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Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)

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Thanks for the add! I love your writing. Every single one of your stories is a keeper.

I am obsessed with Alex fucking his sister Glory. That was my favorite of all of your stories, and as you have said this is very much an expansion. I had to skip over the 24 hour gang rape of a thirteen-year-old former sex trafficked child.

Again, thanks for coming back. Never stop writing!

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare

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While the last chapter wasn't universally loved, it was good to hear the good and bad. I understand the reasons for some readers not caring for the last chapter. The new chapter I don't think will generate the same wide range of reviews. But there has to be reviews to have a wide range.  Additionally this a long chapter, you might need to block off an hour to get through it all.  I hope you find it worth the time.

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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 40 : Kendall Day

Without an exam first thing, Ben would be going to the club early. I gave him a quick call, "There's a visitor, I left hanging in room twelve. She was having too good a time to have her leave. Could you go get her down?"
On the other end, Ben said, "Mindy said there was a free for all in room twelve last night. It fulfilled that mythical once-a-month orgy you talked about to the first client, and so much more. She wasn't sure that particular client will be up for it again but she's sure she knows someone that is."

"Great she is already talking about it," I stated, un-thrilled.

"Hell, if it was like she said, I imagine keeping it within the club will be hard. But if I know my sister, she'll have people trembling in fear to even think about it, " Ben suggested. 

"Yeah, well I hope she can figure a way of keeping it under wraps," the thought of the club going away because of one orgy was kind of depressing.  While I initially hadn't been a big fan of Mindy's vision, I kind of liked it now. "And thanks for getting our member down."

"It's a female, isn't it? You couldn't have left a guy hanging for me, could you?" Ben was only partially joking.

"Yeah well, I don't choose them your sister does. And even then she didn't choose this girl.  It was a last-minute hall cancellation. I was just the person in the hall," I said into the phone's microphone.  "Anyway, thanks."

I hung up planning on a fast breakfast. The quicker I got out of the kitchen the less likely I'd have to dodge Mom if Vee was around.  I was pleasantly surprised when Mom was fully dressed at the coffee maker and she didn't accost me as I poured my coffee. In the end, it was Glory that got us out of the house quickly,  "Alex, I told Harmony ten minutes ago, we'd get her in five minutes. So we need to go."

"Nice of you to volunteer me again to drive your friend," the sarcasm was thick. "Will I be your's and Harmony's Lyft driver again tomorrow and all of next year as well. Because, if so they get paid."

"Yeah, they also get rated.  I give you two stars. Your servicing of the customers is slightly inept and your car stinks," Glory said.

"I guess you can always walk or the bus. But you know this because I've told you before.  Today is the last time I tell you," I figured the least she could do was be grateful.

Less haughtily, she quietly said, "Oh you'll get paid." For Mom's consumption, there was, "Yes, and we appreciate it. And will tomorrow and next year as well."  She let me know I'd continue bumming rides to school from that point on.

Mom looked at the clock, “You still have fifteen minutes. You should get some breakfast, so you're not hungry during your tests. You need to do well to pass, 'cause if you don't you're not going anywhere.”

“Don't worry Mom.” Glory reassured. “I'll pass. I just need some time to prepare myself and relax before the test. And since Alex said he was ready to go I want to get there with time for that relaxing.” I didn't remember saying I was ready to leave. But, I saw the glint of mischievousness in her look and wondered what it was all about. She'd already done a good job selling Mom on us leaving early.
Because of Glory's sudden change in urgency, I put the coffee cup down loudly annoyed. I grabbed the car keys off the hook where they hung, “Fine let's go.” Glory was already out of view heading I thought to the car. Mom looked disappointed, I hadn't stayed back a second. It was a look of wanting at a minimum a quick stroke of her pussy, which likely didn't have panties covering it under her skirt. I would have but I was fairly sure Glory had something in mind once Harmony was in the car.

Two houses down I honked, wondering why Harmony didn't just meet us in the driveway. Harmony slid into the back seat wearing what had become her and Glory's uniform. As was required of the uniform, Glory had no panties or bra on. She accidentally on purpose let me see her smooth pussy lips and the pink valley between them when her skirt rode up while she climbed over the front seat going to the back. She chastised Harmony while she climbed. “You know, you're not supposed to have a bra on. When I look at you, I want to see the outline of your nipples. It reminds me of how great they taste.”

“Glory, Alex can hear you.” Harmony objected. “And you know my mom won't let me out of the house without a bra on."

“So what?” Glory stated, finishing her travel over the seat. “I think he knows, I like the look, taste, and feel of your tits. And your mom isn't around now, so get rid of the bra. Hell, you could even get rid of the blouse and I'll start tasting them.”

“Glory what gotten into you? You know he will see us. ” Harmony's argument didn't match her actions. The whole time she was stripping off her top and lace white bra. Like Glory had said seeing her perky tits reminded me of how good they tasted and felt in my mouth. While I could only relive the experience in my mind, enjoying the memory of rolling my tongue around the pink nubs as they hardened, Glory pulled the redhead down into the back seat, where I couldn't see her mouth engulf the nipples I was remembering. I could hear the sucking and moaning that was going on.

Between the slurping, groaning, and panting I heard indicating Glory wasn't just sucking Harmony's tit's but running her fingers in and out of the willing girl's box, she said in a volume intended for me not to hear, “You don't like him watching us, but love it when I watch you. You're my kinky girl.”

Glory wanted me to see them, making Harmony uncomfortable. She raised their position looking at me in the rearview mirror. Glory had made sure, I could see Harmony's blouse was fully open, bra unhooked and Glory's hand on her exposed tit.

Glory, too, had her blouse open and her tits poking out. She pulled Harmony's head to her rounded breast. For a second, Harmony's pouty lips were pressed on the nipples which were standing erect atop their darkened coned areolas. “Oh bite my nipples. They itch so bad. They seem to always itch, lately.” When Harmony didn't start doing what Glory wanted immediately my sister said, “Damn it Harmony suck my tits and scrape them with your teeth.”

Harmony gave a half-hearted attempt at blocking the massage of her breast and the pull toward Glory's tit. “Glory ...your brother...he can see.” My sister's immediate reaction was pulling harder on Harmony and pinching a nipple until it appeared bright red.

Harmony was right. I could see her enjoying Glory's hand on her tit, and her lips wrapping an itchy nipple. I could hear the slight purrs of Harmony and the gasps of Glory. What I couldn't see or hear and could only guess at was what the girls' other hands were doing. I imagined Glory's hand was beneath Harmony's skirt rubbing her clit while Harmony was doing the same. I guessed she must have pinched the redhead's clit by the way Harmony jumped and grimaced. Glory gloated, “Oh yes, that is good, and later he'll see your mouth bobbing up and down on his dick. That is if I don't have you bouncing up and down on it with your pussy.” After the proclamation Glory removed Harmony from her tit for a moment and filled her mouth with Harmony's small tit.

Glory's statement was done in a casual tone and volume, as Caesar would do, talking to his subjects. There was no room left for objection to her plan on either of our parts. But Harmony objected anyway. “I don't want my first time to be in your brother's car. I want it to be with someone I love.” I thought it almost comical, she could put on such an act, and do it in a way that fucking me wasn't the problem with the plan. Her voice went up an octave as she panted a bit more and pulled Glory harder onto her tit, while saying, “But I can blow him. That wasn't that bad the other day.”

Clearing my throat loudly, I asked, “Girls, don't I get a say in this. After all, I am the one driving my car, and the one that is going to get fucked or sucked.”

Popping off Harmony's reddened and saliva-covered cone, Glory replied, “No. You're a guy, and guys never turn down pussy or a blowjob. Even gay fuckers will take a blowjob.”

I had to admit, “Yeah I guess so.”

“Hey if you don't want it I'll have her lick my pussy,” Glory stated in a manner of Harmony being little more than a sex slave, she could give away to whomever she wished. “I was just trying to be a nice sister and pay you for the ride.” Glory made Harmony's position clear by again forcing her tit into the redhead's lips.

“Thanks,” I said, sure she could care less about being a nice sister. She was showing she could have Harmony do what she wished. I wasn't also going to be one of her puppets. “But, I have to agree with Harmony, her first time should be at least on her bed.” I intentionally left off the part about someone she loved, someone she owed was more the case. “I will give her credit, though, she gives one of the better blowjobs around. But I will leave it up to her.”

Harmony smiled and was mostly undressed as she climbed over the seat. Her shirt and bra were only on one arm and the saliva on her well sucked on tits reflected the morning sunshine. The pussy juice on her fattened labia did the same thing as her skirt slid to her calves, while she climbed over the seat, leaving Glory alone in the back. Glory didn't look real happy. Her play toy abandoned her for the front so fast. I imagine Glory wasn't planning Harmony leaving the back seat much later. Glory's likely plan was for Harmony to end up where she was when we arrived at the school early. Glory couldn't complain about Harmony going early.  It would've made her look petty.

“Like he's had a BJ before you gave him one," Glory said, her sour mood showing through. “And honestly how hard can it be to suck a dick. Guys are pigs. Any time their dick is in a mouth it's wonderful.” She had me there, I pretty much loved or at least liked every blowjob
 I had ever received.

Unzipping my shorts, stuffed her hand through my fly, pulling my dick. Harmony opined to Glory, cock in hand, “Yeah it is kinda wonderful. A warm meat-sicle with a squirt of yummy at the end. You should try it sometime.” She stroked my shaft a bit making me want to jump out of the seat as the sensations shot to my brain. “But since you have a thing against doing anything but kissing Alex you're out of luck.” I kept my mind on the road doing my best at ignoring both, the girl's disagreement and the pleasure Harmony was imparting through my dick. She ended the discussion with her mouth wrapping my rod.

She again lay across the vinyl seat, her saliva wetting my cock's tip, the excess running to base. A couple of times her head bumped the steering wheel, while she bobbed along my cock. She was running her finger-tips on the underside of my nuts when the first smack of Glory's hand between Harmony's thighs happened. The blow had a wet splat to it, which Glory also noticed. Rubbing her wet fingers with her thumb she said, “I didn't say anything about servicing Alex yet.“

Harmony had winced but didn't slow down her bobbing along my pole, ignoring Glory's reprimand. If anything her tongue was extra active swishing around my cap. Her fingernails were run along my scrotum while her cheeks hollowed. Harmony's lack of response to the berating earned her a second slap. The sound said Glory had done it with more ferocity. Harmony's jumping off my dick bumped the steering wheel making the car swerve. “Glory, stop that shit!  You're gonna get us all killed.” I hollered, staring at her via the rear-view mirror.

“I didn't hit the wheel that was Harmony. Why aren't you yelling at her?” She argued. To make her point she added, “I guess if I was slobbering all over your dick, I wouldn't get the blame either.”

All I could think of was, “Probably not. You should get up here and give it a try. See if you are right.” I didn't say it though instead, I said, “You're right. Harmony you need to stop.”

She shook her head no, saying with a mouth full of my cock, “No, I want your cum.” Her tongue going back to work on my rod after her declaration. A declaration that the blowjob was as much for her as it was for me. She wanted me cumming in her mouth or on her; she wasn't clear on how she wanted it.

“See, she is being bad. She needs to be punished,” Glory said right before landing her hand again on Harmony's bared cunt. This time, I was ready when her head jerked up and bumped the wheel. But she still refused to give up my dick. She again rimmed my head expertly twisting her tongue getting her rough taste buds all over. Harmony wasn't doing what Glory wanted but instead was sucking all the louder on my stiff pole. Down at Harmony, Glory said, “God you're such a slut, when it comes to sucking dick. I bet you'd blow any dick put in front of you. You're gonna be a complete whore once your pussy gets one.” With that, she curled up three fingers and shoved them hard into Harmony's love canal.

The moans that came from the little redhead reverberated down my cock, after the initial frozen shock. Her moans and grunts came in time with Glory's cramming her fingers down Harmony's hole. I again tried taking control of Harmony by tugging on her hair, “Harmony you need to stop. You're making it hard to drive.” Again she shook her head no.

I had a feeling she was going nowhere as the first of my pre-cum was leaking onto her tongue. She slid her hand under my ass making it obvious she would fight against any more attempts at removing her mouth from my cock. “See what a slut she is. She doesn't even care if we crash as long as she gets her mouth filled with spunk.” I was surprised my sister knew such a word and even more surprised when she pulled the three fingers from the squishy-sounding hole. She immediately jammed the lubricated digits in the round puckered hole above the one she had just pulled them out of.

Harmony mewled and screeched at the sudden impalement. The audible decrying of her asshole being immolated came with a larger bump against the steering wheel causing us to swerve again. She bit down a little at the forced finger fucking, making my dick also a participant in Glory's punishment. The raking of her teeth up my cock, while painful also came with its own kind of pleasure. The same type of pleasure I found when I had grudge fucked Mindy. And like then, its sensations were too much to ignore, causing my balls to do as my brain demanded.

The globs of sperm shot out my hole into Harmony's eager mouth. She sucked and acted like she swallowed as each jet streamed into her mouth. She slammed her nose into my crotch putting my dick into her throat. Glory was incensed hollering out at Harmony while pummeling her ass, “Fucking slut you like this don't you. Getting your ass reamed.” She must have seen the bliss that passed over my face adding, “Oh getting your blessed spunk, God you must be in fucking heaven.” She sped up the ass fucking she was doing and added slaps to the cheeks she was parting.

I was doing my best at keeping the car straight in the middle of the lane while people on the sidewalks were getting a short porno show while we passed. The crossing guard probably wished he'd stopped us. His show would've lasted much longer.

The immaculate feeling of ejaculated sperm continued as Harmony began backing up my cock letting her tongue bathe in the last of my semen. Her lips squeegeed almost all the spit and cum from my pole as the last dribbles left my cock. I was still enjoying the afterglow as she quickly scrambled to get her head out of my lap. The movement had dislodged Glory's fingers from her asshole despite Glory's attempts at keeping them there.

Harmony's sudden grab of my sister's locks and pulling her face into her own was unexpected by me and by Glory's reaction by her as well. She pressed her lips hard to Glory's and despite the initial reluctance got her tongue into my sister's mouth. Her mouth opened and their hedonistic kiss started with the exchange of my seed. I had expected Glory to push Harmony away when the first of my sperm was dumped in her mouth. Instead, she grabbed for the nipples she had exposed and sucked on earlier.

I alternated my attention between the road and my sister swallowing all the seed, Harmony had pushed into her mouth. As I was watching Glory in the rearview mirror, I noticed a bar across the top of a car far back in the distance. I was glad we had reached the turn into the parking lot behind the school. With any luck, the car behind us that had been gaining on me would pass on by. I pulled into the farthest part of the parking lot as the two girls were continuing their make-out session across the seat like I wasn't there. Glory had evidently forgiven all, once Harmony had switched the attention to her. Their hands were stroking, squeezing, and pinching each other's breasts and nipples.

I was happy to see the car behind us pass the turn into the parking lot. I was less happy to see it was the sheriff's car. And the fact, it was going by the lot slowly was not good. In an overabundance of caution, I pulled the two girls apart once parked. “You two have to stop.” Both of the girls looked at me like I was an ogre, while each wiped away the spit and spunk that had escaped their lip lock. Looking at Harmony's sexy budding breast and the reddened puffed-out nipples atop them I added, “and both of you need to get your clothes on and straightened up.” When I saw red and blue flashing lights through the trees that mostly hid our location I emphasized, “And hurry.”

Glory had little to do, but straighten her blouse and button it up. She was straightening her skirt while Harmony was still struggling with her bra. She was trying to get it back on, though half of it was out the armhole of her blouse. Finally, I pulled it completely down her arm and stuffed it under the seat. “You'll have to put it on later. Now get buttoned up.” She misbuttoned the blouse the first time and barely finished it correctly when the sheriff pulled into the parking lot. Harmony was still shifting her skirt covering up her glistening pussy lips when Sheriff Russell knocked on the window.

The sheriff was a small man with dark hair, which was the reason for all the speculation that his wife had been fucking around since his son, Simon, was a tall redhead. I imagined, it added to his Napoleon complex that you couldn't fit in the state of Texas. I also heard he had a real hard-on for preteens, and the closer to seven the better, which was the reason his wife fucked around. It was said he couldn't get it up for women that had their period already. So it was good Harmony and Glory were both teens and looked older, though I doubted it would stop him from leering at them or try to figure out a way to get them alone. I looked quickly at the girls and myself making sure nothing was blatantly evident about what had gone on seconds earlier.

What I saw was Harmony's nipples stood out. Her white blouse was doing little at concealing her nipples and their pink outline. My sister's tits were just as pronounced. Which for some reason, I hadn't noticed earlier and Mom hadn't stopped her from leaving the house. Her nipples were on display and would've been no matter what, unlike Harmony's that were only that way because she didn't have time to re-put on her bra. My shorts were still not fully zipped, but I doubted the sheriff would notice since both of the girls' white blouses were being poked out.

Rolling down the window I wondered if Sheriff Russell got a big whiff of spunk and adolescent pussy musk. “What's going on here?” he asked in a serious tone, not looking at me but at Harmony's nipples and sniffing the air.

“My sister and her friend have their science final today and asked me to help them study this
 morning. And I knew this is a quiet place.” I lied feeling my heart pounding in my chest.

“You don't have any books out.” He stated staring at Glory's chest. “And I've had a couple of calls about people seeing things that were inappropriate in a swerving car that looks like yours. And I saw you driving all over the lane as I followed you.”

“Inappropriate? What do you mean by inappropriate?” Glory asked from the back seat, pissing me off.

“The report was two naked or half-naked girls making out showing themselves to people as they passed by. It is not the first time I have heard this. There was a report the other day about similar behavior.” he answered.

