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Emma's Bad Day (ff, humiliation, oral)

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on: July 05, 2019, 01:59:47 PM
You must be 18 or older to read this story. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Emma's Bad Day

   Emma was a very pretty girl with silken blonde hair down to the middle of her back, big blue eyes and a soft-featured face. Well into puberty at age thirteen, her shapely developing body had all the right curves in all the right places for a girl on her journey to womanhood. She was not only attractive but intelligent, ranking in the top ten percent of her class scholastically. What she seemed to lack… was self-esteem.

   That may have been at least partially because of Abby, another attractive blonde who was also near the top scholastically, but unlike Emma, Abby exuded self-confidence. Abby and Emma had been friends at school since the two girls entered kindergarten when they were five years old.

   They were still friends, of a sort, but about once a month Abby seemed to have no other agenda than to torment Emma. And of course, Abby’s two best friends, Jody and Carol, were right there to help Abby on those days when bullying Emma was the entertainment of the day.

   It had begun about two years ago, when they had entered puberty at about the same time, and now had a decidedly sexual aspect to it. Ever since then, Emma had never seemed to be able to see herself in a positive way. Most days Abby treated Emma the same way she treated her other classmates, but that one or two days a month were brutal.

   Emma’s bad day started very much like any ordinary day at Hillcrest Middle School. At 9:10AM, the bell signaling the start of her eighth grade U.S. History class was still echoing when an office aide entered the classroom and handed Mrs. Covington a note. After reading it, Mrs. Covington announced, “Class, I need to step down to the office for a moment. Please open your textbook and begin reading on page 183.” Then she left the room, assuming her students would follow her directions.

   She should have known better. Mrs. Covington had been teaching at Hillcrest Middle school long enough that Emma’s grandparents had been in the teacher’s class the very first year she taught. That had been years ago of course, when the school building itself had been new.

   As soon as the door closed behind Mrs. Covington, Abby walked up to the center desk in the front row where Emma sat, opening her textbook as instructed. “Stand up Emma,” Abby said. Emma, with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, obeyed. Abby instructed her to close her eyes, and turned her shoulders until she faced the rest of the class.

   Jody and Carol were already out of their seats and approaching the front when Abby used both hands to grip the hem of Emma’s tee-shirt. In a flash, Abby lifted the loose garment up over Emma’s head and off her body. Emma, not knowing what to expect, had automatically raised her arms as her top came off, and now she was standing in front of the class clad only in blue cotton shorts and a pink bra.

   Emma gave a little shriek and tried to cover her chest with her arms but before she could, Jody moved behind her, unhooked Emma’s bra and peeled it away from her shapely adolescent body. Abby, Jody and Carol began tossing Emma’s shirt and bra to each other in a game of keep-away from Emma.

   Opening her eyes in horror to find that she was naked from the waist up, Emma awkwardly used one arm to try and cover herself while using the other arm to try and snag her clothing out of the air. As firm and toned as her teenage body was, the round globes of her breasts still jiggled when she jumped and stretched out her arm, to the delight of all the boys in the class.

   It should come as no surprise that no one in the classroom was reading their history text. Half the boys were hooting in approval. All the boys were squirming in their seats as boners sprang up like… well, like you’d expect when a group of eighth grade boys were being treated to the sight of a young girl’s naked boobs on display.

   Some of the girls pulled out their phones and began recording the helpless, half-naked thirteen-year-old girl at the front of the room desperately trying to get her clothes back. Not one girl in the room even thought about trying to even up the teams in the bizarre one-sided game of keep-away. They all knew Abby too well, and wouldn’t risk her wrath by going against her.

   As for the boys, all of them were afraid of Abby too, though most would have denied it. Besides, they had their own reasons for letting the game go on. For most of them, this was the first time they’d had a chance to see with their own eyes what mysteries were to be found under an adolescent girl’s shirt.

   Abby, Jody and Carol were giggling gleefully as they tossed Emma’s shirt and bra back and forth while Emma futilely tried to retrieve them and still preserve her modesty as best she could. Frustrated, mortified and utterly humiliated, Emma began to cry, wrapping both her arms around her chest as she stood there and sobbed.

