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Fringe Benefits (MF, light bond, brief beast)

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on: March 23, 2019, 02:54:05 PM
This is a work of fiction. You must be age 18 or over to read this story. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the age of 18 in real life.

Fringe Benefits

Brian Crane loved his job. As the head of security for a large department store in a major mall, he had worked his way from a job in the stockroom right out of high school to his present position in less than 6 years.

During the 8 years he’d been the head of security, he’d been amazed to learn about a secret fringe benefit that would never be listed in an employee handbook.

He’d gotten blow jobs—or actual sex—from nearly a hundred young women, and it didn’t cost him a thing.

As he learned early in his career, a certain percentage of women who were caught shoplifting would offer their bodies in exchange for getting out of trouble. Of course, the fact that he still looked a bit like a blonde Adonis at the age of 32 didn’t hurt.

Some were right up front about it, as in, “If you’ll forget this, I’ll give you a blow job.” Others were more subtle with their offers, “Gosh mister, is there something I could do for you. Anything at all?”

He knew at some level it was wrong to take advantage of women stupid enough to get caught stealing, but if a woman was going to grab his dick, he wasn’t going to tell them to let go. He had never once been the first to bring up the subject.

Thieves ranged in age from children to senior citizens, but his favorites were the females in their late teens and twenties. The attractive ones were used to getting what they wanted by using their sexuality and that suited him just fine.

Not that older women were averse to such tactics. He’d once been sucked off by a 67-year-old grandmother. Initially he had politely declined her offer, not because she wasn’t attractive but because it just didn’t seem right to him.

Then she had removed her dentures, smacked her gums together and mumbled that she would make it worth his while.

Brian had been amazed when she took his entire cock deep into her throat. Briefly he’d worried about her suffocating when her nose was pressed so hard against his pubes, but she had pulled back, gumming the entire length of his shaft. For more than 15 minutes she had pushed him to the edge and then pulled him back several times before finally inducing an incredible orgasm.

To this day he ranked it as the best blow job he’d ever had. He often wondered how many cocks had been in the woman’s mouth over the last 50-odd years to give her the skill she had demonstrated.

The youngest to suck her way out of trouble had been a very precocious and pre-maturely well endowed thirteen-year-old named Annabelle. Her teeth had been nearly invisible behind her braces, but in spite of the braces and her young age, she had given him a surprisingly good blow job.

Annabelle had only gagged twice as he fucked the adolescent girls pretty face, and she had swallowed nearly all his load before the rest had dribbled out the corners of her mouth.

Brian still remembered the satisfied look on her face after he had pulled his dick out of her mouth and she had moved her tongue all around her lips, gathering in the remainder of his cum.

Of the 90 or so women who had sucked or fucked to escape an encounter with the legal system, Annabelle was the only one he’d ever seen after their initial meeting in his office.

Their paths had crossed at another mall about three years later. At 16, her braces were gone and her baby fat had shifted to make her hips and butt as curvaceous as her boobs.

Their eyes had locked for a moment. She had recognized him immediately, giving him a slow, sultry smile, her teeth dazzlingly white. Then she winked at him before they went their separate ways. Her smile had given him an instant boner, but he hadn’t realized who she was until she was gone.

Brian sighed and returned his thoughts to the girl sitting in his office. According to her drivers license, her name was Veronica Ellen Robbins. She was 18 years old, five feet six inches tall and weighed 118 pounds. Blonde hair and green eyes also matched her license.

She sat placidly in the chair wearing a short denim skirt and a tube top. Brian guessed the tag on her bra would say 34-C. That is, if she’d been wearing a bra, which she wasn’t.

She had brazenly made her pitch, drop your pants and let me go, but he knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. She’d been hiding over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise when he nabbed her.

“Veronica, you don’t seem to understand. You’re looking at two to five years in jail here. One blow job isn’t going to make it go away,” he told her.

He actually had no idea what the penalty for shoplifting was. After he turned offenders over to police, it didn’t concern him, but he thought two to five years sounded sufficiently long to make an impression on the teenager.

She just sighed and asked, “OK, tell me what its going to take then.”

“Tell me a little more about you,” he said. “Are you a virgin?”

Veronica just looked down at her shoes. Brian sighed and picked up the phone.

She lifted her head quickly and spoke. “No, I’m not a fucking virgin, okay?” She didn’t seem to get the irony of the oxymoron expression, fucking virgin.

He set the phone back in the cradle and continued. “How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

She rolled her eyes, but answered the question. “I was 13. A summer camp counselor helped me sneak out of the girls cabin and fucked me on a rowboat under a full moon.”

“How romantic. Let me guess, he didn’t have to work very hard to get your panties off, right?” Brian asked sarcastically.

Veronica lifted her eyebrows. “Well, it wasn’t rape if that’s what you’re asking.”

“How long have you been masturbating?” he asked.