The smart ass my sister can be came out in spades. “Is it the two girls making out or the exposing themselves that is inappropriate? As for me, I'm as straight as an arrow. No rug munching for me.” Looking down at her chest, she clearly knew and had intended on people being able to see her nipples said, “Oh I guess my shirt is a bit see-through. What about you Harmony is yours see-through as well?”

Harmony turned bright red as the sheriff answered for her, “Yes it is. And I could see where people might have thought it inappropriate for teen-aged girls to be seen like that.” Looking at me with a glare he said, “Why didn't you say something to her before you left the house? Or are you some kind of perv that likes looking at your sister's bared chest?”

A bit mad the sheriff, I know to be a pedophile would call me a perv had me lash out, “First off, I'd have to be looking at her tits in the first place to notice her blouse was see-through. So not being a pervert I wasn't looking at her titties to notice. Second, if you had a little sister you'd know if I said anything to her about her appearance she'd call me a perv just like you. Then never change what she was wearing. Or if she did she would find something more revealing just to piss me off.”

My rant made him actually look at me for a second. “Oh, you're Alex Johnson. You used to date my Simon's girlfriend. Yeah, you're a perv but one that goes for that West kid. My son has told me all about your faggot ways.”

Feeling the smart-ass rising in me I said, “Yeah that is me, a dick sucker to the end. And no dicks here but my own to be sucked and no guys here to do it. So, it must be I am a shitty driver, and my sister and her friend need to do a better job dressing. I'd recommend a Hijab but what can you do?”

My tone screamed smart ass and the not-so-bright sheriff picked up on it and got pissed, “I'd drag your ass off to my jail if I could. But you'd be in heaven with all the guys there, fucking your ass and sticking their dicks in your smart mouth.” Looking back to the girls, he said, “Do you want me to take you home so you can put on something that isn't see-through. I don't think you want to have the boys staring at your perky nipples.”

I was surprised the sheriff had made the mistake of calling my sister's nipples perky. She was never going to go with him since she'd intended on showing off her tits from the beginning. But his calling her nipples perky would surely set off alarm bells in her head. “No, I'll call my mom and have her bring me a couple of t-shirts and keep studying anatomy while we wait for her.” I really wanted to smack her for saying anatomy instead of science, but I doubted the sheriff even knew what the word was.

“Ok, and I hope not to get another one of these calls about you,” he said turning back to his car. “And if you are going to study do it at home, not in a location known for hook-ups and illicit sex.”

It was all I could do, to not say, “and one of your wife's favorite hang-outs.” Rolling up the window I said, “Yes sir.” Turning around staring at Glory, I berated her, “Are you fucking stupid? You know he could have taken us to juevy, ending any hopes you have to go to the beach. You do know that, don't you?”

It was the first time I saw anything that looked like fear on her face, “I'm sorry. He's just such a creep. He used to sit in his police car near the park, watching us. Not so much watching but oogling.”

“Yeah, he is a pedophile. But he has enough of the county snowed to keep his job. A job where he can put you in his car...alone. Or into a cell down at the police station. So don't do anything to give him that excuse.” I said not so angry. “Now, call Mom and have her bring you some t-shirts.”

“I will when we get inside. Thanks, Alex,” she said before kissing me. It wasn't a lite kiss that worked its way to one of sexual urgency. It started there and stayed there.  She brushed her tongue along my lips parting them. I could still taste a hint of my cum on her tongue and in her breath. The kiss had my dick stirring and pressing on my zipper. I backed up before I felt the uncontrollable urge to fondle her tits or slide my hand under her skirt. Completely flushed she said, “Come on Harmony we need to finish our....studying.”

“Ok but based on Alex's reaction to that goodbye kiss, next time you might want to be up here, leading the anatomy study.” She opened her door, saying to me, “I need my bra back.”

“I told you not to wear it in the first place.” Glory barked before I could reach for it. “And you can't walk up to school carrying it. So leave it and get it later.” Glory's comments told me she wasn't planning on calling Mom. She was intentionally planning on teasing the boys and distracting them during their final. All I could figure was besides being a bit of an exhibitionist, she was hoping it'd bend the curve her way if the boys were distracted while taking their tests.

“Fine, “ Harmony said before leaning back in and doing the same as Glory had seconds earlier.

She didn't even pause her tongue wrestling with me when I heard Glory say, “Stop that. I didn't tell you could kiss and make out with Alex. What in the hell has gotten into you?”

“It looked like fun, so I thought I would give him a try. I mean, I like blowing him and all but I wanted to kiss him, too. And more than the peck I got last time. Plus you're here like you said you had to be.” Harmony said once we broke our lip lock. Out of the car and with the door shut I heard her say, “Damn he's good I can see why you want him all to yourself.” It was a good act she was putting on for my sister.

Further away I heard Glory say, “Yeah so don't get any ideas. I'm working on him.” I couldn't help but wonder what exactly she was working on. I hadn't shown any real reluctance to any advance she'd made as far as I could remember. It was more likely she was working on herself trying to decide if she really wanted to go any further than she already had.

When they stood side by side for some reason, I thought my sister's tits had grown overnight. They looked bigger than ever and they stretched her blouse more than Harmony's tits stretched hers. I continued watching or what some would call leering at the two girl's asses as they walked to the school hand in hand. I had one of the two and in time if she wanted I'd have the other. In the meantime, I had school and needed to discuss with Mindy the orgy we'd started at the silo the night before.

I got to my first exam of the day with plenty of time.  As the government final exam was handed out Les Corvin and Pete Oaks came in. Les with his blonde hair matted down had bloodshot eyes and looked like hell as he waddled over to his desk looking like he had a stick up his ass. Pete Oaks' black hair was matted in the same manner as Les and his eyes looked like he hadn't slept all night.  He didn't have the waddle Les had but as he walked by me he smelled of sex. I was guessing they had spent the whole night down at the club fucking their brains out instead of studying for the test.

Les and Pete did the right thing as the test was a breeze and I had time to study some for my second test of the day.  Ben was in that class and came over beforehand, "Damn man, that room is never going to be the same. And I still had to run a couple of people out of it this morning."

"Yeah, I think I saw two of them already today," I didn't want to give too much information out.

"You may be surprised to hear your guest was still at it. She appeared to be loving every moment of it. Her whole body was coated with fluids of one sort or another.  I'd be astounded if that hood is ever Hygenic again. And even her snatch will take days getting back to normal. When I first went in two guys were double-teaming her pussy, as she moaned like a whore that couldn't get enough. So I'm pretty sure that person is a client for life."

"Likely, she did seem to enjoy herself once it got going. Not sure she'll be up for the same thing again. But who knows, " I said.

"Yeah, Mindy seems to think she could be a regular attraction. She'd be the center of a weekly gang bang," Ben said putting away the textbook he was studying. 

"I'm definitely going to talk with your sister. She is getting way ahead of herself." I was aggravated Mindy was assuming a night of experimenting was something Daisy would want to do regularly.

"You know Mindy, that is what she does," Ben stuffed his backpack under his desk. "The good thing is she's gonna be gone for a week. A week of uncomplicated bliss."

"What's so complicated?" his qualifier had me wondering.

"You two. You're beyond complicated," Ben suggested. "So a week's reprieve will be nice."

I thought about it and it was going to be nice having a week alone. "Yeah, a  week of no Mindy harassing me or Vee trying to fuck me every chance she gets." Ben's look of not understanding, meant I said the wrong thing.

"Vee? Who's Vee?" He asked.

"Oh, That's too long a story to do it justice now,"  I said getting out a pencil. "Ask me again when the women are on vacation."

Ben just nodded since the teacher had walked in with a stack of blank finals.  Turned out the blank finals were easy
 to fill in with the correct answers. Freed from school the rest of the day I first headed to Daisy's. I wanted to make sure she was OK.

Daisy was slow getting to the door after I knocked. She opened the door and said nothing turning going back to her bed. I didn't know if she knew it was me that had left her at the club, swinging and getting fucked. And if she did if she was happy I did or so pissed she'd never speak to me again.  The fact she hadn't thrown me out the minute she saw me was a good sign.

"How was your day?" I asked testing the waters.

"Fine, just a long night. I'm kind of tired." She said being vague. Climbing into the bed I noticed she'd showered and she was in PJ's. She never wore her satin PJ's so it struck me as strange. I figured she was covering something up. The previous night's bacchanalia had likely left more than one mark on her. I was guessing she had hickeys on or near her nipples and on her pussy.And if not hickeys the continual pounding of her cunt probably turned her outer lips purple. 

"Anything I can do for you?" I asked. "I don't have any place I have to be. So I can be your beck and call guy. I can give you an all-over massage. Or maybe a bubble bath will perk you up." She'd never turned down those before.

"Nah, I think I'm just gonna get rest today. Maybe start packing for the trip with your sister and mom." I knew the only reason she'd turned down my offers was she didn't want to be naked in front of me. It was the first time that had ever happen.

"Yeah, I forgot about that.  I hope you're ready for girls gone wild," As of a part joke and part reality I added, "and that is just my mom. God knows what Glory and Harmony have in mind.  If I know them they're going to be the biggest prick-teases on the beach."

"You never know," Daisy said slipping her satin-covered legs under the silky sheets we frolicked under naked. She pulled them up around her. I initially stood watching before helping tuck her in. "They may find they enjoy the hell out of sex and have it as often and in as many ways as they can. And from my limited understanding, many a train has been ridden on beach sand. Though I can't imagine how it could be fun with sand in your crotch.  But there is no telling for what people find fun and enjoyable. Or once they find it how often they will seek it out."

I took it as her admission that she'd enjoyed the prior night. That if I'd been there, she'd had fun. Plus as one of the people in charge the member, that had performed sex with almost all the other members, would be up for a repeat performance.  I would have said I was shocked but Mindy's words kept ringing in my ears. "You know sometimes, just like guys, we women just want to have our brains fucked out or fuck them out of some guy."  I hated it when Mindy got things right, and she evidently got that right.

"I guess you're right," I acknowledged. "They may find they enjoy sex. And who am I to judge what they like. Hell, they may decide that their favorite is a three-way with an albino midget with a tickling fetish and a thirteen-inch penis."

"Exactly, now go. I'll see you tomorrow night. I'm supposed to stay there so we can head to the beach early. Maybe we can get in a quickie without anyone noticing the midget I'll sneak in," Daisy chuckled. Her blonde hair fanned out on the pillow gave her face the appearance of being surrounded by a halo. She closed her eyes letting me know it was time for me to scat.

I spent the rest of the time down in the club. Room twelve needed a good bleach job. So did the toys. I would've said Ben our neat freak would do it but it didn't seem right seeing as he wasn't a participant in the sex spree. I'd suggest to Mindy and Ben new members had clean-up duty for the first five visits and one time every three visits there on out.

The rooms cleaned up I went back to my studies. As far as I knew no one was scheduled so I could run around without my mask on.  It was truly a joy walking the halls not worrying about being recognized.  I knew the following day wouldn't be so quiet. Mindy had already scheduled me for one member. I imagined there'd be even more as some of the women of the club were seniors and after the after graduation parties died down, they'd be in the mood for a good fuck as a final exclamation point on their high school days.

I stayed well past the point of worrying about Vee. I hoped the thought of guys on the beach and her dalliances with Glory would be enough to tide her over until they returned from their trip. In the meantime, travel prep would keep Mom busy and Vee tucked away. All I hoped was she didn't come out when Daisy was over the following evening.  Explaining Mom coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night, if Daisy was already there would be hard. While a reasonable justification for her coming out first thing in the morning would be damn near impossible.

I woke in the morning once again unmolested all evening. I was looking forward to the last day of school and the start of summer vacation.  A vacation that first thing would have Harmony bouncing up and down on my pole for Glory's enjoyment. And later that day there'd be after graduation parties and something different is what Mindy had told me. I couldn't even begin to guess what that might be.

The kitchen was empty when I first entered it. After the smell of coffee had wafted through the house Glory appeared. She came from the master bedroom, indicating she and Mom had made up.  Her still puffed and red folds and the shine of pussy juice smeared on them and her inner thigh made it clear it had been an unorthodox make-up. Even her perky small tits had puffed out nipples with saliva still on them. They were also pinker than normal.

She did look amazing with her messed-up hair and freshly fucked look. She made no excuses for coming out of Mom's bedroom naked. Instead, she headed straight to the refrigerator. "Damn am I thirsty and could eat a horse." She for a second time began drinking the milk from the carton letting it run out of the corner of her mouth. Down her neck and over her breast the white fluid clung to her skin.  It spilled down her torso and split going around her belly button and over the haunch above her smooth slit. The opaque trickle even dove into the slit disappearing only to cause a few drops coming from between her same folds only directly under her.

Glory took a paper towel from the roll and slowly ran the dry paper up through her pussy lips soaking up both milk and the previous night's or morning's remnants. The towel was brought over her flat stomach adsorbing the stream of left clinging to her skin. She made a big deal carefully going around her nipples and over her small cones making sure I was paying attention to her display.  The milk cleaned off her she bent at the waist providing a great unencumbered view of her two holes while she wiped the few drops from the floor. She tossed the paper towel only to go back to the refigerator.  She also grabbed a big bowl of pasta from the cold compartment, tossing it where Mom had been thoroughly fucked many weeks earlier.

After stuffing the fourth big spoon of spindly yellow noodles with red meat sauce down her gullet with the manners of a guttersnipe. "You keep eating like that and you won't fit in your string bikini. Or will look like a whale and have people start trying to push you back in.

Mom came into the kitchen in the same state of not dressed as Glory had. She too had the reddened pussy lips and the nipples on her teardrop breast which were standing up darker than usual with a sheen of salvia on them. Only her pussy lips weren't as bloated as Glory's. "What string bikini? You know there are to be no string anything on this trip."  She too got a fork and dug into the bowel of leftovers.  She too was far from ladylike stuffing the food into her mouth. On her fifth mouthful with most of it still occupying her oral cavity, she said, "Damn this is good even the next day."

 A noodle fell from her fook onto Mom's breast. I teased Glory, "That is about the size of the strings you planned on wearing. Isn't it?"

Mom or more likely Vee looked down on the noodle attached to her breast with its end resting on her hard nub. She looked up like she was hoping one of us would cover her nipple with our mouths slurping up the pasta. When neither of us did she looked disappointed pulling the errant noodle off herself, leaving a reds streak where the noodle had been. "Definitely nothing this skimpy. That'd shock the other women going."  Vee said holding up the noodle.

"Honestly?" Glory whined.

"Yes." Came from Vee. I was shocked she was being somewhat responsible. "That reminds me when you come home Leave your clothes on. We will have Daisy as our guest and clothes are necessary."

Glory was stuffing the eighth large spoon full in her mouth when saying, "Fine."

Vee was the one who said, "You keep stuffing your face like that no guy will be interested in seeing you in any bikini. String or otherwise."

Her mouth full of food. Glory with her free hand scratched her nipples saying, "Yeah I know but I'm always hungry and my boobs itch."

Vee pinched on nipple between her forefinger and thumb, "Must be something in the water cause mine do to."

"Must be," Glory stuffed another spoonful into her mouth before putting the leftovers back in the frig. "I'm gonna get dressed and will be ready to leave in ten minutes." To me, she said, "don't forget are getting Harmony."

"How can I forget. It seems I am relegated to being your alls chauffeur," I stated. "Good news is, it's the last time for a couple of months I have to do this."

Over her shoulder leaving the kitchen Glory remarked, "Like you care.  We've kept you entertained while taking us."

"You mean Harmony has kept me entertained," I corrected her.

"Yeah, Yeah," Glory said heading out, her round buns jiggling going up and down as she bound up the stairs.

She came back down after putting on her version of a uniform, a short black skirt, and a white blouse.  She went straight to the car avoiding the possible objections from Mom about her attire.  I could see her round areola and the poking out of her blouse since she lacked a bra. I assumed that like her lack of a bra she lacked panties as well.  The truth of that would most likely be revealed in the car on the drive to school.

Harmony was in her driveway for us to roll up. She had her hands in her blouse. She was working on removing her bra now that she was outside of the realm of her mother.  Her hand popped out of an armhole dragging a white indiscriminate bra with it. she shoved it in her backpack before I'd put the car in park.

Harmony climbed into the back seat with Glory with a, "Hey Alex. Thanks for picking me up."

I'd no more started down the road when Glory admonished Harmony, "I really wish your Mom would get with the program and stop making you wear a bra. And what is with this, thanks for picking me up? Is that all your going to do for him after he stopped and got you?  Say thanks for picking me up?  It's the last day of school and you're going to want him doing this again next year. So I don't know maybe a dick sucking would be better.  Or, I would think letting him play with your pussy might be in order.  At a minimum letting him see and play with your tits."

"Glory, she gave me a blowjob yesterday if you remember? I think that was more than enough," I said thinking a second one would be sweet.  She was pretty good at sucking cock..

"That was yesterday and this is today," Glory answered, pulling Harmony's blouse open.  "Honestly how gay do you have to be to not want to suck on these gorgeous nipples?" She asked quickly pinching them while Harmony tried covering up and blocking Glory's hand. It was a half-hearted effort. Glory took advantage of the lax effort on Harmony's part and started rolling the nipple between her finger and thumb, but not gently. She made Harmony whine quietly while her nipple was accosted.

Glory had abused the nipple so she could cover it with her mouth, making it look magnanimous. She sucked on the reddened nub atop her tit's puffy areola. Again Harmony put a half-hearted effort to remove Glory from her tit, instead moaning. The sound was of pleasure beginning. The moans got more intense as they forgot about Harmony thanking me with Glory's version of thank you.

The two fell over, laying on the back seat out of the view of the rearview mirror. The sounds coming from them were completely different. Glory was bold, brash, and loud in her demands, saying, "Raise your skirt out of the way, I"ve gotta feel your pussy on mine.  Shit yes, press harder, rub my clit with your pussy...Yeah, fuck me."

Harmony was more subdued and quiet in her meek request, "Mmm...suck my tittie. Oh yes, your lips on mine ...stroke them...God yeah. Oh shit, your fingers...faster..ah deeper."

Soon Harmony answered Glory's groans and grunts with grunts of her own. I could hear and humps that jostled the car. The slosh of fingers in the tight wet cunt I'd hopefully be fucking later was music to my ears. Glory wouldn't have time to fully satisfy Harmony in the time it took getting to their school; leaving her primed and ready for our not-so-secret meeting in four or so hours. Turning into the secluded parking lot of their school I warned, “Hey we are here. Time to go.”

Both of the girls groaned their disappointment. I can't say which one was more disappointed. But Glory appeared more committed, “Why don't you come back here instead? You have time.”

“Because I have to finish cramming for the econ test. And the cop that stopped here the other day would notice the car parked.” I said turning at the same time she was pulling her hand from between Harmony's legs. The wetness spilling out of her slit onto her legs reflected the morning light more than her saliva-coated tits. Glory had done a fine number on them leaving the reflective sheen all over them and Harmony's neck.

Harmony continued scrambling putting her blouse back on but without the bra originally under it. She asked holding up the small white garment she'd pulled from her backpack, “Can I leave this here; under the seat.”

“Sure but what are you going to do this afternoon when you get home. Won't your Mom notice.” Hell, if she didn't notice she was blind. The now hard nipples had lost most of their puffiness that had been there when she first removed the bra. The erect points and the areolas were for the most part completely visible through the blouse wetted by saliva when it touched them. “Or what about your teachers won't they say something.”

“Oh, they won't say anything,” Glory said. “The guy teachers will be too busy staring at her gorgeous titties wanting to fuck her. And the women will be too worried about hurting her feelings and ruining her positive body image to mention anything.”

“Yeah Glory and I have sat in the front row for a couple of weeks just so we could flash a couple of the teachers when they got boring.” Harmony stated while Glory wiped most of the juice on her fingers off on Harmony's exposed thigh before putting them in her mouth; sucking the rest of the juices off. Harmony continued, “I didn't want to do it at first, since we could get in trouble. But none of them has sent us to the principal's office. And Glory was right it is fun. We have a game to see who can get the teacher to screw up the most. So far, Glory is beating me.”

“Of course I am, “ Glory said proudly. “You give them barely a peek-a-boo. You have to stroke it to really get them flustered and diving behind their desk.”

Shocked I asked, “You do this often?”

“Yes. But, only for the last couple of weeks or so.” Harmony said.

“Yeah and yesterday I think we got Mr. Booker wacking off under his desk while he showed us a video on plants.” Glory added. “I think it's fun to make them so horny. I just wish I could wack-off under my desk. Hell, I'd do it all the time.”

“Glory, I can't believe you are talking about rubbing off to your brother,” Harmony said in a moment of uncharacteristic modesty.

Her partner wasn't having any part of it, “I am just getting an early start. After today we are high schoolers,
 and no one gets to tell us what to do or say. So if he doesn't like what I have to say he can quit listening.”

“You go with that,” I replied knowing she'd no idea what she was talking about. “Now go finish your middle school days.”

Hopping out of the car, both girls tried straightening their skirts and blouses, which neither did a good job at hiding what was underneath. Their developing teen breast with their pointy in Harmony's case and puffy in Glory's were blatantly on display. Any bending or sitting without thighs pressed together was an invitation for viewing their pussy folds. I think I could've fucked them without even raise their skirts if I laid them over the car hood. Likely, if the situation was slightly different I fairly sure Glory would've had Harmony sprawled out on the hood for me to fuck. And based on the way Glory was acting as of late, she might've even done it herself.

Which is why, when Glory leaned in my window pressing her lips to mine for longer than a sister should unless you live in Alabama, I wasn't overly surprised. Even her tongue grazing my lips to gain entry into my mouth hadn't been completely unexpected. Holding her face to mine for a few moments I savored her tongue and the flavor of her. She broke away saying, “I guess I'll see you tomorrow before we leave for Florida. It sux being you.”

“Oh, I might be home sometime this afternoon for a couple of hours before I go out celebrating taking over the school you're about to be a peon in,” I said disappointed her lips were removed and letting her know if she wanted to continue her plans with Harmony couldn't go forward.

She made it clear she was more interested in watching Harmony and me than continuing. “Oh, I'm going to the store. Mom wants me to buy a more conservative swimsuit; like that is going to happen.”

“Knowing you you'll get two one to show Mom and one to show the guys on the beach. I'll see you in the morning.” With that, I drove off to the final day of class. Passing Mindy in the hall she looked right past me. Her nice way of saying she was pissed at me, though I couldn't say why. I hoped showing up at her graduation that night would get me out of the dog house. If not maybe her being gone for a week would do it, I'd have to put up with the pissed-off attitude until she left. She gave me the same vacant stare when she walked by me after my exam.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Thirty minutes later in the main control room, I was standing face to face with Mindy. “I think your first appointment is already here. I hope you wacked-off since you cum way too quickly the first time. Try to remember that this week and keep the clients happy.”

“Don't I always?” I said sliding off my shorts and shirt and into the uniform jeans and plain white t-shirt. “And you've never complained about me before.”

“Stroking your ego.” She hissed. “Anyway, I'm just here making sure you showed up. Even as inept as you are your stand-in the other day didn't get a fantastic review.”

“When did you start taking surveys after?” I asked. “After all we aren't supposed to know who is coming in.”

“Yeah, the member is going to get an e-mail warning her talking even in general terms about coming here. Even general terms can be a problem if it is too much.” Mindy stated. “Now I've got to go.” Less than friendly and walking out of the door she said, “I may see you later, if not in a week. Don't screw anything up while I'm gone.”

To her back, I pushed back, “Pretty hard screwing up screwing.” I grabbed my hood and headed out the door behind her. At the designated room, I opened the door to a nude woman. I was familiar with the curve of the teardrop tits and tautness of the stomach and the indention of the oval bellybutton. Not just because I'd fucked her once before or Mindy told me she was a repeat partner, I had watched her on video a couple of times before. Her strut over to me had a confidence the previous encounters didn't have.

“I've somewhere to be, but I wanted a good fuck beforehand. Since I don't think I'm going to have one for the next week.” Kathy said from behind her hood while grabbing for my pants. She had them undone and my underwear halfway to my knees before saying, “I'm looking for quality, not quantity this visit. Skip the oral. Just fuck me.”

“Hey, I can do that,” I stated, stepping the rest of the way out of my jeans and underwear. Kathy walked away from me going to the back of the chaise. One hand held the cushioned back, while she bent showing her nicely rounded ass to me. She pulled the cheek wide, her fingers had a grip on a puffed pussy lip displaying the wet redden inner fold and the hole that lay between them, as well as the puckered brownish pink closed-hole above.

“Come on I've no more than thirty minutes,” she stated urgently. “And I want to be fucked. And I don't care which hole you pick. Just make sure there is enough lube if you're going to fuck me in the ass.” I finished stripping off the t-shirt I hadn't put on ten minutes earlier. I pressed my chest to her bare-back adsorbing her heat. My dick was at full staff. There wasn't anything but pleasure as my rod was buried in the crevice between the rounded ass cheek flesh.

Kissing her neck below the black leather hood, thinking how funny it likely sounded in a Micky Mouse tone to Kathy when I said, “Get ready for a fucking like you've never had before.”

Arching back ever so slightly, she taunted, “Promises, promises.” Those were the last words she said before taking my dick in her hand and guiding the rigid member to her pussies entrance. The next word wasn't really a word but a grunted, “Umph.” I lunged forward driving all of my cock up her, raising her up and off her toes. The walls of her cunt tightly gripped my cock the whole way as they were forced wide accommodating girth and length. The wet crushed velvet passage hugged me, while I held her ass tight to my pelvis letting her adjust.

Having let her adjust, I dug my fingers into her hips saying, “I keep my promises.” And started fucking her. It was about as violent a fuck as any I had with Mindy. The slap of my balls on her folds and clit was only hidden by the concussion of my pelvis on her ass. The tunnel I was ramming in and out of gripped and squeezed while gushing with lubricant. The rest of Kathy was a grunting and moaning beast, flailing backward and sideways and up and down all at the same time. And even with the firmness of her breast, they couldn't resist the momentum of the impacts making them move.

Feeling her hips quake, I noticed her arms supporting her too had begun shaking. Kathy had also started filling the room with her growls of “Fuck me...oh fuck me” replacing her “Ah” and “God yes” which came in time with my dick bouncing off her back wall and balls crashing into her hardened clit. I grabbed her tits before her arms gave out entirely. They buckled and she fell forward using my hands as support when I twisted her pointed nubs.

Out of her mouth came a squeal and a gasp all at the same time. It came in unison with her pussy collapsing down around my rod. A torrent of cum replaced the gush of lube coating my balls and groin. The wet squish of my pumping got all the more squishy. I, though, wasn't ready to join her in her orgasmic bliss. I was not finished giving her a fuck of a lifetime.

When Kathy's arms had initially failed and she had fallen forward her head hit the seat cushion. With her orgasm rocking her body her knees and legs failed as well, leaving her lower half held up by my dick. Not until I lowered her hip bones to the back of the chaise could I pull out of her. But the chaise made a good backstop preventing any movement adsorbing my thrust. Pinned to the immovable, I hammered away at still deeper areas of her twat. Kathy howled even louder as my mushroomed head found new ground.

I'm not sure when or if she stopped orgasming for the ten minutes her pussy walls spasmed and gripped my rod. I know her cries and grunts didn't, while she enjoyed my embedding and withdrawing my shaft through her satin walls and the sensation they brought. The sensations that finally compelled my own orgasm. I twisted and pulled on the firm flesh in my hands, cramming my cock as far up her hole as our bodies would allow. I was loving the phenomenal way her cunt muscles milked my cock for the seed that passed through it.

The first couple of wads of sperm coated her walls and cervix. Despite the heat and glorious feelings surrounding my cock, the third blast came as I had started backing out of the satin sheath. Going against my biological reproductive urges, going instead for having fun the fourth glob was half in and half out of the puckered hole I had been offered earlier. My spunk and her orgasmic slime were the greases for driving my bulbous head through her tight ring. The last of the semen coming from my cock streamed out into her smooth rectum. Even her ass muscles felt as if they were trying to milk my cum from me.

She screamed, “Shit.” as I penetrated her asshole. But in seconds, she was moaning jutting her ass out against me. Her ass made a perfect cum receptacle for the last of my seed. Kathy seemed overjoyed at the added cream or at the finger that had found her clit. The “Oh god so good...yeah so good,” and her panting were the indications the initial pain was gone and she was now enjoying it. I also was, as my cum leaked out and my dick gradually lost its firmness stroking in and out of her ass hole.

I put my lips to the side of her neck and licked the perspiration from her still panting and gasping body. She turned her head to me, “What the fuck?”

Dragging my tongue up her spine before I answered I savored her taste. “You said to pick a hole. So I did. Both.” I'm sure she saw the shit-eating grin through the opening in my hood when I said it.

“You're a fucking bastard.” She said grinning back at
 me while twisting out from under me. Kathy put her lips to mine letting her tongue find its way into my mouth. Having tongue wrestled for a while she added, “That is what I love about this place. Everyone is as kinky as they want to be. But I got to go.”

“And with two minutes to spare.” I joked, tweaking her nipples.

“Don't start that I don't have time for what it will lead to. As it is I wasn't planning on going to my function dripping spunk out of me. But I guess I'm going to have to.” She said calmly walking past me to where she had left her skirt and blouse. “Hopefully it won't run down my leg.”

I wondered how that would look, her walking to get her diploma leaving a cum trail across the stage. I was amused at the thought, knowing most of the girls that had boyfriends and fucked would have cum coming out of their holes after graduation not before. “Then just come back somebody here would love to lick it off.”

“I might just do that,” she said finishing attaching her skirt. “But now I got to get through to the exit. Do you know a faster way than the usual maze?”

“Nope, I've not found any other way.” I lied. I too had to get out of there. Pulling her dressed body to my naked one I hugged her giving her a long-drawn-out kiss.

Pushing back against me after initially melding into me she said, “Damn it. I said I can't do what that will lead to.”

“Can I help it if your body and lips are so fine?” I asked playfully figuring if I kept her a few more minutes she definitely wouldn't have time for getting the spunk out of her cleanly. I pulled her in again kissing her a bit harder. She deployed a different tactic than pushing me away. Instead, her hand lightly traveled down the length of my shaft to my balls, which she stroked just as gently.

Suddenly, Kathy gripped my ball sack tight, “No you can't. But it is my mind you should really appreciate.”

I know I winced but was determined not to make any other indication her squeeze hurt, “I do... I love the kinky part of it. That's the part that gets your gorgeous body here.” I kissed her again quickly despite the renewed squeezing.

“Yeah well, I might be able to get you a gorgeous body just as nice as mine,” Kathy said giving herself a backhanded compliment. “Just have to work on the kinky mind part for a couple of hours or so.”

“Damn,” I thought. Kathy was going to put Harmony's name into the hopper. I wasn't quite sure why she thought she'd have to work on the kinky mind though. She'd likely jump at the chance at having a good fucking if it didn't get back to Glory or the rest of the school. “Now you have me really interested. Thinking maybe a threesome?”

Pulling completely free and opening the door Kathy left saying, “I give you her name...But that's against the rules.”

In our version of a control room, I wasn't surprised when Mindy wasn't there. She too had to be at graduation rehearsal. But I doubted she would have cum dripping out of her holes. I guess I'd not know unless she got over being pissed at me. Either way, I tossed off my work uniform and put back on my shorts and “Pink Floyd” t-shirt, before heading to the house and Harmony's scripted telephone call.

The house was empty for a change when I got there. It meant Glory was already at Harmony's. I imagined they were going over if and when she would come out of the closet, to catch us. It didn't matter one way or the other to me, since Harmony agreed to an additional debt if I did this for her. The ringing phone was the beginning of showtime.

I answered with, “Hello, this is Alex.”

“Alex, this is Harmony,” I could tell she had me on speakerphone.

“Harmony why are you calling me? And how did you get my number?”

“Glory gave it to me...Sometime back.” I could tell by the pause Glory was doing some of the real-time orchestration. “I need your help, desperately.”

“Why? What's up?” I'd play along letting her guide us.

“Can you just come over here, now? Before my parents get back to pick me up for Kathy's graduation.”

“I don't know I was thinking about going to it also with Ben. We don't think Mindy is actually going to make it.”

“Please I'm desperate. And you're the only person I trust to help.” Harmony was truly selling it.

“Ok, I guess so.”

“Good I left the front door unlocked. Just come straight to my bedroom.”

The initial act of our play was over for Glory. She would likely be getting in the closet with the door cracked, while I walked over. For the second act, Harmony again explained loudly her computer's phantom problem of running slow, and not wanting to take it to a computer store since they would see she had been going to porn sites and tell her parents. I did my best acting unconcerned about her problem and suggesting a price for the fix. We did our dance of haggling about cost and how she could pay the equivalent of a couple hundred bucks in sexual favors. She said she didn't want to be blackmailed into having sex for the first time. But our play had an ending already written and we followed it to the letter.

Harmony was a little more willing to strip down this time verse the first time this had played out. I again used the checking for the triggering of the camera by having Harmony strip. She didn't put up near the same amount of resistance. And once again she was standing in her bedroom with her small coned breast and their puffed nipples on display for me, though her hands were in front of her pussy. I did my best to ignore her constant looking over to her closet. The door was open a little over four inches and I saw a couple of mirrors had been strategically placed. From the closet, Glory could see what the room's occupants were doing.

Like the first time I asked, “When exactly do you expect people back?”

Standing in front of me naked, her perfect little cones inches from my lips, she answered differently this time than the first. “I figure Mom and Dad will be back in less than two hours and Warren sometime before that if he comes home.”

“Not much time,” I said my breath directly on a nipple. “I guess I'll have to cram in a lot in a short time. But I'm betting that wonderfully sexy and beautiful body of yours can handle it.” Glory had seen Harmony suck my dick but she hadn't ever seen me suckle at her tits, until then. The marshmallow cone slipped easily between my lips. Her moans were almost immediate. Her hands pulled my head in tighter forcing her small tit deeper into my mouth.

Sucking and sliding along her breast much like she liked to bob on my cock, I let my teeth lightly drag her firm smooth skin and nipple. Harmony almost let on that we had done this before. “Oh god, I love this...ah how I miss it.”

Pulling off the delicious tit quickly I said, “Yeah I bet you to love it when Glory does this.” Her eyes that had closed earlier flew open. I further covered up her mistake. “I'm going to do lots of stuff you like Glory to do. And a few that she can't.”

She gathered her wits while I was off her magnificent breast, “Oh god you're talking about fucking. Aren't you? You're planning on fucking me.” She did a wonderful job acting scared. “But I've never had sex before. With anything but Glory's dildo.” She cried, “I'm a virgin.”

I managed not to laugh at her last statement. Instead, telling her, “Yes, but we agreed that you'd do anything we saw on the two videos and my dick will fill in for that dildo. So you won't be much longer. But I'll try to have you enjoy it. Now onto the bed.”

She looked over at the closet once again before getting on the bed. She was a good enough actress that her whole body was trembling as she climbed. “Now what?” she asked with a fake tremble in her voice. I got up and went to the closet like I would close the door completely. When my hand touched the door she immediately said, “Well come on let's go. I want to get this payment in before my Mom and Dad get home.”

I thought to myself, “So Glory is in there, and the two of them are going through with their plan. And I'm little more than a willing pawn on Glory's and Harmony's chessboard. Might as well have fun with it.” I turn back to the bed with the Disney princesses bedspread and the sexy naked teen. “I think we'll start here.” I know we were parting from the original script but we were never going to do it exactly the same way. I put my lips to hers and press her flat onto the bed under me. She fell back into the bed keeping me atop her.

