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Remembering Ashley - Part 2 (M-CD/M/Group/Drug/Rape)

CDAshleyFoxx · 835

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on: December 07, 2019, 05:03:16 AM
Chapter 1

Ashland was petrified. There he was in the middle of the night in some dirty ally just standing there in some slutty, whore’s outfit. How was this going to look to anyone with half a brain? What would happen if he was arrested? Surely they would discover his identity. ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Ashland said to himself. He was intoxicated and on drugs too, even though he wasn’t rolling any longer, nor was he as buzzed from the wine; clearly, he was impaired. Being out in the night air had a sobering effect, as did having a bright light from a cop shinning on his trembling frame alone in the middle of the ally.

“Don’t move,” a voice commanded—this time from the darkness of the night and not from the loud speaker. Ashland could see the door open of the patrol car and a dark figure immerged. “Put your hands behind your back and walk towards the car,” the voice commanded.

Ashland did as he was told. He locked his fingers together behind his butt and walked to the car. His shoulders were pulled back and his cups were high on his chest making his fake breasts look pronounced and his upper-body look petite. His legs were still weak from the excitement earlier and the adrenaline wasn’t helping to smooth his coordination. He did his best to walk a straight line to the officer’s car.

When he reached the nose of the car, the officer issued another command, “Now turn to your left and spread your legs.” Ashland complied once more, but turned to the right. With a more stern sound to his voice, like a father scolding their children, he repeated, “I said to turn to your left and spread your legs.” He could hear the officer shut his door and approach him from behind. Suddenly he felt the officer grab his small wrists and clasp a pair of handcuffs in place.

‘Fuck,’ Ashland thought. He wanted to cry, but he was more concerned than depressed at his situation.

“Walk,” the officer instructed, as he guided Ashland to the side of the black Charger’s front quarter panel. He pressed Ashland against the vehicle. “Spread em,” he commanded, as he kicked the inside of Ashland’s heals apart. “What are you doing out here? You working?” Ashland just shook his head. “Oh really? No huh? Well, we’ll see about that.” His forearm pressed against Ashland’s back—causing him to fall forward on the hood of the car. Ashland twisted to prevent an impact. “Don’t move. If you resist me, you’ll regret it,” he warned.

The officer unzipped Ashland’s purse and dumped the possessions on the hood of the car. Out fell a bunch of condoms, a wad of money, her sister’s ID and her lip sticks. “Well looky what we have here young lady,” he continued. By the sound of his voice, it was clear that he was older—probably in his fifties or sixties. “I would say that this evidence leads me to believe you’re a whore. Are you are whore young lady?” Again Ashland just shook his head. He grabbed the ID. “Let’s see here—Ashley Alvares. Well Ms Alvares, let’s see if you have any priors. If you do then I believe you will be coming with me down to the station for prostitution.” Ashland’s heart just dropped in his chest. He was panicking. The officer got on his radio, “Yea dispatch, that 10-66 is a possible 10-50 or 10-51 along with a 647b. Requesting a 10-29a on Ashley Alvares, Adam-Sam-Henry-Lincoln-Edward-Yellow Adam-Lincoln-Victor-Adam-Robert-Edward-Sam. D-O-B of …. over.” He addressed Ashland once more, “Well, young lady. We are going to see if you have any priors. My guess is that you do. I’m also guessing you are holding, so you hold really still while I pat you down.” Ashland just nodded in compliance.

Ashland was freaking out. What if his sister hag prior arrests? What was going to happen to him? He didn’t have any drugs on him—only in him. What if he has to do a sobriety test or do a blood draw? ‘I’m so fucked. Prostitution and public intoxication!’ Ashland was spinning. “Fuck me!” He just blurted it out—a thought that escaped his mind.

“Oh I’m sure you would like that,” the officer replied to the indirect comment. “Wouldn’t you? Just hold still.”

The officer began to pat Ashland down—patting and squeezing his body. His minidress and stockings weren’t capable of hiding anything, but that didn’t stop the officer from doing his duty. He pat Ashland all over—first starting at his waist then moving up his torso then back down his waist to his hips. He pat and squeezed his hips and ass—clearly more than necessary. He moved to each leg—running his hands from the top of Ashland’s thighs all the way to his ankles then back up his thigh all the way to the soft flesh between his legs. Ashland shuttered from the touch.

“Turn around,” he barked, as he grabbed Ashland by his arm—lifting him off the hood of the car. Ashland turned around and opened his eyes. The officer wasn’t older at all. He was a young, white man in his late twenties with a portly shape to him. His face and neck was round—jiggling as he talked—and shaved like a babies butt making him look much younger. He had a piggish look with a shorter and stocky build and a protruding gut, so much so, that if Ashland had been in any other situation he might have made fun of him—called him piggy. Ashland was shorter than him, but not in Ashley’s four-inch heals; Ashland was slightly looking down at him now. His voice had seemed so powerful, but looking at him then, the fear of a dark, powerful officer diminished. He looked like a man who was likely teased as a child—who carried the cop chip-of-authority on their shoulder. Ashland saw his name tag—Officer Burt. “Open your mouth,” he commanded, and Ashland complied—breathing the scent of cum and wine into the man’s piggish nose. “I smell ETOH! You’ve been drinking?”

“A little wine,” Ashland muttered. It was the first thing he said to him.

“Oh yea. How much wine, and don’t tell me just two glasses because I hear that bullshit all the time,” he barked.

“Just a bottle,” Ashland confessed, while looking down, as if caught like a child.

The officer peeled up Ashland’s eyes and shined a light in them. Ecstasy is more of a hallucinogen and a stimulant, which slightly offsets the depressive nature of alcohol, so he found Ashland’s pupils only mildly dilated. “Open up your mouth again,” he ordered. “Move your tongue to the right.” Ashland complied. “Now to the left.” He was searching for drugs. Just then dispatch responded.

“Unit 69.”

“Go for 69,” he responded.

“Be advised the suspect is 10-29f for 11350 and 11351. Suggest 10-19 and 10-96 over.”

He responded, “Negative on the 10-96 dispatch. 10-15 at this time. 10-21a by 02:30 over.” The officer smiled at Ashland, as if so satisfied with himself for his catch. “Well young lady. It appears you will be going down to the station with me after all. It appears like you have a warrant for your arrest for a prior felony—possession and possession with the intent to sell.” Ashland was freaking out; he was petrified. He was just frozen in disbelief. What was he going to do?

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Reply #1 on: December 07, 2019, 05:05:11 AM
Chapter 2

“Before we get going back to the station, I will finish my search.” Officer Burt looked down at Ashland’s cleavage. “I know you are holding,” he insisted. He reached forward and cupped Ashland’s breasts—squeezing them in his hands. He patted them down and tried to peer into the constrictive bras.

“Hey!” Ashland blurted out, as Burt dug through his chest. He wasn’t as much concerned about the aggressive and inappropriate touching, but rather, he was worried that the officer would only find his pecks and not breasts.

“Shut up and turn around,” he barked, and Ashland turned around. “Spread your legs,” he ordered once more, and he pushed Ashland back over the hood and forced his legs apart. “I know where you girls keep your drugs.” Ashland felt his hand slide high up his leg, and he instinctively squirmed. “Hold still!” Ashland could feel the officer’s hand move under the skirt of his dress. He squeezed the bottom of his bare ass unnecessarily. Then his fingers probed deeper. Ashland curled his back and rotated his pelvis down, but the officer wasn’t having it and pressed Ashland’s back down to the car’s hood with his forearm. “See,” Burt said. “I know you are hiding something from me!” Ashland gasped, as the officer’s fingers probed deeper and pressed his panties against his sphincter. “Hmm, nothing here.” He moved down—patting Ashland’s taint then lower. “Aww haaa,” he declared. “I knew you were holding.” With one arm steadying Ashland’s back and squirming body, he pulled up Ashland’s minidress—exposing his booty. “Dam. I bet you get to charge a whole lot with an ass like that,” referring to Ashland’s tear-drop-shaped, bubble butt. It was jiggling about, as he struggled with his footing and with avoiding the officer’s search. “Ma’am, if you don’t stop moving, I will have to add resisting arrest to my report. Now stop!”

“I don’t have any drugs officer. Please!” Ashland had the sound of desperation in his voice, but he complied.

“Don’t move!” Officer Burt kept Ashland pinned to the car, as he used his free hand to push and pull Ashland’s panties down. It took a moment to get them over his hips and ass—inching the sticky lace and g-string down each side of his body until they were over his ass and around his thighs. Ashland could feel the night air on his sex; the heat almost steamed in the cool night air. Burt blindly reached back over Ashland’s body between his cheeks, which caused Ashland to uncontrollably squirm when his finger made contact with Ashland’s asshole. As he squirmed, the panties fell to his feet. “Hold still!” The officer reached between Ashland’s cheeks once more and was noticeably shocked when he found Ashland’s taint and not a pussy. Ashland felt  humiliated. As if perplexed, he patted the area only to find a small pair of balls where he had once thought he felt a baggy of drugs. He jumped up off of Ashland. “What the fuck?”

Ashland immediately pulled himself up and off the hood, which isn’t easy when one’s hands are cuffed behind their back, and he turned around to see his advisories reaction. Officer Burt looked stunned. He slowly scanned down Ashland’s body and just protruding from the edge of the dress was Ashland’s small cock—shriveled from the cold. Officer Burt grabbed at the ID once more. “It says female! What the fuck? Who’s ID is this?” He looked angry.

“Ummm, my twin sister’s,” Ashland confessed. His heart was pounding out of his chest. How the fuck was he going to get out of this? Ashland blurted out a confession. “I’m so sorry officer. She died recently, and I decided to dress in her clothes to remember her is all. Please, don’t arrest me. I don’t have any drugs.”

That came off as honest to Burt, but it was hardly believable. Clearly this confounded the situation for the officer. His stare was blank and vacant, as he reassessed the situation. Reconsidering things, Ashland’s story sounded like bullshit. Burt was sure this was a lie, but he couldn’t reason the situation. Obviously he couldn’t arrest Ashland for dressing as his sister; that wasn’t a crime. At no point did Ashland assert himself to be Ashley; there was no clear fraud. There were no drugs on the suspect; at most there was an odor of alcohol. Furthermore, he couldn’t arrest him for his sister’s warrant; that wouldn’t hold.

He figured the large wad of money was either from prostitution or from sales of narcotics, but he had nothing substantial to make an arrest for prostitution or narcotics. He had no conclusive evidence—only circumstantial evidence. He found no narcotics on Ashland. The officer had some cash and condoms and the association Ashland had with Ashley, yet all he had seen was Ashland climb out of the back of the man’s SUV as he approached, so it wasn’t like he saw any transaction for sex or drugs. He had no confession, so he had nothing. “What were you doing in that car?” He went back to his investigation.

“Nothing! He was just a friend I was talking to in a quiet place. We made out a little in the back,” Ashland said, but he was a terrible liar, especially when inebriated. His eyes fell down—unable to make contact with the officer. Ashland tried to pull at his minidress from behind to cover back up his ass and pecker, but it didn’t work.

“I saw you crawl out of that man’s vehicle, pull down your little dress over your ass and stand outside his car. Now, if he was your friend then why were you outside his car and why did he peal away when I approached? Can you explain that!” Officer Burt was visibly frustrated. He was about to lose this collar for lack of evidence when he knew Ashland was lying.

Officer Burt clearly had him. Ashland just shrugged, as he was unable to come up with an explanation. He realized he was screwed. He was going to be arrested for prostitution, and there was nothing that could get him out of the situation. He was desperate.

“You don’t know? Really? Then you are coming with me!” Officer Burt grabbed Ashland by the arm and walked him over to the rear of the car—leaving Ashland’s panties on the ground. He opened the rear of the car and pushed Ashland down on the rear bench. Ashland squeezed his legs together to hide his cock.

“Please officer! Okay, okay! I’ll tell you. I’ll confess!” Ashland embarrassingly explained the situation—the entire story. It was more far-fetched than the officer could believe, but it sounded genuine—an obvious stark contrast from the rest of what Ashland had been saying. “…so you see, I didn’t ask him for money. He just gave it to me. I wasn’t trying to prostitute myself; I was trying to get information without getting caught. It just…got out of control, and well, I sorta liked it is the thing.” He continued.

“So what? You expect me to believe you turned into some sort of crossdressing sissy overnight?” The officer could hardly recall a more unbelievable story.

The story clearly wasn’t enough to convince him.

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Reply #2 on: December 07, 2019, 05:05:52 AM
Chapter 3

“What can I do to prove it to you?” Ashland was peering up at the officer from the seat of the patrol car with innocent eyes. He was desperate.

“I can only think of one way to definitely sway my opinion. If you truly were turned into a sissy tonight then you will only have one response to this,” and with that, Officer Burt unzipped his pants and reached inside.

Ashland looked down with wide eyes, as his hands moved in his pants. He instantly got nervous. He was much more sober now than earlier—just buzzed—and far less inhibited like before. This was more raw, and he could feel a large lump in his throat that he swallowed. He nervously bit his lip. Ashland looked back up at the officer with his large green eyes, as if begging for mercy.

Officer Burt produced his pale, white cock from his pants and hung it in front of Ashland—testing him. Ashland looked down at the officer’s cock. He wasn’t hung like John. There was only three inches to the white flaccid cock that head a pink head, but it was beginning to swell. Ashland recalled the feeling of John’s cock in his mouth and the feeling of it sliding in and out. He remembered how he had swallowed John’s cum so eagerly, and how much he liked the taste. Ashland leaned forward and licked Officer Burt’s cock. It twitched from the sensation—bucking up towards Ashland’s face. Ashland smirked—biting his lower lip to hide his smile. The officer’s cock was more like four inches now and swelling thicker. Ashland leaned forward again and ran his tongue from the head up the shaft and pulled back again. The officer’s cock bucked again, and Ashland couldn’t help but giggle. It amused him and lightened the mood. He looked up the officer once more to check on his demeanor. Then returned his gaze to the cock, which was still curved down, but hanging more away from the officer’s body. Ashland turned his head to the side and leaned forward—angling his mouth inline with the curve of the officer’s cock. He opened his lips and wrapped them around the head—sucking—and in doing so, drew the cock into his mouth.

As he began sucking Officer Burt’s cock, Ashland could feel him growing in his mouth. The officer turned out to be more of a grower than a show-er, as the length of his long rod lengthened. After a few minutes, his cock was rock hard, and the officer was breathing heavy. He didn’t have the size of John, nor did he have the girth, but he had a good length on him. Ashland figured it was at least seven inches—maybe more if he didn’t have a gut. Fortunately for the officer, his skinny rod allowed Ashland the ability to easily swallow his cock all the way down his throat. Ashland eagerly swallowed the officer’s rod, as if his life depended on it—bobbing his head back and forth. Occasionally, he would pull back to catch his breath—flicking the tip with his tongue before swallowing it again.

Ashland moved off the seat of the car, so he wasn’t forced to lean forward so far. He spread his knees wide, as he dropped to a squat—never releasing the officer’s cock from his mouth. His arms were still cuffed from behind; his now erect and bald four-inch cock and tiny balls were spread free in the night air; his dress was still pulled up over his ass—sitting on the top of his hips. He looked up at the officer who was clearly enjoying himself. Ashland pulled back again for a moment to catch his breath and lick the tip. “Believe me now?”

Burt pushed Ashland’s head back on his cock. “Don’t stop.” He pressed Ashland’s head all the way down until Ashland’s nose was pressed to his gut. Ashland really felt his long rod slide past the back of his throat—curving down his gullet. Ashland gagged for a moment, but there was little he could do while handcuffed. Officer Burt began to fuck Ashland’s face—pushing on the back of his head, while he humped his mouth. Kindly enough, he only did it for a few seconds before releasing Ashland’s head. Ashland pulled back and coughed a little around his rod, but didn’t release the officer’s cock completely. His eyes were watering, and his eye liner was running. Officer Burt pressed on his head again, yet Ashland took the cue and swallowed all he could of his cock. Once again the officer pressed Ashland’s head to his pelvis causing the full length of his rod to bury itself down Ashland’s throat. The officer held it there—just barely thrusting it back and forth. Ashland could feel his gag reflex building, and he looked up with mercy. The officer released his head and Ashland withdrew his rod from his throat—again coughing, but he quickly looked up at the officer again with his mouth full of cock and nodded. Officer Burt thrusted his cock down Ashland’s throat and pumped the young man’s hot mouth. “Ohhh yeaaa boyyyy. Fuck yea that feels good,” he moaned and grunted. He withdrew his cock from Ashland’s mouth—allowing the young crossdresser to catch his breath.

Ashland smiled up at the officer. “See,” he said—glowing with the satisfaction of having another cock in his mouth and at the prospect of going free. He returned his attention to the officer’s throbbing cock that was bouncing in the air straight in front of his face. He flicked the tip and swallowed the head once more—sucking it with a strong vacuum.

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Reply #3 on: December 07, 2019, 05:06:35 AM
Chapter 4

“I’ve seen nothing,” Officer Burt replied to Ashland’s dismay. “Get up here,” he ordered, as he grabbed Ashland by the arm. Burt’s cock made a popping sound against Ashland’s suction, as it was pulled from his mouth abruptly. He led Ashland by the arm back to the front fender and pushed him over the hood of the car. His bare ass was so exposed in the night air for Burt to see. “Spread your legs and stay there,” he ordered. Ashland knew the routine and spread his legs without assistance.

Ashland could only imagine what the officer had in mind. What he didn’t know is if he was ready for it or if he could even handle it. Ashland could hear the officer unclasping his belt then he looked over as Officer Burt opened the patrol car’s door and toss his belt on the seat. He watched as the officer stripped off his shirt and vest then removed his white undershirt. His white hair belly and bitch tits weren’t very flattering to Ashland, so he looked away. He heard the officer walk back over to his position then right behind him. Suddenly he felt the officer’s cock being slapped against his ass. He heard the officer drop his pants to the ground. Ashland’s heart was really racing at this point. He had a pretty good idea what was coming, and there was no real way out of it. He tried to relax himself.

Officer Burt smacked Ashland’s ass some more with his cock. Then he grabbed his shaft and wiped the head of his cock up and down Ashland’s crack. Admittedly, this felt good and Ashland even arched his back to open his hips to him—somewhat in unconscious reflex—but Ashland was still mentally bracing for more. The officer’s hands stroked Ashland’s lower back muscles then moved to the fatty curves of his hips. He pulled himself into Ashland’s boot with his cock pointed up between Ashland’s ass cheeks. Ashland could feel the officer’s hairy legs and gut against his posterior, and he could feel the officer’s cock smashed between his cheeks.

Ashland was still eager to prove his case. He encouraged the officer’s advances by pushing back on Burt’s pelvis and rubbing his ass against the officer’s crotch. Burt squeezed Ashland’s ass in his hands—spreading his cheeks apart—allowing his cock to rest on Ashland’s hot sphincter. Very admittedly, this felt sublime. It wasn’t until the officer’s hot cock touched his asshole that he realized how much on fire it was. Maybe it was the remnants of the Molly still in his system, but it was clearly alive. Officer Burt grabbed his cock and smacked the young crossdresser’s asshole causing it to pucker up. Then he felt the officer spit, and a large, slimy mass of mucous splattered his asshole. The slick lubricant only heightened the sensation, as the officer circled the head of his cock over Ashland’s sphincter. This action really relaxed his sphincter; he could feel the tension in the muscle releasing itself like a flower opening its pedals to the sun, yet in this case, Ashland was opening his sphincter to Burt’s cock.

“Don’t move,” he ordered, so Ashland stopped all motions of his hips and braced for Burt’s cock. Ashland bit his lip, as he felt the officer press the head of his cock down into his sphincter. Ashland attempted to hold as still as possible and relax his whole body. He felt the tip of Burt’s cock penetrate the ring of his asshole, as the officer pressed it down. Burt held it there not advancing it, and Ashland felt another dollop of spit land at their union. Burt pressed forward, and Ashland felt all of the head of his cock penetrate his asshole—pressing against his inner sphincter, which clenched down—causing some pain. “Just relax,” he said with a more reassuring voice. Burt just stayed there for a moment, and Ashland could feel his pelvis releasing its tension and relaxing once more. Ashland opened his hips by arching his back and pressed back against Burt’s cock. Ashland could feel his sphincter relaxing, as he pressed back a little harder—causing Burt’s cock to buckle.

It took a few seconds, but finally Burt’s cock uncoiled like a spring when Ashland’s sphincter relaxed, and his cock flowed into Ashland’s body-sliding along the folds of his asshole. “Ohh shit!” Ashland blurted out in pain and pleasure. “Oh fuck that is big,” he exclaimed. ‘Good god,’ he thought. ‘Imagine John’s cock. That would tear me up.’ Officer Burt grabbed Ashland by the hips and pulled Ashland’s ass all the way into his pelvis. “Oh fuck! Not the whole thing all at once!” But it was too late. All seven plus inches of Burt’s cock was buried in Ashland’s burning ass. Admittedly, the sensation of feeling stuffed with cock was rather wonderful, and Burt’s slim, long cock was just perfect in girth for Ashland’s virgin asshole. The sensation of their slippery flesh sliding across one another—massaging his asshole sphincter—was a pleasant surprise, but he was still long, and Ashland’s virgin body wasn’t prepared.

“You can take it,” Burt said, as he began to fuck Ashland. He smashed Ashland up against the side of the car—enhancing his ability to penetrate the depths of Ashland’s body. His hairy, sloppy gut was resting on the top of Ashland’s ass, as he started to fuck him, and his sweaty hair legs and pelvis was spanking Ashland’s young ass and thighs. His body was disgusting to look at, but in that moment, it felt really good. As his sloppy fat spanked Ashland’s flesh, it caused Ashland plump ass to jiggle and gyrate—jolting him with each thrust. “Oh dam girl. You have a nice ass,” Burt grunted, as he quickly thrusted his cock back and forth—pounding Ashland.

“Ohhhh fuckk me officer. Fucckk mee,” Ashland moaned, as Burt’s rod continued to crash against his prostate and slid along his slippery asshole. Ashland could feel the tip of his small, hard cock rubbing against the car. With each thrust into Ashland’s prostate, Burt’s cock was milking Ashland’s juices from the tip of his tapered cock, which was coating the car and his cock in precum. Burt was clearly tiring from his initial tempo that was full of vigor and gusto, but Ashland was having none of that. He pressed his ass back against Burt’s thrusts—timing his strikes. His asshole was fully dilated now and receiving everything Burt had to give. Ashland could feel his own orgasm coming with each jolt of their bodies colliding. The sensation moved from his ass to the tip of his cock. Each impact of his slippery cock with the car only added to his pleasure. “Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” Ashland announced, as his built up body burst in an orgasm. Ashland couldn’t help but contort and spasm through his orgasm, as waves of alternating contractions squeezed his sphincters and pulsations in his cock shot streams of cum on the car. “Ohhh shit yaaa,” he moaned. “Don’t stoppp officer.” He had never cum so hard in his life; he was overwhelmed by the feeling of his sphincter spasming around a hard cock, but he didn’t allow his first sissy orgasm to break his focus. “Cum for me baby,” he moaned, as he increased his thrusting intensity back again Burt’s cock.

It was hardly necessary. Burt couldn’t hold on any longer, and he unloaded his junk in Ashland’s ass. “Uh, uh, oh,” he grunted, as his cock spasmed in Ashland’s asshole—dumping streams of hot cum in his asshole. That sensation was almost as good as cumming himself, which only encouraged Ashland to keep bouncing his ass against Burt’s cock and gut through his orgasm.

As it subsided, Ashland looked over his shoulder at Officer Burt breathing hard with a face was full of bliss and pleasure. “How about now?” Ashland said smiling. Burt just nodded, as if conceding without further objections or contest. “It as good?” Ashland teased. He nodded again—still trying to catch his breath. He stepped back from Ashland—pulling his cock from Ashland’s ass. Suddenly a gush of cum came pouring from his asshole. Ashland picked himself off the car’s hood and turned around. Burt’s cock was still seven inches, but beginning to curl to the ground with drips of cum falling from the tip. Instinctively, Ashland dropped once more to a squat in front of him and swallowed the officer’s cock in his mouth—sucking the whole length—cleaning all the cum from his shaft. He eagerly polished off all he could before withdrawing the cock. He gave a kiss to the head, as if in appreciation and giggled like a school girl—smiling up at Burt.

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Reply #4 on: December 07, 2019, 05:07:09 AM
Chapter 5

“You definitely are a cum-hungry, little sissy,” Burt announced. “That is for sure.” Officer Burt stroked Ashland’s fair face and stroked a few loose hairs back in line on Ashland’s head.

Ashland stood up, while Burt walked back to his front seat. While he got dressed, Ashland managed to carefully pick up his panties. With his hands still in cuffs, he awkwardly slid them back on and reached around his body to push his minidress back in position below his bubble butt. “So can I go officer,” Ashland asked—assuming they were square.

“I’m afraid not my dear,” he announced in horror. “See, I already called you in and pulled up your sister’s account, so I have to bring you in; they are expecting you.”

Ashland just had his mouth open in disbelief. “But I sucked your cock,” Ashland retorted, as if still stupefied.

He walked over to Ashland sitting on the fender. “And you did an excellent job,” patting Ashland on the head. “Just like a good sissy should.” Even though he sounded patronizing, Ashland couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction at a job well done. “But I need to take you in, but don’t worry. I have a plan.” A glimmer of hope in Ashland, where there was once panic, clung to his next words. “I’m not arresting you for prostitution, but I have to take you in, so I’m going to hold you over night for public intoxication.”

“What the fuck man? I don’t want to go to jail!” Ashland had never been arrested and was fearing the embarrassment and torment of spending a night in jail, especially dressed as Ashley.

“That’s understandable, but I have no choice.” This was a lie. He could have let Ashland go, but it was going to be easier to write a report with an actual person that could account for his bullshit story. Unfortunately, Ashland had little say in the matter. Officer Burt grabbed Ashland by the arm and guided him to the back of his patrol car. By now Ashland was more sober, yet still buzzing. He realized he could be awake all night long in a cold jail cell—potentially not alone!

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Reply #5 on: December 07, 2019, 05:08:18 AM
Again, sorry for any typos. I hope you enjoy it and come back for part 3.