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What is Frot

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on: August 25, 2019, 05:45:04 PM
What is Frot
Augie was a loner and very shy around girls, yet he was obsessed with them.  He had an over-active sex drive that kept him in an almost constant state of curiosity about sex.  Despite his yearning, it was never enough to counter his timidity around the opposite sex.  He was beginning to give up hope of ever exercising his hormones on another person.  He relinquished himself to a life of jacking off with a steady dose of porn to feed it.
Tonight was a night Augie had been planning for months.  He was only sixteen but he had just gotten hold of a fake ID, a real good one.  With it, he knew for sure he could now enter that triple X theater downtown.  He had it all planned.  A clever ruse to his parents and a borrowed car to get downtown would get him what he wanted.  Nothing could take this away from him.  This expedition would finally answer all of his curious longings and supply him with months’ worth of material to whack-off to.
He parked two blocks away and walked to the theater, fearing every second that someone driving by would recognize him.  He darted in to the lobby, bought his ticket and made his way to the theater.  He trembled with anticipation.  He stood within the entrance and waited for his eyes to adjust to the dark.  He was awestruck.  Up there on the screen two people were fucking.  Augie could not believe it.  Some chick was letting a guy actually fuck her - and in front of a camera.  He thought he could never be that lucky.
Finally able to see, Augie found himself a seat isolated from any other patron.  He settled down with a raging hard-on and prepared for a couple of hours of sexual entertainment and the theater delivered.  Augie sat through one sexual escapade after another watching every detail and trying to commit it all to memory.  Meanwhile, his dick was in a constant state of arousal.  So hard it felt like it would burst.  Pre-cum was oozing out at a steady rate.
Augie gorged himself on the feast before his eyes and all the time staving off the need to tend to his aching boner.  He wanted to beat-off right there but he could not do that in public.  He got hornier and hornier.  At one point he heard a wet squishy sound occurring with a very familiar cadence.  Some guy was jerking off in the dark.  Augie just could not do that.  Not out in the open.  Not even if everybody else in the place was doing it.
Finally it got to be too much for him to take.  He got up and went looking for the men’s room.  He could do it there.
Alone in the men’s room the rush of his overwhelming urge was driving him into a frenzy.  He needed relief from this sexual tension and soon.  He paced the floor in turmoil.  He knew he could easily masturbate his horniness away but he wanted more.  Jerking off was good and Augie was a real master but all of those images on the screen had filled him with a need.  If only he could exchange with a girl.  Contact with another being, sharing gratification, letting a partner use his body.  This new urge made beating off again seem like such a hollow, futile pursuit.
Suddenly the door opened and in walked a tall dark figure.  Startled, they both froze in the middle of the floor and looked at each other.  He was a big guy.  A foot taller than Augie with broad shoulders and thick arms.  He was dressed in a dark jacket and dirty jeans with long greasy hair and 2-days stubble.  He looked to Augie to be in his mid forties.
Something else was easily discernable.  Judging from the bulge in his pants he was in the same agitated state as Augie and, apparently, stepped in to the men’s room to get off just like Augie had.  Augie felt awkward and vulnerable.  He felt like he had just been caught with his pants down.  But this guy was not so innocent himself.  His motives seemed just as apparent.  Then, Augie noticed this guy was staring directly at his crotch.  No use denying it, Augie was hard as a rock and here for relief.  He smirked.  The guy gave a little chuckle and they both returned their gaze to the other’s pants.  There seemed to be a peculiar kind of connection between them, as if they just understood each other.  Then something very odd happened.  The man started to slowly stroke himself through his pants. 
‘Well, why not,’ thought Augie.  Augie started to rub himself like the other guy was.  That’s when he noticed a huge wet spot. It was right where his cockhead was.  Augie had been leaking his pre-cum so long that it had soaked through his pants.  It was no use trying to hide it now.  This guy seemed to have a kind understanding of Augie’s mood.  He reasoned that since he was exposed, he might as well see where this would take him.  Besides, it kind of made him feel hot to jerk off in front of somebody.  They stood like that for a couple of minutes, watching each other stroke.  Both getting hornier by the minute. 