I inhaled her breath as our kiss grew more passionate. Her tongue was as sweet as I remembered. They intertwined fervently bouncing off and stroking along one another. Her fingers ran through my hair holding my lips to hers. Fully open our mouths let out the passionate moans while enthralled in our kissing. My hands slid along the outside of her smooth thighs and over her teen hips, which had yet to fully flare to their future womanly shape. And if her sister or mother were any indications they would develop a delectable curve, but at that moment I was enjoying the feeling of her underdeveloped body. The further up my hands traveled, the heavy her breathing got. Her hand ripped at my ass and tore at my shirt separating us, getting further from our script. I did my best at putting it back on track by breaking our kiss and running my hand along her sides and collar bones, “God I love your sexy body. It is so beautiful, I could do this all day.”

Harmony must've remembered our earlier discussion, “Warren never says I am sexy or beautiful.”

“He's an idiot, not letting you know how glorious you are. How could he look at you like this and not tell you?” I asked trying to get the wording verbatim to the first time and failing.

“So you think I'm sexy beautiful?” She asked. I could tell it was partly following the script and partly because she like hearing me say it.

“Oh yes so beautiful,” I said kissing and nuzzling along her breast going up to and over
 her long slender neck.

“Yeah, but do you think Glory is more beautiful?” The question was similar enough to the first time but was also meant to be a jab at my sister.

I didn't know if they had talked earlier about Glory's successfully getting the household nudist. If she had the answer would need careful wording, “She's my sister, so it's hard to compare you two.”

“Yeah, but if she wasn't your sister and just another girl.” She pressed.

“I'd say both of you are beautiful, I mean how can I compare.” I hedged. “Some days I prefer redheads other times I'm into raven-haired women.”

“And today?” she asked.

“I can say right now redheads...definitely redheads,” I said going back to kissing her neck and stroking her upper chest. “And not just because you owe me two hundred.”

Getting back on track with the script, Harmony asked, “Do I really have to do this? I promise I could get you the money in a couple of weeks”

“Well, since you obviously have an issue with promises.  And, you and I have already agreed, you'd do whatever is on the videos you choose, the answer is yes. Yes, you do. And I thought I'd start with your tits since I have already tasted them. And when we're done you'll have wiped out twenty percent of your debt.” I replied tweaking her puffy tip.

“Ok,” she kept up her scared act, trembling, but jutted up her chest for my lips. I pounced on the offering with my mouth. I sucked in the firm cone's flesh and teased and titillated the puffy top until it hardened into a compact point. I again dragged my teeth lightly over her point leaving saliva all the way up her breast. She let out a muted, “Oh, I like it when my titties are sucked.” She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations in her tender breasts as much as I was. I sucked for a moment more and began running my hands up and down her sides, cupping her breasts. She moaned when my hands slid down over her hips again and then behind her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began kneading them while I bit down on her other breast. My hands went down and around and back up, her firm yet pliable butt cheeks, lifting her slightly, grinding my hard but covered dick into her.

She let out a sigh while she pressed up at my dick as we continued making out. The heat of her box bled through my clothes letting me know she was past ready. I could've stuck my cock up her hole at any time and she would've happily fucked back at me. But first I wanted a long tongue lashing of her unspoiled cunt. After she had writhed and her slit gushed its juice, smearing it on my lips and cheeks, I'd gladly hoist her on my pole. That'd require my pants off so raising up, I said, “Time to help me out of my shorts and shirt.”

The comment must've brought her back to the secret performance, she was performing in which I was the main player. Her unrehearsed enjoyment gave way. She once again played the part of a victim of blackmail, whining, “But can't it wait?” The delay tactic was weak at best and not very believable. Her hands going for the waistband of my shorts while saying it cast a further shadow on her sincerity. Her feet kicking at my underwear and shorts, she had gotten to my knees, trying to get them the rest of the way off, further made the question of her sincerity, mute.

Chewing lightly on her ear lobe, running my tongue along its ridge while her feet finished getting my shorts off my feet I pressed my uncovered hard-on against her plumped labia and the hood between them. I whispered in her ear, “Now the shirt,” after which; I did the cobra pose, driving my cock harder against her sex.

Her hands scrambled quickly getting the t-shirt's hem. She yanked it over my head with a groan. The shirt sleeves dragged over both my arms until it was tight across her throat. With my arms elevating me, the shirt had no way to loosen its stranglehold on Harmony. Temporarily losing the ability to breathe didn't scare her or cause her to struggle. She instead looked as if she was enjoying it. This was a kinky side of Harmony I didn't know about and wondered if Glory did. And if she did, did she on occasion asphyxiate Harmony as part of their sex games.

I didn't know exactly how their games might've been played. Or, any signals they may have developed. But, a dead or injured fourteen-year-old was not on the day's agenda, so I quickly flattened my chest to her tiny breast cones, removing the shirt the rest of the way. With her airway once again open, she gulped down air. Her heaving chest pressing its gems into me. “Mmm, that was freaky.” She said grinning up at me. “I like it.”

“Good, then you should be thrilled to choke down my dick,” I stated sliding it through the wet furrow it was in.

“But Glory doesn't want me sucking your dick...If she's not around.” Harmony stated for the audience in the closet.

“Then I can imagine how mad she'll be not being here when I pop your cherry, or what is left of it,” I stated with a fleeting grin Glory was sure not to see. “Or you can just not tell her.”

“Oh no, I couldn't do that.” Harmony lied convincingly.

Spinning quickly on her body I put my knees on either side of her head, leaving my dick inches from her mouth, just like her fragrant pussy was from mine. “Then you're going to have to tell her about this also.” I pushed her thighs apart with no resistance. My lips and tongue found her hard bud under its protective hood, immediately.

Flicking the nub she started to sigh. Her lips parted letting out an, “Ah.” I shoved my cock head in the circular opening. She knew what to do with it. Her tongue circled the glans as I did the same to her. It wasn't long before her head started bobbing along my shaft. Her lips ironing over the bulging veins and heads cleft. I nipped her clit each time my ridge was pressed on the backside of her sucking lips and her tongue probed my piss slit.

Her sighs quickly became moans. Her head rolled side to side as much as it could with a cock stuffed in it. The more I teased and battered her little clitoris the more her lithe body squirmed under me. Her hands that had crushed princess' faces in their ball-up tight fist released them, grabbing my ass cheeks. Driving her finger-tips into my flesh, she pulled my hips down forcing herself to gag, while my balls rested on either side of her nose's bridge. The sensations on my mushroomed head were mind-blowing. Alternating, her throat tried swallowing me one second where in the next it was trying to push me out. When I tried pulling out to unblocked the pretty redhead's air passageway, she dug her fingers harder into my ass. I bit down on her bud. Her hips bucked up at the sensation, pouring copious lube out of her pussy hole, I'd yet to invade this day

Humping her ass off the bed while her chest heaved and her whole body vibrated against me, she finally pushed on my hips. The feeling of air rushing over my cock was new as she sucked in gallons of air. Her chest expanded to what felt like twice its usual size as she choked down the needed oxygen.

I pulled my dick that had been sucked by the pretty girl a couple of days before. Unlike the first time, we'd played out this scene. And this was a big difference from the first time.  And while I was enjoying the blowjob, it wasn't the final goal. Fucking her with Glory watching was. And the playbook didn't include her sucking me to completion. My licking, sucking, and tongue fucking her into an orgasmic jello heap was in the playbook.

As I spun around, I first let my balls rest on her lips. While I'd not teabagged her the first time, now I let my smooth sack rest there.  I didn't move them from her soft lips but waited for their parting.  One of my balls gradually slid through the slowly parting lips into her hot mouth. Her tongue swished over my slack skin encasing it.  Her active raspy tongue brushed over my scrotum one minute and the smooth underside the next. After she fully swabbed the first nut she did the second while I teased her clit flicking my tongue's tip over it a couple of times keeping her wound tight.

My nuts were fully coated in a fine layer of Harmony's saliva when I withdrew them for the last time. I had a clock in my head of when her parents would be home would reduce the time I could spend this time making Harmony squeal before I plowed my cock in and out of her tight velvety hole.  So I moved down and off her laying between her outstretched thighs.

I pushed her legs a bit further apart, her bloated folds parting exposing her glistening pink fine lips.  My grating taste buds slid between the newly exposed flesh from the top of her heavenly opening up and onto her inflamed bud. I licked up the savory juices on the hot smooth flesh. At her hard nub and its protective hood, I remembered the first time I'd been in that very position and I'd run my tongue on the bundle of nerves. I was right the first time I had done this, it was burnt into my brain such that I’d always remember the first time.

Like the first blackmailing her to have her spread her legs for me, she was ready to explode from the first touch of my tongue. The roughness of my taste buds scrubbing the underside and around her sensitive nub after having spent time teasing it had Harmony moaning. I rolled the sensitive flesh about with my tongue, listening to her whines as she approached orgasm. I took the erect knob between my teeth and stroke the excited flesh with my tongue tip.

Her orgasm came with a raucous yelling at the top of her lungs and her humping maniacally, stripping the sensitive nub from my teeth multiple times. I would re-acquire her hardened lump and press it harder and harder between my teeth attempting to maintain it between them. Each time it was ripped out having her screech, “Oh God yes!  Bite it again.  Bite me, suck my clit. ” The flood of juices her pussy flowed from her and left the hard nub in favor of the hole
 dripping with orgasmic honey.

I looked up at her from between her legs my mouth still attached like a suckerfish to her vagina. Her face was frozen with her eyes wide and mouth gaping. She was panting, through the wide opening, as I quickly moved up biting down on her clit one more time.  I witnessed her orgasm go to the next level. Her screeched, "Oh shi...," was short-lived and incomplete, turning into a silent scream.  She writhed and flopped about as her mouth remained wide not breathing or squalling. Her cries of ecstasy caught in her unable to fill the room. Her back arched with her tits being jutted out while she clawed at my hair driving my face tighter into her twat. It was a beautiful sight to behold from between her collapsing thighs.

Harmony hadn't obtained any control over her body, as I lapped my tongue over her inflamed clitoris. She squirmed, arched, and humped up to the source of her pleasure. All her muscles contracting and never fully releasing at their own volition.   She mashed my nose into her mons with her bucking. My hands were needed insides her slick thighs preventing her from crushing my head over and over again.

My mouth's undivided attention to her button increased the convulsing of her orgasming hole and the unwieldy way her pelvis thrust at me. I put my hands on the tops of her thighs and raised up stopping her thrust up and down. Her sideways convulsions and twists weren't enough to break my maintained munching on her hot dripping box. My mouth, again, went and covered over her tunnel's opening. The new nectar draining from her cunt was sucked up as soon as possible. For her final sensation, before I started fucking her, I put my fingers on her clit. The fast, firm circular pressure on her clitoris had her crying out, “God no more...Oh fuck I am cumming again…Shit you've gotta stop. It's too much.” I didn’t stop as her body continued contracting and thrashing with the orgasm washing over her. Her gasping for air and moaning stopped as orgasms crested; replaced solely by deep cries that sounded as if they started down at her uterus. When the air in her lungs ran out her sounds became whimpers as she panted writhing on the bed.

She was so far gone, enraptured in her climax, even her rehearsed resistance melted away. She was immersing herself in the erotic overload.  I would've liked taking her even further into the realm of un-experienced levels of pleasure, but time would run short.

But there was time for one more thing before I pushed my cock into Harmony's willing hole.  Her puckered little brown hole looked so shiny with some of my spittle and her pussy honey drizzled over it. Sliding my fingers down in the valley of her folds where the river of lube juices gathered coated them. A few fingers pumped into her hot plush hole that grabbed at my fingers with its walls.

A bite of her swollen clit only masked my fingers invading and stretching her small passage. The initial whine of the sharp bite was replaced with a  moan of pure bliss while I used well-coated fingers on her pussy.  A small shriek of surprise occurred when the fingers, that had been pumping in and out of her pussy, parted her rectum.

I slyly looked over at the closet seeing if Glory had dared to stick her head out. Harmony's guttural grunts had the characteristics of jubilant pronouncements as my fingers widened and hammered her butthole. I was surprised Glory hadn't peered out further getting a better view of the show.   She didn't budge from the closet even as Harmony's back arched and every muscle became snare drum tight while I continued tongue whipping her clit and hammering her asshole.

Glory did peek out after I quit the stimulation of her bare pussy and pumping her ass with my fingers.  I didn't know if it was the sounds of my hand slapping against her flesh stopping or the lack of even a whimper coming from Harmony as she lay limp as an overcooked noodle, that made her look around the door. When she did she likely saw only Harmony's mons and vulva twitching and all her other muscles appear paralyzed. 

I acted as if I hadn't seen Glory while I quickly slid up Harmony's torso and kissed her lips with my face coated in her pussy’s spend. Her legs splayed wide, oozing cum from the slit between her labia held apart by my shaft that had glided between them. I looked down into her wide wild eyes and asked, "You ready to pay more of your debt?"

Harmony's moaned out, “Huh?” couldn't have been rehearsed it was so pure in its timing and sound of satisfaction.
Her legs spread with her smooth inner thighs pressing on the outside of mine. My cock was harder than a steel pipe yetI could feel her still contracting pussy.   As I lined my dick's cap with her velvet opening, I informed her, “So payment time it is.” I pressed my hips forward into her exquisite drained body. My cock's head easily sliding in between her slickened labia and lodging in the entrance of her virgin pussy.  With a harder thrust, the ridge of my head passed into the small passage.

My cock spreading her vagina was a shot of adrenalin to Harmony's system. Her splayed legs spread wider and her feet shot to my ass, "Shit your dick is in me.  A dick is in me."

"Yes, it is," I replied. Taking a hold of her shoulders, I pulled my dick further into her resistant pussy. Both of us grunted at the sudden widening of velvet walls.  Three more grunts from each of us and a singular wail from Harmony like I was taking her virginity all over again and my dick was pushing her vagina further into her.

It didn't sound fake when Harmony bellowed, "Fuck it's too big...I feel full...too full. I can't breathe your dick is in my chest." 

Breathing heavily I made sure Glory heard, "I'm gonna stay here for a minute and you get used to the feeling. It can hurt for a little while the first time, but then it gets better. You'll still be full but enjoy the feeling." 

I already was enjoying the feeling. Her heated and moist walls were constricting around my cock in waves. Even her round closed protrusion guarding her womb scrubbed the underside of cock head's 'V' moving in concert with the walls.  After letting her walls adjust and her labored breathing return close to normal, I backed my dick up. I was loving the tight sleeve my cock was in contracting around me.

The plush surroundings scrubbed my cock as I got half of it out.  Harmony moaned loudly, her hips following my cock but only at half the speed and distance. Her fingers dug into my shoulder blades as her ass raised off the bed. She let out a gasped, "Oh God," when I pile drove her back into the Disney princesses making the whole bed bounce.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Glory cover her mouth, with the look of utter amazement as I continued backing up a little further each time and slamming her ass into her bed, using my cock as the battering ram. I huffed, "Ahh...this feels so good. I'm betting it feels better than that dildo you and Glory use." I made sure it was loud enough for Glory to hear. 

"Oh yes...God so much. Oww, " Harmony said her mouth freezing open panting and gasping. Soon the slap of our sexes together was occurring before her ass bounced off the bed. Her feet driving into my ass pulling us together. My balls were ricochetting off her ass while our pelvic bones mashed her clit after it had been scraped over. 

Our first time involved much more resistance and whining on Harmony's part. She was making this one too easy and enjoying it too fast.  Her moans and gasps got louder when squeezed her breast.  She broke from her frozen trance of mindless humping, slamming her cunt on my cock.  Her hands left my back grabbing my head before she attached her lips and rammed her tongue in my mouth.  Pinching and rolling her nipples while we hammered our bodies together made her wail out, "Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum. Fuck...Fuck faster!"  She threw her hips about her legs jerking spastically driving her feet into my ass randomly.

Her spastic movements suddenly stopped. Every muscle tensed and her back arched in what could have been mistaken for electrocution, but she let out an ear-shattering, "Augh, I'm cumming."  Her climaxing didn't stop my jack-hammering my dick in and out of her. It did make it harder. Her vagina clamped down on my dick like a vice becoming unyielding as I thrust into her. The extra friction brought on a second higher pitched, "I'm cumming."  It was followed shortly by a barely coherent, “You have to stop…Too big...Too much..No more I'm begging you.” She continued rambling, letting her legs fall silent and her arms drop away from my chest, where she had been trying weakly to push me away. 

I too was closing in on letting semen fly from the end of my cock.  I was gasping and sucking in air between the biting of her neck, "Fuck that. I am so close." I felt my balls getting in position to send their contents flying. And I wasn't stopping until her insides were coated in my seed. I accentuated with a room-filling echoing smack of our pelvises together each word of, "" At the last word, I slammed my dick further down her hole, holding it in place.

Harmony exhaustedly muttered, "It's so warm. Mmm, I love it." With the little strength she had left, her legs wrapped my hips pressing me in and holding me deep within her. "Oh fill me," her voice trailed off lost in what sounded like unsurpassed pleasure. I know my brain was experiencing that level of contentment.

I within her my cock twitching in her velvet sheath, shooting my thick seed in Harmony. As the jumps of my dick lessened sending less and less baby-making fluid into her, Harmony's climax too lessened.  Her lips again found mine and our tongues rolled and frolicked, in a manner Glory hadn't seen previously. 

When my cock had shrunken, and her vagina's silken walls stopped milking my dick for more cum, I stopped kissing Harmony. I pulled out of her hot spunk-filled passage, "I've gotta go.  But I'll be back after you get back from your trip to collect on some interest and principal."

Harmony had recovered enough, once again playing her part for Glory's sake. "You mean, I have to do this again? I can't what would your sister say if she found out?"

"I don't care. Hell, let her come watch for all I care," I replied tweaking the girl that wasn't supposed to be there but had set this interlude up.  "I expect total obedience when you get back.  I say come fuck me you come fuck me. I say suck my dick, you suck my dick. And when I want this cute ass of yours," I pinched her round smooth buttock. "I expect you to stick it up in the air and hold your cheeks apart for me."

Still playing her part, sort of Harmony said, "I can't do that. I'm not a whore, you can't treat me like that."

Acting and telling the truth at the same time I informed her, "You are a whore. You just sold your virginity to me for less than a hundred dollars. And you will continue selling yourself until your debt is paid off. Hell, the hard part is done, doing it the first time. It will get easier each time we screw."

"God, what will Glory say? She's gonna kill me," Harmony said voicing her real concern about what we'd been doing.

"Don't tell her," which was what she was familiar with. "Or maybe trick her into joining us when you get back. But not the first time, back. I want that one alone so I can screw that cute ass of yours."

Harmony's method acting was spot on, "Oh won't she catch us, at some point. I mean if you fuck my butt she'll surely notice when I'm with her."

I was finishing up putting back on my shirt and pants when I said, "You'll figure it out. Now I gotta go. I'm going to go watch your sister and some other friends graduate. You should probably get ready, too. And air out the room it smells like sex. I'll find my way out."  Waving the small thumb-drive at her I said, "And my way back in when you get back."

"Oh, shit," was all she said as I walked through her bedroom door.

I walked slowly once in the hall. Glory did exactly what I thought she'd do. She immediately started quizzing Harmony, "God what was it like having a real warm dick in you? You're gonna have to let me watch when he butt-fucks you for the first time. And you better not fuck him unless I'm around."

I smiled at Glory thinking she'd be there every time Harmony and I screwed. She was already missing a few. And I was sure if she watched sooner or later she'd want to join in.  And while making love to my sister for the first time would be a one on one, oral and anal sex with her could definitely be done in conjunction with screwing Harmony.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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The actual graduation went off without a hitch. Well, except when Kathy strode across the stage. She was halfway across when she suddenly shortened her steps and I could tell, despite her standard green graduation gown, she clenched her ass cheeks together.  I almost laughed out loud thinking of the cum I'd pump up her colon oozing out.

Besides the one hiccup, the two women I'd been fucking looked fabulous. Mindy's hazel eyes were brilliant and alive accenting her high cheekbones with the light rouge on them. And her long chestnut hair was curled at her shoulder and bounced freely as she had a bounce in her step crossing the stage and taking her diploma. The outline of her ass even under the flowing graduation gown looked exquisitely tight and perfectly rounded going up and down as she went. It was easy to see why she was a cheerleader and considered one of the best-looking and vibrant girls in the school and way out of my league.

Kathy as well had much the same look. Though her auburn hair looked extra red as the stage lights shown on them. The blush that crossed her face as she changed her stride made a striking contrast. And the surprise likely from cum oozing out of her ass or pussy hole widened her green eyes filling out her pretty blushed face with her equally high cheekbones. She also gave Mindy a run for her money with her tight ass that became clenched, and the gradual curve of her hips. She was another one of those women out of my league in public, but not when we were down in the club.

I wasn't expected at home before daylight and went to a couple of parties before heading to the silo for a late appointment Mindy had made for me. She wasn't there when I arrived, but I didn't expect her. She was out for one last high school party as was expected for the queen of the school. I wondered what she had in mind for me when she showed up. I knew it would be something completely new.  Until then I had a new client to meet.

I  only had to wait a short time for the new client. She opened the door a crack and a hooded head peered in. Just the top and blue eyes were visible. Minney's voice said, "Hello...Hello, am I in the right place? And what is this place?"

The hooded woman hadn't moved to come in. I answered cordially, "Hi. You likely are in the right place. Do you want to come in?"

More of the woman came into view. She was in the club's uniform with a white blouse and black skirt. Her hips were full unlike a teen's. The bra under her white blouse I guessed was taupe. It blended in with her skin enough that it wasn't obvious it was there, except in the lack of nipples and areola that would've been visible had she not been wearing it.   Her manner was one of being unsure but not afraid.  I didn't know how old she was but it was clear she was our oldest member to date.

"Does everything always sound so weird? I swear you sound like Mickey Mouse," she said tilting her head from side to side.

"Yes, I have to tell all first-time members they will get used to it. There is a voice modulator in your hood that makes everything sound a little bit off. But, soon you won't even notice it,"  I explained.

"First-time members?" She sounded confused. "Why am I a member? I don't remember signing up for anything. And what am I a member of, exactly? Where are we? I came in a door behind the sacristy of the college's chapel and down a bunch of steps. Then through a long hall, I swear I must have walked over half a mile. That was only after I put on this crazy hood that makes things sound strange. And there was that sign in the room with the hood with bizarrely specific yet fully ambiguous rules. What is ASC? And why are there two locked doors one with a keypad and the other that required the key from the lock on the hood? Why is it protected better than Fort Knox?" She had stood looking at me asking her questions but then looked around. "What is this place? I mean all this room has is that oversized chase you are sitting on."

The fact the questioning woman knew I was sitting on a chase and not a couch confirmed my opinion she wasn't all that young. But she did still have a bit of an hourglass figure though her middle was probably only five inches smaller around than her hips and chest. Her skirt was longer than most I'd seen within the walls. But it still showed the bottom of her firm thighs and her carved-out calves looked nice as she paced around the room. She obviously did a lot to keep herself in shape.

"Why don't you come and sit down here on the chase? We can talk about all your questions." I was surprised at how little this woman knew about where or why she was there.

The woman sat down at the far end of the chase and looked at me. "Ok explain."

"Let's start with how did you end up at the door in the first place?" I needed to know how much she actually knew about the club.

"I got this strange letter that told me to make an anonymous email account and destroy the letter. I emailed the address on the letter that said I couldn't ever let anyone know about the letter. I thought it was fun the intrigue of it all. So when I got the return email on the anonymous account I thought it was interesting. It was the one that told me the time to come here and how to get to the door that led here." She explained. What she told me sounded correct for getting into the club.  She added,  "And then there were the unusual instructions also. Like I had to wear this exact outfit, which is the same one we wear at Bunko."

I should have stopped her right there but didn't. I let her continue her story, "Then there was the strange one that is kind of personal. But it might explain my daughter's heart being removed ."

I knew at that second I let her talk too much. I also knew the woman behind the mask was Harmony's and Kathy's mother. "Stop please don't say anything else."  Mrs. Kendall stopped and stared at me. "First what you said was completely against the rules. You know the ambiguous ones on the way in. We do not discuss anything that goes on outside of these walls with anyone. Ever. The fact you are here means you can never mention this place to anyone. The email stated that as well. We are very strict on this one."

I needed to impress on Mrs. Kendall how serious it not talking about anything that happened in the club even with family or acting on anything above ground that happened underground in the silo. "We have only had one person ever break this rule. And they were only a one-time visiter that decided the club was too shall we say intense for them.  Unfortunately, they happened to talk to a member about this place and said something about exposing us. They are likely as deep underground now as we are."

Mrs. Kendall's eyes bugged out at that, "God I don't know if I can be part of an organization that does that."

"That's fine your free to leave at any time," I reassured her.

"And you won't do anything to me?" She was truly frightened, which I figured was a good thing.

"No, You know the rules and basically agreed to them showing up. It's like the EULA of software. You agree to it just by opening the program.  So if you never speak of this place or act like you know it exists you're fine." I reiterated for her.

"Ok,  But since I'm not allowed to ever talk about it, I might as well know what I'm not talking about." Curiosity was getting the better of her.  "So where am I?"

"You are in a former military base establishment some ways underground. It was abandoned when the US decommissioned much of the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons." I informed her.

Still curious she asked, "so what is with the hoods and sound modulators?"

"The 'A' in ACS is for anonymous. It keeps our members from know who the other members are," I answered.

Mrs. Kendall asked the next logical question, "Ok but if you can't talk about this place outside of this place who cares if you know each other while in here?"

"I'm going to answer your question with a question," I explained.  "What do you think happens here?"

"I don't know for sure but I'm guessing something kinky. That is the only reason I can think I had to...." She trailed off.

"Shave your pubic hair," I finished her unfinished thought.

"Yeah, that," She confirmed.

"Well kinky is relative. Let me tell you what ASC stands for it will explain a lot," I said, then continued. " ASC is 'Anonymous Sex Club.'"

"So it's a place for a bunch of local teens to fuck anytime they want. A place for whores and deviants," She seemed upset at something.  It wasn't until I realized she knew Kathy had been coming here did I realize what she was angry at.

I did more to explain, "Not whores and deviants. Also not just teens and not just local." I had to lie making the place sound more vibrant than it was. "I can't ask you your age due to the rules. But I am guessing you're early to mid-thirties," I lied knowing full well she was thirty-eight. "Which honestly makes you one of the older members. But we have pregnant women, gay men, married women, and men so all types and all ages. Not just teens and deviants."

"Still deviants," She said defiantly.

"Again let me ask you a question," I tried sounding pleasant though the sound modulator would change the tone and pitch.

"OK," she crossed her arms over her chest.

I moved over to where she was and very slowly took a hand and lowered it to her side. Just as carefully I did the same to the other one. The second arm across her chest refused to move as easily but did ultimately go to her side due to my constant gentle direction.  Opened up I asked, "Honestly...And I mean honestly, is there anything you've wanted to do or have done to you that you were afraid to bring up with a partner because you were worried about what they'd think of you? And I mean anything...toe sucking...furries...anal sex...light BDSM or heavy for that matter, anything you wanted or want to try that you're afraid it would shock your partner and they would look at you differently?"

"I...I guess so. I would like my husband to eat me more often before we have sex, instead of leaving that to the ladies at Bunko," She covered her mouth with her hand saying, "Sorry I wasn't supposed to say that."

I wasn't sure if she was referring to our rules or if her Bunko group had similar rules. "No, you weren't but I'll let it slide today being your first day." I ran my hand gently up and down her cover arm stroking it, "So here you could ask your unknown partner to do that.  And if you then saw them out on the street there wouldn't be any awkwardness since neither of you knows the other."

"But that is cheating on my...partner," She stated

"You can say husband if you like. There are enough of them that that one piece of information won't give you away. But lots of little information will which is why we limit personal tall. Well, that most people are here with a limited amount of time and want to get to the sex as quickly as possible.  And who is to say one of these guys walking around isn't your husband doing the same thing."

"Come on look at you. You're obviously not my husband," Mrs. Kendall remarked.   

"Yes let's look at me," I said doing something I rarely did. I was bringing attention to my physique.  I stood up and quickly undid my shirt and tossed it aside.

"Oh my God you're getting undressed," her voice even modulated sounded shocked.

"Yes. How else are you going to look at me?" I asked. I took a step closer to her, my feet outside of hers. Taking her hand I put it up to my bare chest. Her hand felt small but not frail. It was slightly cold when it hit the skin covering my pectoral muscle. I held it there for a moment not letting her pull her hand away.  When the moment was gone she left it in place.

"Oh wow. It's been years since I've felt a chest like this. Even then I don't remember it being this
 hard," she said sounding excited. Her hand slid down my body as she removed her hand. But it was evident she was getting a good feel of each and every one of my abdominal muscles. Following the taut skin into the small ripples between them.  "My even your stomach is hard."  She looked at her hand like it had just touched the arc of the covenant, mesmerized.

 "Thanks, I would love to say I work out at the gym all the time, but honestly years ago when I joined the club I wasn't in as good of shape. Most of the guys aren't. But, they say average sex is like running two miles a day. So after ten or twelve miles a day every day and having little time to eat anything of nutritional value, and while vagina juice is good for the soul you can't live on it alone for more than a couple of weeks. Though I did supplement it with breast milk fresh from the nipple," I lied having fun hitting the highlights of the different women I'd been with making the older woman squirm.  "You tend to get into shape. The women, too."

"You mean you have sex five to six times a day?" her voice said she had doubts.

"I have and more, but that is just bragging. But I guess so is saying that I said average sex, I'd like to think I'm anything but average. But there is one member that says I'm a scrawny little geek," I quickly stepped back from her and undid my jeans. I yanked them and my underwear down to my ankles, stepping out of them quickly. I was back upright back in the place I'd been. My mostly flaccid cock hung down a foot from her shocked face. 

I again seized her hand and put it on the upper portion of my thigh. It was close enough that if she wanted to a slight movement would have her hand contacting my cock. "Seriously, does that feel like a geek's thigh?"

Her eyes were big and what I assumed was an unconscious movement, the tip of her tongue pressed on the center of her upper lip.  "Na...No," She then said the obvious, "You're naked."

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind. But you said take a look at you so I'm letting you.  And it's not like I'm nekid.  That is redneck for no clothes and having fun your preacher wouldn't approve of."

"I don't think he'd approve of any of this," She said not removing her hand from my thigh.

"Probably not in public," I said casting aspersions on the man. "I mean you did come here through the chapel. You'd think he'd notice and wonder, wouldn't you? Hell, he may be down here now with his own hood on.

"God I didn't think of that," it was like a lightbulb going off in her brain. Her eye hadn't left my dick the whole time since I'd dropped my pants.

"It's the joy of being anonymous," I said selling the place. "Like right now you could touch my penis or play with my balls and I'd like it.  And I hope you'd like it but if we saw each other later you'd never know you'd done that with me." She looked up at me. Her eyes said she was unsure if she could do it. "I'm assuming you've held a penis before."

"Yes, my husband's. And only my husbands," She said proudly.

"Ok, I thought you might want to touch mine. You've been staring at it, awkwardly. So is it that you want to feel it but are afraid to? Or, you want to go? Or, you're feeling like you should be undressed also since I am?  Or maybe you just don't know what you want." I pressed.

"The last one or maybe the first one," she sounded flustered but still had her hand on my leg. She moved it ever so slightly in towards my sex. "Maybe I should just go. Let you go to someone who wants to have sex with you."

"You're my only appointment tonight, and the free for all orgy was a couple of nights ago," I said

"Orgy?" She didn't sound disgusted so much as intrigued.

"Yeah, one of our members decide to get her freak on. We do that now and then. Most of the time there are appointments, sometimes a third or fourth person walking by will be commandeered for threesome or foursome, and rarely do we have a member that will start a gang bang. That usually starts an all-out orgy. Something you're welcome to join the next time we have one." I stated. "But you don't have to."

"What makes a woman, I am assuming it as a woman, want to have sex with a lot of people she doesn't know all at once." Mrs. Kendall asked. She seemed very interested in the answer. I figured, she was trying to figure out if it was her daughter that started the orgy.

"One at a time or all at once does it really matter?" I asked. "I was told that the woman in question confided in one of our other members, she was tired of being treated like a princess. That being worshipped every time she and her boyfriend had sex was draining. That she wanted to fuck and not have to live up to any expectation of perfection."

Mrs. Kendall seemed relieved it wasn't her daughter, Kathy didn't have a boyfriend. "Through me in that briar patch. I want to meet that woman's boyfriend. I'd love just once to be worshipped while having sex. Hell, even not having sex."

"Who's to say you aren't? I don't know who the woman was," lying to this woman was becoming easier. "But I'd like to think I worship my girlfriend and try to give her as much pleasure as she can handle every time we have sex. So maybe that is why someone suggested you for the club. You saw the lengths we go to to keep this place private and exclusive.  So maybe someone you know, that is a member, thought you needed a sex partner that'd let you experience everything you wanted and missed out on."

"I can't imagine I know anyone that'd be a member here," it was her turn to lie. "Much less someone that knows my sex life well enough to know that about me."

"Believe me after being free to experience anything you want here, you can tell when someone has some unfulfilled desires. You don't know the specifics just that they are there." I said.

I could feel her coming around slowly, literally, and figuratively. Her hand had gone deeper between my thighs and her other hand had begun stroking along the outside of my other hip and outer thigh. "So  I can do anything I want? with anyone I want?"

"Sort of. That is where the nuances come in. And I get to explain those since I work for the club. IF you have set up an appointment with a member that works for the club then the answer is more yes than no. if the member has done what you ask for in the past then they are bound to do it. But so are you. Let me give you a scenario. You have a daughter, right?" Mrs. Kendall nodded and I started with a lie, "Your daughter is obviously too young to be a member here, but if she was. And, you were stretched out on this chase and your daughter walked in, even if you figured out it was your daughter, you can't leave. In fact, you have to act like you don't know it is her and do what you came here for. so if you had said before the recognition  'come eat my pussy'  she would have to do it even if she recognized you or you, her. But if you had said come over here and let me piss on you while you eat my pussy. if she's never engaged in being pissed on while eating pussy then she can object as something she doesn't want to do not because it is you but because she isn't into being pissed on. You understand?"

"You mean I would have to have sex with my own daughter if she came in?" after a pause she added, "If she was a member here."

"Yeah, it is probably a good thing your daughter isn't old enough to be a member. Because if she is we don't know names only individual id numbers. So there would be a slim chance you two would end up in the same room together."

"But that is incest," She appeared repulsed by the idea. But, not so repulsed she stopped stroking my hip and thigh. She did pull her hand back to where I originally placed it. The edge of her index finger had brushed the bottom of my balls and it had become a bit too real for her. But again, not so much so she'd stop feeling me up altogether.

"If you don't know it is your daughter or if you're not doing it because it's your daughter is it truly incest?"  I then relayed something I'd heard. "Let say you and your daughter were twins instead of mother and daughter.  And you were separated at birth. Then years later when you both were consenting adults and met at a bar and took each other home and had sex. Is it incest?  Technically yes but in reality no not really since you didn't know."

"I guess that makes sense." She said again moving her hand further up my leg towards my balls.

"Oh, one other thing about members that work here. They are humans. They have preferences. Again we have a guy here I'm fairly sure is gay. He works for the club so he gets scheduled with women on occasion. Now is he into screwing women and finding as many ways to get them to climax as I am? Of course not but if you are looking for a guy that knows his way around an asshole and can ring as much pleasure as possible from it, he is your man."

