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Soccer Slut (FF)

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on: July 16, 2019, 02:13:51 PM
                      You must be age 18 or older to read this story.
                      All characters and events are a product of the author's imagination
                      and any resemblance to real events or persons is entirely coincidental.   

    This story was originally written as an integral part of a longer story entitled Submission.  
     If you've read that story, then you've already read this one.
     I'm posting it separately simply because it's an independent story and doesn't need
     the longer story for context.

Soccer Slut

       If you asked Sheila what it was like to be the Women’s Athletic Director at a large (over 20,000 students) Community College she would have told you (if she thought you could be trusted) that it was very much like running a preschool, except that there weren’t any runny noses to wipe. Usually.

        No, what made it seem like a preschool was the constant squabbling and bickering, usually between the various coaches, but sometimes even the athletes got involved. Such was her working life, and that’s why she was making her way to the women’s locker complex instead of to the parking lot to go home. She had been summoned via voice-mail earlier in the day by the soccer coach, Sue, and was just now free to address the latest kerfuffle, whatever it was.

        Sheila saw Sue’s darkened office and sighed. How exasperating! she thought as she retraced her steps and headed back to her own office. She tells me to get my ass down here ASAP and—“Ooof!” In her reverie, she’d turned a corner without paying attention and ran into another person. She automatically started to apologize but didn’t have a chance.

        “What the fuck?” Sheila instantly recognized the voice as belonging to the star and captain of the soccer team, Courtney. But why was she naked except for a towel hung loosely over her shoulder? Practice had ended over an hour ago and the locker room should have been deserted. She could see stray drops of water here and there on the nineteen-year old’s nude body. She’d obviously just finished a shower.

        “Sorry Courtney, I didn’t know anyone was still here. Sue asked me to come down but she’s not here and I was in a bit of a huff. I should have been watching where I was going.” As she finished her apology, she realized that she was staring, rather intently, at Courtney’s incredibly toned, firm (and naked!) teenage breasts. They seemed to defy gravity, jutting proudly from the co-ed’s chest.

        Her boobs are incredible! Mine never looked that good, even ten years ago when I was her age, Sheila thought. Embarrassed, she immediately lowered her gaze, which was a mistake because now she was staring at a small, neatly trimmed landing strip of dark blonde pubic hair where the adolescent’s legs came together.

      Four years into her marriage, Sheila was quite content with her life. She and her husband had no children, and none were planned. She had landed her current job nearly five years ago and couldn’t imagine finding a better one. Aside from her one lone experience in high school, her entire sex life had been heterosexual. Still, in the last year or so, she’d found herself admiring the youthful sexuality of the athletes in her department, wondering if she was missing something.

        Courtney picked up the towel that had fallen and began to dry her hair as she said playfully, “Feel free to take a picture Sheila, it’ll last longer. Or I could send you the same one I sent my boyfriend.” Sheila blushed, her face turning bright red, strangely complementing the red hair that proclaimed her Irish roots.

        “S-sorry, I d-didn’t m-mean—” she stuttered.

        “It’s okay. I know you’ve been eying me when you were on the field while we practiced.”

        “I… I don’t know what you mean.” That was a lie. She knew exactly what Courtney meant, she was just shocked that one of her student-athletes knew she’d been doing that. She had in fact enjoyed watching the soccer star whenever she had the chance.

        Courtney had caught her attention at the very beginning of the school year. At 5-foot-7, the student was three inches taller than Sheila, and was carrying maybe five pounds more than she should. Not overweight by any means, not even chubby, the extra weight was in her hips, and especially her well-rounded bottom.

        Because soccer was such an active game, she habitually wore her dark blonde hair in twin braided pigtails, the ends of which usually rested slightly below her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a dark blue, deep enough to get lost in, or at least that’s the way Sheila thought of them. Courtney’s trim athletic body exuded the sexuality of late adolescence, and gave Sheila feelings that she couldn’t identify.

        Courtney had moved over to the bench in front of her locker and waved a hand at Sheila. “Come over here.” The smile on her face was unreadable. Sheila stepped closer, feeling like she was in a dream. “You’ve been checking me out since school started, haven’t you? Have you been imagining what I look like naked?”

        “N-no. Of course n-not.”

        Courtney locked eyes with the older woman for a long moment, having sensed something from the Athletic Director. Before acting on it though, she decided a little test was in order. She put her hand on Sheila’s shoulder, sending chills racing up and down Sheila’s spine. When Courtney gently pushed down on her shoulder, Sheila felt her knees weaken and then she was kneeling in front of the naked soccer star. With their bodies only inches apart, she had quite a close-up view of the most private part of Courtney’s sex.

        “Kiss it,” Courtney said, so softly Sheila wasn’t even sure that she’d heard it at first.

        In slow motion she leaned forward, narrowing the gap between their two bodies. Closing her eyes, she pursed her lips and gently kissed Courtney’s vulva. She inhaled, taking in the fresh clean scent of the girl’s body wash and… something else. It was ever so faint, but very real. Arousal, Sheila’s brain identified the scent as. Her vagina is lubricating, she thought almost clinically, momentarily shocked. Then she pressed her lips more firmly against Courtney’s delta and began to kiss the moist warm flesh in earnest.

        As Sheila’s tongue joined her lips in carnal contact with the blonde teenage co-ed, she lifted her arms, intending to reach behind Courtney and take hold of her butt cheeks. Before she could, the soccer star giggled and gently pushed Sheila’s head back, breaking the intimate contact. “Whoa girl, I said kiss it, not marry it.” Courtney was almost certain now that Sheila would soon be pleasuring her for real, but her testing wasn’t quite finished.

        For the second time, Sheila felt her cheeks flaming. Damn my Irish heritage, she thought, even as she realized that she was breathing faster than normal. Courtney lifted the still fully-clothed Athletic Director to her feet. More convinced of her earlier feeling, Courtney smiled and asked softly, “Have you ever tasted a woman before?”

        “O-only once. High school. F-first year. Truth or Dare g-game. Not a w-woman really, a g-g-girl. My age. Experimenting.” Sheila’s thoughts were disjointed, overwhelmed by the brief addictive taste of Courtney’s essence and it showed in her staccato speech. Her body was sending urgent messages to her brain, too many and too fast for her to process them all.

       Four years into her marriage, Sheila was quite content with her life. She and her husband had no children, and none were planned. She had landed her current job nearly five years ago and couldn’t imagine finding a better one. Aside from her one lone experience in high school, her entire sex life had been heterosexual. Still, in the last year or so, she’d found herself admiring the youthful sexuality of the athletes in her department, wondering if she was missing something.

        I’m alone with Courtney in the locker room and she’s naked! Sheila suddenly realized, as all the whirling thoughts coalesced into one more startling fact. Holy shit, I just kissed a girl’s pussy! It was all because the soccer coach had lured her down here for what had appeared to be nothing. She didn’t know whether to be pissed or grateful.

        As they gazed at each other, Courtney began to unbutton Sheila’s blouse with slow deliberation. With three buttons undone, she said casually, “You liked that, didn’t you?”

        “I… I’m m-married,” Sheila said weakly, then cursed herself for the non-sequitur. As if to answer the question non-verbally, she licked her lips, still tasting Courtney there.

        “And I have a boyfriend, so what? I didn’t ask for your marital status.” She paused, then said in a neutral voice, “Answer my question. Would you like another taste?”

        Surprised by her sudden strong desire to do just that, Sheila was unable to form even one more word. She nodded her head very slowly, her expression one of awe and wonder as the intimate taste of the student-athlete lingered on her tongue.

        All the buttons were loose now and the blouse gaped open. Like an obedient five-year old whose mother was undressing her at bedtime, Sheila lifted her arms as Courtney pulled off her top and dropped in on the bench. Their eyes still locked, Courtney reached around and unhooked the redhead’s bra and pulled the straps down. Sheila leaned forward and shrugged her shoulders to help free the cups. Courtney dropped the bra on top of the blouse and Sheila was naked above the waist.

        Courtney looked down as she hefted Sheila’s bare breasts in her palms. They were slightly smaller than her own and were beginning to show a bit of the effect that gravity has as a woman approaches her 30th birthday. “Nice boobs,” she said playfully as she caressed the soft fleshy globes protruding from Sheila’s chest. Another shiver ran through Sheila’s body.

        There was no doubt in Courtney’s mind that Sheila wanted this, but she had to be absolutely sure. Sheila had been docile and even helpful as Courtney had stripped her to the waist, but now Courtney wanted the woman to consciously make a choice. Sexual harassment was not a subject she wanted to deal with. Taking a step back, Courtney said, “Take off your pants Sheila.” It wasn’t exactly a command, it was more conversational than that, like a suggestion with an unspoken if you want to.

        With alacrity Sheila unbuttoned and unzipped the khaki trousers that were virtually her work uniform. Pushing them down her legs to her feet, she stepped out of them. Wearing only her panties and sandals, she looked longingly at the beautiful young soccer star she had fantasized about and worshiped from afar.

         Sheila had just recently begun to imagine what it would be like to have sex with one of those nubile young women, not that she thought she’d ever actually do so, or even have a chance to. Now, it seemed like she was about to be abruptly dragged out of her comfort zone and have one of her sexual fantasies play out in real life.

        Courtney moved the bench slightly closer to the lockers, sat down and leaned back against the lockers. The cool metal against her shoulders was in stark contrast to the heat flaring between her parted legs. She had been attracted to the petite older woman with red hair and incredible green eyes from the beginning and now she was about to have her.

        Any doubts remaining in Courtney’s mind vanished when, without being told to, Sheila dropped to her knees, licking her lips and staring directly at Courtney’s glistening pussy. “Do you like what you see?” Courtney asked.

        Nodding slowly, Sheila said reverently, “You’re very beautiful.”

        “What I am is very wet and very horny. So what are you waiting for my sweet little bitch? Fuck me with your mouth.” Before she could reach forward to pull Sheila’s head against her steaming pussy, Sheila leaned in and began to lick tentatively. The pig-tailed blonde sighed contentedly, watching as Sheila’s teasing tongue connected to the swelling pink lips of her labia.

        Sheila took a deep breath as she began to move her tongue slowly over Courtney’s wet sex. The scent of arousal was stronger, and she could still detect the lingering smell of the girl’s body wash. It was very familiar, but she couldn’t quite identify it. Whatever it was, it certainly mixed well with the natural aroma of the co-ed’s sexual arousal.

        Courtney moaned softly as Sheila took her time exploring the nether region of another girl for only the second time in her life. As much as she was savoring the unique taste of the soccer star’s wetness, her mind was whirling. Was this cheating on her husband? What if someone walked in and caught her having sex with a student? Had she been playing for the wrong team all this time without knowing it? None of that mattered now. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion could have made her stop what she was doing.

        “Oh fuck, that feels good,” Courtney mumbled. “Do you like my pussy Sheila?”

        “Mmfff.” Sheila’s reply was muffled, given that her lips and tongue were busy, but Courtney took it to be in the affirmative. Sheila’s head then moved slightly as she attacked the teenager’s clit. Eucalyptus! she thought suddenly. That’s what her body wash smells like. Wow, eucalyptus and pussy juice together smells intoxicating. Then she forgot all about body wash when Courtney’s body began to thrash about like it had been zapped with a taser.

        “YES! Right there my pet,” Courtney exclaimed excitedly. “Lick my clit. Oh fuck yes.”

        Sheila felt warm fluid soak into her panties when Courtney called her ‘my pet’. Her eyes were closed as she swirled her tongue around Courtney’s clit. Sheila thought this must be what an addiction to cocaine was like. She was pleasuring the sexy young soccer star and she loved Courtney’s unique taste. She never wanted this moment to end.

        This was not Courtney’s first experience with a submissive. She had seduced her first ‘pet’ the night of their middle school graduation. Kimiko, a stunningly beautiful half-Japanese girl had suffered from very low self-esteem and Courtney had dominated her classmate over that summer, teaching her how to pleasure—and to be pleasured.

        She’d had four more submissive ‘pets’ since then, all her own age or younger. Sheila would be the first older woman that Courtney would dominate, and it was both new and exciting for the nineteen-year old co-ed.

        In the locker room, Courtney suddenly stilled momentarily, murmuring unintelligibly. Then her well-rounded butt abruptly began to squirm around on the bench again. She reached down and pulled Sheila’s head roughly against her pussy and began humping her hips up, grinding herself against the red-haired woman’s face. “Do your lezzie magic bitch. Make me cum! Fuck me you lezzie-slut! Fuck my pussy and make me cum!”

        Sheila was spearing her tongue in and out of Courtney’s increasingly wet crevice frenetically. Courtney’s moans increased and Sheila could tell the sexy soccer star was nearing a climax. As hard as Courtney was pulling on her head, Sheila had very little room to maneuver but managed to wrap her lips around the teen’s clit and sucked the swollen nubbin into her mouth. Courtney clamped her thighs tightly around Sheila’s head as she screamed, “FUCK YES!”

        Courtney’s pussy spewed hot girl cream all over Sheila’s face. Sheila’s tongue became that of a hungry feral kitten, lapping and sucking the sweet nectar that was flooding her mouth as fast as she could lick it up. Her thirst for Courtney’s love honey was unquenchable as she reveled in her submission to Courtney’s pleasure. The soccer star’s perfection was worth whatever price she had to pay.

        Panting heavily, Courtney finally relaxed her thighs and Sheila sat back on her heels, gulping in a much needed deep breath. Once her orgasm began to ebb, Courtney stood and pulled Sheila with her. She wrapped her arms around the older woman and Sheila felt an indescribable thrill radiating outward from her loins as Courtney’s hard nipples bore into the soft flesh of her breasts. When Courtney pulled her head forward and tried to shove her tongue down the redhead’s throat, Sheila nearly passed out.

        “I love to taste myself on my pet slut,” Courtney observed in a sultry voice as she broke the kiss and began to slowly lick Sheila’s cheeks and chin. Sheila shivered and pressed her mound against the teenager’s as she reached around, planted her hands firmly against Courtney’s shapely bottom and used it for leverage as she ground her sex against the girl.

        Courtney snaked her right hand down between them, nestling her index finger lightly between Sheila’s cotton-covered labial lips. She could feel that they were swollen and already beginning to part in anticipation. As she pressed lightly against the fabric of the Athletic Director’s panties, the cloth was slowly swallowed up inside Sheila’s channel.

        Her voice no less sultry, but with a slightly harder edge, Courtney said, “You do understand that you are my pet now, don’t you? That I own you and I’m in control of this little treasure?” 

        Simultaneously with the last three words, Courtney’s finger sank to the first knuckle into Sheila’s secret place, pushing her soaked panties even deeper. Sheila groaned. Courtney continued, “It’s up to you Sheila. We can just stop right now and go our separate ways if that’s what you want. Or you can—”

        “NO! Don’t stop! Please, I need…”

        Courtney smiled as Sheila’s voice trailed off. She knew she wasn’t playing fair, that Sheila was so turned on and horny she’d agree to almost anything, but that wasn’t the point. While she was scrupulous about following the rules of soccer, personal relationships were an entirely different matter.

        No, this was about sex and power, and there were no rules about the former. The latter was there to be claimed by the strong, someone like her, who loved to dominate weaker women, women who were submissive by nature. Courtney was sure that Sheila hadn’t even known she was a submissive before today but the soccer star had seen it immediately. Now, it was time to close the deal with her new pet.

        “You want to cum, don’t you?” Even before Sheila nodded slowly, Courtney continued. “Okay my pet. Take off your panties then.” There was no mistaking the tone of command in her voice now.

        Sheila felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. Her physical need was overwhelming and her brain seemed to have turned to mush. Still, she paused after raising her hands to the waistband of the only garment she was wearing and looked at Courtney, her expression a complex mixture of desire, apprehension and adoration.

        “What are you waiting for slut? I said get your fucking panties off. Hurry up, I don’t have all night.” Courtney’s voice now had an even harder edge. She knew well how important it was to establish her authority over the submissive woman.

        Even her desire and adoration couldn’t suppress Sheila’s apprehension entirely. Feeling unusually vulnerable she pushed her panties down. The cavernous room was so quiet that she heard a soft wet sound as the gooey mess in her crotch-panel released its grip on her outer labia, where Courtney had pushed it inside her tunnel.

        When Sheila’s panties hit the concrete floor with a faint plop, Courtney stepped closer and used her right hand to caress Sheila’s left breast, two fingers closing around the hard nipple. Sounding almost indifferent now, the soccer star said, “Do you want me to eat your cunt?” She chose the last word deliberately.

        Sheila’s whisper was all but inaudible. “Yes.”

        With her right hand still tweaking Sheila’s nipple, Courtney raised her left hand to her ear. “What was that?”

        “Yes. Please.” Sheila was practically whimpering.

        “Yes what, my pet?”

        “Please lick—ohhhh—my vagina.” Courtney had gently pinched her nipple halfway through the sentence.

        Courtney giggled. “Vagina?” Her fingers wandered to Sheila’s other breast. “This isn’t a doctor’s office. Try again.”

        “Pussy. Lick my puss—aaaaah!” Courtney had tweaked the right nipple this time, hard enough that Sheila felt a mixture of pleasure and pain.

        “That’s two strikes my pet. Last chance.” She released the nipple and began to lightly trail her index finger downward, moving slowly from between Sheila’s breasts, down past her stomach and then nearing her pubis.

        Sheila’s brain was completely scrambled, but it somehow managed to find the word she knew Courtney wanted to hear. “CUNT! Will you please, please eat my cunt!”

        “Of course I will, my sweet little bitch.” Courtney had established her control over the redhead. She leaned forward and sucked a nipple into her mouth as her finger reached Sheila’s vulva and now lightly traced the small opening between the folds of the older woman’s core. Sheila quivered uncontrollably, nearly exploding as a feeling of ecstasy flooded through her from the mere touch against her super-heated sex.

        Courtney gently guided her new pet down on the bench and knelt between the Athletic Director’s trembling legs. She didn’t mind performing oral sex on her pets, although given a choice her favorite thing to do was give her strap-on a vigorous workout on a submissive slut’s hungry pussy. She didn’t usually carry that around with her though, so she would be content to use her mouth.

        Courtney took a long slow lick all the way from the bottom of Sheila’s slit to the top, teasing the redhead and eliciting an earthy groan. Then she lifted her head to look into Sheila’s eyes. Time to reinforce her control.“Tell me what you want bitch. Tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

        Sheila was beyond any rational thought. “Eat my cunt and make me cum.” Her voice was suddenly strong, almost demanding. “I need to cum so bad.”

        Using her tongue to flick very lightly at Sheila’s clit, Courtney felt like a cat toying with a mouse before delivering the killing blow. That made her smile. I’m such a bad-ass bitch, she thought. She paused her tongue long enough to make a demand of her own. “Tell me you’re my lezzie-slut.”

        Without hesitation, Sheila declared her adoration. “I’m your lezzie-slut Courtney. I will drop to my knees any time, any place and worship your pussy with my mouth until you cum and feed me the nectar of your perfection. I’ll lick you through your panties. I’ll be your slut, your bitch, your fuck-toy. I’ll do whatever I have to for a taste of your heavenly cunt-cream.”

        Somehow Sheila got all of that out in one breath. A small part of her felt utterly humiliated as if she’d abased herself beyond redemption, but a larger part of her felt incredibly exhilarated and as free as she could possibly imagine. Her words seemed to have pleased Courtney though.

        “Fuck, that is so hot!” Courtney purred. Then she planted her face in Sheila’s horny pussy and went to work. Less than a minute later, she took Sheila’s clit between her teeth and tugged gently. A massive orgasm exploded in every part of Sheila’s body. Courtney waited until she began to come down and then plunged a finger inside Sheila’s sopping treasure.

        “OH FUCK!” Sheila screamed, her pleasure immediately rising again. The entire world shrank down, getting smaller and smaller, until all that was left of the universe was what Courtney was doing between her legs. Nothing else mattered.

        Courtney hooked her finger and found Sheila’s G-spot. Sheila erupted, not just once, but over and over and over again until she thought her body would explode, sending a million pieces of her flying around the locker room. As a sexual euphoria that Sheila thought would never end finally reached its last peak, Courtney removed her fingers and idly licked them. She waited patiently as the orgasm that seemed to last forever finally ran its course. Even a volcano runs out of lava sooner or later.

        Sheila sat up and leaned over to kiss the teen soccer star, shivering with pleasure when she tasted her own juices on the teenage girl’s lips and cheeks and chin. Just an hour ago she would have thought that to be such a naughty and even disgusting thing to do, but now she knew it was too sweet and natural to be wrong. She tasted almost as good as Courtney had and it was wonderful.

        Their kiss lingered until Courtney finally broke it. “I need to go. I have a date tonight. Remember that I own you now Sheila. You belong to me… and the rest of the soccer team. We’re having a sleepover Saturday and I expect you to be there to service whoever needs it. Some of the girls don’t have a boyfriend and they get horny as hell after a match. Bring an overnight bag with your toothbrush and makeup, but you won’t need pajamas.”

        She gently cupped Sheila’s pussy affectionately before continuing. “And I want you to trim this forest down a little. Or even shave it completely off. As pretty as your pubic hair is, a bald pussy will make you look and feel ten years younger.”

        Sheila nodded as she reached for her bra. Now she’d have to figure out how one went about shaving one’s own pubic mound since she had never even trimmed her verdant bush of red hair. Maybe I’ll even buy some eucalyptus scented body wash, she thought.

        Oh, and of course, then she’d have to figure out how she was going to tell her husband that she would be spending the weekend at a college soccer team slumber party, being used as a sex-toy by any or all of those sexy young women. I should probably leave that last little detail out, she thought with a giggle.

        As sated as she was, Sheila shivered with excitement. She was looking forward to being the soccer team slut.

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do hope you continue with this scout. A lot of ways the story can go from here.


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And not a 13 year old in the bunch.  Thank you.  Amazing how erotic adults can be.

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Might one ask where the rest of the story is?

Go on, ask me - I might say yes...
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Might one ask where the rest of the story is?

This story is complete.

Submission needs Soccer Slut (which is what it was originally written for), but Soccer Slut doesn't need the longer one because it's a complete story on its own. I hope that makes sense.

There's a link to the longer story in the paragraph above. The link is white text. I apologize for not explaining more clearly to begin with.