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The Prodigy Ch. 2 (UA, ff, romance)

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on: September 10, 2019, 06:49:48 PM
This is fiction. The site and the author do not condone underage sex of any kind, and this work does not mean anyone should do anything like this. If you know anyone who has been abused, report it. Do not touch minors, the site does not encourage or condone abuse of any kind, and do not break any laws. If this is illegal in your country, close your browser.

Chapter 2: The Goddess (ff, romance)

Erica went to school on Monday wearing a charcoal sweater with navy blue trim, a black and purple men’s tie, and navy blue slacks. She wanted as little attention as possible, so she showed up early and hid behind the corner of the chemistry building. She was close to one of the main hallways, but she was out of sight for all the girls on their way to the lockers. She was trying to read, but the conversation of some passing girls caught her attention.

“Did you hear that little Asian girl hooked up with Scarlett and Sara and Jenny?” Scarlett was Lynne’s nickname: she looked a lot like Scarlett Johansen.

“I heard she just jumped all over them,” another girl replied, "but she totally doesn’t look like the type – she looks like a librarian.”

“She fucks like a monster, though,” Sara’s voice answered - apparently she had overheard the conversation and decided to join. “I never came so hard in all my life – I thought I was gonna die.” The other girls giggled like crazy. “I’m like, totally straight except for Erica Nguyen. I’m all kinds of gay for her.” More giggles. "And she's got the perfect ass - it's round as hell, and it's really perky."

“Would you eat her pussy?” a girl asked. Some of her friends giggled.

“She was delicious; she tastes like honeydew melons,” Sara replied, earning gales of laughter from the crowd. “It’s cute: she's got this little tiny bush, just a few short hairs, so it's like kissing a guy with a moustache, except she tastes better. Totally frustrating though; bitch doesn't even have to shave her fucking legs, and I look like a fucking werewolf if I go two days without shaving. If she was really single, and not just waiting for Scarlett, I’d totally switch for Erica. She’s a fucking sex goddess.”

“I can understand wanting to have sex with Scarlett, but not Erica,” another girl chimed in. “Erica’s suuuuper cute, but she's way too young.”

“She’s better in bed than she is at school,” Sara added. “The best sex I’ve ever had by far. By a mile.” Sara giggled. "I'm not fucking kidding: Erica Nguyen is a sex goddess. The hot tub was overflowing with our cum. It was totally cum soup."

The first bell rang; they had three minutes before they were tardy.

Erica had never been tardy in all her life; her mother would kill her if she was ever tardy. Erica tried to slip out unnoticed and sneak to class. If ever there was a time she needed the other girls to ignore her, that time was now.

“Oh my god!” Candace Crowley said, pointing at Erica. “There she is! The sex goddess!” The other girls giggled their brains out. "Look at her perfect butt!"

Erica had been hiding in the restrooms at every break. The other girls had been pointing and laughing all day, and everyone seemed to either stare at her bottom or taunt her by grabbing their breasts. In the middle of French class, one of the girls had mocked her by spreading her legs and hiking up her skirt before whispering to get her attention; as soon as Erica turned to see what her peer had wanted, she was greeted with Kayla Thompson's bright blue bikini panties, her legs spread enough to highlight the gap between her long legs. "Wanna eat lunch with me? I heard you like making cum soup." Kayla had whispered, as her friends had giggled. Erica had fought away her tears, but being mocked like that had hurt like hell.

Erica was now known as ‘The Goddess’, and she couldn’t even sit in class without the other girls staring at her and whispering. She was actually wishing she had the flu or some horrible disease so she could go home.

Erica used to love school.

Erica waited until the first bell after lunch to run for her locker. She would have to run: the cafeteria was on the west side of campus; her locker was on the east end of campus, and calculus was on the far west edge. It was doable, but barely.

The girls snickered as Erica sprinted by. Some of the girls tried to wave her down and even get in her way, calling for a kiss (one girl even called out something about wanting to breastfeed Erica, which hurt even worse), but Erica was very fast, and she had good agility. Erica turned the last corner to find Angela DeCecco waiting for her right in front of her locker.

“Hey there,” she said, smoothing down her short brown hair with her hand, “I finally found you.” Angela was very tall and very fit; she was the Captain of the varsity soccer team, and perhaps one of the best players on the basketball team. She was wearing shorts even though it was fairly cold outside, and her long smooth legs had a deep, rich tan. Angela was one of the most popular sophomores in the whole school. Hell, she was one of the most popular girls in the school, period - and she was the only girl Erica was aware of besides Lynne who was openly lesbian. “Lynne told me you guys are taking a break right now.”

Erica had a strong crush on Angela, and she had of course used her celebrity lookalike program to see if the internet agreed she was beautiful: Australian model and actress Ruby Rose. While Erica found Ms. Rose massively attractive, Angela didn't have all of the (admittedly exciting) tattoos, which was understandable as she was only fifteen. Erica was drawn to scroll through Ms. Rose's pictures, but upon seeing an image where a woman was holding her while Ms. Rose had nothing more than a small vest concealing her breasts, Erica had stopped looking - it felt wrong to look at a woman in a state of undress, especially since Erica wasn't sure Ms. Rose was interested in women - it could be perhaps a manufactured image. Both Ruby Rose and Angela DeCecco were far, far too attractive to bother with a girl like her.

Erica dialed in her combination. “I’m about to be tardy, I really don’t have time for a conversation right now.”

“No problem,” Angela said, blushing. “Hey, here’s my number; call me, we’ll hang out this weekend. I can either get you a ride home, or you can like, spend the night. Whatever you want, you know? Like, we can just see how things go. No pressure.” She was usually so bold, so confident, and now she seemed rather nervous.

Erica froze. “Are you asking me on a date?” There was no possible way; Angela DeCecco was gorgeous, tall, older, and extremely popular. She was an athlete of the highest caliber, and she was reportedly very close friends with the juniors and senior girls.

“Um, yeah,” Angela said, passing Erica a folded sheet of paper. “We’ll hang out, get a bite to eat, and just chill out at my house. My parents are out of town, so we… we’ll have the whole house to ourselves.” Angela was blushing and smiling.

Could Lynne be right about the other girls actually wanting to date? Was she actually popular with… girls who liked other girls? “It’s a date,” Erica said, taking Angela’s number. “But just so you know, I’m getting back together with Lynne soon, so it’s just one date, and no more.” Erica was very attracted to Angela, but she was obsessed with Lynne. She would never date anyone else, except Lynne had made her promise to date other girls while they were on a break, and Erica didn’t want to break her promise.

“Cool,” Angela said, smiling like mad. “Just like, call me and we can set it up.”

Erica grabbed her homework and sprinted to class.

She got in her seat a fraction of a second before the bell. It was as close as she'd ever come to being tardy, and she just realized that all the other girls and even the teacher were giggling and looking at her.

"Okay," Ms. Connor said, giggling, "nice of you to join us, Erica. Just for future reference, I have a forgiveness policy for a first tardy, so don't get hurt running to class." The other girls actually laughed outright at that.

Erica turned green. Having a teacher make fun of her was like being disemboweled. This was hell.

Rebecca foster passed her a note.

Erica had never had anyone pass her a note in class before; she had no idea if she should read it or turn it in to the teacher. Erica had never intentionally broken a rule in a classroom before, but with her current notoriety, she was hesitant to hand it in to the instructor, as it  could divulge her sexuality… and her recent dalliances.

"Read it," Rebecca whispered, smiling.

Erica frowned. Breaking a rule was just... not her. Erica put the note in the pages of her textbook, and opened it. On the other hand, Rebecca Foster was always so kind… and Lynne had mentioned she was 'very bisexual.' And possibly interested in a date, though that was highly unlikely.

There was a picture of Rebecca in perfect makeup, topless (or perhaps a strapless bra, which insinuated roughly the same point), and smiling. She looked flawless. The note was short and sweet:

*I think you're cute! Scarlett said I can take you out on a date... if you don't mind me kissing you every chance I get. <3 ;)> I'm driving now, so I can pick you up whenever you want. Call me!*

...and her phone number, followed by the mark of her kissing the page with lipstick.

Erica turned beet-red. Two of the prettiest girls in the whole school had just asked her out! Lynne was right: the rumors of her sexual prowess were making her the center of attention at Fenwich Girls' Academy.

Erica was a celebrity.

She loathed it.

Erica had to ignore a lot of her peers as she made her way to the van-pool she took to get home. Erica cried as she ran away, but a few of the other girls continued to taunt her by grabbing their breasts and asking Erica to show them her magic. Some of the girls stood up for her and yelled at the other girls to leave her alone, but it wasn’t enough; Erica felt like she was being assaulted. She couldn’t escape them: the girls were around every corner, behind every door, flashing their underwear or grabbing their breasts… and even if they didn’t tease her, they smiled and giggled. Erica desperately wished she could just walk around like she used to - being ignored. She’d had enough of infamy, and she wasn’t looking for notoriety or popularity either.

Erica sat in the van and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief she kept in her pocket. It had been a long afternoon of crying.

“Don’t you just wish they’d mind their own business?” asked Liliana Medvedev. They were essentially alone in the van, as the only other student was two rows up and wearing headphones. “I told all my friends to just give you some space. I can only imagine how you’re feeling, losing Lynne.” She smiled at Erica, and it was incredibly warm and kind. Lily, as her friends called her, was perhaps the second-prettiest girl in the whole school - it depended on what one considered pretty: Liliana was not particularly tall, but she was rather thin, which made her long legs look even longer; she had a slightly smaller bust than Lynne, but she had filled out her small frame with very perky breasts. Her butt was fantastic, at least as nice as Lynne’s butt, her jawline was perhaps even better than Lynne's, and her face was stunning - she had soft, warm hazel eyes that felt like a hug when she looked at you, aided by just the perfect amount of makeup. She could easily be famous, and indeed Erica used the celebrity look-alike program to connect her to actress Natalia Dyer, at least in her role as Nancy Wheeler from a television program entitled 'Stranger Things.' What Ms. Dyer lacked were the warm eyes… and Liliana had a slightly larger bust. Still, Ms. Dyer did have a few photographs where she had short hair that drove Erica wild. Erica preferred Liliana, though it was very, very close.

Erica nodded, though she hadn’t exactly lost Lynne: they were on a break. No use explaining that to Liliana, though. “That’s definitely got me down, but now all the girls are pointing and laughing at me. I’m not fond of attention.”

“Believe it or not,” Liliana said, leaning in to whisper to Erica, “I’m actually very shy myself. I’ve only just begun to cope with all the attention the other girls pay me. I really try to keep my feelings to myself, because it can hurt to have all the other girls talking. I don’t think a single girl in the whole school really knows me.”

Erica looked in awe: Liliana Medvedev was one of the most popular girls in the whole school, and she had a reputation of being both kind and smart as well. Nobody would ever say a negative word about Liliana - it would be social suicide to criticize a thing about her. “But you have so many friends… everyone loves you.” Erica had been in American history with Liliana a few months ago, but then she’d been sent to honors organic chemistry, and she’d had to adjust her whole schedule. Liliana had been very kind to her, and to all the other girls as well. She was just a warm and likeable person. “I’d kill to have the other girls treat me with the kind of reverence they treat you with. I find it unthinkable you could ever feel alone.”

Liliana smiled a wistful smile. “I feel most alone in a crowd of girls who don’t know me, and I feel wonderful when I’m by myself, or when I have just one really sweet friend to talk to. I don’t envy your current social situation, but I did envy the life you had before: everyone liked you, but everyone let you have your space.”

Erica chuckled. “Nobody liked me. Nobody even knew I was alive.”

Liliana leaned in to whisper, and Erica caught a whiff of her perfume: she smelled as good as she looked. “Lynne Amherst asked you out on a date. Her first date, right after coming out, and she was dancing and smiling all week after you said yes. Sara and Jenny kept saying how much they liked you, and that was before the hot tub. Becky Foster has been flirting with you for months, and Angela actually chased you down to ask you on a date. I’m thinking you don’t know how well liked you really are.”

Erica frowned; Liliana had a point.

Liliana pulled a book out of her bag. It was a volume of poetry by Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass. “This always helps me when I feel like I can’t take it anymore.” Liliana put the book on Erica’s lap. “I hope you’ll always feel like you can come to me when the world becomes too much to bear. You’re not alone at all, and you don’t need to be.”

Erica cried a few tears of joy. Liliana was actually very sweet. “Thank you.” Erica already owned a copy of Leaves of Grass, but it was such a kind gesture, she just couldn’t refuse. “I’ll return it as soon as I’m done.”

Liliana gave her a chaste kiss above her hairline. “Just don’t miss the first few pages, okay?”

Erica nodded - Liliana really was as nice as all her friends had said. Erica would read it after her homework.

Erica had called Lynne and let her know about Rebecca and Angela, and Lynne hadn’t been surprised at all - several girls had asked for Lynne's permission to get a date, and she had encouraged all of them to ask. She had also heard rumors of other girls who were working up the courage to ask her on a date as well, and she said she hoped Erica could see how much the girls liked her. Erica had a hard time believing it, but she was noticing all her forecasts were coming up wrong recently. Perhaps she was a bit of a hot commodity at Fenwich Girls’ Academy. Despite her lack of feminine curves and social skills. Despite her lack of pretty facial features. Despite her complete absence of even the slightest indication of any appreciable breasts.

Her homework was rather straightforward, and it simply relied on the rote memorization Erica had already committed to weeks prior. She finished, and then she spent almost an hour checking all her work. It was flawless, and she was confident she would get full credit as usual. Perfect marks were the norm; a mistake was very unusual, and almost no mistake would escape the scrutiny of the review. Erica had missed one question on one test all year, and one question on a homework assignment two years ago. Writing was different, as instructors were loathe to give a perfect score, but Erica always managed to get above a 95, and routinely scored above 97.

She opened Leaves of Grass, ready to read a bit before she went to bed. She’d always loved Whitman, though she hadn’t read him much since first and second grade. It sounded nice to visit an old friend. She sat down in her pajamas and opened the volume.

Right before the title page, right on the first purely white page in the book, was a brief note in elegant, flowing script:

   Dear Erica,

   I envy your courage in coming out. I can only imagine the horrors of the girls giggling about you, and the moments when you wish everyone would just move on. I wish I had your courage, but I feel as though my parents would be very disappointed to learn I’m actually bisexual.

   I’ve known for quite a long time, and I’ve never told a single solitary soul. I’d be crushed if you let this become a rumor at school, and I’ll trust in your discretion, as I cannot keep this to myself any longer. I often find myself wishing away my feelings, but it doesn’t work: I’m smitten with several girls, including you. I’d be honored if you would share a discreet kiss with me, as I couldn’t bear the weight of the world’s eyes on me. I’m not as strong as you are.

Lily Medvedev

Erica could not believe her eyes.

Tuesday and Wednesday were roughly the same for Erica, and she was dreading the hallways. All the hall monitors and a few more girls stood up for her, and Erica was grateful. A rather shy and meek freshman girl named Daniela asked her for a date, but Erica politely let her know that she was already committed to dating as many girls as she could handle at the moment. Erica thought Daniela was about as pretty as she deserved: Daniela had faint acne, a moderately awkward frame, and crooked teeth… albeit only slightly crooked. And she had very small breasts. Erica felt she should be grateful that a girl like Daniela would even take the time to ask her - Daniela was brave to put herself out there, and if there was more time, Erica would definitely have had a date with her. Erica had never used her celebrity lookalike program with Daniela, as she wasn't strongly attracted; Erica would have been glad to date her before, but it just wasn't the right time.

Thursday found Erica shell-shocked from being ostracized for so long. She walked right by the girls as they giggled, and politely excused herself when they cornered her to ask her about sex. Erica got through the first half of the day with grim determination, and by lunch many of the girls had finally given up. Erica felt ready to eat her lunch at a table instead of hiding in the restroom.

Her usual table was packed: Lynne, Sara, Jennifer, Rebecca, a host of their friends… including Liliana Medvedev. Erica decided to eat her lunch at one of the tables the popular girls had abandoned.

“Erica!” Sara shouted. “Get that sexy ass over here! We’ve been waiting for you for days!” Sara jumped up and took Erica by the arm. “Come on, we’re gonna be polite, but you have to eat with us. Don’t be rude.”

Erica sat down in the only empty seat: between Lynne and Rebecca. She pulled out her lunch, and ate a handful of raw spinach.

“Oh my god,” Rebecca said, looking amused and concerned, “would you like something else to eat? That looks terrible.”

Erica shook her head, and took another handful of raw spinach. She chewed the first bite thirty two times before swallowing.

“That’s how she got that body,” Jennifer said, smiling. “You can’t see it, but she’s totally cut underneath those clothes. She’s got abs to die for, and this cuuuuuute little butt.”

“Really? I've noticed her ass, but she's got abs?” Rebecca said, smiling at Erica. “I would never have guessed. I bet they’re sexy as hell, huh? You’re a girl with surprises.”

Erica blushed. Was it too much to ask to eat her lunch without being the center of attention?

“So who’s got the homework for Mr. Alan’s biology class?” Liliana interjected, mercifully changing the subject. She smiled at Erica for a second - she had sensed Erica was hoping for a change of subject. “I didn’t finish mine, and I was hoping someone could share an answer or two?”

“Just get Erica to look at it,” Sara said, shrugging. “She probably wrote the text in Kindergarten anyway.” A giggle or two.

“Would you?” Lily asked, smiling. “Just to check my work; I’m not asking you to cheat.”

Erica nodded, taking the homework as she chewed another mouthful of spinach. Lily had all the answers right except for number twelve. “Number twelve. You said ‘mitosis’ when you meant ‘myosis’. Other than that, it’s correct.” The four questions that were blank were rather simple: “Seventeen is chloroplasts, eighteen is mitochondria, nineteen is semi-permiable membrane, and twenty is messenger RNA.”

Rebecca laughed. “That’s fucking sexy. You didn’t even have to try at all, did you?” Under the table, Rebecca put her hand on Erica’s leg.

Erica flushed. Rebecca was rubbing her leg, and well above her knee. “It’s just biology. It’s really not that hard.” Erica was breathing in short, ragged breaths, as her heart raced; this was too public, and too sensual.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Rebecca asked, smiling, still rubbing her leg. “Wanna go into town and see a poetry reading at this cute little cafe? It's really romantic, and we can eat by candlelight...”

Erica turned bright, bright red. All the other girls had just heard Rebecca Foster ask her on a date - it wasn't a secret, it was public knowledge now. Erica froze.

“Friday night, eight o’ clock - I’ll have you home and safe by eleven,” Rebecca said, smiling, “unless you don’t want to be home and safe. We could always find somewhere else to be. Maybe if I'm really good, I'll get to see those sexy abs…"

“I’m afraid I’m busy Friday night,” Erica said, still incredibly flushed.

“You can do your homework another night,” Rebecca said, brushing Erica’s hair with her fingertips. “Friday night is for kissing and getting naughty.” Several hushed giggles, but Rebecca didn’t even begin to flinch. "I'll kiss you until you wanna get naughty."

“I have a prior engagement.” Erica was simultaneously aroused and terrified - that sounded like she was being offered sex. Sex with an unfathomably gorgeous young woman.

“Oh?” Rebecca asked, still smiling. “Who had the good fortune to get to you before me?”

Erica wasn’t sure if she was supposed to tell anyone. She hesitated. “Angela DeCecco.”

Shocked gasps around the table. This was news.

Rebecca smiled. “Well, if you find yourself wanting to date someone else, keep me in mind.”

“I’d be happy to make some time on the following Friday,” Erica said before she could think. “It’s just one date; I can have a date with you as well.” Erica noticed she was hyperventilating a bit. “That is, if you can make time for me. I wouldn't presume to imagine you would want to make time for me, but-”

Rebecca leaned in and kissed Erica on the corner of her lips, letting the kiss linger for a long moment. Public displays of affection were limited to hugs, though chaste kisses on the cheek were not uncommon. This was not a chaste kiss at all, this was meant to be very sensual. “I’ll make it a magical evening.”

Hushed awe from the girls at the table - it was a moment they didn’t want to interrupt; they preferred to witness the spectacle and gossip later.

“I’m happy for you,” Lynne said, giving Erica another not-so-chaste kiss.

“Okay,” Sara said, getting up, “I’m getting out of here before I’m so wet there’s a puddle on my seat.” Shocked giggles from the table, and a few from the neighboring tables. “And again, I’m not gay, it’s just Erica.” More giggles. “You'd be leaving a snail-trail too if you knew how hot she looks naked, and how hard she can make you cum.”

Erica’s mother had given Erica a long silent look before agreeing to let Erica spend another night out. She’d finally agreed, on the condition that Erica produce notes from all her teachers to the effect that Erica’s marks had been consistently perfect or improving over the last several weeks. That wasn’t a problem, because Erica hadn’t gotten a single question wrong on a single assignment, and had done all the extra-credit assignments perfectly as well - as usual. Her mother warned that if her grades fell even a single point, if any of her chores were neglected in the slightest… she would be severely reprimanded. Erica had never been verbally warned before, and so the punishment would be dire indeed.

She decided on a teal outfit today: teal men’s dress shirt, charcoal sweater vest with a teal and lavender argyle pattern, teal socks, a charcoal skirt with a teal pattern over the hem (it was shorter than usual, but still well within the dress code - it went a few inches past her knees), and a black hairband with a small teal bow. She polished her shoes as usual, and put on a little perfume for a change. It was about as cute as she ever got, except maybe the yellow outfit; Erica favored yellow, but she liked teal as well.

The first part of the day went rather well; some of the girls smiled or waved, lots of compliments on her outfit, and very few giggles. Rebecca had left her another picture, this time in her locker: it showed Rebecca’s bare midriff with Erica’s name and a heart drawn in lipstick - Rebecca was covering her bare breasts with her hands, and smiling. Erica put it in her chemistry book, and tried not to think about it.

The image of those beautiful breasts was unshakable.

Lunch saw Erica listening to the other girls for a change, and to her joyful wonder, the conversation had nothing to do with lesbians or sex; it was about shoes, and it awoke the passion of almost all the girls - only Erica and Liliana were silent. Again, Rebecca was affectionate with her hands under the table - this time Lynne joined in on the other side. Erica was almost painfully aroused, and her underwear were more than a little wet by the end of lunch.

Her classes went well, and Erica got out of her last class feeling like her day had just flown by. Suddenly she realized she was about to be on a date with Angela DeCecco. It was tonight, and Angela was waiting right now - she would be waiting by the sports complex, as her soccer practice had just finished.

Erica felt her heart race as she pulled her books from her locker. Would Angela be willing to kiss her? Erica was very attracted to her, but she had no idea how a conversation with Angela might go; the only two conversations she’d had with Angela were the incredibly brief conversation by the locker when Angela had asked her for a date, and then the polite and succinct phone conversation when they arranged to meet. Perhaps a hundred words at most. What was there to talk about with Angela? She might laugh if Erica spoke much. She was incredibly nervous.

She had only learned of Angela's orientation by accident - Erica had been getting her books from her locker when Evilyn Dawes had told one of her friends Angela had been staring at her ass a lot, and her friend informed Evilyn that Angela only fucks sporty girls, so she had nothing to worry about.

*Then why me?* Erica asked herself. *Why would a girl as beautiful as Angela ask me on a date? I'm rather fit, but surely she doesn't know that. Is there some kind of joke I'm not aware of?* Erica wondered what would happen if Angela laughed at her and ridiculed her for being attracted… but that didn't make sense either. *I'm gay: the whole school already knows that, and any girl who… feels that way… would surely find Angela attractive. If there is a joke to be made at my expense, I've already walked right into it.*

Erica actually considered standing her up: she was trying to think of a way to back out if she felt threatened or disconcerted. She decided she couldn’t do that to anyone, no matter how nervous she was. She’d bow out of the date only if she started to feel Angela get bored with her. She’d be polite, and she’d just go home. Her mother would only know that Erica had felt awkward, and she'd had to leave.

The butterflies in Erica’s tummy were flying like crazy as she spotted Angela over by the soccer goalposts: she was still in her uniform, with her short shorts showing all of her long legs, and her jersey flattering her perky breasts. Her short brown hair (about jaw-length) was pulled back into a tiny ponytail, and she had a water bottle in her hand. Erica watched as Angela tilted her long neck up to drink: she had strong arms and shoulders - completely feminine, but at the same time, it hinted that she was in charge.

“Hey there,” Angela said, smiling. “I hope you don’t mind, but I was thinking I’d wear my uniform until I can get home to take a shower.”

“That’s fine,” Erica said, blushing - the uniform looked devastatingly sexy. Jesus, she was on a date with Angela!

She took Erica’s hand, and started walking toward the parking lot. “So, I was thinking we could get an Uber and go get some great Mexican food at this little place by my house, and then we could just walk back to my place and chill.” Angela sounded calm, but she wasn’t quite her usual confident self. “How’s that sound?”

Erica winced - this again. “I’m afraid I have a very strict diet, and I can’t eat Mexican food... but I brought my own dinner, and I’d be happy to eat with you, if they’ll let me have outside food.”

Angela chuckled. “You don’t need to watch your weight, you look fine.” Angela was blushing a little. "You look very pretty."

The compliment got Erica smiling - this was going surprisingly well. “It’s not my weight. I’ve been eating healthy since I was born, and now I really can’t eat any other way.” Erica squeezed Angela’s hand. “But I appreciate the offer.”

“Can I just get you a salad or something?”

Erica shrugged. “It’s possible. No dressing, no processed or seasoned meat, no onion, no fruit, including cucumber or tomatoes… I could eat the dinner I brought, if you don’t want me being so picky.”

Angela chuckled uncomfortably. “Damn, I thought I ate healthy. You really don’t eat dressing?”

Erica smiled. “You’d be amazed at what I’ve never had.”


“No. Not even a sip.”



“No pizza?”

“Not even a bite - the sodium alone would be unbearable.” Erica smiled. “No hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, bread-”

“Wait,” Angela interrupted. “You’ve never had bread?”