Something had to happen.  The guy suddenly gave a quick glance over at the stall in the corner.  There was no need to say anything.  If this was going to carry on they needed some seclusion.  Augie hesitantly backed into the stall and his horny new friend followed.  Latching the door shut the big stranger turned again to Augie, watching his pants intently while now using both hands to rub his bulge.   
Alone together with these kind of urges, showing this kind of behavior, certain suggestions make themselves obvious.  Augie knew it.  This had to escalate into a physical exchange.  That was just what he needed.  It was hard to define as anything more than an unstated mutual agreement.  They were going to get off together.  Without a script or plan it was thus presented and agreed upon by both men.
Augie backed against the wall and waited for his mate to make the first move; relinquishing himself as the passive.  The man squared himself in front of Augie and seized the role of aggressor.  Augie continued petting his own aching boner, pushing the sensitive head back and forth against his pre-cum wet spot and waiting to be made.  The man then unzipped his fly and reached into his pants.  With some amount of difficulty, he took hold of his chode and wrestled it out of the small opening. 
When Augie saw it he gave a gasp.  He had seen plenty of stiff pricks in that movie up stairs and he had been face-to-face with lots of other guy’s dorks in the locker room at school, but this was the first time he had ever seen another dude’s hard-on live and in person.  He was mesmerized by the sight.  This guy’s dick was huge, even though only part of it was showing through his open fly.  It was long and thick and covered with bulging veins.  It throbbed in a steady rhythm of the man’s heart beat, nodding slightly up and down. 
Augie knew from the hungry look in the man’s eyes and his imposing position within the tight space that the state of that erection was attributable to Augie himself.  This man was getting a boner over the thought of using Augie to get off with.  Augie was dizzy with lust at that notion, that somebody wanted his body. 
He didn’t know what was about to happen.  Whether they were just going to beat off together or if the guy really intended to fuck him.  Augie didn’t care.  He was so horny at that moment and so hungry for sexual contact with another person he was willing to engage in any homosexual act, regardless of the consequences to his life or future. 
His eyes were fixed on the cock in front of him.  That beautiful piece of man-flesh pointing at him, menacingly.  He saw a drop of pre-cum ooze from the cock’s tip, grow into a bead, and then trickle slowly over the front of the purple head.  He knew he was going to get some of that, but where? 
The man moved toward Augie, crowding him against the wall.  He put his fore arm against the wall over Augie’s head to brace himself.  He was so big and broad that Augie felt surrounded with his presence.  With his other hand, the man started to pet Augie’s stiff dick through his pants.  For the first time in his life, Augie felt the joy of sexual contact.  His mind was reeling, he was ready to blow his wad any second now. 
It was almost claustrophobic, the two men were standing in each other’s body heat in the tight space between them.  Augie felt like a prisoner of the man’s horny desire, to be used in whatever way this guy wanted.  The man’s fingers were fumbling with Augie’s fly, looking for the zipper.  ‘This was it!’ Augie thought.  Something big was about to happen to him.  He found the tab and pulled it all the way down.  Fingers crept into Augie’s open fly, fumbling within the tight fabric, searching and finding the opening to Augie’s shorts. 
Augie moved his hands away and reached for the man’s hips, welcoming his advances.  The man opened Augie’s fly and at last he felt another’s touch on his yearning boner.  The fingers probed him and gently positioned Augie’s straining cock, confined within his pants.  Augie loved the feeling.  It was tender but firm and, strangely, answered his need for intimate contact.  His nuts might have went off right then but it seemed his suitor was preparing Augie for something yet to happen. 
The finger released Augie’s pecker and then held open the fly, creating a passageway.  For what?  The man’s hips pressed forward and then Augie suddenly experienced the man’s intention.  Through his opened fly Augie felt his stall-mate’s dick slide in and cozy up along side his own cock. 
The sensation was splendiferous!  The feverishly warm and soft smooth skin of that magnificently sculpted organ had bulled its way into his pants and was now pressed against his flesh, and Augie experienced another man’s prick in the most delightful, intimate way imaginable.  In addition to this wonderful touch, he was now engaged in full sexual contact.  Sharing his body with another person.  Getting fucked inside his own pants!  Partnered in sexual intercourse.
It was an overload.  As soon as his cohort had pressed his hips flush to Augie’s and penetrated completely his open pants, Augie erupted in orgasm.  With a groan and spastic jerk of his hips Augie came at last.  Shot after shot pent up from his blue-ball overload finally gushed from him, spilling down the sides of his cock and the cock of his companion.  Augie thrilled with it as a tribute to his partner.  His knees went week but he clung to the man’s hips as he pumped his pelvis in an almost reflexive motion that comes with spewing a load.  Augie enjoyed his cum like none he had ever before had and it rewarded him with those oh-so-satisfying spasms lasting longer than his usual cums.
The man pressing him to the wall paused only briefly to feel Augie’s gift flowing over his entrenched dobber and to let Augie have his ride.  It was only a moment, he had his own climax to chase.  He bent his knees in an open stance around Augie’s legs, giving himself room to move and then he began to fuck.  In long, slow thrusts he humped against Augie, sliding his throbbing dick in the now slippery, moist cavern provided by Augie’s pants. 
Augie was loving it.  It was erotic beyond anything he had seen or imagined.  He was providing carnal service to his ravager, his captor, the complete stranger that had him cornered and was using him.  To his utter astonishment, Augie’s cock was still fully erect.  His orgasm had not diminished his horny desire in the slightest and his happy pud was standing ready for yet more fun.  His mind was set, he felt sure to cum and cum again.  He wanted to fuck like this all night.  This was the antidote to his years of horny longing.
His cum was now all over the inside of his underwear, spread by his mate’s vigorous fucking and the soaked fabric clung to both cocks, holding them close together.  Augie’s sex partner was really enjoying their hook-up.  The stranger grunted savagely as he ground and rutted against his young partner. He slid an arm behind Augie’s back and pulled him close.  Augie reciprocated by holding on to his partner’s butt.  The fuck-mate was now twisting and gyrating his hips with every lunge, causing his dick to poke and slide all around Augie’s hard-on. 
Augie was feasting on every detail of his first fuck.  He felt every contour of that soft, knotty pole sliding against his waist and better yet his attention-starved shank.  That cock-kiss was a treat he could never give himself with his own hands. 
He was also really getting off on his submissive role in this.  The thought of providing his body for another’s pleasure was almost enough to make him shoot his wad again.  That opportunity was about to land.  His lover was quickening his pace.  The bobbing ass Augie held in his hands was tensing up.  The stranger was being consumed by a natural urge that dictated his motions.  Augie recognized these signs.  He could tell his dick-pal was about to cum.  He held on tight and steadied himself to receive his buddy’s jism. 
The hulking stranger thrust in deep and held it.  He groaned.  Close to his waist, Augie felt the cockhead throb and then squirt.  Cum!  Augie made him cum.  He made that beautiful big cock toss its load.  The man grunted again and another warm stream shot into Augie’s pants.  He withdrew slightly and then hammered in again to deliver another spurt with a heavy grunt. 
Augie was beside himself with joy and lust.  He made his friend cum and he was feeling another guy getting off - up close and personal.  It was all too much, he wanted to join in on this and his dick was ready to deliver.  He launched into his own attack.  He clutched at the stranger’s butt and went into his frantic hump.  He ground his cock against his lover’s as all of that heavy spunk ran down and coated his rod.  He seized the guy tight and with one final squeeze he shot his second wad into their shared fuck-nest.  Their sperm mixed and slowly washed over both dicks, bathing them in soothing, warm post-fuck bliss.
It was spectacular.  The finest cum load he ever spilt.  Augie felt a connection to his orgasm like he never had before.  This was an awakening.  He had got his rocks off and it wasn’t alone in the dark.  He knew exactly how the other guy felt too, and this moment was a quietly shared extension of the need that brought them together.  And they both remained motionless, holding on to each other with hips tight together and their satiated dicks pressed in a snug wrap.  They both silently enjoyed it.  The big dark brute moved only once to shift his weight to the other foot.  Augie moved only to scratch his nose.   All else was quiet and still.
After their climax, men feel an awkward conflict of emotions, a kind of self-conscious awareness that makes them question their frantic behavior of just seconds before.  Augie was feeling this and he knew his fuck-buddy was feeling it too.  It was time to back down from their precarious position and address the world of the non-sex-crazed. 
Augie let go of the stranger’s ass.  The stranger withdrew his arm from behind Augie.  The man who had just dicked Augie to delirium pulled himself back.  Both men looked down to watch the marauding cock pull out inch by inch from Augie’s fly.  The prick was still hard and lightly bouncing up and down with his pulse.  It glistened from a coating of three cum loads and looked to Augie like a battle-worn hero.
Augie’s new friend remained motionless, leaning over Augie, too weary to move.  Augie remained fixated on his cock.  He never thought a dick could be so beautiful.  He marveled at it and what incredible pleasure it had given him.  He watched as a last drop of cum build up on the head and then dripped off the tip.  What would happen now?
Well, certainly not any heartfelt entreaties or romantic promises.  The man simply backed away from Augie and started, with some difficulty, stuffing that conquered monster back in his pants.  He suddenly seemed embarrassed to be there.  He smiled weakly.  “Thanks.  That was great,” he hoarsely whispered, then unlatched the door and left.
‘I guess that’s that’ thought Augie.  He latched the door shut and sat down on the toilet and felt the creamy goo flow over his balls.  He wanted to give the guy some time to make his escape, to spare him the embarrassment of being seen leaving together.  Augie wondered who he himself was now.  He had been violated, despoiled, and abandoned.  He had fagged off with another guy!  Oddly, it all felt great.  It made him feel dirty and wanton.  He wouldn’t mind getting hosed like that some more. 
It was late.  Time to get home.  Augie bailed out of the theater and walked to his car.  With his cum-soaked pants, Augie drove directly home.  The movie scenes he saw were completely overshadowed by his first sexual encounter.  What did it mean?  It was too much to think about, but thoughts of the event itself was making him all horny again.  When he got home to his room he jerked off two more times while rubbing against the shorts that guy had spewed in. 
That entire week Augie thought about his adventure with that stranger in the Men’s room.  About rubbing their dicks together until they came on each other.  He thought about cocks too.  What they looked like, how they felt, and how exciting it was to watch them spurt, like in those movies.  He masturbated just to watch his cum shoot out and he imagined as he wanked-off that a partner was shooting off with him and gushing a thick load on his prick.  No doubt about it, regardless of what he was now, he was anxious to get some more of what he had last week.
He hatched a new plan. 
There was a gay bar over by the warehouse district.  The guys in the locker room used to razz each other by hurling accusations about it at one another.  Augie would borrow his parent’s car again and slip in there on Saturday night.  He planned on finding a guy for more of what he got in that men’s room.  Maybe, he might even find the same guy again.
When Saturday night finally came, he acquired the car, drove down town to the place almost feverish in anticipation.  He pulled in to the bar’s parking lot and waited for the coast to be clear before sneaking in to the entrance.  Inside, his heart was racing.  There were all kinds of guys in there and all for an obvious reason.  They were all engaged in lively conversations and took no notice of him.
“Hey,” boomed the loud voice of the bartender.  “How old are you.”
“I’m eighteen,” replied Augie defensively.
“Oh, yeah?  Well sorry, kid.  This is a twenty-one club.  You’ll have to leave,” the bartender asserted.  The guys standing around the bar, however, were giving him a once-over.
Damn!  He had not thought about that.  “Can I use the restroom?” he asked.  He wanted to just stall for time.
“OK.  But then you gotta go.”
Augie plodded in to the men’s room at the opposite end of the bar and tried to think of his next move.  He went to the broad urinal at the far wall, pulled out his dick and started to piss.  Right behind him came a guy who stood next to Augie at the urinal, pulled out his dick and started to go.  Augie knew right away this was no ordinary encounter.  The guy started crossing his stream with Augie’s in a deliberate manner.
“You have a beautiful penis,” the stranger remarked.
“Thanks.  You too,” replied Augie (what else would you say?).  This guy was coming on to him.  No one had ever hit on him before.  He felt flattered.
Still aiming his stream to cross Augie’s the man said, “It’s a shame it isn’t paint.  We could make a wonderful sunset together.”
That was a pick-up line!  All Augie had to do was take him up on it.  Looking directly at him Augie said, “I like to paint.”  He was a fairly attractive guy in his mid-twenties, about the same size as Augie with the same build.
“My name is Paul.  You want to make a picture with me?” he asked.
“Uh, yeah.  I’m Augie.  They’re making me leave.  Can we meet outside?” Augie suggested.
It was agreed upon and Augie went out to the parking lot to wait for Paul.  When Paul joined him he asked, “So, what did you have in mind, Augie?”
Augie explained briefly what he did last weekend; how he and the dark stranger had humped their cocks together and how much he enjoyed it.  “Oh, you like to frot,” said Paul.
“What is frot?” Augie inquired, glad to know the practice had a common name.
“Frottage.  Frotting.  Rubbing cocks together,” replied Paul with a laugh.
“Yeah!  I want to do that,” Augie happily chirped.  “Now,” he added to make firm his interest! 
Paul then offered his place as a safe venue.  Augie eagerly accepted and followed Paul’s car to his apartment.  All the way his heart was pounding in his chest, his hands were trembling, he was so anxious to get a hump-off like last week’s.  Paul led him up to a one room apartment with a queen size bed.
“Can I fix you something to drink?” asked Paul once they were safely locked inside.  He obviously had an ordered way of starting these activities and he wanted to stick to etiquette.
Augie did not answer.  He tore into his clothes.  Kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt.
That was apparently OK with Paul.  He started undressing too, matching Augie’s ferocity.  Neither man took his eyes off the other.  They watched each other intently, hungrily plotting how they would enjoy this engagement.  Augie was first to get down to his shorts.  He tugged them down and stepped out.  His hard-on sprang free and pointed skyward.  Paul’s eyes widened at the sight of fresh, young boy-meat.  Augie stayed fixed on the spot and anxiously waited for his first glimpse of a stiff cock to rub against.  Paul finished to reveal a modest rod almost identical to Augie’s.  For a brief moment they stood staring at each other’s nakedness.  Their erections pointing at each other, betraying their focused desire for each other and the blatant course of this encounter.  Two stiff cocks relaying the mutual desire to get off.  Sex was indeed about to happen.
Augie’s eyes were glued on Paul’s cock, he couldn’t wait to feel it against him or better yet spew forth all of its cum on him.  It bounced before him as Paul knelt on the bed and walked his way to the middle.
Augie did not wait to be invited.  He pounced on to the bed in front of Paul.  Knee to knee, Augie knelt upright before Paul and their dicks came together.  Augie reveled in the sensation; the feel of the warm soft flesh and the rigid rod within against his own was driving wild thoughts through his teenaged, sexually frustrated mind.  He cupped his hand around Paul’s shaft and considered what he held.  It was feverishly warm and the skin so smooth.  Beneath the loose skin of its surface the unyielding firmness throbbed in his grasp.  He wondered why the feeling of his own cock in his hand was not quite as exciting.  Paul grasped Augie’s dick the same way; a thick glob of Augie’s pre-cum welled up on the tip and slowly drooled over the head of Paul’s cock.  Augie was mesmerized by the sight.  He used Paul’s cock to smear the slick fluid over both heads.  Paul began to stroke Augie’s balls and for the first time Augie enjoyed another’s touch on his favorite toy.
He wanted it so much.  He gathered Paul’s hips in his hands and pulled his new partner toward him.  The dicks met and tangled, next their balls joined and meshed.  Augie pulled them together tight; pressed between the flatness of their abdomens.
“Easy, killer,” exclaimed Paul. 
Augie refused to be tamed.  He pushed his stiff prick against Paul’s and savored the sweet sensation of flesh against flesh.  He started humping Paul the second their cocks were pressed tight between them.  Paul was still trying to wrap his arms around Augie to make this more of a love-making and not just a blind fuck.  Augie would not have it.  He had been waiting all week to sample more cock kiss.  He thrust and bucked against Paul but their cocks would not stay together.  Augie’s young rod stayed resolutely pointing to his navel but Paul’s cock kept twisting to the side.  Just as Augie would get against it and start getting some good friction, the rascally organ would slide out and tip the opposite way.  Augie was getting frantic.  He wanted to grind against that thing so bad.
Paul finally just pulled away from Augie’s grasp and sat back on his haunches.  “Easy, baby.  We’re going to get it on, but you have to focus your energy.”  He reached over to the nightstand and slid open the drawer.  He brought something out that looked to Augie like a woman’s stocking.  “It’s time to show you my little invention.”  He held it forth and showed it to Augie. It was a knee-high support stocking.  The foot had been cut off and at the other end two 3-inch slits had been cut opposite each other to create two flaps.  In the middle of each flap was cut a 1-inch hole.
Paul laid back in the middle of the bed before Augie.  He inserted his cock through one of the flap-holes and then up into the leg.  He then pulled his balls through the hole so that the tube of leg would be held in place.  “OK,” said Paul. “Now you get in.”
Augie understood immediately.  This snug sleeve would hold their cocks together for a good, snug fuck.  He eagerly climbed atop Paul and straddled his legs.  He put his dick through the remaining flap-hole and then slipped it up the sleeve to nestle against Paul’s.  This was brilliant!  He pulled the hole over his nut sack and he was ready for some hot dicking.  He wasted no time either.  Supporting himself on his elbows, he leaned over Paul, stretched back his legs, and started humping. 
Paul quickly rolled the open end of the garment down over both their rods, like a turtle neck, so that only their cockheads poked out.  He smiled up at him, enfolded Augie in his arms and humped back against him in a counter-rhythm. 
Augie was in ecstasy.  This was even better than the fuck last week.  He was free, no fear of being disturbed, his encounter could be kept secret, and he was enjoying what looked like to be a long satisfying evening of consensual sexual fulfillment.  His cock never felt so good.  He was wild about more flesh coming into contact, their hips, stomachs and thighs.  The stocking was working perfectly.  Their dicks were held together firmly and the flaps were bringing their balls together for an even better sensation.  Already, both men were supplying a plentiful amount of pre-cum which made their cocks glide against each other in frictionless pleasure.  Augie’s dork slid against Paul’s along his most sensitive areas.  The clingy fabric of the stocking added the sensation of enclosure and its delicate, stretchy weave tugged and teased Augie’s cock-flesh in ways he had never dreamed.  The two grunted and moaned in appreciation whenever their thrusts and jabs produced exceptionally gratifying delight.
It was getting to be too much for the younger, inexperienced Augie.  He was going to blow his nuts real soon.  Expertly, Paul sensed this.  He cupped his hands over Augie’s ass cheeks and held him tight against his counter-thrusts.  “’ you gonna squirt?  Do it, babe.  Show me your man-juice.  Oh, yeah.  Sting me. ”
Augie did not need any coaching.  He had brought off hundreds of loads.  He clenched hard and ground tight against his bud.   
Paul spread his legs wide from underneath Augie, brought his knees up and wrapped his legs around the back of Augie’s thighs; locking their hips together tight and capturing their enticed flesh into a knot.
Augie lost it.  He threw back his head and spewed his cream against his partner’s cock.  He twisted and strained as he pumped it out; white jets shooting exuberantly from the young pud.  Paul stayed with him, keeping his hips firmly against Augie’s and stuck to him like a cowboy on a bucking bull.  He whooped and cheered Augie’s victorious ‘gasm.  They rolled together to one side and then the other in Augie’s uncontrollable frantic lunging.  To Augie it was an even better cum than last week.  Spurt after spurt after spurt, he tossed on Paul.  He did not want it to stop.  The thick goo shot over Paul’s cockhead to land on his stomach.  As they rolled in each other’s arms the slick, white spunk dribbled and smeared on both their bodies. 
As it subsided and his body came to rest, Augie surrendered himself to the joy he was feeling.  He brought his face to Paul’s and they kissed.  Augie’s first.  It was tender and sweet.  ‘This was what sex should be.’ Augie thought.  ‘A horny couple having a happy fuck.’  It was a tender exchange, shared pleasure with a trusted new lover.  They dwelt on it and traded tongues.  Their cocks were not as relaxed, though.  Augie was still as hard as when he started.  His stiffy was ready for more action.  Meanwhile, he could feel Paul’s cock gently throbbing.  It made him want more.  He started back into some steady pump-action and began to pick up speed.
Paul broke away from him and looked at him incredulously.  “You’re fucking kidding me,” he said.  But it was quickly obvious that this young stud was not deterred by just one orgasm.  “Oh, yeah.  You’re a fire cracker, baby.  Go for it.”
Augie grinned at Paul, he was glad to have a partner that appreciated what he was bringing.  He watched Paul lay his head back to enjoy their rut and then thought, ‘Why not let Paul get some ride time.’  He held Paul tight and rolled over on his back.  Paul rolled with him and obviously knew what to do.  He was going to take over and rock them to heaven.  He grabbed Augie’s ass cheeks, laid his head against Augie’s shoulder for leverage and went to work with an aggressive hip rocking motion.  He twisted and rolled his thrusts playfully giving Augie all sides of his cock and maximizing pleasure on Augie’s most sensitive areas. 
Augie was really enjoying it all.  Paul was a good fuck and really knew how to use his meat.  All he had to do was lay passively and let his dick receive the treatment.  The contours of Paul’s cock were rolling over his dick in a delightful, ever-changing massage and Paul’s hairy scrote dragged over Augie’s and gave an erotic tickle with every push.  Paul was making it last too, trying to impress the neophyte with his prowess.  All the mysteries of bedroom games in the darkness finally revealed themselves to Augie as Paul worked on his body.
After some thoroughly enjoyable bed creaking, his technique, and the feel of Augie’s firm, young rod took their effect and soon Paul started to fall into his rapture.  Just like last week, Augie could sense the urgency in his fucker’s effort.  He prepared himself to experience his new buddy’s climax.  He knew the instant he felt that spunk gush over his dick and on his belly that he was going to join in and launch another of his own loads too. 
Paul’s thrusts got shorter and quicker, rising to a peak.  “I’m cumming.” He groaned.
“Let me see! Let me see,” urged Augie!
Paul held his body up and both turned their heads down to watch the eruption.  Paul groaned as his first jet came forth.  It was a weak one that squeezed out of the tensely straining muscle and just cascaded over the tip of his dick and on to Augie’s.  The second jet broke through much bigger and a thick white rope shot out over Augie’s navel.
That was all it took for Augie.  He knew what his fuck-buddy was feeling and the sight of him spraying a huge nut-wad pushed him over the top.  He spurted.  His creamy glob of cum landed on Paul’s discharge.  Then came another of Paul’s shots.  The two cocks gushed forth in alternating sequence as both young men enjoyed the show they had wrought.  A dueling fountain of their skillfully crafted exuberance; mixing into a tiny pool of mutual adulation.  Two swollen, purple cock-heads trussed snugly together and swimming in their own still-oozing jizz.  It was the perfect picture of male sexual release. 
Augie felt it more intensely than any other orgasm he had ever had and it even seemed to last longer as he felt his convulsions tingle and tug on his nerves far after his ‘gnads were completely spent.  Once the last of their loads slowly squeezed out, Paul relaxed and lowered his body on to Augie’s.  They both idly pushed their hips back and forth against each other to wring the last wonderful pleasure out of their bound cocks.  They finally stopped completely as their puddle of cum slowly dribbled over Augie’s side.
“THAT,” said Paul, after a long meandering in each their own thoughts “is frot.” 

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frotting is sooooo much fun soooo hot when you take 2 cum coated cocks and rub them until you shoot agai