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It's important to consider, I was not an adult. Their lives are complex, interwoven, with great emotional risk and effort, just to make a living, let alone to enjoy life. During my brief experiences with adult matters, the last time Mother revealed something private, I reacted terrible about it. I hurt her, to exercise the anger and confusion that overtook me. I faced my previous failure then, sitting next to my loving mother.

I mustn't ask. Mom tries to protect me from what I can't handle, possibly overly protective, but I chose to wait until she decided what to reveal about her private business. And yet, I couldn't be perfectly silent about the matter either. Perhaps if I showed how mature I could be, she might believe I could handle her private matters sooner than later.

"Tanya said, you want some things just for yourself."

"That's what I told her. I trust Tanya's respect for privacy." She eyed me, the incongruity sharp in her eyes. She smiled. "She trusted that I wanted you to know of my selfishness. Did she say anything else."

"No." I pouted. After today, in the nice cabbie's work vehicle, she had given Jacqueline, Tara, and I absolute privacy. Although she must have known exactly what we'd done. "Mom, I want to respect your privacy."

"But...???" She smirked.

"I want to protect you."

"Your father and I are suppose to protect you."

"I know." I snuggled the top of my head into her breasts. "I can't help wanting to, because I love you."

Mother sniffed a little. "Aw, Sweetheart." She hugged me dearly.

Mrs. Cherkle once told me I wasn't too young to call the police, to protect my mom. Tomorrow, I would be tested by facing the awful man who had made Mom suffer villainous violation. Before then, I would find the two officers who I saw at the diner. Maybe they could help me with advice.

That wasn't all. I needed a more long term solution, but it was too late to pursue, and Mom and I needed our sleep.

The next morning, we woke up in my couch bedding, holding each other.

Father had already left for the day. He'd made cereal.

Mom shook her head at the bowl in the sink. "That's not a proper meal for starting a long day of work."

Instead of helping her, I spent my free morning time browsing the internet for work. I found more suspicious ads. One got me to thinking of a new angle on finding a real job. "Flip houses. Make millions! Learn from our exclusive, workshop training courses, in your area soon!"

Mrs. Abbey was a real state genius. Maybe she knew of a job for a young teen. There must be lots of little tasks to make a house salable. By the time I thought that, Mom had breakfast ready, but I hadn't yet showered. I sent a quick text to Mrs. Abbey. "Can you help me find a real state job that I can do after school, when I'm not helping Mom at her job?"

Had I asked for too much? Having to get to school on time, did a fair job of distracting me from my lame text.

Mrs. Abbey didn't answer that morning. I fretted in my classes, worried more about meeting Mr. Gorgev than if my occasional sex slave could help me find work. I even forgot to check if Ms. Hennifer still had my cum in her panties.

I did remember to meet with Ms. Laghari, during lunch.

While I ate my sack lunch, before we started our exercise, she told me stuff about connecting the heart through intimate touch and entering personal fantasies respectfully. "Those are best when a couple discovers fantasies they have in common."

Someone knocked on Mrs. Lum's office door. Ms. Laghari checked her clothes, absentmindedly while the two of us, independently wondered if we should answer the door. The knock repeated. Ms. Laghari shrugged and sighed. She stepped to the door and opened it a little. "Yes? Oh, Kelly."

"Ms. Laghari?!" The seventh grader's voice squeaked. "But this is Mrs. Lum-"

"Mrs. Lum let me borrow her office for lunch. What do you need her for? I could get her from the faculty room if it's important."

"Un-uh." I heard the girl but couldn't see her. I recognized her voice. "I thought Billy might be here."

She must have followed me after my math class. We didn't have math together. We had science, the period before. Dumb girl. I thought. First she sits next to me in class. Now she hunts me in the halls at lunchtime.

Mrs. Laghari had to be a proper teacher. She couldn't hide me. That would be suspicious. She told the girl, "Billy and I are discussing certain kinds of communication, in an extra-curricular study session." The English teacher didn't lie.

"Can I study with him?" Kelly was not shy to teachers. She may have sat next to me all this week, but she never talked, other than saying, "Good morning, Billy." She didn't even look at me when she said it.

"You would have to ask for his permission. It's my job to share instruction hours." She opened the door wider and Kelly walked in.

When the girl saw me with half a sausage sandwich in my hand, she stopped as if a gust of wind pushed her. "Hi, Billy." Her eyes darted upward to one side.

"Hi, Kelly." I glanced at the English teacher, showing my surprise.

Behind her, Ms. Laghari almost grinned. She was enjoying this!

"Can I study communicating with you?"

That was an easy enough request to shoot down. I tried to look sorry before saying, "Just this one time, okay?"

What? Why had I said that? Ms. Laghari's head shifted back on her neck. Her brows scrunched inward. I scratched my head suddenly as stupefied as a dumb girl.

"OH, cool!" Kelly's smile beamed glee around the office like a lighthouse. "What are you talking about, today?" She took the second of three chairs in front of Mrs. Lum's desk. The third separated us. She turned to Mrs. Laghari, putting the beautiful teacher on the spot.

"Uh, hem." She cleared her throat. "We were discussing sharing a fantasy." She looked at the floor while returning to the desk, thinking furiously. Instead of sitting on the surface, she pulled out Mrs. Lum's padded chair and used the desk as a barrier. One of her hands found a pencil and started twisting it. The instructor looked at me, as if I could resolve her unexpected dilemma.

I would have returned Ms. Laghari's, earlier half grin except my unfathomable answer to Kelly continued to stun me. Eventually, I would wonder if I had actually done a good thing. If Kelly saw the teacher and I talking boring stuff, she might not bother us again. Only, what I thought was boring did not bore the dumb girl at all.

"I like fantasy, Mrs. Lagari. Elves and fairies and wizards are cool."

"That's not quite-"

But Kelly's sudden exuberance couldn't be interrupted by the incredibly smart teacher. "By sharing, do you mean you were playing Dragons or Doorstops?" The young teen laughed. "That's what I call it, because my older sister plays it. She and her boyfriend don't want me to play. So they always block the door with a chair. It sounds wonderfully exciting. They are always laughing and crying out and bumping around the room." Her mouth formed an offside pout. "I read a lot about the game online, but I don't understand why there's so much bumping and thumping and squeaking of furniture."

"Er," Mrs. Laghari managed to say, "That's a little like what Billy and I were discussing."

Kelly had one word for anything remotely upbeat. "Cool." Her head swiveled between us. When neither picked up the conversation, she asked, "What's your game like?"

"It's not really a game." Stupid girl, I wanted to add. "We were talking about, um, TALKING ABOUT a fantasy."

"Huh." She was instantly fascinated. Her eyes grew waiting for an explanation.

My attempt to explain our conversation, without revealing what we were talking about, sparked a mighty cylinder in the teacher's brain. "You see, Kelly, a conversation is a complex exchange of signals that not only expresses concepts but contains redundant, additional information that helps regulate the flow of discussion." Was she deliberately trying to confuse Kelly? I mentally knocked on wood, repeatedly, unceasingly - hoping she did.

"Huh." Kelly's one-sided pout returned. "What's the fantasy that you're, uh, talking about - talking about?" For a dumb girl, Kelly was following along well enough to make me feel dumb.

"It wasn't a particular fantasy." Mrs. Laghari tested the limits of what she could tell the girl. "We were talking about a class of fantasies that people have, ahem, when they like each other."

"Oooohh." Kelly's eyes engorged again. "You mean like playing house or doctor!" She laughed. "Billy, haven't you grown out of those games?"

I felt a blush creep into my cheeks. I must have been off my rocker to let her into the room! "It's not like that." I felt a little anger.

"What's it like then?" She was so annoying!

I dropped my half eaten sandwich on the floor, and I stood up. I marched behind the desk and took Ms. Laghari's head into my hands. She was so surprised by my action, she didn't stop me. I kissed her lips once and strode out of the room! Upon exiting, I ran to my locker, seething with fury. To distract myself, I checked my watch.

"Billy, I would hire you. There is plenty of work a teen can do, but, and I'm really very sorry, Shannon is already working for me that way." Her next text had actual, good news. "What I can do is recommend you to my colleagues. We should talk about this when we see each other again."

Finally, my worst day ever had a glint of hope.

The good news couldn't smooth over my rude and crude exit from Mrs. Lum's office. I didn't raise my hand at all, for help during English. Ms. Laghari kept her distance and twice flashed disappointment at me. More than embarrassed, I felt awful for her, and for sure I had destroyed our private lessons.

I don't think she told Mrs. Lum. My P.E. instructor was cheerful to everyone during her class. I think she gave me a special smile at one point. I needed it.

In Art and Music, I managed to channel a bit of my troubles into a drawing of fairies mischievously knocking over stuff in a teen's bedroom. It sucked, but I felt good, spending my confusion creatively.

I felt much better about my school day, the moment I plodded out of the building. The weight I had avoided, all day, landed square on my emotions. I had to go home, and then I would have to go with Mom to Mr. Gorgev's home. Kissing a teacher in front the girl stalking me had been a terrible mistake beyond embarrassing but it hadn't been soul threatening.

I contemplated my current plan, and despaired. Should I really use a drug on the man? That could put Mom in serious, legal danger. Last night, I had thought to talk with the police about protecting her. The diner was on my way home.

I peeked in, but the local, beat cops were elsewhere. Mrs. Williams spotted me.

"Billy? Can I seat you? What would you like?" The able server pounced with a great smile across her face.

"I'm sorry, I can't. I was just looking for the police here yesterday."

"Turning yourself in?" She laughed. "I'll testify on your behalf." She raised a hand in the air. "He's guilty, your honor, of being a teenager."

"Sorry to bother you." I sighed and turned around.

"That's not a good look, Hon. If you need to find Rachel and Andy, they'll be at the barber shop. Thursdays, he gets a haircut during their break." She looked at her watch, an actual watch! "They went on a half hour break, ten minutes ago."

"Thanks." The information didn't enthuse me. After all, what could the police do? I was grasping at straws. I plodded for another five minutes to reach the barber shop.

"Cutter & Cuter" Their sign hung between two separate entrances. I felt silly for a moment. The first time I passed by, the neon sign that said, "Nail Salon", was on. I thought that was the name. Their actual, name shingle didn't light up, and it hung at a right angle to the other side of the street.

I pushed the door inward. A bell tinkled.

The barber looked up from his customer to greet me. "Welcome! I'll be done with this gentleman in a few minutes." He was cutting Andy's hair. Mr. Amberson was tall, older, with salt and pepper hair, and worked with an air of contentment.

I entered and nodded. I looked into the other shop, through the open section of wall. Carole Amberson was sitting with Andy's partner, Officer West. They talked while Carole brushed her white, work coat with a whisk broom. Hair from the barbershop must float into her area on a regular basis. She sat on a salon chair while Rachel sat on a plain chair near me. The officer studied me and nodded with a functional smile.

"You're the boy who was helping Mrs. Shahidi." Carole changed the subject. "Was that last week, or the week before?" Half the tresses of her long, brown hair had been recently colored orange.

"Two weeks, I think."

"I can give you a pedi-cure, Scrumptious, while you wait for your haircut." She said with a wry smile.

"No thank you!" I looked at the police woman. "Ms. Williams said I could find you here?"

"Is there a problem?" Office West's smile flattened.

I felt immediately awkward. Maybe I shouldn't ask something so strange. I had to, though. "Can I ask for some advice?"

"Is it private?"

"Yeeessss?" I squeaked. It was, but I didn't want to be rude to one of the shop owners.

"Now, I must hear." Carole leaned an ear in our direction and grinned.

"Ptssshh." The police woman almost laughed. She stood up.

"Pay the charity." We heard Mr. Amberson from the other room.

"I will, George." Andy answered.

I skittered out the salon door, holding it open for Officer West. She waited until Andy appeared. She gave him a hand signal regarding the barber shop door. He exited through it.

"Thank you." Rachel said perfunctorily, passing outside. I let the door close. She asked, "May I know your name?"

Andy strode up beside her.

"I'm Billy, uh, Androni."

"How can we help you, today?"

I should have practiced what I was going to ask. I blurted nervously, "How much can people do, to protect themselves and others?"

Andy immediately said, "That's our job, young man. Call 911."

His answer increased my nervousness. I knew that! Rachel looked at me most curious. Her expression shifted to a pleasant one hinting at great patience. It calmed me somewhat.

"But what if I can't call, or if things are happening too fast?"

Andy answered, "The law says you may do what's necessary to protect lives. That does not apply to property, even in cases of trespass."

The officer's straightforward answers undermined my confidence in finding a way to save Mom from Mr. Gorgev. He likely wasn't a criminal in that way. I couldn't shoot him with a gun for cumming on Mom's dress, however much I imagined it.

Rachel was taller than Andy. He was only a bit taller than Mom, a full head above my height. She crouched slowly, still curious about me. "Billy, who do you want to protect?"

I almost cried then, but I had to be mature. "I'm worried about my mom. She's going to work for a bad man but not criminal bad. I'm going to be there, and I want to stop him if he troubles her-" I almost said, "Again."

"Oh." One word from fiery haired Officer shut out her partner. He stepped back. She was his senior. "Is your mom very beautiful?"

"Very, very." Some tears did seep onto my cheek.

"I guessed that because you are a handsome son. I wish I had a son like you to protect me. You're very brave too."

I looked at her fingers. She wasn't wearing any rings. Was that because she was on duty? "But what can I do? I can't think of anything!"

She smiled like the sun. "There is something, Billy. You can do the right thing, at the right moment." She bit her lip. "I can't tell you what that will be, but if you keep vigilant over what happens, the right thing to do will call out to you." Her lips pressed together confidently. "Do that thing, Billy. Don't let any worry stop you." She took a deep breath and let it out slow. "Be careful. Don't fool yourself into doing something wrong before the right thing comes to you."

I'm not sure how, given her abstract expression and fairly empty words, but I felt I understood. "A wrong thing will feel wrong."

"Yes, Billy, and the right thing will feel right." She stood, lesson at an end almost. "Any worries you have, about doing the right thing, won't feel wrong, but you'll have to overcome them."

I blinked, but my eyes didn't move, until her sturdy hips rose to where I was looking.

"Oh, and Billy..."


" 911 first." She emphasized, leading her partner away.

I hurried home then. I still had half an hour to get there, but I wanted time to call Ms. Colkick.

"Hello, Billy!"

"Hi, Mrs. Colkick. Is it okay if Mom tries to find her own clients."

"Huh? Um, I mean, she can, but our service is very expensive, Unless she knows people in wealthy districts, it's unlikely she'll find clients with that kind of disposable income."

"Is Mr. Gorgev wealthy?"

"I'm not sure, but he doesn't live in a wealthy neighborhood. So it's possible there might be others." She sensed an opportunity then. "Is there something you'd like to say about Mr. Gorgev?"

"Uh, I just wanted to ask about finding clients." I thanked her.

"Are you looking forward to earning sixty dollars tonight?"

I hadn't thought about that. "Yes."

Mother was finishing up the prep work for the client's meal. Baklava is a time consuming endeavor, before baking it. She stewed the beets in a savory broth as well, to save time when turning it into borscht. She was already wearing her blue dress. A broad apron protected it from her cooking.

"I want you to wash up and get into your suit."

I had to tell Ms. Colkick, "Good-bye." She replied in kind.

My suit was a set of nice pants and a shirt. It's not like I had to wear a tie, but the belt was special to my suit. She didn't want me to wear it with anything else. "Yes, Mom."

By the time I came out, in proper attire, washed, teeth brushed, hair combed, it was time to load the ingredients into Tanya's cab.

"Hello, pretty stranger man. Will you marry me?" The well built cabbie kidded.

"You're already married." I teased back. "To your car."

She laughed but frowned afterward. "You have no idea how awful truth that is." She sighed, shut the trunk, and helped us into her cab. Mom gave me a confident look, to bolster both of us.

"Faun, as I texted you, I will wait at client's house all night. Send Billy if you need anything." She began driving down the road. "Mr. Gorgev is not terrible man, but he likes to be superior."

"You know him?" I asked, surprised.

"No, but he has reputation. Again, not terrible. Ukrainian men excel at being not terrible. Do not marry them."

"The women too?" I giggled.

"We are also not terrible, but our badness makes strong marriages. Faun, may I stop by City Hall. Will not take but few minutes out of way, if you agree to be witness."

"I do not agree." Mom smiled. She hugged me to her.

"See, Billy, Ukrainian women want what they can't have. That's why they never marry and have bastard children."

"Ahem." Mom coughed.

"Yes, Billy is corrupted by beautiful cab driver, rude talk. Give him to Tanya now?"

"I'll purify him."

"If any mom could, I would make large bet on you, Ms. Androni."

That was just silly talk. I wanted to know what the cab driver knew. "What about, Mr. Gorgev's reputation?"

The cabbie sighed. She looked at me through the mirror, eyes narrowing. "My boss discovered that I had driven to Mr. Gorgev's house. Company keeps records, of course. He wanted to know who I drive there."

"Why would he want to know that?"

"You are new in town, and city records don't say much about your family. He wanted my opinion."

"What did you say?"

"I told him to stay out of nice family's business." Tanya laughed.

"Did you know, Mom?"

"She texted me the next day."

I never should have told mom to accept to cook for him again! Were we in danger? If I texted Mrs. Colkick, right now, I'm sure she would cancel and repay him. But then we would lose the house and Mom might lose her job!

Tanya deciphered my silence, a good skill to have when you drive a cab. "Do not worry too much, little man. Borysko Gorgev is not a big man in city. He like flea at rich people, country club." Her light tone grew weighted. "When appointment to drive you there was made, my boss ask again about your mother."

I sucked in a breath and held it.

"He tells me to wait. So, tonight, I will wait when you make Mr. Gorgev's dinner." Tanya's eyes zeroed in on me, through the mirror. "If you need anything, come to Tanya."

Spent air rushed out of my mouth. "Oh, thank you!"

Her eyes twinkled, "But Tanya does not do many things for free." She laughed. "I may have to charge you."

"You're worth every penny." Mom assured her.

We arrived at the ominous house where the not quite terrible, but actually was, man lived. His neighborhood certainly wasn't poor.

"Now, best foot forward, Billy." Mother set down the law. "We are professionals tonight." She set the example by leading Tanya and I to the front door, with her chin up. She pressed the cottage's, electric bell button.

The door opened immediately. "Welcome, Faun. It is good to meet again." Mr. Gorgev, who was barely taller than me, and a bit shorter than Mom greeted us with a wily smile. He cleared his throat. "Tanya." She had helped mom, last time. He said something in their language.

She rolled her eyes but replied professionally. "Where can I set this? I will be out of your way then." The cabbie carried a half baked loaf of rye bread in a glass container.

"Right this way." He held the door for us. Mr. Gorgev again looked a little like a fantasy movie elf with close cropped, black hair. His eyes sparkled at me as I passed into his home. He had mischief planned. That was certain.

I focused myself, to do the right thing. Unfortunately, what I didn't have was a purpose while Mom cooked. I never did help her practice for the meal. She set me to simple tasks. Tanya had retreated to her cab. I saw Mr. Gorgev peek through the curtain, out at it. His eyes continued to twinkle. Mom had me stir the borscht as it warmed. I also helped to make a salad, while she roasted sausages with onions.

This time, Mom would make no more of a meal than necessary. She didn't want leftovers to remind me of what was already a difficult night.

"May I speak with young master boy, Ms. Androni?" He called from the living room.

Mom asked, "Billy?"

"I'm done with this." I had a salad waiting to be dressed. I only had to stir the borscht every couple minutes.

She whispered to me. "What are we?"

"I'll be okay, very professional." I promised.

Her lips curled inward with concern. She nodded.

I went to the man sitting in his massively cushioned lounge chair. "Mr. Gorgev?" I stood at a distance.

His voice was just loud enough to reach me. "You wish to make love to your Mother." He turned his head, revealing a sly grin.

My face grew instantly hot. "Can I help about the meal, uh, Sir?" How dare he say that!

"It is okay. Every boy wishes this." His voice stayed low. "But your mother is special. She is not out of your reach."

"I'm going to stir the borscht." I had to say. I had to do it, or I would have either broken down crying or bashed his head with an ashtray. I turned away.

"She is not out of any man's reach, if he is strong enough, powerful enough. Be a good son, and respect her wishes tonight. It will be valuable lesson to build the strength you will need."

I cried after five steps of twenty to the kitchen. I hid my face from Mom. She mustn't see my weakness. I stirred the wonderful soup/stew that would be wasted on that evil creature.

"Everything okay?" She was talking about the borscht.

"It's ready, Mom." I sniffed as quietly as I could and wiped my eyes surreptitiously. "I'll ladle a serving into a warmed bowl." In my pocket was the vial of GBH. I felt nothing about using it on him.

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I stared at the warm, empty bowl. I reached in my pocket for the vial and recalled how many drops the internet said to use. By adding just the right amount, to simply make Mr. Gorgev sleep, I would be doing the right thing, and it would feel right when I did it.

I ladled the bowl full and unscrewed the bottle. I carefully spilled six drops into the soup-

"What are you doing?" Mom was suddenly at my elbow. "BILLY!" She knocked the bottle from my hand. She grabbed my arm and whispered fiercely. "What is that?" Fear, anger, astonishment, and something far worse stung her eyes, scorn. They burned as if I had betrayed her. "Tell me." She insisted.

Tears streamed out my eyes. "It's just something to put him to sleep. I was real careful." That's when everything felt wrong, even my answer wasn't right. I had screwed up like never before. Mother would never respect me again.

"Is there problem?" Mr. Gorgev called from the living room.

Mother's eyes burned. She let go of my arm, the matter no longer between the two of us. "My son made a mistake, Borysko." She hadn't used his first name before.

"Boys do that. Is not serious, I hope." His tone lightened.

"Unfortunately, I can't serve the borscht he and I made."

"That is unfortunate. I will speak to you about it, here." The demand was clear, but without a hint of disrespect.

"Yes, Sir." Mother's eyes continued to fume at me. She hushed, "Do not move or speak." She drew a deep breath, as if preparing. "No matter what happens." She walked slowly through the dining room, skirt riffling. It quieted beside his massive chair. "Mr. Gorgev?"

"Is whole dish ruined?"

"It was one bowl, but there isn't enough to fill another."

"Serve what there is then, but I must observe, this is second case of negligence, Faun. You should have more influence over the boy. Last time it was the bread, but to your credit you had extra. So mistake caused only small delay.

"I was sure I set the right temperature, last time, but that was then. I have no excuse tonight."

"Again, unfortunate. Then let me advise. The guest room has a TV. Send the boy there, and finish the meal. I am hungry, and am glad there will be no delay this time."

Mother spoke haltingly, as if she didn't want to say the words. "That - may be - best."

"It is. I assure you. No go, and serve your delicious food, without further delay talking to grumpy man." He chuckled.

"Yes, Borysko." Mom returned to the kitchen. Her eyes were puffy and red. She wiped them with a handy towel. Her lips tightened when she looked at me. "Billy, you will go to the guest room." Her hands shook as she absentmindedly wrung the towel.

"NO, MOM!" I yelled! "HE's gonna-"

"HUSH!" Mom shouted. She continued, scary quiet. "Go to the room, or I'll have Tanya drive you home right now."

I fell to my knees, whispering my anguish. "Please, I'll do any chore, take any punishment, but don't make me go. I only wanted-"

"HUSH." She insisted, less loud. "Go and watch television, and close the door."

Mr. Gorgev interrupted. "Tell him to turn volume up, loud enough to hear in dining room."

Mom's head nodded slightly, and more tears came to her eyes. "Do what he says." Her lips trembled so badly, I barely heard her.

It was a trap! He had even boasted it, and I had pulled the trigger! I started bawling, but I got to my feet. I only made things worse by fighting the inevitable. If I delayed any longer, Mom would have dragged me to the room, or worse, Mr. Gorgev might!

I felt like an idiot, a fool, and a whiny baby, as I blubbered my way down the hall. I entered the guest room and closed the door. It took a few seconds to figure out the remote, but soon the TV was blaring as low as I thought I could get away with. I hunkered down next to the door and pressed an ear against it. I couldn't stop crying, but I willed myself to shut my bawling. I had to listen! I clapped my hand over my other ear, to muffle the TV.

I heard nothing for several minutes. Then plates rattled and utensils clinked. Mom was serving the meal.

"It smells wonderful." His chair creaked. Seconds passed. "It looks marvelous, Faun."

"Thank you, Mr. Gorgev. I again apologize for ruining some of the soup."

"It is small matter for this meal. Please sit. We will break bread together."

"Thank you, but no. The meal is for you."

"Ah, but I find myself insufficiently supplied for what I am paying. Won't you make up the difference?"

A chair scooted haltingly.

"Here." Pause. "Let me cut butter for you."

"Please, Mr. Gorgev, I can-"

"Borysko, please. We are at same table."

For a couple minutes, only the sound of utensils clinking against dishes reached me.

"This is once more disappointing, Faun." Mr. Gorgev's voice was absolute. "These mistakes continue to undermine your self-control. They are not on purpose, of course, but I think, around me, they will happen. I think this is because, deep inside, you wish to get my attention. There is something you need from me."

"I'm sure that's not true, Mr., I mean, Borysko. Billy let his emotions override his better judgement."

"But the bread, last week, it was burnt. He cannot be blamed for that."

"I can have both meals reimbursed if you like. That would compensate you, for my and Billy's mistakes."

"I don't like reimburse. These sausage are divine! I am not petty man, but I notice, you were prepared better for mistakes last time. The second loaf was perfect. My grandmother could not have made a finer rye unless it was to drink!" He chuckled.

Mom was polite. "Thank you, and you are right. I should have prepared more, in case of an accident."

"If accident was young boy, then it was good accident!" He laughed. "Children should not be planned. They should result from great joy between man and woman!"

"Mr. Gorgev, I must caution you. You agreed to all the terms of my company's contract. Please do not mention such things."

"There is contract and there is concession, Faun." His voice darkened. "Concede to what is happening behind your breast, in Borysko's presence."

"Yes, I feel guilt, for tonight and the other time." Mom's voice wavered. "Honestly accepted and bespoke, it is not something to be used against a person."

"You accuse me of too much, Dear Faun. This is not about shame and certainly not blackmail. We talked about this last time. This is about you recognizing your need for a stronger influence, to regulate your desires and talents."

"Th-that's not at all true."

"Borysko knows in his heart, what is in your heart. I have seen it, almost touched it. I left you with a message to give. Did you do as you agreed?"

"Please, don't speak of that. Billy may-"

"He is good boy and will grow into strong man, but you are adrift from the man you married. Glen Wimbley is not strong enough to row and steer the family his beautiful wife has made. You do not even take his last name!"

"I must insist." Mother's voice raised.

"You will LISTEN!" He barked. "I accept, you love your husband and Billy. Is good, but they cannot satisfy the starving passion clawing at your heart. You have only to submit to external control and pleasure outside of love, or you will collapse into despair. You need a man of unshakable will, Faun." He slapped his hands on the table. "I will be the one to give you more children and the strength to forge a great family."

NO! My mind screamed, but I didn't dare burst out of the room. Momma had utterly rejected me. My mistake was unforgivable. Mr. Gorgev had an adult's strength, and could weave deceptions so clever, there was nothing I could say. Mother and I needed help.

I hardly considered calling 911. The police would interrupt the moment, but Mr. Gorgev had planted a terrible image in Mom's mind. I now know that it would have consumed her, but at that time, I knew only that I had to save her.

The TV's noise covered my exit through the window. I raced away from the house and banged on Tanya's cab. "TANYA!" I cried. The doors unlocked and I dove into the front passenger seat. Tears streamed down my face. "It's TERRIBLE! It's AWFUL! I RUINED EVERYTHING!" I grabbed her and ducked my face into the crook of her arm, hoping she would hug it.

"Tell Tanya, Billy." She shook me.

"There's no time. You have to stop him!"

"Has he touched her?"

"Not yet, but he said-"

"Be quiet and listen!" Tanya shook me again. "He would call police to arrest me, unless your mother is in physical danger. Has he threatened her?"

"Not exactly."

"Billy, I need to know."

"He's taking control of her, with lies, using my mistake against her!" I bawled!

"Then yes, your mother must be saved." Tanya shook then, her solid frame shuddered, right before she grabbed my upper arms. Her grip hurt!


"I cannot save her, and I am bound not to let you."

"What do you mean? You said you would help?"

"That is what I was told to say. My boss sent me not to protect your mother, but to stop you. 'Mr. Gorgev is to be alone with her,' he told me, or I will lose cab and never drive another."

"NO!!" I screamed! I tried to beat her with my fists, but she held me fast. She said nothing while I wailed and shrieked, waving my fists uselessly until I realized the futility of fighting her. Worse things scraped my mind, the horrible things Mr. Gorgev was doing to my mom!

I pleaded with her, begged her. "Save my Momma! You have to!"

She only shook her head and sniffed. There were tears in her eyes. Her hands were like manacles on my arms. Their grip held firm. "You must never forgive me, Billy. This night is for the beasts of Nature. Only a higher power can intervene. This is the terrible, selfish thing I choose to do. I cannot lose my cab."

I wanted to do something terrible to her. I would NEVER forgive her! She was betraying Momma! I told myself. As soon as I got home, I would give everything I had to Mrs. McDougal. I would pay the witch to curse Tanya for all eternity!"

"That's wrong." My heart shuddered at the assertion. It was my voice, in my head. Hearing it, I felt all the wrong that cursing Tanya would cause. Incredible guilt flooded out of the voice.

I had caused this nightmare. I had been weak, relying on a drug instead of standing up to Mr. Gorgev, like a man should. I had to accept it and overcome.

Tanya was steeped in her own guilt. Her tears proved it. She was locked more painfully in her boss's power than I was in her arms.

Mrs. McDougal's voice came to me. "Your mother is a rare flower who blossoms in adversity." She had bid me not to protect Momma. A terrible pain wrenched at my heart. "NO!" I cried aloud. I had to save Momma!

"No what, Billy?" Tanya's grip softened but remained unbreakable. "You would defy Nature? Or worse, dare to forgive?"

My guilt was a tempest inside me, but her question stilled it, from its surface to the end of its depths. In the eye of a hurricane, hate and terror ripping around me, I felt something right. "I can save you, Tanya."

"Do not make terrible joke with Tanya. You do not want me to strike you."

"There is a higher power." I looked into her weeping eyes. "You know her."

"You speak nonsense, madness!"

"Mrs. McDougal, the witch."

Tanya blinked as if she had just heard the stupidest thing in the worse of moments. But her eyes cleared. "Baba?"

"Call her, right now. I won't run. I have to talk to her. She can save you." I wasn't exactly sure how, but that one night, when the cabbie drove the witch and I back to Lady of the Lake, I felt Tanya's fear of the old woman who had promised, "I would lie without regard for my own safety, if it supports you and your family."

"You are very strange, little man." Her hands let go.

I rubbed my arms. They had started to fall asleep. She took her phone from its dash mounted cradle and called.

The answerer shouted, "No! I don't want any! Now take my number off of your damned list!" A witch's voice crackled out of the speakers and rasped my eardrums on the other side of the car.

"It is Tanya, you eater of children."

"Oh, Tanya! Forgive me. Are you pregnant yet? I've got a coat hanger with your name on it."

"Mrs. McDougal, Tanya's in trouble!" I shouted.

"Billy!" She paused. "That's a different story. If he's going to be the father, I'll tie planets and moons to the base and hang it over the baby's crib!"

"Billy is mad, Baba. He says you can help."

"It's about time the boy popped a brain cell, his pathetic innocence was worse than paper-cuts from a whirlwind of 20 pound reams. Why would I want to help?"

"Tanya's boss is going to fire her!"

"Is he now?" The witch paused again. "Tanya, you tell Finkov, or whatever he calls himself these days, that I remember when he was driving a cab. Just say, Baba Gladys hasn't forgotten that thing he did with his left nut."

Tanya's hand flew to her mouth. "You are fucking genius, Billy!"

"Is that all?" The witch soured. "Bosh, I thought you said, Tanya was in trouble. How's your Mom, Billy?"

"I'M going to save her, Mrs. McDougal."

"I warned you about protecting her." Her voice stilled as if she were about to pronounce a curse.

"I won't. I promise."

"See that you don't. Now, unless there's a real problem in your family, never bother me like this again. I hate tech phones!" The connection ended.

Tanya stared out the window, her hand still guarding her mouth. "Left - nut." She exhaled softly. Her lips curled into a wicked grin.

It was my turn. "Tanya, do you know how to pick the lock on that front door?" It was the least far-fetched thing I imagined that night.

"Why front door? You came from side of house."

"I have to surprise them."

"Then there is no worry. Front door is unlocked."

"How do you know that?"

"Ukrainian men do not lock door when they are home, or they would be acting like frightened child."

I opened the door and stepped one foot out. "I don't know how long it'll take."

"Take as long as it takes. Meter is running." She tried a chuckle. "But Tanya will pay for entire trip."

I ran to the house. The front door was unlocked. I took a deep breath. No matter what I found happening, I had to do the right thing and only the right thing. I pushed the door open slowly and walked nervously inside.

"We have all night, my beautiful Faun. Tanya will be outside until morning, if you last that long." Mmmmm.

I barely heard his soft moan over the muffled racket issuing from the guest room. An old house, remodeled with the latest designs, it's floor plan still kept the front room as a parlor. The living room entrance was in the far side of the wall opposite the front door. I walked quietly, controlling my breaths. My heart raced!

"Now release that horrid truss around your breasts, but use one hand. Do not let go of me or slow the pace. Is very good for Borysko."

I reached the entrance.

Mom knelt in front of Mr. Gorgev's chair. The top of her blue, costume dress hung around her waist. Her knees held the skirt to the carpeting. She was naked above, except for her bra. One of her hands fiddled behind her back, to unfasten it. I thought of how soft her body's skin felt.

Her other hand slowly stroked my enemy's erect prick. It was large, long and wide, but it was not a beast by any measure. Her eyes darted between it and the floor. They returned to it and darted away as her lovely hand rose and sank around the rigid shaft. He sat with a smile for my surrendering mother. He moaned, and his smile broadened.

Her hand fumbled at the hooks holding her bra tight.

I wanted to kill him. I said as calmly as I could. "This is all you've done, since you sent me away?"

Mom gasp. Her hands and arms flew over her body. As she curled down to her knees, tears dropped out of her eyes. Her posture screamed, "Don't look at me!"

Mr. Gorgev grunted, unhappy to lose his toy's soft hand. He glowered at me. "I had wished to spare you this sight, Boy. You bring shame not only to the mother but yourself. Now return to guest room and pleasure yourself, imaging ways I will use her tonight. In morning, there will be great laugh to learn who has greater imagination."

"I don't need to imagine that anymore." I had made Mom do that to me, several times since coming to the city. "It's my turn to show you."

"Oh?" He looked amused. "You are going to pull out small boy's cock and threaten me? HAH!"

"I don't need to be crude. I just need to be me."

"Now I am bored." Mr. Gorgev spoke down at Mom. "Tell foolish boy to stop bothering us, or there will be a belt in his future."

Mom looked up at him, confused. She looked at me. Her mouth opened.

"I love you, Mom."

Her eyes opened all the way. Her mouth closed.

"Tell him, Faun, or maybe there will be belt in your future." Mr. Gorgev's brows knitted.

"Billy?" She said.

"Come here, Mom." I opened my arms. "You're stronger now, aren't you?"

"Put your hand back to pleasing me, Faun. I do not care if your idiot son watches. It doesn't change what you need from me."

Mom regarded him. The hand she had been using to jerk on his dick returned up between his legs. My arms drooped. The sight bled their strength.

He leaned deep into the back of his plush lounger and gloated. "It is good for child to love the mother, but getting her to make love is a man's task."

Mom's palm slid up the underside of Mr. Gorgev's fine prick. He groaned and smiled again. Her hand pushed at it, tucking his tall, thick erection into his cotton briefs. Then she zipped up his pants and stood in her skirt, away from him. Her lips curled inward, forming a thin frown. She looked at me.

"Faun?" His eyes bulged at her retreat. He struggled for further words.

"You're right, Mr. Gorgev, about what Mom needs, but how strong are you?" I challenged him. "Do you have any children, ones the mother was proud to say were yours?"

"No." He accepted my challenge. "But you are just school boy. You could have learned from me tonight."

"I already know how to play house and doctor and spin the bottle. Yesterday, I slept with two women in the back of Tanya's cab. They have my babies in their wombs, and they wanted another. It sure was fun to try."

"This cannot be not true." He angered. "You are barely out of little school. Your son is lying, Faun, and lies prove he is baby child even."

"Thank you, Borysko, for helping me to see my son for who he really is."

"I do not fault you." The elven man buttoned the top of his pants. "The mood is lost. You will come again, next week, without your little boy, and we will dine together and pick up where we were rudely interrupted. I have plan for you."

Mom's lips unfurled like a rose in the morning sun. "That's very generous, considering the mistakes I've made each time I was here." She bowed her head slightly. "But I cannot work for you again." She stepped over to me, took my arms in her hands, and placed them around her waist. "I need a stronger influence, to regulate my desires and talents." Mom rested her head on my shoulder.

I walked with her into the parlor.

Mr. Gorgev shot up from his chair and pointed a finger. "You'll be back, Faun!" he shouted." He deceives like demon imp. He has no children." He sputtered then. "I-I bet his cock is half my size!"

"Our client does have a big penis." Mom smirked, speaking softly.

"His heart is very small, Momma." I opened the door and escorted her out of the house. She worked her arms back into her dress, always keeping one around my waist. She kissed my cheek as we approached the cab.

Tanya got out and dashed around to open the back door.

Mr. Gorgev stomped out onto his porch. "I'll have you fired, Tanya?"

"Eat boss's left nut!" She hurled back at him.

The rest of the night wouldn't get any better than that, I thought.

Tanya hummed as she drove carefully through the streets.

"We're not in a hurry." Mom had told her, while she buttoned up the top of her dress. There wasn't a stain on it.

We held each other in the back seat, watching the streetlights pass.


"Yes, Ms. Androni?"

"What took you so long?"

"I had to calculate how much your son owes me."

"He earned sixty dollars tonight for helping me. That's already too much cash for a middle schooler. You can have forty." Mom pretended to bargain.

"He does not owe money, Ma-am, he must pay Tanya in coin that will absolve me."

"I'm not sure I like the sound of that." Mom looked at me. "What I owe him can never be repaid."

My fine suit pants grew a bump that almost hurt.

Mom kissed my lips. Her flesh burned at mine. She whispered, "I'm still mad at you, for what you did." Then she glared at me. "And just when were you going to tell me about my grandchildren?"

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry and repentant are not the same." Her voice was soft but stern.

"Yes, Momma."

"I miss you saying that." She pulled away. Her eyes widened at the tent in my pants.

Tanya glanced at us through the mirror. "I won't reach your home until you two are ready." She promised. Street lights flashed into the interior, strobing Mom's beautiful face.

I asked Tanya to take us out of the city but not far. "A nice place with nice people." I longed for rural spaces and the folk who lived there. I had seen the worst of city life - I felt at the time.

"A few miles into the hills won't take long." She didn't wait for approval. She shifted lanes and turned at the next intersection.

I settled next to Mom and leaned into her costume. It's polyester, shoulder puff felt like fine sandpaper. It was made to be beautiful, not comfortable. It scratched her breasts a few weeks earlier, when I punished her. "This city dress isn't what Momma wears." I pulled my cheek free of it and sat up.

Her phone hummed in her pocket. I was close enough to hear it vibrate. She pulled it out and read the text. "Mr. Colkick thanks us for completing another well received dinner. The client added a hundred dollar tip." She summarized. We looked at each other with surprise.

"Ukrainian men do not give Tanya hundred dollar tip." Tanya sounded surprised too.

I had assumed this was Mom's last job. Mr. Gorgev would complain, and the Colkicks would have to fire her, and we would lose the house, and Daddy would have to work all the harder.

Mom's surprise didn't last. "A hundred dollars won't cover the gear we abandoned. We'll have to buy replacements." We certainly couldn't ask the Colkicks to replace what we'd left behind.

"You can have my sixty dollars." I offered.

"Don't think that'll buy forgiveness," Mom smirked, "But I'll take it as a down payment."

Tanya complained, "You would take money from son who stood against bad man when you were weak?"

"And what would Ukrainian mom do?" Mom mocked her accent.

"Remind son of horrible birthing pain to give him life that made pitiful sixty dollars." Tanya mocked her own accent. Her voice saddened. "I doubt that will be a thing I will ever say."

I pouted and looked out the window. Single homes on larger lots rolled past, outside.

"Thank you." Mom whispered in my ear. Her breath was noticeably hot. My earlier erection had begun to fade when the two women strove to diminish their separate, narrow escapes, with light humor. Mom's intimacy lurched it back to life.

"Momma," I whispered. "I miss you too." I had started calling her, Mom, to sound more mature, but the word had put a little distance between us. I wondered if Ms. Laghari's techniques could bring us closer together. The pleasant thought provoked a difficult thought. My English teacher probably wouldn't teach me wonderful things like them again. I had ruined it with a kiss.

Mom attempted to close the distance her own way. "I'm right here, Billy." She snuggled closer, but her dress irked me.

"No, Momma, not while you're wearing that."

"Don't be like that, Billy. You've grown so much since we moved here. The city is neither good nor bad, and this is just a dress."

"It hurt you too." I wondered if she would remember. I tried to forget how she had warned me. By telling her to wear the costume without a bra, I had let it hurt her. My guilt about that, somehow strengthened the blood in my pee pee.

"Would you have me take this off to be your Momma? Right here? Right now?" She said aloud and winked in Tanya's direction. I don't think she meant for me to see that though. Houses passing outside grew farther apart.

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I didn't see Tanya's response to Mom's wink. The driver kept a keen eye on the road, which was odd for her - previously glancing into the rear compartment, with a friendly expression as if she was part of the family.

"I know he hurt you, inside." I answered Mom. "I want to be nice to you, and if you were my Momma, I could be nice in a new way."

Mom accepted the seriousness of my offer, yet she countered, "Well I want my good boy again, if I have to take this off to be your Momma. You used to be nice all the time, when you were my boy."

Her words hinted at the times when I'd taken charge of her. Twice I had not been nice. I wasn't ashamed, but I wished I hadn't felt forced to be strict. She was simply declaring that, to be my Momma, I would have to be her little boy.

We were mostly isolated, riding slow up a winding road into the nearby hills. Oak trees dotted the landscape. I trusted Tanya to be discrete. I was sure Mom did too, unless her wink meant something else.

I took Mom's hand and put it to my cheek. "I could be your boy for a little while." Saying that made my penis uncomfortably tight in my pants." I nearly winced from its increased hardness and length.

"For a little while then." Mom smiled and took her hand away. She unbuttoned the dress from the bottom of the blouse. Her pretty navel was the first skin to emerge from the blue folds of the costume.

Not waiting a second, I smiled and leaned down as she continued to unbutton the blouse half. I spread the low opening and leaned my cheek against her navel. It was warmer than my cheek. I hummed a Tori Amos song we used to listen to, Pretty Good Year.

Her fingers paused. She hummed for a stanza with me. Humming together connected us in a powerful way for nearly a minute. Then Momma sang one of the lines. "Well what's it gonna take till my baby's alright?" She teased.

I stopped humming and simply rested my head on her lap. The smell was exceptionally strong of Momma. She finished the top buttons and drew open her blouse. Her bra was black with lace along the top of its cups. "This does feel better."

"You're on fire." I patted her nearer thigh through the skirt.

Her body trembled for a second. Then her hands unzipped the rough, skirt piece. I pulled clear when she worked her arms out of the tight sleeves. I helped with the one between us. "There you go, Momma." I kissed her bare shoulder. Its incredibly warm flesh spasmed beneath my lips.

"Somehow, that feels so -- different." Momma's expression mixed surprise with wariness. She sat in back of the cab, half turned, half naked except for her lovely but sturdy, black bra.

"It's just a kiss, Momma." I repeated the soft brush of my lips across her upper arm. It shivered.

"I-I'm not sure what you're doing to me."

"I'm going to keep doing it." I reached around her and kissed the very top of her cleavage. Her breasts trembled. "But you have to take off the rest of your dress, Momma."

She blushed. "I know." Looking down her skirt, she lifted her bum from the seat and then pushed the unzipped half down her thighs and over her knees. The bright blue dress bunch around her ankles. Momma bent over and unbuckled her glossy red, high heel shoes. She pulled her stockinged feet out of them and the costume.

I hugged her. "Thank you, Momma." I hunched down, gliding my face between her bra cups, to her tummy. I kissed the soft skin while my hands firmly slid up her sides. My thumbs teased her underarms for a second.

" Uhhnnnggh, B-Billy!" Her torso shook. She put her hands on me, as if to push me away, but they felt as if an inner struggle prevented them from expressing her instinctive caution.

I looked at the sheer, tan nylons stretched over her legs, thighs, and waist. Her matching, black panties dared me. I wanted to peel them off and dive into the cleft of her sex. Her scent was stronger now, and I longed for the delicious taste of her warm juices.

Instead I raised my head and met her lips with mine. She immediately grabbed me and pulled me tight against her almost naked body. Her moans seeped through and stimulated my tongue. I slipped it into her mouth and teased her tongue. My hands reached up through her hair and stroked the tips of her ears, those downturned legacies of our animal past. Her body convulsed as if lightning had stroked from head to toes.

Her hands pushed, breaking our deep kiss. "How are you doing that?" She gasp, wide eyed.

"I love you, Momma. That's how." Ms. Laghari had said it many times during our exercises. "Let your love guide your loving." Only now, was I understanding why she spent so much time on all the parts of the body. My hands and lips were electric wires, charging separate patches of skin and the nerves beneath, until the charges connected and flared as one.

"You're making me want you in a way neither of us are ready for." Momma looked frustrated and sorrowful. "We have to stop."

I realized my mistake. As much as I wanted to make babies with Momma, which was a whole lot!, I didn't want the reason to be, because Mr. Gorgev had made her vulnerable. Momma's core temperature was starting to rival the Earth's core. Heat radiated from her like a furnace. My genuine attempt to love Momma simply, had been interpreted as teasing. I struggled for an explanation. Ms. Laghari had merely touched on the basics during our few, brief lunch sessions in Mrs. Lum's office. I knew so little.

"Should I turn back to apartments?" Tanya's interruption sounded oddly controlled. She couldn't help but be affected by the intense emotions pouring out of the back seat of her cab. Was she repressing her reactions?

"I-I'm not sure." Momma looked a little lost. She hugged me to her soft, broiling skin. Our sweat mingled through my nice shirt.

"No, Tanya." I found my voice. "Keep driving." If Momma and I stopped now, I wouldn't have accomplished anything BUT tease her. We had to complete what I'd begun.

I became stern. "I'm sorry, Momma, but you'll understand soon. I need to keep doing this." Instantly I worried that I was unravelling the mood I had struck between us. Stopping would have been worse.

Mom pursed her lips and cast her eyes down. "I'm not sure I trust what's happening," A clear reminder that I had broken her trust by attempting to drug Mr. Gorgev. It was also clear that Momma was quite confused by her jittering senses.

I held firm. "I know you can't trust me, Momma, but I'm not going to give you a choice." I evaded her arms and unclasp the black bra. The clasp was in front. Momma's breasts hung free, beautiful in the streetlights strobing the cab's interior. They dazzled me.

"Billy, don't be like this." Her arms withdrew to cover her exposed nipples. She was falling into compliance. We knew.

"Shhhhh." I shushed and move a finger to her lips. I tucked the bra into the back of my pants. "I'll give it when I'm finished."

Momma's renewed shivers had nothing to do with my love. Her eyes darted, looking for escape. She whispered, "Please don't get me pregnant, Billy."

"It'll be okay." I took her upper arms into a gentle grasp. "Shhhh."

She looked to the front. "Tanya?" Her voice was a ghost.

"I am to keep driving." The cabby's voice sounded as if she would only take direction from me. "I owe Billy, but he best be good boy to momma, okay?"

My mother's trembling calmed when her eyes looked upwards for a second before trying one last plea. "Please...!"

"I ignored it and tried for a full hug around her. "Feel me, Momma."

One of her hands moved to my long pants. "You mean...?"

Instead of answering, I took her hand away. "Feel where I touch you." I tucked her errant wrist into the crook of my elbow as I completed the hug. "I'm not trying to tease you, Momma."

She gulped. "Then you are going to-"

"Shhhhh!" I insisted. Hugging her, I began to kiss her neck. "Close your eyes." I gently massaged her back, along the sides of her now fully naked spine.

The tension in her peaked over the next minute. Having done nothing more than hug and pet her, Momma's fear retreated somewhat. I could return to electrifying the body's lighter, sensitive places that Ms. Laghari had demonstrated how to love.

Huggin, I gave Momma's face little, quick kisses, on her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids, even the tip of her nose. I swirled my nose around hers. To the underside of her jaw, I stuck out my tongue and pistoned like a sewing machine needle dotting along her upper neck.

Stretching my neck to mouth her closest ear, my warm breath struck it. I pressed the flat of my tongue across the crags of its curls before engulfing Momma's cute flower. You might say I began sucking her ear, except the force I gave it wouldn't have broken a soap bubble.

My hands sensed her tension ease up. She was still hot to my flesh. I imagined having sunburns where my skin contacted her. I patted the tops of her bum just hard enough to hear. Her body trembled. It was working! She must have put aside her worries and concerns and done as I told her, to feel me. I kissed her lips as a reward.

Reaching to the sides of her thighs, I kneaded them through sheer pantyhose, and I kissed the sides of her breasts to counterpoint my lower efforts.

"Nnnnggghhh." Momma whimpered. A note of worry tainted the resumption of electric sensations, but her knees flexed as if tapped by a doctor's rubber hammer.

I turned her body to face the window, and I marched kisses down her back, and I cupped Momma's breasts in my hands. They felt crafted just to fill my youthful hands. I refrained from stimulating her nipples. That was the trick, to give little shocks everywhere instead of intense sensations in a few places. Flesh trembled along her back, radiating out from my kisses. Her belly shivered when I smoothed my hands over it.

Over the next few minutes, my fingers and mouth grew the intensity of their touches. I rocked my knuckles up Momma's thighs. I nibbled on the side of her torso. I lightly scratched her arms. They shivered delightfully for me, despite knowing that she considered my loving to be horrible teasing.

"Biiiilllllly..." She groaned. "Soon, I won't stop myself." Her hands sought my groin, but she kept her eyes closed. I intercepted her hands - catching a naughty child.

I nibbled the back of her neck. I thought to run my fingers through her hair again. Instead, I took pity on Momma and redirected one of her hands to her own lap. I pushed it into her thighs and gave her permission for self-pleasuring, by using her hand to rub the wonderful pussy behind her hose, panties, and thick hair. Then I pressed her thighs together, trapping her hand between them. I kissed her cheek. "Do it easy, Momma."

"I-I don't know i-if I c-can." She stuttered because her body was trembling all over. I stuck my fingers into her hair as she stroked her pussy through her sheer garments. I twirled my fingers and tugged locks randomly while scraping my teeth across the tip of her free hand's fingers.

Momma convulsed and yipped. "AAAaaa!" She gasped for breath. "Its like torture!" Her hand moved quicker at her crotch. "I need you ... Billy!"

I spanked the hand pleasuring herself, and I bit the side of her neck, like a movie vampire. Sharp pain focused her thoughts, converting the tingles beleaguering her flesh into primed potential. "No, Momma! Do it easy."

My mother whimpered but obeyed. Her hand slowed its desperate masturbation.

"Take deep breaths with me." I commanded and drew as much air into my lungs as possible. Mom followed if a little slow to catch my rhythm. I timed it to her hand's movement. My hands pulled us into a final hug.

I asked her to fill her lungs with the hot air surrounding us. We gasp and gasp until we couldn't take another molecule. We exhaled every one from our bodies. I shifted my position, pressing my chest into her knobbed pillows. We repeated deep breaths while her hand sought to expel the energy I had imparted. We sucked air until stars twinkled on the insides of my eyes.

"Now, Momma, kiss me and breathe from inside me." I took a deep breath, breaking rhythm, filling my lungs as hers emptied. Then I planted my lips over her mouth, tight as I could, holding the back of her head to me with one hand, covering her nostrils with my cheek. In a heartbeat, using my free hand, I reached between us and pulled down the top of her stockings and panties, letting her hand access the fullness of her sex. Then, with my forefinger and thumb, I rolled one of her rock-like nipples.

With it I increased our rhythm, using the dark protrusion like dial to speed up her hand. Momma, so relieved at the end of my incredible teasing, went limp. I exhaled directly into her body when she took her next breath. There was no chance of asphyxiation. She was stronger, and should she panic for fresh air, I would no doubt be launched across the cab's backseat.

She sucked in my lungful, while her hand and mine diddled pleasures sharpened my my teasing. Momma trembled before exhaling back into me, as if concerned by what I was forcing her to do. However, her need to cum outweighed common sense to breath freely.

Ten shared breaths passed between us as Momma's hand danced on her clit, and I fondled and tweaked her rubbery tit tip, plucking a mad pace. Suddenly, her entire frame convulsed, just as she took the air from me. The lurch broke our suffocating contact, and the air we had used up, exited her throat like a banshee. "WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Momma shook and shivered. She gasp for air and kept rocking in her seat from the waves of orgasms pounding her senses.

"What's happening?" Tanya finally looked into the mirror, to see Momma half naked,  body shaking, one boob swaying, and me fingering her vibrating nipple.

"OOOOHHHH!!!" Momma cried again. "C-c-c-cuuuummmmmnnnngggg!!"

"Goodness, is she okay?" The driver's eyes found mine. The cab slowed.

Momma wrapped her arms around her, shucking my hand off her nipple, and drew up her legs. A fetal ball, her enduring orgasms sent quakes through the backseat's frame.

Tanya pulled the cab into a turnout and stopped, in case something was wrong. "How have you caused this, Billy?" She shut off the engine, kept the lights on, and faced me.

"It's okay." I tried, but I was worried! Ms. Laghari had never reacted like this. I reached to Momma, but she turned away shaking her head, a sustained moan issued from her throat. "Uuuuuuuuunnnnnnggggghhhh!" She rocked on the seat like a mental patient. But it sounded as if the worst was passing.

"What can I do?" Tanya looked puzzled close to shock.

It was then, I realized my own trouble. My dick was rock hard, and it desperately wanted to dive into a soft, wet place and drill in and out! I hadn't considered my reaction to the love I showed Momma. This had never happened with Ms. Laghari!

While the most important woman in my life suffered lingering paroxysms, my nervous system was charged up like a lithium battery ready to explode. I wanted to touch myself, but that would only sharpen the shared passion within me, without releasing it. I needed a partner. I examined Momma who's ongoing ecstasy faded slowly.

"You don't look so good, either." Tanya noticed.

In my head, the image of the Ukrainian beauty became a mirror of my mother.

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My weird, mental image of Tanya faded. Her red hair adorned, Ukrainian features returned to my sight. Her puzzled expression did not change as she regarded Momma and I. "Should I drive to hospital?"

I had to tell her, no, but my voice wouldn't work. I was shivering now. The sexual energy swirling within ricocheted fiercely as it sought release. My hand stretched out and touched Tanya's cheek.

I half expected electricity to jump out of my fingers and shock her, but the experienced cabbie had probably had customers come on to her before. She didn't flinch, but her expression went from concern to disappointment. "This is not what Tanya does, Billy. I do not like even watching." She reached to brush my yearning hand away.

"Don't lie, Tanya." Momma's voice rasped. Still huddled into a ball on the back seat, she opened one eye. It glared at the cabbie. "My son needs you. Don't you, Billy?"

I was barely able to control myself from doing something much more foolish than kissing Ms. Laghari on the lips in front of dumb Kelly. The voice that answered mom was not mine. "Yes, Momma." Desire controlled my words. I managed to add. "I'm sorry, Tanya."

"I have driven people with much drugs they took, who were less intoxicated. We will return to city now." She pulled away from my fingers.

"Open the door, Billy." Momma wan eye turned to me. "Go to her." She wasn't speaking to me. The energy infusing us allowed her to talk directly to it. She shuddered from another, residual orgasm.

I felt myself nodding, and my hand pulled the door's latch. It creaked open. What was a light touch in my mind, swung the door wide. It wobbled upon hitting it's limit.

"Close the door, Billy. We must be going." Tanya started the engine.

"Do not run, Tanya. Do not let my son suffer again." I had not told Momma of the cabbie's betrayal, but her words undoubtedly reminded Tanya. The woman at the wheel tapped her fingers from triggered indecision.

I climbed out and walked around the cab. My legs shook. I could only take small steps without stumbling. I held on to the car, and I sped up as I approached the driver's door. I looked up at the stars. So many twinkled at me - I felt as if I had returned to my previous home. A breeze cleared my lungs with fresh air, and it made the trees whisper. "Let be."

I found a calm place in the center of passion's whirlwind. Upon seeing the impressive redhead's pained expression, I knocked on the window. She looked at me. Despite her reticence, I saw a mote of yearning deep in her eyes.

Momma was speaking again, but I couldn't hear her. Tanya winced. She bit her lip and broke eye contact to look down. When Momma finished, the cabbie nodded. The door sounded a heavy click, and it opened. The cabbie pushed it gently and stepped out. Momma's shakes resumed, but I had to put sympathy for her in the background of my concerns. I needed Tanya.

"Come." Tanya's large but beautifully proportioned frame acted with strength. She wrapped her arms around my upper torso and hoisted me to her chest. Tanya hugged me in the air. Her soft breasts would have been Mother's sizes if the cabbie were her height, but they felt big against my chest. "I will make right." She promised.

She walked away from her cab, upwards into the trees. Full moonlight lit our way as our eyes adjusted to it's slight blue. Something sparkled at the crease of one of Tanya's eyes. I leaned into her and kissed it. The salty flavor surprised me.

I felt like a rag doll in a giant's arms. I nearly cried as confusion seeped out of the swirling chaos burning inside me. My body went limp, submitting to the power controlling it. Tanya would make right.

She found a patch of ground under a dense pine tree. It's needles would be our bed. Tanya set me on my feet. I almost collapsed, but strength returned to my limbs, sparing that embarrassment.

Her pained expression softened when she knelt to the bed of needles. "How do you want Tanya?" On her knees, her face looked straight at my chest. She sounded unhappy but willing.

I had had to be a little mean to Momma, to finish what I had started. Yet the energy I'd gained from loving Momma was pure. I once more reached out and touched the cab driver's beautiful face. "I want you to feel good." I frowned, lips tight.

Tanya sniffed. "That cannot happen. I am not like Faun. There are-" Air suddenly gushed into her lungs. "Scars." She looked up. Like a man's tears, hers had to fight their way out. A single drop stung her left eye. She acted unaware of it. "I must do this for you. I wish it even, but there will be nothing good for me."

Not knowing how to respond to this sad woman's admission, I did the right thing. I took her head in both hands, leaned over, and kissed her lips. "Shhh." Something leaped across that simple but meaningful connection. I knelt down, but as my knees struck the stretch of soft, prickly needles, our kiss broke. She was really tall! I hugged around the arms hanging loose at her side. My hands barely reached to her back, but I pulled her to me. The woman's curves met my cheek. "I'm sorry, Tanya. Have you been hurt badly?"

"This is not best time to say." Her head trembled as she rested her chin on my shoulder. "Tell Tanya, please, what to do."

I don't know if the energy from Momma drove me and my words then, but upon wrapping her worried form in my arms, it's strength aided my voice. "Hug me." I patted the ends of her shoulder length hair.

Tanya's forearms slipped around my back and pulled. I feared she would squeeze the air out of me, but she was gentle. My heart sent kindness out to her, but hers wasn't able to receive. I thought to treat her with the same loving I had given Momma, but that wasn't what we were here to do. I needed saving. I needed to be selfish. That didn't mean I couldn't be caring.

"These needles will sting." I warned her. "Forgive me, Tanya, but I need you to take off your pants. I-I could help." I reached for the belt on her uniform.

She shook her head. "I will do it. Pine needles are soft grass to me. We must hurry for you, no?" Her hands were deft, and in a heartbeat she was pulling her pants off of her legs. Her panties reminded me of a sumo wrestler's thong, sturdy, white, and thick. They were very tight on her, as if she couldn't find a size to fit her. It looked odd. For her height, Tanya was beautifully proportioned if stocky. I'd seen many women much fatter, such as the waitress Wenda.

One of her hands pulled something of of her pocket, a switchblade. She lay back onto the needles. A flick of her thumb flashed sharp steel in moonlit air. I recoiled. It spun in her hand, and she offered the knife. "You must cut them open." Tanya insisted.

I took the incredibly sharp looking blade and looked sharper at her straining panties. While my heart shivered at what I was about to, the energy inside me did not delay. I slipped the edge under one thigh band and sliced the crotch panel apart. Dark curls spilled out into the night. Moonlight hid their true color. Tanya winced when the blade finished its stroke where the other elastic band met her thigh. Had I cut her?

"You are not here to look, Billy." The imposing woman spread her naked legs across the pointed needles. She did not wince from them. "Unless you need to see more of Tanya." Her hands move to her iron creased shirt.

I felt myself nodding, as I hurried to pull down my trousers and briefs. She worked at the buttons of her top. I crawled between her legs on my knees. My belt jangled, as I had dropped my pants only slightly, using their fine weave to protect my knees from the needle bed.

The woman on her back pulled apart her shirt, revealing a dull colored bra meant only to keep its charges safe and unobtrusive. She unfastened the front clasp between the thick cups, and I leaned over her naked belly and sniffed. My hard pecker aimed for the slit hidden by a full thatch. She smelled faintly of motor oil and gasoline. That slight pungency vanished when Tanya's breasts appeared under the moonlight. They were snowy domes with black tips. Her aureola were narrow, but their nipples stood out more than half an inch. I had never seen breasts so bold. The night air quickly made them hard. I gasp at their beauty.

"Do what you need with me, without holding back. Tanya is strong." She urged. Her eyes glittered, but their cool stare demanded. She spit a large amount of saliva into her hand and reached between her legs. "It is always dry." She explained. Her hand pushed as much of her spit as it could into the dark, hidden recess of her vagina.

The sight of her simply doing what was necessary to accomplish this task, whipped a messenger of desire through my frame. My body shook with need. Terrible words formed an unwanted thought. I would fuck this woman. The purity of Momma's love showed its other side, lust.

As soon as Tanya's hand left behind a glistening streak between her open thighs, I fitted my cock to her wet snatch and found the recess within. My hips bucked the full length of my lust into her body. She grunted. "Do it." Her face remained stoic.

Her two, simple words lashed that which controlled me - into a frenzy. Mad strength welled up in my muscles. Intense desire gripped my heart/mind in a vice. I became an animal. I was in Tanya's cunt, and I went to town. I fucked her twat. I plunged to her snatch. I rammed my cock hard into her. I'd never done or felt anything like it. I became a brute!

"Let it out, Billy. Tanya will be your bitch dog, this one tonight." She held my head to her bare breasts. It was strange how her voice sounded hopeful but joyless. That which possessed me interpreted her emotion as total submission.

I sent my pork smack into her hot hole. I began spearing her in different ways while I went at her tits. All the while I ran my rod into her hot snatch, I fucked her royally. She wobbled, otherwise impassive at my savage good thrusts. The sensation of her partially lubed fuck hole scorching my prick made me want to howl! I clawed at her tits, biting their thick, wood hard nipples. I leered at her, through her dancing cleavage. Her enduring features returned a matron's smile, while her body rocked under my mad thrusts.

I threw my pecker with fierce whams. I worked her nips with my tongue and lips. I sent my meat solidly against the roof of her cunt. I dug her with a vengeance, and didn't say anything, sucking her titties, and banging her cunt solidly. A mango pit of potential formed in my chest, the tough promise of a big cum. I did howl then, "Ohhh! I love fucking you, Tanya!"

I dug deep into her hot vag, smoothly driving the root of my thing at the roof of her cunt. The woman beneath me, simply went on with the business of being fucked. She patted my heaving bum. "Good, Billy. Tanya is good for all you can give."

I rammed her savagely. I just kept plugging her, methodically, like a taskmaster, fucking her as if I were insane. I must have been. The price of sanity, however it threatened to bankrupt my heart later, gave me no pause. "I can't stop myself!" I wailed, hoping to assure the kind, tough woman and myself, that my true nature would survive this mad night.

Her clit was under the saw action of my dick. Tanya accepted every one of my humps, with that pleased smile. She was caught on my fuck hook but paid it no mind. She was happy for me. I rode her all the way down the line.

I wielded my dick like a weapon. I wished it was a knife that could cut her twat apart. Thinking that, I hurled the switchblade away, disgusted by the terrible thought. Yet, I lashed her hole furiously with my yang and penetrated her as deeply as I could go.

Her hole was a small thing. I had not noticed at first, too lost with lust to care. Hers was a narrow and short vagina, and I banged her ferociously with a purpose. For a huge woman, Tanya's birthing canal was astonishingly small!

I briefly wondered how this compared to my mother's puss. Then I was mad again, as if the merest thought of penetrating Momma's sex unleashed fresh energy from my failed attempt to love her as Ms. Laghari had taught. I did not doubt my teacher. I had undertaken a task beyond my ability, after too few lessons. Heartbreaking failure resulted, however good my intentions.

That pit, that core of promised release sank slowly towards my groin. Its promise stoked the lust driving me, and I fucked, fucked madly - madly, even meanly. I gave up against the storm of selfishness claiming my senses. I pounded my one night bitch with pure violence. "Fuck you!" I cried. I cried it with real tears, but I meant it.

"Yes, Billy. Fuck me! Bite me. Tear at my body, if y-you need." The woman's voice cracked slightly, as if her stoic acceptance itself was cracking. Not that I cared. I dicked her wildly, rocking her cunt with all my might, plunging my yang powerfully into her, banging my crotch against hers. And all the while I chewed on her nipples or mangled her titties. I was truly a beast.

The moment that thick pit settled in my groin, my body lurched so hard every joint in my body cracked! The grenade did not explode but imploded! Suddenly, a black hole emerged, tugging every bit of hate and anger and harm out of my bucking frame of bones. Every positive emotion, in that cyclone of desire, clung desperately to my insides, while the insatiable well dragged their weaker counterparts into its bottomless void. I screamed!

My penis thrust one last time into the shallow recess behind Tanya's hearty labia. The cum I expected to flood into her womb moved backwards instead. The sensation of retreating cum is beyond even poetry to explain. Yet when the last of it slammed into the base of my loins, an orgasm like nothing I had ever experienced swept bolts of lighting through every nerve in my body. "TANYA!" I howled. Unparalleled pleasure swept away the consuming singularity of wickedness, like a dust mouse beset by a leaf blower.

My body collapsed across that amazing woman's naked front, and my consciousness shrank to a singularity. I could hear the trees whisper, "Let be." The beats of my heart, strong pulses slowed to normal rate, and I shook from successive waves of pleasure. In time, something else presented, a sound, soft like singing, rhythmic like music. Hearing it made me sad somehow.

Time passed. Seconds or minutes, I do not know. My awareness expanded. My penis weakened. My mind floated from lingering delights. The crib of firm warmth supporting me rocked gently. "Hu-hh-hh-hh." Tanya's voice shuddered.

The end of my selfishness arrived, when my heart reached out to her, concerned.

"Hu-hh-hh-hh." She was crying.

I turned my face up, away from her shaking breast. Moonlight reflected off the streams seeping down her cheeks.


"F-forgive me." I squeaked.

"No." She whimpered. "There is no need." Her great arms reached around me and pressed me more warmly to her naked front. "I-I do not know what happened - what you did." Her face bent up, displaying no shame for the tears dripping from her eyes. "It was beautiful - like rolling surf and trees swaying and mountains rumbling. Billy, you broke something that has been holding me back." When she smiled, the tears framing it made her face shine.

I think she wanted to kiss me, but my head was too far from her raised lips. She is really tall! I wanted to climb and claim her kiss, but my penis, now soft, lay still inside her. I winced then, for it had chaffed as her improvised lubrication had dried from unrelenting strokes of skin on delicate skin. I feared pulling out would bring pain.

She saw my pained expression, but misunderstood. "No, master Billy, you have given something wonderful to Tanya. Do not fear."

My admission weakened the mood. "It's stuck."

For half a second, she looked confused. Abruptly, Tanya chuckled! "Then we shall be together on these pine needles forever!"

"Billy?" Mom called from far away. It could have been miles and I would have heard her. The moon had moved lower to the west.

"Tell her, Billy." Tanya prompted.

I shouted into the night. "Momma! It was good! Tanya saved me!"

"Heaven's, Billy. I nearly called for an ambulance!"

"HO!" Tanya's laugh burst across the valley.

The problem of me IN Tanya was quickly solved with more saliva. She fingered the slippery fluid around the base of my soft length until enough seeped in to free me without pain.

We dressed and held each other. Unsure of our ability to walk separately down the hill, we gave mutual support.

Mom greeted us a short distance from the cab, wearing once more her blue, costume dress and high heels. I released Tanya and shuffled into my mother's outstretched arms. She kissed my forehead but shot a curious gaze at the cabbie.

Tanya looked up at the night sky. "Stars never speak of what they see, nor does Tanya."

Mom hugged me tighter. She whispered, "I feel two ways, Billy."

"How, Momma?" I whispered back as Tanya grinned and opened a rear door for us.

"Shhh, I am your Mom, now." She meant it was important. "What you did to me was incredible. But I felt helpless when you needed me."

"It's okay." I spoke clearly. "No one did bad, Mom. We did what we did because we had to Let Be."

"You go on, little man." Tanya puffed. "Nothing happened, except the wind blew from the east tonight."

"Yes." Mom agreed. She regarded me. "It'll be past your bedtime before we're home." We climbed into the backseat and watched the stars fade as the cab returned to the city. The moon remained bright against the city's glow.

Mom had spoke with Dad on her phone. He welcomed us with hugs and kisses. Tanya followed, somehow knowing that we did not want to leave her at the curb. She stood outside the apartment door, cabbie cap in both hands. She nodded courteously at my father. Mother drew him into the apartment. I stepped outside and closed the door to the barest crack. I looked up, not knowing what to say.

Our eyes spoke small tears. Something special had happened between us. Yes, it was love, but a love I had not felt before. It had bonded us and freed us. In an odd way it had made us equals, yet I felt I had wronged her. I had to look away to tell her. "I was mean to you."

"That, I accepted when I agreed to help." She took my hands. Her cap was soft cotton insulating our touch. "Your body was chained and only madness could break it. It saved me too." She took a breath. "Tanya has been with heartless men, and I have never cried." Her hands trembled. "I have been with true love, but was never moved to tears." She raised my hands and touched her lips to my fingers. "The violence of your heart is not a selfish passion. Tanya hopes that never changes." She released my hands and stepped back. She glowered unexpectedly, "Now there is another debt I owe you."

My jaw fell open. There wasn't - she didn't. I couldn't speak. Her words were absurd to me. What I owed Tanya was far greater than the little information I had managed from Mrs. McDougal to help the cabbie.

Even thinking of that witch was a curse. I swear. "Out plucking fruit, have we been, tonight?" Her cackle appeared out of nowhere. Actually it descended from the floor above, along with the gray haired apartment owner. She wafted up to us as if a broom flew her. Her wrinkled fingers zeroed in on something on Tanya's jacket, one pine needle. "Many parts of a pine tree are edible." She plucked it, cackled again, and let the brown length fall to the walkway.

Instead of berating the 'Babba', Tanya gave a frown that was somehow a smile. "You know that fruit well, I bet. I have smelled the turpentine you drink."

Mrs. McDougal looked almost shocked for a second. Then she looked impressed. "Something happened tonight." She shot a glare at me for a clue.

My heart rate doubled under her piercing eyes, but my heart had become strong. "I'm not old enough to drink." My eyes may have twinkled, but my lips stayed steady.

I'd never seen the old woman at a loss before. She took a new tack. "Go kick the meter on, Tanya, and come to my office. We have much to drink about." She dismissed me with a wave of her hand.

I turned and pushed the door open.

"I charge double tonight."

"If you agree to a little backgammon between foes, I'll pay whatever you win from the doubling cube." Mrs. McDougal cloyed.

"Only if you pour from the bottles I brought from my old country."


I went in, relieved to escape any potential adventure with Mrs. McDougal. I locked every lock on the door. Interior voices reached me.

"I texted them, after talking with you. I think I'll wait a little longer."

"You want to explore your options?" Dad asked Mom. They were talking on the couch.

"Does that trouble you?"

I crept behind the kitchen counter, but they must have heard me come in. I saw Dad scratch his head.

"I honestly can't say." He brightened, "Of course, I'm happy for whatever you decide."

"Got your hopes up?"


"Keep them up a little longer." Mom's voice deepened. "I'll be stopping by in a short short."

"Really?" He sounded a little befuddled but happy."

"Billy? Come make your bed. I'll help." It was code for, she wanted to talk with me. It was a code Dad must have figured out long ago. Still, he got up, and wished me good night from the main room.

I slunk there and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and wandered into their bedroom.

I moved to get the sheets and blanket. Mom intercepted me with more than a hug. She kissed me warmly, prolonging her lips on mine. When she pulled away, she beheld me with eyes like vessels of still water. "I still don't know what to think. Was what happened something that can be explained?"

I looked at my feet. "I wanted to show you a way that I feel about you, but I goofed. I did it wrong."

"What you did may have been strange, but there was nothing wrong about it." Mom lifted my chin with a finger. "While I can't comprehend what you showed me, I wish I had better appreciated the electricity you created, when it struck me.

"After my wits calmed down, I tried to distract myself by talking with your father and texting some people, but then I shut off my phone and listened to the wind. Do you know what I heard?"

I shook my head.

"I heard you, shouting terrible things, in the distance." Mom frowned. "I should have been there for you. Instead, I made her-"

"It's okay, Momma. I love you." I threw a hug around her. The fine, slightly coarse weave of her dress could not penetrate my long sleeves. I accepted its rasp against my cheek.

She embraced me. "You can call me, Mom. Mom loves you as much as Momma ever will."

"I won't do it again."

"That may be for the best." She agreed. "Still, I wouldn't trade what happend for a dozen good sons."

We moved to the couch, sat but remained in each other arms. "Don't make Dad wait too long, okay?"

"So he's Dad, now?" Mom asked.

I frowned but nodded.

"Honey, its not for me to explain why, but your father has no desires that would place a time limit on me."

Of course I wanted to know why, but a possible answer hinted from within myself. An answer that wouldn't have occurred to me before my failed, special love-making.

Tanya's and my bond occurred to me. There were no limits in our connection. Perhaps Mom and Dad felt the same way. I asked, "And you don't put limits on him?"

Mom rolled her eyes from blatant amusement. "Your father and I are equal in many ways, but if he ever tried to escape my clutches, he would be in more trouble than you." She poked a finger at my nose.


"Don't think I've forgotten or even imagined forgiving what you almost did to Mr. Gorgev."

I was shocked. Surely that was water under the bridge.

Mom bounced up from the couch, stood tall, and glowered. "Try something like that again, and I'll send you to a military school with an all male staff, at an all male military base."

"I don't think there are anymore of those." I called her bluff.

"Maybe not in this country." She was serious, but she wasn't angry.

"Good night, Momma." I pouted.

"While I'm wearing this dress, you'll address me as Mom, oh disrespectful son of mine." She taunted.

After the craziest night of my life, thus far, she, Tanya, and I should have been exhausted, physically and emotionally. I felt no such thing. I bounded up like I had slept all night and started unbuttoning the bright blue dress. Mom's giggles tinkled around the room.

Father found us together just before dawn, wrapped in hastily grabbed sheets. His kiss on my forehead woke me.

"Daddy?" Exhaustion had finally found us. It weighed like lead all over my body.

"Shhh, Sport. Don't wake your mom." He was crouched beside me.

"Can you come home early, tonight?" I asked. It was Friday.

"I don't know." He answered honestly, quietly. His eyes glanced at Mom's beautiful face. When they returned to me, they looked truer at me somehow. "Making a living in the city is not easy. I'm doing my best." He put a hand on the blanket covering my shoulder. "You will never have to worry. We may want for some things, but our immediate future is secure. I want you to know that."

I whispered, "I'm going to get a job. Mrs. Abbey is going to call her leagues."

"What about your work with your Momma? You don't want to abandon her."

"No, Dad. I'll always work for Mom, and I'll go to school and do homework." My voice slowed. "Did she get any new jobs?"

Dad shook his head. "I should go. Maybe, if I finish a couple projects today, I'll come home in time to have dinner with you." He eyed Mom again. "Late dinner, probably." He sighed and stood up. He gave me a final smile and walked out of the apartment, briefcase in hand.

An unexpected thing stunned me. When Daddy had stood and turned away, I caught the briefest sight of his trousers. The front part stood out from his hips like the the head of a golf club had fallen in there.

"Glen?" Mom roused.

"Daddy went to work."

"Aw, poor dear." She snuggled closer to me and fell back asleep. I did too.


I had to race out of the apartment, after getting up late, dressing without showering, and eating a slice of bread that Mom barely had time to toast and slather with jelly.

On the ground floor, I ran into Tanya. She stood in the entrance talking with Mrs. Cherkle. I had no time to say more than "Good morning."

Mrs. Cherkle mumbled my name, awkwardly.

"Stop, Billy!" Tanya boomed as I raced past. My sneakers skidded to a halt.

"Excuse me, Colleen. Duty calls." She grabbed my elbow and forcefully ushered me outside. Her cab hadn't left the curb where she had parked it last night.

"Tanya takes you to school, now." At the time, I didn't understand that she meant, from now on, if I'm ever late.

She opened the door and with the skill of a magician, thrust me into the back seat as gently as one might set an expensive vase on a pedestal.

What really surprised me was, Mrs. Cherkle scurried up and climbed in, pushing me to the next seat. "I'll pay the fare, Tanya."

"Ha!" The big driver laughed. "Tanya cannot give free ride to little man, without someone paying!" With mercenary spirit, she knocked the meter on and started the engine.

"Mrs. Cherkle!" I didn't know what else to say. The car roared into traffic.

"Billy, I got a call, yesterday, from the doctor." She sounded really nervous.

"What's the matter? Are you okay?"

"That's a little complicated. I'm not the young hen I was when Mr. Cherkle and I considered starting a family."

Tanya suddenly turned on the radio and raised the volume. She slid the plastic window shut between the front and back seats.

Mrs. Cherkle calmed somewhat. "I-I didn't know when I'd have a chance to tell you, Billy." She chewed her lip for a second. Her voice changed when she spoke again. It was the cute, high pitched but soft voice she used when we shared special times. "Little Colleen is going to have her Daddy's baby." She explained.

"Oh my!" I immediately hugged her, but I worried. What had she meant by it being complicated? We had made a baby! "You such a good girl!" I fell into our game.

"You're happy?" She sounded surprised. "I thought you wouldn't believe me!"

"Why would I do that?" I cheered. "That's what happens when you make babies!"

A stiff wind escaped with her next breath. Her shoulders relaxed, and her chest rose confidently. "I LOVE my Daddy!" She squealed and would have pulled me to her lap, if I hadn't been wearing my seat belt. We kissed instead.

I feared asking the next question but had speak. "Does Mr. Cherkle know?"

Her voice returned to that of an adult. "He knows, Billy." She took a sharp breath and exhaled. "He knows everything." Her words sped up then. "But don't worry. He's actually happy about it, not that he'll admit that, but Godwin has always wanted a son or daughter to teach his trade to. That may be hogwash to people today, but he's sincere. I would support him if that's the profession the child chooses to pursue- But I'm getting way ahead of myself." Mrs. Cherkle released me.

"There is a valid concern that I hope you can understand, Billy." She cleared her throat. "I'm not too old to bear children, but the chance of something going wrong is not insignificant." She took my hands in hers. "I love you in a special way, Billy, but there is another love, a mother's love, that has to respect the realities of nature. I want you to know, even if this hurts you, that I would terminate a pregnancy if there is a danger to me or the child."

"Oh." I sorta knew about abortion but only the definition. It's a way moms-to-be, end being pregnant. I had never considered that a fetus might die before it was a human baby and could be born. I had to consider that happening to a child that I had made with a woman.

The cab screeched to a halt. It had been racing through the streets until then. Outside I heard kids talking and car engines idling. Tanya got out and opened the door on my side.

"Are you okay?" Mrs. Cherkle asked.

"I-I don't know." I retreated to the open door. Tanya instinctively knew to help me climb out. I might not have been able to by myself.

"You poor dear." Sorrow filled the face of the newest mother of my children.

I continued my retreat into the crow of students filing into the buildings. Tanya called out, "Let it be, Billy." Had she heard, or was she referring to last night? What she said was almost what I'd heard from rustling tree branches. No. It was the song coming from the open driver's door, a Beatles song.

I was so confused. I flowed away from the cab, caught up in the crowd. Someone called my name.

Trish appeared at my elbow. "Oooo, trouble." She smirked.

"Huh?" I shook my head, trying to resolve the plethora of things rattling it.

"Word is out." Trish closed in for the kill. "You did something, yesterday, and news of it went all the way to Principal Agincourt.

"Wh-what?" I looked around, having lost sight of the cab. We streamed into the building together.

"Getting the low down, Trish?" Another voice attacked from the rear, Wendel's.

Trish answered. "Haven't cracked this grade B, egghead yet."

"Come on. Spill it, Billy." Wendel tried. "We don't care if the Principal sentences you to one of her special councilors. You're already low man on our totem pole." Implying that I was actually on the same pole as them. Wendel was smooth, I'll give him that.

It's just that, I honestly didn't know what the hell they were talking about! "Uh, I need to get to my locker." I headed that way. Their lockers were in a different hall, with the other 8th graders.

"Lunch time, then!" Wendel dictated, "You won't escape us." He and Trish headed to their hall.

"I heard it all started yesterday at lunch. Didn't you?" Trish gossiped. "I thought gay boys heard everything at school."

"You know I would totally bang you." Wendel sounded defensive.

"And I would let you bang me, but you'd like that too much, and I'd never have a three way with you and whatever guy you finally dangle on your string."

I escaped them and their voices, suddenly enlightened by the mention of lunchtime. Kelly must have told someone. I walked the rest of the way to my locker, like a zombie. There, Kelly was waiting for me.

She stood across the hall and glanced at me, just once, as if she was just looking around. Then she marched away. I didn't understand the expression her face. It wasn't anger or shock or anything at all bad.

I'd felt like an ant under a magnifying glass.

I hurried to my first class, extremely grateful that it wasn't Science, where no doubt this ant would burn to a crisp by sunlight. After History, I lingered until the last minute. I wanted to talk with Ms. Laghari, but I couldn't muster the courage to talk about it between classes.

Actually, Kelly was sitting in the back row, when I took my seat. I expected to feel her eyes burrowing into the back of my neck, but it proved to be just another day. I did get an odd look from Mr. Yong, while he moved from desk to desk, checking our efforts with the workbook.

After Science, I scurried to Ms. Hennifer's room, where my last class of the morning would be before lunch. "Billy." She nodded, free of emotion, at my entrance, expecting me to take my seat. I walked up to her instead. "Uh, Ms. Hennifer?"

"Is there something I can help you with?" She took a perfect pose of an unbiased instructor.

"Um, if I started on the workbook, right now, could I, uh, leave five minutes early?"

She responded instantly. "That would depend. I'll check your work. There had better not be a single mistake."

"Yes, uh, no, Ma-am." I took my seat and hauled out my math workbook. She told me which page to start on.

Nearly an hour later, she told me. "Three, Billy. You shouldn't have rushed." She found three errors out of the many equations I had solved. "Always take time to review your work." She said it aloud to remind the entire class. I felt smaller than an ant. "When you correct them, you may go." She explained. She helped me with the first one before the next hand raised.

I fixed the other two carefully, which left me with a three minute lead on the rest of the school. As soon as math's door swung shut, I bolted to Ms. Laghari's class. I reached it as a mob of 7th graders expanded out from the open door. I darted in between the last, exiting kids.

My English teacher spotted me instantly. She took a deep breath and sighed. In that breath, I had sprinted up to her. "I'm sorry."

"Yes, Billy." Her frown was filled with - something. I thought at first, disappointment, but that wasn't it. "Instead, you should be angry."


"At me." She pursed her lips and glanced around the room. "I let you down."

"What?" I tried to muffle my voice. "I heard the Principle wanted to see me."

"She wants to see us, Billy, after school."

"Kelly told." I guessed.

"She didn't." Ms. Laghari cleared her throat and looked around the room. It was empty. Everyone had gone to lunch. "I did. I had no choice. Maybe Kelly would have, but I had to tell Principal Agincourt first. That way, it's just a minor incident." She tried the barest smile. "You and I aren't in trouble, but we will have to talk with the principal, and Kelly will probably be there too."

"U-uh," I stammered. "Then you didn't let me down. You did me a favor." I supposed.

"That's not how I let you down." She sounded weary, as if the issue had weighed on her for the last twenty four hours.

I waited.

"I should have recognized the dynamic between you and Kelly. I shouldn't have invited her to join us but, instead, stopped our discussion all together."

After thinking about what happened, I felt that she wasn't being fair to herself. "You couldn't know. It's okay. We'll talk to Kelly and the Principal, and it won't be a problem." I suddenly hoped that she and I might resume our lessons. Last night had been crazy and messed up, but the three of us who had experienced it couldn't deny the power of Ms. Laghari's knowledge of love and sex.

Ms. Laghari looked at her watch. "I must go to the faculty lounge." She went to the door. "We'll talk briefly again, after our class."

I guessed rightly, that she felt she shouldn't be found alone with me.

I left the room and after stopping at my locker, headed outside. There, the gang of 8th graders found me eating my lunch.

"No fair." I preempted the discussion. I used my eyes to indicate it was four against one.

"You got no place in this, pipsqueak." Al growled. They sat down at my table and conferred as if I wasn't there. "What have you all heard?"

"Someone snitched about a joint in his locker." Wendel smiled.

"No. It was a condom." Everyone oooed Trish's version, except Steve. He coughed.

"I heard that someone heard the shrimp pulling his sausage in the bathroom."

"Oh, OH, OOOHHH!!" Al joked.

"He kissed Ms. Laghari on the lips." Kelly somehow teleported next to the lunch table.

The sudden silence, I swear, included the birds and cars and airplanes, for a one block radius.

"WELL! Sit down, little princess. We only have ears for you." Al scooted against Wendal, making room on that bench seat.

"I'm not a princess." Kelly abruptly glared at me. Then she took off running.

"Two little lovers, sitting in a tree..." Al started.

"MS. LAGHARI!" Trish and Wendel cried. They were ecstatic!

Steve sported a very different look. Suspicion. "That can't be right." He pronounced. "The two of them are jerking our chain. Ain't that so, Al? It's like you were singing. They worked together, spreading the rumor." He grinned at me, but the grin looked forced. "Nice try, Kid."

"I dunno, Steve." Al worried. "Ms. Laghari is my first class. "There was something not right about her, today."

Trish butted in. "Jig is up, Billy. Spill it, or we ask the English teacher."

That was a threat I didn't know how to handle. What Ms. Laghari had promised, wouldn't be a problem, sounded at that moment like a disaster. I had to protect Ms. Laghari. If things got out of hand, I imagined that she might even get fired!

Something I learned that day, I will never forget. If you make a mistake, be ready to make it again. I got up from my lunch and leaned at Trish, staring as if I was going to squeal like pigeon. (or something like that)

Her expectant eyes shined at me, victorious. Then I was kissing her lips. I didn't even have to grab her, I pressed them until she, after a moment longer than I would have expected, pulled away and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. "Eww, gross!"

I immediately swiveled, like the Capoeira dance in P.E. My lips smacked into Al's. A second later, I launched myself at Wendel, but the surprise was over. My four interrogators leaped away like I was a rabid dog.

"What the fuck!" Al wiped his mouth.

"Come on, Al. People are watching." Wendel grinned. "Good one, Kid."

Even Steve chuckled. They walked away, shaking their heads.

I couldn't stop them from talking to Ms. Laghari, even if I made up a story about what happened. They would bug her anyway, or worse, spread the truth. This way, they had become part of the story, an embarrassing part.

Ms. Laghari found me oddly happy in her class, during the next period. She had likely been expecting me to mope.

Moping caught up with me near the end of Art and Music. I had officially received a summons to the Principal's office. It had been presented as a note from the front desk, nothing special. A few pairs of eyes swung briefly my way; word was out about notes from the front desk.

It was time to take my medicine. I stopped by my locker and collected my gear. I went to the front desk and showed Mr. Vouse the note. He showed me directly to Agincourt's office.

"Hello, Billy." The principal greeted me with a professional smile. "Please take a seat."

Moments later, Ms. Laghari arrived. "Ma-am."

"Thanks, Shoona. Have a seat."

My English teacher left a seat between us. There were four in the not terribly large office. Principal Agincourt's seat was the fifth, but it was no different than the others. Simple, padded chairs spoke of craftsmanship, comfort, and humility.

When Kelly was shown in, I looked away until she was seated. I managed a polite smile. She looked as nervous as I felt. Ms. Laghari buffed her nails with a soft tool.

The principal closed the door and sat down. "Thank you for being here. Let's not bandy about the bush. Ms. Laghari told me, yesterday afternoon, that you kissed her on the lips, Billy, and that Kelly was present. What can you tell me about that?"

"Oh," I sat up straight. "Gosh, I'm really sorry." I looked at my English teacher. She gave an encouraging expression, as if anything I said would be okay. I took a deep breath. "I was in a weird mood, after Kelly showed, and I wasn't ready for that. Ms. Laghari and I had been talking about kinds of communicating. Kelly came in, and I lost track of things. I still don't understand what I felt. But yeah, I kinda wanted to, uh, escape, felt embarrassed, but I didn't want to hurt Ms. Laghari's feelings. I messed up and kissed her. Really, it was wrong, and I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"That's fine, Billy. What I heard you say was, you were talking about communication styles with your English teacher, when Kelly arrived and joined you. You felt, um, weird about that, and you got embarrassed. To show no hard feelings for wanting to leave, you kissed Ms. Laghari."

I was amazed by the principal's ability to turn my rambling nonsense into a coherent narrative. "Uh, yeah, pretty much." I scratched my head.

"Thank you, Billy." She smiled at Kelly. "What happened, in your words, Kelly?"

"I'm sorry, Principal Agincourt, I didn't mean to be a bother. I shouldn't have knocked on the door. I just wanted to know if Billy was in there. I didn't want to get them into trouble."

"It's okay, Dear." The principal assured her. "You did nothing wrong. I just want to hear your story."

"Well," Kelly sniffed. "It was like Billy said, after we and Ms. Laghari talked for a little bit, Billy got up and kissed her and walked out of the room."

"That was all?"

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Okay, Kelly. What I heard you say was, your horny little cunt wanted Billy to stick a hard dick in it and fuck a baby into you. So you interrupted his and Ms. Laghari's special sex session, hoping to get in on the action and steal some of his sperm that was meant to go into Shoona's dark, Asian pussy." That's what I heard the principal say. I wanted to crawl under the principal's desk and die.

What Principal Agincourt actually said was, "You wanted to spend time with Billy while he was talking with your English teacher." I'd heard that too, at the same time!

Kelly didn't say anything, but her face turned bright red.

"Please, forgive me, Kelly." The principal requested. "I respect you for going after something you want. You'll achieve great things, if you don't let off moments like yesterday's, weigh you down. Keep up the good fight." She cheered.

Agincourt turned to Ms. Laghari. "Well, Shoona, I'm here for you too. You have every right to expect justice. I take it the kiss was a surprise, at the very least?"

"It wasn't, Boss. Billy and I have been making out like crazy for the last few days. I taught him a lot of hot stuff, and he even sucked on my pussy until I squirted like firehose on fire. I wish I could kiss him right now and make his dick hard. I'd open my snatch across his crotch and suck his dick right up my fuck chute! I bet he would put a baby in me faster than a dozen jack rabbits gang banging a doe bitch."

"I'm not sure I understand." Principal Agincourt looked puzzled. "Perhaps you can tear off his and your clothes and jump his bones right here, for demonstration purposes. I think I could really get off, watching the two of you fuck a baby into existence. Kelly would probably want to get into the action, by licking his balls and fingering her little cunt. I would be masturbating too, but secretly hoping that Billy would save some of his powerful cum for my womb. It's been years since I had a baby, and I bet his will be the best!"

What the hell? The two women weren't saying anything like that! Ms. Laghari simply affirmed that I had kissed her, unexpectedly, and then left the room. She didn't want anything more than apology, which she told Principal Agincourt, I had given at my first opportunity, today.

"I'll note exactly that, in the log, and we are done." The principal, once more, thanked us for our time, and wished us well. "And Billy, if I hear of you doing anything like that again, I'll sick Ms. Hennifer on you." She sounded like she was joking. Ms. Laghari laughed, rose to her feet, and walked out.

What the hell was going on in my head? Had I heard that last bit correctly, or was it a false voice too? I couldn't separate that one. What if Trish or Al told her that I'd kissed them!

"Billy." The principal's voice prompted.


"You can go. School's over. Go out and play, or watch the video lectures, whatever you want, just not in here." She leaned at me, from her seat behind her desk.

"Uh, yes, Ma-am." I bolted up from my seat, gave Kelly a woeful face, and scurried out of the principal's office. Behind me, I heard her ask Kelly.

"You really want that raping dick in your horny, slut twat?"

I grabbed the sides of my head as I marched out of the building.

"Billy?" It was Ms. Laghari. She had crawled into my brain, somehow. No. She was standing outside. Had she waited for me on the entrance steps?

"You looked a little odd, in there. Is everything all right?" She asked discretely.

I couldn't lie to her. "I-I don't think so." Would she understand?

"Billy, if you told me, you had taken a drug, I would only want to help you." She confessed. "You look half out of it."

"I heard things, different than what you and the principal said. Something's wrong."

"I need your trust." She scanned the scattering of students and instructors. "I'll try to help, but not here. You understand that? We have to separate."

"Yes, yes."

"I'm going to the bus stop, and take the 19. I'll step off at Vandemont and Cedar. Meet me there in fifteen minutes. It's a short walk, away from residences. Can you walk there?

"I guess so." I could move just fine, and it wasn't like I was seeing what I was hearing.

We separated.

I walked and walked, using my watch to navigate. I made it the intersection in ten minutes. The walk was five, long blocks from the school. It was a warehouse district. The place was buzzing with activity. The people focused on their work.

Ms. Laghari was already waiting at the transit sign.

"Follow me, just a little way." She took off down the sidewalk but soon turned into an open gate. I followed. This warehouse was closed. We walked across an asphalt lot, to a shed abutting a vast building. It had metal screens on the windows and metal doors that folded up, high enough for a semi truck to unload freight directly. The shed had none of that.

"This warehouse has been on the market for a year. A colleague told me it would be a good place to rehearse our podcast. Ms. Laghari referred to Darling Dimensions and the Spice Witch Five. "I have a key." She took a ring of keys out of her purse and unlocked the door to the metal shed. "It's a little sparse in here, but it's perfect when I want to escape academia and focus on my creative works." She led me inside.

Several, broken office chairs formed a circle around what looked like foam mats for yoga but extra thick. The weird bits were the mattresses standing along every wall. They were all old, discolored or broken. Across the ceiling, someone had hung sheets that bowed gentle from gravity. The disheveled collection was suppose to baffle sounds in the room, she explained later.

The English teacher pinched her hair clasp open and unwound her long, flat hair. She kicked off her shoes and plunked herself into one of the chairs. "Sorry. Habit." She tried a smile but could now more concerned having reached her place of solitude and focus.

The space was thirty feet by twenty. A dirty skylight provided light through a gap in the hanging sheets. There were no windows, but there was a lamp. I flicked the switch. It remained dark.

"Still feeling weird?" She asked?

"It's better. I haven't heard anything strange, since we left."

"Rose's style can be pretty stressful. She's a difficult read."

"Huh? Rose?"

"That's the principal's first name."

"Oh. Okay." I scratched my nose.

"Well, that's a let down!" Ms. Laghari brightened. "I take a man into my secret lair, and he stands there like groupie at the wrong concert. Sit down!"

I took the closest chair and sat.

"Talk to me, Billy. What happened in there?"

My ears burned. "Mrs. Agincourt," I started. "When she talked, I heard nasty things. Then I heard you say them."

"Okay, you heard nasty things. That's not a good sign, but you're safe here. You can tell me anything. I think you already know that you can say nasty sex things around me, if that's the kind you're talking about."

I could only nod.

She waited.

I stop nodding. I tried to form a sentence but failed.

She waited, fetched her nail buffing tool and waited some more. She never stopped looking like she was interested.

"Uh, after Kelly told her what she saw, when I kissed you. I heard the principal call her a, um, slut, and oh, worse, much worse."

"That's what you heard?" She affirmed. "I believe you."

"But I also heard what she really said. It was like there was a second voice. It said nasty things about what you told her, and then you said nasty things."

"Go slower. Try to relax. There's plenty of time." She looked at her phone, for the time of day. "When do you have to be home?"

"Not soon."

"Take your time. I'm out of school for the weekend." She smiled. "So you heard our voices saying nasty things in your head. I want to assure you, however frightened you feel, the fact that you can talk about it indicates that you can overcome it. I promise, I'm here, I believe you, and I want to help. I'll wait, if you need more time."

Her calm, deliberate words did ease my tension. Was I going crazy? She certainly didn't act that way or hint at such a thing. I spoke with less haste. "The principal, when she retold Kelly what she'd heard, she said that Kelly wanted me to put my, uh, dick in her and f-fuck a baby in her."

"Okay. I get the idea. There was a lot more?"


"Do want to tell me?"

"Not really, but if you want more, I guess so."

"I'm not a therapist, Billy. I'm an English teacher, but I have also been teaching you something that might relate to your experience in the principal's office. Most importantly, and I want to stress, there is nothing wrong with you. I have an idea about it, but I have to ask a nosy question."

I nodded, ready for anything.

She looked me straight in the eye. "Billy, have you been practicing the sexual techniques I've been teaching, with someone else?"

I froze then. I had been busted. Guilt rushed through my veins, with every thud of my heart. I realized it, the moment she asked. I had done something terrible. Was Mom in the same mad, state? I almost jumped up and ran out the door.

"I want to hold you, Billy, to prove I'm not just an image or a voice. I'm right here, and my questions are only intended to figure out a solution."

I did leap out my chair! I fell to my knees on the floor pads and I threw my head into her lap, grasping at her legs. "I can't tell you who!" I burst.

"But you tried what I taught with her?" She had to be sure. "Or him?"

"Have I hurt her?" I looked up, terrified for my mom.

"That's not likely, Billy. The only danger is to yourself, and you've already experienced the worst it can get."

"What happened?"

"The words I have to explain it are too mumbo, jumbo. They're words about feelings, not actual mechanisms. However, I can tell you, your audio hallucinations will calm down. You are not in any danger from them, if you respect them."

She dithered. "I need to know what you did, but I've showed hardly anything to you. The least safe was orgasming without ejaculating. It wasn't the best technique to start with, but I didn't want you to think I was teasing you."

I nodded to that. "She said I was teasing her."

"Did you and your partner absorb each other's chak- Sorry! Like I said, mumbo jumbo. I'm talking about what the two of you felt, the mind/body is capable of powerful emotions.

"That first technique generates similar but different emotions. I and others like to say, energy, but that's not accurate. They are emotions. I'm going to call these two energies, masculine and feminine, but that's not accurate. Regardless of sex or gender, people can feel both those energies and other similar but different energies.

"You were generating masculine energy into your partner, while feminine energy was drawn into you by the same actions.

"When the full technique concludes correctly, the two energies flow through your connections like a wheel, spinning until your bodies orgasm. You and your partner orgasmed?" She asked.

"Sh-she did, uh, uh, a lot!" I confessed.

"You didn't?"

"No. I was too busy, uh, loving her."

"I see." But she clearly disbelieved. "I'm not sure that's possible. It would require a passion so strong-" She stopped and put a hand to her mouth. "Was there another partner?"

How did she know? My head gave the slightest downturn.

"Was it a man?"

"HUH?!" That's all I needed to exclaim.

Abruptly, Ms. Laghari looked more puzzled than doubting. "It was a wom-?" She interrupted herself. "You know what a tomboy is, right?"

"Yeah. They're girls but like doing boy stuff." Tomboys were one of my exceptions to the law of dumb girls.

"Was the second partner like a tomboy?"

I instantly pictured Tanya in her uniform and her great size and strength and confidence. She had once said she might marry her cab. Something like that.

I gave Ms. Laghari yet another, idiot nod.

"Did you cum in her?"

"Uh-uh." I shook my head wildly to make up for all the nodding.

Her voice, lowered. "Did you orgasm?"

"Like crazy!" I blurted.

"What did it feel like?"

"Wow! It was like boom and then buzz and it was like a hole draining me. That's why I didn't cum, right?"

"Not exactly." For the first time, Ms. Laghari, sounded scared. "What happened to the hole, after you stopped orgasming?"

"Huh." I hadn't thought about that. "It just vanished."

"It didn't vanish, Billy. It's trying to get out. That's what you're hearing."

"How do I let it out?" I was abuzz with questions. "Are you sure M- uh, my partner wasn't hurt? And what about Tan- uh, the tomboy lady?"

"First thing, first, Billy. You're here and you need help. I think I can help. But, I promise, if I can't, you will still be fine, in time. The energy will fade, and you'll stop hearing voices. They won't bother you again."

"How long will that take?"

"I don't know, Billy. Days? Weeks? I shouldn't have taught that first technique. I never conceived that you might use it on another partner. I've only done it with experienced partners." She stared at me. "In fact, I only taught you a fraction of that technique. Did you use it as part of a larger collection of actions with your partner?"

"I wanted to show my love in lots of different ways."

"Oh, my, I can't begin to imagine what that poor woman must have gone through."

"I did hurt her! I knew it."

"You DIDN'T Billy. You brought her to several climaxes, right?"

I fell back to nodding, wholly un-reassured about Mom.

"That's good, for her. What should have happened was, both of you orgasming."

"At the same time?"

"No, Billy. That's pretty rare, actually." She breathed more easily. "Because you were with your partner when she orgasmed, her energy/emotions in her fueled her multiple climaxes. It went right where it was suppose to go."

"But I orgasmed, with the other-"

"But it wasn't that woman's energy. At best, you felt some of it fuel your climaxes. The rest collapsed into your heart/mind. It's there now, waiting to fuel an orgasm specifically keyed to it's type of energy."

"What kind is it?"

"I can't tell you, Billy." She sighed, "But IT IS trying to tell you. That's why I think I can help." She stood and opened her arms to me. "But I need your permission, and a promise that you will never again use what I teach, until I say you can."

"I promise, but why do you need my permission? I trust you." I just wanted the awful, nasty energy out of me!

"Because, I'm going to take you on a crazy starship across an insane universe." She put on a brave smile. "I am a talented actor."

"What if I go to my partner and she makes me cum? That should fix me, right? It's her energy."

"It's not hers. You involved a second partner, and now the energy reflects both of them." Her answer made me grasp at straws. Maybe I could get Mom and Tanya in a three-way... None of what Ms. Laghari said made sense to thirteen year old me.

I started to think Ms. Laghari was more than a little crazy herself. What I wanted was to go home to Mom, in case something bad had happened to her. And what about Tanya? I felt like Ms. Laghari could have said more about the cabbie.
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I kept believing that I had put a dangerous energy in Mom. Ms. Laghari kept insisting that her orgasms had used it up. The guilt I felt, blocked my ears. I struggled to understand what had gone wrong? I had only wanted to give love to Mom, yet here I was suffering strange, nasty hallucinations. Was my love the source of the problem. No! That must never be!

I glared at Ms. Laghari as if the mess was her fault.

She sat up on her chair and suffered my silent accusation with slow, understanding nods. My glare reflected off her rocking but still expression. I was the guilty one. Ms. Laghari's calm demeanor stripped my pretense. I couldn't face the me in her eyes. I looked inward, where her eyes shined a spotlight. She couldn't see what I saw there, but she knew where to look.

I saw Mr. Gorgev, inside of me. It wasn't a hallucination. His personality, caught lurking in my heart, laughed. Like some super villain explaining his dastardly plans, he laughed at the love I gave Mom. I do love her, more than anyone, but last night, I used love as an excuse to be selfish. The truth was, I had wanted to prove that I was better than Mr. Gorgev.

I deserved what was happening to me, this sickness afflicting my senses. It was a punishment of my own making. My attempt to give love to my momma may have started well enough, but when Mom told me to stop, I pushed her and Tanya to get my way. Real love doesn't do that. I had thought I knew better, but it was the Mr. Gorgev part of me that desired taking control.

If I truly loved Mom, I had to learn to accept and cope with the randomness of this insane universe, instead of trying to control it, and not only the wishes of others but the crazy things people do sometimes. Like Ms. Laghari's proposal.

I couldn't look at her anymore. I twiddled my fingers. I watched them. I asked my English teacher, "What do I have to do?"

A slow sigh escaped the outwardly patient instructor. She had been holding her breath. "Stand."

We stood from our chairs. She held out her arms and stepped onto the broad, thick foam mat. "We always begin with a hug." She smiled. "You know that."

We met in the middle of the mat, her warm arms confident, mine cool and uncertain. I wanted to trust her.

"Relax, Billy. Go ahead and slump in my arms. I'll hold you up."

I tried, but aside from my uncertainty, curiosity fed my tension.

"There, there." Ms. Laghari cooed in my ear. "Let me tell you a story."


"A routine flight across the midwest unexpectedly suffered engine troubles. The captain told the passengers to buckle themselve in, but when one side saw fire streaming from under their wing, they started screaming that they were going to crash. One woman panicked in an usual way. She jumped into the aisle and declared, " I've lived a pure and decent life. I don't deserve this! She tore at her clothes, ripping them off her virgin body, and demanded. "Is there anyone here who is man enough to make me feel like a woman before I die?

The terrified passengers quieted, embarrassed for the desperate woman. As the plane dived for an emergency landing, one man stood up and faced her brazen nakedness. He pulled off his shirt and told her, 'Here, iron this!'"

Air burst out of my lungs, and I lurched in Ms. Laghari's arms! "HAAA!!!" I immediately saw Mom tearing off her blue dress and Dad giving her his shirt to iron! I kept laughing, beyond what that terrible joke deserved. I hugged her harder, but the rest of my body fell to her for support. She was a lot stronger than her slim frame suggested.

After a few seconds, when she hadn't said anything more, I looked up. Ms. Laghari shook her head, her smile was still water. I waited, letting her hold me. My arms relaxed around her. Hers kept me from falling.

"Shhhh. Just relax." She said after a minute.

While natural impatience nagged me, I kept telling myself that I had to relinquish control to her.

Time lost meaning, but when her arms tired she spoke plainly. "I'm going to say and do things that will test your trust, Billy. I'm going to make you very unhappy, but
you will understand why, if you can hold on to your trust for just a little while, I promise. Can you give me that much trust?"

I wanted to, but I wasn't sure. I trusted Ms. Hennifer while she caused me incredible pain. I doubted I could trust Ms. Laghari that much, but I hoped the trust I did have for my English teacher would be enough. I nodded my face against her dress. She let go, and I crashed to the mat. It's double thickness didn't stop my bones from thudding.

"How dare you kiss me in front of your stupid GIRLFRIEND!" She shouted, pointing a slim, long finger! It's glistening nail threatened with buffed sharpness. "You think you're here because I wanted to help you? Gods, you deserve that child, Kelly! You're more foolish and twice as childish!" She stomped over to the door, pulling out her keys. "Well, now you're going to face the music for embarrassing me like that!" With a quick punch and twist, Ms. Laghari locked the bolt lock, stuffed her keys into her handbag, and turned to me. "I've got all weekend to teach you some respect!" She threw the handbag into a far corner. She took paused steps. Each was an accusation.

"You're just a little boy, playing with women like they're your toys!"

"You let puberty make decisions for you. Only a child does that!"

"You think 'making babies' is a sign of being a man? HA!"

There was more, but I'd had enough. I shook my watch to wake it up, but she dove at me and pulled my arm, jerking it at the socket. "OW!"

"Talk to me boy." Her face was a harpy's. "Spit it out," She demanded, "You were trying to impress Kelly by kissing me. Weren't you?"

"No!" I shouted. "I don't like this?"

"You think I liked being dragged to my boss, before you and your brat girl? You think I liked lying to keep my job?" She steadied my arm with one hand and unfastened my watch with the other. "If you think differently, then maybe I'm not the teacher I thought I was." She held my watch and let go of my hands. "Cry all you want, but you had better do what I tell you, or I'll lock you in this place until you do!"

I was crying. My trust shattered! I cowered on the floor, her hovering like a demon.

"Now repeat what I say, Billy." She glared. "I've coddled you too long with modern teaching techniques. You're so dumb, I wonder if rote learning will be equally lost on you!"

"I'm not dumb!" I wasn't completely cowed.

Her hand balled into a fist around my watch. "Repeat what I say, or I crush this. It's probably smarter than you are!" She shook it at me. "Now say it, 'My watch is smarter than I am!"

I didn't want to, but I was sure she meant what she said. If I didn't obey, she might lock me in here for the whole weekend! Nobody knew where I was, except her!

I snuffled and frowned, but I said it. "My watch is smarter than I am."

"Good!" She snorted. "You've shown you're as smart as a parrot!"

She said I'd understand! I didn't. Ms. Laghari had turned evil! I hated her!

"Now say this, I betrayed my teacher by kissing her!"

I pouted, held out as long as I could. Her glared darkened. "I betrayed my teacher by kissing her!"

"Next say, "I'm a fool and a cad!"

That I could almost believe. "I"m a fool and a cad." Except I didn't know what 'cad' meant.

"I shamed my teacher in front of the principal."

"I shamed my teacher in front of the principal."

"I kissed Ms. Laghari because I wanted to impress Kelly."

"I kissed Ms. Laghari because I wanted to impress Kelly." My mouth tasted awful after saying that.

"I liked kissing you because you're so beautiful."

"I liked kissing you because you're so beautiful." My heart thumped at that one.

"I wish Kelly would stop chasing me."

"I wish Kelly would stop chasing me." My stomach knotted, saying that.

"Maybe someday, Kelly will let me kiss her!"

"Maybe someday, Kelly will let me finger her!" I repeated what I heard.

"Good!" Ms. Laghari shouted, less wicked in the shouting. "Now we're getting somewhere. Next say, But I liked kissing Ms. Laghari too."

"I liked kissing Ms. Laghari's pussy too!"

"You're starting to get the hang of this, Billy. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but I doubt it. Say this, Principal Agincourt was very patient with me."

"Principal Agincourt wanted to play with my pee pee."

"Maybe you're ready for the next phase of your punishment." She grimaced. "We'll try. Stop repeating and start answering my questions. Why did you kiss my pussy?"

"I kissed you because I wanted that nosy Kelly to stop bothering me!"

"Interesting." Her glare softened for a moment. "Why do you think Kelly wants you to stick your hard dick into her slut pussy?"

"I dunno!" I whined. "I didn't say anything to her. She just keeps sitting next to me in Science and following me around."

"If Principal Agincourt wanted you to suck her pussy while your bitch girlfriend and I watched and fingered our cunts, would you?"

"I don't want to kiss the principal!" I kept answering what Ms. Laghari actually asked, instead of what their voice inside of me said.

"Do you mean you would want to suck all our pussies, and maybe fuck them?"

"No, I'll never kiss any of you, ever again!"

"Don't lie to me, Billy." Ms. Laghari unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. The barest hint of cleavage revealed to me. She was not well endowed, but the sight of her undressing sent a shock through my penis. She opened the next button. "If I show you my tits, I bet you'd try to suck them!"

"Why are you doing this?" I couldn't believe my dick was getting hard, when she was being so cruel!"

"This is your medicine, Billy." She glowered. "I'm not going to let go of you, until I've cured you." She undid two more buttons. Two remained, but her pretty pink bra already openly contrasted against her dark tan skin. "You're sick, and I'm the only bitch around who can make you feel better." She finished with her blouse, quickly shucking it over her shoulders and arms. It fell to the floor. Her hands darted to her skirt. "Tell me more about Kelly."

I heard myself talking. The voice inside took over my speech. "Kelly is a dumb slut who thinks she can wave her pussy at me and make me forget all the women I get to fuck whenever I want!"

"You mean, you don't want to RAPE Kelly, like you RAPE Mrs. Lum?" The teacher unzipped her skirt.

"I do want to rape her, but only to shut her baby mouth up with my prick!"

"Is there anyone else you want to rape?" Her lips bunched into a mean, tight frown.

"I want to rape you!" I yelled. "I hate you!" I rose to my hands and knees, in defiance.

Ms. Laghari stepped back and stood up. "That's it, Billy!" She exclaimed, sounding almost delighted! Just as abruptly, she grabbed her blouse and ran barefoot to get her purse. "I know what to do!" She had to hold her unzipped skirt to keep from tripping over it.

"I hate you!" I yelled again, getting to my feet! I would never trust this woman again!

"Thank you, Billy!" She pulled out her keys again and unlocked the door. Then she zipped her skirt up and went outside, blouse held before her bra. "There're some apple bars behind one of the mattresses. Give me thirty minutes!" The door closed. I heard her lock it.

"AAAUUUGGGGHH!!!" I yelled at the ceiling drapes. What the heck just happened? I sank into a chair, noticed my bare wrist, and suddenly lamented. "She took my watch!" I kicked the lame, foam mat and sulked at the locked door.

When several dull minutes passed, after a long mope and repeating what she'd done, in my head, I started to figure it out. Ms. Laghari had goaded me into a corner, to unlock the voice within me, cruel emotions wound up like a toy waiting for the right key. Had she found it? She'd said she knew what to do.

Leave me alone. Was that the answer? It couldn't be, but a 7th grader's life is spent in the minutes, whereas old people spend it by the hours.

I began to feel better. I sensed my trust for her, waiting beyond my reach. I looked into her offer, behind the mattresses. I found were many folders with podcast scripts in them. Darling Dimensions was a serious effort put on by a talented crew. Ms. Laghari was the one most talented, I had discovered first hand. Behind a different mattress was the box of fruit bars, cheap ones, but they're what I was accustomed to. I opened one and nibbled it while browsing the scripts.

"Season 4 - Episode 6 - Witch Force vs Malskels"

SUMMARY: Intelligent exoskeletons hold their geriatric hosts for ransom, and the Spice Witch five must defeat them without hurting the old people wearing them.

Wow! That sounded cool. I wanted to know how they won. But I didn't want to spoil it. It turne out that the evil, Dimension Queen, Uthurator, had loaded malware into the exoskeletons' operating systems - I read page after page, until something odd struck me. Chutney, Ms. Laghari's character, had very few lines. She use to be the lead witch. In this episode she let Salsa decide everything. Her lines were pretty boring. The best was. "You rotting clanker! Feel my Raisinator and crumple into tin foil!"

I stopped wanting to know the ending.

Outside the shed, a car stopped. I ran to the door but the largest crack wasn't wide enough for a bug peek through it. I listened.

"Is he alright?"

"Probably still pissed as hell, and with good reason, but I'm as sure as I can be, Caroline. He needs you."

"From what you told me on the phone, I half expect the police to be in there." It was Mrs. Lum!

"Given how I betrayed Billy, I can't blame you for thinking that. But can you go through with what I described?"

"I'll be embarrassed like hell, but even if you're just jerking my chain, with your mumbo jumbo bull, I can't pass up a chance like this."

"You're that addicted?" Ms. Laghari giggled.

"You may be teaching him about better sex, but I've learned from him, about myself." Mrs. Lum retorted. "I can handle anything you dish out."

"After our gym workouts together, I wouldn't think otherwise."

Their voices neared the door. I backed away, wondering if I should sit or stand. At the click of the deadbolt, I bolted into a chair and swiveled to face them.

The door swung in. Ms. Laghari's hand thrust through like a battering ram. She marched in, dragging Mrs. Lum. Her other hand's fingers clung deeply in my P.E. teacher's hair.

"Shoona, I trusted you!"

"Shut up, Caroline. You love this. So stop pretending." Ms. Laghari shut the door and locked it, while her co-worker writhed and pulled at the hand tugging her by the hair.

I jumped up. "Mrs. Lum!" I ran to them. "Let her go!" I yelled at Ms. Laghari.

"Fine." She smiled and tucked the keys in her purse. She threw Mrs. Lum's head like a bowling ball.

The older woman fell to the concrete floor. "OUCH!" She looked up. "Billy! Shoona told me you were in trouble. I drove straight from school, but then she grabbed my hair and threw me in here. What did she do to you?"

"I told you to shut up, you old slut." Ms. Laghari demanded. She told me. "This is your cure, Billy."

"Why did you hurt her?" I frowned and knelt to Mrs. Lum.

"Because she dared me to." Ms. Laghari had fire in her eyes. Did she know I had listened to them?

"She's mad, Billy. I mean angry that I let you rape me. She doesn't understand. This isn't how it's suppose to happen between you and I. Last time was safe, in my house. It was really good there! Only she watched and has been jealous ever since. Shoona wants to-"

Ms. Laghari put her flat heel to Mrs. Lum's shoulder and pushed hard. The older woman fell face to floor.

I jumped between them. "Stop it, Ms. Laghari! You said I would understand. I don't! And this is worse!"

The English teacher didn't bat an eye. She ran her hands through her hair, collecting it behind her neck. "The energy said what it wanted, Billy. I would have done a lot to help you. Hell, I was already undressing!" Her clothes, now rumpled, covered the right parts after hasty donning. "I don't want our first, intercourse to be rape play." She explained. "That would send a terribly mixed message of what I've tried to teach you."

She looked down at at the prostrate, groaning Mrs. Lum and grinned. "This greedy cunt would beg you to rape her, however at odds those concepts are. She's the perfect solution."

"That's not true, Billy." Mrs. Lum looked at me from the floor. "I forgive you for raping me, because I don't want you to rape anyone else, ever. You know that!" Her eyes shot vengeance at Ms. Laghari. "But I'm considering making an exception..."

"Butt out of this, you cock whore. If Billy chose to rape me, I'd have to forgive him too, to pay for betraying him. But you're the perfect medicine. He needs it from you, because you'll enjoy it, and I'd just be sad."

Mrs. Lum didn't deny her co-worker's assessment. She looked at me, pleading, "At least do it to me on those mats."

"Rape your wrinkled slut on the cold cement, Billy. It's not rape if you do what she tells you." Ms. Laghari seemed wicked pleased at the situation. It was hard to tell, but her face had become quite flush.

"Hey!" Mrs. Lum's voice spiked. "Don't bring my age related issues into this."

My penis was rock hard from the hot possibilities presented. I'd never heard such language between two women, and I half believed I was only hearing them that way. It could be, it wasn't what they were actually saying.

Despite the incredible excitement I felt, a part of me continued to worry about Mom. I could bail on this crazy notion of a cure and just go home. That I felt was the safe thing.

Ms. Laghari's last words sang in my head. "It's not rape if you do what she tells you." My eyes roamed the rumpled dress mostly covering the gorgeous teacher. She wanted me to rape Mrs. Lum. However, I did believe she worried about sending a mixed message. I wasn't entirely sure what she'd meant by that. Wasn't she teaching me to rape Mrs. Lum?

I wanted to do the right thing. What was it? An odd recognition struck me. I remembered the moment when I saw Mom's face in Tanya's. Looking at Mrs. Lum's anxious expression, I saw Mom and Tanya with the same pleading look. The P.E. teacher was both a caretaker of children and very much a tomboy if far older than Tanya.

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Very well written very exciting. ;D

Lesbian lover

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Thank you, Patricia! It's always great to get feedback from readers. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.

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All the uncertainty poking at my feelings made it difficult to think. Should I believe Ms. Laghari? Mrs. Lum looked really vulnerable sprawled upon the bare concrete. My dick sure wanted to play our rape game with her! Yet the older woman had reminded about the difference between what was real and what was a game. Would the weird energy possessing me be satisfied with pretending?

I gazed at Ms. Laghari again. She sure was a beautiful, dark skinned woman of great inner strength. I think with her, it would be closer to real rape, although she had said she would forgive me. Raping her wouldn't be actually real, I thought.

I just wanted Mom to comfort me, to tell me what to do, and calm my turgid stress with the love of her hand or mouth. That though worried me, going to her, still susceptible to hearing not only wrong words but nasty ones. Worse, what if she rejected me because of that stupid vial of GBH. I couldn't risk hurting Mom, even indirectly by raping someone else for real! No. Mrs. Lum was my safe bet. She looked up at me with vulnerable innocence, but her eyes sparkled with need.

Ms. Laghari's presence threw the last uncertainty at me. What would she do while I was raping Mrs. Lum? How would her presence affect the game? Suddenly, I didn't want her to have control over the situation. What Mrs. Lum and I did was personal. She had watched the last time, but couldn't interfere. I could tell her to go outside, but maybe she needed to be present to make sure I raped Mrs. Lum in the best way to exorcise the bad energy troubling me.

I told myself, it would be okay if I took charge this one time, and learned to share responsibility next time. After all, this was suppose to be a rape!

"Crawl over to those mats, Mrs. Lum." I ordered the older instructor but glared at Ms. Laghari. She saw that I intended to defy her council to rape her co-worker on the cold cement. I stepped up to her and grabbed the waist of her skirt. "You'll do what I tell you, Ms. Laghari."

Her skin lightened from my shocking advance. "B-Billy, I know I said I'd forgive you, but I didn't think you'd actually pick me. Think it over. I-I might react unlike you expect. I could hurt you trying to protect myself. Her eyes darted to her purse. Was something there she might use to protect herself?

I let go of her waistband with one hand and pulled the purse off of her shoulder. "You said the energy was bad if I didn't get rid of it. You know how best." I threw the purse to the farthest corner of the room. "I'll listen, but you better not interfere." I warned. Returning to her skirt, I unzipped it.

"What do you mean?" Confusion crowded her words.

I pushed the skirt down her legs, revealing dark red panties. "You're gonna do what I say, or I will rape you." I told her, "Take off your shirt and bra. That way, I won't have to fight as much, if I have to."

"Billy!" Air whooshed out with my name. A hand flew to her chest. She stepped back from me. Now she was the uncertain one.

"Do it!"

"You've been playing with fire, Shoona, all this time." Mrs. Lum sounded almost pleased. "Billy has something most men would kill for. I wanted to warn you, that night in my house, but the only way to understand is to experience it."

Ms. Laghari's expression blanked then. Her hand at her blouse fiddled with a button until her other hand helped to unfasten it. "I-I'll do it, Billy." Her voice was thin. Her hands trembled as they worked on the next button. I believed her.

Mrs. Lum had reached the mats when she, on her hands and knees, lectured her co-worker.

I marched to the P.E. teacher, and inspired by Ms. Laghari, I grabbed her short hair. "Did I say you could speak?"

She tried to shake her head but winced instead. "I had Ms. Laghari make up that story about me, to bring you here. You can forget what she told you. That was a lie. So I could rape you when and where I want, not for your convenience: in your house, your bed, at a time right for you."

"But we're just pretending, right, Billy?" She dared to speak.

I slapped her face, not hard. That should tell her how serious I was.

She reacted like a cannon tapped by a lit match. "Billy, you forget. I'm stronger than you." She grinned, and in a flash, she slapped a hand, hard, down on mine in her hair. Mrs. Lum pressed the strength out of my fingers and escaped their control. She tried to sweep my legs with one of hers, but she was slow. Intentionally? It was a move she had taught our class to avoid. I danced away but had to let go of her hair.

She must have been playing a game - I was pretty sure. In this case, uncertainty made the game more fun. I grinned back. "Ms. Laghari, help me take this old lady down!" I stressed the word 'old.'

Mrs. Lum glowered and stood up. "I'll teach you to respect your elders." She advanced, circling her hands in the air to distract me. Her clothes weren't as loose as sweats, but the Hawaiian shirt and loose jeans made from soft cotton allowed her great freedom of moment.

I spared a glance to my left. Ms. Laghari was pulling her blouse off. Her pretty pink bra contrasted with her dark panties. I urged her with a nod at a free and dangerous, Mrs. Lum.

"But you told me to take off my bra!" She was quick to catch on to the lightening mood.

Feigning disgust, I told Mrs. Lum,"We could team up against her."

"Don't go changing alliances!" Ms. Laghari was indignant. Freeing herself from the blouse, she held it between both hands and advanced on Mrs. Lum, as if it were a weapon.

"I could take on three of you daffodils!" She scuttled around, faster than I expected, putting me between her and Ms. Laghari. That way we couldn't surround her.

The English teacher moved up beside me. "Are you going to let her come up with weak dialogue like that?"

I had to think. Ms. Laghari and I were weaker than Mrs. Lum and less skilled. If we spread out she would maneuver like last time. We needed to surprise her, somehow. I looked around the mostly empty, mattress lined room and frowned. "We can back her up if you intercept which way she goes." I advanced on Mrs. Lum. James and I had practiced this move in class, a couple times. He thought of it.

Mrs. Lum tried to circle, but Ms. Laghari instantly headed her off, forcing her to retreat. She wouldn't mind having her back to one of the mattresses. It would prevent getting behind her. She was skilled enough to defend herself from two in front of her. When I charged, I hoped that she wouldn't hurt me too bad.

Her eyes lit up, recognizing the dumb move I made. She stepped clear from the line of my charge, grabbed my elbow and shoulder, and spun hurling me into the mattress behind her, but I was ready for it. I tucked my head down and dove to slam my other shoulder against the base of the mattress. The king sized monolith toppled before Mrs. Lum recognized what I'd done. It struck her trying to leap away too late. She fell and the mattress pinned her legs.

It also pinned me! I trusted Ms. Laghari would do the right thing, or Mrs. Lum would slither out before I could.

"Gotcha!" Ms. Laghari cried.

"Let me go, Shoona!" Mrs. Lum spoke with mock anger. "That wasn't fair, and you know it!"

"What about rape is suppose to be fair, Caroline?"

I heard this as I struggled to free myself from under the heavy mattress. "Ow!" I bruised my elbow against the cement, because our dance had moved us well beyond the thick yoga mats. My head peeked out. Ms. Laghari had caught Mrs. Lum's wrist in her blouse and was tying them up!

Without the  use of her hands, Mrs. Lum couldn't crawl out from the mattress. She lay on her belly, once again across the cold, dense floor. She used her wits. "Shoona, we should both worry about these games I play with Billy. I've been as careful as I can to convince him that real rape should be unthinkable. Now that you're involved, help me teach him that."

"Help you TO teach him." The English teacher corrected. She finished tying the older instructor's wrists.

"I'm serious. He's young and impressionable, but how will these experiences guide him when he's my age?"

"With all the sex I suspect he's getting, he probably won't live that long!"

"Hey!" I took offense. What I did with other women wasn't their business. I escaped the mattress and got to my feet. "Don't go changing alliances!" I told the insufficiently naked English teacher. "Until I get the rape you promised, you follow my orders!"

"Yes, uh," Ms. Laghari thought quickly, "Principal Androni, SIR!"

She made me laugh. To avoid looking silly, I bent down and grabbed the blouse aka wrist binding. "This better be tied strong."  Mrs. Lum wasn't tall or big, but she was solid. I slid her across the cement, towards the yoga mats.

"I never should have come here!" She lamented, sounding more than a little sincere.

I had to stop halfway to catch my breath. "It was all part of my devious plan, to pretend to be sick." I grimaced at Mrs. Lum. "Now I can rape you all afternoon!"

"But Ms. Laghari, is going to save me, when she realizes that you think you can just do whatever you want to any woman, any time." She made another plea to her co-worker. "You were the one who want to balance his sex experiences!"

"I did." Ms. Laghari admitted. "Monday night seems so long ago. Much has happened." She shook her head dejectedly. "I won't bore you with the details, but here it is, Friday, and now I'm Billy's minion." She reached behind her back and worked at the clasps of her bra.

I was ready to tug Mrs. Lum the rest of the way across the floor, but I didn't want to miss Ms. Laghari fulfilling my original command. When she released her bra and pulled it over her head I beheld a sight that would alwasy fascinate me. Her breasts were one of the amazing things about her beauty. They were very round and wide but shallow. However they had the most delicate shape, a gentle arc that peaked where her slim nipples added a full inch to their slight prominence. Contrasting their delicate form, her areolae spread out from the nipples like black pools in wet sand. They were very nearly the sexiest titties I'd ever seen. Somehow the word, 'titty,' described them better than, 'breast.'

"Youth is wasted on the young." Mrs. Lum scowled.

To punish her rude comment, I dragged her to the mats but not onto them. I covered the P.E. instructor's arms with all the mats, to keep them out of the way. She began twisting her hips, trying to thwart me. "Hold this lady's legs, uh, Minion." I commanded Ms. Laghari. Then I began to unbutton Mrs. Lum's Hawaiian shirt.

"Please, Billy." She frowned. "This isn't right. I wish I could make babies with you the regular way. You have to believe me. "I want us to stop doing this. It's too humiliating with Shoona right here. Please, stop."

I enjoyed watching Ms. Laghari's breasts sway as she steadied Mr. Lum's legs. "That's Minion number 4 to you, you muscle bound geriatric!" She flashed me a smile before grimacing at our captive.

Shirt buttons parted one after another, revealing the older teacher's sports bra. With her hands bound and under the mats, I could only pull the wonderfully patterned shirt over Mrs. Lum's head, adding encumbrance to her arms. "Let me go, Billy! If you continue what you're doing, it'll be real rape this time!"

I had just reached my fingers under the bottom edge of her sports bra, when I felt Ms. Laghari eyes on me. I looked up.

"That's what it needs." There was no humor in her voice. "Go on."

Mrs. Lum stared at me too. "Please, don't. It's not right."

My fingers paused. A black dread oozed up from my belly. Were they testing me? Or was this an important pretense, to exercise the demon inside of me. My pee pee stood out in my shorts. Concentrating on the game we were playing, I had forgotten how hard it had grown. But now I had to confront a terrible potential. Was our game still a game? Once again, I was afraid of doing the wrong thing.

"I'll hold this old bitch's legs while you rape her until you cum up her ugly cunt!" I heard Ms. Laghari offer. It wasn't what she said.

"Don't stuff your hard prick up my fuck hole, even though I want you to rape me and make me cum all over your pounding cock!

"While Ms. Laghari watches you plunder my pussy, I bet she'll play with her dick deprived depths, but that will never compare to your hard dick screwing in and out of my wet cunt!" Mrs. Lum did not say.

The voice besieged my ears. I couldn't hear what the women were really saying. I only knew that it was evil, and Ms. Laghari said it needed me to rape a mom-like tomboy, in order to be free of it, but Mrs. Lum might really want me to stop!

Our fun game now felt as if it was going horribly wrong!

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I didn't know what was real and what was a game and what I heard and what I couldn't hear. It was too much for me.

"No." I said, witholding a surge of self-pity. Crying may be manly, but I needed to take control of myself. You can only control others if they want to be controlled. I stepped back from the sad looking Mrs. Lum and the eager Ms. Laghari. "Can I go home?" I asked on the verge of tears.

"What?" Ms. Laghari acted astonished, "You want to let this cunt-a-bitch go without a proper raping and have that energy mess with your head until it bleeds away?"

"She doesn't want it, and it's not right if she doesn't." I wanted to escape this mess and curl up in Momma's arms, confident that no matter what horrible things I heard her say, Mom wouldn't say any of them. I trusted her, way more than I trusted myself.

Mrs. Lum studied her coworker, with baited curiosity.

Ms. Laghari returned the stare with unexpected resolve. "He did it." She decided.

"I-I think he did." Mrs. Lum blinked.

The mood in the room changed from intense to suspicious, in the span of two short sentences. "What?" I asked as wary as I could be. I stepped farther from them.

"I didn't think you would." Mrs. Lum confessed.

"I wasn't sure, but I thought you might, Billy." Shoona brightened. "You did the right thing."

"Billy," Mrs. Lum explained, "Ms. Laghari and I were playing a very different game than you."

"And you won! You stopped yourself when Mrs. Lum wanted you to stop." Ms. Laghari had tears in her eyes now. "Blame me if we pushed you too far. It was my idea." She sniffed.


"That invasive kiss you gave Shoona, worried her." Mrs. Lum prompted.

"Yesterday, in Caroline's office," the English teacher frowned, "That was the second time you took advantage of me. The first was when you munched deep and long on my dripping pussy." (explicitness courtesy of the wickedness inside me)

Mrs. Lum "Both offenses were minor, but Shoona was concerned that you might not do the right thing in a stressful situation. She knew I had sent you to Ms. Hennifer's, to see if her methods held any credibility. Shoona doubted it, but you choose the right thing."

"The jury's still out on Gloria's method, in my opinion." Ms. Laghari interjected. "What's important is, when I understood that the wayward energy in you was keen to rape, I took it upon myself to set you up in a situation that was playful at first but would eventually turn serious."

"Could you handle an abrupt change from pretend rape, to earnest refusal?" Mrs. Lum took a deep breath. "You handled it, Billy, very well, but until you stopped and stepped back, I was honestly worried that Shoona and I would have to use our back-up plan."

"I put a ton of stress on you." Ms. Laghari wept. "I used your unfortunate condition against you. I-I'm so sorry." She wiped her eyes with her naked wrist. "And I'm so HAPPY!" She bawled.

"You can't imagine how much I love you, right now." Mrs. Lum looked like she might cry.

My heart flip-flopped. I had trouble breathing. "You- you both planned this, to test me."

They nodded. Ms. Laghari blinked.

I wasn't happy at all! They had violated me. I accused them, "You did all of this, behind my back." I controlled my voice. My sense of irony at that time, lacked only the word.

"We had to, Billy." Ms. Laghari frowned deeply. "No. I had to. What we've been doing in secret, required a trust that you've shaken a little too often. But, if you had failed today, and had tried to rape Caroline, it would have been my fault too."

Mrs. Lum added, "We would have stopped our extra-curricular activities with you, but we would not have held it against you in our classes. I promise."

"I promise." Ms. Laghari.

An abrupt silence cleared the air and was instantly broken by a click at the door. It opened. "I promised too, Billy." Ms. Hennifer walked into the shed, tears glistening on her shining face. In one hand was a copy of Ms. Laghari's key. In the other was her wooden paddle. She had been their back-up plan.

The anger inside of me stilled, but the hurt it had fomented remained. Confused by their scheme, but happy for the outcome, I welcomed them and I feared them. They were a salty balm following a thorny situation.

Ms. Hennifer walked hesitantly, at first. Then she ran. Before flinging her arms around me, she hurled the wooden paddle to the floor. CRACK! Then I was hugging her and crying. "My darling." She whispered. "I-I failed you."

"You didn't, Ms. Hennifer. You taught me." I said openly. "You all did." I smiled at them. The hurt remained, but in Ms. Hennifer's strong arms, I didn't care." She rapid pecked her lips to my neck and cheek.

"I wish I could have some of that." Mrs. Lum mumbled not too softly.

"Why not, Caroline?" Ms. Laghari offered her hand to help the P. E. teacher get to her feet.

Mrs. Lum refused with a smile and pulled her arms out from under the mats, sans Ms. Laghari's blouse. She had untied it while her hands and wrists were out of sight. "Because, I'm against intimate acts with the students."

Shoona shook her head. "You don't fool me, and certainly not Billy."

"I've made my peace with what I let Billy do. Today was a special case. I'm just amazed and proud that Billy proved himself."

"It is amazing." Ms. Laghari pulled back her hand and walked to me and the woman entangled with me. "I couldn't be more proud either." She tapped Ms. Hennifer's shoulder. "Mind if I share the love?"

"I do lass, but ye kin hae 'is left side." The Math teacher made room for her, acting a little jealous of the English teacher's naked beauty.

Two mouths and two extra hands warmed and explored me. Hurt melted away. We groped and kissed and hugged, until all that was left was a defiant sadness for Mrs. Lum who remained sitting on the floor. Strange that she hadn't re-buttoned her shirt. When I gave her a curious glance, she smiled.

"Billy, do you really want to go home with whatever mumbo-jumbo, Ms. Laghari says is inside you?"

Three pairs of hands stilled. The two Ms's bit their lips after turning their attention to their coworker on the cold floor.

"But I don't want to rape you." I frowned.

"I want you to, Billy." She threw a nod at Ms. Laghari. "Fetch your nail trimming knife, Shoona." Ms. Laghari went to her purse. Mrs. Lum argued, "It's what you need to do, right now."

"I-I'm a wee uncomfortable about this, Caroline." Ms. Hennifer admitted.

"I understand, but Shoona is going to need your help."

The English teacher returned to Mrs. Lum's side while digging in her purse.

"Give it to Billy."

Ms. Laghari beckoned with the small blade. I walked to her but looked at Ms. Hennifer for guidance.

"I don't understand what's happening to ye, Billy, but Shoona is the truest woman I've ever met." She wasn't talking about Ms. Laghari's physical beauty. "Mrs. Lum is a treasure. They want the best for ye, and I believe them."

I gulped and went to them. I took the knife. "Now what?" I asked.

Mrs. Lum lay her back on the hard cement. Ms. Laghari crotched down on the mats and took Mrs. Lum's right arm by the elbow. She walked on her knees until she could grab the woman's right knee. She held them in a strong posture. Then Ms. Laghari looked at Ms. Hennifer, and with a terrible imitation of brogue, she said with a straight face, "Ye kin hae 'er left side."

Gloria, though looking a little lost, nodded, muttering, "Aren't we the stupidest, three cunts there ever was." She knelt down until her pants pressed the cold floor, and she grabbed Mrs. Lum's left arm and leg. She pulled them to her with a highlander's strength.

Between Mrs. Lum's obliging captors, they pulled her legs open. She growled at me. "You'll have to cut my clothes off, you young monster!"

While the P.E. teacher cursed and struggled to free herself, Ms. Laghari's sharp knife cut through her jeans and the tough, sports bra, with ease. The younger women watched as if present at interactive theater, participating in the rape of their willing coworker. They were particularly curious about the fifty plus woman's sagging but somewhat firm breasts. I thought those were sexy in a forbidden way. At the time, I didn't realize old people had sex, except for maybe Mrs. McDougal, but she probably put a spell on the beings she took into her vagina.

Mrs. Lum swore, "Billy, don't you dare cut my panties. I've changed my mind." She winked. "Rape is wrong. If you go through with this, you may not be able to stop yourself from raping me the next time!" She grinned and winked.

All present, understood. My two accomplices nodded their consent, as if they were jealous of the aging woman who was down to the last threads protecting her modesty. I careful, inserting the blade under a leg band of her white panties and gently sliced across her pubis, just above her crotch. Thick, graying hairs sprouted as the stretchy material pulled away. "NO!" She complained. "Rape is terrible!"

"It is, Mrs. Lum, but I love doing it to you, and only you." I worked to free my aching pee pee from my shorts and boxers.

For a second, Ms. Hennifer and Ms. Laghari nearly burst with laughter. Somehow they resisted, continuing to urge me on with hot expressions. I think they were getting pretty turned on.

"Is that you- OH STARS!" She cried, "Your penis is so full. Don't force it into me, please. Let me go, you wicked teachers!" Mrs. Lum wriggled her arms and legs. If she had really tried, she would have been too strong for my English and math teachers.

I was getting excited, finally ending my dick's long wait to rape a hot puss. Mrs. Lum's hairy slit looked more wet than I had ever seen. My heart drummed from anticipation. I was kneeling between her legs, after shifting one of the mats under my knees. To close the gap between her ragged slit and my stiffy, I walked on my hands until my head reached the older woman's breasts, and her pubes tickled my dick. Simultaneously, I bent my head to kiss one of her hard nipples while my dick eased up, smoothly parting her glistening vulva.

"Oh No! Billy, don't. Please don't!" She cried, her words full of hot, baited breath. "It's pushing into me!"

I sucked her wrinkled areola into my mouth and pushed myself into her private garden. She was on fire down there! Something took control of me, and my hips pulled halfway out and thrust solid meat into Mrs. Lum's welcoming rape hole.

"OOHH!!! You're raping me, Billy!" The P. E. teacher cried, without tears. "You should be doing this! I hate it!" She moaned, as my loins pistoned my long delayed prick into her steaming volcano.

"It feels really good, Mrs. Lum! Better than ever!" I started. Another voice continued, "Damn, your cunt is on fire, rape bitch!"

"That's the energy expressing itself." Ms. Laghari explained to Ms. Hennifer.

"Billy would never say such things." The math teacher breathed heavily watching me spout nasty words at her colleague.

"Get your raping cock out of my simmering hole, you manly conqueror of unwilling sluts!" Mrs. Lum demanded.

Wow, is that what the energy inside of me wanted to hear? If I ever sounded like it, no one would think I was mature. I fucked the wailing whore harder, not sure if it was me or the energy trying to expend itself.

"Shut up, you fuck bag! That's all your good for, getting raped by students who don't know better. I'm going to grind my prick up your meat chute so hard, You won't be able to walk without crutches!"

"I can feel your hard knob grinding inside of me. You horrid, forceful villain! Pull that fuck bat out of my bubbling cunt! It's not right! OOOHHHH!!!" She wailed!

My eyes had locked onto Mrs. Lum's. She was going out of her mind, hers wriggling around their sockets and twitching each time I slammed my groin between her spread legs. The hot, slick flesh sucking on my rutting cock had ratcheted up my lust to spill cum as far inside as possible. "I'm going rape a baby in you, you cum sucking, vacuum cunt of a meat slut!" Then I was gobbling on her trembling tits. Mrs. Lum's were larger than Ms. Laghari's, but not as large as Ms. Hennifer's. Maybe in her youth they were the math teacher's size. I loved how they shook and flounced all loose and wobbly. I bit into her nipple, harder than I would have if I hadn't been possessed by a raping spirit.

"OWW!! NOT A BABY!" She howled. "Did you hear him?" She panned her head between the two women holding her down. "Don't let him fill my twat with boy cum! It'll seep into my unused womb and mate with an egg!"

Ms. Hennifer, who was personally terrified of getting pregnant, looked a little worried at Ms. Laghari. Whether Ms. Laghari knew or not, the English teacher shook her head to caution Ms. Hennifer. They remained silent and held their coworker firm, allowing their randy student to plow his turgid prick in and out of the older woman's sopping vagina.

"Please don't impregnate me Billy!" She begged. "This rape bitch will cum hard on your dick if you shoot me full of your fertile spunk!"

"I want you to cum, you dripping fuck cunt. Then, next time, you'll want me to rape your old, smelly twat even harder!" I bent to bite her other nipple, managing to hold back a little. She yipped!

"It's not true!" She shuddered under my thundering slit slams! "I'll buy more locks and bar the windows. I'll never let you get to me, ever again. You rape me too good! UUUUNNNGGGGHHH!!!" She howled.

I was getting close. The sensations of her slick recess against my pounding dick were driving every sperm in my body to the bulb at the base of my prick. I started biting the sides of her breasts and the sides of her torso, swinging between left and right, leaving teeth marks.

"Oh! Ow! OHHWW!!" She sputtered from my hungry attacks to her skin.

A quick glance at the other two teachers revealed astonished eyes and sweating faces. Ms. Laghari's nipples were longer than I'd ever seen! They teetered from the incredible vibrations in the air. Ms. Hennifer was stunned, watching me pound my randy prick into her colleague's sex, my sperm inevitably blasting Mrs. Lum's infertile innards. She held my victim's arm and leg in locked grips.

My arousal soared at the sight of a gorgeous, naked woman fully in tune with the pleasure Mrs. Lum and I were sharing despite our nasty rhetoric. The ecstatic sensations within me expanded when I regarded my other accomplice whose shock at watching me debauch an old but strong woman could not cool the fire burning in her cheeks and down her neck.

"Fuck you, Mrs. Lum!" I bent to do that as hard and swift as my body was capable of!


"I-I- I'm gonna cum!!" I squeaked. My balls and cock couldn't handle, any longer, the excitement of raping a deprived, old woman, with the help of two beauties.

Suddenly a swirling flash of power opened up inside my guts. "FUCKING BITCH SLUT, CUM DAMN YOU!!" I howled at my shuddering victim.

Her body lurched beneath me as I thumped powerful strokes into her incredibly juicing pussy. Slick fluids splashed out from her suffering quim, as I forced myself deeper into her body. "BILLLYYY!!! NOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" She quaked so hard, her right leg pulled clean out of Ms. Laghari's grip, and her left leg kicked free of Ms Hennifer's. "III'MMMM CUMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!"

"AAAAHHHHGGGGH!!!!" The hurricane within me expanded like a super nova, throwing light and ultimate pleasure throughout my young frame. I screamed and slammed my prick as deep as I could into the woman orgasming beneath me. For the second time in my life, my dick's hole opened up and sperm gushed from my over-pressured, seminal bulb. It felt like I was blasting a steady stream of hot cum into Mrs. Lum's deepest recesses. I imagined an unrelenting flood pouring through her cervix from the massive wave impacting the back of her cunt!

My muscles locked, except for the few in charge of my ejaculations. They clenched and shuddered, sending a torrent of spunk out - to force a baby into Mrs. Lum's body. I swear light beamed out of my eyes and nostrils, as my face continued to devour our victim's gelatinous milk bags. The incredible flow out of me felt as if it would never end.

"NOO! BILLY, IT'S TOO MUCH CUM!!!" Mrs. Lum continued to flop and writhe beneath me. Her free arm and leg flounced uselessly. To avoid being struck, the other two teachers released their lingering grips on their coworker's limbs. They scooted away. They had done all they needed.

Ms. Laghari's hands retracted to her nearly naked body. One dove down, behind her dark red panties, while the other tickled the armpit it could reach. She had once mentioned how especially sensitive she was there.

Ms. Hennifer remained nearly shock still. Her chest heaved, and her hands dithered at her thighs as if they couldn't decide what to do about the incredible event she had assisted.

"It's gonna put a baby in me!" Mrs. Lum whimpered as my cum and her cunt juices oozed out and soaked the base of my pecker. Finally the flooding slowed, and my inner bulb squeezed out the last spurts of thick sperm.

I fell on the woman, kissing her lips passionately. "I'm so sorry." I acted without thought for my actions. The whirlwind of energy fueled my still hard penis pricking the older woman's sperm filled cleft. Intense orgasms shook my frame and mind, again and again. Our lips parted. For long seconds I continued to convulse across the raped woman's flesh.

"Billy!" Ms. Hennifer reached for me."

"Don't, Gloria." Ms. Laghari cautioned. "He's having the time of his life."

"Gods, it's still hard inside of me." Ms. Lum said amazed. "The way he's shaking- OHH, I can't stop cumming." She groaned.

"Enjoy it while it lasts, Caroline." the English teacher grinned. "It may last for quite a while."

No kidding! A minute later I was trying to curl up into a ball of pleasure, on top of Mrs. Lum, but she grabbed me, to prevent my enduring erection from escaping her quivering cunt.

Ms. Hennifer joked, "That looks like a willing act to keep Billy to continue stimulating you, Caroline."

"I-I just don't want him to hurt me - or himself." Her words preceded her grunts from another climax that shook her body beneath mine.

Ms. Laghari stroked her covered sex and muttered. "I wish he was shaking that thing inside me. Mmmmmm." She moaned.

Eyes locked shut, I could only hear the teachers' comments. I imagined the rest, Ms. Laghari's hand fingerfucking her beautiful puss. "OOOooooohhhh." I groaned from endless pleasure. It was almost too good.

"I feel like I should be doing something." Ms. Hennifer watched me writhe.

"If you were more inclined to experiment, I could use some help down here." Ms. Laghari wagged her eyebrows at the beautiful math teacher.

Ms. Hennifer sighed. "If I were so inclined, I could only imagine exploring with you, Shoona."

Mrs. Lum groaned from another orgasm. My body continued to shake its hard peter in her sloppy vagina.

Sounds began to fade as orgasms unplugged my senses from the world, to focus on the joy burning like wildfire through my nervous system. "Too goooodd."

A great luminance opened in my subconscious, as if I had entered a perfectly white room. I curled in the center of my thoughts, unable to do so for real. I'd lost all sense of Mrs. Lum's arms holding me to her. I didn't even feel myself shaking. I lay in the room, motionless, not breathing. The voice spoke.

"This is a part of you now. Be good with it, and it will serve."

"What is?" I wanted to ask but remained mute.

"He stopped breathing!" Ms. Hennifer exclaimed.

"Give him five seconds, Gloria." Ms. Laghari told her.

Mrs. Lum counted. "One - Two - Three -"

"HHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!" I abruptly sucked in air. My shuddering form calmed. My twitching penis stirred slower in the P. E. teacher's sensitive recess.

"Oh, Billy, you scared me!" Ms. Hennifer gasp.

I lay, shirt to Mrs. Lum's naked chest, her arms around me, my peter embedded in her. Ms. Laghari shuddered from self-pleasuring.

Later, Ms. Laghari explained, what I'd heard had been a dream. "That doesn't mean it was any less real than every dream." She grinned. "Being good is always solid advice."

When I finally woke, Mrs. Lum and Ms. Hennifer were sitting. Ms. Laghari knelt between the P. E. instructor's spread thighs. They were fully dressed. My head tilted at whatever Shoona was doing to Caroline. Mrs. Lum's face was bright red!

"There." Ms. Laghari sounded satisfied. "That should hold you until you get home." She stood, holding up needle and thread. She packed them into her purse.

Ms. Hennifer saw me stir. "Welcome to the boring living, Mr. Orgasmatron." Gods, I hoped she never called me that in front of anyone else. I would die from embarrassment. Despite her smile, something odd lurked in her eyes. She must still be worried. My heart softened to her. My penis remained erect.

I blushed when Mrs. Lum noticed my turgid condition and laughed. "You'll dehydrate both of us if we go through that again!"

"No, Caroline, please." Ms. Laghari rubbed her arms. "I ache from holding you still for so long."

Mrs. Lum chuckled. "I'll give them a real workout, next time."

I pulled on my boxers and shorts and zipped up.

"There will be no next time for me." Ms. Hennifer said without a hint of brogue. "You two are free to explore however you like, with Billy, and with my blessing if he chooses to participate." The math teacher didn't explain further. Her fingers dithered in her lap.

We left the shed smelling of sex and sweat. Mrs. Lum drove to my home first. I sat in the back seat with Ms. Hennifer. She looked sad, until she saw the frown of curiosity my sympathy for her had induced. She put a finger to her lips. "Next week." She whispered, but both words sounded as if saying them had been very difficult. I leaned against her and put one hand on hers which had resumed their nervous entertwining. They relaxed at my touch.

I hugged and kissed them separately, as best as possible before getting out of the car and after carefully surveying the sidewalk and Lady of the Lakes' glass doors. They rode away. Through the receding, rear window, I saw Ms. Hennifer's arm sweep across her face. My heart sank a little.

A somewhat happier sight greeted me in the courtyard. Mr. Cherkle was scraping the rust off of iron chairs and repainting them. He smiled upon noticing me. "It's a fine day, Billy. Don't you think?"

I stepped back reflexively, upon seeing the husband of the woman who carried my possibly fourth child. I hadn't yet confirmed my suspicion of Mrs. Guthrie's pregnancy. Maybe there would be time later. I nodded to him and bolted up the stairs.

When I got home, Mom rushed out of her bedroom. "Billy! Does it hurt bad?"


Her face was filled with worry. "When Ms. Hennifer called to say that she was taking care of you for a while this afternoon-"

I hugged her with gentle arms. "It wasn't like that, Mom."

She returned the hug, somewhat mollified. "I wish I hadn't given her that much authority over you."

"Don't take it away, Mom, please?"

"Honey, she hurt you so bad, last time."

"I wanted her to." I ran a hands worth of fingers through Mom's hair, and I kissed her nose.

She swept me up in her arms and kissed my lips once. She smiled, thankful that I hadn't been punished. I had, and worse than from Ms. Hennifer's paddle, but the injury had mostly healed by the time I entered Mom's embrace.

For a second, I thought she was about to set me down, but her smile turned odd. "Do you need to use your coconut oil?" She wanted to know if the stiff prod against her belly was my penis.

I shook my head. "No." I doubted I would be able to orgasm for a week after this afternoon's intense, prolonged climaxes. Why my peter remained hard was a mystery. I had asked Ms. Laghari about it, but she only smiled. "Just keep it out of harm's way, and it'll be fine."

Mom set me down, sporting a suspicious eye. "We should talk." She went into the main room and sat on the couch. She patted the cushion beside her.

Not having anything better to do, I ambled over and sat as requested.

"Remember what I said about secrets and family?"

"Uh huh."

"I promised, what you did outside of family was your business, as long as no one complains or gets hurt."


Mom stopped beating around the bush. "If there's any truth to what you told that man about having children, now's the time to spill it."

"Oh." My eyes tried to find something to look at that wasn't her intimidating glare.

"While you live under your father's and my care, you will tell me if you've increased our family." A sly grin broke into her lips.

"What do you want to know?"

"Every damn thing, foolish son of mine." Her grin broke into a mean smile.

My hands started to idle on my lap. "Um, there was that time on the train, when I was locked in the bathroom with the conductor."

Mom's eyes bulged. "I thought you were in trouble!" She glowered. "I worried the entire time! - while you were getting the conductor into trouble!"

"I'm sorry, Mom."

"Don't be." Her grin reappeared. "I wouldn't be." Her confession shocked me. "What's happening to my grandchild now?"

"Mr. Stoneburger is going to take care of her and the baby."

"Who's he?"

"Her boss, Mom." Well, he had been one of them. "He's suppose to give her lots of money until the boy or girl is out of college."

"I want her name and phone number and email, in my inbox by tomorrow morning." Mom demanded. "That's one." She pried. "You said there were two."

Gulp! "The conductor had a friend. She worked in the train's coffee car."

"You mean the cafe and observation lounge."

"I guess so."


"She kept teasing me." I was ashamed to admit that I had acted so selfishly back then.

"Billy, did you do something she didn't want?" Mom knew well my selfishness.

"She could have stopped me, if she wanted." I felt like I was lying, but I wasn't. I had been pretty bold but not the least threat to Tara Wells.

"What's happening to that child?"

"Mr. Stoneburger is going to pay her too."

"Billy, I don't think you're lying, but I can't imagine how that could be true."

"It was on the NEWS!" I spent the next twenty minutes browsing frantically on my watch, until I found the clip with the attractive reporter and news anchor. After Mom watched the four minute segment, all the breath left her lungs. "Billy - that's incredible. You saved them from a terrible situation."

"They visited on Wednesday - they're really happy about it."

"I want to meet them, if they return."

"I'm not sure they want me to be telling you."

Mom laid down the law. "What they want doesn't matter. Family matters. They are part of our family now, and I'll explain it in a way they will absolutely understand." I'd never heard Mom sound so imperious. Her voice was like a queen's.

I didn't dare hide the other thing I'd learned at the beginning of this next, incredible day. "Mom, uh, Mrs. Cherkle told me, um, this morning-"

Mom's eyes bulged again, nearly exploding. Before I could think of my next word, she launched off the couch, grabbed her keys, and dashed outside. "Stay here until I return." Her command trailed her.

I gaped at the front door swinging shut.

I looked around the room and the kitchen beyond. Everything appeared clean and tidy. I supposed I could watch the lecture videos assigned to me, or email Jacqueline's and Tara's contact info to Mom. Or I could follow Mom.

I could call Mrs. Guthrie. The topic of my children was certainly on my mind. Or I could follow Mom.

I could sneak around the apartments. I hadn't explored it again, after arriving. Or I could follow Mom.

Maybe Mrs. Abbey had news of a job for me. Or I could follow Mom.

My prolonged erection nagged at me but not for release. It was simply annoying to have my pants full of it. Maybe I should masturbate.

Or I could follow Mom.


A thousand excuses plagued me. All of them urged me to follow my Mom, but she had told me to wait here until she returned, and doing what Mom said would help to rebuild her trust in me.

Except I HAD to know what she was saying to Mrs. Cherkle! Being sneaky was worse than openly disobeying her. So I told myself I would listen just a tiny bit and run back.

I did wait, one minute at home, to give Mom time to reach the Cherkle's apartment. I used my watch to time myself. These watch things are pretty good at keeping track of time. What can't computers do? Marveling at it occupied three seconds of my interminable wait.

When the timer ended, I opened the front door slowly. The walkway was empty. I slunk out and kept to the wall. There was nothing but an iron railing to hide behind. Slowly I made my way until I could see Mr. Cherkle spray painting a chair below. He worked happily at his task.

I reached the stairs and crept down. I didn't want him to hear. But how was I going to listen at their door, if he was in the courtyard? After I descended to the landing where the stairs doubled back down, I crouched and tried to think how I could eavesdrop without getting caught.

"SSSSSSSS" Wow, that paint can sure is loud. The thought disrupted my thinking.

"You told him that?" I could always tell Mom's voice in a blare of noises. Huh? It WAS her voice! What the-

"What should I do, let him find out after-"


"Where has that boy gone off too?"

"You should have told me. First." That was Mom's 'a little angry' voice.

"Honey, Daddy's sorry he has to spank you."


"City weather tomorrow will be sunny, top out at 87 degrees, cooling to mid 70s with evening clouds."

"I think he's strong enough to deal with a potential sorrow."

Wap! "Waaaaaaa!!!"

A door opened, somewhere in the Apartment's interior, maybe from above. "Jude!" A man's voice called into the courtyard.

"That gives him time to fortify coping with it, should the worst happen."

Mr. Cherkle called up from the courtyard. "I saw him in the laundry room."

"I understand, but we could have presented it better to him, together. Don't think you know him well because of what you've done with him." It was Mom's, reasoning without wiggle room, voice.

I stood up, worried that I had stayed too long. The sounds and voices dissipated. Whoa! Something about this landing, if you crouch you can hear- OHH! This is why I kept finding Mrs. McDougal squatting here. What magic had she done to this place?

I crouched again. "Promise me, please, to tell me everything about your progress. Of course, if you need anything, Colleen, you can always come to me." Mother promised.

Footfalls on the stairs above me thudded descending. "Jude?"

I dashed up to the second floor walkway, before the man trampled me. He was about my father's age, but with black hair and amber eyes. His beard was long and full, down to the middle of his chest. He wore a dark purple, lumberjack shirt and thick, forest green pants. He had the muscles for them, but they were a strange choice for such a hot day. "Have you seen my son?" Beads of sweat flew off his forehead when he flicked his face at me.

"Uh uh." I shook mine.

"Little scamp." He grunted. "It's hard for him, after school ends and before I get home." The man snorted but really it was a brief sigh. He continued down the stairs. His large but trim frame pounded each step.

I went home, locked the door, and sighed much harder.

I waited five minutes like they were seconds, breathing, recollecting, piecing together the things I'd heard.

Although Mom had spoken sternly, she hadn't been terribly upset with Mrs. Cherkle. That was a huge relief. I was pretty sure I knew the things Colleen had said, but they didn't reveal much. That she had stood up for herself against Mom, elevated my respect for her.

The other things I heard, well, were stray pieces to later fit into a much larger puzzle.

Returning to the kitchen for a snack, I grabbed an apple and sat at the counter. My eyes strayed to the wall phone above the counter. I finished my apple while bringing up Mrs. Guthrie's phone number on my watch. After putting the core into the compost tub, I washed my hands and dialed.

She answered on the first ring. "Who is this?"

"Mrs. Guthrie, it's me, Billy Androni. We met on the tr-"


Her voice abruptly came from a mile away. "OH MY STARS!" None of her surprise was lost on me. Scrambling sounds followed. Her voice returned at normal volume but was halting. "Billy!" She gasp. "My- my - DEAR - CHILD!"

A pout lassoed my lips together, but I told myself not to take it personally. That was how she had talked on the train too.

"How are you doing, Mrs. Guthrie?"

Her breath wheezed in short bursts. Was she having a heart attack? She had been a little heavy and maybe was as old as Mrs. Cherkle.

"I'm" HUH "so" Huh- "HAPPY!" She was sobbing.

I pulled the phone away from my ear as if I were intruding while she cried.

"Oh, Billy, you've made this the most wonderful day!" Her sobs eased. "I LOVE you!"

"Uh..." I brought the phone back to my ear. " are - really nice."

"Sorry!" She gasp. "I'm such an old lady." She steadied her breathing. "My mind must be going. I meant, I love what you gave me."

I gulped. "You're not old!" If any woman was old, Mrs. McDougal was old. "But what, uh, did I give you?"

"OH!" The question surprised her. Although I didn't understand why it would, if what I'd guessed was true. "I had hoped you perceived that from my letter, but it's okay. I-I can't say just now. I need to call you back. Soon, minutes from now even, I promise, but until then just know that you've given me a new life, and since you called, I hope you might be part of it!"

"O-kay." Until Mrs. Guthrie confirmed my suspicions, I wouldn't be able to tell Mom. Maybe that was a good thing.

"I'm sorry it's not the best time, Billy. I was just about to disappoint my agent. I'll talk with you very soon. Oh, and THANK YOU!"

"Bye." I managed. Then she hung up.

I looked at the time on my watch. Dad probably hadn't started back home, but Mom could return any minute.

A sharp rapping sounded from the door. Hmmm. Mom had taken her keys. I went to the entrance and asked loudly. "Who are you?"

"Mad mad mad Madam MIM!" Mrs. McDougal screeched. I opened the door. I didn't want her to curse our apartment. I assumed as a witch and the owner, she could summon terrible energies with a snap of her fingers, and I'd just learned how she heard things which shouldn't be overheard.

"Hi." I grinned like the canary, right before the cat ate it.

"Just when I think you couldn't surprise me-" She stopped, her eyes burned. "Is Faun here?"

"Mom's, uh, talking to, um, someone."

"Then I won't come in." The old woman let a grin slip into her lips. Mine had vanished upon her first sentence. "She's entitled to private fun." She stepped back on the walk and crossed her arms over her somewhat buxom chest. "What do you have to say for yourself, Boy?"

She knew! I quailed. "Aaabout what?"

"Tanya! Sheesh!" She muttered then. "If that woman won't crack after pouring an entire bottle of her precious, homeland spirits into her, I know something awful or wonderful happened!" Her next question blasted. "Did you get her pregnant?"

"Gladys?" Mom approached. "What's going on?"

"I don't know. Do you?" Mrs. McDougal had fire in her, and Mom's appearance didn't dampen it.

Mom read my entire state of being with a glance. "Is frightening my son the best way to find out?"

Mrs. McDougal's eyes scanned the sky. "Ugh! I'm sick of questions answering my questions." She shook her head at both of us. "You're too good of a mother, Faun." The witch of Lady of the Lake, stormed away.

"I love you too." Mom called after her, the tiniest smile on her face. When our apartment owner reached the far stairs and climbed, Mom turned deadly eyes at me. She brushed past. "Lock the door, Billy. Then sit with me."

I obeyed, approaching the couch as if offering a bone to a sulking wolf.

"I won't bite." Mom's eyes indicated the cushion beside her.

"Whaaat did you say to Mrs. Cherkle?" I gulped and sat as slow as molasses.

"All that I had to and no more." Mom took a long breath. "We arranged to agree on the important things." She reached out and took my hand in hers. It was cold. Mom's touch was never cold! "Billy, you are not the father of Colleen's child."

"But she said..." I waited for Mom to interrupt.

She only raised her eyebrows.

"...That I was."

"This is how words turn people into monsters." Her fingers clasp their cool touch tighter. "I didn't say you hadn't fathered the child. Mrs. Cherkle and I agreed, Godwin is the father. AND, if somehow (probably in the usual way) you two make another baby, Godwin will be that child's father. Do you understand?"

Not really? I nodded, slow and steady, repeatedly, exactly how she wanted.

"We'll talk about this much more over the next nine months, Billy. You'll get sick of hearing it, but if you have any expectation of raising one of your children, before you're ready, I will explain that mistaken thought right out of your head."

"Yes, Momma."

Mom's eyes softened. That was her kryptonite, if only a sliver. "However, I will absolutely be the grandmother." Her eyes, face, and smile warmed proudly. The resulting glow in her, cast out the cold in her fingers.

The phone rang.

She looked.

I sang, "I'll get it!" I jumped up. "Hello?"

"I have a child in me, Billy, because of you!"

"Uh, that's nice, Mrs. Guthrie." In the first second of our phone conversation, she had reduced me to a quivering jelly, 1 hit point.

"Billy?" Mom's voice lost any warmth that could have reached her throat. "Let me talk to her." She rose from the couch like a vampire from its coffin.

Mrs. Guthrie snorted a chuckle. "Nice? Pooh, you silly boy. For the last six days, my agent has tried to spoil my mood. Don't you begin to."

"Mom's here." I said. "She wants to talk."

"Oh, dear. Time to face the music, I guess." She coughed. "Put her on. All she can do is send me to prison."

I handed phone to mom looming over my shoulder.

"This is Faun. It's Ellen, right?"


"I'm very happy to hear from you."


"He did?" Mom's eyes pierced me. "Oh, then."


"Is there something you'd like to tell me?"


"I see. Yes. I understand."


"No. I'll put him on." Mom, suddenly a more generic undead, held out the handset to me.

"Mrs. Guthrie?"

"Billy! I hope I never meet your mother in a dark alley."

"Are you okay?"

"Better than I feared." I imagined her wiping sweat from her brow. "Listen, I understand if you need to tell her. I refused to. I'm sorry the world is so messed up. There are valid reasons, but the effect is too broad. Fear does that. When my son was growing up, I would have done anything to protect him. Your mother has every right to send me to prison, but I got the feeling, talking with her, that she's willing to listen."

"It'll be okay, Mrs. Guthrie. Mom isn't afraid of anything."

"That's very sweet to say. I like to think Dennis would have said the same of me, but he is grown up and will have his own fears to face."

"I'm going to tell her, Mrs. Guthrie."

"I suppose that's to be expected. I'll look for prison maternity wear, until I hear from her again." She gave a soft laugh. She was scared.

I wasn't. "I hope you and your agent get along better."

"That?" She laughed fully. "He's nothing special. I'm trying to find a decent place to rent, that I can afford on a fixed income!" Her laugh quieted. "I'll be waiting for your mother's call. Good bye, sweet boy."

"Good bye, Mrs. Guthrie. It'll be okay." We hung up.

Mom had resumed her vampiric presence. "Billy?" She asked too slowly. "Was there any woman on that train, whom you did not impregnate?"

The only good that came out of Mom's accusing eyes was, I didn't have to actually tell her about making a baby in Mrs. Guthrie. I told her something more important.

"You, Momma."

Dracula felt a wooden stake driven into her heart.

Mom had no power left to confront Mrs. Guthrie. Without another word, she walked into her bedroom. I didn't dare listen at the door.

I watched videos for class and fought disbelieving what Ms. Laghari had told me, not to worry about my enduring erection.

Father arrived just after 7pm. I had eaten some nuts and grapes, to hold me over until we could have dinner together.

"Hi, Dad!" I walked to the entrance while he took off his jacket.

Mom opened their door. She looked a little drunk, but that couldn't be. She was wearing her powder blue robe. Her feet and arms were bare, as well as her chest above where the folds of her robe met. "Billy, kiss your father, and go find Mrs. McDougal. Glen, give him your wallet. He can buy her dinner and conclude the conversation I interrupted."

Dad looked as bewildered as I. We complied. When Dad returned my hug and kiss, he whispered. "Take Mom's phone. Stay with Mrs. McDougal until I call you."

He handed me his wallet. I went to the counter and grabbed her phone. Two doors closed at my home, at the same time.

Mrs. McDougal had gone up the far stairs, a few hours ago. But Dad had just come home. She wouldn't have missed that unless she was torturing puppies. I went to the close stairwell and peeked into it, exposing one eye to whatever I would find there. The witch squatted on the halfway landing, eyes closed.

I told myself not to be afraid of her. We had done crazy things together, and she had never betrayed me. But now I knew one of her secrets. I lowered my foot to the first step, lowered my other until I was fully visible, and asked quietly, "Can you hear them?"

Her eyes flew open! Her head turned like a startled crow. She regarded me, struggling to suppress her surprise. She acted put out. "How am I suppose to keep a leash on you, if you discover my tricks? And, no. I heard your father's greeting and you greeting him, then only murmurs. You ears are a lot younger, Boy."

"Mom said I should take you out to dinner."

"Well, why didn't you say that first!" That's how we ended up walking to Doggone Donuts Diner. She asked me about Tanya again, less brusquely. "There's a fresh tear in that dear woman's heart. It wasn't there two days ago."

"She didn't lose her job, did she?"

"Curious." Mrs. McDougal scrutinized me. "In fact, she got a raise."

"It's your fault." I blustered.

"Perhaps so, but Tanya isn't one to blackmail her way up a company ladder. She would only do that on the way down."

Some part of my heart suspected Mr. Gorgev had something to do with it but not out of gratitude. He had given Mom a hundred dollar tip, too. It smelled wrong.

"She talked a lot about you, driving you around with strange women." Don't fret. "I didn't ask for details, and she wouldn't have given them.

"She drove you and me." Without saying so, I conveyed that she was strangest among strangers.

"Billy, I want to be friends with you, but if you cause my other friends the slightest trouble, I will turn the other cheek and not trouble you again."

We reached the diner. I thanked good fortune. I hadn't had much today. I'd had to fight for every victory, and I was out of fight.

Wenda greeted us at the back entrance. She hustled up to us while tying on an apron. "Gladys. Billy." She escorted us through the kitchen. Mr. Crumb was adjusting his stained, white pants and scowling. Wenda glared at him. "Dinner will be served."

We sat at Mrs. McDougal's reserved table. I think it was the same one Wenda had seated Mr. Yong at, Wednesday afternoon. Tucked away from the main serving area, it was just far enough to convince privacy. I'm not sure why the witch preferred it. We had the whole place to ourselves.

"I hope we didn't interrupt anything vital to the operation of this fine establishment." Mrs. McDougal had to poke at her.

"If there ever was anything vital in that man, other than his talent, it died years ago. But he'll not disappoint."

"And you, feeling more vital lately?"

Ms. Williams blushed. "Damn, hag. Have you been talking to Mrs. Shahidi?"

"I have eyes and ears everywhere."

"Roaches, I'll bet." She laughed and offered two pots of coffee. "The thousands of their eyes in this joint are probably what drove you mad."

"Regular, thank you." Mrs. McDougal answered, non-plussed. Coffee filled her cup, and she leaned to confess, "It was the stuff in the other pot."

I was one crass comment behind. Oooo, did the witch have control over bugs? That was actually terrifying to think about. I grabbed a menu from the stand.

Mrs. McDougal knocked it out of my hand! "Don't insult the chef."

"Just tell me what you want, little Darling."

My mind expanded at this unfamiliar concept, that I could order anything I wanted.

"While the boy recovers, I'll have fish, grilled, not too much lemon."


"With turmeric."

"Fancy." Wendy commented.

I finally caught up. "Can I have, uh, one of those new, veggie burgers?"

"Fake meat?" Wenda blinked.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Mrs. McDougal came to the rescue. "A challenge will put some grit into Boone's spine." She told the waitress, "Give me a ball of the same 'meat', on the side."

Wenda shook her head like we were both crazy. "I take no responsibility." She went kitchen-ward to convey our order.

The witch taunted her retreat, "Sorry, Dear. You're not capable of that. You are the most responsible person on the planet."

Silence surrounded the table after the charismatic woman left. Mrs. McDougal's seemed to be flagging. "Is Tanya okay?"

The old woman sighed into her coffee mug. "She's not as tough as she tries to believe."

"She's really tough." I remembered how violent I had been with her.

"Really?" One of the witch's eyebrows pursued the inquiry.

I heard myself violate Miss Velakowski's privacy. "Does she have scars?"

I felt a hot hand on mine. Mrs. McDougal spoke as quiet as a mouse. "That came from a good place, but never ask that again."

"I'm sorry."

The hand remained on mine. The heat of it was unlike sex or love or anger. Many days would pass before I understood its source. "What I will tell you, Billy. Tanya should never have become a cab driver."

"But she loves her cab."

"And it loves her, as much as a machine can, in her imagination. She's compensating for what she really wants."

"A husband?" I dared to ask. Maybe I did have a mote of fight in me. If so, the rest had retreated entirely into my penis.

"I hate the term, soul mate. A handful of people are granted that world lottery ticket in their lifetime, and 'soul' is just a dirty word for empathy. Your mother and father, are one of the few pairs I've met during mine. I'm thankful I never had that compulsion. Tanya is tough, but her burden has made her its victim."

"You're rambling, old woman." Wenda appeared and refilled Mrs. McDougal's cup with steaming, fresh brew.

The large woman dissipated under her customer's responding glare. "Tanya became a cab driver to find a man. Nobody but a cab driver meets as many people and witnesses them at their true selves, in a single day."

"How long has she drove a cab?"

"Thirteen years. She started when she was sixteen." Before I could ask- "She lied about her age." Tanya was really large for a woman. The DMV official probably didn't bother to check.

"She never found anyone?"

"She found several." Mrs. McDougal's hand gripped mine fiercely. "They all hurt her. Tanya is able to give every part of her being to the right man. When she meets the next, she won't hesitate to offer it again."

I saw a single tear in the witch's eyes I was suddenly crying. I almost took out Mom's phone and called the cabbie into my arms.

"Big women have the worst of it." Wenda brought me a root beer. She remembered. "Yesterday, I told Boone to try crafting another kind of brew."

Boone wasn't Wenda's soul mate. When she told Tara and Jacqueline about him, she wanted to be free of him.

"Why can't you be more discrete about your eavesdropping, like Tanya?"

"Because I'm the responsible one." The big woman teleported away.

It was the best root beer I had ever tasted. Mrs. McDougal kept her hand on mine, while my eyes remained misty.

Minutes passed like minutes.

"Are you the boy who was talking to the train ladies, on Wednesday?" Boone Crumb approached the table carrying two plates. One was fish with a meatball. The other held a burger the size of soup bowl.

Mrs. McDougal's ears pricked up.

I pursed my lips at her, while he set the plates before us.

"Wenda didn't want to disappoint you. Send her back to thank me, after you've tasted it. Then get the fuck out of my restaurant."

"Don't be too sure this boy isn't a match for you."

The bulky, spatter clothed cook sneered at the witch. "Was that one lady a cafe hostess?" The question directed itself at me.

"Host." Mrs. McDougal kept the pressure on.

I nodded up at the imposing man.

"You tell her I want to talk to her. I've got an offer to make. She will want to know."

"Boone, if you dare to threaten Wenda's livelihood." Mrs. McDougal stopped there and presented a perfect, poker face.

"I'll give you the details if the lady, Host, accepts," Boone's eyes simmered. "Partner."

"That's Silent Partner, to you." Mrs. McDougal released my hand. In case she had to cast a spell, I believed.

"HA!" Boone turned and marched to the kitchen. "Let my food get any colder, and I'll flip the damn table."

She must have sensed my trepidation. Maybe it was The Scream painting on my face. "That man has a big dick and a tiny brain with one think in it, cooking." She drew her utensils like weapons and sampled the meatball.

I took longer to try my burger. It looked like a burger. It smelled like a burger. It alarmed me. I bit into it and almost dropped it.

If I hadn't orgasmed a hundred times earlier, the wicked energy would have exploded from the taste of Boone's fake meat. I instantly gave up the thought of eating actual meat, ever again. I became one with the universe, wherein farm animals and humans lived together and loved together while eating Boone's platonic ideal.

Then I remembered Mom's bacon. I doubt any other bacon would have pulled me back to Earth. You saved me from joining a cult, Mom. Thank you.

A salad with light orange tinting had mysteriously appeared next to Mrs. McDougal.

"Not bad." She nodded appreciatively at the fake meat. Thereafter, her fork and knife alternated between fish and ball.

Successive bites of the incredible sandwich were less orgasmic and ultimately more filling. I stuffed myself, cleaning every mote of whatever, possibly illegal substances, comprised the burger.

At the end of the meal, I spotted Wenda wiping down the awful, hot cocoa machine. I pulled out Dad's wallet. She instantly set down the bleached cloth and stood facing me. "Your money's not good here."

"Careful, Billy," Mrs. McDougal warned as if we'd encountered a lioness. "Put the wallet back slowly. Don't startle her."

Mrs. McDougal put her jacket on and we left, at the same cautious pace, out the back door.

"I should have thanked them."

"No, Billy. They didn't have time for courtesy."

I imagined them tearing off their clothes and screaming nasty things at each other, as they frantically made babies.

We retraced our steps back to the apartments. Mrs. McDougal must have run out of things to grill me about. She walked beside me, possibly deep in thought. It was difficult to tell.

We entered the building, and she paused at the base of the stairs. "Billy, the semaphore flag in your pants has been signalling, E, ever since I stopped by your home." The wrinkled old woman wasn't smiling at her joke. "Do you want to fuck?"

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With a long story such as this, do you have a destination and several important plot points in mind when you start, and then you work on fleshing out the details as you write the chapters, or do you start off with only a basic idea of where you want to go and you just wait and see where the story takes you?

Especially as someone who has very little creativity, I find the level of detail amazing.

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Great questions, Clitical! I'm not sure I have great answers.

Shota Impregnator is the result of a very long interactive fiction that I 'ran' in an RolePlay forum on another site. It's completely freeform writing, stopping regularly to get input from the 'players' about what Billy wanted to do. The players constrained the story.

Other than that, there is no structure to the narrative as a whole, but like a soap opera there are story arcs that happen along the way. These arcs are character driven. So I put some effort into each major character in the story, but I also discover a lot about them as I'm writing the story. That said - there are many continuity errors, because I'm not using a reliable reference system. Still, it's been really fun to write, and the players were great at keeping me on my toes. If I had had my way, Billy would have hooked up with his mom by now, all the way.

Not sure what else I can say that would be helpful. Ask more questions! :)
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I think that's actually a great answer. I remember seeing an interactive story around here somewhere - I want to say it was a story that Sheila started - but I had totally forgotten about that approach while pondering my question. I guess writing a story like that would also be fun for the writer in the sense that it keeps you on your toes by forcing you to adapt to the direction in which the readers are taking the story. For example, you might have a better idea ahead of time of what to write if they pick Option A, but then they end picking Option B instead... Well, looking forward to more chapters as always. :)

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The thing I'll remember forever is, how Mrs. McDougal had asked her question, as if she was asking to tie a loose shoelace. It implied a certain negligence. I had been adjusting myself, to prevent my pee pee from poking out my pants, but I could have been more diligent.

I wish I had spent more time assessing her intentions, to learn if she really wanted to make babies or if she was just offering to help my erection, which had lasted nearly five hours. Earlier in the week, she had joked about "taking one for team Billy." Was her question another example of self-sacrifice?

The truth is, she scared me. I refused to believe that she was the cause of my lasting boner. That is, unless she had cursed me. A curse was much worse than if she had a disease. I knew about condoms, and she wasn't going to get pregnant. She was way too old. She would have to have a really bad disease to be worse than a curse, but wouldn't she have died from it by now?

I didn't think my erection was a curse, because Ms. Laghari had said I shouldn't worry about it. I trusted my English teacher. A final truth, I didn't find Mrs. McDougal at all attractive. However, once I started thinking about curses, I couldn't stop. What if, when I refused, the witch got upset? I tried not to tremble before her.

Mrs. McDougal waited as if she was waiting for a bus, not too concerned about it. In my temporarily unbalanced mind, she was waiting to turn me into a girl!

I once heard that witches like girls more than boys, or maybe I read that somewhere on the internet, a place to trust less than a witch. I gulped. I didn't want to answer her question. Any answer could have been dangerous!

Mom's phone rang.

The witch's instant response was a grin. Had she made it ring? "Go, on. It's probably important." I hadn't told her that Dad had promised to call. I had thought to spend time with Mrs. Cherkle, if he hadn't called after my dinner with Mrs. McDougal.

I pulled the singing rectangle out of my pocket, but the name displayed was Ms. Colkick! I answered.

"Good news, Faun!"

"Uh, this is Billy." Good news? My awareness of Mrs. McDougal's proximity vanished.

"Billy! You won't believe what happened two hours ago!" Ms. Colkick had never sounded more excited.

"Mom got a job again?"

"You got three!" Her excitement took a cautious turn. "It was all very strange at first. Three separate clients submitted their requests, in the span of ten minutes. I spent the last hour and more verifying their orders. Stranger still, two of them wanted to know if there was a fee if you were there to help Faun. Isn't that the silliest?"

I was mentioned on the Meals on Heels website, as Mom's helper. I didn't think it was especially silly.

"It gets better! Every client paid the extra overhead for immediate service! Now that's up to your Mom, not me, but if you were here right now, I would eat you right up!" Ms. Colkick sounded like Mrs. Laghari after she finished masturbating while watching me and Mrs. Lum.

My boner twitched. It hadn't been sucked since raping Mrs. Lum. I couldn't help but imagine the sexy Ms. Colkick's mouth on me. Suddenly, Mrs. McDougal's waiting offer ticked one micro-tick closer to being acceptable. "That's amazing, Ms. Colkick!"

"I need to talk to your Mom, right away."

Mrs. McDougal's grin broadened but also lightened into a pleasant smile. "You best go to tell her." Well, as pleasant as a witch can smile.

I ran up the stairs and didn't stop until the front door of our apartment had shut behind me. "MOM! It's Ms. Colkick. You got THREE JOBS!!"

A loud groan answered from my parents' bedroom, the disappointed kind. Oh shit! I threw Mom's phone to my ear and begged. "I'm sorry Ms. Colkick. She'll have to call you back."

"She can, at anytime. Mr. Colkick and I will be up late, celebrating." She hung up.

I felt terrible for having disturbed my parents. I had gotten too worked up. I walked backwards, to the door, turned and opened it.

"Billy?" Mom called behind me.

Gulp! I looked back. In the dim light from our stove hood, Mom stood in their doorway, holding her robe in front of her. She glowed from perspiration. "That is good news. Now go find Mrs. McDougal, and do what she tells you until your father calls. I plan to keep him busy for the next couple hours."

The solid member sticking out from my loins nearly tore a hole through my pants, at the overwhelming sight of Mom's flush and shining skin. I had run out of gulps. "Yes, Mom." Was all I could say, and I slipped outside. It took all of my willpower to close and lock the front door.

Mrs. McDougal stood on the walkway next to the close stairwell. "What? You didn't think I would listen?" She powered up her grin to maximum smugness. "Hmm, now what should I tell you do, first?"


"Come with me, young master Androni." Her words dripped with glee. "It's time I invited you into my apartment."

"Cauldron." I thought. "She's going to plop me in and stew me all night." Yes, entering a witch's cauldron is a metaphor.

I followed her to the first floor and past the Cherkle's residence. Around the corner, just before reaching the entry hall, a plain door broke that wall. I hadn't noticed it before, because it didn't look like an apartment door. It was easy to mistake for a basement or utility room door. She took a single key from her dress and unlocked the deadbolt. The knob didn't have a lock. She opened the door and entered her home. "Come on in."

There were no spiderwebs, no stalactites or other cave features, no rotting stench, no human skulls or animal bones. Mrs. McDougal's apartment was a modest place with a kitchen through one opening and a hallway to two bedrooms and a bath. It was slightly larger than my parents' apartment. It sported fine decor from the last century's forties and fifties.

"I have to get out of these shoes." Mrs. McDougal sat on the couch that was shaped only by sharp, 90 degree angles. It looked firm and sturdy, but it had an unpretentious, functional charm to it. The old woman untied and pulled off her laced pumps and lay down, sighing. "Do you want dessert? There's ice cream."

"No thank you, Ma-am." I sat in an easy chair near the door.

Her head turned and shook with disappointment. "Don't call me that. It makes me sound unfriendly."

Returning to her home transformed the witch, as if all her guff and daring melted away. I felt like I had entered a nice, possibly rich, old's lady's home. I shook my head. It had to be an illusion. "Okay, Mrs. McDougal."

"That's better but not quite friendly, after I invite you into my home. Don't you want to be friends?"

Ten minutes ago, she had asked if I wanted to fuck. Even a friendly chat seemed unreachable. I didn't know what being friends with a witch meant! "What do you want me to call you?"

"That's a smart question, but you better not be evading mine." Her eyes resumed their earlier beadiness. Then they relaxed. "Tanya calls me, 'Oba', and Wenda calls me 'Hag'." She smiled and snorted. "Call me something that makes me feel powerful."

For the first time, I saw Mrs. McDougal as vulnerable as a regular person. I may have been afraid of her, but I didn't dislike her. She had been very helpful, more than a few times, and loyal. It seemed like we were friends, when I wasn't fearing for my soul around her. She didn't like that word though.

Earlier in the week, Ms. Laghari had assigned my class to read our pick of two myths from different cultures. I had chosen King Arthur and Perseus, possibly because Mrs. McDougal was a real witch in my life and they defeated witches. I felt guilty, remembering that in her home. I had asked Ms. Laghari about the holy grail, and she said it was once a much older item, from a much older religion, a caldron that gave life.

Perseus met with three old women who shared one eye and one tooth. There was a name for them, the Grae-something, but he called them crones. I hadn't like it when Mrs. McDougal was called, "Oba" and "Hag." I dared to offer a suggestion to my unfathomable host. "Can I call you, Grail?"

Mrs. McDougal sprang to a sitting position. Her hand flew to her back. "Ooh!" She looked at me, "Billy, you could seduce the Queen of Minos." She was smiling.

I guess she liked it.

"Now, about that fuck..."

I tried to run out of her house, but every muscle in my body froze! She had cursed me. To tell the truth, my own curiosity cursed me, but I would have darted outside, if she hadn't done the next thing.

Mrs. McDougal pulled out a flip phone from somewhere in her dress. She pressed buttons on it and held it to her ear. Seconds ticked. "Yes, it's me. I want to speak to my cunt. -- No. I won't wait. Call the fire department, if you have to, but I want my cunt here in fifteen minutes." She flipped the phone shut and pocketed it. "What? You think I wanted you to fuck me?"

It was what my mother had told me, "This is how words turn people into monsters."

"I-I can't." I trembled. My muscles knew how to move that much. It was enough. I lurched up from the chair. "I have to go."

The witch tilted her head. "Aw, and we just started to strip away our facades."

I didn't know what that meant. I backed away from her.

"No. You're not ready. That's okay. Go, but don't leave the building. I'll tell your mother that you did what I told you."

"I-I'm sorry, uh, Grail." I felt sorry. Why? I didn't know that either, but I hadn't lied. I felt like I had failed a test, after having passed one this afternoon. It was too much. I needed rest.

I retreated to the door, under Mrs. McDougal's understanding air. "There's nothing to be sorry about." She smiled. "I'll make sure my cunt gets everything she deserves." Then she grinned. "Try not to think about it."

I left and shut the door. She had definitely cursed me, with that last sentence. My entire brain was consumed with trying to make sense of 'her cunt.'

At the ring of their bell, Mr. Cherkle opened the door. "Hello Billy." He looked neither defensive nor happy. "Didn't feel like using your key?" He did a bad job of not noticing the tent in my pants.

I adjusted them. "I didn't want to disturb you at night."

"Well, that's something, I guess. Colleen?" He called inside. "It's Billy." He left the door and went to his lounger.

He had picked up the TV remote when Mrs. Cherkle glided up to the door. "It warms my heart to see you, Billy. Do come in." The TV lit up and action explosions boomed out of the speakers. Mrs. Cherkle pursed her lips, sighed, and took me to their room. We sat on the bed and I hugged her.

"I'm so tired."

"Not all of you, however." There was a glint in her eyes.

"It's okay. Can we just hug?"

"We can't, Billy." I made a promise to Godwin, I will only be intimate with him, from now on."

"Oh." My heart sank again. There had been terrific moments today, but another disappointment was too much for me then. I felt tears welling.

She surprised me, by returning my hug. Had she lied? Her voice lilted, "I'm sorry, Daddy, but you can always hug me." Little Colleen kissed my cheek.

We snuggled on the bed, and she wrapped the top cover around us. I slept. I think she did too.

Mom's phone rang. "How're you holding up, Billy?" Dad asked.

I blinked myself more awake. "I'm doing okay, Dad."

"Come get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a crazy day." He hung up.

I left Mrs. Cherkle, after a long kiss. "Sweet dreams, Daddy."

"You too, Sweetheart." I did feel rested, but I wanted to sleep a lot more.

I crept into the house. The light over our stove greeted me. Someone had made my bed. I crawled into it and tried not to think about Mrs. McDougal's cunt, until I fell asleep.

I dreamed, Ms. Laghari was sucking on my penis, keeping it hard. In her belly, she carried our child. I ejaculated into her mouth, without orgasming, but it still felt very good.

When I woke, late for school at 8:14am, but it was Saturday. My penis was soft. I checked under the covers, in case I had spilt my cum in the middle of the night. I didn't see or feel any. There was a smell, faint, but it reminded me of my semen.

"Good Morning, Sunshine." Mom had noticed me moving around on the couch. She put a finger to her lips. White goo daubed it. Mom opened her mouth and sucked her finger clean. "Mmmm. Lemon chiffon! Want a taste?"

"For breakfast?" I was not enticed.

"No, silly, for the meal I'm cooking on Monday night!" She walked around the counter, wiped her hands on her apron, and sat at the far end of the couch from me. "I'll tell you about the client and what you'll be in charge of later. Before your father wakes, the poor dear, I need to ask what I should have asked first, but my instincts had other priorities. I hope you'll forgive my selfishness."

She patted my feet which remained under the bedclothes. "How are you feeling, Billy, about having conceived offspring?"

Whoa. Had I even thought about my feelings? When I'd heard that Jacqueline and Tara were pregnant with my children, I was ecstatic! When Mrs. Cherkle confessed that our baby might not survive, at her judgement, I had been blown away. After Mrs. Guthrie had joyfully admitted to carrying my baby, I felt kinda numb. I was too worried about what Mom might think or do.

"Different." Was the only word that came to mind.

Mom respected that word. "Yes." She knitted her fingers. "I'm concerned, Billy, that you might be feeling pride. The meekest creature on this planet can reproduce. Please don't be proud of something purely biological. Also, some men feel like they've conquered a woman after conceiving with them. You get into moods sometimes." Mom's strength yesterday seemed distant in her. "Can you understand why I might worry about that?"

I thought this was suppose to be about me! I grinned on the inside. Mom was having a vulnerable moment, but it was the first time I recognized it and could respect it. "I'm proud of you, Mom." I didn't need to hug her, and oddly, I didn't want to get out of my bed naked. I wasn't embarrassed. It didn't feel appropriate.

Something other than addressing my feelings was going on. What she hiding something? It felt like Mom wanted to show her vulnerability to me. After yesterday's experiences, the notion that this might be a test, occurred. Except, Mom wasn't a devious person. Something else was motivating her. I took a guess.

"What are we going to tell Dad?"

She looked at their bedroom door. "I guess, Billy, the same rules apply. We'll tell him when he asks, and we won't prevaricate."

I didn't want to lie to Dad, but I didn't want to tell him, either. Mom felt the same way. "I'm glad my babies will have good Moms." That I did feel.

She sported a light smile. "They'll make mistakes."

"Nobody can perfect like you."

"Silly." Her smile flattened strenuously. "I keep making the same mistake." She stood and patted her apron straight. "The gelatin is setting. I have to roll out the crust."

Next Monday night, Mom and I were going to make, slow roasted chuck steak, with green beans amandine, stuffed potato skins, and lemon chiffon pie. The client was a Ms. Greta Louis. She lived in the Oaks Walk district, on the northern side of the city.

"Its very suburban there, according to Susan. She said it was odd that a single woman, who apparently is a store manager at a big box retailer, would want to pay not only for a basic meal, but for an extended preparations meal. The client made it clear that every part of the meal was to be made at her house. Susan wasn't sure if the woman trusted us. So she asked to charge her in advance. Ms. Louis didn't hesitate." Mom sounded unconvinced. "On top of that, she paid for express service. If I hadn't needed the weekend to practice, we would have worked for her tonight!"

"I thought you could say, "No," to an express meal?"

"I can, but the Colkicks give a strong incentive. I get ninety percent of the express fee."

I learned later, an express meal added a thousand dollars to the price.

"I called Ms. Louis, earlier. The poor woman sounded close to crying after I asked for more time to prepare for her meal. She said she had waited too long already. Does that make any sense to you? It's not likely someone tied her up after telling her about Meals on Heels." Mom giggled.

Mom couldn't have gotten much sleep last night. In addition to talking to the client, she had gone shopping at the break of dawn. Her eyes were a little bloodshot. I did my best to help. When Dad finally entered the main room, freshly showered and dressed, he kissed Mom and tousled my hair. "I'm taking my son out for the day."

"I want to help, Mom, Dad."

"No you don't." Mom sounded relieved. "Glen, don't bring him home until he's filthy and falling asleep."

Dad rented a car and drove me into the hills, to a park, where we climbed big rocks and swam in a river. Mom had cut the test chuck roast into sandwich meat. By my third sandwich, as dusk settled into the sky, I wanted Boone's fake meat again, or chicken. I chided my roast saturated taste buds for betraying Mom. Dad bought a box of fried chicken wings on the way home, and soda. I decided I didn't like fountain root beer any more.

"This is good, Dad. Thanks." I sipped the suddenly wrong tasting, brown, bubbly sweet fluid from my cup.

"I hope you had a great day."

I had. We talked about almost nothing but action heroes and dumb comedies and the local eggball team, The Custers. Apparently they were very popular at his work. He asked me if I wanted to go to a game, sometime. I said, "Sure!" My answer encouraged him up to ask another question.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Dad asked.

"I want to be a Dad like you, to all my children."

Dad only had one child, I didn't expect him to take what I'd said, badly.

"Are you worried, if Mom and I have another child, a little brother or sister or otherwise, for you, that I would treat them better than you?"

"No." His worry confused me.

It must have felt like a teachable moment to him. "Your mother and I would have to spend more time with a baby, but never doubt that I would trade changing diapers, in an instant, for another chance to chase fish in a summer stream, alongside you."

"I know, Dad."

"Oh, do you?" His attempt at disparaging humor fell flat. "Then surely you know what you want to do for a living?"

"Why do you do what you do, for so long, every day?" I didn't like asking that, but I never wanted to be in his shoes to earn a living.

"I can only tell you the same thing I told you already."

"Mom would live in a tent by the river, with you, if you quit your job."

"That she doesn't have to, is why I got to work every day, before sun up, until after sunset. Billy, I could tell you how much I love your mother by citing all the poets, but my poetry is working at my desk, taking crap from my boss, and getting along with coworkers more competitive than eggball teams.

"I would tell you, never fall in love like I did, but I would never go back in time to warn myself."

Against my primary desire to grow up as fast as I could, I suddenly wanted never to be an adult. "Dad. Time travel is dumb." I sat in the passenger seat, while he drove. I wanted to lean against his shoulder while I ate another wing.

"Paradoxes, plot holes, and pulp fiction!" Dad pronounced.

On the curb in front of Lady of the Lake, Mom met us and opened the door for me. "Come on, Sleepy Head."

"I'll drop off the rental, and they'll drive me home."

"You should have let them drive both of you home."

"I didn't want to take him away from you, all day." Dad smiled. He accelerated the car into traffic.

Mom escorted me home. "Did you catch any fish?"

"Just fish stories."

Mom's phone rang, fifteen minutes later. Dad told her that the rental agency's courtesy car was in the shop. He was going to take the bus home. "They don't have enough cars to use instead?" Mom used her little angry voice. "I don't care if you got half the rental refunded. Take a cab. I'll send Tanya."

Dad refused. Even with our discount, a cab home would be over forty bucks. He told her something else, which mom didn't relate after the call. She answered, "Glen, this better not be on purpose." She hung up with a miffed, "Augh!"

Mom checked on me on the couch, from the kitchen counter. She had long cleaned up after practicing Ms. Louis' meal. Her eyes looked hungry. "Good night, Billy." She went to their bedroom and shut the door. It was only eight PM.

I was tired and sleepy. Mom said I could shower off my grime and sweat in the morning. She was going to wash the bedclothes and all the laundry, to keep her week free for all the work needed to serve three clients the best meals possible. Each had paid more than any previous client so far. Instead of stripping down to my boxers, I went to the counter phone and called Mrs. Abbey.

"Hi, Billy, I'm glad you called."

"Did you talk to anyone about work for me?"

The question surprised her. "Uh, to a couple people, one yesterday and one today. I can't guarantee anything, and I wouldn't suggest getting your hopes up. This is a crazy business, hot one moment, cold the next."


"I do have good news though. I heard from my friend at the title search company. They finished their paperwork, yesterday. By Monday, the bank should clear the transfer of funds, and you and the Colkicks will be proud owners of a new home!"

"Wow!" I was suddenly excited. "Can I tell Mom?"

"Sure! And if you're free tomorrow, Sharron and I would like to pre-celebrate with you. One last party before the house is yours."

"At the house?"

"The very same room." She guaranteed.

Ulp! "That would be great, but I gotta check about tomorrow with Mom and Dad."

"Text me when you know."



"Goodnight, Mrs. Abbey. Tell Sharron goodnight too."

"I would, but she must be out with some boy. I need to find a moment to pin her down about that."

"I'm sure you're really good at that."

"Don't be too sure. She's learned a lot of my tricks, recently." Mrs. Abbey chuckled and hung up.

"MOM!" I ran to her door and knocked enthusiastically. It flew wide! She hadn't fully closed it!

My heart thudded into overdrive at what I saw. Mom lay naked on her bed, legs spread, holding her the head of her vibrating, Magic Wand against her hairy pubis. "Billy." She gasp. Her eyes burst open at me, shocked. She tossed the wand aside, reached to cover her groin and breasts, and curled away from me. "Billy!"

"I'm sorry, Mom!" Her naked back was just as beautiful as her front. I leaped out of the room, closing the door properly this time. I didn't even tell her about the house. "I knocked, but the door-"

"It's okay, Billy, but stay out."

"Yes, Mom." I retreated to my couch.

A minute later, the phone rang. My heart rate had subsided, mostly. "Hello?"

"I know this is stupid, Billy," It was Mom. "Please understand, and listen."

"Uh, okay."

"I meant to shut the door tight, but I guess I didn't. It's not your fault." She declared. She asked. "Is the apartment on fire?"


"Who am I kidding? If it was, I still would have called. Billy, I'm very ashamed right now. I can't face you. Let me burn up with the place, if it does catch fire." Even through the lousy sound of the landline, I could tell, Mom was in a strange mood.

"Mom, Mrs. Abbey said the house would be ours, Monday."

"I won't even come out for- REALLY!"

I waited for her to burst out of their bedroom. The speaker relayed to my ear. "That's wonderful news, Billy!"

Drat! "Mom, Mrs. Abbey invited me to a party at the house, before it sells, tomorrow."

"Um, about tomorrow-" Mom's mood darkened. "Billy, tomorrow I'm going to meet with Samuel and Mavis Crocle. Your father will be with me, and I'd like you there too.

My heart flip-flopped. "Who are they, Mom?" Something wasn't right. At the end of Thursday, I overheard her with Dad, that she had told some people she would wait a little longer. I had assumed it was the Crocles.

"Samuel and Mavis are a married couple who would like to help me with a problem I've been dealing with since moving here."

"It's what Tanya said, huh, Mom? It's something you need just for yourself?"

"It's not that simple. That's why your father is going to be there. I'd like you to be there too. We're just going to talk with them. But if you want to celebrate with Mrs. Abbey and her daughter, that's your business."

What could I tell her? My pee pee sure wanted to tell her something. It was like granite in my underpants. It had started getting hard when Mrs. Abbey invited me to party with her and Sharron. It sprang fully at the sight of my beautiful mother using her vibrator.


I asked her, "Is it my fault, you want to meet with the Crocles?" The question issued without contemplation. My erection demanded all my brain cells' attention. It was like another voice was talking for me, but it wasn't the evil energy. That had been erased. As my attention drew to my uncomfortable penis, the guilty part of my brain sought absolution. Another part drew my hand to my shorts. I unzipped them and the solid thing behind poked through the enabling folds of pants and underwear. I touched myself, and it was good.

Mom didn't answer right away. "It's not anyone's fault, Billy. Living includes the times when difficult situations and feelings arise without conscious effort. That's not a good answer, I know. I'll put on some clothes and we can talk."

'I-it's okay, Mom. We can talk on the phone." I was thinking of her, naked, playing with her Magic Wand. It reminded of my first, fun day with Mrs. Abbey. My hand tickled the head of my peter. It flinched from the sharp sensation. "You don't, um, have to put your clothes on."

I sat on the bar stool in the living room and looked at Mom's bedroom door. Behind it, was she still on her bed? "Mr. Crocle is the man we met on the bus, our first day here?"

"Yes. His name is Samuel."

"How is he going to help you?" My hand slid down the shaft of my protruding stem.

Mom took heavier breaths, and spent long exhales with her words. "Billy, what I told you about respecting your private business, applies to me too. You understand that, right?"

"I guess, but I can't stop imagining. Do you want me to believe what I pretend?" I cupped my balls and tickled the light hairs there. My groin clenched briefly.

I may have heard her gulp. A breathy question entered my ear. "What are you imagining, Billy?"

"The way he was on the bus. He was polite back then, but I'm imagining him touching you." I grabbed my shaft, harder than I had thought to. My fingers slowly rubbed the stretched skin there.

"Wh-where is he touching me?"

"He's touching your boob, Momma." She had been Momma back then. "Nobody but me can see, because he moved close to you."

"Do I slap him?"

"No, Momma, but you don't look happy." My hand took a better position on my naked peter, to stroke it's full length.

"I don't want him to be doing that."

"I know Momma, but you only look at me and bite your lip." My hand felt really good, and I jacked my hand up and down, careful not to rub too hard. I wished I had the jar of coconut oil.

"You shouldn't be looking. I'll be very ashamed if you're looking."

"I have to, Momma. He puts his hand into your shirt, and you shake your head at him. He smiles. His teeth are very white. I want to do something, but I'm afraid he might hurt you." I closed my eyes to pay more attention to the feelings creeping into my loins.

"His skin, hmmm, is very dark. That's why his teeth are bright. It's nothing special. Samuel's not going to hurt me, Billy. Don't ever think that."

"Do you like his skin?"

"It's very smooth. His doesn't wrinkle as easily as white skin, but his color is not important. Nghhh." Mom drew out a little grunt. Hearing her light moan made my hand move faster.

"Is that why you're putting a hand on his cheek? To touch his smooth skin?"

"No, Billy. I can't let him kiss me in public."

"But his hand is moving in your shirt. I think he's reaching into your bra."

"You said only you can see. If he kissed me, everyone could."

"Oh." It was more of a groan than a realization. My hard penis was twitching in my hand. It wanted me to jerk it faster, but the story was just beginning. I restrained myself. "I'm sad, Mommy, watching the stranger touch your boobs inside your bra."

"I'm very ashamed, Billy. I want him to stop too."

"Your face is very red. Your other hand pushes at his, to push it out of your shirt. He's really strong."

"But he's not going to hurt me. I'm going to tell him to stop."

"You say it but not loud. He kinda laughs, deep and quiet. He doesn't stop."

I heard faint fumbling, and the short squeak of a bedspring. My hand did move faster, hearing that.

"Oh, Billy, I'm so sorry. I may have to let him keep fondling my breasts in public, while you watch." She let out a longer moan. Another sound accompanied it, the slightest buzzing. "Mmmph!" She resisted a louder blurt.

"If he's not going to hurt you, I step closer to hide what he's doing from anyone behind me. I say, 'Let my momma go!' But not loud, I don't want to attract attention." My young dick had stopped twitching. Continued stimulation calmed those spikes of sensation but was quickly growing my arousal. I could feel the base of my spine tighten and release, preparing for sperm to collect.

"You're a brave son to say that. I-I would want to thank you."

"You can't talk well, Momma, not after you asked him to stop. Instead, he's reaching his other hand behind your skirt. He patting your bum, Momma." I was getting really excited, telling how Mr. Crocle was playing with her. I knew then, I wouldn't be able to stop the story until I had cum. Instantly, a concern butted into my thoughts.

Did I want to cum? If I did, it would go to waste, either in my hand or my pants or across the carpet! I might need my cum, tomorrow, because I remembered another thing about meeting Mr. Crocle on the bus. Mom had said his wife could use some help while they were trying to make a baby.

I started taking deliberate breaths, full ones, timed not to the jacking of my hand, but to Mom's deep, swift breathing. A little pre-cum helped to salve my sore skin.

"Billy! Don't let him rub my bottom and my breasts. Someone is sure to see." Mom groaned long and loud. Louder, I suspected, than she wanted. It ended in near silence on the phone. Heaving breaths panted in the background as if she had pulled the phone away.

Sudden quiet left my mind with the good feelings pumping out of my hard prick. I maintained my deliberate breaths. My hand sped up to match them, though, increasing my need to orgasm.

"He won't listen, Momma. I have to show him."

"What? What are you going to show him?" Mom's fast breaths halted, holding her last.

"You're not his to play with, Momma. I push myself between you. My head gets in the way of his hand in your shirt. I'm going to stop him." I stroked my hot cock fast, still matching deep breaths to hers.

"He won't like that."

"But he's not gonna get angry. He's not like that."

"I think you're right, but he is very strong."

"But he has a weakness."

"What is it, Billy?"

"His wife doesn't have a baby yet. He needs help. He's doing something wrong, and that's why he pulls his hand away from your bottom, when I get between you."

I jacked my prick really fast, my lungs chugging like a locomotive. My dry skin was starting to hurt, but I didn't care. If anything, the warm pain stimulated my lust.

"Oooohh, Billy!" Mom grunted and groaned, no longer resisting her emotions. I could hear them through the door almost as loudly as I heard them from the tinny speaker.

"HHHHH!! I'm showing him, Momma. I'm careful to hide it, HHHHH, but I'm pulling up your skirt, and I'm reaching into your panties. HHHHH! I'm showing him where to put a baby. I'm pushing my fingers into you. HHHHH! You're really wet, Momma! You should be ashamed."

"I AM!!" Mom shouted in the next room. I had to pull the handset away. "OHH!! Uuuugggghhhh!!! You're making me cum, Billy! Your fingers are too much for Momma!

Mom's orgasmic exhortations were too much for me! I pulled on my young, burning cock as fast as I could! The first lurch that swept my body nearly threw me off of the barstool. Instantly I held my breath and concentrated on the pleasure exploding from my groin. I jacked and jacked, boosting the incredible feeling rattling my senses, but I rejected all thought of ejaculation.

Mom's and my hollers filled our home. Ecstasy broiled my brain and flailed my limbs. I dropped the phone. "Ohhh, MOMMAA!" My balls felt like a wrench was tightening them. I did stumble off of the stool and sank to the carpet, strength draining from me. My erect cock spit two little wads of cum. They hit my thigh and stuck there. Pleasure swirled for a long, unmeasured time. I sat panting arbitrarily. I had done it. I had saved my cum.

Had an hour passed, or just minutes? I looked blearily around the room. The phone lay beside me, it's coiled cord stretched to the limit. I put it to my ear and stood. The line was dead.

Strong knocks from my parents' room paused me. "Billy?" Mom called.

"Yes?" I hung up the phone.

"Are you going to shower now?"

I looked at the two dots of cum on my thigh. "I don't need to, Mom." I was sweaty, but I didn't mind.

"Okay, then I'll be in the bathroom." She giggled, a rare thing. "I'll make sure the door is well shut."

"Oh and, Billy?"


"I'm pretty sure, Mr. Crocle knows were to put a baby." Mom chuckled.

My ears burned while she showered. I wiped my thighs with a soapy, paper towel and went to make my bed. At some point the front door opened.

"Hey, Sport! You still up?"

"Hey, Dad!" I had zipped up again. I greeted him. "Thanks for taking me out all day."

"I hope you remember for a long time. We can't leave Mom out of the fun very often."

"Okay, Dad. I make sure she had lots of fun too."

Dad's grin sagged slightly at that, but he tousled my hair and went to their room. "Faun?"

"Mom just took a shower."

The door between their room and the bathroom opened. Dad closed their door to the main room, but I heard Mom tell him. "I made a mess of the sheets, Darling. We'll have to sleep in our clothes and a blanket tonight. I'll do laundry in the morning."

I moved close to their door, in time to hear Dad ask. "You aren't taking the blame for something Billy did, are you? I've never seen such a mess."

"I love you because you are so very clean, Glen." Smooches followed. My cheeks flinched, and I stepped away. The last bit I heard was Dad saying. "Mmmm. I like that answer." I fled further smooching.

It was too late to call Mrs. Abbey again. I texted her with the bad news. I needed to be with Mom, tomorrow, when she and Dad talked to the Crocles.

"We'll miss you." I got her reply the next morning.

"That's a lot of laundry, Mom?" I sat at the counter eating the scrambled eggs, fresh fruit chunks, and her heavenly bacon. Mom had splurged at Mrs. Shahidi's market, yesterday, having accepted an express meal client.

She was filling a second rucksack with sheets and socks and shirts and a few daintier things. "For all the free time I had, last week, I didn't get to these." Mom had been worried about Mr. Gorgev. I knew that's why she had let some of the housework go.

Also, I used to help, but my last week had been a crazy whirlwind. "I'm sorry, Mom. I'll help more." I stopped eating. Mom never forced me to clean my plate. If I left tidbits, she'd compost them. If I left more, she would refrigerate it in plastic wrap. Dad was sure to finish it, the next morning. He was still asleep. I got off the barstool, took the sack she had just filled, and lugged it outside.

"There's more."

"This is the heavier one, Mom." I had checked. I shut the apartment door and ambled down to the cellar door on the first floor. The stairs down ended in a room large enough for three washing machines and four dryers. A young boy stood bent over looking into a dryer. He jerked up when I entered, eyes guilty. I had seen him before but couldn't recall where or when.

"I'm Jude." His eyes twitched at the machines. "Sometimes, uh, there's coins in them. They come out of pockets."

"Oh." I didn't care. Before my parents moved to the city I would have cared a lot! Lost change had been a treasure! Now I was getting money and free stuff and discounts. I was starting to really like city living. "I'm Billy." I waved stupidly.

He pointed at my sack of laundry. "Did you bring soap?"

"Nah. Mom does that, after she sorts it. I have to get another sack." I'd seen Mom start a third one.

"Oh. Okay." The boy, maybe ten, maybe a little older, pursed his lips. "I-I won't bother it." He turned to the next machine and unlatched the glass door. "Is your Mom, the real pretty one, on the second floor?" He didn't fool me. Jude already knew.

"Is your mom pretty?"

"She died." Jude's voice echoed. He'd stuck his head into the metal drum.

"Oh." The urge to get another sack of clothes compelled me. "I'm sorry." I hiked up the stairs.

Mom passed me on the halfway landing where you could hear all sorts of goings on in Lady of the Lake. She lugged that first sack. "There's just a little more." She wasn't in a hurry over it.

Inside the short entry, at home, I picked up the last sack. It was hardly a third full. I saw the front closet and remembered. I set down the sack and opened the hamper within. At the bottom was Dad's old windbreaker. I peeked under it and saw my collection. Recent additions were two pairs of cut panties, Mrs. Lum's and Tanya's. Beneath them were Jacqueline's plain pair and Tara's fancy ones. There were more, but I found myself thinking of my first, baby mommies, as I reached into my shorts to fondle my growing pee pee. I wondered when I'd see them again. I should email them, but there was little time, next week. Three days would be taken by Mom's three new clients.

On Tuesday, I felt I should visit Steve and his social worker. He had meant well, giving the sleep drug to me. I wanted to blame him for my terrible mistake, but I knew better. Also, if I could secure more of his friendship, maybe his friends would ease up on me.

I heard the shower kick on. It always sent a thud through the pipes. Dad had gotten up. I pulled my hand out of my shorts and let the windbreaker cover my real treasures. I promised myself to wash them by hand. They had gotten stinky, the bad kind of stinky.

I returned to the cellar with the last sack. Mom's voice stopped me on the dark stairs.

"You don't want to give it back?"

"NO!" Jude's shout was almost a screech.


"I miss my Mommy!"

I took quiet steps down, until I could peek in the first, cellar room. Jude was holding one of mom's prettier bras to his chest. He must have taken it from the first bag, Little Brat! Then Mom caught him, I guessed. Two thoughts came to me. Foremost, I wanted to rush in and grab it from the nasty punk.

But also, I was curious about how Mom would handle the hurting boy's theft. My recently awakened penis felt the second option would be more interesting. My heart argued strenuously. No little creep was going to mess with my mom's underwear!

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A milestone! The story is now just over 250,000 words, and still going strong. Keep up the good work.

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Mom asked Jude, "Won't you ever see your mommy again?"

"No." Jude instantly pouted. "She died."

"Did you ever take her underwear?"

Mom's insinuation surprised him. Apparently, Jude had expected more sympathy. "You're mean."

"No. You're mean." Humor tinkled in Mom's voice. She must have indicated the bra. "My son, Billy, will be here soon, with the last of our laundry. He won't be happy you've taken my clothes."

"I don't care. My daddy can beat up his daddy." Jude declared the nuclear option.

"That's probably true. I've met your father. He was looking for you."

"I know a hiding spot."

"Don't tell me that, or I'll have to tell him."


"Jude, do you know how much your father misses you? It's more than you miss your mommy. Why are you always hiding from him?"

"I don't want to." Jude declared. "I just need to be with these for a while."

"You never took your mom's underwear did you?"


"You started taking them after she died."

"Just the big ones."

"Is there something you want to tell me about being with a bra like that?"

"Mommy's had a flap. She taught me how to open it. I haven't found one with a flap. So I cut a flap into them, but they don't last after that."

"I think I understand, Jude. But you don't really want the bra or the flap. Do you?" Mom didn't wait for the child to reply. "You want what was behind the flap. That's okay. Billy still likes the comfort of his mommy's breast, and he's much older."

My ears suddenly burned, my cheeks too. My penis, however, soaked up mom's embarrassing reveal. Wasn't that suppose to be our business, not a snotty nosed brats?" I almost stepped into the room.

Jude sounded at least as embarrassed, but he wasn't shy. "I-if I gave this back, could I touch your breast? You're really pretty."

My heart thumped. The urge to burst in on them nearly overwhelmed me. Except the reason I hadn't sooner was, I wanted to know how Mom would react to a naughty, selfish boy like Jude. This was that moment. I steeled myself to wait a few seconds longer.

"You have to ask my son about that."

My penis lurched. I swear it almost orgasmed and undoubted would have left a nasty mess in my pants. "Mom." I spoke before I could stop myself. Exposed, I continued down the stairs.

"Hey, Billy, careful of the steps." Mom cautioned.

Jude squeaked just before I saw the two of them. He couldn't hide the bra, but he proved clever. "I-I was helping your Mom fold." He nested the larges cups together and handed them to Mom.

She didn't say anything but looked very keen about what I would say.

Mom hadn't disappointed me, by letting me grant the use of her body. I didn't know what I would tell Jude if he ever asked about her breasts. I did feel sorry for him. I was personally grateful to nestle in Mom's arms and kiss her breasts, when I needed to. I understood a little of what it might be like to not have that luxury. Most boys my age, and probably his, would think we were babies. They were missing out on something wonderful. Jude didn't have a choice. He was doing the best he could.

"Uh, thanks Jude." I swallowed more than the dryness in my throat. You don't fold clothes until after washing and drying them.

"Billy, take Jude to his home. I bet his father would like that."

"Daddy sleeps in on weekends."

"So does Billy's father." Mom waved us to shoo.

Jude's apartment was on the same floor but across the courtyard from mine, apartment #217. The boy opened the door. "You can come in, I guess." He shrugged. "If you want to."

"Jude?" A deep voice called.


"Who's that?"

"He's Billy. I was helping him and his mom do laundry."

"I'll bet." His father snorted jovially. I had been about refute his son's explanation. The big man strode up and offered his hand. "We met yesterday - I'm sorry I didn't have time to chat. I'm Jerome Allister." He was wearing jeans and a light yellow, linen shirt. His beard shined from his morning shower. It was still damp.

His hand dwarfed mine, but I shook it. His grip was gentle. I didn't know what to say. I had almost said, his son had bothered Mom, but that seemed petty now. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Allister."

"Bosh! Call me Jerome. You seem a fine, young man. Come on in! I was going to make breakfast. I know it's late, but if you haven't eaten for a while, you're welcome to have some."

"I made toast." Jude was proud. "With jam." He went to his father and put his arm around his waist. Jerome held his son and smiled down at him, prouder.

"I'm going to help Mom with the laundry."

Jude's contentment saddened. The droop in his expression touched me. Not enough to let the younger boy touch my mom's boobs, but I was glad I hadn't rushed to take her bra from him.

"That's important." Mr. Allister nodded.

I checked in on Dad before returning to the laundry room. He was in the shower. I couldn't help myself from stopping on the landing halfway to ground floor. I crouched and closed my eyes.

"It's too early to feel it move." A voice, maybe Mrs. Cherkle's, said.

"No, Daddy." Jude sounded as loud as the much closer apartment. How so many sounds collected here, continued to amaze me.

"Ms. Butler was very upset when she caught you cutting hers."

"GODS! I want to get laid!" A woman bellowed. "Stupid, online dating!"

"But that fat lady has the biggest ones in the building!"

"Hush." Jerome rebuked him without a trace of anger. "You ought to be ashamed of what you did, today, even if you did give them back to Ms. Androni."

A soft girl's voice squealed, "Stop kissing me, Daddy! It tickles."

"Eight months seems like forever in this place." A man grumbled.

"I knew you'd come crawling back, Craig. Eat shit." Another woman sounded pleased.

Bleep! My watch sounded. It was a text from Mrs. Abbey. I stood. So I could concentrate on reading. "Hi Billy. I know you can't meet at the house today. But could I ask you for a small favor?"

"Hi, Mrs. Abbey. I wish I could spend time with you and Shannon, but I need to be with my parents."

"Are you with your Mom and Dad, right now?"

Uh. "No."

"Then could I bother you for a short favor? I'd drive down myself, but I have a client to deal with before noon. I'm sure it's not anything, but Shannon has been disappearing everyday for a couple hours. I looked at her credit card statement, and that cab company you recommended, has been billing round trips each day. I called them this morning, after Shannon left again without telling me. She's been going to the corner of Bridget St. and East 53rd. It's just down the street from you. Could you check for her?"

I couldn't answer right away. I ran down to the cellar. Mom was sorting the last bits into the washers. "Mom? Um, when are you and Dad going to meet the Crocles?"

"Not until after lunch. We thought we might stop at a Chinese restaurant before visiting. Would you like that?"

"Is Tanya taking us?"

"Yes. I will insist on paying but will graciously accept her discount." Mom smiled.

"Oh, okay." Washing and drying the clothes would take at least an hour. I climbed to ground floor and texted. "Yes, Mrs. Abbey. I'll check it out."

I knew the intersection, but I checked on my watch, to be sure. Mrs. Shahidi's market stood on that corner. I raced out of Lady of the Lake. Why would Shannon be going there? There must be much fancier markets in her neighborhood. I had a suspicion.

Sunday traffic was light, but the sidewalk was busy. People dressed in fine clothes strolled, chatted, laughed. A few homeless people sought their kindness. Still more pedestrians walked to personal destinations, all different sizes and shapes and colors.

I couldn't run. That would attract too much attention. I hurried, my mind racing ahead, considering possibilities. Maybe she was playing with Mrs. Shahidi. Imagining that didn't bother me. There was only one woman I felt possessive about, except for maybe Ms. Hennifer.

My positive image of Shannon and Mrs. Shahidi disintegrated. The night she and I went to get ice-cream, afterwards she had told me to never let her mom to shop there. Something fearful had happened between her and Arturio.

Upon reaching the intersection, I found that I wasn't out of breath. I thanked Mrs. Lum and her P.E. class. I took a deep breath anyway and waited for the light to change.

Shannon hurried out of Mrs. Shahidi's market, head down. She wore a dark purple hoodie, and a black tube skirt down to her knees, but I recognized her handback and shoes, both shiny red! She stared down at her her phone, keeping her face out of sight. Something was wrong.

I looked both ways and dashed across the street, against the light. "Shannon!"

A tear filled face turned to me for less than a second before she spun her body away from me. "No, Billy! Go away. I can't face you right now!"

"What's the matter? What's wrong?" I pressed. I almost wrapped her in a hug but let my arms drop. It would have made things worse.

"Please, just go away." She sobbed. Tears dripped on her phone.

I recognized the cab company's app. Something compelled me. I had to take charge, for her sake. I snatched the phone out of her hand.

She hadn't expected it. "What are you doing?!" She reached for it, but I danced away.

"I'll give it right back, Shannon." I canceled her ride request. Then I typed in Tanya's code.

"I don't want to see you, Billy!" She kept her face hidden, but doing so left her unable to grab her phone back.

"Your mom told me to find you. I can't leave now. You look like a wreck."

"Billy!" Shannon shouted. People stared. None offered to help her, thank the stars. "Mom can't find out about this! She'll try to come here!"

"I know that much, Dummy!" I blurted. "Here, your cab's still coming." I returned her phone.

"Please don't tell Mom."

"I won't. I swear, but if you lie to her, it had better be a good one. I won't lie to her."

"You crazy punk." She tried to sound mean but failed. She cuddled her phone again. Tears had stopped falling.

I didn't say more. She wanted to tell me. I felt it or imagined it, but I believed it. Whatever had happened was eating her up inside. I waited with her for the cab.

"What'd you do? It should have arrived by now." She complained after ten minutes.

"Your Mom's following your credit card." I warned. "I'll buy your ride home."

"Why aren't you going to celebrate with us, today?" She asked, abruptly soft voiced.

"Mom and Dad are going to do something dumb. I gotta be there."

"I guess we both have things we don't want to talk about."

The silence between us resumed.

Tanya cab appeared, her face wary out of surprise and curiosity for me. When she stopped at the curb, I dove into the front seat before she could get out. "Unlock the trunk, Tanya, please?"

"Of course, but I don't see luggage."

"Just help her, and do it slow, please?"

"Sounds very nefarious, Little Man."

I jumped out, while Tanya went to open the rear door for Shannon. I rummaged in the trunk for what I had seen there during Mom's jobs, bungie cords to tie large luggage on top of the roof. We hadn't needed them, but that's what I imagined they were for.

Mrs. Abbey's high school daughter wasn't going to like what I was planning. I shut the trunk. Shannon was in the cab. Tanya came around past me. "Are you trying to become gangster?"

"No!" I felt offended. "Take us to a safe place; can you?"

"Like police station?" She mocked me.

I pouted. "She needs this!" I held out the cords, below Shannon's line of sight. The high schooler looked out the rear window at us. "Please trust me, Tanya."

"Always -- until you abuse it." She used a plain face to tell me.

Suddenly I was reminded of what Mrs. McDougal had said. Tanya had been hurt each time she trusted a man. I promised myself, I would never abuse the stoic, large framed but beautiful woman. "Thank you. I'll ride in front."

We went to our separate doors and opened them. She got in. I tossed the cords into the footwell, having kept them out of Shannon's sight. I stared at the waiting, front seat. There was a possibility, I would miss Mom and Dad's visit with the Crocles. Except I had been very clever.

By taking Tanya's cab, Mom and Dad might decide to take the bus. The worst thing for them was, they might have to miss lunch, because Sunday buses take forever. Or maybe they would pick up something quick along the way. After I was done with Shannon, Tanya could take me to the Crocles.

If I got in now, I had a good chance of helping Shannon, but I might be late to meet with Mom and Dad. I could just let Tanya drive the shocked girl home, but I would feel bad. She was smart, and would make up a good lie. Mrs. Abbey's work kept her too busy to verify everything Shannon told her. If I knew the truth, I was sure I could help.

Wasn't that worth the risk of being late to find out what Mom intended to do with Samuel Crocle? She had said, they were just going to talk.


Tanya drove away. I looked behind at the market. In the window, Arturio pressed his tongue against the glass of one of it's front windows.

We rode through light traffic until we reached the closest suburb. No one talked, but Shannon stopped crying. The route was taking a long time. When I worried to her about the time, Tanya reminded me. "I'm taking you someplace safe."

"Why aren't we going to my house?" Shannon finally took notice. "This is the way to the old air field." She scooted forward on the backseat. "Billy? What are you doing?"

"I want to help you, Shannon. Please, let me do this."

"Do what?"

"I'll tell you when we get there."

"Billy!" She struck the plastic barrier with her palm. "I'll call Mom." She threatened, pulling out her phone.

"She'll want to know why you've been taking cabs in secret."

Shannon huffed angrily and swatted her phone down on the cushion next to her.

Tanya turned the cab onto a gravel road. Ahead, a windsock floated at the end of a stretch of asphalt. At the far end of the runway, was a group of small hangers and regular buildings. The cab stopped at a fence gate. She held out a card to a machine and the gate slowly ratcheted to one side. "I should not do this, but it is safest place I know." She drove through the far entrance before the gate started shutting.

Several yards from the gate, she stopped the cab between two large sheds. "Do you need to go inside building?" She nodded at the one on our right. I had yet to see or hear anyone in the area.

"Is there a place to lay down?" I asked.

"No, just chairs and desks."

"Billy, tell me!" Shannon complained.

I told Tanya, "I want her to be comfortable. I'd like your help, if there's trouble, but she may not like it if you're around." I scratched under my nose. "Could you go in the building until I text you?"

"Of course, Billy." She opened the door.

"No!" Shannon shouted. "Don't leave me alone with him."

"I thought you weren't afraid of me." I tried humor.

"You never kidnapped me before." The last time had been pretending. "Tanya, please take me home!"

"I will take you home, Miss Abbey, when Billy texts me." The imposing woman nodded suspicious eyes at me, as a warning. She got out of the cab.

"She'll be okay. She won't be happy." I told Tanya truth that I believed.

She snorted a sigh but entered the shed to the right.

I opened my door, just as Shannon opened hers. If I hadn't grabbed her arm, she would have run away. She was faster and a little stronger, but I was ready.

I used a dance move to sweep her feet out from under her. Shannon fell upon gravel covered earth. Fortunately her thick hoody prevented scrapes and scratches. "OW!"

Quickly grabbing one of the bungie cords, I took one of her flailing wrists as she tried to get up, and I twisted it behind her. I wrapped the cord around the wrist, stretched it over her head and around her neck. I hooked the long end to the back of her hoody.

"GGGKK!!" The cord choked her. Having managed to sit up, Shannon tried to free the hook by reaching her other hand behind her. I grabbed it and wrapped a second cord around it's wrist but hooked the second cord to the first one. Then I freed the choking, long end and released its pressure on the front of her neck. I knotted it to the second cord, leaving her wrists bound together behind her. She gasp, "Don't do this, Billy!"

"It'll be okay." I helped her stand up, and I brushed gravel off her clothes.

"It's not okay! Untie me. I don't want this!"

"I know, but without this, you can't do what you really want."

"I want to go home!" She tried to bulldoze her shoulder into me.

I dodged and spun her around. Then I thrust her, head first, into the back of the cab. Shannon fell on the bench seat like a sack of onions. Her legs kicked out. I grabbed them and used a third cord to bind them tight. "Careful!" I called to her. "Don't fall off the seat."

"Billy!!" She wailed, writhing on the tough vinyl upholstery.

The fourth cord tied her feet to the inner door handle. I shut it and ran to open the opposite door. I threaded the fifth and last cord under both her shoulders and tied it to that door after shutting it. I knelt on the seat. She wasn't as tall as it was long. Shannon lay stretched between the doors like laundry between two poles. "I'm not playing a game with you, Billy! Let me go!"

"It's not a game, Shannon. I know it's not." I assured her. "What you did in Mrs. Shahidi's market wasn't a game either."

"Don't talk about that!" The sixteen year old demanded. She struggled against her bonds.

"I'm not going to do anything to you." I promised. "I just want you to relax. You're safe here, Shannon."

"SAFE?" She ranted. "I'm totally helpless, you little monster!"

"That's right. I took control from you. This is my fault."

"Then let me go!"

"I will, when you let go of yourself."

"What are you talking about?" Clearly, I was not to be trusted. I would have to earn it.

"Nobody's going to hurt you here, Shannon. I tied you up but nothing else. Blame it all on me."

"Blame you!" She shouted. "I'm going to beat you bloody, when I get free of these cords."

"You can't, Shannon. Your mom taught me."

"Y-y-you- 're WORSE than a monster! Untie me now, or I promise I'll call the police!"

I didn't answer. I simply began petting her long, slight curls of hair. "You're safe now. Nobody's going to hurt you."

Shannon gave up threatening me. She continued to wriggle, trying to free herself. Whenever she was about to fall off the seat, I pushed her body away from the edge. "It's okay, Shannon. I can wait for hours for you to relax." That was a lie, I wanted to meet Mom and Dad as soon as possible. "Tanya can wait as long as the meter is running." I joked.

She scowled, but didn't say more. Although my time was against me, her time worked in my favor. It may have been half an hour that passed before she finally relaxed, deciding only to glare at me.

I kissed her forehead and continued to pet her hair. "It's not your fault."

"Of course not, you stupid brat!" She barked.

"You're safe now."

"I'm helpless." The bite in her voice eased.

"Everything I'm doing to you is my fault."

"I'm going to pay you back, Billy."

"Your thanks will be plenty."

"OOOoooo!!!!" She was angry.
I had to wait another two minutes for her to calm again.

"I'm going to help you relax, Shannon." I shifted down the seat until I knelt next to her bare knees. I put my hand one one of them, just below the black tube skirt's hem.

"Don't touch me, you dimwit!" Her knees thrust into me. I hadn't foreseen the cords could stretch that much, but she had been determined! Their impact to my thighs knocked me into the footwell.

"OWW!" I nearly fell down across the transaxle casing.

"HA!" Shannon shouted with glee! "That was MY fault!"

When I crawled back on the seat, I put my weight against her knees, the only part of her that could flex. "I'm sorry, Shannon." I apologized.

"What for?"

"For not tying you tighter."

"My hands and feet are turning blue!"

I checked. They weren't. I returned my hand to her knees, just below her skirt hem.

"Please, let me go!" She couldn't move her knees, not with my full weight blocking them.

I patted the hem of her skirt.

"What do you want from me?" She started to break down.

"I want what you want." I picked at her hem. "I was hoping you'd relax on your own, but I guess I have to help you." I started peeling up her skirt.

"NO! BILLY!! DON'T DO THAT!!" She suddenly screamed!

My hands stopped. Was I hurting her? I looked. I had never seen eyes so desperate. I had seen her naked, I had even spanked her bare bottom. What was she afraid of? She was very very afraid. I nearly lost control of the situation, worrying for her. "I have to, Shannon." I rolled up her tube skirt another four inches. My eyes remained on hers, hoping to reassure her.

"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" She struggled harder than ever. She couldn't move me nor escape.

Just before I pulled the rolled tube of skirt to her waist, Shannon burst out with fresh sobs! "I"M RUINED!!!"

I looked down. Her sparse pubic hairs were just visible under the rolled up material. She wasn't wearing panties. Between her thighs, just below her adolescent mound, something white stained her skin. I knew what cum looked like, my first thought, but that stain was nothing like it.

"What happened?" I blurted. I had wanted her to tell me on her own. I cursed my mistake.

"SHUT UP! and cover me up!" She wailed. Her body shook from sobbing.

"Are you hurt?" I looked closer. It had a smell.

"YES, you idiot! My hands are freezing!" She found some anger again.

The white residue smelled like my favorite, winter solstice candy, peppermint.

"Don't look!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know he had hurt you!" My great plan to get her to confess fell into shambles. I understood, in private, why Shannon didn't wear clothes, but why was she without panties on a Sunday, in public?

"Just let me go! Please!" She begged.

I almost did. I hadn't expected her to have used some kind of balm or lotion to sooth whatever Arturio had done to her. I had rolled up her skirt, in order to spank her. I thought that might free her soul to confess. I was a very naive, if precocious, pubescent boy. My plan failing, I reached to untie her. "I'm sorry. I'm going to make Mrs. Shahidi teach Arturio a lesson he'll never forget." I swore.

"You can't do that." Shannon bit her lip.

My hand paused at the cords on her wrist. "Why not?"

"It's my fault."

"Shannon, you're wonderful." She was the nicest girl I knew, unlike dumb, pesky Kelly.

"No, Billy. I deserve what Arturio does to me."

My perfect vision of Shannon, as a powerful and good force in the world, crumbled when she explained what had happened the night we went to the market to get ice cream.

After Arturio told me I could play with his mother, if I let him talk to Shannon, the high school girl was quick to brush the boy off. Too young to cope with her strength of will, he retreated. But I had told him, "If she tries to get rid of you, keep pestering her. She likes persistent guys."

While I was playing with Arturio's mother, Shannon browsed the shelves. She found a plastic dolphin hanging next to a few other, cheap toys. Even though she could have easily afforded it, she took it and put it in her handbag. Arturio saw her. He had lived and worked (but not actually worked) at the store all his life. He knew what shoplifting meant. It was his chance.

I could have kicked myself when she revealed being caught. Sure, it was her fault for swiping something from Mrs. Shahidi, but if I hadn't told Arturio to persist, maybe he wouldn't have caught her! Arturio ran up and grabbed the toy out of her bag. He shook it at her and promised to tell his mamma and the police.

It turned out that she and I both gave head that night. Only Arturio told Shannon she had to become his girlfriend, and had come to the store when he wanted her, which was most days, after that first night.

Mrs. Shahidi must know what her son was doing! Didn't she care? The religious woman acted so properly. How could she let her son do such a thing?

"You have to stop, Shannon." I pointed to the pungent salve between her thighs. "You can't let him hurt you like that."

The poor girl cried again. "It's so humiliating - that." She choked back a sob, "And it stings, but Arturio doesn't hurt me."

"What is it?"

"Arturio is too young to cum, Billy. So he pretends." She sniffed. Abruptly, she laughed most unhappily. "It's toothpaste!"

"Oh my stars!" I gasp. I would have run right then, dozens of miles, to punch out the ten year old, had I been born with a vagina. Peppermint toothpaste! I'd have poured a bottle of hot sauce up his ass!

Shannon looked away, continuing to cry.

I let her cry and rolled her skirt down her thighs to return her modesty. I had never felt so guilty. I wanted to cry too. I texted Tanya and reached for the cords binding the poor, abused Shannon.

"Leave them alone, Billy."

"You don't want me to untie you?"

She sniffled. "You were right, Billy. I needed them, to be able to tell you. I-I need them, uh, a little longer."

"Oh." I got out of the cab by crawling out a window. I met Tanya at the door she had entered. "We can take her home. Then I need to go to another place."

"Yes, Billy." Tanya never once looked in the back of her cab. As she drove off the air field she ignored Shannon's gentle weeping. The cabbie trusted me, that the trussed up, high school girl lying across the backseat, was okay.

We didn't take Shannon home. When I texted Mrs. Abbey, to expect Shannon, she told us to meet her at the house my parents were buying, where she and her daughter had planned to have one last afternoon of fun in their special room. I told her I couldn't stay.

"I wish you could, Billy." She texted. "Maybe, next time, you'll invite me to your new home."

"I'd like that." I wrote.

I checked the time. It was nearly 1 PM. I texted Mom. "I had to do something important."

"Did you have to take Tanya's cab? I know you're not happy about this, but your father-"

I grumbled to myself. Tanya must have told Mom, she was driving me. "I'll meet you at the Crocle's." I texted without reading further. I ignored her following texts.

Before reaching the sold house, we stopped, and I untied Shannon. She leaped to hug me. She didn't let go until we reached the house. Her mother was waiting.

"Shannon-" Mrs. Abbey began as soon as Tanya opened the door.

I strode out and up to the worried mom. "Mrs. Abbey, I'm telling you, never bother Shannon about what she's been doing. Do you trust me?"

"Uh-" I had taken her by complete surprise. "I-I trust you, but-"

"No, Mrs. Abbey. Shannon will explain it, when she wants to." I took the older woman's hands into mine. I gripped them hard.

"Billy." She winced.

Shannon stood, hood covering her bowed head. "I need to wash."

"Promise me, Mrs. Abbey."

She nodded, but after careful study of her remorseful daughter. "She's not pregnant?"

I laughed and released them. "I'm sorry I have to go."

Then Mrs. Abbey pouted. "I'm sorry too." She cast down her eyes, nearly as far as her daughter's.

I kissed her cheek and returned to the cab.

"What will you do now?" Tanya asked.

"I have to save Mom again." I gave her the address. Tanya recognized it.

"This is not place that will endanger your mother." She shook her head. "Let us go elsewhere, Billy. Let Tanya give more than a cab ride. I know you are hurting."

This perceptive, strong woman didn't understand me as well as I understood Mom. Tanya understood me better than I understood myself.

I didn't consider her offer. My penis considered it. It wanted to prove to the tough woman, who had let my possessed soul abuse her under an angry moon, that I preferred to be loving an playful with the women I knew.

I considered returning to Mrs. Shahidi's market and settling the score with Arturio. Tanya would have approved. What I wanted, against more loving options, was to protect Mom from Mr. Crocle and his wife. Deep in my heart, I may have realized, I just wanted to protect myself from them. I listened only to the shallows.

Mom texted me. "Your father and I are getting off the bus. See you soon."