"And non-workers do they ever just get together," She asked.

"Sure they, kind of, live by the same rules but can claim they aren't really into something that particular day.  But at a minimum intercourse will occur. So the daughter scenario you'd be obligated to at least have intercourse." I answered.

Her hand was once again where the edge of her finger brushed my balls. Again I didn't jump or flex at the touch.  Instead, I asked,  "Do you just want to go ahead and hold them. It's not sex, but I can tell you want to. After all, you also seem very interested in my penis. Why is that?"

"It's big," She answered, before covering her mouth with the hand that had been on my hip, embarrassed.

Seeing it was time to shit or get off the pot, I took the hand covering her mouth and put it on my limp dick. "It's ok. It won't bite. And it is bigger than some but smaller than others. I am no John Holmes." 

My dick started growing in her hand. She hadn't removed it letting the heat of my dick flow into her cool hand. "You
 know, I rarely get to feel this. Normally, it's already hard and being put in me before I get to touch it. God, it is growing so much. How big does it get? I thinking it's gonna get almost twice the size of my husband."

"Well, you could always find out." I started, "you could stroke it or maybe get undressed. It always gets big and hard when I see a beautiful woman's body."

"Oh, I don't have one of the teen hard bodies you're used to seeing," She said moving her hand in spits and starts slowly up my semi-hard rod.

"No, you have the beautiful body of full-grown woman," I lauded.

"God with that silver tongue of yours you must make all the girls drop their clothes," She said. "You flatter them right off them."

"It wasn't flattery. I've seen enough women strip out of that uniform to know, who has a gorgeous body and who doesn't before the first article of clothing is removed." I extolled. "Here stand up and I'll show you."

"You'll what?" She asked. Her hand shook as she removed it from between my thighs and took my extended hand. 

Mrs. Kendall stood hesitantly tilting her head slightly as if there was a sound she'd capture justifying her reluctance.  There was nothing to hear, but me saying, "I'll demonstrate to you why I say you have a beautiful body. Come with me."

"Where are we going," She asked, keeping her hand in mine.

"Two doors down the hall. The room isn't finished but it is close enough for our purposes," I informed her.  It was a project Ben had been working on. A room with four full-length mirrors one on each wall scavenged from other areas. The rest of the walls were covered in mirrored tiles. He'd also finished the floor in the mirrored squares and had started on the ceiling with the tiles but hadn't completed it yet. All of his tools, knives, scissors, squares, and glue guns were right next to the only piece of furniture in the room. It didn't have a chase, it had a futon.  The last time I'd been in the room, the futon was set up as a couch. I hoped it'd be innocuous enough, that it didn't ruin all the work I'd done so far in the quest of seeing her nude and more.

"But your naked," She objected when got to the door.

"It's OK. No one will care if they see me. Members can walk the halls nude anytime they want," I said shepherding her into the hall. Her reluctance in following where I was leading, left after two steps in the hallway. 

Going into the room, it was as I'd last seen it. This time though, there was an infinite number of our reflections in the carnival funhouse-type room.  Mrs.Kendall turned to look at each mirrored wall looking at my naked body from every angle. She paused for a long time while looking at my ass and dick reflected hundreds of times. I was looking at the floor getting an idea of the type of panties she had under her skirt.  She said, "This is definitely different and kinky.  Do lots of people like watching themselves having sex?"

"More than you would know, But that is not why we're here," I answered. I yanked her hand pulling her hard into me.  I turned her pressing my skin to the back of her blouse. The quivering started immediately, though she didn't try escaping my grasp.

With my arms encircling her she flatly said, "I'm not having sex with you. So you can let me go now."

It was her nice way of telling me to let her go. "No, I can't. We're here so I can show you just how beautiful your body really is. And, not so I can have sex with you."  Though I will, went through my head as she continued trembling within my arms.   She shook even harder when my fingers found the first blouse button closest to her skirt.

Undoing it her hands grabbed mine, "What do you think you're doing?"  It was such a mom thing to say.  And, I didn't need Mrs. Kendall in mom mode.

The white fabric didn't separate but had a gap I could exploit. But first, I needed her off balance and unsure of what she wanted. I reversed who had who's hand. Tugging on her hand, it came around behind her where I had her hand enclose around my still hardening cock.  I held her hand there while she gave the impression she wanted to move her hand away.  She didn't let go, but squeezed my shaft tenderly, as I answered her, "Showing you the ways you are beautiful. And honestly, since you didn't believe just seeing you naked would make me hard I thought you could experience it first hand."

"I can't be naked in front of you...I can't," she stated. Her lack of movement away from me made her objections seem disingenuous.

"But you are gorgeous and I can't show you that with your clothes blocking what you need to see. What I can see even with the clothes," I undid two more buttons going up her blouse and pulled it out from the skirt's waistband, Holding the white fabric up, I slid my hand across her smooth skin. She jumped a little at the touch and her abs trembled under my palm while her hand squeezed my dick harder. I spoke as I pet her stomach, "This is a fine hard stomach. It's so smooth and perfect." Running my finger around the ridge of her slit-like bellybutton I added, "And this...this is so cute."

"Oh my god, that tickles," She giggled like a teenager. She swatted my hand away from her bellybutton not ever letting go of my cock.
I took her batting my hand away as the invitation for more buttons to pass through their holes holding her blouse closed.  The next two buttons released letting the blouse hang open on either side of her full breast. Breasts still confined in their caramel bra were the next stop for my hands. I brushed my hand over the satin fabric covering her tits. She gasped. I stoked around the held-back flesh. I raised on her tits as caught her breath. I was silent while I massaged her tits through the bra's thick materials.  Going over the orbs I could feel the bumps of hardened nipples muted by the heavy layers. Her breathing was getting more labored as my dick in her hand got longer and firmer.

Continuing my delicate touch down along her bra's cups into the deep cleavage, I felt her chest rise with overfilled lungs of air before it gradually fell back down. Traveling her sternum, my hands finding her lovely collar bones which were followed taking her blouse off her shoulders. The gentle slope of the flesh revealed was magnificent. Following her garment over her shoulders I rubbed the length of her upper arm.

One arm completely free, the other held the blouse, her hand not willing to release my cock for even a moment to let the mostly discarded blouse fall to the ground. not letting her think too much I kept the momentum of getting her naked going. When my lips touched the flesh of her shoulder she flenched and bowed her head slightly saying, "Oh God." As l had my lips journey across the ridge of her shoulder capturing her smooth skin, I cursed the hood that prevented my lips from staying on the skin up to her ear.

In a truthful statement intended to distract, I said, "You get more beautiful the more I see." I was used to the single hook bras the teens wore and had some experience with the double Mrs. Kendall had on. It was undone in a flash, and her breast pushed the tit holder out. My hands ran under the straps and around her chest to the newly shaped breast. The solid round orbs took on a more teardrop shape. They didn't hang low or sag flopping over but maintained a fleshy mass overhung her chest the underside remaining free of contact.

She swallowed a moan while she got the first sensations of my fingers touching her tit's skin. I brushed my palms over both of her breasts until the teardrops filled my hands and the hardened nipples poked my palms.  After squeezing and massaging the soft skin of the full masses in my hands I extended my hands out removing the cups fully from her mounds.

In her first motion to help me remove her clothing, Mrs. Kendall hunched her chest having the bra fall off. Her helping me get her bra off was not lost on me. I again began kissing her shoulder and massaging her teardrops.  I whispered in her ear, "See how beautiful you look." I tilted her head and held her chin having her see herself in the mirror.

While she was looked in the mirror, she said "No." She immediately looked away.

Turning her head again to the mirrors, I again took both breasts in my hands. Her half-dollar areolas were light brown against her blushed skin. "Your breasts are so splendid.  They've fed babies and still have the firm bounce of a girl half your age." I rolled her nipples in my fingers feeling their unyielding nature as I twisted and contorted the center nubs. "And your nipples. Oh, how I'd love to suck on them. Let my tongue brush over the nubs, feeling the tiniest dips in the crowning delight of your breast."

She moaned, though much louder, at the rolling of her nipples. Her breathing had no rhythm to it, panting one-minute catching and gasping the next. I massaged her breast hefting them up at times getting the full weight of her B-cupped tits. Other while nipping at her shoulder and pressing my chest's skin to her bare back, her nipples were crushed between my forefinger and thumb while pulled forward.

While I teased her body, filling her brain with the sensations of pleasure and words of adoration she was resisting.  I could tell her mental resisting was fading at the same time she was saying, "Oh God...We aren't having sex...You feel so good and are so sweet but we're not going there."

In a serene voice, I hoped translated well I stated, "That fine. I'm just showing you what an exquisite body you have. How can you not appreciate how finely your chest is formed." I stopped my nipple rolling for the soft stroking around her two tits. Circling them in opposite directions, my hands met in her cleavage and went upward only to circle back around.

After five or six times around the teardrops, I veered out to her ribs and down her sides, saying, "And
 these curves. They curve in beautifully. Most women with two kids, wouldn't be curving in, in an impeccable hour-glass shape." I realized my mistake of stating she had two kids, which I shouldn't have known if she was truly anonymous. I quickly adjusted my slow stripping of her to something a little faster.

Quickly finding the hook at the waistband of her skirt I undid it and ran the zipper beneath enough that her black garment could be pushed down over her flared hips. I incorporated my acknowledgment of her body's beauty with the removal. With my fingers inside the waistband, I continued my praise of her shape. "The hour-glass is completed by these flawless hips. Not too wide and not boyish, but curved for hands to appreciate."

Her hand that hadn't left my dick was beginning to move up and down. The slight movements coincided with her other hand reaching back and grabbing my firm ass. Her hand groped my ass pulling on my ass cheek. In doing so, she crushed her hand around my cock into her ass and touched my cockhead to the swale of her back above her unflattering panties.

She'd not looked in the mirror since I'd originally force her to and had her eyes closed.  She was excited by my touches and worship of her form, despite her self and either self-loathing or extreme bashfulness that came with it.  I used the situation and tried increasing it for the moment it would take to remove her panties.  I kissed as close to the hood as possible getting a bit of her neck and ran a hand into her cotton panties stroking just below the pantie's elastic between her hips.  She was enthralled and breathing heavily with a deep groan each time I press harder as my hand passed over her uterus.

The deception was enough for my getting the scissors from the table next to us and sniping both sides of her panties making a butterfly of the material. The cut material fell freely to her feet, as intended. I hadn't wanted to chance pushing the panties down stopping her from unconsciously masturbating my cock or having them caught mid-thigh making her overly conscious of baring her pussy. She seemed only mildly surprised when I cut through the fabric as if it didn't fully register as I pressed harder on her mons and bit on her shoulder.

When she did finally notice her pussy was now visible, the hand that had been groping my ass shot to cover herself.  "Oh my God, my panties...I'm naked."  The hand on my dick, though, stayed where it was continuing with her hand job.

The scissors, already safely put back on the work table, I took her hand and moved it away, "Yes, and you're so sexy like this." She was looking down at the mirrored floor her whole-body heating with as she blushed.

Not moving she whimpered, "I can't be here like this...I can't..." She left the statement incomplete.

I'd give her no solace for her doubts, "But you are. And you look so beautiful."  She jumped at the touch of my fingertip on her thick labia. I ran it along the bloated freshly shaved fold. "You're so smooth. And you look so fresh and new." Tilting her head one more time keeping my finger below her chin not letting her look away from the mirror and where my finger was.

"Dare I say you look virginal? What do you think your husband will say when he first sees you? Or moreover when he feels the silkiness of you're pedals as they were likely when you met?"  With two fingers in a peace sign, I ran my fingertips over the plump pedals at the same time lightly grazing them up and down.  "I think he'll want to put his lips all over this satiny skin. To feel the perfect softness of them.  It will be the same urge to experience perfection like the kiss on a newborn baby's butt."

Her hips moved out towards my fingers. Whether it was voluntary or not I don't know but the coarse panting and little whines at my fingers keeping the feather-like touch likely were not voluntary. She said nothing but stood frozen no longer stroking my cock behind her, wide-eyed watching my hand move. "So how will you explain your new irresistible pussy when he demands to taste it. And the jealousy creeps in. I'll tell you how," I pinched together my two fingers on either side of her clitoris and smashed her labia in-between. "You'll say you got carried away shaving for your bikini. And he'll believe you because you will let his face wallow in the smoothness."

She was fully glassy-eyed, in a trance watching and experiencing my fingers glide along the inner ridge of her folds. Matter of factly she said, "I haven't worn a bikini in years."

I couldn't believe my ears, but thinking on it I didn't remember ever seeing her in on when I saw her at the public pool. I instructed, "You're going to buy one tomorrow...You have to...The smaller the better...Go and buy one and head to the pool," I knew this was impossible in the town as she was traveling to the beach, but once there she could. "Let the teen girls see how sexy you are...Let them be jealous of the men's eyes that follow you instead of them.  The men they'll wish would stroke them like this." My whole hand down over her full labia and I pushed a finger between the full lips as my hand came back up. "But the men will be thinking of doing it to you. Stroking the hot fullness of your sex." Pressing my finger over the opening of her vagina I continued, "Putting their fingers in you. Making you wet and ready for their cocks." I press the flat of my finger into the entrance but no more. Instead, I kept that pressure on her wet valley and across the hard raised clit at the top of her darkened thin folds. I continued up not stopping at her pussy nub but going over the mons and fit stomach to between her breast. First going one way then the other and back, just so I could roll her hardened nipple in my fingers. She arched her back, putting her head back on my shoulder while her hand went to her wet cunt.

I had her now it was just a matter of taking her. My hands were on her breast starting to turn her around to me.  She resisted me, "No, fuck me now." I was surprised at her brashness and the demand.

Tweaking her nipples before putting my hands to her hips to force her to turn I said, "I want to taste you before that. Suck up your delicious honey while making you cum in my mouth."

She got suddenly practical while panting and moaning at her own hand keeping her wet, "I have girlfriends that can do that to me. They can't fuck me with a gorgeous hard cock like yours. And I'm about out of time before I have to be home.  And I have to know what it's like having it in me, fucking me."

Again I tried turning her hips to sit her on the futon while I lowered it into a bed. For the second time, she resisted and must have realized why I was turning her. "My husband only does it missionary. I want to be on my knees getting fuck. Fucked deep and hard from behind." She knelt on the futon putting her hands on the back.

Her fine round ass was sticking out with her legs slightly apart. Both of her holes were presented to me. I was to put my solid dick in only the lower one.  But at seeing the beauty of the sight, I decided the upper one wouldn't be left out.  Before she could change her mind I had my cock lined with her pussy hole. The first small push guaranteed I'd hit the spot and my bulbous helmet was embedded in her.

She cried out, "Oh God, I'm doing it. I'm getting fucked...Shit, you're so big."

Taking firm hold of her hips I answered her saying, "And your so hot and tight...God, you feel so good around me." The second part of my answer was a thrust of my hips. Half my dick in her, I stated, "Now you are getting fucked." I wasn't worried about virginity or that my partner was new or inexperienced. What I hadn't planned on from the woman that had borne Harmony and Kathy as such a tight pussy.

"Oh, It so big I'm so full." She jutted her ass backward taking more of me. "Augh...I'm being fucked by a hot dildo. You're bigger than my dildo...Oh, God."  I push again keeping the grip on her hips. She jumped with an "Ouch...Shit, my husband never hits me there."

"Then he never hits here," I said ramming the last inch of my dick in her. My balls were pressed on her newly smooth pussy lips where her lube ooze out onto me.

"Oh fuck! Good god, you're in my throat." She panted out. Her cunt walls had started rippling around me from the instant I parted them. They started working overtime as I stretched them in new ways.

There was no letting her get used to the size. While I was bigger than her husband she obviously used a dildo just a bit smaller than my dick. But pushed against her back wall I don't think she ever put it fully in.  After we were done I was betting in the future she would.

Slowly sliding my dick out of her velvet sheath and feeling it squeeze and undulate trying to keep my cock within it, I thought of Kathy. She had felt much the same way earlier in the day. Her pussy too had undulated and constricted like it would keep me in it by force.  When I plowed back in after leaving only the tip of my cock in Mrs. Kendall's vagina, I thought of Harmony. This cunt like Harmony's collapsed back down quickly after my dick passed by leaving the space vacant, too.  It made it feel like you were pushing through the canal for the first time every time. 

"Fuck me harder...God slap your balls into me faster. I need to feel you cum. I want to feel your hot seed fill me." She panted out. I grabbed her tits and rolled the nipples that were Harmony's in twenty years.  As I pounded my pelvis into her ass.  The mirrored walls made the sounds echo.

After a couple of minutes of popping my balls on her clit Mrs. Kendall began to quiver all over.  It was the first time I looked up at the mirror in front of us. It was then, I saw Mrs. Kendal was intently watching as my dick slid in and out of her hole.  Her eyes widened and she shook from head to toe
 from her orgasm and the concussion of my pelvis on her ass.  She bellowed, "I'm cumming, Oh yes. Cum with me." Her mouth froze open as she gasped sucking large amounts of air.

I thought even with the modulation of her voice, cumming she sounded like her daughter.  Which brought into focus the fact I'd now fucked every woman of the Kendall household. And having cum in the first two would mean cumming for this one take longer.  I continued thrusting into her heavenly hole but now trying to make it take longer.  Mrs. Kendall noticed the subtle change and hollered, "God cum...I want to feel it fill me before I have to go."

I slowed my stroking in and out of her cunt to a snail's crawl. "Nothing makes me cum like a nice slow lazy screwing.  And you aren't half done cumming" I could feel her collapsed cunt hemorrhaging against my shaft, while my helmet's "V' felt every ripple of her slick rubbery G-spot.

Despite her insistence, she had to leave before she was missed, she didn't tell me to stop or exit. Instead, she had little orgasm after little orgasm working her way up to massive orgasms. She had three lung emptying orgasms while I varied my screwing from hard pounding, short rabbit strokes, and long slow mind-blowing thrust where every muscle of her cunt could be distinguished and she likely could feel every ridge, bump, and nodule on my cock. I rolled her nipples and massaged her tits. Some times it was gentle with a feather's touch others times it was that of a thirteen-year-old getting his first feel of a girl's tits.

Over forty-minutes later I felt my balls gather up. I shoved my cock deep into places I hadn't been; shoving my thumb through her asshole at the same time. She wailed and thrashed wildly as she climaxed harder than the previous three. She screeched in tongues like she was having a religious experience while I poured spurt after spurt of cum into her.

When the last of my cum had oozed into her, I flopped, exhausted, and dripping sweat onto her sweat-covered back I said, "Welcome to ASC. I hope you enjoyed your time. I hope you come back again."

Panting and laughing, her body being held up by the back of the futon, where her tits pressed into the back she said, "Oh fuck, I'll be back. I don't care the cost, I'll be back." She fell over out from underneath me laying on the cushion.

After five minutes of neither of us moving except a twitch every now and then from Mrs. Kendall. I pushed up and looked down at the well-screwed woman, "I hope we run into each other again some time. But I gotta go. I have another appointment." It wasn't a lie.  I figured Mindy was up in the office waiting on me for what I didn't know.

Mrs. Kendall looked up her blue eyes looking more brilliant than when I first saw them, said, "You have to be a machine if you can do this again tonight"

Smiling at the door, "That's me the Terminator... I'll be back." I chuckled figuring she would get it.  Getting back to business, I said, "When you're ready go back the way you came in."

"Ok, do I say thank you now?" She asked.

"No, but I'd like to thank you. You are a beautiful, and wonderful woman. And any man should be thrilled to pleasure you in any way you desire." I replied.

"You keep talking like that, I may never leave. Though I'm not sure if I'll ever be the same," She looked down at her cunt rubbing it. Picking up the cut-off panties she held them up, "What do I do with these?"

"You can leave them the cleaning crew will take care of them," I answered knowing I was the cleaning crew.  "Or, you can take them home as a memento of your first visit here."

"I'll keep them," she said hugging them to her naked chest. "You get to your next appointment so I can get dressed."

I thought it funny, how even after having sex and seeing every part of another person they would get bashful when it was time to dress.  I left, got my clothes from the original room, and headed to the office and Mindy.

I walked into the office naked carrying my clothes. Mindy was there waiting. She still looked damn good, her hair and makeup were perfect. Not that of someone that had been out partying all evening. I knew she had been so that only left she had touched up her makeup and hair before I walked in.  This made me nervous. She never went out of her way to look nice for me. 

And this wasn't nice, it was gorgeous. Gorgeous in a way I never saw except when I'd run into her when she was out on a date. But that was over a year ago.  And even more frightening was she smiled at me as I came in.  "I wasn't sure you could handle an older woman. But you handled the situation perfectly."

Nervously my voice shook, "Thank you?'

She looked at me up and down, but not in her usual "I want to fuck you," or "Your such a dweeb and waste of space." If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was actual caring about me and my appearance. "Well put down your uniform and hood," she looked over at the monitors. Mrs. Kendall was just walking out the door to the entry hood room. "Good, she is gone. You gave her and yourself quite a workout. Why don't you go get a shower and clean up? I'll be here waiting."

I could swear, I heard banjo's playing, but said, "Sure I can do that," anyway.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I always enjoy reading about when Glory and Harmony are together around Alex, but the highlight for me was definitely was Alex and Harmony together while Glory was watching in the closet. The two having sex in front of Glory was for me one of the many 'build ups' in the story - will they, won't they, and if they do, how did they get there? - and of course now I'm looking forward to seeing how Glory finds out officially about Alex and Harmony, and if/how that changes the relationship between Alex and Glory.. and possibly Vee?

While I've said before my focus is mostly on Alex with Glory (and by extension Harmony) and Vee, I do like that ACS, Daisy, and Mindy are included in the story. Those parts are also well written and add variety. Besides, who knows if/how those aspects might ever be connected with Glory/Harmony/Vee? We already know that Daisy will be going to the beach, and that's another build up to which I'm looking foward. As for ACS, the encounter with Mrs. Kendall was among my favorites of the ACS sessions. Sweet and with a nice amount of sexual tension.

Also, there've now been several mentions of Bunko.. for some reason, I keep forgetting to look up that story, but I think I'll go ahead and do that now.

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Great additions!!! I do love this story and your writing. It's one of the few reasons I still come back to this site after the purge. Keep up the good work

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PHDaddy and CT,
Thanks for the reviews and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. This story has been going on for a long time and that you and a few others keep reading and reviewing keeps it alive.

Author's note: I did a check and based on average reading speed this story already takes more than a full 24 hour day to get to this point. It is 430K words. That is a lot of words. And it may be a barrier to new readers getting into it, I don't know.  And while some chapters I'm not overly thrilled with, most I think are good for an amateur. You can disagree if you like but I won't hear it because that requires comments and only a half of one percent of views generates a comment. But that is a discussion for a different board.

I guess I have a fear of "Jumping the Shark" at some point soon. So if/when I do, a simple "Shark" will do for a comment, and I evaluate if I will keep going with this story.  Please stick around for the next post.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 41: Mindy's Graduation

The whole time I was in the shower I couldn't help but wonder what Mindy had in mind. She had yet to say what she wanted for a graduation gift from me. I was sure she had something degrading and kinky she'd want from me. I couldn't imagine what that would be, but I was sure she'd make me wait until she got back from the beach. It only meant when I got up to the control room Mindy would be ready to lower the hammer of humiliation on me.

I entered the office, my head still wet and a towel around my waist and water beads on my chest and rolling down my stomach. It looked like Mindy had just finished re-applying a light coating of lipstick, which seemed odd. She smiled when she saw me. It was the smile that made her the most gorgeous girl I knew. Daisy is pretty beyond belief, and she exudes from her every pore her sweetness, but even at her most despicable, when made up and trying to be pretty she still surpassed Daisy.

She rose from the chair coming to me. She released my towel from my waist and used it. She wiped the remaining drops of water from my chest and stomach. I stood stunned as Mindy scrubbed my hair dry. She put the towel down and ran her fingers through my black locks brushing them into place. I was waiting for her demands nervously. Turned out I had nothing to fear, she handed me a full outfit. She said, “Will you please put these on. They should be your size.”

The clothes were new and looked nothing like our uniform. She'd even included a pair of underwear, though new the clothes didn't have the scratchiness of coming straight out of the packages. The total outfit turned out to look fairly good on me. It made the difference of our attire not seem so out of place. Fully dressed I was seriously uncomfortable when she took a knee and tied my shoes. “You do know you're acting strange?” I asked her. “Are you going to tell me what bizarre and degrading thing you want me to do for your graduation gift?”

“I hope you don't find my gift too degrading,” she paused looking embarrassed. It was likely the first time I'd seen her embarrassed. She took a deep breath like she was calming herself. “Until I leave for the beach tomorrow, I am to be your girlfriend.”

“What?” I needed it repeated. It made no sense.

“You're going to make me say it again aren't you?” she said, but in the angry tone, I would've expected.

“No, but you know I have a girlfriend. And, you're going to the beach with her.” I replied.

“Yeah. But I know you're the king of acting. And your compartmentalizing is amazing. And I'm not saying we're going to make love or even have sex for that matter. But if we did Daisy knows about your screwing around.” Mindy said.

“Yeah, that is in here as a job. Not out there in the real world.” I said, still thinking the whole thing was weird. “And why me and why now?”

“I don't know,” she answered. She turned to the monitors and did a playback of me with Mrs. Kendall. She had set it up to where I was describing how beautiful she looked and how her breasts were perfect for her chest. “That that is what I want. And I don't want a guy that will be slobbering all over me for days. So it came down to you. Even if it is a lie. Make it a lie I can believe. I know you can do that you did it right there.” Something told me Mindy's explanation wasn't the full truth. She could have any guy she wanted for a night and cut off his balls the next day if he was too clingy. It didn't quite add up.

“No, I didn't.” I was emphatic. “I found the woman's body beautiful. I find most woman's body's beautiful. But hers for her age and likely someone ten to twelve years younger was exquisite. So I let her know. I didn't lie. I did know it would help in getting her naked and having sex, but it wasn't a lie.”

“Well, I notice you never kissed her on the lips. But you do me all the time before we screw. Which is nice but you haven't told me I'm beautiful lately or maybe ever. And I don't know...On my final day of high school, I just want someone to worship me as you did her. I'm going to Southern Baptist and there are gorgeous women everywhere you look there. And I want one last night of being the best-looking woman around and being adored for it. I know it is shallow but it is what I want," She turned off the monitor as I was describing how smooth the plump folds were.

I wanted to object to the whole thing. I loved Daisy, and I wasn't so sure how much would be acting. It was that that bothered me. But it was also that that convinced me to do as she asked. I'd put it in a box in the back of my brain when done and pull back out the Daisy box and everything would be fine.

So cheerfully I said smiling and leaning in giving her a quick peck on the cheek, so as not to mess up her makeup, "Ok you have a boyfriend for the night."

She actually blushed a bit saying, "Good."

"So shall we go for a candle-lit dinner?" I asked not quite serious.

"No," She dragged the word out. "Is that what you'd do with Daisy this hour of the night.  I want you to treat me like you do her."

"This hour of the night we'd likely be having sex," I said thinking it was funny. Mindy's face showed more hurt than funny.

She covered it up well, smiling "Ok on the nights you're not making the beast with two backs or after being done where would you go out to eat."

I didn't have the heart to tell her, we never went out to eat after having sex. She had a kitchen in her apartment we used a lot. So I reverted back to my days with Julie, "Well as crazy as it sounds this hour would be the 'Awful Wuffle'." It was the common name for the 'Waffle House' in town though the food was actually tasty."

"Sounds perfect, let's go. I'm hungry.  Beer and booze do nothing to fill you up." Her statement explained the two pieces of gum she was chewing on.

Afraid she may be a bit tipsy and would be pissed the next day having been seen with me on what would look like a date, I asked. "You sure you want to be seen alone with me late at night. People will talk."

She backed away from me and stood judging my appearance.   Nodding her head, she stated, "You look good enough to be seen with me."

"I don't know you're stunning tonight. I'd have to say I'm punching way above my weight class," I said taking in her picturesque form.

"Thanks. And I appreciate what you are trying to do but you don't have to lie. I know I just said I want you to tell me I'm pretty but it doesn't have to be now, " She said. Again there was a twinge of doubt I'd never heard in her voice when talking to me.

"Again I'm not lying. I'll tell you what so you don't have to wonder, for the rest of the night I will not lie to you. I will speak only the truth. And the first truth is I'm a fabulous liar. I do it all the time in here. But we won't be in here and I give you my word I won't lie. And I know that sounds like a contradiction, but a beautiful lady such as yourself deserves a night of nothing but the truth." I said. As a promise of how I'd approach the rest of the night, it was weak.

"That was horribly explained. But thank you." She grabbed my hand and interlocked her fingers with mine. "Ok, the "Awful Wuffle' it is."

She didn't let go of my hand as we walked through the halls of the silo. We went out the same direction as Mrs. Kendall since the Waffle House was close to the college.  We slipped out of the chappel hand in hand, and there was a kind of skip in Mindy's step as we walked down the street to the restaurant.

Going into the well-lit greasy spoon, hand in hand I saw Simon Russell. Worst yet, he saw me holding Mindy's hand. Sitting next to my Ex he jealously said at me, "Shouldn't you be with her brother. You're not fooling anyone you fudge packer."

I was going to ignore him. I was used to being called gay. It didn't really bother me when morons talked out of their asses.  Mindy though was having no part of it. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips down to hers. She made a big deal out of aggressively french kissing me, making sure Simon and Julie saw our tongues dancing. The kiss was slightly over the top for even a couple truly dating. Her reaching between us, grabbing my cock through my pants in the middle of the diner was well overboard. She pulled back and looked at Simon, "No he's with me. And he packs me over full, no matter the hole."

Julie's look of shock was priceless, as was Simon's.  Mindy outside the silo was known for her tongue that could slice anyone up that crossed her. But she wasn't known as a slut, or someone that engaged in  buttfucking.  And to say she was doing it with me who was so far out of her league was beyond the pale. We continued on to an empty booth in the back of the restaurant, where she sat on the same side as me.  I never understood why couples did that. I wanted to look at my date's face. And I definitely would enjoy looking at Mindy's pretty hazel eyes, and her form sitting so I could watch her while we talked. 

But then she cuddled up against me.  Her firm tit on my arm until I had to put it over her shoulders so she could press more of her body against me.   Comfortable she said, "Sorry about that. I know Simon and I have a lot of the same friends, but I've never liked him. He is an asshole.  And Julie is OK I guess, but she has horrible taste in boyfriends."

"Hey, I was her boyfriend once," I objected.

"Exactly. She should've known better than to go out with you. She just needed to be told of the error in her ways." Mindy's statement was the closest she'd ever gotten to admitting she broke Julie and me up on purpose. With her lithe, though dressed, body sucking heat from mine and looking angelic I couldn't be upset with her for doing it. Any other time I'd have raised hell with her, but not that night.

"Yeah, I guess in the end it was better we ended it when we did. I think both of us are happier," I stated.

Somewhat to herself, Mindy said, "Yes we are."  The rest of the night at the diner other seniors came and gawked at Mindy and me together in the booth. She waved it off each time saying either they were beneath her and not worth worrying about, or that after the summer everyone was headed off to college and one night will be forgotten.  Otherwise, we had a nice time together, telling jokes and making fun of teachers and underclassman that were out late and thought they were hot stuff.  Twice, for no good reason when my head was turned to hers, she drew me in slowly for a delicate french kiss completely unlike the one on the way in. It was soft and her lips captured mine. They moved across mine with a sensuality we never shared before. It seemed all our other kisses had been sexual and lust-filled or vengeful. But these took my breath away like no others. And while I hated to admit it, not even Daisy had been able to draw that kind of emotion out of me. And had she asked me I would've had to confess to Mindy, this about her scared me more than all her abilities to belittle me in front of other people. I was glad she didn't ask me when she saw the previously unseen expression on my face.

We stayed together eating and talking for over three hours. Well past the time all the other high school couples had left hoping to get lucky before the sun came up or curfews kicked in.  I guess Mindy and me didn't feel that pressure to try and get laid. I was sure there was no way while we were not in the club she would have sex with me. And I was fine with that, as I was enjoying her company without the prospect of having to have sex hanging over our heads. 

We walked talking our hands still clasped together, swinging them as we walked the mile and a half back to her house. It was four in the morning when we ended up at the door to her house. I was ready to leave her without a hug or kiss at the door, knowing she would be leaving early in the morning for her trip.  When I turned to go Mindy kept ahold of my hand fingers intertwined.  She put her finger to her lips and said, "Shhh. I don't want to wake my parents. I'm not allowed to have boys in my room."

We tiptoed through the house, Id been in lots of times, headed to her room. In all the years Ben and I had been friends not once had I seen inside her room.  On the door were two unwelcome signs. "Siblings Not Allowed" and "Enter and Die." The second one had a skull and crossbones. So when we got to her room's door I was more than a little apprehensive.

She opened the door to the dark room and whispered, "Come on. And stay quiet."  Julie and I had the same sort of exchange at her door when we were dating.  I guess that conversation happens a lot when girlfriends are sneaking their boyfriends into their rooms late at night. Well at least at houses where daughters fucking their boyfriends under their parents' roof is frowned on. And I knew Ben's parents more than frowned on it.

I was shocked when after closing the door Mindy turned on a lamp on her side table. I had expected the room to be black or at least blood red with pentagrams everywhere. Even her walls were devoid of the whips and chains I'd presumed would be there. What I saw instead was a pastel-painted room with a big bed with a flowered bedspread and a couple of lace-trimmed pillows against a cream headboard. Her walls had paintings and some framed poems that had her name as the author. The true shocker was there were no clothes on the floor and everything seemed to be put away. Never had I been in another girl's room that looked like it could be in a magazine, definitely not my sister's.

Mindy must have seen the shock on my face at seeing her room for the first time. "What you were expecting a sex den with whips and chains on the wall and a four-post bed with handcuffs permanently attached?"  God, how I hated how she could read my mind at times. "You do know, I am a girl after all. I do like pretty things."

Busted I just admitted it, "Yeah well can't really blame me for thinking it. It very nice." I stood in the center of the room wondering what she wanted me to do. Being Mindy and having said all kinds of stupid stuff in front of her over the years I asked just that, "What do you want me to do?"
"What did you do when you went to Julie's room?"  She asked. I noticed she didn't say Daisy's. I am fairly sure she knew what I did there and that kind of visit wasn't foremost in her plans.

"The times I was in Julie's room the door was open and we did homework together or on very rare occasions sat on her bed while acting like we were watching TV or videos on a laptop." I left off we were making out when we were acting like we were watching TV.  "None of that applies. So I'm feeling kind of stupid standing in the middle of your room, right now."

"Well sit at my make-up table for a second while I get ready for bed. And no looking." I thought it was hilarious she didn't want me to look. I'd seen her naked bent over a desk while I fuck the hell out of her, and worse. And now she says don't look. So I didn't. I was too busy looking at the pom-poms hanging on either side of her mirror. There were pictures all around the mirror stuck in by a corner between the glass and the frame. Most of them were of her and her cheerleader girlfriends.  A couple were of her parents and one of her and Ben with their parents on what looked like it was taken on Christmas. The one that drew my attention immediately though was the one of me. It was a class photo I didn't remember giving to her.  And then even more shocking was the picture frame on the tabletop. It was small and the frame had been modified with    calligraphy lettering that said, "My Boys." Inside the frame was a photo of Ben and me in our soccer uniforms with our arms around each other's shoulders. It looked like it was taken from a distance after the first varsity game Ben and I played in. 

That picture made the one under the glass on the table seem less important but still interesting. It was one of the four of us. Me, Ben,  Mindy, and Glory as little kids. We were wet and muddy posing for the picture. We all had arms over shoulders and I was next to Mindy instead of Ben. I didn't remember taking the picture or the day, but Mindy evidently wanted to remember. I didn't say anything about the pictures when I turned back around at Mindy's, "OK, you can look again." 

I again was expecting a lace teddy hugging her curves, and showing off her gorgeous legs and fine ass. The type with the hooks in the bottom not just so a woman could pee without getting out of it but making it easier to fuck when the time came.  She wasn't in something like that. But Her standing there in a light pink long T-shirt with a couple of puppies on it was probably sexier than the teddy would have been. The T-shirt covered her perfect ass and came down not quite to mid-thigh, still showing off her cheerleading honed legs, though that wasn't the purpose of the shirt. Her nipples were pokies in the thin fabric, but again showing off her assets wasn't the purpose.

She pulled back the covers and slipped between the sheets.  Watching the graceful way she had done it was any guy's wet dream. And if that wasn't her saying, "Come on take off your shoes and join me," was.

I stammered, "What?"

"The last part of your present to me is sleeping with me." She stressed sleeping. "All the other girls on the squad were always talking about how nice it was waking up in the morning in their boyfriend's arms.  Most of them had made love the night before but a lot hadn't and still like it. I've never had that experience. And I thought it would be nice to do that once while still in high school. I know technically I'm not in high school anymore but we can pretend. " I noticed she had us pretend a lot that night. "Also, all of them had to sneak their boyfriend out in the morning. And as you know my parents will kill me if they catch me in bed with a boy. And Dad will likely kill the boy.  So we'll have to sneak you out before I head off to the beach. "

"Let me see if I have this right. You want me to get in bed with you, and not have sex but sleep. And in the morning I have to sneak out so I don't die. Is that about right?" My tone was one of a joke. "OK sounds like a guy's dream. So I'm in." I took off my shoes and walked to the other side of the bed where Mindy was already holding the covers back for me.

"Thanks," She said.

She snuggled into me and put her head on my shoulder while laying half her body across mine.  It didn't take long while I looked down at her pretty face before she looked up and wiggled up higher to put her lips on mine. It was like the ones in the diner.  Slow hot and sensual.  There was no hurry or demand for sex that came with the majority of her kisses. Her hand that any other occasion would have gone to my covered cock, went to my face. There she gently let her fingertips trace over my jaw and cheeks. 

I gently stroked her as well but not her face. My hand grazed over her T-shirt on her back. Up and down along her spine, I went while our lips lazily grip each other.  It was nice laying with her holding her on a real bed and the heat of our bodies mixed. I was content to continue this way enjoying her lips until we fell asleep.

Mindy though while she didn't aggressively unbutton my shirt but over a long period of time my chest was bare and her hand stroked my torso. She didn't linger at my nipples or start breathing much differently, but let the hands drift with no particular purpose in mind. Pulling my shirt free from my pants was the next logical step for her and I read nothing into it. I figured she just didn't want to deal with it getting in the way occasionally.

Our making out continued, at the pace of two teens getting to know each other sexually for the first time. This definitely was
 not us down at the club but evidently was us at that moment. With my chest bared, I guessed my hand stroking her butt while we continued swapping spit and breaths but not yet tongues was reasonable.  My hand going over her tight ass appeared to be the catalyst for her tongue to gently probe the waters. It lightly traced over my lips while my hand lightly traced over her covered ass.

Mindy was the one that gradually pulled the front of her nightshirt up to under her tits, leaving her butt still covered by it and the panties she had on. Between kisses, she said, "I just wanted to feel your skin against mine. I hope you don't mind."

Hot beautiful girl, sensual lingering kisses, and she wonders if I'd mind if she made it so the skin of our stomachs touched. What did she think I would say? "I don't mind," I said. And only after her smooth taut skin was on mine did I add, "I like the way you feel."  Adding it any earlier would have meant when we were naked down in the silo. Now, it could just as well meant at that moment. A moment when we were playing at being boyfriend and girlfriend. Which I was starting to feel a little bad about because the pretend part was getting harder to rectify in my mind. And I already had a girlfriend and she was back at my house, likely getting fucked by one of the two females there with her or both.

I did what I could putting Daisy out of my mind. Mindy's lips on mine and the silky skin of her midriff on my stomach were making it easier by the second. Mindy's breath washed with mine while our attached lips were building in passion and intensity, they still didn't grow in sexual urgency. I let my lips glide and hold hers in a relaxed manner delighting in every tiny small dip and curve they possessed. And it had been a long time since I'd refreshed my tactile knowledge of her gorgeous face.

I stopped kissing and reached up to her lips. I grazed the supple puffed lips I'd just been kissing. My lips knew her every dip and wrinkle of the pouty flesh, but I felt the urge to experience them through my fingertip. And not just her lips, but the arch of her cheekbones and the sweep of her nose and curvature of her brow. My fingertips traced every part of her beautiful face.

It was as if I had to know and own a permanent record of her face at that moment. A moment like none other we had shared. The sexual tension in her face I had become used to when I was with her in the silo was gone. And instead of finding my tracing every part of her face invasive, she hummed and sighed while I caressed it.  Her fingers too were soon exploring my familiar face in a way that was like it was being done for the first time. The earlier tracing became more intimate mine making me flush, assuming she too had the same desire to capture me at that moment. I pulled her hand away for a moment so I could gaze into her eyes and she into mine. In a gentle tone, I said the first thing that came into my head, "You are absolutely beautiful. How did I get so lucky to be here?"

Mindy didn't answer the question but in the lamplight, I saw she blushed and it extended all the way down her neck. With the blush was a hint of fear. Fear of what I had no idea. She returned to our paused kissing and found me overly willing in accepting her french kiss, sharing breaths, saliva. It was her first moans of passion that caught my ear. It was a sound I was somewhat familiar with, but the tone was primal. The tone before had only been heard when she was climaxing.

The hint of sex had crept into our making out. The camel had only put his nose under the tent, but its head soon followed. Her hand that I'd stopped had restarted stroking my skin above my pants' waistband. This time she didn't ask me if I minded her undoing the button of my clothing. She undid the button and the zipper folding the front of my dress slacks open. It was all the further she took the advance. 

Our kissing was augmented with her smooth leg moving up and down on mine, stroking my covered upper thigh with her bare inner thigh. I was enjoying her motions even though I couldn't feel the satin of her inner thigh. She on the other hand wasn't. She stopped her legs stroking and broke our kiss for a moment, "Your pants are scratchy. Will you get rid of them? Your hairy legs will be less scratchy."

"If you want me to I guess I can," I said knowing the sensations on my thigh would improve one-hundred-fold having direct contact with her majestic thighs.

"Yeah, but only your pants." She replied putting on her qualifier. She didn't need to add the 'only your pants' as being without pants was bad enough if her parents came in.

Mindy rolled off me enough that working together I wrangled out of the slacks and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. Freed from the pants Mindy, again draped her leg over mine. Her inner thigh's heat and baby's butt smooth feeling on the top of my thigh was more than a one-hundred-fold improvement.  The satiny feel moved along my thigh and her equally luscious feeling calf did the same on the lower half of my leg.

While making out with Mindy I wished all of our fuckings had started this way. Most of our bodies in contact, gently rubbing along each other, and lips and hands venerating the other as well.  Her lips veneration move from my lips to the side of my neck. She moved them slowly over my neck finding its base and remaining there enticing me with her talented lips and tongue tip.   

When I moved her away from my neck so I could savor her's as well, she didn't just move up with my encouragement. While I only wanted her moving up so I could kiss and titillate her neck, she climbed completely on me while she moved up.  Her light body pressed me only a bit more into her bed's mattress. And her stomach was fully on mine, while her panty-covered pelvis lay tight against my boxer-covered dick.

Mentally I had no expectations of running my dick through her vagina, but my body reacted to the fact I was in bed partially undressed with an absolutely magnificent angel. And at that moment she was as close to an angel as I'd ever be in bed with.   And my body made sure my cock was hard and ready if the angel decided it could join with her as one body. Mindy didn't say anything when her mons was balanced on my solid pole pressed between us. 

I indulged my lips and skimmed them over her neck. My tongue's tip sampled the salt and oils every time my lips stopped and took in bits of her flesh. Her neck smelled mainly of the sweet scent of the perfume she had applied much earlier in the evening. Under that was her natural scent and it was intoxicating. Her breath had turned raspy and shallowed and her heart's pounding pulsed my lips while on her neck.

For thirty minutes we made out increasing both of our body's temperatures and with the utmost care and tenderness, our hands and fingers stroked each other's bodies. We caressed parts both covered and uncovered avoiding nipples, pussies, and dicks.  Although our hands had left privates unmolested, her covered privates lightly rocked on my cock. There was a furnace burning behind her panties and she was keeping it and her limber body in check. The rocking not once became humping even though her knees were on either side of my hips.

We talked little, letting our lips and hands explain our feelings for each other. We could no longer pretend our pretending was just that, pretending. We actually had real feelings for each other and those were on display that night in her bed. What came in the morning was irrelevant to that moment.

Mindy broached the subject first and I was taken aback. in my ear she reverently asked, Alex, will you make love to me?  Not fuck like we do other places, but let me share my body and soul with you. Become one in the love I have for you, and I think you have for me."

I knew my answer the instant she asked, only my brain had to hear what my lips said to know how I answered her. "Mindy, I've loved you for a long time. Even when I've hated you I loved you. I can't imagine anything that could be better than sharing my body and soul with yours."

"Can I ask you to pretend one more thing?  It is the last thing I will ask. Can you pretend we've never had sex before? Make this our first night joined as one as if we've never heard of our club. Do it in the manner many of my friends have, their panties pulled to the side and their boyfriend's penis coming out of the flap of their underwear.  Like, it wasn't planned they were just caught up in the love they felt for each other and showed it." 

I guess there was one last pretend we were going to do. Mindy's hand trembled when she reached between us pulling her panties over to one side gathering them up in the crook of her leg and bloated pussy lip. Evidently, she was unsure how I would answer her request.

She should have known by my first answer to her questions. I loved her fully and would do as she wanted because it was her asking. She moved up letting my hand go to my solid cock. It took on a new level of hardness knowing I would soon be making love with the first girl I ever fucked. The rigidity made getting my cock through the boxer's flap take a few tries, but once out I pulled my balls through one at a time ripping the seam slightly, latching the fabric behind them.

Both hands were on Mindy's panty-covered butt, as she lowered herself back down catching my rod between her smooth pussy lips.  We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, her hands on either side of my face and mine massaging her ass.  She broke our kiss where our tongues didn't so much wrestle as slow dance, "I'm ready. Make me a woman, make love with me."

Seeing she was taking her acting to the nth degree I said, "Please help. Help me into your love canal."

She took my dick in her hand and rubbed its head through her wet slit. The lube in her slit coated my
 head readying it for our joining as one. She lined my greased head with her small opening at the center of her womanhood.  I'd been in her steamy passage many times and every time was indescribably fantastic. The sensation of my head passing into her plush sheath, widening it as I joined with Mindy this time was beyond phenomenal. She lowered herself so slowly I could swear I could feel her vagina wall's muscles unfolding. 

She did the extremely slow three push down and rested in between letting her pussy fully accommodate what was in her. She gasped and groaned while my spongy mushroom passed further into her wiping her walls like a squeegee only to have them wet the next instant lubing my rod.  She did the initial reaming outward of her vagina in the same fashion as the deflowered women had at the club. Each inch further that we were attached added to the salacious sensations in my brain.  Finally, at the bottom airily in my ear, she said, "God your so big. I splitting and feel you in my invading my center."

She stayed with the root of my cock pressed to her engorged shaved pussy petals unmoving. Mindy's actions made it clear she was not in a rush to orgasm. She moved slowly letting her luxurious plushness mold to my protruding veins, nubs, and crevices as she lowered and lifted herself along my rod. She didn't grind her clit on me when my mostly boxer-covered pelvis was on hers.  There was no slapping of balls or pop of hard bodies colliding, only the soft hum of her moans and purring. That and the fabric surrounding my cock getting soaked with her excreted lube.

While kissing and gently rolling her hips as she traveled along my rod, she raised her arms telling me without words to remove her nightshirt. she raised up sightly and the garment went over her head breaking our kiss one more time. The feel of her bare breast was familiar, yet felt better than it had ever before. Her tits mashed into me every time her lung filled her expanding with her deep breathing. 

Staying beneath the sheet I rolled us over, not removing my dick from her. She immediately put her ankles at the base of my ass. The slow push and thrust while she consciously tightened her vagina around me, felt miraculous on my rod. Four times her whole body tensed as small orgasms coursed through her. The flood on my dick and the squelched gasps with unmodified squeaks confirmed, she was orgasming.  After which she'd lay on the bed recouping, while I continued the journey in and out of her sublime pussy. She contracted in waves with each small orgasm and for minutes after. Her gyrated hips marked the end of the mini orgasm. I'd corkscrewed slowly in her letting all the walls sculpt to my dick for a short time as she'd gyrate as we continued on.

The sun was coming up when I emptied the last of my balls into Mindy's perfect pussy. I'd emptied most of the cum an hour earlier in long voluminous globs to Mindy's gasps and an "Mmmm. I do love you so much. Let me feel your love flow into me."

I'd stayed hard after the orgasm. Mindy's pussy walls massaging my shaft and cock head, milking me. It prevented the need to stop our lovemaking.  Our final climax occurred together with the first light coming through the window, making the beautiful face I'd spend much of the last two hours either staring at or kissing, even more beautiful. It was beautiful despite her hair that was going in multiple directions in knots and mattes. And her brow had beads of sweat on it and she had mascara smeared down her face with her eyeshadow and her face was contorted with her mouth held open in a petrified "Oh", but she couldn't have looked any more beautiful.  I grunted as the sperm jetted out into Mindy's pussy that too had started gushing and hugging my cock with its vise-like grip. Our all-encompassing orgasms sucked the last of the energy from us and had left her whole bed soaked in sweat and cum. 

I rolled over one more time with her mounted on my pole getting her off of the wet sheets and onto my sweat-covered torso. She snuggled in, her body covered in small beads of sweat as well. My dick, stayed put away in her plush sheath experiencing her instinctual milking, while she closed her eyes purring, and went to sleep.

Woke up with her mother knocking on the door, "Time to go what are you doing in there? Are you still sleeping?"

My cock was still partially in her as Mindy started wiggling off me, "Kind of. Not so much sleeping but unable to move. I stayed up way too late."

The doorknob turned at the same time Ms. West said, "Do I need to come and help you get packed?"

Panicked Mindy hollered, "No I'll be out in a minute. But I'm not dressed. So give me a minute."

The door stopped opening but didn't fully re-close either. "OK, I"ll see you downstairs in a minute. If not I'm coming up to get you. The Johnston's are expecting us.  Oh by the way I told Ms. Johnston we'd ride down with them and some girl named Daisy Devin. It should be fun. You and Gloria used to have fun as little kids."

"Sounds great Mom," Mindy said saccharin sweet. She turned to me and in a low growl said, "Get the fuck out of me. Last night is over, so you can wipe it from your memory like it didn't happen.  And now I have to ride down to my vacation with your bratty sister and your fucking girlfriend." She glared at me the whole time I pulled my dick from her still hot vagina. "Get under the bed and stay there until we're gone, and Dad has left. He said he was going to work today. And don't let Ben see you either."

My morning wood reminded me I might have to pee before that, "What if I have to pee?" I asked starting to slip out from the covers.

"Piss out the window for all I care. Just don't get caught." Her tone getting even less friendly.  She opened her side drawer and pulled out a small white torpedo. She shoved it up her snatch as the first big glob collected on her reddened labia. "Fuck I hate this part.  I swear I'm gonna shove one of these up your ass the next time you squirt your shit in me. Now get under the bed."

It didn't take her hardly any time to finish packing her suitcase. It was fairly small for a girl, which meant she wasn't planning on wearing many clothes while at the beach.  Before she opened the door to go she one more time said to me, "Remember not before my Dad leaves."

I quickly scrambled out from under the bed before she was gone. With just my head above the mattress for Mindy to see I said, "Hey Mindy."

She turned to me with a scowl and snarled, "What?"

I smiled at her while looking her into her hazel eyes, "I do love you."

I'd been around Mindy enough to know when she was trying to keep her expression looking mean when she wasn't feeling it on the inside.  It was one of those times and her voice softened to a neutral tone, hiding what otherwise would've been pleased, "Fuck you."

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Easily one of my favorite chapters with Mindy. Apparently I really like the happy and sappy stuff, and I don't know if its my imagination, but between this, the Companion, and Stowaway, I feel like you've been especially on a roll lately with the sweet/romantic approach.

I remember when I started reading the story, and I had to basically 'binge read' for a couple of days to get caught up.. at which point I was kinda bummed out that I had caught up  :emot_laughing:

But I figure the people that don't like longer stories already checked out long ago. Meanwhile, the ones that don't mind them or that even like them have had no reason to stop reading. So in my mind there's no danger of the story going stale and becoming uninteresting in the near future. I know there's the question of what/when/how will happen between Alex and Glory, but even once that's resolved I think there'll still be life left in the story, as long as you enjoy adding more chapters.

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Whooo hoooo! Great adds Harry. I too, am rather fond of the Mindy stuff. I haven’t been a fan of the added Daisy stuff, but to each their own. This is really the only reason that I check in here for time to time.


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This magnificent tale must continue...

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare