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Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)

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A version of the following tale has been posted here before under the title “Glory.” Due previously unenforced rules being enforced, “Glory” was removed, and I revised it with an eye to not breaking that particular rule. In doing so the story line has changed and some mistakes were corrected. The story line change was enough for the change in title.   
Additionally, this story is around 900 pages long I hopefully will be posting one chapter a day until what has already been written is posted. 

As always comments are still welcome.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. This is only a story, fiction, if you don't understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more and go get help.

Now that the required disclaimers are there, here is my personal thoughts. This when done (caveat) will be one sick piece of work that came out of my head. The only place this kind of thing should reside is on paper. Doing half of the shit I put here will get you locked up. Hell in a lot of countries just thinking it will. If you live in one of those countries it sux to be you, also close this story now. If you want to read it change your government’s stupid rules. Don’t bother coming here we have a bunch of stupid rules of our own.

For people that think the grammar is bad or I have misspellings, I’m always looking for a good editor. You have any idea how hard it is to get a friend to edit your erotic stories. Hell they are usually too busy beating off to edit. Plus this is some raunchy stuff, and some of my friends are good Southern Baptist, it would blow their minds to know I can think up this twisted of a tale.

Ok you have been scrupulously advised so if you are still reading it is not me it is you. Please do comment though. The only way I get better is to know the good and the bad. If you are going to be ugly, fuck off and keep it to yourself. Constructive critiques are what I’m after. Oh and one last thing. If you feel the need to do any of this in real life, don’t. IF you don’t follow that advice may you run into STEVE.
Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA, mf, Fm, first, Alcohol, inc, ff, reluctant, BDSM, blackmail, mm, voy, lac)
By HppyHrryHrdn
Any reproduction of this story in part or as whole must credit the original author.

Chapter 1 Alex and the Silo
My name is Alex Johnston and though I am only eighteen I have already lived a bit of an unusual life. Or so I'm told. I think I'm fairly average. I'm a fit six one about one-eighty with brown hair and eyes. Looks wise I'd say I'm an eight so just a bit above average in some ways but average in others but smarts wise I know I'm off the chart. I've also been told I am a bit of a savant when it comes to electronics and programming. I don't know what they are talking I always thought my friend Ben was better at it. Anyway, the following is part of my story.

Nine years ago Ben West and I found the abandoned missile silo when we nine.  Actually it was more than just the missile silo, it had been research labs also. From the signage on the doors the lab did both biological and nuclear research, while the military maintained the nuclear arsenal.  The labs explained the excessive number of Ph.D’s at the Southern Baptist Bible College some years back.  The government abandoned all of it shortly after the START II talks looked like they would conclude. This looking back also made some sense. If you are hiding a research facility for biological weapons and new nuclear weapons where better than as part of a suspected missile silo. It is off limits to the general public and the government is already denying its existence. It is a perfect place. So build a large research facility underground and attach it to a nuclear missile silo. But then you have to abandon the whole place once a treaty is proposed that might allow for inspecting said locations.  And since it was assumed that the unconfirmed silo supposedly contained only one ICBM but really had two silos and an undeclared questionable biological research facility attached, you abandon it quickly.

From what we could tell they must have run out of money in the decommissioning.  I was betting most of the money went for paying off the scientist that one day had a job and the next they didn’t. It takes some serious money keeping that kind of thing quiet.  The staff didn’t even have time for pilfering the usual items that go missing when a business shuts down. Most of the equipment was still intact along with spares. And the person they told to turn the lights off as they left evidently forgot. As, the whole structure still had power and water. 

Abandoned and all of the people that knew about it having moved away, within a few years its existence was completely unknown by the locals or all the new college officials. It was a great place for a couple of kids in small college town to have some fun and then some. The government was never coming back to claim it.  Acknowledging its existence or anything that might have gone on wasn't happening.  So we had full run of the place and still do.  My name is Alex Johnson.  Ben West and I have the strangest business any high school seniors could have. In addition, it has been a strange ride getting here and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any less so.

The silo proper was under Ben’s family’s property but had multiple entrances throughout a half mile radius including one at Southern Baptist Bible College. We guessed that was how the professors snuck in and out between teaching and doing their research. No one would question a professor going into the chapel in the middle of the day to talk to the preacher or pray in one of the secluded locations. After all the school was full of true believers, though it wasn’t always in a higher power like the students and the community was led to believe.

Ben and I had little in common with the administration of the college even as youths.  We thought masturbating was fun, where they told their students it would put them on the path to hell.  Ben and I didn’t touch each other even though it was obvious to me, even early on, Ben was gay.  We never really talked about it as we beat off. But Ben was always more interested in watching me yank my pecker than I was watching him.

It wasn’t until we were fifteen did we tell his sister Mindy about our find. She was sixteen and smoking hot in my opinion.  She was five foot six maybe one hundred ten pounds soaking wet. She had an angelic face with hazel eyes and light brown hair, though I rarely looked at her face.  At fifteen I was only interested in her tits, ass and pussy.  After rummaging through her drawers I knew her tits were “30A”. From my hours of staring at them I knew they were firm and jiggled only a little when she did her cheer routines. When in her cheer uniform I liked the way her hips and ass flared out below them to the same dimensions.  She had a tiny waist with flat belly with the tiniest indention for a belly button. She was what I thought of when I wacked off.

The only problem with Mindy and her angelic face was behind it was a heart that was pure black.  She wasn't just part of the popular crowd. She was one of the leaders. Even the people she hung around with at times knew better than making her pissed.  She wasn't overly smart in most things but was a genius at getting even. All the people I knew gave her a wide berth afraid of getting on her bad side.

The only reason Mindy found out about our hiding place, that we were using to beat off in, was due to our mistake. Ben and I were down going through all the left over electrical and video equipment in a store room we found and lost track of time.  He and I were figuring out how we could use our new find for spying on the girls in their locker room.  I think Ben was just going along with my idea, since it was an interesting electrical puzzle. He got to see what he wanted in the boy’s locker room after every gym class.

When we got to my house with some of the camera equipment she ambushed us. “Where in the hell have you two been? And where did you get that stuff?”

“We didn’t steal it if that is what you are thinking?” Ben said. Irritated he added, “Why do you care anyway?”

Looking at me, Mindy said irked, “Your mom called mine and asked me to babysit your sister since no one could find you. Like a thirteen year old needs a baby sitter. And even though I had a date with Joey, Mom said I had to do it.” Looking back and forth between us she berated, “And you two fucked that up.  So tell me where you have been or I’ll tell your Mom you got home two minutes before she did.”

“Glory will tell her the truth.” I defiantly stated back. I was trying to look cool, thinking it would get me in her pants, or maybe a handful of tit one day.

“I’m betting I can get Glory to take my side. All I have to do is tell her she can come out with me and Joey and one of his friends and she will say whatever I want.” Mindy stated correctly. 

Glory, is short for Gloria. My parents are real bible thumpers like a lot of the town and thought it was a fitting name for their baby girl. That baby girl, my thirteen year old sister, was a real brat. Or at least I thought so. And unlike Mindy she was short and going through a real homely stage.  Her big dark brown almost black eyes didn’t seem to fit her baby fat face. Even her black hair was cut badly in a stringy page boy.  Plus between nine and ten years old she appeared to have rounded even more, though three years on she'd started loosing some of the awkwardness. So I wondered what a sixteen year old girl would do with such a brat. “My mom won’t let my thirteen year old sister go out with you and your boyfriend and some other guy your age.”

“I know that and you know that, but she doesn’t.  And then I'll have you in trouble and your mom is the bad guy for not letting her go.” With a sly grin she said, “I win all around. So tell me.”

I turned to Ben saying, “I guess we are going to have to.”

“No she’ll just take her dates there and fuck them. And then it will be full of a bunch of assholes, who think they can keep us out.” Ben said loud enough for Mindy to hear.

“What in the hell are you talking about, I’m not fucking anyone in this town ever. The college guys have been warped by their fucked up college professors.  They won’t fuck unless you marry them and even then it isn’t going to be for fun. They think it’s a sin to have fun fucking. They always talk about screwing being for making babies. And I’m way too young for those.  And the high school guys would and think they own me afterward. And if I don’t play along they’d go blab it to the world. Then I’d be a slut and mom and dad’s colleagues at the college would hear about it. They’d be ostracized for having raised a slut.” Mindy was visibly pissed off at the situation. “So it really sucks, because I think I’d like fucking.”

“If you promise not to tell anyone we’ll show you where we go.” I told her. “And we always keep our mouths shut.” I hinted that I wouldn’t say anything if she fucked me.

“No I say you chance it with Glory. I really think letting her know is a mistake.  I swear, she won't ever leave once she sees it.” Ben stated confidently. “And it's the only place I'm sure I can go where she won't find me.”

“No she won't and who knows,” I said into his ear, the insinuation was evident. “So I say we let her know.”

She must have heard me and wanted to tease me. She grabbed her tit and squeezed it seductively. Pinching her nipple through her halter top, taunting me, “I’ll have to keep that in mind.” She didn’t let Ben get away without a measure of embarrassment, “Oh and brother of mine, have you decided you like girls? If you have hell I might even have to give you a whirl.”

She walked away laughing at us, but I was sure she’d fuck me once we were alone in the silo and could show her how big my dick was. I don’t have any idea why I was thinking that, since at six inches I was probably no bigger than the guys her age.   She left us alone for the rest of the night. I incessantly talked to Ben about how hot his sister was and how I bet she’d screw me. He just laughed knowing his sister wasn’t going to let me be the first guy to fuck her.  He didn’t know how right he was, or how close I’d get. “I'll give you until tomorrow to show me.”

The next day we took her down via one of the entrances in the woods. We walked her around the place for a couple of hours. She was amazed no one else had come upon it or ventured into any of the eight top side entrances we found.  Most of ways in were hidden in woods about their house. But, one was in a back room of the college’s chapel and one was in one of abandon bars in town.  We always thought that was funny.  The last one in town was also in an abandoned storefront. It had been an electronics store, but most of the town's downtown was abandoned.

When we came to the room with a sofa where Ben and I usually waxed our pricks, she saw the remnants of all the spunk on the walls and floor. She said, “You two are real pervs you know that.”

“No we’re not.” Ben and I said in unison.

She pointed about the room where globs of sperm had landed, “If you want to bring girls down here. You probably shouldn’t leave your spunk everywhere.  Most girls will find it gross.” Turning to Ben she added, “Guys too.”

I appreciated the information and planned on cleaning of the room. I noticed it had a floor drain so a quick spray down would be all it took.  I also noticed she said most girls. She evidently wasn’t like most girls, encouraging my desire to have her get me off, despite the fact I knew she was way out of my league. I saw her pouty mouth and thought I my prick would look good between them. But I had no idea of how to start getting her in the mood. “So what can we do to make it a great make out spot?” I asked feeling bold and impressed with our find.  Trying to act sophisticated I continued, “I mean, what would we have to do to make it someplace you would consider coming? Do we need end tables with chiffons?  Or some lamps with fluted shades? I mean there has to be something we can do.”

A guffaw echoed in the room, “I expect that kind of stuff to come from gay boy over there. You packing the chocolate also? And me down here with you geeks is something that would happen only in your dreams.”

“No.” I said forcefully. Trying to maintain the illusion of Ben being straight, “Neither of us are homos.”

“Get real. He has been keeping his gay porn under his mattress for years.” Mindy explained. “I was just hoping you weren’t going that way too. It'd be a shame. You’re kind of cute. Maybe when you learn how to please a woman you can come talk to me. Until then you two can wack off.”

The thrill of her thinking I was cute quickly diminished, by her assumption of my immaturity. I wasn’t going to let it pass, “I know how to please a woman. So why would I want to talk to you?”

Ben jumped in, “Give it up Mindy. You are gorgeous as far as girls go, or women for that matter. But you aren’t the brightest light bulb in the closet.  Compared to us you are a ten watt-er. So in an insult contest, you’ll lose. Stick with just being hot, to most guys.”

“So the big boy thinks he can please a woman huh?” she stared at me, ignoring her brother. “Come over here and let me see you put your money where your mouth is, Stud muffin.” The challenge was thrown down.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cum or wet myself at that moment. Thank god I didn’t do either. I walked to her and stood there unmoving for a few second then ask, “Don’t you think we should go somewhere without Ben?”

“Nah, I don’t expect you to be good enough to make it worth my time. But if you are, I may have to see if there is something he could teach me, also.” She said implying Ben would have been the one teaching me.  She ran her hand across my cheek seductively before running her fingers through my hair going to the back of my head pulling me to her. I'd never felt something so sensual in my life. Her lips pressed to mine were electric. The moisture on her lips wet my mine, dry from fear.  When she didn’t pull away immediately from my first real kiss of a girl, I relaxed. She let the tip of her tongue slide across my lips while my arms went around her to hold her whole body close to mine. The heat that came from her bare thighs touching mine, had my cock growing at twice the rate of jacking myself off. I kept pulling her tight to me, putting my hand on her shorts covered ass, pressing her cunt into my stiffening cock.

My cock would've been standing straight up had I not been grinding her against me. The rising in my shorts came up squarely between her legs. The bottom of her cunt prevented me from pointing directly up.  She moaned ever so slightly with her tongue trying to gain entry to my mouth.  The burnishing of my upper lip with her delicious tongue finally made me realize what she wanted.  I parted my lips slightly only somewhat sure of what was coming. I tried not to jump as her sweet saliva coated tongue entered into my cavity. The thrill of any part of her entering me was intoxicating. I ran my tongue over the new inhabitant of my mouth feeling and tasting her. We shared the same air as we swapped breaths as well as spit.

Having lasted more than three minutes attached to Mindy by our lips, I hesitantly put my hand under her shirt on the small of her back. The touch was like fire on my palm. Her silky smooth skin called out for my fingers to caress it. My hand moved only a little but I would’ve sworn my fingers were gliding over all of her sultry body, as my mind was experiencing new pleasures.  As my hand travelled about on the swale of her back, my fingers went under her waist band and onto the string that made up her thong. Despite my overheated state of arousal, I still ascertained she had planned on something. How far she was going to take it I didn’t know, but I was smart enough not stop and ask. Instead I gradually worked my hand back and forth just under her shorts. The small indention at the top of her crack holding the string of her so called underwear drew my attention. I let my fingertips dip into the indention and stroked along the string as each one came upon it.  Her breathing increased and got shallower, as did mine.  Soon we were panting into each other’s mouths. The heat of her pussy passed through multiple layers of clothes feeling like a furnace on my captured cock.

I was about to shoot my wad from the excitement when Mindy pushed me away panting. Her face was flush as she said, “That was fucking hot.” Gathering her composure a second later she added, “For a kid.”

I looked into her eyes, her just out of my reach, proud of my performance. She'd obviously enjoyed what we'd done and I hoped for more. When she looked over toward Ben, I thought she was going to ask him to go somewhere else so we could continue making out.  I was shocked when she walked over to him and said, “Let’s see if you can do better.”  She pulled his face to hers and attached her lips to his.

I was shocked she would kiss her brother in such a way. I'd heard of brothers and sisters kissing and even fucking, but never thought I’d see it live.  Ours was a smallish town where doing such would surely get you banished.  Yet, Mindy was pressing her lips to Ben.  From the look of Ben’s struggles against his sister, it was the first time it'd happened and he didn’t appear to be enjoying it.  I wanted to tell Mindy to quit wasting her time with him, he was never going to like kissing girls, but I did. And would be thrilled to pick-up where we left off.  Instead I stood there and watch as Mindy slowly worked on her brother.  She finally had her tongue in his mouth and I could see that he was learning what she liked. It looked as if the two had developed a good tongue dance when she took his hand and guided it up her shirt.  I missed when she unclasp her bra, but I could see it hanging loosely to her side under her t-shirt. She'd guided his hand up to her naked breast.  I heard her moaning as she showed him how to massage her tit under her shirt.  Every now and then as he moved, I could see the hard nipple of her other breast.  It stood up making a point of the material covering it.  When evidently he had learned enough for his hand to be left on its own massaging and tweaking her tit, her hand went to his crotch.  He sprang back from her bold touch. His backing up only gave her access to his shorts button and zipper, which she undid.

I was stunned when her hand was hidden by his underwear as she reached for his bare cock.  Ben struggled backward not stopping his caressing of the firm tit in his hand. This let me see that Mindy was stroking him up and down between fondling his nut sack.  I watched in astonishment as Mindy gradually gave her brother a handjob.  About halfway through it Ben quit resisting her. It looked like his lack of resistance and continued caressing of her breast on his own instigated Mindy’s action. She took his other hand and directed it to her abdomen. He had his hand down her shorts shortly after at her unspoken insistence.  I could hear their moans and groans as they kissed and jacked each other off standing in the middle of the room with me not two feet away.  I heard a familiar grunt come from Ben and a high pitch squeal from Mindy right afterward as both of them climaxed.

With the juice from her orgasm starting to show through her shorts she backed away from her brother. “Maybe you’re not so gay after all.”  Her whole neck and face redden not from embarrassment but excitement. “Who knows we might make you straight yet.”

Ben although still looking lost in the afterglow of his orgasm said something then that has always stayed with me, “It isn’t what comes out that makes you gay. It what you want put in, willingly, that does. So a cumming dick isn’t straight or gay, it is just happy.”

“Yeah we'll see.” She said reaching under her shirt to redo her bra.  I was feeling like a third wheel until Mindy looked at me saying, “He set the bar pretty high. We will have to see if you can do better than him.” I must have had a lets go look because she then said, “Hey not now. And don’t expect it or act like you’re my boyfriend or anything. I already have a boyfriend and am not looking for another one. I don't know I'm thinking maybe you two can be a little bit of fun. But we aren't friends or anything like that. We are for lack of a better term fuck buddies, that don’t fuck. Maybe I can learn something from you and you definitely learn something from me. All I expect from you is for you two to keep your mouths shut about any of this.”

I immediately nodded my head in agreement. Anything that made her call me a fuck buddy had potential.  Ben didn’t look as thrilled but I guessed he didn’t want to disappoint his older sister. After all she kept the animals at school from giving him a hard time, so he owed her.  To make sure I understood her right, I asked. “Is there anything we need to do?”

I meant in the way of worshiping the ground she walked on, but she took it differently. “Yeah figure out a way to lock this place up tight so only people you want down hear can get in.  If a miracle happens and you bring one girl down here, she surely will talk to her friends and then we'll most likely be over run.”

It wasn’t the answer I was hoping for but it was good advice. And I noticed she used the word 'we', meaning she would be down again. We continued going over ways to make the place more livable and less sterile, while Mindy’s wet spot dried. Ben wasn’t as patient as Mindy. He immediately dropped his shorts and underwear, despite his sister looking on.  He took a hose and washed the spunk from the little bit of pubic hair he had. He ran his hand up and down his wrinkled five inch member rubbing it vigorously with water getting the remnants of his thick goo off.  And rinsed out his underwear letting the water run down the floor drain.  Turning to me naked from the waist down he said, “You know we could have a massive food fight down her and then just wash it down the drain and no one would know the difference five minutes later.”

All I could say was, “Great, nice to know. You going to put your shorts back on?”

“No they’re wet.” He answered like I was ignorant or something. His dick head was a slightly different shade than the rest of his pale penis. It was too short to hang down much, made more so by the chilled water, making it pointed straight out.  To me it looked like an arrow pointing out which direction he was going to travel.

“Yeah and ..” I said hinting his sister was there looking at his shriveled up cock.

“And what.” He said indignant. My motioning to his sister let him know the “and what”. “Oh it’s her fault in the first place I have wet shorts.  If she didn’t want me walking around without pants she’d have kept her hand out of them.”

“Ok then.” I said wishing she'd jacked me off, plus I’d be way too embarrassed walking around in front of Mindy with my dick hanging out.  And even though she was his sister, I wouldn’t have walk around in front of Glory sans pants.  “You do this often?” I was curious if I had missed something all the years I had known the two.

“Nope.” Mindy answered for him. “First time I’ve seen his prick since we use to bathe together. I pulled on is prick then too. Different result then.”

“And just when I was thinking you couldn’t act more slutty.” Ben said to her.

“Give it a rest.” She sounded exasperated. “It is just us down here. If I can’t cut loose and act a bit whorish around you two, when can I? Glaring at him she added, “I know you won't say anything about it to anyone. And, this town is full of people with sticks up their collective butts. God forbid you act a little outside the norm.”

“Jacking off your brother is definitely outside the norm.” echoed in the open room, as I said it a bit louder than I thought.

“Oh don’t forget him getting me off.” She reminded me.

“How could I.” I said thinking, I wish it was me.  Trying to change the subject before my cock tented my shorts again. “Let’s see what we can do to fortify this place.” 

“Sure let’s go.” Ben said his prick pointer leading the way. His bare white ass just in front of us.  We went to each of the main doors and gave them a good looking over. Each of them looked like they had special way of locking that we didn’t understand. But it looked as if when engaged they would have kept out just about anything short of a bunker buster bomb.  After looking at the last entrance Ben again lead us to where his shorts were.  “I’ll figure that lock out.”

Mindy the whole time was making gestures and reaching out like she was going to grab his bare butt cheeks making me laugh. “Don’t you just want to pinch them?” she quipped to me.

“Not particularly. But you feel free.” Was my response.

Without looking back, Ben said, “Let my ass alone.” It was the last thing he said before getting back to his shorts that were now just damp.  He pulled them on leaving his underwear to continue drying hanging where they were. “I’ll come back for them later.” He said to us, though we hadn’t said anything about them.  With that we left our hide away, with no plan of when we would all come back.
The next day I went straight down to the man-made cavern after soccer practice. I was determined to make the place more appealing to Mindy. I was hoping by doing so she would come down and at least let me feel her pert breast. If I could get her to jack me off like she did Ben while playing with her pointy nipples, all the better.  Unfortunately it was the wrong Williams that came in. Ben had gone home and cleaned up after soccer.  He was on my team but not nearly as athletic. His parents made him participate hoping being around sports would get rid of his natural effeminate nature. It hadn’t.

“I figured it out.” He came in kind of skipping.

I had no idea what he was talking about. “You figured what out?”

“The doors and the locks. After tonight this place is ours, forever.”He then went into a long diatribe of how he found something on the internet that led him to something else. And that lead him to another site that almost got him caught in math class not paying attention. All I wanted to say was, who cares, when is Mindy coming down. But I didn't acting like I cared what he was saying. 

Mindy didn’t show up that night or for most of the next week.  Ben worked on the security of the place, making sure only people we wanted in could get in while I moved things and made it more livable, clearing out offices and cleaning everything. It turned out I’m a little OCD.  When she did finally show up she was in a foul mood.

“That fucker. I swear I’m going to cut off his tiny prick.” She said to me walking by. “God damn son of a bitch can’t keep his mouth shut.”

I was almost afraid to ask, thinking she would take her frustrations on me. But I did ask, “Who?”

“My fuck face ex-boyfriend, Joey.” She fumed, “You’d think he wouldn’t go blabbing to his buddies that he fucked me, when in reality all that happened was I gave him a hand job and he dipped his finger in my pussy.” She said not embarrassed in the least telling me her former boyfriend finger fucked her. She further elaborated, “Basically nothing all that great. I probably would have fucked him at some point, but not now. He is so gone.”

She walked back at me. I was kind of thinking she was going to slug me just for being a guy.  But to my great pleasure and surprise she seized the back of my head and shoved her tongue in my mouth.  For a full minute I didn’t know what was happening. She ran her tongue over the roof of my mouth and across the inside of my cheeks.   She moved my tongue where she wanted with hers, stroking the underside of it.  Her other hand had gone to my ass, grinding her vulva into me.  She backed away as quickly as she had snatched me.

Her petite hands when to the bottom of her “Dark Side of the Moon” t-shirt. She said. “You ever tell anyone what we do down here I’ll cut your nuts off. And they won’t find your body for years.”  The motion display of her lithe torso started just south of her belly button.  I took in every inch of her delicate looking skin. It was nice and tight on her finely formed abdomen and tummy.  In the instant before the shirt crossed over her tits, I had time to hope they would be bared to me in all their majesty. What I saw wasn’t flawless flesh that made up her small perfect breasts. What I did see was a sexy black lace bra lovingly wrapping the orbs.  Being a teen-aged guy that had never seen a living girl in her bra, any bra was sexy. The one she was wearing had small gaps where I could see the pink of her areolas fade into the milky white at their edge.  These small holes made it far better than any bikini top I had ever seen her in.  And the fact it wasn’t intended to be seen, unlike a bikini top, made seeing it feel all the more naughty and erotic.

She tossed the shirt aside, pulling me back to her thereafter. We again began kissing. Her baby soft skin had my body buzzing as I encased her in my arms.  Her coming to me to make out emboldened my kissing and I probed her mouth for the first time. The tip of my tongue probed the tiny ridges in her teeth and curvature of each tooth as it became the tooth next to it.  I lapped up her spit bringing it back to me as our lips were joined lightly sliding across each other. The trembles of her lips as they closed about my tongue reverberated into my brain. When my tongue was once again in my own cavity and she had replaced my fat organ with my bottom lip, is when I noticed her whole body was trembling.  Tiny tremors went up and down her body as I pressed it tighter to me. 

Little by little my hands found their way from the luxurious skin of her back to the sides of breast covered in lace. I didn’t know how I was going to gain the same access to her breast while they were pressed against me that Ben had received.  My lips engaging hers prevented me from making the mistake of asking her to let me feel her boobs like a petulant child. As I waited for her to expose her tits to me fully, I continued rubbing the covering of her breast, making her moan. 

Mindy’s touch going up under my t-shirt still dirty from soccer, released a moan from my core into her hungry mouth. Her light touch went up the adolescent muscles in my back. Their singular sensations turned into a swarm of sensitivities in my brain. Her fingers grasped at my flesh as her panting became more ragged against me.  When she again backed away, leaving my lips more unsatisfied than they'd been when we started, she jerked my shirt over my head roughly, removing my hands from her bra as the sleeves left me.

As I felt the air in the room hit my stomach, it was displaced soon after by her hot silken skin. The first touch of female skin to my chest while making out with a gorgeous girl solidified my cock into a pole of concrete.  Her graceful arms encircled me drawing me again tight to her.  It was then I noticed. She was dragging me downward, to the vinyl couch.  I hadn’t realized she had been guiding us toward it.  The cold plastic was a stark contrast to her sultry skin.

The couch wasn’t deep enough for us to lay side by side. I ended up draped half over her.  The skin along the side of my torso and outer thigh stuck to the cool vinyl back as the rest adhered to her moistening skin.  The heat generated from contacting her bare skin set my mind a blaze. My arm was pinned under her, keeping the side of her bra covered breast snug to me. Hers was pinned behind me and kept my soccer shorts covered groin affixed to her satin shorts covered hip bone. Our kissing took on a new intensity with our new reclined positions. Her lips were somehow sweeter as our legs jostled and intertwined, each of us stroking the other with our bared legs. I wanted to devour her and feed on her tongue and saliva. Not understanding what to do next with my free hand or what she would let me do with her, I pet the imaginary hair of her upper arm. My fingertips’ feather light touch going from elbow to shoulder at a glacial pace.

She moaned and sighed as her chest heaved beneath me.  It was a finger on her free hand tracing the edge of my belly button that made me pant in return. The tracing ended with all of her fingers trailing up my stomach onto my still forming chest. The feeling of her finger nails grazing my nipple as she circled my areola had my mind exploding at the sensations.  All I could think of was her body and the wanton way I needed her. I needed her hands on my chest and on my dick, grabbing lustfully at my nuts, the makers of the cum I’d deposit deep in her.

My thoughts and desires were well beyond what realistic with Mindy that day.  She guided my trembling hand from her arm. With her hand on the back of mine, she put it on the delicate rise above the black lace bra where the beginnings of her breast could be felt.  She plastered my hand there for a few moments as if she was debating whether it would remain. When she quit restraining my inevitable exploration of her exquisite flesh, I began the unavoidable.

As I lovingly touched her, her kisses left my mouth. An airy, “Oh god, yes. That’s so good.” She mumbled into my neck as could feel the uppermost part of her tits solidifying with each rise and fall of her chest.  I slipped the ends of my digits under the confining lace gaining access to an additional inch of her sublime tit. With just an inch of my fingers under her silken material, I traced from strap to a plastic item preventing me from going any further, marking the base of her cleavage.  I didn’t wedge my fingers any deeper under her bra as I traced the return path to the strap over her shoulder. The hand that had been on the far side of my neck holding me, for her pursed and sensual lips released me for just a second. The tightness on the back of my fingernails was gone and her hand returned to my throat.

Her mouth sucked in the flesh along my neck in tiny bits. Over and over she attached her lips to my throat along my jaw. Each time her lips enclosed on me I felt the tip of her tongue rub across the held skin. I closed my eyes taking in the feeling on my neck thinking the same should be done to my rock hard prick.  Despite the distance of her mouth from my prick, the excitement of having a beautiful older girl in my arms started it’s leaking.  I groaned as it came out fearing I’d cum, ending the most erotic situation I had ever been in.

My fingers went looking for the crush of lace and silken flesh they had just experienced. As I searched further around the ethereal mound, I realized she had released her tits. In the farthest recesses of my mind, yet to be enraptured by the tactile feeling of Mindy’s tit, I knew she was inviting my further caress.  The invitation could only mean I was truly inflaming her desire, increasing my chances of reaching true fuck buddy status.  I resisted my urge to grope her now bare tit wildly. My whole body quivered as muscles tensed fighting the teenaged lust which would have had me paw at her flesh.

Before I blew my load I swore to myself I had to feel her bare nipple against mine, as I fondled and caressed the rest of her naked torso.  And though her bra was no longer held in place by the clasp it had not fallen away completely from either of her tits.  One side was held in place sandwiched between her bare breast and my hairless chest. The other was just slightly moved out of place as my exploration of her breast had not begun in earnest. Shakily I rose up from Mindy’s lithe body, hoping the bra cupping her tit would fall away and she wouldn’t push me completely from her.  She sighed as I rose up, in what I could only assume was her desire for me not to leave as she sucked in my earlobe and held it between her teeth.

Her small orange sized tit’s covering fell to her side once no longer caught between us.  Having freed her captive tissue I lowered my chest into hers.  Her pink kumquat sized cone standing tall on her tit felt like a marshmallow as it pressed into my chest, squashing it. Her body vibrated beneath me as a came to rest back where I was earlier. Her disrobed mammary crushed nipple to nipple into me started, the pre-cum percolating from my cock head. 

The wetness in my underwear, concerned me. If Mindy reached for my hard prick still dug into the side of her hip she would think I peed in my pants. I thought I could remove them, but would she take that as me going a step too far. I couldn’t risk that as my hand had just begun palming the underside of her other breast.  The resolution to my problem would have to wait.  The feeling of her tit in my hand sucked up all the mental acuity I had.

The deliriously smooth orb was unyielding as I massaged about its underside, knocking the cup down to her side. With the lace no longer blocking my view, my eyes took in the majesty of the tit I was holding. She had wide cleavage because of the diminutive size of her breast. It was a valley of yet unexplored pleasures, at least by me.  And the curvature of her tit did not yield to any gravity, staying set and a sight to behold.  I ran the back of my all my fingers over the top of the exposed cone as my hand left the valley of future pleasures going around her breast. At the outside of her silken tit I removed all but my middle finger dragging it seductively along the bottom of the orb. I did this over and over disturbing my view for as little time as possible, entranced by the organ.

I had yet to touch the puffy pink crown of her tit when Mindy lustfully ran her tongue along the back of my ear. Her lips were brushing the ridges of my ear when I heard, “Alex touch my nipple. Make love to it.”

I had no idea what that meant. I’d have happily stripped us both and run my prick into her pussy, making love to her. But how was I supposed to make love to her puffy pink nipple.  I couldn’t tell Mindy I didn’t know what to do. In my overheated stated I said, “Ah God yes.. my love anything you want.” What I had heard her say was touch. I knew I should start there. I circled the puffed out cone with a finger. She sighed and she twisted her torso raising her nipple up.  I stroked up the tiny cone on her orb encapsulating it with three fingers and my thumb, lightly squeezing it. The marshmallow softness of the areola ended with the slightly stiffer ring at its apex. My fingers and thumb closed and opened keeping a delicate softness on the tips of my digits. Her sighs became deeper and lasted longer and longer as I gradually learned what she meant. 

I continued the manipulation of plump pink tip encouraged by her sighs intermixing with moans.  The softness and conical shape of her nipples steadily changed under my devoted touches. The changes flattened and shrank the billowy nub, into a hard pink pencil eraser giving way to a halo of tiny bumped rose flesh. I adjusted to the new form of the lovely nipple, squishing it between my thumb and forefinger. I rolled and wrung it carefully excited by the tiny organ which I was using to pleasure Mindy.

Her kisses of my neck and her tit in my hand inflamed my urge to kiss her, while not letting go of her pink point.  She must have read my mind. She kissed and sucked on my jaw bone holding it temporarily with her teeth as she bit down gingerly. Her bite of my jaw ended and the attacking of my lips started.  The pressure against my lips was immediate. We suck in and bit on each other’s lips first my bottom lip and her top then vice versa.  Spit gathered in the corner of her mouth, where I retrieved it savoring the sweetness again. 

I massaged and clutch her breast burying the hard point in my palm garnering a groan from Mindy into my mouth. I wished I knew if it was in disappointment or the sounds of passion being released.  One was ideal, the other I wanted to remedy not with my hand but my mouth.  I had a longing if not a compulsion to suckle her teat.  I wondered, was I being driven by my passions for something that was beyond my reach.  I didn’t ask her the question.  I was going to rely on my new modified old adage.  “The easier to have fun then beg for forgiveness.

I cut the wrestling match of our tongue short. The object of my suddenly intense desire was literally in my grasp. I was determined my mouth would savor the feeling of the hard nub in my hand. As well as the other one that had turned hard that was poking into my chest. My lips move over her chin without any complaints from Mindy. I sucked and nipped my way down her windpipe relishing the feeling of her hot flushed skin under my lips.  My tongue did as hers, licking the salty oils from her smooth flesh, one encasing kiss at a time.   At her elevated collar bone I slowed my single minded quest to place my lips around her heavenly pink nipple.

Mindy noticed my slowed progression toward the crown of her breast.  She pleaded into my ear as I was at the highest point of her bone’s ridge. “Alex your mouth…your mouth my tit needs your lips. Kiss my nipple, suck on me.“  She accentuated her desire, wedging her hand between us, blanketing my hard pick through my shorts. She moved her hand along the length of my shorts covered solid pole.  I felt the urge to cum well up in my balls.

I feared Mindy would notice a wet spot from my dripping cock. The worry of embarrassment held my orgasm at bay. I wasn’t sure how long it would be before her continued rubbing would overwhelm my ability not to shoot globs of cum into my underwear.  I rapidly kissed down her silken breast covered in goose bumps.  I let my tongue trail behind as my lips brushed then sucked in the bumped flesh of her upper chest.  I had started toward her cleavage intending on stretching out my own pleasure and Mindy’s. I thought the addition of will power to the fear of her discovery of my dampened shorts would delay cumming until I was finished.

The combined erotic sensation I was experiencing was more than my young teenage mind could have ever imagined. In a fit before I lost the last of my control over shooting my seed, I snatched her nipple with my lips. Greedily I pulled the ringed flesh into my mouth.  I hungrily suckled the teat as if it would give me nourishment. The vacuum of my mouth and circling the hard tiniest of bulges with my tongue released a high pitched squeal from Mindy.  Not taking her hand from my cock she rolled me fully on top of her lithe body, freeing her formally trapped hand. She used the unrestrained appendage on the back of my head. She grasp my hair forcing my mouth further down her petite tit. I felt my lips spreading wide welcoming the savory tit meat. 

Her demanding gesture ravishing my mouth with her boob, plus her grunting and moaning loudly sent the gathered spunk up my hard pipe. The insides of my underwear were instantly filled with the gooey eruption. I grunted into her orb, which filled my mouth to capacity with nothing left over despite its small size. My moaning vibrated her breast from its nipple to where my lips were stretched.  I hoped the thickness of the spunk would prevent the moisture from soaking through onto her hand. It was while the third massive wad stretched my inflexible rod I removed her tit from my mouth. Panting and grunting still I uttered. “Holy shit I’m cumming. Ah gawd, Mindy I love you. It’s fucking…”

Before I could finish my uncontrollable proclamations, Mindy had thrown me off her to the floor. The suddenness of her action was as if I had flicked my forked tongue over her precious nipple while my cloven hooves violated her pussy, while my horns tickled the underside of her chin. She looked down at me on the concrete floor. She still had the flush of sexual excitement but her face looked hard not the angelic way it did seconds earlier. “You stupid little fuck.” She spat at me.  “You couldn’t keep your mouth fucking shut. Instead you had to screw up a perfectly good make out session. And God I was getting so close. Your spurting cock felt nice.” She must have at that moment realized I had orgasmed and she hadn’t. “Shit don’t you know you are supposed to let the girl cum first.  We can continue to fuck or whatever after cumming, unlike your useless prick.” I could tell she was really getting pissed.  “Don’t you ever fucking tell me you love me again. I just got rid of one boyfriend I don’t want another one.  You were supposed to know this. You were a fuck buddy, basically a human vibrator.”

I wasn’t please she had said “were a fuck buddy.” Despite my climax haze, I understood I had screwed up. The real problem was I didn’t know how to fix it.  I thought I could try and explain it away but that would probably only dig the hole deeper. She wasn’t in the mood for any explanations, she was horny and unsatisfied, and it was my fault. And after having been close to orgasm she looked like she was ready to kill me.  I wondered if orgasm denied caused girls their own form of blue balls.  I had had them a couple of times after seeing my mom nude by accident a couple of months earlier, and Glory naked looking in the mirror try to see if her boobs had started growing, which they had. And I liked the all nipple boobs of Glory.

I sat up quietly believing her wrath had past. She bellowed out, “Ben…Ben get your ass in here.” He must have been walking down the hall at the time or spying on us, since he came in the room almost immediately. I appreciated that he didn’t say anything about his sister and best friend both being undressed from the waist up. Or the sheen of Mindy’s saliva covered nipple, advertising what we had been up to.

“Yeah what?” he said looking irritated.

She was now standing over me, seizing my arm yanking me to my feet.  She threw my shirt in my face. “Get your worthless friend out of here. I swear he could screw up a wet dream.” She slugged me in the chest. Her years of holding another girl in the air made her a lot stronger than she looked. The punch knocked the air out of me.

“Shit, Alex what did you do?” He asked. When I refused to answer, trying to redeem myself at least a little by not saying what happened or what we were doing. He turned to his sister, whose eyes still looked mad, though I couldn’t tell if it was from lust or anger. He ask her, “What did he do?”

“Oh fuck it, nothing.” Her voice sounded like she had resolved herself to not getting off. Ben walked over to where I stood still trying to catch my breath.  Mindy’s tone changed just a little, “On second thought.” She turned to me, “You get the hell out.” Then snagging Ben’s arm said, “You stay.” With his arm in hand she jerked him into her where she captured him.  Her face was just as quickly plastered to his. 

I’d have loved to stay and watch, but having been told to get the hell out and already seen how hard Mindy could hit, I left. Before I had even reached the door Mindy was struggling to get Ben’s shirt over his head.  I wondered how far she was going to let him go with her.  Or I guess I should have thought how far was she going to make him go?  I knew better than to spy on them; if caught it would've made sucking on Mindy’s glorious tits ever again virtually impossible.   I did have to walk by the propped open door a couple of times while continuing to clean and rearrange other rooms in our ultimate man cave.  Each time I walked by I could hear the moaning and grunting of the two. I looked in a couple of times seeing they were also on the couch.

The first time I looked in Ben was sucking on Mindy’s tit much like I had been.  Fifteen minutes later when I walked by, from the corner of my eye I saw Ben was still on top of Mindy but they were engaged in a lip lock.  Something seemed off so I did a double take.  Ben was on Mindy in a lip lock but his pants were longer around his waist. They were on the floor next to the couch, and Mindy’s hands were on his ass. Her satin shorts were still in place so I assumed they were not fucking. But I wondered what they were doing.    About a half hour later I heard a faint feminine screech of “Oh God I’m cumming!”  I questioned how loud it must have been, as the rooms in the silo echoed with in their walls but were pretty much sound proof outside of them.

When Ben finally appeared with pants and shirt back in place, I had just discovered the connection for Ethernet network in our cave to have internet access and no filters.  I was planning on jacking off looking at some tiny titty girls on the “Kristen Board” when he arrived.  Not that I had any qualms with masturbating in front of him, but after what he had probably just experiences it seemed trivial and pointless. “Don’t ask.” He said.

“I wouldn’t think of it.” I told him, noticing his whole face had a bit of an unusual shimmer to it. Changing the subject I said, “We now have internet.”   

“Great,” he said sort of monotone. “Let’s get out of here. It is getting late and I don’t want to have to explain this place to any more people. I couldn’t handle it.” 

“Sure.” I said.  Mindy was already gone before we started locking down the facility.  Which I guess was good so she didn’t have a chance to relive my screw up; getting pissed at me all over again.  Maybe she'd stay away for a few days and forget all about my stepping out of bounds with her.  We didn’t set up a time go back, but we both had the method in so we didn’t need to.

I went home, running the feeling of Mindy’s tits through my mind over and over.  I wondered if all tits felt as sensual as hers.  I doubted I’d ever find out as hers were the first I had ever touched, and no others were on the immediate horizon.  The only females even in my orbit were Mom and Glory and they were related. Plus, Mom would never let me feel her up and Glory only had puffy nipples that every once in a while poked her t-shirt out with no tit behind them .  So I’d have to wait for Mindy to cool off.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Thank you.

Am enjoying your story for the first time today. Great you addressed KB's concerns and republished with fresh views and plot.

Well done.


Some people are like the 'slinky'. Not really good for much, but they bring a smile to your face as they fall down stairs.

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I hope you continue reading and enjoying the story. The next chapter follows below.

Others even if you've read this before please let me know if you like the changes.

Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 2 House Watching and Learning in the Dark
It was a couple of days before Mindy came down to the silo.  She was in a talkative mood. She talked at me about how her ex was still going on about fucking her.  “He’s a tiny pricked bastard. Hell even your prick is bigger.  And you had more of a chance of getting into my pants than he did.”  Her contradicting her earlier claim about likely letting him fuck her in the future didn't bother me.

I listened intently, thrilled she remembered the size of my dick. And even happier she said it was bigger than her ex’s. I didn’t know what she wanted me to say, so I continued listening to her.  “And now half the guys at school think I’m going to be an easy lay.  Fuck I haven’t ever been asked out so much.  And half the guys’ idea of a date is going up to the point to watch airplanes land.”

I looked at her not understanding, but not wanting to say it.  My horrible poker face gave me away. She asked, “You do know about watching airplanes land?”

I had heard some of the upper class men with cars talk about taking girls up to do it.  Being the geek I was I figured the couples only made out until a plane came into our rural airport for a landing. I loved mechanical things and thought it was cool doing that in the middle of the day, seeing how different pilots used the different flaps and engine speeds when landing their aircraft. “No, not really.” I answered truthfully, despite it making me look immature.

“It is a euphemism for fucking. Like I’d fuck any of them.” She spat out. “One with a smaller dick than the next. None of which would get me off.”  I really wanted to ask her what would get her off, but again I thought better of it.  Hopefully after listening to her she would inform me.  Instead she changed the subject to what else we were doing to our hide out.

I told her about the internet and how I was making sure all parts of the hide out had it.  Then I walked her thought a couple of places down the hall. “You didn’t see them did you?” I asked proud of myself.

“See what?” she asked in return.

“This.” I pointed up at the vent. “Look close and you can see a camera. Ben and I have been wiring the whole place so we can see every nook and cranny of this place back at the main control center.” I wanted to brag a bit and tell her, “And they can see in complete darkness.”  But I didn’t do it.

“You little assholes better turn them off when I’m in a room.” She said not as enthralled with the cameras as I was. “I don’t want your ass spying on me, or recording anything happening down here.”

I wish I could say I had never thought of doing anything like that. And now I was happy I kept the seeing in the dark to myself.  I lied the best I could, “As far as I know there is no way to record anything off the surveillance cameras.”

“Good,” she said eyeballing me, for once my bad poker face didn't give me away. “You two have served a purpose so far, and cameras would screw that up.”

“I understand.” And I did. She was happy order us around as she had said as her live dildos. But there couldn’t ever be proof of it.  Her getting off with Ben for obvious reasons, being her brother and all, couldn't ever get out.  On top of which everyone knew he was gay. She had less morally unacceptable reasons than socially unacceptable reasons for not wanting it getting out.

Ben and I put up with her secretive requirements for different reasons. Ben allowed it because she was keeping him safe from the bullies.  That very day she made Jason Willis, a senior, cower against a locker while she verbally demeaned and degraded him after he had started to do the same to Ben.  She was a master of the verbal bout, able to shred anyone she wished if she thought it necessary.  I, on the other hand, put up with her demanding ways, since it let me cop a feel and she had given me a hand job of sorts.  Plus I hoped for a repeat.

I'd been very careful not mentioning the recording. I'd be watching what she did with Ben the next time they were alone.  While Ben wasn’t my competition, seeing he was gay and Mindy being his sister, he was setting a standard of competence.  And it would be fun to watch a live sex show even if it was via video.  I carefully changed the subject, or I thought it was a smooth transition. “Have you seen the new series on Hua? It is so cool. It is about a corporation that can bend space. They are using it to grow clones on another world. Until a couple figure out why their friends go missing and stow-away on a pod returning them to earth.”

Before I could go on Mindy said, “You’re a fucking geek, and a weird one at that.” She turned and started to leave. I was going to go with her, when I took a step following she turned to me. “Stay. I don’t want to deal with your special brand of geek right now.”

“Fine, I have work to do. And your special brand of bitchy could only mean you are on the rag.” I knew what the phase would do to females but had never said it to anyone before. 

“Fuck you.” she growled back at me. I didn’t think I could hurt her feelings but she had a bit of a hurt look in her eyes. She turned and hollered, “Ben. Where the hell are you?  I’m going to kill your boyfriend. I hope you don’t care.”

I knew he couldn’t hear her. The sound would echo in the room but would be little better than a conversational level outside the door. I got out of the room quickly leaving her alone. I figured out of sight out of mind. And I wanted her not mad at me. She was more likely to let me play with her tits if she wasn’t pissed at me. 

I hurried out of the room and down to my current experiment.  I had found a type of paint, which seemed to be seal anything it was panted on.  It was a nice institutional off white that made any room seem brighter.  I carefully painted bathroom to test my automated cleaning system. I figured it would kill two birds with one experiment.  I went in and pissed on the wall for the third time in four days. The place was starting to smell. In a couple of days I’d see if the auto cleaning worked.

As soon as I had put my dick back in my pants I quietly took the long way back to what we called the main control room.  Once in the room, I started going through the video camera’s trying to find the siblings.  I finally found them. They were in the middle of modifying a couch. It looked like they were trying to figure out how to convert it into a futon.  After a couple of iterations they had it close, and it looked like Mindy wanted to put it through its paces.

She grabbed Ben by the shirt and tossed him onto a reclining chair, a professor had left without.  She stripped him of his shirt before she started kissing him.  She was attacking him with her lips. She kissed and sucked on his neck, before going to his nipples.  Ben didn’t look like he was enjoying as much as I thought I would, but he wasn’t fighting Mindy off. She stripped off her shirt and bra letting her youthfully firm “B” cup tits free of their confinement.

I didn’t understand how Ben wasn’t jumping at the chance to suck on the firm tit and its hard nipple.  I wished the video would've been able to zoom in on her gorgeous tits, like they had in “Revenge of the Nerds” but the view was good enough.  I could see that Mindy took Ben’s hand and put it on her solid flesh and said something to him between her licking his belly button.  He shortly started massaging her white, pink and tan breast.  He had her saying something when he rolled the nub between his finger and thumb.  She quickly scrambled up his torso, cramming first one tit then the other in his mouth.   He was obviously doing a good job at stimulating her buttons. She arched her back running more of her mammary meat into his suckling mouth, wailing something. 

It was this that made me sure we needed microphones in the rooms.  If we ever had other people come down to our hide out and make out, I wanted to be able to hear what they said while doing it. Hopefully, it would give me pointers on what to say to future girlfriends to get into their pants. I could've used it at that moment; finding out what Mindy liked about what Ben was doing.   

Mindy did something that surprised me and from the look on Ben’s face, shocked the hell out of him as well.  She lifted her glistening tit out of Ben’s sucking cavity and extricated herself completely without warning.  With her tits jiggling as she walked to the light switch, and plunged them into almost complete darkness.  Closing the door completed the removal of light.

I did the required keystrokes on the console, and the video once again showed the two occupants. They were a strange tint of blue-green and not nearly as well defined. While I could still see her tits I couldn’t make out if her nipples were hard or soft or the true color of her flushed skin. What I could see was making me laugh. Mindy had her arms straight out waving them around, protecting herself from running into anything.  Which was funny since all she would find at the height she had them at would be walls.  Which meant when she came to the couch she ran straight into it falling onto Ben again.

She didn’t go back to kissing and sucking on him, as I expected. She stood back up, stripping off her loose shorts. With them gone I could see she had a high cut pair of what would besexy looking panties.  She stripped them off next, bending over to take them off her feet.  It was my first view, though modified of her round ass.  I sat there wishing she hadn’t turned off the light. I’d have liked to know if her tiny bit of pubic hair was also a light brown. She had removed all of it around her pussy but left a little patch that wasn’t as bushy as the ones I had seen on the internet.

Again I wished I could hear them. She had said something to Ben as she stumbled around the couch until she was almost standing over him.  The whole time they were talking Ben was shaking his head as he said what looked like first a “No” followed by a “Hell No.” I wondered what she was saying to him. I bet it was about her straddling his head, since that is what she did next.  She pinned his head between her thighs as she knelt on the converted couch. With his head pressed to the mattress when she spread her legs wider lowering her cunt.  Ben didn't act initially as if he like her cunt lips pressed to his mouth lips.

I hadn’t realized it but watching the two had my hand down my shorts gripping my cock.  When I realized I was stroking my cock in time to Mindy’s scrapping her pussy lips against Ben’s mouth.  I pulled my prick free when I noticed what I was doing. If I came in my shorts it'd be obvious to Mindy I had found a way of watching her feed her cunt to her brother. 

My stroking my hard prick sped up when she found Ben’s hands and placed them on her heaving chest. He rolled and tweaked the nipples in his hands as she undulated on his face. I had no idea how he was breathing with her cunt lips being parted by his nose as she ground her sex on his open mouth.  As undefined as the pictures were, I could have sworn I saw part of Ben’s tongue lapping the inside of one of her fattened folds.  I could see Ben massaging her tits more vigorously as Mindy’s stroking lost its defined pace, thrusting at his mouth spastically.

I shot my white sticky load onto a screen and keyboard in front of me at the same time I saw Mindy arch her back and let out a scream. Shortly after as my third powerful jet spurt from my cock Mindy fell forward mashing her tits into the bottom of Ben’s rib cage. Her mouth had found his covered groin as her hands caressed the length of his legs. Her thrusts were driving Ben’s head harder into the couch cushion, as she devoured his clothed cock. The grinding of her cunt on his face ended when she rolled of Ben.  Even though my spying was done in blackness, in the screen Ben’s cheeks and chin glistened with her juices.  Her pussy lips and matted pubic hair had the same shine, as she lay next to Ben with her legs spread wide and her tits pointing at the ceiling.

Mindy was still panting, my attention divided between her bloated twat and her pert tits, when Ben found his way to the light switch.  He said something to his sister before plucking his shirt from the floor.  By the time he found me in the control room, he had his shirt back on and face rinsed off. I had turned off the security camera and had an internet site pulled up with a hot teen having her tits sucked on by an old dude. “Hey Ben you have any idea why porn sites think we want to see some old guy sucking on a hot chicks tits.” I said hoping the question would keep him from noticing any cum residue I might have missed.

“They do the same thing with dick sucking too.” He said not hiding his viewing.

“Must be to give old guys hope.” I mused.

“Yeah, I guess.” He said still not sounding all that happy. “I think it is time to get going.”

“You going to let Mindy know?” I asked him. His expression let me know he would prefer I did it. “Fine I’ll do it. But she is your sister.”

“Bite me.” was all he said, leaving me to get Mindy.  I found her in the room where she had face fucked Ben.  She still wasn’t dressed and I got a perfect view of her reddish twat and her cunt juice coated thighs. She was dozing on the couch not expecting me. I didn’t make my presence known to her, enjoying looking at her nude body.   

She detected my presence, despite my silent gawking.  She didn’t cover any part of her body up after realizing it was me and not Ben.  She did say with aggravation, “Quit staring you perv.  And get the fuck out of here.”

I didn’t like her telling me to leave any part of the hide out, she was the interloper.  Had she told me to lick her pussy that would have been different. I let my irritation show, “Screw you. Ben and I found this place. So I’ll go where I want.”

“Well aren’t you the big man.” She said sitting, closing her legs ending my unobstructed view of her twat.  Bending over getting her discarded clothes, she sarcastically said. “Will you please get the fuck out of here, while I get dressed you prev.”

“Only because you said it so nice.” I said just as sarcastic, not thinking of the ramifications.  “We are leaving in a few. And just letting you know Ben and I have the system so it locks people in as well as locking them out.”  I turned and left her as she started re-assembling her clothes.

Mindy joined up with us five minutes later. If Ben was mad at her it had passed.  They joked, pushed and shoved on each other like nothing had happened.  I found it kind of surreal how well they separated sex from the rest of their relationship.  I wondered if my sister ground her hairless slit on my face, would I be joking with her five minutes later. I doubted I’d ever find out. It also made me realize I didn’t know if my sister still had a hairless slit.  I’d have to see if there was a good place to put one or two cameras around the house. If there was I’d put the equipment I already took home to good use.

My camera placement in the bathroom had its desired result and extras. At first I only wanted to find out if Glory had started growing hair on her smooth pussy. The first time I enabled the camera I saw her getting into the bath tub. She had a teeny oval of down above slick pussy lips. It wasn’t curly but was as dark as the head of her head.  The strands of hair looked soft and silky. I really would have liked to stroke the hair finding out exactly how smooth it really could be. But with the amount of times my folks had told her any touch of her pussy whether it be her own or someone else’s was evil, there was no way she would let me play with the newly formed hair. I’d have to surreptitiously speed up her willingness to be touched from six years down the road to the near future. 

And it wasn’t just her pussy it turns out I thought I should touch. Her puffed out nipples for tits looked cool to play with. I wondered if they would be like Mindy’s although she hadn’t any tits behind them. That too would have to wait until I was able to convince her my playing with her nipple tits was ok.  I didn’t know where or how to start convincing her.

For the next two weeks every couple of days Mindy would accost Ben in a room. She would turn off the lights thinking I couldn’t watch her have Ben munch on her snatch. I watched every time they did it.  Ben learned what his sister wanted and quit his protesting, evidently becoming good at eating on her pussy.  His new talent kept Mindy less bitchy and more talkative. I figured when Mindy was freshly eaten and feeling talkative and being nice was the time to pick her brain. 

One day I got up the nerve and asked Mindy, “When did you first masturbate?”

“That is a hell of a cheeky question for a squirt like you.” she said not answering.

“Yeah I guess.” I replied sounding as deferential as possible. “I just don’t know that much about girls. And you being a girl and all I hope you would teach me something about them.”

“Oh do you have a girlfriend?” She asked patronizingly. “A geek like you?”

“Maybe..Sorta.” I stammered not wanting her asking who. I couldn’t say I had designs on Glory. That sounded creepy even though she and Ben had been engaging in activities most people would think of as creepy if not disgusting.

“And what?.. you want to get into her pants?” She asked accusingly, “You planning on leaving who ever this girl is unsatisfied? If I recall that would be your MO.”

I sputtered out. “No.”

“So you are going to please her first. And keep your mouth shut.” She not so much asked as demanded.

“Yes” I said sheepishly. I’d demonstrated my resolve on her if she gave me the chance. Plus it wasn’t like I was going to be eating my sister. I just thought her new pussy hair looked really silky and nice to the touch.

“I hear you fail on this, I’ll make you a soprano. But I don’t see how my first masturbating helps you get into some girls pants. And what makes you think I masturbate?” She inquired.

“I don’t know.” I admitted, though her voracious sexual appetite make it likely.

She started her reminiscing, “It was some time back. I had just started growing hair on my pussy. Actually above it. I was playing with the new hair when I hit my clit by mistake. Oh that was so hot. The charge went straight to my brain. And it made my pussy itch.” I was now listening to the tale intently as was Ben. “I don’t think anything has ever itched that much before or since.  I started rubbing on my clit and between my cunt lips. Oh man did that make the itch get hot. The hot scared me a little so I went back to playing with the hair.  But the itch had to be scratched. And I rubbed my clit until I had my first orgasm.  Talk about scared and exhilarated at the same time. I thought I wet myself when it was over.”

“She still wets herself when she cums.” Ben mumbled barely hearable.

“Oh shut up.” She snapped at him. “And you are no worse for the wear.” From there they continued their bickering. The continued their argument out of the room and for most of the rest of the day.  Which was fine by me, I was working on my plan for Glory.  And I started wondering if I should be working on a plan for a repeat between Mindy’s legs.

For the next week everything went as normal as our lives had become.  Mindy continued finding Ben every couple of days and turning off the light once she found him.  She’d strip off her pants and panties as well as most all of Ben’s clothes.  She’d toss him on whatever furniture was available before grinding her insatiable cunt on her brother’s face. 

After one of her orgasms Ben came bursting into the control room, while Mindy lay back enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. “I’m fucking tired of that nympho’s pussy. I wish she’d let you go down on her. Hell you’d probably enjoy munching on her rug.”

“Maybe.” I admitted. “But she would never agree to it. So until then you’re the man.”

Ben looked at me hard like he was trying to figure something out.  Eventually he said, “What if she didn’t know.”

I thought I knew where he was going but asked, “Didn’t know what?”

“That it wasn’t me.” He replied, explaining further. “She comes in and shuts off the lights and the room is completely black.  Hell you probably see more than I do.  So if we switched places she’d never know.”

“So you know I have been watching on the cameras?” I asked. “Does Mindy know?”

“Your alive right?” he smiled, “So I’d say no.”

“You’re saying Mindy would kill me if she knew I just watched you two. So what is she going to do if she catches us switching places?”

“Best we don’t get caught.”  We proceeded to discuss the details of how we could switch places. For the next week anytime Mindy had the urge to have her gash licked and sucked Ben adjusted their positions, making sure he wasn’t under her. I watched carefully taking notes of how he did her. When he wasn’t kneeing between her legs, we discussed every move we’d do, how we’d handle talking that might be needed while I replaced him. How we’d leave the room after.

The plan was coming together when Mindy threw us a monkey wrench.  It was the day before Ben’s birthday.  Mindy found Ben in one of the rooms finishing the install of the microphone for the monitoring system.  She shut off the lights as she walked in upon finding him.  I switched the camera over immediately, planning my continued education of Ben’s pussy eating technique.  Only before Ben could get Mindy’s naked pussy hanging of the edge of the chair in the room, she stripped his underwear for the first time and pushed him into the chair.   

“Time for your early Birthday present.” I heard from the newly installed audio monitor as I saw Mindy go to her knees.  I could see her hand cup is balls, as she gradually moved her head to Ben’s soft dick.  Her movement to his cock was tepid, like she hadn’t done it before. 

“Shit.” Ben said when Mindy’s mouth encompassed his prick. The movements of her mouth hardening him. Her lips sliding up and down his newly stiffened meat pole made groans come through the speakers. The shine of her spit on his five inch dick was obvious in the monitor. She licked the length of his prick and around the ridge of its head.   I watched with my own prick in my hand as her head sped up bobbing. Her slurping on his penis was heard throughout the room and monitor.  Ben’s panting was obvious on the monitor as was mine as I watched.  He thrashed in the chair humping his prick into his sister’s mouth, even holding her head in place as he did a hard thrust up.

I heard belting out of the small speaker. “Oh God I’m cumming. Fuck that is so damn good suck harder.”  I knew Ben was blowing since I too felt my balls crawling up into my abdomen, preparing the delivery of my spunk.  I watched Mindy swallow over and over while Ben held her in place as his sperm receptacle. The small amount of goo coming from the corner of her mouth confirmed Ben’s spurting into his sister’s mouth.  This sent my hand flying on my prick until thick ropes shot forth from its hole.  I closed my eyes imaging the jets of semen were bound for Mindy’s mouth.

By the time I re-opened my eyes, Ben had also recovered from his bliss and was rambling. “Fuck yeah lick me clean.  It’s so good. Oh my balls, I love your tongue on my balls.”

For the first time since she started sucking on Ben’s prick I heard her, “Hell this has me fucking horny.  You’re going to have to take care of that.” Her head went right back to his crotch slathering his shrunken dick and balls with her spit coated tongue.

What I couldn’t believe was Ben’s guttural reply, “Any time sis. Just don’t stop.” I could see there wasn’t a way for her to continue in his groin while he went at her snatch with the furniture that was in the room.  I didn’t think Mindy would let him put her on the hard ground to eat her cunt. No they would have to switch places with Ben on his knees before her.

I just had gotten back with a rag to clean up my second spraying of the monitoring system, when I noticed Ben in front of Mindy sitting where he had been, her legs spread wide as his had been.  They both had become good at moving about in the room which was in complete blackness.  Ben was competently though not enthusiastically licking away at Mindy’s spread pussy lips.  Her feet locked together resting on between his shoulder blades. Despite having part of my view blocked by the manner of their position I got a feel for what Ben was doing by Mindy’s lick by lick description. I didn’t remember her being so verbal with our handjob. I guess having her pussy licked and kissed was different.

“Yes my gay boy, lick my asshole.  That is so hot.  Circle it with your tongue and kiss it.” Emanated from the monitor speaker.  Not being able to hear her earlier I hadn’t realized how demanding of a lover she would be.  The fact was she was just as willing to order Ben about during sex as she was any other time.  “Up..Up no in my hole I need your fat tongue in my hole.” Her words ran out as Ben had moved up to her pussy proper from her ass crack. “God poke it.. yes poke it in again…deeper…uh oh..ah yeah deeper.” Her voice was getting raspy with grunts and moans between her demands, “Fuck me..fuck me with that tongue.” A look of satisfaction pass across Mindy’s face for a minute as I imagined Ben had done as she had demanded and began plunging his tongue into her vagina. The reprieve from demands was short lived. “Rub my clit. Its on fire rub it.. rub it now.” Ben stopped rolling her nipple nub between his finger and thumb, going instead to her hard nub crowning her pussy folds.

Her body froze for a few seconds after Ben rolled her clit about much like he'd been doing to her nipple. The first thing unfrozen was her stomach which undulated and quaked, rolling from top to bottom like a belly dancer. This was followed shortly by her hands firmly gripping the arm rests and thrusting her hips up, lifting her ass off the chair. Mindy gyrated her hips and ground her pussy into Ben’s face while he diligently fulfilled her demands.

Her new set of screeched demands contradicted her earlier ones. “Suck my clit…Do it..suck me I want your lips on my soul.” She trailed off as Ben followed her direction, taking it one step further burying his fingers were his tongue had been.  I could hear the squishing and sloshing of his fingers as he jack hammered them in and out of her creaming cunt.  Mindy’s slamming Ben’s face flat into her groin and sudden rigid tightening of her muscles confirmed the wail that came from her. “I’m cumming!” All other sounds from her were high pitched squeals in the range of a dog’s hearing.  She was done and Ben grabbed up his clothes and left before more demands where made of him.

Before we left Ben came in saying, “That was fucking amazing. You have no idea how hot it is having your disk sucked.”

I saw my chances of switching places going down the drain but asked anyway, “So our plan is done for?”

“Hell no.” He reassured, “As I said it was fucking fantastic, but not enough to put up with her pussy in my face all the time.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah seriously, I don’t think there is anything that would make me want pussy in my face.” He said reaffirming his preference for penises over pussies. “Let get out of here.” 

As I left the hidden door to the hide out with Ben and Mindy, I was thrilled that sooner or later I’d get a chance at Mindy’s luscious pussy.  In the meantime I still had my plans with Glory.  I knew she had been snooping in my computer when I was away from it for even a minute.  I used her peeping against her. 

I used the excuse of science class papers, leaving up non porn web pages on young girls’ first masturbating experiences.  How they got started the first time, how it was normal for girls to touch themselves. I was hoping it would get her to start.  I’d try using it as a gateway to getting my fingers on the fine hair above her pussy. And with a lot of luck maybe my lips on their first pussy, though I hoped Mindy’s would be the first.

By the end of the week the web pages had done their job.  I think I captured Glory’s first masturbation on the camera I put in the bathroom.  She had gone into the bathroom for her bath right after I was done with my shower.  Before I started watching her I noticed the mouse had been moved on my computer.  She had been reading the page on masturbation.

As I watched Glory in the bath on my computer screen, I recognized she was following much of what was written on the screen earlier. She was lying in the tub full of water when her hand went to her strawberry pink nipples. Both were standing up poking out from her chest easily gripped between her finger and thumb.  She rolled them and pressed on them, closing her eyes.  Her mouth was open and let out a little gasp as she sped up encircling them. She bent her head toward her nipple as if measuring what it would take to get the hot little nub in her grasp to her mouth.

One hand continued playing with her nipple while the other traveled down her baby fat laced stomach gradually slipping under water. Initially the water had only slight waves from her hand’s movement into it.  Gradually her stroking up and down became exceedingly obvious. The waves and ripples increased in size and frequency as her hand moved up and down under the water. Her whole body buried under the water began thrusting up and down with her stroking.  The splashing of the water went everywhere.

She suddenly stopped the rubbing under the water and thrusting. Her eyes still had the same look Mindy had before she used Ben to achieve orgasm.  She drained most of the water from the tub and turned on the water.  Hot water sprayed out of the hand wand she had in her hand.  The setting was on pulse as I could see her direct the hot jets of water at her clit and pussy lips.  For five minutes she ran the pulses up and down her virgin plumped up labia. Finally I saw her on the monitor throw her head back, and I heard her whine through the wall.

Feeling a little bit evil, remembering how embarrassed I was the first time I came, I when to the bathroom door. I knocked saying, “You ok in there? You need any help?”

Through the door a stammered voice unlike Glory’s normal came, “No, Go away. I’m fine.”

“You sure?” I wasn’t going to let her get away that easily, hoping maybe she would open the door.

“Yes, now go way. I’m not dressed.” She hollered through the door.  I did as she asked and went back to watching her on the screen.   I watched her probe her raised clit, jumping each time her fingertip touched the sensitive bundle of nerves.  I thought she was going to repeat the rubbing of her cunt but her poking at her clit stopped after a couple of touches made her whole body jerk and quiver.

We didn’t meet back up in the abandoned silo for a week after the night Mindy blew Ben.  For that week I stayed around the house watching Glory get herself off at least twice a day. Something had been unleashed in her after that first masturbation. And she seemed to find any excuse for going to the bathroom and rub on her clit.  She walked about the house with a flush on her face most of the time. 

It was on the sixth day of staying at home that a surprise occurred.  My mom, the bible thumper, ran into Glory’s and mine bathroom. She was notorious for waiting until the last minute before going to the bathroom. Evidently she had waited so long to pee she ran into the bathroom with the hidden camera.  Mom was and is a sexy woman, despite her over exuberance at thinking everything is a sin. It is this relying on calling everything a sin that made her shaved pussy so strange.  I expected her to have a full bush of black hair when she dropped her pants. But instead her pussy lips were smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I sat in amazement at the sight.

I had wanted to put a camera in the master bathroom but hadn’t had a chance at working on it.  Getting the hideout ready for anything we decided to do down there had taken up most of my time. But the sight of Mom’s fine hairless pussy had me re-evaluate my not spending more time figuring out how to get one in there.  While I knew I had better chance at winning the lottery than ever playing with Mom’s pussy, I could still be a real perv sitting around looking at it instead. 

Ben got blown again the first time we returned down the silo. He again looked as if he was in heaven while Mindy’s lips were around his prick. She sucked down his spunk like a baby nursing on a nipple for the first time in three days.  Not a drop seeped from her lips like the first time Ben deposited his seed in her mouth.  When the last of his sperm had been swallowed down her gullet, Mindy had a mischievous grin on her face as she continued licking his shrinking prick. The lollipop substitute was tongue cleaned of any errant spunk and excessive spittle.

When Ben had had enough of his sister’s lips and tongue on his groin, he directed her off her knees and onto the recliner. Her ass was so well rounded and smooth I wished Ben would speed up our switching positions. I could tell by Mindy’s reaction Ben was doing an adequate job at working her up to orgasm.  He was kissing his way up and down her fattening pedals, running his tongue tip on the pink flesh between the pedals. Her breathing increasingly became shallower and shallower though over a longer period of time than ever before.  Finally the moans and groans filled the room between Mindy’s panted demands. “Suck my clit…Harder..god yes suck it harder.” Ben’s cheeks sunk in as his mouth remained at the apex of her pussy lips. 

She jumped suddenly, “Oh shit that is so good. Bite me again.  Bite my clit.” Her initial grimace made it plain Ben did as Mindy demanded.  Her guttural moans became a yowl, when she yanked Ben’s head back from her cunt by his hair.  He didn’t release the hard nub between his teeth, stretching the nub to the breaking point, before it was ripped from his teeth. Her voice was nothing more than a primal scream as she violently crammed his head back to her bucking pelvis, mashing his nose into her small patch of pubic hair. Multiple times she hammered her twat with his mouth, as if to beat her wanton cunt into submission.  It was unlike any of the other times I had watched them. She had a wild look matching her aggressive using of Ben’s face for her pleasure. 

It looked as if Ben’s last ditch effort to prevent serious injury was pounding three fingers into her asshole using the lubricant that had run down over her brown shitter.  His burying his fingers in the small orifice took only a second as I saw the muscles in his arm tighten as he shoved.  Mindy scream resonated in the room as all her muscles tightened, squeezing Ben mercilessly.  She remained in that state, every muscle taut and unmoving for what for Ben must have seemed like forever, but was just over a minute.  Her moving Ben’s mouth to cover her pussy hole was her first stirring.  She did little else but pant flung back flat into the cushioned back.

Ben must have found something he must have enjoyed. I could tell by the way he began finger fucking her ass with exuberance.  I even saw him flick his tongue on her mauled clit, before lapping her slit like a dog from ass to clit. All the while he pummeled he stretched sphincter savagely. Mindy though seemed to love it gradually returning her hips to undulating, matching his impalement. She whined in a little girl’s voice “Enough” after her third raunchy scream about cumming filled the room, and she looked as if a wet noodle had more rigidity than her muscles.

Ben found his clothes on the floor, despite the darkness and started out of the room. For some reason he turned back to look into the blackness where his sister lain saying, “The next time you want your cunt tended to, sit right where you are in the dark and it will happen.”

Still panting she objected, “Yeah right. Ain’t happening.”

Ben didn’t respond he just continued on out. He showed up next to me at the monitors, complaining. “I swear, she trying to beat me to death with that twat of hers.”

“I don’t think so,” I tried sounding upbeat. “She is just a nympho that needs to keep her cunt happy.  And you do that.”

“Not any more. She is all yours.” Ben stated emphatically. “Let her grind her snatch on you for a while.”

“Fine, but do you really think she will sit there and wait for you to come to her?” I wondered aloud.

“I don’t know.” He admitted, “But I guess we’ll find out.”
“Find out what?” Mindy said from the door. Her distance gave me just enough time to pull up “Teenage Sluts of Nebraska.”  She had mostly dressed. Her nipples were poking through her T-shirt as she left her bra off when she re-dressed. Her inner thighs still had remnants of her orgasm visible below her shorts.

“If you can follow directions.” Ben said, sure of himself.

“Oh I can just not yours.” She said before turning to me. “Put your eyes back in your head, perv. They are just tits, so stop staring, and go back to your porn.”

I’d have come back with, “No problem they have bigger ones on line.” But I didn’t really like big tits. Smallish firm tits that stood out proud like Mindy’s were preferable, but I knew most girls like guys never wanted to be called small.  Additionally, I saw no upside in pissing her off when Ben was already doing a good job of it. “Nah I’m out of here. You leaving soon Ben?”

“Yeah, I have a bit of homework. And arguing with sex fiend sounds like no fun,” Ben said also heading for the door.  Over his shoulder he said to Mindy, “Doors are locked as soon as we leave so if you don’t want to be stuck in here for a couple of days.”

“Fine I’m coming.” She said, following us. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her comment. My chuckle did not go over with her.  She punched my arm letting me know she knew what I was thinking. 

At home I went to my computer and fast forwarded through the recording of mine and Glory’s bathroom.  I found Glory had gone to the bathroom an hour after getting home. Once in the bathroom she had stripped off her jumper and plain white cotton panties.  Her hand went to downy hair above her pussy. From there her hand went to her little clit and pink pussy lips. She rubbed up and down on herself changing speed, before switching to a circular caress of her clit.  She had also gone to rubbing on her puffy coned nipples.  She pushed her flat nipple only chest out like she was expecting a different hand than her own on her cone.  Her lips parted in what was probably a grasp or moan before her hand went ballistic on her clit.  Tensed and frozen muscles along with pussy lips going from glistening to wet indicated she orgasmed.  She remained frozen in place with her mouth agape for over two minutes.  When recovered, she went right back to doing the same thing for a second time.  For the next forty minute she repeated her actions orgasming twice more.

I thought I could use the recording against Glory making her do what I wanted.  The more I thought about it the less attractive it became.  I thought of what Mindy was doing to Ben and how much he hated it.  And while Glory and I didn’t have the best relationship, I didn’t want her to hate me.  So I turned my attention to getting a video from the master bathroom.  I figured two cameras would cover the whole room and shower; now I just had to get them installed undetected.

I was still trying to figure out how to install the cameras without being detecting when we went back to the silo.  I was working on setting up the monitors for offsite monitoring through the internet when the lights in the room Ben was in went off as Mindy entered. Unlike earlier encounter Ben didn’t stay put waiting for Mindy to strip him down. Instead he calmly said very monotone on the way past her to the door, “Get naked and on the couch I’ll be back after I piss. Then I guess I’ll get you off.”

“Make it fast.” She said more demanding than usual.

“Yeah I will.” He indicated.  He also while still in the pitch black room motioned for me to come meet him at the door to the room.  We had worked out that if I slipped in while the door closed behind him, we could change places without Mindy catching on. 

Our plan worked as designed, as I made it into the room without Ben’s sister noticing.  With the door closed behind him Mindy said. “What took you so fucking long?”

“Nothing, but delaying your demands I lick your twat.”  Ben answered honestly.

“Well I’m going to break you of that gay thing if it kills you. You are much too good a rug muncher to waste your talents on some dick.” She was just as brutally honest. “You know what to do.”

“Yeah,” He sounded dejected.  He tapped me after a second of trying to find me in the dark.  This was our signal I should knee between his sister’s legs replacing him.  He got right up behind me so if any talking to her was necessary it would come from the right place in the dark room.

I savored the smell of her musky pussy I guess a bit too long, eliciting a, “Well get to it, before that twerp, Alex shows up.” 

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 3  Servicing Mindy and Parental Discoveries

Twerp I thought I’ll show her a twerp. I'd watched Ben’s pussy eating for over a week planning on doing just as he did. But her twerp comment had me determined to exceed anything Ben had ever done.  Her intoxicating smell was forgotten for the moment, as I applied my lips to her smooth fairly flattened labia.  It was my first kiss of pussy and it set my mind on fire. The hint of pussy juice I licked from my lips as I backed up was tart and tangy.  I’d have sat back and relished the bouquet of the small sample, had I not been the substitute for Ben.  He wouldn’t do that at this late date and with pussy juice as it wasn’t his elixir of choice.  Not having time for full appreciation of cunt juice taste and smell, I place my lips back on her nether region lips. I sucked one lip running my tongue over the smooth outside and velvety inside, while it became bloated in my grasp.  The slight hint of pussy juice was becoming a wetted mustache on my upper lip.

Like Ben had done, I held her inner thighs pushing them further apart, giving me full access to her changing pussy. The dampness in her pussy became wetness that coated my chin as I licked her delicate inner folds.  I tried remembering what Ben had done, so as not to get too far afield. Her juices in my mouth and travelling down my throat wiped my mind clean. I was new at eating pussy and would just go with my instincts.  Over and over I lapped up her juices as I’m fairly sure their family dog had done.  The oily substance mixed with spittle coating my tongue.  Her opening passed below my tongue on each occasion.  I was enjoying the taste and smells and her wiggling her hips meeting my licking when she howled, “Suck my clit you bastard.” Her hands going to my hair were pulling me up in the direction of her hard nub.

Unlike Ben’s usual compliant moving I pulled her hands from my hair staying further down between her legs.  I licked the outside of each of her pussy lips and sucked on her inner thigh savoring the feel of her skin on my lips. Mindy again grabbed at my hair when I batted her hands away. In an angry tone she panted her chastisement, “What the fuck do you think you are doing? I said suck my clit.”  I heard her demand and sucked her bloated pussy flesh into my mouth and bit down lightly. 

Releasing her indented flesh from my teeth I tapped Ben letting him know he could respond, as my mouth was free of Mindy.  What he didn’t know was how to respond.  He did his best at guessing what I was doing. “No. I’m doing what I want, adjust.” I heard from behind me. It was the perfect answer.  I accentuated the remark by finding my way up to clit by running my tongue up between the silken skin of her inner lips, and biting her clit.  I took the hard flesh poking up at the apex of her lips between my lips and teeth and bit down hard.  Her groan and squeal was immediate, as the flesh deformed as my teeth pressed closer together.

“Oh fucking shit,” echoed throughout the room as did her panting, when I had let the hard button between my teeth go after pulling it out from her abdomen, further than Ben had. “God damn that fucking hurt” she whined as she slapped the back of my head four times.  I blew on the mauled bundle of nerves, feeling the heat from her pussy emanating from her slit. Her whining became cooing the longer I blew on her hard clit. She bucked her hips at my face. “Oh it so good, blow on my clit.  Oh yeah. It so good…so good.” She rambled, moving her hips about so my exhaled breath hit her clit.  “Suck me….God Ben suck my clit.” She demanded.

I put my lips on her clit once more licking the tight swelled skin between my lips.  Her squawking started when I closed my teeth down on the hot nub. But her tune had changed, “Fucking shit, not again.  Ah gawd it hurts good…Oh fuck does it hurt good.  Bite me. Bite my clit. Fuck harder.” Her breathing was so ragged I could hardly understand her demands.  But I didn’t bite her harder.  I instead let her clit from my teeth, only to hear, “Fuck Ben, are you going to do anything you are told?”

Again I backed away from her sweet smelling pussy, more pungent from her juices. I tapped Ben, who was still behind me waiting for me to complete getting his sister off. He knew how to answer, “No. Not today.” I waited a couple of seconds, making sure Ben was done talking. Confident he was done talking, I kissed her inner thigh. 

“Oh, fuck.  Not my thigh…my pussy needs you.” She said, gyrating her hips about. I kept my distance from her pussy instead enjoying the kisses I was applying to her thighs.  They developed small goose bumps I could feel as I ran my tongue over her skin. I still couldn’t believe I was so close to her pussy, it was so surreal. I still hadn’t kissed her mouth and yet I was between her legs, having already run my tongue up and down her pussy and nibbled on her clit.   I couldn’t pass up the chance at feeling the inside of her pussy, but decided would I delayed running my finger into her hot vagina and making her climax until I had felt every inch of Mindy’s sexy body.   

I ran my fingertips along the inside of her thigh, making the goose bumps on her thigh more pronounced. Her skin felt so fine under my touch. As my fingers traveled down her bare leg and over her calf, I pressed my lips tightly to the smooth inner thigh pressing the tip of my tongue to the skin I sucked in. Each time I brought a little of her thigh’s skin in between my lips I sucked on it a little harder. When I switch to her other thigh without touching her pussy in between she groaned.  I didn’t care about her groaning. The probability of repeating the subterfuge on Mindy was slim, so while between her legs I was going to take advantage of every moment.

Slowly I brought both hands back up the gentle curve of her calves, cupping them in my palms as I stroked them. The slight dip at the behind her knee was as smoothly shaven as her calves had been. Not interfering with my kisses my hands past by my lips while I got further from the sweet fragrances of her maligned and hot pussy. The dimple in backside of her knee tasted as ambrosia while I licked every bend.  My hands slid along her thighs spreading my fingers maximizing the amount of skin I could examine.

I knew what I was doing wasn’t anything like what Ben had done during his forced servitude.  But I was savoring the moment. My hands traveled up and over her rounded resilient rear caressing its covering. My fingers massaged large chunks of her cheeks, squeezing them after my fingers slid into her crack giving me a better grip. Up and over her ass to her back I went grasping and separating them further apart before releasing them. I timed my hands and mouth to release their captive flesh at the same time.   Mindy’s moans and gasp naturally fell in time with my manipulations.  Reaching the top of her fissure I massaged my way back down to her pussy, letting my fingers dip down further in her crack bottoming out in its valley. Her wrinkled anus being pressed on a couple of times before passing completely by, just to have the base of her pussy complete the trek.

Flattening my hands I snaked them into the slippery gap of labia and thigh, I press her swollen smooth slickened labia together in my praying hands. I sawed my hands in opposite directions while my praying hands contained Mindy’s labia.  She sob, “Oh god yes, rub my pussy.” I could feel her whole body heaving on the couch, while I ground her cunt in my hands.  She became more insistent despite her earlier demands being ignored. “Ben lick my pussy.  I need your tongue in me. Fuck me with your tongue.  Shove it in damn you!”

I had to let Ben know what I needed him to say.  We had worked out how I could tap out Morse code on the back of his hand. To do it I moved further away from her pussy, kissing and licking my way down her legs. The rebuke was immediate, “Fuck Ben…Just fuck why are you going that way?”

I quickly tapped out the message on his hand. With the message prepared I grabbed her slender ankles and spread her legs wide while pushing them up over her head.  On queue Ben said from directly behind me, “Hold them.” Surprisingly her legs offered no resistance shortly after, as she did as she was told.   My hands freed I put them on her bare and palpitating chest.  Her tits felt solid and hot in my hands. Her nipples were already pencil eraser ready.  I rolled them effortlessly in my fingers on finding them in the pitch black room. They felt so luxurious in my hands, stiff and suck-able. But I couldn’t risk getting my face so close to hers or having her get enough physical clues about who was really on their knees before her.

Instead of sucking on the tits in my hands, I dove into her widely exposed flesh. With her ass crack well apart I smoothly ran my tongue into the fissure.  She jumped when my tongue crossed over her lightly copper flavored bung hole. The taste surprised me, and disgusted me a bit. But the erotic nature of licking a girl’s asshole for the first time made it tolerable. And Mindy’s sudden sucking in and holding her breath meant she too liked what I was doing.   Her exclaiming, “Holy shit that is so fucking bazaar. I love it. Your tongue fucking my ass,” as my tongue tip pressed into the tight round orifice.

I’d have agreed with her if my tongue wasn’t partly in her rectum and my nose pressed between her labia, sucking up bits of pussy juice into my nostrils as I breathed.  As my spit coated her asshole the taste became less and less noticeable. Soon, I was pinching her nipples and penetrating her rosebud with my tongue while suffocating myself with her pussy lubricant. I couldn’t have had a stiffer dick if I tried.  She groaned and squealed with each parting. I’d have continued with my previously unimaginable porn dream turned reality if I wouldn’t have been concerned the longer I prolonged my visit in Mindy’s spectacular twat and ass, the more likely I was at getting caught.

I moved up as her hips had begun humping up mashing my nose. I lapped my way to her thin inner pussy folds.  The juices were exotic and tangy on my taste buds.  I lapped as fast as I could soaking up the pussy honey as it came out.  Her cries and pleas again for Ben to tongue fuck her grew in intensity and frequency.  Thrusting and gasping her abdomen undulated against my forearms as the pinching of her nipples now included fingernails skewering the hard buds.  I hadn’t considered that her vagina would be so hard to penetrate.  Yet it required a lot of force before my tongue experienced the velvety smooth crushing walls of her passage.  The walls rippled against my rolled up tongue.  Above me Mindy’s voice belted out between gulps of air, “Fuck me.. Fuck me with your glorious tongue.”

I did what she wanted, finally. Over and over I crammed my tongue into her inexplicably tight hole.  Her pussy for its part squeezing down on my organ trying to pull it in deeper each time, I had it deep in her. I swallowed the honey which flowed into my mouth while I savored the unique tangy, tart and acrid flavor. The uncontrolled swinging, thrusting and rolling of her hips made it hard to keep running my flesh in hers. But I managed doing so, until a wail like one I hadn’t ever heard before filled the room, “I’m cumming! Gawd I’m cumming!”  Her screams were redundant as I knew she was in the midst of an orgasm as her fluid became a river flowing into my mouth.  I gulped it down between my intentionally slowed piecing of her twat.  Mindy’s squawking about cumming continued as I too continued tongue fucking her. 

My signal to stop came in the way of her feet on my shoulders pushing me away while saying, “too much! Too much! I can’t take any more.” I wasn’t sure if I was happy or disappointed about being forced to stop.  On one hand I needed to stroke my cock for relief, on the other I’d have sucked on Mindy’s pussy twenty-four seven and never get tired of it.  Her next demand should've been easy to follow. “Get up here, brother and let me suck that dick of yours.”

Ben and I hadn't discussed the fact he had started getting blowjobs from his sister. And as such hadn't discussed in the light of day what we'd do if in the dark she made the demand she had.  I'd barely gotten my lips off her plumped vagina when Ben demanded of Mindy, “Swing around. I need your head hanging off the couch. I want to fuck your mouth.” I hadn’t ever heard Ben talk to Mindy in this manner, and expected bad things to happen because of it.  But I heard the vinyl couch crack and pop indicating Mindy had taken up the expected position.  I had started to move out of Ben’s way when he kept me where I was.  It was his hands that yanked my shorts and underwear down my legs, half ripping off my inelastic iron cock. He tapped out quickly on my shoulder blade. “You do it.” I’d have argued with him but I couldn’t be heard in the room and I really wanted to experience a blow job.

Still on my knees, I moved forward once I located her, touching her face.  In a physically strained voice near my dick her feminine voice said, “Kiss me, Ben.”  I’d have liked to but couldn’t. Plus I really wanted to get sucked off, so I kept my nuts and dick where they were. I held my prick in one hand and found her lips with the other.  I ran my finger lightly over the full upper lip.  Her tongue came out and caressed my finger as it returned on her lower.  With the location of her mouth positively determined I ran my prick into mouth as she began saying something that just came out muffled and inarticulate around my cock.

Enraptured with the moist warmth of her cavity, I froze deep in her mouth. My lack of movement did not prevent Mindy’s.  Her tongue went to work instantly on my rod. The roughness of her tongue felt as if it was a cat’s on my overly stretch prick. It was heavenly. She rolled my prick around with her strong tongue while I remained transfixed. Under my mushroomed head’s ridge all along the top side of my rod, pressing the underside tight into her soft palate.  She slurped and sucked on my prick like a Popsicle. As the oddity of the new sensual sensations on my prick became just salacious feelings in my brain I started to move.  Primal instincts took over as I gradually started thrusting my hip back and forth. 