“Not even a bite,” Erica said, smiling. “My Aunt gave me some Vietnamese soup once, but it had far too much salt, so I only managed to eat one bite. It had noodles, but besides that one bite of noodles, I’ve never had anything with flour, period.” The soup was called phở, pronounced ‘fuh’, but Erica didn't  want to get stuck on that subject.

“What about cake?” Angela asked. “What do you eat on your birthday?”

“I get six ounces of pineapple,” Erica said, honestly. It always gave her a sugar high, but it was manageable, and it tasted too good to pass up.

Angela laughed. “You measure it?”

Erica nodded. “My parents both measure all food. I have a nearly perfect diet; I don’t even eat fruit after lunch.” Except the apples on her date with Lynne, and half of one amazing smoothie...

“So you’ve never had chocolate?” Angela asked, looking amused.

“Once,” Erica admitted. “I was in second grade, and a girl passed me a bite-size Baby Ruth. I took one bite - not even half - and I could barely swallow it. It gave me goosebumps, and I could feel my hair growing - I got a MAJOR sugar high. I hated it.” Her mother had slapped her several times for that transgression, and then forced her to eat an onion. When Erica gagged on the onion, her mother had slapped her again and threatened to hit her with the handle of her duster if she didn't eat the rest without the theatrics. Erica had managed, but it had been very close - she couldn't stand onion.

Angela laughed, and she stopped to hug Erica. “Damn, what’s your favorite food?”

Erica giggled, happy in Angela’s arms. “Pineapple. I love pineapple, but it’s too high in sugar - I only get to eat it twice a year.”

“Fuck! Twice a year?!?” Angela laughed. “That’s it: I’m getting you a whole pineapple. You’re gonna eat the whole thing.”

Erica laughed, blushing. “I can’t have fruit after lunch.”

“So you’re like, vegan?”

Erica smiled. “No, I eat chicken and fish, as long as the skin is removed, and it doesn’t have any oil on it, and absolutely no salt whatsoever. Oh, and I can’t have any dark meat, only breasts.” Beef was exceedingly rare, and the conversation was too focused on her, so Erica didn't want to mention it.

“So you’re a breast girl, huh?” Angela said, squeezing Erica’s hand. “I heard some stories about that at school.”

Erica blushed. “I guess I’m a little infamous these days.” A conversation about her sexual adventures seemed too personal. "I assure you, I had absolutely no intention to… well, suffice it to say I wasn't even aware I was on a date. I'd thought Lynne was straight, and she'd used the word 'date' as a colloquialism."

There was a rather long uncomfortable silence, but Angela kept holding her hand, which helped her endure.

“So…” Angela said, smiling, “tonight we just relax, and maybe watch a little TV or something, then maybe we just talk a little…” She was nervous.

“Perhaps a kiss at some point?” Erica offered, smiling. Angela was charming; she wasn’t too pushy at all. Proposing anything with a girl this beautiful was intimidating, but it had slipped out before Erica could censor herself. "If you want to kiss me, that is. I don't know if you would want to kiss me." It felt horribly awkward. "But you could if you wanted to. You know, if you felt like kissing me. But you know that already, because you're very attractive. But of course you know that as well, and you've probably surmised that any girl who… finds women attractive… would want to… share a kiss." Erica felt flushed, and her heart was pounding in her chest - she wasn't meant to talk to such a beautiful girl, and it was beginning to feel like drowning. That's why she was rambling. She let out a breathless, nervous giggle. "And now, quite predictably, I've made a complete fool of myself. That didn't take me long, did it? Whoops." She was beginning to panic. "I can understand if you'd prefer to cancel the date, as I've ruined any possible attraction you might've had, though of course-"

"Relax, I thought it was cute." Angela blushed, smiling. “There’ll be a kiss, I promise.” She giggled. "I wanna find a good moment and kiss you. As soon as I find a good moment, I'll kiss you."

Dinner at Angela’s house had been raw spinach, six raw almonds, egg whites, and raw broccoli. Erica had been happy with it, but Angela had giggled as she ate it. Angela picked up Erica’s food and fed it to her, smiling. Polite jokes, but the scene was certainly sensual. Surprisingly sensual, as Angela was now calm and confident again, which was very charming.

Angela actually ate a salad herself, though her salad had southwest seasoned processed chicken, and southwest seasoned ranch. She said she had worked up an appetite with soccer practice, and she needed the calories.

“I know what you mean,” Erica said, smiling. “I went through vigorous exercise this morning as well.”

Angela laughed. “No, I mean I REALLY worked out - we did wind-sprints and stairs, then sit-ups with the medicine ball - the big one, the thirty pound one.”

Erica shrugged. “I swam a mile, and I did pull-ups. That’s my Friday routine.”

Angela looked shocked. “A mile? You swam a mile?”

Erica nodded. “I had to go fast if I wanted a shower. Then fifty pull-ups.” Erica decided not to mention the Ashtanga yoga.

“Fifty?!?” Angela looked shocked. “No way you can do fifty pull-ups. I can barely do forty. Barely.”

Erica shrugged. “Do you have a bar?”

Erica jumped up to the bar; it was higher than the bar at her house, but she could reach it. She began slow and steady, with the perfect form she’d been trained into for years. She wasn’t even breathing hard until she’d already done thirty five, and she didn’t really struggle on number forty eight. She finished by doing a one-arm pull-up with each arm; a very challenging but manageable feat. “See? You aren’t the only one who can do real exercise.”

Angela was stunned.

Erica smiled. “I suppose you were expecting me to be some helpless little bookworm. When you never eat junk food and you’re forced to exercise every morning, you get very fit. While you were socializing and dating, I had only studying and exercise to pass my time. While I'm not known for being athletic, I'm actually quite strong."

Angela moved up and kissed Erica. It was urgent and aggressive, and her hands were clenched in Erica’s sweater. “Damn girl… you make me so fucking wet…” Angela smelled faintly of sweat, with a healthy amount of deodorant to cover it. It wasn't that she was truly sweaty - it was just a faint hint.

Erica kissed back, her hands exploring Angela’s powerful shoulders. It felt odd to kiss someone she wasn't in love with, but it also felt sexy to be kissed by such a powerful young woman, a woman who could toss her around and use a bit of strength if she chose. Erica had to crane her neck a little, because Angela was about four inches taller. She felt safe in Angela’s arms. “I can’t believe you asked me on a date.”

“You’re cute,” Angela said, kissing her neck. “I want you so bad…” Angela pulled off Erica’s sweater with a furious kind of urgency. “Is this okay?” Angela asked, pulling Erica’s tie the wrong way at first, then figuring it out. "I wanna take off your shirt and shit."

“Are we…” Erica asked, her hands shaking as she caressed Angela’s powerful back. “Are we going to be intimate?”

Angela fumbled with the buttons for Erica’s shirt. “Oh fuck yeah… girl, I’m gonna make you cum so hard…”

Erica’s heart raced as she pulled up on Angela’s jersey; she wouldn’t be able to get it off without Angela’s help - she was too short. Why not be intimate with Angela? Lynne had told her to try to let herself go, because Lynne wanted her to compare and contrast sex – this was just getting full credit on an assignment… but still it felt strange and confused, whereas with Lynne it had just felt like an extension of their love. Erica kissed Angela’s powerful abs – they were just as pronounced as Erica’s own, and no more. Erica hadn’t really thought any tummy could be sexier than Lynne’s perfect flat tummy, but Angela was just as sexy in a different way; she was far more tan; and she was taller as well. Angela helped Erica take the jersey off, and Erica could see her gray sports bra: Erica had never seen a sports bra on a young woman, and she was in awe of how it struggled to hide the curves, how it left everything to the imagination. Erica let her hands go right up to the bra, but she stopped herself just shy of Angela’s breasts – she hadn’t gotten specific permission to touch her; Erica figured she should restrain herself.

Angela had no such compunctions: she took off Erica’s dress shirt with a frenzied sense of urgency, and immediately went for Erica’s bra.

Erica wanted to protest, and let Angela know that her breasts were off-limits; she wanted to tell her she was shy, and she wanted to keep that much private… but before she could say any of that, Angela had her bra off, and she was feeling Erica’s tiny tits. *Oh well,* she thought, letting herself go, *at least this means I get to touch her.* "I'd like to be intimate, but I'm rather inexperienced. Please correct me if I make a mistake." She let her hands caress Angela’s breasts through her tight bra, loving the feeling of her breasts under the tight spandex. Erica toyed with the straps, letting her fingertips tease the tight fabric – not enough to expose her, but enough to get just a tease at Angela’s breasts. It was something she’d learned from Lynne, and it drove Erica crazy. "Thank you for kissing me and touching my body." It seemed like a good moment for manners, but it sounded rather awkward when she heard the words come out. Again, she started to feel as though she were drowning. "Again I've embarrassed myself and-"

"Girl, I'm gonna fuck you so good," Angela replied tactlessly, interrupting Erica as she began stammering. She took the hint and removed her bra, revealing her rather large breasts… and pierced nipples. The sports bra had hidden just how large Angela’s breasts were – she was at least a C-cup, and even her breasts were tanned that same moderate tan as the rest of her body; she wasn’t bronze, but she had a healthy bit of tan, as though she spent the majority of her time outdoors… and evidently topless.

Erica had never even imagined nipples could be pierced; wouldn’t that hurt quite a bit? Erica had had her ears pierced when she was five, and she remembered crying softly until her mother swatted her and yelled at her to be quiet. Angela’s nipples had little stainless steel rings that dangled. Erica gently touched a breast, being careful not to disturb the piercing.

Angela chuckled. “It tickles, but you’re gonna have to do better than that if you wanna make me cum.” She grabbed Erica’s hands and squeezed her own tits with Erica’s hands, intentionally tugging on the rings. “Yeah… you like that, don’t you, girl…” Angela picked Erica up, and Erica jumped into her arms.

That felt very nice - thrilling, bold, and intense. Love felt far better, but it was definitely enjoyable. Erica wrapped her legs around Angela’s waist, and held on to her powerful shoulders. *Oh my god, this is so sexy! Angela DeCecco is about to have her way with me!* Erica thought, as Angela carried her into her room.

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(Continued) (UA, ff, romance)

"Then what happened?” Lynne asked, playing with herself. Erica had related the beginning of the story to Lynne over Skype, and now Lynne was evidently very attached to the outcome. Lynne had her camera turned down to focus on her lap, and her hand down in her underwear to masturbate. She’d given Erica little glimpses of her pussy, but she had mostly just teased. Now she was truly pleasuring herself.

Erica was much too shy to be on a camera, even if she was fully clothed – there was no way she would give Lynne a show. Lynne would have to content herself with a graphic description of events - she hadn't asked anyway. “She tossed me on the bed and tried to take my skirt off. I told her no, and made her slow down. I wanted to…” Erica was about to say ‘make love’, but there had been nothing like love going on with Angela; it was raw animal attraction. “I wanted to let her proceed, but I remembered you showing me how, and I thought it would be sexy to make her strip for me.”

“Oooohhhh… yeah…” Lynne panted, having a small orgasm. She licked her fingers and continued. "You're so sexy… I wanna strip for you again…"

“So I told her to take off her shorts, but leave her underwear on,” Erica said, smiling at the effect this was having on Lynne. Erica was very aroused, but she wasn't going to shame herself by masturbating. “Her shorts were so thin, so loose, so stretchy… you know how the synthetic fabrics just feel so light and smooth? Like you could feel anything right through them? I touched the shorts as she was taking them off, but as soon as the shorts came down, I… I was in shock.”

“Oooh… was she naked?” Lynne’s orgasm had faded, but she was working on a second one.

“No,” Erica smiled as she continued, remembering the scene. “She was wearing boys’ underwear – the little white briefs, with the little hole in the front for the boy to… you know, take out… his… well, I don't want to think about boys. Only Angela didn’t have anything to take out, of course." Erica let out a nervous titter of a giggle, as even the mention of something so perverted made her heart race. "She was definitely wet – I could see the wet spot – but she had that little valley where her legs met her… her privates… you know, how the thighs are skinny, and it leaves this little gap between the legs…”

“Oooh! Don’t stop!” Lynne was really going at it.

“Well, I’d never seen boys’ underwear before, so I’m playing with them, to see how they feel, touching the loose, stretch cotton fabric… and Angela’s loving it, she’s tugging on her little nipple rings, and just mashing those big breasts together. You’d never believe how big she is; she hides it under that sports bra, but she’s huge – even bigger than Sara. Anyway, I pulled down her briefs on her left side, and I could see a small tattoo of a rabbit. I was shocked, because she’s not even sixteen yet, and she’s got a tattoo! She smiled at me, and pulled down her underwear a bit to show off. ‘This is Thumper’ she told me, and I remember the rabbit from Bambi. She told me her ex gave it to her when she was in her freshman year. I was going wild, I’d never even imagined seeing a girl with a tattoo, and she had tan lines down there, and her skin looked so pale!”

Lynne was shaking, and it was obvious that under her little yellow panties, she had a couple fingers buried in her pussy.