   That’s when Carol came up behind her and yanked her cotton shorts down to her ankles, revealing a well-worn, badly faded pair of Tinkerbell panties that were a little too small for her growing body. The thin, almost transparent cotton underwear was now the only thing preventing Emma’s most private place from being exposed to the entire classroom.

   The panties had fit perfectly well when Emma had gotten them as a sixth-grader. Thanks to puberty though, the past two years had seen her ripe young body changing a great deal. She had grown in some places (her chest), filled out in other places (her hips and bottom) and narrowed in others (her waist).

   Had anyone been a little closer to Emma, they might have seen the small indentation of a camel toe, and the barest hint of a wet spot in the crotch panel of her snug fitting panties, in spite of her embarrassment.

   At that moment, a girl who had stationed herself near the classroom door urgently hissed, “She’s coming!”

   In mock outrage, Abby said to Emma, “You are such a slut, showing off your tits like that. You’d better get dressed before Mrs. Covington gets back.” She tossed Emma’s tee-shirt and bra in the direction of the red-faced, nearly naked girl. Awkwardly, with her right hand, Emma reached down to pull up her shorts as her left hand deftly snagged the shirt out of the air. Her pink bra landed on the seat of her desk.

   Although it had seemed an eternity to Emma, in real time barely three minutes had passed. By the time Mrs. Covington came back into the now quiet room, everyone in the class was intently looking at their text books, including Emma. Her tee-shirt was on backward and she was sitting on her bra, but her eyes were on her book. Of course, she had no idea what page the book was open to because tears of humiliation blurred her eyes.

   Mrs. Covington sat down at her desk, completely oblivious to Emma (whose cheeks were still rather rosy) and what had transpired in the few minutes she had been absent from the classroom.

   Emma’s bad day had begun… and it was only second period.

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   Lunch at Hillcrest Middle School was divided into two groups. The first group started at 11:55AM and ended at 12:40PM. The second group began at 12:15PM and ended at 1:00PM so there was an overlap of 20 minutes. Abby, Jody and Carol were all assigned to the first lunch period, Emma to the second.

   At 12:15PM as Emma made her way to the cafeteria, Abby, Jody and Carol were waiting to intercept her. “Come with us,” Abby said even as she grabbed Emma’s arm and led her down the hallway in the opposite direction from the cafeteria.

   Emma tried to protest. “I have to get lunch, please Abby—”

   Abby interrupted, “Don’t worry you’ll have time to eat. Right now, you’ve got a job to do.” She pulled Emma into the empty band room, then closed and locked the door behind them. The band room, which was essentially soundproof so the band could practice without disturbing nearby classrooms, was the perfect place for what Abby had planned. Turning to face Emma, she barked, “Strip Emma, and make it fast.”

   Emma just stared open-mouthed at her nemesis without moving and Abby nodded her head at Jody and Carol. With four hands and a specific goal in mind, it took only ten seconds until Emma was naked. “Get down on your knees and lick Carol’s pussy until she has an orgasm,” Abby ordered.

   Carol quickly stepped out of her panties and pulled her sundress up to her waist. Giggling, she moved her feet apart and stood in front of Emma, her crotch at eye level to the kneeling blonde girl. Emma shook her head and began to say something but Abby slapped her ass and barked, “C’mon bitch, we don’t have all fucking day. Get busy!” When Emma didn’t immediately respond, Abby roughly shoved her head forward and Carol gasped as Emma’s mouth made contact with her adolescent pussy.

   Abby held Emma’s head in place until the naked teenager tentatively began to lick Carol’s lightly haired delta. Sighing and moaning with pleasure, Carol’s hands replaced Abby’s, holding Emma’s face against her sex as she slowly humped her hips forward and back. Reluctantly, Emma used to tongue to pleasure Carol while Abby and Jody watched. For nearly 10 minutes the only sound in the room was the squishy slurping noise of a wet tongue licking a wet vagina, then Carol squealed as she had an orgasm.

   Jody, who had gotten aroused as she watched Emma perform between Carol’s legs, already had her panties off and sundress pulled up when Carol moved out of the way. Jody stepped in front of Emma and immediately pulled the wet-faced girl’s mouth against her already wet pussy. “Oh yeah,” she panted. “Eat me bitch.” She kept one hand on the back of Emma’s head and raised the other to squeeze her own breasts through the fabric of her sundress and bra, alternating between the left and right.

   Jody glanced at Carol, whose cheeks were tinged with pink in the afterglow of her orgasm, and smiled. She and Carol were best friends, and while they both professed to be friends with Abby, in truth, having seen how Abby had treated Emma for the past two years, they were scared of Abby. Privately, between them, they called Abby the Alpha Bitch, a name they had once overheard Abby’s younger sister mutter.

   So, while nominally they were Abby’s friends, their motivation for the friendship was to keep Abby from turning on them the way she now turned on Emma once a month. Besides, neither saw any reason to turn down a nice after-lunch orgasm to take the edge off, even if it did make them feel a little guilty about poor Emma’s humiliation.

   The warning bell for the end of the first lunch period rang and Abby slapped Emma’s butt again and said, “Hurry it up slut, we’re almost out of time. Shit, now I’m going to be horny all afternoon. You need to learn to work a little faster bitch.”

   Jody moaned, “I’m so close.” She again used both hands to press Emma’s head harder against her teenage treasure as she began grinding her pussy against Emma’s face. “Oh yeah, right there bitch. Suck it! Suck my clit slut. Ohmigod! Oh fuuuuck!” Girl cum gushed as Jody came all over Emma’s face. Helpless, unable to back away, Emma licked up as much as she could before Jody pushed her away and reached for her panties.

   Abby giggled gleefully as she looked at Emma. “Fuck, your face looks like a glazed donut.” She tossed Emma’s Tinkerbell panties to her and said, “Here, use these to wipe your face off. Or do you want the whole fucking school to know what a slut you are?”

   Abby didn’t wait for an answer and headed for the door. While Emma dried her face and began to get dressed, Abby’s voice hardened and she said over her shoulder, “I didn’t get my turn slut. Now you’ll have to skip last period. Be in the wrestling room at 2:15.”

   She left the room without another word. Jody and Carol, both rosy-cheeked and basking in the afterglow of sexual satisfaction, followed her like the sycophants they were. Emma hurriedly dressed and ran for the cafeteria, having less than fifteen minutes left to eat her lunch.

   Emma was having a bad day... and it was barely past lunchtime.

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Thanks Remi, for posting your story about Emma, I enjoyed reading about Emma and if you hadn’t noticed already one of my favorite characters names

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   When the time came for the last period of the day, Emma dutifully made her way to the wing where the gymnasium and weight room were, arriving at 2:16. Abby scowled and said, “You’re late.”

   Emma rolled her eyes and didn’t bother answering as she pulled her tee-shirt off. She knew Abby would want her naked and since there were just the two of them, it wasn’t as if she could be any further humiliated than she’d already been.

   Abby let it go and pushed down her own panties as Emma undressed. “On your back slut,” Abby said as Emma stepped out of her shorts and panties, dropping them to the floor where they landed in a heap on top of her bra and tee-shirt.

   “Are you sure you want to do this here? What if we get caught?” Emma asked nervously.

   Abby rolled her eyes. “You worry too much. There aren’t any P.E. classes last period, so there’s no one even in this wing. Just shut-up and lie down bitch. I’m horny and I’ve been wet since lunch since you were so fucking slow.”

   Emma shrugged and lay prone on the floor, the vinyl mats cool against her back and bottom. With the lower half of her sundress already tucked into the elastic waistband, Abby put her knees on either side of Emma’s head, facing the naked girl’s feet and settled her hungry adolescent pussy down on Emma’s face with a contented sigh.

   This was Abby’s absolute favorite position, fully dressed except for her panties and humping her sex against a submissive girl’s face. It gave her complete access to her slut’s breasts and vagina, and she had total control of how fast and how hard she wanted to ride the bitch under her. Theoretically she could have suffocated the weaker girl with just her pussy if she wanted to, although that idea had never crossed her mind. It was the power of dominating the submissive girl that excited her as much as being physically serviced.

   Emma flicked her tongue out, resigned to lick Abby’s clitoris until she gave her nemesis an orgasm. Abby had a different idea to start with, inching forward and demanding, “Kiss my ass bitch.” She reached behind her and pulled her well-rounded butt cheeks apart, exposing the wrinkled pucker of her anus to the helpless girl under her.

   Emma licked at Abby’s asshole and was rewarded with soft moaning as Abby savored the exquisite carnal pleasure. “Fuck my butt with your tongue slut,” she commanded, slightly bouncing up and down as Emma obeyed, stiffening her tongue and probing the rosebud of the dominant girl’s tight bottom hole. Abby reached down and strummed her clit for a short while before groaning as she had an orgasm.

   After allowing Emma to continue teasing her asshole for a few more seconds, Abby shifted her position, now settling her well lubricated pussy against Emma’s mouth. Emma alternated between using her tongue to probe Abby’s sex tunnel and licking the girl’s clit like it was a lollipop.

   For several minutes the room was quiet save for the sounds of two middle school girls energetically having oral sex. Abby emitted soft moans every few seconds, and then grunted as she flexed her thigh muscles enough to grind forward and back, varying the contact of Emma’s mouth against her hungry demanding pussy.

   Soon Abby was making soft mewling sounds as Emma pushed her closer and closer to the summit of Mount Orgasm. Finally, Abby reached the peak and toppled over the precipice. She squealed quietly as she fell into the abyss of her climax. Panting heavily, she lifted her hips to break contact with Emma’s mouth as she enjoyed the culmination of her second orgasm spreading through every synapse of her young body.

   As she rested for a moment, just a few inches above Emma’s head, Abby was unaware that her girl cream was dripping onto Emma’s face. Emma lifted her head, trying to lick at the accumulated moisture of Abby’s arousal, but she was unable to do so.

   Leaning forward, Abby gave both of Emma’s still growing breasts a hard squeeze. “You really do have nice tits… for a slut,” she said softly. Emma, not sure how to respond to the back-handed compliment, made a vague murmuring sound.

   Abby reached down and slowly drew her index finger through the groove between Emma’s swollen pussy lips, not surprised when it came away wet. Lowering herself against Emma’s mouth again Abby growled, “Eat me bitch. I want one more.” Then she slapped Emma’s exposed pussy with her open palm and giggled softly when she heard the loud satisying SPLAT that resulted. Emma’s hips twitched as her butt lifted an inch or two up off the padded mat. She resumed working on Abby’s sex with her tongue, wondering how soon the last bell of the day would ring.

   A few minutes later Abby slapped Emma’s pussy again, and Emma moaned, surprised that in addition to the pain, the slap generated a pleasant feeling in her secret place. Twice more Abby repeated the assault, each time with a wet squelching sound and by then Emma’s butt was squirming. Her own pleasure was rising and she was nearing an orgasm when Abby cried out and climaxed for the third time just as the bell rang, marking the end of the school day. Emma was left at the very brink of release.

   Abby rolled off of Emma, reaching for her panties. She giggled when she saw how wet Emma’s face was, and as she picked up her own panties she tossed Emma’s to her and said, “Wipe your face off slut.” She pulled on her underwear and hurried out the door without looking back.

   By the time she had dried her face off, Emma’s Tinkerbell panties were rather damp and reeked of sex. She dressed quickly and had to run so she didn’t miss the school bus.

   School was over, but Emma’s bad day wasn’t.

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       With her schoolbooks spread out before her, Emma sat at the kitchen table at a few minutes after 7PM. She and her parents had finished dinner—she had no idea where her older sister was—and she’d cleaned up the kitchen since it was her week to do so. Now she opened her U.S. History book to page 183 and read the fifteen pages that her classmates had read during second period.

     By the time she finished reading and answered the review questions, an hour had passed and she heard the front door open. “I’m home,” she heard her sister call.

     Like I give a shit, Emma thought, opening her math book.

     “Where are the parental units?”

     Without turning around to look at her sister, Emma rolled her eyes. “Why can’t you just say Mom and Dad like a normal person?”

     “Fine. Where are Mom and Dad?”

     “Playing cards at the Crawfords’ house. They won’t be home until midnight.”

     “So my baby sister and I are here alone?”

     Still without turning around, Emma reached for her math book and said halfheartedly, “Stop calling me that. I was born the same day you were… we’re the same damn age.”

     “But I was born in the morning and you were born in the afternoon. I’m two hours older than you.”

     “An hour and thirty six minutes,” Emma corrected automatically, even though she knew it was wasted breath. She was sure she’d be hearing the same thing from her twin when they were both grandmothers.

     “I’m going to take a shower.”

     Emma just shrugged. “Whatever.”

     She attacked the math problems and did her English assignment. Half an hour later Emma finished her homework and toted her books and backpack down the hallway. Walking into the room she shared with her sister, she saw her twin standing in front of the dresser mirror wearing a fluffy pink bath robe, brushing her hair, which was still slightly damp from her shower.

     Emma’s sister put the brush down and turned around. With a crooked smile, she slowly shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell silently to the floor, revealing the flesh colored strap-on dildo jutting obscenely from her crotch. The faux phallus had been a gift to the twins from their then-seventeen year old cousin, Claire, right after she’d used it to deflower both of them just a week after they turned twelve.

     “I’m really sorry you had a bad day Emma,” Abby began softly, without acknowledging that she had been the reason Emma’s day had been so bad.

     Ignoring her, Emma set her backpack on the bed and began stuffing her books into it. Frowning, she pulled out the still slightly damp Tinkerbell panties that she hadn’t taken the time to put back on in her haste to catch the bus after school.

     Spotting the garment, Abby’s tone of voice changed. “Honestly Emma, you really need to buy some new underwear. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a sister who wears Tinkerbell panties? We’re not little kids any more, we’re practically in high school.”

     Emma tossed the redolent underpants into the laundry hamper and put her hands on her hips as she faced her sister. “Really? Do YOU have any idea how humiliating it is to be stripped down to your panties in front of the whole fucking class and stand there with your naked tits hanging out?”

     Abby had the grace to look abashed, and small pink spots appeared on her cheeks. Sounding contrite she said softly, “I’m really sorry Emma. You know that I—”

     “I know, Abby. I should know by now. Every twenty-eight days the Alpha Bitch takes over and turns you into a raging, sex-crazed dominatrix who gets off on humiliating other girls. But why does it always have to be me?”

     Looking thoughtful, Abby said, “Now that you mention it, I think Jody and Carol need to be taken down a notch. I don’t think they really appreciated what you did for them.”

     She stepped over to Emma, her strap-on wagging grotesquely between her shapely thighs. “Let me make it up to you.” She lifted Emma’s shirt over her head, just as she’d done in second period, then unclasped the pink bra and pulled it off as well. Wrapping her arms around her younger sister, Abby gave her twin a gentle kiss on the lips. “I love you Ems. So much.”

     Now wearing just her blue cotton shorts, Emma felt a twinge of arousal between her legs as her still developing breasts pressed against Abby’s. Sighing heavily Emma allowed, “I know you do. And I love you Abs. It just gets to be so frustrating. I end up so freakin’ horny I could scream!”

     Although she had rubbed herself to an orgasm as soon as her parents had left, she was indeed horny as hell. After her day of servicing Carol, Jody and Abby had left her on the brink of physical release multiple times, she wanted nothing more than an orgasm that didn’t come from her own hand.

     Pressing her mound lightly against her sister’s rubber cock Emma returned the kiss. As their tongues intertwined Abby slipped her hands into the waist band of Emma’s shorts and began to push them down. Once they cleared Emma’s hips they fell to the floor and Abby tightened the embrace, sliding both hands down to squeeze her younger twin’s round little bottom.

     Abby slowly started to rotate her hips, pulling Emma even tighter as she began to grind her strap-on against Emma’s moistening sex. Emma stepped out of the fallen shorts and blindly kicked them in the general direction of the laundry hamper. Their kiss became more intense as her older sister lovingly fondled her teenage butt.

     Panting lightly, Emma broke their kiss, threw the covers back and climbed onto the queen-sized bed they had shared since they were five years old. On her hands and knees as Abby mounted her from behind, Emma smiled contentedly as Abby proceeded to fuck her senseless from behind.

   Later, Emma looked down tenderly at the mirror image of herself, sound asleep on the bed beside her after expending all her energy to satisfy Emma repeatedly. Shaking her head, Emma unbuckled the strap-on from Abby’s waist. Setting it aside, she drew the covers up over both of them and gently kissed Abby’s forehead. Softly she said, “Good night Abs. Sweet dreams.”

   Then she turned out the light and snuggled up next to Abby. She smiled in the darkness, thrilled that her beloved sister was back and the Alpha Bitch had been banished. For now.

   Emma’s bad day was finally over.


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Thank you Remmi for posting a great story.

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Good one... Nice twist

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I love little Emma stories :sign_a+: