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Abuse of Maggie Sue (M/f, tort, dom)

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on: November 15, 2019, 12:06:20 PM
Abuse of Maggie Sue

Maggie Sue was 13 years old, a classic girl and good looking with long blonde hair down to the middle of her back, about 5 ft 2 inch tall and just developing her body in the middle of her puberty. She had a nice pair of breasts already, a nice looking B Cup and she was open to every one. And if I say every one, I mean it. She had no point of view for the bad and dark side in a person, always in a good mood and smiling a lot. She only knew the good and in every thing she only saw the good. It was her mental setup.

So there she was, on the playground with her friends. It got evening and Maggie Sue went home, crossing the street and taking a shortcut through the small wood of only 100 yards. In the middle she met Mr. Dingo, a middle aged man known by nearly everyone, always friendly to all the kids and giving her some sweets now and then. He loved her open mind and sometimes he hugged her just for fun, giving her a good feeling.

This evening Mr. Dingo asked her over to his place for the next morning, a Saturday, so Maggie Sue could stay all day. He told her to tell her parents, she would get some help in school classes as Mr. Dingo is a known retired teacher still in contact with his collegues at school. He was only 48 years old but since he had some serious heart attacks he was set to retire by the government. And as Maggie Sue was not really the brightest light in school, nobody would mention if she would get some help to reach the next class. She was ordered to be there at 11am and Maggie Sue agreed. Mr Dingo hugged her once again, and tried to touch her butt and taking a short grip but he failed. Maggie Sue grinned and walked away home to her parents who agreed to the extra classes.

The next morning Maggie Sue rang the doorbell at exactly 11am, greeting Mr. Dingo and getting inside. He hugged her again, lifting her body up and putting his hands under her firm ass, making sure, she got a good grip of her buttocks. He offered her something to drink and some sweets. They enjoyed their conversation about her and classes in school and after some time, Mr. Dingo offered her to go into the pool in the bottom of the building. Maggie Sue was a little bit irritated because Mr. Dingo offered her some extra classes for school but no swimming exercises.

Maggie Sue was not sure to agree, cause she had no swim suit with her, but Mr. Dingo was prepared. He offered her a nice bikini to use, a special one by the way. Maggie Sue agreed, loving the new bikini she got from Mr. Dingo and moved into the bathroom to change. When she got out of the bath she looked down at her. It suited her very well, presenting her B-Cup tits and lifting them up a little pretending they were bigger. And her bikini bottom was a hell of a view, small, slim, just hiding enough to be called a bikini bottom.

Mr. Dingo had changed too by the time and they got downstairs. Mr. Dingo closed the door behind them, telling Maggie Sue, it was to keep the heat inside and they headed for the pool. It was a small pool, not more then a bigger bathtube but the water inside was hot and good. Mr. Dingo took a seat first, offering Maggie Sue a place in front of him and she agreed.

She sat down between Mr. Dingos wide open legs and he pulled her body back against his, telling her to relax. He hugged her from behind, pulling her closer into his chest, giving her no chance to say no or stop, and by the way Maggie Sue loved to be hugged all day. He slowly started to caress her upper body with his hands, telling her to relax all the time. He moved his hands over her arms, down to her hands and moving upto her shoulders again. He massaged her shoulders softly, making sure, she loved the feeling. After some time, Mr. Dingo tried his luck and moved his hands over her breasts, directly over her lightly erect nipples and was greeted by a big smile of Maggie Sue. He tried his luck a little more and took a grip of each breast with one hand and moved and kneeded her breasts with his hands.

Again, Maggie Sue liked the way she was taken care of and grinned over her shoulder into Mr. Dingo's face. He continued to take care of her body the same way for a few minutes and when they felt the water getting cold they leaved the pool and dried them self off. Maggie Sue was offered some more sweets and they promised each other not to tell anybody about their extra classes, keeping its content a secret. At 3pm Maggie Sue left Mr. Dingo's house, joining her friends in the playground, not telling a single word about the kind of classes she got.

It was the fellowing Saturday, that Maggie Sue was called again to Mr. Dingo's house and it repeated the last Saturday. They enjoyed some sweats and changed into the bikini and swimshorts. They enjoyed the bath and Mr. Dingo took care of Maggie Sue's breast earlier this time. He caressed them with a little more force, kneading them a little harder and taking care of her nippels a little more. In the end, his right hand moved down between her legs, opening them a little and moving a few times over her bikini bottom. Not forcing her to much he moved up again, and they ended the classes for the day. He was taking care of taking it slowly and invited the girl over for the upcoming Saturday.

A few weeks passed and Mr. Dingo and Maggie Sue enjoyed there bath together every week. Mr. Dingo also got a second bikini for Maggie Sue for her to choose. They were the same cut and included the same secret, but more later. Mr. Dingo already tried to get his hands down between her legs after just a few minutes, stroking over the thin material that was hiding that young girl's cunt inside. He knew, it was easy to get inside but he gave Maggie Sue all the time to enjoy the game.

There have already been three months of that games when Mr. Dingo tried the next step. He opened the bra of Maggie Sue, telling her that he wanted to see her beautiful breasts. He mentioned to her, that she was a really good looking young lady and it would be great to take a good view of her body. Maggie Sue agreed and Mr. Dingo moved the bikini top away, caressing her bare breasts with his hands, moving around her rounds and gently touching her bare nipples. Maggie Sue enjoyed the feelings Mr. Dingo was giving her and presser her back even harder into his chest. Mr. Dingo pushed the limit forward very slowly and so he was touching and caressing these nice tits after only a few weeks without upsetting this girl.

Three weeks later Mr. Dingo pushed the next limit and moved his hands into her bikini bottom. He used the secret in the slip and moved in through the hidden opening. Maggie Sue was totally surprised to feel a finger on her cunt, but she trusted Mr. Dingo and opened her legs a little more, enjoying the finger moving around in her very private place. After some time Mr. Dingo asked her if he is allowed to remove the slip but Maggie Sue refused. She allowed him his finger in her slip through the secret spot but not more at the moment. Mr. Dingo accepted and moved his finger a little around in her slip, by the time trying to find her clit to touch it a little.

When their bath was over this time, Maggie Sue dried herself in front of Mr. Dingo and even removed her bikini bottom and presented her naked body to him. Unable to hide his boner, Mr. Dingo pressed his hard on a little more into his swimshorts to present it to Maggie Sue. But she gave no comment about that and left the house after some more sweets.

Another three weeks later Mr. Dingo felt safe enough to push Maggie Sue over her limit, not to remove her bikini slip. When it was time to move into the pool, Maggie Sue entered the bathroom and wanted to change into her bikini. But there was no bikini and after a few minutes Mr. Dingo called for her, if everything was right. Maggie Sue told him there was no bikini and Mr. Dingo just told her to come in naked. He already had seen her naked and why should she not come into the pool already undressed. Maggie Sue agreed, joined him in the pool and sat down between Mr. Dingos spread legs.

As usual Maggie Sue enjoyed the caressing Mr. Dingo gave her, this time not spending time to dress into her bikini and than loosing time removing it again. She felt, that she got aroused a little but was not sure why. With 13 years she knew only little about sex and her parents thought, it would be enough time to present the story about the bees to her. Mr. Dingo enjoyed the fact, to teach this little girl more about sex, than she would learn at home or in education classes together. Mr. Dingo started her transformation she didn't knew it would change her life forever.