“Anyway,” Erica stammered, her heart racing as she watched her lover touch herself, “I was starting to moan and whine a little; I wanted her so urgently. But I did as you instructed me, and I just pulled her underwear aside so I could take a little peek: she had a ring in her clitoris! I can’t imagine going through that kind of pain, but it was sexy! Angela was smiling at me; I must’ve had a hell of a shocked look on my face, but she just smiled, and took off her underwear. Now you’re prettier, but she’s really pretty herself, in a different kind of way – she’s got that short hair, which isn’t my favorite, but it looks so good on her… hell, I don’t know a thing about hair; that’s why my hair is so short and plain. But she looks like a warrior, and all the piercings just make her so intimidating! She made me feel like I was seven, and I was being naughty with a babysitter… I don’t know how to describe it, but it really made me feel aroused.”

“Oh my god..." Lynne moaned, tugging on a nipple as she fucked herself nice and hard.

“So then she started feeling my legs, and I knew what was coming, but I still felt excited as she pulled my skirt up to see underneath. Then she started laughing, and I got really self-conscious: I know I wear little girl panties, I know it looks stupid, but it’s all I have. I told her a little of this, and she stopped me, and tells me she was laughing because she didn’t think I could get any cuter, but she thought the panties made me look cuter. I wore this pair with two teddy bears holding hands in a big heart… they’re so baggy, all my panties are baggy, but nobody seems to mind.” For Erica, what she wore were panties, and other girls wore underwear.

“I fucking love your panties!” Lynne pants, shaking. Erica couldn’t tell if this was a new orgasm, or just a continuation of the last one, but Lynne was cumming hard.

“Anyway,” Erica shifted her position in her seat to cope with her arousal (it didn't help at all), “she started touching me through the wet spot, and I was moaning like crazy at this point. I know you have all this confidence in me, but I never thought for a second that I’d have a chance with Angela. I thought I’d essentially have to beg her for a kiss, or go home empty-handed. But there she was, rubbing my… my panties… and I started going nuts. She saw this, and she smiled at me. She asked me if I want her, and I practically screamed: yes. She lifted me up like I don’t weigh a thing - she lifted half my body with one hand - and she pulled off my panties. At least this time I planned ahead and shaved everything. And now she could see me . She was totally calm as she took off my skirt. I sat up to play with her breasts - to do something, anything to get this going. I know I needed her to take me, but I… I still don’t know how to do anything. Anyway, she finally spreaded my legs and used her mouth on me. God, it felt so good after all that waiting… just like the first time with you, except I'm not in love with her.” Erica wanted that to be the most important part of the conversation, the part Lynne took to heart, so perhaps she would abandon this whole escapade and simply love her again. “I was about to finish when she stopped. I almost lost my composure - I wanted to yell at her to finish! Jesus, you don’t know how that felt!”

Lynne was furiously fucking herself with three fingers now, and it looked as though she was too busy cumming to pay much attention.

“Well, she walked over to her closet and she pulled out this thing, this weird belt thing with a purple rubber… phallus. I had no idea what it is, I just knew I wanted her to… finish what she started, and… bring me to climax.” It sounded shamefully dirty, but it was the truth. Erica smiled as she saw that this story really drove Lynne crazy. Erica wanted Lynne to invite her over again… Erica wanted the dating to end, and the closeness with Lynne to resume, even if it was simply holding hands. All that hinged on completing this assignment. “She put it on like a belt, and there was this floppy phallus, and suddenly I understood: this is supposed to be like a… male appendage... which was a bit frightening, and I suddenly realized she was planning on putting this inside my vagina!” Erica expected Lynne to be shocked to the point where she couldn’t even masturbate, but if anything, this seemed to get Lynne going even more. “Now I’m quite small, but this thing is HUGE! It’s probably six inches; five at least! I’m scared here; the only thing I’ve ever had in my vagina is your finger… and the occasional tampon, which is still a challenge, as my vagina is still very small. Anything larger than a finger is intimidating. Angela knelt between my legs, pressed the tip of it to my vagina, and pushed it in. It tore the last shred of my hymen, and that hurt a little, but it really hurt when it went inside me. I’m WAY too small for a toy like that, and at first I’m trying to shut up and let her do what she wants, but then after a few seconds the pain gets too intense, and I have to ask her to stop. She stops, and she rolls over on her back, and she tells me to get on top. I really don’t want anything to do with this... thing, but I… I guess I was a little afraid to say no, so I climb on top and I slowly, carefully, put it back inside my vagina. It still hurt a little, but when I was on top, I could make sure it didn’t go too far in, and I didn’t have to go too fast. At first it was just tolerable, but then I started getting used to it, and she was playing with my nipples, and I started to enjoy it. Another minute and I was really going at it - I was rocking my hips to drive it into some… some sensitive spots… and she started driving it up into me. It hurt a little, but she wasn't trying to put the whole thing in, so it didn’t hurt so bad that I had to stop. When I finally had my orgasm, she put her hand down and rubbed my clitoris, and I almost fainted, it felt so good. When the orgasm finally ended, she had me down on all fours, and she took me from behind. She put the phallus in a bit deeper than I'd like, but I was still tingling from the orgasm, so I didn't say anything. She started slapping my bottom, and it didn’t really hurt, but again, it felt wrong, just like seeing boys’ underwear, or seeing her wear the toy - I feel like I’m looking at something totally unnatural, something I’m not supposed to like, and it made me feel quite aroused. It’s funny - I’m so gay that even thinking about boys makes me feel like I’m a creepy pervert, like I’m doing something shameful and secret… which is odd, because girls are supposed to like boys.”

“No… no…” Lynne panted, stopping for a second to correct her. “We’re gay, it’s okay… we're not supposed to like boys. We’re gay.” Lynne licked her fingers, and went back to work - just rubbing her clit for the moment.

“So, I was moaning really hard now, and as soon as the orgasm hit, she took out the toy and put her tongue inside instead. God, it felt so good; I’m small, and her tongue is enough for me. Just when I was starting to relax, she put her tongue in my bottom. I jumped pretty high. I tried to explain to her that she missed the mark. I told her she made a mistake, and she accidentally put her tongue in my bottom. She just kept on licking me... in there.”

Lynne was gasping again - another strong orgasm. Lynne hadn't been repulsed in the slightest at the mention of Angela putting her tongue inside her bottom; she actually enjoyed hearing about it.

“After a minute, I decided she did this on purpose, and I let her, because it felt rather nice, if perhaps also shameful. I don’t know how to describe it - it isn’t like when a girl uses her mouth on your… your vagina,” Erica said, feeling dirty for even talking about this, “but it still feels very nice. As soon as I was relaxed, she’s up, and she put some lubricant in my anus, and she put the toy in my bottom. I started to tell her no, that I’m definitely not going to do that… but she just put her hand on my back, and she told me to relax.” Erica sighed, remembering the moment. “I was scared, but I just told myself she knew what she was doing. I relaxed, and it slid right in. She had a toy in my anus, and she was… she was doing it with me. She was having sex in my bottom.”

