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Remembering Ashley - Part 3 (M-CD/M/Group/Drug/Rape)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1064

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on: December 23, 2019, 07:36:25 PM
Chapter 1

Ashland had his head down, as the doors opened to the police station. Officer Burt led Ashland in by his arm into the lobby.

“Hey Burt,” called one of the officers behind the glass. “What did you bring us this time?”

“Apparently she is ‘not the person I think she is.’ Same shit a different day, you know,” Burt replied. “This lady has been nothing but trouble.” He was already lying, which only made Ashland that much more nervous. Ashland was already mortified walking into a police station dressed as a slutty-looking woman, but he was getting more and more concerned about his current predicament.

They reached the booking counter, and the female officer spoke again, “This isn’t that Ashley Alvares chick? I thought you had her ID and everything.” The woman had a masculine and authoritative tone to her voice.

“Oh yeah, I got it,” Burt continued. “But its not her according to her of course. You know how it is. The second they see the badge, they just start making up bullshit. It is her alright. The ID and description is a spot-on match.” Ashland could hardly believe what he was saying—especially after having just sucked this man’s cock and fucked him—but he was too petrified of the situation to speak; the last thing he wanted was to make the matter worse. “Yea well, I get her in the patrol car, and we get half way to the precinct, and this little lady starts explaining how Ashley Alvares is her twin sister.”

The lady looked over with a look of annoyance with one eyebrow raised. “Ohhh reeeallly,” the lady said condescendingly, as if it was an excuse she had heard a million times before.

“Oh yeah,” Burt continued. “But hold on; it gets better. Then she says she ain’t no she.” The lady’s eyes went up, as if surprised, but in disbelief. “Oh yeah. This little doll is no doll Maria. She says she is a dude. Yup. I’m serious, “ he said in response to the look on Officer Maria’s face. “She says she is just dressed as her twin sister, so she can remember her because she died recently. Have you ever heard such bullshit?”

“I see,” Maria replied while smiling. “So, did you check to see if her story is true Burt?”

“Uh nope!” Burt asserted, as if the conviction in his voice would make it sound true. He was slightly blushing. “We were driving, so I figured I would just leave that matter to you ladies when we got back to the station. Anyways, I need to get back to my post. Regardless, this one was giving me shit, and she smells like ETOH, so at minimal, she needs to be booked on disorderly conduct and public intoxication for the night.”

Maria gave him a sarcastic smile. “Oh thanks Burt. That is so sweet of you.” Maria buzzed the door, and Burt escorted Ashland back behind the counter.

Lucky for Ashland there weren’t many people there at that hour, and the town was small enough that the place didn’t get much traffic. There was another officer in the far corner doing paperwork at his desk. He really didn’t hear the conversation, and he was clearly involved in whatever case he was reviewing. Maria exchanged Ashland from Officer Burt—grabbing him by the arm. “Take care young lady,” Burt said, as he released custody to Maria. “You be nice for Maria here, and if you ever need anything, you can contact me here,” he said, as he placed one of his business cards in Ashland’s purse. He gave Ashland a look that was just to be received by the two of them. A look that said. ‘I’m sorry, you will be alright and call me if you want’. Officer Burt turned around and left the building.

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Reply #1 on: December 23, 2019, 07:37:16 PM
Chapter 2

“Ok,” Maria said, while looking over Ashland in an attempt to figure out if Ashland was truly a man. “I think you and me should just get this thing over-with. The way I see it, the sooner you start cooperating with me and stop waisting our time, the faster we can get you processed. Deal?” Ashland nodded.

Maria was a heavier-set, Hispanic-Black woman in her mid-forties. She had a big gut that helped to hold up her massive breasts. She was a strong, no-nonsense, type of woman who had a butch demeanor.

Maria grabbed Ashland by the arm and took him to an interrogation room. “Alright, I gotta look,” Maria said. Ashland understood what she meant. Maria put on a pair of black, nitrile gloves. She lifted the front of Ashland’s miniskirt and saw his package crushed tight in the two panties. She pulled down the front of Ashland’s panties—exposing Ashland’s sex. “Well shit,” Maria said. By the sound in her voice, she was both surprised and frustrated. “Girl, you got cock and balls just like you said. Hell, I wouldn’t a guest it. Nope.” She was referring to how passable Ashland was dressed as a woman. She released the panties—situating them back in position. She then pulled down the material of Ashland’s bustier. “And you ain’t got no titties. What the hell is Burt doing to me again?” There was a pause. “Ok my dear, or sir. Shit. Hey look. Im with it. What you want me to call you? Sir? Ma’am?”

Ashland hadn’t really considered her question. He thought for a moment. I guess he wanted to be called whatever he looked like, so, “I guess ma’am,” is how he replied.

“That’s fine with me baby. You do you boo, but you are making my night hell with this shit. I’m just saying.” Maria grabbed Ashland by the arm and escorted him back out to the processing area. She pulled out Ashley’s file and looked at her finger-print impressions then eyeballed Ashland’s fingers. They were obviously different, so much so, that Maria just grunted with grief after reaffirming Ashland wasn’t Ashley. “Alright,” she continued. "I gotta do a Breathalyzer on you baby. Sit down.” Ashland sat in a chair, which wasn’t easy still being handcuffed, and Maria brought over a hand held device from a yellow case. She attached a breathing cartridge to the tip. “Ok child. What I need you to do is blow into the nozzle and don’t stop until I say so. Ok?” Maria put the nozzle into Ashland’s mouth, and Ashland blew into it as instructed. “Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow,” Maria said motivationally. “Ok stop!” She looked at the screen for a few seconds and then it beeped. “0.06…god dam that Burt. He is just dumping his crap here like always.” Maria looked back at Ashland with an apologetic look. “Oh, I’m sorry baby. I don’t mean you. It’s that Officer Burt. He just gets on my nerves sometime. Sometimes he just really fucks me over, you know?” Ashland smirked while nodding; he could relate. “You aren’t even drunk. Well you may have been, but not now.” She paused for a moment—looking out into the distance of the room—thinking. “Ok. Listen here. You got somebody that can come pick you up?”

Ashland thought for a moment. He wasn’t about to call his mother dressed as he was. He wasn’t about to call any friends either. He shook his head. Maria was still waiting for a response. “Well, no.”

“Well, I’ll willing to release you sweetie, but I’m not releasing you without a ride,” she replied. “Are you sure no one can pick you up?”

Hearing those words was an instant relief to Ashland. “Can’t I Uber home?” Ashland retorted.

“Unfortunately no. Not for disorderly conduct. I need to release you to someone else’s custody, or I need to hold you for the night, and I can let you go in the morning. Station policy. What’s your decision?”

Ashland didn’t want to spend the night in the jail, but there was literally no one he knew who he wanted to drive him home. Hanging his head with disappointed, he said, “I guess I have to stay.”

“Ok sugar. If that’s your choice then come with me.” Maria sounded disappointed like she was hoping she could just get rid of Ashland. Maria escorted Ashland to the rear of the room. She unlocked a door and led him past several holding rooms. As they walked the hall, Ashland looked inside the small window on the door of each holding room. There were several people crammed inside each white room. They didn’t look like model citizens. Some were lying on the bench or on the floor and looked like transients. Some were pacing in the room as if angry or as if they were strung out on meth. Most cells had men; one had women. “Here is the deal baby. I can’t put you in with the other women. It’s against the rules to mix genders. I’m gonna put you in this cell for now, so you are by yourself,” she said, as she unlocked the door to the room at the end of the hall. Ashland stepped in the room, and Maria unlocked the handcuffs. “But don’t thank me yet. If we get more arrests tonight then I won’t have any choice, but to put them in here. Sorry sugar. Just try to get some sleep. It’ll be morning before you know it.”

Ashland was relieved to be alone, but he wasn’t optimistic. He rubbed the soreness from his wrists and took a seat on the bench at the back of the cell, as Maria shut the door to the room. He looked back at the door in fear. He prayed he wouldn’t hear the door open until morning. In the back of his mind, he knew he wouldn’t be so lucky.

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Reply #2 on: December 23, 2019, 07:37:58 PM
Chapter 3

Ashland awoke to the sound of men barking profanity. He had fallen asleep for the last half hour on the hard bench in his cell, so when he heard the noise and sat up, his first instinct was to stretch out the stiffness in his body that had accumulated from the discomfort of the hard surface. He got to his feet and quickly scurried in his heels to the window of his cell. He looked down the hall and saw Maria bringing three young black men through the jail entrance. They were aggressively shouting at Maria and seemed inebriated, but Ashland couldn’t make out what they were saying. He could see greek letters on their shirts—Alpha Phi Alpha. The college aged boys were young, but tall and muscular like much more mature men; they looked like football players or some type of athletes.

Ashland walked back to his bench, sat down and prayed they wouldn’t be locked up in his cell. ‘That’s all I need,’ he thought. ‘Is some immature college boys making fun of me for the rest of the night, or worse, beat the shit out of me.’ Ashland sat there nervously twitching his crossed legs, and his heart stopped when he heard a key slide into the lock of the door. ‘Awww shit!’ He uncrossed his legs and sat there—stiff and motionless—hugging himself.

Maria opened the door and immediately gave Ashland an apologetic look, but didn’t say anything to him. “Ok boys,” she said loudly. “Get in here and shut up.”

“This is bullshit ma’am,” one said frustratingly. “You need to call coach Ron right now!”

“That’s right,” said another. “You ain’t puttin’ us in no jail cell with some pasty ass bitch,” referring to Ashland.

‘Aw shit!’ Ashland knew he was fucked. These guys were easily half a foot taller and probably fifty to a hundred pounds heavier. They could easily man handle him, and now they were talking shit about him.

Maria spoke with authority. “It is not up to me boys. This is my last cell and you guys need to cool off in here for the night. Just be grateful no one is pressing charges. You’ll be free to go in the morning. Your coach can pick you up then.” One of the guys started to speak, but Maria cut him off—waving her hands in the air. “I don’t want to hear it! You shouldn’t have started the fight.”

“We didn’t…” the third guy spoke, but Maria wasn’t having it.

“It doesn’t matter! It’s over! You’re here until the morning, so shut up, sit down and behave, or all you all will see some charges, so help me God!” With that, Maria slammed the heavy door and locked it behind her.

Ashland heard her walk away and the jail entrance door slam shut. He swallowed hard; his heart was beating fast, but he just stayed still and looked down at his lap. He didn’t know what would be worse: being a girl in a room with three large men, or being a man dressed as a girl in a room with three large men. Ashland tried to make himself feel small. He didn’t even realize someone was talking to him.

“Hey! Hey! Sorry ma’am for calling you a pasty ass bitch,” said the smaller of the boys, as he leaned over to address Ashland at his level. He didn’t really seem sincere behind a veil of alcohol. “Hey, do you hear me? I said sorry.”

“James. Leave that woman alone. Fuck man. You always gotta be running your mouth.” The tall, dark man looked like Tyson Beckford. Clearly, he was the captain—the man’s man of the group. “It’s that mouth that got us in here.”

“Oh fuck that man,” James retorted. “It was your ass that got us in here. If it wasn’t for your horny ass freakin with that bartender’s girlfriend then none of this would have happened. You’re always getting us into some shit over a female.” The captain just shook his head. “Oh yes Rodney! Remember Becky and Lisa, and what about Jackie? Oh, and we all can’t forget Shanna. It is always your ass getting us into some shit over some white hoes.” Rodney didn’t really respond at first.

Ashland looked over to the third guy who was muscular, but soft and heavy compared to the other two athletes—a Teddy Bear of a young man. He was sitting against the wall with his head down between his knees. He seemed to be contemplating the impact of the situation on the rest of his life—something heavy. He seemed too engrossed in his thoughts to participate in their conversation.

“Hey, you need to check yourself,” Rodney. “You were all up on that one hoe too. You two were practically banging on the dance floor, so don’t get on my case for chasing some tail.”

“At least I was dancing with a sister. Your know—a girl with some actual ass and not some back crack. Not like one of those white-ass chicken-heads you’re always picking up. No offense ma’am,” James said, as he gestured back in Ashland’s direction. Rodney just looked to the ceiling and shook his head in denial. “Ma’am, ma’am. Stand up and show my boy what I’m talking about,” James said, as he pushed on Ashland’s shoulder laughing.

“Dude, leave her alone,” Rodney snapped at James, but James didn’t listen.

“Come on girl. Show my boy what I’m talking about,” James said, as he lifted Ashland up from the bench by the arm.

“Dude! I said leave her alone,” Rodney snapped—pushing James in the chest before pushing Ashland by his shoulders back down to the bench. Ashland’s heart rate was still beating fast; he really didn’t know what was coming next. “Sorry ma’am. Just try to ignore this guy.” Ashland just nodded while looking down, but James was loud, boisterous and intoxicated; he didn’t listen.

“Come on,” he said again—this time grabbing Ashland’s wrist and pulling him up away from the bench. Ashland stumbled forward in James’ direction, but James’ lock around Ashland’s wrist prevented Ashland from falling; he collected himself into an erect position. Rodney just turned around and shook his head at his fraternity brother. “That’s it,” James said to Ashland. “Just stand there for a second.” Ashland didn’t move. He was too afraid of the larger boys. James slowly turned Ashland in a circle, as if Ashland was a young colt before a race being trotted on display. “Ok, ok. The bitch has got some curves. I’ll give her that, but she ain’t no sista. Hell, I bet all that ass is just some fake pads ’n’ shit.”

“I’m sorry ma’am,” Rodney said to Ashland. “It’s just the booze. He isn’t normally an asshole. Clearly he is mistaken and butthurt like a little bitch.”

“Hey fuck you man,” James retorted. “I know what I’m talking about. This ain’t real,” he said, as he poked Ashland’s ass and hips with his fingers through the thick, stretchy material of his dress. Ashland bucked at the touch of his fingers on his body, but he didn’t swat him away. “See bro,” James continued, as he pulled at the bottom of Ashland’s minidress, which exposed the bottom of his ass for a moment. Ashland twisted to resist his efforts, but it only aided him, and the dress released its tight grip on his ass and hips, as his bubble butt popped out—exposing his bare ass to the room. James had Ashland by the arm—directing Ashland’s ass in Rodney’s direction.

“Dude! You’re a fucking ass,” Rodney exclaimed, but he also couldn’t help but check out Ashland’s body. Rodney's eyes betrayed his words, as Ashland looked over his shoulder back at Rodney with a look of desperation. Rodney couldn’t help but look with satisfaction at the sight of Ashland’s milky, white ass. It was teardrop shaped and had a bubble curve that protruded from Ashland’s hips—indicative that a healthy layer of muscle was helping to lift the supple fat. Ashland’s meager efforts to resist James was only teasing Rodney’s sore eyes, as Ashland’s ass jiggled. Even Tyrone, sitting on the ground, raised his head to get a peak.

James turned Ashland a little, so he could get a look himself. “Mmmm, not bad at all. Maybe you got something with these white girls Rod.” He pulled Ashland into him, and Ashland braced his forearms against James’ chest. Ashland could smell the alcohol on his breath. James grabbed Ashland by the waist and pulled him tighter then he reached down to Ashland’s bare ass and squeezed his cheeks hard. “Umm yea, maybe these white girls aren’t so bad Rod.”

“Bro,” Rodney said with a sense of concern and urgency. “You’re gonna get us into even more trouble. Come on man.”

“Naw man. She likes it. Don’t you?” James assumed Ashland would be fighting to get free if he really cared, but the truth was Ashland was torn; part of him was afraid he was going to get caught as a man, and who knows what they would do or how they would react, but he would be lying if he said that getting his ass grabbed by a hot guy wasn’t enjoyable. Ashland tried to smile to play nice. “Yea, see. She likes it. If we can’t be at the club then maybe we can bring the club here.” James cued up some music on his phone. “Let’s get this party started.”

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Reply #3 on: December 23, 2019, 07:38:38 PM
Chapter 4

By the time the music started, Ashland had repositioned his dress below his exposed ass. James began dancing with Ashland. At first Ashland was tense and awkward, but he soon loosened up. The remedial amount of wine and ecstasy in his system was activating, as his metabolism and body heat began to rise from the movement, but it was only enough to take the edge off. James slid his leg between Ashland’s legs, pulled him closer and gripped his ass. As they danced to the music, Ashland’s mood quickly improved. His outlook on the situation was considerably better. He was forgetting himself in the moment and just being a girl in James’ arms. He even laughed and giggled, as they danced.

“Yea girl. What’s your name?” James asked.

“Ashley,” Ashland replied.

“Nice. Why don’t you turn around Ashley and show me what your working with?” It was a cheesy line from the song Shake Ya Ass, but Ashland didn’t hesitate. He turned around and began twerking to the music. James moved forward against Ashland’s bouncing booty, and Ashland met his advances by popping his butt back into his crotch. “Dam girl, you’re getting me sprung.” It was true. Ashland could feel something growing under his pants. It was both hot and satisfying to know his ass was turning James on, so he focused his efforts that much more on seeking the growing rod with his cheeks and massaging it with each twerk. “Bro! Stop being such a punk. Come get some of this,” James said to Rodney. “Look man. She wants it.”

Rodney looked conflicted. The fact was that Ashland wanted him more than James to be the one he was dancing with. The sweet,Tyson Beckford look-alike was just so hot, so Ashland gave him some encouragement. He seductively eye-fucked him, as he danced sexy with James—continuing to grind on his ass on James’ crotch. When Ashland turned back around then slowly raised his dress—exposing his white ass—and then looked back over his shoulder at Rodney to come and get some, that is when Rodney dropped his reluctance and joined them in the middle of the room.

Rodney approached Ashland from the back, and Ashland pressed his bare ass against Rodney’s advancing hips. He could feel Rodney’s cock immediately through his jeans. The three of them were grinding on each other—Ashland being happily sandwiched between the two young hunks. Their hands pulled at his body towards their direction; it was hot and, at the same time, just nice to be so desired. Ashland allowed their hands to explore his ass, legs and stomach, as the boys squeezed his flesh. Ashland could feel Rodney’s cock growing, and he made every effort with his ass to encourage it. He looked over at Tyrone on the floor. He was just watching shyly with interest.

“Dam Rod,” James said, as if annoyed. “You’re getting it all,” referring to Ashland’s ass. He pulled on Ashland’s hips—spinning him around. He pulled Ashland by the hips—crashing Ashland’s ass against his pelvis. He squeezed Ashland’s ass—spreading his cheeks—then released them, so they cupped his hard cock then he went back to freaking against Ashland’s booty. “Bro,” he continued. “This white girl got me horny as fuck.”

He was getting Ashland horny as fuck too, but Ashland was eyeballing Rodney. He pulled Rodney by his shirt closer and wrapped his arms over Rodney’s shoulder, as James continued to grind his cock against Ashland’s ass. Rodney had his large hands around Ashland’s small waste, and they were looking into each other’s eyes. Ashland and Rodney moved their faces closer to each other until their cheeks were touching. Rodney could smell the vanilla perfume and sweet scent of Ashland’s body. Ashland closed his eyes and their mouths found each other. Ashland locked her tender, pouty lips around Rodney’s firm, large lips, and they two embraced. Ashland reached his tongue out for Rodney’s and found it waiting. The two slid their tongues across each other, which only increased their arousal. Their kiss didn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh hell no,” James exclaimed. Ashland smiled through their kiss at James. “This was suppose to be my bitch.” Ashland giggled, but he didn’t stop making out with Rodney, yet he didn’t want James to feel left out, so he reached back behind his ass to where James was grinding on his ass. He found James’ hard cock; he began to rub James’ cock through his jeans—massaging it and stroking it. “Oh yea girl,” James moaned with satisfaction.

Rodney’s eyes opened and his kisses lost some intensity, as he saw Ashland’s arm rubbing James’ cock behind Ashland’s body. Ashland opened his large, green eyes to check on Rodney’s look of curiosity, so when he saw him observing his friend, Ashland quickly brought his other hand down to Rodney’s bulge to regain his focus—that worked. Rodney reengaged with Ashland’s lips, and Ashland continued to stroke the large cocks of the two young men.

The claims that black men were hung seemed to be true. Ashland could barely wrap his hand around their shafts, and each men appeared to be at least as big as John or larger.

“Mmm, yea girl. You like that don’t you,” James said, and Ashland mumbled ‘uh huh’ from her kiss. James reached down to his pants and unzipped his zipper—providing better access for Ashland—and the gesture was well received. Ashland slid his hand in James’ fly and fumbled with the opening to his boxers. His heart rate elevated with excitement, as he made contact with James’ flesh. He found his cock and wrapped his warm hand around the swollen cock and began to stroke it. James instinctively began to fuck Ashland’s hand. Ashland pulled at his cock—working it free from the hole of his pants. He continued to stroke James’ cock, while rubbing the head against his supple ass. Ashland reached his hand to his face, and for a moment, released himself from Rodney’s lips long enough to spit on his hand, which he followed by returning his mouth to Rodney’s lips and his lubricated hand to James’ cock. “Oh fuck yea,” James moaned, as he continued to fuck Ashland’s hand and pump his cock against Ashland’s booty.

Ashland’s hand began fumbling with Rodney’s zipper, so he paused kissing Rodney enough to mutter under a hot breath, “Take it out,” before returning to making out with him. Rodney didn’t miss a beat, and he unzipped his cock and pulled it from his pants. As before, Ashland spit in his hand then went back to stroking Rodney’s cock—this time in the flesh. His was definitely larger than James’ in length by a few inches, which made it that much more easy to stroke his shaft. Ashland pressed the head to his smooth, soft thigh, as he stroked his cock. Part of Ashland was saying, ‘Here we go again you little cock slut,’ but another part of him was just seduced by the moment—feeling so natural in their muscular embrace with his petite hand wrapped around their cocks, as if it was what he was born to do, so it wasn’t shocking what came next out of his mouth.

Ashland was stroking and sucking on Rodney’s tongue with his lips, as if it was his cock. Ashland was craving having his hole filled with their meat, which was only making his mouth salivate with hunger. Again he broke from their embrace and muttered under his hot breath, “Fuck my mouth.” Ashland didn’t wait for a response. He dropped to a squat and immediately slid Rodney’s cock in his mouth. He spread open his jaw wide and wrapped his eager, hot mouth around Rodney’s swollen cock. He gripped the base of Rodney’s cock—guiding it to the back of his throat.

“God dam girl,” Rodney moaned, as Ashland engulfed as much cock as he could fit in his mouth. Ashland looked up at Rodney with his large eyes, as Rodney thrusted his large, black cock into Ashland’s white, fair face. Ashland’s wrapped his red lips around Rodney’s shaft and created a strong suction, as he sucked Rodney’s huge, alpha cock.
Ashland was still stroking James’ cock, but James worked his cock closer to Ashland’s mouth. “Let me get some of that girl,” James requested, as he angled his cock closer to Ashland’s face. Ashley removed her mouth around Rodney’s cock and slid James’ cock into her mouth. He was harder than Rodney, but his cock slightly curved down, so that and his size made it easier for Ashley to slide his cock all the way down his throat. Ashland deep throated James, while she continued to stroke Rodney’s cock with her saliva, lubricated hand. “Oh fuck yea Ashley,” James moaned, as Ashland swallowed all of his shaft—licking his balls, as he paused with it fully inserted.

Ashland pulled it out quickly just as he was about to gag. Ashland giggled, “Mmmmm.” Then he stroked James’ cock, as he returned back to Rodney’s cock—once again, widening his mouth to its limits, as he fed Rodney’s cock into his eager hole.

It was then—while crouched in a squat in his heals in front of the two young studs, with his knees spread wide, with the bottom of the miniskirt pulled up over his ass at the top of his hips, and with two large, black cocks in his mouth and hands—that his eyes looked down from staring at Rodney for a moment and caught Tyrone’s expression, as he looking directly at Ashland’s crotch. Ashland immediately realized that Tyrone had a low, unobstructed view of his package, and when Tyrone looked up at Ashland who had a cock in his mouth looking scared in that moment, it was clear to both of them that Ashland had been discovered!

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Reply #4 on: December 23, 2019, 07:39:21 PM
Chaper 5

‘Oh fuck,’ Ashland thought. He could tell by the look of surprise on Tyrone’s face that Ashland’s gender had been discovered. It wasn’t surprise at seeing his boys get their dicks sucked; in fact, that might have been a regular observance at the Alpha House. ‘Just keep sucking their cocks,’ Ashland told himself; he was afraid that if he altered his behavior then shit would hit the fan. He closed his eyes and tried to forget Tyrone was watching him. He focused on the large, sexual appendages that were in his mouth—the smell of their musk—the taste of their precum—the silky texture of their cocks. ‘This is working,’ he thought. ‘Maybe Tyrone will just forget what he saw and not make it an issue. He seems pretty quiet and shy anyways.’

Ashland slowly raised his long eyelashes to peak at Tyrone. What surprised Ashland was what Tyrone had done in response to discovering Ashland’s sex; there he was with his cock out of his pants and in his hand. He was erect and stroking his cock, while staring at Ashland. Ashland had a look of utter confusion and bewilderment; frankly, he was shocked to see Tyrone jerking off to the sight of him, but this was no mistake or misinterpretation. Tyrone was practically drooling at the sight of Ashland sucking their cocks, and his swollen eyes were locked on Ashland’s package between his legs.

Tyrone’s cock wasn’t as long as the other two young men, but it was a chode of a cock. It was a thick black cock with a thinner base, a swollen middle section and a smaller pink tip. His cock was so thick that although it was erect, it wasn’t rock hard like James’ cock or even pretty hard like Rodney’s cock.

Although Tyrone wasn’t a ripped stud like the other boys, he had Ashland’s attention. Tyrone’s obvious interest in Ashland—all of the real Ashland—was arousing Ashland more than he would have guessed it would. In fact, since seeing Tyrone, Ashland’s small cock had grown rock hard. The tip was just peaking from the top of his panties. At first, Ashland was joyfully pleasing Rodney and James—eyeballing the two men, as he blew them off, but now, he was sensuously staring back at Tyrone and putting on a show for him like a strip tease.

Ashland’s cock was still under his dress from the perspective of the two men he was blowing, but for Tyrone, that was a difference story, and Ashland began to flaunt it for him. He spread his legs even wider than before—demonstrating his flexibility and opening his sex to Tyrone’s eyes. With their cocks trading turns in Ashland’s mouth, Ashland used a free hand to trace the skin of his inner thigh—occasionally sliding a finger up his thigh to his crotch and over the tip of his cock—stroking the tip with his finger like it was a large clit. Ashland pulled his panties to the side and fully exposed his bald cock and balls to the open air and to Tyrone’s transfixed gaze.

Seeing his frat brother all alone, James was kind enough to offer Ashland’s oral services to Tyrone, “Yo Rone. Why don’t you come get some of this sweet little slut?”

Upon hearing that, Ashland grabbed the front of his dress and pulled it down, as he stood up. He took a tight grip on Rodney’s and James’ cocks and led them over to the bench in the room. Ashland guided them to one end of the bench, and the two boys dropped their pants and boxers, while Ashland took a position on all fours on the bench. His mouth was inline with their cocks, and his ass was directly facing Tyrone. He immediately began sucking Rodney’s and James’ cocks, but after a few seconds he turned to look over his shoulder at Tyrone. Ashland gave him an encouraging look and wink to come get some, and he did.

Tyrone stood up and walked over to Ashland’s rear. He was much taller and more massive than Ashland realized; he must have been a lineman on a football team. As he walked over, Ashland arched his back, which opened his pelvis and exposed his sex to Tyrone’s eyes. Suddenly, Ashland felt two, very-large hands make contact with his hips. Those hands pulled Ashland back against Tyrone’s waiting cock; Ashland’s ass pressed against his pelvis—smuthering Tyrone’s cock between his cheeks. It was apparent that Ashland’s dress had hiked up his ass, but Tyrone slid the dress all the was up to Ashland’s lower back—fully exposing Ashland’s ass to the room.

“Yea Rone. Get that shit,” James said trying to encourage Tyrone. Ashland could feel Tryone’s swollen, thick cock resting against his panties, which was just a thin layer between Tyrone’s cock and Ashland’s hot asshole and taint. Tyrone was smashing his pelvis into Ashland’s ass—grinding their sexes together. “This bitch is hot as fuck Rone. She wants it bad bro. Can’t you see?” He was right; Ashland did want it bad. For some reason, knowing Tyrone was fully into Ashland as he was—not truly Ashley—made him want to please Tryone that much more, so he was grinding his ass against Tyrone’s crotch and arching his ass at him like a bitch in heat in an attempt to will him to make the next move. “I bet she is wet as fuck bro. She wants the Alpha,” James said—referring to Tyrone’s frat cock, as if it was some supreme shit.

“It’s ok Rone,” Rodney finally spoke. “Smash that ass.”

With Rodney’s official approval, Ashland felt Tyrone slide Ashland’s panties to the side, which exposed his cock and balls to the open air. Then suddenly Ashland felt Tyrone’s warm, large hand clasp his sex, and it made him jolt a little; he had never felt anyone other than a woman touch his cock. Then he felt Tyrone’s large thumb press against his sphincter. The combination of the sensations made him moan around the cock that was in his mouth and roll his eyes in the back of his head. Ashland’s eager hole was on fire with lust, so it naturally eased its tension against the pressure of Tyrone’s thumb. Tyrone pressed firmer against the slippery flesh—following the heat from within—and slid his thick digit into Ashland’s ass. He began finger fucking Ashland’s ass, as his palm wrapped around Ashland’s balls and his finger tips played with Ashland’s cock.

Ashland couldn’t help but squirm and buck his hips with pleasure. He was moaning around James’ cock in his mouth. “Oh yea bro. We told you this bitch is wet as fuck. White bitches need the Alpha BBC,” James proclaimed. It was true though; Ashland was craving Tyrone’s BBC, and Tryone’s thumb was making slippery noises just like a wet pussy. Ashland’s hole was still filled with Officer Burt’s cum, so it was very wet and lubricated.

Tyrone quickly removed his thumb from Ashland’s sphincter. Ashland could feel his gaping hole open to the air, but suddenly there was the head of Tyrone’s cock slapping the waiting orifice. Tyrone didn’t waste any time, and Ashland felt him push the tapered head of his cock in Ashland’s asshole; it slid right in to his inner sphincter, but it was quickly apparent Tyrone’s chode wasn’t going to go in ease. Ashland could feel his sphincter rapidly stretch greater than it ever had, and it made him tense his hips. Ashland’s mouth tensed as well around James’ cock. “Haha. The Alpha D is too much for this hoe,” James chuckled. Suddenly a large wade of lubricating spit smacked them at their union, as Tyrone gripped Ashland’s small waist and pressed Ashland down, which opened his hips for Tyrone. Tyrone slowly slid his cock back and forth a centimeter at most, and as he did, his cock picked up some of the cum from inside Ashland’s hot hole and some of his saliva—lubricating his cock more and more. Ashland could feel his sphincter relaxing around the large mass stretching his ass, and he felt the tip of Tyrone’s cock break past his inner sphincter.

Tyrone eagerly pressed forward and Ashland felt a huge stretch in his ass. “Fuckkk,” he blurted out, as he smacked the bench with his hand and tensed his body. Tyrone’s cock was stretching Ashland to the limit; his muscle’s were fully dilated, but the tissue was still under maximal tension. Suddenly—with a pop—the crest of Tyrone’s chode slipped through Ashland’s inner sphincter, and instantly Ashland’s asshole squeezed back against the release of pressure and swallowed the rest of Tyrone’s cock. “Oooohhh shit,” Ashland blurted out, as the rest of Tyrone’s cock slid completely in his ass. Ashland could feel his sphincter gripping the base of Tyrone’s cock like it was some type of massive butt plug. He felt so full and so locked onto Tyrone’s cock like a bitch knotted to a dog.

“That a boy Rone,” James cheered, as Tyrone sunk his cock in Ashland balls deep. “These tight ass white bitches can’t handle the black D.” What James didn’t know and couldn’t see was that Tyrone’s shaft was buried in Ashland’s ass and not in Ashley’s pussy—no easy feat. “Can you little slut?” James forced his cock back in Ashland’s mouth and began fucking his face. “What you think Rone? You think this little white slut can take all our loads?”

Ashland heard that, and thought, ‘Challenge accepted mutha fucka!’

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Chapter 6

The curve of Tyrone’s chode was resting on Ashland’s prostate. The pressure drew a dew of precum from the tip of his sissy cock. Tyrone gripped Ashland’s hips and began slowly thrusting his cock in Ashland’s ass. The two were locked together so he didn’t pull back much; he kept pressure against Ashland’s cheeks and just pressed his pelvis into Ashland’s booty. With each small thrust into Ashland, Tyrone’s cock thumped against his prostate, which felt heavenly. The sensation permeated throughout his entire body sending waves of pleasure from his core to his extremities. This only grew, as Tyrone began thrusting harder, which caused his pelvis to crash against Ashland’s booty. The jolt of each encounter shook Ashland’s bones from his pelvis down into his sissy cock, which sent an electric tingle into the tip of his pecker.

“Yea Rone,” James cheered. “Pound that ass. We are gonna fill this whore up.”

Rodney was less cruel. “Yo Ash. You ok girl?”

Ashland just looked up at him with appreciation and enthusiastic lust. He had his mouth wrapped around Rodney’s cock, but was able to mutter, “Mmm huh.” Ashland pulled out his cock. “I can take it,” he clarified before swallowing Rodney’s rod again.

“Haha. No wonder you like these white bitches Rod,” James chuckled. “BBC addiction is real shit, right?” Rodney nodded in agreement. “Come over here,” James said, as he pulled Ashland’s head back over to his cock. Ashland took a deep breath before swallowing James’ swollen cock. Again, James aggressively fucked Ashland’s face—shoving his cock all the way down Ashland’s throat. Even if Ashland gagged, he didn’t stop, but Ashland did his best to swallow all that James gave him with enthusiasm. “Fuck bitch! You are going to make me cum if you keep that up,” James declared.

Meanwhile, Tyrone was continually pounding on Ashland’s prostate, and Ashland met his thrusts by pressing back his arched hips. Ashland’s booty was gyrating with each crash of Tyrone’s pelvis against Ashland’s bubble butt. Tyrone’s thrusts were growing longer too, and with each retraction, Ashland could feel the thickness of his shaft stretching his asshole looser, which only grew the tingling in his cock and the buildup of energy and heat in his hole.

In a moment of shock, suddenly Ashland’s sissy orgasm released itself causing Ashland to burst into convulsions, as his cock began spasming streams of cum on the bench. Ashland braced himself, as waves of pleasure past through him. While gagging on James’ cock, he muttered, “Ohh fuck yea!” As Ashland’s cock spasmed, his sphincter began rhythmically contracting around Tyrone’s cock, which practically pulled Tyrone deeper into Ashland’s asshole. Ashland’s hips were contorting from the waves of pleasure, as his body exploded in this huge orgasm, which put a halt to everyone’s thrusts.

The moment of ecstasy wasn’t missed. “Haha, yea Rone! Pound that pussy! She’s fuckin’ orgasming man! Haha, yea!” Tyrone grinned with pride.

“Fuck yea Rone! Alphas fuck the best,” said Rodney encouragingly.

“Right Ashley?” James said, as Ashland panted around his cock—trying to catch his breath from the euphoria. “That’s right girl! Now, its our turn! Right boys?” He pulled on Ashland’s chin, so Ashland looked up at him. “You ready for it girl?” Ashland nodded up at him.

They all began fucking Ashland much more aggressively now. Tyrone reasserted his grip on Ashland’s hips and began pounding his plump ass, and James began really deepthroating Ashland’s mouth.
Ashland began to moan for them—encouraging them to bust their loads. He especially wanted James and Rodney to cum first and not Tyrone, so they wouldn’t go for sloppy seconds, so he grabbed Rodney’s cock with one hand—stroking his slicked up cock—while James fucked his mouth. He switched to Rodney’s cock—swallowing all he could—while he switched hands and stroked James’ cock. Ashland rolled his tongue around the swollen head of Rodney’s cock, which was getting firmer and firmer. He was getting close, but then James interrupted them.

James pulled on Ashland’s head. “I’m gonna cum,” he declared, as he pulled Ashland’s mouth off of Rodney and onto his cock. He inserted it into Ashland’s mouth, grabbed the back of his head, and slid his cock down Ashland’s throat. Ashland almost gagged, but collected himself. Then James rapidly thrusted his cock in Ashland’s mouth. “I’m gonna cum,” he announced again. Ashland moaned, which sent vibrations through James’ shaft—sending him over the edge. “Fuck yea! I’m cumming!” Ashland half gagged, as he felt the hot cum hit the back of his throat, which caused him to back off of James, but James wasn’t having that. He gripped the back of Ashland’s head and pressed it down on his cock, and his cock slid down Ashland’s throat. Ashland gagged again, but quickly recovered, as Rodney’s large cock spasmed down Ashland’s throat.

He soon finished spasming, and Ashland relaxed and slowly slid his cock back out—making sure to clean off all the cum from his shaft. He sucked the sensitive tip—drawing out the rest of James’ cum. He looked up at James—who was still panting from his orgasm. He smiled and giggled up at him, as if saying, ‘I told you I could take it’.

Ashland immediately switched to Rodney’s cock, and Tyrone picked up his rhythm where he left off. Ashland rolled Rodney’s cock in his mouth. He tugged on Rodney’s huge balls—willing them to cum in his eager mouth. He could feel Rodney’s orgasm nearing because his cock was getting so hard in his mouth.

“I’m getting close,” Rodney warned, but this only encouraged Ashland to work harder. Ashland pumped Rodney’s cock back and forth—gripping his mouth tight around his huge cock; his lips popped over the thick edge of the lip of Rodney’s head, which was drawing his orgasm nearer. “God dam Ashley!” Ashland twirled his tongue around the tip, as he bobbed on Rodney’s swollen rod. “Here it comes!” Rodney tightened his muscular glutes and Ashland squeezed his aching balls, as he began unloading cum in Ashland’s mouth. “Oh shit ya! Don’t stop!” He could feel Ashland trying to manage the huge load he was unloading; massive streams of cum began shooting from his horse cock—quickly filling Ashland’s mouth. Ashland was forced to adjust his technique and focused on swallowing the cum instead of stroking Rodney’s cock with his mouth, but Rodney began naturally thrusting his cock in Ashland’s when he felt Ashland’s stop sucking on his shaft.

Ashland gripped Rodney’s cock by the base and pulled his mouth off of Rodney’s cock—swallowing what he could then giggling, as he caught his breath. “Fuck that was a huge load,” Ashland declared. Cum was still oozing from Rodney’s cock, so Ashland quickly stretched out his tongue and mouth to catch the sweet, creamy semen. As he cleaned up Rodney’s cock, he suddenly felt Tyrone begin to shutter and breath hard. Then he felt Tyrone’s massive cock spasming in his ass. The sensation felt amazing against his sphincter. Ashland turned to look at Tyrone who was cumming hard—smiling joyfully back at him. Tyrone’s eyes were rolling back in his head, so Ashland pressed his ass back against Tryone’s pelvis—meeting his thrusts—so as to heighten Tyrone’s orgasm. “Feels good baby?” Ashland asked, as his dilated sphincter stroked the full length of Tryone’s cock.

“Fuck yeaaa,” Tyrone grunted, as he busted a giant load in Ashland’s hot hole; it was like he hadn’t had sex in years and had a lifetime of cum to empty into Ashland’s willing receptacle for his seed. Tyrone’s cum lubricated Ashland’s sphincter, which only heightened the sensation that much more. His quivering chode glided back and forth, as the last spurts of cum oozed into Ashland’s hole.

Ashland turned back to Rodney’s cock and licked the last remaining drips of cum, and he used Rodney’s cock to gather the cum that had seeped from his mouth; he collected the cum on Rodney’s sensitive head and brought it back to his lips. “Mmmm. I love cum,” Ashland announced.

James chuckled, as he rubbed his aching cock. “Haha, we know bitch. Shit. You’re a cum fiend. Imagine if we got you down to the Alpha house when we get out of this joint. You could be the house cum bitch n get this shit all day long.”

The thought did sound appealing, Ashland considered. ‘Fuck. How did I turn into such a cock slut so fast?” Ashland realized that whatever Ashley had, he had what his twin sister had too, but he loved it; he loved serving masculine men and their sexual needs. It gave him a sense of accomplishment and purpose to make them cum, and admittedly, he never knew his prostate was the source of his ultimate pleasure.

Suddenly, Tyrone stepped back and his cock popped out of Ashland’s asshole. When he did, streams of cum came flowing from his ass hitting the floor.

“Fuck Rone!” James and Rodney both said it in unison.

“Bro! You gotta bust some nut more often,” James exclaimed, as drips of cum dumped on the bench. Little did Rodney and James realize, but some of that cum was from Ashland cumming earlier. Ashland had already tucked his cock back in his panties after cumming, so they were still clueless. “For real bro. You better get this little hoes digits before we get out of here.” Ashland smiled; that was the plan all along.

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Ok, I think that is it for this series. I may pick it up again in the future. We will see. Hope you enjoy it.

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Ok, I think that is it for this series. I may pick it up again in the future. We will see. Hope you enjoy it.

--Ash  :emot_kiss:

Absolutely superb  :emot_kiss: :emot_kiss:

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