This time he took his chance without asking for permission and moved his hand between her legs, getting in touch with her bare pussy and finding the clit easily. He slowly started to musturbate this little girl, starting some feelings in her she never had before. Maggie Sue closed her eyes, enjoying this new sensations Mr. Dingo was presenting to her. He moved his finger in slow and little circles around her clit, lightly pressing it. He moved through her slit once or twice and after some time he really noticed her cunt to get wet from inside. When he thought, it was enough for the day, he slowly stopped and just caressed her body some more. By the time he had build up a nice hard on by himeself and enjoyed the bare ass pressing into it in his swim pants. He ended this for the day, but he told her that they would start at the same position the next week.

The next weekend was coming and Maggie Sue was just in time at the door of Mr. Dingo's house. As soon as she got inside, she undressed and refused the sweets, pushing Mr. Dingo nearly down the stairs to get into the pool. Maggie Sue was first this time, waiting for Mr. Dingo to get changed and was a little surprised when he came into the room naked by himself. He told her, it was totally natural to get into the water together naked and Maggie Sue agreed. Mr. Dingo sat down and opened his legs, presenting his dick to this young girl. She probably saw her first dick ever but she just sat down between his legs, Mr. Dingo moving his soft dick just in time below her ass.

They started where they had stopped, as Mr. Dingo had promised, and after a few minutes Maggie Sue's cunt was wet again. She enjoyed that feelings between her legs but she was literally shocked when Mr. Dingo pushed the limits a little more and a finger slipped into her cunt. Only an inch or so, but her slit was parted the first time. It went in very easily and Mr. Dingo just hold his finger into position and gave Maggie Sue the time she needed to enjoy this new sensation.

His fingers were some kind of rough and soft at the same time, she could feel her cunt been pressed apart and the pressure it gave to her. Mr. Dingo felt her cunt gripping and loosing on his finger and loved this feeling.

After a few minutes he pulled out the finger and moved it in again the same deepth as before. He repeated this and enjoyed this young girl in his arms, looking into her face and watching her arousal coming up more and more. He decided, that he will stop just at the edge and try to push her limit a little more. As planned he stopped her masturbating just in time when he noticed her body to load the orgasm. He told her, that their time was over for the day, but she could come back the next week. Maggie Sue was totally frustrated, not knowing why and left with this wonderful feelings between her legs.

When Maggie Sue left the house, she went home instead of meeting her friends and locked herself into her room, trying herself to get to the same level but she did not know exacly what Mr. Dingo had done to her. When she pushed a finger into her cunt, she felt no pressure and it was not rough enough to be felt like Mr. Dingo's finger. She got even more frustrated, when she didn't reach the goal she didn't knew, not even getting aroused like before.

The next Saturday she litarally ran to the house of Mr. Dingo, knocking the door hard and when it opened, she nearly undressed in the door. She undressed Mr. Dingo and pulled him behind her into the direction of the bath but Mr. Dingo said no. He went into his living room and sat down into his armchair, telling her to sit down on his lap, spreading her legs. She did as told and Mr. Dingo again started to musturbate her. Again when he felt, she was near her orgasm, he stopped and let her go home. He repeated this three more times, till she dropped down to her knees and pleased him to go on. He told her to go home and come back, next time he will go further.

One week later Maggie Sue forced herself to walk slowly away from her parents house to not alarm her parents of anything. As soon as she was inside the woods and out of site she started to run and arrived totally exausted at the door of Mr. Dingo. She was breathing hard when she undressed and practically pulled Mr. Dingo into the direction of the tube. Mr. Dingo only shook his head again and told her, that this time, they will not use the bath for some time. Instead they will stay upstairs and she was told to put a blindfold on her eyes.

Maggie Sue asked herself why but she did as pleased. Next Mr. Dingo placed them both onto his couch, sitting down naked and pulling Maggie Sue onto his lap, spreading her legs as he did before. He started to caress her body and move his hands over her soft skin. He used his fingertips to gently pull and twist her nipples, sometimes getting a little bit rougher and producing a little pain in her breasts. Maggie Sue enjoyed the tease, the game between pain and pleasure, causing her body to react. He cunt was getting wet and sometimes Mr. Dingo pushed a fingertip inside. Only about an inch but enough to strech her inner cunt a little bit.

He rubbed her clit with his moistened finger, getting her even hotter, moving her ass from side to side rubbing over Mr. Dingo's dick. She loved the feeling of the hard rod between her buttocks but she loved the feeling produced by the finger in her cunt even more. And so she pressed her hips forward to invite this intruder to get a little deeper when she felt an inner resistance. Each time Mr. Dingo pressed against it she felt some pain and she was a little afraid of what it would hurt like if somebody would press through it. But as far as she knew, she would be a woman once it was destroyed.

Mr. Dingo continued to take care of Maggie Sue's body, stroking her body, kneeding her breasts, twisting her nipples and rubbing her clit. Once in a while he produced some pain to her body to remeber her brain not only to enjoy the good feelings but also the pain, to be part of her life since now and it was Mr. Dingo's beginning of her transformation.

A few times Mr. Dingo pressed again a little bit deeper, allways till the point Maggie Sue started to panic to go further, moving her hips away from his intruding finger. Maggie Sue was really into it, her body reaching out for her very first orgasm. Mr. Dingo told her to stand up and bend over the back of his couch for a better access and Maggie Sue did as told, she only wanted to reach her goal so bad. When she bend over Mr. Dingo lifted her up some more, her feet hanging freely in the air now. But her ass and cunt was fully accessably for him.

He continued to rub her clit and push a finger inside as deep as she wouldn't panic, sometimes pressing against this little barrier to cause some pain and fear to her. He also started to rubb her asshole, pressing softly against her brown hole and streching it a little bit without entering her there. Maggie Sue wasn't sure to like it or not but she was close to her orgasm and so, she didn't care. She closed her eyes behind the blindfold to enjoy the feelings Mr. Dingo produced in her lower body, she welcomed the pain that he gave to her sometimes, and even pressed up her buttocks a little. Perhaps, she wanted to press it up, since her feet were hanging free, she couldn't really move her lower body.

Maggie Sue was hidden by surprise, when she just wanted to enjoy her very first orgasm. She felt her body starting to shake, her cunt was somehow pumping and her asshole started to pulse. She breathed heavyly in short strokes not knowing how to react to this wonderful feelings. She reached the wanted wall and now she was somehow afraid to get over it, to just enjoy what was build up in her body. In that very moment Mr. Dingo pushed her over her limits, causing pain to her body, teaching her the lesson of her now beginning sex life. Pain would be her pleasure.

With one hard push, Mr. Dingo entered her cunt with his fingers, he pushed hard and two fingers got inside as deep as possible. At the same time a finger pushed into her ass, as he had lubed it up all the time with her own juices it slipped in very easily. Maggie Sue wasn't prepared to be entered in that way and she tensed, both cunt and asshole, trying to prevent her body to be entered. That caused her the pain, Mr. Dingo wanted to give her and this sudden pain pushed her over the edge. She moaned loud when she reached the goal, two fingers deeply burried in her cunt pressing into her cervix, one finger deep in her ass.

Mr. Dingo felt her orgasm pulsing, her hips moving in time with the pulse inside her body. He started to move both, the fingers in her cunt and in her ass, alternating in and out, pressing against her tensed cunt and asshole producing some more pain but keeping her orgasm stay a little bit longer. Maggie Sue didn't knew anything about an orgasm, she as just enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure, her body reacting on its own. When her orgasm was over, Mr. Dingo felt the grip of her cunt and her ass loosen and he stopped his movement, keeping the fingers deep in her body for a few minutes.

He told her to relax, to enjoy what she had felt and before he pulled out, he pushed inside deep once again. He told her the deal, that she would get pleasure from pain, he will teach her that pain was the real pleasure. In the afterglow of her orgasm, Maggie Sue couldn't even stand, he wobbly knees giving way when she slipped from the back of the couch and she felt to the ground. Her cunt hurt a little from being streched roughly the very first time and her asshole hurt from its first intruder.

Mr. Dingo told her to get herself clean and dressed as soon as she was able for it. She should think about the deal and when she wants to learn more, she would knew where and when to find him. When Maggie Sue came out of the bathroom Mr. Dingo set up two rules. First she wasn't allowed to wear panties anymore, only when she had her period and if he would tell her. Mr. Dingo didn't waited for agreement of Maggie Sue, he just lifted her skirt and ribbed her panties away from her hips, her cunt fully visible to everyone now. Second was the command not to get an orgasm outside of this house till he changed that order. Maggie Sue agreed to the terms, nodding her head, pulling her skirt down a bit to prefent somebody getting a view of her lower body.

Maggie Sue was walking on clouds back home, nearly floating. She had had two orgasms and felt really wonderful. That evening she decided to try it herself and rubbed her cunt. But she didn't reached the same feelings as Mr. Dingo caused in her. She tried several times that week but with no more luck. Once she was close enough to reach her goal but she remembered Mr. Dingos order, not to get an orgasm outside his house and stopped close by.

The next Saturday came and Maggie Sue arrived once again at Mr. Dingos house. She entered the house and undressed herself as Mr. Dingo was waiting naked for her already. This time they entered the room with the pool again. As before, Mr. Dingo and Maggie Sue enjoyed the bath and Mr. Dingo took care, to produce some good feelings in her little body. When her arousal had raised, Mr. Dingo asked her, if she wants to reach the stars this time and Maggie Sue nodded. He asked her if she remembered the deal and again she nodded her head.

Mr. Dingo stopped rubbing her clit and moved his hands to her breasts. He took each nipple between thumb and index finger and started to twist the nipples in between. First slowly and soft, then increasing the pressure and the level of circuation. At some time the good feelings started to turn into some pain and with every turn left and right, Mr. Dingo increased the pain some more. After a few more minutes Maggie Sue couldn't enjoy that anymore and told him that this would hurt her a lot and asked him to stop.

Mr. Dingo asked her if she wants to reach the stars and Maggie Sue answered yes, and so Mr. Dingo continued with his treatment. A few more minutes later Maggie Sue was nearly crying in pain when Mr. Dingo stopped. Her nipples were swollen and deep red and hurt at every little touch. His hands moved down her body and caressed her body, one hand taking its place between her legs again and rubbing her clit, a finger pushing inside her cunt, slipping in easily. The pain in her nipples was still present but the wonderful feelings between her legs were stronger.

When Mr. Dingo noticed that Maggie Sue was enjoying her self again, he moved one hand up to her breast again. He still gave her good feelings with one hand but with the other hand he started to pinch her nipples again, switching from left to right and back every few minutes. Maggie Sue was fighting with her feelings: on the one side that wonderful feelings coming from her cunt, that finger pushing into her and rubbing her clit. On the other side the pain from her nipples, when Mr. Dingo was pressing them and turning them around again.

Mr. Dingo managed to balance that confronting feelings in perfection and after what seemed an eternity, Maggie Sue reached her orgasm. Mr Dingo stopped between her legs and pulled out his finger from her cunt. Maggie Sue's orgasm was in full action when he twisted her nipples sharp and caused some real pain to Maggie Sue. But instead of stopping her orgasm, Maggie Sue felt it some kind of stronger, staying longer and in some case the pain was no pain but feeling good.

When Mr. Dingo felt her orgasm to stop he stopped the twisting of her nipples. They were deep red and really swollen and Maggie Sue was breathing hard. She knew, that she could belive in Mr. Dingo, that he would make her feel good in every way. He was even able to turn pain into good feelings and told him about her thoughts. Mr. Dingo just nodded and moved lightly over Maggie Sue's nipples causing some pain to her. When Maggie Sue left the house her shirt was hurting her just by moving over her nipples.

Mr. Dingo moved on to cause pain to Maggie Sue while she had her orgasm. One time he caused pain to her nipple, one time to her clit. Than he pushed his finger extremly deep into her cunt and another time he did several things at the same time. Mr. Dingo decided to take her to the next level. By the time Maggie Sue had turned 14 years old her her body was transforming faster. Her breasts had grown and she had to wear a bra, her hips formed a better shape and even her public hair had grown. Mr. Dingo told Maggie Sue to keep her self shaven clean when she comes to his place and so Maggie Sue did. She was ordered to ask her parents for the pill, to regulate her period and they agreed. Maggie Sue was told by Mr. Dingo how to take the pill, so that her period would start on Sundays and end just in time for their next meeting on Friday before.

It was another Saturday and Maggie Sue was ready to visit Mr. Dingo again. She dressed herself at home and decided to wear a skirt that day without panties as ordered. She left the house and reached Mr. Dingo's place. She knocked the door and entered the house as usual without waiting for permission but Mr. Dingo was not at home. There was only a letter next to a box on the kitchen table.

"Dear M.S., I have to finish a project this weekend and I'm not at home. But I have a task for you till next Saturday. Open that box and push that toy into your ass. You have to wear this all day and all night. Only remove it to use the toilet. And remember: No panties!


P.S.: I have a spy in town, so I know, if you wear it or not..."

Maggie Sue opened the box and found a small anal plug inside. She lifted her skirt and tried to push it inside but for no chance. Her ass resisted her hand to push it in. She tried it several times for no chance. Maggie Sue undressed and tried it again a few times, causing some pain in her anus but not reaching her goal. She got to the sink and used some water so make it wet but still it won't get inside her ass. She took a look into the box and found an instruction manual inside. It showed a woman taking it into her mouth, using her toungth to moisten it and Maggie Sue did the same. Next the woman put that thing onto a chair and Maggie Sue fellowed that instaruction. As shown Maggie Sue spit onto it several times and now she had to sit down onto it.

Maggie Sue aimed her ass to that thing and tried to get it into her but she missed the target and it pushed into her cunt. A second try ended in the same goal but at the third time the tip of that thing pointed exactly to her anus. Maggie Sue let herself down, relaxing her anus while sitting down and Maggie Sue felt that thing entering her ass. It was parting her asshole and pushing into her and when she sat down she felt her ass closing a little bit, taking a grip to that thing. She sat down completly and felt it inside her ass, building a little pressure in her loin but not feeling bad. She decided to fellow the rules but was a little pissed that she would not get the wonderful feelings this time.

As told, Maggie Sue wear the plug in her ass all day long, even in school and while asleep and after a day or two she didn't even felt it anymore inside her ass. She even was afraid to loose it anyway and concentrated herself in taking a grip at it every few minutes.

On the next Saturday Mr. Dingo was still gone but there was another box and a letter on the table in the kitchen. Another plug, a little bigger, and instructions to wear this instead of the first one. It was fellowed with a third box one week later and by the time Maggie Se got a little frustrated not to get her good feelings. A forth box with a really big plug frustrated her so much that she didn't pushed it in at first. But this one was different. It was clearly bigger in diameter and longer. And even more heavy, about three times more weight as the third one. This would definetly fall out of her ass.

As the weeks before, she undressed and removed the thing she was wearing. She spit on the new one and sat it on the chair as before. She got some expierience inserting them by the time and her aiming was really good. And so she hit the mark at the first try. But as told, this one was clearly bigger and so it caused her a little effort and some pain so push it in. And it was really heavier then the others and when she stood up it nearly dropped out of her ass. She had to really take a grip with her asshole to it to keep it inside. She redressed herself and left to the playground to join the other kids there, that never took a notice of what Maggie Sue was wearing till now.

