor into my waning arousal.

Her bra contrasted sharply. It was sturdy and tan upon her lighter, smooth skin. Its frilled edges could not forgive the purpose it had been designed for, to sharply thrust a woman's breasts out from behind the complex tops of yesteryear's fashion.

"I can't help you with your bra, Momma, but you have to be quick about taking it off." My hand sped up, anticipating the sight of mother's full bosum in the cold, bathroom lighting. My balls tingled.

A full groan resulted from my demand, kept where it originated, by her pressed lips and tightened neck. The smoke in her eyes swirled, and their sparkle intensified. Her chest heaved with a sudden full breath. Her arms flew behind her back, and she continued to breath heavily. "Oh, Billy, when you're like this, I can't refuse." She whispered, leaning forward, dropping her face from my sight. Makeup concealed her blush, except where it ended and her neck began.

Her head hid her cleavage. I watched Momma's fingers fumble but couldn't see the clasp. Sharp pips sounded barely louder than the fervent smacking of my greased hand on my penis. The straps on her shoulders loosened, and the unlatched ends of the back band drooped at her sides. My pee pee twitched. I nearly orgasmed. For the first time since I agreed to fill Momma's cold cream with mine I had to resist sensations welling in my loins.

"Show me, Momma. Lean back, and let me see them."

"Yes." She agreed with a rush of breath. Mother straightened her posture high before easing her chest forward which caused her head and shoulders to tilt from me. "Thank you for making me atone for my mistake, my wonderful son." Her voice was like an obedient ghost.

Momma's breasts hung free from their prison, confirming the beauty I had glimpsed briefly before and had touched and sucked and bit, in what had been mostly darkness. Seeing them hang from her chest, somehow soft and firm at the same time, was a glorious moment. I almost came while she hoisted them as I had told her. I wanted to hug her and taste them both this time! My rapidly stroking hand refused to part from its mission.

I would have forgotten the jar of cold cream and sprayed my mother's tits with hot cum, if she hadn't picked it up and held it before me. She must have sensed my impending release.

Suddenly, I needed more from her. "Get on your knees, Momma, and hold your face close to me." I desperately held out against the intense urges in my groin.

"Yes, Billy." Mother was quick. Her knees struck the tile floor, but she did not wince. Her jutting breasts heaved from quick, deep breaths. I stood as straight as I could, and she pushed her face close to the bobbing head of my cock.

"Good, Momma. Now hold out the jar and scoop out some. Smear it on your makeup, and hurry!" I wanked and commanded.

"Aaahhhh!!!" Mother surprised me with a passionate groan. She dipped three fingers madly into the jar and spanked the blob across her cheeks and forehead. Her hand then smeared it into the thick layers of her 50s style makeup. The white cream tore streaks of peach colored paint from her face.

I cried out and aimed my throbbing prick! "Ohhh, I'm cumming, Momma!"

"Mmmmgggghhhh!" Mother answered with similar exhortation. "Billy!"

Hot globs of spunk shot from my prick and splotched the streaked white cream covering her face. Her hand swirled as my ball juice sprayed. Firm fingers whipped cum and cleanser into a naughty froth. Momma's body convulsed, tossing her breasts up, but she maintained her face before my spitting snake.

The first wave of orgasm obliterated my vision. I soared from pleasure erupting far hotter and grander than the sperm flying out and down upon Mother's upturned face.

I fought for awareness and shifted my aim between my cock's heavy spurts. "Hold the jar still!" I told her. The next glob of cum landed in the divot our hands had dug. I continued to masturbate. Mother continued to swirl cum and cold cream and loosened makeup into an orgy of a mess. We grunted and moaned as one. The room darkened as my pupils narrowed.

My balls sent another six missiles. Nearly blinded, I landed every drop into the glass receptical. When they ended in a last stream of cum, I squeezed my softening penis from base to tip. The total amount surprised me. I estimated cumming almost as much as I had in Mrs. Lum's pussy.

Half of my cum for that evening couldn't fill the jar, but mother seemed more than pleased. "Your daddy will be so happy for this." She gushed, giving the jar a tiny shake. The off-white blobs within were quickly jelling.

I stepped back, still breathing fast. I realized, despite my accomplished aim, my orgasm compromised eyes never lost sight of Momma's naked breasts. I counted the few freckles on them. 13 was almost my age. She smiled at my obvious reverie, grabbed a towel hanging next to the sink and wiped her hand. There wasn't much to wipe. She had managed to impart every blob of cream and cum upon her dirty snow coated cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Beyond the bathroom, our front door opened. "Faun? Billy? Are you home?" Daddy asked. He sounded a little tired.

Mother's demeanor changed in an instant. She handed the towel to me. "Clean yourself and dress. Then greet your father. I'll go into the bedroom." She stood up and kept the robe, secured only by its sash, from slipping down her hips. Holding lid and jar, she entered their bedroom and closed that door. After wiping my hand and pee pee, I hauled my shorts up and zipped them before running to greet Dad.

Momma called from the bedroom. "I'm in the middle of changing, Honey."

He gave a quick hug and released me. "I'm glad you weren't longer in there." He scooted to the bathroom. I went to the refrigerator to see what I wanted for supper.

A couple minutes later, I heard the door open between the bath and bed rooms. "Faun, did you mean to leave your bra in here. Billy must have seen it."

"It's okay. I doubt he looked at it for long, Sweetheart."

When they emerged, Momma's face was still coated in dirty white. She wore her robe tightly cinched from neck to ankles. She told him. "The makeup for my new job is very thick. I have to let the cream soak in before washing it off."

"Did you work today?"

"No. I just shopped for my outfit and makeup. Angela Colkick helped. She's very knowledgeable and imaginative about clothing."

"And she paid for it all?"

Mother smirked. "Of course, Silly."

He tried to kiss her lips, clearly willing to wash his face afterwards, but Momma held up a hand. He kissed it instead. She didn't give him a choice.

"Is that perfume on your hand? I thought you didn't like artificial scents."

"It's one hundred percent natural, if you don't count the cold cream."

"It's oddly familiar." He sniffed it again. "I like it!"

"Of course you do. Now rest, and let me work with Billy to make supper. We need to practice as much as we can."

We didn't have time for a fancy dessert, but Momma told me to look up pie recipes. They were sure to be popular in the homes we would service. After eating our meatloaf and stewed green onions, she opened a can of pears.

I spooned a chunk of canned pear from my bowl. It was the same color as the cum I had ejaculated into Momma's face and cold cream. "I guess I don't need dessert. Thank you, Momma."

"Give your serving to Daddy. He's had a tiring day." She took her time eating every solid bite of canned pear, licking off the syrup before nibbling it to nothing.

"You must have had a good, first day at school, from the way you're smiling." Daddy observed, stuffing a blob of white pear into his mouth.

"I did. I'm sorry yours made you tired." I found out how tired, after they had gone to bed.

Like a snooping security guard, I listened at my parent's door.

Mother entered from the bathroom, having finally washed the makeup, cum, and cream from her face. "Do you need your Faun's special loving tonight?"

"You can always tell how tired the job makes me. Thank you, Dearest."

A minute later, I heard a repeating, slurping sound. Father moaned over them. He managed to ask. "Are you sure I can't return the favor?"

The slurping paused. "I'm quite satisfied, Love." Mother's mouth sounds resumed.

"Did Billy make you do something, today?" Father's voice quieted. I had to press my ear to the door to hear him.

The slurping stopped. "Yes, Dear. Would you like to hear about it, or would you like this." She slurped more.

"Your mouth is perfect doing that. I don't need to know, and you know I completely support you to ensure Billy grows wise and strong." When Daddy said, "Strong." he started moaning again, louder this time. "I wish I was stronger for you." Almost as if he was crying. "This damn job..."

I left their door. Before falling to sleep, I thought about what I wanted to do at school the next day or all week for that matter.

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[... Billy's second day at school ...]

I couldn't go to bed right away, because I had to watch online videos for my classes. They were okay. I took some notes but mostly played a number doubling game on my watch before I fell asleep.

In the morning, I asked Momma when our first job with Meals on Heels would be.

"Mr. and Ms. Colkick weren't sure. They are still in the process of promoting the service, but they have some interest. They will give us three day's notice, unless a customer pays for express service."

"Oh." Sounded complicated. I nodded and finished my breakfast.

"In a hurry to get to school?" She observed.

"Kinda." I said, but I wasn't. I wanted to check on on something. I put on my jacket and grabbed my lunch bag.

"We'll that's a good sign, I think." She cocked her head.

"Love you, Momma." I raced out the door.

"I love-" SLAM!

I slowed down when I saw Mrs. Cherkle sweeping the front entrance hall. "Good morning."

"Hello, Billy." She immediately blushed. "It's a little early for school."

"I'm not going to class." I didn't explain what was driving me, but it expressed itself. "Are you okay?"

She looked away, smiling. "I'm recovering. Don't stop and natter with an old lady if you have to be somewhere."

"You're wonderful, Mrs. Cherkle."

"All because of you." She whispered as I sped up again. I might have imagined it, though.

I traveled quickly but took care at each intersection. I wasn't in a hurry, I just wanted to find out something.

That something, I arrived at huffing and puffing, was the P.E. storage locker. I knocked on the door. "Mrs. Lum?" I asked. "It's me, Billy Androni." I felt silly. There was no way she could still be tied up there. I woke up thinking about her, how I had left her well tied yesterday afternoon. I suddenly felt guilty for leaving her that way.

"I can see it's you, Billy." Mrs. Lums voice announced behind me. I spun around.

She stood wearing a fetching suit of slacks, blouse, and light jacket. She didn't look as happy as when I left her. Her vague concern was a little frightening.

"I was just going in, to change my clothes for teaching. Did you want something?"

"Uh, I'm sorry about yesterday afternoon?"

"What for, Billy?" Her face was like cold stone. "Did something happen yesterday afternoon?"

"I, uh, we..."

"We talked, Billy. Did you have more questions for me. We should go to my office if so. It's not very private out here."

Oh. I nodded, getting what she meant.

I followed her to her office. She let me in and closed the door. I sat feeling more than awkward.

"Now. Billy, tell me what you're feeling sorry about."

"I left you tied up. I shouldn't have done that, right?"

"Normally, no, Billy. You're just lucky that when you slammed the door on your way out, I had a most marvelous additional orgasm. I didn't realize I could react that way to selfish power."

"Are you angry with me?"

"Yes and no." She sat back in her chair. Her face warmed slightly. "It took me half an hour to wriggle out of those ropes. I was angrier with you then, but I realize, you're very inexperienced with rape play.

"Now I'm grateful for learning something about my sexuality I hadn't known."

"I should have untied you?"

"Not exactly, but you should have waited to make sure I was okay."

"Oh, okay. I will next time."

"About that," Mrs. Lum leaned forward. "You must be very careful, Billy. From now on, I'm not going to invite you to rape me. If you pick a bad time or place, I will stop you. Can you respect that?"

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Good." She got up from her chair. "I have to change before school begins. You're welcome to use my office computer, to study about Capoeira." She left me in the office, to change in the storage locker.

I heard other teachers arriving in the halls, going to their classrooms. It was a chance to talk with one or two.


I considered following Mrs. Lum to the storage room and raping her again. My pee pee got hard from imagining her helpless, trying to convince me to stop while I did what I wanted with her body. I almost took out my penis and jerked it off, but I didn't want to waste my cum.

Too many teachers were arriving, preparing for class. I didn't know their routine or if the storage room was private enough in the morning. I didn't want to be stopped by Mrs. Lum, if I guessed wrong. Instead, I thought of Ms. Hennifer.

It had been less than a week since I came into her hair bun. She had warned me about expecting too much from her. She was a very stern person and soundly beat my bottom for displeasing her. Yet I felt she had needed me to show her she could be unrighteous. She had thanked me profusely for cumming into her hair bun, to remind her to be more fair.

I might not make babies with Ms. Hennifer or have simliar fun with her, but I trusted her to counsel me with a matter I had little control over. Momma had entrusted her with punishing me, should I be unrighteous. If Momma trusted her...

I left a thank you note on a text window, for Mrs. Lum, and got my things.

I wandered down a hallway, less than an hour from first period. None of the teachers who noticed me acted concerned. They had been instructed by Principal Agincourt to trust students. I reached room #217, my math room. It was unlocked, and Ms. Hennifer sat at her desk studying a planner.

She looked up at my entrance. "It's early Billy, and you don have me class until third period." She let her brogue slip. She hadn't once during yesterday's class. It made me feel special. "Yuu canna be expecting something I got no time for."

"It's not that, Ms. Hennifer." I shuffled up to her desk.

She pointed at the closest student desk, like a stoic. "Sit and tell me what you need."

I obeyed quickly. "My mother's going to work in other people's homes, making meals for them. If she has to work when I'm not in school, I have to help her. I like helping her, but I wish she didn't have to work, at least right away. The city is so different, I don't want anyone to hurt her."

"You want more time with her yourself, I'm guessing. She's your comfort in a strange land." Ms. Hennifer's face remained stoic, but I saw a brief sparkle in her eyes.

"I-I guess so, but I want to make friends at school too or at least try." I could still feel where Steve had hit my shoulder yesterday. "It'll be even harder, if I'm gone a lot after school."

"Billy," Ms. Hennifer stood up and walked around her desk to stand before me. "We agreed that you are going to handle what happened in the playground last week, but I still have a duty to pay attention to your situation. Did Steve or the other three cause you any grief, yesterday?"

"Wendel was nice to me, but he doesn't want to be friends with a freshman." I tried to evade. "I didn't see Trish or Al."

"But you saw Steve."

I kept my lips shut.

"Fine. I won't grill you further." Ms. Hennifer's stoicism tilted "But you might like to know that his mother drives him to school each morning and picks him up in the afternoon."

Huh. I thought, maybe that's why he's having trouble attracting Trish. He has to leave school when his mother picks him up. My next thought was more troubling. When Momma took me to work, I would face similar problems. I almost felt sorry for him.

Was Ms. Hennifer thinking the same thing? When I didn't comment, she told me. "I doubt your mother will take you from school very often. You'll make friends, Billy. Don't be in a hurry. Let them happen as they happen, just be open and ready."

She was right! "That's more important than worrying about it." I smiled and got up. "Thank you, Ms. Hennifer."

"I'm glad I could help." She looked darn right pleasant at my gratitude, but her eyes wandered. One of her hands reached up to her hair bun. At the same time, her lips parted slightly and I saw the tip of her tongue. It retreated quickly and her eyes refocused on me. "Tomorrow I'm going to give a little quiz. Do study for it." She was even kind enough to give me advanced warning. "It's intended to measure each student's ability, and I'll be busy grading that afternoon."

"Okay, uh. I'll study." I filled her pause.

"But on Thursday perhaps you could help me after class. I often have free time on the days when I return a test."

"Oh!" I piped without thinking. "Yes, I would like to help you again."

"Be good, lad, until then. I'd hate to have to use the authority your mother gave me, again."

"I will, Ma-am." I walked to the door and opened it. "Thank you."

She nodded and returned to her desk.

I went to my locker and took off my watch. I couldn't wear it during school. I had thought to study my math book, until first period. The first chapter covered concepts from the previous grade, to ease students into its new material. The watch flashed on. There was only fifteen minutes left. Students were arriving now. Steve was probably arriving. As I set my watch on the high shelf in my locker, I wondered what his mother looked like.

I shut the locker door and spun the combination dial. I hastened to the parking lot. There I realized the futility of my quest. A mob of cars filled the parking lanes and the street. I felt lucky to be able to walk just a few blocks to school, but I knew most of these kids were luckier. They had families that could afford two cars. I decided to go to the playground and risk saying hello to some of the classmates I'd met yesterday.

"Mom! Don't blame me in front of everyone!" Steve's voice rang out above the idling engines and the opening and shutting of car doors. His mother's car was four away from me. He stood on the pavement between the car and its front passenger door. His head was bent down into the cabin. The driver window was open, and that's why I could hear them.

"I can't believe you forgot your soup thermos, Steve! Now I have to fetch it before lunch. Go to the school office after your first class. It'll be waiting for you." His mother's anger sounded tired. I walked past a couple cars, trying to look normal. Steve couldn't see me. One car away, I saw his mother. She looked haggard, hair in curlers even, but her face was quite pretty. Her expression was a sigh waiting to happen. She sighed, "What I do for you."

"Mom, I don't need soup. I'll buy lunch."

"But you have your lunch box. Don't waste your allowance."

"I'm going, Mom." He backed out and slammed the door shut.

I ducked behind the car parked closest to me, peering through its empty cabin. I didn't get up until he had stormed into the building. Steve's mom couldn't leave so quickly. She had to wait for the cars ahead of her to clear. I walked within spitting distance, not to spit at her, though. It's just a saying. I wanted to see her close up.

She turned her head and called to me. "Young man, can you see how many cars are ahead of me?" Her voice was not happy, resigned to the wait.

I looked. She wasn't the only parent arguing with their kid, holding up this lane of cars. "It's not many, but they're slow, Ma-am." I told her directly.

Steve's mom wore a daisy print house robe. She clutched it when I gazed into the window. A light blush told me she was more embarrassed than afraid. I averted my gaze, but I remembered her red hair and freckles. Her eyes were tawny. They would have been very pretty if they hadn't looked so tired with dark circles under them. Her shape looked average, but her breasts filled her robe more than my mother's filled hers.

"You don't happen to know my son, Steve Dinty, do you?"

She might as well chat with a polite boy while she waited, I guessed. First class didn't start for a little while.


This was scary ground. Should I talk with a bully's mom? What if Steve found out? Wouldn't he be angrier with me? I wasn't really afraid of him though. If only I were big enough to deal with him. That got me thinking. I shouldn't be afraid of his mom either. Maybe she knew something that would stop him from bugging me.

She sighed again, probably because I didn't answer right away, but she appreciated me when I said, "Steve? Yes, I met him playing basketball last week. He tagged me in the hall yesterday. I don't know much about him, but it's nice to meet you, I'm Billy."

"Well, you just missed him, Billy, and that's probably for the best. He wasn't in a good mood." She craned her head out her window to look at the car jam ahead of her. "You don't have any classes together?"

"No ma-am, I just started middle school."

"Lilith has an amazing record. Their drop out rate has halved each year for the last two years. Fifty percent of the graduating classes are in the top ten percentile at their high schools."

"I got to meet Principal Agincourt. She seems like a good principal."

"I got to meet her too." Mrs. Dinty looked away. "I've tried my best..." She said softly to no one.

"There's a girl that Steve likes." I had to say something. It was all I really knew about him besides his lousy attitude.

The tired lady perked up. "Really?" She looked at me as if I were traffic cop. "Uh, are they, uh, close?"

"Nah. She doesn't know, and he goes home after school."

"Billy!" Energy flooded into her. "I'm such a terrible mom! I should have guessed."

"You aren't terrible, not if you drive him to school everyday." I almost added how she was going to fetch soup for him.

"No. That must be why he's been in a terrible mood. What's her name?"


"You don't know her last name?"

"I don't know her or Steve all that well."

She studied me for a minute. The car ahead of her scooted forward almost two car lengths, but she kept her foot on the brake. "Well maybe you should. I don't like driving him, but Principal Agincourt suggested it in our, um, meeting."

Hers didn't sound like the nice meeting Momma and I had with the principal. Mrs. Dinty fretted, "I know he misses making friends, but what can I do? His father refuses to accept responsibility for Steve's-" She stopped after getting quite loud.

"I'm sorry, Billy. What I mean to ask is, would you like to come home with Steve this afternoon? He's got some expensive video games, but no one to play them with. I could drive you home in time for supper."

Video games! Wow! My elation was cut short by a long honk from the car behind Mrs. Dinty.

She yipped, "Sorry!" It was probably meant for me and the honker. "I have to go, but think about it, if you have free time after school. Meet us here. I'll certainly be happy to square it with your parents." Her car rolled past.

"Okay." I waved without thinking. I'd be in the same home as a bully! Why did I say, "Okay?" I knew why. I felt sorry for Mrs. Dinty. She seemed like nice person who had to deal with a moody son. I wanted to help her. And just maybe Steve might bug me less, if I played video games with him.

Still, I felt it couldn't be that easy. I went to class, mulling it over.

Most of my classes were spent with workbooks. The teachers lectured rarely and only briefly. They spent most of their time helping students with their workbooks. Except for Mr. Yong, who hadn't been kidding about playing with fire. He held up a slime like goo for all to see. Then he lit it on fire. He invited students to take the goo from him and pass it around, while it burned. Everyone hesitated, until the girl, Kelly, got up from her seat and took the goo from him. When she offered to pass it, several guys, including me held up their hands. When it got passed to me, it was half the amount. It felt very warm but otherwise was like the slime I had played with as a kid.

Mr. Yong explained, "That's a special substance with a low combustion temperature. It's really expensive, but the important thing is, notice how it's shrinking. Like wood, burning it turns its molecules into gasses, in this case, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Today we'll talk about how one form of matter is changed into another with fire."

In P.E. Mrs. Lum gave us a calisthenics test before showing new steps in the Caprioera dance. I didn't last as long as most but longer than many. James was pretty strong, but so were Phil and Carlo. Mrs. Lum ignored me. I suspected she would answer any question I had, but the question I want answered most wasn't something for public query.

My school day ended with art and music. We spent half the day drumming on our seats and then practicing straight lines.

When it was over, I went to my locker and got my watch. The school turned on its public wifi after class. I emailed Momma and asked when I had to be home.

She must have been on the computer. She answered right away. "If you want to spend time at school, you don't have to be home until supper. But if you go anywhere else, let me know. I'll decide how long." She added. "I've been scheduled to cook for someone on Friday afternoon. You'll have to come home right after school, that day."

As excited as I suddenly felt about Momma's first cooking job, I couldn't delay my decision any longer. Mrs. Dinty was probably already in line to pick up Steve.


I raced to the parking lot. There were more kids than cars, but I quickly spotted Steve, as if my senses had sharpened for him. I kept kids and cars between us while following him to his mother's car, an older SUV. Just as he opened the door she spotted me and waved through the windshield. "Billy!" 

Steve spun his head and almost snarled. "Mom?" As if asking, 'What's the meaning of this?'

"I invited him to play video games with you this afternoon. You're always complaining about not being able to make friends. I spoke with Billy this morning. He was nice, and he said you know him.

Clearly Steve wasn't in a position to reveal our adversity. "I don't want to play with him." Was all he could say.

Mabel Dinty surprised both of us. "Steven Dinty, get in the car this instant. Billy is going to ride up front, and you will treat him with the courtesy you give a guest."

"But Mom!"

"Billy, please ignore my son. He'll calm down when he gets home. Steve doesn't like surprises, but I'm sure you'll become fast friends, once he realizes how nice you are.

To my only credit, I managed to keep my jaw from falling open. "Yes, Ma-am." I studied her. Instead of a house robe, she wore a silky, white blouse and a pair of crisp, dark red slacks. The blouse fit snug, revealing a bigger bosom than I had guessed that morning, but it hid her cleavage.

Steve muttered mockingly, "Ma-a-am."

"What was that, Steven?" His mother demanded?

"Nothing." Steven looked away. "Hi, Billy."

"Hi, Steve." I hopped in beside his mother, certain that this would be a disaster, but what could he do to me when his mother would be around until she took me home? If the situation hadn't been so awkward, I would have counted it a victory of sorts.

"What do you think of your new school, Billy?" Mrs. Dinty asked.

She had a lot of questions, which I managed to answer in four words or less, until we reached their home. It was an actual house with a yard, but it wasn't particularly big. It had two bedrooms and a bath. It did have a garage and a dishwasher. I was impressed.

I remembered to call Momma. She spoke with Mrs. Dinty briefly. They agreed I could return after supper.

"Steve, why don't you let Billy pick a video game to play, while I fetch you boys some snacks." His mother went into the kitchen, leaving me alone with him in the living room.

"You little shit. I'm going to pound you so hard tomorrow..."

"I'm not afraid of you, Steve. That's the only reason I came."

"Tomorrow you will be."

I pretended to look through the dozen or so video games for his Switch, wishing he would just let it go.

"Did you decide?" Mrs. Dinty placed a tray of cookies and lemonade on the coffee table.

I grabbed one at random, "Arms." I'd never played it, but I saw some videos on YouTube. I handed it to him and took a cookie.

His mother probably thought it was best for us to work things out. She disappeared into a back room.

Steve said nothing. He chucked a pair of controllers at my feet and plugged the cartridge in before starting the device.

I of course, sucked at the game, but I still managed to win after three losses. Steve fought angrily, not paying attention, while I figured out how to play. He threw down his controllers and stormed into his bedroom. We hadn't exchanged one word.

"Would you like me to take you home?" His mother appeared.

I hadn't got what I came for. In fact, Steve was going to hunt me down worse, tomorrow! I thought quick. "I'm not very good. Maybe if you played, I could give Steve a challenge."

She looked over her shoulder, frowned and possibly shrugged. "Okay. How does it work?"

She and I played three games. I think she was genuinely surprised by how much fun the game could be when real lives weren't at stake. By the third game, she was laughing at the crazy power moves she had managed to figure out. I let her win the last game.

Steve was standing in the hall. "I'll play him, Mom."

"Good!" She smiled at her son. "Your father will be home in time for dinner. I'll start making it."

"You got lucky last time, Brat." He took the controllers and started a new game.

I didn't have a chance. He may have realized he lost because of his earlier anger, or maybe not. This time he played with conviction. I got a little better, but he totally dominated the arena. I think his anger waned only because playing me bored him.

"Let's try something else." I offered.

He grinned evilly and pulled a package from the screen cabinet. "I've beaten every level and secret level of Smash."

I was the one bored. I didn't bother to ask for co-op mode. I let him grin and taunt me as he killed my lives one after another. I remained determined to give him a challenge. Neither of us heard his father arrive.

"Who's the runt, Steve?"

"Dad!" He flinched and leaned away from the man.

Mr. Dinty wasn't very tall or big but he had a bit of a belly. His sneer was the largest thing about him. His short hair was half gray. He looked older than his years. Something about his posture said that.

"Well? I asked you a question." The man totally ignored me.

"Uh, this is Billy. Mom-"

"Is this the kind of friend you want to make, Steve?" He snorted. "A boy like him is for pussies!"

"It's not- I didn't, uh, I don't want to be his-"

"You can't even spit it out." He shook his head. "I'm very disappointed."

"Um, Mr. Dinty?" I dared.

He struck me with a look. "I'm not talking to you, you little creep!"

"For goodness sake, Bob!" Mrs. Dinty appeared from the kitchen. "He's our guest!"

The wicked man swiveled. "He may be your guest, but I don't have to like him."

His wife's eyes teared up, and with a brief sob she ran down the hall.

Mr. Dinty dismissed her with another angry snort. He retargeted. "Don't let your mom pick your friends, Steve. This one might as well be a girl in shorts and a t-shirt. You need to hang out with boys who are going to become men!"

"Yeah, Dad, I know." Steve managed to finish a sentence before his father continued ranting.

"This runt isn't a man, and you never will be until you get manly friends."

"I'd better go." I looked for a path around the horrible man, to the front door.

He zeroed in. "You look like you're a momma's boy. Aren't you ashamed of that? You aren't big enough to do anything but suck on your momma's tits."

I wanted to be angry, but I suddenly started crying. He was so mean! I didn't know what to say or do. I lost track of the door beyond him. Tears stung my eyes. "I'm just a freshman." I managed.

"What for, Kindergarten?" Mr. Dinty laughed.

Steve pretended to laugh, but I thought it was real. I had made a terrible mistake coming here. I wanted to die. I couldn't stop from bawling.

"You're just a whiny, little shit."

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, BOB!" Mable Dinty screeched, storming out of the hall, both arms flailing, like real Nintendo, Arms! "I'LL CALL THE POLICE IF YOU DON'T TAKE STEVE AND LEAVE RIGHT NOW!"

Mr. Dinty flinched. He grabbed his son's hand and dragged him to the garage. "We'll be back after dinner!" He counter-threatened. It was almost comical. The door shut them away, and a car roared to life. It faded away from the house.

Mrs. Dinty, still sobbing, collapsed to her knees on the wall to wall carpeting. I kept crying too, until I had to catch my breath.

"I'll drive you home, Billy."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Dinty."

"You're sorry? My husband was a wretched fiend to you!"

"I know Steve doesn't like me. I shouldn't have come."

"Child! That's the bravest thing I've ever heard!" She gasp. He tears slowed. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"I just wanted to find a way to make him like me." If I'd been more honest, a way to stop him from hating me so much.

"Billy." Mrs. Dinty's voice was very small. "Has Steve ever, uh, hurt you?"

"I don't want to say."

"Oh, Billy." She took me in her arms. "I've tried so hard to prevent what Bob's doing to him. It's not your fault."

I hadn't considered my situation was anyone's fault but Steve's. Now I'd seen his father who was much worse. This poor woman had been trying to help her son from becoming like his father. I felt so sad for her I forgot being sad for myself.

"I love my son, Billy, but right now I wish you were my boy." She hugged me fiercely. Her on her knees, my face was pulled into her ample breasts.

"I-I'm not a boy." I tried to recover some sense of pride.

"No. You're far more adult than either of my men." Her hug softened.

I nuzzled her chest without thinking. It was a habit formed from many recent encounters with loving women. Though sad, my pee pee didn't stand a chance against her soft, warm body. It grew hard against her thigh quickly. She was too distraught to notice.

"You deserve a better man, Mrs. Dinty."

She sniffed, but it was also a little laugh. "That's Bob's last name. I wish I had never taken it."

"I could be your man, for a little while." My words surprised me. Later, I understood the one thing I could always be confident about was making babies. I needed confidence right then. She didn't understand.

"What are you saying, Billy?" She released me and looked at me from a little farther away.

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confident about was making babies. I needed confidence right then. She didn't understand.

"What are you saying, Billy?" She released me and looked at me from a little farther away.


"I think you need someone to care about you, to make you feel good. You give so much to your family, but what about you? What were your called before you got married?"

"I was Miss Camden-"

"That's pretty, Miss Camden. I love my Momma and Daddy, but I'm with you right now, and you did everything to protect me. Let me give what I can, to you."

Her voice faltered. "Wh-what can y-you give me?"

I put my arms around her and hugged. This time, I pulled myself into her body, my face nuzzling her big breasts. When I lifted my head higher and kissed her, she trembled from confusion and possibly shock. She cringed when I broke the kiss.

"But you're too young to-!"

"You can choose, Miss Camden. I want to be a man for you." I kissed her lips again, confidence swelling in more than my peter. "But I'm am kind and loving. I'm not moody or mean. Just for a little while, enjoy this for yourself."

She sniffed back new tears. "Oh, Billy. Why can't my son be strong like you? Why can't Bob-" She stopped. "I should take you home." She stood up. "And call me, Mrs. Camden."

"Please don't, Miss, er, Mrs. Camden." I claimed her hand. I turned to the hall entrance, tugging her gently. "You can take me home later."

"Billy, I feel so ashamed." She stepped behind me to keep from falling. "I can't believe you would do this." Mrs. Camden walked another step. "You're like my boy and my husband, who take advantage of me."

"You get to choose this time." I repeated trying to show I was earnest. She saw the fire in my heart. I walked into the hall. She followed.

"This isn't right." She choked a sob. "Let go of my hand. Please?"

"All you have to do is take it out of mine."

"I-I can't, Billy. I want-" She gave a full sob but kept up.

I peered through three open doors. The closest led to a bathroom. The farthest held her marriage bed. I led her into Steve's room. Just inside, I turned and hugged her again. I kissed her breast bone, the patch of skin that peeked from the top of her blouse.

"Not in here, Billy." She shook her head, but her hands clasp behind mine to keep my lips pressed to her chest. "It's my son's room."

"Take me home, and I'll take you to mine." I imagined leading Mrs. Camden past my mother and into her room, telling Momma not to peek or listen. My cock stiffened like never before.

"Please don't joke, Billy."

I pulled her hands from my head, stepped back and placed them at the top button of her blouse. Then I moved forward, pinning them between our chests. I tilted my head back and reached behind her head, caressing her curled hair from behind. She bent at the neck and her lips touched mine.

We kissed while she unbuttoned her blouse. I gave her hair soft strokes. She straightened before her next gasp. "My husband does not love me." She sobbed. "I don't know why."

"I want you to have love. You give all of yours. It's not your fault they don't give back." I hugged her and pressed my face to her thick bra.

"It is. It has to be my fault."

She smelled tainted. I didn't know it was from her stress. I told myself what mattered more was to make her feel good, not complain about a strange smell or taste. I made myself lick her cleavage. It was only strange I decided, not bad a little salty. "Mrs. Camden, please don't punish yourself. You deserve good things." I shrank down and kissed her naked belly. It bulged with sadness. I wanted to kiss it away.

"That feels nice, Billy, but you should stop. I should button it back, and we should go to the car."

I took the top of her blouse and pulled it down her arms by stepping behind her, the sleeves captured her arms there.

"No, Billy. Please."

"All you have to do is put your shirt back on, Mrs. Camden." I let go and tapped the back of her bra where metal hooks cinched it tight, to let her know what I wanted.

Her head tilted forward again. "Thank you." Tears dropped from her face. She stood still. I waited.

"This is for me." She tugged the sleeves bunched at her wrists, until the blouse floated to the hardwood floor. Her hands moved up and pulled her bra hooks free.

I helped by pulling the top straps over her shoulders. She leaned forward and let the sturdy white underthing fall. Steve's mother turned around and hugged me to her naked breasts.

I kissed them once before opening my mouth and sucking in a dark red nipple. It was firm and big. I wrapped my arms around her torso.

"Oh, Billy! What are you do- Ooohh, careful they're really sensitive."

I let go and sucked in her other nipple, gentler this time.

"I haven't felt that since Steven was a baby."

"Shhh, Mrs. Camden. It's me, Billy."

"I'm sorry!" She cried louder than I would have expected. "Kiss them. Suck them. You make my fat titties feel so good."

I resumed sucking but nipped one slightly with my teeth!"

"OH!" She yipped.

It distracted her from noticing I was moving her closer to her son's bed. But when the back of her knees touched the mattress. She had to make the real choice.