Despite the euphoric feeling of Mindy’s sucking and licking, I kept enough presence of mind of my reactions.  I had already let out an initial sigh that hadn’t given me away. But even Ben despite not usually wanting his sister sucking him, moaned and gasp enough to be recognized on the monitors as I watched. So, I couldn’t afford having Mindy hear me as I did the same as I received my first blowjob. I intentionally covered her ears as I held her head steady as my thrust increased in intensity.  I felt my balls bounce of her nose a couple of times as I thrust hard and her lips encircled the root of my cock.  After only two minutes I was ready to explode into her sweet cavity.  Mindy made it so each time I backed my prick up her teeth lightly racked my rod. She poked at my pre-cum dripping piss hole when the ridge of my hard member bumped the back of her teeth.

The lewd sensations shocked my brain in ways I hadn’t ever experienced before. No handjob could hold a candle to the magnitude of pleasure in my brain. My legs shook and my nuts crawled up into my body preparing to shoot my load.  I could feel it straining the inside tube of my prick as the first of the jets filled it. I wanted to holler “I’m cumming” for the world to know and warn Mindy to prepare for more sperm than she'd ever had sprayed into her mouth. Instead I bit down on my lip as I crammed all of my cock and them some into her face. I held her tightly there as the first jet of semen left my hole.  The first was quickly followed by a second and third.  While my teenaged cock wasn’t massive it was big enough to deposit the white goo far enough back in her mouth she had no choice but swallowing. When she couldn’t keep up with the volume spraying from my cock she choked, coughed and gagged on it.  As the last of my spurts contained less semen were delivered more as a stream than a jet, Mindy recovered sucking and licking my prick clean. 

As my orgasm subsided, I wanted more than anything for it to return.  I could feel my cock starting to shrink.  I pulled it from her wonderfully talented mouth before it was completely soft with an audible pop.  What I didn’t know was how I was going to extricate myself from the room without Mindy realizing the trick Ben and I had pulled.  Thankfully Ben and I had that covered. Fake gasping accompanied him saying, “Oh fuck sis that was fantastic, but I want to suck on your pussy one more time.”

“Oh gawd yes. Anytime you want.” She said making the couch again crackle from her switching position.  I moved while she did, giving Ben access to her cunt.  I knew he was just doing it so I could get away unnoticed. I’d have to thank him for that once he and Mindy were done.  As I could hear Mindy start gasping and wheezing trying to catch her breath as I assume Ben began munching on her twat. I quietly slipped out of the room into a darkened hall.  I got out of the room un-molested and headed to watch Ben’s session with his sister.

By the time I reached the monitors Mindy was already gasping, moaning and bucking her pussy into Ben’s face.  For his part he was as mechanical as ever, not l looking like he was enjoying the juices that still resided in my nose, keeping the smell of cunt ever present. He had gotten me out of the room cleanly even with an average tongue licking. Mindy’s reaction to the tongue licking, though, was anything but average. Her voice was coming in loud and clear over the monitoring speakers. She did seize the back of his head and grind his lips into hers while screeching, “I’m cumming again…. Bite it…Bite my clit.”  From all indications on the screen and speakers he had done so as her body arched as if possessed in a horror flick. Her full throated “Augh!” reverberated in the speakers.

Having gotten Mindy off, Ben evidently wanted his payment of getting head.  He lied to the darkness, “Shit sis, you already have me hard again. How about another dick sucking?”

Her reply came in two forms. The couch cracking and creaking as she resume her earlier position and the her voice stating, ”Oh hell yes, were going to have you straight in no time.”

With the night vision I could see Ben make a face at her thinking he would ever be straight.  He didn’t comment on it though. He did surreptitiously spit into his hand and wiped it on his hard prick and into his pubic hair. Like I had done he reached out and found her head and proceeded in running his cock into her mouth until his root touched her lips, and his balls rested on her nose. His thrusting into her mouth lasted much longer than I had. He was evidently used to the feeling of her succulent mouth on his prick, where my first time was far past anything I expected. If Mindy realized it was a different cock she was hollowing her cheeks around, she didn’t indicate it.  He too did finally reach his cumming threshold of pleasure due to her tongue and lips riding along his rod. Ben tightened his ass muscles and shot his load into her awaiting mouth which I could tell was swallowing him down as fast as it came.

Ben was the first one back to the main control room, where he said, “She is a great cock sucker isn’t she.”

I didn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t imagine suggesting to someone, my sister was great at fellatio, even if I knew she was.  “Yeah I’d never been blown before today.” Which got me thinking, “Why did you let her blow me?”

“Well you almost fucked up our plan. What were you thinking? Doing her in a way I’d never do it!” He then hit my shoulder in an approving way. “Thanks by the way.  It made getting her off a second time bearable. I swear two or three licks and she had a screaming orgasm.  Which meant my job was done and she could get to hers.”

“Hers? What hers?” Mindy asked walking in straightening the last of her clothes.

“Glory. She's been staying in the bathroom she and Alex share a long time lately. She thinks it's hers first.  She said it is because she is a girl. Alex thinks she is masturbating,” Ben lied.

"She is right and it is your fault." Mindy said like we would understand her. Our confused look made her continue. “If you pleasured Glory like Ben did me the first time today, she wouldn’t have to masturbate.” Turning to Ben she elaborated, “Hell what you did in there was just short of perfect. We may have you straight after all…Or at least bi.” Turning her attention back to me she said, “You should probably take lessons.  Speaking of which, where were you earlier?”

It was the first time she had ever asked that question, and I’m a horrible liar, unlike Ben.

Thankfully he spoke up, “Yeah where were you? I thought you were going to finish adding the app for card and fingerprint verification.” We had decided the extra security would be good.

Ben knew I had finished both of those two days earlier, “I did.” I said as an answer to Mindy’s question adding, “I think I’ll be waiting a few years before I consider doing half of what you two do with my bratty sister….Actually not even then.” I considered touching her pussy hair and watching her stroking her pussy normal teenage things to do. Where Ben and Mindy were definitely not normal, but it worked for them so who was I to argue.

For close to the next three months thing didn’t change much. About every third time, Ben would slip me in for a go at Mindy. I loved sucking and licking on her pussy and Ben flat out didn’t.  Mindy started doing something strange though. After each time I managed to sneak between her thighs she would come out and ask me about what I was up to. It was like she knew I'd been the one making her scream in ecstasy, but not willing to say it. I'd hoped on my birthday she would go ahead and admit she knew it was me and let me do her with the lights on.  But I had no such luck.

Instead I saw my little sister naked more than I did Mindy.  Glory had really taken to getting herself off. Every day she would strip down while in the bathroom and play with her budding tits and between her plump labia, some days twice.  She was getting taller and her baby fat started moving to her tits.  Her nipple only tits were attached to small mounds in little time. They were not finished growing, but I hoped they would stop soon, like Mom’s.  Really big tits I noticed sagged and I didn’t think was all that sexy.  It made the girls in the porn I watched on the net look older than I imagined they actually were. 

And even though I was munching on Mindy’s mostly hairless cunt twice a week, I was becoming quite the voyeur. I had also finished installing all the camera’s in the master bathroom as well. What little time I had left between soccer, watching or participating in the fun in the silo, watching Glory rub on her always hard nub, I watched recordings of Mom in her bathroom.

I found school so easy and could keep up my grades, so no one put an end to any of my activities.  This was good, since my watching Mom had become one other unexpected outcome.  About a month after installing the camera’s and mic’s in the master bathroom, I got a surprise. I was used to watching Mom shave her sweet looking pussy, keeping it neat, and had seen her go down on my dad many a morning. He had always returned the favor by bending her over the counter doing her ass from behind. Sometime he would direct her to the shower for a water slickened butt fuck kissing her everywhere the whole time, though looking like it was an obligation not fun. When I first saw this I was shocked as I couldn’t believe Mom knew about sucking cock. She was such a prude around Glory and I.  Or that Dad would do Mom's ass bent over the bathroom sink kissing his way up and down her spine and neck.  He seemed like the in bed missionary position type guy to me. 

The real shocker was when Mom was in the bathroom around lunch while we were at school and Dad had come into the bathroom wearing a shiny black latex looking hood. It had a zippered mouth and eye openings and a couple of small holes for breathing. Mom looked kind of shocked when he walked into the bathroom like she wasn’t expecting him. Dad ripped the T-shirt right off her body after saying strip in a gruff unrecognizable voice, probably due to the limited opening for his mouth.  Evidently she hadn’t done it fast enough, as she first put her hands up to cover her breast. With her shirt ripped off her torso and thrown to the side. Strip was demanded again by Dad.  For a second time his hand removed her clothing by ripping it way from her body. The second hand full of clothing was her bra leaving her smooth luxurious tits and hardened nipples for him and me to stare at until she covered them with her hands.

“I said naked bitch” I had to rewind and play again not believing Dad would say such to Mom. But he had. Their butt-fucking all the time I thought was kinky but they were proving to be much kinkier than I ever thought. And they only got kinkier as time went on. Mom had removed her shorts and panties quickly after that.  She dropped to her knees on the bath mat when he said, “Suck me cunt.” She went to work stripping him of his pants and boxers, lifting them over his flaccid prick. I couldn’t imagine being anything but granite hard if Mom was stripping me in preparation of a blowjob. But somehow Dad was.  Evidently it was a sex game they like to play. And Mom sucking him hard was the first step.

I continued watching the play back in fascination. My parents were bible thumping prudes, yet on the video, Mom was using her evidently very talented mouth to get Dad hard. She lifted his soft shrunken meat, exposing it to her lips. As a leach she attached her mouth to his dick. She bit and nibbled at its skin as her hands fondled his balls. His hips leaned forward to get more contact with her mouth. She licked at his pole, caressing it with her tongue as she ran it up and down. When she was sure her dick-cicle wouldn’t harder she brought her mouth over its end. She bobbed her head down on the pole engaging her gag reflex.  Their game had made him bigger and harder than the other times I watched them on video. But Mom pushed herself further down his pole getting the whole of his dick in her mouth before she had to back off to breathe. She moaned in pleasure when Dad started face fucking her by using her hair as his handles.  His nuts slapping on her chin as Mom’s nose was pressed into his thick pubic hair. She raked her teeth along his shaft and sucked hard one last time before being yanked off his cock her mouth making a pop. 

Part of their sex game must have been for Mom to act slutty and horny. With Dad still in his dress shirt, she stood up in front of him and leaned over the bathroom basin. “Please…Please fuck my pussy.” She half whined pushing her milky white ass out, spreading her legs.

“Shut it cunt.” Dad replied. In one long motion he slammed his cock in her spread open cunt burying it to the root. Mom let out an umph grunt as his dick stretch and parted her.  “You’re good and tight for a slut. I going to fuck you hard and loosen that thing up for the next guy.” I found Dad’s statement odd but he lived up to it.  He hammered away at Mom’s cunt, using her nipples and smallish tits as leverage for each plunge into her pussy. Mom used her hold on the sink, pushing back just as violently meeting his thrusts.  The grunts and moans from the two could be heard clearly on the recording.  The slapping of pelvis against round ass gave way to Dad using his open hand.

Between ramming his cock into her pussy he started slapping her firm ass so hard it left red hand prints. Mom yowled in pain each time his hand landed on her ass. The sound of his palm landing on her ass cheek was sharper and louder than any I remember hearing when they were applied to my ass for mis-behaving. Mom continued grinding her pelvis on Dad’s cock when it bottomed out in her. The squishing of his prick in her sodden pussy was also heard and some of her juice could be seen running down her leg. Dad shoved harder than before raising Mom completely off her feet and held in position for a second as together they filled the bathroom with cries of elation.

Dad’s cries of elation stopped with a grunt, while Mom’s ended with a scream of pain. Dad’s pussy juice slickened rod shot a thick glob of white baby making juice from its purple mushroomed head into her ass crack.  The same spurting head and lubricated rod fully disappeared up Mom’s shitter in one motion, evoking the scream. And Dad didn’t just leave himself root deep in her ass, but cried out like a banshee as he pounded it in and out. Mom let go of the sink in favor of her clit and vacated pussy hole, grating on one and impaling the other with her fingers. She was still howling in pain but it looked like the need for extending her climax was a stronger motivator than the dick up her ass was a deterrent. When he could no longer keep his prick in her stretched formally puckered hole he slapped her ass once more and step away from the fine figure he had just finished fucking.

Something struck me funny about the video so I played it over and over until I figured it out. The whole time Dad did not once kiss Mom or say a loving word to her. He had come in with the hood and fucked her like she was a complete stranger and there only to make him feel good.  It was much the same way Mindy treated Ben. No real kissing just sex for sex sake.

Who would have thought my parents had it in them. But after watching the inaugural sex game Mom and Dad repeated it with slightly different variations about once a week. Sometimes Dad would be fully hard when he came into the room other times he wouldn’t and wouldn’t grow to the same length and hardness. I figured on those days he must have been distracted since I was always fully hard when I watched the play back of their games. Not wanting to get caught with any evidence of my cameras I deleted all files after I finished watching them.  So most of the differences in their playtime were ignored, as I stroked myself, shooting my cum into tissues while watching them.

After four months of weekly trips to Mindy’s cunt I had enough confidence to ask out a cute girl in my class. Julie McCoy was a cute five foot four brunette that was part of the popular crowd, which Ben and I were definitely not. She said she'd go to the movies with me, I figured she'd said yes since no one would see her with me at the movies.  The real surprise was her agreeing to go out with me a second and third time. I was nervous the first time I kissed her. Since the second time I made out with Mindy I hadn't kiss a girl’s lips that kissed back. The first time Julie let me kiss her was dropping her off at her house. Her lips were sweet and from what I could tell she was about as experienced at kissing as I was. Our lips found one another and gradually found a comfortable rhythm sliding together.  Instead of the full out tongue dance I'd had with Mindy, Julie and I barely touched the tips of our tongues before pulling them away, to do it over again. I pulled her tight enjoying the solid roundness of her small tits as they pressed against me.

After that she was basically a girlfriend. We did most everything together but I hadn’t told her about Ben and my find. It made me unavailable to eat Mindy to orgasm, not going down to the hideout as often. I missed the thrill of making Mindy squirm while she orgasmed and the high of having my cock sucked. But Julie had after a couple weeks of just kissing and getting my hand on her stomach and flesh of her back, let me touch her bra covered tit.  I tried getting her bra off but not having to worry about bra’s protecting Mindy’s tits I hadn’t learned how to quickly unclasp one. And fumbling around while undoing a bra kills the mood and the plausible deniability Julie would have if caught. She took care of the issue of the bra by not wearing one our next date letting me grope her small round mounds of perfect tit. While we were in the very back of the movie theater not watching a horrible movie that had even worst reviews, we made out. Our gentle probative Frenching we did the first time was long gone, we tongue wrestled like what I did with Mindy. Engaged in oral copulation well underway I took advantage of her not wearing a bra, playing with and rolling her nipples in my finger.

While I didn’t get much practice kissing on Mindy, I did playing with her breast and nipples.  I had Julie panting and quietly moaning into my mouth as I used all my experiences with Mindy to pleasure Julie.  Her tits heated up and stiffened as I continued my stroking and feather like touches on her skin.  I could feel her pushing her chest forward into my hand as I took her breast into hand and massaged it form base to pointy nipple.  The movie ended before I could do anything more, leaving me in a hard state like no other.

On that occasion and others like it, I went home and scanned the hidden video camera video for Mom and Dad in one of their masked adventures or Glory having a good long stroking orgasm. If either were found I’d watch them in their sexual delights and beat off, emptying my nuts so as not to have blue balls all the next day.  This happened more than I’d have liked, but Julie and I were on a sexual awakening adventure and private locations were few and far between. I couldn’t bring myself to bring her down to the silo, as it was where Ben and I had engaged in erotic pleasures with Mindy. There was no mystery or feelings, just sex. Which at the time I didn’t want to expose Julie to until I had fully explored sex with emotions attached.

Considering how little time I spent around her, Mindy was more agitated each time I saw her. Ben said she had been a lot more demanding when he was performing cunnilingus on her. Plus she had asked on a couple of occasions where I was. And she got more aggressive with her grinding and sucking of his prick after saying I was out with Julie.

It was a week before Mindy’s eighteenth birthday that the seed for our business was planted. Suddenly Julie became distant and wouldn’t talk with me or want to be around me. I was heart broken and making it worse was I was extremely ill.  I was kept home for that entire week puking and devastated Julie wouldn’t return calls or texts letting me know it was truly over. The one saving grace, beside watching Glory on my computer monitor live, was monitoring the silo from the house.  We had been putting in connection for steel walls for a maze. We thought it would be fun letting kids from our school try and figure it out, and make a few dollars in the process. The added bonus was to be hidden alcoves for making out with Julie, though that was now shot to hell. The hidden cameras would let us watch what was going on throughout the cavernous area and help if needed.

I was looking to see if Ben was down working on putting in the newest wall between licking on his sister’s twat. All week I'd gotten the full view of Mindy on the monitors. My absence from the area, meant she felt she didn’t have to turn off the lights. I realized after she started stripping the first time with the lights on, I'd never told her I could watch the whole silo from home. Her lithe body looked as delectable on the screen as it was under had in complete blackness.

She said to Ben as she walked in on him on the seventh day of my absence, “Is that prick Alex here today?”

“No I think he is finally feeling better and is spending the whole weekend with Julie.” Ben said jeeringly, even though I'd told him she wasn’t talking to me anymore.

The microphones worked well enough that I could hear her say to herself, “Shit.” She stood where she was for a minute with the look of trying to figure something out. When the look passed, she said, “I’ve decided what you’re getting me for my birthday.”

“Jack and Shit.” Ben said to her. “I’m broke.”

“Oh it isn’t going to cost you anything.” She said grinning. “I’ve decided today you’re going to take my virginity. We’ll call it your Birthday present to me.”

I was shocked she was still a virgin. I figured she had been boning any guy that got in her orbit. Ben voiced my thoughts perfectly, “You a virgin? Yeah I call bullshit.”

“Call bullshit all you like. It’s true. I haven’t had sex. None of the boys at school are worth fucking and putting up with the bullshit that would come with it. And I’m not going to college a virgin, looking like a prude. Mom and Alex’s mom are prude enough for the whole state.” She said stripping off her shirt and bra. “So you dear brother, just got volunteered.”

“And if I don’t want to be volunteered?” Ben asked not moving and inch on the monitor.

Taking his arm and leading him to the sofa, she said, “I don’t recall asking for volunteers. Now drop those pants. I want to get fucked.”

“Can’t it wait for Alex.  He’d be thrilled to help you out.” He said following her lead and directions, undoing his pants.

“I bet he would, that needle dick. But he doesn’t have any idea on how to please a woman. Which by the way neither do you half the time, and more lately. But I’m betting you will be good at fucking.” She said stepping out of her shorts. Her pussy was already swelled in preparation, like she had been rubbing on it.

“Damn you ever going to let the boy live that one time down? Julie seemed to like what he does to her.” Ben said defending me, his shorts fully discarded. His prick wasn’t into the job at hand, still hanging limp.

Mindy was on the couch looking pissed at what Ben had said, her hand stroking her left tit rolling its nipple between her finger and thumb. The puffy nipple went hard under her tweaking.  It was as if Ben wasn’t getting to her fast enough, her hand went down grinding her clit. She sat with her legs spread wide letting me and Ben see the pink folds glistening with her natural lubricant. The view on the monitor had me hard as a rock yet even live with all the sweet smells Ben was perview to, he still was only half hard.  Mindy said sliding off the couch onto her knees in front of her brother, “Maybe but if you don’t get it up I might not let you live it down. I’m going to have my early birthday present.” She mumbled the rest to herself, ”But, I didn’t think I’d have to work for it.” 

Mindy’s hand that had been on her clit went to his balls. The glossy shine of her fingers on the screen meant they were still coated with her pussy oil when she cupped Ben’s balls.  I couldn’t believe how that alone didn’t have Ben rock hard.  He evidently was a lot gayer than I thought.  Mindy must have really wanted a fuck since her mouth quickly followed her hand just slightly north.  She wrapped her puckered lips around his transitioning cock at its base. It looked so damn hot her attached to her brother’s cock. I remembered how sublime the feeling of her tongue running along my shaft and around my mushroomed head had been. I'd seen them in this position before but only with the augmentation of night vision. In the light the scene took on a much sexier dimension and had me stroking myself as I watched live.

As she bobbed, I could see Ben get harder and it became harder for Mindy to take it all each time she went down his spit slick rod. The whole time she was slurping on Ben’s five inch pole her other hand was twisting and stroking her clit. With her pussy glistening for the camera and Ben’s dick hard enough to fuck her she said, “Ok brother it is time to fuck me. Make me a full women.”

Ben reluctantly push her back onto the couch, getting between her milky thighs. He once again had her legs spread wide giving him easy access to her virgin hole. Ben took a hold of his hard cock and wiped its helmeted head up and down along Mindy’s pink moist flesh. It looked as if he had found his target when His sister stopped him saying, “I think I want to be kissed before I get fucked.” She pulled him down on her attaching her lips to his.  While Mindy looked as if she was enjoying the kisses and Ben’s tongue that I could see going in and out of her mouth, he looked apathetic to his situation.  She guide him to her hole.  “Now go slow” she began directing Ben. When his whole purple head was buried in her she squawked, “Oh yes. It is so good. Give me more.” He slowly penetrated her stretching her canal to accept him. There was no hint of blood from her when he backed up after getting half his cock in her. While she had been a virgin to humans up until her brother put is dick in her, she wasn’t to objects.  Again he slid his hard prick into her glistening pussy, this time not stopping at the half way point. Mindy howled out, “Fuck I’m so full. You are so fucking hot inside of me.” Ben’s rooting his dick in his sister’s cunt Ben told me later caused an out of body experience. He said his primal instincts to reproduce just take over control of him. He began driving his dick in and out of her, fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. I could hear the squishing sounds their mated sexes made before the pop of pelvises running into each other.  Mindy’s squeals and moans were muted as Ben again started kissing his sister and running his tongue into her mouth. Gradually Mindy wrapped her legs around Ben’s waist anchoring her heels on his ass. I could see he legs strain thrusting her hips up to meet Ben’s pounding thrust. I had expected their fucking to go on for hours, since Mindy had an insatiable sexual appetite. But it only lasted three minutes before Ben grabed her ass and pulls her hips tight to his grinding her clit against his pelvic bone as he emptied seed into her vagina.  I had expected Mindy to be pissed at Ben’s cumming in her so quickly, but she waited, “I’m cumming…Oh Jesus I’m cumming too. Gawd I love your spunk. It is so hot…I feel it filling me up ”

Ben collapsed on Mindy kissing her neck. He again stroked in and out of her cunt with his waning dick, until it fell out. Mindy pushed him off and went to her knees and for a second time put Ben’s shrunken dick in her mouth. It looked as if she was licking and sucking him clean. With his prick fully lodged in Mindy’s mouth, Ben said, “Happy Birthday, Sis.”

Letting the now clean dick from her mouth, she replied, “I loved my birthday present. I think we are going to have to open it again when you are ready.”

From the look on Mindy’s face she was as surprised as I was when “Give me a few minutes and we’ll do it again.” Came from Ben. They proceeded to do something I hadn’t ever see them do. They stayed cuddled together, Ben lightly running his finger around her nipples, Mindy doing the same but to his cock.   After twenty minutes his cock began stirring. Five minutes later it was ready once again to fuck his sister. For the first time without coercion, he leaned over and pressed his lips to Mindy’s. The shock on her face at her brother’s soft kiss was evident. She stared at him a minute when he broke the kiss. Any affection which had broken through was quickly squashed by Ben, “Get your ass up and bend over the couch. It’s time to fuck you right..”

Without argument and a blank look of astonishment Mindy did as told. Ben followed close behind her his hard dick leading the way.  Before she had fully leaned over he had forced her legs apart. By the time she had leaned over the back of the couch, Ben had his hands on her hips and was balls deep in her in a single thrust. A loud, “Augh!” filled the room. “Fuck your splitting me.”

Ben rammed his cock into her just as deep it not deeper on his second thrust, “I’m not splitting you I’m just fucking you.” He continued to screw her bouncing his balls off her spread labia, pulling her roughly to him as he shoved his stiff rod up her cunt. The whack of their bodies colliding echoed in the chamber as the accentuation of her moaning and groaned “Umph”

Ben did not let up as she bawled out “God it is so deep. Your dick is in my throat….Oh yes pound me, fuck me harder. Use my cunt!” Mindy thrashed about under the onslaught of Ben’s fucking. She pawed, pinched and pulled on her pointed nipples, panting out her encouragement, “Faster..shit faster…. Harder..yes harder…I going to cum…oh yes I’m so close I need to cum..Gawd it is so good..Fuck me, brother!”

From what I could see on the monitor it looked like Ben reached around and pulled on Mindy’s clit, saying to her, “This will due.” I knew what he meant, “Its not a dick but it will due.” He continued running his finger up the middle of her wet folds pulling on her clitoris when he got to it. 

Mindy screeched out, “I’m cumming,” after Ben had yanked on her hard button a few times.  He didn’t let her cumming slow his impaling of her orgasming pussy. 

As Mindy’s unintelligible whimpering and mewling about her pussy exploding from his dick rubbing on pussy walls. His ass cheeks clenching and his last deep thrust came with, “I’m cumming!”

In the monitor it looked as if she rolled her hips up while instructing Ben, “Shoot your seed.  Fill me with it.” He did as she asked keeping his dick ensconced in her love canal. 

When he finally pulled out of his sister’s sullied twat his spunk followed, flowing out of her angry red pussy.  The mix of his excretions with hers rolled down the inside of her thighs and some dropped directly to the floor.  I’m not sure what got into Ben, but he spun Mindy around while she was still panting and gasping for breath. He looked her in the eye and then down at his prick, “Clean it.”

The blank look of confusion, returned to Mindy’s face as she went to her knees.  She put his cum coated shiny dick in her mouth. I could hear her slurping on his organ as she cleaned him.  Ben stepped back after a minute of her sucking and licking on his dick and balls removing the offending fluids. He looked down at her saying a single word, “Thanks.” He walked out of the room, and Mindy stayed on her knees again with the look of confusion.

A couple of days later when I was well enough to go back to our hide out I told Ben I had watched him fuck his sister. I asked, “What got into you?  Hell what go into her? The second time you screwed her you were like a mad man and she was a deer in headlights.”

Ben replied, “Actually I was a bit mad at her and myself.”

“What in the hell could you be mad about? You got laid” I said envious.

“Yeah and it was with my sister.  Would you be happy if your first time was with Glory?” he asked. “Plus she is going to except me to do it again.”

“No I wouldn’t want my first time to be with Glory?  We aren’t like you and Mindy.” I didn’t have the right the words yet.  But “Fucked up” passed through my mind. “You two have this” I paused thinking of how to not say strange. “different relationship, that I think is kind of cool.  And if you've already done her twice what is the big deal about doing her again?

“The only reason I did it the first place was to say I have done it.” He said. “And the second one was a grudge fuck. When I realized I was going to have to have sex with her again, I wanted to do it the way I wanted. I was so close to shoving my dick up her ass you can’t imagine.  That and her growing a dick and it would have been perfect.”

“You are such a homo” I said knowing he didn’t care if I called him that. “All the other guys in our class would kill to fuck your sister. And you got to do it twice and will get to a lot more.” I shook my head at him, “You suck.”

“Not all the guys.” He grinned. “There are others like me and some that are and just don’t know it.  And yes one day I hope to.” Adding when I looked at him sideways, “Suck that is and most likely swallow.”

“I’d expect no less from a gay boy.” I joked as Mindy barged in.

“He’s not a gay boy.” Mindy objected.

“Yeah I am, sis. And nothing you do is going to change that.” He said emphatically.

Acting like I didn’t watch them copulating I said, “What, you going to fuck him and see if that makes him straight?”

She stared at me like she was trying to see if I knew about their incestuous coupling. Ultimately she said, “I just might have to try that.  Did Julie fuck the queer out of you? Or are you still a gay boy too?”

Still hurt about Julie breaking up with me for reasons unknown I snapped, “I’m not gay. Never have been never will be.  And what Julie and I did is none of your fucking business.”

Undeterred by my anger she pointed out, “Interesting you said did not do.  Did she dump you? Oh that is so sad.” She mocked. “I guess you will just have to stay down here and play with yourself.”

“Screw you.” I lashed out. “And if I’m down here what are you going to do? Stay in a pitch black room with Ben doing God only knows what, trying to make your gay brother straight?” Being mad at her I knew I could pull off a bold faced lie, “Ben hasn’t told me what you’ve been doing to him trying to make him go straight. But if I were Ben, I’d be like bite me I’m gay get over it.” Turning to Ben I said, “Sorry man it had to be said.  I’m going to go put in a couple of anchors for the new wall.”

I swear I could see flames coming out of Mindy’s ears when I walked out of the control room heading for the newest project location.  Ben found me putting in the anchors for the wall. “Smooth move Ex-Lax.” He said while walking in.

“What she had it coming.” I said knowing to what he was referring.

“Yeah, but from my point of view it is like watching foreplay, Twisted foreplay but foreplay none the less.” He said examining my work.

“Bullshit.” I said emphatically.

“What, you piss off my sister, about me. And then she feels the need to prove she’s right. Most likely by trying to screw me again, which I don’t want to do.  You offer your services in my place so you get to screw her. So how is that not foreplay?” Ben’s sarcasm dripping on every word.

“I didn’t do it for that reason. Screwing her wasn’t ever part of my thinking.” I said only half believing it as I ran his statement over in my head.

 “Yeah, right. So when I say I don’t want to fuck her or get anywhere near her cunt today and ask you to stand in for me. You're going to say no?” the disbelief was evident in his face.

“I didn’t say that.” I said as I had been hoping for a chance to fuck Mindy good.

“So, you do want to screw her, and all you did was hasten the process.” His hands went to his hips as he said what was true.

“Yeah I guess so, but not intentionally.” I protested.

“Intentional or not I still get screwed.” Ben pointed out, handing another bolt for the anchoring point.

“Yes unless I fill in for you.” I hated saying it, proving his whole theory.

“I rest my case,” he was exasperated. “But replacing you for me when screwing Mindy is going to be a lot harder than just eating her pussy. We’re going to have to plan this out.” He said thinking many steps ahead of me. I was just thinking of screwing Mindy, and my dick was showing it. He pointed to my tenting pants. “That thing you need to beat off, or have Glory come down here this instant and suck until you cum gallons.”

“As I said we don’t do that.” Though, I had thought of it a lot lately. “And why do I need to beat off.  I can go as long as you.” I boasted.

Ben slapped that boast down, “No you can’t. You have no idea of how amazing it feels to have your whole cock bathed in warm pussy juice and massaged by every inch of her pussy walls, until you’ve done it.” He said, “I can honestly say I now know what they mean when they say it is like explaining sex to a virgin. They just won’t understand.”

“Damn sounds like you have gone straight.” I said trying to deflect his gentle criticism of my hubris.

“Nope but now I know why you straight guys like pussy so much.” He said smiling. “Now, how are we going to fool Mindy enough to get you to replace me?” He said believing it was possible, while I was hoping it was.  We discussed how we would switch places once we both managed to get into the pitch black room.  We would still us our Morse code for communications, but he had to explain to me how I wouldn’t end up face to face with Mindy while fucking her.

While we talked I pulled my prick out of my pants and stroked it hoping to cum in preparation of losing my virginity. Ben didn’t say a word about my stroking while we plan our deception.  Even when I started shooting globs of spunk out of my dick onto the floor, he kept the same monotone voice making sure our plan was bullet proof.

Ben was right about Mindy. She came looking for him shortly after I finish putting my jacked dick away, calling out his name loudly. For a second time Mindy barged in on us, making Ben’s prediction a reality, “Ben I need you up in the west wing. And needle dick there can finish his job here.” She added, “And we need a PA system in this place. Everything is so sound proof.  I have been calling after you for five minutes.”

Ben evidently wasn’t in the mood to play Mindy’s games.  He didn’t mince words, “Go do whatever you need to. Including turning off the lights in the hall and room, so needle dick can’t see what is going on by using the monitors. I’ll meet you on the couch, after I finish helping him here.” I wasn’t upset about being called needle dick, since Ben was only saying it for Mindy’s benefit.

“Just hurry it up.” The demand and need was obvious in her voice.  She headed back the way she came, swinging her hips more than was needed.  The taunt wasn’t lost on me.

Ben made his footsteps heavy, while I was on my toes as we walked down the unlit hallway.  From the darkness came Mindy’s voice, “Where is Alex?” I kind of expected her to ask Ben where I was but I didn’t think she would use my actual name after calling me needle dick every chance she got.

“Beat’s me.” I really wanted to laugh, when he then joked, “I don’t see him. Do you?”  Ben was a real smart ass when it was needed.

I stepped out of the dark hall into the even darker room behind Ben. Again from the dark abyss came Mindy’s feminine voice, “See you’re not such a gay boy.  You’re going to make this woman happy.”

“Ok enough Sis. Can we not talk about it and just tell me what you want.” Ben said. It was a good improvisation on what he and I discussed.  I needed to know where to get started with her.  We had a plan if she said Ben should start of kissing her, or if she demanded he have sex with her face to face.

As luck would have it she asked for neither of those.  “Could you lick my pussy? For the past couple of months you haven’t seemed to be into it. I want you to do that, before screwing me?”

I found her wording off, compared to how Julie and I spoke. Julie would've called it making love not screwing.  But then again Ben and Mindy were still together taking care of each other and loving each other in their own fucked up way; where Julie had bailed on me without an explanation. So maybe screwing wasn’t all bad. 

“Anything for you, Sis.” The sarcasm was thick but if it'd been just him, I think he would've done his best to live up to his word.  Instead he had me. I stripped while he continued talking in a utilitarian way to her, “You have everything off and out of the way?”

“No. I thought it would be fun for you to remove my undies.” She admitted. “You want me to remove yours?”

“Nah, I got them. But I’ll take yours off for you. It’ll make things a bit different.” Ben said knowing I’d be the one removing the fabric covering her pussy. I saw it for something other than just removing her panties. It was Mindy forcing Ben to do something overtly not gay, taking the last covering of a girl’s pussy off her.  The rest was just sex.

“Yeah, it is kind of exciting. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” She said playing her part in the sham. Ben pushed me toward her. I had enough time to tap out the word “wait”

From his comment, “You’re going to have to wait a while I. I’m going to take my time.” He understood my meaning.

“Oh goody, I love it when you take your time.” She said before I took the first leg I found and brought it to my lips.  I drew her calf in between my lips as I kissed her, making her moan, “Oh god yes, take all the time you want.” I did what she said. I ran my tongue up the inside of her calf and thigh. I nipped at her when my cheek ran into her panties. “Mmm Ben I love that do it again,” she panted. The second bite included more of her than before, and I sucked at the flesh between my teeth. Sucking and biting hard at the same time, most likely leaving teeth marks and a hickey. She thrashed about as I did it squealing with little girl type delight, “Higher..yes do it higher.”

I did, in sorts, give her what she wanted. I opened wide covering her wet panty covered pussy with my whole mouth. Her engorged flesh gave easily to my teeth as I closed down on the mound. She jerked and jumped more as I exhaled through her panties.  Her light panting increased to marathon runner levels, as I kept my mouth on her pussy applying and releasing it between breaths. The panting increased even more as I ran my hand up her smooth trim tummy to her tits, where I massaged and plucked at her nipples. She put her hand to the back of my head which thank goodness had the same haircut as Ben. I quickly tapped out a “Stop it” to him, trusting he would know what that meant. When I loudly slapped her forearm, leaving her tits as well as her pantie covered cunt abandoned Ben said, “No touching. I touch you. You don’t me, if you want me to continue. Now hands off.”

I couldn’t have said it better or from a better place, since I could feel his breath on my ear he was so close when I backed away from Mindy’s hot covered box. “ I’ll stop, but don’t you it is the best I’ve had in weeks. It is so perfect.”

I worried her statement would hurt Ben’s feelings like he wasn’t good at getting her off.  “Oh it’s going to get better. In fact the best you ever have had, I’m having a non-gay day.” His statement quickly alleviated my concerns about hurt feelings but add some in their place. He had just promised his sister it would get better and I didn’t know what he had in mind for both of us. But whatever it was I’d start back where I had just left.

“Oh please remove my panties and fuck me..I want to feel you in me, now.” she grunted at my returned gnawing on her puffed pedals.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 4 Mindy's Cherry and an Idea is Born
Ben tapped my shoulder letting me know I had to stop and back away from what I was doing so he could say something. I did as we had planned letting Ben talk, “After I have you crying for mercy, I’ll think about it. But I may need some convincing.” His statement made me think he had set her up to blow me before he screwed her. All I had to do was make Mindy orgasm until she was begged me to quit. Ben let me know it was ok continuing my oral undertakings, with a nudge.

Ben had finished talking to his sister and she was still breathing hard from my earlier work. For the third time I filled my mouth with her cloth covered cunt.  I returned my hand to her rising and falling tit, finding her nipple still hard. I started rolling it about before pulling it out from her small mount. Her excited moans continued despite my leaving her cunt, to do in reverse what I had done up her left leg down her right. She sighs had a whining quality to them as I had left her panties in place as I left her pussy.

Arriving at her ankle I had traversed the whole of her legs, still enjoying the subtle nuances of her skin and its taste, I gripped her last remaining garment, pulling it down her silken and saliva coated legs leaving her whole body uncovered and unseen in the darkness. Her scent was strong in the air with her covering gone. I followed the intoxicating perfume of her pussy up her legs. I gave the source of the musky odor a single lick. Instead of dwelling on the luscious dampness her slit was producing, I let my lips brush over her mons and up to her bellybutton.  I examined the small indention with the tip of my tongue.  I longed to continue further up her body, where her nipples awaited my mouth.  The darkness, though, wasn’t enough of a guarantee of keeping my anonymity intact if I was so far up her body. Suckling on her nipples would have to wait for another time when either anonymity could be assured or consent given.

Instead of continuing up her, my journey of kisses took me back toward her savory slit, after I ringed the outside of the cute vestige with nips and kisses. Down past the patch of hair she had left I reached her twat. It had been promised something better and I was still determining what that was going to be. I traced my tongue on the outer edge of her folds from the bottom to the top just above her untouched clitoris. With my hands freed up I pressed lightly on Mindy’s abdomen and mons as I stroked her smooth skin and her tiny bush of downy pubic hair, while I continues tracing my tongue over her cunt lips. She groaned a little each time my hands were centered between her protruding hip bones.

Her reactions to my hands gliding over her abdomen, gave me what I’d do. I tapped out a curt instruction for Ben but didn’t give him the say it command. I sucked on the outside edge of her full pussy covering until I was deep in the depths between her thighs. The swelling of her labia and inner pink folds left a cleft, for my tongue to run through. I plowed up her juicy slit with my raspy tongue further parting her. The sound of her sucking air in, ended when I reached her clitoris. It then became a groan, as I didn’t stay to suck the hard bundle of nerves.

“Roll over.” Ben stated flatly. It was what I had ask him to say earlier, and now had given him the go ahead.

I heard Mindy scramble in front of me unseen in the darkness, her leg knocking me up the side of the head as she moved about. “Sorry,” was said as she continued moving around. When the movement came to a stop Mindy quite forcefully said. “Ben, you have to fuck me good. I need your prick in me.” Her hand swiped across my hip as her hand was looking for my cock. I smacked her hand away, figuring, I was just there preparing her. If I was going to be the one fucking her today, she would have to be so far gone in ecstasy she wouldn’t notice the differences between cocks. 

With her hand batted away she grumbled, “God dammit Ben just do it. Screw me.”

Ben didn’t wait on my tapping a response, he answered, “When I’m ready.”

“Your hard prick I just felt says you’re ready. And I sure the fuck am. Just do me.” Her voice had a bit of a plea mixed in with the demand.

While their asking and refusing continued, I knelt between her knees. I ran my hands along her inner thighs bumping her sodden pussy as they passed by on the way to her magnificent specimen of the female posterior. My hands brushed over the intersection of ass and thighs. As they roamed up each side of the curves that made up her ass crack I further separated her two cheeks. I stroked the taut skin covering her firm prefect ass, ending her chatter about screwing her that second. He voice had been reduced to cooing and moans of pleasure. It wasn’t the first time I had touched the bare skin of Mindy’s ass, yet it had the thrill of a new experience. I lovingly caressed her globes as she sigh at my sensual touch.

I leaned in kissing the baby soft flesh to which my hands were attached. Her scent wafted into my nostrils as his lips touched her ass’s skin.  The combination of her smell and sensuous skin beneath my lips, was inflaming my desire to screw Ben’s sister, when it became time. I sucked on her cheek while my tongue tickled and tantalized her. She writhed under me while my lips and tongue caressed every inch of her alluring bottom. Mindy’s not quite comprehensible utterances encouraged me to broaden my engage of her body.  My hands moved along the outsides of her thighs and hips traveling to the small of her back.

I massaged her back and swale of her rear while I continued leaving saliva behind as I sucked and kissed her behind. There was something in her scent that drew me back to her crack, kissing it down into its crevice.  I craned my neck inserting my nose deep into her fissure, placing a drawn out kiss on her delicate skin below her tightly closed rosebud. My nose was assailed by the aroma of Mindy’s overflowing slit and ass oil dampened sphincter. She jumped startled at my kiss, muttering, “Mmm Ben that is so good. Oh god I love it.”

Her appreciative utterances were just the thing I needed to carry on. My gentle massage of the small of her back and top of her ass was progressing down between the firm halves. I kneaded the handfuls of flesh, my fingers parting her buns as they went. The separation widening her crack gave me access to the little wrinkled hole deep between her cheeks. She jumped again when my lips landed on her asshole. “Oh gawd….Oh shit that is so kinky,” passed over her lips as I pressed on the puckered orifice with my lips and poked at her rear entrance with my rough tongue, trying to gain entry.

My gentle prodding of her asshole left my tongue on the outside, leaving me instead dragging it up her parted crack.  She voiced her disappoint at my leaving her virgin asshole un-entered whining aloud, “No, don’t go.”

Her whining undeterred me from my course. My hand found its way down to her slick pussy flesh and around to her protruding clit. I lightly rolled the hard nub between my fingers. Her low and airy, “Mmm Oh yeah,” was cut short when I started pinching down on the sensitive organ. I had seen my Mom’s pleasurable reaction to similar actions. I had to try it on Mindy.  She only slightly whimpered, enduring the pain while I maintained my grip. Only after I released the molested bud did her sigh of pleasure or relieve escape her. But no condemnation of my actions occurred.

I let Mindy and her clit soak in its throbbing, while I loitered at her crack kissing and tonguing its walls.  I smeared my saliva thoroughly in her cleft, and for a second time I covered her wrinkled hole with spit soaked lips.  She moaned as I pressed my lips on her rosebud and lightly stroked her battered clit. Her moaning encouraged me to press my tongue on the orifice for a second time. My tongue tip separated the tight ring as the pointed end dipped in, pushing her delicate skin aside. My tongue didn’t so much pass through the circular muscle but wedged itself in it. I got a tinge of a copper taste on the tip embedded in her asshole. It didn’t repulse me but emboldened my desire to stuff my whole tongue up her.

My tongue flicked the tight ring as I pulled out of the delectable stretched skin my tongue had been jammed in. She grunted out filling the room when my lips left the sensitive spot that had been making her moan in pleasure. She reflexively cried out, “Gawd, no. Stay there.” The rubbing of her clit was replaced with a thumbnail biting into her clit as I crushed it between my fingers. It was what I thought Ben would do in the situation having seen him do it in the past. He would make her appreciate the pleasure by inflicting pain so she would experience the extreme differences.

The death grip I had on her clit lasted no more than a minute, as did her wailing this time about it hurting. I swore I could feel her heartbeat in the tortured organ as blood filled and swelled it. My oral bathing of her ass in kisses and nips ended shortly after I tapped the next message to Ben. For a second time I heard Ben right behind me, “Roll over.” Just as I had asked him. The command was my indication to Mindy, I wasn’t finished with her.

Since her clit was likely on fire I decided it would need soothing. But I wanted a more open path into her cunt. Again I’d rely on Ben to be my voice. I frantically tapped out instructions for Mindy with one hand and lightly stroked the back of my fingernail along her legs as she scurried about getting back into position. Her musky scent making me sure I had asked Ben to say the right thing, despite the time I’d have to wait for her compliance. Ben bellowed his command, “Spread your legs wider and keep them wide.” The lewdness of his command rang in my ears. I worried we were pushing Mindy too far and she would stop our fun.

I ran my hand along her hips and up under her rounded as cheeks as she pulled her legs wide and held them exposing her cunt fully to what she must have thought was Ben’s mouth or dick. I saw it as complete capitulation to her desire to fuck her brother. It appeared as if she'd do whatever he asked ensuring he'd drive his hard cock into her tight cunt, spewing his incestuous seed in her.

I’d have loved it to be me she was opening herself up wide for, so I could fuck her. But for now I was thrilled with sucking on her plump pussy lips, and maybe being able to make her cry out for mercy. Where mercy was me stopping the pleasuring of her with my mouth. In her new rolled up position with both her pussy and asshole spread out and exposed to me, I hoped it would be easier than I expected. God knows I was more than willing to eat what she spread out before me. I lapped my tongue near her mauled clitoris leaving it un-consoled. She squirmed and tried humping up at my face. While her holding her legs wide apart, her thrusting was inept and spastic. She whimpered, “Harder Ben, lick me harder..deeper..Oh  on my clit.  Put your tongue in my pussy hole.” Her inconsistent rantings on what she wanted and her hips jerking to and fro increased, as she became more annoyed at her inability at having me put any pressure on her clit. All her flopping about with her legs held in place and feckless mewling suddenly stopped. She leaned back enjoying my hot breath on her plumped labia. I lapped her clit one more time. She shuttered as the rasping surface of my tongue finally stimulated her button.

I wanted her anticipation and desire heightened so her orgasm would be dam burst and not a low flowing stream. My past experiences in front of her cunt told me she had the ability for either, but the dam burst from long neglect of her pussy’s canal and clit while tantalizing the rest of her cunt always produced her howling about cumming. The previous times I’d stop as she pushed at the top of my head letting me know I was finished. Today her gentle push away would be ignored.  Plus I’d have to do something completely new to live up to Ben’s challenge.

The musky smell of her overheated twat was pungent in my nose. It was such an intoxicating smell and could wait no longer to indulge fully in her taste. I began running my tongue the length of her labia’s split, abandoning the swollen clit after a single lick. “Oh gawd, go back. My clit needs you. It hurt so good.  Lick it.” Mindy begged. I wasn’t going to oblige, as my lips and tongue were being coated in her sweet pussy honey. I let her tangy fluid fill my mouth before letting it slide down my throat. I ran my tongue between her inner pussy folds keeping out of her vagina.  I began letting all the thick pussy lubricant she produced collect at her love canal’s entrance.

While it collected, I tongued the velvety smooth area between Mindy’s inflamed cunt lips and her sweet little puckered hole. Her mewling increased the longer I stayed away from her clit and love canal. I decided to tease the desire, for her clit to be soothed. I rubbed the hard bundle of nerve ending, eliciting a sigh from Mindy. But again I pinched hard on the already swollen organ, while I gathered up her honey on my tongue. I released her clit to a verbal assault of, “Oh fuck your killing me, Shit you fuck head that hurts, I need you to suck it, now.” Instead I continued on with my plan and slathered the juices in my mouth coating her bunghole.

I repeated the long slow sliding of my tongue along the insides of her engorged labia.  I kissed the length of her left pussy lip while I grated the inflamed flesh with my tongue. When I reached the apex and ran into her hard nub, instead of kissing and licking it lovingly, I bit and twisted the raised clit in my teeth. I scraped my teeth along her extremely short hard throbbing organ as I released it. My actions, again, had her try grinding her pelvis into my face. Soon her hips began rocking side to side when the full out face fuck of me failed. I gripped her hips, holding her still while I worked down the other labia back to the new collected pool of pussy honey.

With a plan in mind, I gathered up the collected juices in my mouth. Forming a circle, I mated my lips up with her wrinkled exit.  I pressed my lips firmly on the rosebud gauging Mindy’s reaction.  With no protest I spit the lubrication into her rectum. The forced entry of her own juices into her bowels had her comment on the sensation, “What the… Oh shit that is fucking wild,” muttered as she writhed under my mouth. The pressure I applied against her tight sphincter forced the stream of lubricant into her depths. With none of the lubricant left, I left the tight ringed muscle. I ran the tip of my tongue down the length of Ben’s sister’s ass crack. The goose bumps that formed on her saliva and cunt juice covered buns were rough, yet satiny on my palm as my tongue slipped into the crevice between them.  On the way back to her snatch, I swirled and circled her brown hole as I passed. I went up and back multiple times collecting pussy oil then forcing it into her rectum on each return.

Mindy’s panting increased each time I collected and injected what I had collected from her pussy into her asshole. I could tell she desired her breast to be fondled by her own incompetent groping of her nipples. A slight moan passed her lips as she finally gave the neglected areolas a twist and pull that was obviously to me. Following her excited moaning she voiced her desire, “I so close, suck my clit. Oh please make me cum.  Suck my clit..auh gawd do it.”

Having coated her asshole inside and out, I could continue with my plan and see her reaction at having her asshole finger fucked. I slid first one finger then another through the sopping wet fissure between her pink inner folds coating them in lubricant. Fully coated I pressed them flat against the wrinkled orifice and vibrated them back and forth. She must have known what I was thinking and said, “Oh no... In my pussy, I need them in my pussy. No..oh no not my ass…Finger fuck me.. Oh shit finger fuck my pussy not my ass.” 

Instead of her request, I switched up her sensations and started using long hard presses on her wrinkled exit. She tried pinching her ass cheeks together when she felt her circular colon protection begin to fail under my pressure. As my fingertip started past the ring, her body naturally strained, squeezing her asshole tight against the slickened intruder. Her asshole’s battle lost, my digit wedged itself in her sphincter. She jumped a bit in surprise. The jump lodged more of my finger into her ass.  The sensation of my knuckle passing into her colon was heavenly. It was so like finger fucking her pussy yet so different.

“Oh shit Ben....Ah yeah its..Oh gawd its.. .” Mindy muttered not finishing any of her thoughts, as if she needed all her mental faculties for controlling her more lewd impulses.

Ben guessed correctly the cause of Mindy’s outburst and un-prompted asked. “You like my finger up your ass?”  The question sounded raunchy than something Ben or I’d normally ask, and yet he asked it.

“Yes,” she groaned out as my finger went in further. “God help me I love it. Mmm..Fuck my ass.” She added. With the new knowledge I slid the finger in and out of the tight ring amazed at how smoothly it passed through the tight muscle. Each time my knuckle entered or left her rectum I could feel her muscular ass tighten. Her panting turned into a whine for more as her orgasm was so close.

I added a second finger stretching her small orifice beyond what I imagined she would accept, but she accepted it with pleasure. The addition had her howl in pain and ecstasy. It seemed like hours of having my knuckles inserted and removed, bursting through her rosebud. Her body jerked and writhed as I didn’t stop my onslaught of her ass. Her coming climax and cries of ecstasy reached a crescendo pitch as my plunging in and out of her ass continued. She was finally pushed over the edge. As the flurry of  “Oh  god” and “Fuck I’m cumming” where followed by “Shit it’s heaven.. it’s fucking heaven. Fuck my ass faster,” coming from her.

After a long slew of profanity laced orgasmic outburst passed out of Mindy’s mouth, I determined it was time to fully cover her pussy lips with my lips.  Her cunt lips became even fuller I sucked and nibbled on them. I poked and swiped on her sensitive bud while ramming two fingers in and out of her rectum sending her climax to a new level. Her tits jiggling was transmitted to me through her cunt when her fingers hard pinch on the rock hard buttons failed to hold as she pulled on her nipples.  Mindy’s climax inspired bawdy requests continued, “Ah yes fuck my ass, and my pussy. I need your tongue in my twat. Shove it deeper.”

I gave both her holes their needed fucking, despite her undefined hole to fuck deeper. But I wouldn’t let her get it in the manner she requested. I moved down her cunt slit to increase Mindy’s anticipation of my tongue being buried in her soggy pussy. Her shocked, “Oh shit, what now?” when I pulled my fingers from her asshole.  The shock became was quickly replaced with disagreement, when I put the fingers that had been in her ass to her lips. Her head moved from side to side, trying to get my finger away from her lips. I moved my fingers in concert with her lips keeping them on her mouth’s opening.

I hadn’t let Ben know what was going on. In the blackness of the room he had to wait for more clues to what was happening. The clue came from Mindy’s hyperventilating rejection of my fingers. “No Ben not in my mouth. It’s nasty.” I backed from her pussy right as I was over her vagina. I made sure not even my breath would hit her ready to cum pussy.  She made the connection saying, “Oh god no. I’m so close, again. Please don’t stop.”

Ben finally put it together saying, “Suck and lick them. Only then...” he stopped their evidently unsure of what I’d do to her. She changed her mind about her revulsion shortly after I stopped the erogenous kisses. It had become obviously I’d wait for her compliance. She parted her lips enough letting my soiled fingers into her mouth.

Despite the opening between her lips, she still kept her tongue from my damp fingers. I moved my fingers about in her mouth, exploring her cavity with something other than my tongue. I moved to her stretched asshole pressing my lips to it, keeping my fingers deep in her mouth. I rimmed the opening before plunging into its depths. Her tight bunghole stretched even more for my tongue than it had for my fingers, earlier. Her approaching climax stopped receding and began the climb back. Her abdomen and thighs ripped and tightened in preparation of climaxing, from my tongue rasping and spreading her chute as I jammed it deeper with each impaling.

My tongue fucking her ass had her sucking and licking the fingers I had in her mouth. While I was getting a first hand taste of her bitter copper flavor sliding my tongue up her slick poop shoot, she was getting the same flavor second hand sucking on my fingers.  She snaked her tongue about them the intensity of her slurping on the digits increased as I quickened my tongue lashing of her rosebud bringing her to the absolute edge of cumming.

A few minutes in Mindy’s spit bath, I was fairly sure my previously ass oil covered fingers were free of anal lubrication. I slid my digits from her mouth, cramming them into her twat still wet with her spit. Cries of surprise reached a crescendo pitch at the plunging fingers in her cunt. “Holy fuck you’re splitting me. Oh shit too much..too much ..too fast.”  Her suddenly stretching her vagina walls formed to my fingers as I left them deep in her. Her pussy muscles’ pulsating massage crushed my finger even more trying to draw them deeper.

I moved the fingers up and down, and in and out of her tight passage in unison with my tongue, still buried in her butt.  Her pussy’s resisting my fingers going in and out was similar to the resistance my tongue had from her rosebud at first. As her cunt got accustom to my fingers driving in and out so did her ass. Both holes gave only slight resistance to being entered by their current invading probes after multiple entries.

She shrieked out incoherently as I fucked at her holes. Her earlier slurping was replaced with the sounds of my slurping and the sloshing of her sopping pussy.  She complained about the emptiness of her pussy when I withdrew my fingers, while I was enjoying by the vacuum they made while sliding from the tight silken cylinder. My rapid hammering of tongue and fingers, turned her relatively incoherent shriek in to a wail of, “Oh fuck yes…gawd yes fuck my holes..fuck them good..”

The velveteen walls crushed my fingers, as her body jerked and thrashed uncontrollably. Mindy pulled back harder on her legs making it easier to go deeper in her pussy and ass.  The jumping around made plunging my tongue deep into her bowels difficult and I missed my moving target. When I did again find the mark, I stuffed it in deeper than ever before.. Mindy’s recognition of the incredible feeling it imparted was a shrill, “Shit.. holy shit yes, fuck my ass.”

I removed my fingers from her twat so I could hold tightly to her hips, after my nose had been flattened multiple times from her undulation. Maintaining control of her, I flicked, pulled and pushed my fat organ across and in her opening until she shrieked, “Ah..I’m cuming!” Her whole body convulsed and twitched uncontrollably the longer I kept my mouth on her.  Undeterred by her raucous declarations I persisted with the tongue pounding.  Her heaving chest’s panting and gasping prevented any other coherent utterances.

When the utterances stopped a light hysterical laugh began. The fanatical laugh gave me the imprimatur to move the instrument of her orgasm to her erect bloated clit. I had let the little bundle of nerves crowning her pussy slit alone sensitizing it to any touch. My mouth engulfed the enraged button, likely, adding sensory shock-waves to her already climaxing brain. The extra nibbling and swiping at her clit became must have been just short of painful and the overload was too much for her to handle. She let me know as much with a hyperventilated grunting out, “God no more. Please no more it hurts… It is too much!” Yet, she didn’t release her legs for protection of her clit from my continued sucking.

I wished I could've watched Mindy progress through the stages of pain to a point beyond nirvana.  I raked my teeth over the angry red mound of nerves as I left it. A relieved and angry, “Augh! Good  fucking Lord….I’m done, Oh shit I’m so done. Get the fuck away,” passed her lips as I re-positioned myself over her. The new position pressed my upright cock into the small of her curved back where the beginning of her ass’s fissure was.

I had fleeting thought of my raging hardon passing through her tongue stretched asshole. I believe in her libertine state she would've liked it. But Ben and I had a different plan for her, and Ben let her know it. “You’re not half done.” Letting go of her slim hips I forced the two fingers back into her cum and cunt juice drenched love canal, palm up. My fingers were pushed together as her passage strained adjusting to the digits. The warm satin walls gradually gave way to the unrelenting push. While forcing my fingers into Ben’s sister’s cunt, I wondered if I could bury my whole hand in it, figuring it would stretch and give way for it. But my conceit wanted her cunt tight so she would enjoy my cock as she took my cherry. 
I alternated rapidly scrubbing the pliant washboard within her vagina, pressing down and rolling her hard button under my thumb. All the while, I was pinching her puffed pink nipples with my other hand.  The short strokes of my fingertips along the G-spot again elicited squeals of, “God I said no more it is too much. I can’t take it.” I wasn’t going to stop just because Mindy’s brain couldn’t absorb any more stimulation. Plus, the squishing and sloshing of her overflowing pussy sounded glorious in my ears. Pressing on her hard nub with my thumb, I alternated it with scraping my thumbnail on it. As I rolled and pushed it about, I got a strange erotic thrill, listening to her restrained thrashing about as her body became her worst enemy.

Her breathing was labored while I ground her clit under my thumb. Her tit in my hand was my other gage of her level of excitement. I monitored her chest’s heaving. Her breathing was becoming shallower and faster. Even her jumping and twitching was evident in her breast as I switched up pounding my fingers in her sopping pussy and stroking the inner pedals that surrounded it. Her mewling about her clit being at the point of pain encouraged my thumb. I encircled the distended clit swabbing the underside of its hood with more lubricant.

I was in the middle of sawing my fingers against her spongy washboard, flicking her clit like it was a light switch being turned on and off, went her breathing came to an abrupt stop. Her pussy walls were no longer squeezing my fingers, they were crushing them like an old car heading for recycling.  Despite the crushing pressure I continued wedging my fingers in and out of her cunt.

She screamed, “Ah fuck I’m exploding…My pussy its..”  Her voice just stopped as her lungs ran out of air. And her panting had stopped like she couldn’t force herself to take a breath. 

I removed my hand from her hot box with a squishy pop, placing it on her other nipple.  I lowered myself back down so my mouth could again bite and suck on what she had tried to scream about.  Wrapping my tongue around the raised nub encased by my teeth had a tidal wave of cum bursting from her love canal. While I sucked down her pussy honey, I noticed Mindy’s legs fell slightly as her whole body twitched. Her noisy gasps, drawing in much needed air, drowned out the sounds of my slurping.

Feeling I had met Ben’s goal of “the best you ever had” I tapped out one simple word, “Now.” With all our planning Ben knew what that meant.  And let Mindy know it was time for the main event, “Roll over Sis it is time for your fucking.”

Her lungs once again filled with air she begged, “No..God no my pussy can’t take any more.” She then pleaded, “Please let me suck you…Ah yeah, fuck my like my sucking.”

Ben reached around me and knew right where her ass was.  He slapped it hard adding, “No I’m going to fuck you. You said you wanted to be fucked.”

I had expected a tirade about being slapped and Ben’s insistence of screwing her. What I heard from Mindy was, “Oh  hell I can’ can’ is too much…. not in my pussy.” The sting of her ass must have put a different idea in her head, “Fuck my ass.  You like boy’s asses.  Fuck mine..Please butt fuck me instead.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. I wouldn’t have believed Mindy would ever not just ask but plead for Ben to butt fuck her. Yet she had, and Ben reply was just as unexpected, “Maybe after I dump a load in your cunt, I’ll come back and drill your ass. But right now roll over so I can screw you doggy-style. Or you won’t get fucked and licked ever again.”

I didn’t believe his ultimatum. But Mindy changed her position immediately as if she did. Ben tapped on my shoulder “Do her,” and pushed me toward her. I reached out to keep my balance, placing my hand squarely on her ass. With my hand already on her smooth butt cheek I ran it down along the outside of her thigh. She was still breathing hard and did her best at purring at my hands movement. She inhaled sharply and held the air in her lungs as my hand travel back up her thigh on the shaven inside. The air burst out responding to the stroke of my hand across her pussy. I dipped the tip of my finger in her pussy hole as it passed on the way up her crack. In her crack I again dipped the tip in the hole that was present. She squealed unmercifully at each of the small invasions. I traversed her whole crack and up her spine feeling the ridges of each of its bones. With my palm flat on her back her skin felt hot and moist.  Her muscles’ constrictions during her orgasms needed the cooling of her sweat.

The best I could tell from stroking the back of her rib cage, she was almost finished with her orgasm. The palpations in her breathing had mostly stopped. I could only imagine that had the lights been on she would have looked like a bitch in heat. Her ass was raised up making it easy to mount her. I was ready to do just that but was inexperienced and unsure at how I exactly was to do it.

I took my rock hard prick in my other hand and tried guiding it to her ready but reticent hole. My first attempt missed. My cock slid between her sodden flesh, coating the top of my prick.  The warm pussy juice on my prick about made me cum that instant.  Mindy misunderstood what was happening saying, “Oh god if you are going to do it. Don’t fucking tease me again.”

Despite saying she didn’t want a cock in her pussy she put her hand below her hole. It was a backstop to guide me into her snatch if I tried sliding my prick along her slit again. My spongy head bounced off her hand, finding the entrance to her vagina. I had expected my dick to slide into her effortlessly like I had seen in so many porn videos. In my excited state I hadn’t put together that my fingers had to overcome that same resistance earlier. Her pussy was still contracting in waves making it harder entering her love canal for my hard rod than my fingers.

Mindy wasn’t as ready to screw as I was. Technically with the tip of my prick in her pussy I was no longer a virgin. But it was just technically. I had hoped for the real thing, long stroking in her pussy, feeling the pleasures that made a gay guy like Ben appreciate pussy. Yet each time I tried inserting my dick further down her vagina she moved with me maintaining only half my prick head in her canal. Frustrated and horny with Mindy’s thwarting my attempts of properly losing my virginity, I took a hold of both her shoulders and shoved. Being partly in her canal I figured my actions would lodge more of me in her. What I hadn’t figured in to the equation was I didn’t just hold her in place, I also pulled back on her shoulders hard.

Being rock hard, my prick didn’t flex or bend as it plowed through her. Mindy shouted, “Augh” which echoed in my ears drowning out the slap of our bodies colliding. I realized my balls were resting against her pussy, as she screamed, “Holy fuck!!” Her scream tightening her body under my hands and around my prick. I was just aware of her vagina walls moving as her sucking in and blowing out sounded like a Lamaze class. We didn’t move much at all while her body started relaxing to get used to my dick being buried in her. I was instantly in love with the feeling of the velvety warmth of the rippling sheath holding my cock. Her walls molded to every ridge and dimple of my rod and prick head coating it with lubricant.

Between her huffing Mindy said, “Whose fucking log are you screwing me with?  You’re god damn huge. Don’t you fucking move, you’re tearing me a part” Her puffing continued while her muscles trembled, vibrating my cock.

Ben’s acting put many a porn star to shame. He groaned out, “Mine, I ate my Wheaties this morning, you like? I know I do, you’re so tight.”

“Of course you ass hole I’m tight , you’re thicker than ever, and you shoved it in.” her panting continued.

Ben’s hand went to my back as we had discussed earlier. It was so he could monitor my progress at screwing his sister. He tapped out what he wanted me to do before grunting out, “Of course I shoved it in. How else are we going to screw? I guess I could have done it like this.” “Go” was tapped on my back.

Slowly I started moving my ass backward, and she tried to come with me. Her cunt had a firm grip on my prick as it rippled and contracted. The ridge of my mushroomed head scraping the lubricated walls as was the vein covered shaft. Her pussy tube collapsed back where my dick had left. She howled, “Oh shit you’re moving. Good god stop.”  “I can’t…”trailed off into a guttural “Mmm.”

I held on to her shoulders holding her in place as I also had my brain set a fire from the hot wet sensation on my prick.  The vacuum on the tip of my dick, and the baby smooth skin of her pussy on the underside of my cock as I backed was sublime. I hoped it would go on indefinitely but I could feel more air that love canal on my rod as I moved in reverse. When only the head of my dick was squashed in her powerful pussy walls I reversed my reversing.

Slowly re-entering her I felt her pussy walls stretch accommodating me. Her screeching, “Ah god not again , Oh shit you’re breaking me…God more...holy fuck not so slow…oh shit faster. God help me fuck me faster..split me!” covered up my low groan of satisfaction. I tried imagining something that had ever felt so good and found nothing. I understood now what Ben had meant about having to experience pussy to truly understand how life changing being in it is. As my six inch dick slid further back into her svelte sheath my mine was exploding with the sensations. Her pussy was grabbing at my rod the whole way in until for a second time my balls were pressed against her labia. No swack was made as I rooted myself grinding and twisting slightly increasing my pleasure.

Behind me Ben continued his performance,”Mmm..yeah you feel so good when I’m deep in you.” I pulled on her shoulders harder grinding my pubic hair hard against her smooth pussy lips.

“Oh shit you have to stop.  I’m going to explode.” She exclaimed.

Ben saw the contradiction, where I heard Charlie Brown’s teacher talking to me. I was concentrating on how I was going to make the sensations on my prick last and not blow my wad. He groaned out, “A second a go you said faster, now you are saying stop. I think I’ll do neither.” He tapped out “Again”

I missed the first to letters of his command, entranced by the electric sensations exploding in my brain. I figured it out from the last three letters what he thought I should do. I did as he suggested. I started slowly back enjoying the erotic contact of her pussy walls.  “Oh shit no!” She said, beginning to rock like a crawling baby trying to stand up for the first time. I gripped her shoulders tighter stopping her attempted quick short strokes.  The luxurious squeezing of her wet tunnel on my rod keeping my thrust slow and deliberate. Over the next two minutes I hit her smooth lips with my hairy sack only three times as she grunted and moaned aloud, “God damn…God damn’ve  gotta go faster. I’m going to cum again.”

I was only four strokes into being a non-virgin and I was ready to cum also. The explosions in my brain were demanding I shoot my sperm deep in such a warm and fertile cunt. As my balls rose up intending to deliver their contents I stopped my slow stroking. I started rapidly pounding my cock in her pussy. My abdomen bouncing of her perfect ass again and again filled the room with a popping of bodies. Mindy’s bellowed, “Ahh fuck, I’m cumming” while my uncontrollable thrusting continued.  My ass cheeks pulled in tight together while my dick swelled even more filling with semen.

I pulled Mindy hard against me thrusting as hard as I could. My prick buried in her twat further than it had been before. I wanted to scream out in pleasure but had to bite my lip instead. Mindy though didn’t contain herself as her pussy clamped down, “Your cum is so hot, I love it. Fill me with your seed. Oh fuck me …fuck me  pump it in.” I felt the jets of sperm flying from my piss hole. It was a feeling like none other.  The cum coating her passage way and the end of my prick as it washed back, her pussy filled to the brim. Her movements became irregular, lifting and pumping her ass up and down, like she was looking for the best way for my spewing prick to end up at her womb’s circular gate.

After the eighth shot of spunk deep in her pussy I again thrust in and out of her. Her cunt tried milking the last of my sperm from my prick while I moved. The tightness felt like a vise ripping off my dick. Her shouts of ecstasy reached a crescendo as her legs twitched beneath her.  My dick was finished delivering its spunk as I pulled it out still hard. The squishy sucking pop was the last sound of our coupling.  I had to get away from her lecherous pussy before I fucked her again or collapsed on top of her. I wasn’t sure which I’d do, but both weren’t part of mine and Ben’s plan.

“Don’t go. You feel so good. I need you in me.” Mindy begged between her moaning.

Ben’s performance remained flawless, “I’m done, you’ve got it all. But give me a minute.”

“No you have to have more.” Her tone was one of desperation. “I can help..yeah let me help.”  A sloshing sound filled the room that could only be from a finger or two sliding in and out of her sloppy sperm steeped slit. It was followed by a “Ahh..Oh yeah..mmm.”

Ben said, “Yeah you can but first I’m going to help you.” The increased sloshing added a slight smacking of a hand against pussy lips.  Mindy moaning and raspy breathing got heavier. I wanted to stick around and have a second time between Mindy’s thighs, but Ben and I planned on him getting off also if Mindy was still horny after I lost my virginity. Plus with Ben distracting her, I’d have an easier time slipping out unnoticed.

When I got back to the silo’s monitors, Mindy had already turned around. I could see her face was inches away from Ben’s semi-hard dick though in the darkness she’d not have a clue.  I couldn’t imagine how Ben was only half hard as I was still a rock. I found out I was wrong about Mindy not knowing she was inches away from her brother’s cock. She said, “Hmm  I smell your cum and my pussy on you.” She lunged forward mouth open finding his cock on the first try. Through her dick filled mouth she mumbled out, “Ah you taste so different with pussy juice.”

Watching Mindy bobbing up and down on Ben’s dick I had figured Ben fingered her so he could put some of her used twat’s contents on his prick. He was doing a great job of hiding my former presence between Mindy’s legs. What I still couldn’t figure out was how he was only half hard even now with his sister sucking on him like a Popsicle. The scene on the screen had me flailing on my still pussy juice coated cock.

I was well on my way to cumming a second time when from the speaker I heard Ben say, “Hmm Sis I’m ready now. How about you? You ready for me again?”

Not taking the dick from her mouth she said, “Uh-huh.” When Ben’s dick came out of her mouth with a pop, she turned quickly again putting her ass high in the air.  She looked so lewd yet hot waving her ass in the air waiting for her brother to fuck her.  I was ready to shoot my cum when I heard, “Uh shit not there.” A second later there was a feminine umph and she shrieked, “Ah god my’re splitting my ass.”

I shot for the third time on the control board, when I heard Mindy’s outcry. Ben didn’t. He continued stroking his five inch cock in his sister’s asshole. He grabbed her tits while he groaned out his pleasure and she moaned out her own. The slapping together of his pelvis and her ass was loud and frequent on the speakers and on the monitor. Ben pulled and twisted on his sister’s tits the whole time he hammered her ass. Together their grunts, gasps and groans were a cacophony of sound, until both howled, “I’m cumming.”

Ben continued the thrusts in and out of her ass as his ass muscles tightened.  She too met his thrust with her rocking into him, hollering about cumming the whole time.  When Ben was done with shooting his spunk in her ass he pulled out for good. On the monitor I could see bits of cum dripping from her gaping ass hole onto the vinyl couch cushion, as she was a monument to fucking not moving. I could have sworn I also saw drips of my cum still leaving her twat adding to the spot on the cushion.

Ben was dressed and gone before Mindy left her crawling position, leaking from both holes.  I had finished cleaning the keyboard again prior to Ben’s entering. “I think I’m going to like this arrangement. You do all the work and I get to fuck her in the ass.”

“You are a gay sick puppy. You know that?” I said in reply. “But I love it too.  How long before you think she catches on?”

“Hell she still hasn’t caught on to you eating her for me half the time. And we’ve been doing that for months. So probably never.  She is too busy enjoying herself to stop and ask any questions.”

“We’ll see I guess, I’m just going to enjoy it while it last.” I said hoping we would be tricking her again soon.

I was in the middle of doing some wiring and Ben was at the keyboard doing some programing when Mindy walked in.  Her gait was off as she walked like she had a corn cob shoved up her ass. I wanted to ask her about it but knew better.  She looked at me saying, “Hey gay boy number two what have you been up to for the past hour or so?”

I had just fucked her less than an hour earlier, and she didn’t know it so her name calling wasn’t going to upset me. I acted angry though saying, “Some of this and that that you wouldn’t understand. If it was any of your business. And you?”

“The same.” She said flippantly. “I’m beat I’m headed home when are you coming Ben?”

I just about snickered at her comment. He straight faced said. “I have a few things here to do and then will be home.  Tell Mom or Dad if they are home I shouldn’t be too much longer.”

“Ok,” she replied as she waddled out.

With Mindy out of ear shot Ben turned to me, “You good for tomorrow?”

“Oh hell yeah. “ I said immediately.

“Ok, then I better go spray down the couch. She dripped spunk all over it.” He said leaving.

For the next two months, around three to four times a week my cock was rubbing the flesh of Mindy’s love canal. Ben and I had it down to a science so she never had a clue it was me fucking her pussy and him fucking her ass. I did have to do all the pre-work, eating her to orgasm. Yet after every encounter it left me wanting more and my dick feeling longer and wider. I was constantly going home with a boner that I’d stroke while watching that days recorded video of Mom or Glory in action. 

Mindy came down to the silo one Saturday, and for the umpteenth time fucked with mine and Ben’s world, though not physically. We had finished putting in the last movable wall for the maze in the second largest room, and were discussing the other rooms and how we would file people in. We were discussing how to usher them in so those who had been through the maze wouldn’t be able to know who was next to go. Mindy hearing our discussion said, “Good, you need to figure out how to get someone in and out unnoticed. Plus without them knowing where they are and who else is here.”

“That is impossible.” I replied looking over at Mindy, hoping she was there for a fucking.

“Yeah, how would you get someone in without them knowing where they are?” Ben asked like his sister was stupid.

“And who cares if they know who is down here with them?” I asked. Adding, “Most people would be scared shitless if they were put down here without knowing how they got here and who put them in a maze.  It would be straight out of a horror movie.”

“Oh that would be so cool. I know some assholes at school who could use a good scaring.” Ben said to me.

“Short of kidnapping, the only way someone will end up down here is with one of us also.” I reminded Mindy, “Only our fingerprints and passwords open the doors.  And not even a bunker buster is getting through the doors without putting its hand on the scanner.”

“It could always knock.” Ben joked.

“Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that.” Mindy said. “Could you temporarily add some ones fingerprint to the door.”

“Yes.” Ben replied. I could tell he was rolling ideas around in his brain.

“How?” I asked knowing my solution.

“Simple have them scan it and give it to me.” He answered.

“No that won’t work.” Mindy said. “It doesn’t fit.”

“It doesn’t fit what?” I was curious. “And why do we want someone else down here in the first place. Hell I never told my girlfriend about it. Much less brought her down here.”

I could have sworn I heard Mindy under her breath say, “Yeah I’m happy I got rid of her.” Aloud she said. “Could they send it by email?”

“Sure.” Ben said. He had a puzzled look also. “Why the secrecy? They will know it is me the minute they send it to my email. It is just my name, and you will be the one telling them. Granted one of your friends probably can’t put one and one together and get two, but the rest of the world can.”

“Fuck you.” Mindy always got pissed when Ben made comments about her and her friends not being the genius he was.

“Ok the discussion is over.” Turning from Mindy to me, “Where were we?”

“No. Please.” Mindy’s eyes sparkled as she pleaded. “I really want you to do this for me and my friend. Could you make a new email and make it an anonymous email address?”

I didn’t like the sounds of it. “My friend” sounded like the end of my easy access to pussy.  Ben’s expression was the exact opposite of mine. He too must have thought it was the end of her demands of sex. “Sure not a problem. What do you want it to be? Dungeon master at the SandM palace dot com”

“No nothing like that. After I tell you what I need you to do, you can figure one out.” She sounded relieve Ben would make a new email for her to give to her friend.

“I thought the email is what you needed me to do.” He said incredulously, his whole posture changing.

“Oh it is all I need you to do.” She said smiling to Ben. Her eyes turned and bore a hole through me. “You on the other hand.”

“What?  What in the hell did I do?” I asked afraid of the stink eye she was giving me.

“Well let’s see.” Her hard stare changed to one of knowing something I didn’t, and being happy about it. “That was your dick sliding in and out of my pussy for the last two months. Wasn’t it? And your tongue licking and sucking on my pussy for the last half a year before that.”

“Wha..Wha..What are you talking about?” I asked trying my best at looking confused and innocent.

“Drop the act, fuck boy. You’re damn good at both of them.” She smiled. “If you had been like Ben I’d have put an end to it long ago. You seemed to enjoy screwing and sucking on me, where Ben was good but didn’t seem to care if he pleased me fully.”

“It’s because I don’t” Ben said with a look of surprise I imagine I shared.

“If you knew why didn’t you say something?” I asked going over all the names she called me after I’d had sex with her.

“Like what? You two aren’t fooling me, Alex has a thicker longer pecker, but Ben’s is slightly more curved. Or that Ben has thicker pubes than you?” Her voice mocked. “Plus I didn’t want you to get complacent.”

“I’ll fucking show you complacent.” I reached down to the hem of my shirt acting like I was going to remove it.

“Yeah complacent or worse yet clingy. By you having to sneak around, you never could get needy or..” Her eyes again bore a hole in my head. “Tell me you love me. I wanted and still want to fuck no strings attached and sometimes in complete darkness so I don’t have to see you.  Not seeing you means I can imagine it being anyone getting me off so completely.”

“So you prefer in complete darkness?” I needed more in the way of an explanation.

“With you yeah most of the time. With Ben.. Definitely.” Her face scrunched up after she said it. It must have sounded as mean in her ears as it did mine. “If I couldn’t tell you apart in the dark it would be even better. But I can since I know it will be one of you two.” She looked at Ben with the closest to love in her eyes as I had ever seen. “I do love you. But you are my brother. And I like sex more than most. So while I know it is wrong, with the lights off I could act like it was someone else named Ben that wasn’t my brother.”

“So now that we know you know, I’m done. You won’t be coming to me anymore?” Ben asked a bit of a hurt look, behind the stern tone.

“As long as fuck boy over there doesn’t screw it up.” She said pointing at me by nodding in my direction. “Or if I just need a bit of different.” She quickly shook her head like she was trying to clear it of the current conversation. “Any way, my friend’s boyfriend has been running around on her. She knows because he has the clap and she doesn’t. She’s a virgin.  And when she and I were talking she said a good anonymous fuck taking her virginity would be the perfect revenge and way to get him out of her system. Plus she wants to get rid of it anyway. She thinks it makes her a target for every guy around that wants to put her virginity as a notch in their bedpost. That is when I made this place sound more like a club that for select clients offers such a service.”

“What?” I said immediately. Followed by rapid fire questions, “You have a friend that thinks there is a club in this city that offers anonymous sex? And I’m the mystery fucker? Exactly how is this going to work?”

“Oh yeah there have been rumors of a club that exist.  Bored house wives and husbands as well as people that married frigid or sexually non adventurous mates have a physical type that they order and shows up for sex.” She said, walking over to Ben and I, “Wouldn’t you like to start your own club like that? Think of all the girls you would get to screw.” Putting her arm around Ben’s shoulder, she addressed him, “Or guys”

“Wait a minute I thought this is a onetime deal.” I said concerned Mindy was getting too carried away. “It is not like we are going into the sex business. This is just to help out your friend.”

“And how will she not know it is one of us?” Ben asked, not removing her arm. “You evidently knew.”

“Yeah I know. Because I knew who would be down here.” Mindy answered both of us. “No one else knows who found this place. And the entrances are far enough away from our house no one would know.”

“Don’t you think she will stake out the entrance looking to see who goes in?” I pointed out.

“That is where your maze comes into play. And the fact there are four ways in.  We use the one entrance and send her to a different one.” Mindy’s voice was getting excited at the possibilities. “You can make it so her finger print will open an outer door hidden in the maze. When she goes through the inner door it will have to be pitch black and that is where you can screw her without her knowing who it is.”

Looking over at Ben I said, “Well there are a couple of doors we have along the way. We could add the fingerprint lock to.” He nodded affirmatively. I could see the wheels in his brain turning.

“So you will do it?” Mindy almost sounded giddy.

“Hell yeah, I’m always up for getting laid.” I said trying not to sound as excited as I actually was. “So who is this friend?”

“What part of anonymous don’t you get?” She said sarcastically. “And the cameras have to be off so you don’t see who it is as she walks around in the light.”

“If we don’t watch her as she is going through the maze how will we direct her if she gets lost?” Ben asked sounding genuinely concerned.

“Make it part of the reply email.” Mindy answered, like she knew the question would be asked. “You have to give her a time and day also. And instructions on what to do once she is in the dark.”

“And you think your friend is really going to go for this?” My disbelief showing in my voice and face.

“I know I would.” Mindy said. Embellishing she added, “Hell I bet a lot of girls my age would go for it. People my mom’s age I think are way too prudish to even consider it.”

I thought of my Mom and Dad’s masked adventures and wasn’t so sure. “I don’t know about that.” I said. “I bet even our parents if it had the feel of forbidden sex but wasn’t really they'd go for it.”

Ben broke into the conversation. “If we are to act like this is some legitimate club, how much are we going to charge ….your friend”

“With all her activities she doesn’t have time for a job.” Mindy said giving us a hint of who our guest was going to be. “How about forty bucks. It is not too high but still has a ring of being a legitimate club.”

Ben laughed to himself, “I think I know the email address I’ll set up. Head pimp at Anonymous sex club dot org.”

Mindy shook her head no, “Try HP at ASC dot org. You never know who will see the email. And this is supposed to be clandestine.”

“And only once.” I said repeating my concerns. “It is not like we are going into the sex business. This is just to help out your friend.”

“You’re right.” Ben agreed. He had forgotten about what Mindy had said earlier, implying there would also be boys in the future. But I did find the idea of a club for sex, an interesting idea.  After all my Mom was into role playing that involved sex with supposed unknown strangers. I wondered if girls our age would spend money to do the same.  The whole thing brought back a sleep over Glory had on her birthday, the day after I installed the cameras.
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Chapter 5 Popping Cherries Me Glory and Harmony

Glory and her friend, Harmony Kendall, had a sleep over on their birthday. It was Harmony's birthday too. The two were like twins and always had been since Glory was born three hours before her and never let her forget it.  Harmony was a gorgeous a thirteen year old, had a similar type of conversation. I watched and listened to the two newly teen year old girls sitting on the Disney princesses bedspread.  I had secretly put a camera in Glory’s room after I had noticed, she was thinning down and her nipples were puffing out more often pressing on her t-shirts. It was making me wonder if we could be like Ben and Mindy. I had also noticed she was looking at my crotch more often. She was doing it in a way she must have thought I wouldn’t notice.

She and Harmony started their conversation just talking about boys in general. Glory told Harmony about the birthday party she went to the week before.  She and a bunch of her pals were playing spin the bottle, when it landed on Owen Thurman. She and he went into a closet where he kissed her and felt her up. She told Harmony, “He wasn’t very good at it. He didn’t even know to roll my nipples with his fingers. Plus he was a lousy kisser. He slobbered more than kissed. But even though he sucked at all of it, it still felt pretty good.”

Harmony made a face, “Yuck. He is so ugly.”

“Yeah but the closet was dark, so I just imagined it was Andrew.” Glory said closing her eyes like she was trying to remember it.

“Ooh, you got the hots for Andrew Borba.” She mocked my sister wrapping her arms around herself, puckering her lips exaggeration style making kissing sounds.

“I did until the second time I was in the closet.” That statement from Glory drew my attention. “Yeah that guy was so much better. He was a fabulous kisser. He Frenched me. His tongue licked my lips and rubbed against me. It was so amazing. He tasted so good. I couldn’t have asked for a better first French kiss.”

“Oh you hadn’t ever been French kissed by a guy before.” Harmony said like a light bulb went off in her head. “So who was this fabulous first French with?”

Glory covered her mouth and blushed a bright red. “I don’t know, the game changed and we didn’t get to see who the other person was. But besides being a great kisser, he was great at the other stuff too.”

“You’re such a hoe,” Harmony’s slap of Glory’s arm echoed. “You screw the mystery guy?”

“No,” a glint in her eye past quickly, “But god help me I really wanted to. We ran out of time, and he didn’t have a rubber. Though, the rubber thing wasn’t going to stop me.”

“What!” Harmony displayed the shock I also had at her comments.

Glory looked back and forth like she was making sure no one else was in the room with them and the door was closed so only Harmony could hear her. “Yeah his kissing and hands felt so good on my body, I don’t know what happened. The next thing I know I had his pecker in my hand and he had pushed my panties down to my ankles. And I really wanted to fuck the guy for some reason. He had used his finger rubbing it on my clitty and he put it in me. His finger not his cock though for some reason I was hornier than I've ever been.  Oh shit did that feel great. He was spreading my pussy open so I could direct his dick to my pussy hole. That is when someone knocked on the closet door, bringing my senses back to me.  I was going to kiss his dick when I went to pick up my panties but chickened out. And because of it I didn’t have panties for the rest of the party. God only knows how many guys I flashed the rest of the night wearing my short skirt.”

“You're a hussy.” Harmony said in a half whisper into Glory’s ear.  Then to my surprise and Glory’s, she took my sister’s ear into her lips.

Glory sat perfectly still with Harmony’s lips moving up her earlobe. I saw my sister’s face change from shock to a softer look of pleasure, to one of desire as a low “Mmm..oh Harmony.”

Before exiting Glory’s ear, I barely heard on the speakers, “Oh yeah girlfriend, we aren’t going to run out of time or need rubbers.” On leaving Glory’s lobe her lips when to my sister’s slender neck and under her jaw. Her hands going up under the back of Glory’s loose sweatshirt, stroking my sister’s back.

“I haven’t ever kissed a girl.” Glory said breathlessly tilting her head exposing her sinuous skin to her red headed friend.

“Me either.” The lips that had been attached to Glory’s neck said into that same skin. “Oh you smell and taste better than any guy.”

“Oh, I hadn’t been kissed until the party” Glory let her partner know. She also informed the redhead, “Ah yes..your lips feel so good… Oh please kiss me  ”

If Harmony was surprised by the revelation she didn’t let it slow her down any. Evidently Glory’s willingness to go from first kisses to screwing a complete stranger in a manner of minutes, meant there were no doors blocking her way to enjoying Glory’s body.

Harmony’s lips moved slightly up to the right exploring the warm soft lips on her partner.  Her excitement was tempered by her nervousness which showed during her making out with Glory. She cracked her lips apart enough, enticing my sister to explore her mouth.  Glory did not disappoint her, a swift swipe of her tongue grazed over Harmony’s palate.  Harmony’s hands came through the neck hole sliding her fingers through Glory’s shoulder length black hair. She pressed them tighter together, as her partner moaned into her mouth. I imagined their saliva washing back and forth between them, each savoring the flavor of the other. I could barely make out Harmony’s tongue as it began to dance with Glory’s. Unlike Glory, Harmony appeared content to just make out with the friend. She was showing her inexperienced partner how to truly French kiss another person. Guiding her along pausing patiently when Glory’s excitement went beyond her abilities, HHHHHHHarmony kept Glory’s actions pleasurable, with subtle pulling on the black hair in her fingers. I could tell from her gradual to non-existent sexual progression, it was up to Glory to make the next move.

Glory finally began their progression toward being lovers. A tentative hand nervously went to the silky smooth yet pale skin at the small of Harmony’s back.  The shaky hand stroked across the smooth flesh under Harmony’s shirt.  The brush of Glory’s fingers elicited a moan from Harmony into Glory’s mouth.  Their lips stayed locked, sharing breaths and moans as Glory gained confidence; her hand’s tentativeness lessening while in another girl’s arms.   She explored up further on Harmony’s back, bringing her other hand to join the first under the shirt. With two hands on her back Harmony was pulled tight to the body moaning into her mouth.

Glory’s touch moved down from Harmony’s shoulders where she had been hugging the girl tight to herself, to the girl’s equally baggy sweat shirt. Her trepidation hadn’t gone and three times she raised the hem of the shirt an inch or two before letting it fall back in place.. Even while Frenching her friend there was a hint of the expression she made when scared to do something but determined to do it.  She raised Harmony’s shirt up to her bra.

Feeling the shirt covering her being raised Harmony broke their kiss. She looked deeply into the dark brown eyes that were almost all pupil across from her and asked, “Are you sure?”  It appeared to be a short hand question for permission to remove Glory’s shirt once her own was gone.

“Oh yes. I want to feel your hot skin on mine.” Glory said gazing back at the green eyes of her female lover. She was panting as she said. “Lift your arms.” Harmony did as instructed and pulled her arms from inside Glory’s shirt, raising them high above her head, allowing her shirt removal by Glory.

Once her shirt was discarded, Harmony said to my sister, “Your turn. Raise your arms.”  Glory sat there not moving staring at the small lacy bra covering Harmony’s much bigger tits. I could tell, she was having second thoughts and was turning red embarrassed at the request. Gradually her arms went up, making the peeling of her shirt off possible. Harmony put the sweatshirt aside after it passed over Glory’s head.  Again she wrapped her arms around Glory’s torso. With their flat taut stomachs pressed together, their lips found each other again. Their tongues danced to the music of moans they emitted.

Having been pulled together again, Glory’s fingers ran through the crimson locks of her lover’s hair. Her temporarily apprehensive movements were replaced with an intensity manifested in mashing her lips demandingly into Harmony’s. Harmony met the demand and matched it with her own.  Her embrace kept their nubile bodies in contact while they touched and caressed each other’s skin where their bras did not block them.  Their new skin to skin pleasure and caressing had both of the girls cooing for a while.

Their bras had become obstacles to realizing the full pleasure of body contact. Glory undid Harmony’s and pulled it away from her body, exposing her newly slightly enlarged breast. She didn’t pull the bare chested girl back to her instead Glory stared at the heaving breast. She muttered, “Oh they are so lovely.” It was with loving care she bent down to kiss the hard circular tip of the breast. Working her way around the left breast she kissed every part of the raindrop shaped tit as Harmony ran her fingers through Glory’s hair directing her. Glory lovingly kissed the right pert globe after covering the left fully with her lips. I watched Glory’s mettle fail gradually and she shook with fear when she began to lick and lightly tease the hard nipples of Harmony’s tits.

Harmony backed up from the hesitant licks of her nipples, “Mmm that is incredible.” She must have sensed Glory’s wavering dedication to what they had started, “It is ok to suck on them I’m sure you’ll love it. Let me show you.” She raised Glory’s head up by the chin, kissing her long and soulfully. The kiss wasn’t all she was doing. Her other hand unclasp Glory’s utilitarian plain white bra which was only slightly bigger than a training bra. She slid the straps down the slender arms still encircled by them.

Glory turned a brighter red, bringing her hands up covering her puffy nipples from Harmony’s stare. Harmony stated, “You do know I have a set of tits too.  So I know what they look like.  You don’t have to try and hide them.” With that she gently took the hands covering the pink circles and slowly removed them. Her gaze fell on the slight mounds and the coned shaped nipples, lust filling her look

“Yes I know you do.”  Deflecting the conversation from her, Glory added, “And they are much larger than mine and so much prettier.”

“I guess mine are bigger,” the redhead said, doing her best at cupping one of the tiny titties in front of her. She stroked the small mound of flesh in her hand, rolling the pink cone. “But not prettier. Yours are lovely and look very kissable.” She bent forward closing her parted lips around one of Glory’s coned nipples.

Glory was astounded at Harmony’s action and stammered “Well….Ok.” She continued to turn bright red from embarrassment.

“Hey if I can’t suck you, who can” she joked, backing from the now dampened nipple. For some reason she rolled back removing her jeans and lacy bikini panties that matched her bra. She sat back up completely naked swinging her leg up over Glory’s head flashing her pussy and downy orange-ish pubic hair to her lover’s wide eyes.  She wrapped her legs around the back of Glory’s thinned body.  “Oh I love being naked I even sleep this way.  But, you don’t seem to be the naked sleeping type.” Harmony informed stroking the outside of the thighs she was sitting between. Glory expression of excitement at all of her lovers pale skin being exposed and touchable was obvious. I too was excited at seeing the whole of the barely teenaged girl’s body.

”No, I just don’t spend any time naked. I’m always afraid someone will see me. You know Alex is always trying to look at me naked.” Glory commented, not knowing how right and wrong she was.

“You know if you let him see you or better yet let him do this,” Harmony said, showing her as her hands ran over the baby soft skin making up the side of Glory’s tits. “Or maybe” Glory’s breasts heaved while Harmony’s hand circled around the soft exposed coned areolas swiping over them one time. “And he will definitely want to.” She whispered airily, maneuvering her body up slightly, giving her lips access to the creamy white skin of Glory’s neck. Harmony lightly brushed her lips around my sister’s silken delicate neck. I could hear the cooing of Glory as Harmony nibbled and collapsed her lips around that delicate skin tasting it as she went.

“Mmm, you do that perfectly,” Glory had gone to stroking the rust colored hair nuzzled up against her, “But Alex is my brother. I can’t let him do….Oh yeah that feels so good” Her train of thought lost mid-sentence.

Harmony stopped her kissing and looked squarely into Glory’s dark eyes. “Why not he is a boy. Doesn’t he know how to kiss you?” Her question asked she didn’t wait for the answer before attaching her full lips to Glory’s.  When the last dance of their tongues was complete she backed away for her answer.

“Like a sister. Definitely not like that.” Glory was getting flush talking. “And he never would like that, I’m his sister.”

“I bet he would if he didn’t know it was you.” Harmony challenged. “And hell, he is a boy they do all kinds of stuff they say they wouldn’t do.”

“And just how wouldn’t he know, it was me?” Glory’s question was one that sounded more like interest than accusation.

“Is your brother a heavy sleeper?”

“I don’t know for sure but I think so. Why?” Glory answered. Had I had an intercom, I’d have told her yes I was. Since, I really wanted to hear where Harmony was going.

“Because Warren is and after I kissed him like this.” Harmony again pressed her lips lightly to Glory’s, passing her tongue along her upper lip. “And in his sleepy state I guess he figured it was a dream and kissed me back.”

“And he didn’t wake up or know it was you?” Glory’s said in a higher more excited pitch.

“He did after he woke up while cumming.” Harmony said nonchalantly, pressing her lips against Glory’s for a proper kiss in between just brushing them over the waiting lips.

“Why was he cumming?” Glory asked backing away from the teasing lips.

“I was blowing him, after he sucked my clitty in his sleep.” Her tone had not changed. “He had gotten me off like I never climaxed before.  It was my first time a boy had sucked me, god was it fabulous even though he was doing it in his sleep. And though he was sleeping it gave him a boner. So I straddled his face carefully not to wake him from what must have seemed like one hell of a wet dream. And I sucked his dick while he continued licking my pussy.  He woke up during his third spurt and my second orgasm.”

“You sucked you brother’s dick?” The surprise was captured and transmitted through the speakers as I listened. After a second of silence Glory asked, “Did he cum in your mouth?”

“Yeah, his cum taste great. Sweet and salty as it shot down my throat. It was a wild thing to experience for the first time.” She kissed Glory and brushed her tongue again over the lips she had just been attached to saying. “And I licked him clean with this tongue”

“Awe girl you’re so nasty. I couldn’t do that?”

Harmony didn’t appear offended, so she must have taken it in the joking manner in which it was said, “What part? Giving a blowjob, swallowing cum or having both be with your brother?”

Glory’s answer was short and sweet and non-definitive, “Yes.”

“Oh, I love it. So don’t knock it until you try it.” Harmony again moved closer to Glory, setting her sights on Glory’s neck and soft collar bone indention, while exposing her full breast to Glory’s exploring hands.  While Harmony caressed the nape of Glory’s neck with her drawn out kisses, her nipple was caressed by Glory running gentle circles around it with her finger tip. Glory’s coos and passionate mewling began to mix with Harmony’s. She steered the Ginger around as her lips and tip of her tongue teased and searched out every inch of skin at the base of her neck and up her ravishing collarbones. As Glory wiggled about within Harmony’s grasp, she stimulated Harmony’s nipple, changing from one breast to the other. With the same feather light brushing of Glory’s fingertip around the outer edge of her friend’s areolas, they hardened with the nipple standing proud in the center. Glory rolled the stiffened nub in her fingers, slowing occasionally as Harmony continued kissing her neck.

Amidst the third time the tip of her nipple was grazed she placed her hand on the breast inches from her own and rubbed the puffy coned areolas. Harmony breathlessly said into the skin below her lips, “Oh Glory I love that. Your titty feels nice and tasted so good. All of you taste heavenly; I could suck on you all night.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, I was going to be audience to a show unlike any I expected.  Glory also had not expected it, “All of me? I haven’t had a boy kiss or suck on me down there, much less a girl” She said nodding toward her pussy.

“Me either.” Harmony again captured Glory’s earlobe pulling down on it with her teeth. “But I can’t wait; I’m betting your pussy is the sweetest part of you. And nothing beats a tongue lashing to bring on an orgasm. No pregnancy or rubbers to worry about, no small cock not meeting the needs of your pussy, just a glorious tongue and lips bring on nirvana.”

Her words must have convinced herself that sucking on the whole of my sister was a good idea. She pressed her lips again to Glory’s. Suddenly Harmony pushed Glory back leaving her lips unoccupied and her eyes staring hungrily down at the small mounds with protruding nipples. But it was Glory that ended up pulling Harmony down by the shoulders. Their position looked uncomfortable but it put Harmony’s lips on Glory’s nipple.

Glory kept Harmony captive over her left tit via the handfuls of red hair she had. But it wasn’t as if Harmony was squirming to get away from the full access she had to the now hard numb she was sucking.  Glory’s chest rose and fell quickly with her panting which eventually turned into her moaning while she wretched herself feeding Harmony’s waiting mouth her buttoned nipples. Imprisoned within Harmony’s mouth, the elixir Glory’s nipple was bathed in had the other one just as excited and alive.

Harmony provided the stimulation Glory obviously long for.  Her tongue tip traced the outer edge of the areola as it was removed from her mouth. Glory’s moans increased as she pressed her tit again into Harmony’s glorious mouth.  Pulling Harmony tighter on to her tiny titty, Glory’s whole breast barely stretched Harmony’s mouth as it went in.  Harmony gingerly stroked the breast not being willingly forced into her mouth.  She was a contortionist caressing the hard nipple in her hand, sucking on the tit in her mouth all the while untying herself. Having freed her legs she was laying on flat on Glory in little time. Her wet crotch had moister glistening on her plumped pussy pedals, dabbing Glory’s sweat pants covered thigh with the hot fluid meant to lubricate her pussy for a hard cock.

Harmony let her left hand drift down worming it under the firm ass that soccer had honed. Her tongue maintained its lapping across the formally puffy pink nipple, while her hand cupped one of Glory’s cheeks.  The covered ass lifted at the feeling of the hand on it.  Harmony squeezed the hard butt cheek that was pressing into her hand.  Glory panting and lust filled voice eked out “Take them off.”  Harmony slipped her fingers in the waistband covering the ass she'd been kneading.  Glory raised up her hips giving the hands on her hips the ability to slide her pants off.   When Glory rose up Harmony slid her pants down Glory’s firm thighs to her knees, leaving the basic white panties in place. Harmony used her feet to fully remove the unwanted garment that was half off. Harmony moved the remaining panties to the side, instead of taking them off feeling Glory’s wet sex on her.

From the look on Harmony’s face she was surprised when Glory suddenly flipped their positions not separating her tit from Harmony’s lips. In a halting voice Glory asked, “My undies..why?”

From under the luscious body and petite tit, Harmony answered, “You do it.” After her answer she went back to tonguing Glory’s breast. The answer reminding me of Mindy’s making Ben remove her panties.  Both Harmony and Mindy were forcing their partner’s to take responsibility for what ever happened after their capitulating action. And spring into action is what Glory did removing the last of her clothing.

The two girls lay naked in each other’s arms, Glory’s petite breast fed to her friend and soon to be lover below. I could see Glory’s labia were wet and slick. Additionally they opened from the excited blood flow to them.  Glory’s straddled Harmony’s left thigh.  Her dilated folds pressed firmly on Harmony’s leg. Glory’s cunt juices rolled down the crevice between her own pussy lips and onto the smooth pale thigh below her. Harmony once again began to knead her friend’s ass, pushing her up and pulling her down along her thigh.  Glory groaned at the sensation of her clit being stimulated, as she coated Harmony with her seepage.

Harmony’s initial stimulation of Glory’s clit, had Glory slithering her sex on Harmony’s leg.  And though Harmony had stopped directing Glory’s movements, she frantically gyrated her clit on Harmony.  Her chest heaved in Harmony’s mouth, as her nipple was twirled about. One breast was replaced by the other in Harmony’s newly experienced mouth.  Harmony again let Glory determine how much of her breast would fill the oral cavity.

On the monitor, Glory’s look was one of sexual gratification unfulfilled, despite the increased stimulation from grinding her clit and loving suckling of her breasts. Glory took Harmony’s hand and led it to her hot flowing box. “Please,” was all Glory said.  Having Glory’s permission Harmony undertook the stroking of the center of my sister’s sex.  Her no longer visible hand had found the hard button between the folds, as evident by Glory’s gasping and writhing. Glory pulled her breast from Harmony’s mouth, freeing her to kiss the lips that had been bringing her pleasure. As they made out once again, Harmony’s fingers had Glory twitching like she was ready to climax. Glory broke their kiss to once again say, “Please, in me.” 

Glory’s ass jerked up when Harmony inserted her finger deep in the soaking wet hole. Glory mostly rolled off Harmony, allowing the fingers embedded in her cunt better access. And me a better view of their cunts and the hands in them. Harmony had tilted hers upward just slightly, to massage what I knew was the G-spot.  While massaging that particular area of my sister’s pussy, Harmony tapped her thumb against the hard clit just above her finger.

Glory bucked and humped upward at the stimulus. A low guttural growl was released and bounced off the walls.   Infused in the growl Glory cried out, “Ah gawd. I’m cumming…A girl is making me cum. Oh god.. Holy fuck!”  Glory again mashed her lips to Harmony’s, sucking in the air as her lover expelled it.

Harmony crawled back up the panting body of her first female partner. She left her hand in my sister’s cunt and kissed her at the crook of her neck going ever higher to Glory’s lips. Glory was still in the midst of cumming, when for just a few seconds, she grope the mounds of flesh that made up Harmony’s ass cheeks.  It was Glory’s sudden grip and jerk of Harmony’s body forward which caused her pelvis to thump against Glory’s hip bone followed by the crush of breasts.

Harmony moved her kissing to the corner of Glory’s mouth and across her naturally beautiful face. She sucked in the tiny ear lobe before her lips. She slid her tongue around the edge of Glory’s cute little ear which progressed to nibbling the organ.  Her sighs were audible as her partner let the tip of her tongue run along the inner edges and ridges of Glory’s right ear.  Glory grasped Harmony’s firey locks tight keeping her in place.
I watched as Harmony’s bared teeth bit down on the soft lobe pulling on it as she informed Glory. “That is what I’ll do to your cunt. It will be something like this.”  She took the whole of Glory’s small ear into her mouth. On the monitor I could barely make out, she was fucking her tongue in Glory’s small canal. I saw her alternate deep jabs of her wet muscle into the depths of the passage way and tentative rapid flicks of its tip at the entrance.  Harmony removed her hand from the sloppy wet box of my sister. She seized a handful of Glory’s athletic ass and matched the pressure applied to her own ass. She moved her partner in such a way they could truly grind their pelvises together as her oral demonstrations carried on.

I stared at the monitor for minutes, amazed at the grinding their sexes and her oral dynamics within Glory’s ear. My hard cock was in my hand being stroked as Harmony’s and Glory’s foreplay continued. I was half way to cuming myself viewing the monitor and Harmony tantalizing her willing partner, grazing Glory’s eyelids with her agile tongue leaving a sheen of her mouth’s moister as eye shadow.  And though Glory was coming down from her climax it was blatant that she was enthralled with her lover’s mouth and the sensations it was imparting to her. In fact, she crushed her nipples ever the harder into Harmony’s.

I just about shot my load when I saw Harmony quick as a flash twist free of the tight embrace she was engaged in. She had her mouth covering my sister’s whole pussy within a second. Glory’s eye’s opened wide in what best could be called surprise. I was thoroughly astonished when she clamped her thighs down on the invading head attached to her pussy asking in shock, “What in the world are you doing?” Her shock expressed itself by squeezing down with her strong thighs, on Harmony’s head. I couldn’t imagine what she thought was going to happen after all the foreplay they had engaged in. 

Harmony ignored the question. Instead she worked diligently on Glory’s already wet pussy. Glory had trapped her where she was, when she closed her thighs tight around the invading head. This meant that Harmony still had full access to Glory’s pussy. She twirled her tongue around the recessed red little bump.  The engaged clit stood up giving Harmony a better and fuller target, which she sucked in to her mouth.

“Oooooh no. Ah good god it’s so good. What are you trying to do to me?  I’m exploding.” Glory manage to say still trying to push her friend out of between her thighs, though she still kept them tight around her lover’s head. As time wore on and I watched Harmony assault my sister’s pussy every moment she was trapped. Glory eventually humped frenetically at the trapped girl’s lips, barking out, “Oh please stop. It is too much. It’s like nothing before….. Oh shit, I’m going to cum again .” She continued muttering, rolling her head side to side.

The more Glory bucked and humped at Harmony’s face the more Harmony teased Glory. It was like she was prolonging my sister’s pleasure, which was fine by me. I was getting a full length feature instead of a film short. And I too slowed my stroking my bulging dick hoping to prolong my own pleasure. With any luck I’d blow my wad at the same time Glory finished riding the wave to her second orgasm.

Glory’s crushing head lock had lessened like she was resigned, enjoying the action going on between her legs. Harmony even came up for a breath leaving the clit she had been tongue whipping alone. Raised up and looking down at her handy work, she gave me a much better view of Glory’s much fuller and swelled pussy lips. She smiled down, at the glistening almost hairless plumped up flesh, like the cat that ate the canary. She went back for more. Her tongue ran up and down my formally reluctant sister’s slit for a few minutes, and began to explore the depths of the pussy hole beneath it. All of Glory’s opposition to the assault was gone. Harmony began sampling the honey of the virgin pussy attached to the clit she had standing upright. Glory’s hand stroking the rust locks indicated, she had replaced the resistance with a willingness, delighting in the mouth on her cunt.

The first time Harmony’s tongue snaked into Glory, she held tightly to the virgin’s hips. Glory bucked her hips up and wrapped her legs around Harmony’s back. Between pants and groans, Glory stammered quietly, “my titties are on fire.  You’re making my titties burn.” I couldn’t tell if she wanted Harmony to stop licking her pussy and soothe the burning with her mouth or not. I’d have jumped at the chance making it a threesome if I was one hundred percent sure they would go for it.  Harmony didn’t leave her position between my sister’s thighs leaving the problem for Glory to figure out.  Like with Harmony’s shirt she hesitantly started moving her hands to her nipples. It was as if her hands rubbing her own nipples made her a slut, so when they reached the base of her breast they shot to the bed, holding the covers tightly in her fist.

Harmony must have known all the right hot spots on another female body. I heard through the walls and over the speakers a massive wailing coming from Glory. “Ah gawd..I’m cumming again.” Her body spasmed and thrusted in all directions as Harmony tried holding on and shoving her tongue back into my sister’s virgin hole.  Glory bounced and clawed at the covers the whole time Harmony continued the invasion of her twat.  Harmony stopped suddenly, like she understood Glory was truly at the highest achievable point in her orgasm.  She did continue watching my sister humping and twitching at nothing from between her legs.  I too watched on the monitor as Glory’s rantings continued as she slowly came down from her climax.

Harmony slithered back up my sister’s naked body locking her cum coated mouth over Glory’s.  Her look in the monitor said she wasn’t fully over her orgasm and she was in no shape to resist. Though, she did try a little to resist the lips of the girl that had just brought her so much pleasure. Harmony’s finger pried themselves between the united lips.  Once again she forced her tongue inside a set of Glory’s lips. Within seconds Glory willingly opened her mouth inviteing Harmony’s tongue into her mouth. She sucked on Harmony’s tongue like she was enjoying its flavor.

Glory suddenly became the aggressor putting her tongue in the awaiting mouth. She grabbed fistfuls of ginger hair grinding Harmony’s lips into her. It was amazing watching her go from being adverse to kissing lips covered in her own cum to savagely attacking them. Harmony eventually pulled away asking, “So you liked that?”

“Oh god yes. You could do that to me three times a day and four on Sundays.” was the answer followed by another less fierce drawn out French kiss.

Harmony pushed the earlier issue, “So would you have liked it better if it was your mystery guy in the closet?”

Her reaction to, “Maybe,” which came from Glory was pure shock. I was also shocked not expecting so much honesty from her, so soon after orgasming.

“Oh you whore.” Harmony said sounding like she was trying to cover the hurt. The slap of Glory’s hip echoed in the room.

“You know what I mean.” She said rubbing the red spot on her hip. “If he could do it as good as you, which I don’t think any guy could. The mystery would add a little something.” While flipping positions she added, “Let’s see if you agree.”

Once Glory had Harmony under her, Harmony’s legs spread allowing her to lay between them. They continued kissing passionately while Glory move her torso in small circles. Her puffed out nipples circling around and across Harmony’s. I watched not believing my sister capable of such and erotic action.  Her whole body was covered in tiny goose bumps. Though I didn’t know if they were from the feeling of her nipples coming in contact with those below her, or the hand that had slipped between them and likely had a finger or two in my sister’s pussy hole.  It was only a few seconds before she grabbed the hand out from between them. One by one she put the fingers in her mouth and swished them about before slowly dragging them out from between her lips, licked clean of the pussy juices that had been on them. As she pulled the last one from her lips and let me know I was wrong. She said, “Mmmm your pussy taste fantastic.”

Harmony answered, “you can get it from the source any time you like.”
Glory's lewd and suggestive actions were too much. I shot my load all over my desk, keyboard and monitor before I could redirect the shots of spunk away.  I about screamed as the fluid flew out of my dick enthralled in my orgasm. Being as our house wasn't sound proof I had to throw myself onto the bed, shoving a pillow in my mouth to muffle the sounds. Glory and Harmony obviously didn't know I was home and I didn't want them finding out by my hollering. Though the last of my squirting ended up on my bedspread and filled the room with the smell of cum, which I knew would linger.

When I recovered from my orgasm, I went back to the computer and cleaned it while I continued watching my sister and Harmony. They were still mainly making out though it did change shortly after I started watching again. It only took a small nudge downward on Glory’s shoulders to have her stop kissing Harmony’s mouth. She moved down toward the not fully developed breast which made up Harmony’s chest. Glory closed her lips little by little on Harmony’s radiant skin working her way down the coned breast until her mouth was at the nipple.  When her teeth once again racked over the full areolas and hard nipple, Harmony held her breath.  Slightly above the pointed tit Glory traced the back side of her finger nail up the outside of the gasping mound. Glory kissed circles around the small pink areolas that sat atop the milky white tits.  She again instinctively placed her mouth over the areolas and raked her teeth lightly up and over the hardening nipples. The pain and pleasure Glory was inflicting on Harmony’s tits had the nipples rock hard.

I wondered where my innocent sister had learned her technique for sucking on Harmony’s breast.  I could write some of it off to instinct, but the rest.  The rest I figured was what Glory had done by Harmony and what she wished the girl had done.  Evidently my sister had a thing for a bit of pain to go with her pleasure. I kept that in mind in case I ever ended up with her tit in my mouth.

I for the most part wiped those thoughts from my mind and went back to purely enjoying the actual action on my monitor. Harmony had run her fingers through Glory’s hair directing her from one breast to the other. Harmony rocked her hips into Glory’s bare stomach, as the stimulation of  a fingernail running up the tit she was kissing on was capped off with Harmony’s hot breath blown across her wetted tit. “Oh god...Please.. Suck it,” Harmony mumbled basically incoherently.  While my sister did as her lover asked and not just kissed but suckled as I had seen babies do to their mothers. Harmony’s hands massaged her own breast flesh from the bottom up to the lips attached at the top. My best guess of why she squeezed her tit in such a manner was it was an attempt to deliver her non-existent breast’s fluid to the encapsulated nipple.

Harmony had the patience of a saint, letting my sister tease and suck on her tits and nipples as long as she did. But I could tell on the monitors she was ready for Glory to plunge her tongue in her pussy and suck her clit until it stood up and saluted. Again she by using just a little pressure on Glory’s head, she imparted her wish for Glory to eat her.  I don’t know if Glory was getting cold feet about performing cunnilingus or was just captivated by all the new sensations she must have been feeling kissing and sucking on Harmony’s breast.

After basically giving my sister a shove, Glory left the breast she had kept her lips on for so long. As she left it and ran the tip of her tongue down the middle of Harmony’s tummy, I saw light purple marks forming on Harmony’s pale tits. Having had a girlfriend I knew those light purple marks would deepen into multiple hickeys throughout her tits. I wondered how she was going to explain those to her brother.

Glory poked her tongue in the dainty belly button on Harmony’s fit stomach, upon reaching it. In the middle of wispy patch of pubic hair that matched her own in all but color, she paused. She raised up looking Harmony in the eye saying, “You smell so sweet.” Putting her fingers to her lips she pulled a small auburn hair from her mouth.  “But I think we are going to need to shave this off. Loose hairs are nasty.” Harmony just shook her head in agreement.  Hell if she had said the same thing to me from between my legs I’d have gotten up and found a razor right then.

The errant hair hadn’t stopped Glory permanently. She ran her fingers over and over the light bush as she kissed Harmony’s mons, nibbling at her flesh as she traveled down to the waiting pussy folds.  If there is an instinct for eating a girl out Glory had lost it temporarily. She proceeded to stab at the wet slit in front of her in a clumsy manner. Harmony’s hand stroked the black hair of my sister panting out “It is OK you can calm down. Take your time I’m not going anywhere.”

The next thing I see on the screen is Glory with her tongue deep in Harmony’s pussy and her fore finger rubbing tight circles on the rehead’s clit. Glory had caught on quickly. She was licking up and done the fine little slit poking her tongue deep within the fissure when it reached Harmony’s vagina.. Harmony began humping the tongue buried in her cunt. She moaned and panted like a bitch in heat  when Glory would suck one of the girls fattened lips into her mouth or lap her tongue alone the outside of it.  Glory was doing it with more frequency ignoring Harmony’s up right clit and sodden hole. Harmony screeched out, “Holy fuck eat me!” pulling Glory’s face tight into the middle of her snatch. She ground her ground her clit on my sister’s lips first letting out an “Augh”. She followed it with humping her pussy on my sister’s mouth, saying, “Your tongue…I need your tongue up my hole.” Glory must have complied as Harmony’s thrust got longer and faster until she cried out, “Oh fuck I’m cumming.”  When Harmony’s frenzied fucking of Glory’s face stopped it was Glory that kept the pussy tight to her mouth. Her throat moving as she drank down her lover’s secretions.

The two girls continued their love making each getting their partner off another three times before I was too tired to watch any more. Plus I'd wanked off twice more watching them and worried that I was going to rub my cock raw.  I turned off the monitor and stripped down and went to sleep.  Around three in the morning I felt like someone was watching me as I slept. Being in the shadows of the room I could open my eyes without it being noticed. Standing in the middle of my room was Glory completely naked looking down at where I was. She would be able to see my form but not the details in the darkness. Whereas in the street lamps light coming through the window blinds, I could see she had love juice coating her inner thigh and it had run down her calf. She said nothing but looked like she was trying to decide something.  After a few minutes she turned and I watched her newly sculpted bare ass walk out the door. 

She continued her visits at night on a fairly regular basis.  Though how close she got to the bed changed. Not knowing when she was going to show up except when Harmony came over to spend the night, I had gone to sleeping nude with little to no covers.  Each time she came in completely naked looking as if she had a decision to make. And each time she left without a word or indication the next morning she'd been there. 

It was the late night visits by Glory that made me fairly sure Mindy’s friend would show up and pay for the pleasure of being screwed anonymously.

My zoning out thinking of Glory and Harmony’s first night together as lovers didn’t instill a lot of confidence in Mindy. She grabbed my hand dragging me out of the room saying, “Damn it you are already screwing up. I swear I mention the possibility of screwing another girl and you get a stupid look on your face.” She gave me one last hard yank, “Come on let’s make sure you’re not ruined.”

I wanted to tell her I wasn’t ruined at all. But I was pretty sure her way of verifying it was for me to screw her brains out. So I said following her lead, “Test away.”

She guided us to a room we had rarely used. It did have a large chair which she pushed me into. “Ok now imagine it is my friend, what are you going to do?” She stepped back and turned off the light plunging us into darkness.

“Wait,” I said, before she could step away from the light switch. The light came back on instantly.

“What?” She said. The look on her face said she was none too thrilled with me.

“I was thinking maybe we could leave the lights on.” I replied quickly. I was hoping I’d see Mindy’s expressions and physical reactions to our possible coupling with the lights on. “It would make it easier for your friend. And it wouldn’t seem as creepy.”

Mindy glared at me. I think it was more due to my talking preventing me from going down on her than the actual subject I was bringing up. Her tone was one of irritation when she said, “It’s supposed to be anonymous, remember? And her seeing you and you seeing her makes it not so?”

Not giving up, on my keeping the lights on idea I ran different ideas quickly through my head. I came up with, “What if we both wore Halloween masks? I wouldn’t know who it was and neither would she.”

“Fine, do you have one on you right now so we can try it?” she obviously found my comment an annoyance and wanted me between her thighs without any delays.

“No but I can bring a couple tomorrow.” I said hoping she wouldn’t notice my planning on having sex with her the next day.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Thanks Harry! I appreciate the rewrite and effort!

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Thanks for the comment and I hope you are enjoying the re-write. I will be continuing most all this month adding to the posts. Let me know if you like the new ones as well.

Please keep letting me know the good and bad of the tale.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 6 Audition

“Big assumption on your part.” She had noticed. “But, if you perform well enough this time we'll give your idea a try.”

“So you'll leave the lights on?” I asked still hopeful.

“Hell it won’t kill me to look at your goofy face just this once.” She said sounding resigned to the idea. “But you better make my toes curl and forget who you are.”

“Ok,” shot from my lips, again not knowing how I’d accomplish what I had just agreed to. What I did remember is while she demanded Ben to service her, she responded best when he pushed back and commanded her obedience.  While Mindy started back towards me, I again without thinking blurted out, “Strip.”

“What did you say?” her tone voicing her displeasure.

I really wanted to take it back, worried not only that she wouldn’t have sex with me, but that she would beat the shit out of me. My next assumption was if I tried to take it back I definitely was a dead man. So in for a penny in for a pound I said more forcefully, “I said strip and make it sexy.” She stared long and hard at me. I did my best at keeping a look of not caring what she thought of my demand. I accentuated it with a, “Well get on with it.”

She stood still for a time before her hands went to the top button of her blouse. She undid the button slowly followed by the next one down and continued until the rest of the buttons were undone. The whole time she swung her hips to the music only she could hear. She had my full attention as she approached me. The bra in her cleavage barely visible between her slightly open shirt. The white lacy bra looked like it was keeping the white shirt above it from opening the rest of the way. Her bronzed sleek skin visible in a strip between the hanging shirt, with the tiny bellybutton underscoring her tight flat stomach.

Mindy ran her hands up along inside of the open shirt tails and along the top of its collar.  Still swinging her hips suggestively she flipped her light brown hair. Her hazel eyes had a twinkle that lit up like a predator shark. She knew she was doing it right and having fun beguiling me. She turned her back to me with a smirk. Tilting her head back to me she let the shirt fall down off her smooth shoulders, only the thin white straps breaking up the continuous expanse of her skin. She quickly pulled the shirt back up covering the recently exposed skin as she spun back to face me.

Mindy grinned bending forward, putting her hands on the back of the chair I was in. Her hips gyrating letting the shirt fall open. Her chest was now only inches from my face, contained in her lacy undergarment. They orbs jiggled within their confinement with her undulating. Standing back up after giving me a close view of her gorgeous covered mounds, she stroked the skin she had just been showing me. Little by little her hands caressed their way along her breast and across her collar bone, opening her covering up more. Her hand crossed over the curve of her shoulder dropping the shirt off the rounded edge.

The music in Mindy’s head kept her hips moving seductively. The pert tits holding bra stood between stroking hands and the nipples that were clearly visible through the sheer lace. Her hands slid down hiding the puffed nipples on the way to the smooth and immaculate stomach. The mostly topless movements kept my eyes trained on the lacy bra, veering off occasionally to her hands rubbing the last of skin on the side of her midriff.  The more she moved the further down her petite hands went. Her palm and fingers wrapping around her covered hips and firm roundness of her ass cheeks.

Mindy’s seductive dance and stripping, had my dick hard.  I'd eaten her cunt and buried my dick deep in it pumping quarts of seed into its depths, yet I don’t think any of those things had me as turned on as her stripping. I’m sure she saw my squirming, getting my hard dick in a more comfortable place in my pants. She continued shaking her ass, but her hands went to my legs. The feeling of her hands on the inside of my thighs going up to my crotch was further acerbating my dick problem. Her fingers deftly found the button on my pants. She dispensed with it followed by the zipper below. My cock sprang up partially freed. My underwear came up with my dick making a small tent at my pants opening.

Mindy bent down further taking the top of the tented underwear in her mouth. I could feel her hot humid breath pass through the fabric. My cock and brain loved the sensations. I was only slightly disappointed when she stood back up straight resuming the stroking of her stomach. Her hands were constantly moving, running up under small tits. She moaned ever so slightly as she massaged her tits as part of her show. Seductively brushing over her bra and collar bones, her fingers finally slipped up her neck and into her mouth.

With her hips rolling to her internal music, Mindy’s angelic face had the look of craving as she slowly extracted her fingers. The spit wetted finger ran down her throat and into her cleavage. She made quick work of the clasp that held the laced undergarment in place. She held the undone cups in place raising and lowering them one at a time giving me a peek at her breast but never fully uncovering her nipples. After teasing me for a minute never giving me the full view, she pealed one fully back giving me a close up view of her puffed out pink nipple. She covered the whole of the tit back again, only to peel back the other cup. The second view was the same as the first, and turned me on just as much.

A couple more peek-a-boos of her nipples was all she did. The last time she lifted the cup up for me to ogle her bared tit she let the lacy material fall from her grasp, and the strap slide down her arm.  Her tits jiggled now freed from their restraint as her hips swayed suggestively left and right. My mouth watered when along with her movements she again ran her hands over her flat stomach before up lifting what little bit of tit meat she had. She rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefingers long enough for me to see. Then she pulled them out from her chest moaning.

She not so much smiled as smirked as she spun around sitting on my legs. She leaned her bare back onto my chest. She’d made sure I could look down over her shoulder getting a never before had view of her body. Looking down on her torso I got a new perspective of her tits, and stomach. They both looked delectable as her striptease was taking on a lap dance quality. Her ass waggled a bit bumping and rubbing my tented cock.

It was a pleasant surprise when she took my hands and placed them on her breast. Her hands on the back of mine had me squeezing the firm and pliable flesh. I got the message and massaged the heaving breast paying special attention to her nipples which I rolled and pinched. She stopped directing my kneading of her orbs, when it became apparent I’d sustain my working her breast. No longer helping me, she again stroked her midriff. Her fingers again ran into a button; this one on her pants.

She slipped the button through the hole loosening the waist band. Not completely naked she continued her teasing. I heard the sound of the zipper teeth separating intermixed with her heavy breathing. Like her shirt Mindy parted the waistband giving me glimpses of the lace white panties which matched the discarded bra lying on the floor. She must have tired of giving me flashes of her lace underwear, and stroked both of her covered inner thighs starting at the opening of her pants. She rubbed up and down the white fabric a few times each time the caressing of her thighs ended back at the pants opening

Her moaning became more intense with each pass along her legs. Mindy reached up taking my right hand from her breast, once again guiding me. She raised her panties away from her skin, sliding my hand in the opening. The light curls of her pubic hair tickling my fingers as I went. I thought of my sister telling her friend that they should shave their cunts. Mindy’s cunt hair wasn’t around her slit and had never been much of an annoyance for me. But I wondered how much different it would be if she was completely smooth.

The thought left me as my finger found her slit wet. I was surprised at finding her pussy pedals bloated holding in her hot wetness, just from her stripping for me. And she wasn’t finished. She rolled her hips in conjunction with my finger finding its way into her hole for a moment. “Oh god yeah.” She said breaking the silence of her striptease. “This is going to be good. Now, I better finish.” She kicked off her shoes while still in my lap, with my finger poking in and out of her slick hole.  Pulling my finger out of her, and my hand from her tit, she stood back up stroking her hips and running her hands over her own ass. The final removal of her pants wasn’t near as seductive as the removal of her shirt and bra. It was as if she was done with the warmups and was ready for the games to begin. But when she did her final kick sending her pants and white panties sailing across the room she looked beautiful standing naked before me.

Now that I saw her naked I knew I was right in requesting she leave the lights on. While I'd had sex with her before; this truly would be different both of us seeing each other. And though it was supposed to be an audition for what I’d do for her friend I felt it was more of an audition of what I’d do for her in the future, now that no one was pretending. While I could’ve sat there and had her twirl and prance around for my entertainment, I knew she was waiting for something more.

I stood up and looking her in the eye, “Now me.”

Mindy understood without any further explanation. She reached out and undid the top button of my shirt. “Ok.” She said a bit sultry. What I truly didn’t expect was her leaning in, moving the collar of my shirt out of the way and pressing her moist lips in the crook of my neck. The heat of her lips quickly went to my brain and I moaned a bit. She flicked her tongue between her lips letting the tip graze my skin.  She moved ever so slightly up my neck and repeated her actions. I too repeated my audible appreciation. Her hot breath bounced off my neck, when she said, “So you like that.”

“Oh yes,” I acknowledged feeling her lips sucking small bits of my neck into them. Before I could add anything more she duplicated her actions just under my jaw.

The next kiss was squarely on my lips. She gripped the sides of my head holding me tight pressing her lips hard to mine. Her tongue parted my lips, entering my oral cavity. Her tongue poked and cajoled mine until I had it dancing with hers. Our wrestling tongue match started in my mouth, going into hers and back multiple times. I savored the taste of her saliva as my mouth was awash in it. She too swallowed down the excess saliva I left in her mouth.  The urgent French kiss ended as rapidly as it had started, as she unbuttoned another of my shirt buttons and delicately kissed her way down the side of my neck and over my collarbone. She didn’t linger any one place too long. Nibbling and sucking on my adolescent chest, Mindy placed her lips as far down as the remaining buttons would allow her.  Gradually she worked her way back up to my lips.

Again our tongues danced with each other in a way they hadn’t in all the time we had been engaging each other in sex. It was like she wanted to make up the time. I found the idea a bit odd considering at any time over that year and a half I’d have gladly made out with her. Someday I figured I’d tell her as much, but until then I was enjoying the feeling of her soft lips sliding over mine.  I felt her groan as well as heard it as it passed into my mouth.  Her attacking my mouth made not stripping down and fucking her on the spot difficult. And had I not told her to strip me I’d have done it myself, speeding up the time until I was buried nut deep in her luscious and inviting cunt.

She followed the same path and method with the third button, as she had with the second. Soft ovals of her hot flesh first pressed to my skin, followed by a gentle persistent vacuum pulling it into the center. Each new kiss brought waves of pleasure to my brain, and a slight increase in suction. When she for a second time had gone as far down as my shirt would allow she again turned back upward. She didn’t go straight up to my mouth. She veered to my nipples. 

She stopped barely short of my right nipple. She smiled up at me, “I bet you’re really going to like this,” adding as an aside, “I know I do.” She first kissed around the outside of the dark brown nipple. She snickered in amusement saying, “hey you’re part girl.” As it became hard and pointed like hers did.

Breathing a little quicker from excitement, I let her see she wasn’t going to anger me, “Yeah I guess I am. You know you are what you eat, and I have heard only a girl knows how to completely please a girl.”

“I guess we will see.” She said. She flicked the stiff eraser with the end of her tongue. Not wasting time she sucked the vestigial organ between her lips. She held the purposeless teat between her teeth, as she twirled her tongue around it. She curled her gritty tongue under her captive, and lapped the full face of her taste buds over it.  Mindy’s taste buds rasping across my nipples was enchanting. She applied a slick coat of spit to them, coming back afterward sucking and blowing on them until just dampness remained. She alternated these actions, first to the right and then to the left and back again. It seemed like she had given up on stripping me and was concentrating her efforts on swirling her hot tongue around my hardened nipple, followed by a light blowing across it before kissing it again.

Each time she relinquished her hold on my nipple by raking it with her teeth.  This time it was me catching my breath at the sensations that were imparted. I, too, had mostly forgotten about what had been the driving force for Mindy’s lips on my skin. Somewhere between getting my right nipple between her lips and sucked and left nipple penned between her pearly whites, she undid the last two of my shirt’s buttons. 

Her hands stroked my torso, wiping over the damp nipples as she left them. Kissing her way up to my clavicle, she brushed her lips and tongue tip along the protruding bone. Her fingertips leading the way peeling back my shirt as she went. Reaching the end, she pushed my shirt completely off my shoulder caressing it with her fingers and lips.

She had done the same to the left side, after passing her lips over the indention of where my throat met my sternum, just following the clavicle to its natural end. My shirt ended in a heap on the floor next to hers. I yearned for her bare chest pressed to mine, feeling her hot breast crushed into mine. My blood swollen organ released some pre-cum making a large wet spot on my tenting underwear. The wet ring reminding me that I still had clothes and Mindy didn’t. 

She stopped kissing on my chest for a second when the wet circle of my underwear hit her cleavage. My covered erect prick was lodged between her breasts dabbing my pre screwing oil on her skin.  She spent a few more minutes going back and forth between my brown areolas as they had her preoccupied. I smoothed my palms over her bare back and sides while I was enjoying the sensations of Mindy’s lips on my chest. She drifted in filling the space between her small breasts with my covered inflexible penis.  Using a feather light touch I had her mammaries cover in goose bumps and their ends sharpened.  I could feel her breast changes through my fingertips but wanted to feel them on my mushroom head.  I needed the feeling of the almost imperceptible protrusions on her formally smooth skin on the sensitive stretched skin of my prick.

She stopped lathering my nipple with her spit asking, “Do you like my tits? “

I was taken aback by the suddenness of her unusual question. I couldn’t understand why she cared if I liked her tits. I wasn’t to be her boyfriend. In fact I was presently supposed to be showing her what I’d do to her friend when she came into one of the silo’s rooms for random sex.  So I cautiously replied. “Yeeesss?”

“You don’t think they are too small do you?” Her question sounding like a plea.

“Well they are bigger than mine.” I answered trying to joke and set her at ease and get her back to stripping me. The look I received from her made me sure it was the correct answer. “Mindy you have a great body, from head to toe. It's better than anything Michelangelo could sculpt.    Your tits fit you and your ass is something most guys would give their left nut to get a hold of.”

She smiled broadly at me. Pressing her globes inward against my underwear, she said, ”Well they are too small to get all the way around any prick. So you won’t be able to titty fuck me.”

The thought had never crossed my mind. “And why would I want to titty fuck you?  Or your friend? Do you think your friend would want me to?”

“I don’t know. I have heard some of the girls talk about it. And my friend’s boyfriend like to do that when she was on the rag. She said it was a lot of fun and erotic.”

“Maybe we will find out about that, when you have your next period. But right now you haven’t finished what you started. ”

“Oh, yeah. We still must get you properly naked.” She said, looking down at the tented underwear between her breasts. I felt her hand run up my thigh and fondle my balls, examining them in every detail through the thin fabric. I felt her squeeze and massage the walnut shaped organs floating around in my sack. Her hand moving my balls about and her tits cradling my cock kept me hard. The hand that was fondling my covered balls left them. Going further up into her cleavage, it followed the outline of my rod to the waistband of its covering.

She wasted no time backing up enough; removing my pants. In an unceremonious wank she shoved my pants and underwear down as far as her arms would reach. My cock bent down painfully after getting caught up in my underwear. It slapped my abdomen after breaking free. My pants and underwear were still about my knees, when Mindy dropped to her knees. For a second time, she forced my clothing downward and held them while I freed them from my feet.

For the first time, she was eye level with my dick and balls while in the light. In the bright lights she got a perfect view of the curly brown hair surrounding the root of my dick. It framed my rigid member nicely, while it stood out proudly above them. In the light I was like every teenage guy, worried my cock looked small to Mindy, though in the months since Mindy had first touched my dick it had grown. Up to that point, I always thought if she had found my dick too small when I screwed her, she would have thought it was Ben. Now I knew better but still, I was thankful for the long shadow up my stomach making my prick look overly long. It gave me the courage needed to stand there while she examined my dick and balls, when all I wanted to do is putt her head into my crotch and have her start sucking.

She stared at my dick; visually take in the bumps and ridges. With as delicate of a touch as she had ever done, she reached out and caressed my sack. I felt the sparse hair being moved out of the path of her fingertips when she moved from the bottom of the ovals to the base of my dick. My sack deformed under even her light touch, while she traced the outline of each of my testicles.  The second time her hand went down between my thighs she more than tickled my ball sack. She slowly reached under the hanging spheres raising her hand to cup them gently. Their weight pressing them firmly into her hand. The heft of my nuts had her commenting on them, “Damn these are heavier than they look.”

“Yeah, well they are full, right now.” I joked and winked at her letting her know I’d be emptying them into her.

She rolled the balls about in her palm and fingers like dice at a craps table. She even blew on them lightly. I felt the hairs on my nuts moving about when she said, “Yeah you just may get lucky.” She winked back.

Her continuing to roll my already full nuts in her hand, added sperm to them and made them ache. Her warm breath felt great soothing them until she squeezed one nut a bit harder than I hoped she intended in her excitement. My low groan rattled my whole body making my nuts feel slightly better.

She looked up from the squishy sack in her hand asking with a seductive lick of the loose skin, “You ok? Your balls don’t hurt too much they?”

“Shit you keep doing that and they won’t.” I answered truthfully. She dropped my nuts unceremoniously having them slap back into place as her response. “Shit.. Ouch” I said from the smarting of my balls passing through me. When she picked back up where she had left off, squeezing and massaging the hanging sack, the pang in my nuts again had me vocalizing my pain, “fuck I don’t know if I love that or hate it.”

I felt her hot breath on my over full scrotum as she approached. The first touch of her puckered lips on my sparsely haired skin thrilled me. After a few of her kisses, she added tongue flicks of the skin she sucked between her pouty lips. Each dab of her pointed tongue, sent a new shock wave of elation passing through my brain.

“How about this,” she said looking up at me. She opened her mouth wide and captured one of my hanging testicles between her lips. Her mouth was warm and soothing like when I put my fingers in my mouth after hitting them with a hammer or jamming them when loosening bolts. Once inside her mouth the hairs of my sack brushed the roof of her mouth. The dark curly hair was quickly flattened as her tongue swabbed the whole of what she had in her mouth. I groaned in contentment as she continued swiping her tongue across the organ, doing her best Jacuzzi imitation. My reactions to the pleasures she was imparting were guttural sounding in my own ears. I noticed she too had begun moaning at the enjoyment of sucking on my ball. Her sounds were similar in tone to mine.

The first testicle came out of her mouth with a slight pop, and chill that started when the air hit my spit soaked testicle. She sucked the other ball into her hot cavity again swishing it about. My breathing reflected my excitement, increasing and becoming shallower as she bathed it in her spit.

The urge to drive my cock between the silken lips that held my nut, was close to overpowering. The rasping of her taste buds followed by the velvety underside of Mindy’s tongue over my ball sack drove the overpowering urge. Her moaning with a testicle ensconced in her mouth added a constant slight vibration, reverberating deep within my core. As her breath blew hot out of her nostrils onto the base of my cock, again; I wondered how I had gotten here. I was supposed to be showing Mindy what I’d do with her friend, yet instead it was me enjoying the salacious feeling of her mouth on my balls, while letting her progress at her own pace; doing nothing but enjoying her mouth on my nuts. Plus I was fighting the urge to face fuck Mindy.

Her lips again attached to my hanging sack between the well-tending of my testicles. Her lips tugged on the loose skin that made up my sack, just to release it. Her exhaled breath led the way as she moved closer to the cock in front of her. More lewd sensations swamped my brain, at the first touch of her lips on the junction of my nut sack and granite hard cock, making me shudder slightly. Her upper lip’s heat impinged on my cock while her lower lip had one last moment on the stretchy nut sack’s skin.  I felt the light vacuum of her kiss that engaged both my dick and where my balls ended. The barely perceptible suction was replaced with her lips skimming up my hardened rod with her breath no longer coming from her nostrils, but raggedly coming from between her puckered lips. I felt her lower lip take over where her upper lip had left.

Time had no meaning as the sensual sensations in my mind obliterated it. I couldn’t think of the moment when the sensations started or imagine that they would ever end.  Up until this moment I remembered blow jobs as nothing more than sticking my dick in her mouth and her sucking while I fucked her face. This was so much beyond that. I'd no idea why Mindy was going to such measures to please me. I figured it had something to do with the lights being on and being able to watch my reactions.

Mindy’s lips quivered on my hard dick, like the past six months had never happened and she'd just realized she'd never given a blowjob before and didn’t know what to do. The very cute tentativeness slowly left her as she continued her gradual trek up my hard cock. Her third kiss on my hard dick brought forth a new moan and an end to her tentativeness. She began nibbling at the underside of my cock working her way up to the top of my rod. The feeling of Mindy’s nibbling and stabbing at the tightly stretched dick skin with the point of her tongue formed the words, “God you're a great cock sucker” in my head. My lips on the other hand said, “Oh fuck yeah that’s fucking fantastic. God Mindy, I love you sucking my dick.”

When Mindy slapped my ass hard I worried she only heard 'I love you'. With my dick still in her mouth she grumbled, “Don’t fuck this up. I’m enjoying it. So stop using names, dick face, if you ever want this to happen again. Because I do.”

The gentle scolding highlighting my mistake was less severe than I was expecting. I said in return, “I guess I should have stuck with my first thought. God you are a great cock sucker.”

“Much better.” Mindy’s garbled voice came from my groin. With both hands she lightly tugged my cock toward her, feeding it to her tongue. She held my hard cock still as she lapped at it. Her first lick had started at the bottom of my dick and painted on a layer of spit over its bulging veins, bumps and smooth remnants of my circumcision scar. She wetted it fully. She finished her first lick going up the furrow in my cock head’s ridge. The tip of her tongue separating its piss slit as it passed over.

I couldn’t help but groan, as her second lick along the side of my cock, felt as phenomenal as the first one. And everyone after that had shooting jets of spunk from it more likely.  Her tongue on my spongy dark dick head made it even more so. She swirled her tongue around on my cock’s mushroomed end. She traced the outer edge of my prick’s helmet while working to hold it in place tasting it.

Her tongue passed through a bit of its pre-cum leaking from my dick’s slit. She must have been enticed, since she placed her lips on either side of my piss hole and the tip of her tongue dug into the slit looking for more of my elixir. Her lips attached to my piss hole were too pleasurable. Next thing I know, I involuntarily thrust my hips toward her face. The sudden movement forced my whole cock head into her mouth. 

Mindy’s knowledge of how to give a perfect blowjob had been honed over our encounters. She twirled her tongue about my inserted dick. She ran her tongue under the rim of the cock head bathing it in her sweet saliva. Her hand that had been stabilizing my cock went down through my short curly hair and gently restarted her testicle massage. She sucked on my cock drawing her cheeks in while lowering her head slowly down the rest of my rock hard cock in her lips.  “Oh yeah suck it all…Be my cock sucker.” I said to the top of her head.

She had swallowed all of me, pressing my nuts on her chin. She couldn’t maintain it as I was slightly past her gag reflex. Over the past months she had done this only on rare occasions and from what I could tell never intentionally. She backed off my dick keeping the vacuum of her mouth on it. With the head’s ridge held tight by her lips, she again lowered her head along my rod until she choked a second time. She raked her teeth along my meat stick as she bobbed up and down my dick. I thrust back and forth with her bobbing, slapping my nuts on the underside of her chin.

Her raking teeth were way too pleasurable. The sensations along my cock had the cum well up in it.  I grabbed Mindy’s hair keeping my cock head in place right on the edge of gagging her. “Shit that feels so fucking good. I am…” the first wad of spunk started up my twitching cock. “Cumming” is all I got out. I felt the wad expanding my dick as it traveled up, ecstasy exploding every brain cell. Caught up in the waves of pleasure I didn’t realize I had fists full of light brown hair, keeping Mindy from removing my cock from the back of her mouth.

The first wad had nowhere to go as my head was lodged against the back of her throat. She didn’t even have time to gag before the second blast rocked her esophagus. She fought against me holding her on my cock as she tried to swallow all the cum shooting from my cock and breathe at the same time. She was choking down my thick emissions keeping the coughing and spitting at bay. Her effort in that direction made the spunk in her mouth come out her nose when she suppressed a cough. While the backed up sperm dripped out her nostrils, I continued delivering sperm to her mouth. Mindy did her damnedest swallowing all the thick white ropes that spurted from my cock.

By the fifth spurt less spunk was delivered into Mindy’s mouth. I grunted out as the last of my weakened spasms delivered dribbles of sperm. I released her hair when the last of the spunk was delivered into her mouth for her to swish it about. She used her tongue slathering the thick fluid along my cock, wiping in off as she restarted bobbing up and down. Her continued blowjob kept me gasping and groaning, the extreme sensitivity of my dick well exceeded. If I had the ability I’d have restarted shooting my white ropes of baby making fluid.

With my cock loosing most of its hardness and length, Mindy could do more than just mumble with my dick still between her lips. I feared once again I'd screwed up keeping her on my cock choking her with my spunk. I was prepared for the worst after my dick came out of her mouth with a pop. Instead, she cheerily said, “I think I like having your dick in my mouth. It taste so sweet. A lollipop even.”

“Yeah I’m a sweet guy.” I joked, despite the aroused state. Actually standing there with Mindy on her knees sucking on my semi-hard dick with strands of cum coming out of her nose was a bit surreal. In the pitch black it hadn’t seemed so, but in the bright lights it did.  And in the absurdity of it all I managed to remember I was theoretically there proving to Mindy I could screw her friend silly.  “I hope your friend thinks so too.”

“Yeah, she will. She liked to suck on her ex-boyfriend’s cock. And after you do what you can with your tongue, she is sure to make a meal out of your dick.” Mindy said wiping the cum out from under her nose with the back of her hand.

“Is that some kind of hint.” I replied, feeling her lips running up from my pubic hair to my belly button.

“You know it.” She pumped her tongue in and out of my small indention.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” I said as I raised her up and shoved her back on the chair. Luckily for me the military kept soldiers and officers overnight during drills. I imagine it wasn’t any fun for the enlisted, but the officer that had this office had a chair that turned into a single bed by a pull of a lever. I pulled the lever and pushed a naked Mindy back onto the small single sized bed. Her legs naturally splayed out to either side. I dropped to my knees between her spread legs. I began smelling the musky secretions as I neared her inflamed cunt. Her canal was coated with her juices preparing for our inevitable coupling. But that was going to wait while I enjoyed my audition.

A streak of pussy lube ended up on my cheek when it brushed against her plumped pussy lip. I was re-starting my tryout kissing her thigh and had my face a bit too close to her cunt.  My cheek dabbed up against her multiple times while I tended her delicate skin. My lips and tongue plied her with enough pleasure for her sighs of satisfaction and a chorus of, “Mmm..oh yeah” to fill my ears.  My lungs sucking in during many of my lips’ applications pulled light red and purple spots on her otherwise pale skin. Along with her new spots I was treated to “God yes..harder.”

Her other tight was just as smooth as the first. And her juices I let coat my tongue as I crossed over her pussy were as sweet as ever. My other cheek also bumped it her even wetter and fuller cunt, making an even bigger streak of lubricant on my cheek. Mindy’s “Mmm’s” and “God yes’s” came at the same rate as they had on her first thigh. Even while munching on her fine thigh, leaving a couple of teeth indentions, I found doing so even more enjoyable than it had been in the past.

I remembered the first day I fucked Mindy. I had her basically begging to be screwed. It was what I considered up to that point the best job I'd ever done with my head between her thighs. I'd tried repeating it many times but never could get it just right. Today though I knew I would. I’d have her panting like a bitch in heat praying for me to fuck her, and not just her cunt. She would beg for me to stick my dick up her ass, which I had always left to Ben. But first I’d bury my tongue in it and follow it with my fingers, before she received her much wanted dick in her ass. Her pussy would have to wait until I was done screwing her asshole.

But first I’d leave her with more visible reminders of my audition. I sucked hard on the plush skin of her thigh. And I was pretty sure the small light purple marks were going to be a deep shade of purple the next day. Her nipples too would most likely be tender after the pulling and twisting on them I was doing at her request. I couldn’t resist pinching and rolling them in my fingers after she said, “My titties itch so bad. Oh shit they are on fire.”

Once her thighs were sufficiently marked, I started in on making her beg to be fucked. Just as I had done the first time, I pushed her legs wide and got to work. Again I left her clit and vaginal canal looking for stimulation, while her asshole and pussy lips were well stimulated by my tongue. Alternating between them, getting her juices flowing like a river, down and around her rosebud. I used that pussy lubricant for greasing up her asshole.  Between the copious amounts of her slick fluid I shoved into her colon and multiple occasions of Ben running his dick into it. my tongue found less resistance than it had the first time I inserted it through her sphincter.  Her reaction was just as lively though.

Months hadn't changed her love of my tongue or my fingers sliding in and out of her. Her smooth asshole ring squeezed them as they went.  She was trembling her excitement of having my thick tongue stretching her brown little hole. Her whole body heaved as she gasped. She groaned when I left her rosebud, teasing the edges of her pussy and clit.  I played at my games until she hollered out,” Oh god please stop teasing me. I need you... Oh shit I need you in me so bad..”

She hadn’t said which hole she wanted me filling. I on the other hand knew which one. I’d find out what Ben like so much about screwing Mindy in the ass. I positioned her calves on my bare shoulders.. My dick bumped against her pussy as her leg muscle molded into my unyielding shoulders. “Mmm yeah fill me with your cock.” Came from Mindy when I slid my dick between her labia, coating in her lubrication. I slid it through a second and third time coating my prick fully. Mindy wasn’t happy, “Oh fuck you’re teasing me again.

I smiled down at her with a shit eating grin, “Yeah, a little.” I said sliding my cock through her billowing folds, now fully lubricated. With the last part of my mushroomed head departed from her lubricating folds, I quickly press down on my dick as I thrusted forward.  My dick head lined up with her asshole perfectly and drove right through it. The sensation of passing through her tight ring wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

But what I was expecting I nipped in the bud. Mindy immediately shrieked, “Oh you god damned as……”was all she got out before I had my lips plastered to hers. At first she wanted to finish her hollering but I refused to move my lips from hers as she tried to escape my lip lock. She also tried to escape my dick being fully in her in one hard thrust. But with her feet near her ears her ass was all mine.

Her satiny ring kept its pressure at the base of my cock as I pause for a moment taking in all the sensations around my cock, for its virgin busting ass fuck. Her tight ring kept its pressure around my rod, while the rest was subjected to the smooth walls of her colon. Keeping my lips to hers, I slowly inched out of her rectum. By the time I had only my prick head within her, Mindy had gone to sucking my tongue, I had offered by way of a French kiss.

Inching back in was as erotic as the inching out. Her asshole spasmed about my fairly well lubricated dick. I felt her soft skin drag along my rod as I pushed it back deep into her. The tug of her sphincter felt as if it would rip the skin of my rod with only a little more pressure. But they were glorious kinds of sensations that kept my thrust repeating over and over. The pace of each thrust increased as her tiny rosebud stretched out without trying to return to its original shape immediately. With the orifice fully stretched I could remove and re-insert my whole dick. The feeling of my cock head passing in and out of her distended asshole was heavenly.

I couldn’t maintain kissing Mindy and stroking in and out of her as fully as my cock demanded. Freeing her mouth up her grunts and moaning filled the room. I pounded my dick into her stretched puckered hole as hard and fast as I could. Our bodies colliding together added an addition drum beat to her grunted song of “Augh” and “Umph” In the middle of her chorus she rapped out in time with my slamming into her, “Oh shit..You’re fatter than Ben. God no more my asshole is burning.”

“Oh honey I’m not done ripping you a new one” I said jokingly, letting her know I’d be humping her ass for a while longer. Slowing down my thrust I added, “But how about we save it for a later time. This works nicely too.” The new long slow strokes kept the sensations firing in my brain. Mindy too kept up her gasping at my new pace.

“Mmm..yes it does” Mindy replied chewing on her finger like a bone.

“And this?” I asked, rubbing her clit in circles under my thumb.

“Oh yeah even better.” She said, running her hands up her torso to her tits. She rolled her nipples in time with my circles on her clit. Her moans were still matched with my dick driving into her.

“And now,” I said like an optometrist giving an eye exam, after I stopped playing with her clit and hammered my dick in with a violent crashing of my abdomen into her ass.

“Oh you are and evil asshole.” She remarked, letting go of her left nipple, shooting her hand down to continue where I left off. She rubbed on her clit in much the same way I had. It was the first time I noticed she was left handed. I hadn’t taken much notice of it when I knocked it away from its very spot many times since we started.  A look of pure bliss came over her face as she rubbed and ground at her clit, while I plowed her ass.

My plan of screwing her ass a lot longer went to shit. Being able to watch Mindy’s face contort and relax to contort again while she held her self together while little orgasms racked her was so erotic. I didn’t know why she hadn’t cut loose and holler about cumming like she usually did. Instead I watched every muscle in her body tense up and release just to tense up again. Her hand were vibrating fiercely on her clit when her muscles softened between constrictions. 

The tensing included her sphincter muscle squeezing down harder on my rod. That and the sight of Mindy struggling internally to control herself was too much stimulus for my adolescent brain. I again felt my cum starting to my cock. I smashed my dick into her ass as far as I could make it go, as her squeezing asshole was holding it at bay. I used the last bit of composure to say, “Oh god yes I’m.. I’m gonna cum in your ass.” Her asshole constriction relaxed, allowing the wad of spunk it was holding back to travel up my inner tube and burst out my prick’s slit.  “Oh fuck I’m cumming” I yelled.

My spurting cock broke down her fragile control. She screeched, “Oh yeah cum in my ass. Mmm it’s filling my insides. Ah it’s so hot in me. Pump it in.” All her reserve was gone, she raised and lowered herself on my dick with her legs still on my shoulders. Her head whipped back and forth groaning as her finger’s ferocious flying back and forth continued for a few seconds longer when she let out an “Ahh” that looked and sounded like pure relief. I held onto her thighs continuing my thrusts, during her frenzied movements, knowing my thrust were just as erratic. 

My dick kept pumping out my seed while I kept pumping it in and out of her. The stiffness of my cock flowed out with the semen it ejected. A half hard cock was no match for the tight ring of her asshole. With all but a few dribbles shot into her colon, my cock left her asshole not to return. Being fully satisfied and spent I lay back down on her naked breast, kissing her neck. She cocked her head letting me cover her flushed and glistening skin with my gentle kisses.

Mindy’s hands stroked along my spine and down around my ass cheeks. The warmth of her hand felt nice sliding over my ass with her fingertips dipping into my crack. She took care in squeezing and massaging my butt. Finished her hands traveled back along the outside of my back. Her fingers made small circles as they went to my shoulders. The gentleness of her touch was unusual and at first a bit unsettling.

Her sighing and slight jiggle of her hips working my half hard prick against her mons added to the oddity. I was expecting her to condemn me as reprobate for screwing her butt. After all I was supposedly showing her that I’d do a good job with her friend. Though I wasn’t getting the feeling she really cared about her friend’s likes or dislikes at that moment.

She brought her lips to mine, with a compassion she had never done with me those many months before, when she did let me kiss her. Ben was probably familiar with the softness of her tender kiss, but I definitely wasn’t. I also couldn’t foresee her affable comment at the kiss’s end. “You going to..”Mindy cut her sentence short. I looked into her eyes and they had a look of confusion. I didn’t understand what the problem was and she wasn’t going to tell me. After a few seconds of looking back into my eyes she resumed, “Are you going to have sex with me now? I mean with my pussy now that we've done it every other way.”

“Yeah in a minute. You've got me kind of limp.” I said with a kiss.

Mindy wiggled her hips worming my cock further down into her hot velvety flesh. “I have a cure for that.” With suddenness I hadn’t considered she had me on my back. Her legs were still straddling my hips.

Her cure wasn’t her mouth engulfing my prick like I had hoped and expected. Using her pussy instead, she sought to make my cock fully hard. My hands went to the soft flesh of her ass. I felt my cock skin being re-smeared with her pussy lubrication. Mindy stopped wiggling her hips and gliding along my thick yet partially deflated dick. I held her back after her hard clit slid across my bellowing skin, not wanting her getting off or having me shoot a load from a half hard cock. I wasn’t sure I could even shoot a third series of spunk, but the sensations were building up in my brain again.

Her gliding along my drained dick, her pussy folds enclosing around it, felt a lot like fucking. The soaking area between her labia rubbed on my accordion like dick. Sliding her body up mine, she was stretching my captured prick within its velvet prison. Her nipples were getting within sucking distance before she arched her back, putting more space between my mouth and her cute eraser hard nubs. With each pass through her slit, my dick got a little harder. I didn’t think it was possible, but lifting my head so I could get her tit between my lips, before she could arch it away completed my hardon.

Her breast elongated while she moved further up me having my dick head pass over her vagina. It came out of my mouth with a pop, when she ultimately overcame my sucking pressure. I began to understand those little blue pill commercials. My dick was iron hard and was feeling like it had too much blood in it. If Mindy had tried bending it down to put it in her wet passage, it wouldn’t have bent. I imagine not even a fifty ton press could've bend my hard cock.

Mindy took advantage of my immovable prick. She scraped her clit up and down it, now feeding me first one tit then the other. Growling each time she used my mouth for stretching her breast, she pressed herself harder on my prick. I'd cum in two of her three holes, so far, and wasn’t going to miss out filling the third. I let her persist in her growling and groaning; grinding ever faster on my dick. The velvety heat and compression felt wonderful, despite my thinking my dick could explode any second from being filled with too much blood.

Fifteen minutes later with the same suddenness that put me under her, I had her under me.  Not fully in a position I could easily slide my prick into her cunt hole without bending the un-bendable. I manhandled her so I could slide my head into her tight cavern.  Even after all the times I surreptitiously fucked her, she was still tight as a drum. She had mistaken my adjusting her for easy entry saying, “God no not my ass again.”

My solidified sex found her vagina like it had in the dark many time before. Yet it was completely different. I had only been able to screw her doggy style in all our other couplings. This time screwing her while looking into her wild with lust eyes would be phenomenal. The tightness of her cunt told me the story would end the same but have a different path getting there. I pushed forward into Mindy’s pussy’s depths. It was the perfectly fitted glove for my larger than ever dick.

 “Umph” escaped her lips as air was knocked out of her from my single hard drive into her pussy. “Oh, fuck I guess not” she exclaimed when I for the first time had my cock bottom out.

“Are you in the mood for a slow screw or are you in the mood for a hard fuck?” I asked keeping her positioned so the full strokes into her cunt ended with the tip of my prick barely bumping her cervix.

“Now is…. that any kind of…. question to ask…. A gentile girl…like me?” Mindy asked in a halting manner with each collision of my pelvis to hers. “I'd say…hard fuck.”

I didn’t bother answering her rhetorical question. Her answer was in new form of copulation we had started. I lifted my torso off Mindy’s. Her firm tits returned to their excited pert state no longer crushed under my chest. Using my arms which were keeping her legs spread wide and her knees about level with her shoulders, she curled her ass up  further off the bed; allowing my unbendable cock’s pounding, impaling her even further.

She had gone to rubbing her clit with two fingers as I drubbed her pussy with my full length strokes. Evidently my cock wasn’t big enough to stimulate her clit properly with her legs wide and high in a fuck me state. But she didn’t change position I suspect as I was bouncing off her cervix for the first time.  Plus the slight washboard area in her pussy was scraping the top side of my mushroomed head’s ridge.  Her undulations picked up speed and distance, using me as an anchor, while I massaged her G spot with my cock head then the bumps and ridges of its shaft. And this was topped off again by a steady drumming of her cervix. Watching her face while we whacked our sexes together was enlightening as well as titillating. Her wide eye expressions told me she was a raw nerve. And when compared to the long build of stripping and sucking my dick only to be butt-fucked, her sexual fervor wasn’t a slow buildup but an explosion of animalistic frenzy. Mindy’s hand vibrated her clit maniacally and the other seized my hair and forced my mouth to hers.  She crushed our lips together, not looking for subtle quivers and twitches, instead trying for pressure induced fusion.

But it wasn’t only her lips trying to fuse with my body. The squeezing of my cock by her vagina, could’ve been put into that same category.  Had I not cum twice already, the crushing milking of my cock would’ve had me spewing a load in it within minutes. She wailed out “I’m cumming..holy fuck I’m cumming,” as she wildly thrashed under me. I was taking full advantage of not cumming quickly discovering what kinds of movements added to her bacchanal.

It was hard telling which one she liked best as she panted and screeched beneath me about cumming with each new stroke. First, I tried corkscrewing my cock into her.  I used circular movements of my groin while burying my hard rod nut deep in her as well as when I jerked out. Second, I rabbited only my dick head an inch or two into her contracting vagina a wet pop happening each time I pulled out. This type elicited a, “Shit shove it in. Shove it in deep,” from Mindy. When I didn’t do like she asked, she started lunging upward when my mushroomed head dipped in to her. Her pussy was filling with her lube and her voice higher pitched as she swore, “God damn it you little shit stop it .. shove it in.. Oh shit it is too much. Oh shit you fuck I’m cumming again.” I too thought it was too much stimulation for my cock head and the nerve endings in its ridge. But I wasn’t going to cum like she was again, making it harder getting even my head back into the sheath that had collapsed with severe constrictions.

Mindy’s cunt that earlier had fit my prick like a glove was now like the one OJ wore. But unlike OJ I wanted to make the glove fit, and rammed my cock harder at her twat forcing it down her canal. The contracting walls didn’t stop their waves of squeezing, but gave way to the iron like rod I was impaling her on. I tried a third technique on Mindy’s overly wet pussy. Enjoying the feeling of her velveteen pussy walls confronting then conforming to my rod as it entered her, I went very slowly. Each inch gained feeling better than the last. With half my cock surrounded by her warm and wet tunnel, I quickly thrusted my hips forward, my dick knifing through her tight scabbard ending as our abdomens collided. Mindy let out an “Augh!”as the sloshed slap of our sexes hitting together sounded throughout the room. Mindy noticed my changes of tactics and movements, responding, “Oh god yes deep… drive it deep..shove it deeper.”

“So you like my dick deep in you?” I said starting to back out as slow as I'd first started down her vagina.

“Damnit not so slow. I need you to fuck me.. Damnit you prick fuck me.” She mewled instead of answering my question. Both of her hands went to my ass. She tried pulling me out of her, I guess thinking if I was fully out of her twat I’d push it back in.  I resisted her pulling and continued my slow withdraw from her soggy pussy.  Again at the half way point I quickly moved, pulling my dick free of her walls that were milking my dick for fluid that wasn’t there. There was a wet sucking sound that came with my withdraw. The ridge of my cock head squeegeeing her pussy walls of their lubricant. The pungent odor of sex increased in the room as the pussy honey came out with my prick. I again slowly pushed my prick into her. Mindy complained, “Damn you you’re doing it again.”

“Mmm yeah honey you feel so good. Why rush it.” I responded not changing the speed, until half of my prick was being squeezed. Again I thrust forward hard as she too was moving her hips up.

Again my plunge into her cunt was stopped with Mindy letting out an ,”Augh.  Oh god yeah.” I stayed buried up to my nuts in her, feeling my matted pubic hair on her hairless seepage covered cunt lips. As I again slowly extracted myself, her eyes said what she didn’t. She let out an, “Ah,” at my rapid finishing movement. For what seemed like an hour of grunting and rutting our bodies together, slowing at times and rapidly others, gradually reverted to a casual screwing. My constant stroking in and out of her twat, grinding our sexes together when I bottomed out had Mindy chest flushed and heaving.

“Oh yeah just like that.  Fuck yeah keep going.” She encouraged verbally as her twat and butt muscles contractions did so physically.

“You keep squeezing my cock like that I’m going to cum again.” I said through my panting breath, both winded and excited.

We maintained our copulating in this manner, though I'd let her legs fall back down.  She'd promptly slid her sweat slick legs along my equally wet hips and thighs locking her ankles at the top of my crack.  Mindy pressed her feet into my ass as she orgasmed and came back down multiple times. I'd gone to sucking on her perspiration salty breast, and nipping at her nipples while she climaxed. She didn’t seem able to control any part of her body except her pelvis, which continually wanted more. I too felt the urge to cum each time she orgasmed and her pussy readied itself for my seeds of life. Each time I continued on with my relentless fucking not delivering my seed.

Her nipples where pointed and overly red and sensitive from all the time I had licked, suckled and rolled them around. Mindy was going up the hill of orgasming again. But my movements had changed. I was no longer penetrating her in the metronome manner which had brought her to the point of her fifth or sixth entire body racking orgasm. My third orgasm was coming and I had gone into a convulsive high speed ramming of my cock up to its roots into her. For the third time my cock pulse and twitch deep within her.  And for the sixth time she began orgasming mightily as sperm boiled over from my cock into her waiting womb. Having nothing much left in my nuts it was the equivalent of my dick having the dry heaves. The contractions of my dick to shoot wads of sperm into the fertile grounds it was lodged in resulted in spits of thin fluid. I could feel the difference and if Mindy could she still said only, “Oh fuck I’m cumming again.”

We rode the waves of orgasm together. My kissing her ended when exhaustion took hold of me, and I put my head in the crook of her neck where my lips stayed in contact with her salty neck. Both of us were fully fucked out. I let my weight rest on Mindy’s sweaty and completely fucked body. She absorbed my weight and equally sweaty body. My cock still embedded in her convulsing canal was giving the absolute last of its sperm to her. But, the hardness wasn’t subsiding. I closed my eyes for a second blocking out my one sense letting the others savor the moment, since it was the first time I had not been rushed to leave her after cumming. The heat, rapid steady heart and the rise and fall of her chest rocked me into a sleep-wake twilight.

I don’t know how long I had been in the cross over state when Mindy said, “You planning on ever pulling out?”

Startled I answered with the first thing that popped into my head, “Yeah when it quits feeling so good.”

“And when will that happen?” she inquired, wiggling her hips and letting her feet fall from my ass.

Her implications were not lost on me. “Never, but I guess I should go now.”

“Yeah I think so.”  She said and pushed on my hips to get me out of her. She grimaced as I shifted. “But do it slow. I think you broke my cunt.”

“What?” I asked confused.

“I think you broke my cunt. It is throbbing and your dick's not shrinking isn’t helping that.”

“If you weren’t so fucking hot even when it would be sloppy seconds, I might not be so hard.” I said though it had little to do with wanting to screw her a second time at that instant.

“Well you can forget about seconds. Damn  I didn’t think I’d ever not want to fuck. But you have managed to get me there.” She said pushing a little more on my hips. Each time I felt her pussy moving against my prick, I could see her expression change.

I decided to rip off the band aid, jerking back hard pulling out of her. Her pussy walls were as soft and luxurious as they were when I first entered her. My cock was still bouncing when she said, “Ouch!” she slapped my shoulder, “Shit that hurt. But damn if it isn’t making me wet again.”

“Again?” I asked. “I didn’t know you had ever stopped.”

“Bite me.” She said slapping my shoulder again good naturedly.

“Where?” I teased.

“If I said somewhere you'd do it wouldn’t you?”


“You ever satisfied?” she queried.

“No more or less so than you.” I said, reminding her she had met me thrust for thrust.

I’m not sure if she was embarrassed at me pointing out she wasn’t an unwilling participant in our fucking, or if she really wanted to know, “Are you going to be that never satisfied guy when you meet up with my friend?”

“Yeah, if she is just as insatiable as you.” I said to her as she pushed me off her naked body, my dick still not fully shrunken to normal size.

She pulled on my half hard cock, standing collecting
 her clothes. “Oh she is that and then some. You just put that lovely dick to work and do to her what you just did to me.”

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 7 Glory and Harmony and the Second Audition

“All of it?” I asked seeing some cum seeping out of her still reddish rosebud and pussy as she bent down to pick up her panties.

“Sure. Why?” her voice sounding curious.

Not wanting to point out not all people like giving blowjobs or getting screwed up the butt, I answered, “Well what if she isn’t into something?”

Mindy got my meaning. Pulling on her panties, trapping all future seepage of my cum with in them, she said unashamed or apologetically, “Oh you mean the butt fucking?  You’re worried she wouldn’t like that.”

I hated admitting it, considering I had just done it with her, “Yeah I guess so.”

“Don’t worry about that.  She told me it would be another good way to get back at the ex.  He always wanted to do her in the ass. You know take her ass’s virginity, I guess you’d call it. But she’d never let him. You don’t mind do you?... Doing her up the butt for the first time?” She asked like she wanted to know if I wanted a beer with my clams.

“No.. Ok so when are you thinking we should schedule her?” I asked trying not to sound too excited.

“I don’t know. I did like the lights on. And we still have to test your Halloween mask theory.”  A bit wobbly, she stepped into her pants covering up the dark spots on the front and back of her panties. “Plus I think we need ear plugs for you and her. But mainly for her.”

“I guess I could always put my dick in her ear.” I laughed. “But I’m not sure what I’d do about the other one.”

“You are a fucking dork,” she grinned. She stressed the fucking.

“Yep and you liked it.” I complimented myself.

“Yeah well you can keep thinking that falsehood, but we can’t have her hear your voice.” As a reminder she hadn’t forgotten the past year she emphasized, “And Ben can’t be your voice either.”

“Ok. I’ll see what I can do.” I said not acknowledging her little dig. “Anything else.”

“Not right now. But we will know more tomorrow.” She said pulling on her shirt and waddling out. 

“I guess we will.” I said to myself, thrilled I’d be getting laid again the following day.

I ran into Ben as I was leaving the silo for the day. He had been watching and commented, “Damn boy, were you trying to kill my sister with your dick?”

“Nah. Just didn’t want her thinking I wasn’t giving it my all.” I answered. “Plus I needed to bone up for her friend. Have you heard anything on that front yet?” I was hoping the mystery girl was already in contact.

“Yeah. She asked a couple of questions about the club and its members.  Obviously I lied to her.  I told her it was a thriving club but by our very nature we don’t give out personal information.  Plus, every member gets a membership card before they can enter. And that we keep only E-mail addresses, and ID numbers. I gave her an online account for her membership fee.” Ben explained our fictitious business operation. “I told her once the money was deposited she would receive another email with directions.” He further explained, “Mindy told me to hold off on giving the girl a date.”

“Yeah I think I have Mindy convinced a Halloween mask can replace a pitch black room for keeping our identities secrete.” I said. Wanting to know how long I’d have to wait until I had sex with a second girl, I asked, “Did she give you any hints of when she is thinking.”

“When I asked her that she said when you get it right.” Ben smirked. “I thought she meant having sex with her. Obviously that is not what she meant.” He chuckled, “Oops I guess I shouldn’t have told her from what I saw you were doing it perfect. Maybe it was her that needed to get it right.”

“And you are still alive. Congratulations.” I said amazed he wasn’t beat and bleeding.

“Yeah, you really did her right. She didn’t even get mad. She just smiled and left.” Ben added, “And she was walking like she'd fucked the whole football team.”

“She did say I broke her cunt.” I said proud; despite telling it to her brother.  “Hey you know if we have any earplugs down here?”

    “Nice subject transition.” Ben said at my seemingly random comment. “But no.  The only thing I know of that is even close is the early version of some type of earpieces. I think there are close to a hundred of them. Why do you want a set of earplugs?”

 “I don’t your sister does. Something about being recognized by my voice.” I informed him. “I think Mindy is afraid her friend will recognize my voice and know that her brother’s supposedly gay best friend had been the one fucking her silly.”

“Yeah, that would ruin her reputation at school, and yours.” Ben acknowledged.

 “Hence I have to come up with earplugs.” I told him.  “My worry is if she can’t hear me at all, there is no way I can let her know what to do. Or know if what I'm doing feels good to her. After all I have to hear her if she says stop.”

“Well according to my sister that'll never happen,” Ben’s reassurance went a long way.

“Yeah that may be true. But according to her I’m a limp dicked kid that knows nothing about pleasing a woman.” I pointed out.

“I know. And the fact she walked out of here….Actually waddled out, so well screwed she couldn’t put her legs together. Her opinion seems irrelevant here.” Ben shook his head in disgust.

“We work with what we are given.” I said resolute. “And, if she doesn’t want anyone knowing I’ve been screwing her on a regular basis that’s fine by me.  That is as long as I continue screwing her on a regular basis.”

“You're a horn dog you know that?  After today I don’t see that not happening. As I said she didn’t beat the shit out of me earlier when I insulted her.” He observed “Hell soon I’ll be yesterday’s news.”

“Nope not happening.” I tried to reassure him. “If my Halloween mask effort works I’ll need a blind…sorry about the pun…test.  So do you think you're up to screwing your sister one more time?”

 “I guess.” Ben answered. “But after what all you did with her, I’m not sure I want to. I've never liked eating her out and you just dive in.”

“It is a matter of taste.” I let the play on words sit out there unacknowledged.  “So when I call you up you think you can do it.”

“I guess so.” Ben’s answer relayed the information that he knew I didn’t want to put him in that spot. “But are you sure I couldn’t try this Halloween mask ploy on Riley. For him I’ll happily be a Guinea pig.” Riley is a jock at school that both girls and evidently gay guys considered an Adonis.  A solid jaw line to go with his chiseled chest and rock hard ass and thighs. Or so I have been told by Ben on countless occasions.

“You are so gay.” I said in my usual non accusatory way.  “I won’t use you unless it becomes necessary. I promise.”
“Great. But I still rather you promise it’ll be Riley.” He wasn’t letting his preference go.

“Well unfortunately Mindy’s friend is a girl. So the test subject is also.” I said justifying the fact he may have to fuck his sister again.  Then I said out loud what I was thinking. “And if her friend was a guy I’d have left the whole thing to you in the first place.”

“Seriously?” Ben asked at my honesty.

“Honestly.” I said knowing he knew I wasn’t a homophobe. “But sucking on a dick and screwing some guy up the ass is not my thing.”

“Really?” Ben asked a bit incredulous

“Yeah. I just can’t imagine screwing some guy in the asshole or sucking on some wanker until it shoots it load..” I replied not understanding his disbelief in my earlier answer.   

His reply opened my eyes, “And how is having sex with a guy in the ass any different from what I saw you do with Mindy earlier. If I recall correctly your dick was deep in her ass. And you looked like you were enjoying it. You shot a load of spunk in her ass. You're now going to say you weren’t enjoying it?”

“That’s different.” I tried to defend my stance. “She’s a girl.”

“If you had been in the dark.” He started. “Like we were when I had you screw Mindy.  Can you say for sure had she not said anything your dick would have known the difference between her ass and mine?”

“Of course she has tits.” I said

“I said your dick. If your only contact was your dick? Honestly do you think you could tell us apart only by the feeling of your dick in our ass?”

I pondered his question, determined to be honest with myself. “Honestly..Dick only… Probably not.”

“Right.” He sounded vindicated. “It is the reason for the past couple months I could screw her, like I've been.”

Feeling like a goat I said, “I’ll try not to use you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to her. I imagine Riley has grown a pussy. It makes the whole thing bearable.” Ben said kind of resigned before turning back to the computer he was working on. I went ahead and left our hide out thinking not only about my conversation with Ben but what Mindy and I had done and what I needed to do the next day.

I was happy my cock had shrunk down to normal size by the time I walked into the house. I noticed Glory was sitting on the couch watching TV when I closed the front door.  She was engrossed in celebrity gossip program on the screen, glancing over as I walked in. “Oh I thought you might be Mom,” she said. Staring straight at my crotch she continued her thought, “She out probably at her book club.”

“Most likely,” I agreed feeling a bit self-conscious. I was pretty sure my dick was fully deflated and none of the spunk or pussy juice was visible on my pants.  I would’ve looked had it not drawn even more attention to any possible problem. “And Dad?”

“He is out of town on some lame symposium.”  She replied still staring at my zipper.

“So am I making dinner or are you?” I asked hoping she would at least quit staring at my groin.

“I’m not all that hungry. Harmony was over earlier and we ate a little something.” She said straight faced. I knew what she meant but wasn’t going to let on.  “But I could be convinced to eat again if you whip up something good.”

The innuendo wasn’t so veiled. I couldn’t wait to watch the recorded videos on my computer.  I could only imagine what she and Harmony had been up to.  The two girls had been borrowing my computer lately without asking but not without me knowing.  I had left the password for one of my accounts out for her to find.  Along with it she had access to my internet history that I had specifically chosen with the pair's snooping in mind.  Their snooping led them to mostly to lesbian porn sites.  A couple of the sites had fetishes mixed in with the generic girl licking girl.

Considering my sister was little over thirteen she and her friend had a curious and kinky streak that no one could’ve expected.  Within a couple weeks of going to a site I had left for them to find, they were experimenting with what they saw.   Watching them have toe sex after they had been on a foot fetish site, was unlike anything I had ever seen.  I didn’t browse around in the site I only opened the home page, but obviously Glory and Harmony had.  They practiced flicking each other’s clits with their big toes, and sliding them into their vaginas.  When Harmony tried sticking her fat big toe into Glory’s little puckered brown hole Glory jumped. “Damn Harmony you stuck me with your toe nail.”

“Yeah but it is a cute one. All nice and painted pink like your pussy.” Harmony responded putting her foot up into Glory’s face. 

“And so fun to suck on,” Glory said devouring the digit, followed by the rest. They ended their time together the way they always did, by rubbing their cunts together.  They on occasions since have had toe sex during their sexual get-togethers. Plus I’m sure a couple of times they did it under the kitchen table, when Harmony stayed for dinner.

Their toes sex was on the tame side of their kinky experimentation. After seeing them do what I'd left in my computer history, I got creative.  I was betting the golden shower website would be too kinky even for the adventurous pair.  For a long time it was; but I kept leaving history data in my browser for different pee fetish sites.   I was shocked when I watched the video of Glory and Harmony in the bathroom after one of their field hockey practices.  Glory told Harmony she could shower first, or so Harmony must have thought. She acted a bit surprised though pleasantly so when Glory got in with her. It turned out Glory said, “You can get in the shower first.” She never said she wouldn’t be joining her.

It was fun and erotic watching them soap down each other’s bodies, always lingering longer at their partners tits. They stroked each other’s body, running their fingers up and down through fattened pussy lips making their fingers disappear in their partner’s pussy opening. The girls had started shaving light fuzz after their first love making session eliminating any distractions from their clits.  Both girls weren’t distracted, shoving their bald pussies against the invading hand; humping at the fingers fucking them.  After both of the girls has shuttered from their muted climaxes, Glory said to Harmony, “You going to lick me?”

“Oh definitely, sweetie. I love your pussy, it is so yummy.” Harmony said, dropping to her knees in front of Glory.  She wiggled herself between Glory’s legs ending with one leg behind her and her face planted in Glory’s cunt.  The water kept running over them and splashing off of Harmony’s face as it ran down Glory’s abdomen.  Glory turned off the water, “We can’t have you drown down there”  Then moaning out, “Oh god I love your tongue in my pussy. You are such a great rug muncher.”

Harmony pulled back long enough to say, “Yep, but you are more of a hard wood floor.” 

“God girl polish it…. Oh deeper.. I love your tongue up me.” Glory grunted out rocking her hips against Harmony’s face.

The moans and sighs continued for a few minutes before Harmony said, “Turn back on the water it is getting cold in here. “ When I zoomed the video in I could see most of her body was covered in goose bumps.  It did not stop her, from returning her tongue to the warm hole of Glory’s pussy.

Harmony’s whole mouth was covering Glory’s snatch when Glory grabbed a handful of wet hair holding Harmony on her cunt.  Harmony struggled  a second after Glory said, “This will keep you warm.” Harmony coughed and sputtered out the thin liquid that had ended up in her mouth, letting it dribble down onto her pert tits.  There was no way Harmony could protest initially as Glory had her hair and pulled and pushed Harmony’s face directly into the yellow stream.  The piss came out a long time running down Harmony’s neck and tits, wetting down the front of her. Glory’s hand cupped the flow running down her girlfriend’s body. The collected piss was splashed on the areas of Harmony that weren’t getting directly pissed on. She rubbed the yellow fluid into the erect nipples and breast of her friend.

The bizarre thing to me was Harmony’s reaction.  She initially looked like she would cuss out my sister but after the stream started to die off she said, “Oh piss on me, more.  Make me dirty… don’t stop.” She pulled against my sister’s hold getting her mouth back on the trickling stream.  She sucked on my sister’s crotch drinking down the last of the flow.  Her hands replaced Glory’s rubbing the urine into her tits, moaning into the source of the fluid. Mindy, too, moaned and panted keeping Harmony’s mouth on her cunt as she ground her clit on the suckling mouth.

Glory finally fell back against the shower wall after a she released an orgasmic wail.  Harmony’s mouth stayed attached to my sister’s cunt as her humping and bucking subsided.  Glory pulled Harmony off her pussy, leaving the tongue that had been in her hole looking for the passage.  “Oh God you’re amazing. I could have you do that all day, after I recover.”

“Oh you can do me while you recover.”  Harmony replied standing up moving over Glory.

Glory looked excited yet had a look of concern in her eye. “Oh yeah give me that sweet pussy.”  She moved the distance to start licking Harmony’s naked pussy. Glory’s cheeks pursed and her face showed the shock of finding the slick pussy lips still dampened with her piss.  On the video it looked as if Glory wanted to bail out on licking Harmony’s smooth slit.  She soldiered on with giving Harmony what she wanted.

Harmony was panting within a few minute, her stomach undulating at the tongue lashing my sister was administering.  Before her thighs started their telltale sign of her cuming from Glory’s apparently talented tongue, she said,”Mmm you’re going to make me squirt.” The encouragement had Glory’s mouth fully over the now spit dampened labia.  When Glory shivered slightly as her naked body was exposed to the cool bathroom air.  “My turn to warm you up, girlfriend.” Harmony said. I knew what it meant but couldn’t believe Harmony could turn off an orgasm and start pissing in seconds flat. I could never do that. Glory did too evidently as her face changed as Harmony’s hands kept her mouth centered on the bald pussy.

Her eyes were bugged out as Harmony was filling her mouth. Written all over Glory’s face was the expression she has when Mom or Dad make her do some chore she doesn’t want to do, but doesn’t want a fight over.  Her grimace stayed while her mouth ran over with piss. The overflowing fluid ran over her chin and neck, forming a stream going through her barely evident cleavage. Unlike the eventual joy Harmony  had at being a urinal, Glory just let the stream go down her taut abs without smearing it on herself like lotion. Her additional action that varied from Harmony’s, was she willingly moved so the yellowish flow hit her forehead once her mouth was overfull. She expelled the fluid onto Harmony inner thigh letting it run down her leg and to the drain.  Her mouth emptied again, her flat tone did not fit her words, “Oh baby, love you warming me up.” It had become evident, that she preferred being the pisser than the pissee.

“Mmm, sweetie anything for you.” she said letting the last of her urine dribble out onto Glory’s face. “Since your tongue rocks my world.”

 “Yeah I do love your pussy. And if I can rock your world. Lucky me.” Glory said with mouthful of cunt. She sucked on Harmony’s clit flicking it, making the recipient gasp and thrash about on her tongue. 

Harmony’s thighs started trembling and crushing Glory’s head between them. Glory worked her head up and down the slit when spasms in Harmony’s legs allowed Glory movement before crushing down on the sides of her head. “I’m cumming” echoed in the tile filled shower. Harmony’s knees gave out on her but all she said “Oh yes Glory. Shove your tongue in deeper.”

Glory guided the orgasming girl; leaning her against the wall and ultimately to the white tile floor. Her tongue didn’t leave the fattened labia lips or the slick skin beneath. Going up and down Glory kept Harmony’s abdomen fluttering and her breathing shallow as she whimpered out about cumming over and over.  Glory stopped her going up and down the hairless cunt very couple of minutes, covering it fully and sucking down the pussy juices. Harmony all the while saying, ”Ah, I feel you sucking my juice out. Mmm…suck me…suck me hard.”

Glory did continue sucking on the orgasming cunt, while she crawled over Harmony’s naked body putting her own cunt on the gaping mouth below her.  Harmony knew what to do and they sucked and licked each other until both were spent.  Recovering her strength Glory climbed off Harmony and stood above the sexy nubile body of her lover with her feet on either side of Harmony’s slowly rising and falling chest.  One more time she let a stream flow from her, slashing off the Harmony’s cleavage. The piss had Harmony squirming in delight one more time. When the flow of water stopped from my sister, it then came from the shower head clean. 

I hated deleting the video, but it was a rule I wasn’t going to violate. After watching a video I deleted them. And while I had a few from months  I hadn't gotten to while dating Julie. I couldn’t have Glory ever find a hidden partition with a video of her and her lover pissing on each other in the shower. Luckily, the two lovers since have repeated the scene on occasion though Glory rarely is on the receiving end of the bladder emptying stream.  Each time I watched the two svelte girls in action I empty my balls of their fluid wishing I could be there live watching their kinky interlude.

Seeing that my sister has a bit of a dominatrix in her I started leaving some milder S&M sites in the web browser history.  So her “whip up something” comment wasn’t in her usual lexicon, making me wonder if she had tried anything I'd been leaving for her to see. I wanted to go and straight to the room and pull up the surveillance footage, but I needed to delay that so Glory didn’t get  suspicious.  If there was footage of Glory and Harmony it'd wait until I had some sperm in my nuts to let fly as I watched.

I made dinner for myself and enough if Glory chose to join me. She did come and join me for chicken fingers and a cola.  I’d have preferred a beer. That was always a problem in our house, as my parents didn’t keep alcohol in the house where it could be seen.  They said I wasn’t of legal age and even if I was alcohol was the devil’s elixir for sin. I knew my parents despite their religious objections to drinking were not strict teetotalers. They had come back from a party or two smashed.  I’m willing to bet it was alcohol that led to either Glory or me.
It was what made the videos of Glory so unusual. She seemed to embrace all things sexual which seemed nothing like our parents, but made watching her on video erotic. With dinner complete and dishes put away I excused myself, leaving Glory watching a chick flick.  With the door to my room locked I too started watching a chick flick, starring Glory and Harmony.

Within minutes of the two girls entering Glory’s room four breasts were clearly visible for the few seconds that it took for mouths to attach to them. Their hands and mouths didn’t stay anywhere long kissing, sucking and massaging each other. Lips to lips, lips to nipples or lips to necks or wherever else they could get while their hands filled the places their lips left.  It didn’t take long before the sighs and moans accompanied heaving chests and purring.  Harmony’s hands left Glory only long enough to strip her own pants and panties, leaving her bald pussy exposed for my sister.

Glory took full advantage of the easy access to Harmony’s box.  She ran a hand down Harmony’s lithe body to the thick coverings of her pussy hole.  A couple of Glory’s fingers disappeared into that pussy hole, as her thumb was rubbing circles on the clit above it.  Her mouth was busy with the pink nipples on top of Harmony’s firm breast. Glory’s head went up and down with Harmony’s gasping and heaving; while her lips encircled the pointed nipples.  Glory’s teeth were closed down on the hard nub stretching it out from the center of Harmony’s tit. 

Glory in a manner of minutes had Harmony’s hips thrusting up and down uncontrollably. Suddenly, Harmony stopped stoking the sides of my sister’s tits and back, grabbing handfuls of the bedspread. She lifted her ass up off the bed shoving her clit harder into Glory’s thumb; holding her breath.  Glory in that instant stopped. She stopped finger fucking Harmony, rubbing her clit with her tongue and let the nipple spring back into position. Harmony looked like Glory had managed to quit half a millisecond before she orgasmed.

“Damn it Glory. Just finish me.” Harmony whined loudly.  Letting go of the bedspread her hand started toward her cunt. 

To my surprise and even more to Harmony’s, Glory flipped Harmony over exposing her bare behind before her hand reached its destination.  Glory’s hand came down on the smooth snow white curvature of Harmony’s buttock. The not quite full slap of her hand on the skin still filled the room with a smack. “Nope!” was all Glory said.

Harmony looked back grimacing, “Ouch! What the fuck?!” Her hands went back to rub the red mark on her butt. She struggled against Glory's keeping her ass  easily available for another swat.

“I thought I might have a little fun today.” Glory said pushing Harmony’s hand away, before she started kissing where she had slapped Harmony’s round ass. Her lips on the reddened skin gradually worked around the red mark. Harmony relaxed once Glory's lips pressed into her ass's flesh. The kissing and soothing strokes along the gentle curve of the struck butt cheek stopped when Harmony moaned her approval.

“Ah..Mmm that felt so good.” Harmony said. She tried to roll over but was blocked by Glory again, “Now I need to cum. Make me.. Oh Jesus make me squirt.” A second smack on the rounded butt cheek caused it to jiggle. Before the second smack made her ass symmetrical in coloring, Harmony squealed, “Oww, shit that hurt.”

“Yeah but this doesn’t,” Glory again leaned into Harmony’s butt placing her lips on the deliciously round orb. She dragged her tongue along the red marks of Harmony’s butt, stopping sucking in bits of the red skin. She worked her way to the fissure between the red marks. Sticking out her tongue she ran it the length of the fissure. “And neither does this.” Glory’s quickly moved her hand between Harmony’s milky thighs driving a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Ah, that is so good. Mmm faster..God I’m already there. Oh shit deeper.” Harmony immediately panted out. Her hips humping up and down gave my sister an easier path to her bloated pussy. Even on the video I heard the squishing of Glory’s fingers running into the sodden cunt and the squelch of them being pulled out. From her actions Harmony was again seconds from orgasming when the squelch of Glory’s fingers leaving her cunt sounded and the squish of reinserting them didn’t happen.  “No..Argh..No.. You bitch finish it damn it.”

A third and fourth open hand smack of the already pink ass cheek landed on the wiggling ass. “What was that? Bitch? That wasn’t very nice.” She with less force made Harmony’s left cheek jiggle as her hand came down on it. She grabbed the small orb once her hand made contact jiggling it back and forth even more.  “And here I’m trying to make you feel good.” Her hand squeezed the flushed orb and massaged it while she again kissed and sucked the other side that had turned an angrier shade of red. Removing her lips from the red skin of Harmony’s normally lily white ass she said, “It does feel good doesn’t it?” She put an exclamation on the question with another long lap along Harmony’s crack.

“Mmm..Yes it feels so good. I love your tongue and lips on me.” Harmony said with a small waggle of her hips.

“I know.” Glory said haughtily after letting the hunk of butt cheek loose from her teeth. Her hand that had been massaging the red orb came down with a smack where it had been. 

There was no “Ouch” only a little whine and wince that came from Harmony. She rocked her hips back and forth as Glory moved her lips to the cheek that she had just struck. Harmony moaned a bit into the bedspread. Muffled into the bed covering she groaned out, “Ah yeah…My ass is tingling. I feel it in my pussy….Jesus yes it is so hot…It stings so good…God help me.” 

It was as if Glory was rewarding Harmony on her new found appreciation of being spanked by running two fingers into the girl’s cunt. She fucked them in and out three more times before she pulled them out and put her lips to the fat labia.  Her nose was buried deep in the girl’s ass crack as she flicked her tongue on the glistening skin.  Harmony’s hips humped up and down the second my sister’s tongue hit her pussy lips. Her moaning and gasping were evident even on the video. Glory asked Harmony from between her parted thighs, “So you’re up for some fun?”

Harmony just moaned and with what looked like reluctance shook her head yes. Verbally she added, “Not too hard.”

  “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll have you screaming in ecstasy and cumming in no time.” Glory replied sticking her head back down between the girl’s legs; again her nose in Harmony’s crack.  She stayed there licking at the plump pussy lips, even shoving her tongue in the girl’s wanton hole a few times.  Harmony responded in kind thrusting her hips up and down once again.

Glory must have known, Harmony would agree to her fun and games.  She pulled a willow switch from under her bed. Harmony had her eyes closed tight moving her hips about like she was looking for the tongue that had just been on her twat, not fully aware of what was coming.  Her eyes flew open at the first strike. The second one crossed the first, both leaving slight welts. Glory immediately put her lips to the welts; licking and sucking on them. 

Harmony’s whimpers after being struck, quickly turned to sighs of pleasure. Glory while sucking on the red welt fucked her fingers in the pussy in need of cumming.  She also coated her thumb in Harmony’s pussy lube.  Keeping her thumb in the wanton pussy and rubbing circles on the raised clit, Glory again whipped Harmony’s red butt.  She again left raised streaks of red which she ran her tongue over right after.  Glory asked her lover, who looked extremely conflicted, “You like?” She pulled her thumb from her the girl’s wet snatch.  She replaced her thumb with a couple of fingers, stuffing the fat digit in her tight bung hole. 

She looked like she wanted to say “No,” but whined out a “Mmm yes I’m gonna cum.” Glory swung the switch one more time landing it on an un-welted area of Harmony’s butt.  She fucked the holes she had her fingers and thumb in rapidly while sucking on the new raised red mark.  Harmony went ballistic humping, thrusting and grunting. Her chest panted as she squealed out. “Oh fuck I’m cumming. God yes I’m cumming.  My ass is on fire.. Shit yes I love it.. So hard…. God never before…so hard.. cumming… Oh god my ass ..oh my pussy. Oh Glory more… God yes more.” 

Glory had played Harmony like a Stratovarius, inflicting just the right amount of pain followed by overwhelming pleasure. She continued pleasuring Harmony with her mouth and hand, inter-mixing it with strikes from the switch.  She had started with only Harmony’s ass but by the end she had Harmony on her back with red streaks over her breast bisecting the nipple on top.  Her pussy was in much the same manner, with Harmony begging for more as Glory had kept her in almost a constant state of orgasm. 

Glory ended their experiment in S&M by straddling Harmony’s face. She fed her pussy to the waiting mouth of her lover, while she twice more used the switch lightly on the red clit below her, only to devour it a second later.  Harmony had been humping and thrusting for the past hour and her sweat covered body evidently had nothing left. She was eating the cunt fed her but not chasing it as it humped her face. Despite her stomach rippling as she continued her on and off again hour long orgasm, her ass stayed planted on the bed, fully spent eating pussy. Her pussy kept flowing juice from reserves I couldn’t imagine.

It was Harmony’s ability not only enduring but thriving in every sexual situation Glory threw at her that made me respect the young girl more than ever.  But it was Glory’s imagination after being shown what other people considered acceptable that was truly amazing. She took what she saw and took it the next step. I wondered what step she'd take if I left sites of people sucking or fucking sleeping partners.  I was betting it'd get her to more than stare at my cock while I slept.  All I had to do was find credible sites with one person sleeping and the other taking advantage of the fact. 

I had learned years earlier to shoot my masturbatory cum into a towel; all I had to do was keep it hidden and rinse it out every now and then. It made beating off not so messy a proposition, except when I got too excited and blew my load before getting the sperm receptacle. Those were the days I blew my load on the keyboard and screen. I'd managed to get the towel before cumming while watching Glory and Harmony’s S&M adventure.  This gave me time to start scouring the web for perfect website to leave for Glory to find later in the night, while I showered.

Most of what I found on the net was guys giving girls GHB or scopolamine and fucking them in any hole available. Most of those sites didn’t help my cause, so I left only a couple of less date rape-ish ones for Glory to find. I did find one site with a cute blonde sucking on the dick of guy in traction with a morphine drip. The security video showed the petite girl looking at the chart on the end of the bed as if she didn’t know anything about the injured occupant.  She lifted the hospital gown giving herself access to the fairly large soft prick laying in a bed of black pubic hair. Her mouth had the dick hard in little time, and twitching a short time later from her bobbing head. When the guy became lucent, as he started shooting his globs of thick white sperm, the girl ducked down so he couldn’t see her, slipping out of the room. The twenty something guy was going to have a hard time explaining the three spurts of spunk on his face and four others on his chest.

Glory did use my computer, going to the history sites I left, while I was washing off the still faint smell of sex.  I’m not sure what I was thinking she would do after a day of fun with her girlfriend. Plus I might not have the same reserves as Harmony when it came to multiple orgasms in one day, but since Mindy had taken almost every last bit of cum I had not a few hours earlier, and the dreggs were in my towel, I was glad I still had my balls attached.  I didn’t let my lack of fully loaded sperm reserves prevent me from going to bed in my usual au-natural state, later that evening.

As I expected Glory ended up standing in my room in the dead of night.  In the reflecting light Glory’s face had a look she hadn’t had any of the other nights.  It was determination. I think it was that determination that had her reach out for my dick. It Failed her right before she pulled her hand back inches from touching my limp dick. She turned and quickly left the room quieter than usual, shaking her head.

At the breakfast table, the next morning, I tried doing my best acting job when Glory came in. I must have done a bad job at it, as Mom asked, “What is up with you, Alex?”

“Nothing.” I said defensively looking at the long toned legs extending out from my sister’s night shirt. “Just thinking”

“Good keep doing that while in school,” Mom said with no sarcasm in her tone.

“Hey, I have straight “A’s.” I said forgetting about Glory’s legs for a second.  And it was only a second, before I was again taking in the smooth skin of her inner thigh poking out just below her shirt. The inappropriate location I was looking wouldn't go un-noticed if I didn’t say something diverting attention from where my eyes were focused. “Unlike some people.”

“That is because you're a geek with no social life.” Glory said in defense. “And I’ll trade an “A” for a “B” and friends any day.”

“I have a social life,” I argued and jokingly said. “In fact Ben wants to go pick up some guys at the gay bar, tonight. So I thought I’d be his wing man.”

Glory burst out laughing. Her firm tits jiggling just so under her night shirt, diverted my attention from her bared legs.  “Well I hope I don’t run into you two. Harmony’s older sister wanted a couple of wing women while she goes out.”

“Very funny you two.” Mom even cracked a bit of a smirk. Looking at me she continued, “I talked to Ben’s mom and you are staying there tonight. The college wants me to fly out for the last night of a symposium.  And you’re staying with Harmony.  And you two are to be complete gentleman and ladies while you’re staying with your friends. ” Mom informed us.
“Aren’t I always.” Glory said also sarcastically, batting her eyelashes. “But I can’t speak for dim wit over there.”

For shits and grins I stuck out my tongue at Glory. “I’m always a gentleman. It's the job of any good wing man to be a gentleman so the prime target’s ugly friends are kept happy.”   

“Yeah it figures you get the ugly girls, and that stud muffin Ben gets the good looking ones like me.”  Glory said batting her eyes.

“You obviously missed the part about going to a gay bar. And you're not the right sex.” I pointed out. Then playing along, “But hey who knows maybe you're just the person to make him go straight. But it will have to wait until after school”

“Fine.” Glory feigned a huff, before shoving the toasted bagel she'd been working on in her mouth. The little bit of white cream cheese that ended up on her lips, reminded me of cum.  I wished the image of Glory with cum substitute on her lips hadn't ended up in my brain.  It'd be the only thing I'd think of all day at school.

I was right, most of the day the vision of Glory with the little white glob in the corner of her mouth kept flashing into my head at the most inopportune times.  It is kind of hard do a geometry proof when thoughts of your sister’s mouth wrapped around your hard pole with just a little bit of your spunk trickling down her chin after you cum in her sucking mouth are racing around in your brain.  It was a fellow classmate that cured my thinking of Glory. He started in again about screwing his girlfriend’s mom. While he hadn’t proven that he was fucking his girlfriend’s good looking mother, he was still a god among a select few he told.

In the meantime, I could be a god if I'd let any of them know I was screwing Mindy and was going to screw one of her senior cheerleader friends. But the fucking a second cheerleader was dependent on my test with the Halloween mask going well.  And while not always thinking of screwing my little sister or her friend, I started thinking of putting a camera in Harmony’s room to see what she did when not in Glory’s room. I wondered if she was like my buddy’s girlfriend's mother and had a secret sex life separate from Glory. Plus it would give me a new feed to watch when Glory and Mom were having their periods.  Who knows I might even catch Harmony’s smoking hot red headed sister, Kathy, in some stage of undress.

When I arrived at the silo I went the back way to the planned start of the maze. Even knowing the path through it, it was pretty tough getting to the end.  I could see people getting winded going up and down the different stair cases and ladders that were required to get to the end of the maze.  Ben and I didn’t have the maze go all the way to the bottom of the silo. We ended it three levels up from the bottom before turning them back up to the main level. Ben and I had discussed that in a couple of years after high school we could make them into apartments for us to live in.   It was Ben’s idea making a room at the current lowest level of the maze where Mindy’s friend would go for her fuck.  He said it'd be a form of foreplay.  The time figuring out getting to the room would increase her anticipation. 

While standing in what would be a rec area for those that figured out the way to the end, Ben came over the PA system.  “Mindy wants you in the designated room in ten minutes for your second undressed rehearsal. I have set up the room how Mindy suggested all that is missing is you. Stud boy.” He stressed the “stud boy.”  “She is going by the maze like you did. She wants the rehearsal as close to the real thing as possible.” He informed me.

I went the back way to the room. I found Ben used the time I wasn't there getting the room ready, He'd added a small chaise lounge that looked like he had found on the side of the road.  But on the plus side it didn’t smell bad. To the empty room, that I was sure Ben would be monitoring I said, “Hey Ben where did you get the couch? Better yet how did you get it down here?”

The hidden speaker in the room echoed with Ben’s voice. “You barbarian it is not a couch it is a chaise, plus some party favors. And the maintenance elevator of course.”

“I didn’t know being gay made you an interior designer. And when did you get the maintenance elevator fixed?” I again asked the empty room, as I stripped off my shirt.

“Yesterday. It turns out it was a bad relay in the safety circuit.” He said.  “And yes there is an interior design test before you get your queer card.”
“I want to see that card when I get done here.” I said.  “How much time do I have before Mindy shows?” I asked pulling the Casper mask on wrapping the elastic band around my head.  With the mask on I could already see the downsides of the inflexible mask. But before I could get it off Mindy walked in and immediately chuckled.

Laughing she teased, “You a friendly ghost? Because you have me scared.”

“Not so much friendly as horny.” My voice getting mostly lost in the thin hard plastic. The small slit for my mouth not completely blocking my statement. “How about you hot stuff, are you my little devil?“

“Umm.. I’ll let you know in a minute…No you better make it an hour.” She said walking toward me.  “So Casper where do you want me.”

“If I recall hot stuff you should have only a diaper.” I said letting her know her wardrobe was all wrong. “So strip.” Mindy did as I said. She began her striptease. For a second time the only things missing were a pole and bad hair band music for her to dance to.  Her body swayed and moved with a willowy gracefulness as the articles of clothing came off.  I ran my hands up the back of her strong legs while her solid cones swayed with her body inches from my covered face.

Wanting to engorge myself on Mindy’s breast meat made it clear the Casper type mask wasn’t going to work with its small slit for my mouth. Acknowledging the failure of the white mask I said, “Mindy, this one isn’t going to work.”

“Yeah there’s no way for you to kiss or eat me with that thing on.  So lose it and for my friend you can do it without lights.” She said pulling the mask up and off, the elastic band catching on my hair.

My fingers digging into her ass, I pulled her forward, taking a mouthful of her breast. I flicked her nipple and sucked on the flesh in my mouth. Dragging my teeth along the smooth skin as the tit left my cavity, I closed down on the nipple so I could extend it out from her. I let it spring back into place after pulling it out to its breaking point. “Wait I have another one to try.” I said. Pulling the cat half mask out from beneath the chaise,I slipped it down over my forehead and eyes, aligning it so I could see.  A second time my fingernails dug into her ass cheeks. Pulling her forward with the mask in place her other tit slid pass my lips. I greeted the new flesh by licking around the outside of her areola and sucking on the cone. 

“Mmm that is so good.” Mindy said looking down. “Oh that mask is so wrong.”

From around her tit I said, “Yeah but do you really care?”

Grabbing the back of my head forcing more of her tit into my mouth she said, “At the moment.. hell no but if you don’t do something with my pussy soon I will..”

Raking my teeth a second time over her flesh, and ending up pulling on her nipple reddening the tiny nub and its surroundings.  But her pussy was also reddened and wetter than usual though I hadn’t touched it yet.  All I could conclude was she had played with herself before getting to me.  I couldn’t wait to sample her flowing juices. “Then I guess my pants need to go. Then you can  spread those sweet legs for me.”  I knew I didn’t have to ask her to suck my dick as she would as part of removing my pants.

She backed up from me helping me to my feet, “That mask is so fucked up, you know that right?”

I replied as her fingers when to my pants, “Yeah, but is it working.”

She had dropped down to her knees, helping me step out of my pants, leaving my stiff dick inches from her face. Stroking it gently before she licked the underside, she said, “Yeah I guess so but I’m not looking at your face right now.  I have this lovely hard cock that has me preoccupied.”  I felt her lips slide down my shaft and her warm mouth surrounding my cock before I heard her slurping. My cock was  awash in her spit, while she bobbed her head up and down my rod. It was as fantastic as ever. She wasn’t rushing my blowjob. She lazily ran her tongue around my bulbous head flicking the piss hole with the tip of her tongue. Her fingernails glided along my nutsack tracing along the eggs inside while she squeegeed saliva off my cock with her lips before re-applying it as the head of my cock bump the back of her throat.

My fingers running gently through her hair ended as my balls rose up preparing for their delivery.  I held her firm when her nose bumped into my curly pubic hair.  The jets of my cum coating her tonsils when the powerful waves of sperm went ripping from me.  She gulped down the thick product of my cock while it filled her throat and mouth.  Her swallowing further massaged my buried cock head, keeping my orgasm in the front of my consciousness.

The last drop oozing from my piss hole, Mindy licked away. Moving back with a pleased look on her face, “I need a dog mask, since I like chewing on your bone.”

“Nah, the cat mask is more you. Though, I’m more interested in the pussy between your legs than the one you’d put on your face.” I grinned my best Cheshire grin. “Does that kitty need a bath?”
“Oh yes.” She said sliding past me to the chaise. Opening herself up wide, she added, “Meow.”

I gladly knelt between her legs. “Let’s see if this kitty knows how.” I started the tongue bath of her pussy. I enjoyed her smooth labia under my tongue. Her slit was moist and hot. My tongue ran down the middle of her pink flesh getting coated with succulent juices.  Mindy’s involuntarily purring happened each time I brushed across her raised little clit. 

Her legs crushed down on my head crinkling the mask as her first orgasm approached.  “Ouch.” She said as her legs flew apart. “The edge cut me.”  With that she grabbed the mask by a plastic kitty ear and ripped it off my head. The elastic band catching on my ear and tearing at them.  The sting in my ears didn’t stop me, I covered most of her slit with my lips sucking on the oozing fluid coming from her twitching cunt. 

A couple minutes in, it became obvious play time was over.  She was acting like she was ready for some serious cunnilingus. She bucked and tore at my hair grinding her pussy into my mouth while I shoved my tongue deep into her spasming hole.  I fucked my fat tongue as deep as I could in her passage, no longer working at the edges of her hole.

“Oh fuck!” came bellowing out of her. Her heels hit my back between my shoulder blades, and her crotch rammed into my mouth over and over again. Her fingers entangled in my hair kept me in place for the face fucking she was doing on me.  “Holy fuck..Oh gawd yeah… suck my clit…fuck my hole.” She shrieked and her body wrenched from her orgasm. Her orgasmic fluid flowed over my tongue and down my throat. As always, I loved her taste and  teased her clit when she humped it into me, keeping her orgasm going. She let out one last, “Augh!” letting her legs fall back down from around me; her panting and moaning filling the room.

Eating Mindy’s cunt had my cock re-stiffened and ready to be encased in her hot wet orgasming hole. Standing back up catching the back of her knees in the crook of my elbows I slid my cock through her fleshy labia, tickling her clit with the underside of my cock.  Her gasp at the stroke shook her whole body. “You ready to screw?” I asked unabashed, looking down at her. I didn’t give her a chance to answer, before I had pressed my dick into her tight spasming hole.  It felt so good parting and stretching her love canal with my spongy cock head.  I didn’t stop pushing into her until my nuts were against her smooth pussy lips.

“Shit that feels so damn good. Your cock is filling me up.” She said, her shoulders and head were all that remained on the chaise. Her hands went to her nipples, doing what I’d if my hands had been able, twisting and pinching them.  Mindy grunted out with each impact of my pelvis and swing of my balls against her ass.  Using her legs, I pulled her hard against me with each thrust, the ridge of my cock head abrading her washboard G-spot within her.  “Ah..ah I’m cuming again.” Mindy cried out as her pussy walls rippled and tugged at my cock as I stroked it in and out of her.  Every inch of my stretched dick skin getting coated with more of her warm lubricant electrifying my brain.

Her walls stretching and contracting as my cock filled and vacated space in her vagina. The velvety sheath massaged the whole of my prick, molding to its veins, bumps and ridges as it moved in her. My thrust and pull on her legs had me bumping the round cone at the end of the tunnel. My piss slit centered on the closed circular gate.  Mindy eeked out a “God so fucking deep” which I wasn’t sure if it was an objection or encouragement, between her grunts and sobs.  Either way I wasn’t stopping my jack hammering of her cunt as hard and as fast as I could.

Dripping sweat onto her face from the workout I was giving her twat, I felt my orgasm approach.  I doubled my effort of slamming my prick between her luscious pussy lips, bouncing my balls on her ass. The slapping and sloshing of our sexes together filled the room with their symphony of sounds and musky smell.  The slapping of my balls on her round ass cheeks ended when they crawled up tight to my body ready to deliver my seed.  Keeping my dick secure in her, I ground it in further than I thought possible, enjoying the feeling of her walls being stretched even further as the wads of sperm enlarged my prick as passed up to its head.  I moaned out, “Hell I’m cuming.”

“Mmm..fill my pussy with your juice.” She muttered. With the first  jet ejected into her hot contracting tube, coating her cervix. “So hot…your cum is so hot inside me. Oh yeah fill me with it.” she squawked.

I continued shooting wads of sperm deep into her, not moving from my embedded position. When her pussy rippled and contracted down on my prick I wailed, ‘Oh jesus your cunt is milking me. Oh fuck you feel so good... take my cum.” The elation of my orgasm was felt down to my toes, as I delivered all I could from my spewing dick.  When the jets became a trickle, her pussy milked the last of my thick fluid from my cock. 

Despite her cunt’s crushing grip and wringing every last drop of cum from me, I again started stroking my still hard cock in her vagina. In the position I had her there was little she could do but twist her hips about mewling, “Oh fuck there is more. God how much longer are you going to do it to me. I’m fucked out.”

I thought she was claiming to be done, long before her normal. “I’m not done with you until my dick is shriveled and small.” I claimed.  I went right on pounding her cunt with my prick during its slow transformation back to walking around size.   

“Oh fuck we'll be here all day,” she panted out, her hips gyrating with my every thrust.  Watching the jiggling of her small gumdrop topped tits, she was tweaking, kept my dick from shrinking immediately. The additional fucking for her part kept her face contorted in a frozen stare of her orgasming.

Not five minutes later my dick no longer had the rigidity to invade Mindy’s tight canal.  I let her legs loose, laying her back down on the chaise Ben had set up for us. With her ass hanging off the cushion her shaky legs were barely keeping her from slipping down to the floor.  The sperm I had left in her twat came glopping out as a white frothy goo. I watched the mixed orgasmic fluid make a puddle below her saying, “I must have been good this time since you were done so fast.”

Still regaining her composure she answered, “Good yes…Definitely yes.  You had me cuming so fast. I like that position. It rubs all the right places.”

“So you think your friend will like it that way?” I asked.

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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Despite being a rewrite I'm as interested in comments this time as i was when it was originally posted.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 8   Mistress and Mom's Other Life.
A few minutes later she answered, while I lay down next to her stroking her stomach, both of us still nude.  “Yeah I think she would like that. But then again I like most of what you do.” I was shocked at her comment. Rarely did she admit liking any thing I did with her. I think to her, admitting she liked what I did was the same as admitting liking me.  And she couldn’t do that, making the acknowledgment that much more unusual.  She quickly realized her mistake adding, “But you are going to have to keep the lights off. The mask didn’t work. Plus you forgot the ear plugs. Not only could I see it was you but, your voice would give you away in an instant.  And even when the mask was in place I think she would recognize you by your goofy haircut.”

“My hair style isn’t goofy.” I protested, vehemently offended. But it wasn’t her comments on my hair that had me out of sorts. Her statement about not having lights had me mad at myself for not finding a better option that now I wouldn’t get to enjoy the visual stimulation of my mystery screw. Not wanting her asking about my overly strong defense of my hair cut. “It is just longer than the crew cuts of the rest of the guys and you seem to like getting handfuls of it on a regular basis.” I ran my finger through my own black locks stopping to pull on it like Mindy did, adding, “Ouch by the way.” 

“Ouch hell. Quit being a baby you love it. And it makes you different and different is identifiable.” She said.  She put her hand on the back of mine as I lightly stroked her bare stomach. Again I found this strange as she rarely touched me except for before sex and during it. I also in that moment realized I never really tried to touch her but for those times.  Her tight skin on her flat stomach was still damp from the small beads of sweat that formed during our bawdy sex.  Her nipples just above where I was stroking looked delicious, but I held off attaching my mouth to them. I was determined that enjoying the soft supple skin of her stomach and underside of her breast would be enough, though screwing her again kept crossing my mind. 

My shrunken dick for the third time began to stir.  I had all night as I wasn’t supposed to go home, but she had to. I supposedly would be on the other side of a wall from her. I didn’t think I’d be going though, I’d stay in our hide away and finish a couple of things I had to get done for our inevitable guest. I rolled on top of Mindy’s lovely body and kissed her much as I had my former girlfriend, which would never be allowed above ground. Her initial reaction made me wonder if it was allowed even underground.  Slowly she warmed to the sensuousness of the kiss and returned it in full, gliding her lips over mine not in the hunger for sex but for human kindness. I stopped letting her know, “I've work to do around here and you and Ben have to get home.  Have Ben tell your mom if she ask, that I decided to go home.”

From under me she said, “Ok.  What are you working on?”

“An idea for your friend,” I let her know as I got up and dressed.

Leaning on an elbow looking up at me she asked, “Oh really?  Something perverted I bet.  So you need any help?”
“No..Thanks I think I have it.” I told her as I started to leave heading to the shop.

“You have to the end of the week to finish it. I'm going to have Ben schedule her visit for Friday night. She can sell to her parents that she is going out with me.” Mindy said looking and sounding like a weight had been lifted from her.

“Ok I should have it done by then.” I said my heart racing knowing the final day was coming. I was deep in my work when I heard from the speaker over my head. “We’re out of here.  See you tomorrow at school.  I have you covered with your mom and mine.”

“Thanks,” I hollered at no one in particular since Ben would never hear it. I finished the sound altering ear plugs before calling it a night on the chaise I'd fucked Mindy on. The ear plups were slightly larger than I had hoped but were plenty comfortable. The sound alteration worked. Though, during the test of watching a porn video, both the actor and actress sounded like they swallowed Mickey Mouse instead of orgasmic fluids.

The whole next day at school I watched all of Mindy’s friends closely, trying to determine which  girl I was to screw.  Four of them had broken up with long-term boyfriends. It was rumored that two had dumped their boyfriends after catching them cheating.  One was dumped because he wanted to see other girls, meaning he had a new girlfriend already picked out but hadn’t made it public. And the last girl it was rumored was dumped after she said “No” to a three-way.

There were others to consider, but Mindy wasn't close friends with them, but friendly.  Those were too many to consider so I concentrated on the four. None of the four acknowledged the existence of underclassmen as they were smoking hot seniors.  I also wasn’t plugged into the underclassmen scuttlebutt network, so any information from the future kings and queens of the school wouldn’t come my way.  I relied only on my powers of observation from a distance which left me no closer to the answer. And, Ben was no help.  Mindy hadn’t said anything to him except to send the email, setting up the appointment.   I let him know, he was useless as an inside trader of information. And, that I wouldn’t be going to the silo that day.

At home I was still wracking my brain for a better way of hiding my identity. I had the issue of my voice worked out, but the last part was still eluding me. I accepted the only way I was going to do Mindy’s friend was in total darkness. But the setback weighed on me all the way up until dinner. Not even watching Glory’s fine little ass wiggling around in her short shorts and t-shirt while cooking helped. I only half noticed when mom came into the kitchen.  Had I been watching closely I’d have noticed she was walking around like she had a corn cob stuck up her ass., similar to Mindy the day before.

It was Glory that brought my attention to mom’s odd way of moving, “You ok mom? You’re looking a little tired. And you’re moving more slowly than normal.”

“The symposium dinner lasted longer than I was expecting. And I had more dessert than I should have. Since it was better than usual but it did me wrong.” Mom said sitting in the chair gently. “So a good home cooked meal and no dessert is just what the doctor ordered.”  I found mom’s answer weird. She never talked about her bodily functions to us. I’d have picked up on it if I wasn’t so fixated on my predicament. I did notice she shifted her weight from one butt cheek to the other never quite sitting straight. 

The rest of dinner was uneventful; and despite making dinner Glory had to help me clean up afterward, while mom waddled to her room. As soon as the kitchen was in order, I fired up my computer and pulled up video of Glory’s room expecting to fast forward through the day with no activity.  Only around lunch I saw a shadow cross into the room. It shouldn’t have been there and made me curious.  I'd planned on just deleting all of the other feeds, but now I was interested in what was on them.

I started the playback of the master bathroom from the day before.  I figured on seeing Mom pack up her toiletries maybe in her underwear or possibly even braless.  What I got was her sitting on the counter naked with a small crock-pot looking container. Her pussy gleamed with moisture as she smeared the hot wax from the crock-pot and strips along her mons and labia.  She looked like she was enjoying the whole operation. If she wasn’t her pussy surely was.

When she finished she didn’t pack up her toiletries. Her planned trip to the symposium was looking more like an excuse for a night of unfettered sex with dad at a nice hotel. I couldn’t believe that in her conspicuous excitement, Mom had left the little pot on, as evident by the red glowing light on the front. Her pussy looked smoother than I'd ever seen, before she jumped in the shower.  She was writhing in the tiled stall in a manner of minutes with the hand wand pulsing water onto her clit. Her wailing, “Ugh... oh good!” 

I fast forwarded through much of the tape after Mom dried off her pink body and swollen pussy lips. I didn’t expect to see anything more so  I switched to the feed from Glory's room expecting to fly through it.  I'd fast forwarded through most of the day's recording from the room, until the shadow of her passing by the door late in the evening. I reopened the recording from the bathroom jumping to a time no one should've been home, the time code of 10:53 pm.

No one should've been home but Mom walked into the bathroom. Her appearance made me immediately back up the video and just listen as the counter and mirror were all I saw. I hadn't thought of it before, but I'd installed a new surveillance camera in the master bedroom a couple of weeks before when everyone was out of the house. I hadn't had a chance to play with it since its installation and wasn't sure if the new software that controlled it was even working.

It unlike the other camera's in the house was voice activated. I was tired of fast forwarding through hours of nothing on the other always on camera recordings and thought I'd give it a try.   I synced it up the mater bathroom's and bedroom's feeds on two the two screens. The inaugural viewing of the recorded events was shocking to say the least. 

On the screen Mom was standing next to the bed, her tits held up by a push-up bra with her brownish-pink nipples point straight out for sucking.  The only other article of clothing was a lace thong that barely there letting me see most all her pussy lips. The lace already looked as if it was stuck to Mom's fold with pussy juice. 

“ I'm yours to command for the evening.” she said bowing her head.  It was one hell of a way to greet guest. 

The shock of the greeting was minor compared to the shock of what came in the bedroom door.  Two women with black hood's came into the room. They were in what I called the Bunko uniform of a short black skirt and white blouse that was almost see-through. The taller pear-shaped one was overweight and older than the overly thin teen that was likely not much older than Glory.  There were other non physical differences I noticed, too. The big women was much more confident in her manner.  The younger one was bashful not really looking at my Mom. She almost looked like she didn't want to be there..  The older one said, “That's good bitch, cause my pussy need a tongue in it and I'm told you're the best at it.”

The eyes of the teen grew big and surprised behind the eye-holes in the black hood. Why she was surprised was a mystery to me. I'd imagine she knew what she'd be getting into the minute she put on the S&M type hood. With her head still bend down Mom's eyes went to the women, “I'll do my best to please my mistress.”  and to the teen she added. “And your concubine. Ma'am you too may use me as you wish for the evening.”

With a nudge from the older woman the teen said, “Good, I want my pussy licked, too.”  The voices sounded familiar but I couldn't quite place the two.  I racked my brain thinking of all the mothers and daughters I knew that matched their physical description. I was sure at some point I'd come up with the names, unless I was mistaken on their relationship.

“Well slut what are you waiting for. Come undress me.” The fleshy women said walking to Mom.   Carefully and quickly the buttons passed through their holes as Mom's fingers went button to button.  Fully unbuttoned the blouse was pushed off the meaty white shoulders, falling to the floor.  An open hand landed on the Mom's held up tit making a red print only on her lightly tanned skin despite contacting the nipple. The point hardened as the blood rushed to it. “Pick it up.”

“Yes Mistress. I didn't mean to offend.” Mom stated her eyes turning a bit glassy.  She bent over getting the white garment. With all her might the chubby hand that had struck Mom's tit walloped her ass. The thong offering no protection, the sound of the blow echoed as the butt cheek rebounded.  The force of the smack and the ones that followed almost knocking her off her feet. 

The punishment ended once Mom was back upright, folding the blouse. Turning to her teen escort she said, “You have to show these sluts who's in charge early.” Back to Mom she asked, “Are you going to get to my bra and skirt some time soon?”

Mom didn't answer verbally. Her hands quickly found the hook and zipper holding the skirt that was painted on her and bulged in place the slender girl's didn't. With some doing the hook and zipper was undone, and the loosened material staying in Mom's hands.  The thong under the skirt was likely bought years before and was stretched tight around the woman's waist and wedged not only between her butt cheeks but pussy lips as well.   Letting it the thong stay bound where it was, Mom had no trouble with the three clasps holding the bra on.  Mom released the woman's heavy and sagging tits, putting their holder on top of the folded blouse.

The large women looked out of place in the black hood and her squeezed on thong, standing next to Mom. The sexy undergarments Mom wore hugged her curves that were well in proportion and accentuated her beautifully. It was like Aphrodite was standing next to Medusa about to pleasure her.  The hooded woman must've realized the difference in sexiness and demanded, “Well don't just stand there suck my tits. I want to be ready for your supposed magic tongue.”

While Mom bent down taking one of the hanging utters in both hands and applied her mouth to it. There was a smile behind the mask once her better looking servant was doing what she demanded.  Still she said to the awe struck teen that had been standing frozen in place, “Go on bitch, get out of your clothes. I want to see your body, while this slut does her best to satisfy me.”

Mom kissed and sucked on the large globs of flesh. It looked like she was trying to tease the three inch areola into having a pointy nipple. She kissed and licked about the edge of the dark flesh while stroking and kneading the tit in her hand. A groan came from her as chubby hands found her nipples easily and pinched and pulled them past their limits. Only when Mom was slurping on the nipple of the boob in her hands, did the pulling wane. The twisting and mauling of her lovely nipples continued while her mouth was pressed all over the flesh in her hands.

Pulling Mom's face from her tit the hooded battleax asked, “Where are you're toys? I know you have some. All sluts like you do.”

Pointing at a box I hadn't ever seen on her dresser before Mom said, “In there.”   

“Go tell me what this whore likes.” the oversized shrew said holding Mom's mouth to her teat by her hair. It was then I noticed the athletic looking teen. Her body was ethereal with newly forming breast and hips that had the beginning of a flair. I wished I'd been there, caressing the curve of her rounded ass and stroking the supple skin of her thighs and those hips. It would've been sublime and despite not being in the silo anonymous.  Sitting in my chair hours later my mouth still watered thinking of the petite cones and hair covered slit.

There was an elastic bounce in her buns as she walked to the dresser. Opening the lid of the large oak and mother of pearl decorated treasure box, she stared at the full collection for a moment. Her gaze of amazement was broken by a demanding, “Tell me...What does this slut play with?”

Mom had switched breast applying her lips to the white mass and the excessively large dark nipples, while the younger girl pulled out items putting them on the  dresser.  She named each item as she did, “She has a small vibrator,  a couple of usual looking handcuffs and some that have really wide cuffs.” It was then I understood the girl didn't have a clue about all the sexual toys available and their uses.  She droned on pulling more things from the box, “.. a large red ball with straps attached, two funny looking clamps, a hand-full of  binder clips, a leather hood, a paddle covered in leather, what looks like the thing they hit the race horses with. There's a no odd looking belt with straps and a hole.  She has a whip, some silk scarves, a dog collar and leash, a couple of strange looking pointy mushroomed shaped things made of glass and rubber, and one that has a bushy tail attached to it,  plus three dildos. This one is huge.” She held up the twelve inch device hitting an on button.  “Wow and it vibrates.”

A slight groan emanated from the old woman before she said, “Figures she has so many toys.  She a fucking kinky slut. Aren't you?”

A nod accompanied a, “Uh-huh.”   

Pulling Mom further onto her tit she directed the nubile girl, “This kind of slut is gonna need the  big dildo. And I want the riding crop, just in case.”

“Just in case of what?” came the truly innocent question.

“She or you don't do as you're told.” the dominatrix informed her as well as warned her.  “Mmm bitch suck it in and lick it...Oh yeah that is good keep doing that.” She said to her willing captive on her tit. Half distracted by the mouth on her nipple, again to the innocent teen still gathering up the demanded item she said, “Mmm..oh gawd yes....bring the paddle also... Ahh that's good …. Uh fuck get the dildo ready for her, she's gonna want cock the whore that she is.”

The delicious looking girl's hesitation told me what she was thinking before she voiced it, “Get it ready how?”

There was a shift in demeanor towards the girl as her lack of knowledge was getting in the way of fully enjoying the mouth sucking her teat. “Lube...There should be some lube in the box.”

“Mistress there isn't any,” The tone was one of fright.

“Then  use your pussy.” the witch hollered, her concentration on the oral love making of her tit broken.


“I meant right now. Just do it.” conversation evidently wasn't  part of her plan.

Tight round teen ass cheeks were on the bed fairly close to Mom's. The difference was how far apart the fit teen legs were.  Mom's were just far enough apart for her hand every now and again quickly slide down to her clit rubbing it. The haired pussy was bared for the camera as her thighs were spread wide.  Tentatively the large phallus' head was moved along the furrow parting the hairy lips that made it.  With each pass up and down the lips were spread a little more, finally making her shudder.  A single dew drop was visible as she lined the head to her hole.

She groan as she passed the tip into her vagina. Trembling all over the muscles in her arms strained for a second as she skewered herself with four inches of the rubber cock.  The wail  was immediate as were the streams of tears running over leather cheeks.  The two uninvolved women stared in what looked like disbelief at the impossible sight. The sparse dark curly hair didn't hide the white of the overly stretched labia and vagina.  And before the large ogre of a woman could berate the girl for wailing, for a second time I saw the girls arms and stomach tighten for a flash.  In that time she extracted the blood covered  phallus until only the tip was left in her only to shove half again of the dick into her hole.  With only four inches remaining outside the haired hole she screamed, “Oh fuck.” flopping back on the bed.

The girl rolled about in agony, the thick dick lodged in her.  The flailing like a fish out of water did nothing to soften the soul of the round women.  Mom had left the sagging tit, looking at the  flounder on the bed. When she went back to the breast she'd been working on she was pulled away. “How stupid can a cunt be?” She talked down at the teen, “It just needed pussy juice on it.”  Continuing to keep Mom from her she climbed in the bed making deep indentions. 

Holding the reeling hood's mouth opening in one place used a tight grip on the forehead, the fat woman's  long hanging bomb shaped tit was aimed at it. On touching the lips behind the hood she lowered her weight down, keeping the girls head still but not her body that continued rolling about.  The tirade continued while the end of her tit was only slobbered on from the crying girl. “...But not you want to be a slut like that one.” She nodded at Mom despite the girl not being able to see it.  “You wanted a cock in you. Needed a big fat one in your cunt.  You got it. Now you should fuck it like the cunt you want to be.”  The meaty hand grabbed the end of the abandoned dildo.

The reckless viciousness she used ramming the enormous imitation cock in further before pulling it out.  The flesh tone veined rod was smeared in pink from the hymen and pussy that was obliterated.  The small frame jumped and and thrashed at the silicon rod's first motion. The prolonged pummeling of her beyond stretched vagina sustained the girl's muffled screams into the heavy tit. Not for a minute did the callous mistress let the girl's cunt acclimate to the log she was ruthlessly fucking her with, so in time she might enjoy the feeling of her body being full of a cock.

There was a look of tyrannical glee in the sunken eyes behind the leather mask.  It didn't however stop her from hold her ass cheeks wide apart exposing her large brown asshole being parted by old lace.  Over her shoulder she said to mom, "You'll lick me later.  First but I need that tongue of yours in my ass giving me an ass Fucking."

Mom began doing as instructed. She moved behind the large white pimpled ass cheeks. She wrenched the not so white lace of the thong from between them, pulling it down the lumpy thighs.  Using her hands she nudged the bulky thighs insinuating they need more parting.   The unweildy hunks of flesh also had to be parted but Mom's hands were needed for that.  Having the crack opened, she placed her lips at the top of split.  Gradually she went lower tracing the flat of her tongue along the skin of both sides of the crevice as well as it valley floor. At the wrinkled entrance, the mistress moaned her longing for mom's tongue plunging into it. Instead mom circled large brown exit dabbing the tip around the outside.  The shrew breathing heavily commented on mom's expertise, "Mmm for a whore, you're a fine ass licker, best rim job, ever. Now use that fabulously talented tongue and fuck my ass."

"But, it.." Mom's argument was cut short by the dominatrix.

“But nothing. Fuck my ass with that tongue.” She demanded still hammering the cunt of the girl beneath her, who was doing little more than whimpering.; her legs spread wide much like the dildo was doing to her pussy lips.

The grimace on Mom's face said what she was unable to. The shrew's asshole must have smelled of shit.  Yet she again put her face in the deep crevice and her lips on the fouled exit. Fouled or not she did enough for acknowledgment of her talent. “Ah  that's it.  Oh yeah deeper. Mmm fuck me... faster.” For the first time the woman started panting at the sensations imparted. The longer Mom's cheeks were plastered with the over-sized butt the heavier the panting became. 

The girl having her cunt annihilated also benefited from the extraordinary work being done to her Mistresses  sphincter.  When the moans came fast as did the gasps, the gargantuan fake dick's fucking of her overexerted love canal slowed or stopped all together.  For ten minutes the tongue fucking persisted until the groaning and gasping Medusa put an end to it pulling away, “God do that to my pussy. Fuck my pussy that way.”

The fat women made the bed creaked falling off the sniveling lithe girl. She parted her fleshy thighs displaying her big clit and her long floppy inner pussy fold hanging out of her hairy outer ones.  She must've expected Mom diving right into her crotch, which didn't happen.  When it didn't the shrew came out, “Lick my cunt slut. And do it right. I know you know how. All sluts do.”
Even with the admonishment, Mom again contorted her face appearing unexcited about the prospects of performing cunnilingus on the hairy twat.  Her reluctance a second time at engaging in sexual activities with the strange looking women, made me wonder why hooded couple was there at all.  Watching her lips start up near the knees of the ham shank, I determined she was delaying the inevitable.  The mistress knew it as well and didn't appreciate the loving care in which the lips were placed on her flesh.

Even with the women pulling on Mom's hair she didn't move up to the cunt immediately. She was drug up letting her lips skim along the white slack skin of fat thigh. At the end of her forced journey she had her mouth on the long folds and curly hair.  Her tongue laps of the mistresses' pussy were shorter than I'd have expected.  Yet she sucking on the large clit at the top of the split of her twat, had the women gasping.

Even though I could tell she wasn't giving the women her best efforts, the round women was again panting. “Ah gawd suck my clit.” Had she been a hundred seventy pounds lighter I'd have thought her hips would've been humping furiously at the mouth on her cunt.  As it was all she managed was rolling her hips. She hands in Mom's hair did what her hips couldn't; scrubbing her cunt against Mom's lips and tongue.  The more the scrubbing occurred the redder both the pussy lips and those attached to them. The hair scraping the supple lips raw, all the while moaning, “Gawd I'm gonna cum.”  Mom flicked her tongue on the nub before plying her teeth to it.  The howl was prolonged and sounded full of pleasure and pain. “Augh...cumming.” Mom continued teasing and sucking the nub, until the ripped away by her hair.  No longer being bombarded with salacious sensations the fat woman's orgasm began subsiding based on her breathing.  She commanded, “Fix her.”

The curt command was understood. The big cock the girl hadn't removed even though she'd been left alone with it for some  time. Without any hesitation Mom  gently pulled her large dildo out, after which she slid her thong off and removed the unusual looking bra. And unlike before her lips went straight to the small hairy cunt lips. The sniffling that had been going on stopped shorty after the first delicate touches. 

Mom took her time brushing her her lips along the hairy labia. With her fingers she spread the teens stretched and engorged labia, exposing the glistening pink below.  She snaked her tongue about the pink flesh making it look even wetter with her spit.  Her lips grazed over the thinner lips between the fleshy cunt lips, while the tip of her tongue parted them.  She stopped at the top where the lips were connected and sucked in everything in the area into her mouth.

She instead of staying where she was and trying to make the recovering teen cum, slowly worked a trail of kisses up to the tiny indention in the flat undulating stomach. She dipped her tongue into the round belly button. She rimmed the outside ridge of the vestigial cavity before plunging the wet tip of her tongue in; filling the void.  The depression in the center of her temporary patient's stomach fully explored, Mom progressed up to the still developing breast.  She massaged and plied her oral expertise to the responsive breast teasing and titillating the bud. Mom's thumb and index finger glided up and down either sides of the lightly haired pedals of her teen-aged partner's cunt. The hooded girl's oily dark pink vaginal excretions pasting the barely visible blonde curly hair to the pedals. The combination of oral and manual stimulation brought the first moans of pleasure and desire.  The she-devil must've noticed the difference in Mom's level of enthusiasm in what was demanded of her.

The room with a single sound of sucking broken every now and then by moaning, as the breast bud were covered gradually fully covered in a glistening of saliva.  Going up the trembling body for a lip lock their nipples slid against each other. The hard ones of the girl under Mom's appeared to raise up for more contact.  Mom moved so her bald cunt lips were pressed tightly against the fattened and mostly hairy ones.

The eyes behind the mask seamed surprise at having the hot slick skin slide along her pube covered pussy.  A lip of each pussy interlocked in the crevice of the other, as clit ground against clit. The intertwined folds glided along the crack of the other when Mom gently pitched her hips back and forth. The oblivious girl, too moved her hips tentatively in time with her new lover, though not nearly as much. It was as if she was figuring out how to fuck another woman, while she was being fucked.

Mom guessed at it being the teen's first time, “Mmm... you're pussy feels so young and new. I've never been with virgin...Gawd it's so good..I'm gonna find more of you.” her voice tapered off going back to kissing every part of the girl, she could find. 

I found her apparent lack of knowledge on how fucking between women occurred, mind boggling. While I didn't know how long she'd had the Mistress, yet you'd think they'd have done this same thing at least once. The battle-ax lying next to the kissing couple, looked none to pleased Mom was showing her courtesan how for the first time. Or, that the nubile teen was enjoying how she was being taught so much.

With her legs spread as wide as I could imagine possible, the girl put her heels on the back of Mom's thighs. Gradually she thrust harder against the more experienced pussy, gyrating her hips increasing her clit's contact with the woman on top of her.  Along with the increase in how hard she ground their pussies together, she sped up her hips humping.

In their indifference to anything other than their kissing and love making, they missed the hag had recovered. She'd picked up the massive dildo and attached it to the leather strap-on belt the girl had unknowingly put on the dresser.  On the pear-shaped woman, the fake dick looked utterly ridiculous and menacing all at the same time. I'm sure had Mom seen it she too would've thought the same thing.

It was the stealth of the large hooded woman that surprised me most. She was behind Mom with the large dildo sticking out only two inches from her in little time. She took even less time separating the butt cheeks with the only slightly lubricated dildo.  And it wasn't Mom's pussy that was the recipient of the full weighted thrust. 

Mom wailed, “Ah fuck!” louder than I think the hooded girl was capable. With the force of the Mistress' massive weight behind the thrust, the dildo ended up ripping through Mom's asshole. It was fully three quarters of the way down her in the first thrust. Mom's shrieks  bemoaned, “Shit..God damn it... You fucking bitch.  Augh.. Ah fuck my...”
The mistress cut in there, “Oh yeah I'm gonna fuck your ass. Sluts like you get their asses fucked all the time. They love it.” She pulled back out, to an ear-splitting screech, taking most of Mom's rectum with her. The head still firmly planted behind her sphincter, a chubby hand grabbed a shoulder yanking hard as the cock was shoved forward.

Despite what was happening to her asshole, Mom gave the impression she was trying to make the intimate touches she and the slender girl under her continue.  It was then the real reason for the dildo up her butt became apparent. “You dare use my subordinate's pussy for its first time. Spoiling it with your unseemly touch and methods.”  Over and over the massive dildo was fucked into Mom's ass, while the Mistress berated Mom as a slut or whore. 

Luckily for Mom, the fat women got winded quickly.  The slamming of the prick into her ass had Mom break out in a sweat. The drops of which fell on the girl below her, who'd been experiencing the ass fucking second hand. When the woman was no longer able capable of thrusting into Mom's ass she pulled the fake dick fully from Mom's colon.  She fell back on where she had been earlier.  The flesh color dick stood straight up pointing at the ceiling  while she recovered her strength.

At Mom she said, “Now that you've had the needed cock fucking you. You don't need to rub your twat on my servant. Get off her.”

Carefully Mom got herself upright. The young girl groaned at the loss of the warm pussy on hers. When the young tight bodied girl saw her mistress, she trembled slightly. The dominatrix saw it.  “Now it is time for you.”

Sitting up and looking down, from the hood came, “Yes Mistress, how can I serve you?”

“Secure her she needs, correction. She over stepped her bounds this evening.” was the answer. I thought her phrasing of 'this evening' as strange. It made me think Mom wasn't normally in this situation though I wasn't sure.  I also wasn't sure why she'd let it continue.

But continue it did.  The girl evidently knew how to handcuff someone for punishment even though she hadn't known how women made love.  She handcuffed each wrist to each ankle, and used a scarf to securing Mom's waist to the bedpost. While she was down locking the handcuff in place on Mom's ankle I thought I saw the girl say quietly so only Mom would hear, “I'm sorry.”

Standing up the hooded girl said to the dominatrix, “It's done my mistress.”

“Good,” the woman stated with enough energy to stand . With the dick still sticking out in front of her she went to the dresser retrieving the riding crop and paddle. Taking only the crop she asked, “What should happen to a slut that insults your mistress and touches you in ways I don't like or approve of?”

Looking at Mom bent over her bare ass on exhibition and the paddle in her hand; in a questioning tone she answered, “Spanked?”

“That's right.” The grin on the obese woman was pure evil. “And you are going to do it. You need to learn how to punish sluts right.”

“Yes Mistress,” the girl didn't sound happy with her comment.  She stood staring at the round flesh, before she ran a hand over the firm curve and down into its split.

It was obvious it was a caress, but the vengeful women didn't acknowledge it as such, “That's right get a measure of the whore. You need to make sure you plan out the whole punishment out. Now start.”

The first contact of the paddle on Mom's butt was hesitant and barely made a sound. The remnants of the paddle weren't visible. Before a second paddling, a crack echoed in the room. The paddle fell from the hand holding it as the girl jumped and screeched. The red whelp developed almost instantaneous on the pert unbent ass cheeks. “I said punish her not give her love pats.”  A second upward swing parted her pussy lips and reddened the whole of the girl's clit. “Do it right or you'll be the one being punished.”

Mom secretly winked when the hooded girl looked her way picking up the black leather coated paddle.  It was much smaller than the one the Vice-Principal used on our asses and was missing the drilled holes, supposedly for aerodynamics.  I always thought it was so there were circles in the midst of the red marks it left behind. Mom's butt wouldn't have the holes but was much redder than mine ever was. When the hooded girl thought she'd done enough the hag would strike the girl's thighs, ass or clit with loud cracks.

Mom's ass was beat red from the many blows of the paddle. The novice's luscious body had beads of sweat form on her upper chest and flat stomach from the exertion. Mom only winced and mewled during the paddling which likely extended it. In what appeared to be a way of finally breaking Mom the teen was handed the crop.  “Use it on her pussy. Teach it are places it can go and places it shouldn't.”

The smack on the hairless slit made Mom bellow. “Augh fuck.” It only took two more blows on her labia and clit before the tears started flowing.  “Please no more...I can't take any more.”

The  old bitty said, “Once more.”  The teen did as she was told. The strike was like the others but slap of the crop had a wet splat type sound to it. Mom's outburst lasted longer and was pathetic in its tone.   “I think she's learned.” came from the big woman.  “Take off her restraints, and I'll see if its true.” was directed at the girl holding the crop.

The hood covered head dipped below the bed quickly releasing Mom's wrists and ankles. Both the hood covered and non covered  heads stood back up straight. Mom lightly touching her bright crimson butt cheeks, smiled at the girl that has made it that way not showing any animosity toward her.  Bellowed from the bed, thighs being spread again came, “Make me cum.”

“Yes Mistress,” Mom replied sounding like the teen.  Without the same hesitation she put her lips to the old twat. As her tongue and lips grazed, kissed and licked every part of the cunt between the fat thighs, Mom closed her eyes not looking at the pussy she was deep into.

The moans and panting came quicker the second time around. With Mom not looking what was going on around she missed the re-assembled large strap-on dildo being handed to its first user of the night.  The conductor of the evening directed, “On her.”

With no fanfare the smallest of the dildos pulled from the box was attached to the belt before the mistress noticed.  The teen busied herself strapping the belt around her waist and thighs. She hurried behind Mom hiding the fact she hadn't used the massive cock in the strap.  The small fake dick easily slid between the only pair of hairless pussy lips. 

Mom jumped and wailed into the cunt her lips were attached to, like the massive cock was buried in her.  She played the part up howling, “ It's too fucking big. Get it out...please get it out. I'm begging you.”

The eyes behind the older woman's eye-holes gleamed. She was enjoying the lips and tongue on her box, plus seemed pleased with her protege. Huffing and panting somewhat airily she nevertheless spewed directions. “Pump her harder. Split her in two with that cock.”

Mom's acting was Oscar worthy. She moaned and wailed like she was being skewered by the large penis. The pumping in her cunt with the normal sized dick presented a problem. Mom couldn't maintain her act. She began moaning as much as the fat woman was. 

The large woman orgasmed first; wrapping her fingers with the black hair on mom's head she again held Mom tight grating her lips on the hairy ones.  The croaking about cuming from the hooded woman continued until her lungs ran out of air. Her feeble humping did nothing to dislodge Mom from the her twat, when she needed Mom to go.  Mom risked the punishment she could receive for continuing sucking on the orgasming cunt. The fat woman huffed and smacked at Mom's head as the orgasm had entered a new phase.

Only when Mom couldn't hold back any longer from the imitation cock stroking in her passage did her lips leave the fat woman long enough for a gulp of air. Her own panting started in earnest as well as the thrusting back at the cock being driven into her. She returned to the pussy she'd found objectionable earlier.  I could see Mom's stomach tighten and undulate the longer the girl fucked her. Soon the light groans and sighs were loud moans and panting. 

Not fully recovered and being eaten on again, the ogre still found the coherence to belittle Mom to her ward, “See the slut likes her cunt filled with huge cocks.  Cunt's like hers need two cocks at once and a cunt in her mouth.”

The admonishment didn't stop the girl from pumping the fake dick in and out of Mom from behind. If anything the sliding of the silicon dick sped up the fucking back against her continued.  Likely by blind luck the girl had attached the silicon cock to herself so it stimulated her clit with every thrust.   The dildo pressing on her clit had the hooded girl fucking faster and harder as her own orgasm approached.

The two hadn't moved out from between the fat woman's orgasming thighs while they fucked themselves to orgasm. The hooded girl leaned down pressing her breast buds into Mom's back sliding the dildo in and out of the cunt she couldn't feel. Her hips oscillated back and forth getting her self and Mom ever closer to climax. Her hands went around the torso she was pressed against. Her hand slid down between the lumpy and rolled thighs along the sides of firm breasts cupping the  tear-drop. 

Mom turned her head looking back over her shoulder. The hooded head went straight to her lips. Their kisses were as sweet as they were intense. The movement of their lips and hips together started what looked like as slow burning orgasm for both.  The hands of the girl cradled and massaged the mounds pulling herself tighter to the body below her. The two once again were lost in each other and their orgasms until the hooded head was swatted away.

 “Stop that, you little slut. “ bellowed the demand. “Get off her and get over here.”

The fit teen did one of the two. Backing the cock out of its human sheath, but was stopped before she got too far out of Mom's sphere of influence. Mom grabbed the girls hand before she got too far away. Moving out from between the thighs she lay back on the bed, her leg spread wide, her cunt ready for any cock real of silicon.  The girl was pulled down to Mom via her captured hand.

Mom guided the attached cock back into her cunt. The fake cock slid into her in one move as the weight of the girl forced the rod back in its human sheath. Joined once again the two reattached their lips and hands quickly groped thighs, asses and bare breast.  The petite breast buds pressed hard into the full breast below her, while she sunk the fake cock deep until Mom groaned.

The large women pulled her self up off the bed. The other two didn't acknowledge the movement off the mattress. They were too busy kissing, sucking and humping to bother with the goings on of  the non-participant. It was the yank on the slender arm that brought the shrew to the women's attention. With much effort she ripped her concubine free of the arms surrounding the heated flushed body. Stripping the hooded teen free of Mom, wrenched the dildo from the hole it was pleasuring.

“Fuck,” Mom motioned to the teen that'd been screwing her. Not knowing the teen's name  said, “...were getting to know each other.”

“Daisy...Mrs. Johnston, ” meekly came from the behind the hood.

The older woman slapped the side of the hood. “Dumb slut I said no names.” She smacked the hood a second time. “Get dressed you stupid whore. We're leaving.”

Mom smiled at the dressing girl, “It's Vee, not Mrs. Johnston.” I'd never heard of Vee but there was a Daisy in the class behind Glory from the other side of town. Daisy Devin was a cute strawberry blonde that went by DeeDee most of the time. She truly wasn't very smart. She had started with Glory but  failed second grade.  It was said she only continued passing other grades because her mother fucked her teachers and the administration. I believe she was pulled out at the start of the year and said to be home-schooled. Some people said she was pulled out because her mother got tired of screwing the principal. “Maybe we can meet again.”

“You definitely won't, you fucking whore.” the fat woman said pushing the half dressed teen out of the room.  Mom just crawled up further on the bed putting her head on her pillow closing her eyes.

The video ended shortly after. The whole video had me hard and confused.  I didn't know Mom was into women or that I'd find it so erotic watching her doing it with the young girl. I wondered if there were any more like the one I just watched.  Remembering I hadn't deleted all the videos from when I was dating Julie, since I hadn't watched them yet.

I recalled there was a day much like the previous day from those days.  Mom and dad both had to be out of town and had us stay with our friends.  I said I was staying with Ben but had stayed with Julie getting the worst case of blue balls I think I ever had. When I thought back on it Mom had acted strange when I got home the next day too. 

Going through the archives of yet to be be deleted files, I found the one from the evening she and dad were supposedly gone.  I was disappointed I didn't have the bedroom footage if there was anything to see, but I hadn't put the camera there yet. The surveillance camera in the bedroom was only because I had seen Mom wash her dildos many times in the sink and wante to see her using them.

Playing the video of the empty bathroom,  from the bedroom came a male voice with no pleasantries, “Mmm bitch you look good. That pussy of yours looks delicious, I bet it taste as good as it looks.”

Mom didn’t respond to the lewd comment. A few minutes later she uttered, “Oh that is so good. Umm god yes…” There was a sudden and loud, “Ouch shit too hard. Augh my clit.” 

“Not your clit. It’s ours.” The voice sounded muffled like it had bounced off skin to get to the microphone.

A few seconds later she was again cooing, “Mmm lick. So fucking good, gawd I’m going to..” the sentence was cut off. Raising the volume, I heard a bit of a gag that stopped the word that sounded like “squirt.”  Slurping started shortly following the gag as did the moans of what could only be called pleasure.  At close to full volume I could hear slobbering and sucking along with male and female groaning for five minutes. 

Neither of the two sounds stopped as a deep voice said,  “Oh god I’m gonna cum. Ahh..suck bitch. Oh, what a cock sucker.”  I recognized the sound of a dick being pulled from a sucking mouth from mine and Ben’s time with Mindy.  “Oh fuck yeah.” was groaned with a deep bass tone.

Mom matched the intensity with a squeal of her own. “Gawd I’m cumming.” 

Her gasp and squeaks were still going on when a not as deep voice said, “Time to roll this cunt over and fuck it good.” The movement on the bed made the floors creak and the mattress crinkle.

“Damn man don’t spoil that pussy until I get a taste.” The deep voice said.  It was at that second I realized it wasn’t dad in the room with Mom. In fact it wasn’t even just one man in with her. She had obviously gotten rid of Glory and I like on the other video but this earlier time so she could have a three way.

The second voice capitulated, “Ok man I can do this fine little ass.” A loud smack of flesh on flesh echoed in the microphone.  Mom’s howl lasted longer than the echo. “Whoa look at this.  She is wiggling her ass. She wants some more.” Three more loud cracks came over the headphones. “Ooh feel this. This whore's fine ass is getting nice and hot.”  Three more sounds of a hand hitting my Mom’s round ass came from the headphone's speakers.

Mom’s heaving, catching her breath, made me wonder why she had not run away from what had to be painful blows. The answer was in her, “Oh baby make my ass burn, Please fuck me.  I need a cock in me. Gawd fuck me!” she was virtually screaming.

The familiar reverb of balls hitting pussy lips with a high pitched, “Hmph” fill the room.  Mom again was screaming, “Fuck your dick is huge.  God I haven’t been fucked by a log before. Shit its fucking killing me.”

The deep voice reminded the man with his dick in my mom, “I said don’t spoil that pussy.”

“I’m not....Just getting a little lube for my dick,” was the reply. There was a sharp cry shortly after I heard the man grunt. “Damn this is one tight ass…Relax bitch that's only half.”

“Oh god, no more. You’re splitting my ass in two.” Mom cried out.

“Oh hell, you’re going to get it all.  Just need a little more lube.” The guy, that was obviously fucking my mom in the ass, said.

The deep voice bellowed out, “Man have her clean that shit before sticking it back in her pussy. Bitch turn around and lick him clean.”  A solid slap echoed back into the bathroom’s mic. “Now!” The mattress crinkled shortly after.

“Shit you are a great cock sucker… uh yeah keep that up. Damn I'll finish your ass later. Suck bitch.” Mom’s slurping continued and was only broken by the occasional gagging sound.

Deep and low came, “Yeah this is one sweet cunt. So tasty and smooth.”

A loud smack happened again, and the female moan could only be described as pleasure filled. The sucking, slurping and gagging continued while Mom’s moans grew ever louder. “Mmm I’m cumming. Swallow it…Swallow it all..Gawd yes.” Came from the higher toned male voice.

Mom must have finished swallowing the spooge delivered to her mouth as her voice came out loud drowning out all other statements, “Lick.. mmm my clit…yeah bite it…yes harder…God I’m cumming ..oh your fingers faster gawd yes deeper…mmm” Her sound was something short of a growl, as the sloshing of fingers in and out of her cunt could be heard, when I again turned up the volume and adjusted the equalizer. 

I thought my eardrums were exploding when at the high gain and volume the repeated slaps of her ass blared forth. I couldn’t imagine how red her round butt cheeks must have been. Yet, she continued wailing about cumming.  When she finally stopped cumming, only the sounds of kissing and gasping were heard. I guessed the men needed a second or were enjoying the rest of Mom’s fit body.

The quiet calm was broken with the sounds of movement, followed by the groan from Mom and the slap of balls on pussy, again. A second grunt and ball slap on what I knew were smooth pussy lips filled my ears.  The yowl from Mom let me know there was a dick in some state of entry into her exit. Her hollering “oh shit..oh shit. Gawd you’re splitting me.” She gasp as her ass was slapped. She continued wailing as the man grunted over and over. 

“We need to grease you up some more.” The first man said. The slosh of what was fingers sliding in and out of a sopping wet pussy canal. “Damn you got plenty to spare.”

Mom’s moans were again cut short with sounds of sucking, and gagging.  She whimpered as the grunts of one man intermingled with gasp of the other.  A garbled female, “Fuck!” was surely shouted around a dick.  A second “Fuck” was just as audible with a louder grunt.

“Shit I haven’t had even the highest paid whore take all my dick up their ass in years.” I could clearly hear the high five between the men.

“Yeah she has my cock all the way down her throat. She really is a phenomenal cock sucker.” The deep voice said.

“You’re going to need to try this ass. It is so fucking tight.” The grunts from the man broke up his statement.

“After you’re done with it you will be able to drive a truck in that.” Was stated between his grunts. Mom’s slurping and the men’s grunts were accentuated with her moaning in pleasure with the pop of an abdomen colliding with her ass.  The deep voice came up with an idea, “Hold her up..We’ll fuck her at the same time.”

“Oh yeah.. Let’s do it.” 

A minute later the room was filled with “Augh so much. Gawd so much dick.  Too full…too deep…Shit my cunt..Gawd my ass.  Mmm..Ah your prick is in my stomach..Oh god yes..mmm yeah… God I’m cumming.” Mom quickly changed her tune and howled between her gasping.  “Fuck me..Fuck me…Harder fuck harder!” her hysteria was full on by the sounds of it.  I assume the guys started kissing her, shutting her up.

Both men must have cum also as they cried out about their loads.  The quiet afterward was deafening.  Just the panting of three plainly exhausted people.  The silence was broken by the deep voice. “How long you here?”

"Oh I have this little whore all night," was the man's reply. "Hell I may keep on through tomorrow."

The deep voice replied, “You lucky bastard. My old lady ain’t anywhere as sweet as this little slut.” I heard a slap of what I assumed was my mom’s ass though is sounded a bit different. “She thinks I’m working a double.  And I have an hour drive home. But I want to try that fine ass before I go.”

The guy that had fuck Mom up the ass talked like she wasn’t even there, “Go for it my man. I hope I didn’t stretch it out too much for you.” And to my mom, “Get that cock sucking mouth on my dick.”
“Mmm yeah.” the excitement in Mom’s voice was palpable. Her scrambling on the bed could be heard. The groan of satisfaction from the man that now had her lips wrapped around his cock was loud and long.

“Damn, fifteen minutes and that sweet little asshole looks tight again. And I’m going to enjoy putting my dick in places this whore hasn’t had one before.”  A deep “hmph” was a precursor to Mom’s yelp. The slam of bodies together was again picked up by the microphone one room away. 

The slapping of abdomen into ass and the sounds of bliss that accompanied it from both participants continued for what seemed like an hour, but was really only twenty minutes.  They grunted and moved about. All the while, it sounded like the dick between Mom’s thin lips never left.  The ass fucking ended with her howling clearly, “God there is a fire hose in my ass. It’s so far in.  Uh fuck...your cum is so hot...Holy shit I’m cumming.”

Mom continued clamoring about cumming, even after the man in her ass had said he had to head home. I guessed the man left was massaging her clit, keeping her shrieking.  The loud and long lived blubbering about cumming ended with the sounds of kissing.  The pleasurable moaning of the two reached it crescendo as the foreplay to another fucking ended. 

Mom whined at the sloshing of her soaked pussy being impaled by the man left.  The majority of Mom’s outcries were incoherent, yet I could make out her saying, “Oh hell never so full. It can’t stretch anymore, there is nothing left. God my pussy…it is so good. Oh yeah I’m cumming again.” A raucous slapping of skin together finished with a thundering grunt and sharp pop of bodies colliding.

The man’s bellowing about cumming was rapidly followed by a deranged sounding woman saying, “Mmm yes its so warm on my tits, and so thick. More give me more, coat me in your  cum.”   Mom’s demands for more, continued as did the low moans. The only thing audible again turned into the sounds of two people panting to catch their breaths.

I was pretty sure that would be the end of it.  I couldn’t believe my mom was such a kinky whore in her private life. She'd never shown any part of this as she and dad drug Gloria and I to hear some preacher go on about how evil sex is.  It made me wonder if the lunch fucks that had ended some months back in the bathroom were really him. I had never considered just listening to the videos before that moment. I wished I had, or better yet concealed cameras in all the rooms in the house.

I don’t know how long I'd been thinking of all the times I'd seen Mom and the hooded man in the bathroom.  When from the bedroom the male voice said, “Wake up slut..Hey you..Slut go get cleaned up.  Go…Get.”  As my mom walked into the view of the camera, she looked like a well used slut.  Her black hair was a mess with mattes of cum. Her usually pretty face had streaks of cum on it as did her tits that also had teeth marks around her red nipples.  All the while, she walked bow legged closer to the camera the remnants of cum were visible coming out of her plumped pussy lips running down her thighs, and tits.  In the mirrors reflection I also saw her still ruby red ass. At least one or two hand prints were discernible on her round orbs.  The trickle of fluid dripping from between the red orbs onto the floor caught my attention. As did the voice in the bedroom talking to someone or himself say, “Man I love bored stuck up church women. They’re the kinkiest.” Louder he shouted, “Get started bitch. I’ll be there in a second to make sure you do it right.”

The man kept to his word. A few minutes after Mom’s cum soaked body entered the shower the man walked into the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was the black leather hood on his head. I was thinking how strange that every one that entered the master bedroom seemedto wear one, then I spotted his dick.  His limp cock had to be as big around as a cucumber. It wasn’t as massive in length as it was in girth, but it still had to be six inches long limp.  I was envious of the man’s cock knowing I’d never get to that size, and a twinge of knowing I’d never get to put it in the places he had that night.  I slowly quit looking at the massive dick and took in the rest of the guy.  He was better built that my dad. He'd the build of the gymnast I'd seen during the Olympics only taller.  Much taller, he was close to six three.

He surprised me when he didn’t enter the shower stall after opening the shower door. He stood there looking my mom up and down, appearing to enjoy the sight.  I can’t say I blame him.  Even though she'd rinsed off all the cum that clung to her hair and skin, she still had a freshly fucked look.  She was really hot with that look.  The guy said to her, “Turn off the water.”  She did what she was instructed by the man without question despite the shampoo in her hair.  “Turn to me.” Came the next order, which she complied with.  Grabbing his thick dick he pointed it at her and let a heavy stream go.  Mom smiled and danced about as the piss hit her face and flowed down over her tits. “Figures. I knew a bitch like you would be into this.”  She didn’t stop dancing around while the urine flowed from his cock. She caught the flow between her tits in her hands, just to splash it back up her neck and face.  The joy she was getting from the yellow shower rivaled that of Harmony’s glee at Glory pissing on her. 

The hooded man did something I've never been able to do. He stopped his flow mid-stream. “Stand still.” He demanded. Before he let the last of his piss passed through his piss hole he commanded, “Open your mouth.”  She didn’t refuse; instead she opened her mouth as wide as she could.  The man hit his target filling her mouth before his stream died off. Mom swallowed the fluid like someone dying of thirst, following it up with her seductively licking the residue from her hands.

“That is a good slut,” came from his lips just visible in the hoods opening. “Now hand me that,” he pointed at the shower head hand wand.  She again said nothing, obediently doing as told.  His hands strained as the muscles in his forearms tensed as he unscrewed the head from the braided hose.  Dropping the removed head to the tile floor he said, “Make the water as hot as you can stand, then make it a little hotter.” The water flowed out like a garden hose, steam accompanying the water.  “Now spread them. We have to rid you of all that spunk in your twat. I don’t want to lick a pussy that is already full of some other guys cum.”

The statement from the hooded man made it apparent he didn’t know the other man that had just left. I wondered if he had a hood on too.  It was at that moment I knew I had the answer for my dilemma of keeping my identity hidden. The guy in the hood could be my neighbor three doors down and I wouldn’t be any the wiser. Neither would my mom, who at that moment was having a braided stainless steel hose shoved up her twat, for the equivalent of a power wash douche. She had the look of pure enjoyment at the hot water being forced up her pussy canal.

The hose was removed from her cunt, just to be shoved into her ass as the water flowed out of her slit.  This invasion of her body was also welcomed with the look of contentment.  Back and forth the hose went filling first one hole then the other, rinsing out her cavities. I don’t know what criteria was used for concluding her cunt and ass were clean, but the alternating was stopped. He turned the hose loose letting it whip around in the shower stall, closing the shower door.

Mom re-secured the head to the hose washing the remaining shampoo from her hair, while the rinsing fluid continued dripping out of her cunt and stretched rosebud.  The hooded man’s attention was caught by the red light of the small crock pot mom had used heating the wax earlier in the day. Curiously he turned the small knob that controlled the heat. Taking the top off, he dipped his finger into the hot liquid, pulling it out quickly startled.  He took the small appliance with him as he left going to the bedroom.

Mom came out of the shower, looking refreshed. She didn’t notice the wax heater had been removed from the counter. She was concentrating her efforts with the towel on her hair, leaving the rest of her body wet. The water sheen on her body accentuated her nipples and angry red pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock had gotten watching her get out of the shower, like I'd seen many times before. It had to be the new knowledge Mom loved sex and she didn’t seem to care who it was she was having it with as long as she couldn’t recognize them. I wondered if Mindy’s friend would be as enthusiastic as my mom had been.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I was considering this as well as forwarding the recording to the end. After all, all I was seeing was a video of the bathroom and reflections from the mirror. One more time, sounds from the bedroom stopped me. I couldn’t imagine what the hooded guy could do to her that he hadn’t already done. The cries of pain and pleasure of, “Fuck that is burning my nipple…do the other one” brought me back to the wax heater.  I’d see if Mindy had one, and if she'd be interested in trying a few fun and games. If not maybe she knew if her friend would be.

More ideas came to me via the headphones as Mom continued, “Mmm , I like you filling my belly button…Ouch”

“That hard little nipple now looks so suckable..Let’s uncover the other one too,” his voice cut off as Mom’s moaning began anew.

Her moaning with pleasure only stopped long enough for a second “Ouch.” The heavy breathing started back as did the sounds of kissing.  Over the next hour the same sounds played out five or six times, as wax was applied and removed from Mom’s body.  The play seemed to end with the finale of Mom howling, “That is so damn hot, my clit is burning.”  I wasn’t sure if it was an accidental thing or intentional. The answer came as, “Mmm a little more it so good.” The cry a few minutes later I could only assume was the rapid removal of the wax from her clit.

“That feels so good, your lips are fabulous. I love your tongue on my pussy.” Mom cooed. “Oh yes stick it in further. Fuck me with your tongue. Faster..deeper.” I could hear the bed beneath her as she rhythmically bounced on it.  It sounded almost like a five year old jumping up and down on the bed demanding to stay up or for more dessert, saying, “More, More…I want more.”  The guy in the hood obliged Mom’s demands though I believe it was for his reasons not hers.  Had he been doing it for her and not himself he would have let her climax, not kept her pleading to cum, like he did.

He did finally give Mom the orgasm she was clamoring for. He didn’t do it with his mouth though. According to Mom’s outcries, his dick was again stretching her beyond her pussy’s ability to accommodate his prick.  And having seen his dick I’m surprised he could get even half of it into Mom’s pussy. How her ass could hold even the head of his cock was amazing. Yet for the rest of the night, it seemed like every hour I could hear his balls slapping off either her ass or pussy. I could guess which one it was and which hole was filled, by the mewlings that came from the room. And I don’t know how he did it, but every fuck ended with both loudly vocalizing their orgasms.  For her part, Mom added a blowjob in between; cleaning his cock of their combined juices.

  My whole auditory adventure ended when I heard the hooded man say, “You’ve been one hell of a good fuck.” He rewarded her with a loud slap on the ass. It was then he remarked, “Damn whore you’re leaking out my juice. We’re going to have to do something about that.”

It was then I heard Mom being tossed on the bed. Her voice had a new tremble to it, “What are you doing..Oh shit that is hot..fuck stop it! Shit it is burning my pussy.”

“We need to seal that good baby making juice in you. And you aren't going to be able to use this thing for weeks. You’ve had the fuck fucked out of it. Plus if you do, your needle dick husband will notice you aren’t nearly as tight. I’d be amazed if he hits anything. But don’t worry, I’ll come unseal it.” The pride in the guy’s voice was evident. “Oh we can’t forget the other hole.”

“No! Not my asshole.” A second later I heard, “Argh it burns. It burns, God my ass is on fire.” I heard her sucking air in and blowing it back out, like I did when I busted my knuckles turning wrenches. The puffing slowly ended and her moaning started. “It feels so fucking bizarre. It’s pulling my pussy and asshole together.” It was like Mom suddenly realized what else he had said. Her voice turned into that of an excited grade school girl,  “When.. When are you coming back? Please soon. I’ll do anything.”

“I don’t know. You're one of the better fucks I've had lately. I mean, for a slut your pussy is good and tight.” He said like it was a compliment. “But I don’t do regulars. They get needy and boring. You church women can put on a good slut act once maybe twice, but that's about it. But we'll see.” It was the last thing I heard from him, except the door closing.  I’m guessing he did that as he left the room. I put the sound again to full volume, only to hear Mom’s breathing slowly slowed to a metronome consistency.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts