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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Teen Trans-f w/ M + MF)

CDAshleyFoxx · 3251

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on: December 28, 2019, 05:42:59 PM
Just a disclaimer with stories about minors that this is just a story, and all events described are fictional, so enjoy  :emot_kiss:

Chapter 1

Misha could hear her mother’s moans from the master bedroom, even though she was downstairs watching TV. It wasn’t the first time she heard her mother’s moans while with a man or while masturbating. In fact, they had become very close over the past several years with all the changes in their lives, so they were very open. So much so, that they had an open door policy in the house, in which, they rarely locked doors or even closed them when showering, changing or even when sleeping, but this was different. Misha had never heard her mother moan so loud, and the fan in the living room was wobbling from obvious fucking. Misha had to investigate.

Just three years ago, when Misha was eleven, her mother and father divorced. That was hard enough, but just shortly after, Misha confessed to her mother that she liked boys. This was a shock to her mother because Misha was born as Jacob, so along with telling her that she liked boys, she told her mother that she thought she was a girl. It took six months and some therapy to wrap her head around the idea, but Misha’s mom quickly adapted. They got Misha on hormones and testosterone blockers right before puberty, and like her mother, Misha grew in all the right places.

By fourteen, she was no different than any other girl. She was 5’4 and a slender 115lbs. She had a perky bubble butt that perfectly complimented her small but growing hips, and she had a perky pair of bouncing breasts that sat high on her chest—a firm 32C. She had her dad’s dark, straight hair that went down to her mid-back and her mother’s pale, milky-white skin, which offset her red lips and blue eyes. Like her mother, who was totally the barbie doll, Misha loved to do her hair, wear too much makeup with long, fake lashes and get those long obnoxious nails that seem to be a handicap.

Her mother was a brunette too, but it was only obvious from her bleach-blonde roots and dark brows. Her long, curly blonde hair went down to her lower back, which covered most of her 5’2 frame. She was 155lbs with large, fake breasts, with a mother’s pooch that tapered up to a small waist and with a huge booty that always seemed to be getting her looks in her revealing outfits. Between her curvy body, her fake breasts, her lip injections and her attire, she was really something out of a porno. Be that as it may, Misha had never heard her sound like she was in a porno.

Misha crept up the stairs to investigate. She saw the cracked door to her mother’s room. From the top of the stairs, she could make out the sounds of her mother’s juices and the smacking of their bodies colliding. “Oh fuck don’t stop! Pleeeassee!” That was the sound of her mother begging. Misha had heard her having sex before, but this sounded different; her moans sounded different. This sounded raw and genuine. They were really fucking—not just having sex—and she could tell her mother wasn’t just moaning for the sake of sounding enthusiastic; she was really enjoying herself.

Misha crawled to the door—desperately trying not to make a sound. She had to see what all the fuss was about. Her heart rate was up, as her nerves heightened. She didn’t want to get caught, and she didn’t know what rawness she was about to witness. Misha just barely peaked into the room, and she caught the sight of her mom straddling a large black man. She was crouched over his pelvis with her hands on his chest. His large hands contrasted against her large, pale white ass, as he supported her, while his huge cock was violently fucking her soaked pussy. His thick cock was soaked in her slippery juices, which condensed into runs of her white nectar that collected at the base of his cock and down his balls. Her skin was glistening with sweat, as they both fucked hard.

The sight was so raw that Misha’s heart was skipping beats, and she turned away so she didn’t gasp. She heard her mother announce, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum,” as if in shock like she was cumming for the first time in her life. Misha peeked back in the room in time to see her mother tense her body against his furious thrusts then she arched her head and spasmed her thighs and ass, as she released her orgasm. Misha turned back around and put a hand to her chest. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She slowly peaked back in the room and saw her mother had dropped onto her knees. The man’s huge cock was buried in her stretched pussy and soaked in her white cum, which was also sticking to her fat ass; she had made a mess. She was giggling in euphoria. She leaned down—smashing her tits against his chest— she kissed him passionately and giggled like a school girl smitten with love. Misha had never heard her mother sound like that. She looked on as her mother slowly tilted her hips forward while lifting her leg. The man’s huge cock slowly slid out from the depths of her pussy. Misha couldn’t believe it; it was obvious he was large, but as his cock kept coming and coming out of his mother’s body, it seemed endless in the few seconds. When it finally came out and smacked down against his body, Misha gasped aloud. It was almost loud enough for them to hear, but she quickly covered her moth. His cock was at least twelve inches; it looked like it was the size of her mother’s forearm. Misha was in shock! Where did her mother find the room to put such a huge cock in her small frame? It all was such a raw shock to Misha’s whole consciousness. Misha’s mother demounted him and turned around. She picked up his soaked cock and began eagerly sucking all that she could fit in her mouth. Misha thought this was even more shocking than seeing her mother getting fucked. True, her mother might have looked like a porn star, but she was always so conservative in Misha’s eyes; she was her mother who was capable of yelling at her or being so stern. She never knew her mother could be so sexual and so slutty looking just pounding her face into some stranger’s cock.

It was too much for Misha to keep watching, so she slipped back from the door and crawled back downstairs to the sofa. Her heart was still beating hard out of her chest minutes later. Not long after that she heard the deep tone of a man grunting. Misha contemplated what she saw and heard. The experience seemed to instantly put five years of maturity on her life—awakening her mind with the realization that her mother wasn’t just her mom, but she was a sexual being with human needs and desires. It made her reflect on their relationship and her own desires and needs too.

Ten minutes later, she heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs. Misha tried to put on a relaxed, unaware look, as she watched TV. Her mother came into the kitchen in her robe and saw Misha on the sofa. She didn’t make eye contact with her, but smirked. “Oh hi baby,” I didn’t realize you were back already from Cortney’s. “Did you have a good time hanging out?”

“Uhh yea, I guess,” Misha quietly answered. Misha’s mom went over to the cupboards and pulled out two glasses. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed some wine. She poured it in a glass and took a sip. “Is that Marcus? From the other night,” Misha asked—referring to the tall man she met before her mother’s date two nights prior to their evening.

“Yea baby. That’s him,” she answered, as she poured wine in both glasses. She carried the wine over to Misha and sat the glasses on the coffee table. As she leaned forward to kiss Misha on the forehead, Misha got an eye full of her mother’s hanging tits because the robe was barely covering her nipples, but it definitely wasn’t covering some of Marcus’ cum that her mother missed. Her mother sat down on the couch next to her—hip to hip. Her bare leg came out from the robe, as she crossed her legs; her dark, landing strip flanked by smooth, bald skin flashed Misha for a moment, as her mom adjusted the robe over her lap. She also went to fix her breasts in her robe and noticed the dab of cum. As if her daughter was unaware of its existence, she quickly swept it up with her finger and licked it away before nonchalantly turning her eyes towards her daughter. “You know baby I love you. I want you to be happy. That means sooo much to me. I hope you know that, but I need to tell you something. It’s important, so pay attention.”

Misha could hear the seriousness in her mother’s tone. She turned down the TV and looked back at her mother—still trying to look unaware of the evenings prior events.

“Marcus and I are really happy. You have no idea how happy he makes me feel,” Misha’s mother continued.

Misha couldn’t help but smirk—inside thinking, ‘Oh I know’.

Her mother continued, “But I love you, and I want you to be happy. That is number one. Ok?” Misha nodded. “Ok good. I know it hasn’t been very long, but Marcus and I are ready to take the next step.”

“What do you mean?” Misha had an idea, and knew her mother was about to tell her, but she jumped the gun.

“Marcus and I want to live together. We all can live together,” she said, while trying to sound as positive and upbeat about it as she could.”

“What the fuck mom! I haven’t even met the guy! You guys just started dating,” Misha exclaimed.

“Well, yes sweetie, but Marcus has been coming into my work for many months now, and so it’s not knew for us baby.” Misha’s mom looked at the stunned expression on her daughter’s face. “Oh I’m sorry sweetie. I should have been more open with my feelings for him when we went out, but you know what? I honestly didn’t realize I would fall so hard for him,” she admitted.

Misha thought about it for a moment. ‘Yea, you probably fell on his giant cock then fell in love with that, ya hoe.’ It wasn’t a very pleasant thought, so Misha shook it from her mind. “But what about, you know, me? Does he know about me?”

“No baby. I didn’t tell him about you at all. We really haven’t gotten there yet, but you know what, Marcus is so sweet and so open minded. I really don’t think you have to worry about…” Her mother said—trying to set Misha’s mind at ease, but Misha interrupted.

“NO! Don’t tell him! I don’t want him to know. Not now at least,” Misha said earnestly.

“But why because you know…” She retorted, but again was cut off.

“Just not know,” Misha said without explanation—sounding more like a young teenager.

“Ok, ok, but you know we will have to tell him sometime baby. If he is going to be in our lives then he needs to know the truth,” Misha’s mom insisted with a lecturing tone.

“I know! Just not now, ok?” Misha begged.

“Ok baby. I’m going to go to bed. Don’t stay up too late,” and with that, she gave Misha another sloppy kiss on the forehead before grabbing the glasses and heading upstairs. Misha realized the wet kiss was probably her mother’s lip gloss mixed with saliva from Marcus’ cum. She wiped it from her forehead.

She wasn’t a very open person—especially about her gender, so the idea of explaining herself to someone felt like a teenage nightmare. Regardless of what she wanted, things were about to change around the house.

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Reply #1 on: December 28, 2019, 05:43:53 PM
Chapter 2

Almost three years went by in a flash. Misha was almost seventeen, and so much had changed.

For starters, Marcus and her mother got married after six months of living together. For anyone looking on the outside, it seemed like a marriage that was doomed to fail. He was an older, successful business man, and she looked like a young, blonde trophy-wife. Specifically, her mother was thirty-three with a daughter who was almost seventeen, and Marcus was approaching fifty, but those people would be mistaken. Marcus and her mother were very much in love and very much a complement of each other. They made it work. He had a young spirit that matched her energy, so it turned out great.

It was just before the wedding that Marcus found out about Misha. He was dumfounded when he was told because Misha looked like any other girl in her school or on her cheer team. Even though it was a shock, it was easy for him to accept Misha as she presented herself because he never knew her as Jacob. When Misha realized this was the case, that Marcus was able to see her with a fresh set of eyes, yet know what she was all about, it really brought the two of them together. Her father had never really been around, and when he was there, he was always cold and distant, so Misha really needed a male role model, which allowed her to bond with Marcus easily. Besides being handsome, funny and charming—a real catch for her mother—he was a good father figure to young Misha. He was supportive of her school work and cheer. He would take her shopping or to get her nails done. The two would often cuddle on the couch, while they would all watch movies as a family.

Misha’s mother was very supportive of their bond too—recognizing the importance of having a father figure in Misha’s life. She really enjoyed seeing them all hold hands when they were walking together or seeing them working together while cooking dinner. Occasionally, Misha would fall asleep on Marcus’ lap on the couch during a moving, while curled in a ball with a blanket, and it would always bring a smile to her face.

Misha had changed too. The years and hormones were kind to her. She naturally sprouted and filled out—adding another twenty pounds to her frame—now standing 5’5 at 135lbs—but most of it added curves to her silhouette. She lost some of the roundness to her teen face. Her breasts filled out from a firm and perky 32C to something just shy of a supple 32DD that sat lower on her chest. Her hip bones opened like a flower—broadening and thickening. Her cute bubble butt filled out too, as the tear drop shape of her cheeks met the pockets of fat where her upper thighs met her hips. Her thighs had thickened too, which accentuated the size difference between her lower body and petite upper body, which still looked like it was frozen in a prepubescent state.

One thing that didn’t change much was her attire. Like her mother who didn’t dress her age, Misha tended to wear undersized clothes that rarely covered all that they should. Naturally, she also shared her mother’s flirtatious nature and craving for visual attention, so it wasn’t uncommon for Misha to have on a pair of short shorts that left part of her ass cheeks exposed, or to be walking around in a braless, crop-top sweatshirt that exposed her pierced navel and toned mid section or that would just reveal the bottom curve of her breasts, as she bent over to pick something off the ground. This was the norm for Misha’s mother, so she really didn’t ever object or take notice, but Marcus couldn’t turn a blind eye. He was a man, and while he saw Misha as his stepdaughter, they weren’t blood, so he was guilty of occasionally stealing a peak at Misha’s young flesh. Misha noticed too, and she only encouraged it further. In fact, it was hard for her to discern the difference between his fatherly attention and his visual attention, and regardless, like her mother, she sought his glances, as if they were tiny complements that boosted her morale.

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Reply #2 on: December 28, 2019, 05:44:43 PM
Chapter 3

Misha closed the large, heavy door late one night to find Marcus and her mother on the couch watching TV with a wine bottle on the coffee table drinking some wine. They had the fire going and were cuddling under a large blanket; her mother was draped over Marcus’ torso and leg.

“Hey baby,” her mother said, as she walked in the room. “How was shopping with Cortney?”

“Okay,” Misha replied, as she took a few steps down into the recessed family room.

“Did you get anything?” Misha’s mother could obviously see no bags, but asked anyways.

“No, we just tried stuff on,” Misha said.

“Okay, come join us. We were about to start a movie,” Misha’s mother offered.

They did look comfortable with the fire and blanket on the soft couch. “K,” Misha replied. “Imma change first.”

Misha’s mom nodded. “Hurry!”

Misha ran to her room and pulled off her thick sweatshirt and wiggled out of her ripped, skin-tight jeans. She kept on her red, stretchy, string-top shirt, but unclasped her bra and slid the straps off her arms—working it free of her top and tossing it on her bed. It felt good to get out of the restrictive bra—freeing her breasts. She found a pair of white, cotton short-shorts and pulled them up to her navel then she rolled the top down to her g-string. Like usual, the bottom of her ass was just protruding from the legs of the shorts. It didn’t matter that it was a cold night; she was going to wear what she wanted to wear, but she did grab some fluffy, pink socks with red hearts to keep her toes warm. She put her hair up in a pony tail then dashed back to the family room.

She ran in and crashed on the couch next to her mother. Her mother looked Misha over then noticed her daughter’s rock hard nipples under her thin top. “What the fuck is that?”

Misha sheepishly grinned, yet played coy. “What?” She said, while looking around, as if unaware of what her mother was referencing.

“Misha!” Her mother’s tone deepened, as she too grinned, while attempting to give a look of disapproval. “When did you get those?” She said, while staring at her daughter’s tits.

Misha looked down at her hard nipples and at the pierced studs going through them that was so obviously outlined against her red top. Her grin widened, as she blushed. “With Cortney… a couple weeks ago.” Her mother gave a look of disapproval. “What’s the big deal? You have em.”

Misha’s mom looked down at her huge, fake tits, which pressed her large, pierced nipples away from her body, such that they were really protruding from her tight, white top. Her silver-dollar-sized, stretched areolas could be seen through the sheer, white top, and her nipples were large from having breast fed Misha for years as a baby. Sure enough, her thickly-gauged studs were as obvious as night and day. “Right,” she said, as she raised an eyebrow and smirked back at her daughter. “Go pick a movie,” she said with a firm tone—redirecting the conversation.

Misha giggled at her mother then jumped so fast off the couch, with all the youth of a teen, that her shorts slid between her ass. She picked the material from her ass then dropped down to her knees and slid open the cupboard under the screen. There were shelves of Bluerays that she combed through.

“Pick a good one,” her mother requested. “Like that Black Panther one,” she continued. “I love that fight seen between Chadwick and Michael. Oooo that Michael B Jordan can take me anytime he wants too.”

“Baby!” Marcus said laughingly.

“It’s true!” Misha’s mom said frankly.

Misha dipped her torso low, curved her back and arched her hips high in the air, so she could look down to the bottom row of movies. Her ass cheeks naturally spread and the material of her shorts rode further between her cheeks. Her sex was open to the view of her parents, but they were so open with each other that it was trivial.

Misha found the movie and put it in the player. She turned off the lights then jumped back on the couch next to her mother and crawled under the blankets. Marcus and her mother sipped wine, as they watched the movie, but it was quickly apparent that the wine was getting to her mother, as she was nodding off under the glow of the light of the TV. “Hunny,” she said with a groggy mumbled. “I’m going to bed. I can’t make this movie.” She kissed him then turned to Misha and kissed her on the forehead. “Go to bed after the movie, alright? You have a long day tomorrow,” she said, as she crawled out of the blanket. She slowly dragged herself up the stairs and to her bedroom.

After a few minutes, the warmth from her mother’s spot on the couch dissipated, and Misha wanted to warm up, so she slid over to Marcus who accepted her against his torso. Misha balled herself against his side. She felt warm, safe and secure next to him. She saw the rest of her mother’s wine glass on the table. She looked up at Marcus, “Can I have the rest of my mother’s wine?” He didn’t look down at her, but just answered with a scowl. Misha couldn’t tell if he was saying no or if he was thinking. “It is just a half a glass,” Misha pressed.

“I don’t think your mother would approve,” Marcus finally replied.

“She wouldn’t care,” which was a lie, and Misha knew better.

Marcus looked down at her with a look like he knew she knew better, but Misha looked up with a look of innocence that Marcus couldn’t fight. “Just the rest of that glass,” he said—giving into her will.

Misha happily grabbed the glass and slowly sipped the wine like Marcus. She quickly felt the wine work itself through her body. It softened her senses, warmed her skin and lowered her ambitions. She could feel her body relaxing and releasing the little tension it was storing in its muscles. By the time she finished the glass, her alcohol-naive body was very relaxed. She sat the glass back on the table then curled back against Marcus. She was growing sleepy and forgot herself. She tucked herself tighter to his body—moving her head under his arm to his chest, while her arm wrapped around his toned stomach and her bare leg draped over his thigh just like her mother had been when she walked into the room earlier that night. His deep breaths and warm body was relaxing and soothing. Misha could feel herself drifting to sleep. Her eyes were getting heavy, and it was becoming impossible for her to keep them open on the glow of the TV. She finally couldn’t resist her body any longer, and she fell asleep against his side.

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Reply #3 on: December 28, 2019, 05:46:02 PM
Chapter 4

Shortly after sleeping, her body pulled herself from the depths of her slumber. Something awoke her. She was feeling a steady thud against her inner thigh. As her mind sharpened its grasp on reality, she realized the repeating pressure against her thigh felt like the pulse from another person’s body. Her mind continued to sharpen its index of clarity on the sensation only to realize her inner thigh was still draped over Marcus’ thigh, but she could oddly feel his strong pulse against her body. She opened her eyes and looked up at Marcus who was still watching the movie. She could feel the pulse growing stronger and stronger against her leg. She slowly moved her thigh up and down the length of his leg, as she tried to determine the root of the pulse, which felt strong, but diffuse. Misha looked down at the blanket where she saw the outline of her thigh on Marcus, and it was raising slightly with each pulse. She was perplexed.

She looked back at Marcus. “What is that?”

He turned to her and smiled. “Look and see,” he said.

As she pulled back the blanket, the pulse expanded to the length of his entire thigh and grew in strength, which rhythmically lifted and lowered Misha’s whole leg. With the blanket uncovered, it was apparent Misha hadn’t wrapped her leg around Marcus’ thigh, but rather, it was wrapped around his throbbing cock. Misha gasped, as she pulled her leg off of Marcus’ member. His huge cock was the length of his entire thigh and as thick as Misha’s leg. The red, swollen tip of his gargantuan, black cock was protruding from the bottom of his basketball shorts. His swollen, semi-hard cock was curved under the weight of its own mass. There was a large vein that was outlined through the material of the shorts, and it snaked its way along the top of his large cock. His huge shaft was gently bobbing up and down.

“Oh my god!” Misha was in disbelief, and her instincts immediately drew her hands to investigate. She patted Marcus’ torso down to his pelvis where she felt his crotch and the origin of his impressive member. She slowly worked her small hands along the huge shaft sampling its girth. As she reached the middle of his cock, her hands attempted to clasp around the bucking shaft, but they barely could contain even half of its girth. She looked up at Marcus and exclaimed, “It’s giant!”

“I know! It’s amazing, isn’t it? Do you want to see all of me?” He asked frankly.

Misha nodded, and he quickly pulled off his shorts and shirt, while Misha kneeled on the couch next to him. His chest was much more muscular than Misha remembered, and his abs were so chiseled. His arms were large, thick and muscular too, but it was his huge cock that had Misha transfixed. It looked to be as long as Marcus’ thigh or longer and as thick too. It was just hovering over his thighs somewhat rhythmically throbbing in the air.

Misha’s jaw was wide with awe. “I want you to see all of me too daddy,” she said, as she came off her ass to her knees and crossed her arms while grabbing the bottom of her top—pulling it over her head. She had never referred to Marcus as her daddy before, which was odd, she thought. Her breasts caught the bottom of her material then bounced free, as she removed the garment. She slid her shorts and panties over her hips and ass and down to her knees then she sat back on her bare ass and wiggled the bottoms off her knees and legs. She pulled herself up to her knees on the couch, put her hands on her hips and exclaimed, “This is all of me daddy!”

“Wow! You are gorgeous sweetie,” Marcus said, as he looked her over. “I’m so lucky to have such a gorgeous girl as my daughter.”

Misha was ecstatic. She hopped on Marcus’ pelvis—straddling his hips—and wrapped her arms around his muscular torso. She pressed herself to him, stretching her back, as she squeezed him tight. “Oooo I love you daddy,” she gushed. Her hips naturally arched in the air, which caused her bare cheeks to spread and her sex to expose itself from between her thighs. As she hugged him, his huge bobbing member bounced against Misha’s exposed pussy. The feeling of his massive shaft making contact with her shaved, young pussy was making it hotter than it already was from seeing his throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for the hot nectar from within to work its way to the opening of her flower. As his cock bounced against her, the juices began smacking between their bodies.

Misha released her grip from around his torso and sat back against Marcus’ shaft. As she pushed her weight back against his member, her wet pussy lips spread over Marcus’ shaft. The thick vein parted her lips and pressed itself against her swollen clit, which made her buck from a painful shot of pleasure that ran up her back. She rubbed her pussy back and forth against the thick vein and closed her eyes with pleasure.

“Fun?” He asked. She opened her eyes and nodded bashfully. “I can bounce you if you want to?”

Misha nodded enthusiastically like a little girl. She crawled her hips back along the length of his giant shaft, and Marcus supported her body with his hands around her ribs. Remarkably, his hard cock supported her weight, so that when he widened his legs and Misha hung her legs, Misha was just propped on his hovering cock like she was sitting straddle on a horse.

Misha had a look of disbelief. “Hold on!” He said, as his cock began bouncing up and down, as if Misha was a toddler propped on their father’s knee. Misha grasped onto Marcus’ cock, as his member bucked and bounced Misha up and down. Her hard pierced nipples and tits bounced and jiggled about, as she road Marcus’ cock.

“Weeeeeeeee,” she laughed, as if she was a child. “This is funnnnn!” As she bounced, her wet pussy smacked against Marcus’ cock, which was getting quickly lathered in his daughter’s juices.

“Daddy stop, stop,” Misha laughed out, which he did, and she caught her breath. “Okay more!” His giant cock bounced her more, and soon she was slipping around in her juices on his cock, which made it hard to continue. “Okay daddy! Stop, stop! Look! I made a mess,” she announced, as she looked between her legs at the white cream covering his cock.

“That’s ok sweetie,” Marcus replied.

“I’ll wipe it up like a good girl. Don’t worry daddy,” Misha insisted, as she began rubbing her pelvis back and forth on Marcus’ cock, as if it was a towel that would clean up her juices. She steadied herself with her feet against his thighs, and she gripped his cock tighter, as she rubbed her pussy and ass along the length of his cock, but his cock wasn’t getting cleaner. “Daddy! It isn’t coming off!”

“It’s ok sweetie. I still love you,” Marcus replied affectionately. His cock began to swell larger—if that is even imaginable—swelling between Misha’s thighs, which caused her legs to spread. It stiffened, as it lengthened and thickened—slightly curving up in the air. “See,” Marcus said. “Isn’t it obvious how much I love you?”

“Oh my god. Yes!” Misha said astonishingly, as Marcus’ cock grew between her thighs and supported her body in the air. Misha continued to rub her wet pussy against his cock—bathing his cock in her pussy juices. She rubbed her bare ass against the large, swollen, curved end of his shaft, teasing the pink head of his cock, which was the size of basketball. “Mmmm, that feels so soft and good daddy,” she moaned. She could feel her swollen clit growing more and more sensitive. As she felt her orgasm nearing, she quickened the pace of her hips—stroking his shaft more and more with her slippery pussy. “Mmmmm, daddy, you’re making me so happy,” she announced, as she approached the brink of her orgasm. She tensed herself on his massive member, as she released her orgasm. “Ohh my goddd! I love you! I love you! I love you!” She cried out, as her pussy pulsated streams of pussy juices all over his cock. Her ass gyrated and convulsed in spasms, as she bucked and contorted in her orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed the grip of her fingers and legs around Marcus’ shaft. As she sat on his cock, hovering in the air, she suddenly became aware of the chill in the air against her sweaty body, and she could feel the wetness of her juices more vividly between her pussy and Marcus’ cock. The clarity of her sensations were drawing her awareness to the other sensations in her body—the sound of voices—the smell of a fire. Then her mind sharpened to the realization that she was in fact asleep, which snapped her out from the depths of her slumber.

Misha’s eyes jolted open, and she took in the world around her. The movie was still on. The fire was still crackling behind her. She felt damp and cold from heat leaving her warm, sweaty flesh. The blanket had slipped off her shoulder, and the cool night air kissed her perspiring skin. She could feel the deep rise and fall of Marcus’ chest and the rhythmic sound of his snores, as he was passed out with his wine glass still in his hand. Misha slowly lifted her head off his chest, and when she attuned herself to the rest of her body, she was shocked to find her hand wrapped around Marcus’ hard cock. Her small palm was holding the shaft of his cock through his thin shorts, while the rest of his twelve-inch cock was protruding from his waist band and exposed to the open air. Misha’s eyes grew wide at the realization that she was gripping her stepfather’s cock. She jolted her hand away from his cock immediately, but as she did, she became more aware of the damp, coldness against her own cock. She slowly pealed her torso off of Marcus, so as not to wake him. Her shirt was damp with perspiration making her skin stick to his shirt. She pushed back the blanket over her thigh and could immediately sense the perspiration there too. Her bare thigh seemed glued from perspiration to his leg, but she slowly leaned back and lifted her leg. To her horror, she looked down to see a wet circle against Marcus’ upper thigh, and her dread was confirmed when she looked down at the crotch of her white shorts where there was a large, wet patch. She lifted the waistline of her shorts and panties to find her small cock curled up in the tightness of her restrictive panties just laying in a small puddle of dampness and cum, as content as could be like a puppy laying in a pile of its ravagings.

Misha almost gasped in horror at the realization of it all. ‘I was holding my stepfather’s cock, and I had a fucking wet dream, while dry humping his leg. What the fuck is wrong with me?’ Misha was utterly confused and disgusted with herself.

She looked back at his cock, which looked less swollen, then up at her sleeping stepfather. She gently covered his exposed cock with his shirt then slowly moved off the couch like a sloth. She equally as slowly covered his thigh and torso with the blanket, and she tip-toed out of the room. As she walked to her bedroom down the hall, she shook her head with disbelief. ‘Did I really just cum on my stepfather’s leg? This didn’t really happen,’ she said to herself, as she reached her room. She stripped off her damp clothes, which wasn’t easy against her sticky skin. She picked up her panties from the floor and examined the creamy, slick residue inside. She hadn’t had a wet dream since she was a young teen. She recalled how hot and vivid the dream was, and her mind flashed back to her memories of her mother’s moans while riding Marcus’ large cock. Her thoughts dwelled on the feeling of Marcus’ cock in her hand—the feeling of his thick and long cock filling her small hand. She hadn’t ever had her hand on another man’s cock before, she realized. Misha felt her small cock begin to stiffen at thoughts of Marcus and within seconds her four inch cock was pointing to her navel. ‘What the fuck you sicko?’ She was disgusted with herself.

She scampered to her bathroom and took a hot shower to remove the sticky stink from her body. In the shower her mind raced. ‘Do I have the hots for my stepfather? He is three times my age too! What kind of stepdaughter am I to dry hump my stepdad’s leg? What’s wrong with me?’ She never really thought of him sexually before. She admired him, as a great catch for her mother—of course. She realized that she adored him like any daughter would their real dad, but this got her confused. The dream had opened a Pandora’s Box, which caused a paradigm shift in her mind. Her thoughts dwelled on images of her with her stepfather.

In the shower, she attempted to remove the sexual thoughts by jerking off. She sat there on the shower floor spread eagle with her pecker pinched between her thumb and finger, while she quickly stroked her cock. She squeezed her breast with her other hand and teased her hard nipple. She reached behind her body and slid a finger across her pursed sphincter. She slid a finger in her ass. She would close her eyes, but she found herself immediately imagining Marcus’ hands cupping her supple breasts, as he glided his cock back and forth in her ass. She couldn’t help, but dwell on him, and soon she was cumming again, and as she did, her sphincter rhythmically squeezed her finger in tight contractions.

When it was over, and the thoughts were no more diminished from her forethoughts than prior, she resigned herself to going to bed. She slid on a new pair of thong panties and put on an oversized shirt and crawled into bed. Her mind still swirled with sexual ideas, memories and recent sensations from the evening.

What she didn’t understand was that sexual dreams often are a manifestation of a recognition by the mind of a new or growing bond, love or attachment. As such is the case, often these dreams can be of friends, family, mentors or teachers, but Misha was naive to this, as most people are, so she assumed her mind was trying to reveal her hidden sexual desires for her father. As she dwelled on them and explored the depths and possibilities of her convictions, she convinced herself that her thoughts were only natural because her stepfather wasn’t actually her real father—he wasn’t blood—so she was free to have and explore thoughts of him, and even though he was older, he was fit, attractive, smart, funny and successful—a real catch for any girl. When she finally released her guilt, she quickly fell asleep with a smile on her face. She looked forward to having more dreams.

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That's all for now. If people like it then I might make a part 2.

Enjoy for now.  :emot_kiss:


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Oh my that is a nice story, I sure hope that you don’t leave us hanging.  Please write more. :emot_kiss:

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WOW ... I hope there is part 2. Superb 🔥🔥

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