Maggie Sue was really carefully cause she was afraid it would slip out right in front of her friends and just sat down to the bench, pretenting to not feeling well that day. In real it was not only that device nearly dropping out of her, but she missed those wonderful fealings Mr. Dingo gave her till four weeks ago. She wasn't allowed to do it to herself and now she was frustrated to give the promise.

After four weeks of wearing those plugs Mr. Dingo was back and invited Maggie Sue into his house again. She was wearing the forth device and no panties as told. Mr Dingo closed the door and just opened her Jeans to check her. He was satisfied that Maggie Sue fellowed his instructions even when he was not around. In fact he was just hiding from her to test her and she passed that test mit a full A+. He undressed her completely and told her to bend over that chair in the kitchen and she did as told. By the time Mr. Dingo undressed himself and joined her.

He took a grip on that device and told her it is called an anal plug. He explained to her that it could be used to increase pleasure and, as she did the last four weeks, to widen up her asshole. He took a grip at the base of the plug and removed it easily. She asshole keeped open for several seconds and closed only slowly, starting from a clearly open little over one inch to nearly closed. It didn't closed totally. Mr. Dingo started to rub her clit from the backside and asked her, if the wants some pain that day and Maggie Sue nodded her head fast. She was anticipating the last four weeks and today was the end of suffering.

Mr. Dingo made her cunt really wet and Maggie Sue was close to her orgasm when Mr. Dingo pulled his fingers out. Maggie Sue was just protesting when she felt two fingers been pushed into her ass hard. No warning, not "here it comes", just two fingers been pushed into her ass to the root, expanding er asshole more than the plugs did by the time. She gasped for air as Mr. Dingo waited for the moment that Maggie Sue had to inhale and she wasn't able to scream. Mr. Dingo waited a moment for Maggie Sue to deal with that and hold his hand in position and when Maggie Sue started to breath normally he moved hin fingers inside her ass. He expanded her ass a little more, moving his fingers apart inside her ass and started to rub her clit again.

Maggie Sue was again in a state of pain and pleasure and she dealed with her decision to like it or not. Her head was close to say 'stop' but her cunt took over and send the girl into an orgasm caused of pain and pleasure. When Mr. Dingo felt her orgasm start he stopped rubbing her clit and just caused some more pain in her ass pushing a third finger into that brown hole. But since her cunt already had started the show there was no way back and Maggie Sue reached her pain-orgasm with three fingers in her ass.

When she came down Mr. Dingo removed the fingers and replaced them with a new toy. Again an analplug but with a lager base, and again heavier and langer. It hurt her ass, when it was placed inside her and when she sat down, she felt the plug expanding inside her. Mr. Dingo explained her task for the next week to her.

There was a little airpump at the base of the plug and every time she sat down or moved her ass while sitting it would pump some air into the plug expanding it inside her. It would get slightly longer and bigger across till a maximum pressure was reached. The longer she would wear this, the larger it would get he told her and she had to get to Mr. Dingo's house once a day to release the air to get to the toilet. Maggie Sue nodded and dressed herself, siting down to the chair once more as Mr. Dingo told her. AS explained she felt the plug expand inside her, streching her ring of muscles of her asshole a little more and getting longer inside her. It was quite unconfortable but she thought, she could deal with it.

She left his house and joined the kids again, at the end of the day not thinking about the plug in her ass anymore cause it had reached its temporarily maximum pressure and lenth.

Maggie Sue did as told and visited Mr. Dingo every day after school on her way home to release the pressure in the plug and use the toilet. On Friday he didn't gave back that device to her and told her to train her asshole to close completly. It stood open nearly two inches and didn't closed after using the toilet and so her task for the next day was set. Maggie Sue went home and had the feeling of an open asshole all the time. She even thought about her shit ouzing out without her control but her ass had closed by the time completely. Her tight ring of muscles was really strong and she was ready for the next day.

This saturday should become a new mark on her lessons and Mr. Dingo asked her if she was ready for some pain, answered with 'yes' by the girl. She was anticipating what would come to her and was undressed in seconds. Today, he told the girl, he would participate in her pain, he told her. He undressed slowly and the first time, Mr. Dingos dick was hard, standing proud in front of him. Maggie Sue was irritated cause she never saw him having a hard-on and asked him why.

He told her, that he would fuck her ass today, as she had prepared herself the last weeks and there was no danger in hurting her to bad anymore. With that he took her, turned her around and bend her over the back of his couch. Her legs were free in the air, her ass in perfect position but Mr. Dingo first made her wet with his dick rubbing though her cunt. He reached down under for her clit and rubbing her, starting the show. As planned Maggie Sue got wet and Mr. Dingo started to lube up his dick with her juices without pushing his dick into her cunt. He even transfered some juices to her asshole, not wanting to dry fuck her ass cause the size of his dick in her ass would be enough pain.

When Maggie Sue was getting more and more into it she even lost her fear for what was coming to her and just let herself fall into her upcoming orgasm. She felt the finger rubbing through her slit, moving over her clit and pushing her forward into her wonderful feelings more and more. She felt Mr. Dingo using her own liquids on his dick, at the time awaiting what would come up and just let herself fall into the game Mr. Dingo had for her. Till now every pain had an orgasm inside and she believed it would be the same today.

She didn't even noticed Mr. Dingo lifting up her ass and aiming for her ass but with a sudden push she felt the pain of her ass been pulled apart as a massive dick entered her backdoor, pushing in deeper than the plug had been and nearly ripping her ass apart. Mr. Dingo again had used the moment when Maggie Sue inhaled to prevent her from screaming and now he gave that breathless girl the time to welcome her new intruder, deep in her ass. He was not inside complete, his about six and a half inch just entered her about five inches, but for the first entry this about two inch wide dick was sure enough pain for her.

Mr. Dingo lifted her body up with his dick still deep inside her backdoor, carrying her around the couch and sitting down into an armchair. Her own weight should to the job was the plan and so he just let got of her body slowly, only lifting her body with one arm now.

He started to rub her clit slowly to ease her pain a little bit and at the very moment it was a welcome deflection to the pain. Mr. Dingo told her to move her ass but she was forbidden to lift herself up. And so she started to circle around her ass slowly, Mr. Dingo's finger doing some magic to her clit and she came into that ass dancing allowing herself to enjoy this a little bit. She felt him getting even deeper into her ass, even expanding her asshole a little more and after another inch had entered her, she supported herself with her arms and feet on each side from getting deeper. By the time, Mr. Dingo had removed his support completely, using both hands on her body.

Her good feelings had come back, adding an upcoming orgasm to the pain in her ass and she felt the cock inside starting to pulse. She didn't knew what was coming up to her but she enjoyed his finger rubbing her clit and pushing inside her cunt. By the time she was close to an orgasm Mr. Dingo stopped rubbing her clit and removed the finger from her cunt. He started to add some more pain to her, pinching her nipples a little bit, a pain he taught her body but had not given her for months. But her body remembered the torture and the orgasm caused with that pain and Maggie Sue did as expected. She loosened her support in her arms each time her nipples were pinched and torn around and she got herslef deeper onto the dick inside her ass.

Mr. Dingo had only about half an inch more to reach the goal of the day and with one hard upwards thrust he pushed inside complete, starting a rythm in her ass, causing both, pain and pleasure in that girls loins. He told Maggie Sue to start her hip dance again and he altered his rythm to her dance to match their movement. He was able to get a steady fucking of her ass of about two inches been moved in and out, pushing her ass over the limit every time he was inside complete. He started to pinch her nipples a little more and feld her hips move faster. Maggie Sue got into it, the pain in der ass subsiding more and more and so he increased the pain in her nipples to match the perfect mix.

Maggie Sue came hard, loosing her rythm and lost her support, letting herself fall down into his dick completely, pushing it inside to the hilt. Mr. Dingo twisted her nipples hard and Maggie Sue started to scream a little bit from the pain that orgasm gave her. After what seemed like hours her body collapsed back into Mr. Dingo's chest, his dick pulsing hard in der ass, emptying his balls deep into her backdoor. While still close to passing out from her orgasm, Mr. Dingo stood up from the armchair, supporting her weight only with his still hard cock deep in her ass, causing some more pain to her freshly fucked backdoor. He got in front of a mirror and told her, he wants to fuck her ass a complete night. She got the task to set up an overnight turn by telling her parents to slep over at a girlfriend but instead coming to him. Maggie Sue agreed in her delirious afterglow of her orgasm.

When Mr. Dingo removed his dick from her ass it was gaping open, he could nearly see through from her ass to her mouth (only a joke). Her ass closed slowly and Mr. Dingo told her, she had to close it before leaving and explained her the plan for an overnight visit. He also gave her a new toy, without showing it to her. He ordered to spread her legs and close her eyes and she did as told. She felt something cold and hard been pushed into her cunt. It was not smooth but some kind of rough, not really piercing her inside her cunt but pinching her inner walls. Mr. Dingo pushed it deep inside her still wet pussy and told her, she had to let it stay inside like she did with the plug. She had to concentrate to not let it fell out of her cunt because it was some kind of weight, pulling on her inner cunt with some kind of small needles but not so sharp, still holding it inside her.

When Maggie Sue was able to close her asshole complete she was allowed to dress and while she did, she mentions something inside her cunt moving around. Mr. Dingo explained, that there was a ball inside the toy and every move of her hips will cause the ball to move. The small spikes will help her to keep it from falling out and the weight will rain her muscles. And he renewed his order not to play with herself and she was forbidden to get to an orgasm, even if her body should react to that toy. Maggie Sue accepted and left for the coming week, getting home directly without visiting her friends.

When the next Saturday arrived Maggie Sue had managed to talk her parents into an overnight visit at a friend, a friend of her fantasy. She had a fictional new member in her class she had made friends with and was allowed to visit over night since her grades at school had become better. The extra classes at Mr. Dingo seemed to help and Maggie Sue's parents ordered to first take her additional classes and then she was allowed to move over to her friend. Maggie Sue explained, that her friend was living 15 minutes by car at the other end of the town and that her friends mother would pick her up at Mr. Dingo since her friend would take some extra lessons too. Her parents agreed and Maggie Sue left home with her backpack.

Over the week she felt the toy inside her cunt getting more and more easier to carry. Her muscles had gotten stronger and the pinching inside her had nearly gone. She arrived at Mr. Dingo's house and entered, undressed as their ritual had become and presented her body to him. Mr. Dingo pushed a finger deep into her wet cunt, probing for the toy, finding it well in place. For tonight he told Maggie Sue, she will be wearing some special clothing, but first, he wants to fingerfuck her ass again to loosen her up for the rest of the day and the coming night.

Maggie Sue bend over the couch and lifted her ass high enough for him to get perfect access to her brown hole. Without lubing it up he pressed a finger into her asshole, causing a little pain, pushing his finger into her without resistance. Her asshole was still perfectly loosened from the last week and will be for the next time, forever if fucked often enough.

A second finger pushed in even so easily and Maggie Sue was some kind of pround. Mr. Dingo moved around in her ass and found the touch of the toy in her cunt, moving it a little around. Maggie Sue felt the toy, rubbing its small needles inside her, causing some pain. Her already trained body reacted to pain in the same way as it did to pleasure and so she got even more wet. The wetter she got, the more her cunt lost the grip to the toy and eventually it fell out. Mr. Dingo was some kind of unhappy with that but he removed his fingers from her ass and moved over to a drawer, getting another toy from it.

Again Maggie Sue was ordered to spread her legs and she was waiting for the new toy to get inserted. Some kind of ball attached to a stick was pushed into her cunt until it hit her cervix. Mr. Dingo turned a grip at the end of the stick and Maggie Sue felt some needles, some real sharp little needles been pushed into her inner flesh. She nearly cried out and Mr. Dingo removed the stick, letting the ball, a bigger one then before, stay inside of her. He ordered her to get up and walk around, getting down to her knees, jumping aroound and making some push ups. In the end he was sure, it won't fell out again.

Maggie Sue felt the new toy inside her cunt, pressing two needles into her cervix and countless into her inner walls. It was pain and she hadn't agreed yet to it. But Mr. Dingo decided not to ask anymore. She felt her cunt to moisten a little more, with every pierce of the needles inside her cunt, her cunt got even wetter. After she had done the sit ups she asked Mr. Dingo for what was coming up next.

Today they got into the tube again and Mr. Dingo told her to sit down onto his dick. With ease her ass gave way for his dick and she was having him inside about halfway when her legs came to rest on his. She had to lay back and Mr. Dingo  started to take care of her needs. He rubbed her clit, pushed a finger into her cunt, gave her good feelings altered with pain. After some time Maggie Sue and Mr. Dingo both had an orgasm and left the tube. Maggie Sue was given her analplug and she pushed it inside again. She felt the tip of it make contact to the toy in her cunt and every time she moved, the piercing inside caused some pain. After some time she loved it, even moving her ass in such a way, she got some more pain. Just when Mr. Dingo called for dinner, she was close to an orgasm and told him about.

Mr. Dingo got to the drawer and got a clamp out of it. He pushed one side of it into her cunt and the other side he aimed to her clit. He closed it and another needle, a sharp but short one pushed into her clit, causing more pain than expected. Her upcoming orgasm was blown away and she was told to eat with the clamp attached to her cunt.

After dinner Maggie Sue was allowed some television for the time Mr. Dingo needed to set up their night. As told to her parents she was given a prepaid cell phone to call them for good night and after half an hour Mr. dingo was ready for the night. He called for Maggie Sue and she came to his bed room upstairs. At the entrance of it, Maggie Sue was blindfolded, after all that months, once again. She was a bit nervous of what Mr. Dingo had planned for them for a complete night. He just had said to her, that she won't be sleeping much that night.

After Mr. Dingo blindfolded her, a collar was wrapped around her neck, some handcuffs to each armwrist and them attached to the collar, keeping her hands away from the action. Mr. Dingo asked her, if she trusted him and with a smile Maggie Sue nodded 'yes'. With that he told her to bend over and he removed the clamp from her clit and the plug from her ass. Maggie Sue kind of relieved when the needle left her clit and the pain slowly subsided. Next she felt something thin enter her ass and next a cold fluid was filled into her anus. It was a lot of fluid, Maggie Sue cannot imagine how much it could be, but she felt it go in deep. Mr. Dingo didn't needed this to be explained and just went on with 'her' preparation. She felt something cold been wrapped around her waist and secured on her back, some kind of big belt. It was heavy and felt hard and rough on her skin, two more belts were wrapped around her legs and secured.

She felt Mr. Dingo step behind her and gave in to him, trying to make contact to him with no chance. Mr. Dingo just step behind her and pushed a finger into her ass, getting in easily and coming out even more easily because of the fluid inside been dragged out with the finger. Again she had to bend over and she felt something been pushed into her ass. She welcomed that cold thing, feeling like some kind of steelball the size of a golfball. Again the finger pushed inside and next Maggie Sue felt the ball in her ass moving on its own even deeper till it seemed to be attached to the one in her cunt. Later Mr. Dingo would explain, that this in her ass was magnetic.

Mr. Dingo ordered her to stand staight and so she did. She heard him move in front of her, handling with something. After what seem an eternety Maggie Sue was let through the room. Every step caused the balls inside her to move and because of the magnetic on in her ass, the needles in her cunt moved and pierced her cunt in new positions on every step. Maggie Sue bend over a little bit because of the new pain but Mr. Dingo dragged her forward. Through her blindfold Maggie Sue didn't see anything, only that the lights were nearly switched off in the room. Once again a finger probed her ass and Maggie Sue pushed into it, enjoying it in anticipation.

As told before, Mr. Dingo didn't asked anymore if she wanted some pain, he just went on and so he lifted her up from behind and aimed his cock to her asshole. He had done a nice job, aiming perfectly his cockhead hit the mark of her brown hole and it gave way at the lightest pressure. Already his cockhead disappered into her backdoor and Maggie Sue gasped as it went further inside. After about four inches she felt the ball in her ass move, dragging the one in her cunt behind. It caused new pain when the needles made their way throught her cunt.

Mr. Dingo dropped her down till she hung on his cock and Maggie Sue could feel some needles pressing into her anus. Some kind of ring was around Mr. Dingo's cock, with needles pointing to her ass. She felt them pushing into her anus and invited the unexpected pain. The more she hung on his cock, the deeper the needles went into her flesh but what seemed to be inches were only millimeters. Mr. Dingo just stood there with that girl on his dick, letting her wheight do the work. Slowly Maggie Sue relaxed her muscles, those in her buttock, those in her legs and even the ring of muscles in her anus, and she pushed herself further down.

Now she felt Mr. Dingo attach something to her belt and she felt herself secured to him. She wasn't able to remove his dick from her ass, even if she wanted to. His dick was secured inside her and she was not able to move. Next each leg was secured to the one of Mr. Dingos, and so, Mr. Dingo was free to walk around with her, without the need of holding her tight. Mr. Dingo was able to feel her cunt, to push a finger or more into her and he was able to feel all of her body. Maggie Sue heard something like a camera, taking photos of them, but then Mr. Dingo tried his construction. He kind of jumped a little and with each jump Maggie Sue pushed herself again a bit deeper into that. But for sure, she was secured to him.

Now Mr. Dingo removed the blindfold and presented them to her. She was attached to him on front of his body, with his cock deep inside her ass. He told her, they would stay in that the whole night and till she would leave the next day. Maggie Sue wasn't sure, if she could do this but she had no choice anymore. But first, Mr. dingo told her, that he would increase the pain over the night a little more, just to tease her a bit more.

They left the bedroom and went down into the kitchen for something to drink. Mr. Dingo poured himself a small glass of whiskey and sipped it down. Not asking her he opened her mouth and put the bottle into her, forcing her to take several sips of the burning liquid. A few seconds later she felt her head already spinning around, fellowed by his hands taking care, her nipples will hurt. He pressed her body against the counter, pushing his cock into her even more, moving the balls inside and pressing the needle ring into her anus a bit more.

Maggie Sue moaned by the sudden pain but it felt kind of good. The cock in her ass moved without pain itself cause of the liquid been pushed into her earlier. But she felt the neddleball in her cunt moving, causing new piercings on every move, she felt the needlering on his cock been pushed deeper into her flesh and she felt him deep inside her ass, thick across and some kind of still expanding inside her ass.

Mr. Dingo moved around the house a few minutes, making sure his belts would hold her tight to his cock, securing her impaled on his dick. He twisted her nipples first soft then hard and moved his hands over her body to find her clit. He rubbed her, causing her good feelings to start. She was already wet from the treatment and Maggie Sue felt her arousal risen up. She was torn and Mr. Dingo knew it exactly. Pain would be her new pleasure and tonight she would be initiated. Taking care of her sex in a soft way would be over after that night and she would not want it in any other way anymore.

Mr. Dingo opened the drawer once again and Maggie Sue was able to take a short look into it. She gasped by what she saw but it was not enough time to realize all the things inside. Quickly Mr. Dingo pulled out some more of the clamps and attached them to each nipple and to her clit again, making her gasp and enjoying the new pain. He walked over to the couch and pressed himself into her, the girl enjoying the pain inside her body. She just hung on his dick, enjoying what this man was doing to her.

The next shocked her a bit but she wasn't able to resist against it. Mr. Dingo got to the front door and dressed himself with a very large tranchcote. It was big enough to wrap around both of them and he closed it in front of the mirror, letting her face stick out of the front. He tried once again the belts with a small jump, pushing his cock again into her ass and causing alle the toys to do its magic to Maggier Sue, then he opened the front door and went out for a walk.

It was dark already outside but Mr. Dingo was sure where he could walk and where not. He kept in the dark only crossing lighted places when there was no opportunity. Maggie Sue didn't recognized at first but Mr. Dingo was nearing her home slowly, if planned or not she wasn't able to tell at the moment. After about fifteen minutes they ended in front of her house, opened the gate to the garden and entered. Her parents were sitting on the couch enjoying some television, taking care of each other by caressing their arms. Mr. Dingos hand moved into his coat and he tock a grip to the clamp on her clit and moved it around a little bitt. Maggie Sue was gasping, trying to keep silent but Mr. Dingo caused some more pain to her nipples.

A lightly moan escaped her mouth and she wanted to move her hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet when she remembered her hands been secured to her collar. Mr. Dingo moved on manipulating her body, causing more pain to her and he felt her cunt getting more and more wet till she was practically dripping and soaking the front of his coat. He reposition the clamp of her clit and made sure the needle was placed perfectly into her clit and even pressed a bit into it, to cause some more pain.

He moved his hips, moving his dick inside her ass and started to fuck her in front of the glassdoor to the garden. Maggie Sue was able to see her parents when she was assfucked by Mr. Dingo, the pain in her body causing her wonderful feelings she once again. He had told her that even pain was something good and there she was, enjoying the pain in her body, causing her to an orgasm. Close to her orgasm Mr. Dingo stopped his fucking motions and they left the garden.

They kept moving around and sometimes they stopped to enter a garden and take a look to the families inside their livingrooms. Their luck even presented them the parents of a friend of Maggie Sue fucking in their living room. They enjoyed the show, Mr. Dingo again moving his body so his cock would move inside her little ass back and forth, the toys inside her and the needlering around his dick doing its painful magic to Maggie Sue. This time Mr. Dingo wasn't able to stop her orgasm and to prevent her from screaming, he put a hand over her mouth and nose and practically stopped her breathing while her body shook on his dick, her anus tightening around his dick while her body released the combined power of her painful pleasure.

When Maggie Sue came down from her orgasms she was close to pass out from the lack of oxigen Mr. Dingo had cause to her. Beside her just ended orgasms she breathed hard to regain her self to not be able to breath. It was kind of cool, to both of them and Mr. Dingo set it on his list in his mind of how to torture that girl some more. Maggie Sue was by the way fascinated that her friends father was fucking her cunt and not her ass and ask Mr. Dingo when they would try that. It will come was all he answered, again pinching her clamps to her nipples.

They left that garden and slowly moved back to Mr. Dingo's house. In a small bush Mr. Dingo took the chance to relieve himself into her ass, getting his first orgasm filling her ass. Cause of the cockring and the tight anus of her his cock would not shrink but stood rock hard and so they arrived at Mr. Dingos house, entering und undressing. He went to his couch and pressed her body into the back of his couch, pressing his dick deeper into her ass causing some more pleasurable pain to her. After a few minutes he felt her getting to the second orgasm of that night. It was already 1am in the night and he decided to end this in first place and they went to his bedroom. Without removing his dick from her ass or freeing her from him he lay down and said good night with her on top of him. It only needed a short time for both to drift to sleep.

In the middle of a night after only about two hours of sleep Mr. Dingo wake up and felt the need to piss. He thought about it and since he didn't wanted to remove himself from her ass he turned around their bodys. He wanted to try to fuck her instead of going to piss and so he started to fuck her ass again. Maggie Sue woke up by the sudden pain and was on fire in a second, enjoying the fuck of her ass, getting pain inside her cunt and in her anus. Mr. Dingo just wanted a short fuck to release another load of cum into her ass to prevent him from needing to piss and when he was done, he waited for the afterglow of his orgasm to supside. He didn't even mentioned if Maggie Sue was having her orgasm and he didn't even mentioned to turn around again. He was laying on top of her back now, pressing his lower body into hers. To let her breath he moved his upper body to the side laying down on the matress causing that position to press his dick deep into her ass. While he drifted back to sleep he felt her ass starting to pulse and he knew, she was enjoying that midnight fuck too.

Another hour later Mr. Dingo woke up again and again he fucked Maggie Sue instead of releasing his need to piss. He was sure, that once he removed himself he wasn't able to get inside again. He started to push into her ass but this time Maggie Sue didn't wake up. First at the point he got rough and pushed in hard to the point of his own pain she woke up. She wasn't enjoying this fuck although there was enough pain but Mr. Dingo set so much force into his fucking that her anus started to bleed from the needles and her inside was already sore. The lube had been sucked up from her loin and Mr. Dingo was practically dry fucking her ass.

When Mr. Dingo was done and his next load was burried in her ass he still felt the need to piss. He started to untie Maggie Sue but since they were laying down on their stomachs the pressure in his bladder got unbearable. Unable to free himself from her ass in time he just let go and filled her ass with all he had in his bladder. Thank got her anus was closed tight around his cock and so nothing leaked out of them. He asked her how she felt and she told him it was kind of disgusting but kind of cool to be filled. It felt strange to her because his piss is crawling throw her intestine and producing an even pressure to her belly.

Mr. Dingo stood up with his cock still inside her ass and he opend the collar and freed her hands. On their way to the bathroom he opened the belt on her belly and when they arrived in the bathroom he lifted her body slowly from his dick. Mr. Dingo told her to tighten her anus as hard as she could and she managed not to piss around what was spent into her ass. She sat to the toilet and let go while Mr. Dingo release himself and took a shower. After twenty minutes Maggie Sue felt comfortable enough to join him there.

She asked him what would come next and he told her that he had some more plans and that this would not be the only overnight session. By the time he managed to remove the needled ball from her cunt and waited for the magnetic one to be pressed out of her ass. By the time he inspected her anus and told her to use some kind of salve for the next days and it would heal normally.

Mr. Dingo took her into his arms and pressed her to his chest, enjoying her against his body. Maggie Sue then surprised him by getting down to her knees and taking his cock into her mouth, sucking hard till Mr. Dingo couldn't resist and push it deep inside her mouth. Nothing would come without pain and so he pushed over the limit of her throat deep down into her. Maggie Sue started to fight against this treatment in fear but his grip to her head was way to strong for her to get free. She stopped breathing while Mr. Dingo fucked her throat and at the point of passing out, Maggie Sue's arms got limb, Mr. Dingo didn't stop either. He fucked her all the time till he came and filled her throat with his cream, pulling out of her when his orgasm ended. He slapped her face twice to wake her up again, getting a smile from her while she was breathing hard.

They dried off each other and returned to bed to sleep to each other naked for the rest of the night. In the morning Mr. Dingo inspected Maggie Sue again, her ass had closed real good and the wounds of the needles in her anus didn't bleed. Her ass was sore as was his dick but that would heal at both in the next week. Mr. Dingo told Maggie Sue to stay naked and he even told her, he had to be naked all the time she is in his house. She had to undress the moment she entered and was allowed to redress again at the time she leaves. No need to say, that she was happily nodding to this orders.

After breakfast Mr. Dingo sent her home but not without a task for the week. He again set a ball into her cunt, again with spikes, but those were special he explained. The inner ball will roll around with every move, and where the inner ball is rolling, the spikes would be pressed out of the ball. It was kind of heavy and Maggie Sue would have to tighten her lower body to take a grip to it. Mr. Dingo showed her the effect by shaking it around in his hand and Maggie Sue could clearly see the small needles coming out of the polished surface. In anticipation she bend over the kitchenchair and Mr. Dingo pressed it into her nearly dry cunt till the ball rested against her cervix.

Maggie Sue stood up and felt the weight in her cunt, trying to fall out and tightend herself. Then Mr. Dingo took a grip of her hips and moved her hips around as if the did the hulahoop. She felt the spikes been pushed into her inner cunt, sharp small needles, causing some nice pain. Again Mr. Dingo forbid her to come to an orgasm and then sent her home. On her way back home Maggie Sue felt the needles inside her with every step. The ball was really heavy and she had to concentrate to clamp her pussy together and not let it got. The same time she got needle stiches into her cunt all the time and she enjoyed the sensation of it, her cunt already getting wet from it from her enjoyment.

At home she presented a lie of been dropped of of her friends mom at the nearby supermarket and she walked home, telling of a real good movie she had already seen but together with her friend and their parents it was a real fun. She told about walking around their neighbourhood at night and into the small wood and directly asked to spent another night at their place in future. Happily she was allowed to, not the next weekend but in near future.

Maggie Sue enjoyed the Sunday as good as she could. When the day was over Maggie Sue was close to orgasms three times and she thought about the coming week in school. Especially on Wednesday she would had her gym-classes and till now, she didn't mentioned how to get threw running and all that stuff with that ball inside her. When Wednesday came, she had managed Monday and Tuesday with herself close to orgasm nearly all the time. She was sitting quietly in classes, fellowing the stuff presented by the teachers. In a test she got a clear A even with her cunt in permanent state of arousal.

In gym-classes she got dressed as all girls, already sweating a little from her actual status but she pushed herself into classes. Thanks god, the teacher decided the students could decide the game and whos taking part and so, Maggie Sue was not chosen to participate into the rugby-game. As all girls she was sent to the side to do some gymnastics instead and she really moved carefully, streching her body, when a guy ran directly into their direction fighting about the ball. The other girls noticed them in time and jumped out of their way but Maggie Sue was totally shocked, like a dear in the headlights of a car and frozen in movement. Two guys stopped in time but a third just ran into Maggie Sue.

They fell to the ground, and from the sudden movement of her body she was pierced by the spikes, the hands of the boy taking a grip to her breasts, accidently pinching the nipple of one breasts to the ground. Her body reacted on its own and Maggie Sue came to her orgasm in front of all the other students. Pretending that she got hurt, she part of enjoyed her orgasm, part of feared the others could mention that she was coming right in front of them. The teacher came by, sending the three boy out of class and helped her up, noticing her shaking legs. She was allowed to end the class and left the hall.

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On Saturday Maggie Sue had had three orgasms in total and after she entered Mr. Dingos house and undressed she reported to him honestly. At the point she wanted to explain it Mr. Dingo told her to be quiet and ordered her to follow. They got into his bedroom again and Maggie Sue was told to get on the bed on all fours, then putting down her upper body and putting her hands back through her legs. Maggie Sue did as told and her ass was raised hight into the air when she felt some cuffs beed put to her hands. A chain was attached to the cuffs and Mr. Dingo fixed them to the end of the bed, putting belts around her knees each and fixing the attached chains into the other direction. She was locked into that position and waited for Mr. Dingo to punish her.

Her punishment was a different kind as Maggie Sue thought when Mr. Dingo fingered out the ball from her cunt. He pushed in a vibrator and switched it on, letting it do its magic to her cunt. Next he pushed a small analplug into her ass, switching on that vibration too. Her eyes were blindfolded and she got a gag into her mouth, keeping her from speaking. After that, Mr. Dingo left the room and left her alone with her punishment. Maggie Sue felt the vibration in her body, her cunt getting wet a little bit more than before, but she was far from an orgasm. She didn't even felt her body to really react to the sensation every other girl would have sent to heaven.

After an hour, Mr. Dingo came back into the room, checked the toys and repositioned them, leaving her alone again. Another hour later he switched of the toys and unlocked the girl, leaving her untouched for the day, telling her to get home and come back the next week. No toy given this time, no special tasks, nothing. Her punishment was to not be treated this time and Maggie Sue got the message. She apologized for coming to three orgasms and left the house as told, unsatisfied.

One week later Maggie Sue wasn't sure to get to Mr. Dingo's house and when she was in front of his door, she wasn't sure to enter. She forced herself to knock the door but nobody opened it so she just entered as always. Nobody was at home, only a chair in the middle of the room. A notice lay on it, telling her to get naked, put the blindfold on and sit down on the chair. She didn't had noticed the blindfold that was laying next to the chair till now and she was confused what would come.

In anticipation what would come and in hope, her apologize had been accepted she undressed and did as told. She didn't knew how long she was sitting there but she got somehow bored of the situation. She was freezing, getting goosebumbs on her body but she refused to remove the blindfold and leave that place. She thought about playing with her cunt to get herself ready for what would come up but remembered not to touch herself. She put her arms around her chest to get a little warmer but the coldness reached into her and the was really freezing by the time.

Maggie Sue tried to hear, if somebody was around, but the house was totally soundless. She thought about to remove the blindfold and just leave but she stopped herself from doing it. Several times she got that thought and at the point, she wanted to give in and leave she heard a door open and close. Mr. Dingo, hopefully it was him, entered the house and stopped in front of her. The person stood there for about five minutes, moveless, just breathing. Maggie Sue got nervous, moving her ass a little on the chair to prevent herself from ripping the blindfold away.

In fact, it was Mr. Dingo and after what seemed an eternaty, she told her, he accepted her apologize, because she accepted her punishment so well. He told her, he had watched her over the last five hours, and somebody with that willpower not to leave the house was really apologizing. Two fingers gripped her nipples on each breast and pinched and twisted them. Maggie Sue loved that feeling, and was sad, when she pain was gone. These hands of Mr. Dingo slapped her breasts from each side and Maggie Sue loved it but it was soon over again.

A sudden grip in her long hair caused unexpected pain to her head and she gasped. In that very moment she opened her mouth the dick of Mr. Dingo was shoved inside her, slipping directly down into her throat. Maggie Sue tried to breath aside of that dick in her throat but there was only a little bit air getting through every time Mr. Dingo pulled out a bit to push it back in. Next she was pressed hard into his pelvis to get the dick inside even deeper and her breath was cut away totally. She was hold in that position till the point she passed out.

An hour later Maggie Sue slowly awoke from her unconsciousness, her throat raw from her forced fuck. She was laying on Mr. Dingos bed with her hands and feet bound spread apart. Still wearing her blindfold she could see much but she felt something put into her body. There was her loved ball with spikes in her cunt again, putting needles into her flesh of her inner cunt, and in her ass was the magnetic partner. She was wearing an analplug again and something probed her cunt, a thin but long dick pushed inside.

She tried to move her body when she felt something around her waist, hard and cold. Mr. Dingo opened her bondage and allowed her to sit on the bed and so she lifted up her upper body. When she got into sitting position she felt a sharp needle pushed into her clit, a short but very sharp needle. She gasped again from the pain and nearly fell back into the bed from preventing the needle to penetrate her there again, but she welcomed the pain and sit straight. Mr. Dingo removed her blindfold and Maggie Sue looked down to her waist, getting a view of what there was around her.

She was wearing some kind..., she can't even explain. She had never seen something like that but the moment she stood up, she felt, it was secured to her body. It was pressed firmly into her cunt and asshole, pushing things into her holes. She felt the needle on her clit, not pushing into her at the moment but it was scratching over the sensitive skin of it, remembering her to be still there. Mr. dingo told her to walk around a few times and Maggie Sue did as ordered. She felt the probes in her ass move, move the magnetic ball in her ass and that moving her spiked ball in her cunt.

She was told to sit down and when she did she awaited the needle to push into her clit again. The pain was still hard to manage and again she gasped from it. Mr. Dingo was pleased and told her to get dressed, they would get outside.

They walked around the already dark way through the wood and Maggie Sue got aroused more and more. Their way leed to her house where Mr. Dingo ordered her to get some clothes to change and her nightdress without been seen or heared. After 20 minutes Maggie Sue was back with a packed bag. Back at Mr. Dingo's house she was told to call her parents and tell them she would take an overnight at her friend again and pleased her parents to say yes. She told them she already had her things catched up and would be back tomorrow. Her parents agreed but wanted to talk to on of her friends parents and Mr. Dingo pretended to be her friends father.

After dinner, Maggie Sue already was totally wet, Mr. Dingo told her again to get ready for a take out. He denied her to wear her clothes and ordered her outside only wearing her shoes. They drove away with his car, Maggie Sue was blindfolded again, into a city ten miles away and Mr. Dingo entered a shop leaving Maggie Sue behind in the car naked and blindfoled. The needle in her clit did its magic to her and the caused pain was her pleasure, she was nearing her actual unwanted orgasm. When Mr. Dingo came back she told him about her upcoming orgasm and he allowed her to come the time she wanted to.

On their way back she came hard, pressing her clit deep into that needle a few times and she loved every pierce of it. Back in the driveway of Mr. Dingo's house she was close to another orgasm but she prevented herself from coming again in last second. Inside the house Mr. Dingo removed that thing around her waist and pulled out that probe from her cunt only to push her over the back of his couch the very next moment. Maggie Sue felt something big been pushed into her cunt and realized that she got her first fuck from Mr. Dingo. He pushed in hard deeply, until he reached to spiked ball deep inside, pushing it hard into her cervix. His cock spread her cunt to a new limit, parting her inner thights till the end of her love canal. The pain was hard to take, cause of the power Mr. Dingo used to push into her once virgin cunt, backing out a few inches just to push in with the same force as before.

It took only a few minutes for Mr. Dingo to come and so did Maggie Sue from her rough treatment. After he sprayed all his load into her cunt he pulled her down into the basement into the tube. He cleaned her very well, inspecting her cunt and taking care, not to get her arousement getting less. When he was hard again he used her from her backside, fucking her ass as hard as he could, causing again enough pain to get Maggie Sue to her third orgasm tonight. Her senses where on fire when Mr. Dingo again cleaned her very well.

They left the bathroom with her still wearing her blindfold, getting upstairs into his bedroom. The straps of her bondage were still laying on the bed and Mr. Dingo didn't thought twice and bound her down to the bed again, using another strap to bound her neck. He used her throat once again to spent a load into her throat and after he was done, Maggie Sue was breathing hard, Mr. Dingo gagged her tight.

There she was, spread eagled bound to the bed, blindfolded, gagged and ready for her second level pain treatment.

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Holy moly, Commander!

You have orders to return to port and finish this assignment!

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare

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I think this was a decent story, but its a little off to me. I wish to see more.

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It was a beautiful and exciting story

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It was a beautiful and exciting story