Another long suffering sigh. “I discovered my pleasure button with a pulsating shower head when I was 9. Or maybe 8, who remembers.”

“How many guys have you had sex with,” was Brian’s next question.

“What are you, a fucking accountant? Twelve, maybe? Or fifteen. I don’t keep a fucking scorecard. Is this going to take much longer?” she flared.

“Veronica, for someone facing two to five years in jail, you’ve got a lot of attitude.” Then he abruptly changed the subject and asked, “What color panties are you wearing?”

Brian knew the question made women uncomfortable and asked it deliberately to unnerve her. He usually reserved it for female telemarketers. It worked amazingly well at ending the nuisance calls.

But the question didn’t faze the pretty adolescent blonde at all, she just shrugged, pulled the hem of her denim skirt up and showed him the frilly—and skimpy—pink underpants she was wearing.

He thought he saw a small wet spot between her legs, but with the distance between them couldn’t be sure. One thing he was sure of though. She was definitely a nymphet. Or more precisely a former nymphet since by definition, nymphets are between nine- and twelve-years-old.

Girls who for some unknown reason become sexually aware, even sexually active at a much younger age than most girls, and are usually attracted to older men. He was almost sure that Annabelle had also been a nymphet.

He continued to question Veronica for several more minutes and they finally agreed on her get out of jail price.

After servicing him today, she would make whatever arrangements she needed to and would spend an entire night at his home—in the role of his sex slave.

After agreeing to terms, he stood up, made sure his door was locked and positioned her leaning over his desk. He pulled the tube top out of the way so her delectably firm young tits were hanging free. He put a hand under her skirt and ran his middle finger along her slit. She was wet and ready.

After sliding the lacy pink panties down to her ankles, he dropped his own trousers and shorts, flipped the back of her skirt up and entered her from behind. Veronica gave a sigh of pleasure and clamped her vaginal muscles around his cock.

Brian took a moment to appreciate her nearly perfect teenage butt, running his palm over the soft firm skin on one of the curvaceous cheeks, then used her luscious tits for balance as he leisurely fucked the ripe young girl.

He never once thought about whether their fucking was enjoyable to her—it was her job to service him. He already had a plan in mind to pleasure her at their next meeting. Today was just for his own selfish gratification.

Having learned that she was on birth control pills, he stayed deep in her pussy when his balls exploded, not withdrawing until he stopped spurting. He thought she might have climaxed at the end, but he wasn’t sure—and didn’t really care.

§ § § § §

Brian lived in a Tudor style house built on a one acre lot. There were no neighbors close enough to see Veronica when she knocked on his door, holding a small Hello Kitty bag in front of her.

She wore a pair of short cut off jeans and a tee shirt, no bra and no panties. Once she was inside the house, it took him less than five seconds to get her naked.

He led her to the bedroom, noticing that her bush had been trimmed very short, and that the light blond color made her look even younger than she was. He positioned her at the foot of the bed and then stood on the mattress fully dressed with his dick sticking out of his pants.

She was able to take his cock into her mouth without having to bend over. Standing on the bed also allowed him a view of the wall mirror behind her and he alternated between looking down at the top of her head and watching their reflection.

Looking down, he smiled when he saw smears of pink lip gloss on his dick as he leisurely fucked the wayward teenager’s mouth. Neither had spoken a word since she arrived. It wasn’t until she had sucked him dry that he spoke. “Very well done Veronica.”

Still fully dressed, Brian pulled the blankets off the bed and dumped them on a chair. He told Veronica to lie spread-eagle on top of the bright red satin sheet and she instantly obeyed. He then tied each of her four limbs to the bedposts.

He had expected at least a mild protest, but she didn’t say a word as she laid there as wide open and vulnerable as a girl can be. The only parts of her body that she could move were her head and her hips.

“You just relax, I’ll be back in a minute,” he said, and left the room.

When he returned, he was carrying a large bowl filled with a very thick white cream sauce made even thicker by the hamburger meat that had been mixed in. He had heated the mixture to precisely one hundred degrees, almost the exact human body temperature.

Veronica gasped in pleasure as he began to pour the warm fragrant sauce on her wide open mound. Being nearly the same temperature as her body, it felt wonderfully sensuous.

As it began to ooze further down into her groin, she moaned and began to rotate her hips, lifting her butt from the mattress so it could permeate the pink petals of her girl flower.

Brian called out, “Hildegard, come,” and an enormous white Labrador bounded into the room.

“Hildegard, heel,” he said, and the dog climbed onto the foot of the bed, sitting nearly motionless on her haunches and watching as her master dipped two fingers between Veronica’s legs to get a dab of the meat sauce on his fingers.

He held his fingers in front of Hildegard’s nose, but the dog didn’t move until he said, “Hildegard, taste.”

After licking her master’s fingers clean, the dog sat there looking at him expectantly.

By now, Veronica knew what was going to happen next. Her pussy juice mingled with the white sauce between her legs as she shivered, almost having an orgasm as she anticipated the pleasure to come.

Finally Brian said, “Hildegard, snack,” and the dog buried her snout between Veronica’s legs, seeking the savory meat sauce that continued to seep down the inside of the adolescent girls thighs.

Veronica threw back her head, howling with pleasure as the dog’s tongue licked and probed her hungry pussy. Hildegard’s nose came to rest on her swollen clitoris and continued to press against it as its tongue moved rapidly over every part of her young sex.

Several minutes passed and Veronica was almost beside herself. Her throat felt raw from constant screaming as multiple orgasms washed over her lush body, one right after another.

Brian said, “Hildegard, heel,” and the dog immediately moved back to the foot of the bed, licking it’s lips. Veronica, gasping for breath, let her hips fall back to the mattress.

When Brian poured the remainder of the creamy meat sauce on her vulva, Veronica murmured, “That feels so good.”

Brian said, “Hildegard, snack,” and the dog began slurping the fragrant mixture again, prompting the pretty teenager to lift her shapely butt off the bed as she began a loud keening.

Her body responded to the dog’s tongue immediately, climaxing repeatedly as she thrashed about in the exquisite sensations. In all of her 18 years, she had never experienced such concentrated and sustained pleasure as this.

When Hildegard had licked up every morsel of the savory treat, she lifted her head to Brian, who commanded, “Hildegard, home.” The big white dog bounded off the bed and trotted out of the room.

Brian turned to Veronica, who was still trying to get her breathing under control, and asked, “Veronica, is there anything I can get for you?”

Raspy from her screams of pleasure, her voice was barely more than a croak when she said, “Your dick. I want—your dick—inside me.”

He slowly undressed, gazing intently at the lovely teenage girl on the bright red satin sheets of his bed. Kneeling between her legs, he began to press his cock into her most intimate place, causing a long contented sigh from the 18-year-old girl.

Slowly he pushed his swollen dick halfway into her—then stopped for a few seconds—and just as slowly began to withdraw it.

Veronica began to whimper. “No. NO! Don’t do that. Please—don’t take it out—I need it. I need it so bad.” Pulling against the restraints, she raised her butt as far as she could, desperate to keep him inside of her.

Brian continued to pull slowly back and she burst into tears, wailing,“No. No. You can’t do that. Please don’t. Please. I need your cock. Please.”

Suddenly, his butt was a hammer and his cock was a spike as he drove her ass back down on the bed and pinned it there.

She screamed her pleasure. “YES! Oh fuck yes! Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me good! Make me come!”

Brian began to pump the girl’s eager pussy and Veronica continued to scream her pleasure—although by now the words were mostly incoherent.

He decided to use a technique he had learned to make himself last longer, counting his strokes. He decided four hundred would be sufficient. He increased his speed again at two hundred and knew he wasn’t going to make it as far as he’d planned.

The sounds of her pleasure and the scent of her arousal were combining to work against his desire to make it last. Well before he made it to three hundred, he was fucking her as fast and hard as he could.

With his balls ready to release, he again pinned the squirming young girl under him to the mattress and shot his cum deep inside her. She let out a primal scream, which faded into silence as she went limp beneath him.

Veronica had passed out. Maybe you could—get too much of a good thing.

Brian untied the girl’s arms and legs and laid down beside what looked to be a sleeping angelic child.

Moments later, she stirred, her eyes fluttered open and she stared at him. Her voice still raspy, she said, “Best—fuck—ever.”

She gently squeezed his cock and gave him a long, passionate kiss, savoring the afterglow of countless orgasms. Her naked body felt as if it were being bathed in warm sunbeams as she floated on a soft, pillowy cloud high above the earth.

When Veronica finally broke the kiss, she smiled impishly and said, “I don’t suppose you’d sell me your dog...”

For the next four years, Veronica attended classes at a local college, but two or three times a month, she would show up on Brian’s doorstep unannounced, holding the same Hello Kitty bag.

Each time, she innocently asked the same question, “Do you have any plans for the weekend?” He rarely did and they spent many a carnal weekend together.

They both seemed to know that they had nothing in common other than the physical intimacy they shared. Neither ever suggested so much as a dinner out or going to a movie. All they really had—was fucking—and they were both okay with that.

A month after she turned 22, Veronica was awarded her bachelor’s degree in marketing, and accepted a job with a company that was seventeen hundred miles away.

At what turned out to be their final time together, she told Brian about the job and moving across the country. They were both surprised when tears welled up in her eyes as they said goodbye for the last time.

After she’d gone, Brian poured himself a drink and reflected on his life. He had no complaints, and after four years of fucking the luscious girl who had just left, felt more relieved that it was over than anything else.

Besides, he had a great job to keep him busy—and entertained. Each and every morning gave him another chance for a new adventure.

There were so many women out there.


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