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Shota Impregnator [bF,F,F,F,... shotacon, incest, M/s, happy, slow]

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All these little story lines within the story lines are fun. One never knows what the next chapter will bring.

"If you lick it, they will come." - Field of Creams

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"My parents are expecting me, Tanya." I disappointed her.

"I am not jealous woman, Billy. I am business woman." Tanya flipped the meter on. "This trip to save your mother is not something I can give, because I do not believe it is right."

"I don't care." I lied. Tanya's choice to charge for this trip felt like betrayal. I answered with the foolishness a thirteen year old was capable of. She accepted none of it.

"I refuse to send charge to your mother. You must pay." She decreed. "If you cannot, then you will owe debt to Tanya. You must accept what I choose for payment, or you will have to catch many buses to get to destination."

"NO!" I yelled.

"I am not stranding you, Billy. Mrs. Abby would be happy to take you home or keep you until your parents fetch you. Your home is not far from here. You will be safe." Tanya wasn't trying to take advantage of my obsession. She was telling me, she could not support it. That's not how it felt.

"You're being mean!"

She ignored me.

I thought about getting another cab, but what driver would take a thirteen year old without money or the promise of money from an adult. If I took buses, I wouldn't get there for hours! "Please, Tanya, I gave my money to Momma." I hadn't actually received any from Thursday's job, but I wouldn't go back on my word to help pay for the cooking tools and dishes we'd left behind.

"You are good son, Billy - lousy with finances." I caught her smirk, in the rear view mirror.

"I-I'll do it." I swallowed the bitterness in my throat. "I'll owe you. I'll do what you say."

"I trust you, Billy." Tanya knocked down the meter flag. She drove away from my parent's newly purchased house, with professional caution.

We didn't talk during the ride. I deliberated get revenge on Arturio. Shannon had been dumb to shoplift. I couldn't understand why she had, but that didn't mean Mrs. Shahidi's boy had a right take advantage of Shannon. Ultimately, I decided to avoid hurting the shopkeeper, his mom, but maybe she could help me fine a lever I could use to control her boy.

"We are here, Billy." The cab turned into a sycamore lined street with craftsman homes. It was a nice neighborhood. Instead of boring grass lawns, most of the homes had decorated landscapes. The quality varied, from nice to meh. None aspired to mimic rich people houses, and that made the neighborhood all the more charming.

Tanya drove to a curb outside a one story, small house. She pulled the cab to the curb and got out to open my door. I opened it myself and darted towards the Crocle's home.

The house's windows were curtained. I strained to find some reason to dislike the owners. There were no toys, but two bicycles had been chained up on the covered porch, adult sized. One was a woman's bike. The house didn't have a garage, and the driveway lay empty. The landscaping was simply patches of shredded bark, with five or six fruit trees planted randomly. A garden hose ran from a faucet to a sprinkler, but the water wasn't running. My brain kept thinking that I was losing something from Mom. She was inside that pleasant house, 'doing something for herself.' The fact that my father was with her did not console me.

I caught myself mid-run. I slowed to climb the four wooden steps instead of jumping them and stomping on the porch. At the door, I pressed the green button on its frame. A chime sounded from within. I breathed like crazy.

Wood scooted on wood. I held my breath. I looked to the curb. Tanya drove away. The door opened, and a young, black woman appeared, smiling. "Hello." She was wearing a very pretty, yellow dress. It looked like something Mom might have worn to a picnic. Her hair was a large, curly ball. She looked very powerful but peaceful at the same time. Her breasts were larger than Mom's, but not by much. She had narrower hips, but her middle was a little thicker. Her face was attractive but average so. She presented a calm, composed aura.

"Is Ms. Androni here? I'm her son."

Her smile turned uncomfortable. "Faun is with Samuel, right now. I'm Ms. Crocle. You must be Billy. Would you like to come in?"

I didn't feel especially welcome, but I couldn't stay on the porch after Ms. Crocle told me, Momma was with her husband!

"Thank you, Ma-am." I bowed my head.

She opened the door to let me pass. "Have a seat in the front room. Would you like a root beer?"

I nodded absent-mindedly. The front room was small with a round table and six chairs. Four were pulled away from the table. In front of them stood fancy beer bottles. The other two chairs where pushed under. My ears strained to hear everything going on in the house. "Where's my dad?"

"He's been in the bathroom. Apparently lunch did not agree with him." She paused. "I'll get you a coaster too." She mumbled and went down the hall. Other than what you might expect to hear from a person getting a soda, the house was quiet.

"Did Mom and, um, Mr. Crocle, go somewhere?" I sat nervously.

She returned carrying a brown bottle and a cork coaster. She placed them with care, in front of me. "Thought you'd want to drink from the bottle, like the adults." Her smile took a slightly devious turn. Then she answered my question. "They're out back." She sat next to me and sipped from her bottle.

I drank a slug of root beer, wanting instead to rush to the backyard and save Mom from this woman's husband. My imagination was going crazy!

"Tell me, Billy. Are you a momma's boy?" She leaned closer, and her smile thinned.

I had been called that in elementary school, last year, by a friend actually. Mother had come to pick me up, after I got into a fight with a boy who had called her a bad word. My friend said, I shouldn't be such a momma's boy. I knew what it meant.

"I try to be adult, Ma-am."

Her eyebrows bounced. "That's a oddly, mature thing to say." She drew back, her surprise attack thwarted.

"How do you know my Mom?"

"Samuel met you on the bus. It was the day you arrived in the city. Your mother had some very interesting things to say about that day." The tiniest grin crossed her lips. "And about you."

I remembered. Samuel must have been the black man who introduce himself after waiting with us at the bus stop! I hadn't liked him then. He was very big, the kind without a big belly - like Tanya but more masculine and bigger. He had been very well dressed for the bus. The way he wore his hat looked as if he was going to a dance.

His wife, this woman, was Mavis. I had typed the info into my watch, from his card and what he'd said.

"Your mother called Samuel, several days ago. I chatted with her, and we arranged to meet today, after our original date fell through." She paused to study my reaction.

She was only telling what I already knew, but her word, 'date', stuck in my gullet. Was Momma and Samuel on a date, right now, in their back yard? I itched to get up. A door down the hall opened. "Whew! Sorry about the smell." Dad called.

Ms. Crocle suddenly leaned to me and whispered, "Tell me, Momma's Boy, if you don't want to share, but it had better be for the right reason."

I gaped at her bold assertion, too startled to respond.

"Oh, Billy! You finally made it." Dad appeared. He glanced at the window. "Is Tanya waiting? That could be expensive."

"No, Dad." I tried to curb my anger, barely succeeded. "Why aren't you with Mom?"

"Whoa, Son!" Dad smiled and pretended to be the victim. "Your mother asked if Samuel would show her the garden. The fruit trees out front made her curious."

"Samuel does the gardening." Ms. Crocle smiled. "He's more adept at cultivating blossoms, and I'm better at sticking my nose in them."

Dad cleared his throat, sat down, and picked up his beer. "Not sure if this will hurt or help my stomach." He lifted it to his lips and drank a big swallow.

Ms. Crocle lifted her bottle, saluted him and drank in solidarity.

I stared at the sweat on the cold glass containing my root beer. Momma shouldn't be alone with a handsome, strong man who wasn't my father. I scooted my chair back and raised from the seat. "I want to see the garden."

Dad shook his head. "It's impolite to go where you aren't escorted in another person's home, Billy."

"I'll take him." Ms. Crocle got up and led me farther into the house.

Dad called after us. "Sure you don't want to catch up last week with your old man?"

She took me to the back door. Ms. Crocle grabbed the handle but didn't open it. "Your mother told me not to shy away from adult topics around you. Billy, I promised your mother, I would do whatever you wanted, if she could help my dear Samuel."

"Help him?" The concept eluded my jealous mindset.

"Billy, everyone here needs you to treat what's happening, like an adult. If you are serious about wanting be mature, I'll explain it to you."

She was warning me. The situation between her husband and my mom, beyond that door, was not for a selfish brat. She was ready to march me back to my father, if I didn't act wisely.

"I want to be grown up."

"This is your chance to prove that, Billy. Your mother claims that you can be, when you try."

At that moment, I was abruptly aware of my recent, childish foolishness, from the moment I learned that Mom needed some things just for herself, to my spat with Tanya in her cab. Dad was here to support Mom. He wasn't clamoring to see what Mom and Mr. Crocle were doing in the back yard. Had that caused his sick stomach?

My stomach lurched in sympathy and in fear of what Ms. Crocle would tell me. I had to promise her. "I'll try." It was all I could promise. I steeled myself for the worst possible news. It was not what I expected.

Ms. Crocle released the door knob and stood, eyeing me as if I were as tall as she, resolved to respect my promise to try. "Although my husband is genetically closer to darkest Africa, than your family, he was raised in a white neighborhood by white parents and had white brothers, sisters, cousins-" Mavis paused for my reaction.

I blinked from surprise. My previous town and school were heavily influenced by latino citizens, a minority by the slimmest margin, they and the people of European descent forged a culture respecting all cultures. It wasn't a big deal for kids, with different colored skin, to play, joke, fight, and learn together. We were just kids, and with a few, evil exceptions, had little trouble getting along and supporting each other.

Now, that doesn't mean I wasn't prejudiced against black people. I didn't know many, growing up, and kid talk smack about anyone who wasn't deemed part of 'our crowd'. A lot of bad things were said about black people, but Mom had raised me right, to ignore foolish things that kids said. That didn't mean I hadn't been affected by those false stories. Ms. Crocle saw that, maybe all of it in my eyes, as if she had seen it before. I drew back from her inquisitive face.

"Samuel is a white man, Billy, with black skin. That's how he sees himself, and his skin troubles him, because a lot of the white children he grew up with, treated him badly." Ms. Crocle's stare relaxed. "He struggles againt his own racism against himself." Then she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled. "To his credit, he married me. That's a whole 'nother story, but the point is, he married me for love, not race."

I was more than a little confused. "How can Mom help him?"

Before she could answer, the door knob twisted, and the door swung inward. I jumped out of the way.

"Ma-am." Mr. Crocle spoke, opening the door for Mom.

"Thank you, Samuel. That was delightful." She nearly sang it.

"Well, we have petitioners!" The black man noticed his wife and I.

"Sam, you have the worst timing." His wife taunted.

"Billy!" Mom sounded a little shocked. A blush rose in her cheeks.

"Unfortunately, time is of the essence." Samuel told Mavis. He took her face in his large hands and grinned. There was something strange about his middle two fingers. They looked damp. He grinned like a victorious imp.

Mavis squealed. "Oh, my love!" She threw a joyous glance at Mom and she dragged her husband up the hall and into the first door on the right.

Warm arms surrounded me. Mom spoke directly into my ear. "They're going to make love, Billy." Her breath was as hot as a furnace.

My penis jumped in my pants, instantly as hard as the concrete foundation under the wooden flooring.

"Faun?" The sound of a throat clearing interrupted. "Did everything go okay?" Dad called from the front room.

Billy." Mom walked me down the hall, passed the room from which passionate moans and groans seeped. My hard pee pee twitched with need. Mom answered Dad when we escaped the hall. "I think so, Glen. Samuel and I found the right connection that suited both of us."

"I'm sorry you missed the discussion earlier, Son." Dad didn't sound at all sorry. He acted withdrawn.

"Are you feeling better?" Mom asked him.

"You know me." Dad smiled. "I dealt with my compulsion, despite a little pain."

"I love you, Glen."

Usually, when my parents openly professed their deep love, I felt like a spider had crawled up my arm. This time, my heart reached out to Dad. I loved him too. I wish I had told him at the time. It would have been the most adult thing I had done that day.

To answer the obvious, unspoken question, Mom said. "I'll call Tanya."

My penis remained hard, during the wait, imaging what Mr. and Ms. Crocle were doing in their bedroom. Although I remained suspicious of Mom's time with Samuel, I had warmed to Mavis' respectful explanation of their marital situation. It's too bad the details had been interrupted.

Mom led us outside. "They'll understand." She winked. We ambled around the fruit trees. "Go ahead." Mom encouraged.

I plucked a mango from one tree. Mom had shown me how to peel it and suck on it's savory, sweet meat. Dad took an orange. We shared them with her.

Tanya's cab pulled up and she got out of the car. We walked to it, as a family.

Behind us, the front door burst open. Mr. Crocle stormed out. "I hate myself!"

"Don't ever think that I'll blame you, Sam!" Ms. Crocle called from inside. "You mustn't leave!"

Samuel unlocked the man's bike and ran with it across their yard. He jumped on and pedaled down the sidewalk, away. He was aware of us but acted as if we weren't there. "I'm sorry, Mavis. I need to be alone!"

"I need you!" Ms. Crocle stepped onto the porch. She wore a golden, terrycloth robe clutched together in her hand. "Don't cast today aside so quickly!"

"Glen." Mom had watched it all, sorrow in her eyes. "You have to go to her."

I turned to them.

"I-I can't, Faun." His voice trembled. "This was for you."

"Do it for us AND them!" Mom argued. "Mavis is at her peak. They'll break up if we don't help her. We came here to save a marriage. I want you to." What was she trying to tell Dad? I didn't understand. I implored her with my eyes.

"I love you. I promised, only you." Dad hissed ruefully.

I felt Mom was actively ignoring me, as if afraid of what she might do if she looked my way. She trembled, keeping her eyes on Dad.

I shot my confused stare at Tanya. The veteran cabbie grasped people and situations in an instant. She responded to my befuddled eyes, with a nod. She looked then to the house, to the front porch, to Ms. Crocle who gripped the railing and longed for her husband as he retreated down the street. Tanya was sad for her.

My penis was so hard, I could almost hear it straining. Ms. Crocle had promised to do what I wanted, if Mom helped her husband. It wasn't her fault that Samuel had failed to be helped.


The fact that Ms. Crocle had asked if I was a momma's boy, had put her in my unhappy thoughts. I sought understanding of the situation between her and her husband, but also of Mom and Dad. I had sought first from Mom, only to become mad at myself, but not like Mr. Crocle. He ran away from his problem. I knew better, uh, helped by Tanya's quick study of a situation. The fact that I owed the cabbie a big favor did not diminish my respect for her. I could pout later about that.

Determined to earn Mavis' respect, I stopped looking to my parents. I turned to the house and walked under the fruiting trees, aiming for the porch where the neglected wife was fighting against tears. She saw me approach and turned, puzzled.

Behind me, Dad asked. "Son, what are you doing?"

Mom told him, "Billy wants to be nice to Mavis, Glen. We can wait in the car."

Tanya opened a door. "Please, Mr. Wimbley."

"Will he be all right, Faun?"

"Will Mavis?" Mother used her knowing voice.

I marched onward.

"Billy," Ms. Crocle shook her head. "I need my husband now. Go on home."

"I will, Ms. Crocle." I stepped up to the porch and paused. "I don't want you to be sad."

"There's no helping me, Billy. My man, he needs the help." She pulled the flaps of her robe, tight around her and cinched the sash.

"Yeah, I guess." I held out my arms wide and went to her. "But this can't hurt." I hugged her, warm and firm. I pushed my head between her full breasts. "I'm sorry I acted weird." She wasn't wearing a bra, but the soft sensation behind her cotton folds could not make my dick any harder.

She shook her head at me again but crossed her arms over my head as if resting them on me. "Love is weird, Billy. You have a special love for your Mom. I shouldn't have called it out like I did." Her arms trembled. They separated. Her hands landed on my shoulders. "I know Sam loves me. He's gotta learn that my love for him accepts all his faults." Ms. Crocle pushed herself out of my hug, but she held on to my shoulders. She smiled at me. Tears seeped into her eyes. "Maybe not all his faults. I hate picking up his dirty clothes. What is my grown man, your age?"

I chuckled. My voice cracked.

"That's some hard-on you're sporting, Billy."

She hadn't looked down. How did she know? Had she felt it when I hugged her? My face reddened.

"Her smile broadened. If your Mom and Dad weren't waiting for you-"

At that moment, Tanya drove away. My heart leaped in my chest for one heartbeat. It calmed, confident that Momma hadn't abandoned me. She trusted me.

Mavis stopped mid sentence. Her eyes blinked. The cab puttered down the road, in the direction opposite that Samuel had biked. "Well, I'll be." She released my shoulders and took a step back but regarded me with interest. She deliberately looked at the tent in my pants. "Billy, are you old enough to cum?"

"Yes, Ma-am. I can cum a lot when I'm feeling really good."

Again, Ms. Crocle shook her head. "My my, that clever, hot bitch. I thought she was talking about her husband."

"Who?" I was confused again.

"Who doesn't matter." She pursed her lips and studied me. "But now I understand what she meant by 'before bread is ready for butter, yeast must raise it.'"


"It's a pun, Billy, a bad one." Mavis turned to her front door and opened it. "Come inside." She entered first, making me close the door behind us.

She walked to the table in their main room and paused to scan the bottles arrayed on it. None were empty. "I'd offer you a real beer this time, Billy, but I didn't let Samuel have one. I need all the odds in my favor."

Had sadness broke the woman, leaving her talking in riddles? On second thought, she had stopped acting sad when I admitted I could cum.

Now she was looking down the hall. "Not in there." Her head shook and she hummed, "Uh-uh." The room's air felt heavy and appeared dim.

I wondered why I wasn't frightened of her. She was a impressive stranger, who had taken me into her home without reason or purpose.

"Billy, why did you hug me?" Ms. Crocle's stern features softened.

"Cuz you were sad."

"I'm still sad, but thank you." She pulled a chair out from the table and sat in it. Her knees splayed her robe, parting the lower fold by an inch. "Can I have another?" She held her arms out to me.

"Uh-huh." I entered them. The top of her head tucked below my nose. I hugged her shoulders. She kissed my neck. Shivers ran down my body.

"Samuel did his best for me, today, Billy."

"He ran away."

"That was after he tried his best to make a baby in me. I need better, today."

"Wow," I was disappointed for her. "Making babies is pretty easy."

She let go of me and drew back in my arms. "What you know about making babies?" Her voice sounded like it was a trick question. The sound of it made me a little nervous.

I let go of her. "Uh, I read books about it."

"Your mother mentioned your enlightened education twice this afternoon, Billy. Anything else?"

I didn't know this woman or the extent of what Mom had told her. I had to play it safe, for the sake of the women carrying my progeny. "I like trying."

"You mean, jerking off?" She didn't mince words.

"No, Ma-am. I haven't jerked off since-" I stopped, afraid I would reveal too much.

"Have you put your dick in a pussy, Billy?" Her eyes sharpened. "I need to know."

I nodded.

She took a deep breath. "Did you fuck the pussy?"

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Pardon my nosy questions, but I had to ask."

I grinned a little. "I didn't use my nose."

When she laughed, the heavy air thinned. The dimness brightened. Her full breaths were the only sound in the room. Each breath shifted apart the upper folds of her robe. The sash around it loosened. I was sure her titties were bigger than Mom's, but the difference had been easier to see when she wore a bra.

"Billy, may I show you my pussy?" Her usual boldness took a cautious tack.

My attention to her large but not super large breasts, shifted to her eyes. They shined with purpose but maybe a little shyness too. I nodded. "I'd like that, Ms. Crocle."

She shook her head. "Call me, Mavis." She gave half a laugh. "I'm going to show you my pussy, for pete sake."

I laughed because I was still nervous. I wanted to see her pussy very much, for racist reasons. What was a black pussy like?

They're just like every other pussy, a little different.

Mavis spread her knees a little wider on the chair, and her hands drew the lower folds of her robe over her thighs. Between stood a tall, thick curled thatch of black hair adorning the puffiest pussy lips I'd seen.

"You're not the only one with a boner." She grinned a little, maybe because she was nervous.

The outer skin was as black as the rest of her skin, not as black as her husband. The edges forming the indented slit were lighter colored. "It's really pretty, Ma-a- uh, Mavis."

"Thank you. I think so too."

Most of other women that I had made babies with had let me take charge, or like Jacqueline and Ms. Laghari had taken charge. Mavis kept control of herself, but she didn't try to control me.

I knew what I wanted, but I asked first, like she had. "Can I show you my pe-, er, dick?" I told myself I should use her words, but really I was still worried she thought I was a momma's boy.

"Please, Billy. I hoped you would."

I was wearing more clothes than she. It took me long seconds to unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip my pants. Then I debated pushing my pants and underwear down or just pulling out my dick through the flap. I pushed them down my legs and let my erection bounce free.

"Oh, my." She gasped. "You're not small."

"James is bigger."

"Do you like boys too?"

It was a funny question. I rebuked. "Girls are dumb."

"I beg your pardon?" She raised an eyebrow of concern.

"Not you, or other ladies, just girls."

"Oh." Mavis seemed to understand. "Your dick looks very healthy." She returned to the matter between us. "Would you like to fuck me with it?"

"I think so, but-" I looked around the sparsely furnished room. "Where?"

"Well, we can't use the bedroom, that's for Sam and me ... and we shouldn't do it outside." She lightly mocked me and didn't answer my question. She stood up from the chair. Her robe sash loosened and its knot slipped away. Her robe parted, and her fine, big breasts pushed out until the folds fell to either side of them. "Oops!" Her hands rushed to cover them with the robe.

"They're not small." I smiled.

"I suppose you want to keep seeing them?" Her hands paused, half covering her charms.

"Can I?"

"Sure, Billy. I like a man who likes my titties."

My heart warmed further to Mavis. She had called me a man.

"I like it even better when they get sucked." Her robe parting again, she held up one breasts with a hand. The deeply black nipple was right at the height of my mouth.

Opening my mouth, I also opened my arms. Sucking titty was best in a hug. I wrapped my arms around the inside of her robe, to feel her naked torso. That was even better! I latched my lips over her breast and began licking and sucking the hard nubbin in the center.

"Mmm." She let go of her tit and pulled my head against it instead. "You've got a talented tongue." She smiled, then looked back at his peter. "Billy," she whispered, "While you play with my tits, I'm going to finger your prick."

One hand cupped my lightly haired sack, which she rolled around while she fingered my dick with the other. "It's so hard!" Her outburst made me wonder if her husband couldn't match that much solidness. "I need to suck it, to really enjoy how hard you are. But keep playing with my tits with your hands. That feels really good."

I had to let go with my mouth, but I was more than eager to feel her dark lips enveloping my incredibly sensitive organ. She knelt before me, on the ornate rug, her robe no longer concealing anything.

Ooooh! All of a sudden she slurped my whole peter in through her lips, and her hot, wet, slithering tongue wallowed along the underside, and she was sucking ... scraping her lips squeezily back along it ... suction catching me firmly her mouth's grip.

She lifted her hands and closed them over mine, encouraging me to press and explore her tits, rub the taut nipples. My pole was a flaming, itching, twitching prod of need, but I sensed that she didn't want to get me off that way. She tightened her thighs, twitched her hips and held on with lip pressure and suction to his thickening dong, feeling the tip yield slightly as her mouth caress reached the base of my prickhead. Her tongue's tip found the glans, circled it, probed the tiny opening.

She had to look again. She gripped my hips, pulled and pushed through two more suctioning, lip-dragging strokes. My hands kneaded her breasts, each one trapping a nipple between two fingers.

She let her lips slide free, watched intently as her lips revealed the rosy, plump knob. "Oh, Billy!" she breathed. "It's such a beautiful cock!"

I couldn't answer immediately. The brief fellatio had felt wonderful! She didn't wait. Her mouth once more enclosed the sturdy member, her tongue massaging the little tube that bulged along its lower length." Mavis giggled, and the flutter of breath and palate brought a surge of response from my prick - its lurches wrestled her tongue.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed, backing off momentarily. "You're getting me there!" She must have meant how my hands were mauling her chest. Between her skilled mouth and impressive boobs, I had little attention to give any other part of her body. Mavis teased the turgid head with her tongue-tip, then looked up, my rigid tool's end resting on her chin.

"Wow," she breathed. "It tastes hard!" As if rigidity had a flavor but had never before been experienced. "Do you want to fuck me now?"

I blanked for a second. I did want that! I had agreed to, but it was all happening so efficiently, a result of her simply asking and me simply doing it. I had never before experienced such a straightforward transaction. There was no game to guide us. Did there need to be? I supposed not. Not that our actions weren't following rules, quite the contrary, but they weren't apparent to me. I sensed them without recognizing them. While my thoughts churned, Mavis acted.

Perhaps she sensed my prick slip a little. She lowered her head to suck it more, in case it softened. And as she worked, lips, tongue and throat coaxing, I began squeezing and stroking her tits again, then cupping and hefting them while my thumbs circled the nipples, pressed the stiff tips this way and that, punched them back into the dark, crinkled aureoles, compressing the firm yet yielding mounds of sleek heat.

The woman was on a mission. Despite our mutual arousal, we weren't progressing. Her cunt wept and throbbed with need. She took her mouth from my prick, but this time immediately closed one hand around it, stroking gently but firmly. She tickled the fully uncapped head with her tongue, and whispered, "Lie down, Billy. It's time you got acquainted with my quim."

"Quim?" I hadn't the word, yet.

Guided by her free hand, and kept horn-hard and pulsing by her other, I lay my back on the tasseled carpet's intricate patterns woven into it. Mavis positioned me near the table, which she used to help lower herself. She slicked her lips below, accidentally over my glans, while swinging one leg across me so that she knelt astride my chest, her ass-hole and seeping dot displayed unabashedly.

"That's a quim, Billy. A cunt, pussy, twat, snatch, slit, poontang, goody gulch." She separated the terms with tickles along the undersurface of my dick. I had heard some of those terms, but I think she made up the last one.

"My cunt's going to hang on tight while you jam your lovely dick in and out...."

I watched the double rows of thick, coffee colored lips, the outer set fringed with black, kinky hairs, twitch and palpitate beneath their coating of shiny moisture. Sudden, excess wetness oozed out to cover them and gather in the hair-packed creases at either side. In the lower end of the slot, partway into the triangle of thick hair, a pink nubbin had begun to peek out, like the tip of a tiny tongue.

"Ohhh, God!" Mavis blurted. "I ... I came! It's been so long, ... with another person, I...." Her head shuddered.

She raised her head, and after wrapping a hand around my swollen, simmering peter, looked back past her shoulder to the front door. "Do you like my quim, Billy?" She had asked before, but now that I could see it unfolding, perhaps she wanted reassurance. She held the head of my dick three inches from her dripping slit.

"It's like a flower - so pretty." I added. "So alive!"

She smiled at that. Then she was concerned. "It just seems that you're holding back, letting me decide this." She shifted away from the table and sat on the carpet. "I had the impression that you were more forward, " She lay back on the carpet beside me, spreading her legs, taking her hand off my peter. "But Mavis will do what it takes, today. I can't wait another cycle." She opened her arms to me, urging me up. "Now fuck me!" she hissed.

I did feel a little lost, off-balance would be a better word. I admit, now that I'm writing this, the color of her skin tilted my thoughts to be cautious. I didn't want to offend this sexy, desirable woman. It was the kind of caution that black comedians joke about, but at that moment, her open legs, offering her dark sex, sent me debating my best course of action. It would have been easier if we had been playing a game with rules all participants understood. Now I can laugh about it.

"Just put your dick in the hole, Billy." She cupped one tit, thrust the nipple at me. "You can even suck my tits while you fuck me, baby," she whispered, smiling.

I blushed, but having already sucked on her tasty mounds, it was easier to do the next thing. I crawled between her legs. My knees stopped between her thighs and I leaned down to fasten my lips on the pulsing bud. She wedged a hand between our bodies and grasped my eager tube of hot gristle sprouting from my pelvis. She steepled her knees, then craned her neck to watch the moment of contact.

Breathlessly, she felt and witnessed the blunt head touch her cunt lips. But then the picture blurred, as her whole body convulsed in an involuntary grab for more. "I need it, Billy!" An unexpected surge of her hips almost bucked me off, but she grabbed my buttocks, pulling me into coitus, and when her hips spasmed again, my cock plunged halfway in.

"Aaaaahh! Ohhhh! God, Billy! Yesss!" She greeted my swollen and surging prong in the heated embrace of her twat. I did not know at the the time, years had passed since she'd had a cock that hard inside her.

I was dizzy from this unique situation of baby making, but I started jerking forward, trying to drive my tingling prick deeper. My steaming nostrils vibrated her titty flesh. The suction and tongue-pressure on the nipple, made her torso twitch. My turgid, throbbing cock, was clutched by the kneading response of her inner tissues as we clutched and clung and caressed, palpitating wildly. I plumbed her oozing hole with vigorous strokes as my body took over from my unbalanced thoughts.

"Oooooh! M-mmore! Ahhhggh! Yes! Now-Uunheee-aaah!! "

With three battering thrusts, I drove my prick all the way in, slamming my pelvis onto her yammering clit and sparking a firestorm of sensation through her appreciative body. I fucked in earnest, jerking out half a length, then jolting it in again, deep ... her puss had room for extra length and girth, but my cock did not disappoint, and it was in her to its hilt, probing and bullying her: weeping wallowing goody-gulch, building another abundance of joy in her jittering nerve ends, so that any second now, any ditty-crushing stroke....

"Yes, Billy! Ball me! Hard! It's ... it's wonderful! Ohhh, yes! Fuck! Harder ... faster ... ohhh, I'm going to ... !!"

Words weren't words any more. We were just a hot-and-heaving, pulling-squeezing entwined mass of surging flesh. I was biting on her nipple, and the good pain pushed Mavis even closer to the top of a trajectory that soared beyond the ecstatic intensity of her earlier orgasm.

It felt so good to stuff her hot sleeve, repeatedly. She watched my cock as it appeared and disappeared in the hungry maw of her cunt. It was a beautiful sight, my strong shaft glistening with my saliva and cunt juices, and to watch it disappear as I humped my ass into her loins.

"Good, sooo goooodddddd," I moaned, as I started fucking her faster. Her hand grabbed my butt and forced the head of my cock into banging the entrance to her womb.

"Ahhhhhhh," Her juices flowed over my cock as I ground into her thick hair. Her vaginal muscles rippled a series of spasms, and I dug my fingers into her breasts as I shuddered at the sensation. I resumed sliding my cock in and out of her in a series of long thrusts that carried me almost out of her cunt before I drove my length back into her. Our bellies slapped together, and I grunted with pleasure each time I bottomed my cock in Mavis. By the stars, she was a good lay.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck, fuck, Billy," She pleaded, needlessly. I was hammering away regardless of the words that wailed from her throat. My ass rose and fell frantically as I threw my length into her in a steady tempo. I grunted each time my balls slapped against her exposed ass-hole.

"You've made me cum again and again, Billy!" Mavis called out. "Are you going to cum? Do you think so?" Her command of the situation slipped as she revealed the truth of her seduction. "I need you to cum deep. My husband fears he'll wrong a black child, because of his prejudice. Maybe if it's whiter, like you, he'll get over that fear. Give me a light skinned baby, Billy. It's my last hope to prove my love to Samuel, but I need you to cum!"

My pecker was thrusting like mad into the woman desperate for a kid. Later, Mom told me she had been raving. Ms. and Mr. Crocle would have loved any child born from her womb. At that moment, I was the only option. Her mind twisted the truth, to convince herself that she needed my cum to make a baby.

All this time, my mouth hadn't left her delicious titties, sucking them and switching nipples, my groans uttered between. I wanted to keep fucking and sucking, but her admission pierced the haze of pleasure suffusing me. She wanted me to cum. Her need tipped the bowling ball balanced on a ball bearing. Suddenly aware of the incredible pressure in my seminal bulb, and the heaving effort of my dick to sent it perfectly into the dark woman's body, I gasp loudly. My loins lurched precisely when my balls slapped her anus, pee pee thrust as far in as possible. My inner muscles clamped down and shot a blast of hot cum through the embedded cannon. I cried out, "AAAAAAHHH!!!!"

"THAT'S IT, BABY!!" She tugged on my ass to send my seed deep. "I feel you spraying your good stuff!"

My ass flinched, flinging a second glob of spunk into Mavis. A third followed immediately. She cried, "YEESSS!!!" Then, "I love you, Samuel!!"

My cum poured out like from a garden soaker, after three hearty throws, filling her snatch with thick goo. It wasn't my biggest load but more than half that. Seeding this desperate woman with the cum she needed to make her family whole felt wonderful. I wanted to kiss her, but when I tried, she caught my face with her hand and turned my lips away. "That's not for you, Billy, only my pussy is." She grinned. "And my big titties. You liked them, didn't you?"

I nodded and smiled, although unhappy that she would not let me kiss her. The last of my sperm oozed into her sex. I withdrew my softening penis, my brain swirling with pleasure, despite the let-down. "That was really good, Mavis."

"Mmmm." For me too." The woman suddenly lifted her legs. "Get that chair cushion and put it under my hips! I have to make sure your cum has every chance to breed me."

I fetched two from separate chairs and stuffed them under her backside. She grabbed her knees and hugged them, rocking and singing gently. "Come little baby, no don't you cry..."

I watched her coo and rock. Our smiles may have looked painted on, but they were sincere. This woman was working hard to let my cum find the egg in her fallopian tubes, to connect and share the gifts of our bodies with a new life. At one point, Mavis wrapped her nakedness with the robe, knees still high on her belly.

Not too many minutes passed before Ms. Crocle turned her eyes at me. "You've done your part, my unexpected stud. If I need you again, I'll ask your mother. I feel good about this. I don't think I'll have to ask her. She knows, right?"

I nodded. I was sure Mom knew more than I thought she knew. How much, I could only guess.

"You better go, Billy. Wait on the porch for your ride. If Samuel returns while you're waiting, tell him, I didn't want to be alone, and you stayed with me. He will return. I know my man, but maybe not until nightfall.

After I had dressed and had texted Tanya, I went outside. Ms. Crocle remained on the floor hoping for a miracle. The sky was gray, clouds. I walked across solid planks after closing the door. Below, two bicycles were locked together against the house.

Mr. Crocle sat there, his back against the bicycles, but otherwise in the same position as his wife, arms around his knees. His eyes were gaunt, staring at the road. He must have heard me exit, but he ignored me.

Sitting on the porch bench, with him below, would have felt weird. I stepped down and said, "Hello." I sat on a step.

"Mavis is a very kind woman." Mr. Crocle told the front yard.

I sensed I wasn't suppose to talk for real, but I told him what his wife had told me to say.

"She gets lonely because of me. I'm her trouble man. She doesn't deserve to love me."

His reply diminished the awkwardness I felt. Clouds drifted overhead. Orange and mango trees rustled in the warm breeze.

"Lord, why is love and sex such a burden when they're so vital to the living?" He sounded better then. Mr. Crocle put his hands on his knees and stood. He nodded at me and climbed the stairs.

The moment he went indoors, my watch lit up. Tanya was about to arrive. I went to to the curb and she drove up. She got out, hugged me, and opened the door. "I was wrong, Billy. You needed to be here - to save your Father."

I got in the car. "Does that mean I don't owe you a favor?"

"Of course you still owe it. A promise is a promise." She grinned and shut the door.

On the back seat was a damp cloth, a cleaning rag, I guessed. There was a smell in the cab, vaguely familiar. Tanya noticed me sniffing the cloth as she walked around the cab. "Oops!" She opened the opposite back door and took the cloth. Had she meant me to find it?

It had smelled like the taste of Mom's pussy.

During the drive home, I asked Tanya, "What will you want me to do?"

"I have to arrange a few things before I can be sure."

That was too ominous. I pouted when she wouldn't tell me more. She hugged me again when she let me out in front of Lady of the Lake apartments.

Our kitchen and main room were empty when I entered home. A little light shown from under the bedroom door. I went there and listened.

"Billy's home." Dad said.

"I can't stop thinking about them!" Mom answered passionately. Squishy noises followed.

"Hey, the poor thing has only so much life left in it! And consider Billy, he's bound to be listening."

"Then let's give him a performance. Mmmmm."

"Oh my." Dad breathed heavily after seconds of slurping. "You're a miracle worker, Faun."

"I think, 'Good Ol' Dad' is thinking about them too." Mom sounded scandalous.

Further squishy sounds sent me scurrying to the kitchen. I made a sandwich and got online using Dad's laptop. I once more searched for jobs that a teen could do. There was just too much junk to wade through. I emailed Jacqueline and Tara. I mentioned that Mr. Crumb, the diner owner wanted to talk with Tara. He said it was important. I also emailed Mrs. Abbey, asking about Shannon. Remembering what the teen had said about Arturio made me angry again. I nearly went to the market and gave him a piece of my mind.

The shower sounded from the bathroom, while I listened to the latest podcast of Darling Dimensions! My favorite character, of course, was Ms. Lagari's, Witch Chutney. The story treated her terribly, putting her in a coma after being zapped by the villain-of-the-day's mayonaise ray! I felt so sorry for my English teacher. She wouldn't have any lines until her character recovered! I posted a complaint in the podcast comments. I wasn't the first to have expressed my anger. I was so upset, I didn't hear Mom come into the kitchen.


I swiveled on the counter stool. "Mom!" I hopped off and hugged her.

"What's the matter?"

I didn't know. Too much was happening in my life. I felt like I was being pulled in many direction, all good directions it seemed, but I was only so much of a person. Samuel's words issued from my lips. "Why does love and sex have to be a burden?"

"Our natures put a lot of pressure on us, Billy. We evolved in hostile environments. Survival was no simple thing. The result, humans, have the luxury of choosing how to express our natures." Mom sounded a bit like Mr. Yong, my science teacher.

"There are too many choices." I complained softly.

"Would you like someone to choose for you?"

That didn't sound like a very adult thing. "Would you?"

"Sometimes, I like it very much. Your decision this afternoon was especially good for me." Mom kissed the top of my head. "But now, I'm making the choices. We have to get ready for tomorrow's client."

Oh, yeah. Freshly showered and dressed, Mom looked and acted like a billion dollars. We went to work. There wasn't much. The client, Ms. Louis, wanted a simple meal: roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans. Mom mentioned it was strange for someone to hire such an expensive service, to ask only for the least special meal. The client didn't want dessert or a special beverage, but she had paid for express service.

I scrubbed the potatoes, forked them, and wrapped them in foil. When they and the chicken Mom prepared, were baking in the oven. Mom sighed contentedly and helped me to clip tips from whole, green beans.

"Where's Dad?"

"Sleeping. I doubt he'll wake until morning. He'll be up and out of the house early tomorrow."

I wished again, to have spent more of the weekend with him.

"How well did you get along with Mavis?" Mom asked. "You seem a little stressed."

"That was fun, Mom." Normally, I didn't talk about the women I made babies with, but Mom had learned about them. I felt I could say a little more. I wanted to. "But it wasn't anything special." At least, for me, it hadn't been. "She didn't even let me kiss her." I realized I was still put off by that.

"Ah." Mom inhaled. "Mavis is not like the women you've told me about. She needed something very specific. Everything she gave to you was to ensure she got it. But she couldn't give everything you like. Some things would have hurt her."

"Huh." Mavis hadn't wanted to make babies in their bedroom either. I had come to like the sexy, black woman. I didn't want to hurt her. "She said she would talk to you if she needed me again."

"Really?" The information amused her. "There's a chance, by then, that I won't be able to give my consent."

When Mom spoke in vague terms, I knew I wouldn't get a straight answer from her. I finished clipping the beans and started rinsing them.

The chicken and potatoes wouldn't finish roasting for another half hour. There was a last question, one I had been suppressing. "What did Mr. Crocle do to you in their backyard, Momma?"

My beautiful mother stilled at the question. Her hands rested beside the cutting board littered with green tips. I thought she might blush, but the hairs on her skin prickled instead. "Billy..." She started but paused. " know I respect your private matters outside of family. Can you give me the same trust?"

"I should, Mom. I know." I felt bad, but I couldn't, not about this. I looked down. I couldn't face her. "But y-you have to tell me." I cringed inside, feeling like a baby suddenly. Her time with the Crocle's was supposed to have been something just for her. I ruined it.

"Samuel needed me to get him aroused, for his wife. I let him - put his fingers in me,..."

"No!" I blurted. Immediately, I said, "I-I'm sorry, Mom."

"I know, Sweetie. This is difficult for you, but you insisted. I, uh, also sucked on his erection, just a bit, but that was all. He went to Mavis right away."

My heart thudded. I never should have asked. The details were too much for my selfishness regarding Momma. I was learning to sense her vulnerable moments. I told myself to forgive her. I wanted to punish her.

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My thoughts returned to the night when I had made Mom suffer, for what Mr. Gorgev had done to her. That was his fault, not hers - I had rationalized. I took that rationalization forward. No doubt, Mr. Crocle was responsible for making Mom do naughty things. Mom is a very loving woman. She wouldn't want to blame them.

She had tried to blame herself, for being weak to Mr. Gorgev. Luckily I had found out the truth, if after punishing Mom. I needed to apply that truth to Mr. Crocle. From now on, I would give her the benefit of the doubt, especially if she informed me before doing something for herself.

I could only believe that her need for something outside of the family, stemmed from when I recently lost her trust. I had to earn it again. Mr. Crocle was a test, I believed. I also believed that the incident with Mr. Crocle had ended. He wouldn't need Mom again, since I would be the one to make a baby with his wife.

My unspoken magnanimity felt good in my chest, the right thing to do. Another part of me reminded of the promise she'd made, after I punished Mom by cumming on her dress to spite Mr. Gorgev. "This is mine, Momma." I had told her. "I marked you and this dress with my cum. Nobody can do this to you, ever again." She had replied, "Yes."

This morning she had told the boy, Jude, to ask for my permission to use her breasts. It now made more sense to me. I had marked them with my cum.

Mom bit her lip as she waited, trying to guess the thoughts going on behind my hurt expression.

I decided to give her a way out, a chance to express her innocence under the selfish influence of Mr. Crocle. "Did you like it?"

"Samuel is a handsome, sharp dressed man who is confident about everything except his wife." Mom started. She saw my face droop further. I had hoped she would give me a reason to blame everything on her abuser. "Billy, I worry that you want me say something untrue."

My lips scrunched up. I told myself, I wouldn't want her to lie. I was the one who needed to earn her trust. I swallowed as much of my pride as I could and managed to ask, "Why did you, uh, suck on-?" I couldn't say the rest.

Mom told the truth. "Hm, to make it hard for Mavis. He said his wife complained he was too soft at his best."

Suddenly a laugh blurted, parting my unhappy lips. Mavis had told me that too! Poor, Mr. Crocle. He deserved a limp peter for bothering my mom.

Mom didn't laugh with me. She remained in her vulnerable state.

Laughing wasn't appropriate for the situation. However, it helped to set aside some selfishness but not all of it. "Mom, will you tell me when you find something just for yourself again?"

"Do I need your permission?" She asked genuinely.

"I wish," I pouted. "but then I wouldn't give it. That would hurt you, right?"

She took my hand and brushed her cheek with the back of it. "Not right away." She nodded slowly, "But yes, it would eventually."

"You don't need Dad's permission?" I asked.

"He gives me his blessing." Her voice gave me the impression that she wasn't completely happy about that. Something clicked in my head. Mom didn't want complete freedom to pursue things just for herself.

"Momma," I frowned. "I won't ever give you my blessing, but you have to tell me."

"Yes, Billy. I'll tell you, each time." Something sparkled in her eyes.

It was time to earn a little trust. "Mom, I listened to your private talk with Jude, this morning. I'm sorry."

She took my hand in both of hers. She gripped it firmly. "Thank you for telling me. I know you like to eavesdrop, but there isn't anything private about me, that you can't know, Billy." She hinted at something larger than just listening in on her and Jude or her and Dad, but it was lost on me.

My wounded heart continued to wrestle with my desire to forgive Mom. "If I gave Jude permission, would that be something just for you?"

Mom nodded.

"Is that something you want?"

"Not particularly, but I am curious about him and his little obsession."

"He mostly likes the big ones." I joked. Mom smiled. "Mine aren't really big."

"They're not small." My mood lightened.

Mom chuckled.

Halfway between lighthearted and fretting, I told Mom, "I don't want to feel bad, when you do something just for yourself."

"I know, Honey." She raised my hand to her lips and kissed it. "Please understand, that today's first time for me, made me realize that I can't return the life I limited myself to with your father."

My mind twisted her words to mean, Mom needed men to do things to her. It took all of my painfully earned, self control not to lash out at her. She was telling me that I would have to suffer again, possibly many times, in the future. There had to be a solution. I felt tears pressing behind my eyeballs. I pulled my hand from hers and looked away. That was not a solution. I couldn't think of any.


"I-I almost punished you again, Momma. How do I stop myself, next time?" My revelation surprised me but not her.

"Maybe you won't." Mom asserted. Strength returned to her words. "But the only way you could ever hurt me, is to stop loving me."

"Never, Mom." I promised. I walked out of the kitchen. I didn't want her to see my tears.

I went to the couch and looked at my emails. Tara had replied.

Mom's phone rang. "Hello, Angela!" It was Ms. Colkick. When their conversation ended, Mom announced. "Another client hired us for next week!"

"That's great, Mom!" I opened Tara's email.

The oven timer sang out. Dinner was ready. "Billy, please set the counter."

"I got an email from Tara."

"I'll do it." Mom sounded suddenly vulnerable again.

"Wonderful father of my child, how I've missed you and the fun we have together!"

"Jacqueline and I won't have full leave in your city until next week, but this Wednesday morning, I will visit Mr. Crumb about his offer. Don't skip school to meet me, Jacqueline would be very jealous. Although I totally want you to skip school! But don't. Okay?


"How is she?" Mom asked.

I jumped up and took over setting table on the counter. "She's going to visit on Wednesday morning."

"Before school?"


"How will you see her?"

"Maybe I won't. She's gonna talk to the guy who owns the diner down the street."

"The one with the ludicrous name?"

"I guess." Boone's was the only diner I knew of in the area, but I didn't think his name was all that weird.

"I'll send an email to the Principal Agincourt, to excuse you on Wednesday. We will meet Tara after she talks with the diner's owner."

Mother hadn't yet had a chance to talk with the first mothers of my children. I dreaded that almost as much as I dreaded the next time she sought something just for herself.

"What about the dinner?" I pointed at the oven, hoping to change the subject.

Maybe she wanted it changed too. When your thirteen year old son is making babies with several women, it's best not to dwell on it. We sampled the test meal. It was perfect. We roused Dad and made him join us. He wandered in, pale, smiling, exhausted. His face woke up after his first bite. "MNLSCIUS!!" He garbled.

Once he had finished eating he smiled at Mom. "Ms. Louis is going to get her money's worth and more!" His skin looked flush and hale again.

Mom told him, "She had better, if she's not as rich as our previous clients."

"It's terrific, Mom!" I blurted.

Mom's head swung with some concern. "The new client also lives in an ordinary part of town.

"You got another one?" Dad welcomed the news. "That's fabulous!"

Mom smiled sheepishly.

Dad turned to me, to share the good moment. His eyes stilled, when they met mine. "Great news, huh Sport?" The glee in his voice mellowed. Had I made him sad somehow?

"Yeah, Dad."

"This calls for more..." He stood up. "...sleep!" He winked at Mom and wandered back into the bedroom.

"I'll store the leftovers, and wash up everything."

"Thanks." Mom came and hugged me. "I'm so sorry, Billy, for this afternoon."

"I know, Mom."

She followed Dad into the bedroom. I focused my thoughts on mundane tasks.

Shannon texted me while I was making my bed for the night. "Arturio wants me to go to him, two or three times this week. What should I do?"

"Do your best to delay him. I'm gonna talk with Mrs. Shahidi and her little creep. I'll let you know right away. I promise not to get you in trouble."

"I hope not, Billy. I trust you."

That meant a lot to me, coming from a girl I thought was dumb, at first, until I met her and found that she wasn't really dumb, until she told me she had shoplifted, and now I was reconsidering. "How's your Mom?"

"She says the house felt lonely and empty without you. I tried to play a game with her, but she just lectured me. I am curious. What is your family going to do with all the extra rooms?"

I felt sad for Mrs. Abbey. It had been her playhouse, but soon she would give the keys to my parents and the Colkicks. "I don't know."

"Good night. Sleep well"

"You too."

I found that I had a new email, from Mrs. Guthrie.

"I've given up, Billy. I'll have to move out of the city. I can't find a single, nice place within my price range. I promise to see you before I move, maybe a couple times, if you want."

I was about to reply, "That would be great!" when I suddenly had the answer to Shanon's question. I put more effort into my reply email, but basically I told her, "Hey, Mrs. Guthrie, I think I know of a place." I couldn't promise it, but I was sure I could make it happen.

I slept very well, that night.

Dad roused me. "Son, we have to talk." It was just twilight outside. 5AM, I guessed.

"Huh?" My bleary eyes creaked open.

"Your mother probably already discussed the matter, but I need to talk guy stuff with you." Dad was still in his pajamas.

"What matter?"

"It's about Mavis Crocle. I know what you did for her."

Of course Dad knew. Did he want me to recite the naughty details?

He gripped my hand and shook it, "It took a lot of guts to pinch hit for your old man. I would have made a mess of things."

"Uh, nah, Dad. She would have been happy with you."

He scratched the back of his neck before shaking his head. "I'm too racist to know how to comfort a black woman, without insulting her. I'm glad you were able to keep company with her, until her husband returned."

Was that all Dad thought I had done with Ms. Crocle, sit with her?

"You're a champ, Billy." He kissed the side of my head and went into the bathroom. I was too tired to find anything funny in his misconception about my attempt at conception with Mavis Crocle.

I woke a second time to the smell of warming leftovers. "You can come home after school. We don't need to be at Ms. Louis' until 5:30 or later. It's not far - Tanya says fifteen minutes, even in rush hour traffic. The client won't eat until 7pm."


I went to school with a tummy and lunch sack full of meatloaf. I arrived in Ms. Hennifer's classroom fifteen minutes before first period. I went to her, set my lunch on her desk, and hugged her. "I don't know what to do."

She looked around her empty room before returning my hug. "Did I hear the door lock?"

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Tell me, Billy." Her arms wrapped tighter around me. "I-I've missed our times together, so much."

"I can't tell you everything, but I'm afraid I'll hurt my Mom."

"You mustn't do that, Billy."

"I know, but, and I can't say why, but I get mad at her."

"Does she know?"

"Uh huh." I nodded, my face brushing up and down the side of a breast. "I worry that she'll let me hurt her."

"When did you last get mad at her?"


"Maybe it's not too late." She pulled a phone out of her pocket and dialed. I waited, confused. Was she calling Mom? "Shoona, listen, I need a favor. You have to take my class this morning. I don't care if ye is about to eat breakfast. Git over here."

Three minutes passed. I kept hugging Ms. Hennifer. My peter was rampant by that time. I'm sure she noticed it pressing her thigh, but she only hugged me back and cooed into my ear. "I thought you wouldn't forgive me for what we did to you on Friday."

"Huh?" I looked up, in case her facial expression could explain the strange comment.

Ms. Laghari knocked on the door. My math teacher released me and let my English teacher into the room. "What's this-" Ms. Laghari saw me. "Oh." She scowled at her colleague. "Are you going to do what I think?"

"I need the key, Shoona."

"I need a better reason than Master Androni's special attentions."

"She's going to help me to not hurt my mom!" I actually got the grammar right.

"Billy." Ms. Laghari stared at me. "We should discuss this together." She worried for me. "I respect Gloria, but I don't agree with her method. Let me explain what I can offer instead."

"There isn't time." Ms. Hennifer looked at the clock.

"There isn't time!" I pleaded.

The beautiful Pakistani woman fished into her handbag. "I do this under protest." She took a key off a ring of keys and handed it to Ms. Hennifer. "We will have words." She looked at me. "Bring your lunch to my room, Billy, today. I'll be waiting."

"There's lecture notes on my desk, Shoona."

"I'll be fine. My ancestors invented zero, after all."

I followed Ms. Hennifer to the parking lot. Along the way she called my history teacher, Mr. Glouvert. "Billy has permission to be out of class, today." She hung up immediately after informing him. "He's a good man, Douglas, but he accepts my words far too trustingly."

I briefly imagined that he might be Ms. Hennifer's boyfriend, but that didn't feel right.

She unlocked her red, sports car, and we climbed in. "I'm glad I didn't get the convertible model." The doors shut, and we were isolated from students milling around. She gunned the engine to life. The car proceeded to crawl along with the line of crossover vehicles dumping off children. "Shoona is right to complain, Billy. If she thinks she can help you, then I think she can. You should consider her offer."

"I'll see her."

"Okay, but you can back out of this. You know that, right?"

"No." I pouted. "I want it to be you."

"Please, Billy," Her voice quavered. "Don't say that, for your sake."

When we reached the empty warehouse, she, got out and unlocked the shed's door with Ms. Laghari's key. We went inside and she locked the exit.

On the floor, lay her cracked paddle.

"It's broken." I pouted again.

"No, Billy, it's more dangerous now." She walked forward and retrieved it. The crack running half it's length looked sharp. "Tell me again, why you want me to do this."

"I get angry at Mom. She knows what she does makes me angry. She can't help herself. She might really need to do those things. I know that, but it's so hard to forgive her!" My eyes misted.

Ms. Hennifer used her full command voice. "That chair, Billy." She pointed at an older style without wheels. "Take its arms in your hands and lean over, pushing out ye behind for me, Lad. Recall bein' mad at your Mom, yesterday."

"Yes, Ms. Hennifer. Should I take down my pants?" I hurried to present myself properly to her.

"Not this time. I don't want to cut your skin." She stepped up beside me.

A pregnant silence emptied the room.


"OOWW!!" The split wood bit into my behind.

"Think about being mad at your mother."

"Nhh, yes, Ma-am." I recalled when Mom said she had sucked on Mr. Crocle's peter, "...just a little bit." That made me so angry.

SMASH! "Your mother loves, you, Billy."

"OWWW!!" My other bun felt the bite of her cracked weapon. "How many do I need?"

"As many as it takes, my beautiful lad." Ms. Hennifer sounded delighted. "Until you can't be angry anymore."

"I don't want to be."

"I can't help you if you don't try as hard as you can."

"I'll try." I imagined Mom sucking on Mr. Crocle's black dick. "NO, MOM!" I shouted.

SMASH! The board hit so hard, I thought it might have drawn blood through my shorts and underclothes.

"YYYIIIEEEE!!!" I yelled.

"A good boy is suppose to love his mother."

"But I want to be a good man."

SMASH! "You're a fool, Billy. You can't be a man until you've been a good boy." Ms. Hennifer's voice raised pitch, as if gleeful. SMASH!

"YOWW!!! YOOOWWW!!" She was hitting too hard!

"Are you still angry?"

I changed my image to Mr. Crocle sticking his fingers up Mom's pussy. Mom is smiling, closing her eyes and enjoying it. "YES!" I cried.


"AAAAAAAAAaaa!!" I screamed. The board broke in two against my pummeled butt.

"OWW!" My punisher cried out when the board splintered in her hand. "Keep up your anger, Billy. A smaller paddle is going to feel worse. I may just hit you with the sharp edge!" She sounded extra excited at the possibility.

Mom is pulling out Mr. Crocle's penis. Its getting hard in her hand. "That feels good. He tells her."  She says, "I know."

THWACK! The smaller area of the broken board concentrated the impact. "AAA!!" I screamed.

"Your hand is making me feel good." Mom leans into him. Her hand slowly jacks on his big penis.

"I want to make you cum, Faun." ... "Oh, please, Sam!"


I howled. "THAT'S TOO HARD!"

"But you're still angry, aren't you." Ms. Hennifer was goading me. She had reached that special zone, the one she hated, knowing that she was going too far but loving the power of it, like a gambler who can't quit. THWACK!

"You're tearing me up!"

"Nah, ye can take it, Laddie!" THWACK!

I struggled to stay angry at Mom. I was starting to get angry at Ms. Hennifer.

"Oh, you're making me cum, Samuel!" Mom is grinding her hips on the wicked man's hand." ... "Good, woman, now you can suck me."


I shrieked and my knees buckled.

"Stand up, Laddie. Don't ye disappoint me!"

The fire in my ass shot flames through my spine and weakened me. I shook as I slowly raised my bottom to catch her powerful arcs.

Mom falls to her knees, half devastated by the orgasm the black man had given her, half eager to put his growing dick into her mouth.


My vision blanked for a second. Lancing pangs shut down my sight. I shouted as loud as possible but my voice couldn't express the agony Ms. Hennifer thrashed into me.

"How abut now, Laddie?"

"More, please!" I should have begged my torturer to stop, but I had to try my best.

"Mmmm." It tastes so good to her, Mr. Samuel's cock. He puts his pussy slick fingers under Mom's nose. So she can smell her own excitement. "You've got a great mouth, Slut. Suck it harder!"

"STOP IT, MOMMA!!!!" I exploded!

THWACK!!! "THAT'S IT, LADDIE!!" THWACK!! "You have to LOVE her, or you'll keep suffering!" THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!!

I was bawling and screaming. My butt was falling apart as she kept swinging that narrow length of wood, cracking it upon my britches. My mind blanked. My vision blurred. "I-I love you, Momma." I squeaked, passing out.

The world moved under me. Some one was singing. I didn't know the language. It was beautiful. I fell asleep.

"You have to wake up, Billy." Ms. Hennifer spoke sharply. She was rocking, cradling me in one of the chairs without arms. My feet touched the ground. My ass hung just over one of her thighs, burning.

She was a sight. Had she been crying?

"We can't do this ever again, Billy."


"I'll cripple you, next time." Fresh sobs overcame her.

"But you love me, Ms. Hennifer."

"I love hitting you more." She sniffled. "And in this room, where I betrayed you."

"You didn't!" I objected.

"I believed my co-workers, I was sure you would rape Caroline for real, and I would have to punish you, for the last time. Afterwards, you would have meant nothing to me. I failed to believe in you, when I could have helped you overcome your desire. But I betrayed you and agreed to their demon bargain."

"No!" I reached up. Every move shot pain from my butt. I touched her wet cheek. "You trained me to resist selfishness. I believe in you, Ms. Hennifer."

"I thought when my board had broken, that was the end." She didn't accept my opinion.

"I thought so too, but I needed it today, and you came here for me."

"I lost control again. No, Billy. This is finished." She kicked one half of the paddle. It skidded across the concrete floor.

"It's not over, Ms. Hennifer." I drew upon the anger I had felt for her. She had lost control, but we had made our own devil's pact. "Don't forget what I have to do now."

"Billy?" She had forgotten. "Oh- No, Billy. I know I promised, but last time it nearly drove me crazy. I was sure you had gotten me pregnant. It was all I could think of. My teaching suffered. It started to smell, and I got a yeast infection." She pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hennifer, but you have to believe in me, now."

"I want to, but that week was a nightmare."

I pushed her hands off of me. I used her thighs to push myself up from her lap. I managed to stand by holding the back of her chair. I could feel blood engorging my penis. It knew what was going to happen. I couldn't let her break her promise. I warned her, "I would love to make a baby with you, someday."

"Billy!" She growled. "Never!"

"I'll do it today, if you don't keep your promise."

"You wouldn't rape me, Billy." She didn't sound confident.

"No- Ooohh!" A wave of burning flashed through me. "I won't have to, will I."

The sturdy, compelling features of Ms. Hennifer's face softened. "I- I can't let you inside me."

"But you would, because you want me to take away your guilt."

"It would destroy me."

"That's why we decided on what I did last time, to punish you."

"No, please, Billy." Tears returned to Ms. Hennifer's eyes.

"You have it coming, don't you?"

"Y-yes, Billy." He head drooped.

"Now ask me, Ms. Hennifer."

"I-I can't."

"Ask me." I started unfastening my fly. My peter pushed at it, through my boxers.

"Please, Billy." Her head hung lower. "Please cum in my panties."

"I will, Ms. Hennifer. I promise. I love you."

"Please don't make me pregnant." She muttered while unclasping her pants.

I inched my shorts and underwear very slowly over my inflamed buttocks. "I can't promise that." I told her.

Our lower clothing hit the floor at the same time. She looked so sexy and vulnerable sitting in that chair, wearing only a blouse and underwear. My dick jutted at her distraught face.

"I-I could suck you, Billy, instead."

"That would feel wonderful, Ms. Hennifer, but that's not what you need."

"Please don't make me pregnant."

"Tell me what you need." I reached down and pulled the front of her panties away from the thatch of golden hair behind it. Her puss was more beautiful than I remembered.

"I need you to cum in my panties, Billy. I hurt you, and I'll hurt you again, if you don't punish me with what I fear most."

"You had to punish me four times, before I stopped taking advantage of women. I will cum in your panties for as many times as it takes until you can control yourself."

"Th-thank you, Billy." She was weeping again.

"Open your top for me and pull up your bra."


"Don't argue. I want to cum faster this time. I love sucking your breasts." I hobbled between her open thighs, and I knelt just enough to place the tip of my peepee behind one thigh band. Her hips flinched at first contact. My penis slipped out.

"I can't deny you anything after what I've done." She unbuttoned her blouse carefully but efficiently.

I tucked the tip of my peter father behind her crotch panel. Again she shivered, but I was ready.

Ms. Hennifer pulled her cream white tits out of her bra, and they mounded forward, firm and ready. I took one of her hands and wrapped its fingers around my prick. I whispered in her ear. "Make me cum." I leaned down further. The effort it took to bend over and crouch at the same time was incredible, after my ass's harsh abuse. I was determined! My mouth opened and I sucked her rubbery nipple into my pained expression. I sighed then, our situations on the verge of reversing. Her hand began to jerk my rigid pole.

"Mmmm." I marveled at the taste of her pert boobs. It was like I was sucking on them and pressing my dick into her nest of hair for the first time.

"Please don't make me pregnant." She prayed.

I managed to stand in that crazy crouch and suck on her titties for agonizing minutes. Her hand sped up, but she didn't jerk me like crazy. She steadily sent happy feelings into the area opposite of the one that hurt so bad.

"That feels great." I stopped sucking and whispered encouragement.

"Oh, Billy, I'm so sorry I hurt you again. I-I deserve this." She was submitting to the necessity of making me cum.

"You're gonna make me cum?"

"I will, Billy, into my panties. I'll wear your cum for a week. I don't care if I get infected again. I did so much worse to you."

I kept sucking on her firm breasts and their nipples. I ran my fingers through her hair, and I stroked the sides of her body. I drew her free hand to my mouth and I sucked on her fingers.

"Mmmmm. Oh, Billy, I want it. I want you to cum!" She pleaded.

I was almost there. Something about the pain in my ass spurred my arousal like nothing else. "I will, Ms. Hennifer."

"Now?" Her hand flashed faster along my dick.

"Nnghh!" I grunted. My pelvis shuddered.

"I can feel it!" She delighted anew. "It's pulsing." Then she groaned unhappily, full realization of what her week would be like.

And I came. My balls shot bolts of hot goo behind the thick, cotton panel. I counted, four, five, six. A final gush of melty fluid poured into her crotch, soaking her hair, her panties, and the pout of her vulva.

"Nooo!!" She wailed. "You're gonna make me pregnant!" Her worst nightmare had begun again. She was weeping when my penis flushed the last of my eager semen into her panties.

I pulled out of her underwear, careful to keep as much of my cum as I could, between soaked cotton and her vulnerable flesh.

Sadness returning to her deserving frame, she pointed at her handbag. "Lotion."

I searched and found the bottle she'd had foresight to bring. I made her rub the soothing cream over my bottom while my cream sought, against all odds, to ignite her engine of creation.

When I dared to put my pants back on, we left the shed and returned to her car. I had to sit without my bottom touching the seat. We barely made it back in time for second period classes.

I asked Mr. Yong, if I could stand during class, in back.

"You don't have to give me a reason, Billy. Thank you for asking, but you can stand whenever you like, as long as you don't block the other students." He had always been a bright light in class, but that day he seemed happy in a way he hadn't before.

After seating herself, Kelly kept her eyes forward, but when she entered the science room, she couldn't help but notice.

In the last period of the morning, Ms. Hennifer let me stand and work on a counter in back. She didn't once look at my work, nor did I ask her to check it. I'm sure I earned poor marks that day. Although they weren't the worst marks I had received that day.

I shuffled my way down the hall, after math. Steve strolled up to me, his friends nowhere in sight. "Mom and Ms. Nurhea really want you to come again, tomorrow afternoon."

"Do you?"

"I guess. I'm sorry I hated on you. If this makes up for it, then good on me."

"Are you getting along better with Trish?"

"No." He glowered. "But kinda, maybe?" He looked away. "I gotta go." And he took off.

I made it to Ms. Laghari's room. She was waiting for me at the door. She locked it behind me and warned, "Gloria took an awful risk this morning."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm not sure you are, but if you understood the bigger situation better, I believe you would be. You really proved yourself, last Friday."

"Why did you want me to see you?"

"I need to assess what Gloria did you, Billy."

"I don't want to show you."

"Eh, I can't force you. In fact asking you to drop your pants could get me fired."

I tried to smile, but I was hurting too much. "I could kiss you again."

"You look terrible, Billy. Please let me see. I bet, if you showed the school nurse, she would have to call the police."

I relented. After I dropped my pants, she grimaced at the sight of my ruined flesh. "You have to stop letting her do this to you."

"I won't."

"This is madness. My spirit is screaming from looking at it." She shook her head. "Please, Billy, I promised to help you learn about loving sex. This is the farthest from that."

"I don't care." I pouted fiercely.

"Does your mother know the extent of your injuries?"

I nodded, but I grew sad. Mom did know. She lamented my punishment as much as Ms. Laghari.

The bond I had with Ms. Hennifer was unshakable. I would let my math teacher punish me, right up until Mom took that permission away from her. I didn't tell Ms. Laghari. She would have been on the phone to Mom in a heartbeat.

"Can you meet me at the warehouse shed after school?"

I told her, "No." I had something more important to do.

Ms. Laghari didn't dare keep me long. After I dressed, she unlocked the door and let me go. Across the hall, stood Kelly. A giant grin cleft her face. She took off, scurrying down the hall.

"Now that could be a complication." Ms. Laghari sighed.

The rest of my day was much simpler. It sucked. I couldn't concentrate in English. She let me stand in the back of her class, but I could only think of the mischief that Kelly was doubtlessly planning or worse, enacting. I had to beg off from working out, in Mrs. Lum's class. Darrin let me stand too, but he made me sing a solo, and then he made me the subject of that class's drawing. "It was too good an opportunity." He explained. He did have the class thank me, but my solo sucked worse than that afternoon.

I wanted to bolt away from school, at the end of the day, but I had to settle for a slow walk. Kelly caught up to me before I was out of sight of school grounds.

"Billy, please talk to me."


"I don't care what you were doing with Ms. Laghari. I won't tell anyone. I promise."

It was a dumb promise, made by an even dumber girl. I couldn't walk any faster without blurting out in pain. "Go away." I spoke calmly, against the anger inside me.

"I won't. I want to know why you won't talk to me." She pouted then. "I'm pretty and I'm smart. I get better grades than you. I have more friends that you. Why won't you like me?"

She had friends? I thought I had her then, "You're not my type."

"Oh." She quieted, for one second. "What type do you like?"

I walked instead of talked.

"Oooo. You make me angry." She was a master pouter. I'll give her that. Abruptly, she looked very curious. "Is Ms. Laghari your type?"

"N-no." I sputtered. "You dumb girl. I only kissed her to get you off my back." If Ms. Hennifer didn't exist, Ms. Laghari would my type - my first choice.

"Hmmm." She scrutinized my expression.

I tried to look blank. The pain my bum helped loads.

"I think maybe she is." She prodded.

"If you're so pretty and popular why don't you bug a popular, pretty boy?"

"They're mean." Suddenly she frowned. "All the teachers like you. Most girls hate that but they don't know what I know." She lured.

"I don't care. Find somebody else."

"I would, but I found you first." That utterance, I didn't understand at all. Kelly then grinned. Her capacity to show one face after another was nearly as confusing as her words.

"I'm going to tell you a secret, Billy. You can't tell anyone."

"What if I do?"

"Then, I'll be really, really sad." They were the most sincere words she had uttered during that interminable trudge.

I didn't hate her. I kept quiet.

"My mom wants me to find a boy to bring home."

"She likes to cook for your friends?"

"Don't be sexist." She pursed her lips to one side. "Mom wants me to have sex, safe sex."

I laughed! My convulsing lungs invoked pain after pain from my aching butt, but I couldn't stop! I was the least safe boy in the city!

"You're just as mean as the rest!" She blurted. I thought she might stick out her tongue at me.

"I won't tell." I countered. I didn't want to be the bad guy. "But you don't want me, you just want a boy toy."

"Mom won't let me have toys." She didn't get my insult. She pouted again. "She says I have to enjoy myself the natural way, for at least a couple more years."

I didn't care about her mother or her lack of toys. We had reached Mrs. Shahidi's market. "I have to talk to the owner." I warned her. "You can't come-" I stopped talking.

Kelly glared at me. She knew something was up.

Inspiration gripped me. "Kelly, how bad do you want to bring a boy home?"

Her eyes lit up at this possible crack in my armor. "Real bad, Billy. Mom says I need to start experimenting with boys. She said I could experiment with girls too, but that's yucky." She stuck out her tongue.

"You better want it really bad, Kelly. I can't promise anything, but something might just work out." I nodded at the shop entrance.

The sly girl reverted to scrutinizing my expression.

I didn't care and went inside. "Hi, Mrs. Shahidi."

"Hello, Billy. What are you looking for today?" There were two other customers. One wore a veil that covered her entire head. The other was boy I'd seen in one of my classes. We hadn't talked. The market lady asked, "Who's your friend?"

Kelly had followed me. "I'm Kelly."

"You look very sweet, Kelly. Welcome to my shop. I am Mrs. Shahidi."

"Uh huh." She nodded. She had heard me call the name.

"What can I get for the two of you?"

Her insinuation rankled me. I wasn't 'with' Kelly. "I have to talk to Arturio."

"He's still at school. Can I give him a message?"

The boy approached the counter, to buy a bag of gummy worms. He avoided eye contact.

"Is this all?" Mrs. Shahidi eyed the boy as if she suspected something. That was uncharacteristic of her. She charged him three dollars. I remembered, that candy was only two. The boy paid with coins and low grumbles.

After he left, I went behind the counter. Kelly stopped at the gap. I asked, "Mrs. Shahidi, has Arturio told you about his girlfriend?"

The buxom, heavyset woman blanked at my question. She then blinked free of her reaction and spoke in her native language, to the other customer in the shop.

"Yes, Mother." The woman nodded and went outside. She carried out a box of noodles, obviously without paying. Before leaving, she turned the open sign around to show the shop was closed.

I blinked at the event. "Is she your daughter?"

"Oh heavens no." A smile returned to Mrs. Shahidi's face, a jovial one. "Some of the Sisters call me that."

The mysterious sounding label was lost on me. "I want to make a trade."

"A trade?"

"Arturio's girlfriend doesn't like him anymore. She want's to break up, but he won't let her."

A frown slowly crossed the big woman's face. "What aren't you telling me, Billy?"

Kelly's head swiveled from the shopkeeper to me and back and forth. I couldn't tell if she was fascinated or leery.

"That's not mine to tell, but I have a solution." I pointed at Kelly.

"Me?" My persistent pest flinched.

Mrs. Shahidi was as shrewd as Tanya when it came to quick evaluations of people. "Does Kelly know what you're talking about?"

"No." I stood my ground. "But she doesn't care. She wants what I'm going to trade for."

Kelly took a step back. A flurry of confusion crossed her face. But she clung to her one obsession, me. She saw the dare in my eyes. She couldn't refuse, worried that I might find her lacking. She turned a stern expression to Mrs. Shahidi and nodded.

"Tell me again, Billy, precisely what you want to trade."

I had to word it extremely carefully, or I would piss off both of them. "If Arturio frees his girlfriend, I'll ask Kelly to take her place."

"Kelly is too young to be my son's girlfriend." Mrs. Shahidi tried to shut the deal down with a killer reason.

"Is he in college or something?" Kelly was a fighter. I'll give her that. She didn't back down.

Mrs. Shahidi stood silent for a moment. I swear she was stifling massive laughter. "Did Billy not tell you?"

"No." Kelly aimed knife eyes at me.

"My son is in fifth grade."

"What?" Kelly blurted! "And I'm too young?" Days later I was struck by her reaction. Instead of reviling Arturio's age, for a potential boyfriend, she had focused on proving herself to the adult woman.

"Only someone with great maturity can handle my selfish son." Mrs. Shahidi meant Shannon. Her comment clearly meant that the religious woman was complicit in the high school girl's entrapment. I had to act, or my strange plan would fail.

"I don't believe you, Mrs. Shahidi." I stepped up to her. The burning in my bottom could not best the burning in my brain. "I think you lost what made you humble. I'm going to teach you not to be rude to Kelly, now." I clutched the middle of her skirt, and began raveling the material upwards. I warned Kelly, "You can leave, if this bothers you."

The middle school girl's eyes expanded, not from fear but fascination. "Billy, I never imagined you could do something like that!"

"Stop this, Billy. I shall not be kind, if you don't." She pushed against my busy hands exposing her undergarment.

I challenged her. "You don't want to stop me, Mrs. Shahidi. You once told me that you needed Arturio to keep you in the grace of humbleness. Now he has a girlfriend. Has he been neglecting you?"

The boy's mother's eyes burned with the truth. "Please, no. You would humble me, in front of your friend?"

"She's not my friend." I bet Kelly pouted at that, but she was bound to learn my preferred type eventually. This way, she would become an accomplice of sorts. I swiped the woman's hands away from mine and completed pulling up her dress and long slip. The only thing left protecting her modesty was a sturdy pair of panties. They had not protected her from me before. They wouldn't this time.

"Please, go." Mrs. Shahidi told Kelly. Her eyes began to glisten. She knew she could not stop me from humiliating her, or in her words, humbling her. I reached between her chunky thighs and slipped my fingers behind a leg band of her panties. Her hips trembled.

"Nuh uh." Kelly crossed her hands over her flat chest. "I didn't go when Billy told me, I'm not going now. It just starting to get interesting!" She grinned at me.

At that moment, I briefly considered that, maybe, Kelly could be my friend someday. I dismissed the thought and focused on the hot, furry cleft between Mrs. Shahidi's thighs. Her pelvis lurched as my hand pushed two fingers into her vulva. I felt some wetness there. I slowly wiggled the tips of my fingers.

"Mmmgghh." She grunted. "This not right, Billy." The plump woman's eyes escaped Kelly's stare. She looked at the door, but no customers would save her. She had told the "Sister", to close her shop, expecting a brief, semi-private chat with me about her son. Instead my hand was inching up her heavily concealed sex. She was getting wet from my gentle fondling. Her tan face reddened.

"You deserve to feel shame, Mrs. Shahidi. Your son is too selfish. He does mean things to his girlfriend. You should keep a better grip on him." Now that the woman was lubricating, I felt around behind her hairy lips for the entrance to her vagina.

"My son is willful and disobedient, but he is so happy with her. He is young, and the young need room to find themselves." Finding the inner pucker, I pressed two finger tips, spreading it apart. Mrs. Shahidi's belly shook, and she murmured, "Nooo."

"By hurting other people?" I wriggled my fingers higher into her sensitive cavity. She was getting very wet. Her juices collected in the palm of my hand.

"I do not want that. Nngghh." She gasp. "She should not return, if he treats her badly."

I considered that Mrs. Shahidi did not know of Shannon's attempted theft, and that her son was blackmailing the girl. I dared not reveal it, for my Shannon's sake. I wasn't sure it mattered. Mrs. Shahidi's problem with Arturio went far deeper than letting him prey on a mostly innocent, high school girl. My thumb found the turgid bud of her sex. I rubbed it while my fingers waggled deeper.

Her body shook and she closed her eyes. "Mmmmmmm." Was she orgasming? Or was it shamed that rocked her?

"You need this, Mrs. Shahidi, but you wish it was your son's hand pleasuring you."

"There is no pleasure." She groaned when my thumb suddenly jittered across her special nub. "You are shaming me."

"Are you going to make her cum, Billy?" Kelly eyes had glazed over, watching me humble the attractive despite being heavy set, large woman.

"I might stop, if you tell the truth." I ignored the dumb girl's question. I had to keep pressuring this weak mother of a wicked child.

"Please, stop, Billy." Her face was grimace of embarrassment.

"Tell me the truth, about Arturio. You are so wet. How long has it been?" I started slipping my fingers in and out of her dripping snatch.

She sniffed and moaned. "Mmmmm. t-two weeks. He takes the girlfriend into his room, upstairs. When she leaves, she is sad."

"She was crying, yesterday. Arturio did something cruel to her."

"I-I don't want to know. He has someone else. That is sad enough for me."

"You need to put your foot down, with Arturio. Tell him that Kelly will be his girlfriend."

"I don't know." Suddenly, Kelly voiced her opinion. "Ten years old, and he sounds like a baby."

"My son is foolish, Kelly, but he can be a good boy."

"But not a good boyfriend." I kept fucking my fingers into the wet hole. Mrs. Shahidi's hips began grinding against my manipulations. My thumb rubbed her clit harder.

She groaned. "Oohh, Billy, I am sorry for the girl, but he is my son. I fear, if I interfere, he will not return to me. Unnhhh." Another groan interrupted. "Hhhh-how will a different girl change that?"

"Kelly will treat him like you should treat him, Mrs. Shahidi." I glanced back at my classmate. She had one hand in her skirt. She was keen for what I was doing to Mrs. Shahidi. "Won't you?"

"Billy, this is really strange, but I want to meet her son. He sounds awful, but all this is making me feel so tingly!" She gasp. Her hand was moving quick in her skirt.

"She is too young." Mrs. Shahidi again complained about Kelly's age. "My son will be too strong for her. He is too strong for your friend."

"You have to trust me, Mrs. Shahidi. Arturio will be tamed, and Kelly will make sure he does not neglect you."

The girl's eyes boggled. "Y-you mean...?" She grunted "Nnnnggghhh! That's crazy and amazing! He does what you're doing?"

I nodded. "She is his toy." I said it plainly. My hand fucked the shopkeeper steadily. "Aren't you, Mrs. Shahidi?"

"No, please. I must not agree."

Kelly moaned in contemplation. "Mmmmmm... If she is his toy, and I make him mine..." She closed her eyes and her body climaxed. "Aaa-aaaahh- AAAA!!"

Mrs. Shahidi convulsed again. She could not restrain herself. "OOOOHHHHH BILLY!!! YOUR HAND!!!" Juices poured down my plunging extremity, almost as much as when Ms. Laghari squirted. "I am so ASHAMED!!" The old woman bucked her loins upon my fierce groping. She came like never before. It was especially amazing to make the older woman cum in front of Kelly. I took a perverse pride into showing off my power to the dumb girl who couldn't stop from playing with herself.

Kelly came a second time when Mrs. Shahidi cried out. "You make it very nasty, Billy!"

I pulled my hand out of the lady's quivering cunt and displayed her juices. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Shahidi, but I had to do that, to save my friend." The woman's dress fell back in place.

She sniffled. "I will speak with Arturio." She looked at Kelly. "Are you sure - you will share him?"

Kelly slumped against the counter. "Wow. I haven't even met your son, Mrs. Shahidi. I don't think I will like him, but if I can take him home, every now and then, I don't care if I do."

"Can you stay for a while? I want to get to know you." She meant Kelly. "I never did with his old girlfriend. I was too jealous."

"Uh, can I call my mom?" My class stalker asked.

"Yes, little sweet water." Mrs. Shahidi pulled the store phone out from under the counter. It was an old thing, but I guess she didn't really need a cell phone. She lived and worked in the same building.

I suspected I was the third wheel at that point, which suited me. I let Kelly pass. She smiled at me, blushes in her cheeks. "How crazy am I to agree to be a girlfriend to a boy I haven't met?"

"How crazy is your mom to tell you to bring boys home?" I crept out from behind the counter. "Think of it this way. Arturio is too young to cum. He's the safest boyfriend you could have." I went to the door. "Thank you, Mrs. Shahidi."

"I am very sorry, Billy. I did not expect you could help me. I am grateful." Mrs. Shahidi bid me with a hopeful smile. Her eyes darted away briefly. The red in her face seeped down her neck. "Y-you can come again - please." I knew what she meant.

As I walked away from Mrs. Shahidi's market, I suddenly realized, the pain in my behind had faded. It hadn't left, but somehow, by playing with the woman's puss, I had set pain aside. Ms. Laghari had mentioned last week, that doing good can detach your suffering. I hadn't imagined that it was also true in a physical sense.

I arrived home from school, an hour late. Mom dashed over when I entered the apartment. "Oh, Billy. Ms. Hennifer told me." Her hug conveyed her worry about me, more than her words.

"I'm okay, Mom." I returned her hug. "It just stings a little."

"Gloria begged me to revoke my permission to correct you however she sees fit."

"No, Mom. Don't, please. I-I need her."

"Let me see." Mom released me.

Taking down my pants was easier. The pain kept ebbing, but the welts across my backside alarmed her. "How could she do this to you?" They were the darkest bruises she'd ever seen.

"I wanted her too."

"I'm not sure, anymore, if I can let you have everything you want, Billy." She took a stern tone.

"You don't, Mom. You protect me, and you teach me to be good."

"Not if I allowed something like that." She hurried to the bedroom and returned with a jar of cold cream. "Let me smooth some on it, Billy."

We moved to the couch and I lay, bare ass, over her lap. Her hand spread cold goo over my bludgeoned flesh.

"My poor baby."

"I'm not a baby."

"I know. You've grown a lot, since we came to the city. But sometimes I need my little Billy."

I couldn't disagree. I would always love sucking on Mom's perfect breasts by becoming her baby for a little while.

"Hmm, now that's something only a young man could have, after being injured." Mom giggled unexpectedly.

My peter had grown hard against her house dress.

"Is this a sign that you forgive me?" Mom asked less brightly, as if she was hoping I had let go of my anger.

When I searched my heart, I could not find anger. I silently thanked Ms. Hennifer. Instead of worrying about what Mr. Crocle had done to Mom, I thought of the cum I had poured into my math teacher's panties. Her suffering had just begun, while mine was already fading. My dick lurched at the thought.

Beneath me, Mom's legs trembled. "You're really hard, Billy. I know that erections don't hurt, unless there's something wrong. Stories about hurting boners are just fantasies, but I can't help but wonder if you're okay."

What Mom said was true, but I was hurting a little, inside. The remaining pain in my bum cooled further, from mom's application of cold cream. Her soothing strokes had made my dick so hard, along with something else. After giving relief to the neglected, Mrs. Shahidi, I suddenly wondered if I had been neglecting Mom.

Less than a week ago, I had made her cum like crazy, but she had still gone to Mr. Crocle in pursuit of something just for herself. I realized, lying across Mom's lap, that any one person couldn't provide all that she needed. I took comfort, certain that that Mom would always need me, and not just to be her baby, but what about when I grew up?

What would Mom need from me as a man? I had made her rub my dick until I came, and I had eaten her delicious puss until she had cum. Those are things that a man did. I wanted more. I needed her to want more from me.

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Confronting Momma with my desires had been easier when I was angry. My teachers, especially Ms. Laghari and Ms. Hennifer had instilled the lesson. Instead of making Mother submit, winning her cooperation would strengthen our intimate bond beyond being mother and son. Finding the bravery necessary to win her, proved more difficult. I told myself that greater effort would bring greater rewards, and a little kindness was a good way to start.

"Thank you, Mom. It feels much better."

She frowned. "It doesn't look better." She examined the half empty jar of cold cream, and she wiped her hand on a damp washcloth fetched along with it. "And you haven't gotten any softer." Her frown twitched with a touch of humor.

"But, Mom, it's special when we're touching."

"It seems impossible that a person could suffer a punishment as terrible as you have and still get aroused." She avoided addressing what was special about our intimacy.

But what about her? I asked myself. What had driven Mom to go with Dad, to Mr. Crocle and allow him to use her in private? I didn't want to accept that she'd had needed to. She had once sought relief in secret and ended up letting Mr. Gorgev abuse her.

I wanted to be grateful that she had allowed me to join her and the Crocle's that difficult day. Pondering  it, in front of Mom, I had to fight my heart's wrenching. If I had cried in her presence, I wouldn't have thought less of myself. I fought to empathize with her.

Unexpectedly, wrestling with my jealousy prompted a better kind of bravery. I asked her, "Should I forgive you, Mom? Will that stop you from going to someone like Mr. Crocle again?"

She set down the jar of cold cream and folded her arms under her breasts, as if she felt guilty. "I think you know, Billy. Let's not play a game about it."

I squirmed off of her lap and stood in front of the couch cushion she sat on. Pink tinged her cheeks. She was right. I shouldn't treat the desires that drove her, like a game. That wouldn't earn back her trust.

"He put his peter in your mouth, Mom." I took a long, slow breath. "I don't like that, even though I forgive you." My erection twitched at her. Her eyes darted to it, and she blushed a little deeper.

Bravery faltering, I confessed, "There are so many things I still have to learn and do, before I'm really grown up, Momma. Ms. Hennifer has helped, in one way, but I've learned more and grown more because of you. Because I love you, Mom. I'm sorry I made you do things when I was selfish. I'm still selfish." I pouted. "I want you to want me, like you wanted Mr. Crocle." There. I'd said it.

Tears popped out of Mom's eyes. She hugged herself and pressed her knees tightly together. Despite the tears, she stared at my hardon and dangling ball sack. It had grown hot from our verbal intercourse and was trying to cool its contents. "Oh, Billy!" She gasp.

I expected her to say more, but she clamped her mouth shut. Her eyes dripped less and attended my loins more. Her body shuddered, and she looked at me with incredible, repressed passion. I had seen this before, when I'd stood up for her against Mr. Cherkle.

Mrs. McDougal had separated us then and possibly saved us. Here was a chance for me to earn Mom's trust, at least a little bit. I thought and thought, how to cool the situation. Mom came to our rescue and proved that she was stronger than that first time. Still, it was awfully difficult for her to admit, "I-I worry that I need you, Billy, more than I need your father." She wept her confession. "Or will, someday."

"No, Momma!" My speech reverted to simpler times. "Not Daddy." My heart wrenched anew. I would hate myself if I ever betrayed Father. That I had, in little ways since moving to the city, those memories summoned heavy guilt to my guts.

"Billy!" She called sharply. "You've never wronged your father. You have to believe me." She shot up from the couch and grabbed my shoulders. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes, Momma!" I wanted to cry. She was resolute. I instantly grokked the big word's meaning, from Mom's presence. Her steadfastness shut down my budding self-loathing.

"Sweet Son, it would take an hour to explain the complexity of your father's love for us. But what's happening right now, between us, is more important than talk." She released me, and her arms fell at her sides. She looked down at my penis. It remained as stiff as it could get. "Make me do something, Billy, please. I won't refuse you." The need in Mom's voice drowned out all the words she had ever used to explain her need for - something just for herself.

Mom had a stronger need, one just for us.

I gaped at Mom's bowed head. Her need compelled me to act. Mother needed me! I must think, not fret. Jealousy remained as a memory, but it tainted my response, when after long seconds, I told her what to do.

Much stronger than my residual jealousy, I still worried about making Father sad. Mom had eased my guilt, but prudence informed my decision about how to use her.

"You have to do what I say, Mom."

She nodded. The tip of her tongue swept across her lips, as if she guessed how I would grant forgiveness. "Yes, Billy."

"I'm going to wash your mouth out." My rigid member bounced upon telling her.

"My mouth?" She kept her head bowed.

"His penis was in it."

Mom nodded again. "I understand." Her voice had become husky. Her lungs breathed faster.

I was pretty sure she did not understand, but she would. If Mom needed me to make her do something, I wanted the right to do anything. "Put me in your mouth, Mom." I stepped back to make room for her.

"Yes." She trembled as she knelt, but her voice issued full of desire. Mom opened her mouth, leaned forward, and closed her lips around the head of my penis. It jerked against their pressure. It felt wonderful! I trembled from the sensation. "Ohhh, Momma."

"Mmmm." She hummed. Then she was licking my rubbery prick head. I wanted to cum, right then! Maybe I would have, if I hadn't filled Ms. Hennifer's panties to the brim, scant hours ago.

My nuts nearly burst again when Mom sucked the length of my manhood deep into her mouth. Her tongue swathed all around my twitching shaft. She moaned again. I groaned, "You have the best mouth, Momma!"

She nodded, which provoked my shaft a third way. I think she smiled. I flew to heaven, but I resisted the urge to fuck her mouth. She had to please me. I was resolute about that.

Her tongue made my dick jerk seven times before she pulled her head halfway off of me. She sucked hard on the half in her face, lashing the tip with her tongue. Then she swallowed me up again, immediately bobbing her head up and down, relinquishing and swallowing my cock, in an attempt to pull cum from my balls. Her hands grabbed my sore cheeks from behind and played their fingers against my bruises. Lightly, so as to inflame as well as counter the pleasure her mouth fucked across my erection.

"Oooohhhh!!!" My hands flew to her head, but I didn't pull or push. I wanted to feel Mom's rocking skull from the outside as well as the inside. I couldn't prevent the occasional, involuntary humps my hips lurched against her face, but I tempered them. "Uuuunnnghhhh!" I groaned.

"Mmmm." She cooed against my quivering staff of flesh.

"I love you." I said stupidly. My thoughts swirled as if pleasure had lassoed and spun them.

"Mm-MMM!" She loved me back. Her lips mouthed the words as gobbled up my prick and let it slide out again.

The pressure in my seminal bulb built slowly. I fought every engorging sperm. I had been practicing groin exercises that Ms. Laghari had described. Strengthening certain muscles would someday enable stronger and multiple orgasms. Today I would put those muscles to a different task. I looked down at Mom's bobbing head, and reeled from the waves of joy that she surged into me. My lips pressed into a thin line. I hoped she would understand.

"gbl- so- gg- hard!" Mom gurgled with delight.

I admonished her. "You have to suck, Mom, not talk."

Mom nodded again. For a third time, I almost blew my load into her throat. The tip of my dick just barely reached her limit, each time her lips slapped against my crotch. I hunched reflexively. My prick head tapped the back of her neck, from the inside.

"Gggkk!" Mom choked, then her gullet relaxed, allowing me to thrust deeper down her throat!

Soon, the incredible sensations would rob my self-control, and threaten my plan. I had to resist cumming. I held out for as long as I could, under her exquisite, oral ministrations.

"Momma!" I cried out with warning.

"MM!! MMM!" She encouraged and sped up her cyclical sucking.

My dick lurched! My balls churned! My hands dug into Mom's hair and forced her noggin still, my cock poking halfway between her lips. "Stop!" I shouted. "But don't let go, Mom!" I clenched the muscles I had been training. Ecstasy blossomed like fireworks throughout my body. My mind reeled from orgasmic pleasure! I maintained the clench. I hoped by daring to do this, my mother would learn that, when she needed me, she mustn't limit me.

Mom didn't resist, but when the flood of cum she was expecting, failed to erupt from her son's meat tube, which she lovingly nursed, she looked up at me, bewildered.

She saw my ecstatic grimace as I fought my body's natural reaction. Inner muscles contested, until my will defeated nature. My plan had formed from a memory of Ms. Laghari. I remembered the day she'd orgasmed with copious squirting, washing my face and drenching my shirt. For my mother, it would be no accident. "Don't move!" I commanded as I felt the pressure in my seminal bulb retreat to my balls. I held Mom's head still.

The muscles I had used to stop myself from cumming relaxed. "That felt great, Mom." I assured her, "But now I'm going to wash Mr. Crocle out of your mouth. I relaxed another set of muscles, and the fluid they held back shot through my groin, up my rigid prick, and into Mom's mouth.

Mom's eyes flew wide open when my hot pee launched, flooding tongue!

"Don't move!" I repeated.

Her head shook, unintentionally she told me later. My gushing urine hosed every part of her mouth. It spilled out of the temporary gap between her lips during her involuntary shake. Steaming pee ran down her cheeks and chin. Some of it dribbled along her neck. Her gaze swirled. She looked to be in utter shock, that I would do such a wicked thing.

Guilt once more flared and gripped my heart. If I had warned her when she first tasted my prick, she might have refused and prevented me from owning her completely! The potential wrongness of my choice eroded the intense pleasure she had given me. I quailed at thought of losing more of her trust!

Mom's delirious eyeballs steadied. Life returned to them with a blaze of fire! Her body lurched from the waist, and a wave of motion shot up her spine until it threw her head off of my squirting peter. "AAAAAHHH!!!" She coughed, spattering pee. My penis trickled bright yellow on her face, as she gasped for breath. "BILLY!!" She shouted! "I've never cum like that!" She coughed but did not dodge the last squirts of pee that splashed on her amazed expression.

"Oh, Momma! I'm sorry!" I flung myself down, my arms surrounding her, believing I had abused her cruelly. "I wanted you to be all mine, when you need me. I went too far!"

"Oh, Honey!" She returned my hug. I heard her gulp, no doubt swallowing some of my directly deposited urine. The pee on her face and neck soaked into my cheek and shirt. It didn't smell terrible. "That was incredible!" Her arms squeezed me. "I've never cum from sucking on a man before today." I felt her heart racing, and her blood pounding. I imagined her nerves jangled like mine, with pleasant ringing.

"I peed on you, Momma! I peed in you!" I wailed, not yet accepting her forgiveness, nay, her inconceivable gratitude!"

"I know! It was nasty, but it made me cum so hard!"

All I heard was, "...It was nasty!..." I began to cry.

Mom was not a virgin to water-sports. Neither she nor Dad were inclined to engage it them, but she had tried many strange things in college, with women and men. I did not learn this until I began university.

"Why didn't you want to cum, Billy?" She changed the subject, since denying the awfulness of my act had no effect.

"I came really hard, Momma." I sniffed back further tears. "But I stopped myself from ejac-lating."

"You orgasmed but didn't cum?"

I nodded. Sniffles continued.

"I'm glad, Billy." Mom grinned. "Now you won't be hard in front of our client tonight!" She teased.

"I'm sorry."

"No, Sweetie, you made Momma cum. It was wonderful!"

Finally it sank in. Mom wasn't mad. "Huh?" But I peed on her, I recoiled. "You like being peed on?"

Mom sucked in her lips and shook her head. She tried to explain. "It wasn't the pee, Billy. It was the surprise- No, that's not quite right." She puzzled to explain her experience.

"Pee is nasty." I echoed, guiltily.

"Yes." Mom agreed with a nod. "But not particularly foul, when fresh." She stood up, out of our hug and sat on the couch. I had soaked most of her blouse. She leaned forward and took my hands in hers. "Billy, you gave me everything I needed and more."

"But the pee-" I was a one note confessor.

"Hush." She commanded. "I'm not sure you'll understand. When I asked to you make me do something, I wanted all my control taken. By surprising me with something nasty, you forced me to accept that I had no control, in a way that has never happened to me before."

Momma wasn't mad - is what I did understand. And she did accept what I'd needed, full control over her. A giddiness overcame me. I was even grateful that I'd never do that nasty thing again to my mother. It had lost its surprise. I couldn't stop smiling a huge grin.

"Oh dear," Mom cleared her throat. "You'll be insufferable for weeks." Then Mom made it perfectly clear who was in charge from that moment on. "Go and wash your hands, and get out the ingredients for tonight's client. I'll take a quick shower, and I'll pack them and the equipment we'll bring, while you shower. She glared at me. I hopped to!

Tanya helped to load the cab with the few things we had with us. There were half as many as we'd brought to the Kampolds'. The client, a Ms. Louis, had ordered the least expensive meal but with express service which cost more than the meal. It didn't make sense.

"This is a lower, middle class neighborhood. Has it begun to gentrify?" Tanya asked as she turned onto the destination's street.

"You would know better than I." Mom shrugged. Aside from her gorgeous, blue dress, she was wearing the same smile I had on my face. We kept nudging each other playfully in the backseat. Occasional snorts drifted to us from the driver's seat.

"The crime rate here is actually quite low. It's a tight and diverse community. Housing prices haven't shot up so much that individuals would abandon what they've accomplished together." Tanya lectured.

Stymied in her attempt to crack her passengers' reverie, Tanya pulled up in front of Ms. Louis' house and got out to open the door for us.

A tubby but not huge, black woman, possibly thirty, ran out of the house towards us. She waved and called, "Welcome!" Her eyes zeroed in on me, and the glow that suddenly filled her intimidated me. She offered her hand to Mom. "Ms. Androni!"

Mom shook it and returned the greeting. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Louis. I'm Faun."

"Please, I like Miss. I'm not married. Come in! Come in! Can I help carry your things?" The excited woman's eyes kept darting at me.

"We're suppose to make your evening as relaxing and enjoyable as possible." Mom refused. Miss Louis could have hired a maid for a month, for what she had paid for an express, simple meal.

"Are you Billy?"

"Hi." I waved sheepishly.

"You're more adorable than- Ahem. At least, let me open the door." Miss Louis interrupted herself and darted back to her house.

When I approached the door she held, after Mom but before Tanya, the energetic lady opened it wider, although I was smaller and carrying less.

Tanya set the few dishes she carried, on the woman's kitchen counter. The client's kitchen was larger than ours, but it was pretty small. I guessed the house had two bedrooms and one bath. The large framed cabbie leaned to me and said. "She is strange, yes? The lady needs something from you, but she is not dangerous. Quite the opposite." Tanya raised her eyebrows, curious. She thanked Mom and I for our patronage and drove away

I readied to scrub the potatoes. Mom arranged the tools and dishes and examined Miss Louis' oven and stove.

Miss Louis entered when Mom started cleaning a very large chicken. Mom would have done it before we left, except our amazing time together had precluded the task. "Do you have everything you need? I could go to the store." Our client offered

"You're a dear to ask, Miss Louis. We are more than sufficiently equipped. Please enjoy our service to the full extent." Mom hinted.

The eager woman retreated to the main room. The house had no dining area. We would serve her at the small, kitchen table which Miss Louis had covered with a cloth printed in roses and buttercups. Seeing that charming simplicity summed up how I felt about Miss Louis. Tanya was right. She was no one to worry about.

"Excuse me." Miss Louis squeaked from the main room. I had just scrubbed the third, large potato. Mom decided to make one meal large enough for days of leftovers. "Can I borrow Billy for just a second? I don't want to interrupt your flow, but I'm not in any hurry to eat. The stars know, I don't need it." She chuckled, failing to hide a little insecurity about her weight.

Mom noted I had finished my first task. "I don't mind, if you need his help."

"Something like that." She laughed. It sounded a little forced.

"Billy?" Mom said my name less like an inquiry and more like a suggestion.

I shrugged. Honestly, Tanya's assessment of our client had erased my initial concern. I walked into the main room wiping my hands on one of the clean, dish cloths we had brought. "Yes, Ma-am?" I inquired.

Miss Louis bit her lip. "Do you think I'm attractive?"

Huh? I thought the word, but didn't say it.

"Never-never mind." She shook her head and pointed at a cable remote. "Are you good with electronics?" She eyed my amazing watch.

"Um, a little, I guess." I knew how a remote worked, even if we didn't have TV at home.

"I changed the batteries, earlier today, but I think I put them in the wrong way. It's not working. Could you check it?"

"Okay." I picked up the remote and pulled out the batteries. They were in the wrong direction. I set them according to the diagram behind the cover and snapped the cover closed. I pointed the wand at the TV and pressed the power button. Nothing happened.

Miss Louis, frowned as if she had practiced it. "Are you sure you put them in right?" She asked without a hint of disappointment.

"Yes, Ma-am."

"Oh!" She tapped a palm to her forehead. "I must have put dead batteries into it. I shouldn't save the dead ones in the same drawer as the fresh ones. I forget which is which." She apologized with a wan smile. "Could you help me?" She started for the hall to the bath and two bedrooms.

"Um." A little of my original concern returned, but she was our client, and Mom would never be more than a couple dozen steps away. "Okay." I followed her.

Miss Louis led me to what must be the guest room. She opened a small drawer at the bottom of a dresser. "You should be able to tell by the dates printed on them, I guess." She turned a helpless shrug at me.

I went to the open drawer. She stepped away, as if there was a trap in the dresser. That was ridiculous. I peered into the drawer and began examining the batteries. They all had the same date but were divided by a partition. I hoped she had placed most of the fresh ones in the same section.

I noticed a 9-volt and remembered a prank I used to pull. If you licked the nubs at the top of the battery, a fresh one would give you a shock. I licked it but nothing happened. I guessed the other compartment had fresh batteries. I picked out two that fit the remote and inserted them carefully.

"Billy." Miss Louis sat on the bed. "Before we test those, can I talk with you about something?" Her voice was just above a loud whisper.

"I guess so." I glanced at the open door to the hall.

She looked at her fingers. They intertwined stiffly on her lap. "I, uh, understand that you like to make babies."

HUH? I may have said it, a little bit.

"I'm sorry." Her voice dropped to whispered. "You must think I'm crazy." She struck her thighs with her hands. "I can't believe I paid all that money!" Her voice grew ... sad.

What Tanya had seen in Miss Louis, appeared to me. This woman had taken a bizarre risk, hiring Mom and I. I reminded myself, the lady had hired us - for a pleasant evening. I shouldn't let her be sad. "How do you know that, Miss Louis?" I asked as politely as I could.

"I-I can't tell you." She sniffed. "Is it true?" Hope was two brief sparks in her eyes.

"Can you tell me why you want to know?" I struggled to use my best grammar.

She bit her lip again. "I need a baby, but I can't afford a sperm bank."

Banks were probably the most expensive places in the world, I thought. They had all the money. The sad lady wasn't ugly, just a little fat. I thought further. Her breasts and hips were really big compared to her waist.

She added, "I can't do it with a man. He'd have to be the father. Even if I got pregnant anonymously, a DNA test might identify him." She sighed. "I'm sorry, Billy. I let myself grasp at foolish straws, I even paid for express service because I knew today would be my most fertile one."

Just to be clear, I asked Miss Louis, with more confidence that I should have, given the situation, "Do you want me to make babies with you?"

The lady frowned at me, as if I had poured salt on a wound. She swallowed to clear her throat. "Yes, Billy. I would do anything to have a baby."

The woman's mix of desperation and meekness touched my heart, and it had hardened my peter. Maybe that's why I was feeling confident.


A faint anger accompanied my genuine empathy for the poor lady's situation. She hadn't paid for one of Mom's wonderful meals. Miss Louis had spent all that money to ask me to make babies with her. That wasn't right. It wasn't particularly wrong. Along with a little anger I felt a little sad, for Mom.

But how did Miss Louis learn about my trysts? I counted the women who could have told her. Ms. Crocle didn't because Miss Louis had ordered tonight's service before I met Mavis. I couldn't believe my teachers would risk jobs. That left Mrs. Dinty, Mrs. Abbey, Mrs. Cherkle, and Ms. Kampold. I was pretty sure Mrs. McDougal respected her tenants' privacy. Except for spying on all of us, the witch wouldn't tattle.

I needed to know who had told. Although it bothered me that Miss Louis wasn't really interested in Mom's cooking, I couldn't dislike her for wanting to be a mother. She seemed nice. She had a nice house, despite her low income. I doubt I had any ability to judge, but I felt she would be a good mom. It seemed like Miss Louis didn't want to deal with a father. So I didn't have to worry about that. My decision boiled down to, she had something I wanted, and I had something she wanted.

Miss Louis must have wondered why I was thinking for so long. She grew increasingly anxious. "I don't have any diseases. I had a blood test for everything." She blurted - hoping to sway me. She quieted and sighed. "I-I don't have much experience with uh, boyfriends."

"It's not difficult." I reminded her.

"Are you talking about sex or getting pregnant?" She was curt at first. "I'm sorry. I-I get offers, but the men who come on to me are incredibly selfish. Just because I'm not a young and thin bikini model, men think I'm desperate. Maybe I would be if I craved sex more than I do. I don't dislike sex. It's rarely on my mind, whereas I've wanted to be a mother since I was a girl playing with dolls."

"Making babies is wonderful!" I cried, astonished by her confession. Who couldn't like making babies? I had to force my astonishment to the back of my mind. Who told her about me and doing that?

"Orgasms are nice." Was all she admitted. She waited, biting her lip.

"You said you would do anything." I started by reminding her. "If you tell me how you found out about me, I'll make babies with you."

The twin sparks of hope in her eyes flared! "Is that all?" She was astonished. I guess I could have asked for more. "I'll tell you, Billy. I'm not suppose to, but I won't need them anymore if you get me pregnant."


"The Fookbase website has a group for local women trying to get pregnant. Last week, the member, Central Ivory, posted about getting pregnant by a young man who works with his mother for Meals on Heels. She didn't promise anything but explained how you were a perfect solution for her and her impotent husband. I've been saving money for artificial insemination for three years, but after upkeep to my house and paying the mortgage and taxes, there's never much left to save. I don't even have a car."

The story surprised me. What lady was brave enough to admit that she had sex with a thirteen year old? Or had she? If she'd literally posted 'young man,' it wouldn't sound illegal. From the same train of thought, I wondered, how old did Miss Louis think I was? Maybe that didn't matter to her. Maybe she was so intent on getting pregnant, my age hadn't registered. She knew what mattered. I could get women pregnant.

Although Miss Louis had ratted on her group's, Central Ivory, the black woman looked less ready to make babies. Apprehension loomed in her eyes. Had she suddenly realized my age?

My candidates for the woman who'd told on me, narrowed. Mrs. Dinty, and Mrs. Cherkle, of course Mrs. McDougal didn't do much with the internet, or for that matter, Mrs. Guthrie. I was pretty sure, Mrs. Abbey would have told me if she were pregnant, and although she pretended to want me to impregnate her, I think she was content with being Shannon's mom. Unless I was wrong about the others, Central Ivory was probably Ms. Kampold. Suddenly, I was a father again. The married woman, whose husband had bothered Momma, had no reason to tell me of our pregnancy, especially if she wanted her husband to believe the child was his.

Apprehension claimed me. My yearning to be a man took a blow. Wasn't I more than just a source of sperm? Conversely, my fear of being seen as a child, took comfort.

"I don't want to get you in trouble." I confessed to the anxious woman.

"I don't care about the law, Billy." She reassured. "Central Ivory swore that you wouldn't tell anyone."

I shook my head to affirm Mrs. Kampold's promise. My peepee wasn't as hard as it had been with Mom, but it was more than hard enough to send the sperm I had saved, into the extra curvy, crucible of life awaiting it.

How should we proceed? Should I take off my clothes? Should she? How naked did we need or want to get? And what about Mom in the kitchen? We heard the oven door open and a weighted, metal pan slide onto the rack. "Dinner will be served in a little more than an hour." Mom announced. "Feel free to keep helping Miss Louis while the chicken's roasting, Billy. I brought a book."

Miss Louis got up and quietly closed the guest room's door. She turned to me. "What can I do to make you cum as much as you can inside me?"

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Huh. The nice lady's question blanked my thoughts. Few if any of the women I'd made babies with had asked what I liked before. The question helped me to understand how serious she was. Miss Louis probably wouldn't do ANYTHING, but I doubt she had many limits beyond obvious ones. Myself, I would never want to injure anyone. Lingering soreness in my behind emphasized that.

However, without limits, it was hard to decide what I liked. I loved the many fun things I'd done while making babies! I was lucky to have experienced such a variety in such a short time. Ms. Laghari wanted me to experience a better balance, with more loving sex. A little guilt found me, remembering.

I had been sorta mean to the woman I loved most, only an hour ago. Exerting full control over Mom was what she wanted, but peeing in her mouth still felt wrong. Maybe Miss Louis was my chance to balance out my guilt. I looked at the woman who was eager to have my baby, really paying attention to her expression, her features, her body.

Again, my prolonged contemplation made the kind woman a little nervous, and when I stared with intention, a blush surfaced in her brown cheeks.

"It must be difficult for you, with your mother just down the hall." She fretted, knitting her fingers repeatedly. She gave a false laugh, "Central Ivory promised your mother wouldn't interfere, but maybe she was just lucky."

I suddenly wished I could have loving sex with Momma. I sensed I could, if I pressed her, but she would tell Dad if he asked. Heck, I would tell him, if he asked. Then Dad would be sad for certain. Terribly sad, I worried. Making babies with Mom might never happen, unless our family dynamic changed. Yet I yearned for it, to be with my mother in the most intimate, loving way. I would cum harder and more than ever before. Of that, I was certain.

That certainty lead me to what I wanted from Miss Louis. It would be a game, I told myself, pretend, make-believe. I wanted her to pretend to be a momma, and I would pretend to be that momma's son. A great worry nagged me, though. If I asked Miss Louis to play like a mother, making babies with her son, would she think I was a Momma's Boy? Mavis' question returned with a vengeance. That they both had dark skin provoked my prejudice, associating Mavis' challenge with Miss Louis. How could I get what I wanted, what she wanted, without losing her respect?

The woman rocked on her feet, waiting for me to end her anxieties. "It sure would be hard for me to learn my son was making babies in other women." She confessed. Her fingers clenched each other. "Unless they were in a committed relationship." She added hastily.

I immediately wanted to forgive her for so slight a selfishness. I would gladly foreswear making babies with anyone but my mom, if it were possible. I wanted to tell Miss Louis, I thought she would be a good mother.

That thought was the key to keeping her respect. "I-I think any boy or girl would be happy if you were their mom."

An inch of her anxiety retreated from her tense height. She realized I had made my decision.

"But," I swallowed to clear my throat. "I would enjoy finding out how good a mom you could be."

"I don't understand." Her rocking stilled.

"I would really enjoy testing you. If you showed me what being your son was like, by pretending to be his mom, I think I could cum very hard." Telling her that put extra stiffness into my peter. It poked out behind my pants. "I want to be your very naughty boy."

Miss Louis' eyes bugged out a little. Had I shocked her? "Oh, my." She huffed rapid breaths and started wobbling side to side from giddiness. She noticed my increased erection, and her eyes boggled a little more. "Oh, o-okay." She finally agreed.

She was still nervous, but for a new reason. She told me later, that she worried if I didn't like the kind of mother she pretended to be, then maybe I wouldn't cum in her!

I started our game. "Mommy?" I pretended to sigh and looked up at the big-ish woman. The top of my head reached her chubby chin. I walked up to Miss Louis and put my arms around her stomach, which was slightly narrower than her large breasts. My hands could reach my wrists. I pretended, "Why did you have to take away my video games for a week?"

"Uh ... um..." She uttered, out of character. Did she know how to pretend? It's not easy to jump into a role from scratch. One starting line of dialogue is hardly helpful, but she did return my hug. She was very warm, and oh so soft! My head pushed the top of her blouse into her cleavage. I had to turn my head to avoid suffocating.

We hugged for about a minute. I nearly blurted another line, but she found appropriate words. "Because Mamma saw you playing with yourself, last night."

"Playing with myself?" I pretended confusion. "But I always play by myself, when I don't have friends over."

"I mean-" Miss Louis paused. "Can I call you Walt? If I have a son, that's what I'd call him, Walter." She asked.

It wasn't a bad name, but even at that age, I didn't like the Walt Disney company. Mario was much better than a dumb mouse with big ears who was represented by evil lawyers. "Uh, okay." I nodded

She continued. "Walt, I meant that I caught you masturbating your little penis."

"Oh." I cringed and looked sad. "That's not okay?"

"Um," She pursed her lips. "It depends, Honey. Doing that is suppose to be private. I saw you jerking yourself in the living room."

"But you took my video games away! That's not fair! I only did it once, and it was late. I thought you were sleeping."

"I wasn't sleeping, Walt. I've had trouble sleeping."

"Why." I looked guilty as if it might be my fault.

"The last time I cleaned your room, I found a disgusting mess in tissues beside the bed."

"You're punishing me because you can't sleep?" I adroitly put two and two together.

"I'm punishing you because I don't want to be reminded about what you're doing!" She tried to explain.

"How is that my fault?"

"Not only can you not jerk off in the house, except your room, I want you to clean up better when you do! Now do you understand?"

"I guess, Mamma. I'll try, but why?"

My pretend mother confessed, "Because knowing what you're doing makes me want to do it too, and something worse."

"Something worse? What do you mean?"

"Oh, Honey, I can't tell you that." Miss Louis walked to the bed and sat on the edge. She hung her head and covered her eyes. "That would be terrible. When I saw you last night, I had to run to my room and masturbate - to stop myself from being horrible to you."

I smiled for real. She had given the perfect excuse and plan. "Horrible? You mean like taking away my video games?"

"No," She told the palms of her hands. "It's much worse than that."

"I wanna know. Please, tell me." I begged.

"I-I just can't, my sweet Walt." She kept her head bowed.

I took advantage of her lack of attention, by unbuckling my belt. Then I unclasp my good pair of trousers and unzipped the front. A second later, my pants and underwear were down to my thighs, and I held my stiff penis in the open. I began slipping my hand over it's smooth length. "Mamma, will this make you tell  me?"

"Huh?" She looked up and her eyes bulged at what I was doing. "Walter Louis, you put that back in your pants, right now!" She ordered, but not very loudly.

"No, Mamma, not until you tell me what you want when you see me doing this." I stroked my dick more deliberately.

She gulped at the sight of my blatant masturbation. "I would never spank you, dear Walt, but I can take away your computer privileges, as well as your video games."

"I don't care about that, Mamma." I jerked a little faster.

"You won't get any dessert." She licked her lips while continuing to stare at my modest sized manhood for a man. Some anxiety returned to her, making her tremble.

My hand never slowed. Something about me doing it for real was troubling her for real.

"Please, Walt." She maintained the game. "Don't. Please stop that."

"Why, Mamma, this is my room. If you don't want to see what happens, then maybe you should leave."

"I can't- and I mustn't tell you. It's not right. I would be an awful mom if I told you."

"Then I'm going to keep playing with myself. I like it." I added with a surly grin. My hand only gripped lightly, drawing the skin forward and reversing without rubbing the skin but using the skin to rub my shaft. Lube felt much better, but this way still felt very good.

"No- Honey, I-I'll do something terrible."

"Why, Mamma?" I pressed by pushing out my hips while I jacked on my prick.

"B-because you're gonna cum, Walt. I'll just die if I see you cum!"

"Then look away, or leave." I was enjoying toying with her.

"But I'll know. I couldn't sleep after seeing you doing that, last night. All I could think about was how you're wasting your cum!" Another clue spilled from her lips.

"How am I wasting my cum? I'll make more."

"But-" She winced. She really was worried that I might cum before we made babies. She wailed, "It should go where it belongs!"

I smiled then, and slowed my jacking hand, but I didn't stop. "Where do you mean? I put the tissues with my cum, in the trash, except that one time." I hastened to add.

"Now I have to tell you. You've forced me," Mamma Louis pretended to cry. "It belongs in a pussy, Walt." She confessed.

I slowed my hand again. "But I don't have a pussy to cum in." I reasoned.

"Yes, you do, Honey." She grimaced. "That's how I would be awful to you - when I see you doing that. I want your cum in me!"

I acted dumbstruck. My hand slowed again.

Miss Louis licked her lips, a little less nervous since I was barely masturbating. She improvised the naughty details of the mother she pretended to be. "Your Mamma loves cum, Walt.

"I grew up with three younger brothers, and when the oldest, Jackson, showed me that he could cum, I thought it was so amazing, I wanted to feel it every time he jacked off.

"At first, I helped him to finish, catching his hot sperm in my hands. I would rub it all over my body. Sometimes, when I did that, he would get hard again, and I would get to bathe myself in more of his cum. The best of those early days was when I got to bathe myself four times, but that was with Hank, when my youngest brother started to cum. When catching my brothers' cum dulled, I started masturbating them. They were eager for my jerking hands.

"One day, my middle brother, Ellis, dared me to taste his cum. Twenty four hours later, I started sucking him and his brothers, wanting only to drink every drop. I made them promise not to cum anywhere else.

"Over the three or four years of playing with and swallowing my brothers' cum, I always felt guilty, that somehow I was doing my brothers and myself a great injustice. I knew where cum was suppose to go. Growing guilt, over wasting their cum, broke my resistance to doing what I should have.

"I started with Hank because he was still young and sweet. The older two had started taking my sucking mouth for granted, which made me sad. But Hank was also stupid. He bragged to his brothers that I was letting him fuck me. Ellis and Jackson quickly figured out how to guilt me about their sperm, and soon I was fucking all of them. I still would be, if they hadn't gone off and gotten married. I only got fat and poor."

Wow, that was amazing improvisation! I thought. I stopped jerking myself halfway through her incredible story, to pay full attention.

"When I saw you jerking off in the living room, last night, I wanted to prevent you from wasting your cum, but mammas aren't suppose to do naughty things with their sons." She blocked her view with a hand, of my protruding penis, and averted her eyes. "Please, Walt, I mustn't see it or find out you've been wasting your cum. I bet it's rich and potent and would make a baby in me, the very first time." She rose up from sitting. "I should go. Let's not talk about this again."

One strange thing I noticed. She had used naughtier words talking about her make-believe brothers, but when she resumed talking to me she spoke more politely, except for the word, cum. Miss Louis walked away from the bed.

"You're right, Mamma." I told her and moved in front of the door. "I was being bad, masturbating when you could see or find out. I deserve my punishment, and I won't trouble you that way any more. I promise."

"I'm glad to hear it, Honey." She had to avert her eyes again when she tried to step around me. I moved to block her. She saw my wagging pecker. "Please, let me get to the door." She shifted to her right.

"No, Mamma." I stepped in her way and grabbed my prick. "I still need to cum."

"But you just promised-"

"I did, Mamma. I don't want to waste my cum anymore. I want to put it in a pussy."

Miss Louis' eyes widened again. She took quick, heavy breaths. "Y-you don't know what you're saying."

"You said it, Mamma. My cum needs to go where it belongs."

"But you don't have a girlfriend!" She licked her dark lips.

"I have you!" I reached out my other hand and cupped the front of her skirt. "I don't want you to feel guilty ever again."

"Th-that's not right!" She stepped back from my palm pressing her skirt. "I would be awful if I let you do that."

"But you have to, because wasting cum is worse. Isn't that right?"

She put a hand to her heaving chest and blinked, pretending to resist, one last time, what we both wanted to do. "I-I never should have told you. You're using it against me, like Ellis and Jackson did!"

"I don't want to be like them, Mamma. I want to be like little Hank."

She reversed herself abruptly, at my announcement. "Oh, Honey! I'm sorry I implied that you were trying to guilt Mamma into putting your cum in her. It's my fault, for not being able to help myself, for letting you waste it when I wanted it so badly."

I use my best puppy dog eyes, to show how I wanted to be her sweet boy. Not that Mom was ever fooled by that trick, but it always gave her a smile. My prick bounced up, pointing at the front of her skirt. "Why do you want it so much, Mamma?"

She rested her hands on my shoulders. "Because, Walt, when I was keeping my brothers from wasting their cum, my Mamma had made me wear an IUD. It's a kind of birth control. Mamma never found out that I was doing anything naughty with Jackson, Ellis, and Hank, but she worried that I might get pregnant from a boy at school or from a rapist."

My dick twitched at the last word. She continued. "I never got pregnant, uh, er, I mean-" Miss Louis sputtered. "from my brothers. You were, um, a miracle baby, and that's why I love you so much!" She gulped, my question still unanswered. "But even though I love you, Walt, I want to have another baby." She recounted, "Each time you waste your cum, my womb gets sadder and sadder. Mamma has wanted your cum, ever since you started making it, to have your baby."

"I want to to make a baby in you too, Mamma." I dashed forward and hugged Miss Louis. My penis pushed her skirt between her fat, upper thighs. "I bet it'll feel so good!"

"Oh, my- my sweet, sweet boy!" She hugged me. Together, we shuffled to the bed. "You're making me so happy!" She released me and sank upon the mattress cover.

I hurried to push my half dropped clothing all the way to the floor and step out of them. My prick danced eagerly to the sight of her shifting her wide hips while she centered herself on the bed and worked the buttons of her blouse. "Lie next to me, and I'll show my sweet boy what to do." Her fingers free half of her buttons as she spoke.

I acted dumb. "Don't I just put my penis in your baby hole?"

"Sweetie, if all I wanted was your baby, that would be enough. That was enough for your broth-, um, I mean Jackson and Ellis, but you're more special to me than little Hank. You deserve all the love Mamma can give you." She finished unbuttoning her top and spread it open. Two, giant cups of thick cloth and wire kept her fat breasts in check. A heavy zipper connected them. I hadn't seen any bra like it before.

"I want to give you all my love!" I matched her offer. The device restraining her huge tits intrigued me.

"Oh, come here and roll on top of me, Walt. Kiss me."

I had to climb more than roll to mount her broad belly. The base of my penis pressed just below her belly button and from there, my inches cleaved upwards. I leaned to kiss her.

"I'm sorry I suggested that your penis was little." She looked surprised. Feeling it against her belly must have made a bigger impression than having seen it. She smiled, then puckered her lips.

One of Ms. Laghari's techniques to enhance a kiss proved valuable. My lips were thinner than Miss Louis'. So I opened my mouth to bring more lip against them, and I lightly tongued them, just her lips. At the same time, I reached up and gently petted her brow and cheeks and ears.

"Mmmmm!" Her chest heaved me up, breaking our kiss, when she gasp abruptly. "Oh, Honey, that felt wonderful!" She puckered again, inviting me to repeat my sensual effort. Out lips danced with slow heat. Her arms reached around me for a gentle embrace.

When our lips separated again, to catch another deep breath, she sighed. "If I didn't want a baby so much, I could do that for hours with you. Bill- um, Walt, you really are amazing."

"Thank you, Mamma." I grinned. "But you said you wanted to show me more."

It's a subtle thing when black people blush. Noticing the faint tint, I took it as a compliment. She gave the barest smile. "This is very selfish, Walt, but would you like to see Mamma's titties?"

"Oh, yes, Mamma!" I gushed.

"If you want, you can unzip my bra. I bought this kind just for you. The regular ones can be difficult to open. I didn't want anything to get in the way of making babies."

"That's really kind of you, Maa- Mamma." I almost said, Ma-am. Her soft, thick arms kept their warm embrace while I grasp the zipper tab and pulled it down. The weight of her breasts immediately splayed the metal teeth. The tab caught at the end of its run, but I quickly freed the clasp with my other hand. Her bra fell away and two plump breasts spread as far as gravity could pull them. They weren't as pert as Mom's, but they were so big, they rose a little higher than Mom's would lying on her back. I marveled at how Miss Louis' completely covered her upper body and still mounded high. the black circles surrounding her erect nipples were as wide as doorknobs. I wanted to touch them. My hands moved as I spoke. "Mamma, they're so cool!"

"I'm glad my little boy thinks there's something cool about his Mom!" She laughed softly. "Don't be shy, Walt, you worked to uncover them." Her laughter settled into a amused smile.

My hands took measure of her areolae. They just fit. Turgid nipples resisted, tickling my palms. I rubbed them gently. "Did you breast feed me when I was a baby?"

"Mmmmnnn." Miss Louis sighed. "Yes, Baby. Mamma loved it when you drank her milk. Would you like to suck on them now, or would you worry about acting like a baby?"

I had to resist humping my hardon against her belly. It longed to grow more excited and cum, but I had promised Miss Louis to cum inside her, as much as I could. I didn't want to waste a single drop. "I can be a baby with you," I remember saying the same thing to my Momma. My prick lurched against her skin. "If you don't tell."

"That sure felt like you want to." Her smile intensified. "Mamma would never tell."

My mouth fell upon her left tit and clamped my lips around its hard bud. I suckled softly and licked it, mewing as they trembled from the stimulation. My hand on her other nipple caught it between finger and thumb. They pinched her lightly, rolling the fat nub between them.

"You're not sucking me like a bab- UNnngghh!" She groaned. "Your hand and mouth are like a man's."

The compliment sent a fresh spasm through my belly engulfed cock. I smiled as I sucked Miss Louis' titty. I pinched her nipple harder, to thank her.

"Ooohhh! Yes, Walt! Make me your woman before you make a baby in me. I want to be your toy, a real slut for you."

"Mnngghh." I growled into her fat breast and pulled off of it. "Yes, Mamma." My hand on her nipple shifted to grab as much of that milk mound as it could. I fell upon it ravenously. Sucking on a titty was super exciting! My other hand sought her skirt's waistband. It gripped tight around her fat belly and resisted my probing fingers. I mouthed the second nipple and inhaled its surrounding darkness into my oral cavity. My teeth tested their circumference against the areola, with slow nibbles.

Moans burst from her, as my mouth attacked her second titty a little more savagely. "You're very manly with Mamma!" She frowned upon feeling my hand paw at the band straining against her waist. "I'm sorry I'm so fat! Let me help you." She reached to her skirt and plucked the tab of its zipper, pausing briefly to moan again. "Bite Mamma harder there, Baby!" Her arm thrust down, unzipping the wide garment. "I think I might cum if you do. Ooooo!!"

My hand dived inside the loosened fabric, fingers instantly tangling with her dense, coarse, pubic curls. I dug my fingers in and my nails scraped the skin at the base of the forest.

"OOOHHH, YESS!! WALTY!! MY BOY!!! Mamma's cumming!!!" Her great body heaved me, nearly into the air, as the extra, unexpected stimulation pushed her heated brain over the edge. Her belly pulsed, tipping me precariously. I clung to her breasts and cunt hair for balance. "AAAHHHH!!!" The tail end of her first orgasm blossomed with a second, from the me clinging harder to hang on. "INCREDIBLE!!" She roared, before catching herself and restraining her verbal throes.

Instinctively I released her nipple and pubic thatch, and I sank all of my weight into her trembling figure, my head diving between her tit mounds. I held my breath.

"Is everything all right in there, Miss Louis?" Mom called from the kitchen.

"UUhh, hhhh." The fat, black woman had to catch her breath. "I-IT IS, uh, Ms. Androni! It's very good!" My pretend mamma gasped for a fresh lungful of air. "Wal- BILLY surprised me with, um, something he did - to help me."

"That's good to hear, Miss Louis. Sometimes it's difficult to discern if my son is helping me or helping himself."

I had to clench my groin, to fight a swell of arousal triggered by my mom's saucy comment.

Miss Louis hissed at me, "I need you inside me, Billy." Breaking our game, she wriggled her hips while trying to push down her skirt to free her legs. "Sex is a darn challenge when you're this big." She whined. "Grab those pillows by my head. We'll need them."

To give her room to denude herself, I scrambled forward, off of her belly and grabbed the bed's pillows. They weren't much bigger than the excited woman's tit pillows!

Finally, she kicked her skirt over the foot of the bed, but instead of spreading her legs, she planted her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips off of it. "Put them under my lower back, uh, Walt." She tried to restart our fantasy.

"Yes, Mamma." I obeyed. I was curious to know why she wanted to make her belly even higher! It took all my strength to stuff the thick pillows into short gap between her body and the bed. They were were a tight fit!

"That's perfect." She huffed and relaxed, her body dropping fully upon the pillows. "Mamma needs her sweet boy, more than ever." She spread her big thighs as far as she could. Her feet draped over both sides of the bed. "Did the nice chef's questions frighten you?" She meant, had my dick had softened.

If anything, Mom's sultry voice had made me even harder. I wanted to cum so bad!

"No, Mamma. Can I make a baby in you now?"

"Please, Baby, you have to shoot all of your cum into me. I'll go crazy if I have to wait another minute!"

"Yes, Mamma!" I smiled and shifted, stepping one knee over her right thigh. For a second I perched precariously on it. My pelvis dented its surprisingly meaty bulk. Her legs had to be really strong to carry her! Leaning farther, I managed to lift my other knee and clear the thigh. When both my knees dented the bed cover, before her thick, black garden, I was suddenly surprised by her lack of panties. Had she been nude beneath her skirt all evening? Our role-playing had been so arousing, I'd failed to notice her crotch was bare. I stared stupidly at the great, glistening lips of her pouting, hairy vulva.

The purpose of the pillows under her hips became obvious. The raised up her pelvis enough to shift her tummy away, and when she opened her legs, her oozing slit was just the right height for entering it.

"Do you like seeing Mamma's pussy? I went commando, this morning, to be as uncomplicated as possible." Miss Louis again worried while I was lost in thought.

"I love it, Mamma!" I almost gasped too loud. "Can I touch?"

"You can, Walty, but not with your hands. Mamma needs to feel your hard peter entering me. I can't wait for your cum to fill my womb. I just know you'll make me pregnant! Please, hurry!"

I grinned like a dancing monkey. Gripping my penis, I launched my body on top of hers! Our flesh meet with a soft smack. My hips hunched, and my hand guided my pecker into the wet slit that was begging for it. My prick head dived between her thick, outer lips. The sensation was unlike any other woman's vulva. They clung to my shaft like wet slugs, a sucking sensation caused by their girth.

"OHHH!! F-Faa- WALTER!!" She grabbed the ends of the bed cover and gagged herself.

With a practiced twist of my wrist, I slotted the head of my erection into the pucker of her vagina. Without hesitating, I humped my cock through her slick opening and pierced Miss Louis deeply.

"MMMFFFGGHHH!!" She roared into her gag. "WAALLTTT!!"

"We gonna make babies now!" I exclaimed in a harsh whisper. I pulled half my dick out of her soaking puss and drove it back inside her wide hips. My bum raised and thrust with a good first pace.

"Oh, HONEY! We're making babies, and you feel wonderful, slicking your hard peter into Mamma!" It must have been a strenuous effort, but she countered my steady strokes with hunches from her thick waist, to send my spear as deep as it could go.

Her insides felt so tight against my rutting, Her weight caused her cunt to suck at my prong unlike any other woman I'd made babies with. Only Wenda, the cafe server, was bigger than Miss Louis, and by quite a bit. I wondered how much more powerfully her puss sucked on Boone's big dick. (according to Mrs. McDougal)

I said she felt tight, but Miss Louis's puss was a bit bigger than Mrs. Dinty's who had the softest, widest baby hole I'd found so far. The weight of my pretend Mamma's belly was an unexpected pleasure. My manhood twitched and trembled as it gouged into the great woman's body and fought the sucking resistance to its half retreat. I humped more vigorously into the exciting sensation, striving to reach the height of passion.

"Mamma's cumming!" Miss Louis shouted into her hasty gag. "Walt, you're making me cum again!"

As my hips worked my cock steadily into her dripping snatch, I grabbed her big titties and resumed sucking and biting them. I pinched the other nipple hard! I wanted to excite her as much as her hot, sucking cunt was exciting me! "Mamma, you feel so good!"

"Are you gonna cum, Walt? Mamma wants you to cum hard, inside me. You have to cum all of it. Don't waste a drop!"

"I won't, Mamma." I fucked her puss as fast as I could. My crotch beat repeatedly into her fleshy groin. My dick stabbed deep with every thrust. Her hips struck back, sucking at my pecker as if they wanted to swallow it up. "I'm gonna give your womb every drop! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" I clamped my teeth around her abused areola and screamed. My hips slammed one last time, sending the tip of my cock against the inner opening that was the gateway to her womb. The muscles I'd been exercising clenched around my seminal bulb, shooting every sperm like tiny cannon balls out of my prick! Boiling cum blasted inside Miss Louis' body, soaking her cervix and filling her large cunt. I'm cumming in you, Mamma! I'm cumming!"

My balls refilled the bulb just in time for its muscles to shoot again. A second blast of sperm flooded the woman's puss, but I swear her body vacuumed it up as fast as my body sent each wave.

"I can feel it, Baby. Oh how I've missed the feeling of hot cum filling me. OOOHHH!! AAAHHHGGGHHHNNNGGGGHHHH!!!" Miss Louis' brain flared with her greatest orgasm yet, as the long sought sensation of spunk exploding in her cunt unleashed the incredible memories of her previous partners.

Her body bucked beneath me. I flounced, gripping one fat tit with my right hand, the other with my mouth. My left hand clutched at her side and my buried prick clung to her depths. It hosed her birth canal with a stream of hot semen. Despite my strong grips, my might knew only the fireworks lighting it up with joys of many colors.

Our bodies convulsed and shook and shivered against each other, as we flew to separate nirvana.

"I'm going to prepare the beans, now." Mom announced from our client's kitchen.

My new sex partner and I lay panting. The right side of my head nestled between her soft globes.

"Don't move, Billy." Miss Louis said quietly. "I meant it when I said I don't want to waste a single drop." She reached both her hands between our wet connection. Their fingers pinched her slimy lips above and below where my shaft entered her. "Now withdraw slowly, okay?"

"Yes, Ma-am." I obeyed eyeing her technique. By pinching her vulva, it wiped every drip of sperm that had squirted up my shaft, as I pulled it out. My prick head popped from the pressure she applied, as it exited the incredible sensation of her cunt. My eyes must have widened when it was clear that her pussy must have been large enough to contain all of one of my best cums. Not one drop had seeped from her slit. Every bit of wetness outside, were her juices, and she had been very wet! My mouth formed an astonished O.

"I just know there's a baby on its way inside of me, Billy." She lifted up her arms and hugged me once again in between her fat, wonderful, brown titties. I kissed them and returned her hug.

After resting, she bade me to leave her and go help my mother. Miss Louis lay back to the bed and raised her legs up and over her body, to let all of my sperm pool around her cervix. She had to lie like that for at least ten minutes. She told me.

I dressed carefully, to hide every sign of my efforts at making babies. I found a brush and tamed the muss that had formed on my head. I tied my shoes with perfect bows and wandered happily into the kitchen. "How can I help?"

"I'm sure you've done more than your share of help, already, Billy." Mother used her special, amused smirk which I hadn't seen in many days. "Miss Louis sounded most appreciative, earlier."

"I think so too. Mom." I stood up for myself. What I'd done with our client was my business.

Within the span of another hour, we set her table with a beautiful cloth that Miss Louis had supplied. After seating the beaming woman, I placed a heaping serving of chicken, baked potatoes and green beans before her. She gushed, "It looks wonderful!"

Mom and I retreated to the front room, to give her privacy. Mom sat and read her book. Usually, we chatted about this and that. I played a tiny game on my watch.

Fifteen minutes passed, and Miss Louis exclaimed, "That was more than delicious! You are a fabulous cook, Faun!" It was the first time our client had used my mother's given name.

I entered to clear the table, only to see her plate had hardly been touched! When Miss Louis noticed my great disappointment, she put her hand on my shoulder. "Honestly, your mom's food is wonderful, excellent even. Unfortunately, Billy, I'm on a very strict diet. I really wanted to, and could have, eaten every bite on that plate and then have asked for another just as full. Please, don't tell your mother otherwise.

I nodded dumbly. I believed Miss Louis, but my eyes continued to refute the truth, seeing how little the woman had eaten.

"If I can keep up with my diet, in nine month's I'll be every bit as shapely as your mother, for when I greet my child for the first time."

I'd never encountered a person so dedicated and so confident about their goal. She was truly an amazing woman. "I know you will, Miss Louis." I said, which made her smile. Something poked at my curiosity. "If you have a boy, Ma-am, are you really going to call him, Walter?"

She nodded with a hmm-hmm.

"Why that name?"

Unexpectedly a blush warmed her cheeks, redder than I'd yet seen. She bit her lip and whispered. "It's my father's name."

Dazed, I wandered back to Mom and her book. I told her good news. "All the leftovers we made for Miss Louis are going to last her for a long time. She can hardly wait to eat more."

"That's nice, Billy. I guess it's time to clean up and gather out things. She yawned and stood from the easy chair. I'll text Tanya while you get started.

I tried to push Miss Louis out of the kitchen, to prevent her from helping us. When I failed, Mom stepped in and wagged her finger, calling the client by her first name. "Now, now, Greta, you go to your room or watch a show. That's a good girl."

Miss Louis slunk away like a chastised child. We didn't see her again until Tanya rang the doorbell.

Our things packed at the door, the client showed us out. "Good-bye, Miss Louis!" I dared to hug the big woman, in front of Mom and our impressive, devoted driver.

Greta and Mom waved at each other as we walked to the cab. Tanya opened a rear door, and we ducked in, resting our tired (and my sore) butts on the bench seat.

"How did everything go?" The cabbie asked after starting the car and accelerating into the street.

"Ask, Billy." Mom sounded oddly cool. "I hardly spent any time with the client." She plucked her book from her handbag and resumed reading it.

"Hmmm." Tanya mulled. "Was I wrong about Miss Louis, Billy?"

"I don't think so, Tanya, but I don't know." I gulped at Mom's standoffish-ness. "It's not like we had much to talk about."

Tanya's subsequent, "Hmmm," sang deeper and longer, steeped in contemplation. I watched her eyes dart between Mother and I, in the rear view mirror.

Mom's phone rang. She put down her book and retrieved it. "Yes? Charlotte?" It was Mrs. Abby. A great smile lit up Mom's face. "That's wonderful news! We'll be there tomorrow afternoon for certain."

Mom hung up and sighed. Her smile faltered for a single heartbeat. "Billy, the bank finally signed off on our mortgage. Its officially in my and the Colkicks' names. Mrs. Abbey will bring the completed paperwork and the keys to the house, tomorrow after school. We'll meet the Colkicks there too.

"What about Dad?"

"He hoped to get out of work, if he could, but I wish we had be notified earlier."

"Mom, what I meant was, isn't Dad's name on the mort-gadge?"

Mom's lips tightened a little. "His isn't, Billy. He surprised me too." Mom explained with a frown. "Your father felt that the documents were complicated enough with two names. He didn't want to confuse them further with his family name."

A related question surfaced in my head, one I had never thought to ask. "Why didn't you take Dad's name when you married?" Now days, most married women keep or merge their names, to protect their personal identity.

"You're full of good questions tonight." Mom's frown lightened. In her eyes, I saw lingering coolness. It made me very self-conscious, as if I had wronged her. Mom continued. "When your father and I were organizing our marriage, his mother and I had a long talk. I was fully comfortable with taking their name, but she talked me out of it, saying that it was a new society, and how modern women shouldn't dive into the deep end of their husband's lives."

"Grandma said that?" My father's mother was very proud to be called Mrs. Wimbley. Why would she want her son's wife to be, Ms. Androni?

Mom nodded and dialed Dad. They talked for a few minutes until he had to beg off and return to work. Poor Dad. "He'll try to get off work, tomorrow." Mom said with some hope, and returned her phone to her handbag.

"We have another client tomorrow." I remembered aloud, wondering if there would be much time to celebrate our new house?

"Yes, a Mr. and Mrs. Tidden. They live in the city's Forest district."

"That sounds nice, Mom." I tried to warm her up with cheerfulness.

A harsh cough erupted from the driver's seat. Tanya, cleared her throat, "It's not actually called the Forest district. It's official and historic name is Footrest, but the people living their hate that name. They always use the name they prefer."

"What's it like?"

"It's a small area on the north side of Central Heights. The sun rarely shines there, and the rents are cheap. It's comprised mostly of small apartment buildings. It's never been a slum, but the people there aren't well off, about the same as Miss Louis.

My heart sank. Was Mrs. Tidden also a member of Miss Louis' Fookbase group? Was she just tying to get pregnant, by hiring Mom and I? I wasn't sure how I felt about making babies with another poor woman, but guilt about keeping that news from Mom quickly burdened my heart.

"Tanya, would you close the panel?" I meant the plexiglass sheet that was suppose to offer privacy. I knew better, but I chose to keep up the pretense.

Mom's eyebrows lifted, surprised.

"Hmmmm." Tanya hummed deeper still and slide the barrier shut.

"Billy?" Mom intercepted. "Just because you can tell me about your private business, doesn't mean that you should. I-I might not want to know-." She sniffed, unexpectedly. "Right away."

Mom sounded as if she was sad about what I might have done with Miss Louis. I nearly forgot what I was going to say, but my growing guilt prevailed. "It's not about that, Mom. Well- not exactly..." I hemmed. Frustration only fueled my guilt. "I-" I couldn't tell her exactly that Miss Louis had just wanted me to make a baby in her. "I-" I swallowed something thick that had welled up to clog my throat. "I-"

Mom grew amused, casting aside her thin smile. "You're a little, sputtering motorboat." She hadn't called me that in years. But that's exactly what I was. Her abrupt flare of humor pushed me out of the rut I'd put myself in.

"I'm going to be a daddy again."

Mom's eyes cringed, her little sadness returning.

"It's Ms. Kampold, Mom!" I blurted, hoping to reassure her. "Miss Louis told me about a Fookbase group for women who can't get pregnant." I rapid-fired information, hoping to distract my mother from inferring too much. "Ms. Kampold posted that I had made a baby in her. That's why people are hiring us." I sniffed then. I was about to bawl, certain that Mom would think the worst of me. "I think." I ended pathetically.

Mom's face blanked. She knocked on the sliding plexiglass. "Tanya, please open this." She too kept the pretense.

A pretty but large hand reached behind the cabbie's head and opened the panel. "Yes, Ms. Androni?"

"You can stop the cab and your obsequious manner, Tanya. I need a moment."

The vehicle swung gently and efficiently to the curb. "Should I leave you two?"

"No." Mom answered. She fumbled in her purse and withdrew her phone. "Take Billy with you." She pulled out a fifty dollar bill, wadded it angrily, and stuffed it at me. "Do something nice, for Tanya and yourself."

The cabbie's large frame exited through the driver's door. She opened my door, and I stepped outside under dark skies and the harsh glare of LED streetlights. Tanya led me along the sidewalk for half a block. She rested. "Your mother will be okay."

"I don't know, Tanya. What if Meals on Heels doesn't make it?" If our only clients were a few women wanting to get pregnant, the Colkicks' business was doomed.

"That's not important." She put a warm hand on my shoulder.

"If that's not, what is?" I pouted.

"Doing something nice. That's important, because that's what your mother wants." She went on to explain that we had stopped in one of the nicer parts of the city. Within a good walk, in most directions, we could probably find anything we wanted.

I hugged the nice but stoic, Ukrainian woman. I didn't cry. Her warmth was surprisingly arousing. Although my penis remained soft, it wouldn't rest long before it succumbed to her unique attractiveness, a well proportioned, little giantess.

I had been very mean to her, the one time we had made babies. It was a terrible evening, but she had weathered my anger with comforting words and gentle caresses. Ms. Lagari's voice called me, "Seek and give more loving, Billy."

As good as that sounded, something about having enough money to do pretty much anything, early at night in the city, also called to me. Even if Tanya and I stayed out very long, Mom always had her book. Tanya wouldn't have left Mom alone, if she thought the area wasn't safe.

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Early on in reading the story, of course I was focused above all on the relationship between Billy and his mother, wondering how far they'd go and how they'd get there.. But I have to admit, at this point it's not really that important anymore. The rest of the story has enough interesting characters, and there seems to be a surprise around almost every corner, that Billy and his mother could go at it like rabbits in the next chapter, and I'd still want to keep on reading to find out about all the other things going on in Billy's world.

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Love it  love how you have so many possible story lines now

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I suddenly felt like a rich man on a date with a good friend. Just because I wanted to make babies with every good woman, didn't mean I couldn't appreciate the rest of their lives. Maybe that was a different kind of balance. What was Tanya like outside of driving a cab or serving me like a meat sock? I will always feel awful about having treated her that badly.

What did rich men do on a regular date? I thought of a show that Dad liked to watch, Man in Suit. It was about Harold Draper, a cold but efficient director level executive. He had a girlfriend, a wife, and a mistress. To keep his staff in line, he sleuthed out their weaknesses and wielded them like a parent might. Was he evil? The series never resolved that. Each episode was either about how Harold solved one of his staff's personal problems, or one of his own. Usually, something or someone got a little broken along the way, but he always did the company proud! Sometimes he saved the entire company of Jones, Jones, Smith, and Xerxes, but his vice president never promoted him. Like Confucius, Harold's boss kept him "Right where you belong."

The ambiguity of Harold Draper is, I think, why Dad was addicted to the show. His boss wasn't anything like the powerful, TV icon. His wasn't evil or good either, just another cog in a corporate machine, albeit in charge of Dad and his twelve co-workers. Nobody interesting.

"Choice is a bored master." Tanya chuckled, waiting for me to decide.

I pouted, but her prompt had pulled me out of a mental rabbit hole. I didn't like Man in Suit because it reminded me of Dad's life sucking job. However one thing Harold Draper always did was to take the episode's supporting character out for a drink. I puffed up my chest and looked the cabbie in the eye. "I want to buy you a drink. Is there a nice lounge nearby?" A lot of the show happened at an impossible variety of lounges. They were intimate, brooding, haunted by sultry music, and everything was wood or glass that shined in the dusky or darker lighting.

My sudden boldness elicited amusement and admiration, combined in a way only Tanya could express. She was the most worldly person I knew. That is, if our city was the entire planet. Her eyebrows narrowed. "You are too young for getting into club, and I am driving."

"Oh." Dang! Why hadn't I thought of that? I sighed, and my head drooped. I guessed we could get a burger somewhere. When I looked back up, Tanya's eyes were focused inward, her conscience deep in thought.

A car threw a shadow past her face as its headlights crossed behind her. "There is place, Billy, but fifty dollars will get us only in the door and one drink. We are lucky it is Monday."


She laughed then. "Little master, you may want to reconsider. It is not club for people faint of heart."

That sounded awesome! If there were any danger I was confident Tanya could protect me or she wouldn't have suggested it. I trusted her that way, more than Mom and Dad together. "I want to go!"

She grimaced, took my elbow, and leaned close. "If anyone asks your name, lie. Always give false name. Change it if asked again. Never give your real name. Never repeat one you already give. You must promise this."

My exuberance faded at her seriousness. "Okay, I won't say my name."

She smirked then, "Should be most interesting. But Tanya will take you out of there, as soon as you want to leave." That sounded like a dare. "Come." She let go of my arm and walked. I had to step quickly to match her leisurely but steady pace.

We marched to the next street, turned, and walked three blocks to a cross-street that was lit up like Las Vegas for a block in each direction. I assumed it was a local hot spot. Above each venue, giant monitors flashed pictures of cocktails and beautiful women in fancy dresses and too much make-up. One showed a man bulging with muscles wearing a shiny black vest and black, tiny underwear. Tanya ignored the spectacle.

We crossed the street and proceeded for another one and a half blocks. She stopped at an alley. It wasn't like any I'd seen before, clean as a whistle with glazed, bright red tiles for flagstones. We followed them to a sun bleached, wooden door. Splinters marred it unvarnished surface. It stood in contrast the wide, brick building framing it. The red tiles ran right past, but Tanya stopped and waited.

Two yards from the wooden door a section of wall opened, like in a James Bond movie. A man- or was she a woman- She/he was dressed in a woman's business suit. Her hair was a short brown pomp, but they spoke like a man. They stood in a circular pen from a British courtroom, attached to the door's inner side. The space they had emerged from was completely black. It was almost as if they lived in a tall drawer, waiting for customers.

"Why it's a shapely tall drink of vodka!" They declared, running their eyes up my 'date', from flats to cap. "Tanya, I thought we'd lost you to the loser who dragged you here last time."

Were they serious? It would take a really big man to drag Tanya anywhere, I thought. The idea that someone here could do that cut another slice out of my confidence. The man/woman person even knew her name! My throat swallowed a ball of dryness.

Tanya said nothing but put her hand on my shoulder. I think, to comfort me.

"Is this little man in charge of you tonight?" Our greeter's eyes roasted my skin. They pursed their lips and growled. "I love the contrast. I'll knock you in, but doff the fatigues, Bitch." I wanted to take Tanya's hand in mine and drag her away from what was sounding less awesome and more terrifying every second. What did the door-person mean by fatigues? Tanya wasn't in the military.

The cabbie patted my shoulder. Her eyes questioned me from on high. I swallowed deliberately and nodded, grasping within for bravery. I had been called a little man. I couldn't allow myself to act like a frightened boy in front of the bemused stranger.

I hadn't expected how Tanya would interpret my nod. She gave her cap to me and began unbuttoning her uniform's tan shirt. In the middle of a strange alley, Tanya undressed down to her bra and panties. She stepped out her matching tan trousers and stood for inspection.

"Seriously? Beige underwear?" He or she scoffed. "That's the boring Tanya everyone loves. But off with the work shoes, you Ukrainian hunk, and fold your things neat." The greeter sighed. "Don't forget the most boring thing of all. Money, Honey."

They expected her to pay? Anger substituted for bravery, and I blustered up to the scary person standing in a waist high pen. I took out Mom's crumpled fifty dollar bill and wadded it a little more before offering it.

"What's your name, my Sunday school noob?" The greeter's eyes traversed the sharp creases in my best shirt and trousers.

I cleared my throat and answered, "Walter."

"That sounds more like your father's name, but I'll let it go and give advice instead, Walter." They loomed out at me. "Always make the bitch pay." They smiled delightedly and plucked my fifty with a quick pinch of their gaudy fingernails.

In the back of my mind, I heard a voice. I once fought that voice. It was not a good voice. It said, "Tell them, 'I would make you pay, but I doubt you're good for it.'" I stepped back from the scary person, more afraid of what my mind had dredged up than them.

Tanya had untied and removed her polished black leather shoes. She also peeled off her black socks. After folding her shirt and pants, she stacked them, and held the pile out to me. "Cap." She said.

I covered her shoes with it. She stood so powerfully, nearly naked under the distant glow of a streetlight. My penis began twitching back to life.

"Have fun, kids." The greeter rapped their knuckles on the wooden pen. It made an almost musical tone. "Service for two, Slave." They told the wooden door. It opened and a very young girl bowed to us. She wore a dress like Alice in Wonderland and held a bouquet of daisies. "I'm here to serve, Masters."

With practiced ritual, 'Alice' traded her flowers for Tanya's clothes. She led us deeper into the entry hall where monochrome photographs of happy clown faces watched us from the walls. The door closed. Inside it smelled like fresh bread and warm pussy. From farther in, a drumbeat sounded, paused for four measures and was struck again.

"We'd like drinks, please. Is there a booth available?" Tanya requested.

"I'll check, Mistress." The girl bowed again and backed away as if we were royalty. She took Tanya's clothes with her.

My impressive, attractive date sniffed the plastic bouquet, hung it on a peg in the wall, and shared. "Things start to get a little weird, Master, from here on in."

A peg next to the dangling flowers held up what looked like an old west gun-belt, complete with two holstered Colt pistols and a row of 38 caliber ammunition.

My heart tried to explode through my ribs, run to the door, and beat against it until one of them burst.

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I sidled up against Tanya's sturdy, warm frame. "Can we get Mom's money back?" Had I just wasted $50. I was suppose to do something nice for her. Here Tanya was, almost naked having been berated by a creepy bouncer. It sounded like things would only get worse. I checked my watch, but there wasn't a signal.

"We can go, Master. My clothes will be cleaned and pressed and sent to my work, in a discrete package." She turned to the entrance. "Money is not important."

Not important! Tanya wasn't rich, but she must earn a good living to claim such a thing. FIFTY DOLLARS could buy a bicycle! "W-we can stay. I don't m-mind." I sputtered. At the very least, we should get her clothes back. That and nervous curiosity for unusual places prevented me from running out the door with her. What things lie further in this strange version of a speakeasy? I took her hand as a tether, so she couldn't lose me.

The Alice girl returned. "There is a booth." She gave a slight bow. Her eyebrows furrowed, her eyes remained on me as I clung to my companion my protector in bra and panties. Did her small, gold tressed head give a slight shake of disapproval? Rising out of her bow, the little girl sported a discomforting smirk. "This way." Her smirk headed into the club.

I moved to follow, but Tanya's hand anchored me. "No place is perfect safe. No one will harm you, but Master protects Tanya only if he chooses." Her stoicism was cranked to 11. It felt very likely, during her other time(s) here, the man who'd dragged her had not defended her. From what?

"Masters?" 'Alice' inquired impatiently from the entry way's shadowed depths. I had been on the verge of fleeing again, until her meek voice reminded me of her smirk of superiority. Little brat! I'd show her!

"Tanya's trying to scare you. Teach the bitch a lesson!" The voice inside of me suggested. There was strength in it.

I tugged Tanya's arm. "We're staying - uh - b-bishh." I didn't actually say, bitch.

"Yes, Master." She followed my lead. I followed the dumb girl.

The hall opened into a vast chamber glowing white. Giant swaths of bleached linen hung along the walls and formed a maze of segmented 'rooms'. Bright lights hidden behind the sheets threw shadow plays of the people within their confines. Dozens of outlined people writhed and gesticulated upon the many, curtained spaces. Even the ceiling had been fully draped. Laughter was the principal music, somehow timed to the regular, spaced out, beat of a drum.

Shouts burst through the general sounds of merriment.







Interspersed between the outbursts, sharp cracks and slaps sounded. Shadows moved vigorously, languidly, and sometimes not at all.

There were orgasms too: soft, loud, painful, ecstatic. My penis unfurled as my blood prepared it for ... I didn't know what. I thought we were just getting drinks. For all of the noises, the volume of it wasn't any louder than in a bus station. I think, hidden behind linen sheets, the walls and ceiling must have been very sound absorbent.

"Here you are." The little girl in the robin egg blue dress drew a white curtain open. Behind it, a large booth style bench squatted. It was a quarter circle fashioned with padded, vinyl upholstery. White linen formed 'walls' around it. Shadows danced on one of them but not the other. A low, oval sheet of glass served the bench as a table. Two glasses sat upon it, holding tall strips of paper.

I waited for Tanya before sitting beside her. Another, brief smirk crossed the girl's lips. "Shall I close the curtain, Masters, before I continue my duties?" She sure didn't talk like a little girl.

Tanya waited for me to answer. As fun as being cloistered with Tanya in that sexy atmosphere might be, I didn't want to feel confined. "No." I said, worried the dumb girl would smirk at my answer. She only bowed and walked delicately away. Then I was alone with the large, beautiful cab driver.

The bench seat was really wide. A dozen, bright LEDs glowed along the gap between the seat and the black vinyl backrest, throwing our placid shadows upon the curtains. My feet barely dangled over the bench edge, if I sat against the backrest. It seemed built for people Tanya's size. Even the glasses were as large as two soda cans on top of each other. I needed to say something normal, in that unreal den of urgent cries, flashing shadows, and mewled whimpers. "Uh, what kind of drinks do they serve?"

"Look at paper in glass." Tanya plucked the one in front of her. She examined the words on it.

I read mine. Most of the list meant nothing to me. Harvey Wallbanger? Mai Tai? They sounded like secret codes. I had heard that some clubs served cocaine if you ordered the right drink that wasn't on the menu. It'd sounded cool when an older boy had told the story, back in my previous school. Now the possibility unnerved me. I was about to ask, "Wh-what do you suggest?" When my eyes caught the phrase, Long Island, Iced Tea. Whew!

Tanya tore one of the words out of her strip of paper and dropped it into her glass. I think it said, "Screwdriver."

I mimicked her example. I knew that Long Island had something to do with New York City. Ordering ice tea from there made me feel very elite.

Tanya saw the words on my torn strip, out of the corner of one eye. She leaned against me, put her arm around my shoulders, and cuped my far arm with her palm. Her other arm took my glass and emptied the torn slip onto the table.

"Huh?" I tried to intercept, but her body and hand restrained my arms.

"It is not what you think." She released me, tore the strip in half, and returned one half to my glass.

"What's your name?" An unexpected question interrupted my indignation. The man who'd asked, stood at the open curtain to our booth. He was an older gentleman with an uneven, unshaven chin. He wore a large yellow raincoat. Dark and gray hairs tangled down from the lip of his yellow rain hat. He carried a fishing pole. At the end of its line hung an eyeball. Strung out along the line, several clothespins had been tied.

I flinched at his question. His abrupt, creepy appearance shot a name out of me. "Steven."

"Hnngg." His sneer show a gap between his teeth, or was it a blackened tooth? Sparkling eyes, all three of them, contemplated me. "You don't act like a Steven, more like a Tommy." Was he referring to Tanya tearing my ice tea order? I had been too kind to think the stranger was a gentleman.

"Tell him to stick his rod up his naked ass." Blurted inside my head. I suddenly noticed, the man's raincoat ended at his knees. Below it protruded bare legs and feet. Salt and pepper curls of hair lined his shins and calves. Was hat and coat all that he wore?

"I'm here for your order." He said it as if he shouldn't have had to say it. The 'fisherman' strode up to the table and tucked our glasses into handy pockets on the front of his raincoat. He swiveled on his bare feet and strode away.

One of my hands clutched Tanya's naked thigh. She patted my hand. "The drinks here are very good. We will toast to your bravery."

Small talk was probably the stupidest thing to do in that place, but the atmosphere of privacy and exhibitionism left questions unfashionable. Either you knew or your didn't know.

I managed, "Do you think Mom's okay?" I tapped my disconnected watch.

"Yes, Master. Ms. Androni is strong like Tanya, only not so large." She winked. "I would worry more for anyone who knocks on cab window."

"Why did the person in the alley let me in? Isn't that against the law?"

"It is only against law, if the law is not participating." Her answer floored me. Was the bouncer a police officer? Was the 'fisherman?' Was 'Alice?' If not them were cops elsewhere in the vast room? Cameras in the ceilings? Microphones? What was going on? The confusion in me elicited a soft smile from the almost naked cabbie. "This is a safe place for doing safe and dangerous things. We are the police. Those from the law, when here, are not. Most important, when you are here, take responsibility."

I couldn't fathom what that meant either. I had just wanted to share a drink with my friend. Instead of sating it, her answer further aroused my curiosity.

"The person outside said that a man once dragged you here." I prompted.

Tanya's smile flattened. "That is Tanya's business to tell or not." She sighed - unhappily it seemed. "It was more than once." She frowned and clammed up.

Now I really wanted to know her story! I tried a grin. "But I am your master." I refrained from winking.

She turned a solemn but pleasant face to me. "What does Master want Tanya to do?"

Unlike Miss Louis', limited anything, I gulped at the way Tanya offered to obey. My heart thudded at the possibility of being able to do truly anything to, or with, the great woman beside me.

Except for inquiring into her personal life.

My penis throbbed in my trousers, at the thought of unlimited use of her. Even the wicked voice in my head was speechless.

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A great number of delicious and fun possibilities raced through my imagination. Some were more wicked than others, but I came here with the goal of doing something nice for Tanya. Clearly her past visits had not been nice, but if she returned after the first time, something must have drawn her. I wondered what that was.

Although my erection twitched inside my trousers, while I imagined lurid scenarios, an obvious difficulty was the nature of this place. The booths had privacy screens that were thin sheets! Outsiders could peep through cracks without being seen, if Tanya and I were to close our curtain. The idea that the creepy old man might look in while I was enjoying the cabbie's obedience, ruined any potential for fun.

I sighed and retreated from but didn't abandon my goal. "What do you know about this place, Tanya?" It wasn't a terrible question, it simply shifted the course of our evening. Had she wanted me to command her, like Mom had wanted lose all control? I knew almost nothing about the passive stoic.

Tanya did relax a little at my question. Maybe she hadn't wanted to be commanded, or maybe her tension had been a sign of eagerness. It was difficult to tell from her plain but attractive face.

"This place does not have name. Patrons, some of them, call it Happy Hunting Grounds, others just say, The Place. The latter are not regulars. It is very modern, no? It has history. The building was built during Great Patriotic War. Inside was for manufacturing radios to put on aircraft and ships. After war, Black women sewed suits for white men. Some died here. In 60s, it was abandoned. Lead poisoned the grounds. I think in 70s AA meetings were held on premises. Then federal money for superfund cleaned up the ground. A new floor was laid. Special lighting was put in ceiling to grow pot grass. It was raided and confiscated by city. Someone on city council started using it for private raves. Over time, it became club. The police have been here all along. As club changed, their attitudes changed, but only while in club. Stupid or irresponsible guests are not let in again.

Tanya's voice faltered upon concluding. I had two impressions. One was, Tanya knew everything about everything in the city. Two, the man who dragged her here, last time was not let in again. It was quite possible, none of the men who brought her had ever returned. This place was their crucible, and all had failed. I didn't need a voice in my head, or even telepathy to tell me that. Her faltering last sentence said more than all the initial tourist info. It was no happy hunting grounds for Tanya. It was a burial ground.

'Alice' appeared at the curtain's perimeter, carrying two large glasses. One was half full with what very much looked like ice tea. The other just looked like orange juice. She bowed and entered. After serving our drinks, she asked again if we wanted the curtain closed.

"What's the point?" I said stupidly. They were useless for privacy, as far as I could tell.

"Please, forgive my Master's rudeness." Tanya suddenly interjected. She said it as if she'd had to say it dozens of times.

The dumb girl simply bowed and backed away.

"What was that about?" I was a little angry at Tanya. How had I been rude? I mean, if I had wanted to insult the girl-

"The curtains are magical, little Master. I understand you do not know this, but in club ignorance is not excuse for rudeness."

"Huh?" What was next, crystals and tarot readings? I didn't say that, because that would have been rude if it were true.

By saying, "Little Master," Tanya demoted me. I had lost some of her respect. "It is human magic. Very difficult to nurture. Here is one place in city, where curtain is privacy. No locks or bars are stronger than it. She took her drink and indicated the bunched linen sheet. She drank then deeply. Two thirds of her Screwdriver returned to the table.

I looked at my glass. It was now half empty. She was saying that the curtains here were given more respect that I deserved. That's the kind of place it was. Her earlier caution about being responsible clicked into place. As I mulled my new appreciation for the club, I took a sip from my glass.

It was ice tea! I've had alcoholic drinks before. I didn't taste any! My instant reaction was, this club was a sham, but two yellow flags struck the field. First of all, I had wanted to order iced tea, because I was afraid of the other names. Second, Tanya wouldn't have halved my drink without a good reason. Third, there's always a third after you contemplate two, it was likely Tanya respected this place more than she respected me. I didn't dare complain about my drink. I took a bigger sip. Yep. Ice tea.

"Tanya?" A fresh but vaguely familiar woman's voice interrupted my winding funk. "Who is th- OH MY STARS!"

Two people stood beyond our booth, as if they had been walking past. Both carried drinks and wore full length cloaks and masks. The speaker's was a spangled Carnival mask with great feathers like rays of sunlight streaming out from its center. Through the third dimension, sprouted a long and thick, rubbery nose. Her companion's carapace was a leather hood that fitted tightly over their entire head. Coarse toothed zippers shuttered their eye sockets. Below them, a circular disk filled a round frame as if it were a door for the person's mouth. A candy-cane collar encircled the neck, and a twisted wire leash spanned from it to the astonished lady's hand. How her jaw had fallen far below the mask's bottom, indicated her mental state. "Buh-" She clapped her hand with the leash to her mouth, jerking her companion's neck. A man grunted through his black mask.

"Mistress!" Tanya abruptly hissed caution. I had the strangest impression that the cabbie would have leaped to cover the woman's mouth, if the woman hadn't.

Eyes in the carnival mask darted to me, appraising ... something. She stepped across the invisible boundary. "Close the curtain, Slave." She released the leash and stood just within the perimeter, eyes studying me. Her companion, though blind, found the curtain by touch and carefully extended it to enclose our space. Not at any point did he enter.

"My cloak." She called out and unclasp the silver links securing the thick, forest green wool covering her. Hands behind her reached though the end gap of our curtain and hauled her cloak out of our space. Before our table stood a woman more naked than Tanya. She wore something like a bra, but it both pushed her breasts upwards and closer together. It did nothing to cover her ripe mounds and hard button nipples. Around her hips she wore a complexity of leather straps studded with pennies. The crotch panel had a circle of sturdy plastic similar to the frame on her companion's mask.

I blurted, "Ms. Co-!"

A large hand slapped over my mouth! Tanya saved the night from yet another faux pas from me.

The woman choked back a laugh, apparently not offended but jostling a tiny splash of red from the drink in her hand. "How did you know?"

It was Ms. Colkick! Her body still looked like the picture she had sent a few weeks ago. Unable to speak, I summoned the picture on my watch and presented it too far away for her to actually see. Lameness spilled out of me like a waterfall.

"What is your name?" She asked.

It was a cue that I suddenly understood. "Tommy." I gushed. "Wh-what's yours?"


We both wanted to ask the lamest question, what are you doing here? But we refrained. She knew the right thing to say.

"Tommy, please correct this bitch for entering your domain." She bowed low to me, being more careful with her drink. Feathers brushed against our table. "I fully realized punishment would be due for intruding, yet I chose to trespass. My excuses aren't worth speaking." She remained in her ninety degree bow. Her mask must have been quite heavy, evidenced by three straps around the back of her head, two in parallel and one crossing them. Her horizontal bow must have required incredible neck strength!

My steel penis wanted to explode in my trousers.
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Tanya had warned that this place would be weird, but I never imagined meeting Ms. Colkick! My heart raced from a mix of excitement and anxiety. I didn't know how to cope with all the weirdness. A memory of the public librarian, who seemed ill at the time, had been the same kind of weird, but Ms. Colkick looked mighty healthy. Why did she want me to punish her for doing what anyone would do when they recognized each other?

The previous chapter had ended with Tanya asking Billy what he'd like to do. Did part of the story skip, since Billy suddenly talks about meeting Ms. Colkick? :)

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Thanks for catching my mistake, Clitical! I had actively checked continuity before posting, and I even screwed that up. Doh!  I replaced the story post above with the proper text and will post the replaced text soon.
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Tanya had warned that this place would be weird, but I never imagined meeting Ms. Colkick! My heart raced from a mix of excitement and anxiety. I didn't know how to cope with all the weirdness. A memory of the public librarian, who seemed ill at the time, had been the same kind of weird, but Ms. Colkick looked mighty healthy. Why did she want me to punish her for doing what anyone would do when they recognized each other?

I looked to Tanya, who understood me and this place. My trembling body language spoke for me. Ms. Colkick remained in her plank like bow. My neck was starting to hurt, imagining the strain on hers.

The cabbie held my hand. She sighed, "You do not have to punish lady. She is responsible, by submitting self, and excuse may be more than she admits."

A faint grunt issued from the submitting Ms. Colkick. I got a vague impression of disappointment.

"It's okay, Ms.- um, Eufloria." I added with a mischievous grin. "This Time." I winked at Tanya, thanks for helping me felt much better about the situation. I told Ms. Colkick, "Sit next to me too, please. I want to hear about you and this place." My hard dick throbbed at the thought of being sandwiched between two sexy, almost naked women. I wasn't sure what to call Mr. Colkick - at least I hoped that's who the man with her was."Can, um, He come in?"

Eufloria rose out of her bow, took a deep breath, and let out a brief sigh. Again, I heard a hint of disappointment. "You are too kind, Tommy. This slut will gladly obey while in your domain." She scooted around the table, to Tanya, which was not what I'd asked.  She'd also ignored my question about her man.

I shrugged.

"Be a good slave, Tanya, and take off my mask." Ms. Colkick ordered. She continued to hold her drink instead of setting it on the table.

"Yes, Mistress." Tanya obeyed as if she ranked lowest in the club, except maybe for 'Alice.' I felt bad. I had wanted to do something nice for her. Did she like obeying others? It was hard to tell from her placid expression.

Relieved of her mask, Ms. Colkick's face shined more sunlight than the radient feathers she'd removed. Her presence blinded my memory of her disrespecting Tanya.

"Tommy, it's incredible to find you here." She set her mask on the floor, standing it against the end of the bench. It's phallic nose dented the white, privacy curtain. It was half again as big as my penis, in all dimensions. "After Charlotte called with the good news, I decided to take my bitch slave out to celebrate!" Ms. Colkick looked at her glass and the oval table. It had plenty of space. Her face swung to the cabbie. "Things could get pretty exciting, Tanya, I'd hate for my drink to spill. Be a good slut and hold it for me. You're so strong!" Eufloria marveled. She flashed me a super mischievous grin.

Instead of taking Eufloria's glass, Tanya stood up and pushed her panties over her hips and down her legs. What was going on? Again, I didn't know how to react. Was it normal for people in the club to burden Tanya? The greeter had said they loved her. Seeing her golden thatch of pubes and the pout of her pubis, thrilled and unsettled me. I had been mean to that wonderful place on Tanya's beautiful body.

Confusion fled as I was then struck aghast! After stepping out of her panties, Tanya turned around and squatted to the floor. Sitting her naked ass on the concrete, she lay on her back. She then lifted her legs, spread them, and placed her feet on the bench seat. Slowly, she inched her hips up the front of the bench, until they were higher than the seat, and the obedient cabbie stood on the back of her neck and shoulders. How could she possibly hold Ms. Cherkle's glass like th-? NO. WAY.

"I think three inches will be enough to hold it steady. Don't you, Tanya?"

"I'll do my best, Mistress Eufloria."

Ms. Colkick placed the bottom of her glass between the cabbie's upraised and spread thighs. She seated it on Tanya's exposed pussy. Her hairy lips twitched from the cool surface, but I saw their wetness. Eufloria ground the base of her glass into the large vulva presented and twisted it slowly into her vagina.

"STOP IT!" I shouted! Horror buried my astonishment!!! How could a nice lady like Ms. Colkick do something so cruel to a wonderful person like Tanya!

"Tommy?" Eufloria looked puzzled. "Of course I'll stop, Master. If I have offended, please let this bitch make amends, or punish me however you like." Her head bowed slowly down, but her glass remained in the inch of Tanya's pussy it had been crammed into. It wobbled from its shallow insertion, however the cabbie tried to steady it.

"Take it out of her!" I was almost crying. "Put it on the table!" I despaired at the situation. Tanya's evening kept getting worse! Was there nothing nice about this place?

"I hear and obey." Ms. Colkick carefully and gently removed her glass from Tanya's pussy and set on the table. Sex juices glued them together. She folded her hands in her lap, bowed her head, and waited.

Time stilled in that booth, until I reached for my glass. My mouth was dry. I took a long drink and sighed. The club's ice tea was very relaxing. Tanya got up from the floor and sat beside me, putting me between her and Eufloria, but she told her, "Thank you, Mistress, for choosing me to serve."

I took the cabbie's hand and petted it. "I couldn't watch-" I interrupted myself, unsure of what was really going on between the two sexy woman. Tanya patted my hand with her other one. "Tanya is strong." She attempted to reassure. "This is your booth."

I only felt sorrier for her. Ms. Colkick continued to wait, head bowed. What was I going to do with her? Could it be, what she'd told Tanya to do was acceptable behavior here. Neither of them seemed particularly upset or excited.

I came to suspect that Eufloria had put on a show to disturb me. Which meant, I stretched reason, that she was being selfish. She wanted my attention and, although not jealous of Tanya, simply used her apparent authority to get it. I needed to assert my authority in my booth.

"Fuck her asshole with that mask's nose!" The voice in my head cried jubilantly! But it was as powerless over me as were the two, now even more naked, women.

If Ms. Colkick wanted my attention, I would give it to her, but for Tanya's gain. "I didn't like that, Euflorah." I accidentally mispronounced her name. Her head wasn't bowed enough to hide her face. She took it as a rebuke.

"I apologize, Tommy. May this bitch make up for it somehow?"

"Make up-fffer it - with Tanya." My lips tripped on a word.

The cabbie's eyes widened. She became the puzzled one.

"However you wish." Ms. Colkick nodded, head remaining bowed.

"Tanya, I'm sorry. If I'd known that would happen, I would have stopped her right away."

"Tanya does not deserve such kindness." Her face was more stoic than ever. "But I thank you for it. There is no need of further justice for the Mistress."

"I think there is." I took her hands in mine. "You have to obey me, too, right?"


I kept my eyes on Tanya's passionless face when I called out, "Eufloria, get down on the floor and crawl over here."

Did I hear a gulp? "Yes, Master."

"Not that." I rebuked Ms. Colkick. "Call me Tommy, but you have to call Tanya, MJistress, until I think you've apologized enough.

"I will obey, Tommy." She slunk down to her hands and knees and crawled under the table.

"Tanya, I command you to open your legs and let Eufloria give you an orgasm with her mouth."

Tanya head retreated upon her shoulders. "Master should know - I ... do not orgasm."

"Huh?" How was that possible? Everyone orgasms, right? That's like a universal law! My cunning plan began to fall apart.

"May I speak to that, Tommy?" Ms. Colkick asked. She heard my shock.

"Uh, I guess you may." How could sweet Tanya, kind Tanya, be unable to enjoy such an important part of living? That lack was more awful than holding someone's glass in her pussy!

"Mistress has said this before, but she does get aroused, and there's a good chance that her orgasms are simply below the threshold of her arousal. However it is known, that some people do not orgasm, and a lesser number cannot get sexually aroused." The mostly naked woman at my feet lectured.

I rethought my plan. "Tanya, would you like the bitch to please you with her mouth, until you want her to stop?" I felt I should at least ask.

Her mouth opened. She didn't say anything, but her neutral expression faltered. Suddenly, for only a moment, I understood this inscrutable woman. I had been feeling the same way all night. She didn't know how she felt about being pleasured in this place which had made her please so many.

"Spread your legs, Tanya, and push your pussy to the edge of the bench." Taking charge felt very natural in that moment.

The large woman pressed her lips together, uncertain but obedient. She opened her thighs and shifted her bum forward for Ms. Colkick.

"Eufloria, show Tanya you're sorry for bothering her little master. I'll decide when she wants you to stop." In my moment of understanding Tanya, I worried she would claim too quickly of being satisfied. I addressed myself, 'little master', as a sign of humility for not protecting my protector in this place. At the moment, humbling myself was more important than trying to sound like an adult.

"Yes, Tommy." Ms. Colkick crawled between Tanya's wide thighs. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue before connecting with her Mistress' large sex.

Tanya shuddered, and surprise broke over her features. "Hhnnggh." She grunted. Eufloria's initial contact of mouth to puss must have been an unexpected thrill.

"Suck her good." I told the woman kissing and lapping her former slave's wet slit. "If you don't do a good job, you'll have to leeeave my booth." My tongue may have slipped, but I was sure my threat would register. I wasn't especially humble, assuming authority over Ms. Colkick, while she mouth pleasured the cabbie.

Brief moans sounded irregularly in Tanya's throat. She looked confused, unable otherwise to express what she was feeling. The orally pleasured woman wasn't having a bad time.

I had another surprise for the woman to whom I owed an unpayable debt. I lifted her hands to her bra. "Play with your titties, Tanya. I want to watch." That wasn't the surprise. It was an excuse to let go of her hands.

I stood up and walked around the table. I kept smiling at Tanya while Ms. Colkick nodded her head greedily between the large woman's thighs. Eufloria kept trying to stretch her lips around a vulva too big for them while her tongue probed deep. Their sexy squishing sounds resonated in my balls.

As the mouth licked and sucked on her pussy, Tanya reached behind her back to unhook her bra. My peter seriously wanted to cum, but I had a better use for my hand than to jerk off. I stopped opposite of where the cabbie sat, first to enjoy Tanya removing her bra then moving her hands to her large (but proportionally smaller than Mom's) breasts.

A pleasant grin wiped away her stoic expression, while she rubbed her tits and fingered her nipples. Her lips twitched, as did her great frame, when jolts of pleasure shot up from her entreated loins. During one of those jolts, she closed her eyes. I hoped it was to fully enjoy the pleasure of Ms. Colkick's sucking mouth.

She opened them again, as if to ensure everything else in the booth, and in the club, was okay. Poor Tanya, I thought. Enjoying herself seemed sadly difficult for her.

I bent down a little, to reach my target, and I raised my hand high. "You shouldn't be having more fun than Tanya. Maybe this will help teach pri-roarties in my booth." I swung down, swatting my hand against the lowly woman's harnessed but mostly bare ass! SWACK!

"NNGGH!!" Ms. Colkick blurted into her Mistress' pussy. I could have swung harder, but I worried about accidentally hitting the glass table's edge, at least until I had gotten use to its presence. Also, I didn't want to hurt Ms. Colkick all that much. Lingering soreness in my bum kept a check on my enjoyment of spanking.

"OOOHHH!!" Tanya suddenly burst aloud. Her eyes locked on to my arm as I swung again. SMACK!!

"AAAAA!" The two women obeying me cried similarly. Had Ms. Colkick bitten Tanya by accident?

I stood up, worried anew. "Are you okay?"

Tanya's inscrutable expression was unexpectedly more intense. "Huhh." She nodded. Something, about me spanking Ms. Colkick, aroused her more than the actual deed. In this haunted place, the shadows of people getting spanked outnumbered those drinking.

The bench's crevice lights started to sting my eyes. ... The room felt slightly tilted. But ... Tanya was okay. So I swung my arm again and cracked my palm against Ms. Colkick's blushing derrière.

Tanya cried out again, "HNNNGGGHHH!!" Incredibly before my hand struck - SMACK! - and before the mouth of the woman I was punishing lurched into her puss.

"Thank you, Tommy, for humbling this slut." Ms. Colkick offered while eating hungrily her former victim's tall slit.

SLAP! Eufloria's surprise at my spanks proved short lived. The blow hardly registered a grunt from the thin, sexy woman under the table.

Tanya reacted quite postive to my swats. "Mmnnnggg - really take charge, Master."

I gave her a big smile and swung again! CRACK!! Oops! I hit kinda hard that time.

"OW!" Ms. Colkick blurted. Yay! She COULD feel my swats. That was good enough for li'l ol' me! WHACK!!

"Master!" Tanya closed her eyes for a second. "Mmmm."


"Tommy, please be good to your hand." Ms. Colkick paused from lapping and slurping Tanya's wet slit. She sounded a little worried. "I can have my slave give you a crop or spanker or paddle. They'll hurt a lot more, with less effort."

"Nah." Since we were pausing, I grabbed my glass with my left arm. It was half of half full. I swallowed two mouthfuls and set it down a little harder than I intended. It clanged against against the table! ... Good thing I just drank from it. Some might have sloshed out! ... I wondered how many calories were in ice tea. I didn't want to run low on energy and stop spanking Ms. Colkick before she was properly punished.

SWACK! My hand began to tingle. The tingle felt muted for some reason. ... It was fine.

Ms. Colkick grunted but made more noise slurping on the cunt in her face. Tanya added fresh moans to the air in my booth. However, Tanya's sounds remained at the same level, unlike the women I had sucked to orgasm. I was used to cries getting louder as their arousal grew. "Hnnnn." I though aloud.

Before swatting Ms. Colkick again, I checked to see the damage I'd done. Her bum was quite red, both cheeks. My cheeks felt better than ever, almost as if Ms. Hennifer had spanked me with her hand instead of a cracked paddle. I smiled at the mostly naked butt. I was the one who'd made it red. That pleased me.

"You should fuck that ass." I heard in my head.

The voice sounded wiser than usual, but I wanted to smack my bitch more. I hauled back and struck as hard as I could! CRACK!!

"OW!" I cried. Her ass had bit my hand! I should have listened to the voice!

Ms. Colkick also cried aloud. "NGGHHH!!"

Tanya cooed at her humbled mistress. "Your mouth makes Tanya feel nice ... nicer when Master spanks you." She closed her eyes a little longer.

I didn't like Ms. Colkick's biting, red ass anymore. I shook my hand in the air, but that didn't feel good either. I wondered if her pussy juice would feel good. I reached under her red buns but found the little door on her harness instead of a wet pussy. "I don la-like this thing, Ms. C- Hic! I mean, Uflorfia. Take it off."

"Y-yes, Tommy." She reached back, while continuing to suck on the appreciative flesh in her mouth. Ms. Colkick worked to release the clasps and hooks and whatever.

"Careful, Little Master." Tanya cautioned after I almost said Eufloria's true name.

I nodded and put an index finger across across my lips. "Shhhh." I felt around Ms. Colkick's loins while she loosened her harness. My hurting hand slid under the crotch panel and felt a very wet pussy. That did feel good, but I was also mad at Tanya.

"I'm not little." I pouted. With my left hand, I unbuckled my belt and unclasp my trousers. As I wiped Ms. Colkick's healing cunt juices upon my hurting hand, the other opened my pants and pulled down my underwear. Hard dick sprang out. "See!" I smiled. It didn't feel quite so hard as it had, but it was more than big enough to prove my point.

Ms. Colkick's harness fell to the concrete and around her knees.

Tanya anticipated my action. "I'll get a condom." She leaned over and opened a little hatch to a space under the bench. That's clever I thought - storing stuff under a bench. Huh. I smiled at the club's ingenuity as I hunched down and grabbed my mostly hard penis. I slotted it into Ms. Colkick's vulva and slid it up and down her wet slit.

"Oh! My!" My mom's boss declared.

"Don't stop sucking." I told her.

"Uh, er, yes Tommy." She leaned forward to lick Tanya's puss."

"Master..." The cabbie sounded a little worried. What happened to her enjoying herself?

I mulled the question and worked at Ms. Colkick's hairy lips. My prick head found the entrance to her vagina. My hand knocked the end of my erection upon her inner door.

"Master, please. Tanya feels very good from bitch's mouth. There is no need for her to continue. Let me put condom on you, if you want more from her." She held out a foil packet.

I looked at her offering and considered her words. In my head, they mixed up a little bit. ... Maybe the ice tea had too much caffeine. ... I really wanted to fuck. ... "It's okay." I thanked Tanya for the nice offer, except instead of saying, Thank you, I said. "I'll be quick." My hips bolted forward, sinking my dick into the wet pussy of Ms. Colkick. ... Wow! ... She was pretty tight! ... Her cooze squeezed my prick nicely as I slid into her. "You can stop sucking, Yuforloria." I joked, "With your front mouth! Ha!"

"Uhhnnghh!" The woman on her hands and knees grunted from my intruding member as it split her puss and filled her cunt. "Tommy! I never expected- ... I don't know what to say."

"Oohh, you feel nice." I started humping her. "Say what you want." It's a free country, I thought. Most of my somehow-slowed-thinking just wanted to pay attention to the hot ass I was fucking. ... This could only be better if she were Mom. ... I hoped Mom wasn't too bored in the cab. ... Wow, I think my dick's getting harder. ... My hips sped up, sinking hot prick into the slick snatch and withdrawing, only to repeat the wonderful sensations. "Mmmm." I moaned.

Tanya stood up, looking alarmed. I smiled at her. Ms. Colkick's saliva and Tanya's pussy juices dribbled down the inside of her thighs. "Eufloria, are you okay with this? Tommy is not in responsible frame of mind. I can stop him."

"You're really giving it to me, Tommy." Ms. Colkick ignored Tanya's concern. She grunted most pleased, each time my shaft shot deep into her hot recess. "May this slut ask a favor?"

I felt surly. "You can ask." I giggled at my cleverness. The next launch of my hips punched dick extra hard into the slut's wet sucking hole.

"NGHH!! I want to show my slave what he's missing. Please, let me call him in." She started clamping her pussy against my rutting rod. The movement was thrilling!

"Okay, but keep doing that!" I delighted. My balls packed their semen into the bulb at the base of my groin which I continued to hurl against the un-crawling woman's punished backside. ... It could only have been better if I had been fucking Ms. Hennifer's pussy. ... Or Mom's! ... What had Ms. Colkick asked again?

"Slave!" She called from under the table as her body was rocked by my pounding hips. "Enter."

The curtain opened, and the man in the leather mask took one step inside. The curtain fell closed behind him.

"Look, Bitch-band, how a boy is treating your Mistress." She moaned, "Ohhhh, he's getting me so excited!" My dick lurched at her gush of arousal, as I pummeled her insides.

The man reached up and unzipped the eye slits of his mask. The room's strange lighting struck his eyes. They were large and round, Mr. Colkick's eyes. They sparkled in the light but did not blink. Tears formed in them.

Sniff! I was genuinely moved. His apparent suffering, at the sight of me dogging his wife's cunt made me want to fuck her harder.

"Make him suck your cock, after you put a baby into his bitch wife." Someone said, but I was happy enough to keep hammering Ms. Colkick's snatch as it squeezed and squirmed against my meat slug. I could hardly wait to cum deep into her womb where cum belonged.

I mentally scoffed at the suggestion. How could a man sucking me, top making a baby?

Another voice spoke, through my ear. Tanya sounded unhappy, after all I'd done to do something nice for her. She told me, "Master, stop please. This is not right." She cupped one hand over my shoulder as I bent low to angle my pecker just right for fucking Ms. Colkick as hard as possible. "You have lose control of self!" She declared.

My thrusts slowed. Tears seeped from my eyes. "Tanya." Sadness swelled from my heart. "I wanted to make amends, for what I did. But I keep failing! You so deserve love, and I love you." My hips stilled but my cock twitched within the dripping sleeve clenching against it. It was eager to continue. In a few more strokes it was sure to blast out my cum, maybe to make a baby in Ms. Colkick. But all I could think about was Tanya's sadness.

"Tommy?" My breeding mare wriggled her reddened ass against my crotch. She began humping backwards. "Are you okay?"

My love for Tanya may have been exaggerated by the ice tea, but my tears were sincere. I hadn't done anything nice for her. My decline into selfishness ravaged the few moments of pleasure I had managed to arrange. I turned away from the table to hug the large woman. My prick plopped out of Ms. Colkick, dripping her juices and pre-cum. My head fell between the cabbie's bare breasts and I began to sob. We sank to the bench, where I sat across her lap and sucked one of her nipples. She pulled up my pants, zipped them, and buckled its belt. I kept whimpering and sucking on her barren breast.

"Here," Tanya held up my glass with its remaning sips of ice tea. "This will help."

Soon after swallowing the last of my drink, I fell asleep. As I drifted off, still suckling the large woman, I watched her drain her glass. "I finish mine too." She nodded. "Thank you for giving me such adventure!"


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Thanks for catching my mistake, Clitical! I had actively checked continuity before posting, and I even screwed that up. Doh!  I replaced the story post above with the proper text and will post the replaced text soon.

Thanks for posting the missing part. It's such a long story now, I'd imagine it's probably pretty easy to screw up the continuity.

I wonder what the word count record is on KB. Surely this one must be a top contender.

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As of the latest installment, this story is right around 299,000 words.

I have no way of knowing what the KB record is, but I do know that at least one story is longer (402,000 words).