Lynne was crying out in ecstasy. She had put a finger in her own ass in sympathy.

“At first it was just okay. It felt like pressure, but not really pain or pleasure. It was only in a few inches, and she was going nice and slow… I didn’t really like it much, but it didn’t hurt like it had in my vagina, and it felt nice to have her in control, so I wasn’t going to complain. The lubricant helped quite a bit. I told myself she liked it, and I should just let her enjoy herself. Another minute went by, and now she was almost all the way in, and it was starting to feel very pleasant. It wasn’t as good as real sex, but it was quite enjoyable. I started to smile, because it felt rather nice after all - it wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t mind it at all. Another minute, and I knew I was going to have a monster of an orgasm. I was grunting as she slammed it into me as hard as she could, and I wanted more; my vagina is quite small, but it seems my backside has no problem with large… insertion. I don’t know how to explain it, but after awhile, it felt really, really good to have something in my bottom. I came hard, and she reached down between my legs and rubbed my clitoris as she put every inch of the toy deep in my bottom.”

Lynne screamed as she fucked herself as hard as she could - Erica turned down her speakers, though her mother and father were long since in bed (separate beds in separate rooms - they had never slept in the same room since Erica could walk).

She chewed on her lower lip for a second, then put her hand down her own panties to play with herself. Erica had never masturbated before, but seeing Lynne climax, and remembering how Angela had taken her… it looked irresistible. It was shameful to lose one's composure, but she could hold out no longer. “My legs were soaked; my cum was everywhere, and it was still running down my legs when she finally pulled out. I was exhausted.” Erica was enjoying some nice rubbing as she remembered the sex. “Back to the story: she took off the toy and she grabbed my head and shoved me down to her crotch. I was exhausted, but I was also really turned on by her aggression; it made me feel like I was her plaything, and I liked it. Now, I’ve always loved the idea of seeing a girl naked… and I used to dream about being able to hold a girl, and maybe play with her breasts… but I never even dreamed a girl would let me… please her… her privates. With my mouth. Here was Angela, shoving my face down there, and I had no idea what I was doing. I remembered you licked me, so I licked her, and she started rubbing herself all over my face.” Erica was breathing heavy, but she wasn’t exactly close yet. “Now, this is going to sound gross, but it wasn’t: she smelled and tasted a little like sweat - not like she didn’t shower, but like there was a little sweat left over. I don’t know why, but that tiny bit of sweat was CRAZY sexy, and it drove me mad. I could feel her little clit ring on my tongue, and I started to suck on it. I remembered how you put a finger inside me, so I put a finger inside her. She was so aggressive - she rolled me over and started riding my face. I don’t really swear, not very often anyway,” she could definitely remember screaming obscenities as Lynne brought her to her first climax, “but Angela was SCREAMING out the worst swears in history. I’ve never heard anything like that, not even when I made love with you. She yelled at me to… put something in her bottom. She did not use those words - she yelled at me to ‘fuck her fucking ass right fucking now’. I didn’t really want to, but I put a finger in her bottom, and she started shaking. She had been cumming for about two minutes, but this was stronger. She couldn’t even scream anymore.” Erica was about to cum right now, watching as Lynne rubbed her clit as well, her fingers splashing in puddles of her cum.

“After that, things calmed down,” Erica said, sliding a finger inside herself. “We cuddled for awhile, then I started kissing all over her body, and she had me play with her breast… and something about that nipple ring got me going so I just couldn’t stop; I remember tugging on it with my tongue, and it drove her crazy... but it also drove me crazy. She was clawing at the sheets, drumming her heels into the mattress, and of course, screaming profanity at the top of her lungs… and still I didn’t stop. I went at it for ten minutes at least, and I actually pushed her back down twice. She could barely move when I was done, so I kissed her body a little more, then I put her knees to her breasts and mounted her for some tribbing. Now we could both enjoy the ring in her clitoris, and we both enjoyed a very strong climax."

Erica came, and Lynne was cumming harder as she listened to the faint panting Erica couldn't quite restrain as the orgasm took her. She'd had to stop for several seconds to catch her breath. “So anyway,” Erica said, embarrassed that she had been pleasuring herself - a nervous giggle slipped out; “it takes me a long time to finish with tribbing - you remember - and she had what she described as an orgasm that was 'strong as fuck.' She told me nobody had ever… ever fucked her like that before. Pardon the language, but that's how she said it.”

Lynne was shaking again - her orgasm was just that strong.

“She said she wanted me to spend the night again next weekend, she wanted to get another date, she couldn’t wait to see me again… and I tell her about the deal with you, and how I’m only with her because you told me to. She told me to thank you for sharing.”

Lynne laughs as she finally stops masturbating. The bedspread under her is soaked in her cum. “Of course she wants more! You nearly fu… you nearly did her to death!”

Erica smiled - the passion behind the swearing was enchanting, but aside from the moments of unrestrained lust, it was rather frustrating. Lynne had intuited her feelings and restrained herself. “We did a lot of kissing and touching before bed, and she got me good with her mouth twice before I went home, and then I got on the phone with you like a good girl, and told you all about it.” The morning sex had been astonishing, but story time was over.

“Do you love her?” Lynne asked. She had come down now.

“No,” Erica answered, honestly. “I like her a lot: she’s really very sweet, and she’s incredible in bed… but I don’t love her at all.” Erica wondered why this was - and she had no idea why she didn’t love Angela. She just didn’t. “I’m glad I went on a date with her, but to be honest, I’d have been happier just cuddling with you.”

Lynne smiled. “I miss being with you. My therapist says I have severe feelings of inadequacy because you’re so smart, so beautiful, and so good in bed. She says I want to make you happy so bad, I try to give you away to other girls so you can be happy.”

“I AM happy with you!” Erica pleaded. “Can’t we just date again? Please! I miss you!”

Lynne sighed. “Look, I want to, but I promised myself I would give therapy a chance for one month before I risk breaking your heart. I’m seriously messed up in the head; even my therapist says I need time before I take you back. She tried to tell me a year was a good idea, but there's no way I could go that long without making love with you.”

“Then I’ll just wait,” Erica said, in a huff. “I don’t want to go out with Rebecca Foster next weekend. I want to wait for you.”

“Not part of the deal,” Lynne said, with a wan smile. “Think of these girls as homework, and I’m the big mid-term you’re studying for. Show me how that big brain of yours works.”

Erica sighed. “Fine. But you have to take me back in twenty-two days. I’m counting.”

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Sweet Maggie Malone, but this is awesome.

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