"I, CAN'T!" She sobbed. "I want to, but it's not right!" She let go of me.

Undaunted, I gave her space, but immediately reached to my shorts.

"Billy, what are you doing?" She gaped. "I need to get my blouse and my keys."

I stepped on her white blouse. My shoes no doubt stained it. I was quick to unbutton and unzip my shorts. I pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. My erection wobbled free, sticking extra firm in the warm air. "All you have to do is get your blouse, Mrs. Camden." I felt like I was playing a new kind of game, one that I could invent while playing it.

"No, Billy! You're naked down there. You should have kept it in your pants." She held a hand to her mouth. "It's so..."

"It's so what, Mrs. Camden? Do you like my peter?"

"It's beautiful." She breathed. "I-I haven't seen my husband's in years. He thinks women can control men if we can find their, uh, peters."

"I'm Billy, Ma-am." I stepped out of my pants and right up to her until my penis nearly poked between the legs of her pants. "Not Mr. Dinty."

"But it's wrong, Billy." She whimpered. "Don't you know?"

"All you have to do is take off your pants, Mrs. Camden." I changed the rules.

She hung her head. "Yes, Billy, I know." Her hands trembled but they unclasp her slacks and they unzipped them. They pulled the dark red pants off of her wide hips. The silky material slid the rest of the way to the floor. Her panties were as white as her bra. Both were plain, unadorned. Both were beautiful to me. She was much prettier, more so when she blushed. He fair skin burned with red, brightly. Even my mother's blush was not as intense.

I wanted to hold her so bad. I wanted to pierce her sex and make a baby, but she had to choose each time. I put my hands on her hips. My fingers felt the cotton protecting them. My pee pee danced just below them. "All you have to do is sit, now."

"Yes, Billy." She gave a contrite look. Her eyes held something akin to fear, but it sparkled. Mrs. Camden sat back on her son's bed and held out her arms, wanting reassurance.

I sat on her lap and hugged and kissed her. My naked thighs rested on hers. My peter was like iron.

"Billy, you worry me. You're so wonderful!" She feared my experience.

"I just want to make you feel good." I confessed.

"Don't you want me to make you feel good?" Her hand hovered above my erection.

"Uh huh. But you need it more." I returned to sucking on her nipples. I caressed her titties with my hands, fingering the nipple I wasn't sucking.

"Ohh, Billy. I can't believe it. Y-you're gonna, Aahh, make me- UNNGH!" She groaned. "Just from sucking on me!" I think she had a little orgasm.

Bit by bit her resistance crumbled. After that first delight, she stuck the hand near my cock into her panties. She rubbed herself while I continued to love her breasts. I kneaded them, but I kissed her lips while doing it. They trembled. All of her trembled.

"OOOhhhh! Oooooo!" She moaned and groaned.

Improvising, I rubbed my nose against her. That felt kinda nice too. I stopped mauling her tits and hugged her again. My thigh felt her hand pleasuring her puss. I kissed her neck and cheeks. Her lips countered, capturing mine, and when they did her other hand took my hard pee pee and fondled it. "Oh, Billy, you're so hard!"

"It's for you, Mrs. Camden. It wants to make you feel good by making a baby in you."

"OOOHHHHH!!! UHHHGGGHHHH!!! BILLLYY!! I"M CUMMMING!!!" My sincerity must have pushed her over the edge. She called out my name. "BILLY!!!" Her body convulsed and her hand pounded her crotch. "OH THANK YOU BILLY!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!" She meant it, but her body nearly threw me off. I escaped to the bed for the final throes of her orgasm.

Mrs. Camden slumped, wobbling slightly. She breathed heavily and hugged herself. "Oh, Billy. What have I done?"

I didn't answer. I was too amazed by how her naked body glowed red from brows to toes.

She cried lightly. "I'm terrible. I let a boy-"

"No, Mrs. Camden." The word irked me. "Please don't call me that. I tried really hard not to be like that."

"You weren't, Billy." Her body curled lower. "I'm sorry. I'm so ashamed."

"You haven't done anything wrong, Mrs. Camden, or I would have spanked you." I meant it.

Her laughter was like drenching rain, heavy but purifying. "Oh, Billy. You're so-" She looked at me, eyes shining. "I almost said, 'silly.'"

I pouted.

Her eyes darkened. "Do you really know about making babies?"

I nodded.

"Did someone teach you?"

"I read a book."

I felt it would be boasting if I told her about my experiences."

He eyes widened. "You're a very good learner." She smiled.

"Do you want me to make a baby with you now?" I asked seriously.

She lurched away from me. "Billy!"

She studied my expression. As she did so, her body straightened and leaned closer again. "You really mean that."

I nodded and smiled earnestly.

Time and space halted for an unknowable stretch.

Her eyes darted down. She wrung her hands. "I-I can't. It's not-"

"It'll be okay." I promised.

"I know." She surprised me. "I was going to say, 'It's not something that deserves you.' I can't give you something my husband makes filthy."

"But, Mrs. Camden, you don't have any awful parts. You're wonderful!"

"Thank you, but I could never give you pleasure that way. It would be like giving you Steve's old clothes or the crumbs from a sandwich Bob jammed into his mouth. I want to give something just for you."

I didn't understand, but I knew better than to ask. Maybe Mrs. Lum could explain what this poor lady meant, tomorrow.

She smiled again. "There is something my husband never touched." She blushed. "I would give that to you, if that kind of thing doesn't bother you."

I couldn't stop myself from looking puzzled. I felt like a stupid boy again, but she wasn't trying to disrespect me.

She grinned a little. "So there is something you haven't read about." Her eyes twinkled. Without saying more, she shifted her whole body onto the bed and turned around, standing on her hands and knees. She aimed her bottom to me. "It's there, between my fat cheeks, Billy. You know what I mean, now, right? I can give you pleasure, as much as you want, with my little hole there. It will be all yours, yours and only yours."

The concept threw me into awkward silence. At least I wasn't so dumb I didn't realize what she was talking about or how such a thing might be possible. She had no reason to trick me, I trusted. She wanted me to put my hard pee pee inside her bum.


My confidence took a hit, contemplating Mrs. Camden's offer. I had so many questions. I felt out of sorts about it. I wanted to talk to Mrs. Lum, who was good at answering my questions, but she wasn't here. I briefly considered calling the school to talk with her, but that would have been more lame.

It occurred to me that if I trusted her offer as genuine, I should completely trust her, even with my questions. Could revealing your weakness be somehow more adult? I gathered my nerve, which had been slowly draining.

Mrs. Camden's face grew a serious waiting for my answer. "You don't have to, if you don't want to, Billy."

My pee pee wanted to! That's for sure. It wasn't daunted by her wide, naked butt that swayed invitingly.

"I think I would like to, Mrs. Camden." My senses were alert for any disappointment from her. "But isn't that a dirty place?"

"Oh, Billy!" She wasn't disappointed at all. "I should have explained better. You're so good at making a woman feel wonderful, I forgot this wasn't part of your skills." She wore a frown of guilt. "Please forgive me?"

"Explain what?" I felt more dumb, but if I didn't ask, I might do something wrong. I could be lame by making mistakes or I could be lame by revealing my ignorance. I chose the lesser fear.

"I would never let my bottom foul your beautiful prick." She crawled over to the edge of the bed, and reached out. Her hand opened the bottom drawer of her son's desk. "Steven should have what we need." She pulled out a bottle and a colorful box labeled, "EGYPTIANS!"

"Bob told me to buy these for Steven. He wanted his son to masturbate proudly, with lube to get use to wearing condoms which would protect him from girls plotting to get pregnant and force him to marry them."

I knew about condoms, but I never considered wearing one. Momma made Daddy wear them, because we are poor. Suddenly, the concept made sense. I only saw it as a barrier to making babies, but the book said they protected from catching any disease. If it was that good of a barrier, it would surely keep my pee pee from getting dirty.

The idea of not getting dirty, in Mrs. Camden's filthiest place felt naughty in a good way. My prick twitched at the thought.

"Ohh, huh. Yes Ma-am."

"Billy, you can call me Mabel." She blushed. "I mean, we're going to be close in a way neither of us has ever been."

"You haven't done this?"

She looked at the ceiling with a little smirk. "Well... I did stimulate my butthole with dildos, before I was married. Bob doesn't let me buy toys. He says if I use anything other than my hand, I'm undermining his manliness."

Mrs. Camden sure had a lot of things she needed to say about her husband. I just smiled and waited.

Despite her digressions, she was eager to let me pretend to make babies in her butthole. I could hardly wait to see it. She plucked a foil wrapped condom from the box and unpeeled it. I knew you had to unroll condoms down over an erection. I reached for it.

"Tut-tut, impatient one. Let me try something I saw once." She pulled the coiled condom away. "I want to roll it on with my mouth."

"Golly!" I gaped as she determined the right facing and put it between her lips. She leaned down to my hard peter and pushed the condom against the head of it. It had already warmed from her mouth. It glided across my prick as her lips devoured me, leaving a snug latex coat. I'm lucky I'm not allergic. Her mouth fully enveloped me, and I thought this was good enough. She could have sucked me without the condom, and I would have enjoyed that plenty, but the idea of putting it in her butt was too strong to resist!

Maybe Mrs. Camden was thinking the same thing. Her mouth didn't release me until after I felt her sucking and licking me through the rubber. "Nice!" She exclaimed upon seeing the result of her effort.

"I liked that!" I giggled. Mrs. Camden was really fun. But what would being inside her bum feel like? I wanted to know. I reached out and spread her butt cheeks, wanting to discover the hole between them.

"Just a second, Billy." She took the bottle of lube from her son's desk. "You don't want to hurt me."

I let go of her cheeks before spotting the crinkle I expected to find. "I'm sorry." How was I going to stick my cock into her butt if I couldn't spread her big cheeks?

"No, Silly. You can spank my bottom if you want, but the butthole is not like a wet vagina. Buttholes are dry. They need lots of lubrication for a penis to enjoy it. Here." She held out the bottle to my rubbered pee pee. She poured so much in her hand it dripped onto her son's bed. Then she took my prick and coated it with as much lube as it could hold.

"That's not all. I need more inside me, to make sure. This lube is silicone based. It won't hurt a condom like grease disintegrates latex. It's expensive, but it doesn't dry out as quickly as water based lubes."

I should have written that knowledge down, but I doubted I would need to know, since I mostly wanted to make babies the right way. This was going to be a fun experiment, only. I was very naive back then.

"Would you spread my butt again." She positioned her backside in front of me. I happily complied. Her cheeks were big and jelly like. I liked Mrs. Camden's ass a lot! Her hole, though, looked very small for my penis. Would that be a problem? She didn't act like it.

My eyes didn't miss a single thing she did with the lube and her butthole. Her hand, again full of lube, pressed the gooey stuff along her crack, and then her finger began stuffing lube into her hole! She mewled doing it. My glistening prick trembled eagerly. She coated her finger with fresh lube six times, each time transferring a lot of it into her bum. "I would prefer you to lube me up, Billy, with your rubber coated penis, but I'm in too much of a hurry."

"Bob hates anal sex. He thinks it's for gay men. He doesn't like gays, but he says he doesn't discriminate. Hah, the bastard is a walking pile of homophobia."

Waiting was difficult. As much as I didn't want to hear about her husband, I realized I was the only person she could tell. It must be hard to bear terrible things in your heart. I think she really cared for her husband, but he was the worst, and she knew it.

I had my own worries bubble up, while she let off steam. I was eager to pretend making babies in Mrs. Camden's bum, but I didn't want to waste my cum when her real baby making part was so close! She said her husband had made it dirty. But I didn't think she meant it literally. I didn't know what she meant.

"Mrs. Camden? Why does your husband make your pussy dirty?"

"I'm sorry, I keep talking about him. It's not fair to you." She reached back with her hand, slimy with lube and dirty from lubing her filthy hole. She grasp my dick gently. "Does that bother you? You know where my finger was."

Now she didn't want to talk about her husband, after I had asked, but her hand felt good. I told myself, the condom would protect me. I had to believe that, because Momma made Daddy use them to protect her from his sperm. I humped my covered peter through her slick fingers a little bit. Knowing that one finger had been in her butt made it more exciting. She accepted my answer.

"Bob doesn't make me dirty like my finger is, Billy. He doen't make love to me, or make me feel loved like you do. He jams himself inside me and ruts until he finishes, filling me with uncaring spend, and then he goes to sleep. He doesn't even like to look at me, always taking me from behind. You saved me when you sat on my lap and sucked my nipples and let me finger myself to wonderful orgasms. He treats my pussy like it's a tool for making him cum. That's how he makes me feel dirty."

She looked back, eyes shining, cheeks wet. "I need you to put your love inside me, where Bob will never ruin it." She pulled my cock to the shining crinkle of her butthole. "Please, Billy. Love me here."

Her words moved me with more strength than her arm. I pressed the tip of my cock against her small crinkle, but it resisted.

"Keep pressing, Billy. I know a trick that will help, but it's going to fight you at first." She told me later that she was clenching her ass on purpose and held her breath.

"Yes, Ma-am, but maybe it's too small for me." I did press harder. If my penis hadn't been eager to push inside this strange place, I would have given up from the little bit it hurt. I didn't want to hurt her.

Suddenly, Mrs. Camden exhaled with a whoosh! Like doors opening, her butthole relaxed and sucked my hard prick into it's dank recesses! I fell against her, crotch smacking ass! "OHH!" I gushed, "It's so tight and hot!"

"BILLY!" She blubbered. "You feel wonderful inside there!"

Her dirty sphincter tightened around my shaft. I had never felt such encircling pressure. I thought I might cum right then, but my days of making babies and resisting the urge paid off. I even dared to stroke my prick in and out of her slick but tight ass.

"You're doing it, Billy!" She cried. "You're making love to my only virgin hole! You're so hard! I feel every inch of you! I can feel you stretching me! It's beautiful, darling! Does my a-asshole feel good to you?"

I picked up speed, driving my prick in and out. "Wow, Mrs. Camden! Your hole is squeezing like crazy!

"Keep loving me there, Billy! Ream my hole in back. It's yours and only yours!" She hissed. "I want every inch of you! Make me feel it, darling boy! Make me cry with joy instead of tears. F-fuck it!" She exploded the word. "Fuck my ASS!" On her hands and knees, she rocked against my thrusts. I could not see it, but she was again fingering her pussy, increasing the pleasure from her ass with sensations from her clit.

I felt her asshole wrapping around and squeezing like a fist. With each thrust in, I blazed more and more with the fire of young lust. My swollen balls bounced together and slapped her butt. As I fucked Mrs. Camden's ass, driving my full length into her again and again, the burning turned into an ache, a good ache.

The ache seared through my loins, heating my testicles, inflaming my spine. I speared Mrs. Camden's filthy hole for the incredible pleasure and fire it gave, unlike all the pussies I had filled with cum. She wailed, "This is better than my lousy husband's best. It feels incredible, Billy. Don't stop!"

For the first time my cum would shoot into a sack built to deny its purpose. My joy at pounding the sharp hole meant only for nasty dirt, would soon peak, and my seed would spatter uselessly, close to where it should fill. Mrs. Camden didn't want me to touch that place her husband defiled, but even great pleasure from novel love making was a poor excuse from its true purpose, to make babies. I can think of a dozen reasons now, to justify what happened next, but at the very moment when Mrs. Camden's hot, tight bum pleasured me most, I felt sad for her.

The events of that afternoon had not been strange enough, when I felt my orgasm cascade, instead of peaking. It plateaued, spreading a rise of joy rather than a surge of ecstasy. I did not cum then. I cried out. "Ohh, Mrs. Camden. It's cumming, but none issued. I assumed I had run out, but I continued bucking my prick into her, to milk more pleasure for both of us.

"Yesss, keep it up, Billy. I'm almost there. NNnngggghhh!!" I saw then, she stood only on one hand and two knees. "Don't stop."

I plowed and reaped strenuously, but the grasp of the latex wrapper loosened as my post orgasmic erection slightly softened. My bold action of retreat pulled my cock clean out of the sheath clenched by Mrs. Camden's ass.

"Oh, Billy, what happened?" She reached her hand back to find out.

I slowed my next thrust to prevent it from thudding it into the rubber tail I had left behind.

Her fingers caught my naked prick. "I need it! I'm so close."

I reached for my mostly firm dick and thrust. Our fingers touched as the head of my cock bent down, spearing instead of her lubricated ass, her incredibly wet cunt!

I fucked between her dripping lips and by luck pierced her inner hole, surprising both of us! My cock sank fully into her. "Oh, Mrs. Camden!" I exclaimed. "I-I didn't mean-" My mouth seized up, when the most incredible thing happend. Special muscles in my loins spasmed, sending shots of cum into the place it belonged. It was not an orgasm I felt but simple spewing of fluid, hot and thick, a physical response only.

She, on the other hand, shouted, "AAAAHHH!!!! YYEEESSSSSS!!! OHHHHH BILLYYY!!" "You're cumming into my pussy!" She wailed. "And it's making me cum! It feels incredible!" "HHHHhhhhhh...." Breaths exploded from her lungs. "Sooo gooooddd!!!"

I did not stop fucking her convulsing cunt. Instead of orgasm, the joy I felt was accomplishment and love. I was meant to fill her vagina with fresh, young cum. I pumped until the well emptied. Her puss kept twitching along the full length I left buried within its grasp. I bent down and hugged Mrs. Camden from behind. I kissed every freckle on her back. She shuddered from the last of many orgasms.

"That was incredible, Billy, impossible even!" She gasp for breath. "I haven't felt anything down there since Steven was born. Except when I finger my clit, it has been dead, numb, just a plaything for my husband." She turned a face of total amazement back at me. "You awakened it, Billy! My pussy is alive again. I can feel your juice inside, warming my sex that was sleeping. I would take you in my arms and hold you if I did not need to feel your prod so alive within me. Stay there a little longer. Please?" She requested.

"I like how your pussy feels, Mrs. Camden." I smiled. I had really liked fucking her tight ass, but there was nothing like shooting hot cum into a woman's quivering sex. I remained plunged, kissing naked outer parts that my lips could reach while my peter softened against her silky confines. She pulled my hands, one at a time, to her lips and returned the affection.

"I promised your mother, I would make dinner for you, before I took you home." She eventually said. We disengaged, freed from the awful circumstances of our engagement, energized by mutual joy. "Stay on my son's bed, Billy. I want to clean you here." She left and returned with damp towel.

Either she hadn't wiped herself, or I had spent so much cum into her pussy, it was still leaking down her legs as she bent to wash my crotch and pee pee that were stained with sperm and lube.

"Silicone lube requires extra effort to wash away, Billy. That's what makes it so effective."

"It's really slick, Mrs. Camden, but your bottom hole still felt super tight." I wondered idly if the condom was still sticking halfway out of her ass.

"D-did you like it?" She blushed. I loved how red her fat breasts became.

I nodded enthusiastically. "Can we do it again sometime?"

"I-I don't know, Billy. Bob may never let you come over again. Steve-"

"I'm not afraid of Steve, Mrs. Camden."

"Your braver than he is, Billy. I'll talk to him."

"No!" I blurted.

"Billy!" She stopped washing my soft prick.

"I have to talk to Steve. If I don't, I'm just a kid. I want to be an adult."

She smiled then. "Brave and wise. You even seduce beyond your years."

"I'm hungry." I smiled and rubbed my belly.

Dinner was roasted lamb with rice and asparagus. We kept touching each other while we ate. I loved how her boobs bounced. She loved to tickle my side. We both giggled a lot.

Dessert was a delicious pudding with little round chewy bits. I was halfway done with my pudding when a low but strange sound creaked repeatedly from the other side of the kitchen wall.

"They're back, Billy." Mrs. Camden steeled herself. "Don't let them hurt you again. I know you want to confront my son, as much as I want to confront my husband, but give them the chance to make fools of themselves, and we will prevail." She meant they would likely say something stupid that we could use against them.

The garage door sounded a second time, closing. We waited. A few minutes passed. Mrs. Camden fidgeted. We finished our puddings, then waited more.

"I don't want to know." She got up and began to clear the table.

I couldn't wait any longer. When she turned away to the sink, water running, I got up and went through the door to the garage.

"This is a manhood, Steve. Look at it!" Mr. Dinty stood with his pant down around his thighs. A rigid penis stood out from his crotch. "This is a man's weapon and his weakness. Don't be afraid and show it, Son. Be a man, not a mamma's boy like that runt."

Steve unbuttoned his jeans but hesitated before pulling them down his legs. He wasn't happy about it, but his father had demanded that he show what kind of man Steve was or would become. It was a test, he thought. His dad's sports car squatted between them, each having exited different sides. Still he didn't feel completely safe from his father's demand. Steve lost all bravery the moment I opened the door and his penis hung limp exposed for anyone to see.

I had been ready to tell Steve to stop bothering me, or I would fight him every time. I didn't care if he was bigger. I would prove I wasn't afraid. I opened the door and silence expanded from the center of the garage. I didn't understand what was happening. It looked very very wrong.

A moment later Mrs. Camden shattered the eerie silence with a shriek! "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!" She burst into the room, brushing me aside, continuing to shriek! "YOU'RE SICK BOB!


Both scrambled to pull up and zip up their pants. "It's not what you think, Mabel." Her fumbling husband squeaked. "You know I would never do anything gay!"

Steve's mother huffed so loud it might have been a sonic boom. She blustered back through door, grabbing my arm. "You have to go home, Billy." She slammed the door shut and called a taxi. "I want a woman driver! You can do that for women, can't you?" She completed the request and hung up.

The garage door opened. Bob's head peeked in.

"Stay out there!" Mabel roared! The door shut quickly. "Rot out there!" She called after. She knelt before me and took my hand.

"This is a nightmare, Billy, but I will be fine. You know that none of what happened out there was any of your fault, right?"

"I know, but what-" I wanted to know.

"I don't understand myself, but that's the final straw and may be the last you see of my husband."

She stood up, trembling. Then she called the police.

The cab driver arrived first.

"Would you witness something, Ma-am?"

"I'm just a cabbie, lady." A powerful looking woman spoke with a course accent. "Do you want a cab or not?"

"Take this boy home. Here's a hundred dollars. But please, I need to you see something, just in case. My husband-" She couldn't finish. She sobbed suddenly.

"Dat is all I need hear, Ms. Dinty." The tall dark haired cabbie strode into the house. "What do you vant me to see?"

"You don't have to go in." Mrs. Camden promised before opening the garage door.

Both occupants burst into lamentations, begging forgiveness. Mabel ignored them. "This is my son and my husband. I caught them about to do something terrible. That's all you have to hear and see." She shut the door. "Now take the boy home. If something happens here, while your gone..." Mrs. Camden didn't finish.

The cab driver took up the torch, "Yes, Ms. Dinty. I understand." She swept me out of the house and into the cab. "What is your name, little boy?"

"I'm Billy, Ma-am." I didn't argue. I did, very much feel like a boy, and it was the right thing to be. Physical adults were needed in those circumstances.

"You're cute, you know dat?" She winked in the rear view mirror at me. "Where am I taking you?"

"Home." I told her the address.

"I am Tanya Velakowski, at your service." Sirens grew louder and then softer behind us as she drove me away from Steve Dinty's home.

That night, I asked Momma to hold me while we sat on the couch waiting for Daddy to come home. "I love you both." I told her.

"Do you want to say what happened?"

"I don't know what happened."

She held me until I rushed to Daddy when he appeared in the doorway. I was so lucky. I knew it beyond doubt when we hugged.

"Whoa, Sport! I missed you too." His arms didn't feel as strong as they used to. It was something I didn't care about at the time. The only thing important was, he loved me too.

I stayed awake long into the night, a whole hour past my bedtime, wondering what I should do the next day. It would be Wednesday.

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Sun woke me in the morning. Mother was already dressed. She worked quietly in the kitchen. I looked at my watch, 8:12. "Why didn't you wake me earlier, Momma?" I rubbed sleep from my eyes. School started at nine.

"You came home very stressed last night. You needed your sleep more than you need a class at school. I'll write you a note if you're late." She wanted me to tell her why I had been so stressed. She had asked last night, but I didn't answer. She would now wait until I did. That was my Momma.

I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I did feel better. A hot shower helped too. We didn't have much of a tub. After I had dressed, pork chops sautéed in wine and garlic waited for me at the breakfast table along with Au Gratin potatoes and a seared salad with pomegranate nuggets. "Momma, how can we afford this for breakfast?"

"It's what I'm making for my first client, Friday night. Part of their cost allows me to practice making the dinner."

"I'm suppose to help you." I dug into the food. Mom's new job was already helping the family expenses.

"I'll practice again tonight. You can make the dressing and toss the seared vegetables." She grinned. "You'll be tired of pork chops by Saturday morning."

"No way." I stuffed myself with the delicious food. My lunch bag sat by my backpack by the door. I grabbed both on the way out. It was 8:48.

I ran as far as I could, to school, minding the traffic lights. Waiting for one gave my brain the first pause it had had since I woke. "NO!" I wailed, alerting the other two people at the crosswalk. "Sorry." I followed up. I had forgotten to study for Ms. Hennifer's quiz!

I fretted over my lapse. If I got a bad grade, would she punish me on Thursday afternoon? I hadn't watched any videos for my other classes either. I missed the first harpsong by five minutes.

Mr. Glouvert nodded when I entered. "Take a late pass, Billy." He continued his introduction to the pre-history of America. "The Vikings probably weren't the first Europeans to discover the north continent, but they were the first who established communities. Meanwhile, the peoples already living here had built diverse and powerful cultures of creativity, knowledge of nature, craft and skill."

When students were late, they had to pin a small sign on their clothes for the day. I wore mine. The pass showed a drawing of a lioness missing her tail. I didn't even notice that important aspect until it was pointed out in my next class.

"Take the pass off, Billy." Mr. Yong told me when I entered his room. "I don't agree with that form of social punishment. Early adolescence is marked by rebellious spirit. It could be misconstrued by other students as a badge of honor."

The girl, Kelly, was sitting next to me that day. After our science teacher introduced the day's topic, hydrogen, she whispered. "The lioness doesn't have a tail."

"Maybe it's behind her."

"You would see the tail curl around behind it from that angle." She insisted.

"Open your workbooks to Elements. You'll be please to learn that your textbooks contain enough hydrogen to roast an eggplant." He chuckled, "But it's much more nutritional in its current, potential energy state."

Ms. Hennifer smiled at me when I entered her class. I returned a smile but knew she would sense its lie. The quiz was meant to establish what she needed to emphasize in her teaching. It wasn't all that difficult, but it covered a lot of different things. Some of the questions were really hard. I only dimly remembered hearing about irrational numbers. How could something named that be of any use? I hunkered down and answered what I could.

At lunch, I allowed myself to fret over the mistakes I thought I had made. I sat outside staring at the green school yard. A few trees lined the far end.

"Hi, Billy." It was James. He had a tray of food from the cafeteria. The heavyset boy plunked it down at the picnic table and proceeded not to say anything.

"Uh, Hi." I munched on my pork chop sandwich.

"Do you like any sport teams, like The Custers?" He sounded as if he had to whip himself to ask.

"Not really. They play football?"

"Eggball. There's a lot more strategy to eggball. It's has two battle lines instead of a bunch of guys playing basketball with their feet."

"I saw some women's basketball where I used to live. It was pretty lively." The small town team practiced in the community gymnasium.

"You just like to see the titties bounce. HEH!" He laughed uncomfortably and blushed deeply.

"Scram, Freshman." Al's face glared at James, suddenly two inches away from the eggball fan. He laughed when the overweight boy left his tray behind. "Come on, now, don't leave your food."

James took his tray to an empty table. Al's sharp brown eyes contrasted with his darkest brown skin. "I saw you get in a car with Steve, yesterday. Why isn't he here today?"

"I don't know." It wasn't a lie.

"I told you, Al, he said he wasn't going to fight fair." Wendel arrived at the table. He sniffed my food. "Cold pork chop. Better than the 'burger' the cafeteria serves.

"Someone had to be today's burger." I joked. "Who'll be missing, next Wednesday?"

Al laughed like crazy!

Wendel rocked slightly. "Okay, that was funny." He slapped Al's shoulder, "But not that funny."

"What happened between you and Steve after school?" Al interrogated again.

"We played some video games. Then his dad took him out to dinner. I went home." Again, I didn't lie, just didn't fill in the gaps." It was none of their business.

Wendel pulled out a cell phone. I refrained from reminding him not to make calls during school hours. He dialed Steve's house and got voicemail. "Buy Steve a cell phone!" Was the message he left.

"Never happen." Al declared. "His dad thinks the Chinese government is spying on cell phones."

"His dad has a cell phone, I think."

"It's what Steve told me."

"His dad's a creepy dude all around."


"Did you win?"

"Huh?" I had lost track of the conversation. I answered Wendel. "Win what?"

"Video games."

"I won one game. They were Steve's games. He won all the others."

"Not bad for a freshman." Al mused.

They gave each other a, why are we gabbing with a freshman, look and wandered off.

The school harp sang.

I was lucky in English. Ms. Laghari didn't call on me about the short story I forgot to read. I spent most of the period writing an essay.

I told James I was sorry about lunch, at P.E.

"It's okay. Why did those juniors want to talk with you?"

I shrugged. "Just to mess with me?"


After showering and dressing, I pinned the late pass on my chest and went to Mrs. Lum's office.

"Hello Billy. Am I to assume you plan to be late for your last class?"

"I need to ask you."

The instructor bolted up. "Yes. Sorry."

"Should I wear condoms?"

"I would hope so. You're having sex with multiple partners, right?"

"I guess."

"Condoms are the best defense against sexually transmitted infections. If even one of your partners is having sex with someone else, you could pass a disease to every one of your partners."

"We didn't use a condom." I looked down.

"You raped me, Billy. I wasn't in a position to require that from you."

"But it was pretend, right?"

She sighed. "It was, but I didn't really believe you were sexually active. I paid lip service to your honesty. Then you proved how experienced you are. I'm sorry for not believing you."

"I'll use a condom when I rape you again."

She chuckled. "Do that, Billy ... Unless-"


"Unless you promise to use condoms with all your other partners." She looked at her desk and tapped it idly. "It's, um, harder to pretend if my rapist is wearing a condom."

"I don't know if I can promise that." I knew in my heart, if I ever made babies with Momma, I would never use one.

"Then I may have to take a risk." She turned to a lower drawer of her desk and pulled out a wooden box. "That doesn't mean I'll take a stupid risk. Come, bring your chair to the side of my desk."

I scooted my chair up to her.

"This is a blood sample kit. I can take your blood to an acquaintance and have it tested for anything you might already be carrying."

"You mean, a disease?"

"Yes, Billy. I should have done this when you first told me, but like I said. I didn't really believe you. I'm sorry."

"You're going to take my blood?"

"Not without your consent." She held up a small test tube with a rubber cap. Inside the tip was a small amount of powder. "This is all I need. Your body will replace it in a day."

"I can rape you without a condom, if I let you test my blood?"

"Sex infections are very serious, Billy. It's better to have safe sex than to be treated for infections. You know there are terrible diseases without a cure, right?"

"I know."

"Unless you can trust the sexual histories of your partners, you'll always be at risk." She pushed a paper at me. "This is the consent form. The part that you sign will be separated from the from consent part. That lets you remain anonymous.

I signed the paper and let her take my blood. It was the right thing to do, but I shouldn't have, because I didn't fully understand. Fully informed consent is true consent. She had again assumed I knew more than I did. When she stuck the needle in my arm, the school harp sang. We ignored it.

"Thank you, Billy. Now," She rummaged in a different drawer and tossed a handfull of foil wrapped circles at me. "Condoms. State law doesn't allow them to be distributed to grades below high school, but fuck state law!" She smiled. "Do you need me to show you how to use them?"

"I'd like that, but I know how. I should get to class."

"I'm glad I could help you, Billy. Be good out there!"

Darrin, the art and music instructor, put a finger to his lips when I entered. My classmates were strumming extra large, rubber bands. I picked up a pair and joined them.

When school ended, I counted five condoms on my way back home, and those were just the ones lying in the street. I'm kidding.

Was five enough? I wondered. I decided to stop in at the corner market, to see how much it would cost to get more.

"Hi, Mrs. Shahidi." I greeted her, immediately on the alert for Arturio.

"Hello, Billy. What can I help you with?" Her son didn't seem to be around.

"How much do condoms cost?" I looked for them down the market's three aisles.

"You are too young for condoms. Are you try to tease Mrs. Shahidi?"

I got a little mad when she called me too young. I almost blurted, my teachers told me I'm old enough! But I didn't want to get them in trouble. I knew my age could be used against them.

"I just want to know how much they cost."

"Oh, I was not fair, sorry. Do you want to buy them for your father?" She turned to a rack behind her. "What size is he, large, medium or small?"

With her back turned, I quickly read the wrapper on one Mrs. Lum had provided. "Small."

"Those cost three for five dollars or a dozen for twenty."

Dang! I had almost ten dollars in my hand! My pocket change, though, couldn't afford one of the market's condoms.

"Thank you, Mrs. Shahidi. I'll let my momma know." It was nice that she wasn't embarrassed about selling condoms. I felt a little more confortable around her. If her son had been around, I'm sure I wouldn't have. "Where's Arturio?"

"My son goes to school in the afternoon. His school is used in the morning by another school that is being remodeled."

More students entered the market, to buy candy and ice cream. I watched her serve them.

I thought about going home, but it was the first time I had talked to the pleasantly plump lady with the beautiful dress, without her son being a brat.


After a bit, I felt conspicuous being in the store without shopping, watching customers. Mrs. Shahidi landed an occasional eye on me. The round mirror in one of the ceiling's corners was more intimidating, though.  At one point, she gave me a soft smile.

My self-consciousness broke when the entrance door shut, and I realized I was the only one in the market. Mrs. Shahidi sighed. She asked, "How is your mother?"

"She got a job. I'm going to help her."

She looked at her hands. "It is good. A boy should learn from his parents. My father was a shopkeeper in Kazak land."

"Boys and girls you mean?"

She shook her head. "No. My brother was my father's apprentice. But he did not come to America. I learned from watching them." She sounded sad.

"Do you have any daughters?"

She smiled, "Are you looking for a wife?"

That cracked me up. "No. Do you only teach Arturio?"

"He is my son. He must learn his family trade. My daughter is silly and is more interested in band boys."

"Is she pretty, like you?"

Mrs. Shahidi's smile broadened. "Of course she is."

"Does she bother you like Arturio?"

Her smiled vanished. "She may be silly, but Alune is less foolish than my son." She pursed her lips warily. "Arturio will learn in time.

The last time I was here it seemed like Arturio was training her. I remembered him sneaking into his mother's great dress from behind.

The door opened, and a tall, older man wearing a turban entered. He spoke in another language to Mrs. Shahidi. She answered, then looked around her shop, a little nervous. She crooked her finger at me. "Billy, would you watch the shop ? I have to go in the back room to get something."

"Uh, okay." I shrugged.

"I'll be right back."

The old man stood silent with patient eyes that scanned the racks near him.

I looked around and saw the mirror. I moved to the end of the counter. From that position the mirror could almost look down at all three of the shop's aisles. I stepped just behind the counter, and the angle was perfect.

The man shuffled on his feet, darting his eyes at me, each time I moved.

I didn't look away from him except for brief glances at the mirror.

Mrs. Shahidi returned with a large, heavy bag - generic dog food. I stepped out from behind the counter to let her through. She rung it up and the man pulled cash from a vest pocket. When she looked at it, she barked something not friendly. He barked back. I stepped away from them. They exchanged heated, foreign words three more times. Then each smiled. The man paid, and he left with the sack.

"Please forgive that, Billy. He is a man to be careful with, but I let my nerves get the best of me."

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Yes, of course. In my old country, passionate bargaining is part of shopping. I should have lowered the price more for him. He is poor." She sighed. "If Arturio was here-" She looked at me. "Thank you for watching the store. Would you like a candy bar?"

"You don't have to pay me, Mrs. Shahidi."

"You would make a poor shop keeper." She smiled again.

"Does Arturio make you less nervous?" I could only imagine that the way he treated her made her more nervous.

"He is my strength."

"But he talks mean to you."

"Yes, but he loves me more. He is too young to understand. Only time can teach and properly mature a child." She shook her head. "You have many years before-"

"I love my momma, and I'm not mean to her." I interrupted the pretty lady from implying I was too young.

Her eyes sparkled. "Are you sure? You have never made your mother do what you wanted instead of what she wanted?"

I almost blurted, Never! But I knew better. I had made Momma do things for me that had embarrassed her. Now I blushed.

"It is okay, Billy. My son makes me strong by testing my weaknesses. Your mother is stronger than me. She needs you to be stronger for her sake. That is how we all grow."

"I'm not too young." I almost pouted.

"Do you understand then, how a mother's weakness is her power?"

I didn't, and it bothered me. I thought of Mrs. Camden and Steve. He was strong, and she was weak. But I was weaker than Steve, and I had helped her overcome him and his father. I thought Mrs. Shahidi was wrong. I almost told her so. Another customer arrived.

It was a woman I had seen somewhere else. She was curvy with boobs and hips a little larger than Mrs. Shahidi but not as large as Mrs. Camden. However, where they were pudgy in the middle, this younger lady's waist looked firm if not narrow. That firmness accentuated her soft curves above and below. Her stocking shirt was dark green and her skirt was black. She wore what looked like the lab coat that Mr. Yong wore when he had played with fire. It's white contrasted with the long tresses of her brown hair. Her nails were all different with animal icons drawn on top of clashing colors.

She picked up a bag of corn chips and a jar of salsa and brought them to the counter.

"Hi, Mrs. Shahidi. The old man wants his afternoon snack."

"Tell Mr. Amberson, 'Hello', for me." The clerk smiled. She rang up the purchase and gave the lady her change.

"You have beautiful hands." The lady told her. "I'm sorry I can't put my art on them."

"You are kind, Carole, but it is not my way."

"I know. Thanks." The lady smiled and was about to turn away. She spotted me. I hadn't been hiding. She had been too intent on her task. "Who are you, scrumptious?"

"I'm Billy, Ma-am."

"Well, Billy, if you ever bring that mop of yours to my daddy's clippers, you come see me in the salon, next door." It was almost an order. Then, flash, she left the shop.

I must have looked as dumb as I felt.

"Mr. Amberson is the barber down the street. Have you seen his shop?" Mrs. Shahidi asked.

I had, and the nail salon next door. I shook myself free of the lady's charisma. It made me think. There were different kinds of strength. I looked at Mrs. Shahidi. She had turned to a small record book next to the register. I walked around behind the counter.


"You're right, Mrs. Shahidi. I don't know what you mean, but you're also wrong. I am old enough. I'm going to pretend I'm Arturio, Mrs. Shahidi, when the next customer comes in.

"No. You mustn't do that, Billy. You are not my son. It is not simple-."

"I'm not afraid of making a mistake, Mrs. Shahidi." I wasn't, but I didn't want to endanger her either. "You can stop me if you really want. That book." I pointed to the one beside the register. "Turn it over, and I will stop."

I saw anger in her eyes. She reached for the book. The door opened, and two police officers walked into the shop.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Shahidi." A young man greeted. The other cop was older, a woman about Momma's age. Both had dark African features. They wore so much equipment it was hard to tell the shape of their bodies.

"Hello, officers. How may I help you?" The clerk asked.

"Got any sandwiches?"

"In the refrigerator."

The police walked to the back of the shop and opened the refrigerator. I moved the other direction, up behind Mrs. Shahidi. I put my hand on the waist of her dress and stroked down. I had wanted to feel it since I first saw it. Actually, the first one I saw had been a different color. It wasn't the same dress, but it was just as compelling.

She turned a timid face to me. Her hand hovered over the book.

Her body was soft. I liked the feel of her waist, the little bulges there. I drew my hand down her hips and then her thigh. It felt silky, but I had never felt silk. It was probably polyester. I rubbed upward, lifting the hem of her dress to her calves.

"No!" She hissed as quietly as she could. She dropped her palm to the book, threatening.

With my far hand I held the dress up behind her. My close hand dove down under the hem. I patted a sturdy leg."

"Ham?" The man asked.

"She's not going to sell ham sandwiches. Mrs. Shahidi is devout."

The clerk pushed against my lower hand. I pushed hers away with my upper. She was stronger than me, but I pushed it away easily. Her breathing deepened when I reached my hand up her dress.


"No. But you go ahead."

"Please, Billy." Mrs. Shahidi's voice quailed when I felt the thickness of her thighs, from between them. "I don't like that when my son- nnnggghhh!" She grunted.

"Shhh." I hissed.

"What do you recommend, Mrs. Shahidi?" The woman officer asked. Her head popped up over the aisles.

"There may still be some pita falafel wraps. They usually sell out at lunch, but since school started, many of my lunch customers-"

I wriggled my fingers, and she paused. I pushed my hand further up. Her legs were very hot the higher I climbed.

"I pity the falafel-" The man chuckled.

"Stop it." The woman cautioned. She said louder. "Thanks! I found one."

"Looks like two meat balls in a soft taco."

"They're ground chickpeas, dumbass."

The tips of my fingers felt wetness. Was it sweat or something better. I whispered. "Why do you let Arturio do this?"

"Because it makes me humble." She breathed deep when my fingers touched coarse hairs. She clapped a hand over her mouth to bury a gasp!

"I know what falafels are. They look like meat."

"Are you a vegetarian, Mrs. Shahidi?" The polite woman asked.

"Not strictly." She separated her fingers to answer, then closed them when I touched the source of her wetness. Her body rolled once, like a wave, and her backside jutted out allow my fingers to find the groove of her sex. "Please stop." I barely heard her. Her other hand tapped on the register book. She straightened just in time.

Two sandwiches and two cans of soda, one diet, plopped on the counter. We looked up. The woman officer held out a credit card. The tag sewn onto her jacket, just beneath the city logo, read "West." Her eyes scanned me from head to toe. Her face was empty of emotion. "Andy, get some chips, two small bags." She called back. "Put those on the bill, please."

"Yes." Mrs. Shahidi trembled. She had to take her hand from the book to charge the card.

I dug two fingers into her vulva. My thumb rubbed the clerk's taint slowly. Her ass flinched, but she ran the credit card without fumbling. She returned the officer's blank expression.

Did you hire a helper for the afternoons? Officer West asked.

"Not hired. He took the initiative, but it's just for today."

The policewoman gave me a nod. "Well done." She asked Mrs. Shahidi, "Do I need to sign?"

"No need." The shop keeper replied. "I trust you." She put the goods into a paper bag.

"I value that from the community, Mrs. Shahidi." The policewoman spoke plainly. She took the bag. The other officer rounded the aisle with their chips. Ms. West's eyes prompted his to the door. He missed making eye contact with me. Perhaps he didn't see me standing behind the clerk, slowly plowing my palm up and down between her thighs. Half my body was behind the plump, shop keep, but I felt exposed.

The man opened door for his partner. He asked with a low voice. "Crazy thing about that Dinty fellow, huh?"

She stepped out. "The crazy had nothing to do with him, everything to do with how his parents raised him."

"Is freezer gay really a term?" The man left and shut the door.

I stopped groping Mrs. Shahidi. The mood had fled.

She sighed. "You need to go home, Billy."

"I'm not too young for condoms." I disengaged my hand from the woman's loins. The back of her dress fell straight and beautiful.

"Yes, you are." She flipped over the book. "Like my son."

I didn't argue, but I felt humbled. I had done what another kid did, because I envied him and worried that he might try something with my momma. I was no better than a kid.

I should have apologized. Instead, I marched out of the store with my handful of condoms feeling like I didn't deserve them. I went home and helped Momma make pork chops. I love pork chops.

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"Momma, what do you know about our first customers?"

"Not much. He and his daughter live in Central Heights. He's as old as my father. She's," Momma paused, "Um, younger." Mom resumed chopping vegetables.

I was measuring vinegar and oil for the dressing. "Is she my age?"

"No." Mother paused again before adding. "Ms. Colkick told me a rumor about her. She invested her father's retirement money into a tech stock. It soared, and now they are both retired."

"That sounds suspicious."

"I'm glad you think so." Mother looked in on the pork chops grilling in the oven.

I patted her bum.

"Careful, Billy. Don't distract me right now."


Later that night, when Daddy came home, I warmed up his supper. Mother was researching alternative recipes for Au Gratin. "Mine is just okay." She said after we'd tasted the dinner for our supper.

"You're looking strong tonight, Billy." He said proudly, but during his dinner, he sighed a lot."

"Maybe you can work less when Momma makes money from cooking."

"That'd be nice, but I'm committed to the current program at work. I'm not the only one burning extra hours. My boss often sleeps at the office."

"Should I buy you a sleeping bag?" Mother entered with a printout in her hand.

"You can't keep me out of our bed so easily." Daddy perked up.

"I can, if you can't keep up with me." Mother's jaw opened. She put a hand to her mouth. "I'm sorry, Glen."

"Stress makes you stupid." Daddy nodded at the paper in her hand. "That for your job?"

"Yes." Mother looked at it meekly.

"Blow their tastebuds away, my love."

I didn't listen at their door that night. I didn't like it when things were awkward between them. It rarely happened, but it intimidated me. I knew my parents really loved each other. Why would they ever have awkward moments?

I watched my video assignments. I read the stories Ms. Laghari had assigned, while I listened to the latest podcast of Darling Dimensions with the Spice Witch Five. I went to bed at bedtime.

I woke up at 7:30am to the smell of Au Gratin, from the middle of a crazy dream. I had been showing Steve how to shoot his cum into his mother.

Momma called me to taste her new recipe before I could go to the bath room and rub out the urge in my morning wood.

"I like it, Momma." I scooped another spoonful. I looked around. "Did Dad leave already?"

"Yes, Honey." She sounded sad. "Before I finished cooking this. I wanted his opinion too." She looked at the baking dish on the table and slowly shook her head.

I set down my loaded spoon, got up from my chair at the kitchen table and hugged Momma. "We're gonna make a lot of money. So Daddy can be with you and me more." My morning wood returned against Momma's thigh.

She took a deep breath. "Do you have to pee?"

I almost said, yes, but I didn't have to pee. I was horny. I had told Steve something in my dream. "Everything you cum on is happier." I didn't know what to say to Momma.


I didn't say anything, just looked up sheepishly. She put on a smile for me. It wasn't fake. She probably guessed my condition, and it amused her, but that's not the same as becoming happy.

She had been happy last weekend, spending time with Daddy and me. I remembered how her eyes twinkled when she asked me to protect her from the sun with lotion. In contrast to the times when I shot my cum on her, which she acted grateful for, Momma had been happiest when I smoothed lotion up and down her legs and on her back and front, to tease Daddy.

That had been a little awkward for me, but now I was alone with her, and there wasn't much time before I had to get ready for school. Because Momma was already dressed for the day, I wouldn't risk staining her clothes, but her skirt barely covered her knees. I stared at her legs briefly before disengaging from Momma's arms and shyly going into the bathroom.

I took Daddy's toothbrush out of his shaving mug. He always washed it carefully after shaving. Thinking about my plan for Momma made me cum real fast. I spurted a good amount of cum in the mug, but not as much as I had recently.

Returning to the kitchen, I found Momma tasting my forgotten spoon of Au Gratin. She looked puzzled at the baking dish.

"I'm going to rub some lotion on you, Momma." I set the mug on the table, next to the dish and reached under her skirt only to find her legs weren't bare. She wore sheer pantyhose. I felt it clinging to her knees and thighs. Once more, I looked up at Momma like a shy sheep.

"Oh, Honey." She grinned upon recognizing what was in her husband's mug. Momma reached under her dress and drew down her hip spanning pantyhose.

Surprised by the sheer hose, I observed it bunched at her feet. On top of her pantyhose lay her white, cotton panties.

"Don't use it all, Billy. She meant my cum.

I dipped two fingers into the mug and smoothed the blob up and down a leg. When I slicked the slippery goo up the thigh, she widened her stance. My fingers slid higher, lifting the hem of her dress until it bunched at her ass. I only stopped when I felt Momma's thatch of hair between her legs. Heat radiated from her sex.

My hand retreated and scooped two fingers more of my cum out of Daddy's cup. I started higher on Momma's second leg, excited to explore her crotch before my fingers ran dry.

"Be careful, Billy, if you get your sperm too close to my vagina, it will sadden your father."

This time I touched her nest with my sticky fingers, but I pulled out my hand, not wanting to upset Daddy. He had enough troubles.

"Thank you for the lotion, Billy." Mother bent to pull up her panties and hose. I guessed she didn't mind if my sperm dried under them. However, when she straightened, her elbow caught the mug and tipped it over!

The rest of my cum spilled into the baking dish next to it. At first it seemed that she was looking out against such an accident, and if I hadn't trusted Momma so much, I might have thought she had tipped the mug deliberately.

"Momma! My cum got all over your Au Gratin." I frowned.

"Oh, dear." She sighed. Her eyes twinkled though.

The phone rang and Momma picked it up. "This is Faun. ... Oh, Principal Agincourt!"

My ears pricked up, but I didn't hear anything after that except my mother saying, "Really?" and "Okay." a lot.

"Really? Okay. I'll be there at noon." She finally said and hung up. She looked at me as if I were a stranger. "I need to make an exception to our rule of keeping secrets."

"What's the matter, Momma?"

"The other night when you stayed for dinner at Mrs. Dinty's house. I know you came home very sad, but if anything dangerous happened, I want to know about it."

I had been afraid, but I never considered that I had been in any danger. "I don't think so, Momma. Mrs. Dinty was good to me, but she sure scared Steve and her husband!"

She smiled and hugged me. "I trust you, Billy. Is there anything about what happened that you want to talk about?"

"Is doing gay things dangerous?"

Momma retracted her hug and studied me once more as if she had a stranger for a son. "What gay things are you talking about?"

"I don't know. It's just something that Mr. Dinty said."

Momma nodded. She took a deep breath. "Listen with all your heart now, Billy. This is very important. Gay sex is no more dangerous than common sex. Both are safe and fun when the people doing it agree about what to do and take precautions against infections."

"You mean like condoms?"

"Yes, Billy." She brightened.

I thought the matter was done. I frowned. "Condoms sure are expensive!"

"Billy! If you ever need a condom, I will get them for you. You're welcome to take them from Daddy's drawer, if I'm not around, okay, especially if you want privacy about them."

"Okay." I smiled. Then I frowned. "What did Principal Agincourt want?"

"Instead of lunch today, you have to go to her office and listen to a social worker. You're not in any trouble. I'll be there too. You might even learn more about why gay sex is as good as any other kind of sex."

That was all I had time for. I rushed to shower and get ready school. Mother said she'd clean Daddy's mug.

When I returned, dressed and wanting to pack my lunch, the kitchen was spotless. Daddy's mug hung on the drying rack. I kissed Momma on the cheek, and I ran out the door.

"You can eat your lunch in the principal's office." Momma called after me. "See you soon."

Each of my morning classes felt a day long! In Ms. Hennifer's math class, I worried until she handed back my quiz. I had earned a B minus. She told the class then. "If anyone wants to discuss this quiz, see me in this room after school." She thumped her palm against my desk for emphasis, but I was sure she meant for me to see her.

The lunch harp sang soon thereafter, and I got my lunch out of my locker. Al and Wendel ran up to me. "Steve and his mom are in the principal's office. What do you know about it?"

"Nothing." I leaned against my locker.

They grunted in unison before darting away. I ran the other direction but had to circle around outside to reach Principal Agincourt's office unseen by them.

I was the last to arrive. Mrs. Dinty smiled bravely at me. Mother had saved a seat next to her. Steve was glowering, unfazed by my entrance. He looked away from me for a second.

"Billy, this is Ms. Nurhea, she works for the county department of public services." My principal introduced the one person present I didn't know. "I"ll let her explain." She took her seat while Ms. Nurhea rose from hers.

"Hi. This must feel very awkward, having to attend without much information. That's my job, to explain about Mr. Dinty's behavior, Tuesday night. This important, because you are going to hear all sorts of rumors, including many mean ones. The truth is much more comforting."

"They took my pop!" Steve barked. His mother moved, but the social worker cut her off.

"It's okay, Mrs. Dinty. Your son is the victim here. Please let him vent however he needs. Principal Agincourt assures that nothing he says will disfavor him."

"That's right, Steven." Our principal agreed.

"I see." Mrs. Dinty looked at her son with sympathy.

"Why won't you let Pop go?" Steve cried. "He just made a dumb mistake!"

"Steven," Ms. Nurhea said, "The police dropped all charges against your father, once the truth was uncovered."

"Why can't I see him?"

"You will, Steven, when your father feels he's ready to see you. He wants to very badly, but he now understands that he needs to fix a few things in his heart before he can be with you."

"I don't understand." Steven complained.

I had trouble following the social worker's words too.

Ms. Nurhea sighed. "I'm going to explain it as carefully as I can, from the beginning of the incident, to your father's voluntary entrance into a mental care facility."

"My pop's not crazy!" Steve understood that much.

"You're right, Steven. Your father is not crazy, but he wants someone to help him become a better father."

That seemed to calm Steve. The social worker began. "When Billy here found you and your father in the garage, both of you were unclothed at the waist."

"But he didn't do anything to me!" Steve wailed.

"That's right. Nor would he have." Ms. Nurhea asserted. "Your father is not dangerous, but the police have to follow strict guidelines. They brought him to their station where a professional, one of my co-workers, talked with him. Now we know the truth about your father." The lady paused, to let us brace ourselves.

"You father has been repressing an important aspect of his humanity, all his life, Steven. It caused him to be very angry, mostly with himself. His parents set a terrible example, preventing your father from understanding his feelings. And all of his friends reinforce his repressed feelings.

"Honestly, your father still fights against his feelings, but he's aware now and is willing to enter therapy, because he loves you, Steven."

Steven bubbled into tears. He hung his head and sobbed. "You're gonna tell me he's gay."

"Steven!" Mrs. Dinty piped up. "There's nothing wrong about being gay. All your life, Bob told you it's unnatural and evil, but he is wrong. I've always told you it's a natural part of humanity."

"You hate, Daddy!" He blubbered.

"I don't, Steven. I fell in love with your father. I married him because I loved him." Steve's mother wrapped an arm around her son. She comforted him further with quieter words.

Ms. Nurhea moved to me and Momma. "Do you have any questions?"

I asked, "Is Steve gonna be okay?"

Ms. Nurhea looked at me. "I'm sure he will. In fact, I will be visiting him regularly to make sure he does. If you would like to be part of helping your friend, here's my card."

I took the nice social worker's personal card and pocketed it.

Momma said, "Thank you for inviting me, Ms. Nurhea. Your presentation was amazing. I'd be happy to let Billy join your sessions with Steven."

Mrs. Dinty stood up with her son still in her arm. "We'll talk about this between ourselves, until you visit, Ms. Nurhea. Thank you, Principal Agincourt."

They walked past Momma and I. "I would be delighted to host your son whenever he likes, Ms. Androni." She told my mom. They left. It would be a while before Steve returned to school, I guessed.

Momma turned to me. "Billy, you forgot to eat your lunch. I have to talk with these women a little bit. Why don't you eat in the administration area. I'm sure no one will mind."

"Okay." I turned to the social worker. "Thank you, Ms. Nurhea."

"Thank you, Billy." She told Momma, "I'm sure you're very proud of him."

"More than a mother should be." Momma actually giggled. Her giggle might have sounded strange, except Principal Agincourt responded with a sudden snort of laughter. The social worker looked confused.

Momma closed the office door behind me. I wanted to listen in, but the secretary made me eat my lunch on a bench far from the principal's office.

The secretary gave me an approved late slip. I didn't have to wear any dumb badge. I took my seat in English and quickly was able to follow lesson, having done all my homework.

After English, Al and Wendel caught up with me on my way to P.E. "Hey, Brat, you lied to us. You were in that meeting too!" Al accused.

"That's not what you asked." I was stubborn.

"You know more than you're telling."

Wendel gushed, "I heard that his dad tried to fuck Steve. I knew he was a freak, but now he's in jail!"

"Trish told me, Steve was fucking his mother and his dad found them." Al countered.

There was no help for these idiots. I shrugged and pushed my way through. "I gotta go to class."

"We're not done with you." Wendel promised. "Meet us after the last class, at the far end of the school grounds."

"I have to see my math teacher, after school." I told them. I hadn't decided until just then.

I enjoyed exercising my flurry of anxious feelings, during P.E. Mrs. Lum told the class to be careful with the ropes, when they returned them to the storage room. She had to inspect them for wear, after school. She told me, "I don't want them all tangled up." That made me smile.

I felt even better after exercising and took my time in the showers. Nobody bothered me.

In art and music, Darrin gave a short quiz about time signatures. I was ready for it.

When I knocked on Ms. Hennifer's class door, I was suddenly apprehensive. I felt guilty about what had happened to Steve. I wondered if I should talk to her about that instead of my B minus.

"Come in." My math teacher called from her desk.


"Hello, Ms. Hennifer. You said I can visit after you returned the quiz."

"Don't be shy, lad." She pointed to a chair. I knew what to do. I went to the chair and moved it to her desk. She smiled.

"I have lovely news, but I understand that you and Steve and your mothers were in Principal Agincourt's office during lunch. Would you like to tell me about it?"

I did want to. The secret of Steve and his sad, mean father was clawing my insides, but I lost my nerve. In front of strong, Ms. Hennifer, the rips made by that secret, reminded me of another secret. What had Momma talked about with Principal Agincourt and the social worker?

That mystery and the sad story about Mr. Dinty worried and saddened me. I must have looked quite strange to Ms. Hennifer while she waited for my answer.

"Maybe not then." She assumed my blank look was a refusal. "Then we can talk about happier things." She smiled. She rarely smiled in class, and I had only seen it once or twice outside of class. "Today is our one week anniversary." She chuckled.

Oh, yeah, Thursday, last week, she had spanked me and let me cum in her hair. I giggled at the memory.

"Good. I wasn't sure you could laugh, after seeing the Principal." Her smiled relaxed, giving me the room.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hennifer. If I knew you thought it was special, I could have bought you some candy."

"That would just make it sillier, but thanks for offering. No. I just wanted to let you know that your original gift made a big difference for me." She was talking about me cumming into her hair. "An eighth grader has been testing my resolve, and I could have overstepped my authority if you hadn't helped me to remember my limits." She took my hand and looked into my eyes. "Thank you."

I found myself hugging her, launching myself into her arms. "I thought you were gonna spank me again."

"Oh, never be sure I won't lad." She returned my hug. "I'm so glad I didn't lose my temper. I want to confess something, Billy, but you mustn't tell anyone."

"I won't, Ms. Hennifer. I'm good at keeping secrets."

"I believe you, if you've been making babies in adult women. I needed to hear you say it." She released me. "Billy, I really enjoy spanking naughty students. If I'm not careful, I could not only lose my job but seriously harm a child in my care." It would devastate me.

She needed me to care, the thing she had taught me to remember. "You wouldn't hurt anyone, Ms. Hennifer. You spanked me really hard, but you didn't hurt me."

"I think so too, Billy. However, most children don't have your experience or pluck. I'm sure I wouldn't truly injure a student, but physical punishment can weaken hearts as badly as it can teach a child that violence is a credible solution."

A couple things she said, I didn't understand very well, but I thought of a way to help her. "Ms. Hennifer, do you need me to give you another reminder?"

That quieted her. She looked pensive. "It may well be that I do, Billy." She continued to think about it.

I didn't think any further. I simple unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them. Then I fished my pee pee out in the open. Fortunately, after her last class, Ms. Hennifer had shut the room's curtains. Outside we could hear student playing on the grounds.

My efficiency startled her.

"Billy!" Her face looked surprised. I didn't give her time for it to change. I knew how I wanted to remind her. "Do you have a boyfriend, Ms. Hennifer?"

The question kept her off balance, but that wasn't my intent. I wanted to know if what I did would bother someone else.

"I said before, I'm never going to mary." She tried to take control of the conversation.

"You didn't answer what I asked." I took my soft penis and shook it. It hardened quickly at the thought of what I was going to do.

"Well," She knew she shouldn't lie. "I wouldn't call him a boyfriend, but I have a friend, Chuck. We have an arrangement."

"Will he be sad if I cum in your panties, Ms. Hennifer?"

"Excuse me?" Again she tried to exert her authority.

"I'm going to cum in your panties, Ms. Hennifer. If that could make your friend sad, it'll remind you better. Because you care about other people." I reached past her ample breasts, down to her slacks. I managed to unfasten the hook while my hand continued to jack on my aroused peter. "You need to unzip that."

"Billy!" She almost refused, but she must have realized I was right. Cumming into her bun again wouldn't be as strong of a reminder. She could have told me to cum into her blouse and bra, into their cleavage, or had me cum into her shoes, but I didn't give her much time to think. Perhaps the sight of my bobbing prick distracted her as well.

Why was I racing? It felt like I was running, from the secrets piling up inside of me, known and unknown. I wanted to be comforted, I think. At the time, I just wanted to cum into her panties because of what Momma had said that morning. I shouldn't get my cum near her vagina. Somehow that made me eager to do it to my math teacher, especially if it might make her friend sad.

Her hands found the tab of her zipper and, drawing it down, the front of her slacks parted. A bright panel of white cotton appeared. I reached forward with my free hand and pulled its waistband away from her flat belly. "Oh, Ms. Hennnifer, you won't forget this. I promise." A thatch of bright ochre sprang into the opening.

"I don't know." She started collecting herself again.

I needed to cum soon, before she thought better of allowing a child to cum into her red grove of fine, soft looking pubes.

Looking sharp, I think I saw the top of her pussy slit. The hairs parted slightly, and even if I imagined my first sight of Ms. Hennifer's sex, my groin spasmed, in preparation to unleash her reminder.

Her voice strengthened. "Maybe you should, instead-"

"I need to get in there. So I don't miss!" I cried, stepping between her legs and pushing them apart with mine. I aimed low, until my shaking prick head touched the top of her panties. "I'm going to cum soon. I can feel it. Please don't interrupt."

Instead of tipping her off balance again, my dick's proximity to her beautiful bush must have alarmed her, causing Ms. Hennifer to assert herself.

"This isn't right, Billy." Her arms lifted to push me away.

But it was too late. I jammed my cockhead into her cotton panties and cried out. "OOOooohhhh!!! Ms. Hennifer. I'm cumming!!!!" I pressed my lips to hers while her arms were gathering their strength. The surprise kiss, hot and full, depleted her attack. My prick leapt in my speeding hand and dove into her bright red nest. It's hole erupted with hot sperm. A thick flood drowned her pubes.

I moaned into her lips and kept jerking my prick, shooting load upon load of creamy fluid into her soaked hair and skin and cotton panel. Her hands fell away. I felt her complain against my mouth.

"Noooo, Billy. It's not safe!"

I hardly heard her above the pleasure exploding up from my loins. Her lips hardened, fear enveloping her. She pulled away and looked aghast at the mess I continued to make into her panties.

I squeezed every drop of cum out of my penis. I stepped back. "That was great, Ms. Hennifer!"

She looked me with large eyes. "What have you done, Billy?" Her hand replaced mine to hold her panties open. Her eyes darted to the mess in them.

"That will remind you better than on your head, Ms. Hennifer." I said proudly and reached for tissues from the box on her desk. "You can keep my cum in your pants for days, to help you remember."

"You caught me off guard." Her eyebrows narrowed. "If I'd had a moment to think, I would have remembered. It's not a good time for me to be with a man. I make Chuck use condoms, always. I use a diaphragm and spermicide, but during my fertile days I don't have any sex. I saw the first signs last night!" She stood up. Her free hand reached for tissues.

My hand intercepted it. "But it's just on the front, Ms. Hennifer. I didn't cum inside you."

Her hand faltered.

"If you wipe it away, then you might forget." I said earnestly. "I don't think I can cum again. I've been shooting it out of me for days, less each time. "Please, Ms. Hennifer, it's what you wanted."

"Not like this!" She snipped but continued to hold open her panties and stare at the soaked pubes resembling hairy tomato soup. "Ye don understand. Sperm on the edge of the vagina kin cause a pregnancy. The chance is wee, but I never took a risk even that low. I'm serious about not be'n a mother. Teaching is me life."

Her worried tone cut away my brash ardor. I had wronged her. I stupidly said. "It'll be okay. I won't do it again."

"I'll be sure ye don't, Lad." Her face darkened. "There may eve' be a lesson here I may hae to teach you."

She meant I might deserve a spanking, for taking advantage of her. Fear sprang in me. I zipped up my pants and held button to eye while backing away. "I was just doing what you wanted."

The prim teacher shook her head, unhappily. Her hand finally released the waistband of her panties. It slapped her belly with a smoosh. "What hae ye don, Billy?"

I scrambled out of her room nearly crying from guilt. It was the worst thing. She needed me to stay, to express her frustration at what I'd done. Worse, I learned much later, Ms. Hennifer couldn't take the morning after pill. It would make her sick, a doctor told her after a testing for the rare reaction.

I sulked all the way home.

Momma put me to work on another batch of chopped vegetables, which I processed half heartedly. Tomorrow, after school we would do this for real. It was important to get it right. I tried, but she had to chop some of the chunks I made into finer chunks.

She did surprise me by not baking any Au Gratin. Instead, she warmed up the leftovers from that morning. My heart woke up to the realization - my cum had spilled into that glass dish. Had Momma cleaned up her accident? My heart didn't think so.

"Mmmmm!!" These potatoes are fabulous!" Daddy cried. "They're the best, Faun."

"Why thank you. I hope I can get the right ingredients for tomorrow."

"Make two batches, and I'll pay for the second one."

"Careful husband. You may make the money, but I'm in charge of it. Remember our agreement." Mom smiled and brushed her cheek against his.

"I wouldn't forget that my sweet angel. My tongue slipped." They kissed. He broke it. "Then, as per our bargain, I might as well get my money's worth!" Daddy swept up Momma and carried her into their bedroom. She cooed naughtily the entire, short trip. The door closed, leaving me alone in the kitchen, staring at the batch of potatoes that had stirred such emotions. I didn't dare taste them.

Ms. Hennifer gave no sign of her intentions in class the next day. She acted kind enough, but no kinder than she would with any student.

I spent half of my lunch asking the administration secretary, Mr. Vouse, about my teacher's math classes. He told me, she taught home economics in a special classroom, twice a day. Her four maths were split evenly between the two grades. I had missed the first class, and I didn't have time to scout the second, to find out which eighth grader was troubling her. I had to go to English.

What happened that day, in Ms. Laghari's class, is forever lost from my mind. I had also asked Mr. Vouse if he knew what my mother had discussed privately the day before. He said Principal Agincourt would never betray a parent's trust, not even to him. I sulked through the entire class.

"Is that a dirge, Billy?" Darrin asked during music and art. We were suppose to whistle what was on our minds. "It's very good."

P.E., my class between English and Music had drained my physical energy until it matched my emotions.

The sight of Mother, wearing her beautiful dress, standing outside of school, woke me like a bolt of lightning! The kids stared. The adults tried to look like they weren't staring. She waited next to a taxi. "Come on Billy. There's plenty of time, but I can't help but be anxious." Her arm trembled when she helped me into the car.

"Hello, young man." Tanya Velakowski called out from behind the wheel. I had left her card on the kitchen countertop the night she drove me home. "You look well." She drove off, careful of the students and parents' cars surrounding us. "Your mother tells me. You have your first day of work today. I hope it goes well."

"We've been practicing all week."

"I wish I could afford to hire you and your boy. I try to eat better than donuts, but my routes don't take me to such places late at night."

"Perhaps you can save up, to hire Billy." Momma teased me with her fingers ruffling my hair. "I'm sure our bosses will give you a bargain."

"Hah! Yes, perhaps we trade, rides for food." The striking looking cabbie laughed. Mother's crystal tinkling joined hers.

"Aww, Mom." I pouted, but nothing that had happened earlier that Friday could shake my excitement.

The cab climbed a hill. Condominiums and apartment buildings looked down at us from both sides of the street. Tanya stopped in front of one that looked like it had been made for old time movies. "816 Beaverton, Ma-am." She told mother.

A man wearing a top hat and a long coat opened the passenger door. Mother charged the ride to a credit card given to her by Ms. and Mr. Colkick. "Please give yourself a twenty percent tip."

"Thank you, Ms. Androni."

The doorman took a wheeled ice chest from the Cab's trunk. He led us to an elevator. He took a key out of his pocket and unlocked it. "What floor, Ma-am?"

"Sixteenth." Mom took the chest's handle from him. "We'll be fine."

"Yes, Ma-am." He punched the button before retreating back to the lobby.

On the sixteenth floor, we walked down a short corridor lined with indoor planters. There weren't many doors.

"These homes are just below the top floor suites, Billy. Have you ever seen carpeting or wallpaper so elegant?"

"No, Momma." Her bedazzled eyes worried me a little. We reached door, 1605. She knocked.

An elderly lady, older looking that even Mrs. McDougal answered the door. "Are you Ms. and Master Androni?"

Master? She looked at me when she said it. How was I a master, when Momma was just a Ms.?

"Yes, I'm Faun, and this is Billy." Mother replied. "Ms. Amberwilk said we could arrive early."

"She did, Mum." Her accent was vaguely British. "Please come in."

I tugged Momma's skirt. "That isn't the customer?"

"She's their maid, Sweetheart. Help me with this chest through the door." Momma didn't want to accidentally pinch her skirt.

The home inside was the most splendid place I had ever seen. Movies couldn't afford to decorate a set with the likes of its riches. The maid took us directly to the kitchen. It was the size of our living room at home! While she showed Momma were everything was, pans, utensils, etc. I sneaked an arm's distance from Momma's skirt and peeked everywhere I could.

"If you need anything, do call me. I'm Dina." The maid exited the kitchen, hesitantly.

"Thank you, Dina." Mother smiled. It looked a little forced but less forced than Dina's smile.

I asked her, after Dina left. "Was she pretending to be nice?"

"Shhh, Billy. The things you think." Momma shook her head at me. The last thing she needed was a bothersome son, but she didn't put me right to work. "I'm going to dig into every drawer and device, to familiarize myself with the kitchen. You sit at the table and play with your watch or watch school videos or something. I'll call you when I need you. There's plenty of time."

"Yes, Momma." I sat and watched her. She was so beautiful. A hour passed, and Momma was fiddling with settings on the stove and oven.

"I think I've got the hang of it. Billy, come here. I've already set up your chopping station."

And so it began. We worked just as if we were in our own kitchen, except our kitchen had become the most beautiful, biggest, best kitchen. I didn't bump into Momma once while we prepared the meal.

Mother had just put the pork chops in the oven, when the front door opened and a young woman entered. She took off her gloves and jacket, which Dina put away in the foyer closet. The lady then strode right into the kitchen.

"You look magnificent, Ms. Androni." Her head looked Momma up and down. That style of dress is so beyond the crazy fashions of today, we'll never wear the like again in public." She held out her hand to Momma.

"You're too kind, Ms. Amberwilk." Momma shook the lady's hand.

Ms. Amberwilk stood as tall as Momma but was slimmer especially in the chest and hips. She smiled cheerfully at me. "Hello, Billy."

"Hi, Ms. Amberwilk." I studied her. She had short, brown hair curled into large curls. Her dress was almost a suit. The blouse and slacks were just loose enough to spoil the illusion. From a distance, you might have thought she was a man, except for her curls. "Do you and your husband have any kids?"

Ms. Amberwilk burst into laughter! "Hardly! I'm not even married!"

"Then Mr. Amberwilk..." Mother was curious.

"He's my father."

"I must apologize, Ms. Amberwilk." Momma's hand went to her heart. "I had heard that you and your father retired, but I assumed you lived separately."

"I get that a lot, Ms. Androni." The rich lady waved her hand. "Please, call me Judith. You'll tire me out before serving dinner, if you use my last name until then."

"Yes, of course." Mother smiled. "I'm Faun."

Judith gave a tight smile. "Regarding serving dinner, Dina will handle that." She giggled.

"Oh." Momma nodded.

"If you need anything, ask Dina. I must take a bath." Ms. Amberwilk ambled out of the kitchen.

Mother and I worked on the dressing for the chopped salad.

Mr. Amberwilk arrived. "Oh!" His eyes grew large, sighting us. Dina had pointed us out. "Carry on." He went into the fabulous living room.

Mother started on the Au Gratin. I cut the potatoes for her, but then I was done. After washing my hands for the third time, I peeked in on him. Dina was massaging his shoulders.

"Thank you, Love." He reached up to her shifting hand and patted it.

"None of that, Mr. Charles." I barely heard, Dina tell him.

"Stop being silly, Father." Judith suddenly appeared wearing a full length robe. Her hair was wrapped in a towel. "I've had to reject Dina's resignation three times this week."

"Bosh!" Her father called aloud.

"Bosh is right. If she ever did ask to resign, I'll give her half of your share of our estate!"

"You injure me."

"No, I'll let Dina do that, and deny anything she inflicts on you."

"You know." His head lifted its nose. "That's starting to smell real good."

"It does." Judith agreed. "I may have to dress in the kitchen."

I heard mother titter quietly. We both were nervose as mice.

Judith left for her room, and the maid went to assist her. Mother finished prepping the baking dish with cream and cheese and potatoes and spices. She put it in the second oven and started its timer. She washed her hands and sat, looking a little lost at them.

I went to her and put my hand on her shoulder. "I didn't make any mistakes."

"You did a wonderful job, Sweetheart." She smiled at me. Her eyes had yet to sparkle since we arrived. "Could you show me one of those videos?" She asked, no doubt to distract her nerves. "You'll have to mute the volume."

"Yes. Momma." We watched a man talk about history, the Romans I think. Both of us glued our eyes to the tiny, silent screen.

A bell rang.

Mother shuddered. Her face paled slightly, and her eyes darted erratically. She reached to me and shut off the video. Then she took my hand and said. "I need you to do something special for me, Billy."

"What's the matter Momma?"

She took her purse from the table and pulled out a small box. "There's a cup in the box. Momma needs you to put something very important into it."

I smiled but spoke as softly as she had. "Do you want me to cum in the cup, Momma?" I took the box. "You're gonna put my cum on the Au Gratin again, huh?"

She bit her lip, squinted while looking away, and nodded.

"Yes, Momma." I turned and walked to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, Momma knocked on the door. "Is everything going okay in there?"


It all stopped being okay when I entered a stranger's bathroom to masturbate. There was more than a little plastic cup in the box. It also had a tube of hand cream. But for all of it's slick, pleasant feel on my dick, I worried, if I didn't cum, Momma would lose her job!

Worry keep me from getting hard for the first two minutes. Thinking of Momma in her beautiful dress finally succeeded, but that led me right back to worrying about her. I jerked on my semi-turgid pee pee for another minute before stopping. I was too young to know what to do, but I didn't want to hurt myself.

When Momma knocked, I didn't say anything at first. I felt so ashamed. I was going fail and get her fired.

"Billy? Honey?" She tried the knob. I hadn't locked it. We usually left the bathroom at our house unlocked. I didn't have that habit. "I'm coming in, okay?" She said before pushing the door open very slowly.

"Okay." I covered my half deflated erection. I was sitting on the toilet seat lid. It had a cow hide cover, quite comfortable actually.

Mom saw me and gave a wan smile. "Sweetheart, can you forgive me?"


"I was wrong to ask you to cum for me." She knelt down on a matching cowhide rug. "That's too much pressure." She put her hand on my naked knee.

"I want your Au Gratin to be delicious. I want you to make lots of money."

"I know you do, Honey, but love and money don't fit well together."

I didn't understand. My pee pee stayed half hard. She was so pretty, talking up to me.

"Can I see it?"

I uncovered my tilting boner. "I came too much this week." I tried to explain, but she knew the real reason I hadn't reached an orgasm.

"It's beautiful."

My peter jerked when her gaze revered it.

"Now put your pants back on, and we'll finish making supper for the Amberwilks."

"But the Au Gratin needs my cum!"

"No, Honey. There's nothing wrong with my Au Gratin without your ingredient. They'll love it." She promised. She shifted her weight to her feet.

I grabbed her hand on my knee. "No, Momma." The cream on my hand coated hers.

"Billy?" She wobbled before catching her balance.

"You can make me cum. I'll never run out of it for you."

"That's not how a boy's body works. And..." She looked serious. "That's not the real problem, is it? Sex should be fun, Billy. I was wrong to ask you to cum for my cooking. That made you worry for me. You shouldn't have sex when it's not fun."

I said something I shouldn't have, then. I tugged her hand with conviction and placed it on my young dick. "Don't refuse me, Momma. I need you to make me cum."

When she saw how serious I was, she gulped. "But- ah, you don't have to prove yourself, especially to me."

Mother knew me better than I knew myself, but I had a lurid bee stinging my pride. I couldn't let her leave that bathroom thinking I was a little boy. "Here's the tube of cream." My dry hand held it before her. "But first you have to unbutton the top of your dress."

I remembered that last time I saw her lovely breasts. I had cum so hard, that sight would never fail me like I had just failed myself.

Mother's voice weakened. "But we're at a stranger's home, Billy, and we shouldn't be in the bathroom for as long as we have."

"Are you going to refuse?"

She looked down and shook her head slightly. "I-I won't, Billy. I can't, when you're like this." Her free hand reached for the top button of her amazing dress. I remembered how adept she was with one hand and buttons and a bra.

Even hurrying, in that strange place, her fingers never fumbled. She opened five buttons in ten seconds. The sharp lines of her dress loosened and hung casually open. Her cleavage was so beautiful, I opened the tube of cream and squirted more on my dick and into her palm. I was fully hard, looking down at my mother unbuttoned her dress. I pushed her hand to start the motion.

"Yes, Billy." She looked away when her cheeks turned red. She wrapped her fingers around my young girth and started stroking. The first movement of her hand was already ten times better than when I had tried to make myself cum.

The hand at her chest did fumble a bit with the front clasp holding the sturdy cups of her bra together. "I should lock the door." The hand not pulling on my slick stiffy fled her bra, and Momma leaned back to reach for the lock button. She stretched as far as she could, but before she reached the button, the doorknob turned.

To her credit, Momma called out calmly. "It's occupied."

The door only opened a tiny crack. "Oh, I see." The old maid's voice sounded from behind the door. "Let me know when you're finished. I'm not allowed to use the bedroom bath."

"Yes, sorry."

"Is your boy in there with you?" Her voice had a stern edge. Could Dina hear Momma's hand slapping on my crotch? I hoped her ears were too old.

"He is." Momma surprised me by telling the truth. Her hand never slowed on my dick. My balls clenched from little tremors, and my dick spasmed in her hand. "This is our first time, and he's a little overwhelmed by the experience. I thought the bathroom might be best for him to collect himself."

"I see. Please don't hurry on my account. I can wait." Dina shut the bathroom door. "The poor child." We barely heard it.

Momma clicked the lock and turned to me. "That was close, Billy." But there was a light in her eyes. Her hand felt warmer on my cream drenched prick, suddenly.

I was close.

"Do you need to see your mother's chest?" She whispered. Her hand returned to the clasp between her bra. Her other hand rapidly slipped and slid up and down my rigid dick. No longer embarrassed, she was teasing me.

"Please, Mommy- OHH!" I gasp. It was happening!

Momma swept up the plastic cup next to me and grinned. She placed it at the head of my cock, and used her thumb to wipe cream away from the slit at its tip. "Cum for Momma." She told me.

I did. My urethral bulb must have held all of my remaining cum. The muscles surrounded it wrung it as hard as possible, ejecting the mass up the shaft's vein. I'd never felt a glob so large wrench through my cock and explode out. The first shot filled half of the small cup. I cried out into my dry hand. "AAAAAAAAA!!! MOMMAA!"

No more cum followed that first blast. It was all I had left. My loins clenched again and again, but I had been wrung dry by my mother's loving hand.

Then Momma popped the clasp of her bra. Two perfect breasts relaxed into view, framed by her open, blue blouse and two pink cones dangling beside them. My body reacted as if it hadn't just orgasmed. My empty balls lurched, sending another burst of joy up my body. It lit up my brain like New Years. The second orgasm, twice as powerful as the first, crashed through my senses.

"Oooohhhh, AAAAHHHH!!!" My whole body flailed with ecstasy. I only, barely held my hand tight against my outcries.

"Shhhhh." Momma hushed, her eyes wide from the sight of such a huge amount of cum boiling out all at once, to be followed by no more. She smiled. "Someone will think I'm abusing you." Her hand kept flashing up and down. I could barely feel it through the thick fog of pleasure soaking through my flesh and spirit.

She let me recuperate for less than a minute before releasing me and washing her hands and then me with a damp towel. The cup of her son's semen was placed safely on a shelf.

Before returning to the kitchen, she let Dina know. "Billy will be just fine."

"That's nice." Dina's eyes would have looked more serious if a mote of light hadn't sparkled in them. "A mother's attention is the best balm for a boy."

I heard, "...palm for a boy." But it must have been my imagination.

After performing her ablutions, Dina served the dinner. Momma and I waited nervously in the kitchen.

"Judith, have you ever tasted anything like this?" Mr. Amberwilk ejaculated.

"I can't believe these pork chops were baked instead of spit grilled over a camp fire. They're so moist, and I've never appreciated what simple salt and pepper can do to perfectly cooked meat."

"I meant the potatoes. When I first saw the dish, I worried our 'simple' meal would be spoiled by a housemom overreaching her place in culinary fare. But they are incredible! They make me feel so alive!"

"Gee, Dad, I like them too, but they're just Au Gratin. I would like to know what cheese or cheeses she used as a base for the sauce. It definitely unique." Judith must have leaned close to her father's ear. I barely heard her whisper, "Dina could learn something from this sauce." She quickly added, "Dina's French and Dutch cooking is wonderful, but I'm glad you convinced me to try this Meals on Heels. It's better than the gimmick I imagined it to be."

Mr. Amberwilk coughed. "Yes, now I feel better for not telling you, I did invest a little into the company."

"Oh, Daddy!" Judith's voice took a disparaging tone. "You didn't let a pretty face sway you again?"

George chuckled. "He wasn't ugly but, no, I didn't turn gay overnight." His daughter laughed. Then he must have leaned at her ear. "Though, I'd happily hire Ms. Androni to serve me privately."

My ears burned at his quiet words.

"Well, thank the stars, she brought her little boy, to keep you from doing something foolish." Judith declared a little louder than she probably intended.

"Shhhh, Daughter, you're distracting me from this amazing Au Gratin."

The sounds I heard after that were knifes and forks and regular hums of delight. The words, "little boy", stung me, but I didn't let it poison my mood. After they finished slices of black forest cake that mother had baked while I was at school, Dina came to us. "The lady and gentleman would like to thank you." She led us into the dining area.

Mother bowed upon arriving. I followed her example, after standing next to the seated woman.

"Ms. Androni, the meal you created was superb!" Mr. Amberwilk exclaimed. "I wish you and your company the best of fortune, because luck will be your only challenge if all of Meal on Heels' employees are as talented as you.

"Thank you, Sir." Mom actually blushed.

George nodded at his daughter, for her pronouncement. We all caught her staring at me. The tiniest tip of her tongue darted out to taste her upper lip. Her head twitched. "Yes, Father, I really enjoyed the meal too." She sniffed, not snootily but as if to break her mood. "Please, Ms. Androni, I hope you and your son can pleasure- ah- I mean provide us such a pleasurable meal again."

"That would be my pleasure, Ms. Amber-, I mean Judith."

The daughter smiled. We returned to the kitchen to begin packing up. Dina would clean up, an arrangement made when they had hired Momma. We were suppose to take any left-overs.

The entire time, I felt Ms. Amberwilk's eyes on me, even though she had retired to her room.

She literally rushed up to say goodbye. "I wish you and Billy could return soon." She blinked hearing herself. Her eyes glanced at me with some confusion. Her cheeks were flush.

Dina kept a prim visage. "Thank you for your work, Ma-am and Master."

Tanya Velakowski picked us up at a quarter to nine. "How was job?"

"It was a success!" Mother announced, finally letting go of her professional demeanor. "Please, take these leftovers." Momma passed three boxes to the front passenger seat. She kept the cake, knowing my preference. I didn't care about the other things. I was tired of pork chops, chopped vegetable salad, and Au Gratin.

"I have twice to thank you, Ms. Androni. They smell delicious, but I am more glad that you might regularly need my cab. I can give you a personal discount if you ask for me each time." She looked at us through the mirror. "Just don't tell my boss!" She laughed.

Momma laughed.

"Please forgive me for not waiting." Tanya told us at the first stop light that held us. "I have not had supper." She opened the glove box and fetched out a spoon. At the next red light, she wiped the spoon on her shirt and opened the closest box. She scooped a heap of Au Gratin and ate it. "This is good." She said simply and had a second scoop. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Ms. Velakowski." Momma replied. The smile on her lips was hard to see in the dim passenger section.

"Tanya, please. We will be friends." She drove on.

By the time we arrived at our home's building, she had finished the Au Gratin and was working on the salad. "Mmmmm, so good, Ms. Androni. This is even more delicious." She refused to call Momma, "Faun", while working.

She got out and opened the door for Momma and me. Stepping out, past the strong looking woman, I saw her eyes study me, as if I had somehow visibly changed. She sniffed and cleared her throat. Then she opened the trunk and carried our packages up to the apartment. She refused to let us help her, but she kept bumping me with the lowest case in her hands and apologizing.

Mother let Tanya in after hugging and kissing Daddy who pounced the moment she opened the door. Tanya grinned at them, but when she looked down at me, red tinged her strong cheekbones. She deposited the cases and turned to leave.

Mother had lost all decorum by then. Her first job had gone wonderfully! She grasped Tanya in a passionate embrace and kissed both her cheeks. "Thank you!"

As if that gave her permission, the cabbie took me in her arms and replied, "You're welcome!" Her arms were hot and their strength made me gasp. Then she let go and darted out the front door.

"That was, different." Daddy observed.

"It's been a crazy night." Momma held him again. She took him to their room, leaving me to close and lock the door.

I undressed and decided to take a quick shower. Passing their door, in my pajamas, I listened for a moment.

"I'm sorry, Faun. This week has been the worst, for me."

"It's okay, Glen, we have the weekend to rest up."

"Unfortunately, I don't." Daddy quickly added, "I'll be home, but I have to draft three reports for Monday."

"I won't blame you, Sweetheart, but it's time to tell you. I decided, that if Meals on Heels is a success, I'm not going to wait any longer to have another child."

"Faun- I didn't suspect."

"You don't approve?"

"I certainly do!" Father promised. "I'll gladly do my part, when ever you want."

"I wanted it tonight." Momma said softly. "Poor people can't have it all. I shouldn't have expected."

"I'm sorry."

"You said that already."

I darted to my bed on the couch, in case Momma and Daddy's talk got more awkward. I thought I would be too tired to sleep, but I fell unconscious quickly. I dreamed of Momma saying, "Like this, Billy. Sperm on the edge of my vagina might impregnate me."

I woke late, but Momma and Daddy hadn't gotten up. I lay in bed, thinking about what happened the day before. I had nearly run out of cum when I needed it most. Right then, I told myself I had to stop cumming all the time, or I might disappoint Momma some day. I was sure I could refrain from masturbating, but it would be hard to stop making babies with all the nice ladies who let me. I needed to know how often I could allow myself to shoot my seed into eager pussies.

I tried looking up that info on my watch, but the screen was way too small. I saw Daddy's briefcase and got up. Inside was the laptop his company loaned him. I knew his password. I had played a game one night, last weekend, sure I'd fail, but third password I guessed, "Billy-n-Faun", unlocked his laptop.

The desktop picture showed Mommy holding me when I was ten. I had been a baby then, always wanting her to hold me against her soft boobs. In the picture, she was sticking out her tongue at the camera.

I opened Firerox and searched for "making more cum". Boogle came back with a bunch of stupid links pointing to stories and videos that asked if I was 18. Mother had told me, not long ago, that real sex information never asked your age.

After dozens of dumb links, a click opened to There was an article written for high schoolers, but it didn't use any words I hadn't learned. The short answer was:

"The full process takes about 64 days. Your testicles make millions of sperm per day at a rate of 1,500 per second. At the end of a cycle, they can have generated up to 8 billion sperm."

WOW! That was a huge-mongus amount! And it only takes 1 to make a baby! I couldn't believe the numbers. I clicked through a hundred more links until I found a different site that confirmed the first. The truth was so unbelievable, I read more about sperm in general. Reality quickly surfaced. It took hundreds of millions of sperm to make 1 milliliter. I didn't know much about the metric system, but I knew that a milliliter was a super tiny amount, just like a gram hardly weighs anything.

The other important thing was, a guy has to shoot hundreds of millions to give one sperm a chance of merging with a woman's egg. For the first time in my life, I wanted to work with mathematics.

The cup mother used, last night, to catch my cum had lines on it to measure fluid. I remembered that I had spurted almost a teaspoon, much less than my usual amount I believed. A metrics conversion site said a teaspoon was about 5 milliliters.

I decided never to cum less than that for Momma. She had had to spread it very thin over the Au Gratin, but it was enough to make Mr. Amberwilk love it.

My heartfelt thanks went out to Ms. Hennifer for emphasizing checking our work in class. I calculated the numbers five times, to make sure I got it right. I got it wrong twice.

Four days.

If I waited four days between making babies, I would never again run out of sperm. Now I knew. I dedicated myself to that number. That way Momma would never be disappointed when she made me cum. I would limit myself to make babies no more than two times a week. I was very naive back then.

After putting Daddy's laptop back in his briefcase, I wondered why he and Momma were still in their room. I had heard the toilet flush, twice. Between calculating numbers, I had to use the bathroom too. I crept once more to their bedroom door.

"You had me worried for a minute." Daddy sounded happy.

"Don't blame your worry on me, Husband." Momma sounded amused. "Unless I let big, multi-racial men tie me up to breed me repeatedly."

"No more!" Daddy said almost loudly. "That fantasy it too much for me."

"The problem is," Momma's voice saddened. "I can't let you inside me, because that spoils the fantasy."

"It's just a fantasy." Daddy assured. "I won't need it after I've rested up. Also, you had one success. A single datum predicts nothing. Meals on Heels will need dozens of initial successes before you can hope they'll survive. The gig economy is swarming with sharks. The Colkicks seem to be doing everything right, but you'll learn the truth about them, if the business turns down for even one quarter."

"You're right, but you weren't there, last night. Those rich folk loved the meal."

"I'm sure they did. I want more of that Au Gratin myself, but you said Mr. Amberwilk was invested in Meals on Heels."

"I should go make breakfast." Momma evaded Daddy's justification for skepticism. I leaped away, back to my bed, and dressed.

She entered the kitchen with a smile and a warm, "Good morning, Billy."

Our weekend began. It was fun, but mostly we stayed home. I didn't dare explore the building, in case I met Mrs. Cherkle or Mrs. McDougal. We went to a close park on Sunday. There were tents and homeless people, but there were many families making BBQ and playing with dogs and frisbees and balls and children.

A sad looking man stopped by. He looked Daddy's age but older because of his dirty clothes and rough shorn face and sun damaged skin. "Care to donate a bite?"

Momma nodded, and Daddy gave him one half of a sandwich.

"Thank you." He nodded and left.

Sunday night, we sat on the couch watching a show on Daddy's laptop. My watch vibrated. I had another email from Mrs. Abbey. I left the couch to read it.

"I'm showing a house in your neighborhood on Tuesday. Text me when you're done with school, and I'll give you the address. It's just a couple blocks from your home. I want to spend private time with you again, Sir."

Tuesday would be four days since Momma made me cum the previous Friday night.

At school, I would have to resist raping Mrs. Lum, and reminding Ms. Hennifer, and any other opportunity to shoot my cum, for two whole days - if I wanted to make babies with Mrs. Abbey again. Did I want to?

The phone rang. It was Ms. Colkick. "Hi, Billy. I'm calling for your Mom, but I wanted to ask. Did you like the photo of me?"

"I did, Ms. Colkick!"

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Momma heard the name and hurried over. I handed the phone to her.

They talked for several minutes. Mother acted more than pleased and said, "Really? That's wonderful!" Twice. After hanging up she announced, "I have two more jobs this week, on Wednesday and Thursday." She smiled at me? "Will you'll be ready, Billy?"

I had no more than ten seconds to decide my plans up until Wednesday night. Some of that time I would need, to practice helping Momma prepare the meals.

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I really love your story.  Thanks for sharing.

It would be nice if we got some confirmation that one of his women actually did get pregnant.  And perhaps a lesson from Mrs. Lum about fertile times and the unpredictable odds of getting pregnant.

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Hi HelloRed! Thank you for posting your thoughts. Confirmation will happen (not soon, since the story is day by day), and I believe there is discussion of the unpredictability of conception. I'm really glad you're enjoying the story!


"Yes, Momma!" I cried jubilantly! Somehow, I would make sure she got my cum, even at the expense of other women who wanted it.

I lay in bed that night, promising I would save my cum and maybe even keep from shooting it into Mrs. Abbey. I worried she might not like that, but Momma had to be first.

Monday went almost perfectly. None of the older boys bothered me, and I raced out of math and P.E. as soon as the school harp sang. Ms. Hennifer called my name, but I pretended not to hear. I made it home in record time.

Mother was all ready to practice for the Wednesday client.

"They want pot roast, spinach salad, and rice. I'll also bake them a peach cobbler." Mom's peach cobbler had won awards in our old town.

I helped her with chopping vegetables, and I made the salad.

"They wanted a ranch style dressing, but I think we should jazz it up a bit." Mother winked.

I totally misunderstood. When mother presented the bowl of dressing she freshly whipped, I took out my penis and stroked it to hardness.

"Billy?" Mother tilted her head. "What are you doing?" She asked calmly.

"I'm going to jazz up the dressing."

"Ah." She reached out, a smirk on her face. "Let's not do that. By jazzing it up I meant I would add a little crushed jalapeño. You watched me use the garlic press on that pickled pepper.

"Huh." I put my pee pee back into my pants.

When the test meal was done, she and I ate heartily. I told her I loved every bite, but the dressing was a little too spicy I thought.

She brought the cobbler that she had let cool on the counter. She set it on the table between us. I stood and opened the fly of my pants. When I started jerking on my pee pee she apologized, "Billy, I'm afraid I led you down a very confusing path. Can you forgive me?"

"Huh?" I was confused, but I didn't stop jerking. My balls hadn't cum in three days, and they really wanted to. "You didn't do anything wrong."

"When I asked to you make cum for the Au Gratin, that was wrong of me."

"But it made it taste a lot better!"

"Maybe. Mr. Amberwilk liked it a lot, but his daughter didn't have much to say about it. That's when I realized I should have made it the way I always make it. Before, I was so worried, I panicked and asked you to cum for it. I'm not going to panic again. And you won't have to do that for the meals we make." She eyed my flashing hand.

"Oh." I let my hand slow. My orgasm felt close, but I'd better not cum on the cobbler. I finally understood. The Au Gratin had been a very special case. I was suddenly sorry that Momma had to suffer from making that first meal. I let go of my erection and hugged her. My arousal waned but not my stiffy. It poked Momma's chest. "I forgive you." I let go and smiled, hard prick jutting from my waist.

Momma's mouth curled with a slight grin as she studied my peter. "Of course, this cobbler is just a test." She pointed at one side of the baking dish. "We'll save that half for your father." She looked up at me. "You know he loves my cobbler."


My head swung between looking at my mother and the cobbler dish. My cheeks flushed red, and I put my penis back into my pants. It was already softening.

Mom's grin vanished, replaced by brief disappointment. Then she sighed and smiled. "Now that that's settled, let's have cobbler!"

We ate dessert. She talked about Wednesday's clients, Mr. and Ms. Kampold. They didn't live in City Heights but they had plenty of money to hire a Meal on Heels. It was their fifteen wedding anniversary. They would return on Tuesday, from the Caribbean, and wanted a last something special to commemorate their vows.

I only heard every other word. I continued to feel foolish for thinking my cum made Momma's dinners taste better. I imagined the upsides, to break my glum mood. I would have plenty of cum to make babies with Mrs. Abbey tomorrow. And I wouldn't have to avoid my math and P.E. teachers again. I just had to keep from cumming every day, like before.

I did remind myself that Mrs. Lum might have the results of my blood test. I couldn't imagine anything wrong with me. I felt great, physically!

"Tomorrow afternoon, I'll practice the meal for our Thursday client." Momma paused. "Billy?"


"All this extra work, above your homework must be getting to you already."

"No, Momma! I want to practice with you."

"Well, Mr. Gorgev wants home-cooked rye bread, sausages, and beet soup. I can handle a meal that simple by myself.

"Am I not going with you on Thursday?"

"Of course you will. I'd be lonely without your company." She winked. "But you can have the afternoon to yourself, tomorrow."

"Oh!" I kept a smile from surfacing. "Oh." I repeated without enthusiasm. "I'm going to meet Mrs. Abbey, okay?"

"Of course, Billy." Mother's eyes sparkled. "She emailed, asking if she could use you to practice her sales pitch on, at the new house she's showing." She laughed. "Just don't get carried away and sign a mortgage!"

Momma knew. I wasn't sure what to make of that, but she seemed happy enough to let me visit with Mrs. Abbey. "I won't, Momma."

Daddy came home later than usual. I was getting ready for bed. He complemented the wonderful food we'd saved for him, but he was so tired, he went straight to bed after eating half. Mother sighed and frowned. She had changed into her house robe.

She tucked me into the bedding we had for our couch. She hadn't done that for maybe a year. "I'm grown up, Momma." I complained mildly.

"I know. I just need to feel useful, tonight. I would have done this for your father, if he was awake." As her hands tucked the blanket and sheet, the top of her robe parted, and I could see between her beautiful breasts. My penis lurched to life.


One of her hands tucked the far side of the top sheet, under my bum. When she retreated it, it brushed over my growing penis. I think it was an accident, but I wondered if Momma meant she could feel useful by jacking me off. There's nothing I would have liked more, except I had promised to save my cum for Mrs. Abbey, tomorrow.

Still, I wanted to help Momma feel useful. Her wonderful breasts gave me the idea. "Momma, do you want me to not be grown up for a little while?" I scooted my body against the couch back, making room for her.

In the dim nightlight I saw her cheeks flush. She'd seen me looking at her cleavage. At first her hand moved to close her robe, but she hesitated. "What are you saying, Billy? Do you want to be Momma's baby again?" A finger flicked one flap of her robe.

"If I was, I could use your breasts, Momma." I didn't say it quite right - trying to let her know that I wanted help her feel useful.

Her blush deepened. "You just want to use part of me." She looked less happy at that.

I didn't understand. I decided she just needed a push in the right direction, and she would learn what I meant. "I need to use your breasts, Momma." I patted the space next to me and slightly opened my mouth.

"Ah." She sniffed. "You're like that again." She nodded, again slightly sad. Her hands trembled when they pulled the top of her robe apart. She surprised me. She shucked off the whole robe and let it fall next to the couch. Mother hunched over me, almost naked in the dim light. Her remaining garment was a plain pair of white panties. She slipped beside me under the bed covers, positioning her chest at my head and sighed. Momma whispered, to herself I think, "At least someone has a need for me."

I would have reminded her about how the Colkicks were paying her to make her wonderful food. Except, I latched my mouth onto her perky nipple, and I felt up her other breast. Three seconds of sucking her tit brought my erection to full hardness.

The couch was barely wide enough to fit the two of us together. Our bodies pressed front to front. She must have been able to feel my boner between her thighs.

"Ngh." She murmured. Her body twitched.

In case my hardness was bothering her, I shifted back as best I could, but it only resulted in pulling the waistband of my briefs down a little. Although my attention was on the wonderful sensation of sucking Momma's titty, I felt the head of my turgid prick slip out and touch the cotton of her panties.

"That feels nice, Baby Billy." I think she was talking about my mouth and tongue working to pleasure the sensitive part of her breasts.

I switched my mouth to her other nipple and my other hand moved to stroke and tweak the one wet with my saliva.

"Mmmmm." We both moaned. Our bodies took on lives of their own. As I sucked her nipple, the joy of it infused my torso with a slight humping, causing my bare prick head to rub against her panties.

Mother murmured again from the pleasure I was giving her boobs. Her body writhed gently against me, doubling the sensation on my penis. However it wasn't strong enough to break my attention from sucking on and groping her beautiful chest.

We lay together, bodies rubbing against each other, occasionally sighing and moaning. I wanted to be Momma's baby all night. I switched breasts twice more, over a long time it seemed, before I felt my penis jerk inside my underwear.

Something wet came out. It was the oddest experience. I didn't feel an orgasm. My penis simple spat something out on it's own accord.

"Oh, goodness!" Momma pulled her hips from mine. She threw off the covers.

"What happened, Momma?" My mouth freed her tit. My hand fell away from the other.

"You came, Sweetheart." She looked surprised. She got up from the couch and switched on a standing lamp. In the blinding, sudden light she stepped wide and looked at the crotch of her panties. Sure enough, a blob of my cum was soaking into her panties. A droplet fell to the carpet. "You came on Momma's panties."

"How so, Momma? I didn't orgasm." I had thought I was going to, but I loved the simple relaxation of holding her and simply sucking, so much, my arousal hovered well below the possibility of peaking.

"Ejaculating and orgasm can happen without the other, Billy." She kept staring at the blob of cum that was no doubt seeping into her thatch of hair. The wet spot was just under the waistband. Another two inches lower, and my cum would have been soaking into her vulva.

"I'm sorry. Is Daddy going to be sad that I came near your pussy?"

Her face jolted up. "If he asks, I will tell him, Billy.

"We should wash up, huh?" I pushed myself up from the cushions.

"You probably should, Billy." She looked forlorn. "I should have been more careful. I'm going to wear these like they are, to remind me that you are very potent, and that taking care of your needs will always come with a risk." Her gaze returned to the white blob clinging to and dissipating into her panties. "If you had orgasmed, you probably would have cum a lot more. That's a bit of luck, at least."

I went to the bathroom and washed myself. I brought a wet cloth to clean any spots on the bed sheet. There weren't any, but mother wasn't there either. She must have gone to bed.

I fell asleep, not feeling anything like a baby.